File Libaries
Library: Utilities - Directory: Util - Network
aicompat.zip4,409BLantastic/AI Compatibility Guide listing AICOMPAT
alogin21.zip34KUpdated auto login for Lantastic Networks.
amove2.zip10KNetwork/multitasker aware file copy and move.
amsmnu15.zip337KAMS : ADVANCED MENU SYSTEM v1.5 - AMS is designed as a plug in and play replacement for Novell's MENU. Features include zero memory overhead, single directory storage of temporary files, in- built option editor, a user audit trail and enables multiple menu files to be loaded concurrently. You'll prefer this to MENU! Also features Screen Saver, Novell frontends for NDir & Send. Network versions from $80
arcd25.zip34KARCNet diagnostic. Board test plus 255 node map.
artis.zip22K3.1 Driver for Artisoft Sounding Board
asmobj.zip7,697Bbinary files for linking w/KA9Q NOS
autom11.zip339KAutoman v1.1: automatic network management software is designed to remove the everyday headaches from network operation. automatic file processing, at any time, on any day enables all routine tasks (transaction file cleardowns) report generation, virus detec- tion, to be carried out automatically.
autopi.zip154Ksystem for networks
autorp10.zip7,269BAUTOmatic volume REPair (AUTOREP) v1.00; NetWare file server automatic volume repair facility (NLM).
bayce120.zip139Kterm pgm for PCs without TNC, 1/2
baycm120.zip41Kterm pgm for PCs without TNC, 2/2
bindmon.zip4,392BTool for use with the MWATCH.NLM which was devleoped to track the additions & deletions of object from the system.
bindump.zip67KExtracts the contents of a Netware bindery to a printer or to a file.
blts.lzh44K1 through 16 (16=info on Windows 3)
blts893.zip257KLANtastic Network Operating System Version 5 Bulletins
bmexe332.zip30Kmail program for KA9Q TCP/IP
bootch.zip15KRecord reboots and power ups of workstations on a network.
bootpf.zip3,533BBootp packet forwarding NLM for Netware.
bridge.zip10KBridging information
bstnt163.zip9KBestShell v1.63; Sets an environment variable NET to the best network shell based on the dos version and the presence of either EMS or XMS memory.
c2capply.zip8,627BRecent application creation program for city-2-city network.
cadshr.zip73KLAN-CAD; Network blueprint tool
calandar.zip1,079KGroupware scheduling package that works with lans and wans.
callid.zip260KCaller ID look-up for LANS and Laptops.
castaw.zip33KCastaway: intercepts netware broadcast messages.
cdshar14.zip203KCD sharing on Lantastic Network (v1.4).
cd_s4pcb.zip1,907BHow To: putting more than 20 CDROM disks online when you have 26 drive letters under DOS for bbs using Lantastic
charon34.zip352KSMTP <> PEGAsus mail gateway.
charset.zip14KVariable Signatures in PMail 2.3 (R4)
chat207.zip22Kchat pgm for two Novell LAN users
cim.zip616KCorporate Information Manager for Lans and laptops.
ciscat.zip3,766Bof Artisoft Files on Compuserve
ckdsk100.zip3,703BCheck for/reattach [network] drive with error level.
cmail25v.zip191Kmail agent pgm for use on any LAN
cms205.zip110KCMS v2.05: file transfer and electronic mail program with mailbox functionality for direct modem transfer of files between 2 computers. 01/22/93. MTH Software.
cnezip.zip88KCertified NetWare Engr. practice tests
cnfgls30.zip54KCNFGLS30 is an EXCEL V2.2 or LOTUS 123 V3.0, 123/G spreadsheet which will generate, for a LAN Server configuration, an IBMLAN.INI file and NTS/2 NetBIOS, 802.2 PROTOCOL.INI and netbeui.nif parameters which are required to run the Server.
conex62.zip54KConex v6.2 - used to communicate between IBM PCs and a mainframe or two IBM PCs.
conman.zip12KConMan v0.91: A Windows Network Connection Manager. Provides a easy way for Windows users to access the features of their network without having to go through Microsoft's File Manager and Control Panel.
conuti.com6,177BUtilities to detect preserve of server
count.zip6,033Ba specified command after X reboots
critter.zip11Kand stay Resident critical error handler
cron28.zip48Kstyle utilities for networks
dattrf.zip166KDPD (Data Processing Directions) file transfer program is designed to perform unattended and timed file transmission from one PC to another; useful for off hours unattended sessions
dayone.zip237KNetware manager in a gui-type interface.
dcon11.zip98KUtilities for directory management for networks.
defutl.zip15KDeferred Utilities; LANtastic v 5.0 offers a new deferred login feature. This allows you to log into a server that may not be active (and even log into a server that does not exist. These utilities will aid you in using that feature.
delaycmd.zip3,885BDelayCMD is a Netware NLM that sends a cmd to the system console after the specified delay.
dirasst.zip217KMenu Environment
dirutil.zip2,111BAllows only users who are members of the group MAKE_DIR to create new subdirs on NETWORK drives, not affecting local drives/ devices
dmenu1.zip42KDoug Menu: replaces Novell Netware menu.exe. Considerably faster.
docprc13.zip280KDoc-Proc v1.3; On-line document retrieval system for a Local Area Network. All screen titles, menu selections, print destinations may be designed using a simple high level Token command language.
dos6nvel.zip6,921BWork-around for using MS-DOS 6.0 with Novel Networks.
dosgt114.zip185KMSDOS remotely via RS-232 serial port
drivers.zip270Kpacket drivers wo/src for KA9Q TCP/IP
driverss.zip595Kpacket drivers w/src for KA9Q TCP/IP
dsynch.zip135KMS Mail 3.0 directory synchronization utilities.
dvlant.zip2,785BHow to use DV on top of Lantastic Server
dvnovell.zip4,620Bup DESQview for Novell and token ring
elm23exe.zip490KElm is an interactive screen-oriented mailer program that supercedes mail and mailx.
email.zip52KEmail for netbios-requires vbrun.dll
email336.zip492KEinstein E Mail v3.36; Includes scheduling functions - full group/resource scheduling later this year for Novell NetWare.
emailbib.zip3,514BCompilation of bibliography on E-Mail and its privacy issues (part 2 of the work). Compiled by Stacy B. Veeder (12/91)
emkit200.zip150KEZ-E-mail software v2.00 for use with EZ-E-mail network.
envtrim.zip11KEnvtrim - Dos environment variable trunc- ation. Trims from the left or right to a specified count of characters the value associated with environment variable and restores that variable and value to the environment area.
ethld102.zip112KETHLOAD v1.02; Simple public domain Ethernet load/problems analyzer and events tracer
expiry.zip51Kfor use w/NNTP and KA9Q NOS TCP/IP
ezfax.zip4,826BInformation on Using EZFax with Lantastic.
ezmail2.zip171Ke-mail system for use w/Unix & PC-NFS
faxpak.zip135KIntel Satisfaction on Lantastic
fiew0630.zip379Kmail program for use w/KA9Q TCP/IP
filetst1.zip15KFileTest v1.0; The IFDC Security Verifier for Public Use
fsl12a.zip115KFSLOGIN v1.2; Full Screen Login menu utility for Novell NetWare users. Gives users a new and enhanced way to login. Novell accounting and security exceptions, like an expired password, are reported to the user in a clear and understandable way.
ftpbeta.zip85KWATTCP FTP 0.65 - Waterloo TCP FTP program DOS-based FTP program for use with a computer connected via TCP/IP into Internet.
fup100.zip15KFUP.COM and INIFUP.COM versions 1.0 These are extremely useful utilities for the LAN system administrator. FUP.COM will automatically replace files based on DATE and TIME. INIFUP.COM updates microsoft .INI files from the command line or a batch file. Shareware.
fyi.zip108KFYI! Network Public Message System for Twisted Pair Software
getoid.zip9,307BNovell Netware object ID for users etc.
gloslan.zip13KGlossary of Network related terms
grplst26.zip17KGroupList v2.6: displays a column sorted listing of Netware group members. Issues no SUPERVISOR calls or other potential security no-no's. Output can be scrolled to disk or redirected to printer.
hn309.zip449KHotNet v3.09: single/multi-user help desk phone support/call tracking system. Network capable and supports NETBIOS record locking. Report generation.
hotop104.zip146KHot Operator v1.04; Multi-user unattended production job scheduler! Turns a dedicated PC into a complete operations staff. Run nightly production based on time or interval Great for client/server operations!
hubdemo.zip447KIntel Ethernet Express Intelligent Hub Demo. Also information on other Intel Products.
idenfo.zip8,379BInstructions for IDE disks and Novell 2.x & 3.11.
idleboot.zip16KIDLEBOOT - A System Security Management Tool for Networks
immunity.zip2,488BUsing Immunity disk mirroring with Lantastic.
insfix.zip7,842BNetwork utility similar to DOS Append.
iqs328.zip85KI-Queue. Server v3.28: TSR util that allows you to turn a printer connected to any workstation on your network into a shared printer simplifying prnting in a NetWare environment.
irq2rev.lzh5,013Bproblems with lan
jotit2.zip32KNetbios compatible Phone Message taker
jsdemo.zip97KNOVELL job server demo program.
jung3.zip268KGood Netware (Novell) utilities for system managers.
ka9qbgn.zip186KKA9Q-TCP/IP. Network tool. Documentation 1.
kbsem216.zip153KElectronic Office Mail System v2.15; Multi-User Version, Novell Network Compatible
kill1507.zip13KKill v1.507: small utility that can kill any Novell network connection, from the cmd line, by entering a connection number or a user's login name.
knt20.zip13KMemory-resident netbios-compatible keystroke counter with video and file echoing options. Specific node identification for LAN environments, works just as easily in standalone applications. Uses only about 10K of system RAM.
lan201.zip69KLAN Menu 2.01 (Network Menu) MicroFox Company Menu and Security System for DOS and Networks LANMEN20.ZIP Network Menu, Help, & User Guide Lotus 1-2-3 style menu system with password protection, telephone dialer, on-line help, built-in network support and mouse support. Screen Blanker, 10,000 menu entries, macros and menu action functions. *** ASP ***
lan302up.zip4,341B- Update information - 3.0
lanai.txt2,312Bcompatability list for Lantastic/AI
lanai41.zip3,066BAI /NOS 4.1 compatibility list
lanbld.zip306KLAN designer: enter spec's and software configures. Requires Windows.
lanbrd.zip151KShareware-demo: bridge-router for Lantastic networks.
lanhj7.zip157KWith LAN HIJACK you can control other PCs on your network. By sharing screens, keyboards and PCs with all other stations on your network, from your own work station. In effect HIJACKing another work station on your LAN. LAN HIJACK is always available. From your own desk you can instantly help anyone on the network, without leaving your word processor, spreadsheet or other software. LAN HIJACK is for Novell networks only.
lanlib.zip182KLibrary of Clipper functions for Lantastic.
lanlink2.zip35KLan Link-In v2.0; For LANtastic networks only Program that will allow you to more easily synchronize logging into your servers in your AUTOEXEC.BAT. No more wait for 60 seconds and then try to login and hope it works, or using the clumsy batch file language to look for ERRORLEVEL codes.
lanlog.zip97KLANLOG v1.1; Software metering tool for Workstations on or OFF a network. Report individual PC's totals across All workstations. Shows, software run, number of times run and date of last use.
lanlog11.zip88KLANLOG v1.1; Software metering tool for WorkStations, on or Off a DOS 3.x compatible network. Reports individual PC's totals and totals across ALL workstations, in text or comma quote files. Shows, software run, number of times run and date of last use. Creates a tamper proof TSR, which meters software run. Data collected centrally on a LAN is reported with just one DOS command. Optional Log file use.
lanmenu2.zip68KLanMenu v2; The Local Area Network Menu
lanmodm1.zip87KLAN+Modem Demo vers 2.50 for Netbios,
lanprt.zip46Kand detach network printers within Windows
lanprt2.zip67KPrinter installation utility for LANs.
lanscrpt.zip5,319BSample batch files showing use of net stream commands.
lantblt1.zip92KLANTASTIC technical bulletins. Part 1/2.
lantblt2.zip56KLANTASTIC technical bulletins. Part 2/2.
lantl124.zip83Kutility/TSR to send/receive messages
lantools.zip115KDevont Software's LANTools v2.21; Collection of utilities designed to make your life a little easier.
lantvnov.zip7,501BLantastic Vs. Novell.
lanut202.zip138KLANutils v2.02; Essential Tools for your LANtastic network.
lanzplus.zip2,553BHow to Use Lantastic Z With Ethernet And 2mbs Adapters.
lanztips.zip4,462BTips for using and setting up lantastic z.
lapv101.zip110KLapView v1.01; File transfer and directory management tool for two computers connected by a serial port using a a standard null modem cable. LapView displays two directories side by side, one from each computer. Scroll through the directories and and select files to transfer between the computers. Copy, move, delete, view and print files. Sort, switch, create and remove DIR or run program.
led12.zip64KLan EDit v1.2; Simplify aking changes to the system's startup files
leveyu.zip119KLevey's Network Utilities vol #1; Utility programs written for and tested on Netware 386, versions 3.10 and 3.11, The idea behind these utilities is to free you from having to use xCONSOLE programs if possible. Some of these utilities are DANGEROUS and should not be used UNLESS you FULLY UNDERSTAND what the program does.
lite2lan.zip10KLite2Lan; Allows you to use all standard Lantastic commands as before, but it also allows you to use certain Netware Lite commands as well.
lk110.zip36Kconcurrent use of DOS and Windows apps
lk151.zip43KLOCKER v1.51 (Demo); Controls the number of concurrent users that may access an DOS executable file. When someone tries to access the file when maximum number is being used, they are put in a queue and can either wait until the application is free or escape out.
ll3pnout.zip599BLaplink parallel cable pinouts.
lmail125.exe53KMail in 6K swapping TSR
lmail130.exe57Kto 6k TSR Mail system for Lantastic
lmail160.zip58KLanMail v1.60: TSR mail handler for LANtastic
loc200.zip95KLOCATE v2.0; File Find and Maintenance Utility Very fast, flexible file find and maintenance tool for DOS and Novell NetWare.
lockt106.zip66KLockIT. v1.06; intelligent security for DOS & Windows workstations on Novell NetWare networks. Addresses the problem of users leaving workstations unattended & the security issues that this presents. Locks out keyboard/mouse input until you enter your NetWare password.
logchk10.zip25KSearches for a Certain String Returns Errorlevels for Batch Files.
logcopy.zip48KCreates copyies of the system log on Novell networks.
login365.zip60KLogin 3.65 For Novell 3.11 & 2.2. Doc file Included.
lognuse.lzh8,809BUse devices with 1 command
lsalv100.zip34Kall salvagable files on Netware 3.x drive
lsalv101.zip38KList all salvagable files on Netware 3.x drives.
ltrus099.zip40KListTrustee v.099 - list all Novell 3.1x trustees.
lv100b.zip144KLANVIEW v1.00; Program used to analyze, view and edit the basic components of a system, including the system memory, system interrupts, device drivers, CMOS and installed disk drive sectors and file contents of any workstation connected to the Local Area Network. LANVIEW will allow you to view system elements in HEX, ASCII or disassembled code format. Full searching and editing functions are included.
mail.zip25Kmail for Netware with delay send option
mail15.zip66KWide Area Messaging
mailf.zip41KSample batch files showing auto-forwarding of Lantastic mail.
man_9106.zip55Kfor NOS version of KA9Q TCP/IP
massuser.zip176KMass User Management: Supervisor assistance tool for Novell Netware.
mbl514.zip211KWA7MBL Packet Radio BBS, v5.14
mem311.zip3,450BMemory chewing NLMs for Netware 3.11.
mhsgate.zip8,898BE-Mail Gateways: Info on Connecting LAN-Based Messaging to the World
monitor.zip2,320Bmonitor program
msg_14.zip3,257BTSR that intercepts incoming Novell "SEND" messages from the NetWare DOS Shell (Netx version 3.01 and newer).
mutils.zip22KUtilities for Novell Networks fro CI$.
mxmnu244.zip360KMarxMenu v2.44; menu programming language and job control language. It gives you total freedom to do whatever you want! MarxMenu has over 850 commands!
mxsub.lzh4,110Bworkstations w/CD-ROM Drives
nan24hyc.zip41KANSI.SYS replacement for KA9Q TCP/IP
nba101.zip31KRemote console for Netbios-based LANs, v1.01. Netbios Assist is a LAN "spy" program which can mirror most display types and text modes.
nbtest.zip18KTesting program
nds110.zip50KNetwork Directory Sort 1.1; Directory sort program which works similar to a well-known utility program for DOS. It WILL function on network drives as well as on local DOS drives.
ne2000ls.zip24KLan Server 2.0 with Ne2000 Cards. Drivers and description of how to make it work.
nemenu10.zip167KNeMenu-Network Environment Menu v1.0; A utility for DEC PATHWORKS that aids in connecting and disconnecting file and printer services, monitoring and controlling print jobs, and gives you access to SETHOST and NETSETUP thru an attracive on-screen menu. A great 'USE' replacement. Req. DOS 3.3, EGA & a HD w/450k free, mouse suggested
netbak25.zip26KNetBak v2.5: aid to performing a backup of a Novell file server from an unattended work- station. Works with your tape software and provides a secure environment to backup the entire server with supervisor privileges.
netbbem.zip89KNetwork email and bulletin board system.
netbtime.zip19KTIMESEND & TIMERECV TSR's NETBIOS datagram services are employed to "broadcast" the current date and time across your network.
netcb03b.zip31KNetCb; Novell network Chat box. Can chat with other users on a Novell network.
netdat.zip116KSet server/ws date/time with each other.
neterr.zip13KNETERR; Network Error Workstation Reboot Utilities
netest.zip259KNeTest v1.0; What the heck Are the Jumper Settings on this Network Card? Ever asked yourself that question? Cheap & dirty Netware crowbar to assist with finding the correct jumper settings on mystery NE1000 Ethernet cards whose documentation is long gone.
netinfo.zip10KNetwork information program.
netkil.zip9,044BRemote log off of a network user from every active server on the network. It is the equivalent of the NET TERMINATE \\SERVER\USER command for every server.
netloc11.zip49KNetware user limit, logging & password
netlog12.zip22KNetlog v1.2: Netware program that will hold the user in a tight loop during the login process until the login is completed correctly or the user explicitly aborts the procedure (if allowed).
netmsg.zip45KNetwork Message Viewing Utility, (NETMSG) is a utility that allows network administrators to show LAN users a single message or a series of messages.
netnws.zip40KUtility to track log-on messages for network users.
netp.zip50KNetPrompt. Changes prompt to show server name
netpq.zip37KMonitor all printer queues on a Lantastic Network.
netpq203.zip42KUpdated net Printq monitor and control program.
netrk386.zip160KNetrek for 386 BSD - binary netrek client for 386 BSD with XWindows and Internet access.
netsmart.zip12KHelps network dumb programs run on a network.
netstrin.zip5,383BArticle on NET STRING commands from LAN magazine.
nettalk.zip18Ktalk/chat utility for Novell Netware
nettrek.zip224KStar Trek simulation for network or BBS play!
netuli.zip7,305BPrints a list of all active or inactive network server users.
netwat.zip114KNetwatch demo - sits on LAN and surveys with alarms.
net_1218.zip178KTCP/IP, NOS 911218 version, executable
newann.zip2,418Bannoucements and bulletins from Artisoft
newnos.zip1,571BAdditional compatible products for Lantastic.
newstuff.zip9,635BAnnouncements incl TCP/IP Connectivity
nfsml202.zip21KNFSMAIL v2.0; Read UNIX mail on the *NIX computer from your PC under MSDOS and send mail to the other user from your PC.
nmanpc.zip30KCollection of novell Netware utilities.
nmdm21.lzh41Kacross your LAN
nntp4nos.zip24Kfor KA9Q TCP/IP (NOS vers). C source only
nos.txt12Kcompatability list for Lantastic
nosai.txt3,851Bcompatability list for NOS/AI
nos_slfp.zip302Kvers. of KA9Q with Merit SLFP/PPP support
notice15.zip58KNotice software for Novell netware networks. Allows for various notices to different users when they logon.
nouv17.zip120KNouveau v1.7 pop-up E-Mail for LANs. Requires only 7K.
novbat1.zip90KNovBAT; A Novell Netware Batch File Enhancement Utility
novelcmd.zip3,994BNovell Netware command summary.
novelinf.zip5,363BRetrieve Novell network connection info in Foxpro.
novmen12.zip72KNOVMENU v1.2; Fast replacement for the NOVELL menu system. Now has full mouse support. Uses no memory when executing commands. Can be used on a stand alone.
np22.zip76KNet Pak v2.2 - Collection of programs for Novell Network adminstrators.
nsh152a.zip155K* Description Not Found *
ntchat1a.zip40KNetChat 1.0 rev.A; The follow-up to NetChat v1.0 by Markus Weigl, allows peer-to-peer chat on Novell LANS. Very pretty program.
ntcpip.zip16KNovell notes on TCP/IP.
ntqt13.zip128KNETWORK QUOTABLES v1.3 - Be greeted w/ witty, daily quotes on single or network PCs. Make the network interesting and fun. The same quote is displayed for all network users on a particular day. An optional net. admin. message can be displayed below the quote. Add,Edit,Delete,or Print quotes. Registration: $25 standalone, $75 Network.
nulcable.zip4,192BHow to make serial/parallel null modem cables
nwtest.zip6,280BDetect presence of Netware shell. Utility returns errorlevel which can be checked in batch file, etc.
nxzip.zip2,230BLantastic/Excel macro for Lantastic for Windows.
odipkt21.zip10KODIPKT.ASM - Adapter provides Packet Driver interface over ODI
one-6.lzh32Kmessages 3701-4000 (Public Messages)
os2.zip2,106Bwith OS2 2.0
otl221.zip18KPassword protect your PC with your Netware password. This is the TSR version.
outrider.zip77KOUTRIDER is a unique local area network monitoring and logging program designed exclusively for NetWare fileservers. OUTRIDER will watch and log crucial elements on your network including number of free directory entries, free disk space, and CPU utilization. Up to 8 fileservers of 5 volumes each, can be simultaneously monitored from the OUTRIDER screen. This makes OUTRIDER ideally suited to a help desk environment since only a quick glance is needed to determine the status of the network.
patch30.lzh12Kpatch for old XT Hard Disk Controllers
pbmv1h.zip58KMenu v1.2 for Novell Netware 2.X 3.X; Supports about 95% of novells menu script language. Included the basic commands needed to run applications from the menu.
pcb121.zip76Kbased network bridge
pcbri120.zip69KPC as a cheap Ethernet-Ethernet Bridge
pcbri121.zip74KPCbridge: an inexpensive Ethernet Bridge. Turns a PC with appropriate interface cards into an ethernet bridge.
pcelm30.zip63Kuser agent for KA9Q NOS, UUPC or Waffle
pcftp.zip1,556BFTP program
pcip_pkt.zip381KPCIP TCP/IP for use with Clarkson drivers
pcnews.zip29KUsenet news on local or PC-NFS filesystem
pcprl10.zip187Kparallel processing system
pcrte220.zip206KNetwork router
pcrte222.zip229KPC into TCP/IP router for about
pcrte224.zip211KPCRoute - an IP routing program from the IBM PC. Written for PC XT/AT or clone that will allow it to act as an IP router. Supports Ethernet, Starlan, Localtalk and SLIP.
pcvault.zip221KPC-Vault v4.5f Hard Disk Security Asks for user name and/or password on boot. No hard disk access without password even on floppy boot. LunchBreak feature blanks screen/locks keyboard when hot key is pressed or when keyboard and mouse have been idle for a user specified time. Many other features. Supports an administrator and up to 12 users.
pcvaultp.zip230KPC-Vault Plus v 4.5f Hard Disk Security Requires user name/password to access hard disk even when booting from a floppy. Administrator can grant up to 12 users separate Read/Write/Execute permissions for directories and keep a record of user file accesses. LunchBreak feature blanks screen, locks keyboard. Many other features.
pdclk102.zip30KPC clock using UDP/IP timeserver via LAN
perf.zip9,034BTechnical note from Artisoft regarding performance tips for LANtastic v4.1
phone2.zip380KOnline Phone System Manager 2.0: Lan compatable phone directory intended for companies that want to keep their in-house phone directory on-line. Can also manage messages.
pktgold.zip179KPacket Radio utility for PK-232 TNC
pm233.zip637KNovell: PMail 2.3(r3) bug fixes, some new features.
pmail21c.zip258KMail e-mail system for Novell Netware
pmail235.zip569KPegasus E-Mail v2.35 For Novell LANs
pmlog.zip198KProblem Management Tracking for LAN administrators. [HP LaserJet printer is required].
pmp11.zip73KRadio term pgm for PCs without TNC. 1/2
pmpsrc11.zip63KRadio term pgm for PCs without TNC. 2/2
popml210.zip142Kemail, use Clarkson pkt drivers
postbo.zip12KExamine post box from command line.
pqgrap.zip26KGraph Print Queue activity on Novell.
pqkill.zip7,619BPQKILL.COM v1.0; Deletes all network print jobs on every redirected parallel printer device for a LANtastic network user.
proclock.zip9,648BNetware 3.1x NLM to display clock on server.
prtcpy29.zip16KPRTCOPY v2.90: allows LAN administrators to define a single user's PRINTCON.DAT file and then copy this file to a specified group of users. copy status is reported for each target user. uses standard Netware groups.
qd.zip2,931BQD.COM v1.0; Short program that halts the printer queue on a server, deletes all of a users pending jobs. An optional switch will also allow the deletion of ALL pending print
qmon.zip10KNetWare network print queue display and monitor utility, v1.1.
qview11b.zip20KMultiple print queue monitor for Novell LANs.
qviewp20.zip289KQView Pro v2.0; Novell Print Queue Manager
r3util7.zip105KUpdated Rick Roth's Lantastic utilities pack.
rbconf.zip2,532BRemote boot config utility for Lantastic.
recone.zip8,930BUtility to Reconnect to a Lantastic Network
release3.zip4,297BRelease 3 announcement
respool.zip14KLan Manager host print job respooler service with source code. Redirects print from nonnetwork hosts across a network.
rswd1111.zip64KROSE X.25 packet radio switch for TNC2
sam106.lzh9,267BActivity Monitor v1.06
say22.exe117Ksayings for login batch files
sc3x00.zip8,232BSome Netware 3.xx API examples.
secure.zip19KSECUREFX.NLM and SECUREFX.VAP are designed as an enhancement to the existing security features in the NetWare v3.11, v2.2 and 2.15c Operating Systems
send.zip9,778BSEND v1.0; Sends mail using the Lantastic mail service
sentin10.zip5,108BNLMSentinel v1.0; NetWare NLM that is designed to automatically reboot a fileserver if it encounters any Abnormal termination (ABEND) message. Will write a log file containing the system console screen to a local disk, in order to help track the problem at a later date.
servmem1.zip231KServer memory calculator v1.0 for Novell Netware v3.11. Windows-base app allows user to enter netware volume sizes and it will calculate the amount of server memory necessary for proper operation.
setlis13.zip44Ksearch/scan/stats for NetBIOS networks
settings.zip3,704BUsing Lantastic AI - general info.
sfcopy.zip45KSerial File Copy v2.1
sftm140.zip12KSystem File Table Monitor v1.4; Will list in real-time all files opened on your system. Compatible with Lantastic 5.x, Desqview 2.x, Windows 3.x, MS-DOS 6.x. Runs in your current text mode, has clock on screen, plus supports QEMM's additional FILES table. On a machine running a Lantastic Redirector, it will also report the machine name on the status line.
signo17.zip105KSignOut v1.7: LAN-based office signout/signin board. Requires only 7K.
signout.doc2,713Bthe chalk board method
signout1.lzh50Kfor LAN networks .
slfp123.zip29Kdriver for use w/KA9Q and Merit dial-up
snlvi.zip236KSoftstone network library - 4 super utils for Novell.
sport142.zip424KThe SPORT Wide Area Information Transfer System
srch17.exe41KAdmin Utility
src_1218.zip605KTCP/IP, NOS 911218 version, source code
srvdrvst.zip7,298BNovell Netware Utility. Shows current Server Name, NIC #, IRQ, BASE address, Network Number.
stre24.zip34KUpdated admin utility to scan network drives.
stub41.zip7,117BLow Level Driver for NOS 4.1
super311.zip240KSuperMenu v3.11; SuperMenu is a convenient way for you to manage your Novell Network from within Microsoft Windows.
tcm3105.zip8,241Bmodem construction info for BAYCOM pgm
tcptut.zip32Kon TCP/IP Internet network protocols
tech.lzh14KRef. Manual for LANtastic
tech3.zip15Kref manual for Lantastic v3.0 and up
testfile.zip13Kfiles access in many modes. Good net tool
testnt21.zip34KNetwork I/O Performance Tester v2.1; Also standalone PC disk I/O speed measuremnts
thruput2.zip16KThruPut v2.0; DOS disk benchmark utility that gives real figures. It uses normal DOS calls to move its data, so the number you're getting is an indication of how fast DOS can transfer data to and from the drive being tested. This differs from pie-in-the-sky figures based on theoretical maximum capability of the hardware
tim_sy.zip8,103BNetware: Time Dync - syncs time across servers.
tips0191.zip31KTips On Memory Management
tnet31.zip54KTURBO NET; Menu system, to be used on computers running Artisoft's Lantastic Network Operating system
tnm.zip9KTurbo Network Map makes it easy for you to find which areas your Netware drives are mapped to.
toadnt11.zip4,584BToad Hall Nettime; set local system time per remote LAN system.
top0692.zip6,068BTop Issue questions and answers
tr.zip9,853Ba command at a certain time
trklan12.zip346Kv1.2 of LAN Administrator's tool to keep track of problems on the LAN. Better Docs and minor fixes.
trmp104b.zip83KUsenet news reader. Uses Clarkson drivers
trtool02.zip27Kall connected adapters on a Token-Ring
tsrcom29.lzh54Kmanagement collection - To INCLUDE NetWorking files
twait.zip31KTapeWait is a NetWare utility that will display on the screen the names of users still logged on to the server & will exit, setting an errorlevel, once the number of logged on users is less than or equal to the # specified. Includes C source.
udg.zip18KFilter.c - Pmail User-defined Gateway glue code to interface to Waffle v1.6x.
ulist102.zip16KULIST v1.02: allows you to quickly see who is attached to which network on a single server. Will show stations that are attached to the network and not logged in. Displays all the information that USERLIST from Novell does & the day of the week the station attached to the network. Supports 250 attachments.
unet11.zip22Ktwo PC's together using parallel ports
unetii22.zip17KU-Net II version 2.2. Networks any two PCs using parallel ports and concurrently shares the host pc's hard disk and printer. Requires 640k and hard disk. Includes specs to make the required connecting cable.
up030491.txt1,926B3rd party compatability testing
use125.zip7,047BLan Manager Utility use.exe 1.25 - small program called from lan batch files for making and breaking connections to lan manager, network drives and printers.
userdef.zip15KWestern Digital ethernet cards
usermenu.lzh47Kuse on lan
using.zip10KFor NetWare 2.1x. Finds who is using a file, and also what files are being used by a user.
uucpfaq.zip11KFrequently Asked Questions about UUCP Internals
vcrplus.zip52KDECODE and ENCODE those darn VCRPLUS codes. With original INTERNET .sh and source modified for BC++.
view9206.zip375KVIEW; SMTP mailer for TCP/IP. A mailer designed to work with the networking software from Phil Karn (KA9Q).
vmix278.zip185KVMiX 386 v2.78: multitasking and/or multiuser O/S shell for MSDOS (including DOS 5.0 relocated to HMA). Configures to your processor (8088 thru 80486). Loadup utility for TSR included. Can handle direct video write apps from remote. Pull-down menus, virtual 640K partitions, virtualized full console screen, GUI or text.
volinfo.zip20Kfree space on all available LAN volumes
w4wlant.zip4,545BWindows for Workgroups and Lantastic.
wait4f.zip11KWait-for-a-file. Lan batch utility. Very network friendly. Only looks for file every "x" seconds. Will keep look for "y" minutes then aborts and sets errorlevel. Great lan traffic reducer for corporate environments.
wan_info.zip9KInterNetworking Your NetWare Lans: Connecting the PC Workgroup to the World
wcm.zip256KWorkstation configuration manager for Netware Allows Configuration of AUTOEXEC.BAT and Startup files from server.
wdelite.zip2,131BUsing Lantastic AI With Western Digital cards
weaklink.lzh16Kmodem serial lan hookup for two cpu's
webnt255.zip198KSerial disk/device sharing network for 2 PC's.
whoami.zip8,184BWHOAMI; Lists all your current LANTASTIC signon names in use
win31.zip4,797Bwith Windows 3.1
winnet02.zip38Kbased Net access for Lantastic
winpres.zip56KAdministering Windows on NetWare presentation
wizlnk11.zip170KWizlink v1.1: small and fast remote control program.
wsuper.zip19KNetware supervisor equivelancy on/off utility.
wywo3b.zip104Kyou Were Out Lan Message taker
xc_260.zip158Kx-CAL Network Calendar System version 2.60 x-CAL is a workgroup productivity solution that provides easy-to-use calendaring for network users, workgroups, and alternates.
xforum3.zip178Kx-FORUM3 Network Message Forum System v1.1
xmeter.zip15KComputer Tyme XMETER * vV1.71; software metering program for Novell Networks. Its simple, uses NO RAM, and does no require any VAPs or NLMs running on the server.
xport21a.zip29KD. I. File Transporter Shareware Ver 2.1a. Nice RS232-based file transfer utility. Reliable and easy to use, now includes support for the NS16550 serial interface chip. Includes program to copy XPORT.EXE to system with incompatible disk.
zip150.zip19Kbps PC-to-PC serial file transfers!
zipfs162.zip29KZIP v1.62; Serial File Transfer Utility For Transferring Files Between Ibm-Compatible Computers Via An Ordinary Serial Cable; Desqview-Compatible