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abc1-4.doc982BFor pre-schoolers and first graders
abc1-4.lzh138KAnimated Alphabet v1.0 educational .
abc1_4.sda982Bprogram for children pre-school to 1st grade
abc1_4.sdn150KAlphabet v1.0 (1 of 4)
abc2-4.lzh99Kand color capable
abc2_4.sdn112KAlphabet v1.0 (2 of 4)
abc3-4.lzh105Kthe letter with the picture
abc3_4.sdn117KAlphabet v1.0 (3 of 4)
abc4-4.lzh89KEGA and VGA graphics
abc4_4.sdn100KAlphabet v1.0 (4 of 4)
airplane.lzh43KAirplanes - GLORIFIED! Good Instructions
algebrax.doc768Bdescription for Algebrax
algebrax.lzh67KTUTOR by Professor Weissman
amath1_a.sda1,301Btutor for children pre-school to 1st grade
amath1_a.sdn131KMath v1.0 (1 of 4)
amath1_b.sdn94KMath v1.0 (2 of 4)
amath1_c.sdn99KMath v1.0 (3 of 4)
amath1_d.sdn18KMath v1.0 (4 of 4)
authors.lzh6,502BTest your knowledge of authors names
battutor.lzh50Kgood batch file tutorial
biblemen.lzh250Kyour knowledge about the men of the Bible
books.lzh6,433BTest your knowledge of book titles
capitals.lzh4,202Byour knowledge of state capitals
catts3v3.doc1,710BAlso does grading administration! wow!
catts3v3.lzh147Kcomputer based drill and testing
chem.lzh36Kmolecule viewer
chemview.lzh38Kchemical elements
comple.lzh14KComplex math solver
dataplot.lzh86KPlotting program, support a few plotters
dos33hlp.lzh70Kwith DOS 3.3 commands - TSR too!
electron.lzh123Kelectrical reference / appl. calc.
elements.lzh24Kwith the table of elements
elmath.lzh1,855BGood math practice - try it!
expert.lzh58KBuild a knowledge-based system
ezt.lzh34KEasy Tree - quick & easy family tree program
famtree.lzh87KSet up your family tree
funnels.lzh45KFunnels and Buckets math game for kids
geo.lzh21KGeography tutor
geobase.lzh69KU.S. geography data base - query the program for answers
geochron.lzh41Kat world time zones and distances
geoclk31.lzh102Kdisplay of world time zones - requires EGA
grade251.doc984Bof GRADE251
grade251.lzh48K(v2.51) - School Grade Database System
light.lzh1,065BCompute light intensity/illumination/distance
mathgen.lzh27KMath problem generator - prints add/sub/mult/div problems
mathmt21.doc695Bv2.1 for children 8 and up
mathmt21.lzh51Kthe basics + - * / math
mathsolv.lzh84Kmath solvers for you to try
mathtutr.lzh22KK-6th grade math problems
metoo100.doc3,091Bv1.00 reading skills for kids
metoo100.lzh65Klevel multilingual skills
mthmst23.doc870Bv2.3 for ages 8 and up
mthmst23.lzh53Ktutor add/sub/multiply/divide
ohms_law.lzh17Kohms/watts/amps/volts with any 2 known values
pc-touch.lzh9,103Btyping tutor
pccai.doc903Bof PCCAI
pccai.lzh144KAided Instruction - Demos, Tests, Slides
pctutor.lzh100KFantastic computer & DOS tutorial - a must for the kids!
planets.lzh25KTells location, distance, magnitude about the planets
quest3d.lzh135Kand edit 30 wire frame Objects.
quiz15.doc1,152Bof (QUIZ15) for beginning math
quiz15.lzh45Kmath flashcard game - educational
quizzer.lzh157Kyour own automated tests - shareware
sf40-a.doc1,802BFriends v4.0 learning and education
sf40-a.lzh91Kinteractive sign language
sf40-b.lzh91KFriends (disk two)
shapes-1.doc1,388B- animations and colors CGA-up
shapes-1.lzh108Kv1.0 educational (1 of 3)
shapes-2.lzh81Kv1.0 CGA EGA VGA (2 of 3)
shapes-3.lzh69Kv1.0 enjoyable learning (3 of 3)
signf37.doc2,297Band animation - educationinal
signf37.lzh282KFriends v3.7 teaches sign language .
spell.lzh1,496BSpelling tutor program - great for the kids
sr.lzh24KSpeed reading test
ssgs.lzh103KStraight-Line Scientific Graphing System
states.lzh2,655BTest your knowledge of US states
states2.lzh5,156BGood graphics states and capitals game
stix100.doc3,675Bv1.00 childrens sticker art
tcm10fr.doc2,304Bof (TCM10FR) compterised markbook
tcm10fr.lzh93KCommando Markbook! For teachers!
teachtot.lzh16Kyour child about letters, numbers and shapes
tmptdoom.doc1,664BFor Lotus or (IBM) Excel.
tmptdoom.lzh69KOf DOOM! Spreadsheet tutor DEMO
vgrad45a.doc3,300Bv4.5 grade your class
vgrad45a.lzh296Kby teachers for teachers (1
vgrd400.doc1,829BCalculate and record marks grades.
vgrd400a.lzh165KGrade v4.00 for teachers etc.
vgrd400b.lzh135KGrade v4.00 overlay disk
vgrd400c.lzh77KGrade v4.00 docs and manual
wng1.doc1,067Bof (WNG1) study of capitols
wng1.lzh78KName Game - state and national capitols
wpkids.lzh16KVery simple word processor for kids
wrkbk100.doc2,915BBook v1.00 spelling game for kids
wrkbk100.lzh138Kmusic and spelling
xmas-etc.doc2,821Bcard. kids draw and etc.
xmas-etc.lzh50Kfor children