File Libaries
Library: Utilities - Directory: Util - TCPIP
atisml01.zip1,207KAtismail for windows v1.0: Shareware Mail User Agent for s
autont30.zip299KAuto-Net v3.0 Automated Internet program: Perform ARCHIE,
client20.zip34KThe Internet DOOM Client/Server System v0.12 The DOOM* Cli
comt103.zip111KCOMt the Telnet Modem v1.03: The perfect solution to under
cuhtml15.zip75KCU_HTML.DOT is a document template for Word for Windows 2.
cuseeme.zip119KCU-SeeMe for Windows v0.34b4: Video conferencing software
cutcp-b.lzh580K593771 06/04/94 Telnet client for TCPIP
drivers.lzh312K319371 06/04/94 Older collection of packet drivers
drivers.zip330KCrynwr v10.0 packet drivers executables & docs
drivers1.zip262Kv10.0 packet drivers w/sources, part 1
drivers2.zip146Kv10.0 packet drivers w/sources, part 2
drivers3.zip60Kv10.0 packet drivers w/sources, part 3
dspire15.zip264KDragonSpires is an online fantasy world that you can conne
emcee10.zip191KGUI-BASED interface to FTP - Features Hypertext.
gt_html.zip40KGT_HTML is a set of macros for Microsoft Word for Windows
hgophr24.zip213KHGOPHER v2.4 for Windows (Hampson's Gopher): This is a Gop
hotftp.zip2,350BFTP HOTSPOTS: taken from Emcee's Home Page
hotmetal.zip1,319KHoTMetaL for Windows: Freely distributed professional SGML
htmlazip.zip202KHTML Assistant for Windows v1.4: Windows text editor with
htmled12.zip197KHTMLed v1.2: Microsoft Windows editor to be used to create
htmlg102.zip99KHTMLGen 1.02, OS/2 HTML Script Generator.
htmlwr.zip103KHTML Writer: Create HTML pages for use on the World Wide W
humor00e.zip196KHUMOR00B: Unmoderated INTERNET forum for sharing all forms
hw9beta1.zip141KHTML WRITER v0.9 beta 1: The main new features in this ver
hyteln67.zip608KHytelnet 6.7, hypertext database of telnet sites and other
intelpd.zip13KPacket driver shell by Intel for NetWare
ipwin122.zip494KInfoPop/Windows uses the Windows 3.1 help utility to provi
ipxtcpip.lzh24K24863 06/04/94 TPCIP for IPX driver
ipxtcpip.zip26Khelp for Novell IPXPKT users
maxiftp3.zip54KMaxiFTP is an alternate interface to the Internet standard
minu10b6.zip242KMINUET, v1.0beta 6; Program combines everything you need t
mos20a9.zip911KNCSA Mosaic for Microsoft Windows: Network navigational to
mosdoca5.zip326KMosaic Documentation in HTML Format
nfs024-m.lzh87K89038 06/05/94 Tsoft NFS Dos client - mslanman
nfs024-n.lzh98K99978 06/05/94 Tsoft NFS Dos client - novel
nfs024-t.lzh87K89150 06/05/94 Tsoft NFS Dos client - trumpet
nfs024-w.lzh113K116049 06/05/94 Tsoft NFS Dos client - Wattcp
nixg100a.zip73KNIX/Gate 1.0 - BBS Door which | |acts as a DOS-to-UNIX gat
novell.zip26KBYU's packet driver IPX (tried and true)
nrover11.zip54KNETROVER 1.1 BETA Netrover is an automated file retrieval
nwrth120.zip212KNewsWerthy 1.20 offline mail reader. Released on 12/31/94,
nx10b2.zip107KNews Xpress Version 1.0 Beta #2 is a Windows Sockets compl
packet-d.lzh13K13168 06/04/94 Description of packet driver specifications
pboy204.zip150KPaperboy for Windows v2.04: An offline mail and newsreader
pbu_113.zip83KPBBSuucp Version 1.13 #| +-+ Allows your user to enter or
pcpine_w.zip513KPine v3.91: Maintenance release of PINE -a Program for Int
pdclk139.zip93KPC clock using UDP/IP timeserver via LAN
pdether.zip28KIntel's packet driver IPX
pktd11.lzh422K431961 06/04/94 Collection of packet drivers
pktd11a.lzh325K332501 06/04/94 Packet drivers with source (1of3)
pktd11b.lzh339K346810 06/04/94 Packet drivers with source (2of3)
pktd11c.lzh80K82143 06/04/94 Packet drivers with source (3of3)
pktmux11.zip50Ksimultaneous TCP/IP sessions with DV/Win3x
popml272.zip196KTCP/IP email, use Crynwr pkt drivers
ppp_win.zip3,640BInternet via Point to Point Protocol when connecting to EX
qvtw398.zip373KWindows QVT/Net, TCP/IP services for Windows; requires Win
read115b.zip110KDisplay Directories and View Files. Copy, Move, Rename & D
sl1009.zip372KSlipStream Jet 1.0 - SLIP/PPP Internet USENET news and Ema
slip22.zip78KProgram and UMSLIP driver to transmit and receives SLIP pa
slip_dos.zip412KMSDOS Complete Internet SLIP Package
slnot100.zip1,165KSlipKnot is a graphical World-Wide-Web browser for PC user
slnothlp.zip17KSlipKnot Help in ASCII Format
snup105.zip216KUpgrade SlipKnot to v1.1
socknfs.lzh118K120592 06/05/94 NFS Dos Client
sossexe.lzh154K157222 06/04/94 Stans own Server for TCPIP
talk-13.lzh55K56566 06/04/94 Talk/Chat over TCPIP
tel2308b.lzh792K811136 01/28/95 NCSA Telnet v2.308 executables
tel2308s.lzh679K695401 01/28/95 NCSA Telnet v2.308 source
telnetd.lzh28K28440 06/04/94 PC Telnet server
telnetd.zip29KRemote telnet login to PC console via TCP/IP
telntdoc.lzh46K47418 06/04/94 Documentation on Telnet specifications
trmp105g.zip129KUsenet news reader. Uses Crynwr drivers
twsk20a.zip175KTrumpet Winsock v2.0 Rev A:
uu33.zip31KUUDECODER for DOS. Claimed by its author to be the smartes
uucv11.zip12KUUCODE V1.1 Sends binary files as E-Mail! A simple way to
uud20.zip63KbAtCh uuDECODER= Ver. 2.00 For DOS Now Decode Multiple Bin
wattcp.lzh119K121380 06/04/94 Telnet server for TCPIP
winapps2.zip158KWindows Application for Accessing The Internet easily!
winkit1.zip2,039KVoiceNet Internet SLIP Kit for Windows 3.1: This kit was c
winvn_92.zip160KThis is an NNTP newsreader for Microsoft Windows 3.1 or Wi
ws_ftp32.zip139KWindows Sockets FTP Client Application WS_FTP32 v95.01.01:
ws_inf.zip869BWindows Sockets FTP Sites
wsarch.zip351Ksecond ALPHA version of a windows based archie client. Man
wsg_11.zip327KWSGopher Ver. 1.1. Downloaded from
wsirc14b.zip491KWSIRC is a Windows client for the Internet Relay Chat netw
wsk15scr.zip4,156BScripting information for Winsock 1.0 beta 15 and above.
wsomr100.zip216KWang's Offline Mail Reader v1.00 * an OMR for INTERNET,USE
wtalk11a.zip138KWinTalk v1.1a: Microsoft Windows talk client/server. Allow
wv16_936.zip162KNNTP newsreader for Windows. Version 0.93.6 16-Bit version
wv32_936.zip185KNNTP newsreader for Windows. Version 0.93.6 32-Bit version
xferp1.zip130KXFERPRO v1.0: Short for Information Transfer Professional,
xfs171.lzh92K94402 06/05/94 NFS Dos Client v1.71
yarn_083.zip809KPC Yarn v0.83 beta release. Suite of programs used to stor
yes_013b.zip279KYES 0.13B - The Yarn Editor Shell. *-* | Released: January
zenart.zip35KText version of Zen and the Art of the Internet - an excel