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Library: Applications - Directory: App - Astronomy
astro20.zip37K38379 04/11/21 Calculate planetary ATA, rise and set time
cosmos15.zip172K175911 03/26/21 displays skies viewed from earth
ephem421.zip240K245439 03/26/21 positions
gravity2.zip110K112662 03/26/21 of planetary bodies in space
jpstphn2.zip54K55651 03/26/21 of Jupiters' satellites (CGA)
moon.zip56K57300 04/11/21 Graphic display of moon's face w/pan/move/f
planet.zip40K40510 04/11/21 Gives time/azimuth/coords for planet rise/s
satview2.zip34K34439 03/26/21 of sunlit planet Saturn/CGA
sfs101.zip271K277775 04/11/21 Space Flight Simulator, CGA/HGC/EGA/VGA
sfs101s.zip436K446122 04/11/21 Source code for Space Flight Simulator v1.
skyglb31.zip245K251341 03/26/21 SkyGlobe 3.1 is a fast, fun, and easy-to-u
skyplot.zip153K156651 04/11/21 Star map graphic display
solar.zip34K34892 04/11/21 Solar system simulator
starview.zip201K205945 03/26/21 its best - (requires mouse)