File Libaries
Library: Applications - Directory: App - Graphics
alphatst.gif143Kcomputer-generated image.
amdemo.zip80Kdrawing mgr.&front end DEMO
ani_demo.zip52Kanimation drawing program. examples included.
astrblst.zip173KGIF 640X480X256
azflag.zip5,698Bit is. the arizona flag
bbdslib.zip23Kfor Booch, Buhr, Data Flow Diagrams
bined.zip59Kto use sprite animator for EGA,VGA
bio302sw.zip36Kcharting in vga/ega. super quality.
cda_acad.zip362Kof canada .dxfed from corel draw! v1.2
cga3.zip52KCGA text files to EGA/VGA
chg.zip3,690BLow level entity access
chg3.zip5,343Blow lvl entity access w/color graphics
cinema10.zip43Kvery flexible slide show pgm
clip1.zip63Ktoolbook clip art sampler. runtime needed
coaster.zip343Kvga fli image of a roller coaster ride
color102.zip17Kscreen colour utility.
com2mac.zip860Bcom pics back to mac from rawhide
compart.zip230Kop-art gif format ray traced svga
crpgif11.zip33Kv1.1: cut out part of a .gif and save it to another file.
crpgif13.zip32K1.3 of this utility which allows you to crop GIF files.
cshow833.exe116Kversion of CSHOW 8.33a
cshw833a.zip117Kv8.33a; .GIF viewer from CI$, 6/19/91
d_7.zip22Kof klingon d-7 battle cruiser.
decor10.zip256KResource Browser and Icon Editor for MS-Windows 3
dkb202.zip202Kyour own ray-traced graphics. v2.02
dl_view1.zip24Kviewer use to view vga image files that end with dl extens
dragon.zip1,697BGenerates recursively defined dwgs
dstar01.zip26Kanimation of tie fighter approaching the death star.
dtp15.zip325KPaint v1.5 Monochrome paint package
explo203.zip58Kstyle graphics screen saver program with C source code
f005.zip78Kgreat hi-res fractal, nice effect when COLOR CYCLED.
fgl101.zip13KGraf/Light 1.01
fgl10_a.zip115Klow level routines for programming in MSC, MS FORTRAN, etc
fgl10_b.zip172KLite 1.0 - 2/3
fgl10_c.zip63KLite 1.0 - 3/3
fingerpt.zip157Kpaint pretty good drawing package
font_m.zip73KMANIA is designed for editing EGA and VGA screen fonts.
fracland.zip28K3d fractal landscapes vga.
fractl18.zip49Kmandelbrot fractal images on your pc
fracwve.zip65Kanimated graphics program
frain14r.zip273Kv14r: a very powerful fractal generator. easy to use
fraint16.zip401K- Fractal generating program v16 Built in demo, help
free15a.zip23K15 for old print shop status 5/29/90
geosdemo.zip618Kdemo must have vga
gifdes32.zip32Kviewing multiple gif images on screen at once
gifdesk3.zip31Kmult. gif images at once on a vga
gifexe.zip29KGIF File to be saved as EXE
gifndx10.zip17Kindexer v1.0 - written by dan linton at
gifsc112.zip41Kto list the screen size of gif files
gifsize1.zip45Kthe size/dimension of gif files.
grafwk61.zip344Kprints, converts, dithers, reverses, scales, and much more
graph11.zip69KX-Y graphs of experimental data, includes Turbo Pascal sou
grfwk60d.zip324KWorkshop 6.0d.
grfwk61c.zip344KWorkshop v6.1a Graphics manipulator for most formats
improc23.zip160Kv2.3, SuperVGA editor for GIF/PCX images up to 1024x768x2
improc32.zip192Kversion 3.2 SVGA Image Processor
mac2pc.zip6,086BMAC GIF files to IBM PC format GIF files.
peepshow.zip61Kviewer/slideshow for IBM-PC with VESA SVGA cards
vgacad25.zip319Kv2.5 Editor for .GIF/.BMP/.PCX files.
vgacap72.zip88Kv7.2 Fast super VGA capture & encode.
vgacap74.zip89Kcapture/convert SVGA to GIF/PCX/BMP/TARGA
vuimg260.zip62KViewer - Pan, Zoom, Brightness Controls.