File Libaries
Library: Applications - Directory: App - CAD
a7221v1b.zip77Ksends AutoCAD ADI files to HP7221
aabstrct.txt7,329Bthe files in this directory
acadbbs.zip2,336Bof AutoCAD-oriented BBSs
adiplot.arc122KAutoCAD printer plotting utility
adiplt.zip46KAutoCAD plots on mainframe printers
alladi.zip96Kpurpose ADI screen drivers for Autocad
amate270.zip157KFront end AutoCAD dwg manager
amdemo.zip80KAutoMaster:AutoCAD drawing mgr.&front end DEMO
ansimnu3.arc4,420BANSI AutoLISP menu system
autocad.c4,511BFaster print AUTOCAD files to PostScript Prntr
autograf.msg719BAUTOGRAF.PAS author, information
autograf.pas3,336BFile from Fortran & Turbo-Pascal
autosk13.zip80Kpgm optimized for schematics (DEMO)
bbdslib.arc32KSymbols for Booch, Buhr, Data Flow Diagrams
chg.arc5,449BAutoLISP: Low level entity access
chg3.arc8,107BAutoCAD low lvl entity access w/color graphics
dancad2a.arc186Kpgm v2.0 1of2
dancad2b.arc181Kpgm v2.0 2of2
danmovie.arc123Ksequence of DANCAD drawings
danmovie.zip117Kanimated sequence of DANCAD drawings
dc20.zip307KDraft choice, Laserjet, dot matrix support
dcfonts.zip17Kfor Draft Choice
dcs1demo.zip136Kcommercial system (dcs) self-runing demo
decorate.arc29Kin a room, CAD assist
decorate.zip21Kfurniture in a room, CAD assist
door.arc2,964BAutoLISP: Two pick door program
dragon.arc2,530BAutoLISP: Generates recursively defined dwgs
dtl.arc3,968BAutoLISP: Extracts detail section of drawing
dtl.zip3,243BExtracts detail section of drawing
econo3.zip5,777Bline replacement program for AutoCAD
edraw32.zip103Kdrawing CAD
eleblks.zip49KElectrical symbols for AutoCAD
gcpvu.zip336Kquality CAD tool for PCB design
hpgl2scr.zip31KHPGL to AutoCAD script language
hrsh2acd.arc120Kfor use with AutoCAD
hrsh2acd.zip106Kfonts for use with AutoCAD
kelv.zip30KJohn Walker's AutoLISP code protection program
lasi35b1.zip354Kv3.5 (8/91): IC layout CAD pgm, 1 of 2
lasi35b2.zip346Kv3.5 (8/91): IC layout CAD pgm, 2 of 2
lasi401a.zip352KIC layout CAD pgm, 1 of 3
lasi401b.zip352KIC layout CAD pgm, 2 of 3
lasi401c.zip55KIC layout CAD pgm, 3 of 3
ncad3d42.zip147KCreate/view/edit 3-D images
padslib.zip477KPADS library for PADSPCB.ZIP and PADSLOG.ZIP
padslog.zip1,056KPADS Logic schematic capture CAD program
padspcb.zip1,012KPADS PCB (printed circuit board) layout pgm
parnch.arc35KAutoLISP parentheses checker/ pretty printer
pcb.zip93KPC board CAD pgm w/'C' src, 286 only
pcdcad33.zip322KVector-based CAD program
pcroute2.zip102Kaided design, printed circuit boards
pcxdxb11.zip10KPCX to AutoCAD translation utility
pcxslt18.zip33KPaintbrush PCX to AutoCAD DXF files
pdist.arc2,176BAutoLISP: Finds dist betwn two pts on pline
pfwdem10.zip944Kfor Windows DEMO. Reqs Win 3.0/3.1
pkey11_1.zip248Ksystem for AutoCAD, 1of3
pkey11_2.zip351Ksystem for AutoCAD, 2of3
pkey11_3.zip348Ksystem for AutoCAD, 3of3
qrusa.zip128KQuickRoute: Circuit board / diagram design
rect.arc3,372BAutoLISP: Rectangle drawing routines
screwit.zip156KACAD drawing library: Socket Head Cap Screws
seldwg_3.arc24Kfrom DOS for AutoCAD
seldwg_3.zip18Kdrawings from DOS for AutoCAD
sfill.arc2,176BAutoLISP: Fill between 2 Arcs, Lines, Plines
sharelib.arc16KAutoCad library
sharelib.zip10Kshareware AutoCad library
shx2shp.zip8,047BConvert ACAD SHX fonts to SHP files for edit
sv_env.arc2,871BAutoLISP: Saves AutoLISP environment to file
wblk.zip1,917BWrite AutoCAD block reference to specified dir
xfill10.zip34KFill and reverse laserjet print files