File Libaries
Library: Utilities - Directory: Util - Multitasking
aboot200.zip17Kutil; can reboot single partition
apibro.zip14KNote #187 - DV API General Information
artspec.dvn11Kfor DVNet News
asq120.exe183Kmanifest. Nice
asq130.exe186KAnalizer-Update from 120
attmem.zip7,954Buse 2 Meg. of EMS with Desqview
bf131.zip338K- task switcher
boards.zip12Kon EMS 4.0 Boards
buzy.zip1,212Bset back/foreground ticks in DV
clkwatch.zip20Kclock time loss under DV
clock01.zip3,204BASM source
clockdv.zip67KDESQview/X clock replacement.
comm3n4.zip2,609Busing Com3 and Com4 in DV
commprog.zip10KUsing communications programs under DESQview. A thorough dissertation.
cron12.zip51Kevent timer works under DV
desqaccs.zip5,653BDesqView orientated clock and modem monitor. Will work with any version, configuration information included.
desqcomm.zip7,013BCommunications under Desqview.
desqhelp.zip3,232Bgetting most out of DESQview 386
desqinfo.zip4,556Buse Desqview with modem programs
desqv_x.zip8,489Bcoming DESQview/Xwindow products
dgansi.zip34KDgANSI v1.00: DESQview/Ultravision-aware ANSI driver that can be installed/uninstalled at any time and performs all functions of ANSI.SYS. Works at higher screen speeds, uses a large, flushable key-reassignment buffer, & works with any size video.
dos4bug.zip5,404BDOS 4.0 bug conflict with DV
doswindo.zip4,529Bof DOS window in DV
dv022590.zip11KChat w/ Quarterdeck Tech
dv2scrip.zip2,497BDV script converter
dv2view.zip4,891Bwith 2 monitors
dv2_dos3.zip888Bspace for DV ver. 2 w/DOS3
dvalarm.zip14Kalarm clock
dvansi.zip3,174BWhy doesn't ANSI work in a DESQview window? What can be done to fix it? Why is DVANSI actually better than ANSI.SYS? This file answers those questions.
dvapix.h3,854B2.2 DVP
dvat.zip2,400Brunning Rampage/Desqview on an AT
dvaware.zip2,614BWhat is a well-behaved program? Advice on how to make your program DESQview-aware, with Assembler interface and notes on where to get mroe information.
dvbook.zip1,784BDV literature by QD
dvc18.zip57KDV Commander (formerly {DESQ}) v 1.8 Command line utility for DV which will open windows automatically. Start a window with prompting. Submenues, beep command, hide and unhide a window, set the window frame on or off, set justify mode, and much more.
dvclk14.zip1,939Bon window border
dvcomm.zip19KA DesqView comunications program. Requires DSZ.
dvcpu.zip13KPops up DesqView window & sets share CPU while in foreground to yes/no as you specify. This is the only util updated for release 2.8 of Tessler' Nifty Tools (TNT2_8.ZIP).
dvcpy200.zip107KDESQview aware file copy utility. Uses floppies without slowing down. Complete SHARE aware and compatible with 4DOS built in copy command plus many other features. * A MAJOR RELEASE, MANY NEW FEATURES! *
dvcron21.zip31KDV Unix-like cron scheduler.
dvdays3.zip5,045Bbuilt to run in DesqView
dvdevl12.zip10KDVdevload by Ralf Brown. Freeware. Load device drivers inside a DESQview window. Uses much less memory than Quarterdeck's DEVICE.COM and will not cause system lockup if 4DOS or NDOS is used as the command interpreter.
dvdir.zip2,592BDV 2.01
dvdos.zip2,130BDos environment under DV
dvfaq10.zip76KFAQ for DESQview/QEMM.
dvfaq2.zip19Kfor QEMM and DV published monthly
dvfaq3.zip22KFAQ: for DV Qemm release 3.
dvfaq4.zip24KFAQ: Release 4 for Desqview by D Bodoh.
dvfaq5.zip53KFAQ #5 for DV/QEMM txt & DV/X hlp format.
dvfaq8.zip35KFAQ for DV DV/X and QEMM.
dvfax.zip61KDESQview FAX; Lets you run a Class I FAX in a back ground DESQview window. Class I FAX requires a dedicated machine. This package lets you watch for FAX in the background and only tie up machine during actual FAX receipt
dvfq0792.zip27KDESQview/QEMM FAQ; The Frequently Asked Questions list comp.os.msdos.desqview Usenet
dvlant.zip2,925BHow to use DV on top of Lantastic server.
dvlantsr.zip2,628BRun DV on a Lantastic Server - text file.
dvmam11.zip21Kmanager for Desqview
dvnet.lst11KNode List as of AUG 15 91
dvnet.map7,954Bmap as of AUG 15 91
dvnet101.zip8,533BVol1 No1
dvnet201.zip9,560BVol2 No1
dvn_tag.zip11KDesqview net area tag management program that facilitates the placement of programs into the proper directories.
dvopen11.zip45KDV Open v1.1: DV/DOS cmd-line util that can enhance your control over DESQview Open menu operations. Allows you to create scripts that mean "Open WP, or switch to it if already active", & to access DESQview's built in abil ity to "tame" the excessive keyboard polling of some DOS applications; requires DV 2.26+.
dvpalet.zip2,595Bpallet pgm DV 2.2
dvpcbev.zip4,346BHelp & Tips in Handling multi-node PCBoard events running under DESQView
dvpcla.zip6,390BPCAnywhere, & Lantastic
dvpif10.zip13KPIF editor
dvpmt20.zip30KPuts unique prompts in DESQview windows.
dvpsd307.zip13Kscreens writers in small windows
dvptame.zip3,230Bpolling under DESQview
dvptime.zip5,211Bclock with pascal src
dvsb4up.zip62KDynamic Verification System v1.0b4- Compiled 01/12/92 - UPDATE ARCHIVE! Use to upgrade from B3 to B4; contains only the needed files. New installations require DVS10B4.ZIP.
dvscr10.zip3,009BBatch file in 4DOS batch language that provides a faster interface to DESQview's Convscr utility.
dvsearch.zip29KEngine for rapidly locating info in text files. Runs under DV or DV/X.
dvsi2_00.zip225KDesqview System information.
dvslbbs.zip4,724Binstall Searchlight BBS under DesqView
dvspawn.zip19KSpawn 1.0: start up Desqview .DVP from the command line in a DOS window. Modify DVP parameters on the fly while loading.
dvswitch.zip1,263BDESQview command line switches
dvtkit10.zip378KThe DESQview toolkit from Gary Chanson. Contains an assortment of command line utilities which gives complete control of DV.
dvtodo.zip9,487BDesqview/Todo list: small DV To-Do list.
dvundoc.zip5,931Bfeatures (09/17/88)
dvxboot.zip929BDV/X Reboot Program! Allows You To Reboot Desqview/X After An Event, Great For Sysops! Note: WARMBOOT, COLDBOOT, ETC Currently Won't Work With DV/X, That's Why There Is This One!
dvxevent.zip3,065BText file that was put together that shows you how to run events in DVX by shutting down DVX instead of rebooting.
dvxhlp10.zip59KDesqview/X help compiler. Make your own DV/X help files from plain text. Includes details of the DV/X help file format (not an official QOS product). From Dan Bodoh, author of DVSI.
dvxicons.zip35KCollection of icons for DESQview/x.
dvxprs.zip2,826BQD announcement re Desqview/X.
dvxtec.zip34KTec's for Desqview/X.
dv_dos40.txt2,373Bon DOS 4.0 and DV
dv_faq.zip17KDESQview frequently asked questions & answers
dv_pat.zip19Kpatches and Technical notes from Quarterdeck
dv_remm.txt1,715Bon REMM versions
dv_tec.zip7,270Bon: Lotus, ramdrives, SideKick Plus & Word Perfect
dv_zenth.zip3,188Busing QEMM with Zenith systems
emmnet.zip21Kto resolve conflicts with IPX/SPX or NETBIOS c
emmnet1.zip21KEmmnet Driver
emsinfo.zip102KLIM 3.2 & LIM 4.0 Expanded Memory
excp13.zip8,842BDV_Tech_Note: what is an Exception #13? What is an Exception #12? What do these messages mean? How can they help you?
fasta2.zip2,906BSolution for some fast machines with QEMM
files004.zip9,236Bof open files
formfeed.zip1,840Bstop FF with printer contention Y
fq012992.zip17KFaq for Desqview/QEMM from Usenet Desqview news group.
func24.zip2,413B- fix moves to 0 length memory regions
hookint.zip3,722Bto let some pgms run in background
irwinbak.zip12KTape Backup with DV
l4_load.zip1,990Bto run Lotus 123 3.1 in a DesqView window
largco.zip2,402BDV_Tech_Note: getting large contiguous regions of high RAM.
lotus3.zip4,824BNote #162, Lotus 1-2-3
ltformat.zip80KDV aware floppy disk formatter
manifest.zip3,008Babout new products: 8/21/89
mcc200.zip15Kbuild support for non mouse pgms
multfax.zip57KDESQview FAX; Lets you run a Class I FAX in a background DESQview window. Class I FAX requires a dedicated machine. Lets you watch for FAX in the background and only tie up machine during actual FAX receipt.
myless.zip35Ksize scroll to window height
my_d112.zip5,082Bfor DIR
newdv.zip3,072Bnotes on DV 2.2 & QEMM 4.2
newqos.txt8,291BProducts - QEMM Version 6.0
ninstl.zip3,079BNote #158, ID:NI Networks & multiple DV users
nodv.zip8,329BHide DESQview from any program. With BC++ src
nomouse.zip2,580Bmouse support in a window
nuqram.zip1,017Bon update to QRAM info
optimz.tec18Kon Quartdeck's Optimize
pif220.zip1,934BDV 2.2 PIF files
pokexdi.asm9,475Binterface program from API ref
protmnte.zip4,327BUsing QEMM with Protman
qdvflopy.zip2,500BQuarterdeck's dvfloppy.tec: why floppy access under DV slows everything to a crawl.
qemmerr.zip6,283BDV_Tech_Note: QEMM-386 LoahHi error messages are outlined and discussed. Includes troubleshooting tips.
qemmfix.zip8,180BQemm-Windows winliram problem
qext.zip2,812BDescription of QEXT.SYS, which provides XMS services (like DOS's HIMEM.SYS) but which also allows DESQview to load 64K of itself into the first 64K of extended memory on 286 or later processors.
qm386hlp.zip10KDV and Qemm help files.
qmenu11.zip49Kfor QD's qemm, loadhi, manifest
qoscont.zip10Kcontact QuarterDeck Tech Support
qosswit2.zip6,720Bswitches for QEMM & DV
qosswit3.zip9,421BRalf Brown's list of Quarterdeck product switches, documented & undocumented.
qostn219.zip3,896BUsing Qemm-386'S analysis procedure to find memory conflicts. Quarterdecks Technical Note #219 by the Quarterdeck Testing and Compatibility department.
qos_dos5.zip6,269BNote #200, ID:D5 DOS 5.0 and QD Products
qtrd-bbs.zip32KQuartedeck BBS bulletins as of 02/07/93.
quartrd.zip23KQuarterdeck notes on: 4DOS, Ahead VGA cards, choosing a DIR upon DESQview startup, DR DOS 6, weird keyboard behaviour, and Windows.
qw10add.zip76K& patches left out of QWHITE10
qw12.exe138Kof Quarterdeck White Papers
qw12add.zip21KQWhite12 tec notes
qw920327.zip365Kbulletins for DV amd QEMM
qwhite12.dir2,923BQW12 tec notes + dir of QW10ADD
qwht13.zip471KQuarterdeck White Papers: version 13.
qwjul92.zip401KQuarterdeck White Papers; These text files contain technical information, troubleshooting guidelines, and tips and tricks for users of DESQview, QEMM-386, QRAM, QEMM, and other Quarterdeck software. Readable with QWHITE, the DESQview-specific White Papers reader, or with any ASCII text editor / file lister.
ralloc.pat13Kfix various versions of QEMM memory allocation
rbmgr101.zip2,027BDV Reboot manager version 1.01.
rc_pif.zip358BRoboComm DVP For Desqview
scsiha.zip2,223Bdriver Adaptec SCSI Host adapters
smtdrv.tec2,209Bon MS Smartdrv and Quarterdeck Products
stackr.zip1,513BNote #194, Optimizing with Stacker
sunclock.zip103KDESQview/X clock showing night and day around the world.
swanfix.zip1,710BFixes A20 problem on Swan DX2-66's using Qemm
switches.doc1,971Bswitches for DV and QEMM
tame261.zip73Kspeed up any programs when you are using a multitasker
tame310.zip101KTame v3.10; Designed to help you get maximum performance from your multitasking environment by speeding up the processing of your applications. TAME works with many MS-DOS based multitasking environments. In fact, there are special hooks in TAME for use with most of the popular multitaskers including Windows, OS/2, Win_NT, DESQview, Double Dos, Omniview, VM/386 and PC/MOS.
technews.zip4,557Bcommunications under dv
update.zip1,165BInformation on QEMM 512 updates
vcpi.zip1,331BNote #103, ID:VC VCPI DOS Extenders
virtiz.zip6,935BTec note on virtualizing for DV.
vmix225.zip149Kfor all computers
whiram.vxd10Kof Winhiram.vxd for QEMM386 5.1x
windows.zip2,811Brunning windows and Window Apps
winrum.zip6,409BNote, Windows and QEMM 386 Troubleshooting
winsize.zip4,409BA note on how to maximize the amount of memory available to each window running under DESQview.
wintips.zip20Krunning Windows under DesqView
wtfor058.zip23Kuser to synch events in multiple windows
xcb-20.zip178KXCB v2.0: DESQview/X utility to cut & paste to buffers built into every X-server. Unlimited number of cut buffers can be created. Designed primarily for use with textual data.
xcursr10.zip66KControl cursor/pointer in DV/X.
xga.zip2,142BUsing Quarterdeck Products - DESQview, QEMM-386, QRAM, and QEMM 50-60 - with IBM's XGA graphics adapter.
xgaqos.zip2,084BXGA and how it works with Quarterdeck products.
xllgnute.zip1,599BHow to get DesqviewX development tools
xpm2dvx.zip7,471BConverts "XPMC C" files from other XWindows to a format that DV/X can handle.
xrscdb.zip12KX resource database editor for DESQview-X.
xsroot.zip48KDesqView-X: changes the options in the root (server) window.
xsti.zip5,419BDV_Tech_Note: QEMM-386 & the XSTI parameter.
xwinfo.zip63KDesqView-X: returns information about a window in pixels. The information is useful to customize the setup in DVP.