File Libaries
Library: Database - Directory: Database - Clipper
acc86.arc41KClipper 86 library written in ASM for speed
ahelp5.zip198KHelp sys/Clipper 5.0 & Summer '87 compiler app
clip0189.arc68K& A concerning Clipper/FUNCky, from BOSS BBS
clip0289.arc109KClipper for the month of Feb 89, Boss BBS
clip0389.arc74K& Q&A from Clipper Forum on The BOSS BBS
clip0489.arc75K& Q&A from Clipper Forum on The BOSS BBS
clip0588.arc121KClipper for the month of May 88, Boss BBS
clip_ng.arc169KNorton Guides Database to Clipper Summer '87
clipfpcx.zip36Kto display .PCX files within Clipper
clipmous.zip2,635Blibrary for mouse support under CLIPPER
clipwind.arc108Kfor Clipper, no source, but LIB & docs
clipwndw.zip5,143Bsmall CLIPPER window library with source
code_1.arc23KSample source (template-like) for Clipper
comm_io.arc12KInterrupt-driven com port routines for Clipper
datetime.zip5,829Bsystem date/time from within Clipper w/src
dctutor.zip322KComprehensive tutorial system for Clipper 5.0
funcky.arc176KDemo program written using FUNCky for Clipper
grump14.arc113KGrumpFish Lib for Clipper Summer '87 v1.40
inhlp11.arc32KInHelp v1.1 for Clipper Help programming
nannws12.arc21KNews v1n2, dBASE/Clipper source code
nannws13.arc12KNews v1n3, dBASE/Clipper source code
nannws14.arc10KNews v1n4, dBASE/Clipper source code
nannws22.arc24KNews v2n2, dBASE/Clipper source code
nannws23.arc3,533BNews v2n2, dBASE/Clipper source code
nannws24.arc11KNews v2n4. dBASE/Clipper source code
nannws31.arc20KNews v3n1, dBASE/Clipper source code
nannws33.arc20KNews v3n3, dBASE/Clipper source code
nannws34.arc13KNews v3n4, dBASE/Clipper source code
nannws35.arc19KNews v3n5, dBASE/Clipper source code
nannws36.arc15KNews v3n6, dBASE/Clipper source code
nfhdrs.zip1,746BNanforum Toolkit v2.0 Doc header templates
nflib.zip190KNanforum Toolkit v2.0 Library and Norton Guide
nfpat1.zip2,818BNanforum Toolkit v2.0 Patch #1
nfpat2.zip4,380BNanforum Toolkit v2.0 Patch #2
nfpat3.zip9,077BNanforum Toolkit v2.0 Patch #3
nfpat4.zip6,456BNanforum Toolkit v2.0 Patch #4
nfpat5.zip3,884BNanforum Toolkit v2.0 Patch #5
nfread.me1,348BNanforum Toolkit v2.0 Read before downloading
nfrfc.zip13KNanforum Toolkit v2.0 Standard
nfsrc.zip335KNanforum Toolkit v2.0 Source code and makefile
nftroff.zip119KNanforum Toolkit v2.0 Norton Guides TROFF src
oclip.zip16KFree object oriented extension for Clipper 5
regxsrch.zip3,295BClipper to GNU regular expr. library
rlib20.zip120KClipper menus/dialog/record-select lib w/src
slsw.zip290KSUPER.LIB Shareware for Clipper S87/Clipper5
subntx2.zip60KFast index extract/create Clipper filter rtn
udfs.arc38KUseful functions for Clipper (dBASE compiler)
vsix302.zip59KVern Six's Clipper Summer '87 tookbox v3.02
workbase.zip159Kdevelopment/file access system