File Libaries
Library: Database - Directory: Database - Utilities
buildmdx.lzh18K18733 06/01/92 Rebuild MDX files
db3dd.lzh5,452B5452 06/01/92 Data dictionary generator
db3p-v11.lzh914B914 06/01/92 dBase 3 startup patch
db4s-t.lzh120K123109 06/01/92 Introduction to dBase4
dbmemo.lzh7,027B7027 06/01/92 Structure to a memo file
dbt102.lzh11K11637 06/01/92 Memo file packer
dbx100.lzh7,938B7938 06/01/92 Database extractor to comma delimited file
delimitr.lzh30K31158 06/01/92 Convert text to comma delimited file
eview27.lzh96K98276 06/01/92 View a database without loading dBase
frm2pr23.lzh16K16565 06/01/92 Convert FRM to PRG
makedbf.lzh22K22649 06/01/92 Make DBF from text file
makendx.lzh9,977B9977 06/01/92 Make NDX file
mdx10.lzh7,281B7281 06/01/92 MDX file lister
memopak2.lzh4,102B4102 06/01/92 Pack memo fields