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Library: Utilities - Directory: Util - Communications
0159ter1.zip554KTERMINATE 1.59b Beta, file 1 of 4 >=-*FREEWARE* Internet c
0159ter2.zip542KTERMINATE 1.59b Beta, file 2 of 4 >=-Fax Manager receives
0159ter3.zip270KTERMINATE 1.59b Beta, file 3 of 4 >=-RIPscrip (TM) 1.54 gr
0159ter4.zip203KTERMINATE 1.59b Beta, file 4 of 4 >=-Terminate is the most
1000_qm.zip2,719BCustomized Telix script for automaticup/downloading of .QW
101ways.zip1,272B101 ways to prosper with your modem.
144hel.zip2,212BBoca 14400 Fax/Modem help file.
144modem.zip3,402BInformation on 14.4 (Fax)Modem vendors,brands, prices, oth
144v32mt.zip1,735BInitialization String For the PracticalPeripherals - 14400
15_846b.zip14KSoftware setup "STOP" booklet for Sportsterhigh speed mode
15_974c.zip5,765BQuick reference card for US RoboticsSportster modems.
16550u.zip27K16550 UART; Control Program v1.0: designedto allow the 'un
288tech.zip16KDiscussions on why few callers get a 28,800 V.FC/V.34 conn
288txt.zip18KHaving troubles getting a 28.8 Connect ratewith your USR?
28setup.zip8,824BText file on the best setting for severaldifferent 28.8 Mo
300bps.zip2,547BWhat can you do with a 300bps Modem? Hereis list of uses f
315mouse.zip2,052BTelix 3.15 logitech mouse menu.
550doc.zip5,283BAll the info needed on the 16550 UART andrelated boards.
550util.zip16K550_UTIL.ZIP contains 3 utilities for the16550 UART. IS165
64blaze.zip69KAllows you to logon to Commodore 64/128boards and benefit
911help.zip70K911 dispatch system intended for smallishPolice agencies.
aaapcp31.arc58KPursuit/Procomm + script package v3.1
abhost11.zip15KBetter Host 1.1: host program for Telix.
abmdemo.zip22KA B M D E M O - INTRODUCTION ABMDEMO is a program written
acculink.zip41KNew super low cost long distance service for BBSing.
ace0320.zip248KACECOMM & UTILITIES communications program ReDef Keybd, EM
ace170.zip342KAceComm v1.7; Full-featured, somewhat complex, comm progra
ace186a.zip197KAceComm v1.86 4/7/94 Powerful Comm Package - Full-featured
ace186b.zip331KAceComm v1.86 4/7/94 Powerful Comm Package - Full-featured
acspg20.zip57KACS Page ver 2.0 (formerly PAGER), 07-27-92. Send text mes
acts11.zip8,566BDial Nist Automated Computer Time Service And Set Pc Date
acu.zip2,685BHayes text regarding new low cost modem line.
add_z.arc1,514BAdd Zmodem protocol (DSZ) to Procomm
adial20.arc195KPcPursuit dialer/usage/tracker
adl.arc19KAutomatic download script generator for Procom
afont010.zip3,455BAFont v0.10; TSR-Tool emulates the AMIGA Standart Font! It
ah1004.zip10KArea Code Helper v1.004.
alad170.zip260KGenie PC-Aladdin v1.63; Now Intel 386 and 486 processor-aw
allscrip.zip4,894BALL.SLT v2.2; Designed to help you to log on to any BBS. T
alm101.zip93KLibrary Manager for Alladin (Genie automatic message retri
alphpage.zip63KProgram to send a text message to an alphanumeric pager
alphpg.zip170KDPD (Data Processing Directions) Alphanumeric Paging Softw
am120.zip56KAutoMate v1.2; Qmodem add-in which allows AUTOMATE'd mail/
amail201.zip34KAutoMail; Automated QWK/REP mail runs for TeleMate users,
analg131.zip29KANALOG v1.31; {COMMO} log analyzer, Supports v5.5 logs, ha
aol_mail.zip18KAmerica Online mail tutorial in ASCII and GeoWorks format.
aoltim30.zip24KTotal Connect Time: Track online time usage on AOL (Americ
ap121.zip94KAutopuma - Telix script to add Bimodem, MPt/Puma, HS-Link,
apcp37.arc102KAuto PC Pursuit scripts for Procomm +
apcp38.zip75KPC-Pursuit Menu Facility For Procomm+ V3.8
ars10.zip547KARS v1.0 DOS/WIN; Unattended downloads, auto list updates,
asctdd12.zip31KFile and info to convert modem to TDD device.
asp_mdms.zip19Kscripts optimize modem configurations
atconvrt.zip928BAT Commands Conversion Chart for Boca Modems
ati96etc.zip1,484Bsettings were used to configure ATI 9600 ETC/e and Wildcat
ativ42.zip634BModem Definition Files For ATI 2400 v.42
atiwc.zip10KModem Definition Files For ATI Modems
atmod.zip1,305BVery small modem communication program. ASM source include
ato2oz.zip9,673BATO-2-OZ is a utility which adds the contents of AutoSig u
atobr300.zip46KATOBRO v3.00; allows you to view CI$ forum library catalog
atplus10.zip58KATPlus v1.0; Send "AT" commands to your modem from the DOS
atqr600.zip15KAT command set for Zyxel modems with v6.00 ROMs.
atsend18.zip23KATSEND 1.8 by Joseph Sheppard. Sends "AT" commands to Haye
attsysop.zip10KAT&T DataPort 14.4/Fax Modem Sysop Pricing Program.
atz120.zip9,340BATZ is a command line modem utility for sending commands/d
atz_v12.zip7,018BSlick AT Modem Driver Program V1.2
autcs2.zip148KAuto CIS is a script for ProComm + 2.0 for Windows for Com
autod101.zip3,521BAutoDownload Telix Script for CRS v1.01; This SALT Script
autodial.zip54KAutoDialer v3.1; Find other computers in your area. Includ
autodl33.zip12KAUTODL v3.3; Telix v3.1x+ scripts for protocol initiated t
autonan.zip3,790BTelix SALT to automate mail transfers for PCBoard. This is
autoprcm.arc62Kin writing Script files for Procomm 2.4
autoprcm.lzh38Kdownload CMD files for Procomm
autorob2.zip7,654BAutorobo for RoboComm is completely changed from the previ
ax25dr.zip27KAX.25 for Baycom type modems.
azt_v12.zip9,166BSend AT commands, dial etc to modem at the command prompt.
b50menu.zip12KAdd mouse menu to Boyan 5.0 comm program.
b5instal.zip6,493BInstall for BOYAN 5, latest version of THE BEST communicat
babel94c.zip37KDict of Comp. terms and acronyms
backcomm.zip16KBackground Communications v2.0; Only Uses 40K of memory
bank_v20.zip127KThe Touch Tone Bank Dialer V2; Designed for easy computer
bbs105.zip102KBBS 2.05 and DIAL 2.13 from MicroFox Company. BBS is an ea
bbs212.zip175KBBS Access from MicroFox Company is a very easy-to-use dat
bbs_etiq.zip12KText file that discusses etiquette on BBS's
bbsee24a.zip234KBBSee 2.4. Highly-rated, easy-to-use disk catalog system.
bbsee24b.zip110KBBSee file catalog system documentation file. Also BBSee's
bbsee24c.zip84KBBSee catalog database conversion utilities. Convert from
bbsee24x.zip146KBBSee file catalog system utilities. These files are not r
bbsguide.zip23KA new user guide to BBS'ing. TriBBS system oriented but ap
bbsing.zip391KFREE! All about BBSING E-Published book * SYSOPS this will
bbspass.zip31KBBS User Password Generator Version 1.0 | | * FREEWARE * F
bbspeak.zip2,459BCommon BBS abbreviations and ASCII artwork and their meani
bbsr15.zip260KMake $ by passing this program along! Crater Rim's * FREE
bbvga35.zip106KPC Blackboard VGA v3.5: Point-to-point interactive communi
bcalcst3.zip4,952BIntellicomm(0.93) script for PCB-Deposit Leaves 10 minute
bcom13c.zip102KBananaCom is a VERY simple com program. Excellent for the
bcom22.zip134KBCom telecommunications program, 'trial version'. 01/07/93
bcustom.zip100KSysops! TRIPLE your BBS usage! BananaCom Custom is a FREE
bd.zip105KBackDown v1.0; TSR (terminate and stay resident) utility,
bdg100.zip137KBig Dummy's Guide to the Internet. Guide to the Internet f
beeper11.zip4,920BResident background BEEP handler. Replaces your BIOS beep
beepme11.zip71KBeepMe 1.1 calls your pager when it detects rings on the p
bew2lst.zip3,527BQmodem: convert BEW to a list files that adds HS/Link bi-d
bewcvt11.zip3,481BBEWCVT is a simple program that converts QModem's QMODEM.B
bfx200.zip30KRun your fax and modem at the same time. From Zxycel Tech
bgfax140.zip215KBGFAX v1.40: Non-TSR S/R fax program for people with Class
bgfaxb05.zip57KBGFAX v1.0beta; Now sysops can recieve both fax and data c
bgft302a.zip277KBackGround File Transfer [1/2]; Now has Zmodem, use of har
bgft302b.zip130KBackGround File Transfer [2/2]; Now has Zmodem, use of har
bibatch.zip3,104BBi-Modem Batch Files For Qmodem Users
bigpr95c.zip162KBig Boy's World Famous BBSing Primer # v95.c. The best gen
bingov40.zip24KBingo v4.0; Audio/Video Warning: Add sound Tone to Qmodem
boca.zip1,285BList Of Modem Initialization Strings For The BOCA High Spe
boca144.zip43KProvides installation and operating instructions for the B
bocahlp.zip165KSelection of Boca modem and help files. Great help in debu
boothost.zip5,258BBoyan 5.0 - script to reboot your machine and come back to
boyan5a.zip187KFANTASTIC com program, auto d/l, batch protocols, huge scr
boyan5b.zip133KSuper com program, auto word wrap, host mode, doorway supp
boyhst5a.zip12KHost mode macros for Boyan 5.0.
boymks5e.zip48KBoyan ADVANCED scripts; This will make a mail script, hand
boymodem.zip6,764BBoyan script for setting modems values
bps_mdm.zip3,957BHere is a GREAT Working Setup for New Sysops. It has a COM
brc_3asp.zip18KScript for PcPlus does 'new file listings', downloads, fil
breakbox.lzh4,431Bbox program
brkbx140.zip40KGraphical BreakOut Box for Comm1-4 ports.
bus1_3.zip13KBoard User's Search utility v1.3. VERY fast, easy, off-lin
busy.zip7,263BAnswers Your Modem When Your BBS is Down,
bytecomm.zip75KBackground comm program from Nov '91 BYTE. Has Xmodem and
c64trm5b.zip131KC64 Color Terminal Emulator for IBM v.5b
c900demo.zip231KConnect 900 Service Software Demo demo version of the Conn
c_5_mac.zip2,977BCommo} script/macro examples for autologon and mail runs.
c_call.zip17KTelephone directory with C source.
ca29-1.zip179KCOM-AND, a comm program for the PC, 10th release. Released
ca29-2.zip169KCOM-AND, a comm program for the PC, 10th release. This ZIP
ca29-3.zip233KCOM-AND, a comm program for the PC, 10th release. This ZIP
ca29-4.zip86KCOM-AND, a comm program for the PC, 10th release. This ZIP
cableser.lzh973Bto make your own serial cable
call3012.zip46KSpeedCall 30 v1.2; Use in conjunction with phone co.'s spe
callback.arc2,740BProcomm 2.4 cmd file for Hostmode
callfd10.zip4,982BCall Forward v1.0: simple util that allows one whose phone
callin10.zip19KCallInfo v1.0: See who is calling before you answer the te
callr04c.zip11KCALLER v0.4c: Use your modem to quickly dial voice for you
callw.zip3,182BText File To Disable Call Waiting Feature
callwait.lzh1,519Bto disable call waiting
card9600.zip2,011BModem Settings For Cardinal v.32 MNP Modem
carr10.zip29KCarrier" is a simple utility for detecting your modem's ca
carrier.zip2,424BProgram to detect CARRIER presence. See example batch file
catbx16a.zip139KThe Catalog ToolBox (CATBOX) v1.6A: tool for managing long
catds138.zip15KCATDOS v1.38: FoxPro project that converts TAPCIS-compatib
cbip_kit.zip27KUseNet CBIP Starter's Kit; This kit contains what you will
ccoh1a.zip63KOffHook v1.0a; Puts modem OffHook (busy) while you need th
ccredir.zip4,210BAdd-on for Complete PC's Complete Communicator, switches b
cdm-v14.zip108KUse Commo and want an alphabetical dialing directory? Well
cdm-v15.zip106KDo you use Commo and want an alphabetical dialing director
cfig_all.zip3,890BThis file was downloaded from the SUPRA BBS. It provides i
cfs2171.zip61KCorrespondence Filing System CFS(tm) V2.171- - The Corresp
cheapset.zip12KCHEAPSET v1.0; To allow those who have access to such over
chkcd10.zip10KCheck CD v1.0; Quickly identify whether there is a carrier
chkmdm92.zip35KChkModem v2.0: Verify existence of modem. Sends string, lo
cilnk30d.zip309KCedar Island Link V3.0d; Elegantly Simple to use MouseBase
cimoz2ad.zip11KCimOz2Ad v1.0; Utility to convert a CompuServe Information
cis0719.zip11KCompuServe local-access num#'s, all speeds
cis9302.zip10KGuide to CompuServe Forums
cisbil21.zip34KCIS Billing Tracker; Off-line CompuServe billing organizer
cisbil23.zip43KCIS Billing Tracker-JNGoodale Off-line CompuServe bi
cisbl201.zip31KCIS Billing Tracker-JNGoodale Off-line CompuServe bi
cisdb10.zip8,092BCISdb v1.0: front_end/command-line driven program that con
cisest10.zip20KCISEST v1.0: AutoSig-specific utility that is an ACLS alte
cisnod10.zip59KThe CIS Node Locator v1.0: MS-Windows program that will fi
cisoalt.zip1,127BAlternate logoff script for OzCIS 2.0
cisrf111.zip52KCompu$erve Forum Catalog Viewer v1.11; View/Search CIS For
cissites.zip67KThe Authoratative Soviet E-Mail Directory and Guide.
ckcomi.zip3,034BDetermines what IRQs are assigned to COM1, COM2, COM3, and
ckcomirq.zip3,071BDiagnostic Software Utility; Determines Which Hardware Irq
class20.zip7,295BZyXEL Class 2.0 fax command list
class_2.zip16KClass 2 specs for FAX.
clcom200.zip517KClickComm Communications v2.00; This is one of the best co
cleanqm.zip36KClean up your qmodem.log file.
cmc53.zip26KCMC v5.3 for {COMMO} MASTER CONTROL lets planned sessions
cmohp53.zip61KCOMMO} 5.3 for the HP 95LX palmtop. This is a supplement t
cmomac02.zip18KC}MAC the do everything macro for {COMMO}.
cms204v2.zip124KFile transfer & Electronic Mail Program With Mailbox Funct
coco.zip235KLatest CoCo Net access program for CocoNet Graphical BBS
com1234.zip2,065BThis simple mod will allow you to use all four com port as
com16550.zip10Ka driver to use your buffered uart. It's a plug in replace
com2com.zip62KCOM-2-COM; Remote communications package featuring full sc
combt102.zip44KCommBAT v1.02; Send/receive strings from comm port using e
comchk18.zip32KCommchk v1.8: simple serial line analyzer.
comcl311.zip111KCOMCALL v3.11: package designed to monitor your phone line
comdog1.zip32KLocates modems & shows port # - Free COMdog is a freeware
comdri11.zip9,613BAllows a PC to share disk drives with another PC using the
comlog10.zip34KShows Total time spent online with {Commo}
comm0914.zip45KCOMM0914 contains support files for COMMO551. It contains
commac50.zip6,851BUpdated protocol macros for Commo 5.0.
commlink.zip391KCommLink; Full Multi-Media terminal emulator Provides supp
commo552.zip169KCOMMO} 5.52 (maint. release). Superb High performance comm
commo642.zip189KCOMMO} 6.42 - High-performance terminal program for DOS, a
como_hlp.zip63KCOMO-HLP; Provide a menu from within the COMMO communicati
comprt25.zip29KCOMPORT V2.5 - Manipulate and Display COM and LPT Port Inf
comspd10.zip24KComSpeed v1.0: returns the actual baud rate that a COM por
comst11.zip22KCOMSET v11.0; 11 setup/test modems/uarts Ver 11 supports C
comtap21.zip129KCOMTAP v2.1; Software serial communications line monitor a
comv31.zip112KRemote controller for your modem, fax, voice.
con0993.zip49KDRC's Corporate Controllers Phone Directory
cos150.zip235KCosworth; the free communications software that is sweepin
cpd110.zip6,034BCPDownload v1.10; Allows you to have an auto-download capi
cs-mac.zip7,471BSeybolt'S {Commo} Macro; Offline Mail Reader Macro For {Co
cs_mac08.zip57KCommo automated mail and file transfer macro series. Suppo
cs_wtr01.zip1,215BCall the National Weather Service with this macro. Saves t
cscom.zip15KCSCOM is a modem communication program for calling CompuSe
cscript.zip13KScript Examples For Commo Communications Program. For Netm
csmac07.zip51KCommo automated mail and file transfer macro series. Suppo
csp101.zip24KCSP (CS Preprocessor) uses the Microsoft C or QuickC compi
cspnews.zip992BNew , cheap, CSP 9600 modems.
css11.zip31KSIMPLE Salt Language for those who have had problems with
csspcb.zip994BPCBOARD.SIM; This is a sample SIMPLE script for logging on
csu10.zip93KUtilities to convert quotes that are captured using Compus
ctsspu22.zip149KCTS SERIAL PORT UTILITIES v2.2: Fix comm problems. Detect
cu_200.zip325KCOMMUNIQUE v2.00; Powerful yet easy to use and learn termi
cw_hayes.lzh1,794Bmodem to ignore call waiting tone
daily103.zip2,608BDaily v1.03: Ozcis script for daily Compuserve maintenance
dailyrun.zip3,771BDAILYRUN; Contains scripts for capturing AP News Online, H
dasst102.zip214KSTABLE DATA ASSISTANT v1.02 - Provides a set of high
dde_10.zip28KDialing Directory Editor v1.0 for PCPlus 2.0
demonhst.zip26KDemon HST v2.16; Set your 14,400 for maximum cps quickly a
depty304.zip320KDeputy v3.04; Advanced Communications software with MNP5 d
detect.zip7,824BDETECT - Reports installed modem(s) using COM1-COM4 on PCs
dgu12.zip11KTelix script. Filetaging from disc and BBS. Loggin support
dial21.zip90KAutodial your phone v2.1: timer/log and much more.
dial_23.zip104KTHE DIALER v2.30; Feature packed telephone autodialer. Its
dialcomm.zip84KDIAL; Program that has been designed to connect you to a G
dialit12.zip163KHuge phone book for your modem. 12/11/92.
dialm70.zip211KDIALM v7.0; Telephone dialing program, you can dial the ph
dialog21.zip210KDiaLog 2.11; Phone dialer, logger, stopwatch, spec touch t
dialtone.zip40KA Touchtone (DTMF) phone dialer for the HP95LX, compliant
digfos13.zip21KDIGIFOSSIL v1.3; FOSSIL Driver for DigiBoards you need in
digicom.zip1,886BSetup for DSI 9624LE+ Modem and Wildcat
digipage.zip12KDigital beeper paging program
digiterm.zip38KDigiTerm Version 3.5 by Jason Dorie Small, simple, but pow
dir4rob2.zip10KDIR4ROB2; Interface between ROBOCOMM and BBSs that allow f
dl203.zip189KDATALINKS SA - ALPHA PAGING SOLUTION v2.02d: Set of utilit
dl_rs_20.zip22KDataLink! v2.0; RoboComm scripts Use for TBBS/QSO boards.
dlite201.zip212KD-LITE (Delphi) v2.0; Auto-login for Email, Forum message,
dlrk11.zip41KDownload Recordkeeper v1.1: pgm to help you keep track of
dnav99m.zip534KNavCIS v.99m; DOS (GUI). NavCIS is an off- line CompuServe
downtim.zip15KThe Download Calculator; Nifty little program that will en
dpdq24.zip47KDial Pretty Damn Quick v2.4 telephone directory & dialer f
dscope14.zip100KSerial communications analyzer that can eliminate guesswor
dsdialv1.zip25KDOS Dialer, #| |A MS-DOS modem/telephone dialer, so easy|
dsi144df.zip603BMDM file for DIGICOM Softmodem V.32terbo (192)
duatplus.zip153KWeather access software. Toll-free modem number.
duatscr.zip1,988BDUAT SCRIPT; This script will call the DUAT toll-free numb
dup40.zip84KFinds and eliminates duplicates in Robocomm 'Available Fil
dwntrkr4.zip95KThe Download/Upload Tracker; Create a database list of dow
echo090b.zip7,778BEEcho is a simple utility to send line(s) of text out the
ecomm225.zip274KEasycomm v2.5 telecommunication program. 12/20/92.
ed45.zip70KEasy Dial from Patriquin version 4.5.
emulp141.zip102KMinitel est un emulateur minitel comme son nom l'indique.
esptlxsc.zip1,502BThis Telix script makes logging-on to ESPBBS systems autom
ev_960.zip720BModem Definition Files For EV-960 Fax/Modem
exhost17.zip165KExecutive Host v1.7 small home/office BBS for Telix.
ext2tm16.zip22KUpload/download info in TeleMate's logfile for MPt/PUMA, D
extra2.zip48KThis program will bring back the ALT-W DIR listing missing
ezsend.zip43KeZ-SEND: Command line DOS or Windows file transfer program
ezyd2.zip36KPager Dialer Ezy-D is a great little dialer for use on the
ezzcomm.zip159KSet of of excellent script files for ZComm and Pro-Yam com
fast550.zip24KDocumentation for using 16550 serial ports. Includes sever
fastfone.zip87KFastFone v1.0 automatic phone dialer for mouse or keyboard
fastpls.arc1,029BSpeed up Procomm+ graphics
fastuart.zip21KUART features and how they affect high-speed communication
fax140c.zip113KUpgrade/Bugfix for BGFAX program. Needs BGFAX 1.40.
fax480.zip382KLine Facsimile Program
fax_ad.zip147KFAX-An-Ad v1.3 fax-broadcasting system. Requires Quick Lin
faxbuddy.zip130Kfax cover sheet print prog/DOS version of FaxCover, the or
faxer11.zip32KFaxer 1.1; Sends a fax to a fax machine/board without CAS
faxhvn10.zip294KOne-Step FAXHAVEN v1.0: Many, many value-adding features f
faxit10.zip215KFAXIT 1.0 by Jamal Mazrui - A simple, free program to fax
faxmgr12.zip79KFax Manager Database & Cover printer
faxpax.zip144KSet of programs for use with the Intel Connection coproces
faxs20.zip67KssFaxer; Simple program intended to send a fax to a fax ma
faxsenrp.zip5,536BFax numbers of All US senators and US congressman.
fcatalog.zip13KComplete catalog of the NDD Automated FAX system. You can
fedjob.zip139KAllows the user to browse through and select relevant jobs
feefif12.zip28KFeeFifo v1.2: enables the FIFO of a 16550A UART chip at th
feefifo.zip27KFIFO 16550a UART enabler. TNTkit.
fetch10.zip15KNON-TSR Telix util to tag files for download.
fidoterm.lzh39Kprogram w/Zmodem by Tom Jennings
findirq.zip47KUtility For Finding Active IRQs
flagit1.zip2,207BFlagIt v1.0; make down loading files from a pcboard faster
flow_con.zip2,820BExplains Modem Flow Control Etc.
flq150.zip9,029BFON-file Lookup for Qmodem. This is a program that quickly
flt.zip7,765BFON-file Lookup for TELIX. This is a program that quickly
fn-scanr.zip34KMail scanner, downloader, uploader for use with PCPlus (DO
fn80031a.zip543KFONE800 v3.1a: Toll-free database resource! On PBS's Best
fn90021.zip163KFONE900 v2.1: 1-900 Audiotex database! Monitor cost of 900
fondir59.zip58KPhone Dear! Qmodem 5.0, 4.5. K9X 8.8. Telemate 3.01, Telix
fone61da.zip271KTelephone call pricing program; [1/2] Now supports interna
fone61db.zip268KTelephone call pricing program; [2/2] Now supports interna
fone63b.zip728KFONE v6.3b: New & Updated Rates including HOME BASED Busin
frecom96.zip53KFrecom's Fax96 and Winfast technical support hits and file
freec102.zip52KFREECOM allows you to use a PC compatible cpu at a distant
freefone.zip3,219BPhone bills too High? Read this
fst550.zip12KTech Note : FAST SERIAL PORTS & 16550 UARTS Author : Micha
fterm250.zip118KFracTerm; The Fractal Terminal Program FracTerm is a commu
fterm362.zip32KFlashback bbs terminal program v3.62.
fttu120.zip20KFile Transfer Time Utility v1.20 Takes user input of file
ftv20.zip19KFindTime v2.0 file tagger, time estimator. Has many option
fund41.zip121KTrack-Graph-Analyze Fund Performance - Hooks To Prodigy on
futur201.zip94KComm program for various TDD/ASCII modems. Demo version pe
fwklu116.zip70KFWKLU116.ZIP remote Lookup kit for use with FWKCS(TM) Cont
fxt100.zip263KFXTerm v1.0; Designed to take full advantage of the new Te
fyi_qa.zip28KAnswers to commonly asked "New Internet User" questions. I
gdsterm.zip151KFrom GDSOFT. GUI Terminal program allows external protocol
geniescr.zip697BThis is a sample script for logging on to Genie.
genius15.zip179KGEnius v1.5; Terminal program for the 90's. Full color, ta
getfil17.zip14KGet File From Directory List For Downloading
gets20.zip494KGETS; Snafu Software's Graphically Enhanced Terminal Softw
gip_02.zip67KGIP r.02 [Graphics Interchange Protocol] Specs and source
goldp40.zip262KFastphone Gold v4.0. Phonebook, dialer with labels and not
goldp60.zip262KCompuPHONE GOLD v6.0a PhoneBook/Dialer A phone book databa
grabpc11.arc30Kinformation for use with PC Pursuit
gro1700.zip115KGTO Version 17.00 terminal version only.
gtw32_01.zip424KNew Alpha test comm program for windows from the GT Power
h44fix.zip6,803BFix Host44 to run in Telix
hackrdic.zip343KHackers Terminology Dictionary
haydesc.zip18KComplete, official descriptions of all Hayes 32/32bis mode
hayes144.zip6,910BHayes Announces Global SysOp Program and price reductions.
hayscope.zip1,209BInfo text re: SCOPE scripts Hayes modems. 07/14/93.
haysmart.zip3,195BInstant Answers about communications software for IBM PCs
hayvax.zip1,779BTechnical Note provides instructions for connecting Hayes
helpcp.zip7,931BHelp4PCP; Help for PCPlus Communications
hhg1_12.zip38KHitch Hikers Guide To The Net 1-12, Humorous.
hi_spe.zip52KWhat You Need To Know About Modems
ho5m.zip563KHands On Remote Access 5.10 Easy Up and Running Upda
hookr10.zip113KHook Relay v1.0: menu or cmd-driven util to place your mod
host-iii.lzh39Kfiles on a system from a remote location
host111.zip30KUpdated Alternative HOST script for Qmodem Pro for Windows
host503.zip242KHost v.5.0: host/bbs system for Telix. 06/01/92.
hostbbs2.zip26KBoyan host script BBS style. Sysop menu user database. Sup
hostfix.arc3,741BCorrect bugs in Procomm host mode
hostpage.zip3,070BQmodem script that let's you use answering machine and hos
hp100b1.zip107KHost+Plus 1.00 (Beta) is an enchanced Host Mode for Telix
hpaper.zip5,364BHayes' white paper on high speed communications.
hpbqmqm.zip2,082BDownload Script for QMODEM, PCB14.5, and QMAIL4
hqfax.zip250KMany many value-adding features for your FAX modem. Produc
hs_qmod.zip2,188BInstall HS/Link protocol in Qmodem 4.3 (also download HSLK
hs_tlx32.zip1,924BInstall HS/Link in TELIX 3.21
hslmail4.zip7,175BQmodemPro script for unattended HSLINK QWK/REP mail transf
hslt102b.zip83KHSLTAG v1.02Beta; tagging and batch upload manager for use
hsthelp.zip18KText file for HST/Dual users. helps wth setup
hstvspcp.arc2,694Balternative: USR HST 9600 vs PCP
hterm.zip310KTerminal emulator comm program for Japanese. Read Japanese
hunt100.zip9,557BHUNT.ASP Hunt dialer for Procomm+
ibm2oz10.zip7,159BConverts and splits IBMNET library summary files into OzCI
icecat.arc17KCombine two ICEX directories into one
icex206a.arc156KCommand of PC Pursuit' comm/dialer program
icom100a.zip220KIntellicomm communications, v1.00 1 of 2 Unattended calls
icom100b.zip244KIntellicomm communications, v1.00 2 of 2 User's manual, In
icomblt5.zip63KBulletin Capture (1.0) for icom. Capturesbulletins when "N
id-law.zip3,273BStatutes Relating to Cyberlaw Telecomunications by applica
infoterm.zip343KINFOTERM PLUS is possibly the world's best terminal progra
infpop25.zip262KInfoPop v2.50: TSR utility designed to help you use Telene
init-200.zip34KModem Init Strings v2.00; Database contains more than 400
inits.zip17KAll types of modems listed with the proper init string to
inpcp100.zip278Kv1.0.0 PcPursuit dialing system
inpcp101.zip288KInComm:PcPDial, release 1.0.1 BUG FIX High speed PCPursuit
int_serv.zip18KInterNet Services Frequently Asked Questions and Answers v
invislnk.lzh19K- transfer files in the background
iocheck.zip27KSearches your PC's I/O space for 8250-16550 UARTs (COMx: )
irdc10.zip179KIRDC v1.0; INFRA-RED Direct Control. Control your One-For-
jar_2911.zip451KThe Jargon File from the Internet, Version 2.9.11, direct
jaxhost7.zip73KJaxHost v7.0: office-to-home host comm pkg. May shell dire
jbhst51a.zip13KCOMMO} Host mode macro program v5.1a. Smaller than the one
jbl-11.zip30KJB-Learn Version 1.1 for {COMMO} 6.4X Written by Jeff Bish
jfax.zip1,819BInfo re: Hayes JT FAX modem. 03/09/93.
jvf100.zip75KProgram to create voice mailbox system with ZyXEL modems.
keymail.arc26KProcomm+ host mode mail view and editor
la31.zip47KFind those BBS #'s and see what they cost per minute.Regis
lc105.zip234KLComm v1.05; Communications Package
lccdp3.zip742KUser Front End For Logikal Career Connection On-Line Job P
ld_cut.zip4,852BHow to cut LD-phone bills down to size.
linenois.zip7,980BMessage "thread" from CompuServe's PRACTICE forum discussi
listrd13.zip15KListread 1.03.c.jpi is a utility to take any bbs list and
local20.zip80KProgram to let you know if the number you are calling is a
localhs1.zip11KLocal-HS: Searches for and reports on high-speed bbs's fro
localz.zip18KLocalZ Version 1.00 released Jan 28th 1992 Perform offline
logs050b.zip15KLOGSIZE v0.50b; Robocomm 4.x Log File Maintenance Utility.
lstcnv10.zip189KConvert: A program to convert 99% of all BBS listings to T
ltcom144.zip1,882Ball you need to setup the LIGHTENING COMMUNICATIONS LightC
lync30.zip71KLync v3.0 small/fast communications for lap- tops. Interna
mailmsg4.zip42KPersonal mail reminder script for ICOM. Records logon noti
man-wp.zip190KOZCIS manual (see OZCIS12A&B) in WP 5.1 format. Looks grea
max_302d.zip84KMAX!BBS v3.02d; Telix BBS Package
max_scpt.zip2,668BTelix script file for Maximus boards. It will logon and th
maxhst.zip21KHST. This text file will tell you, in no uncertain terms,
maxid103.zip24KCaller-ID for Max and Suprafax v.32b modem with Callid JRO
mbase5.zip230KModem Base "Ultimate Offline BBS File Maintainer"! Convert
mbbs81_3.zip6,094BBBS v.1.0; (for MBBS v9.8a) 14400BBS.EXE patches BBS.EXE a
mcipcon1.zip1,246BTake a byte out of long distance bills! No Speed Degrading
mdic200.zip53KThe Modem Dictionary v2.00; This is a must for anyone usin
mdm-rdc.zip10KCapture of modem recommendation msgs in comm conferences.
mdm400.zip16KSatisFAXtion Modem/400: Information and Solutions to Commo
mdmcfg22.zip20KMODEMCFG.EXE program 2.02, a setup program for Telix versi
mdmdef.zip17KCurrent eSoft Modem Definition File
mdminit.zip3,693BModem commands and responses for use in tuning up your mod
minu10b6.zip242KMINUET, v1.0beta 6; Program combines everything you need t
mkdialer.zip6,408BDialer.BSC v1.7; Script for pre-programming the dialing of
mkey112.zip68KMagicKey |# | |# | Popup HELP window with autotyping |#
mm_100.zip39KModem Messenger v1.0! A serial port answering machine for
mnemonic.zip2,199Bof mnemonics for calling PCPursuit cities
mnpmodm.zip859BExplains How to disable modem error correction (MNP)
mod210a.zip59KModem v2.10a. Allows doing basic modem operations within a
mod_1_17.zip260KMODEM6, modem program, 100% HAYES Compatible, support ANSI
mod_glos.zip8,171BDictionary Of Modem Related Terms
moddiz.zip53KThe Modem Dictionary In HyperText Format. Answers your que
modem20.zip19KModem Version 2.0 - A Berlitz course in high speed modem d
modem210.zip83KMODEM v2.10a - Add full modem control to your batch progra
modem293.zip12KModems.dat configuration file update Includes 14,400 Baud
modem51.zip2,349Bmodem initialization strings for different brand modems
modemcfg.zip3,347BInit Strings For ArtiSoft Central Station Dial In/Out
modemd52.zip129KModem Doctor 5.2S * Modem Doctor 5.2S, the premier modem,u
modemd60.zip152KModem Doctor 6.0S,modem/uart diagnostics The premier modem
modemfix.zip1,450BText on problems connecting with a USR HST.
modemnfo.zip44KThe most complete text file on modems that can be found. M
modemprm.zip30KDigital Communications A Modem Primer Part 1
modemstx.zip2,490BPrices for major brands of 14.4s w/w/out Faxes.
modemtxt.zip11KCompares High Speed Modems for value
modemutl.zip83KAdd full modem control to your batch programs with MODEM.
modemv10.zip34KEverything you want to kno about high-speed modems.
moder30a.zip12KA list of MsDos FTP sites, their moderators and other usef
modmit12.zip46KModem-it v1.2: communications program. 01/20/93.
modwks20.zip140KMODEM WORKSHOP 2.0E Modem book on disk. How to choose and
mosthost.zip13KEnhanced Host Mode Macro For {COMMO}
mpt_slt.zip2,134BCouple of Telix SALT files, The first script MPT-SEND.SLT
mptlog10.zip34KMPT protocol logfile analyzer.
mptqbats.zip1,863BTwo MPt (formerly Puma) BATch files for use with QMODEM.
mpttelix.zip2,022BLets Telix run mpt transfer protocol.
mq72fix.zip13KMKEQuote fix for modem send error
ms2q11.zip22KMS2Q - program that will build a Quicken format security p
mtable.zip3,325BReachout remote control modem config file.
mufus36k.zip76KMufusion is a terminal emulation program which emulates a
mustang.zip9,553BWildcat and Qmodem Modem Settings for Boca 14.4 Modem
mxlite19.zip109KMxLight Version 1.90. A major rewrite from all past versio
mycmm210.zip131KMyComm v2.1; powerful, yet small (166K) telecommunications contains an aspect file for pcplus 2.0x which w
myq200.zip194KMYMIQ v2.00 - Managing Your Money Import stock Quote
navpage.zip37KNAVPAGE v1.0; Will dial and send a maximum message of 80 c
navretph.zip1,510BPhone numbers helpful to retired military personnel
ncbusy.zip26KNCBUSY.EXE version 1.0 A simple little PUBLIC DOMAIN utili
newfnt16.zip18KNEWFONT 1.61; replaces PRODIGY's most common bit-mapped fo
nistset2.zip5,152BCall NIST and sets your clock to within a zillion billiont
nl2tm200.zip33KNodelist to Telemate v3.01 FON directory converter v2.0.
nodfnd10.zip86KNode Finder v1.0: database of CIS nodes and locations that
nortel2.zip190KNorTel V2.00 |-+ | NorTel is a VGA terminal program. With
nt107.zip254KNT- The AU Terminal Emulator, Version 10.7
nugu93.zip369KNew User Guide to UseNet
nuke40.zip87KNUKE40: Robocomm 4.0 utlity - marks files for deletion in
num22.zip7,156BNUM helps you make and decipher mnemonic phone numbers.
o_t11b.zip45KOzt V11b: Ozcis Message Re-Threader.
obt.zip649BHaving trouble with line noise or sudden disconnects? This
olc0413a.zip288KOnline! Professional Communications. Emulates commands of
oldhst.zip724BWildCat BBS Settings for older U.S. Robotics HST Modems
olu100.zip35KOzLibUpd v1.0; OzCIS Library Updater which will turn ON or
ot_color.zip8,461BOgle's Telix Colorizer V1.0; an overlay for the file TELIX
ozbill.zip736BOzCIS script to retrieve billing information For CompuServ
ozcis1.zip277KNew CompuServe offline navigation program. Beta.
ozcis2.zip163KNew CompuServe navigation program. Beta.
ozcis3.zip128KNew CompuServe navigation program. Beta. May rival Tapcis,
ozcis4.zip136KOzCIS v1.0: extensive pull-down menu-driven program design
ozlogc10.zip9,277BOzLogCSV v1.0: program for parsing the OzCIS log file to c
ozm100.zip53KOZM v1.0; OzCIS Mail Organizer for OzCIS CISMAIL files. Si
ozt11b.zip49KOZT v1.1B: OzCIS message re-threader.
ozznt10.zip1,092BOzCIS scripts for ZiffNet that downloads the ZIPpes versio
p144fxsa.zip1,113BPractical Perif. Modem inits to work with Wildcat 3.02
page101.zip41Kv1.01 of PageMate. Calls your pager when you get a call. V
page33.zip50KPagemate version 3.3: calls pager when phone rings. For DO
pageit17.zip14KPageIt v1.7; Reader/Beeper/Modem/Message Transmitter. With
panther2.zip338KPanther Communications v2.0; Full featured communications
para14.zip84KParallel Port Information System v1.45 by Jay Lowe and Don
paradyne.zip7,369BSysop deal for Paradyne AT&T modems.
patch11b.arc20Kfor ProComm+ 1.1B (not Test Drive)
pbill31.zip174KPhoneBill v3.1 Analyses logfiles on phonecosts (mailer ter
pcal_dsz.arc25Kfor Procom with PCALL & DSZ
pcbm51a.zip20KPcboard/Qmail/ProComm+Win Automated Scripts
pcclk305.zip82KPCCLOCK v3.05: Sets your PC's date and time by modem to NI
pccp047.zip277KSet of communications programs and related files. Includes
pcdred20.zip63KPC-DIRED 2.0, Procomm Plus 2.0x Dialing directory editor.
pcfax114.zip149KPC FAX Public Domain v1.14; To make and manage simple FAX
pcfdl105.zip154KPCFDial, a 7k TSR, dials numbers displayed on the screen b
pchost.arc3,793BProComm Plus host mode tips/hints
pcp_bat2.arc2,294Bstart up ProComm in dialing mode
pcp_dial.zip3,395BThis set of files will load your Procomm dialing directory
pcp_exch.zip45Kof SprintNet (PC Pursuit) outdial cities
pcpchk6a.zip104KChecks a phone number to see if it is PC- Pursuitable. Bug
pcpdial.arc71KPC Pursuit dialer for use with ProComm 2.4.2
pcpexec5.zip5,849BThe Exec-PC "log-on" menu; This set of files will log you
pcpl2qm.zip45KConvert procomm+ V1.1 2.0 directories to qmodem. For Qmode
pcplus12.lzh173KTestdrive - the best Procomm ever
pcplus2.arc112KProComm Plus Utilities (separate directory)
pcplusnw.arc3,039Bin Sept. '88 Procomm Plus
pcplusrt.arc36KProcomm Plus phone directory
pcplustd.arc238KPlus 1.1 (Test Drive) modem program
pcpreorg.arc34KProcomm Plus's dial directories
pcpxch3.zip36KPC Pursuit cities & xchange directory updated
pcpzmod.arc7,338BBeep speaker when external ZMODEM xfer ends
pcremot2.zip86KPCREMOT2; Allows the remote (home) PC to control the keybo
pctsr100.zip23KProcomm TSR v1.0; Allow users to have a memory resident Pr
pcwintls.zip17KAspect file gives the user a dialog box with a directory l
pd7.zip131KAdvanced Phone Dialer Version 7
pdial013.zip15KThe Public Dial-up Internet Access List text file, version
pdl400.zip336KPro Download 4.0; Allows Prodigy users to download after-m
pem.zip108KPersonal-Emailbox: background resident E-mail send and rec
pemail10.zip102KMAILBOX v1.0; Personal-E Mailbox is the FIRST and ONLY bac
peptol15.zip31KPep Tools: gives Telix new features.
pfplu104.zip83KPlus/TD dialing directory editor
pgp21os2.zip208KPGP (Pretty Good Privacy) v2.1; RSA public-key encryption
phonring.zip6,875Bsmall TSR program which will watch the specified modem for
pibt41.new7,301BPibTerm v4.1 changes
pibt41.not499BPibTerm v4.1 notes
pibt41d1.arc188KDocs 1 of 2 Version 4.1
pibt41d2.arc81KDocs 2 of 2 Version 4.1
pibt41e1.arc114KEXEs 1 of 3 Version 4.1
pibt41e2.arc211KEXEs 2 of 3 Version 4.1
pibt41e3.arc43KEXEs 3 of 3 Version 4.1
pibt41s1.arc211K4.1 source (Turbo Pascal) 1 of 4
pibt41s2.arc228K4.1 source (Turbo Pascal) 2 of 4
pibt41s3.arc200K4.1 source (Turbo Pascal) 3 of 4
pibt41s4.arc228K4.1 source (Turbo Pascal) 4 of 4
pickup13.zip16KPick-up 1.3 a script shell for Telix. 02/14/93.
picterm.zip30KPicTerm - Successor to GifTerm, a multi format online pict
pilotv25.zip315KPilot v2.5; Good communications program with host mode. Ve
plog11.zip121KPhonelog: tracks & logs phone line activity. 12/15/92.
plusmnu.arc6,189BA 2 or 3 button Procomm+ mouse menu (logi, MS)
pmopguid.zip11KWhat a Modem Does - Text file explains how modems and comm
pns52.zip26KDisplays a single directory at a time and allows the user
poe.arc46KExternal protocol hook for ProComm
popnet10.zip5,228BPopNet v1.0; Popnet is a memory resident menu system that
portal2.arc5,514BProcomm scripts for use with Portal
portest1.zip25KThis utility should take some of the mystery away from con
portest2.zip13KSlick Port Modem Register Test Program v1.1
ports.zip3,513BDiagnostic tool monitors up to 16 ports displaying data be
postd13.zip4,853BPOSTSCRIPT Ver. 1.3 Telix Script for handling RIME message
power.zip2,462BHow to be a BBS System Power User.
pped.zip13KPPED v1.0; Generate PcPlus directory list; Sort directory
pplslaun.zip3,736BProcomm Plus Launcher for Geoworks Pro
ppstock4.zip17KA ProComm Plus script to download stock prices from Compus
prcm-dsz.lzh3,026Bto use DSZ Zmodem with Procomm Plus
prcm243.arc128KProComm 2.43 Communications utility - 1 of 3
prcm243d.arc111K2.43 comm prg documentation - 2 of 3
prcm243u.arc27K2.43 comm prg utilities - 3 of 3
prcm_dsz.arc3,748Bto: Tips on using DSZ with Procomm Plus
prcmjok1.zip4,574BSet up a joke to play on friends/family when they call ano
prcmutil.lzh24Kfor PROCOMM-sort directory
prcvt243.zip7,410BConvert ProComm 2.4.3 Dialing Procm +2
prm307.zip275KPROMASTER v3.07 - What PRODIGY should be! PRODIGY En
prod21.zip162KSpelling Dictionary to use with Prodigy utilities, and sof
prodia21.arc6,162BPROCOMM,+ Access Script
prom552.zip82KProdigy utilities package
prs202.zip166KPROSTOCK v2.02 - Stock Quotes and Company News from
prtfix.zip15KCTS PORTFIX v1.0: DOS TSR to prevent comm port lockups on
ps110.zip285KPhone Secretary v1.01; fax/modem ans 1 line, call fwd, cal
psqconv2.zip119Kconverts Prodigy's QUOTES.TXT file to a dBASE format and a
pt41bugs.fxd2,672Bv4.1 fixed bugs
pt41vers.cur343Bv4.1 notes
ptimer13.zip16KPTIMER v1.03. Times and logs external file transfer protoc
ptt117.zip226KFrom Genie And Ci$, Update 50 Metastock Directories And Ch
pvts109.zip99KPrivate Secretary v1.09: monitors your phone/ answering ma
q5check.zip2,611BSimple Qmodem v.5 script to check previously downloaded fi
qat10a.zip2,074BQuickAT v1.0. Quick, fast, very small modem utility. Send
qbewconv.zip9,785BConvert QMODEM.BEW to @list file readable by by HSLINK for
qblazer.zip817BModem Definition File For The Telebit QBlazer v.32 Modem
qcchat12.zip40KQuick Chat # * Official Public Release * Quick Chat Versio
qcom297.zip162KQCOM v2.97. A compact communications pgm. Easy to use, fea
qcom318.zip263KQCOM v3.18. A compact communications pgm. Very easy to use
qdial13.zip12KQdial v1.3; PC-Pursuit Dialer for Qmodem
qdial20.zip44KQuikDial v2.0; Memory resident utility that permits you to
qfone300.lzh95KQmodem phone directory editor
qm-hst-c.zip9,369BComplete collection of COLOR Qmodem/Qmodem Pro *.HST displ
qm42mous.zip5,333BQM42MOUS provides 3 button mouse support for QMODEM commun
qm452td1.zip323KQmodem Test Drive v4.52 [1/2]
qm452td2.zip351KQmodem Test Drive v4.52 [2/2]
qm45bats.zip3,877BQmodem batch files for external protocols
qm4_fre.zip55KQmail4 French Translation Text.
qm4_ger.zip24KQmodem "Swiss Made" translation in German language.
qm501fix.zip11KRemoves the title screen and the pauses in Qmodem communic
qm5key.zip1,647BAllows use of the grey cursor control keys using the full
qm_exec.zip412BExec-Pc Key Definitions for Qmodem v5.0
qm_hst_c.zip9,384BComplete collection of *COLOR* Qmodem/Qmodem Pro *.HST dis
qm_p_bat.zip7,997BBatch files for qmodemx & qmpro 1.01 examples By Robert Bo
qm_win.zip14KNew updated modem information file for Qmodempro for Windo
qmasp013.zip13KQMASP v0.13b: an auto mail-run script that can be used wit
qmbimodm.zip1,259BHow to use BiModem as an external protocol in Qmodem
qmdf2392.zip7,914BQmodem .mdf modem definition file.
qmdm_mse.zip25KMouse menu for QMODEM. "flop down" menusinstead of "pop up
qmexprot.zip16KQmodem external protocol assistant.
qmfoncnv.zip45KConvert Telix or ProComm+ (1.x/2.0) to Qmodem dialing dir
qmhstmen.zip8,807BQModem Host Color Menus And Help Files.
qmlog100.zip47KReports Qmodem Log File Stats to File/Msg
qmmd0793.zip9,544BQmodem MDF modem def file update
qmmdf50.zip7,376BExtended modem definition file for qm5.
qmobats.zip3,417BQmodem external protocol batch files.
qmoby50.zip65KQmodem 5.0 configuration file with zmodem moby-turbo.
qmodem1.zip7,856BQmodem def file. 12/26/92.
qmolx-td.zip821KThe newest test drive of Qmodem for 1993. 02/23/93.
qmpd0793.zip9,838BQmodem Pro PDF modem def file update
qmpdf293.zip8,811BQmodem pro modem definition file for Feb. 93
qmppdf.zip15KQmodem Pro Modem Definition File Update
qmrwmail.zip2,867BQmodem script to allow callers to quickly and easily obtai
qmstat14.zip35KQMSTAT; Call Analyzer for QModem. Make the analyses of the
qmswat04.zip7,144BS.W.A.T. team for qmail kills passthru areas based on inac
qmswp122.zip25KQmSwp; The Qmodem Application Swapper
qmtd_46.zip747KQMODEM v4.60 TEST-DRIVE: Fully-functional telecommunicatio
qmtsr100.zip23KTurn QModem into a TSR. Accepts all kinds of parameters fo
qmu320.zip109KQMU v3.20 - the PRODIGY-QUICKEN Link. If you are a P
qmwinddt.zip14KQmodem for Windows Modem Definition File
qns311.zip21KQNS v3.11 QMODEM/PCBOARD echomail script Automates nightly
qpdf0203.zip8,817BModem definition data file for QmodemPro. 02/03/93.
qscripts.zip4,291BMail Run Scripts for Qmodem. Enclosed in this archive are
qtalk541.zip71KQ-Talk V5.41 Small Communications Program
qukcomm.zip685BModem Definition File For The QuickComm Modem
quoter10.zip11KOnline messaging utility for those ancient BBS programs th
qwkesoft.zip2,437BAspect file for PCPLUS 4 Win (was) to get QSO
ramproc.arc9,290BUse PROCOMM on a RAM disk
randpass.zip12KRandom Password Generator
ras.zip17KWindows NT & Workgroup Remote Access Server drivers includ
rbcom341.zip126KRBcomm is a lean and mean DESQview-aware comm program by R
rbcom346.zip116KRBcomm is a lean and mean DESQview-aware comm program by R
rblook13.zip98KRBLOOK v1.3; Scans Robocomm .LOGs and guestimates phone bi
rc42_42b.zip141KRobocomm 4.2 to 4.2b upgrade kit. Several small bug fixes.
record20.zip10KTELIX - auto salt script writer, vers 2.0.
refax10.zip41KReFax v1.00 FOSSIL version; ZyXEL Recievefax for mailer an
regtm.zip1,926BTelemate Generic Serial # Generator -=THP=-
relay_mz.zip9,046BTelix script modified for ProDoor Prompts & Modem Zone Lan
remctl58.zip43KFax/Modem or Fax Answer on 1 Phone Line
remfax.zip89KMVRFAX v1.00; Free Utility for ZyXEL Modems. Control your
rexcld11.zip126KREXCLUDE 1.1 - Robocomm bonus utility. Works for registere
ripoff20.zip3,560BScript for use with Qmodem to allow ON-LINE taglines by us
riptm154.zip573KRipterm v1.54.00: graphics, mouse and more
rngbck.zip4,181BShare Phone Line with ProComm Host Mode!
robo270r.zip100KSync bugfix terminal program for using RoboBBS EGA/VGA BBS
robo42_a.zip266KROBOCOMM - Version 4.2 - (File 1 of 2) The *ultimate* tool
robo42_b.zip293KROBOCOMM - Version 4.2 - (File 2 of 2) Supports all popula
robo42_u.zip341KROBOCOMM - Version 4.1 to 4.2 Upgrade Kit Use this file to
robo42bu.zip141KRobocomm 4.2 to 4.2b upgrade kit. Several small bug fixes.
robo_utl.zip327KHandy Utilities For RoboComm Communications
robo_zns.zip1,785BRobocomm Script file to use with the ZipNews Door. Automat
robobat.zip1,463BSample Robocomm startup batch file to aid in in disaster r
roboclas.zip13KText file of the class on robocom give by the SF computer
robofaq.zip3,266BAnswers to frequently asked questions about Robocomm
robohelp.zip40KRobocomm v4.2 help files.
robohst.zip11KDocument designed to assist experienced Robocomm users in
roboscrp.zip4,597BA small collection of RoboComm Version 4.0 scripts to chan
robquo02.zip9,066BVersion .02beta of Robs Quoter. Small very fast quoter. Wo
rs232.zip44KRS232 v1.01; Enables you to debug most of your RS-232 prob
rs232dat.zip28KRS-232 serial interface analyzer. Displays logic levels an
rstmodem.zip14KReset Your Modem Without Turning It Off. Includes Turbo Pa
rstqs101.zip37KReseTQS v1.01; Utility designed to lessen the frustration
rtime15.zip26KRitetime version 1.5 will call using a modem to a remote c
sad_v22.zip47KSlick AutoDialer v2.2 From SlickWare
satsat1.zip62KSATSAT: DOS program that will use the time and date from y
sc40.zip130KSet-Clock is the combination of a program and script for y
sd301.zip142KSUPER DIAL Telephone Autodialer v3.01: Features: call time
sdial501.zip90KStarDial AutoDialer v5.01 w/ZMODEM auto Dload
sdl25.zip21KSmart Download 2.5 Telemate 3.01 Script for PCBoard that d
seemail1.zip746KAssists In Managing Your MCI/E-MAIL 1/2
seemail2.zip402KAssists In Managing Your MCI/E-MAIL 2/2
senators.zip3,364BList of US Senators with Phone Numbers
sendafax.zip63KSmartcom exec script to send a faxes.
sendcom2.zip18KSend string or file to communication port (supports @-X co
sendfaxp.zip3,750BPPS and PPE for PCB15 to prepare msg 2b faxed This script
ser_chip.zip10KUtility To Check Which Uart Chips Are Installed In Your Pc
setcm102.zip9,941BSetCom v1.02: allows you to display and/or control the set
settim.zip9,633BSETTIME.WAS v1.00 Sets system clock with NIST ACTS or USNO
shgif55e.zip144KShowGIF 5.5e. Allows you to view GIF for- mat files as you
shwgif55.zip104KShows GIF's during their Downloading, This really works gr
slick63f.zip196KSlick super modem terminal, does it all.
slrn_200.zip45KSLEARN (SALT Learn Utility) v2.00. Automatic script writer
smart24.zip27KSmart Download 2.4 Script pour Telemate 3.01 et PCBoard qu
smodmcfg.zip2,688BModem configuration information that is used by Artisoft's
smr_uart.zip7,146BSatisfaxtion 200 & 400 smart UARTs overview. Text file.
smrten21.zip94KSmart10: X10 CP290 Home Automation scheduler system. Provi
smtv11a.zip109KScript Modem Terminal STM 1.1 full scripting.
sorter40.lzh1,359Bdialing directory
sorter50.lzh1,350BPlus dialing directory
sortfon.zip116KSORTFON v1.0; free utility for sorting the dialing directo
sorttlx.zip37KMove directory listing from one line to another without ha
sp110a.zip226KSmartPhone is a reference source that can save you time &
sp120b.zip215KSmartPhone v1.20 is a database that can save you time & mo
sphm10.zip202KSALT Programming HyperText Manual v1.0 context-sensitive h
sphon133.zip256KSave plenty of $ when phoning long distance by using Smart
sporstrx.zip579BUSRobotics Sportster 14400 Fax NVRAM Settings.
sportser.zip1,794BThis is the "Magic String" to Make your Sportster external
ssfaxr11.zip67KSsFaxer v1.1: program to do one thing - send/receive fax t
stat_com.zip10KThe STAT program will allow you to display and change the
steal100.zip6,213BTelix 3.15 SALT script; Dump Telix screen to ANSI file wit
sub40.zip81KSubstitute v4.0; Robocomm add-on allows you to change file
suprafan.zip5,423BAdd a switched cooling fan to the Supra faxmodem.
suprahlp.zip50KInformation and help for Supra modems
suprinfo.zip15KLatest help texts from Supra Corp BBS. Includes sample con
svcs_faq.zip16KInterNet Services frequently asked questions and answers v
sysmod15.zip56KMoney-saver Sysop Modem Discounts Report #15 ATI, Forval,
sysmod22.zip93KMoney-saver Sysop Modem Discounts Report #22 Aceex, AT&T,
sz_telix.zip2,042BTo install Super Zmodem in Telix, comes with Super Zmodem
szmodmse.zip1,416BLogitech mouse support for SZmodem protocol.
t320inc.zip1,027BGet rid of nag Screens At The Opening And Closing Of The T
t321u-1.zip211KTelix Communications v3.21 (update) [1/2]; Fast, powerful,
t321u-2.zip194KTelix Communications v3.21 (update) [2/2]; Fast, powerful,
t321u1.zip231KTelix Communications v3.21, *update* Fast, powerful, and e
t321u2.zip195KTelix Communications v3.21, *update* Host+ BBS Host mode,
taa_100.zip51KTAA - Telephone Activity Analyser. Provides a way for you
tagit11.zip19KTSR that allows tagging filenames for later downloading.
taplib.zip327KTapcis/ozcis catalog of novlib files from Netwire. Current
tapper.zip5,109BTelephone Line Tapping Device for IBM PC, XT,
tass35.zip165KThe Answering Service Software v. 3.50
tb120.zip370KTurBoard is an NAPLPS, RIPscrip, ANSI and ASCII asynchrono
tbit3000.zip2,001BModem Settings For Telebit 3000 Modem
tclswv2.zip150KTCL - TELEPHONE CALL LOGGER 2.0; TCL makes, times and logs
tdic100.zip33KDefines over 400 telecommunications terms.
techhp.zip9,823BTechnical Help for Modem problems and File Transfers
tefs.zip6,664BTwo timed execution files for use with Procomm PLUS for Wi
tele_acc.zip63KFascinating set of documents dealing with the telecommunic
teleprms.arc18Kof Telenet (PC Pursuit) login parameters
telix_4.zip1,545BInformation direct from Exis Inc. regarding the recent "ap
telixbat.zip905BBAT files and install for GSZ in Telix
telixcnf.zip28KTelix .MDM modem definition file for Zoom v32 modem and ot
telixdv.zip1,535BHints on running Telix in Desqview.
telixrmc.zip33KAdd sound to the opening screen of telix
ter110.zip775KTERMINATE v1.10; The final terminal! On-line help for novi
term10e.zip36KPublic Domain Terminal Program v1.0-E
termcomx.zip1,797BSmallest comm program around, in French (from Quebec). Eac
terminal.zip243KAdd-on to the INTERCOM. Is called from the Utility Menu in
tfe_221.zip72KTelix fon editer v2.21, now updated for PCP
tfig312e.zip134KTelix off-line tutorial. v3/91.
thelp.zip7,517BTelix scripts show how to call your own for CIS included.
thp100.zip98KTinyHost Plus V1.00 - Based on TinyHost, the small, simple
timeset2.zip2,945BTelix SLT utility used to synch your PC's clock w/ that of
timset72.zip166KTimeSet v7.20; Accurate time by phone from 5 atomic time s
tinyterm.zip23KTinyTerm v1.0; Meant for those who want a low cost ANSI-BB
tlo_13.zip104KThe Little Operator is an advanced pbx phone dialer suppor
tlx-sbk.zip1,773BColor Scrollback for Telix!
tlx3-win.zip3,565BSettings suggestions for the operation of Telix v. 3.15 un
tlx311-1.lzh151Kcommunications program - part 1
tlx311-2.lzh64Kcommunications program - part 2
tlx311-3.lzh55Kcommunications program - part 3
tlx321-1.zip175KTelix Communications v3.21 [1/6]; Fast, powerful, and easy
tlx321-2.zip80KTelix Communications v3.21, [2/6]; Support files, sample s
tlx321-3.zip200KTelix Communications v3.21, [3/6]; Host+ BBS Host mode, BB
tlx321-4.zip73KTelix Communications v3.21, [4/6]; Documentation for Host+
tlx321-5.zip74KTelix Communications v3.21, [5/6]; Documentation for Host+
tlx321-6.zip56KTelix Communications v3.21, [6/6]; Documentation for Host+
tlx_pcb1.zip3,922BTelix pcboard script to create/update a 'log on' file, and
tlx_sq21.zip227KTelix_Square 2.1b: automatic BBSing. This script/program m
tlxbin.zip8,639BTLX-BIN v1.00; Screen Capture Program Written For Use With
tlxdial2.zip14KDial - command line dialer for TELIX. Needs Telix 3.15 or
tlxdir01.zip15KTelix pop up dir for up-download directories.
tlxdlaxs.zip4,412BTwo SALT scripts for fast batch downloading
tlxdsz21.zip3,145BAuto download using external dsz Script v2.1.
tlxf1088.lzh2,286Bphone directory for OKC bulletin boards-10/88
tlxfon_f.zip6,759BTelixFON vF; Script for Telix
tlxjwpc5.zip19KUseful Telix 3.xx scripts.
tlxmse.zip2,089BThe best Logitech mouse menu for TELIX
tlxpcp10.lzh13KPursuit scripts
tlxspeed.zip8,516BTelix optimized init strings for speedmodems.
tlxsqr15.zip175KTelix SQUARE v1.5: scripts and utilities for Telix BBSing.
tlxstuff.zip33KVery useful stuff for Telix 3.15. 02/15/93.
tlxtfig4.zip263KTelix manual/tutor on line & interactive. Great team effor
tlxtw109.zip94KTelix Scripts for Tradewars 2002; Powerful SALT scripts th
tlxtw204.zip207KTelix Scripts for Tradewars 2002 2.x wb5 Powerful SALT scr
tlxutl10.zip24KA collection of Telix utilities.
tlxzmn11.zip18KUpdate to TLXZMENU.ZIP adds mouse control to TELIX. Best m
tm120.zip73KTurModem NAPLPS Terminal V1.00 TurModem is FREEWARE TurMod
tm412_1.zip185KTELEMATE 4.12, Powerful comm program, [1/4] TELEMATE is a
tm412_2.zip194KTELEMATE 4.12, Powerful comm program, [2/4] Version 4.12 h
tm412_3.zip193KTELEMATE 4.12, Powerful comm program, [3/4] TELEMATE is a
tm412_4.zip245KTELEMATE 4.12, Powerful comm program, [4/4] Part 4 is the
tm_301.zip33KTelix fon directory sort & move Utility
tmalarm.zip26KTelemate external alarm, sample files and description.
tmd130.zip45KModem Dictionary v 1.30. 650 definitions for modems.
tmusic10.zip9,558BFutureFeature for Telix: Music Module Provides an ANSI mus
tmusic12.zip95KTMusic 1.2 - Adds 34 more Alarm Songs for Telemate, & impo
toes114g.zip55KTelix script for Opus cards using Silver Express Mail door
tollcall.zip2,377BIf you want to save money on long distance calls you may w
tomcht25.zip16KTomChat v2.5; Fully configurable Telix chatmode that lets
totaltm2.zip23KCompute total time from Qmodem log v4.31.
tpc15.zip97KThe Phone Center Version 1.5! It's the first dialer that i
tr4_23.zip182KTeleReplica; allows connecting two computers together (via
tradein.zip1,966BUS Robotics Upgrade Program Info
transrc2.zip6,072BTransfer Record v2.0; Record your file transfers with form
transrc3.zip6,946BTransfer Record Sheet v3.0; Print useful forms on your own
trim40.zip81KTRIM v4.0: Robocomm utility, checks to see if the files in
trivfe.zip82KSelf extracting front end for the NTN Trivia Network found
trkit_20.zip63KTrackIt! v2.0 - Track Learner for Telix TrackIt! is an onl
ts3m.zip357KTeleShare/DOS Ver 3.00 - Versatile remote access sha
tset721.zip168KTimeSet v7.21: Gets accurate time by phone from 5 atomic t
tsorter1.lzh1,346B3.xx dialing directory
tspfon29.arc72Kand advice for Procomm Plus, T.Salmi
tsrdialr.zip4,003BRepetitively dials busy numbers in the background
tstlx11.zip19KA collection of Telix scripts & utilities from Prof. Timo
tt20.zip271KTurboTerm v2.0 Communications Software
tty.zip1,188BVVG basic comm program. Several options. Uses external DSZ
turbors.zip13KBoost ST baud rate to 115200 baud. 02/19/93.
turmodem.zip143KTurModem v1.22 NAPLPS/ANSI/ASCII Terminal TurModem support
tutbbs21.zip73KTUTBBS Version 2.1 November, 1992-Tutorial On BBS Procedur
twclnze.zip1,839BScript file for Qmodem use with TW2002 A colonizing script
twitt.zip4,215BDefinition of a Computer Twitt, "VERYOFFENSIVE to a Twitt"
twplay13.zip16KTW AUTOPLAY is a collection of menu driven script files wr
tww10.zip112KTrade Wars Weapons v1.0 for Telemate; Great collection of
tx321fix.zip57KPatch file for REGISTERED versions of Telix to correct und
txmdm205.zip13KTELIX.MDM (2.05) file for MODEMCFG.EXE (2.02) setup progra
txmdm221.zip24KTelix modem setup v. 2.21. 02/05/93.
txsorter.lzh1,207B2.xx dialing directory
txswp121.zip25KTxSwp; The Telix Application Swapper
u_style.zip2,815BHints on Writing Style for Usenet. Useful for other Confer
uart.zip9,300BCHK_UART v1.0; Utility to allow you to check the UART type
uarts21.zip6,659BUARTS is a resident (TSR) real-time serial port monitor. I
uartty12.zip9,977BCheck UART, if 16650, turn on/off buffer.
ukbbtelb.zip25KList of United Kingdom BBS's in Telix format.
usatlx01.zip2,683BTelix Script file for reading USATODAY door. Will automati
uscript.zip3,207BUniversal script file for Telix.
usr1440.zip1,100BDSZ Batch Files for US Robotics 14.4k Modems.
usr168.zip12KUS Robotics modem settings.
usr_dual.zip2,455BmTHE GHOSTSHIP (613) 446-7843 Warning to all USR V34 DUAL
usrfax.zip1,347BInstructions to Setup Winfax Pro with USR Fax Modems. 01/2
usrlst13.zip16KUSERLIST v1.3; Written for Executive Host (c) to list your
usrv32.zip814BU.S. Robotics v.32 Modem Settings
uterm207.zip442KUltiterm Communications program
uz.zip17KAutomate the process of checking out files you download -
v2usrset.zip1,088BThis is the NRam setting for the USR 14400 HST Dual STD ru
v32terbo.zip3,239BUSRobotics announces V.32terbo product line
vfast1.zip2,409BInfo from USR on new VFast modems/upgrades.
vfast2.zip2,275BBackground on VFast, from USR.
vgix25a.zip68KTerminal program that allows you to call any board running
viscom.zip122KTerminal Program to use with ANSI and Xmodem
viva.zip911BCorrect setting for the Viva 9642e Modem.
vstr10.zip2,183BTelix script that logs you onto CIS, then VESTORE, grabs s
vt320.zip2,338BVax VMS VT320 Terminal Emulator
vtban.zip2,244BThis script is designed to work specificly with the Ven-Te
vtsysop.zip26KVentels Offer to BBS Sysops on Their Modems
watchcd.zip14KWatchCD: a TSR carrier monitor reboot utility which flushe
watchd10.zip25KWATCHDCD 1.0 by Gary Chanson Monitors the a serial port an
wcat.zip1,621BQmodem V5.0 Script to allow you to call a WILDCAT V3.xx BB
wcqmtc.zip2,207BWildcat Qmodem script for Tomcat mail door.
wfax11.zip11KWhatfax is a simple utility to determine the type of fax m
wfaxaa.zip1,142BHow to use WinFax and Silent Answer with Supra modems.
whatis_i.zip10KWhat Is the Internet? Explains InterNet and what you can e
whatis_u.zip7,506BWhat is Usenet? Explains UseNet and what you can expect.
whatl280.zip33KWhatLine v2.80; utility designed to squeeze the most out o
whatport.zip14KThis program detects what serial ports (COM1-COM4) are ins
whyv34.zip7,160BASYNCHRONOUS COMMUNICATION AT 28.8K BPS. v12/17/94 .
wigwam.zip370KWigWam is the Windows-based program which will make CompuS
wizlink1.zip102KSharp Wizard to PC communications program
wterm110.zip91KWTerm v1.10 small communications with door- way mode.
wtg20a.zip374KWay To Go! Enhance your AOL online experience. WTG is a cu
x10dc160.zip248KX10DC v1.60 - X10 Direct Control - Send commands to the X1
x10ec110.zip291KX10EC v1.10 - X10 Event Control - Event Scheduler for the
x10faq01.zip25KAnswers to frequently asked questions about the X-10 carri
x10xa200.zip129KXA-X10 Command Interpreter v2.0; Send X10 commands/events
x10xt200.zip59KXT v2.0 - TSR FOR THE X10 COMPUTER INTERFACE: DOS Terminat
xfer57.zip85KTransfer v5.7 - a file transfer shell for a communications
xfergeos.zip2,078BBatch file and instructions to set up DSZ or GSZ as extern
xfr_qm18.zip19KExternal Protocols Batch Files for QMODEM
xh100b.zip93KXhost v1.0; Host Mode for Telix
xhost30s.zip181KRun a full featured BBS with this TELIX script. Supports 1
yamdemo.zip175KMaster the Information Explosion Secure and Control Your E
yamhelp.zip90KHelp for Professional-YAM(TM) Integrated Communications To
ykh121.zip208KJapanese VT320, works w/modems&DECNET, req VGA
z-288-2.zip18KInformation, Instructions & Parameters for the ZOOM 28.8K
z4pcplus.arc1,130Binterface for ProComm Plus
zcdc1805.zip215KUser Manual for ZCOMM ZCOMM Communications
zcdc1815.zip225KL ZCOMM manual 10/20/94.
zcom10b.zip167KEasy and powerful communications program that allows Zmode
zcommexe.zip201KCommunications Program with Zmodem-90 v17.86
zcommhlp.zip96KHelp Database for Zcomm v17.86
zdial21.zip90KZIPDIAL v2.1; The purpose of this program is to keep a dat
zfax_288.zip1,869BInformation on setting up a Zoom VFX 28800 modem with Fron
zhint49.zip98Ktext (& a few TIF) files to help with modems & faxmodems -
ziplist.zip57KIf you download you need this. Database and organizer.
zippgp.zip20KZimmermann's PGP: "A Cure for the Common Code". The Govern
zlflip10.zip5,084BZLFLIP will work with ZDS MinisPort and TurbosPort laptop
zlst9309.zip3,208BZ-List; List of BBS's with ZyXel modems. If you have a ZyX
zoominit.zip74KZOOM Modem init strings, help, etc.
zut231_.zip71Kv2.31) ZuTSR, voice feature add-on for most mailer/BBS sof
zyg-60.zip246KZygolo DOS based communication program. No internal Protoc
zyxfaq38.zip52Kv3.8) Answers on frequently asked questions about ZyXEL mo