File Libaries
Library: Database - Directory: Database - Objectvision
ascprnt.lzh4,783B4783 06/06/92 Print an ascii file by bringing it into a fi
copyfile.lzh3,903B3903 06/06/92 Copy Paradox file to a dBase file
multi.lzh3,410B3410 06/06/92 Use multiple forms in OV1
multindx.lzh2,005B2005 06/06/92 Use/Maintain multiple dBase indexes in OV2
one2many.lzh1,665B1665 06/06/92 Example of a one to many application
ov_all.lzh34K35051 06/06/92 All ObjectVision TI's archived
ovdfield.lzh22K22203 06/06/92 Extract field info from an OVD file
ovdlink.lzh22K22202 06/06/92 Extract link info from an OVD file
ovdtree.lzh24K24358 06/06/92 Util to print an OV tree in text format
ovtnt.lzh54K54977 06/06/92 ObjectVision tips and techniques