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Library: Utilities - Directory: Util - Antivirus
all_msg.zip59KMessage files for Scan, Clean & NetScan. includes Finnish,
ansichk3.zip30KLatest ANSI bomb check utility. A must for any SYSOP.
autorun.zip12KRun Mcafee Virus Check Once A Day, Automatic
avp21bas.zip464KAntiviral Toolkit Pro 2.1 <- | This is a PREMIER antivirus
avs98n.zip236KAVSCAN v0.98n Beta - German AntiViral Scanner
avscn184.zip335KAVScan 1.84a Anti-Virus Scanner from Germany Good detectio
bull_215.zip20KASCII version of the F-PROT Professional Update Bulletin 2
butterfl.zip1,850BExplains The Butterfly virus and shows two signatures for
catchmte.zip27KRecognizes Virus Code Based On Mutation Engin
chk4frmt.lzh10KAnsi Virus strings
ckot11.lzh46Kvirus in archives(ZIP, ARC, PAK, LZH, ZOO)
clean108.zip267KCLEAN-UP Virus Remover version 108. Removes viruses from M
cleanb72.lzh60KVirus Disinfector, V72
cnv_201.zip80KConvert utility for VirusScan, version 2.x 11/01/94 by McA
disksav2.zip22KPassive virus protection, an alternative to full data back
dprot100.lzh2,657Bto see if they are Trojan Horse
dsii242.zip30KDISKSECURE II replaces the Master Boot Record on a hard di
exzt223k.zip185KExZTest 2.23 beta 11 - THE upload tester. Some small impro
fbrain.zip343KFile Brain Upload Virus ZIP Checker; Use this to check upl
find1701.lzh18Kkill the nasty new 1701 virus.
flsf100.zip64KFILESAFE 1.00 - FileSafe is a virus detection system
flsf102.zip64KFILESAFE 1.02 - FileSafe is a virus detection system
fp-216.zip517KF-PROT version 2.16 - January 1995 The F-PROT anti-virus p
fp_209d.zip340KF-Prot v2.09, Major Virus Scanner, Powerful and Extremely
fsp17.lzh53Kv1.7 - Virus/Trojan detector
fsp_17.lzh53Kv1.7 - Virus/Trojan detector
fwkcs122.zip511KFWKCS Contents_Signature System v1.22; The premier system
fwkcx001.zip4,315BFWKCX(TM) Contents_Signature Exclusion List, # 001. 1995 J
fwklz200.zip9,876BFWKLZ200.ZIP remote lookup_zipfile kit for use with FWKCS(
fwkutc03.zip7,877BFWKUTC(TM) Upload_Test Checker, Version 0.3, 1995 Jan 16,
fxrep310.zip81KFxREPEAT 3.10; Automate virus scanning of workstations wit
guard1b.lzh25KList v1.0b - Trojan/Virus List for FidoNet
guard1c.lzh26KList - v1.0c - TROJAN/VIRUS list
gzip111.zip50KGzip reduces the size of the named files using Lempel-Ziv
hack9301.zip73KThe Hack Report for January, 1993. A monthly list of poten
hack9304.zip52KThe Hack Report for April, 1993. A monthly list of potenti
hack9306.zip71KThe Hack Report for June, 1993; Monthly list of potentiall
hack9307.zip77KThe Hack Report for July, 1993. A monthly list of potentia
hack9308.zip96KThe Hack Report for August, 1993. A monthly list of potent
hack9309.zip101KThe Hack Report for September, 1993. A monthly list of pot
hrm110.zip13KHACKMRG V1.10 The HACKxxxx.COL Merger; HRM's purpose is to
i_m201.zip303KINTEGRITY MASTER v2.01a; Anti-virus and data Integrity! Ea
i_m242b.zip332KINTEGRITY MASTER(tm) V2.42b Virus scanner and and data Int
invb601d.zip358KInVircible v6.01D (3/95). Antivirus software with generic
k_taipan.zip10KRemove the TAIPAN/WHISPER virus from infected files. cc
lxrep302.zip79KLxREPEAT v3.02; Automate virus scanning using Intel's LPSc
m-disk.zip12KMcAfee Boot Sector Virus Remover
michtime.zip8,649BMichaelangelo Virus Timeline & Baloney
mxrep302.zip78KMxREPEAT 3.02. Automates virus scanning using McAfee Assoc
mxrep401.zip79KMxREPEAT v4.01 - Updated to automate virus scanning using
netfix10.lzh26KNetwork Virus Remover, Vers 1.0
netscn72.lzh45K Module, V72
nsh-210e.zip389KMcAfee NetShield 2.1 Netware Loadable Module for Novell 3.
nsh152a.zip155KNetShield 1.52a(V106) anti-virus NLM for Novell 3.11 serve
ocln108.zip283KCLEAN for OS/2 2.0 virus remover version 108
oscan108.zip254KSCAN for OS/2 2.0 virus detector version 108
parascn4.zip27KHilarious Paranoid Virus Dummy Virus Scanner
quptst1.zip1,969BA quick and easy batch file to test new uploads. Requires
scanarj.zip1,443BBatch Files To Virus Scan ARJ Files
scanbfly.zip620BThis file is to be used with the /EXT feature of SCAN to e
scanres8.lzh15Kver. of VirusScan from McAfee and AssocCheck for viruses a
scanv108.zip247KVIRUSCAN Version 108. Scans for known and unknown computer
scanv39.lzh19Kmajor viruses by McAffee - checks memory forviruses, inclu
scanv72.lzh56KScanner, V72
scanzip2.zip16KSCAN A ZIP v2.0 scans inside ZIP archive files for virus.
scn-220e.zip386KVirusScan for DOS new version 2.2.0 (220) 03/31/95 by McAf
secur234.zip21KStops All Known Viruli From Attacking System
sentry.lzh10Kby John McAffee
sfxbta5.zip87KSoftware Express: Helps Download And Run McAfee Associates
stripzip.lzh11Kfrom .LZH files - defeats keyboardremapping.
sysmon30.zip53KSystem Monitor 3.0 - Rosenthal Engineering. De
tbav605.zip236KThunderbyte Anti-Virus; Complete anti-virus system availab
tbav634.zip272KThunderbyte Anti-Virus - The most complete anti-virus syst
thdpro-8.zip119KTHD ProScan Version 8-File/Upload Tester TEST ARC-ARJ-HYP-
tscn411.zip293KTRANSCAN v4.11; Premium File Scanner & Converter. Extracts
tscn509.zip425KTranScan 5.09 - Update patch. This file contains an update
tts30.zip172KThe Torok Scheduler will automatically run a program of yo
ulman15d.zip78KUpload Manager 1.5d upload processor; MEGA upload processo
upav211.zip103Krd Party McAfee Anti-Virus Update Utility
vchk23b.zip133KVirus Check V2.3B; (USMC). This is a freeware program writ
vds30q.zip266KVDS (Virus Detection System) 3.0 Up-to-date anti-virus pac
vid201.zip164KVID v2.01; Online Virus Information Door. Perform queries,
virchek2.zip5,033BVIRCHEK2; Updates VIRUS-CHECK to v2.0a. For Maximus-CBCS s
virdt108.zip62KNetShield 1.52a External String Update V108
virsim2c.zip65KVirus Simulator: the standard of comparison for evaluation
virx23.zip87KVirus Detector, Finds Over 650 Viruli
virx291.zip184KVirex for the PC v2.91 Comprehensive Virus Protection.
virx295.zip202KVirex for the PC v2.95 by Datawatch Corporation - Jan 1994
vsh-220e.zip527KVShield version 2.2.0 (220) 03/31/95 by McAfee, Inc. Memor
vsh108b.zip151KVSHIELD Infection Blocker. Version 108B. Memory resident
vshld108.zip151KVSHIELD v5.53v108, VSHIELD1 v0.2, CHKSHLD v0.4 from McAfee
vshld72.lzh54KResident Virus Detector, V72
vsumx309.zip752KVirus SUMmary indeX, 9/93. Virus compendium by Patricia Ho
vsumx411.zip868KVSUM Virus Information Summary: Hypertext compendium of in
vtec40b.zip111KVirus Terminus - Menu Shell For McAfee Scan
vtec52an.zip132KVirus Terminus v5.2AN; Menu/Front End for McAfee's SCAN, C
wscan108.zip305KWSCAN Version 108. SCAN for Windows 3.x Version 108. Win
wykvirus.zip13KWhat You Need To Know About Computer Viruses
xmonkey.zip17KRepairs hard drives infected with the Monkey virus. Can re
ztec70b.zip109KThe Zip Terminus 7.0B : Menu / Front End for PKZIP 2.04x/1
zzap54a.lzh63Kto check archives for virii