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atisml01.zip1,207KAtismail for windows v1.0: Shareware Mail User Agent for sending and receiving E-mail. Atismail is a windows program and needs a windows socket library (winsock.dll) to run.
autont30.zip299KAuto-Net v3.0 Automated Internet program: Perform ARCHIE, FTP, MAIL, FINGER, WHO-IS, UPLOADS, FAXing, Yanoff's list, get new files, LEECH, download programs from the Internet... without even being home. Works on SHELL service, no PPP/SLIP needed. New colorful menus, enhanced help screens, Over 280 total features - Must see to believe Blazingly fast, reliable. Auto-Backup, QUEST new sites, customized site info, File manager with internal archive viewer, config editor, agenda creator and more! Mous
client20.zip34KThe Internet DOOM Client/Server System v0.12 The DOOM* Client/Server System provides for a way for you to play on the Internet.
comt103.zip111KCOMt the Telnet Modem v1.03: The perfect solution to underpowered Windows Telnet client programs. COMt allows you to use your favorite Windows communications program (i.e., Procomm Plus for Windows, Crosstalk for Windows, etc.) to communicate over TCP/IP. COMt also emulates a Hayes-compatible modem, so your existing Windows programs will have no trouble interfacing to TCP/IP. In addition, COMt can also be used to access network modems via a TCP connection.
cuhtml15.zip74KCU_HTML.DOT is a document template for Word for Windows 2.0 and 6.0 allowing users to edit HTML files in a WYSIWYG environment.
cuseeme.zip119KCU-SeeMe for Windows v0.34b4: Video conferencing software for the PC and Macintosh on the Internet.
cutcp-b.lzh579K593771 06/04/94 Telnet client for TCPIP
drivers.lzh311K319371 06/04/94 Older collection of packet drivers
drivers.zip330KCrynwr v10.0 packet drivers executables & docs
drivers1.zip262Kv10.0 packet drivers w/sources, part 1
drivers2.zip146Kv10.0 packet drivers w/sources, part 2
drivers3.zip59Kv10.0 packet drivers w/sources, part 3
dspire15.zip264KDragonSpires is an online fantasy world that you can connect to through the Internet. It uses special front end software for the PC, supplying hi resolution color graphics, music, and sound effects. It's intended as a "place" for people to meet and socialize, as well as to play out heroic quests and various other types of games. This is BETA software, and allows free access to DragonSpires. The 'free' part is subject to change at any time.
emcee10.zip190KGUI-BASED interface to FTP - Features Hypertext.
gt_html.zip39KGT_HTML is a set of macros for Microsoft Word for Windows 6.0 with a custom toolbar designed to let you easily create Internet World-Wide-Web HTML documents without remembering a lot of HTML tags. The most common tags are supported.
hgophr24.zip212KHGOPHER v2.4 for Windows (Hampson's Gopher): This is a Gopher+ Client for windows 3.1. HGopher now has online help.
hotftp.zip2,350BFTP HOTSPOTS: taken from Emcee's Home Page
hotmetal.zip1,319KHoTMetaL for Windows: Freely distributed professional SGML editor especially for HTML files (World Wide Web Pages)
htmlazip.zip202KHTML Assistant for Windows v1.4: Windows text editor with extensions to assist in the creation of HTML hypertext documents. HTML documents are used to access a variety of information sources with a World Wide Web browser such as Mosaic or Cello.
htmled12.zip196KHTMLed v1.2: Microsoft Windows editor to be used to create HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) documents. Information on WWW (World-Wide-Web) servers is usually in HTML format. Reads, writes UNIX files; Foreign character tags support; Implements full set of HTML markup tags; Customizable floating toolbar; Multiple Document Interface; "Intelligent" insertion of HTML tags; Converts the URLs in a MOSAIC.INI file to an HTML document; "Test" button; Saves files without HTML tags; Document Templates.
htmlg102.zip98KHTMLGen 1.02, OS/2 HTML Script Generator.
htmlwr.zip103KHTML Writer: Create HTML pages for use on the World Wide Web.
humor00e.zip195KHUMOR00B: Unmoderated INTERNET forum for sharing all forms of humor. There is an international audience (1500 subscribers from at least 34 countries).
hw9beta1.zip140KHTML WRITER v0.9 beta 1: The main new features in this version are the addition of a new editor that can handle text files greater than 4 megabytes in size!
hyteln67.zip607KHytelnet 6.7, hypertext database of telnet sites and other Internet resources. A must- have for Internet navigators.
intelpd.zip13KPacket driver shell by Intel for NetWare
ipwin122.zip493KInfoPop/Windows uses the Windows 3.1 help utility to provide a guide to the Internet, Compuserve, BBS systems & more.. InfoPop provides tutorial information on using the Internet as well a host of interesting destinations. IPWIN is freeware.
ipxtcpip.lzh24K24863 06/04/94 TPCIP for IPX driver
ipxtcpip.zip26Khelp for Novell IPXPKT users
maxiftp3.zip54KMaxiFTP is an alternate interface to the Internet standard File Transfer Protocol. The program allows a user to transfer files to and from a remote network site. This program offers features that are not found in the standard ftp.
minu10b6.zip241KMINUET, v1.0beta 6; Program combines everything you need to interact with the INTERNET in one program! Imagine, EMail, FTP, Telnet, Gopher, and News all wrapped up in one program. That is Minuet. Public Domain software from the University of Minnesota. YOU MUST HAVE TCP/IP IN ORDER TO USE THIS PROGRAM! This version is solid, even though it is Beta.
mos20a9.zip911KNCSA Mosaic for Microsoft Windows: Network navigational tool capable of accessing data via protocols such as HTTP, Gopher, FTP and NNTP (Usenet News) natively, and other data services such as Archie, WAIS, and Veronica through gateways. NCSA Mosaic was designed to provide its user transparent and seamless access to these information sources and services.
mosdoca5.zip325KMosaic Documentation in HTML Format
nfs024-m.lzh86K89038 06/05/94 Tsoft NFS Dos client - mslanman
nfs024-n.lzh97K99978 06/05/94 Tsoft NFS Dos client - novel
nfs024-t.lzh87K89150 06/05/94 Tsoft NFS Dos client - trumpet
nfs024-w.lzh113K116049 06/05/94 Tsoft NFS Dos client - Wattcp
nixg100a.zip72K+------------------------------+ |NIX/Gate 1.0 - BBS Door which | |acts as a DOS-to-UNIX gateway.| |Provide access to Internet and| |Usenet to your BBS callers! | |Shareware - $15 - Brought to | |you by Cairo Research Labs, | |the makers of BFE and VID! | +------------------------------+
novell.zip25KBYU's packet driver IPX (tried and true)
nrover11.zip54KNETROVER 1.1 BETA Netrover is an automated file retrieval and storage utility for the following Supported Internet Services:FTP, WWW, Gopher, and Finger. With NetRover you can specify a wide variety of event types including Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly. NetRover is Winsock 1.1 Comp- liant and requires the following: VBRUN300.DLL, WINSOCK.DLL (not included). Copyright (c) Dec 1994 Kent D. Behrens
nwrth120.zip211KNewsWerthy 1.20 offline mail reader. Released on 12/31/94, NewsWerthy is for usenet news and mail in the SOUP format. It is DOS based, yet has an easy to use interface for keyboard or mouse with context sensitive help for all commands. Contains all the features necessary to read, reply, and save messages. As easy to use as any QWK format reader, yet doesn't truncate the headers or cut short the message.
nx10b2.zip106KNews Xpress Version 1.0 Beta #2 is a Windows Sockets compliant USENET newsreader for Microsoft Windows that uses the NNTP to access newsgroups and articles on a news server. Features include: - Use Windows Multiple Document Interface - Read, print, post, send, and follow news - Multiple newsgroups can be open at the same time - Supports threads. - Articles can be marked as read or unread - Built-in uuencode function for attaching binary files in postings and mails - Built-in uudecode functi
packet-d.lzh12K13168 06/04/94 Description of packet driver specifications
pboy204.zip149KPaperboy for Windows v2.04: An offline mail and newsreader
pbu_113.zip82K+---------------------------------+ |##### PBBSuucp Version 1.13 #####| +---------------------------------+ Allows your user to enter or reply to Internet E-Mails just like what they does with FidoNet style Netmails without have to specifically type a TO: statement at the first line of the message body! -= GREAT =-
pcpine_w.zip512KPine v3.91: Maintenance release of PINE --a Program for Internet News & Email.
pdclk139.zip92KPC clock using UDP/IP timeserver via LAN
pdether.zip28KIntel's packet driver IPX
pktd11.lzh421K431961 06/04/94 Collection of packet drivers
pktd11a.lzh324K332501 06/04/94 Packet drivers with source (1of3)
pktd11b.lzh338K346810 06/04/94 Packet drivers with source (2of3)
pktd11c.lzh80K82143 06/04/94 Packet drivers with source (3of3)
pktmux11.zip49Ksimultaneous TCP/IP sessions with DV/Win3x
popml272.zip196KTCP/IP email, use Crynwr pkt drivers
ppp_win.zip3,640BInternet via Point to Point Protocol when connecting to EXEC-PC utilizing DAYTONA / WINDOWS NT 3.5 with TCP/IP and REMOTE ACCESS SERVER (RAS).
qvtw398.zip372KWindows QVT/Net, TCP/IP services for Windows; requires Winsock DLL
read115b.zip109KDisplay Directories and View Files. Copy, Move, Rename & Delete Files. Create, Remove & Rename Directories. Search for a Key word or paste. Edit files & Manage Zip, Lzh & Arj files Excellent for BBS and Internet use!
sl1009.zip371KSlipStream Jet 1.0 - SLIP/PPP Internet USENET news and Email to QWK format. The first Windows program to download and upload USENET news and EMail in QWK format for use with a dial up SLIP/PPP account, OR TCP/IP network. It will allow you to read, follow-up, post new, etc. limited only by your QWK reader. Requires VBRUN300.DLL
slip22.zip77KProgram and UMSLIP driver to transmit and receives SLIP packets on the serial line.
slip_dos.zip411KMSDOS Complete Internet SLIP Package
slnot100.zip1,165KSlipKnot is a graphical World-Wide-Web browser for PC users running Windows 3.1+ or a higher level of Windows. 2. It is designed for modem users with ordinary dial-up UNIX shell accounts. It does NOT require SLIP or PPP or TCP/IP services in any form.
slnothlp.zip16KSlipKnot Help in ASCII Format
snup105.zip216KUpgrade SlipKnot to v1.1
socknfs.lzh117K120592 06/05/94 NFS Dos Client
sossexe.lzh153K157222 06/04/94 Stans own Server for TCPIP
talk-13.lzh55K56566 06/04/94 Talk/Chat over TCPIP
tel2308b.lzh792K811136 01/28/95 NCSA Telnet v2.308 executables
tel2308s.lzh679K695401 01/28/95 NCSA Telnet v2.308 source
telnetd.lzh27K28440 06/04/94 PC Telnet server
telnetd.zip28KRemote telnet login to PC console via TCP/IP
telntdoc.lzh46K47418 06/04/94 Documentation on Telnet specifications
trmp105g.zip128KUsenet news reader. Uses Crynwr drivers
twsk20a.zip174KTrumpet Winsock v2.0 Rev A:
uu33.zip30KUUDECODER for DOS. Claimed by its author to be the smartest, fastest program of its kind, this little wonder will sort out uuencoded chunks in a text file, cut the headers and piece the file together no matter what order the pieces are in and decode the whole file FAST! If you download from internet news- groups, GET THIS ONE!
uucv11.zip11KUUCODE V1.1 Sends binary files as E-Mail! A simple way to upload binary (execuatable) files as ordinary text or e-mail. UUencode can be very useful for transfering binary files on a 7 bit data network or any kind of service that supports standard ascii electronic mail service. The UUENCODE system convert 3 byte cells (24 bit groups) to 4 byte cells (32 bit groups) mapped from dec 33 to 96, suitable for uploading on most nets.
uud20.zip63K===bAtCh uuDECODER=== Ver. 2.00 For DOS Now Decode Multiple Binaries Using Wildcards In A Single Pass.
wattcp.lzh118K121380 06/04/94 Telnet server for TCPIP
winapps2.zip158KWindows Application for Accessing The Internet easily!
winkit1.zip2,039KVoiceNet Internet SLIP Kit for Windows 3.1: This kit was compiled to help a user start a SLIP account on the Internet using Windows 3.1. It contains the clients necessary for mail, news, ftp, telnet, talk, irc, archie, finger, ping and Mosaic.
winvn_92.zip159KThis is an NNTP newsreader for Microsoft Windows 3.1 or Windows/NT. You can use it to read and post Usenet News, and send email (via SMTP or MAPI)
wsarch.zip351Ksecond ALPHA version of a windows based archie client. Many new features including retrieving files and more.
wsg_11.zip326KWSGopher Ver. 1.1. Downloaded from
wsirc14b.zip490KWSIRC is a Windows client for the Internet Relay Chat network. It allows Internet users to chat electronically with each other in a group/channel using IRC servers. The advantage is that users can access the IRC network and converse with users worldwide. WSIRC is Windows Sockets 1.1 compliant.
wsk15scr.zip4,156BScripting information for Winsock 1.0 beta 15 and above.
wsomr100.zip216K*** Wang's Offline Mail Reader v1.00 ** an OMR for INTERNET,USENET and FIDONET, reads RFC, SOUP,BLUEWAVE and QWK mails. With wsOMR you can read and reply to your BBS/Internet/USENET mail at your own leisure and manage larger volumes of mail with relative ease, send/receive files over the Internet. It saves you from the pressures of online-time charge, long distance calls, etc.
ws_ftp32.zip139KWindows Sockets FTP Client Application WS_FTP32 v95.01.01: FOR WINDOWS NT, WINDOWS 95 and WIN32S.
ws_inf.zip869BWindows Sockets FTP Sites
wtalk11a.zip137KWinTalk v1.1a: Microsoft Windows talk client/server. Allows Windows users who have the WINSOCK DLL installed on their system to participate in real-time conversations with remote users, using the popular Unix "ntalk" (and its older cousin, "talk") protocol. The program acts as both a talk client and server, responding to remote talk requests with a pop-up "ring" dialog, an auditory ring, or both.
wv16_936.zip162KNNTP newsreader for Windows. Version 0.93.6 16-Bit version
wv32_936.zip184KNNTP newsreader for Windows. Version 0.93.6 32-Bit version.
xferp1.zip130KXFERPRO v1.0: Short for Information Transfer Professional, allows users to send text, application data, messages, images, audio, video, executable files and other information types via electronic mail using the latest Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension (MIME) 1.0 standards according to RFC1341. Since previous e-mail encoding techniques, such as UU or XX encoding, are still popular, XFERPRO supports those as well.
xfs171.lzh92K94402 06/05/94 NFS Dos Client v1.71
yarn_083.zip808KPC Yarn v0.83 beta release. Suite of programs used to store and read USENET news and mail offline. Imports articles from SOUP files into a news database.
yes_013b.zip279K YES 0.13B - The Yarn Editor Shell. *--------------------------------------* | Released: January 1, 1995 | | | | Freeware! - Freeware! - Freeware! | | | | A utility for Yarn that makes Yarn | | much more flexible in handling sig- | | natures, automatically or manually. | | Adds possibility of adding randomly | | selected quote to to the signature | | and much more! | |
zenart.zip34KText version of Zen and the Art of the Internet - an excellent introduction to the Internet and its capabilities - Freeware.