File Libaries
Library: Utilities - Directory: Util - Disk/Files
4dos402d.zip228K4DOS Version 4.02 Documentation Files
4dos402p.zip276K4DOS Version 4.02 Program & Help Files
4ed100.zip43K4Ed v1.0; 4DOS File Description Editor is aeditor for the
4files30.zip100K4FILES v3.0; Multi-Purpose file manager for4DOS & NDOS. Do
4hist.zip12K4HIST; Free 4DOS utility: command historyduplicate entry d
4logic10.zip34K4LOGIC is a set of 4DOS .btm files featuringa complete Ver
60envpat.zip1,740BText file explaining how to patch COMMAND.COM(DOS 6.0 and
a_check.zip1,481BFile To Check If Drive A: Ready For Access
acd210.zip54KImproves On Norton NCD Change Directory
acsa.zip188KRussian Program Allows UNIX Type Security
act204.zip172KActaeOn Hard Drive Manager, Full Featured
addtoit2.zip2,964BFreeWare; Append additional directory names to the end of
anydrive.zip12KUse any hard disk with any BIOS. Have you ever tried to in
apath11.zip19KAddpath v1.1 BETA: easily edits search path.
asc.lzh8,163Bto straight ASCII text
ascize12.zip14KASCIIZE 1.2; Convert binary files to and from ASCII
backitup.zip41KManagement System For Hard Disk Backups! Supe
backstat.lzh7,035Bfiles have been backed up or not
badsec.com1,280BFinds bad sectors on your diskettes
bang1.zip50KImproves DOS CHKDSK, DIR & TREE Commands
batlite.zip21KCompile BATCH Files Into Self-Running COM File
batmgr12.zip110KBatch File Manager & Menu System
bbscan20.zip17KBBSCAN v2.0; Excellent offline filelist search utility for
behed12.zip9,406BBEHEAD v1.2; Utility to remove 128-byte Macintosh binary h
ben310.zip251KBatch ENhancer v3.10 # Add colors, sounds, boxes, menus, d
bigsrt42.zip37KBIGSORT v4.2: Uses the fastest known sorting algorithm to
bilzutlz.zip22KUNIX Type Utilities For DOS Users
biosimg.zip8,258BCopy Bios's Contents To A Text File
blrmu13.zip73KOver 45 Assorted DOS Utilities
bmps10.zip16KEncrypt BATCH Files With Password Protection
bobcat22.zip88KEasy File/Directory Utility, Editor Etc.
bustatus.zip37KReports On Directories Needing Backed Up
bwiz329.zip141KHighly Rated Hard Drive Backup W/ Compression
capbufx.zip33KTSR To Capture Text Screens For Many Uses
cat30.zip22KExcellent Replacement For DOS DIR Command
catutil3.lzh27Kcataloging program
cav10e.zip210KCacheAll(TM) v1.0e Factory Direct Eval - Technology indepe
cdconvrt.zip38KConvert CD-ROM file listings from most popular CD ROMs to
cdd10.zip46KCD-Director v1.00;- From the makers of AutoScribe PCB! Thi
cdda10.zip52KCD-ROM Duplicate Analyzer v1.0 ### Will read "allfiles" li
cdfda10.zip51KCD-ROM File Date Analyzer v1.0 ### Will read "allfiles" li
cdgrab13.zip36KCDGRAB V1.3. Utility for CD-ROM drives. Interesting for al
cdisk704.zip340KCATDISK v7.04 - Rick Hillier's Disk Catalog System - A fri
cdldos.zip46KCD-Link; CD-Link is a device driver that allows DOS applic
cdpro20.zip427KCD-ROM Collections - Advanced Anniversary Single/multi-CD
cdsk704d.zip170KCATDISK/D v7.04; Disk Catalog System - DPMI-compliant vers
cdspeed.zip70KBenchmark Test For CD-ROM Drives
cdta.zip14KCompact Disc Access Time & Benchmark Program
chekdp12.zip20KGenerates A List Of Duplicate EXE & COM Files
chkd120.zip14KFast Replacement For DOS CHKDSK Command
chmod.lzh1,910Battributes (Read only, hidden)
clrtmp10.zip7,249BClearTemp v1.0: erases all dead files in the directory poi
cm112.lzh73Kv 1.12 - manage files in two directories
cmpdir20.zip16KUtility To Compare Separate File Directories
combi113.zip45KCombi-Disk: RAM & Disk Cache
compares.lzh23Kto compare files and show differences
copyu.bat236Bunique files from disk to disk
copyunq.bat672Bunique files from disk to disk
copyx.zip99KCopyX will copy a group of files from your hard disk to a
cortst27.lzh20Khard disk speed test - v2.7
cortst28.lzh28Khard disk speed test - v2.8
crypte11.zip39KFile Encryption Software, Protect Your Files
crypto.lzh21Kproviding file encryption/decryption
ct50.zip59KCache Test v5.0 - Test Drive Caches
ctrl3v74.zip57KUtility Like Norton Commander - But Faster!
cudme373.zip299Kv 3.7 Colorado Utilities Disk Manager Quick catalog, updat
diskbuf.lzh17KDetermines optimum BUFFERS setting
diskit.lzh13Kutility for floppy drive system
dm.lzh35Kand file management program
ds320.lzh124KDirectory Scanner v3.2 - excellent disk manager
dsiz11.lzh1,715BExcellent display of space used in all directories
fastoff.com128BTurns off floppy drive faster after being used
filemng.lzh11Kbetween two directories with ease
gdel.lzh5,704Bfiles - GDEL file file file
hddata.lzh2,169BInformation on 132 drives from popular manufacturers
index.lzh22Kdisk catalog utility
list14.lzh3,248B- older version 1.4 - only 3K
list51.lzh4,704Bby Vern Buerg - file list utility
list64a.lzh39Kby Vern Beurg - list files on screen
list70a.lzh62Kby Vern Beurg - file lister program
list74.lzh85Kby Vern Beurg
list75a.lzh87Kby Vern Beurg
list75f.lzh89Kby Vern Beurg
ov220.lzh96KOverview 2.20 full featured disk manager
partner.lzh16Kmanagement program
pc-disk.lzh19Kdisks with this program
phylcopy.lzh1,341Bfile copying from BASIC
psweep2.lzh17Kutility - works great !
qdr.lzh6,454BQuickly reformat a floppy disk for re-use - by V Beurg
rmod.lzh2,841Bfiles read only
search.lzh1,445Btext file for a char. string
showback.lzh1,985Bof files BACKUP command will process
space.lzh2,423BDisplays bar & pie graphs of disk usage
sw510.zip56KFull Screen Handy DOS File/Disk Manager
target15.zip72KMcAfee File Locator And Manipulator
tcat100.zip207KTCAT v1.00; Tape cataloging system. For use with Colorado
tcd15.zip163KFile & Directory Manager With Friendly GUI
timename.zip8,210BRename A File To Reflect Its Time & Date Stam
tw22.zip89KPoint-N-Shoot DOS File & Disk Manager
ucdmgr40.zip275KUltimate CD-ROM File Manager v4.0; Access all your CD-ROMs
ufm50.zip56KFM.EXE Ultra File Manager v5.0 - This update adds fi
unera12.lzh5,261B- file recovery utility
util204.lzh64Kfile utility program
vdel.com768Bdeletions - VDEL file file file
vfiler.lzh7,352B- copy, delete, type, print
viewtxt.zip39KText file Viewer, Up To 16,000 Lines
wdn119.zip22KWDN v1.19 - You may have dozens of empty directories
wf221.zip43KFile / Directory Manager, Online Help
whtday11.zip2,996BWhatDay v1.1; Batch File Utility returns day of week via E
wizfind.zip39KSuper Fast File Finder
worst.zip12KWORST: Searches all the files and subdir- | | ectories on
wt210_1.zip187KWazTree V2.10 Directory Utility Plus [1/4] - W
wt210_2.zip102KWazTree V2.10 Directory Utility Plus [2/4] PAR
wt210_3.zip60KWazTree V2.10 Directory Utility Plus [3/4] PAR
wt210_4.zip37KWazTree V2.10 Directory Utility Plus [4/4] PAR
xd.zip4,872BExcellent Replacement For DOS Make Directory!
xdisk331.zip61KResizable EMS-RAM disk, LIM 3+, DOS-5 aware. Options inclu
xfind10.zip10KEnhanced FIND Command For DOS, Even Filters
xl2271.zip213KExcellent Disk/File Manager For Beginners