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2all210.zip16K2all v2.10 (The Ultimate Archive Converter) Will take all the archived files in a directory and convert them to any archive format you want, stamp each one with the original archive's date, and if you like, delete the original file.
ac310.zip128KAC v3.10 - The Archive Converter; New features such as custom colors and floppy support! Support for nested archives, custom command line switches, ability to add/delete archivers or dearchivers. Plus much more.
acomment.zip33KAutoComment v1.0; Designed for the purpose of putting ZIP comments on mass amount of files. Great for SysOps or other people promoting things through ZIP comments. Setting up AutoComment The first thing you need to do is make a configuration file for AutoComment. This is fairly simple. Using your favorite text editor, make a file called
aczar200.zip313KACZAR v2.00 Archive Shell; Compare with SHEZ or ARCMASTER and see what you have been missing. Very easy to use, but powerful! Mouse support, SAA/GUI Interface, supports ZIP, ARJ, LZH, PAK, ARC, ZOO, SQZ, HYP, ARCE, ARC128, ARC286, all SFX files, SCAN, built-in file viewer + editor, revolu- tionary Drag & Drop functions, Backup/Restore entire drives/directories using ZIP or ARJ, lots of improvements and much more!
addav1.zip21K+-------------| AddAv |--------------+ | Addav is a new program for sysops to | | convert your uploads to PKWARE's ZIP | | format. Addav allows you to choose | |which options you want to add to that | | zip file! Addav will also convert | | your GIF files to compressed JPEGs! | +--------------------------------------+
af125.zip53KArchive Finder v1.25; First English version of a French dos program designed to search files in archives and on disk. Support for ARJ ZIP LZH PAK ARC ZOO... Very fast, handy and powerful. Public domain with TP sources (v4.0 to 7.0).
am109.zip231KArcMaster v10.9 - Powerful archive system control program/shell. Create/view ARJ, LHA, UC2, ZIP files. User configurable with complete color configuration. Includes virus scanning using SCAN/NAV. Copy/Move/Del files. Directory tree ops. 4DOS support. Supports UC2, has multi-dir file list 80286 CPU or better required. Shareware from New-Ware
am432.lzh116Kversion of ArcMaster - supports ZIP and LZH files!
am444.lzh151K- arc shell
am97.zip212KArcMaster v9.7; Powerful archive system control program/shell. Copy compressed files from one archive to another. User configurable including complete color configuration. Includes support for SCAN, NAV, LIST, PKLITE, LZEXE. Full file manipulation support, updates of 4DOS DESCRIPT.ION files. Adds printing of file sizes next to dir names and minor bug fixes.
arc2zip.lzh34Kyour archive files from ARC to ZIP format
arc602.exe132K135936 04/12/90 Arc v6.02 arc/unarc
arca-sub.lzh5,690BPak 1.5 as replacement for ARCA, sorts correctly
arca120.lzh83Kv1.20 Arc/Dearc shell-manage all types of archives
arca129.lzh9,541BARCA with ARCA286
arcbar.lzh2,523Ba Lotus type menu to execute PKXARC/PKARC
arcd096b.zip72KArcDoctor v0.96b; Totally automated - no user intervention required. Open up any archived file - even if it has an erroneous extension. Convert archives to any other format.
arce31c.lzh8,291B3.1c of Vernon Buerg's archive extraction utility
arce40f.lzh8,543B4.0f of Vernon Buerg's archive extraction utility
arcf106.lzh6,208B1.06 of Vernon Buerg's archive search utility
archiver.lzh21Karchive named with 4 characters and current date
arcid103.zip19KArchive Identifier v1.03; Utility to identifying ARC, ARJ, HYP, LZH, PAK, SQZ, ZIP, ZOO or GIF files by SIGNATURE, not extension, including self-extracting archives! Small and incredibly fast. Use in customized BBS upload batch files and similar archive testing applications. Excellent for PCBTEST.BAT or SLOWDRV.BAT applications.
arcid111.zip37KArchive Identifier 1.11 - A utility for automatically identifying ARC ARJ HYP LZH PAK SQZ ZIP ZOO GIF and JPG files by SIGNATURE, not extension, including self-extracting archives! Tiny and very fast. Other files can be filtered based on file extensions. For use in customized BBS upload batch files and similar archive testing applications. Excellent for PCBTEST.BAT or SLOWDRV.BAT use. Now includes native 32-bit OS/2 version!
arconv01.zip12K4ARCCONV v1.0; Easy archiving with 4DOS Several script files for 4DOS. The scripts included enable the user to handle archive files very comfortably.
arcshl13.zip24KArcShell; Windows shell for PKUNZIP, ARCE, LHA, ARJ and/or practically any other decompression program requires VBRUN100.DLL
arct101.lzh6,828Bfile touch utility - change dates of files
arctool2.lzh23Kfor handling damaged archives
arcv117.lzh8,881B1.17 of Vernon Buerg's archive list utility
arcx100.zip60KArchiverX for DOS Version 1.00 - Archiver Standardization Utility. Identifies PKZIP/ LHA/ARJ/ZOO/PAK/etc. automatically. Fully configurable. Multilingual. Virus scanners supported. Includes both English and Japanese documents/language files.
arc_chk.zip42KARC_CHK will allow a SYSOP to check .EXE files for a string that would identify it as a self-extracting file.
arj200.exe181K186273 05/11/91 ARJ archiver v2.00 good/fast
arj241a.exe218KARJ v2.41 Archive Compressor/Decompressor Small, Tight Arc
arj241pa.zip1,451Bbatch Patch file; ARJ file compressor v2.41
arjbak12.zip43KMenu-Driven Backup Which Uses ARJ Compression
arjcom02.zip13KARJCOM: Add/Delete Comments Or Files In ARJ's
arjhelp.zip302KARJ-Help is an electronic book (brand named Window Book (tm)) that allows the user to easily discover how to use ARJ. It can be run as a stand-alone program or as a TSR "popup" in the DOS operating system. It is very fast and has a rich set of features which include full-text search, hypertext links, a table of contents that can be reorganized to your needs, a complete index, and much more.
arjpath1.zip6,490BARJ Multi-Volume & Backup Shell For 4DOS
arjs_150.zip26KShell For ARJ Compression Program v1.50
arjwalk.zip15KARJWALK will go from dir to dir looking for for things to compress. w/C source.
arkd150_.lzh147K- Multi-use, great interface!
asim_220.lzh17KSimulator (replaces ARCA05)
aszr200.zip60KArchive Sizer 2.0 by Jibben Software Archive Sizer splits and sizes all types of files, including archived files. Will split to a size to fit specific floppy format or to user determined size. Files except archives can be rejoined. Supports ARC, ARJ, PKZIP (1.1/2.x), LZH, and HYP. Archives can be split so that they will extract to fit on a specific floppy size.
au112d.lzh96KUtilities v1.12d - Process ALL ARChive Types
au116-a.zip120KAU v1.16.10 Archive Utilities
autosn20.lzh18Kscan shell for ZIP,ARC,ICE,PAK,LZH
av403.zip108KAV.EXE: Archive viewer. Full-screen display of archive (ZIP, ARC, etc) contents.
aview64f.zip70KAViewCom.Exe v6.4f; Archive View to Console and Comm port
aview65b.zip70KAViewCom allows BBS callers to view archive contents while online, read ASCII files within archives, and download any number of files from within an archive. The download feature is useful when a caller wants to read a document file prior to downloading the entire archive, or to retrieve one file that may have been corrupted during a previous transfer. AViewCom supports arj, arc, pak, zip, zoo, lzh, lha, as well as some exe and com archives.
aztouch1.zip16K######################### ## AZTOUCH VERSION 1.0 #### ########################### # Successor to ARJTouch ### # will comment, redate, ### # and test both ARJ and ### # ZIP archives. AZTOUCH ### # is a nice utility for ### # those with large ZIP\ ### # ARJ archive libraries!### ########################### # Read DOC before using.### ########################### #########################
aztouch2.zip17KAZTOUCH VERSION 2.0 Successor to ARJTouch will comment, redate, and test both ARJ and ZIP archives. AZTOUCH is a nice utility for those with large ZIP\ ARJ archive libraries! Read DOC before using.
banner11.lzh7,555Bcomments/banners to ZIP files - allows wildcards!
basarchs.zip40KCompilation Of 3 Data Compression Routines
bbsee30u.zip404KBBSee 3.0 Upgrade. Significant update to a great disk catalog system. Catalog disks and archive files, import and quickly search most BBS file description lists, optimized disk filling. Very fast operation. Links to many BBS automation systems (including Intellicomm, Robocomm). Upgrade archive includes only limited documentation. '386+ BBSEE.EXE only. 8086 version of BBSEE.EXE is in BBSEE30V
bbsview5.zip68KBBSView: Archive viewer for use on all types of Bulletin Board Systems. It allows users to view any Arc, Arj, Com, Exe, Lzh, Pak, Zip, and Zoo file.
bcrc103.zip491K B-CRC(c) File Upload Checker by CRC Signature for DOOR.SYS based BBS's. Verifies ZIP, GIF, JPEG and sfxEXE's while online. Generates complete report of duplications on your BBS. SCANS files after U/L for duplicates and sends report to user & log. Scan's CD-ROM's. Menu Driven. Now Supports Fossil. Converts ZDCS Databases! Easy to setup.IRQ to 15, Comports 1-4. RIP GRAPHICS, Many enhanced features! Ver. 1.03, Released 10/18/93 Support Board: The Solar System 714-837-9677/3218
bpak_12.lzh6,570B.ARC to .PAK, easy.
brdx_121.lzh53Kv1.21 Convert any Arc format, i.e., .Arc to .Lzh
cdpro30e.zip683KCD-ROM PRO: Librarian/File Manager for CD-ROM Collections version 3.0e (Feb. 95). Find, view, copy, unarchive, install and/or run files; find duplication between CD-ROMs, files on hard drives/floppies, and filelists. Many useful reports and utilities. Supports both single and multi-CD players, single and multi-line descriptions. *SHAREWARE*
ckot20.zip62KCheckOut V2.0. Converts archieves between types, scans contents for virus. Many features
clean.zip133KPC_CLEAN; Use as a restoration routine generator and as a compression procedure. Creates archievable versions of software on floppy disk
cmpvrt11.zip24KEasily Convert Between File Compression Forma
compress.zip2,279BBENCHMARK COMPRESSION TEST - Comparisons of compression ration and compression time for ARC, ARJ, HAP, LZH, PAK, RAR, SQZ, UC2, ZIP and ZOO. Author's e-mail address included.
contempt.lzh2,651Binfo on the Phil Katz vs. SEA court battle
crush18.zip68KCRUSH v1.8 - Super-compressor for DOS. Fed up with limited compression performance of Stacker, PKZIP, UC2, ZOO, ARJ and LHA? CRUSH will usually give 5%-50% improved compression over any other DOS compression tool, & yet allows the user to continue using the archiver already in use. CRUSH is fast & the ideal choice for users keen to save disk space. Too good to be true? No! Try it! PocketD v4.1 compat. New: no 1000 file limit
czbeta2c.zip331KCheckZip (CZip) v2.00bC; The ULTIMATE Upload Processor! Test ZIP/ARJ/LZH/ZOO/PAK/SDN/GIF /TD0! Convert from ANY using any converter Test uploads for valid CRC's, Viruses File dates (4 ways), Dupes. Extract archive comments to a logfile, Remove comments or add your own. Remove BBS ads by BBS/CRC and add you own. Touch dates. Remove -AV tage. Move/Protect -AV protected files. Configurable ANSI screen, custom comments. Finds archive type based on signature. Supports non standard ports up to 115.2K,
deeplook.zip195KAutomatic cataloging of ZIP/ARC/LZH files and regular programs. Database management system with searching, editing and deleting
dfiles26.zip17KDoFiles. Uses PKZIP.EXE(C) Archive files with extensions of same name using original file names. Erases files after archiving. Write to current dir or use path to dir. Freeware!
diet145f.zip44KDIET.EXE reduces the disk-storage space needed by executable and data files WITHOUT giving up immediate access to such files. DIET is a Freeware Program.
dirtydoz.lzh25KDirty Dozen list v10a
dirx110.zip35KDirX; Directory of eXecutables v1*10; Simple command that will show which files have/haven't been compressed with executable file compressors: AXE/DIET/ EXEPACK, ICE, LEXEM, LZEXE, PKLITE, SCRNCH, SHRINK, TINYPROG; compress/uncompress individual or groups of files from within programs, navigate between drives/directories
dirxc110.zip14KDirX Command-Line lister v1*10: Smaller, version when you just want a listing of compressed and uncompressed files
diskount.lzh170KBritish written Disk & Archive Catalouger
dislte92.zip34KDislite 0.92 - unlites pklited files with -e.
dnt2v304.zip39KDATE 'n' TIME Color r2.03.04; AutoDetect System Date; Date Fix Utility Program PKZip / PKUnZip v2.04G LHA v2.13
dwc-a501.zip85K87867 08/19/88 DWC archiver
dxtrak12.zip62KD-Extract v1.2 Super! Zip Extraction Utility. D-extract will create individual sub-directories for each Zip file. Makes un-zipping multiple files SUPER Easy! Personalized Registration only $10.00. Program By Dave Gale.
dzip10b.zip25KZip Each File In Dir Into It's Own .ZIP
execut10.zip7,792BArchive Individual Files Into Seprate Archive
exemas25.zip42KExemaster: Lists Compression w/Ability To Sho
extrac10.zip14KExtract 1.0: Extracting files from disk image With PKUNZIP UNARJ like syntaxe, you can extract file from floppy image created by WinImage, DCF, DF, Sabdu, and other disk copy tools
exzip194.lzh93KFile Converter-Test Program
exzip204.zip137KExZip; ExZip is a rather simple program to help with the re-compressing of files. Many of the features found in ExZip are geared toward BBS operators. ExZip has the ability to pick out any files from a given subdirectory that are dated with today's or yesterday's date and reZIP them all in one pass using PKZIP. This makes it an ideal program for unattended, overnight processing.
ezcode25.zip76KCompression/Decompression Utility Shell
ezcomp20.zip96KEZComp Version 2.0 Unix compatible compress/uncompress for DOS. Extreamly Fast, true 32bit, runs in 386 protected mode, (386+ required), full 12 - 16 bit support. Uses extended/expanded/Xms/Disk for extra mem if needed. Supports older unix compress, stdin etc..Rel:7/12/92 FreeWare from MAC's Place BBS.
ezip10d.zip134KPowerful, Function-Loaded Shell For Pkzip
ezp100.zip28KEZPEEK v1.0; A full-featured BBS archive viewer. Created specifically for Ezycom!
fasti18.zip21KFAST INFLATE v1.8: Quickly uncompress all .ZIP, .ARJ & .LZH files in current directory, into seperate subdirectories. **NEW: If you are using Dos 6.0, FastI18 can later delete all the new subdirectories for you, using deltree.exe Supports automatic virus scanning. Requires one or more of the these programs: Pkunzip, Arj, Lha, Scan, F-prot 2, Deltree
fb301.zip179KFileBUDDY v3.01 - A unique file viewer that allows you to view and manipulate ASCII, dBASE, ARC, ARJ, LZH, PAK, ZIP, BIF, GIF, PCX, TARGA, and TIF files. dBASE support includes database management and a report writer. Archive support includes archiving, extracting, and deleting files. Image support includes processing, cropping, saving across formats, "slide-show" viewing, and printing to a HP LaserJet or compatible printer.
ff_65a.lzh13KFile-Find version 6.5a - Looks into all archives
findz116.lzh16Kto PKFind, except for .ZOO files
frecmp10.zip22KFreeComp 1.0-Similar to ZIP'R, a program that will save you disk space and therefore money. It will write a batch file according to information you give it. The batch file unzips a zip (or other compressed file), runs the program, updates the zip, then deletes the program files, leaving the zip alone while you are not using the program. Freeware!
fscan117.zip29KFSCAN - The easy to use Archiver converter and Virus Checker
fv145.zip9,490BFV v1.45; Archive directory lister that will display the names and attributes of files contained w/in archive files w/extensions of ARC, ZIP, PAK, DWC, LZH, ZOO, LBR, & most self-extracting*COM/*EXE files created by archive utilities
gnuzip.zip113K*-*-* GNUZIP ("GZIP") PACKAGE 1.0.3 *-*-* All the tools needed to compress/decompress Gzip files from an MS-DOS platform. (1/1)
gsarc10.exe70KGSARC - self extracting
gus_120m.lzh9,091Bshell (arc/zip/lzh/whatever)
gus_170.zip31KGeneral Unpack Shell: Identify & Unpack
gus_180.zip33KGeneral Unpack Shell (GUS) v1.80 handles 14 archive types and their self-extractors. (ARC ARC+ ARJ DWC HA HAP HPK HYP LZH PAK SQZ UC2 ZIP ZOO & SFXs) New in this version: * added support for Dutch UltraCompressor II and UC2 type archives; * added /V (view archive contents) command; * various fixes.
gzip_124.zip114KGZIP is the compression/decompression utility used on files seen at many European internet FTP sites (ie: files with "gz" or "z" ext.)
hap300.zip24KHamarsoft (R)'s NEW ARCHIVER Version 3.00. Compresses up to 30% better than the _NEW_ PKZIP. Handles multiple files, BIG files, wildcards. More than THREE times as fast as version 2.10 Needs only 380 Kb memory ! Developed by Harald Feldmann.
hpack75.zip62KFile Archiver, Transfer To Different OS's
hyper25.zip23K23628 09/29/90 Hyper archiver v2.5
larc333.zip48K49226 02/25/89 Larc archiver
lh113c.exe36K.LZH - Lharc v1.13c
lh205.exe39K2.05 without English docs
lha.exe33Kversion of LHA
lha114a.com35Kv1.14 - file compression/extraction
lha205e.exe39KLHARC 2.05 with English docs
lha206e.exe25KLHARC 2.06 with English docs
lha213.exe43K44381 01/05/92 LHA (LZH) v2.13 archiver (FW) (+)
lhe101.zip9KLHE v1.01 - SuperFast LZH Extract Utility (FREE SOFT) LHE is an MS-DOS LZH file (file compressed by LHA util) extraction utility.
lhx.lzh27K.LZH (LHArc'd) file C source code
lodji.zip124KLodji Utility Program 1.10: Directory, archive, and file viewer and copier with automatic archive extraction. Update views 2- Gigabyte files and has incremental string searching, shelling to DOS, and .ARJ support, in addition to .ARC, .LZH, .ZIP, and .ZOO. Supports embedded archives and displays multiple archives or directories merged to show differences and does simple file management. Is shareware ($30) by David W. Roscoe.
look20.zip54KLOOK! v2.0; Easy pull-down menu system to work with your archived files; mouse support, converting, includes many other options.
lsize252.zip59KCompressed archive splitting utility Includes source
lu.lzh9,511Barc (actually library) utility
lue202.com2,688Bversion of library utility program
lue220.zip4,627B4627 04/28/86 An old archiver
lzex91.zip42K43939 03/11/90 Compress EXE files remain runnable
lzhit200.lzh12K(beta 2.00): ZIP/ARC/PAK/ZOO -> LZH Fast!
megavert.zip6,420BMegaVert is a batch file designed to help you get the most out of your compression programs by automating the process of converting almost any archive format to almost any other archive format! You can taper MegaVert to fit your personal needs, and it is clearly laid out and documented.
mta1vf58.zip50KMTA Make Them Anything V 15.58.1 Minor Rel *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* DISP software: MTA -- Make Them Anything Version/Date : V 15.58.1 / August 14th,1994 *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* This archive is a patch for MTA V 15.58 to fix some small problems with RAR. You must (at least) have the MTA_VF58.ZIP main release archive (optional the overlay and DPMI versions). *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*
mtaovf58.zip161KMTA V 15.58 OVERLAY VERSION *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* DISP software: MTA -- Make Them Anything Version/Date : V 15.58 / August 14th, 1994 *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* MTA is a conversion utility to convert al- most any archive and/or GIF to another for- mat. It contains special support for BBS's, exits, doors and such. Also you can check for virus inside the archives while you convert. Add-on utilities included !! Also included is support for FileDoor (LITE and
mtapvf58.zip251KMTA V 15.58 PROTECTED MODE VERSION *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* DISP software: MTA -- Make Them Anything Version/Date : V 15.58 / August 14th, 1994 *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* MTA is a conversion utility to convert al- most any archive and/or GIF to another for- mat. It contains special support for BBS's, exits, doors and such. Also you can check for virus inside the archives while you convert. Add-on utilities included !! Also included is support for FileDoor (LIT
mta_ve01.lzh345KThem Anything - Repacks from/to any archiver
mta_vf35.zip576KMTA is a conversion utility to convert almost any archive and/or GIF to another format. It contains special support for BBS's, exits, doors and such. Also you can check for virus inside the archives while you convert. Add-on utilities included !! 15.35 is a minor release with a number of bug-fixes and some enhancements.
mta_vf58.zip635KMTA Make Them Anything V 15.58 Minor Rel. *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* DISP software: MTA -- Make Them Anything Version/Date : V 15.58 / August 14th, 1994 *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* MTA is a conversion utility to convert al- most any archive and/or GIF to another for- mat. It contains special support for BBS's, exits, doors and such. Also you can check for virus inside the archives while you convert. Add-on utilities included !! Also included is support for FileDo
mtsv7811.zip71KMTS Make them Seen V 7.81.1 Bug-fix rel. *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* DISP software: MTS archive viewer Version/Date : V 7.81.1 / Sept 18th , 1994 *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* Update to MTS 7.81 to fix COMPORT's > 4. Needs the original MTS_V781.ZIP archive as well ! *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*
narc22.lzh57KGREAT de-arcing program! V2.2
ncav32.zip101KThe Norton Commander Archive Viewer v3.2; Small utility to manipulate ARC, ARJ, LZH, PAK, ZIP and ZOO files, lots of options, very easy to use, can also be used as stand-alone util, The Norton Commander is not needed
ncav40.zip117KThe Norton Commander Archive Viewer v4.0; Small utility to manipulate ARC, ARJ, LZH, PAK, ZIP and ZOO files, lots of options, very easy to use, can also be used as stand-alone util, The Norton Commander is not needed!
netlgo12.zip34KNetLOGO V1.2 - Will insert a Text file into your Zip's as a LOGO. NOT CRIPPLED in any way, no extra's inserted into your ZIP file, just the logo. $10.00 Shareware. NOW WITH BBS SUPPORT and SET COMMAND SUPPORT AND PATH SEARCH FACILITY - WORKS ON NOVELL'S SEARCH MAPPINGS AS WELL. From NetLINE Flagship BBS +27-11-789-6085
noah.zip24K25508 02/20/90 Good compression on single files
omnid.zip24KOmniDrive: Attach Drive Letter To A ZIP File
ooz110.exe11Kfiles from ZOO archives - self extracting
packr101.zip35KDisk/Archive Repackaging & Freshening. v1.01
pak10.exe69Ksuperset of PKARC - self extracting
pak210.exe89Kversion 2.10 of PAK
pak250.exe100K103212 10/05/90 Pak v2.50 - now supports ZIP's
pak251.exe100K(v2.51) - Works with ARC, PAK or LZH files
pakit106.lzh69KNo Description *
pakutl12.lzh55Karchive packed by PKPAK to date/time order
pax.zip45K46981 02/20/90 Unix style file compressor
pcunzip.zip18KUncompression Program & Source From Pc-Mag
pdzip.exe27K28099 10/05/90 PD implementation of ZIP
pk-msgs.lzh20Kon the lawsuit between PKWare and SEA
pk361.exe117K119808 08/05/88 PK pak/unpak util V3.61 self-extracting
pkansi.zip2,949BStill Typing Pkunzip At The Command Prompt?
pkarc35p.lzh1,261Bfor PKXARC version 3.5
pkfind11.lzh8,029Bfile finder from Phil Katz
pkfool10.zip8,094BPKFOOL v1.0 the PKLITE FOOL TOOL by JSF Software, Feb. 1993. This handy tool makes EXE files which were compressed by PKLite appear UNCOMPRESSED making them secure! Includes UNPKFOOL to restore the original EXE files. **FREEWARE**
pklte115.zip40KCompress EXE And COM Files Yet Still Run Them
pkpres20.zip46KPKpress v2.0; Scans directories specified by user (or entire drive) for ZIP files, and recompresses them with maximum compression, saving MEGABYTES of hard drive space! Works with either Pkzip 1.1 or 2.04g and also Automatically converts 1.1 zip files to 2.04g! Fast, easy, and reliable! Command line driven, so it can be run from nightly event or from a batch file. Has a user friendly interface and status screen. Now DPMI compatible and faster.
pkun10.zip2,155BPkunLiter v1.0 - Unpklites files that are pklited with extra compression (-e). Works only on EXE files.
pkx35a35.exe70Kfile archiver/unarchiver - self extracting
pkxarcm.lzh10Kinterface for PKXARC
pkz092.exe101Kv.92 archive utility by Phil Katz
pkz101.exe128Kv 1.01 - better than LHARC!
pkz102.exe132K.ZIP - PkZip/UnZip 1.02
pkz110.exe145K149219 03/24/90 Pkzip/Pkunzip v1.1 for ZIP files
pkz204g.exe197K202574 02/08/93 202574 02-08-93 PKZIP 2; The next generation in compressio
pkz20ng.zip71KNorton Guide For Pkzip 2.0x Docs w/ Viewer
polyx11a.lzh46Kmultiple archive extractor executive
pscn113e.zip222KPalmScan v1.13 - The Ultimate Archive Conversion Utility! Convert almost any archive to another format. It can check for viruses inside the archives while converting (with up to 20 virus scanners), get file descriptions, process embedded archives, remove/add files from/to archives, full support for GIF packing, and lots more! PalmScan has full FileDoor, FILES.BBS and Remote- Access 2.0x and Ezycom 1.02 and 1.10 file-database support, works with any door.sys or dorinfo supporting bbs program.
put100.zip66KFile Archive/Compression Package, Super
qaz_321.zip58KQAZ v3.21a views the directories of all the major archive formats, including many self- extractors from soup to nuts, it recognizes most archive formats from the depths of the cybernetic ether. Listing can be customized in a variety of ways-- or search a disk for archives with specified files. "No archiver too obscure...(almost)" Lists nearly three- dozen file types! (Free).
qdir131.zip127KQuickDir v1.31; Amazing Dos/Archive Shell. A MUST HAVE for maintaining hard drive and LAN. Over 50 DOS Functions. 3 pgms in 1. 1) A DOS Manager that's Sensible and Smart! HD Tree is displayed instantly. 2) An Easy Archive Mgr. Just press 'X' or 'V' twice to extract or view. 3) Find Duplicate, Archive, Temp or Any file. Copy / Delete found files. New: XMS/Disk Swap, Display Print Option. For DOS, Windows, OS/2 FAT.
qzc_110.zip9KQuickZipComment v1.10 - A quick .ZIPfile commenting system that allows you to keep the original date, set the date to the latest file in the .ZIP, or update to the current date. Version 1.10 now has a comment stripping feature. by Chris Frankforther, **FREE**
radlb105.zip505K+|RADLab(tm) Version 1.05|----------------+ | | |An archive tester for PCBoard/ProDoor or | |any BBS system. Tests ZIP/ARJ/ARC/PAK/ | |self extracting ARJ/ZIP/LHA/LZH not to | |mention: LHA/LZH/TD0/GIF files. | |ZOO Version 2.0 and soon .DSM Amiga | |files, Date testing, re-compression, | |virii scanning, trojan testing, comment | |replacement, FILE_ID.DIZ and DESC.SDI | |insertion ( PCBoard and ProDoor Only ). | |Fossil Supported
rar153us.zip155KThe RAR archiver v1.53: integrated archive manager Full Screen and usual interface High Compression and Speed managing non-RAR archives SFX archives, volumes, SFX volumes "solid" archives, update possible packed color comments, volume labels Authenticity Verification FREE unRAR utility with SOURCE CODE and much more ...
recompr1.zip49K PEGASUS SOFTWARE'S * RECOMPRESS * Version 1.1 SAVE THAT DISK SPACE!!! RECOMPRESS is a Tiny Little Utility That will recompress ZIP files with Maximum Compression... Saving BYTES Will Run Single Files, Dir, or in PCBTEST.BAT to Recompress New Uploads FULLY FUNCTIONAL UNCRIPPLED SHAREWARE >>OS/2 FRIENDLY!<<
redate.lzh12Karchive date to date of newest file in archive
rezip11.zip9,213BREZIP v1.1 ReZip is a handy utility to utilize the maximum compression of PKZip 2.04g. ReZip will unzip your archive, no matter what version of PKZip was used and rezip it utilizing PKZip 2.04g.
rv250.zip26KRV-RView, v2.50; Customizable archive lister & utility. Currently supported are ARC, ARJ, HYP, LZH, LZS, PAK, SQZ, ZIP & ZOO. Displays ZIP- or LZH-style compression ratios. Various sort options. Converts self extracting archives back to normal.
rvs110.zip46KRVS-RView Shell v1.10; Shell for viewing and extracting the contents of several archive types. Calls on user-selectable external programs to extract and view. Currently supported are ARC, ARJ, LZH, LZS, PAK, ZIP and ZOO. Displays either ZIP- or LZH-style compression ratios. Various sort options.
sar100.zip24KStreamline Archive Utility v1.00
sbust24r.zip20KStick-Buster v2.40r; Removes many types of executable compression and encryption!
scnvrt01.zip22KSmartCNV is designed to ease the problems of systems getting PKZIP version 1 and version 2 mixed up in the network. It is designed to be run before MSROUTE. It will scan your MAILOUT area and check G and B bags and if they have been built with PKZip version 2 the bag will be unpacked and repacked with PKZip 1.10.
shellit.zip113KShellit Version 2 - Shellit is a GUI for PKUNZIP/PKZIP, ARC, and VIRUSCAN. Shellit can compress, decompress, and view files in the arc and zip formats, scan a drive, a directory, a file or files for viruses without typing a single command line. Shellit provides a list of drives available, a directory tree for the current drive, and file listing for the current directory. From GWN Software. US$ 25, CDN$ 28
shez1060.zip256KSHEZ v10.6--Premier Compression Shell. ZIP,LHA,ZOO,ARC,ARJ,SQZ,PAK,UC2,HAP,RAR, WINDOWS COMPRESSED supported. One of the most full featured compressed file shells around. Added ability to transfer FILE_ID.DIZ info to 4DOS description. Can identify new types of self extracting ZIP files. Fixed color setting problem.
shez59.lzh110Kv5.9 - The Compression Companion Shell
shez60b.lzh129K6.0 bug fix
shez94.zip223KSHEZ v9.4; Premier Compression Shell. Supports ZIP,LHA,ZOO,ARC,ARJ,SQZ,PAK. Added: Can now update nested compressed files, Sort Ascending/Descending. New:internal printer support, Print tagged files, Increased directory limit. Fixed: 4DOS list problem, Cursor movement problem, Other fixes.
shezs18c.zip10KShezShow. Shows Enhancements for Shez Archive Manager. Learn how to get more from Shez. Sample Text files and Batch files included. Use Many virus scanners, reconfigure Shez dynamically, load multi- ple copies of Shez simultaneously. Use Shez to work with archives in the TAB Window, plus much more....
spaz_150.lzh28K1.50 - Smart un-archiver shell
spot12.zip122K#### SpotChek v1.2 #### PCB v15+ Upload File Processor. Includes File_id,Archive Conversion, Message Posting,Dupe Check,TrashCan, Virus Scan,Comments,Ad Files,Strip Files,CRC Check,Configurable Screens, Move File to offline dir etc.... Too many features to mention. Free Eval. Key Included! Exciting new Product by company # called Dynagrafix Developments. # # # #### [ 1*1 ] ####
sq-nusq.zip12K12482 12/06/85 Squeeze/Unsqueeze utility
sqwez21.zip52KSQWEZ MULTI-FILE COMPRESSION: Full featured file compression package- Sqwez v2.1 is full featured multi-file compression package. Files and options are entered through command line argument or a user interface menu system... Make self expanding or .SQZ files, view Sqwezed files and more..
sqz1082e.zip79KSQZ, Combined File Compressor And Archiver
stlth21.zip61KSTEALTH; The Archive Converter of 1994! Converts all compressed files to any other format, also UPDATES PKZIP 1.1 and 2.0 "normal" files to 2.0 -EXTRA! NEW: Leave -AV zip files alone, and list archives before processing + virus scanning. Fully configurable, recurse your entire hard disk, find SFX compressed, keeps log of activity + much more. A must try!
stripzip.lzh10Kcomments from .LZH files
szv132.zip50KSIMPLE ZIP VIEWER v1.3 This program allows viewing of .ZIP files without having to extract the contents of the.ZIP file. This new version now fixes a couple bugs and adds quite a few new features such as now being able to shell to DOS while viewing. Please see HISTORY.SZV for full details on all changes. Release date: 11-13-1994, $5 registration fee......
t2z_100.lzh7,368B1.00, Zip Add/Cleanse Commentary Utility
tagzip10.zip42KTAGZIP v1.0 - TAGZIP is a utility to UNZIP single or multiple files from a ZIP archive, even across multiple disks. PKUNZIP is needed. Shareware - $15 registration.
tar4dos.lzh13Kfiles from UNIX TAR file or floppy
tc116.zip108K111328 02/14/91 ThunderCrush archiver v1.16
thd_11_0.zip264KTHD ProScan v11.0 - File/Upload Tester/Convertor. ARC-ARJ-HYP-LHA-PAK-RAR-UC2-ZIP-GIF-TD0 support.
tia101.lzh10Kcompressed files, 3 choices
touchv20.zip24KTouch v2.0 Basic utility to update date and time of filename. Includes source.
tron121.zip25KTRON PROFESSIONAL v1.21 SOME BUGS FROM v1.20 REMOVED! pklite,diet,ice,lzexe,tinyprog! tiny v3.9/diet v1.45f/sea-axe universal unprotection unit 286-realmode,386-protected mode to open protect 4.00/5.00+
tronv106.zip20KTRON v1.06; DisLite,UnLzexe,UnDiet,UnTiny Protect! EXE/COM 3.0: TinyProg 3.8 (reg only): Encryption Scanner
tunacp40.zip58K+------++----+ TUNAdCut Public ver.4 +-+.++*||.++.| 'The Final Release' |.||.++*||.| Removes nearly any BBS .+-++----++-+ ad from ZIP files 1/1 +------------------------------------+ standard or random filenames/Textfiles .EXE/.COM files/TheDraw ANSi-.COM/Word Processor/0 byte/High ASCII/VGA loader Compiled .BAT files /Invalid Filenames or Directory Names /.ARJ or .ZIP self- extractors / "-,@,!,and $" filename ad schemes / Anything in sub-directories and removal of empty sub-dire
udproc12.lzh18Kall archives to PAK format
unarjnt.zip47KUNARJ v2.41; Contains original release from the author with ARJ security envelope. UNARJ executable for MS-DOS, user manual and C source code for DOS, Windows, Win-NT Apps.
unp312.zip26KUNP v3.12 Executable file expander; Uncompresses files compressed with DIET, EXEPACK, LZEXE, PKLITE and many other file compression utilities. UNP also allows you to convert files from COM to EXE and vice versa, optimize EXE headers and remove overlay data from EXE files.
upchk600.zip174K+-+UPCHECK 6.00, Checks uploads for age,+-+ |#|viruses and duplicates. Recompress to|#| |#|any format. Inserts FILE_ID.DIZ/DESC|#| |#|into RemoteAccess, ProBoard, TriBBS,|#| |#|PCBoard & FILES.BBS file listing. Can|#| |#|post messages when files fail. Hudson|#| |#|JAM/TriBBS support. RIP Graphics. Can|#| |#|add number of files/date/GIF/JPG info|#| |#|to descriptions. Security overrides.|#| |#|Supports ARC/ARJ/LHA/LZH/PAK/SQZ/UC2/|#| |#|ZIP/ZOO/GIF/JPG/SFX and GUS now also.|#| |#|"AutoTest" con
uudec957.zip41KRichard Marks' UUencode/UUdecode Utility
va3610.lzh5,563Bviewer, Fully redirectable ZIP, PAK, ARC, ZOO
viewarj.zip7,063B* ViewARJ v1.00 * This utility is like the ViewZIP utility distributed with the PCBoard package. Syntax is the same as that of ViewZIP.
vip_64e.zip84KZipfile Utility v6.4e; View, Extract, Scan, Edit, Delete individual files from within zipFiles. Uses PkZip 2.04. Also works with Dos 6 and DoubleSpace. .. Re-Create directories saved within zipFiles. Re-Zip files for maximum compression & Sets zipfile date to latest date used within Zip. Convert ARJ, LHA, ARC files to Zipfiles for better compression. Process backup Zips that span multiple disks. Screen saver & more. ..
whatz23.zip3,838BWHATZIP v2.3; This program determines and displays what version(s) of ZIP program was used to create the ZIP file(s) specified on the command line.
winunarj.zip48KWindows UnArchive v2.02; An Archive File Extraction Utility for MS-Windows 3.x Used to extract and decompress files from ZIP and ARJ format archives. It takes the place of both command-line DOS unarchivers and Windows-based front ends for those utilities.
wiz31.zip71KLightning fast, multi-disk file finder. Full wildcards--better that DOS's. Scans multiple disks, and within archives. Can quality files by size, date, class -- executable, archive. Approx 5 times FASTER than any other whereis program. Works with DUBLSPACE, CD-ROMs and on networks, incl. Novell & Lantastic.
wt230.zip435KWazTree v2.30 Directory Utility Plus; File manager, Copy, Move, Delete, Decompress Compress, View (GIF, ANSI, ZIP, LZH, TEXT), Edit, Menu to run other programs, Updated Modem program, Xmodem,Ymodem,Kermit,Zmodem & Ascii, Voice dialer, Typewriter, New Calendar Calculator, Print text & labels, Search, Ega/Vga, Mouse, Configure, User guide, Online help & More...
wwp300.zip34KWWPACK 3.0 Compresses most DOS executable files. Packed files need less space on your disks: they are 10-60% smaller but still work normally (as if they weren't packed).
xchg_103.lzh12Kconverter - handles nested archives
xeq160.zip14KXEQ - COM File Library and Command Executor This program allows COM files to be stored inside XEQ's code and executed by the command
yank_1_0.zip7,266BYank v1.0 Multiarchive file extractor. Freeware
zad10.zip8,405BZip A Directory 1.0 creates a ZIP from a directory which contains all its files and subdirectories. All the files in this directory and its subdirectory are deleted. The tree structure of the subdirectories is preserved in the ZIP. The program uses PKZIP and can store without compressing, use normal compression, or use maximum compression. Copyright (c) 1993 by Gregory Sherman
zap130.zip85KZAP Zip Archive Processor: Archive scanning utility. It is intended to easily and quickly perform some very common tasks that many users who upload or download often will usually perform by hand.
zarc_50.zip61KZARC; Zip utility, Zip tagged files easily. Version 5 Has more features. You can easily create, update, freshen, or move files. Uses LIST to view text files. Backup an entire directory on diskettes or hard-drive. Works with PKZIP version 2.04 and DOS 5 or newer. Works just fine with DoubleSpace
zbkup120.zip30KZBackup 1.2 for PKZIP & UNZIP 2.04: Convenient UI for -- backup and restore using PKZIP looking at directory listings looking at ZIP file contents
zce20.zip211KZip Comment Editor 2.0 *Vastly* Improved
zcm12.zip149KZip CommentMaster v1.2; ZCM is slick utility that permits a ZIP system user to rapidly and easily manipulate comments. Includes a full featured string editor to edit and store comment strings and a full featured text editor to manipulate a main ZIP file comment.
zcp300.zip100KZip Chunker Pro 3.00; ARC, ARJ, LHZ, ZIP Splitter for DOS and OS/2. ZCP splits and sizes all types of files, including archived files. Will split to a size to fit specific floppy format or to user determined size. Files except archives can be rejoined. Supports ARC, ARJ, PKZIP (1.1/2.x), LZH, and HYP. Archives can be split so that they will extract to fit on a specific floppy size.
zdiff21.zip83KVersion 2.1: Full screen Turbo Vision UI, new filtering options, and more ! ZDiff compares 2 archives (even of different formats), 2 directories, or an archive and a directory -> it's FAST ! Zip, Arj, Lha, Lzh, Pak, Arc, Zoo archives supported. 32-bit or 16-bit CRC comparison. A VERY handy tool, easy to use, that saves you time ! Give it a try !
zdir18.zip27KZip Utility v1.8 From Toad Hall
zface72.zip34KMenu-Driven ZIP File Compression Interface
zfv113.zip33KDetailed viewing of zip file makeup. See how it is laid out, diff levels
zgen103.doc1,365Bv1.03 archive management utility
zgen103.lzh54KARC LZH LZH PAK (LZH)
zgrep30.zip19KGrep Into ZIP Files Looking For Text
zipall11.zip96KGet Freespace Using Pkware's Pkzip My Way!
zipall12.zip96KZIPALL v1.2; Freespace: the final frontier. A collection of .BAT files to continue on where PKWARE left off. They exploit PKZIP and PKUNZIP in a BIG way!
zipbr111.zip42KZIP Brand FAST! v1.11. A (BBS) util to brand .ZIP files in a whole directory tree SAFELY and QUICKLY with a comment or banner taken from a file. Typically processing speed is 20+++ files a sec. Advanced but very easy to use.Does NOT use external programs as PKZIP or Info ZIP. DOS version. US$ 10 Shareware.
zipchan1.zip51K PEGASUS SOFTWARE'S * ZIPCHANGE * v1.0 ZIPCHANGE will automatically change the comment in any zip archive. Completely configurable, it will work on one directory, or up to 1000 directories - UNATTENDED!! FULLY FUNCTIONAL UNCRIPPLED SHAREWARE A PEGASUS SOFTWARE & IMAGING PRODUCT!
zipcmn13.zip32KAdd Or Delete Comments From ZIP Files
zipcom11.lzh38Kcomments to .LZH files using wildcards (*.LZH)
zipcrck.zip11KCrack Encrypted ZIP Files Easily
zipcrk10.zip18KBrute force attack on PKZIP 2.0 encryption. Works Ok for short passwords, but will take centuries for longer ones. This EXE is compiled for 286+ machines. Turbo Pascal source included.
zipcvt14.zip5,875BConvert Pkzip 1.1 Files To Pkzip v2.04c Frmt.
zipcvt29.zip12KZIP Converter 2.9 converts ZIPs to version 2.04 format, using maximum compression. It can be used on both hard and floppy drives to convert 1.x ZIPs to 2.04 format or to recompress all ZIPs which were not created with PKZIP 2.04's maximum compression algorithm. ZIP comments can be retained, added, or removed. Volume labels will be preserved. Copyright (c) 1995 by Gregory Sherman
zipd122.zip63KZIP Fugue - ZIP file handler v2.0 DOS (ZIPD12) & Windows (ZIPW20) & 4DOS descripts. Allows you to tag files to add to a ZIP file in full screen mode, and then add them along with their 4Dos file descriptions. It also displays the files in the ZIP file along with their descriptions. You can also tag the files in ZIP file, and extract them along with their 4DOS file descriptions.
zipeng10.zip40KThe Zip Engine version 1.0, a graphical front-end for use with PKWare's PKZip. Requires OS/2 and VREXX. Supports all features of PKZip 2.04g, and more, such as viewing of zipped text files.
zipfo20.zip30KZipfo - Zipped file information utility New Updated Version 2.0 quickly give you the following helpful information : The version of PKZIP used to zip the file, the uncompressed size, if the volume label was stored, if the subdirectories are stored, if maximal compression was used, and if it has a file_id diz. Useful to know if you need to use -$ or -d to unzip, or if it has a diz file when uploading. Maritime Computer
zipid_9c.zip29K-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ -+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ -+-+ZipId Version .9beta! Rev. "C" -+-+ -+-+Ever wanted a simple program to -+-+ -+-+tell you if an archive is 2.04 -+-+ -+-+or 1.10 so you can use it to -+-+ -+-+determine what version of some -+-+ -+-+util to use? Here it is! -+-+ -+-+FIXED ERRORLEVEL BUGS WITH 1.10!-+-+ -+-+Freeware from Nathan Taylor! -+-+ -+-+ InfoNet BBS (508)-630-3720 -+-+ -+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ -+-+-+-+
zipit22.zip116KZipit 2.2 zip shell for Windows New version! PKzip 2.04 compatible. All new 3d look and feel. Needs VBRUN200.DLL. Auto hard drive scan for .zip files.
ziplogo6.zip65KZIPLOGO, ARJLOGO, DIRLOGO, v6.0; Automatic ZIP and ARJ file comment utility
zipman1a.zip355KZIP Manager Gold, Complete Archive Utility
zipquik5.lzh11Kconvert all archive files to ZIP format
zipr41.zip355KZIP'R For DOS v4.1 - Hard Disk Tripler! ZIP'R uses ARJ, LHA, SQZ, or PKZIP/PKUNZIP to store programs in compressed form. ZIP'R can triple your hard disk space! Version 4.1 adds some minor enhancements to ZIP'R and to the ZIF Editor.
zipup1_1.lzh12Kfast ZIP comment stripper/adder.
zip_go51.zip83KZIP&GO v5.1 - RUN FROM ZIPFILES - All new, menu driven hard drive compression! Runs zipped programs from hard drive or disk. Transparent operation and total user control.
zip_mngr.zip51KZipper: Zips Hardly-Used Programs, Saves Spac
zm31.zip130KZIP file compression manager for PKZ204g. It is designed to work with the PKWare file compression system programs PKZIP.EXE, PKUNZIP.EXE, ZIP2EXE, and PKZIPFIX.EXE. In addition, support is provided for browsing files with Vernon Buerg's LIST.COM, virus scanning files with John McAffe's SCAN.EXE, and compressing executable files with PKWare's PKLITE.EXE (or LZEXE.EXE).
zm37.zip132KZipMaster v3.7 - Powerful, full-featured ZIP archive control system. Dual directory tree display. Browse and tag from all files on one drive. Supports PKZIP/PKUNZIP 2.04 options. Supports ZIP2EXE, PKFIXZIP, PKLITE, SCAN, LZEXE, LZESHELL, and LIST. Copy/move/delete files. Built-in text editor. Requires PKWare ZIP system, LIST.COM suggested. Complete directory tree manipulation. User configurable.
zn_101.lzh11K1.01-PkZip Comment Cleanse/Manipulate (LimeLight)
zoo120.lzh22Karchiving program - faster than ARC
zoo201.exe80Kcompressor by Rahul Desi
zoox201.zip84K86426 07/25/89 Zoo archiver v2.01
zoox2exe.exe39Kmulti-volume ZOO derivative (approved by RD!)
zp20_dom.zip56K Zip Processor v2.0 coded by Drake +---------------------------------+ | ############################### | | ## ###### # ###### # ### ### ## | | ## ## ## # ## ## # ## # ## ## | | ## ## ## # ## ## # ## # ## ## | | ## ##### ### #### ## ## # ## ## | | ############################### | |---------------------------------| | New outfit, few more fixes! | |---------------------------------| | [+] Remove -AV info from ZIP's | | [+] Check ZIP's for CRC errors | | [+] Add ZIP comment
zpro220.zip444KZIP'R Pro For DOS v2.20 H.D. Tripler! ZIP'R Pro stores programs in compressed form when they are not being used. Use ZIP'R Pro to automatically decompress a program, execute it, and recompress it again. Uses ARJ, LHA, PKZIP, or built-in compression. Integrate with a menu system, or use ZIP'R Pro's button menu. Works with networks & multitaskers. Easy to use push-button interface with mouse support!
zt271.zip123KZIPTOOL v2.71; Great ZIP utility, Splits large ZIP files into smaller ZIPs, Combines multiple ZIP files together as one ZIP, Copy or Move tagged or untagged files from within the ZIP to another ZIP without having to UNZIP the file first, Extract tagged or untagged files to a user defined path, Mouse Driven, Zooming Windows. Now you can view ANY size Zipfile
zt283.zip124K ######## ZIPTOOL v2.83 ####### Great ZIP utility, Splits large ZIP files into smaller ZIPs, Combines multiple ZIP files together as one ZIP, Copy or Move tagged or untagged files from within the ZIP to another ZIP without having to UNZIP the file first, Extract tagged or untagged files to a user defined path, Mouse Driven, Zooming Windows. New Speed Increase. Note Authors New Address !! << Just $10.00 to register >>
ztec70b.zip109KThe Zip Terminus 7.0B : Menu / Front End for PKZIP 2.04x/1.1; use with keyboard or mouse; menus for compress , extract, create self- extractor , etc. ; extract / compress virus check - McAfee Viruscan required ; + more... UpDate:03/05/93 S.T.CALISE
zzap62a.lzh89Karchive converter.
zzap66a.zip97KUniversal automated archive conversion. Supports all known archive programs. Convert archive type, test integrity, scan for viruses, validate program CRC's. Properly handles nested archives. NEW, support for self-extracting archives (SFX). Fully configurable. Several user "hooks" supported.