File Libaries
Library: Applications - Directory: App - Graphics
alphatst.gif142Kcomputer-generated image.
amdemo.zip79Kdrawing mgr.&front end DEMO
ani_demo.zip51Kanimation drawing program. examples included.
astrblst.zip172KGIF 640X480X256
azflag.zip5,698Bit is. the arizona flag
bbdslib.zip23Kfor Booch, Buhr, Data Flow Diagrams
bined.zip58Kto use sprite animator for EGA,VGA
bio302sw.zip36Kcharting in vga/ega. super quality.
cda_acad.zip361Kof canada .dxfed from corel draw! v1.2
cga3.zip52KCGA text files to EGA/VGA
chg.zip3,690BLow level entity access
chg3.zip5,343Blow lvl entity access w/color graphics
cinema10.zip43Kvery flexible slide show pgm
clip1.zip63Ktoolbook clip art sampler. runtime needed
coaster.zip343Kvga fli image of a roller coaster ride
color102.zip16Kscreen colour utility.
com2mac.zip860Bcom pics back to mac from rawhide
compart.zip229Kop-art gif format ray traced svga
crpgif11.zip32Kv1.1: cut out part of a .gif and save it to another file.
crpgif13.zip31K1.3 of this utility which allows you to crop GIF files.
cshow833.exe115Kversion of CSHOW 8.33a
cshw833a.zip116Kv8.33a; .GIF viewer from CI$, 6/19/91
decor10.zip255KResource Browser and Icon Editor for MS-Windows 3
dkb202.zip201Kyour own ray-traced graphics. v2.02
dl_view1.zip23Kviewer use to view vga image files that end with dl extens
dragon.zip1,697BGenerates recursively defined dwgs
dstar01.zip25Kanimation of tie fighter approaching the death star.
dtp15.zip325KPaint v1.5 Monochrome paint package
d_7.zip21Kof klingon d-7 battle cruiser.
explo203.zip58Kstyle graphics screen saver program with C source code
f005.zip78Kgreat hi-res fractal, nice effect when COLOR CYCLED.
fgl101.zip13KGraf/Light 1.01
fgl10_a.zip114Klow level routines for programming in MSC, MS FORTRAN, etc
fgl10_b.zip172KLite 1.0 - 2/3
fgl10_c.zip63KLite 1.0 - 3/3
fingerpt.zip156Kpaint pretty good drawing package
font_m.zip72KMANIA is designed for editing EGA and VGA screen fonts.
fracland.zip28K3d fractal landscapes vga.
fractl18.zip48Kmandelbrot fractal images on your pc
fracwve.zip65Kanimated graphics program
frain14r.zip273Kv14r: a very powerful fractal generator. easy to use
fraint16.zip400K- Fractal generating program v16 Built in demo, help
free15a.zip22K15 for old print shop status 5/29/90
geosdemo.zip617Kdemo must have vga
gifdes32.zip31Kviewing multiple gif images on screen at once
gifdesk3.zip31Kmult. gif images at once on a vga
gifexe.zip28KGIF File to be saved as EXE
gifndx10.zip16Kindexer v1.0 - written by dan linton at
gifsc112.zip40Kto list the screen size of gif files
gifsize1.zip44Kthe size/dimension of gif files.
grafwk61.zip343Kprints, converts, dithers, reverses, scales, and much more
graph11.zip68KX-Y graphs of experimental data, includes Turbo Pascal sou
grfwk60d.zip323KWorkshop 6.0d.
grfwk61c.zip344KWorkshop v6.1a Graphics manipulator for most formats
improc23.zip160Kv2.3, SuperVGA editor for GIF/PCX images up to 1024x768x2
improc32.zip191Kversion 3.2 SVGA Image Processor
mac2pc.zip6,086BMAC GIF files to IBM PC format GIF files.
peepshow.zip61Kviewer/slideshow for IBM-PC with VESA SVGA cards
vgacad25.zip318Kv2.5 Editor for .GIF/.BMP/.PCX files.
vgacap72.zip88Kv7.2 Fast super VGA capture & encode.
vgacap74.zip89Kcapture/convert SVGA to GIF/PCX/BMP/TARGA
vuimg260.zip61KViewer - Pan, Zoom, Brightness Controls.