File Libaries
Library: Applications - Directory: App - Spreadsheet
aea501c.zip331KAsEasyAs v5.01c, Lotus 123 spreadsheet clone
alite110.zip191Kversion of As-Easy-As spreadsheet pgm
alite1f.zip208K'Lite' version of As-Easy-As spreadsheet pgm
brythm.zip20KBiorhythm template generator for Excel
depn1090.zip88Kpackage for 123 v2.2
drawman.arc216KGenerate charts & graphs from spread-sht data
excl41_1.zip150Kv4.10, spreadsheet pgm, 1 of 2
excl41_2.zip95Kv4.10, spreadsheet pgm, 2 of 2
ezs23vlu.zip121KEasy to use SpreadSheet
freecalc.lzh124K- 250x50 screen
instaca3.zip323Kv3.0 PC Mag editor's choice sprdsht
pccalcp1.arc282Kv2 spreadsheet, install & exe, 1of3
pccalcp2.arc242Kv2 spreadsheet, graphing util., 2of3
pccalcp3.arc186Kv2 spreadsheet, docs & examples, 3of3
pivot101.arc114Kutil for AS-EASY-AS spreadsheet files
prof2d.arc176K2D general purpose measurement data processor
profile.arc199K1D gen. purpose meas. data processor/optimizer
qc104.zip31KChange the way 123/Symphony display colors
qube310.arc224KQubeCalc v3.1, three dimensional spreadsheet
tc810.arc153KTurbo CALC spreadsheet from P&M software