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bar_b_q.zip4,065Brecipes for MealMaster.
ccakes.zip7,134BMaster Chocolate cake recipes.
cccake01.zip17Krecipes for Compu-Chef (1 of 2)
cccake02.zip15Krecipes for Compu-Chef (2 of 2)
ccchoc01.zip13Krecipes for Compu-Chef
ccchsc01.zip10Kcake recipes for Compu-Chef
cccofc01.zip6,872Bfor Compu-Chef: Coffeee & Brunch cakes
cccook01.zip8,650Bfor Compu-Chef: Cookies!
cci.zip6,622Bingredient information. Text file.
cc_to_qb.zip3,674BComputer Chef recipes to QuikBook recipes.
cheese.zip22Krecipes for Menu Master
cheese1.zip6,693BHarper's MM Cheese sandwiches
cheese2.zip9,438BHarper's Menu Master Cheese Breads
cheese3.zip8,537Bin cheece deserts series
cheese4.zip6,232Bin cheese recipe series
chef15s.zip164K1.5 Shareware version. NEW!
chezcaks.zip4,455BMaster Cheese Cake recipes.
chili2.zip26Krecipes for chili in Qbook format
chkwagon.zip3,003BRecipes for MealMaster (3-10)
cindones.zip10K- miscellaneous recipes.
dimsum1.zip9,844Brecipes for MealMaster.
dips.zip1,814BRecipes for MealMaster.
dips1.zip5,399Brecipes for MealMaster.
dips2.zip9KRecipes for MealMaster.
dips3.zip4,305Brecipes for MealMaster.
dips4.zip5,964BRecipes for MealMaster.
dips5.zip5,693Brecipes for MealMaster.
dut_ccf.zip63Krecipes in Compu-Chef ASCII format.
ednacb.zip112Kfile, list and print your favorite recipes.
globalhb.zip241Kof globalherb which is a comphrensive herbal reference lib
grocer20.zip39Kgrocery shopping helper & db.
hamb1.zip4,901Brecipes for MealMaster
hamb2.zip8,605Brecipes for MealMaster.
hamb3.zip7,431Brecipes for MealMaster.
hamb4.zip7,172Brecipes for MealMaster.
key352.zip232Kv3.52 recipe database + (8-90)
lbs2.zip18Krecipes from around the world. Meal Master format.
mchoc.zip9Kchocolate rcipes.
mealma33.zip257KMaster version 3.3
mealmstr.zip80KMaster recipe program
mg310.zip162KGourmet v3.10 Recipe database. (12-21)
mm615.zip105KMaster v6.15 Recipe Database Program
mmapet.zip7,564Brecipes for MealMaster.
mmapple1.zip7,016Brecipes for MealMaster. 1 of 2
mmapple2.zip6,471Brecipes for MealMaster. 2 of 2
mmapr91a.zip6,847Bin Meal Master Format
mmapr91b.zip7,043BMaster Recipes
mmaptizr.zip7,679Bfor Meal Master
mmas614.zip250Krecipe database ver 6.14
mmaug90a.zip10KMaster Recipes
mmaug90b.zip4,320BMaster Recipes
mmaug90c.zip3,456BMaster Recipes
mmaug90d.zip4,762BMaster Recipes
mmaug90e.zip4,939BMaster Recipes
mmbread.zip6,823Brecipes for MealMaster.
mmcajun3.zip15Krecipes for MealMaster. (#3 in series)
mmcakes.zip17KMaster cake recipes
mmchic.zip7,713Brecipes for Menu Master
mmchick.zip8,698BMaster Chicken recipes
mmchili.zip3,625Brecipes for Menu Master
mmchock.zip2,867BMaster recipes
mmchsck2.zip703BMaster recipes
mmcokies.zip2,519Brecipes for MM
mmcondmt.zip1,713Bfor MM
mmcooky.zip5,262BCookie recipes.
mmcreole.zip13Kfor MM
mmcw_4_1.zip16Krecipes for MealMaster. 1 of 2
mmcw_4_2.zip16Krecipes for MealMaster. 2 of 2
mmdec90a.zip9,411Bfor MM from Cooking Echo Dec 90 (part 1)
mmdec90b.zip6,301Bfor MM from Cooking Echo Dec 90 (part 2)
mmdec90c.zip7,526Bfor MM from Cooking Echo Dec 90 (part 3)
mmdec90d.zip6,903Bfor MM from Cooking Echo Dec 90 (part 4)
mmdec90e.zip5,733Bfor MM from Cooking Echo Dec 90 (part 5)
mmdec90f.zip5,482Bfor MM from Cooking Echo Dec 90 (part 6)
mmdesert.zip7,545Bfor Menu Master
mmdrink.zip2,173Brecipes for Menu Master
mmealnew.zip26Krecipes for Menu Master
mmexican.zip9,599Brecipes for MealMaster.
mmfish.zip1,270Brecipes for MealMaster.
mmgermn1.zip15Krecipes for MealMaster.
mmgermn2.zip21Krecipes for MealMaster.
mmlofat2.zip7,985BFat recipes for MealMaster.
mmpickle.zip8,383BPickle recipes.
mmrecipe.zip69KMaster recipe collection
mmsourdo.zip6,559Brecipes for MealMaster.
mmstew.zip988Brecipes for MealMaster.
mmstrawb.zip7,296Brecipes for MealMaster.
mmveal.zip684Brecipes for MealMaster.
mmvegy.zip8,176Brecipes for MealMaster.
mmvegy2.zip9,194Brecipes for MealMaster. #2
mm_to_qb.zip3,559BMealMaster recipes to QuickBook
mwc1.zip9,470Bmore microwave recipes
mwc2.zip15Kmore microwave recipes for Menu Master
mwc_4_1.zip24Krecipes for Menu Master
mwc_4_2.zip24Kmicrowave recipes
nd11.zip194KNutri-Diet-Food analysis for 4700 foods
omnimeal.zip114Kv2.30 recipe cataloger. (9-26)
pdutch03.zip15KDutch Recipes #3 Compu Chef format.
pdutch04.zip15KDutch Recipes #4 Compu Chef format.
pies1.zip37Krecipes for MealMaster.
pies2.zip9,507Brecipes for MealMaster.
qbook96a.zip100Krecipe database v9.6a (3-90)
qb_beef1.zip6,739Brecipes in Qbook format
qb_bevrg.zip11Krecipes in Qbook format
qb_bred1.zip54Krecipes in Qbook format
qb_cndy1.zip8,189Brecipes in Qbook format
qb_dsrt1.zip68Kfor Qbook
qb_mbeef.zip64Krecipes for Qbook
qb_mpork.zip40Krecipes for Qbook
qb_mpoul.zip85Krecipes for Qbook
roll1.zip31Kfor Rolls, Biscuits, and pastries in ASCII
rp20a.zip87Kprocessor version 2.0 very good recipe program
rp27cs.zip192Kfrom compu-chef as well as meal-master!
sowest1.zip11Kon Mexican cooking styles. (Not recipes)
sowest2.zip5,542Brecipes for MealMaster.
sowest3.zip8,286Brecipes for MealMaster.
sowest4.zip6,691Brecipes for MealMaster
vit32.zip167Krecipe program by Tandika Star ver 3.2