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abudhabi.zip864BUAE Radio frequencies from Abu Dhabi
adv21.zip101KADV21; Ham Practice test for Advanced Class. So you want to be a Ham radio operator? Well this program can help you. It includes all the current questions and answers for the Advanced Ham Classification written test. You can go through all the questions or take a random sample test.
advm95a.zip182KAdvance Class Manager 95 for Windows
aerodx.zip9,116BHam codes for the Air Force.
aerofreq.zip2,132BThe world's commercial aeronautical frequencies
airjul93.zip50KAbout 1,400 aviation & other HF-SSB frequencies in Lotus and ASCII for shortwave listeners.
airmar93.zip58KDatabase: Lotus and ASCII, for shortwave listeners.
ak31.zip62KAmazing Kenwood version 3.1 - Kenwood HF Radio controller. Supports most HF Rigs, may control four rigs at the same time, has an external memory database, and many more...
ak8y.zip899BAK8Y Special Event Station 09/10/94
amexpand.zip3,442BFCC AM broadcast expansion/reassignment
amsat008.zip7,014BAmSat Bulletin #008 01/08/95
amsat014.zip5,684BAmSat Bulletin #014 01/14/95
amsat021.zip4,296BAmSat Bulletin #021 01/21/95
amsat028.zip4,414BAmSat Bulletin #028 01/28/95
amsat035.zip3,778BAmSat Bulletin #035 02/04/95
amsat042.zip4,575BAmSat Bulletin #042 02/11/95
amsat049.zip6,048BAmSat Bulletin #049 02/18/95
amsat056.zip3,187BAmSat Bulletin #056 02/25/95
amsat063.zip6,648BAmSat Bulletin #063 03/04/95
amsat070.zip2,808BAmSat Bulletin #070 03/11/95
amsat092.zip5,135BAmSat Bulletin #092 04/02/94.
amsat106.zip3,942BAmSat Bulletin #106 04/16/94.
amsat113.zip6,437BAMSAT Bulletin #113 04/24/94
amsat120.zip2,680BAMSAT Bulletin #120 04/30/94
amsat127.zip4,830BAMSAT Bulletin #127 05/07/94
amsat133.zip2,758BAMSAT Bulletin #133 05/14/94
amsat168.zip3,283BAmSat Bulletin #168 06/18/94
amsat176.zip2,313BAmSat Bulletin #176 06/25/94
amsat184.zip6,928BAmSat Bulletin #184 07/02/94
amsat190.zip7,572BAmSat Bulletin #190 07/09/94
amsat197.zip2,561BAmSat Bulletin #197 07/16/94
amsat210.zip2,656BAmSat Bulletin #210 07/30/94
amsat218.zip3,329BAmSat Bulletin #218 08/07/94
amsat225.zip6,313BAmSat Bulletin #225 08/13/94
amsat232.zip4,674BAmSat Bulletin #232 08/20/94
amsat246.zip4,979BAmSat Bulletin #246 09/03/94
amsat253.zip3,936BAmSat Bulletin #253 09/10/94
amsat260.zip4,476BAmSat Bulletin #260 09/17/94
amsat267.zip1,404BAmSat Bulletin #267 09/24/94
amsat274.zip3,200BAmSat Bulletin #274 10/01/94
amsat302.zip5,701BAmSat Bulletin #302 10/29/94
anart802.zip5,123BANART Bulletin #802 03/27/94.
anart805.zip4,351BANART Bulletin #805 04/17/94.
anart806.zip6,314BANART Bulletin #806 04/24/94
anart808.zip6,416BANART Bulletin #808 05/08/94
anart809.zip6,529BANART Bulletin #809 05/15/94
anart811.zip4,844BANART Bulletin #811 05/29/94
anart814.zip6,167BANART Bulletin #814 06/19/94
anart815.zip5,818BANART Bulletin #815 06/26/94
anart816.zip5,483BANART Bulletin #816 07/03/94
anart817.zip5,318BANART Bulletin #817 07/10/94
anart818.zip4,963BANART Bulletin #818 07/17/94
anart819.zip5,679BANART Bulletin #819 07/24/94
anart820.zip4,783BANART Bulletin #820 07/31/94
anart821.zip5,850BANART Bulletin #821 08/07/94
anart822.zip5,374BANART Bulletin #822 08/14/94
anart823.zip5,693BANART Bulletin #823 08/21/94
anart824.zip5,320BANART Bulletin #824 08/28/94
anart825.zip5,392BANART Bulletin #825 09/04/94
anart826.zip5,613BANART Bulletin #826 09/11/94
anart827.zip6,541BANART Bulletin #827 09/18/94
anart828.zip4,837BANART Bulletin #828 09/25/94
anart834.zip5,607BANART Bulletin #834 11/06/94
anart835.zip4,663BANART Bulletin #835 11/13/94
anart836.zip5,075BANART Bulletin #836 11/20/94
anart837.zip7,010BANART Bulletin #837 11/27/94
anart838.zip4,234BANART Bulletin #838 12/04/94
anart840.zip6,794BANART Bulletin #840 12/18/94
anart841.zip5,969BANART Bulletin #841 01/15/95
anart842.zip6,935BANART Bulletin #842 01/22/95
anart843.zip6,294BANART Bulletin #843 01/29/95
anart844.zip6,919BANART Bulletin #844 02/05/95
anart845.zip6,284BANART Bulletin #845 02/12/95
anart846.zip5,742BANART Bulletin #846 02/19/95
anart847.zip6,224BANART Bulletin #847 02/25/95
anart848.zip4,489BANART Bulletin #848 03/05/95
anart849.zip6,299BANART Bulletin #849 03/12/95
anartww.zip2,403BANART WW RTTY Contest June 11/12, 1994
antenna.zip26KAntenna Length for Wire Antennas
ant_calc.zip4,672BAntenna Calculation Series written in basic
aprs66.zip1,224KAutomatic Packet Report system V6.6 by WB4APR
ariel16.zip26KARIEL v1.6 HF Wire Antenna/Xmission Line
arlb001.zip1,163B01/04/95 - IARU fills satellite post
arlb002.zip1,187B01/12/95 - 2400 Mhz reply made
arlb003.zip970B01/18/95 - FCC call sign update
arlb004.zip823B01/18/95 - Spectrum changes
arlb005.zip736B01/20/95 - Bulletin Hoax
arlb006.zip1,049B01/24/95 - Hams aid Japan relief
arlb007.zip1,303B01/25/95 - Vanity calls soon
arlb008.zip1,518B01/26/95 - Board meeting news
arlb009.zip857B01/27/95 - Two apply to IARU
arlb010.zip989B01/31/95 - Renewal Hearing ordered
arlb011.zip1,783B02/01/95 - Vanity call sign order
arlb012.zip1,072B02/07/95 - Allocations of 2400 Mhz
arlb013.zip1,289B02/09/95 - Change to 902-Mhz Band
arlb014.zip1,053B02/10/95 - Digital meet scheduled
arlb015.zip537B02/13/95 - ARRL President hospitalized
arlb016.zip963B02/16/95 - FCC call sign update
arlb017.zip1,069B02/16/95 - RFI changes proposed
arlb018.zip844B02/ /95 - SM election results
arlb019.zip736B02/24/95 - Update on ARRL President's Condition
arlb020.zip1,153B03/04/95 - Emergency Services Sought
arlb021.zip852B03/07/95 - Vanity call schedule
arlb022.zip543B03/08/95 - Correction to ARLB021
arlb023.zip930B03/08/95 - FCC Call sign update
arlb024.zip1,665B03/17/95 - NTIA releases report
arlb025.zip1,199B03/17/95 - Amateurs get 219 Mhz
arlb029.zip1,211B03/30/94 - Tornadoe brings out hams.
arlb032.zip895B04/12/94 - Resolution gains majority
arlb033.zip1,094B04/15/94 - Club rule changes sought.
arlb034.zip627B04/15/94 - Ukraine joins IARU.
arlb035.zip877B04/18/94 - New rules on messages.
arlb036.zip791B04/20/94 - FCC callsign update 04/01/94.
arlb037.zip986B04/22/94 - Vanity call comments
arlb038.zip868B04/22/94 - W6KG fund established
arlb039.zip1,046B04/22/94 - League, red Cross ink pact
arlb040.zip614B04/27/94 - Bill to Support PRB-1
arlb041.zip727B05/08/94 - ARRL strategic plan
arlb042.zip933B05/09/94 - It's law in New Hampshire
arlb043.zip1,196B05/11/94 - 2300 Mhz comments sought
arlb044.zip940B05/../94 - Rules petition denied
arlb052.zip515B06/20/94 - W1AW FD Sked
arlb053.zip877B06/23/94 - FCC callsign update
arlb054.zip1,301B06/23/04 - 2300 Mhz News
arlb055.zip704B06/23/94 - FD Bulletin
arlb056.zip903B07/01/94 - Look at that license
arlb057.zip590B07/05/04 - Contest weekend
arlb058.zip1,469B07/06/94 - Scholarship winners
arlb059.zip581B07/08/94 - Emergency Declared
arlb060.zip646B07/14/94 - Georgia flood update
arlb061.zip1,182B07/18/94 - Rover rules adopted
arlb062.zip1,975B07/18/94 - BOD meeting highlights
arlb063.zip1,468B07/19/94 - Legislation moves forward
arlb064.zip978B07/25/94 - FCC callsign update
arlb065.zip1,072B08/03/94 - FCC plans to reorganize
arlb066.zip1,110B08/06/94 - FCC garners award
arlb067.zip1,195B08/12/94 - Report on Reallocation
arlb068.zip817B08/23/94 - SAM election results
arlb069.zip954B08/25/94 - FCC call sign update
arlb072.zip654B09/07/94 - DXCC Field Reps to Sign /125
arlb073.zip939B09/19/94 - FCC callsign update
arlb074.zip961B09/22/94 - A new FCC service
arlb075.zip939B09/29/94 - FCC seeks action
arlb076.zip936B09/30/94 - New ITU RadioCommunications Director
arlb078.zip932B10/03/94 - Tech license renewals
arlb079.zip950B10/10/94 - Congress resolution passes
arlb080.zip760B10/13/94 - Hurrican Net activated
arlb083.zip568B10/24/94 - Emergency Canceled
arlb084.zip1,054B10/25/94 - FCC licensing changes
arlb085.zip826B10/25/94 - FCC proposes reallocation
arlb086.zip971B10/26/94 - FCC recip update
arlb087.zip864B10/26/94 - Texas flood update
arlb088.zip641B10/28/94 - Resolution becomes law
arlb089.zip958B11/08/94 - Action on digital HF
arlb090.zip1,014B11/10/94 - FCC set 2400 Mhz date
arlb091.zip810B11/16/94 - Amateur to join Congress
arlb092.zip988B11/18/94 - Election results
arlb093.zip806B11/23/94 - SM election results
arlb094.zip949B11/23/94 - FCC callsign update
arlb095.zip902B12/06/94 - More FCC reorganization
arlb096.zip565B12/16/94 - Two new astrohams
arlb097.zip835B12/16/94 - Vanity Call update
arlb098.zip769B12/16/94 - PRB-1 victory
arlb099.zip961B12/20/94 - FCC callsign update
arlb100.zip993B12/21/94 - Penalties for VE fraud
arlb101.zip1,007B12/22/94 - 2400-Mhz comments filed
arld001.zip1,853B01/05/95 - DX News
arld002.zip2,239B01/12/95 - DX News
arld003.zip1,596B01/19/95 - DX News
arld004.zip2,544B01/26/95 - DX News
arld005.zip2,583B02/02/95 - DX News
arld006.zip634B02/02/95 - DXAC vote results
arld007.zip1,797B02/09/95 - DX News
arld008.zip2,053B02/16/95 - DX News
arld009.zip1,860B02/23/95 - DX News
arld010.zip2,571B03/03/95 - DX News
arld011.zip2,043B03/09/95 - DX News
arld012.zip2,222B03/16/95 - DX News
arld018.zip1,800BARRL DX Bulletin 03/31/94.
arld020.zip2,280BARRL DX Bulletin 04/14/94
arld021.zip666BARRL DX Bulletin - 04/19/94 - Pratas on DXAC agenda.
arld022.zip839BARRL DX Bulletin 04/21/94 - DXAC vote results.
arld023.zip1,854BARRL DX Bulletin 04/21/94 - DX News.
arld024.zip588B04/27/94 ZS0, 1, 9 deleted
arld025.zip2,841B04/28/94 DX News
arld026.zip2,345B05/05/94 ARRL DX Bulletin - DX News
arld027.zip586B05/06/94 ARRL DX Bulletin - P5RS7 update
arld028.zip2,462B05/12/94 ARRL DX Bulletin - DX News
arld029.zip2,335B05/19/94 ARRL DX Bulletin - DX News
arld030.zip653B05/19/94 ARRL DX Bulletin - DXCC Update
arld032.zip705B06/01/94 ARRL DX Bulletin - DX News
arld033.zip2,072B06/02/94 ARRL DX Bulletin - DX News
arld037.zip1,775B06/22/94 ARRL DX Bulletin - DX News
arld038.zip1,690B06/30/94 ARRL DX Bulletin - DX
arld039.zip1,725B07/07/94 ARRL DX Bulletin - DX
arld040.zip1,439B07/14/94 ARRL DX Bulletin - DX
arld041.zip699B07/20/94 ARRL DX Bulletin - DXCC Update
arld042.zip678B07/21/94 ARRL DX Bulletin - DXCC Update
arld043.zip698B07/21/94 ARRL DX Bulletin - DXCC Update
arld044.zip2,285B07/21/94 ARRL DX Bulletin - DX News
arld045.zip1,963B07/28/94 ARRL DX Bulletin - DX News
arld049.zip678B08/10/94 ARRL DX Bulletin - DXCC Update
arld050.zip2,133B08/12/94 ARRL DX Bulletin - DX News
arld051.zip2,107B08/19/94 ARRL DX Bulletin - DX News
arld052.zip1,147B08/24/94 ARRL DX Bulletin - DXAC vote results
arld053.zip1,412B08/26/94 ARRL DX Bulletin - DX News
arld056.zip2,285B09/09/94 DXCC News
arld057.zip2,398B09/15/94 DX News
arld060.zip826B10/06/94 Committee vote results
arld061.zip1,771B10/06/94 DX News
arld062.zip2,272B10/13/94 DX News
arld064.zip2,959B10/27/94 DX News
arld065.zip2,300B11/03/94 DX News
arld066.zip2,338B11/11/94 DX News
arld067.zip730BDXCC Update
arld068.zip668BDXCC Update
arld069.zip692BDXCC Update
arld070.zip2,566BDX News
arld071.zip2,428BDX News
arld072.zip1,733B12/01/94 - DX News
arld073.zip838B12/06/94 - DXAC voting results
arld075.zip1,943B12/15/94 - DX News
arld076.zip2,284B12/22/94 - DX News
arld077.zip1,978B12/29/94 - DX News
arlk001.zip2,336BARRL Keplerian Bulletin 01/07/95
arlk002.zip2,286BARRL Keplerian Bulletin 01/14/95
arlk003.zip2,282BARRL Keplerian Bulletin 01/21/95
arlk004.zip2,217BARRL Keplerian Bulletin 01/28/95
arlk005.zip2,216BARRL Keplerian Bulletin 02/04/95
arlk006.zip2,205BARRL Keplerian Bulletin 02/11/95
arlk007.zip2,231BARRL Keplerian Bulletin 02/18/95
arlk008.zip2,206BARRL Keplerian Bulletin 02/25/95
arlk009.zip2,221BARRL Keplerian Bulletin 03/04/95
arlk010.zip2,198BARRL Keplerian Bulletin 03/11/95
arlk011.zip2,200BARRL Keplerian Bulletin 03/18/95
arlk012.zip2,097BKeps 03/26/94.
arlk015.zip2,103BARRL Keplerian Bulletin 04/16/94.
arlk016.zip2,066BARRL Keplerian Bulletin 04/23/94
arlk017.zip2,141BARRL Keplerian Bulletin 04/30/94
arlk018.zip2,229BARRL Keplerian Bulletin 05/07/94
arlk019.zip2,215BARRL Keplerian Bulletin 05/14/94
arlk021.zip2,140BARRL Keplerian Bulletin 05/28/94
arlk024.zip2,151BARRL Keplerian Bulletin 06/18/94
arlk025.zip2,159BARRL Keplerian Bulletin 06/24/94
arlk026.zip2,227BARRL Keplerian Bulletin 07/02/94
arlk027.zip2,224BARRL Keplerian Bulletin 07/09/94
arlk028.zip2,224BARRL Keplerian Bulletin 07/16/94
arlk029.zip2,094BARRL Keplerian Bulletin 07/23/94
arlk030.zip2,146BARRL Keplerian Bulletin 07/30/94
arlk031.zip2,145BARRL Keplerian Bulletin 08/06/94
arlk032.zip2,213BARRL Keplerian Bulletin 08/09/94:
arlk033.zip2,209BARRL Keplerian Bulletin 08/13/94
arlk034.zip2,205BARRL Keplerian Bulletin 08/16/94
arlk035.zip2,118BARRL Keplerian Bulletin 08/20/94
arlk036.zip2,117BARRL Keplerian Bulletin 08/24/94
arlk037.zip2,201BARRL Keplerian Bulletin 08/26/94
arlk038.zip2,212BARRL Keplerian Bulletin 09/07/94
arlk039.zip2,212BARRL Keplerian Bulletin 09/11/94
arlk040.zip2,216BARRL Keplerian Bulletin 09/17/94
arlk041.zip2,145BARRL Keplerian Bulletin 09/20/94
arlk042.zip2,224BARRL Keplerian Bulletin 09/24/94
arlk043.zip2,217BARRL Keplerian bulletin 09/27/94
arlk045.zip2,164BARRL Keplerian Bulletin 10/08/94
arlk048.zip2,175BARRL Keplerian Bulletin 10/29/94
arlk049.zip2,204BARRL Keplerian Bulletin 11/05/94
arlk050.zip2,166BARRL Keplerian Bulletin 11/12/94
arlk051.zip2,078BARRL Keplerian Bulletin 11/19/94
arlk054.zip2,072BARRL Keplerian Bulletin 12/10/94
arlk055.zip2,143BARRL Keplerian Bulletin 12/17/94
arlk057.zip2,352BARRL Keplerian Bulletin 12/31/94
arlp001.zip1,107BARRL Propagation Bulletin 01/06/95
arlp002.zip1,044BARRL Propagation Bulletin 01/13/95
arlp003.zip752BARRL Propagation Bulletin 01/18/95
arlp004.zip1,141BARRL Propagation Bulletin 01/20/95
arlp005.zip1,355BARRL Propagation Bulletin 01/27/95
arlp006.zip941BARRL Propagation Bulletin 02/03/95
arlp007.zip976BARRL Propagation Bulletin 02/10/95
arlp008.zip1,511BARRL Propagation Bulletin 02/17/95
arlp009.zip664BARRL Propagation Bulletin 02/21/95
arlp010.zip1,262BARRL Propagation Bulletin 02/24/95
arlp011.zip1,049BARRL Propagation Bulletin 03/04/95
arlp012.zip1,055BARRL Propagation Bulletin 03/10/95
arlp013.zip1,215BARRL Propagation Bulletin 03/17/95
arlp015.zip1,125BARRL Propagation Bulletin 04/15/94.
arlp016.zip1,193BARRL Propagation Bulletin 04/22/94.
arlp017.zip1,134BARRL Propagation Bulletin 04/29/94
arlp018.zip1,028BARRL Propagation Bulletin 05/06/94
arlp019.zip974BARRL Propagation Bulletin 05/13/94
arlp020.zip1,055BARRL Propagation Bulletin 05/20/94
arlp025.zip1,254BARRL Propagation Bulletin 06/24/94
arlp026.zip1,104BARRL Propagation Bulletin 07/01/94
arlp027.zip982BARRL Propagation Bulletin 07/08/94
arlp028.zip1,264BARRL Propagation Bulletin 07/15/94
arlp029.zip960BARRL Propagation Bulletin 07/22/94
arlp030.zip844BARRL Propagation Bulletin 07/29/94
arlp031.zip1,146BARRL Propagation Bulletin 08/05/94
arlp032.zip1,247BARRL Propagation Bulletin 08/06/94 - Correction to ARLP031.Zip
arlp033.zip1,031BARRL Propagation Bulletin 08/12/94 - Correction to ARLP031.Zip
arlp034.zip1,060BARRL Propagation Bulletin 08/20/94 - Correction to ARLP031.Zip
arlp035.zip712BARRL Propagation Bulletin 08/25/94
arlp037.zip1,186BARRL Propagation Bulletin 09/10/94
arlp038.zip1,208BARRL Propagation Bulletin 09/16/94
arlp039.zip1,405BARRL Propagation Bulletin 09/24/94
arlp040.zip1,033BARRL Propagation Bulletin 09/30/94
arlp041.zip1,042BARRL Propagation Bulletin 10/07/94
arlp042.zip1,221BARRL Propagation Bulletin 10/14/94
arlp043.zip1,338BARRL Propagation Bulletin 10/21/94
arlp044.zip1,385BARRL Propagation Bulletin 10/28/94
arlp045.zip1,095BARRL Propagation Bulletin 11/04/94
arlp046.zip1,002BARRL Propagation Bulletin 11/11/94
arlp048.zip1,153BARRL Propagation Bulletin 11/18/94
arlp049.zip1,302BARRL Propagation Bulletin 11/26/94
arlp050.zip1,019BARRL Propagation Bulletin 12/02/94
arlp051.zip1,009BARRL Propagation Bulletin 12/09/94
arlp052.zip808BARRL Propagation Bulletin 12/16/94
arlp053.zip1,182BARRL Propagation Bulletin 12/23/94
arlp054.zip1,424BARRL Propagation Bulletin 12/30/94
arls001.zip1,317B01/04/95 - New Satellite planned
arls003.zip853B01/27/95 - 2 more astro-hams
arls004.zip773B01/27/95 - QSO's with STS-63
arls019.zip2,016B04/12/94 - STS-59/SAREX update
arls020.zip915B04/14/94 - Ham link for Space craft
arls021.zip903B04/26/94 - Another SAREX success
arls022.zip834B04/26/94 - Astronauts at HamVention
arls024.zip1,010B07/06/94 - SAREX QSL cards
arls025.zip1,635B07/08/94 - New Astronaut hams
arls026.zip1,536B07/11/94 - NASA operation detailed
arls027.zip1,758B07/18/94 - SAREX Apollo 11 event
arls028.zip1,052B07/18/94 - SAREX airshow contact
arls029.zip2,113B09/15/94 - SAREX voice & packet
arls030.zip679B09/17/94 - SAREX packet QRV
arls031.zip978B09/19/94 - SAREX additional day
arls032.zip847B10/03/94/94 - Listen to MIR beacon
arls033.zip871B10/24/94/94 - STS-66 PreLaunch Keps
arls034.zip814B11/06/94/94 - STS-66 Keps
arls035.zip977B12/27/94 - RS15 in Orbit
arlx001.zip1,129B01/13/95 - 10-Ghz record claimed
arlx002.zip788B01/17/95 - Event honors Challenger
arlx003.zip1,228B01/17/95 - Progress towards WRTC '95
arlx004.zip1,067B01/19/95 - Balloon launch 1/21/95
arlx005.zip1,029B01/23/95 - Ballon Launch slated
arlx006.zip945B01/27/95 - Young Ham nominations
arlx007.zip1,056B01/27/95 - Help the special olympics
arlx008.zip822B01/30/95 - Apply for scholarships
arlx009.zip699B01/30/95 - 10-Ghz record correction
arlx010.zip1,262B01/31/95 - Bill Grenfell, W4GF, SK
arlx011.zip810B02/02/95 - Morse champ dies
arlx012.zip1,085B02/10/95 - Help with history
arlx014.zip786B03/29/94 - RSGB Meeting Scheduled.
arlx016.zip952B04/21/94 - Four join Halls of Fame.
arlx017.zip506B05/../94 - AF Day times
arlx018.zip1,062B06/30/94 - Eastern VHF/UHF meet
arlx019.zip829B06/30/94 - Video's winner
arlx020.zip1,282B07/12/94 - New 2304 distance record
arlx021.zip1,139B07/13/94 - First 120 Ghz contact
arlx022.zip1,034B07/25/94 - More power to British hams
arlx023.zip829B08/03/94 - Marconi's widow dies
arlx024.zip887B08/12/94 - FAR scholarships awarded
arlx025.zip1,528B08/112/94 - PVRC Championships
arlx026.zip838B09/22/94 - A special ITU station
arlx027.zip883B10/11/94 - EME operation cancelled
arlx028.zip1,046B10/11/94 - Viedo award for CQ
arlx029.zip1,034B10/13/94 - Boy Scouts on air
arlx030.zip1,255B10/24/94 - Bill Leonard, W2SKE, SK
arlx031.zip1,208B11/21/94 - Big dish details
arlx032.zip1,129B12/09/94 - New 5760-Mhz record
arlx033.zip825B12/12/94 - New 144-Mhz record
arlx034.zip671B12/15/94 - Earthwinds update
arlx035.zip546B12/16/94 - correction
arlx036.zip768B12/20/94 - BSA Net/JOTA news
arlx037.zip655B12/22/94 - JOTA date correction
arn-0195.zip61K**** AmateurRadio Net(sm) **** January 1995 Information Pack If you have any users interested in Amateur Radio, SWL, Scanners or Citizen Band this is the net for you!! We cover these topics and more. QWK & FTS(FIDO) distributions avail. Currently echoing in North America and Europe.
arn_0195.zip57K**** AmateurRadio Net(sm) **** January 1995 Information Pack If you have any users interested in Amateur Radio, SWL, Scanners or Citizen Band this is the net for you!! We cover these topics and more. QWK & FTS(FIDO) distributions avail. Currently echoing in North America and Europe.
arpd.zip39KAmateur Radio Packet Door wide area beta release. Allows Land Line BBS SysOps to share their packet radio stations with BBS users. Installation, operation and maintenance are simple and straight forward. FreeWare from W4KGU
arrl0126.zip8,786BARRL Newsletter Vol 14 No 2 01/26/95
arrl0213.zip8,120BARRL Newsletter Vol 14 No 3 02/13/95
arrl0413.zip2,274BARRL Newsletter 04/13/94
arrl0510.zip9KARRL Newsletter Vol13 No9 05/10/94
arrl0526.zip10KARRL Newsletter Vol13 No10 05/26/94
arrl0615.zip9,789BARRL Newsletter Vol13 No11 06/15/94
arrl1026.zip5,795BARRL Newsletter Vol 13 No 20 10/26/94
arrl94sw.zip1,335BARRL 1994 Southwestern Division Convention Information
arsg10.zip147KStudy Guide v1.0 Help study for your HAM license or for upgrading your current license. Includes all questions on all classes.
asa11.zip191KAntenna System Analysis v1.1 for Windows
austria.zip656BRadio Austria International Definitive Schedule
avhf9303.zip20KHF channels in ASCII format. Sorted by freq and by station/service.
awr-asia.zip1,363BAWR-ASIA SWBC Sked - effective 01/95
ax253008.zip26KAX25 driver for BAYCOM-like modem. Packet driver comforming (to some extend) to well known "FTP packet driver" specification. It's purpose is to serve as interface between application software (e.g. KA9Q NOS) and a modem connected to RS232 port (e.g. BAYCOM modem).
ax25krnl.zip38K(ax25krnl.tgz) AX.25 for Linux 1.1.20 or greater, by GW4PTS
ax25read.zip927BInformation file for ax25krnl.tgz, by GW4PTS
ax25util.zip51K(ax25util.tgz) AX.25 utilities for Linux, by GW4PTS
b-yapp.zip16KYAPP protocol for BAYCOM software
bartg017.zip3,822BBARTG Bulletin 017 May, 1994
bartg019.zip2,984BBARTG Bulletin 019 July, 1994
bartg020.zip3,322BBARTG Bulletin 020 August, 1994
bartg021.zip3,056BBARTG Bulletin 021 September, 1994
bartg022.zip3,708BBARTG Bulletin 022 October, 1994
bartg023.zip3,486BBARTG Bulletin 023 November, 1994
bartg024.zip4,283BBARTG Bulletin 024 December, 1994
bartg025.zip3,981BBARTG Bulletin 025 January, 1995
bartg026.zip4,400BBARTG Bulletin 026 February, 1995
bartg027.zip3,100BBARTG Bulletin 027 March, 1995
bb21c.zip229KAA4RE BBS v2.1C; This zip file contains all the common code for both the "real" and "protected" versions.
bb21cn.zip189KAA4RE BBS; v2.1C; This zip file contains the code for the "real" version that runs on 8088 and higher class machines.
bbc_z94.zip14KBBC SWBC Sked in DBF format
bbook3.zip41KBlackbook is a simple, easy to use, name, address, phone number database with an Amatuer Radio slant (ie: callsign field and callsign search function).
bcferry.zip568BCanadian British Columbia Ferry Frequencies
beacons.zip3,572BCurrent HF Beacons 03/94
bkrsfld.zip1,122BBakersfield Area Frequencies
bm332c.zip48KBM is designed to serve as the mail user interface for the KA9Q TCP/IP inter networking package. It provides a full set of mail services to the user which allows the sending and receipt of electronic mail.
bm940404.zip33KModified/Extended version of Bdale's Mailer BM
bpq406f.zip182KG8BPQ Host Mode Application interface to the switch is provided.
bpq408a.zip242KG8BPQ Packet Switch with OS/2 beta included
bpqkis01.zip22KKA9Q's JKISS for the Z80 TAPR2 compatable TNC
bspi108g.zip41KSerial port interface for G8BPQ, by AA1FS
budapest.zip2,068BRadio Budapest SWBC Sked Oct-Dec 1994
b_yapp.zip15KLatest versions of programs to receive and transmit files with YAPP protocol using BAYCOM software.
c528_520.zip2,004BExtra Functions for the standard C520/528
cafrica.zip799BChannel Africa SWBC Sked - Valid to 03/25/95
callclck.zip141KHam radio callsign/clock display program
calldr10.zip34KInitial stab at a DOOR implementing the SAMs callsign database is released at the request of others.
callver2.zip164KCalls v2.0 logging program
cat990.zip57KComputer Control for FT 990 Etc Ham Radio.
caty16.zip185KCat Control Program for YAESU 767 Includes Turbo Pascal Source Code.
cdnair.zip769BVHF Airport Freqs /Major Canadian Cities
chkstate.zip17KCT post process w/HamBase to verify State, by Peter Jennings, AB6WM
claringt.zip23KSCANTEXT Clarington. A frequency listing for the Municipal Town of Clarington (formerly Newcastle). Includes frequency assignments for police, ambulance, fire, government, media and others. Now includes the Durham Region information. Editor not needed, as it is in it's own executable file. A product of Space Lodge BBS - LodgeWare.
cmdshelp.zip75KMS-DOS JNOS commands help text files
code.zip52KMorse Code Flash Card v2.0; This program is a simple exercise which should enable the users to keen their code skills.
comb6.zip40KProgram giving recommendations for signal strength, antenna bearing and inclination for Ham Radio.
contest.zip431B"Contest" Icon for Windows
convert3.zip109KScanner Frequency Manager Data Converter
cp222c.zip32KCode Practice Utility v2.22c; Code Practice incorporates new features with larger menus. Shell feature and capability of running dos commands from within the utility adds more versatality. Run parameters can be changed and hide can be toggled during send.
cq.zip379B"CQ" Icon for Windows
cqp94win.zip323KCQP Contest Logging Program by AE6Y
cri.zip893BChina Radio Intl English SWBC Sked
csm.zip1,902BThe World Service of the Christian Science Monitor ShortWave Frequency Schedule
cwkbd.zip143KMorse Code Keyboard. Developed using Visual Basic for DOS. Stand alone program
c_africa.zip981BChannel Africa (South Africa) SWBC schedule
dahdit.zip9,978BDAHDIT is a small, simple, freeware Morse code practice program. Tone and speed are adjustable. Sends by line, by character, or in random 5-letter groups.
data_r50.zip167KFrequency Data File for SCAN_R50.ZIP
dc200.zip287KDC Circuits Training System v2.00 (ESC) 13 exercises to help you learn or teach electricity or electronics. Features random problem generation, extensive graphics, context sensitive help, and instant scoring. Supports mouse, EGA and VGA graphics. Suitable for use in high school, college, and trade school. By C. E. Ormon. $29.00 single copy, site licenses available at reduced prices.
dcex92.zip37KTHE DIGICOM EXCHANGE is the original Digicom/Digiprom/Baycom newsletter that was started on a voluntary basis over four years ago. This monthly newsletter is dedicated to packet radio users all over the world.
dec92wiz.zip2,827BDecember wizard codes for satellite dish owners. Both in text format and in the pp9a chip format for uploading directly to the vc2 module.
denmark.zip1,649BRadio Denmark SWBC Sked 03/26/95 to 09/23/95
dfw-scan.zip21KLatest DFW Scanner List - 07/01/94, compiled by Casey Romanski
dial-525.zip47KNRD-525 computer control program
digi33c.zip181KDIGI-ROUTE v3.3; The idea of Digi-Route is to give an overview of the existing packet radio network in Europe. You may choose between getting a map of Europe showing all stations known by Digi-Route or just pointing out a certain part of Europe and therewith, getting a closer look on the situation.
digi37.zip135KInterlink/Digipeater Routing V3.7
dj12imd.zip1,224BDJ-1200 intermod reduction
dj9600.zip2,177B9600 baud mod for Alinco 110, 112, 1200 radios
docs106.zip234KNOS 2.0d NET/ROM and AX.25 facilities.
dovedv12.zip162KDove Telemetry Decoder v1.2 for Windows
dover.zip1,819BDover, Delaware Frequencies
dr600t.zip1,017BAdd 120Mhz(AM) and 800Mhz coverage
dspmorse.zip49KImproved FFTMorse, copy cw with soundblaster. 'C' source and header files in
dspsnd1.zip40KUse DSP sound card for Digital Signal Processing
dtmfsrc.zip177KDTMF101 source code from VE3SUN
dtmf_d.zip37KDTMF decoder dem for Soundblaster card
durh0395.zip56K------====== DURH0395.ZIP ======------ Durham ScanText March 1995 issue. Municipality of the Region of Durham scanner information packet. Includes police, fire, ambulance, air, marine, trunked, O.P.P., government, military, railway plus a whole lot more. Includes the new 800 MHz Oshawa Fire frequencies and the area television assignments. (C) copyright 1994,95 David R. Bate Jr. Brought to you by LodgeWare at the Space Lodge BBS 905-697-2935.
durham.zip61KScanText Durham February 1995 issue. Municipality of the Region of Durham scanner information packet. 150 pages of the most current scanner information available by electronic means. Includes police, fire, ambulance, air, marine, trunked, O.P.P., government, military, railway plus a whole lot more. Brought to you by LodgeWare at the Space Lodge BBS 905-697-2935.
dwelle.zip5,560BRadio Deutsche Welle SWBC Sked - valid to 03/26/95
dx.zip1,215BARRL International DX Contest Summary Sheet (ASCII)
dxcc.zip9,193BARRL DX Countries List 02/94
dxcclist.zip9,257BDXCC Countries List 12/15/94
d_lsec.zip322BD&L Freqs / Dallas
editpcb2.zip117KEditPCB v2.0 Intro; User-supported printed-circuit board (PCB) design package. It was developed to provide a low cost and professional method of designing PCBs and distributing these designs
euro0309.zip4,469BEURONEWS; Amateur Radio News from Albania, Belgium, Bulgaria and other European Countries
exam4a95.zip95KAdvanced class patch for Exam Generator version 2.0, 12-11-94. Amateur Radio Advanced class FCC question pool, including diagrams (EGA/VGA and Hercules), to be used for exams taken between 07-01-95 and 06-30-99. (To install, enter \EXAM directory and unzip with -d option.) Requires Exam Generator 2.0 (EXAM20.ZIP) or higher. -AV by author, Affordable Computer Services. EXAM.EXE is shareware, $20 registration.
expnntp.zip17KExpiry built into nos (jnos 1.10d) for nntp - reqs expiry defined
ext21.zip97KEXT21 - Ham Pratice test for Amateur Extra Class. So you want to be a Ham radio operator? Well this program can help you. It includes all the current questions and answers for the Amateur Extra Classification written test. You can go through all the questions or take a random sample test.
ezpkt16.zip59K EzPacket is written for use with a Poor Man's Packet (PMP) modem.
e_filing.zip1,159BAmateur radio filings by electronic medium
faisyn20.zip58KFilter synthesis program
faq00706.zip4, articles. This explains what is and answers some frequently asked questions.
fax0893.zip4,705BHF-FAX LIST; This listing contains all Fax stations worldwide, transmitting on different frequencies (LW-MW-SW) weather-charts, Satellite- pictures and Press-text/pictures.
fbstrip6.zip31KFBBS Header Stripper v5.14a
fcc115.zip251KFCC Frequency Retrieval System v1.15; Database management system for the FCC Public Service Frequency Databases. If you are a scanner buff or into amateur radio, get this one. A very comprehensive and configurable frequency management system.
fcc211.zip375K+------------------------------------------+ | FCC Frequency Retrieval System, Ver 2.11 | |------------------------------------------| | ScanWare Associates's 1994 Shareware | | release of our Frequency Retrieval | | System for the FCC Master Frequency | | Files. Includes Police, Fire, Ambulance, | | Business, Marine, Taxi, Broadcast, | | Pagers and many, many others. Allows | | you to: View, Add, Edit, Delete, Search, | | Sort, Query and outputs to Screen, Print | | or
fccrul.zip54KFCCRULES v1.01S; The Online FCC Rulebook Shareware Demo Version
fd.zip1,603BARRL Field Day Summary Sheet (ASCII)
fd1200.zip95KField Day Logging program, by KM3D
fddclp2.zip97KField Day Dupe Checking, Logging Program; Written for The Downey Amateur Radio Club for use during the annual American Radio Relay League (ARRL) Field Day.
fddclp30.zip187KA down and dirty conversion from paper to computer logging program for use in the ARRL Field Day contest. Commissioned by the Downey Amateur Radio Club and written by programmer Kevin Myers, version 3.0 packs more punch than ever before. The major new feature is built in error tracking to nail those few mistakes that still slip through due to human error. Minor improve- ments are 2 real time clocks (UCT, and Local time), better time setting functions, fewer keystrokes to log a call sign, better
feb_93.zip3,724BThe Original BayCom Exchange vol #1, #2
fftdsp32.zip205Kprogram which detects weak radio signals using fft and spectrograph. Requires soundcard and 386 with coprocessor.
fixaprs.zip741BFix APRS v6.0 with proper directory structure
fk8.zip644BFK8 DXpedition/QSL information 12/14 - 12/19/94
form610.zip10KLatest FCC Form 610 in PostScrip format, by Nick Sayer, N6QQQ
fpac241.zip193KFlexPac 2.41 for OS/2 by DB5SH
frenchgp.zip260KGrapic Packet Documents in French
freq0110.zip40KHam, Scanner, Tv, Fm, Am Frequency List For Ohio.
freqdat.zip28KAmateur repeater listings, WI, IL, MI, IA, MN, IN.
freqdata.zip167KFrequency database. Organize for quick and easy referral.
frglod10.zip13KYaesu FRG100 sw-rcvr channel data program
ft2500-1.zip1,015BMisc Keyboard mods - KC5APJ
ft470m.zip4,348BYaesu FT470 mods for ham handheld, extended RX, TX.
ft5200.zip1,608BYaesu FT5200 extended recieve mod (ham txvr.)
ft726r96.zip696BFT726R mod for 9600 packet
fx146.zip590KRamsey FX-146 2-mtr Computer interface, by N9GMW
g7obs.zip730BG7OBS Special Event Schedule 8/94
gb2vk.zip905BGB2VK Special Event Station 09/22/94
gbc.zip603BGhana SWBC Sked Changes
gcdb.zip1,991BDistance and bearing Lotus Worksheet for radio amateurs/hams
geoclk60.zip325KGEOCLOCK 6.0 sunlight clock for EGA, VGA. and SVGA. The current sun position is displayed, and the parts of the earth in sunlight and twilight are highlighted, with local sunrise/set and times around the world. 6.0 adds an online Gazetteer and expanded HAM capabilities. Over 200 maps and a spinning globe are available.
geoxtr60.zip188KExtra files for GeoClock sunlight clock. These files require GEOCLK60, and include three additional maps, several utility programs, and the data base for configuring GeoClock by US zip code.
gmail.zip69KGothaMail message editor for packet-switching networks.
gp150.zip554Kpacket v1.5 By DH1DAE: Doc's are in German
gp2_101.zip144KGrapic Packet for OS/2 - German DOCS
gridsq.zip38KMaidenhead Grid Square Locator, by N5PCA. Converts latitude/longitude to grid square co-ordinates, and vise versa. FREE!
gw.zip24KGateway between Pegasus mail and KA9Q.
hambands.zip2,421BListing of Hamband Frequencies
hambbs.zip7,442BW3INK's Ham BBS List 03/12/95
hamcom22.zip378KHamComm v2.2; HamComm is a program for ham radio communications. It supports reception and transmission of amateur radio teletype (RTTY) and Morse code (CW) signals. A decoder for SHIP and SYNOP reports from weather stations is also included.
hamcom30.zip408K+------------------------------------------+ | HamComm v3.0 June 15th 1994 | | by W.F. Schroeder DL5YEC | |------------------------------------------| | V 3.0 supports reception and transmission| | of radio teletype and Morse code signals.| | Available modes are BAUDOT, ASCII, AMTOR | | ARQ/FEC, SITOR A/B and NAVTEX. Weather | | station reports in the SHIP and SYNOP | | format can also be decoded. | |------------------------------------------| | Dist
hamcomx.zip96KTerminal Program for PK232 speech interface
hamfest.zip11KHAMFEST and CONVENTION CALENDAR 1993 & 1994 Conventions & Hamfests
hamftp.zip2,630BHam FTP sites on Internet, by VE3SUN
hamftz.zip53K+------------------------------------------+ | HAMFTZ v.02 beta by HB9HFN vom 27.12.1994| |------------------------------------------| | HAMFTZ, Ionospheric propagation | | predictions | |------------------------------------------| | Distributed by Radio Amateur BBS HB9EBW | | USR V.34 +41-61-981 69 69 | | ISDN X.75 + V.110 +41-61-983 10 09 | +------------------------------------------+
hamftz03.zip44K+------------------------------------------+ | HAMFTZ v.03 beta by HB9HFN vom 07.02.1995| |------------------------------------------| | HAMFTZ, Ionospheric propagation | | predictions | |------------------------------------------| | Distributed by Radio Amateur BBS HB9EBW | | USR V.34 +41-61-981 69 69 | | ISDN X.75 + V.110 +41-61-983 10 09 | +------------------------------------------+
hamlists.zip2,457BHam ListServers on Internet, by VE3SUN
hamlst12.zip7,434B#### N2UTO Latest Ham Radio LandLine BBS#### #### List for 12/01/94 Send updates to #### Cono at The Roy Hobbs BBS in Lodi NJ 201-614-8954 or 201-614-1832 1:107/592 or
hamsaver.zip189KHam Radio Screen Saver for Windows
hamtst11.zip128KHamtest v1.1: Written to help in studying for the Technician Class exam.
hamt_23w.zip232KTechnician Class Manager v2.3 for Windows; A Tool for Preparing for, and Testing on, the TECHNICIAN CLASS FCC EXAMINATION
ham_log3.zip280KHam Log v3 logging demo by VK2VN
hartford.zip1,292BHartford Ct scanner frequencies
hb303.zip88KHamBase v3.03. Logs and tracks your HAM information.
hcall23.zip43KHamCall Lookup program v2.3 THE BAD BOY BBS! 310.3081 by Carl Tice WC! 4.01 .wcx...New Features : 1. Multiple Call Sign Lookups 2. Will search Wc database for user match with call 3. Will allow you to download info from the database. 3. Will allow you to write the user a message if found on the board. Requires HAMCALL CD-ROM and Icall.exe HAMCALL CD-ROM is available from BuckMaster
hcjb.zip810BRadio HCJB, Quito, Equador, English Broadcast Schedule
hcomckt.zip2,456BTwo hamcom opto-circuits to reduce computer RFI
hdn_info.zip12KHam Distribution Net Info file/How to Join
hdn_list.zip3,605BHam Distribution Nodes.
hf_sta.zip29KARRL votes to squelch automatic HF Digital Operations
hlog224.zip352KHyperLog V2.24 Logging Program
hlwv13.zip5,739BHeard Last Week vol 1 no 3
hlwv14.zip5,175BHeard Last Week vol 1 no 4
hmlog461.zip350K+------------------------------------------+ | Ham-Log v4.61 by HB9CQV vom 31-May-1994 | |------------------------------------------| | Ham-Log with english and german doc's | | | |------------------------------------------| | Distributed by Radio Amateur BBS HB9EBW | | USR Dual +41-61-981 69 69 | | ISDN X.75 + V.110 +41-61-983 10 09 | +------------------------------------------+
hod.zip10KNew executable to read Ham on Disk newsletter
hod007.zip50K * HAM ON DISK Vol.1 Iss.7 * An Executable/Text magazine dedicated to the amateur radio enthusiast. From Novice to OM. Internet "Special" this month!
hp48pack.zip1,342BSource code for HP 48 Packet program, by KC1SX
hstntx.zip16KTexas Frequencies
htl1094.zip6,131BHam Tech Library Listing - Oct '94
hur.zip1,618Bmonitored with relation to Hurricane Andrew emergency operations.
hurrican.zip1,582BFrequencies of interest during hurricane season
hurtrk50.zip649K|1994 VERSION (5.0) of HURRTRAK. New version| |of the most sophisticated HURRICANE TRACK- | |ING SYSTEM for the PC. More DETAILED | |tracking charts (2KM resolution), PULL DOWN| |menus, MOUSE CONTROL, are some of the new | |features. The hurricane wind structure | |including location of the EYE and EYE WALL | |is shown on the selected tracking chart. | |Over 200 pre-defined city locations are | |included with the ability to add more. An | |HISTORICAL ANALYSIS program allows you to
hylog217.zip313KThe electronic logbook for the Radio Amateur
ic735c.zip167Kv1.0 IC735C computer control for windows
ic745m.zip2,531BDouble memory of IC-745
icw2rxkb.zip1,252BExtended Rx Keyboard Mods
id_na4a2.zip656KID-Logic AM/FM Simulator for windows
id_sw4b1.zip621KID-Logic SW Simulator for windows
id_sw4c2.zip622KID-Logic SW Simulator for windows
id_wt4b5.zip317KID Logic World-Time Clock
id_wt524.zip394KID Logic World-Time Clock
igiswb.zip4,559BInternet Guide to Shortwave Broadcasters
imct.zip47KMorse code training program, with computer simulated radio conversations
india.zip710BAll India Radio SWBC Sked 11/06/94 - 03/05/94
inetguid.zip128KOfficial Internet Resource Guide published by the NSA (National Science Foundation). It lists the resources available to Internet members including computational resources (eg. computer time on super comput- ers, library catalogs, data archives (for software and research papers, legal archives, etc.), additional affiliated networks and E- mail gateways, and network info centers.
interpol.zip662BInterpolation - plot a data set together with various interpolations, viz. piecewise linear, piecewise quadratic, Lagrange interpolation and cubic splines.
iran.zip1,247BRadio Iran SWBC Winter/95 SKED
irts0108.zip2,950BIRTS Bulletin 01/08/95
irts0122.zip2,708BIRTS Bulletin 01/22/95
irts0129.zip2,834BIRTS Bulletin 01/29/95
irts0205.zip2,121BIRTS Bulletin 02/05/95:
irts0212.zip2,795BIRTS Bulletin 02/12/95
irts0219.zip2,699BIRTS Bulletin 02/19/95
irts0305.zip2,609BIRTS Bulletin 03/05/95:
irts0313.zip2,813BIRTS Bulletin 03/13/95
irts0327.zip2,764BIRTS Bulletin 03/27/94.
irts0424.zip2,636BIRTS Bulletin 04/24/94
irts0501.zip2,941BIRTS Bulletin 05/01/94
irts0508.zip2,492BIRTS Bulletin 05/08/94
irts0515.zip2,516BIRTS Bulletin 05/15/94
irts0605.zip2,543BIRTS Bulletin 06/05/94
irts0612.zip2,264BIRTS Bulletin 06/12/94
irts0619.zip2,858BIRTS Bulletin 06/19/94
irts0626.zip2,838BIRTS Bulletin 06/26/94
irts0703.zip2,572BIRTS Bulletin 07/03/94
irts0717.zip2,322BIRTS Bulletin 07/17/94
irts0911.zip10KIRTS Bulletin 09/11/94
irts0925.zip2,879BIRTS Bulletin 09/25/94
irts1002.zip2,681BIRTS Bulletin 10/02/94
irts1009.zip2,927BIRTS Bulletin 10/09/94
irts1016.zip3,050BIRTS Bulletin 10/16/94
irts1023.zip2,644BIRTS Bulletin 10/23/94
irts1030.zip2,430BIRTS Bulletin 10/30/94
irts1106.zip3,070BIRTS Bulletin 11/06/94
irts1127.zip2,060BIRTS Bulletin 12/27/94
irts1204.zip1,543BIRTS Bulletin 12/04/94
irts1207.zip1,745BIRTS Bulletin 12/11/94
italoc14.zip233KHeading & coordinates locator, by IK0WRB
jan_93.zip1,570BTHE DIGICOM EXCHANGE Vol4, No 1
jdoc110.zip156KJNOS 110 Manuals (laserjet/PostScript)
jidx.zip2,631B1994 Japan International DX Phone Contest 11/11-13/94
jnos108b.zip244KThe OBJECTIVE of this code is the improve the use and features of NOS. A lot of the work is done through cooperative discussion and testing among the subscribers of the Internet maillist
jnos11he.zip221KMS-DOS JNOS v1.10h executables
jnos11hs.zip1,094KMS-DOS JNOS v1.10h source code
jpole.zip18KJ-pole Design Program V1.1 for any freq, by WA2ISE
jvfax51.zip292KHam Radio FAX and SSTV program version 5.1
jvfax70.zip715K+------------------------------------------+ | JVFAX v7.0 by DK8JV vom 31.Aug.1994 | |------------------------------------------| | Ein universelles Fax- und SSTV- Programm | | mit Schaltplanen fUr einen Konverter. | | Deutsche und englische Doc's. | | FAX/SSTV program for IBM PC's and | | compatibles with schematics for inter- | | faces. German and english doc's. 734 k | |------------------------------------------| | Distributed by Radio Amateur BBS HB9EBW | | USR
k35bm.zip51Kunzip - mv 2 unix - ren k5jb.k35bm.tar.Z
k35tel.zip5,808Bunzip - mv 2 unix - ren k5jb.k35tel.tar.Z
k35upd.zip6,062Bunzip - mv 2 unix - ren k5jb.k35upd.usr
k5jbsamp.zip13Kunzip - mv 2 unix - ren k5jb.samp.tar.Z
k5jb_k35.zip2,041BK5JB K35 NOS Linux File Descriptions
kagold.zip335KKaGOLD DualPort Test Drive - Multi-Connect Allmode Software Kantronics TNC KaGOLD/de is designed for the Data Engine, but there is no TestDrive
kant405e.zip29KG8BPQ Packet Switch for the Kantronics Data Engine.
kbs.zip1,003BKBS, Seoul - SWBC Summer 1994 Sked.
kct511.zip46KKCT/T Plus Real-time tracking with InstaTrak
ken850.zip79KTS-850S Controller program permits almost total control over the Kenwood TS-850S. Memory database and Logging functions are also available.
ken950.zip79KThe TS-950S Controller program permits almost total control over the Kenwood TS-950S. Memory database and Logging functions are also available.
kentrl43.zip386KKenwood computer control V4.3
kenwood1.zip78KModifications for Kenwood ham rigs
key.zip386B"Key" Icon for Windows
kfbs.zip789BKFBS Saipan SWBC Winter/95 Sked
khbn.zip421BKHBN SWBC schedule
khvgt105.zip39KKHVGATE v1.05; VK6KHV Phone BBS>
kmtrm120.zip210KKAMterm v1.20; Host Mode terminal program for the Kantronics KAM, KPC4, KPC2. Features multiple windows, split screen, and MORE!
kmtrm130.zip186K+------------------------------------------+ | KAMterm version 1.30, is a Host Mode | | terminal program for the Kantronics KAM, | | KPC4, KPC2, et al. Features multiple | | windows, split screen, and MUCH MORE!!! | +------------------------------------------+
knls.zip675BKNLS SWBC Sked Effective 09/24/94 to 03/26/94
kol.zip1,499BKOL SWBC Sked - Valid to 03/31/95
kttrm100.zip104K+------------------------------------------+ | KTterm version 1.0, is a packet radio | | terminal program from the makers of | | KAMterm. Features built-in QSO logger, | | startup/exit command files, and more.... | +------------------------------------------+
ktwr.zip940BKTWR Guam SWBC Winter/95 Sked
k_fax.zip27KFAX DISPLAY for the KANTRONICS KAM and KPC3 Copyright (c) 1993, 1994 by Richard R. Hensel This program will interface with the fax capabilities built into the KAM and KPC3 TNC's from Kantronics Inc.
linea2_1.zip305KLINEA circuit analysis program for 40 node, 200 branch electronic circuits, versatile, fast, speaks electronic jargon; WAVESPEC waveform description program for use with LINEA. With example Data files. Any CPU from 80286+, math coprocessor version included, any video card, any ASCII printer. Shareware. Most interactive and friendly tool for engineers, techs, teachers, hams, or hobbyists.
linux.zip8,525BListing of LINUX amateur radio files
liu95bt2.zip802KThis is the Beta-test version of LIU95 - Packet for windows. LIU95 is a general purpose Packet terminal & PMS program, for use on the amateur radio AX25 packet network, with most of the usual features found in packet programs, and few extra features thrown in too. The program is FREEWARE
ll210exe.zip332KLAN-LINK v2.10; Personal Packet Terminal Program for the TNC1, TNC2, KPC-2, and, most of all, a smart multi-mode digital communications controller for the KAM, MFJ1278, and the PK-232.
ll232exe.zip419KLAN-LINK is a Personal Packet Terminal Program for the TNC1, TNC2, KPC-2, PK-88 and most of all a smart multimode digital communications controller for the KAM, MFJ1278, PK-900, DSP 2232 and the PK-232. LAN-LINK is designed to optimize the configuration of the TNC in each communications mode and to provide some smart terminal features. PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS: Function key and Menu driven. Expert system (ELMER) in packet mode for building smart servers. Automatic logbook entries for Packet and
llink210.zip364KLAN-LINK 2.10 Powerful Amateur Radio Packet user interface with many features. Supports 'offline' mail handling on packet. Now supports PACTOR and has other bug fixes and enhancements.
lockheed.zip494BLockheed Experimental Aircraft Test Flight Freqs
logcon.zip30KLOGCON is only of use to those who run the G1NNA mailbox software.
logem20.zip57KLOGEM20.ZIP A Ham Radio Log-Book that features TSR ability. The user can print the log book entries by call area, mode of operation or other defined fields. Add, Delete, Edit Update and Lookup calls as well as printer routines.
logeq411.zip268KLog-Off v4.11 amateur radio logger. Complete TNC & mouse upport.
logeqf60.zip257KLOG-EQF v6.12 Amateur Radio Logging Program- Log-EQF is the total control center for Amateur Radio on-the-air activities. Full-featured logging with TNC, PacketCluster(tm), rig control, beam headings, QSL labels, and much more. Registration is only $25! Call 800-995-1605 to register. Hobbies TOM DANDREA, N3EQF
loghp48.zip2,857BAn Amateur Radio Logging Program For The Hp48s Or 48sx Calulators.
l_simco3.zip7,778BScanner Frequencies for the Simcoe Lake Area in Canada
ma.zip159KMorse Academy V5.2a
ma5_1h.zip181KProgram To Learn Or Increase Speed. Has Many Special Features.
master.zip179KCT super check partial file for DX in ARRL contest, by Peter Jennings,
mb1503a.zip279KW0RLI MailBox version 15.03a - minor bug fix. 02/18/93.
mb1503x.zip85KW0RLI MailBox - extra software to interface with G8BPQ software. 02/08/93. 02-08-1993.
mb1705.zip579KW0RLI Packet BBS 940523v17.5
mbbios3x.zip37KMBBIOS is an assembler language program that captures INT 14 (the COM service call) and extends it with support for the 8250 async port in buffered mode and adds support for the 8530 PACCOMM PC-100 packet board.
mesqtx.zip700BMesquite, Texas scanner frequencies
microham.zip404KMicroHam TestRide Users Manual; Amateur Radio Software
miscbas.zip10KHam Utilities W/Basic Source.
misc_mod.zip17KMiscellaneous modifications for ham rigs
modoki.zip34KCW Contest Simulation Logging Program
moldova.zip798BRadio Moldova SWBC Winter '94
mongolia.zip1,317BRadio Ulaanbaatar SWBC Sked W94-95
moontrak.zip64KAmateur Radio Moon Tracking Program for Using Moonbounce
mopt114.zip263KMSYS v114 packet BBS system
mopt118.zip332KMSYS utility files for v1.18
more_mi.zip5,837BScanner Frequencies For Michigan is a TSR program which echoes screen output in morse code.
mri.zip1,441BMonitor Radio Intl SWBC Sked 11-94 to 03-95
mscan13n.zip111K+------------------------------------------+ | MICROSCAN v1.3 by PA3GPY vom 02-DEC-1994 | |------------------------------------------| | MSCAN 1.3 - The shareware version | | The SSTV & FAX program for the IBM-PC ! | | Supports receiving and transmitting in | | all popular SSTV & FAX modes, including | | martin and scottie modes. Monitoring of | | RTTY, TOR-FEC and NAVTEX included. Uses | | simple OPAMP (HAMCOMM/JVFAX) interface. | | Multitasking software allows pictures to | | be l
mscan20p.zip141K+------------------------------------------+ | MICROSCAN v2.0 P by PA3GPY 15-FEB-1995 | |------------------------------------------| | MSCAN 2.0 P - The shareware version | | The SSTV & FAX program for the IBM-PC ! | | Now supports TRUE COLOR (16.8 M colors) | | RX & TX in all popular SSTV & FAX modes. | | Uses simple OPAMP-based interface (like | | HAMCOMM/JVFAX/Vester) or PK-900 for RX | | and the PC-speaker for TX. Multitasking | | software allows pictures to be received | | whil
msdata94.zip1,699BPerseids 1994 data files for MSSOF42E OH5IY meteor software. Place files as \MSDATA\PER94.B1 and \MSDATA\PER94.M1
mssof42e.zip266KMeteor-scatter v4.2e - by OH5IY - predicts ope
msys114.zip334KMSYST; A User Terminal Program For use with TNC's or Modems
msys118.zip330KMSYS packet bbs system v1.18
msysb118.zip342KMSYS packet bbs v1.18 (BBS-ONLY)
mtl-cops.zip854BList of Montreal urban community police radio frequencies. Learn French first. 05/26/93.
mtrlspec.zip314Kdata specs for motorola semiconductors products. Ranges from a books to microprocesor.
muf.zip24KE-layer muf predictions by G4PCS
mwefax.zip2,148BMarine WeFax Freqs.
n2oeo.zip177KFunctional domain-name server, works fine with the packeten, but can serve other purposes too.
nadezhda.zip820BRadio Nadezhda SWBC Sked - valid to 03/25/95
nasa118.zip50KNasa 2-Line Element File For Use it With Stsorbit Plus And Other Satellite Tracking Programs.
nascar.zip1,885BPoster called 'The Colors of Nascar'
navtex1.zip3,936BNavTex 518 Khz Listing by Geographical area
net386.zip162KHam Radio Tcpip Nos S/W for 386/486 Only
netjan93.zip5,947BANARC SWL Net Log for Jan '93
newmod22.zip35KUpdate to the MODS Server #22
newpools.zip71K07/94 Nov/Tech/Gen pool questions for Autoexam
news0102.zip7,668BNewsLine #907 01/02/95
news0110.zip8,739BNewsLine #908 01/10/95
news0121.zip7,680BNewsLine #910 01/21/95
news0202.zip7,797BNewsLine #911 02/02/95
news0206.zip8,624BNewsLine #912 02/06/95
news0211.zip8,713BNewsLine #913 02/11/95
news0218.zip8,804BNewsLine #914 02/18/95
news0227.zip9,971BNewsLine #915 02/27/95
news0304.zip9,094BNewsLine #916 03/04/95
news0310.zip7,344BNewsLine #917 03/10/95
news0401.zip7,747BNews Line #868 04/01/94.
news0409.zip8,681BNewsLine #869 04/09/94
news0415.zip9,740BNews Line Bulletin #870 04/16/94.
news0422.zip9,068BNewsLine #871 04/23/94
news0429.zip9,179BNewsLine #872 04/29/94
news0506.zip8,777BNewsLine #873 05/06/94
news0513.zip7,404BNewsLine #874 05/13/94
news0521.zip5,392BNewsline Radio, CBBS editionN #73
news0527.zip7,784BNewsLine #876 05/27/94
news0617.zip8,374BNewsLine #879 06/17/94
news0624.zip7,894BNewsLine #880 06/24/94
news0701.zip7,945BNewsLine #881 07/01/94
news0715.zip7,706BNewsLine #883 07/17/94
news0722.zip8,405BNewsLine #884 07/22/94
news0731.zip10KNewsLine #885 07/31/94
news0805.zip9,179BNewsLine #886 08/05/94
news0812.zip7,189BNewsLine #887 08/12/94
news0819.zip7,927BNewsLine #888 08/19/94
news0902.zip8,127BNewsLine #890 09/02/94
news0909.zip8,442BNewsLine #891 09/09/94
news0918.zip8,907BNewsLine #892 09/18/94
news0930.zip7,259BNewsLine #894 09/30/94
news1007.zip7,897BNewsLine #895 10/07/94
news1014.zip8,916BNewsLine #896 10/14/94
news1020.zip8,200BNewsLine #897 10/20/94
news1106.zip8,752BNewsLine #899 11/06/94
news1111.zip9,011BNewsLine #900 11/11/94
news1118.zip9,226BNewsLine #901 11/18/94
news1205.zip8,669BNewsLine 12/05/94
news1210.zip9,187BNewsLine #904 12/10/94
news1223.zip8,758BNewsLine #906 12/25/94
nhk.zip797BNHK SWBC Sked Sept-94 ti Narcg-95
nicadchg.zip1,652BVoltage/Currnt Limiting NiCad Charger w/schematic.
norad.zip1,957BNorth American Aerospace Defense Command scanner frequencies
nosgde.zip65KNOS help for amateur packet radio.
nosinst.zip557Kv0.6b - Program to simplify NOS installation, includes enchanced copy
nosvw304.zip594KNOSview is an on-line documentation and runtime package for the KA9Q Network Operating System
novss.zip1,328BARRL November Sweepstakes Summary Sheet (ASCII)
novtec93.zip47KBoth Novice And Technician Amateur Radio Question Pools That Will Go Into Effect In June 1993.
npf221e.zip359KG8NPF message system v2.21e, reqs BPQ405 or later
npfpms.zip326KPMS V2.16 - Multi-user application program for BPQ4.05 or greater by Ted Har
nsra_nws.zip13KElectronic edition of the North Shore Repeater Assoc Newsletter. NSRA is a Ham Radio Organization based on the North Shore of Boston, Ma.
nsw94-2.zip13KNSW WICEN News Autumn 1994
nswfbrgd.zip906BNSW Fire Brigade Frequencies
nswpd.zip1,030BNSW VHF Police Frequencies
nts2qx.zip18KAA2QX NTS v1.0 formatter for bpq switch
nyfd10.zip1,117BNY Fire Department 10 Codes
obs006.zip5,674BAnsat Orbital Elements #006 01/06/95
obs013.zip5,879BAnsat Orbital Elements #013 01/13/95
obs020.zip5,893BAnsat Orbital Elements #020 01/20/95
obs027.zip5,801BAnsat Orbital Elements #027 01/27/95
obs041.zip5,766BAnsat Orbital Elements #041 02/10/95
obs048.zip5,804BAnsat Orbital Elements #048 02/17/95
obs055.zip5,785BAnsat Orbital Elements #055 02/24/95
obs062.zip5,787BAmsat Orbital Elements #062 03/03/95
obs069.zip5,791BAnsat Orbital Elements #069 03/10/95
obs072.zip5,229BAMSAT; 2Line Orbital Elements 072.AMSAT
obs076.zip5,801BAmsat Orbital Elements #076 03/17/95
obs091.zip5,188BAmsat Orbital elements #091 04/01/94.
obs093.zip5,091BAmsat Orbital Elements #93
obs105.zip5,191BAmsat Orbital Elements #105 04/15/94
obs112.zip4,811BAmsat Orbital Elements #112 04/22/94
obs114.zip4,980BAMSAT 2Line Orbital Elements 114.AMSAT
obs126.zip4,730BAmsat Orbital Elements #126 05/06/94
obs133.zip4,800BAmsat Orbital Elements #133 05/13/94
obs135.zip2,832BAmsat Orbital Elements #135
obs142.zip5,347BAmsat Orbital Elements #142
obs154.zip1,576BAmsat Orbital Elements #154 06/03/94
obs175.zip5,189BAmSat Orbital Elements #175 06/24/94
obs182.zip2,195BAmSat Orbital Elements #182 07/01/94
obs189.zip5,214BAmSat Orbital Elements #189 07/08/94
obs196.zip5,207BAmsat Orbital Elements #196 07/15/94
obs203.zip5,209BAmSat Orbital Elements #203 07/22/94
obs210.zip5,191BAmSat Orbital Elements #210 07/29/94
obs217.zip5,715BAmSat Orbital Elements #217 08/07/94
obs224.zip5,299BAmSat Orbital Elements #224 08/12/94
obs245.zip5,306BAmSat Orbital Elements #245 09/02/94
obs252.zip5,299BAmSat Orbital Elements #252 09/09/94
obs259.zip5,339BAmSat Orbital Elements #259 09/16/94
obs266.zip5,315BAmSat Orbital Elements #266 09/23/94
obs273.zip3,161BAmSat Orbital Elements #273 09/30/94
obs280.zip5,287BAmSat Orbital Elements #280 10/07/94
obs284.zip2,734BAMSAT 2-line Elements
obs287.zip5,306BAmSat Orbital Elements #287 10/14/94
obs294.zip5,295BAmsat Orbital Elements #294 10/21/94
obs301.zip5,303BAmSat Orbital Elements #301 10/28/94
obs308.zip5,300BAmsat Orbital Elements #308 11/04/94
obs350.zip4,586BAmsat Orbital Elements #350 12/16/94
obs357.zip4,586BAmsat Orbital Elements #357 12/23/94
obs364.zip4,570BAnsat Orbital Elements #364 12/30/94
octaloop.zip8,316BOctaLoop v1.1 de WB4YZA calculations for W5QJR's octagonal loop
oh1aa636.zip511KOH1AA logging program - by OH1MIE
opdx112.zip4,080BOhio-Pa Packet Cluster DX Bulletin
opdx153.zip3,455BOh/Pa DX Bulletin #153 04/04/94.
opdx155.zip3,770BOh/Pa DX Bulletin #155 04/18/94.
opdx156.zip4,262BOh/Pa Packet DX Bulletin 04/25/94
opdx157.zip4,004BOh/Pa DX Bulletin 05/09/94
opdx158.zip3,530BOh/Pa DX Bulletin 05/16/94
opdx160.zip3,231BOh/Pa DX Bulletin 05/30/94
opdx163.zip4,428BOh/Pa DX Bulletin 06/20/94
opdx164.zip3,459BOh/Pa DX Bulletin 06/27/94
opdx165.zip4,109BOh/Pa DX Bulletin 07/04/94
opdx166.zip3,401BOh/Pa DX Bulletin 07/11/94
opdx167.zip3,309BOh/Pa DX Bulletin 07/18/94
opdx168.zip4,091BOh/Pa DX Bulletin 07/25/94
opdx170.zip3,522BOh/Pa DX Bulletin 08/08/94
opdx171.zip2,790BOh/Pa DX Bulletin 08/15/94
opdx173.zip2,967BOh/Pa DX Bulletin 09/05/94
opdx174.zip3,746BOh/Pa DX Bulletin 09/12/94
opdx175.zip3,802BOh/Pa DX Bulletin 09/19/94
opdx176.zip3,877BOh/Pa DX Bulletin 09/26/94
opdx177.zip3,953BOh/Pa DX Bulletin 10/03/94
opdx178.zip3,657BOh/Pa DX Bulletin 10/10/94
opdx179.zip3,219BOh/Pa DX Bulletin 10/17/94
opdx180.zip6,135BOh/Pa DX Bulletin 10/24/94
opdx181.zip4,417BOh/Pa DX Bulletin 11/07/94
opdx182.zip4,733BOh/Pa DX Bulletin 11/14/94
opdx183.zip3,621BOh/Pa DX Bulletin 11/21/94
opdx184.zip2,944BOh/Pa DX Bulletin 11/28/94
opdx185.zip2,990BOh/Pa DX Bulletin 12/05/94
opdx186.zip3,296BOh/Pa DX Bulletin 12/12/94
opdx187.zip4,624BOh/Pa DX Bulletin 12/19/94
opdx188.zip4,253BOh/Pa DX Bulletin 01/02/94
opdx190.zip2,983BOh/Pa DX Bulletin 01/16/95
opdx191.zip4,330BOh/Pa DX Bulletin 01/23/95
opdx191a.zip505BCorrection to OPDX191 01/23/95
opdx192.zip4,676BOh/Pa DX Bulletin 01/30/95
opdx195.zip3,619BOH/PA DX Bulletin - 02/20/95
opdx196.zip4,416BOh/Pa DX Bulletin 02/27/95
opdx197.zip2,954BOh/Pa DX Bulletin 03/06/95
opdx198.zip4,071BOh/Pa DX Bulletin 03/13/95
opdxsurv.zip1,145BOPDX/NODXA 1994 DX Survey
origin7.zip20KRadio Station Call Letter Origins Includes over 600 radio station call letters and the significance of these call letters.
origin9.zip25KThe Call Letters of Many North American Radio Stations.
oshawa.zip24KSCANTEXT Oshawa. A file listing for the City of Oshawa. Includes police, ambulance, fire, plus others. Also includes area trunking systems. Now includes general information of the Durham Regional system. Now in an executable file, no editor or viewer needed. A product of Space Lodge BBS - LodgeWare.
ozscan.zip2,844BMedia Monitoring Frequencies
pa1200d.zip98KPa QSO Party Contest Log by KM3D
pacfast.zip22KPacket Radio Terminal Control Program for the Faster Chips on todays faster computers.
pack_q_a.zip11KAmateur Packet Radio Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). A great starter file for new people interested in learning more about packet radio.
paket61.zip880KPacket V6.1 terminal program
papark.zip427BPennsylvania State Parks: Allegheny National Forest (Kinsau State Park) scanner freqs.
paqso.zip1,973BPA QSO Party Rules - Oct. 10th
part97.zip33KFCC Part 97 Rules/Regulations - 12/20/94
pax285.zip15KPAX 2.85; Resident terminal program
pax300.zip12KPacket TSR program V3.0 by VU2ZAP
pctrk304.zip551KPC-TRACK V 3.0 3D Satellite Tracking Track 200 satellites at a time. 3D and mercator projections. VGA graphics. Show footprints, altitude lines, lines of sight, space & ground points, solar position. Predict visible passes. Compute solar illum., doppler shift, phase, position, rangerate. Import data from NORAD, AMSAT.
pctrk30a.zip276KPC-TRACK V 3.0 Disk 1 of 2 Track 200 satellites at a time. 3D and mercator projections. VGA graphics. Show footprints, altitude lines, lines of sight, space & ground points, solar position. Predict visible passes. Compute solar illum., doppler shift, phase, position, rangerate. Import data from NORAD, AMSAT.
pctrk30b.zip316KPC-TRACK V 3.0 Disk 2 of 2
pdether.zip26KEthernet Packet Driver MLID, V1.01 - an ODI to Packet Driver adapter.
ped411i.zip58KCW contest training program
pet02a.zip323KPacketPet Lite for Windows v2.02a terminal program
pfq0115.zip19KVK2PFQ President's address / WICEN News
pfq0122.zip14KVK2PFQ President's address / WICEN News
pfq0205.zip21KVK2PFQ President's address / WICEN News
pfq0212.zip10KVK2PFQ President's address / WICEN News
pfq0219.zip8,750BVK2PFQ President's address / WICEN News
pfq0226.zip5,806BVK2PFQ President's address / WICEN News
pfq0305.zip10KVK2PFQ President's address / WICEN News
pfq0807.zip14KVK2PFQ - Div President's Address
pfq0813.zip5,739BVK2PFQ President's address / WICEN News
pfq0828.zip10KVK2PFQ President's address / WICEN News
pfq0904.zip14KVK2PFQ President's address / WICEN News
pfq0911.zip9,759BVK2PFQ President's address / WICEN News
pfq0918.zip12KVK2PFQ President's address / WICEN News
pfq1016.zip12KVK2PFQ President's address / WICEN News
pfq1030.zip11KVK2PFQ President's address / WICEN News
pfq1106.zip12KVK2PFQ President's address / WICEN News
pfq1113.zip17KVK2PFQ President's address / WICEN News
pfq1120.zip14KVK2PFQ President's address / WICEN News
pfq1127.zip11KVK2PFQ President's address / WICEN News
pfq1204.zip15KVK2PFQ President's address / WICEN News
pfq1211.zip10KVK2PFQ President's address / WICEN News
pfq1218.zip10KVK2PFQ President's address / WICEN News
pfwhel.zip53KProCat for Windows v1.1 help file
pgh-pd.zip1,899BPittsburgh, Pa scanner frequencies
pg_e.zip1,255BPacific Gas & Electric -- California scanner frequencies
pikepa.zip670BPike County, PA scanner freq.
pioneers.zip16KPioneer Broadcast Stations in the United States of America.
pkgoldtd.zip332KPkGOLD Enhanced Test Drive, Multi-Connect Allmode Software for AEA TNCs
pktinfo.zip85KGood info on amateur packet radio for beginners and old pros
pktmon12.zip21KPacket program for HAMCOMM interface
plusv3d1.zip449KKD7P LogPlus V3.03 Demo 1/2
plusv3d2.zip403KKD7P LogPlus V3.03 Demo 2/2
polar071.zip1,520BPolar Update Bulletin #71
polskie.zip729BRadio Polskie SWBC Sked Sept-94 to Mar-95
popml272.zip177KPOPMail/PC v2.72; Electronic mail system for IBMPC and compatibles.
pr93-85.zip1,266BReconsidration concerning message forwarding
preamp.zip2,231BSchematic Of 2 Different Kinds Of amps (ASCII).
predict.zip56KSatellite orbital prediction software, by KD2BD
pro43mod.zip1,802BNew Pro-43 Mods?: Instructions For Pro-43 Cellular restoration
prowin16.zip1,369KProCat for Windows v1.1 CAT program
pro_43.zip4,100BAnnouncement About Radio Shack PRO-43, 200-Channel Portable Scanner with HyperScan. This is the first-ever Realistic handheld scanner that features a triple-conversion superheterodyne circuit that eliminates cellular image problems on 800 MHz, and also improves image rejection across the entire reception band.
psatool1.zip174KBug Fixs -PSA toolkit, QEX 8/94 by KC7WW
psator10.zip153KKC7WW PC sound card HF DSP modem software beta
ptm523.zip475KPacket Terminal & Mailbox version 5.23.
ptm542.zip758KPacket Term & Mailbox by OZ4ZK
putham.zip1,282BScanner Frequency List for Putnam County, New York
qckt87.zip116KMcClaning-Quick Circuit analysis pgm. (RF).
qloge204.zip147KAmateur Radio logging program by IK5HGL
qqsl54.zip202KQuick QSL - the Ultimate QSL label program! Featuring great color, a user- friendly interface, full-function menus, input entry forms, sort in "Callbook" order, log file imports, and MUCH more. QQSL puts the other QSL label programs to shame, and is highly recommended for all hams who send QSL cards!
qrplist.zip11KQRP Club Listings - v0.96 02/15/95
qrpnets.zip1,059BListing of QRP Nets, compiled by Bill Todd
qslmngrs.zip6,573BUltimate QSL Managers
qslrte.zip535KDX Qsl routes/shareware database by KB6AXK
quickref.zip2,512BQuickRef for your pro-3x pro-4x scanner
rac0223.zip1,117BRAC Spcl News Bulletin 02/23/95
rac0295.zip1,309BRAC Spcl News Bulletin 01/23/95
rac02a95.zip1,336BRAC Spcl News Bulletin 01/23/95 - CORRECTED
rac0395.zip6,367BRAC Spcl News Bulletin 03-95 02/18/95
rac0501.zip1,043BRAC Spcl Bulletin - Pirate using RAC HQ callsign VA3RAC on packet rad
rac0509.zip1,602BRAC Spcl Bulletin - CANATEX 2
rac0515.zip6,076BRAC Spcl Bulletin - Amateurs and Antenna Structure
rac0615.zip8,311BRAC News Bulletin - 06/15/94
rac0816.zip2,278BRAC Spcl News Bulletin 08/16/94
rac1015.zip6,533BRAC Spcl News Bulletin 10/15/94
rac1115.zip9,425BRAC Spcl News Bulletin 09-94 11/15/94
rac1215.zip9,507BRAC Spcl News Bulletin 10-94 12/15/94
races319.zip1,675BRACES Bulletin #319 03/28/94.
races322.zip1,584BRACES Bulletin #322 04/18/94.
races324.zip1,414BRACES Bulletin #324 05/02/94
races325.zip1,262BRACES Bulletin #325 05/09/94
races326.zip1,302BRACES Bulletin #326 05/16/94
races328.zip1,693BRACES Bulletin #328 05/30/94
races331.zip1,526BRACES Bulletin #331 06/20/94
races332.zip1,628BRACES Bulletin #332 06/27/94
races333.zip1,801BRACES Bulletin #333 07/04/94
races334.zip1,614BRACES Bulletin #334 07/11/94
races335.zip1,619BRACES Bulletin #335 07/18/94
races336.zip1,362BRACES Bulletin #336 07/25/94 - EMA/Volunteer Partnership
races337.zip1,845BRACES Bulletin #337 08/01/94 - TEC - Why packet radio ?
races338.zip1,825BRACES Bulletin #338 08/08/94 - MGT - EMA assistance available
races339.zip1,717BRACES Bulletin #339 08/15/94 - MGT - Solving the impossible (1of2)
races341.zip1,955BRACES Bulletin #341 08/29/94 - OPS: Helicopter use
races342.zip1,850BRACES Bulletin #342 09/05/94 - MISC: NIFC Boise
races343.zip1,627BRACES Bulletin #343 09/12/94 - MGT: ACS/RACES Plans 1/3
races344.zip1,604BRACES Bulletin #344 09/19/94 - MGT: ACS/RACES Plans 2/3
races345.zip1,708BRACES Bulletin #345 09/26/94 - MGT:ACS/RACES
races347.zip1,949BRACES Bulletin #347 10/10/94 - MGT: RACES - Whats that ?
races348.zip1,621BRACES Bulletin #348 10/17 94 - MGT: Radio Officer Category
races349.zip1,768BRACES Bulletin #349 10/24/94 - OPS: Is It True What they say ?
races353.zip1,848BRACES Bulletin #353 11/21/94 - OPS: We Wait, but no calls 3/4
races354.zip1,998BRACES Bulletin #354 11/28/94 - OPS: We wait, but no calls 4/4
races355.zip1,836BRACES Bulletin #355 12/05/94 - MIS: Volunteerism
races356.zip1,911BRACES Bulletin #356 09/19/94 - OPS: Wildfire roles 1/2
races357.zip1,891BRACES Bulletin #357 12/19/94 - OPS: Wildfire roles 2/2
races358.zip2,023BRACES Bulletin #358 12/26/94 - OPS: Unit activities:
races359.zip2,293BRACES Bulletin #359 - MGT: An Overview - A look to the year 2000
races360.zip1,978BRACES Bulletin #360 - MGT: Multiple Committments 1/2
races361.zip1,825BRACES Bulletin #361 - MGT: Multiple Committments 2/2
races362.zip2,030BRACES Bulletin #362 - OPS: Incidental Races benefits
races363.zip1,803BRACES Bulletin #363 - OPS: Trng - Double teaming
races364.zip1,561BRACES Bulletin #364 - MGT: Policy - New workers checklist 1/2
races365.zip1,705BRACES Bulletin #365 - MGT: Policy - New workers checklist 2/2
raclog.zip166KRACLOG 9410. Canada logging program for hams For Radio Amateurs of Canada Day and Winter contests. Does auto score calculations, dupe checking and auto reports ready for sending to the Contest Manager. Distributed under the shareware concept.
radio.zip439B"Radio" Icon for Windows
radscn11.zip69KRADARSCAN v1.1; Command-line controlled program which plots high-resolution color radar maps from text files containing raw National Weather Service radar data. It's an excellent tool for pilots, amateur weather persons, storm spotters, storm chasers, and anyone who wants to have the upper hand on the Weather Channel!
radserv.zip31KRadio Control server for Versatrk v1.0 Win/NT
rci.zip1,961BRadio Canada International Schedule
rci0393.zip1,958BInternational Amateur Radio Frequency Schedule
rdanmark.zip1,061BRadio Danmark SWBC Sked - 03/27/94 to 09/24/94.
reqsat24.zip12KSatellite mail gateway server v2.40.
rfe.zip5,280BRadio Free Europe SWBC Sked 09/25/94-03/26/95
rfpi.zip1,857BRFPI SWBC Sked 07/94 - 09/94
rgmgr21d.zip413KRIG MANAGER 2.0d DXBase Link Version for Kenwood Radios. Tunes DX spots on TNC screen. Rig Management & Control Program. Simply the BEST Windows-Based Rig Control Shareware. Many Features including Comprehensive Memory Management, Active Band Plan Mode, W1AW Operating Schedule w/Freq Control, SAREX & RS-12 Satellite Mode. If you have a Kenwood Rig this program's for you!
rh20.zip1,055KSSTV Robot Helper v2.0 for windows
rigeq158.zip81KKENWOOD RADIO control for amateur operators & swl buffs. interfaces with most kenwood models, or uses if-232c interface. will control up to 4 radios at once.
rm.zip546KRadio Manager V2.01 ICOM R-7000 controllerfor
rmobs013.zip4,023BRadio Meteor Shower OBS #013 Sept. 1994
rmobs014.zip6,207BRadio Meteor Observation Bulletin #014October
rmobs015.zip3,250BRadio Meteor Observation Bulletin #015 November 1994
rmobs018.zip5,406BRadio Meteor Observation Bulletin #018 February 1995
rmobs019.zip4,642BRadio Meteor Observation Bulletin #019 March 1995
rnzi.zip691BRadio New Zealand Intl SWBC Sked - 03/19 to 05/06/95
rs15keps.zip379BRS15 Keps 01/20/95
rsgb0101.zip8,793BRSGB Bulletin 01/01/95
rsgb0108.zip6,702BRSGB Bulletin 01/08/95
rsgb0115.zip7,698BRSGB Bulletin 01/15/95
rsgb0122.zip7,696BRSGB Bulletin 01/22/95
rsgb0129.zip7,364BRSGB Bulletin 01/29/95
rsgb0205.zip7,814BRSGB Bulletin 02/05/95
rsgb0212.zip7,662BRSGB Bulletin 02/12/95
rsgb0219.zip8,174BRSGB Bulletin 02/19/95
rsgb0226.zip8,131BRSGB Bulletin 02/26/95
rsgb0305.zip7,911BRSGB Bulletin 03/05/95
rsgb0312.zip8,300BRSGB Bulletin 03/12/95
rsgb0319.zip7,666BRSGB Bulletin 03/19/95
rsgb0403.zip5,733BRSGB Bulletin 04/03/94.
rsgb0417.zip9,563BRSGB Bulletin 04/17/94
rsgb0501.zip10KRSGB Bulletin 05/01/94
rsgb0508.zip9,109BRSGB Bulletin 05/08/94
rsgb0515.zip9,885BRSGB Bulletin 05/15/94
rsgb0522.zip9,604BRSGB Bulletin 05/22/94
rsgb0710.zip8,394BRSGB Bulletin 07/10/94
rsgb0717.zip7,329BRSGB Bulletin 07/17/94
rsgb0724.zip7,046BRSGB Bulletin 07/24/94
rsgb0731.zip7,204BRSGB Bulletin 07/31/94
rsgb0814.zip7,248BRSGB Bulletin 08/14/94
rsgb0821.zip8,544BRSGB Bulletin 08/21/94
rsgb0828.zip8,828BRSGB Bulletin 08/28/94
rsgb0904.zip9,054BRSGB Bulletin 09/04/94
rsgb0911.zip8,894BRSGB Bulletin 09/11/94
rsgb0918.zip9,234BRSGB Bulletin 09/18/94
rsgb1002.zip8,565BRSGB Bulletin 10/02/94
rsgb1009.zip9,197BRSGB Bulletin 10/09/94
rsgb1016.zip8,336BRSGB Bulletin 10/16/94
rsgb1023.zip7,786BRSGB Bulletin 10/23/94
rsgb1030.zip8,243BRSGB Bulletin 10/30/94
rsgb1106.zip7,549BRSGB Bulletin 111/06/94
rsgb1113.zip7,379BRSGB Bulletin 11/13/94
rsgb1120.zip8,814BRSGB Bulletin 11/20/94
rsgb1204.zip6,912BRSGB Bulletin 12/04/94
rsgb1211.zip7,160BRSGB Bulletin 12/11/94
rsgb1218.zip8,908BRSGB Bulletin 12/18/94
rtdx0106.zip2,132BRTTY DX Bulletin 01/06/95
rtdx0113.zip1,782BRTTY DX Bulletin 01/13/95
rtdx0120.zip1,954BRTTY DX Bulletin 01/20/95
rtdx0127.zip2,448BRTTY DX Bulletin 01/27/95
rtdx0203.zip1,810BRTTY DX Bulletin 02/03/95
rtdx0210.zip2,138BRTTY DX Bulletin 02/10/95
rtdx0217.zip1,837BRTTY DX Bulletin 02/17/95
rtdx0224.zip1,939BRTTY DX Bulletin 02/24/95
rtdx0303.zip2,153BRTTY DX Bulletin 03/03/95
rtdx0317.zip2,129BRTTY DX Bulletin 03/17/95
rtdx0401.zip2,180BRTTY DX Bulletin 04/01/94.
rtdx0415.zip1,938BRTTY DX Bulletin 04/15/94.
rtdx0422.zip1,544BRTTY DX Bulletin 04/22/94.
rtdx0506.zip1,407BRTTY DX Bulletin 05/06/94
rtdx0513.zip1,888BRTTY DX Bulletin 05/13/94
rtdx0624.zip1,234BRTTY DX Bulletin 06/24/94
rtdx0701.zip1,584BRTTY DX Bulletin 07/01/94
rtdx0708.zip1,455BRTTY DX Bulletin 07/08/94
rtdx0715.zip2,203BRTTY DX Bulletin 07/15/94
rtdx0722.zip2,723BRTTY DX Bulletin 07/22/94
rtdx0729.zip2,587BRTTY DX Bulletin 07/29/94
rtdx0805.zip1,716BRTTY DX Bulletin 08/05/94
rtdx0812.zip2,287BRTTY DX Bulletin 08/12/94
rtdx0819.zip2,108BRTTY DX Bulletin 08/19/94
rtdx0826.zip2,685BRTTY DX Bulletin 08/26/94
rtdx0909.zip1,514BRTTY DX Bulletin 09/09/94
rtdx0916.zip2,258BRTTY DX Bulletin 09/16/94
rtdx0923.zip1,648BRTTY DX Bulletin 09/23/94
rtdx1007.zip1,632BRTTY DX Bulletin 10/07/94
rtdx1014.zip2,100BRTTY DX Bulletin 10/14/94
rtdx1021.zip1,644BRTTY DX Bulletin 10/21/94
rtdx1028.zip2,156BRTTY DX Bulletin 10/28/94
rtdx1104.zip1,702BRTTY DX Bulletin 11/04/94
rtdx1111.zip2,117BRTTY DX Bulletin 11/11/94
rtdx1118.zip1,883BRTTY DX Bulletin 11/18/94
rtdx1125.zip1,730BRTTY DX Bulletin 11/25/94
rtdx1202.zip1,458BRTTY DX Bulletin 12/02/94
rtdx1209.zip1,633BRTTY DX Bulletin 12/09/94
rtdx1216.zip1,641BRTTY DX Bulletin 12/16/94
rtdx1223.zip1,336BRTTY DX Bulletin 12/23/94
rtdx1230.zip2,358BRTTY DX Bulletin 12/30/94
r_aussie.zip1,136BRadio Australia SWBC Schedule
r_brasil.zip565BRadiobra SWBC Sked (01/22/95)
r_cairo.zip951BRadio Cairo SWBC Schedule
r_kuwait.zip475BRadio Kuwait SWBC Sked Sept-Nov 1994
r_moscow.zip531BRadio Moscow '94 to '95 SWBC to N.America
r_nether.zip845BRadio Netherland SWBC Schedule
r_norway.zip1,030BRadio Norway SWBC Schedule
r_papua.zip1,172BRadio Papua SWBC Sked
r_prague.zip1,462BRadio Prague SWBC Sked - effective 01/01/95
r_romani.zip858BRadio Romania SWBC Schedule
r_sofia.zip453BRadio Sofia Summer SWBC schedule
r_swiss.zip1,821BRadio Swiss SW Broadcast schedule
sat14feb.zip137KTrack 700 satellites - evaluation copy only
sat26apr.zip102KTrack 255 satellites, 16 presented simultaneously, by DL3HAW, DL3HRT,
satinfo5.zip169KSatellite Information v5.0; This file will allow you to find your satellite LOOK ANGLES. This program includes the latitude & longitude for your area along with how to find the True North off-set. Your data will include off-set adjustments for polar mounts.
satloc92.zip100KSATLOC; The best satellite dish aiming program available today.
satscan.zip32KSatScan Satellite Services Chart
sattvfaq.zip23KSatellite TV frequently asked questions (w/answers). From the usenet news group, here is the current authoritative info re: services available, the state of the scrambling/descrambling industry & struggles with piracy, etc.
scanbase.zip133Kscanner channels database
scancat.zip154KComputer Control for most popular receivers/transceivers
scanner1.zip204KScanner Allocation Program; For the use of radio amateurs and scanner users. Amateurs may find it useful as a logging program.
scanner2.zip117KScanner Database v1.0; Scanner Database is exactly what it sounds like,... a database for use by radio scanner buffs. It allows you to keep track of all your favorite scanner frequencies.
scanr376.zip164KScanner Buff v3.76 radio frequency database.
scan_r50.zip213KScanner Frequency Manager
scat20.zip155KScat V2.0; Aids in the design of High Frequency Amplifiers by means of their Scattering Parameters. Scat is for Electronic and Microwave Engineers, Radio Amateurs, or anyone involved with high frequency amplifier analysis.
scdx2176.zip11KMediaScan; SWEDEN CALLING DXERS Satellite, shortwave and other electronic media news from Radio Sweden.
scdx2205.zip6,765BSweden Calling DX #2205 08/02/94
scdx2206.zip10KSweden Calling DX #2206 08/16/94
scdx2207.zip15KSweden Calling DX #2207 09/06/94
scdx2208.zip12KSweden Calling DX #2208 09/20/94
scdx2209.zip8,006BSweden Calling DX #2209 10/04/94
scdx2210.zip7,848BSweden Calling DX #2210 10/18/94
scdx2211.zip11KSweden Calling DX #2211 11/01/94
scdx2212.zip7,748BSweden Calling DX #2212 11/15/94
scdx2213.zip5,727BSweden Calling DX #2213 12/06/94
scdx2214.zip5,252BSweden Calling DX #2214 12/20/94
scdx2215.zip5,855BSweden Calling DX #2215
scdx2217.zip7,577BSweden Calling DX #2217 02/07/95
scdx2218.zip8,053BSweden Calling DX #2218 02/21/95
scdx2219.zip8,612BSweden Calling DX #2219 03/07/95
scpc_lst.zip4,864Bfrequencies Listed By Satellite & Transponder West to East.
sd511.zip182KGeneral purpose Ham Radio Contest program. Works with most popular contests.
sdi537.zip188KRSGB IOTA contest logging program by EI5DI
sdi700.zip197KSuper Duper IOTA logging program
selcal11.zip11KSELCALL 1.1, a SITOR SelCall translator
serv515c.zip1,152BPatch serv.exe - fbb ver. 5.15c, I5SGG
shipshor.zip3,328BFrequencies for the 3 AT&T High Sea's Phone Service Stations; KMI, WOM, and WOO, and WLO Mobile Marine Radio. These are the only four stations in the United State's for high sea's ship to shore radiotelephone service.
shrtwave.zip108KPC SHORTWAVE MONITOR Release 2.0; Frequency management program designed to greatly reduce the time spent searching general broadcast listings that in many cases do not apply to your geographic area. Besides organizing your "loggings," this program will let you create a variety of customized listening schedules.
simptr21.zip90KSimple Packet Terminal V2.1
skedmn10.zip1,280KScheduler for Kentrol50 - Tune freq, mode at preselected time for
skem10.zip103KSKEM 1.0 is a user friendly schematic drawing program. It allows you to easily and quickly draw and/or print professional looking schematics.
skyrider.zip585KMFJ 1278 Multi-mode Windows program V1.2B
sl_932.zip99KSATLOC.EXE, the *BEST* satellite dish aiming program ever written. Both 8088 and 80x86 optimized code included. Updated to 04/14/93 including all the newest satellites.
sm401.zip194KLearn Morse Code. Allows You To Vary Speed And Timing.
smcon102.zip85KSmart R8 Control v1.02b; Smart R8 Control 1.02b is a powerful radio control program for the Drake R8 receiver. Select shortwave stations and frequencies with easy to use windowing to a broadcast shortwave database
smcon141.zip121K+------------------------------------------+ | Smart R8 Control v1.41 | |------------------------------------------| |Smart R8 Control 1.41 is a powerful radio | |control program for the Drake R8 receiver.| | Registered users must read the | | README.NOW file before installing. | |------------------------------------------| | Copyright (c) 1992-94 FineWare | +------------------------------------------+
smwin201.zip311K+------------------------------------------+ | Smart R8 Control for Windows v2.01b | |------------------------------------------| | Smart R8 Control for Windows v2.01b is a | | powerful new Windows 3.1 control program | | for the Drake R8 receiver. Now includes | | better logging and brand new Memory Mgmt.| | Windows v3.1, color VGA display required.| |------------------------------------------| | Copyright (c) 1992-95 FineWare | +------------------------------------------+
sop9250a.zip258KStsorbit Plus, Great Program For Graphical Tracking Space Shuttle And Satellites. Used By Nasa,Etc. Part 1of2. Download Recent Nasa Two Line Element Files For Up-To-Date Satellite Equations E.G. Nasa118.Zip.
sop9445a.zip279KSTSORBIT PLUS Version 9445: Track and display any satellite for which orbital data is avail able. Used by NASA and the aerospace industry as well as hams and "just plain folks" around the world. Math coprocessor chip recommended. Now includes Multi-Satellite Tracking Feature
sortneng.zip15KNASA 2-line filtering/checking by IT9XXS
spc0101.zip3,015BSpace News 01/01/95
spc0109.zip4,205BSpace News 01/09/95
spc0116.zip3,662BSpace News 01/16/95
spc0123.zip3,798BSpace News 01/23/95
spc0130.zip3,860BSpace News 01/30/95
spc0206.zip3,309BSpace News 02/06/95
spc0213.zip2,786BSpace News 02/13/95
spc0220.zip3,408BSpace News 02/20/95
spc0227.zip4,131BSpace News 02/27/95
spc0306.zip2,983BSpace News 03/06/95
spc0313.zip3,126BSpace News 03/13/95
spc0425.zip3,826BSpace News 04/25/94
spc0509.zip3,769BSpace News 05/09/94
spc0517.zip2,555BSpaceNews; SpaceNews originates at KD2BD in Wall Township, New Jersey, USA.
spc0524.zip4,006BSpaceNews originates at KD2BD in Wall Township, New Jersey, USA.
spc0620.zip2,824BSpace News 06/20/94
spc0627.zip3,935BSpace News 06/27/94
spc0704.zip2,856BSpace News 07/04/94
spc0711.zip2,768BSpace News 07/11/94
spc0718.zip3,548BSpace News 07/18/94
spc0725.zip3,844BSpace News 07/25/94
spc0801.zip3,260BSpace News 08/01/94
spc0808.zip3,537BSpace News 08/08/94
spc0815.zip3,043BSpace News 08/15/94
spc0904.zip4,557BSpace News 09/04/94
spc0912.zip2,731BSpace News 09/12/94
spc0919.zip3,395BSpace News 09/19/94
spc0926.zip2,959BSpace News 09/26/94
spc1003.zip2,901BSpace News 10/03/94
spc1010.zip1,801BSpace News 10/07/94
spc1017.zip3,434BSpace News 10/17/94
spc1024.zip2,614BSpace News 10/24/94
spc1031.zip3,660BSpace News 10/31/94
spc1219.zip3,077BSpace News 12/19/94
spc1226.zip3,172BSpace News 12/26/94
splog311.zip323KSPLog V3.11 general purpose logging program
spv61012.zip350KSuper packer, professional amateur packet radio program.
ssscv2n8.zip48KSouth Scanner Satellite Services Chart v2, #8
starv600.zip48KDomestic satellite location pgm v6.0 by KB8BMQ
staton.zip191K"A Pocket-Size, Talking Morse Code Practice Computer" QST July '94
stp.zip132KPredict when satellite visible for qth
stspc.zip32KStation Traffic System for Amateur Radio Portable C Release 3.9
sunou332.zip45KCalculate sun outages for satellite receivers
suns0809.zip5,486BSolar Terrestrial Forecast and Review
swfax1.zip11KWeFax v1.0 weather fax receiver program
swlit112.zip520KSWLOGit v1.12 The ONLY program shortwave listeners will EVER need. Options: QSL script writer: writes the QSL's for you, MUF Mapping, Sun Terminator, Import/Export files, Print, World clock, Many search options, VGA/EGA World Maps, Sun Rise/Set Times, and much more. Many more features, to many to list here. Much MORE to come. MUF bug fixes. Author: David Toste Release: December 21, 1994
swlmgr10.zip1,013KSWL MANAGER v1.0 for Windows: Short Wave Radio Listening software. Contains a database of countries broadcasting English speaking programs. Displays On/Off Air times with frequencies. Has user controlable database Search Parameters, automatic frequency control of Kenwood, ICOM, and Yaesu HF radios. 100% Compatible with Rig Manager 2.0
swrad35.zip241K************ SWRADIO 3.5 ************* Build a sensitive shortwave receiver for less than $5. Complete info, including schematics and parts sources. Also other info of interest to Shortwave Listeners, such as freq. band descriptions, pirate radio, how 2 on QSL cards, & a complete reading list. $1 to register.
swu_utes.zip1,529BAn Introduction To Shortwave Listening: The Top 100 Shortwave Frequencies.
sydsec.zip887BSydney Security Company Scanner Frequencies
tapr507a.zip5,751BTAPR Regional Network SIG Dayton Report 05/07/94
tapr801.zip1,076BTAPR to make ARRL CNC & DC available
tapr916.zip4,286BTAPR Bulletin 09/16/94
tdb3.zip25KTDB3.ZIP A Vaccum Tube cross reference program. The user is allowed to update, add, delete, edit and print the tube data they select of the whole data file.
tec22.zip73KTEC22; Ham Pratice test for Technician Class. So you want to be a Ham radio operator? Well this program can help you. It includes all the current questions and answers for the Technician Ham Classification test. You can go through all the questions or take a random sample test.
telemeng.zip37KProgram package for decoding ARSENE satellite telemetry on line. A version in French is also provided with the international version in English.
telnetd.zip27KWATTCP TELNET Server; Effectively allows you to remotely control your pc.
texas_am.zip19KTexas AM/FM Broadcast Stations.
tfkiss20.zip140K+------------------------------------------+ | TFKISS v2.00 by OE1HHC/OE3GMW 16.03.95 | |------------------------------------------| | Multi Mode TNC Soft | | with german Doc's | |------------------------------------------| | Distributed by Radio Amateur BBS HB9EBW | | USR Dual V.34 +41-61-981 69 69 | | ISDN X.75 +41-61-983 10 09 | +------------------------------------------+
tfpcx200.zip62KThe Firmware PC Extended v2.0; Residenter AX.25-Controller fUr PC und BayCom-Modem /-USCC-Karte mit WA8DED-Hostmode-Interface
th78e.zip4,215BSecret Functions
thnet122.zip139KFor TNC: Statemachine, real DPLL for RX including a digital squelch
tn-x1jr2.zip387KTheNet x1j release 2
tn110ex1.zip234KTampa NOS Executables V1.1.0
tn210.zip103KSET210; A Utility for setting up TNPLUS version 2.10 software prior to programming
tnctime.zip16KUse with your Kantronics/MFJ TNC (HAM Radio), sets tnc from PC at boot time
trak33.zip439KTrakSat v3.3 Satellite tracking program
trk320a.zip37K** Description All Graphics - Removed **
trmp105g.zip114KTrumpet v1.05 Revision G: an NNTP newsreader for MSDOS machines. Requires the use of a packet driver using either bluebook Ethernet or SLIP packets.
ts-50qrp.zip1,538BReduce TS-50 power to QRP standards
tsd.zip13KTSD.ZIP - A Transistor Substitute Database, a cross reference for various transistor components.
tsn0129.zip6,101BTele Satellite News 01/29/95
tsn0205.zip7,194BTele Satellite News 02/05/95
tsn0212.zip5,527BTele Satellite News 02/12/95
tsn0226.zip6,247BTele Satellite News 02/26/95
tsn0305.zip8,001BTele Satellite News 03/05/95
tsn0312.zip6,474BTele Satellite News 03/12/95
tst133.zip61KSmall Packet-Terminal Program.
tsth139.zip162KTsthost v1.39 by IK1GKJ
tsth_137.zip149KTstHost v1.37 TNC2 program w/Host mode by IK1GKJ
tune-in1.zip79KTUNE IN; The Ultimate Scanner Database Exciting new database for scanner listeners. Print convenient pocket sized cards or full size reports of all your scanner frequencies. Feature packed
turkey.zip1,114BVoice of Turkey SWBC Sked
twr.zip1,295BTransWorld Radio SWBC Sked Sept-94 to Mar-95
ucalls.zip14KUniv. Calls & info - v.06 02/14/95
uk2mtr.zip1,460BList of all the UK 2m repeaters (input channel -600kHz).
ukmtime.zip1,311BUK Maritime frequencies.
upak10.zip433KUltraPak v1.0 Friendly packet terminal, by G4WFT
upak20.zip456KPacket Terminal Program V2.0
upd110g.zip323KSource to update MS-DOS JNOS v1.10f to v1.10g
usat92b2.zip79KUSAT90 satellite tracking program. The source code can be run with QBASIC and should also be compilable with QuickBASIC.
uscguard.zip2,784BU.S. Coast Guard Scheduled Broadcasts of Weather and Marine Information
ussl_10.zip66KThe Ultimate Sweepstakes Logger v1.0; Tracks multipliers and automatically tags new sections worked. It provides you with a Mults had and Mults needed list. It allows editing of previous records with automatic recalc of score .It keeps your score and your total hours of operation as well as a QSOs per minute stat (for you big time contesters).
uswl_10.zip65KThe ultimate shortwave logger - EMS required.
uswl_b.zip71KThe Ultimate Shortwave Log; For Shortwave Listeners. Keeps track of all the various stations and programs heard via the airwaves on the shortwave band. If you aren't a Shortwave listener then maybe when you see what is available on the airwaves you'll want to get a radio and start tuning the bands. USWL comes with 500+ up-to-date loggings.
utfn0794.zip11KJuly '94 Dbase IV file of Shortwave Util Listeners by Tom McKee
vailco.zip10KVail, Colo scanner frequencies
vanc.zip657BVancouver, BC scanner frequencies
ve3ont50.zip1,361BVE3ONT adds 50 Mhz EmE
ve3ont94.zip1,655BVE3ONT EME Operating schedule for 1994
veritas.zip1,177BRadio Veritas Asia SWBC Sked valid from 10/94
versatrk.zip254Kv1.2 Win/NT Satellite Tracking program by WJ1R
vester_f.zip643KSSTV/Fax480/WeFax by K3BC
vetests.zip16KNation-wide VE testing opportunities
ve_exams.zip18KNation-wide VE testing opportunities
vhflog.zip51KVHF logging program by AA5ZX, KC5BOY and KC5BPC
vhfmar.zip9,929BEverything you Should Know About VHF-MARINE RADIO. Detailed info including general and emergency procedures.
vhfqso.zip4,438BVHF QSO Party Rules June 12-14, 1993
virus.zip1,106BVirus found in "DOVE voice via INTERNET"
vk2-0115.zip1,496BVK2 WICEN News 01/15/95
vk2-0122.zip1,543BVK2 WICEN News 01/22/95
vk2-0212.zip1,421BVK2 WICEN News 02/12/95
vk2-0219.zip1,362BVK2 WICEN News 02/19/95
vk2-0226.zip1,350BVK2 WICEN News 02/26/95
vk2-0814.zip1,320BVK2 WICEN News 08/14/94
vk2-0821.zip1,480BVK2 WICEN News 08/21/94
vk2-0911.zip1,359BVK2 WICEN News 09/11/94
vk2-0918.zip1,442BVK2 WICEN News 09/18/94
vk2-0922.zip1,259BVK2 WICEN Events
vk2-0925.zip1,309BVK2 WICEN News 09/25/94
vk2-1002.zip7,737BVK2 division news 10/02/94
vk2-1009.zip1,529BVK2 WICEN News 10/09/94
vk2-1016.zip1,569BVK2 WICEN News 10/16/94
vk2-1023.zip1,339BVK2 WICEN News 10/23/94
vk2-102a.zip1,541BVK2 WICEN News 10/02/94
vk2-1030.zip1,366BVK2 WICEN News 10/30/94
vk2-1106.zip1,294BVK2 WICEN News 11/06/94
vk2-1113.zip1,307BVK2 WICEN News 11/13/94
vk2-1120.zip1,961BVK2 WICEN News 11/20/94
vk2-1124.zip1,059BVK2 WICEN Events
vk2-1127.zip1,328BWICEN news: Items of interest to members
vk2-1204.zip1,740BWICEN News: Some items of interest to members
vk2-1211.zip1,218BVK2 WICEN News 12/11/94
vk2-1218.zip1,266BVK2 WICEN News 12/18/94
vk20731.zip1,553BWICEN News 07/31/94
vk20804.zip1,339BWICEN Events for August
vk20807.zip1,414BVK2 WICEN News 08/07/94
vk20811.zip1,341BVK2 WICEN Events for August
vk2pfq.zip4,322BVK2 President's Message 06/26/94
vk2pfq-2.zip2,164BVK2 President's Message 07/03/94
vk2_0516.zip2,162BVK2WI Weekly News and snippets
vk3um702.zip370KPopular EME Tracking program - updated 04/94)
vo1aa.zip985BThe Society of Newfoundland Radio Amateurs (SONRA) will be operating the VO1AA station in commemoration of the Dec 12, 1901 reception of the first trans-Atlantic wireless signal by Guglielmo Marconi at Signal Hill in St. John's.
voa.zip5,734BVOA SWBC Sked - updated 07/20/94
voa-comp.zip6,297BVOA SWBC Sked in dBase format
vped105.zip181KVoice pile-up trainer V1.05 by JE3MAS
v_vietnm.zip1,022BVoice of Vietnam Schedule; Hanoi
w1aw.zip1,381BCurrent W1AW Weekly Broadcast Schedule
w6ay.zip736BW6AY Special Event Schedule - Varian celebrates 60yrs
w9gr_dsp.zip24KSource code and object files which accompany the 1992 QST Magazine article "Low Cost Digital Signal Processing for the Radio Amateur" by Dave Hershberger, W9GR.
wattcp.zip108KThere are several popular non-commercial TCP/IP implementations for MS-DOS computers. Each offers special features but with varied drawbacks.
wefaxfaq.zip14KFAQ from newsgroup about shareware RTTY/FAX decoding software for the IBM PC. Excellent explanations on how to set up Hamcomm and JVFAX. Also includes diagram of interface required for decoding.
wewn.zip3,795BWEWN Worldwide Catholic Radio (A Shortwave Service of EWTN)
wewn_1.zip636BFinal Operating Schedule - Z-93 0100 UTC WEWN Birmingham AL, Transmitter #1
wewn_2.zip689BFinal Operating Schedule - Z-93 0100 UTC WEWN Birmingham AL, Transmitter #2
wg012.zip298KWaveGazer v1.2 rcvr control for NRD-535D
wg7j108c.zip251KWG7J JNOS V1.08C executables
whdg10.zip94KWindows Heading & Country Finder V1.0 - Ham Radio program for looking up country data and calculating heading & distance from a callsign prefix. For MS Windows. ShareWare.
wicen051.zip2,359BWICEN Bulletin #051 06/19/94
wicen052.zip2,341BWICEN Bulletin #052 07/03/94
wicen49.zip2,574BWICEN Bulletin #049 05/22/94
winb.zip438BWINB SWBC Sked
winelect.zip114KElectronic Calculation Program V2.0 for Windows:
winwas11.zip145KWindows WAS MAP v1.1; Computerized version of the blank US maps that for a long time hams have loved to color in as they work new states. There is increased interest in working all states on various bands and modes with awards for 5 Band WAS, Single Bands, SSB, CW, OSCAR, SSTV, RTTY, etc. Windows WAS MAP gives you a colorful display of your "states worked status" for each of 20 types of WAS Awards.
wisp2207.zip419KSatellite tracking program for windows
wkctdrv.zip34KWindows drivers for satellite rotor & radios v.73beta
wk_pole.zip70KThis antenna project comes courtesy of VE4MJM The files were received as faxes and converted into .PCX format.
wm940805.zip612KWampes 940805 - unzip,mv-2-unix,ren wm940805.tar.gz
wn940815.zip542KTurbo C source WNOS940815 of KA9Q TCP/IP for PC clones
wndipole.zip3,278BSimple dipole calculations for windows, by N4PVU
wnsat.zip174KSatellite tracking program for windows
wun95feb.zip64KWUN UTE Newsletter Vol. 1 No. 1 - 02/95
wu_doc12.zip96KWHATS-UP v1.2; is a tool which allows you to capture and extract for analysis telemetry from the Satellites Carrying Amateur Radio (OSCAR). Includes the DOC file. [1/2]
wu_exe12.zip99KWHATS-UP v1.2; Tool which allows you to capture and extract for analysis telemetry from the Satellites Carrying Amateur Radio (OSCAR). Includes the EXE file. [2/2]
wvha.zip731BWVHA SWBC Sked 03/26/95 to 09/25/95
wxfax2_3.zip129KWx Facsimile Database v2.3
wxman20.zip252Kv2.0 -Receive weather maps using sound blaster ca
xhs611.zip330KAllmode terminal program v6.11 for OS/2 for PK-232/PK-900 by HB9CVV fe
xpcom115.zip362KXPCOM 1.15; HOST mode program for the PK232, PK88 etc. Offers DUAL TNC operation, mouse support, multiple connect windows, Conference mode, pull down menus, popups, on-line help, AutoSearch/Save log, APLink Directory, Packet Connect List, user definable keys, Brag Files, Brag Text, macros, AND MUCH MUCH MORE. Also offers MFJ1278 and TNC2 support. Coming soon KAM support
ya101pat.zip81KYagi analyzer patch for YA v1.0
yaesu.zip32KModifications for Yaesu ham rigs
ynet004.zip2,016BYouthNet Bulletin #004 06/19/94
ynet005.zip2,954BYouthNet Bulletin #005 07/03/94
ynet006.zip3,461BYouthNet Bulletin #006 07/14/94
ynet007.zip1,852BYouthNet Bulletin #007 07/18/94
ynet008.zip1,705BYouthNet Bulletin #008 09/04/94
ynet010.zip2,875BYouthNet Bulletin #010 10/09/94
ynet011.zip3,232BYouthNet Bulletin #011 11/03/94
ynet012.zip5,017BYouthNet Bulletin #012 12/ /94
ynetserv.zip1,582BYouthNet Survey
zl1-1113.zip2,604BZL1 Data News 11/13/94