File Libaries
Library: Utilities - Directory: Util - Screen
a3e_100.zip112KJHSoft's ANSI ASCII Avatar Editor
addrv140.zip24KCyrillic drivers for EGA/VGA & keybd.
addrv14u.zip20KUkrainian driver for EGA/VGA & keybd.
advid105.zip38Kvideo output with CGA/EGA/VGA
amber.com640BMakes text amber on color monitor
ansi.zip19KPC Mag's fast TSR replacement for ANSI.SYS
ansi137.zip36KFast memory-resident ANSI.SYS replacement
ansi_esc.doc4,428Bfor ANSI escape sequences
ansidr30.zip19Kscreen drawing pgm, good for BBS sysops
ansiltr2.zip4,586BLetter templates for The Draw 3.10/3.20
ansims10.zip35KMouse: Drawing program (requires mouse)
ansipain.zip44KANSI screen drawing program, v2.1
ansit100.zip46KANSIT! version 1.00 There are a lot of ANSI drivers on the
ascr35.zip8,135BRussian characters on screen in any video mode
bbl_v_1.zip99KBig Block Letter (billboard) display dev drvr
bilbd110.zip32Kcomputer screen look like a billboard
bl.asm587BBlank the screen to REAL top line. MASM src
blank.zip10KScreen blanking utility with MASM source
blank332.zip48Kv3.32, timed/manual screen blanker
blankop.zip7,061BScreen saver for all IBM PC compatibles
blink120.zip1,322Bsimulates non-blinking cursor
blnket11.zip14Kblanker - scrolls message/time
blockcur.zip7,302Byour true (hardware) cursor
border.zip9,718BSet screen border color using BIOS rtns, w/src
bossky13.zip52Kscreen to disk/display captured screen
briteln.zip4,422BTSR makes prompt line reverse video
buffit30.zip10Kresident screen scrollback utility v3.0
burno231.zip15Kblanker v2.31 works on diff. video bds
capbuf.zip31KTSR captures any text screen to disk
cga.zip4,595BCGA simulator for HERC (from New Zealand)
cga10.zip4,690BRun CGA programs on Herc Monochrome systems
change.zip5,578BChange DOS bkground and fground screen colors
clear.asm899BFast clear screen function, Assembler code
clsh.zip3,358BScreen blanker, saves original screen display
coljst20.zip14KVGA text colors. 262,144 possibilities
colorize.zip2,128Bcolor to games
colornum.bas775Bdemo: setting VGA display bkgnd color
colors.zip11KChange text colors in DOS and programs
colorsrt.zip7,192Bscreen attributes in HEX/DEC/OCTAL
colours.zip5,111BControl screen colors in DOS and programs
concpy11.zip4,808Bscreen output to file & still see it
crt31.zip2,105BSet CGA foreground, background, border colors
crtalign.zip16Ktest pattern generator to align monitor
cs.zip1,985BUse CGA programs with Hercules card
ctype.zip6,313BPC Mag's change cursor size & shape utility
curs_on.off969BTurn cursor on or off
cursblok.zip7,861Bturns cursor to solid block
cursesp.zip206KUnix Curses window lib for TurboC+/BorlandC+
cursor.mor1,007BMore info on unblinking cursor
cursor.zip9,418BSet cursor shape and style
cutpast4.zip12Kadds text cut and paste to any program
cylon4.zip1,503BSet your cursor - 4 different choices
cyrilic2.zip61KRussian characters to PC display
dcurses2.zip176KCurses window lib for MSDOS (MSC & TC)
dfe104.zip159KCreate or modify custom EGA/VGA display fonts
dhprtscr.zip3,058Bfor CRLF bug in IBM-PC ROM bios PrtSc rtn
dosclip.zip20KTSR adds cut and paste facilities to MS-DOS
drip21.zip5,626BClear screen in fashion like water dripping
dscrnv12.zip4,229Bsaver with selectable delay
dtest.zip6,400BANSI driver performance test for EGA/VGA disp.
evafont.zip74KEGA/VGA font designer; handles 8x8, 8x14, 8x16
explo202.zip123KExplosiv Screen Saver 2.02 features both a DOS screen save
fcon200.zip191KFansi-Console enhanced kbd/scr driver, 3/28/88
fconsdoc.zip109Kfor Fansi Console
fflasher.zip26Ksaver with password and message display
fhprtsc.zip18KHerc-Epson graphics screen printer (w/ASM)
flipflop.zip2,294Bback and forth between color & mono disp.
gnutcap.zip22KGnuTermcap for MSDOS/MSC-src & small model lib
grabasc.zip8,030BMemory resident text screen grabber
grabb394.zip134K.EXE files from console screens
grbtxt12.zip9,220Bscreen text, cut & paste w/mouse to kybd.
h43emu10.zip30K43 line mode emulator for Hercules cards
herc_eps.pas8,553BHercules screen on Epson printer. TP src
hercap10.zip33KHercules graphic screens to disk
hercb21.zip19KBIOS & CGA emulator for Hercules graphics card
hercsv13.zip6,188Bblanker for Hercules Graphics card
hercsv20.zip11Kblanker for Hercules Graphics card
hercules.zip32KMono Graphics utilities
herkules.zip33K90x45 text mode driver for Hercules disp
hgcib202.zip81KCGA programs on Hercules card. v2.02
hprtsc.zip6,465BHerc-Epson graphics screen printer (w/ASM)
im17.zip43KC/E/VGA/Herc 3D stars scrn saver w/visual eff.
infbar15.zip5,331Bruler displays exact (X,Y) screen position
kutsgl10.zip18Kand glues text to word processor
lamneth.zip7,275BRedirect PrintScreen to print to a disk file
lansi1.zip12KMenu-driven ANSI screen file (.ANS) viewer
lastscrn.zip12KStore scrn for later recall w/color v1.01
letters.zip46KDesign your own EGA/VGA video display fonts
logger.zip6,397BLogs output of most programs to file
look120.zip18KBrowse text file up to 120 columns/CGA
lrus31.zip38KCyrillic screen/keyboard driver for EGA/VGA
mowed.asm751BSet video modes, assembly language source
mxxdrv10.zip208KFont/Video mode control TSR for EGA/VGA
nab16.zip15KSelective screen capture to file/kbd/printer
nansi.tcp1,040BUnix termcap for NANSI.SYS
nansi33.zip18KFast replacement for ANSI.SYS console driver
nnans192.zip66KANSI.SYS replacement, COM or SYS
nocurcur.zip1,022Bprogram info to turn cursor on/off
nonum.com12BTurns off NumLock - even turns off the light!
pc_bw.zip2,953BUtility for BW monitor on CGA cards
pcbao11.zip24KPC-Board ANSI optimize removes un-needed code
pccurs14.zip99Kversion of Curses screen mgmt
photo.zip4,709BTSR EGA/CGA/TEXT screen capture & replay
pipev20.zip7,955BRedirect console output to a disk file
promptr1.zip6,200Billustrations for DOS prompt (customizable)
prtscr1.zip6,684BPrtSc text & graphics (thru EGA), w/C,ASM src
psplus.zip3,706BTSR: Shift-PrtSc saves to disk or printer
qruler21.zip14Kresident ruler bar
qwikansi.zip9,109Bfast ANSI.SYS replacement
readscrn.zip4,521Bstring on screen with command line
saver10.zip10KScreen saver. Rearranges parts of the screen
savscr.asm36KBlank screen after no activity
savscr.doc4,054BDoc for SAVSCR.ASM
scap250.zip33KScreen capture utility, all or part of screen
scndrw20.zip64Kscreen drawing editor w/block operations
scr2tc20.zip11KTheDraw files to format used by TC2.0
screen.asm15KSet screen color text/background/mode
script11.zip16Kconsole output to a file
scrncolr.asm9,515Bscreen color text/bkgnd/mode from cmd line
scrncolr.doc1,055Bfor SCRNCOLR.ASM
scrnd121.zip17K1.21: Copy text screens to file (TSR)
scrnsav2.zip2,633Bscreen saver for PS2 systems
scrollk.asm8,135BTSR: Scroll lock key control for video display
sd277.zip71KTool for designing screen displays, v2.77
sdsgnr.zip34KEasily design text screens, port into C code
simcga40.zip11KCGA pgms in monochrome with Hercules board
sizeit.zip3,470BTSR movable horizontal & vertical screen ruler
smode.lzh16KEnable/disable 43 line EGA text mode with full scrn clear
snippr24.zip20Kto save part of screen to disk/print/keybd
sos310.zip14KSave/restore text screens to/from mem or disk
sp10.zip2,871BScreen-to-keyboard paster, v1.0
sps20.zip3,308BSelective PrintScreen, prints selected block
sps21.zip36KMake PrtSc print parts of screen, many options
ss3.zip4,295BScreenSave3: TSR screen blanker, MONO/CGA/EGA
ssav1291.zip6,661BSaver TSR 12/91 update. Selective
statl411.zip18K& disk status on 26th line (CGA/Mono only)
sv.zip9,150BUtility to display screen image files
swap.a86737BSwap between B&W and color
swap.asm981BSwap between B&W and color
swears10.zip24Ktest version of Unix 'curses' for MS-DOS
swpmon.zip20KSwap monitor screen when using 2 monitors
tanreset.zip2,176BTandy 640x200x16 video mode to CGA
tdraw451.zip263Kv4.51: ANSI/ASCII screen designer
teleport.zip11Kand paste data between programs
termcap.zip9,522BUnix-style termcap functions for PC w/C
thefast6.zip3,009Bdisplay speed-up utility, v1.06
tsdemo15.zip95KPascal grahics demos by Timo Salmi
twomon.zip1,903BTwo programs for two monitor support
txtcap20.zip19Ktext screens to disk
txtshw30.zip90Kcustomized text screen presentations
ucga10.zip7,133BCGA simulator for the Hercules Graphics card
unblin20.zip3,482Bset block/underline cursor (Biologic)
unblink2.zip4,355Bto turn cursor blink on and off
use2crts.zip8,793Bcontents of color screen to mono screen
useansi.zip5,685BShort tutorial on using the ANSI.SYS function
vdriver.zip10KCreate DOS drivers with Lattice C
vga_herc.zip6,706BVGA & Hercules mono displays at same time
victory.cqr3,328BHow to unblink the cursor (squeezed file)
video29.zip7,798BChange number of lines on CGA/EGA/VGA display
video_co.zip1,969Bforground/background colors + mode
vidmode.zip4,412BPgms to set 25/43/50 line video modes, w/src
vidsave.zip5,214BRestores 43 or 50 line video mode on pgm exit
vidspd30.zip19Kspeed performance tester, ver. 3.0
viz423.zip77KVIz v4.23 BIOS & DOS video acceleration util.
vizmk20.zip14KBenchmark of video I/O speed
vmoire18.zip25Kworks with ET4 an many other VGA's
vtest.zip16KCritique of THEFAST, ADVID105, ZENO and VIZ
warpdrv.zip7,461BFast ANSI.SYS replacement w/optional features
was062.zip51KScroll screen backwards - uses EMM, w/ASM src
wbios.asm22KTSR, add window functions to BIOS
wbios.doc806BDoc for WBIOS.ASM
xflash1.zip9,950BElim. CGA scroll flash w/o snow, w/ASM source
xps12.zip7,446BSelective screen print utility
zansi.lzh23KFast ANSI screen driver - faster than NANSI
zansi_12.zip22Kreplacement, faster than NANSI, w/ASM
zavt11.zip47KEnhanced MS-DOS ANSI/AVATAR console driver
zeno25.zip11KSpeeds up some screen writes by 100% or more