File Libaries
Library: Utilities - Directory: Util - Archivers
2all210.zip16Kall v2.10 (The Ultimate Archive Converter) Will take all t
ac310.zip129KAC v3.10 - The Archive Converter; New features such as cus
acomment.zip33KAutoComment v1.0; Designed for the purpose of putting ZIP
aczar200.zip313KACZAR v2.00 Archive Shell; Compare with SHEZ or ARCMASTER
addav1.zip22KAddAv |-+ | Addav is a new program for sysops to | | conve
af125.zip54KArchive Finder v1.25; First English version of a French do
am109.zip231KArcMaster v10.9 - Powerful archive system control program/
am432.lzh117Kversion of ArcMaster - supports ZIP and LZH files!
am444.lzh151K- arc shell
am97.zip213KArcMaster v9.7; Powerful archive system control program/sh
arc2zip.lzh35Kyour archive files from ARC to ZIP format
arc602.exe133K135936 04/12/90 Arc v6.02 arc/unarc
arc_chk.zip43KARC_CHK will allow a SYSOP to check .EXE files for a strin
arca-sub.lzh5,690BPak 1.5 as replacement for ARCA, sorts correctly
arca120.lzh84Kv1.20 Arc/Dearc shell-manage all types of archives
arca129.lzh9,541BARCA with ARCA286
arcbar.lzh2,523Ba Lotus type menu to execute PKXARC/PKARC
arcd096b.zip72KArcDoctor v0.96b; Totally automated - no user intervention
arce31c.lzh8,291B3.1c of Vernon Buerg's archive extraction utility
arce40f.lzh8,543B4.0f of Vernon Buerg's archive extraction utility
arcf106.lzh6,208B1.06 of Vernon Buerg's archive search utility
archiver.lzh22Karchive named with 4 characters and current date
arcid103.zip20KArchive Identifier v1.03; Utility to identifying ARC, ARJ,
arcid111.zip37KArchive Identifier 1.11 - A utility for automatically iden
arconv01.zip13KARCCONV v1.0; Easy archiving with 4DOS Several script file
arcshl13.zip24KArcShell; Windows shell for PKUNZIP, ARCE, LHA, ARJ and/or
arct101.lzh6,828Bfile touch utility - change dates of files
arctool2.lzh24Kfor handling damaged archives
arcv117.lzh8,881B1.17 of Vernon Buerg's archive list utility
arcx100.zip61KArchiverX for DOS Version 1.00 - Archiver Standardization
arj200.exe182K186273 05/11/91 ARJ archiver v2.00 good/fast
arj241a.exe219KARJ v2.41 Archive Compressor/Decompressor Small, Tight Arc
arj241pa.zip1,451Bbatch Patch file; ARJ file compressor v2.41
arjbak12.zip43KMenu-Driven Backup Which Uses ARJ Compression
arjcom02.zip14KARJCOM: Add/Delete Comments Or Files In ARJ's
arjhelp.zip302KARJ-Help is an electronic book (brand named Window Book (t
arjpath1.zip6,490BARJ Multi-Volume & Backup Shell For 4DOS
arjs_150.zip26KShell For ARJ Compression Program v1.50
arjwalk.zip16KARJWALK will go from dir to dir looking for for things to
arkd150_.lzh148K- Multi-use, great interface!
asim_220.lzh17KSimulator (replaces ARCA05)
aszr200.zip61KArchive Sizer 2.0 by Jibben Software Archive Sizer splits
au112d.lzh97KUtilities v1.12d - Process ALL ARChive Types
au116-a.zip120KAU v1.16.10 Archive Utilities
autosn20.lzh18Kscan shell for ZIP,ARC,ICE,PAK,LZH
av403.zip109KAV.EXE: Archive viewer. Full-screen display of archive (ZI
aview64f.zip70KAViewCom.Exe v6.4f; Archive View to Console and Comm port
aview65b.zip70KAViewCom allows BBS callers to view archive contents while
aztouch1.zip17KAZTOUCH VERSION 1.0 ## ## # Successor to ARJTouch ## # wil
aztouch2.zip17KAZTOUCH VERSION 2.0 Successor to ARJTouch will comment, re
banner11.lzh7,555Bcomments/banners to ZIP files - allows wildcards!
basarchs.zip41KCompilation Of 3 Data Compression Routines
bbsee30u.zip405KBBSee 3.0 Upgrade. Significant update to a great disk cata
bbsview5.zip69KBBSView: Archive viewer for use on all types of Bulletin B
bcrc103.zip491KB-CRC(c) File Upload Checker by CRC Signature for DOOR.SYS
bpak_12.lzh6,570B.ARC to .PAK, easy.
brdx_121.lzh53Kv1.21 Convert any Arc format, i.e., .Arc to .Lzh
cdpro30e.zip684KCD-ROM PRO: Librarian/File Manager for CD-ROM Collections
ckot20.zip63KCheckOut V2.0. Converts archieves between types, scans con
clean.zip134KPC_CLEAN; Use as a restoration routine generator and as a
cmpvrt11.zip24KEasily Convert Between File Compression Forma
compress.zip2,279BBENCHMARK COMPRESSION TEST - Comparisons of compression ra
contempt.lzh2,651Binfo on the Phil Katz vs. SEA court battle
crush18.zip68KCRUSH v1.8 - Super-compressor for DOS. Fed up with l
czbeta2c.zip332KCheckZip (CZip) v2.00bC; The ULTIMATE Upload Processor! Te
deeplook.zip195KAutomatic cataloging of ZIP/ARC/LZH files and regular prog
dfiles26.zip17KDoFiles. Uses PKZIP.EXE(C) Archive files with extensions o
diet145f.zip44KDIET.EXE reduces the disk-storage space needed by executab
dirtydoz.lzh25KDirty Dozen list v10a
dirx110.zip35KDirX; Directory of eXecutables v1*10; Simple command that
dirxc110.zip14KDirX Command-Line lister v1*10: Smaller, version when you
diskount.lzh171KBritish written Disk & Archive Catalouger
dislte92.zip34KDislite 0.92 - unlites pklited files with -e.
dnt2v304.zip40KDATE 'n' TIME Color r2.03.04; AutoDetect System Date; Date
dwc-a501.zip86K87867 08/19/88 DWC archiver
dxtrak12.zip62KD-Extract v1.2 Super! Zip Extraction Utility. D-extract wi
dzip10b.zip25KZip Each File In Dir Into It's Own .ZIP
execut10.zip7,792BArchive Individual Files Into Seprate Archive
exemas25.zip42KExemaster: Lists Compression w/Ability To Sho
extrac10.zip15KExtract 1.0: Extracting files from disk image With PKUNZIP
exzip194.lzh94KFile Converter-Test Program
exzip204.zip137KExZip; ExZip is a rather simple program to help with the r
ezcode25.zip76KCompression/Decompression Utility Shell
ezcomp20.zip97KEZComp Version 2.0 Unix compatible compress/uncompress for
ezip10d.zip135KPowerful, Function-Loaded Shell For Pkzip
ezp100.zip29KEZPEEK v1.0; A full-featured BBS archive viewer. Created s
fasti18.zip21KFAST INFLATE v1.8: Quickly uncompress all .ZIP, .ARJ & .LZ
fb301.zip179KFileBUDDY v3.01 - A unique file viewer that allows y
ff_65a.lzh13KFile-Find version 6.5a - Looks into all archives
findz116.lzh17Kto PKFind, except for .ZOO files
frecmp10.zip23KFreeComp 1.0-Similar to ZIP'R, a program that will save yo
fscan117.zip29KFSCAN - The easy to use Archiver converter and Virus Check
fv145.zip9,490BFV v1.45; Archive directory lister that will display the n
gnuzip.zip114KGNUZIP ("GZIP") PACKAGE 1.0.3 *-*-* All the tools needed t
gsarc10.exe70KGSARC - self extracting
gus_120m.lzh9,091Bshell (arc/zip/lzh/whatever)
gus_170.zip32KGeneral Unpack Shell: Identify & Unpack
gus_180.zip34KGeneral Unpack Shell (GUS) v1.80 handles 14 archive types
gzip_124.zip114KGZIP is the compression/decompression utility used on file
hap300.zip25KHamarsoft (R)'s NEW ARCHIVER Version 3.00. Compresses up t
hpack75.zip62KFile Archiver, Transfer To Different OS's
hyper25.zip23K23628 09/29/90 Hyper archiver v2.5
larc333.zip48K49226 02/25/89 Larc archiver
lh113c.exe36K.LZH - Lharc v1.13c
lh205.exe39K2.05 without English docs
lha.exe33Kversion of LHA
lha114a.com35Kv1.14 - file compression/extraction
lha205e.exe40KLHARC 2.05 with English docs
lha206e.exe26KLHARC 2.06 with English docs
lha213.exe43K44381 01/05/92 LHA (LZH) v2.13 archiver (FW) (+)
lhe101.zip10KLHE v1.01 - SuperFast LZH Extract Utility (FREE SOFT) LHE
lhx.lzh27K.LZH (LHArc'd) file C source code
lodji.zip124KLodji Utility Program 1.10: Directory, archive, and file v
look20.zip54KLOOK! v2.0; Easy pull-down menu system to work with your a
lsize252.zip59KCompressed archive splitting utility Includes source
lu.lzh9,511Barc (actually library) utility
lue202.com2,688Bversion of library utility program
lue220.zip4,627B4627 04/28/86 An old archiver
lzex91.zip43K43939 03/11/90 Compress EXE files remain runnable
lzhit200.lzh13K(beta 2.00): ZIP/ARC/PAK/ZOO -> LZH Fast!
megavert.zip6,420BMegaVert is a batch file designed to help you get the most
mta1vf58.zip50KMTA Make Them Anything V 15.58.1 Minor Rel *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*
mta_ve01.lzh345KThem Anything - Repacks from/to any archiver
mta_vf35.zip577KMTA is a conversion utility to convert almost any archive
mta_vf58.zip636KMTA Make Them Anything V 15.58 Minor Rel. *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-
mtaovf58.zip162KMTA V 15.58 OVERLAY VERSION *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-
mtapvf58.zip252KMTA V 15.58 PROTECTED MODE VERSION *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*
mtsv7811.zip71KMTS Make them Seen V 7.81.1 Bug-fix rel. *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*
narc22.lzh57KGREAT de-arcing program! V2.2
ncav32.zip102KThe Norton Commander Archive Viewer v3.2; Small utility to
ncav40.zip118KThe Norton Commander Archive Viewer v4.0; Small utility to
netlgo12.zip35KNetLOGO V1.2 - Will insert a Text file into your Zip's as
noah.zip25K25508 02/20/90 Good compression on single files
omnid.zip24KOmniDrive: Attach Drive Letter To A ZIP File
ooz110.exe12Kfiles from ZOO archives - self extracting
packr101.zip36KDisk/Archive Repackaging & Freshening. v1.01
pak10.exe70Ksuperset of PKARC - self extracting
pak210.exe89Kversion 2.10 of PAK
pak250.exe101K103212 10/05/90 Pak v2.50 - now supports ZIP's
pak251.exe101K(v2.51) - Works with ARC, PAK or LZH files
pakit106.lzh69KNo Description *
pakutl12.lzh56Karchive packed by PKPAK to date/time order
pax.zip46K46981 02/20/90 Unix style file compressor
pcunzip.zip18KUncompression Program & Source From Pc-Mag
pdzip.exe27K28099 10/05/90 PD implementation of ZIP
pk-msgs.lzh20Kon the lawsuit between PKWare and SEA
pk361.exe117K119808 08/05/88 PK pak/unpak util V3.61 self-extracting
pkansi.zip2,949BStill Typing Pkunzip At The Command Prompt?
pkarc35p.lzh1,261Bfor PKXARC version 3.5
pkfind11.lzh8,029Bfile finder from Phil Katz
pkfool10.zip8,094BPKFOOL v1.0 the PKLITE FOOL TOOL by JSF Software, Feb. 199
pklte115.zip40KCompress EXE And COM Files Yet Still Run Them
pkpres20.zip47KPKpress v2.0; Scans directories specified by user (or enti
pkun10.zip2,155BPkunLiter v1.0 - Unpklites files that are pklited with ext
pkx35a35.exe70Kfile archiver/unarchiver - self extracting
pkxarcm.lzh11Kinterface for PKXARC
pkz092.exe101Kv.92 archive utility by Phil Katz
pkz101.exe128Kv 1.01 - better than LHARC!
pkz102.exe133K.ZIP - PkZip/UnZip 1.02
pkz110.exe146K149219 03/24/90 Pkzip/Pkunzip v1.1 for ZIP files
pkz204g.exe198K202574 02/08/93 202574 02-08-93 PKZIP 2; The next generati
pkz20ng.zip72KNorton Guide For Pkzip 2.0x Docs w/ Viewer
polyx11a.lzh46Kmultiple archive extractor executive
pscn113e.zip223KPalmScan v1.13 - The Ultimate Archive Conversion Utility!
put100.zip67KFile Archive/Compression Package, Super
qaz_321.zip58KQAZ v3.21a views the directories of all the major archive
qdir131.zip127KQuickDir v1.31; Amazing Dos/Archive Shell. A MUST HAVE for
qzc_110.zip10KQuickZipComment v1.10 - A quick .ZIPfile commenting system
radlb105.zip505KRADLab(tm) Version 1.05|-+ | | |An archive tester for PCBo
rar153us.zip155KThe RAR archiver v1.53: integrated archive manager Full Sc
redate.lzh12Karchive date to date of newest file in archive
rezip11.zip9,213BREZIP v1.1 ReZip is a handy utility to utilize the maximum
rv250.zip27KRV-RView, v2.50; Customizable archive lister & utility. Cu
rvs110.zip47KRVS-RView Shell v1.10; Shell for viewing and extracting th
sar100.zip24KStreamline Archive Utility v1.00
sbust24r.zip20KStick-Buster v2.40r; Removes many types of executable comp
scnvrt01.zip22KSmartCNV is designed to ease the problems of systems getti
shellit.zip114KShellit Version 2 - Shellit is a GUI for PKUNZIP/PKZ
shez1060.zip256KSHEZ v10.6--Premier Compression Shell. ZIP,LHA,ZOO,AR
shez59.lzh110Kv5.9 - The Compression Companion Shell
shez60b.lzh130K6.0 bug fix
shez94.zip224KSHEZ v9.4; Premier Compression Shell. Supports ZIP,LHA,ZOO
shezs18c.zip10KShezShow. Shows Enhancements for Shez Archive Manager. Lea
spaz_150.lzh28K1.50 - Smart un-archiver shell
spot12.zip122KSpotChek v1.2 #### PCB v15+ Upload File Processor. Include
sq-nusq.zip12K12482 12/06/85 Squeeze/Unsqueeze utility
sqwez21.zip53KSQWEZ MULTI-FILE COMPRESSION: Full featured file compressi
sqz1082e.zip80KSQZ, Combined File Compressor And Archiver
stlth21.zip62KSTEALTH; The Archive Converter of 1994! Converts all compr
stripzip.lzh11Kcomments from .LZH files
szv132.zip50KSIMPLE ZIP VIEWER v1.3 This program allows viewing of .ZIP
t2z_100.lzh7,368B1.00, Zip Add/Cleanse Commentary Utility
tagzip10.zip43KTAGZIP v1.0 - TAGZIP is a utility to UNZIP single or
tar4dos.lzh14Kfiles from UNIX TAR file or floppy
tc116.zip109K111328 02/14/91 ThunderCrush archiver v1.16
thd_11_0.zip265KTHD ProScan v11.0 - File/Upload Tester/Convertor. ARC-ARJ-
tia101.lzh10Kcompressed files, 3 choices
touchv20.zip25KTouch v2.0 Basic utility to update date and time of filena
tron121.zip26KTRON PROFESSIONAL v1.21 SOME BUGS FROM v1.20 REMOVED! pkli
tronv106.zip21KTRON v1.06; DisLite,UnLzexe,UnDiet,UnTiny Protect! EXE/COM
tunacp40.zip59KTUNAdCut Public ver.4 +-+.++*||.++.| 'The Final Release'
udproc12.lzh19Kall archives to PAK format
unarjnt.zip48KUNARJ v2.41; Contains original release from the author wit
unp312.zip27KUNP v3.12 Executable file expander; Uncompresses files com
upchk600.zip175KUPCHECK 6.00, Checks uploads for age,+-+ |#|viruses and du
uudec957.zip41KRichard Marks' UUencode/UUdecode Utility
va3610.lzh5,563Bviewer, Fully redirectable ZIP, PAK, ARC, ZOO
viewarj.zip7,063BViewARJ v1.00 * This utility is
vip_64e.zip85KZipfile Utility v6.4e; View, Extract, Scan, Edit, Delete i
whatz23.zip3,838BWHATZIP v2.3; This program determines and displays what ve
winunarj.zip48KWindows UnArchive v2.02; An Archive File Extraction Utilit
wiz31.zip71KLightning fast, multi-disk file finder. Full wildcards-bet
wt230.zip435KWazTree v2.30 Directory Utility Plus; File manager, Copy,
wwp300.zip34KWWPACK 3.0 Compresses most DOS executable files. Packed fi
xchg_103.lzh12Kconverter - handles nested archives
xeq160.zip15KXEQ - COM File Library and Command Executor This program a
yank_1_0.zip7,266BYank v1.0 Multiarchive file extractor. Freeware
zad10.zip8,405BZip A Directory 1.0 creates a ZIP from a directory which c
zap130.zip85KZAP Zip Archive Processor: Archive scanning utility. It is
zarc_50.zip62KZARC; Zip utility, Zip tagged files easily. Version 5 Has
zbkup120.zip31KZBackup 1.2 for PKZIP & UNZIP 2.04: Convenient UI for - ba
zce20.zip211KZip Comment Editor 2.0 *Vastly* Improved
zcm12.zip149KZip CommentMaster v1.2; ZCM is slick utility that permits
zcp300.zip101KZip Chunker Pro 3.00; ARC, ARJ, LHZ, ZIP Splitter for DOS
zdiff21.zip83KVersion 2.1: Full screen Turbo Vision UI, new filtering op
zdir18.zip27KZip Utility v1.8 From Toad Hall
zface72.zip34KMenu-Driven ZIP File Compression Interface
zfv113.zip33KDetailed viewing of zip file makeup. See how it is laid ou
zgen103.doc1,365Bv1.03 archive management utility
zgen103.lzh55KARC LZH LZH PAK (LZH)
zgrep30.zip19KGrep Into ZIP Files Looking For Text
zip_go51.zip84KZIP&GO v5.1 - RUN FROM ZIPFILES - All new, menu driven har
zip_mngr.zip52KZipper: Zips Hardly-Used Programs, Saves Spac
zipall11.zip96KGet Freespace Using Pkware's Pkzip My Way!
zipall12.zip96KZIPALL v1.2; Freespace: the final frontier. A collection o
zipbr111.zip43KZIP Brand FAST! v1.11. A (BBS) util to brand .ZIP files in
zipchan1.zip51KPEGASUS SOFTWARE'S * ZIPCHANGE * v1.0 ZIPCHANGE will autom
zipcmn13.zip33KAdd Or Delete Comments From ZIP Files
zipcom11.lzh38Kcomments to .LZH files using wildcards (*.LZH)
zipcrck.zip12KCrack Encrypted ZIP Files Easily
zipcrk10.zip18KBrute force attack on PKZIP 2.0 encryption. Works Ok for s
zipcvt14.zip5,875BConvert Pkzip 1.1 Files To Pkzip v2.04c Frmt.
zipcvt29.zip12KZIP Converter 2.9 converts ZIPs to version 2.04 format, us
zipd122.zip64KZIP Fugue - ZIP file handler v2.0 DOS (ZIPD12) & Win
zipeng10.zip40KThe Zip Engine version 1.0, a graphical front-end for use
zipfo20.zip31KZipfo - Zipped file information utility New Updated Versio
zipid_9c.zip30KZipId Version .9beta! Rev. "C" -+-+ -+-+Ever wanted a simp
zipit22.zip116KZipit 2.2 zip shell for Windows New version! PKzip 2.04 co
ziplogo6.zip65KZIPLOGO, ARJLOGO, DIRLOGO, v6.0; Automatic ZIP and ARJ fil
zipman1a.zip355KZIP Manager Gold, Complete Archive Utility
zipquik5.lzh12Kconvert all archive files to ZIP format
zipr41.zip356KZIP'R For DOS v4.1 - Hard Disk Tripler! ZIP'R uses ARJ, LH
zipup1_1.lzh13Kfast ZIP comment stripper/adder.
zm31.zip130KZIP file compression manager for PKZ204g. It is designed t
zm37.zip132KZipMaster v3.7 - Powerful, full-featured ZIP archive contr
zn_101.lzh11K1.01-PkZip Comment Cleanse/Manipulate (LimeLight)
zoo120.lzh23Karchiving program - faster than ARC
zoo201.exe81Kcompressor by Rahul Desi
zoox201.zip84K86426 07/25/89 Zoo archiver v2.01
zoox2exe.exe39Kmulti-volume ZOO derivative (approved by RD!)
zp20_dom.zip57KZip Processor v2.0 coded by Drake +-+ | ######### | | # ##
zpro220.zip445KZIP'R Pro For DOS v2.20 H.D. Tripler! ZIP'R Pro stor
zt271.zip123KZIPTOOL v2.71; Great ZIP utility, Splits large ZIP files i
zt283.zip125KZIPTOOL v2.83 #### Great ZIP utility, Splits large ZIP fil
ztec70b.zip109KThe Zip Terminus 7.0B : Menu / Front End for PKZIP 2.04x/1
zzap62a.lzh89Karchive converter.
zzap66a.zip98KUniversal automated archive conversion. Supports all known