File Libaries
Library: Programming - Directory: Programming - Pascal - Wi
add.lzh1,287B1287 07/17/91 Address editor demo from Borland
btrtpw.lzh1,354B1354 09/28/91 Use BTrieve with TPW
bye.lzh5,646B5646 12/14/91 Quick exit from WIN
cb.lzh3,122B3122 12/14/91 Checkbook program
ccload.lzh5,538B5538 12/14/91 Custom controls loader
center.lzh792B792 06/09/92 How to center your dialog in a window
cursor.lzh454B454 06/09/92 How to change your cursor for your applicatio
custom.lzh12K11867 12/14/91 Custom controls routines
dblclick.lzh655B655 06/09/92 How to handle a mouse double click
dlldlg.lzh1,190B1190 12/14/91 Run Dialogs from a DLL
docdem.lzh4,467B4467 07/17/91 Math DLL demo from Borland
drawbits.lzh1,100B1100 06/09/92 Example DLL for displaying BMPs
fdlgdl.lzh3,702B3702 12/14/91 File Dialog DLL
filehelp.lzh591B591 07/17/91 Example of file picking source
fileshow.lzh17K16929 04/29/92 Sample source to list files
fmu.lzh6,520B6520 09/28/91 Font management unit source
fsrtpw3d.lzh14K14328 06/09/92 Resource stats
glue.lzh8,284B8284 07/17/91 Glue Dos program to a TPW program
loadbmps.lzh1,226B1226 06/09/92 Used for displaying bitmaps
mdisplsh.lzh4,363B4363 06/09/92 Background bitmap for MDI client area
menudemo.lzh1,202B1202 06/09/92 Loading and changing menus
minmax.lzh544B544 06/09/92 Setting maximum/minumum window size
modem.lzh7,586B7586 04/29/92 Sample source for comm ports
modemo.lzh4,547B4547 06/09/92 Sample source for comm port access
mydel.lzh9,212B9212 07/17/91 Simple program to delete a file
myedit.lzh742B742 06/09/92 Edit control keystroke trapping
om30.lzh63K64698 06/09/92 OttoMenu quick access to programs/utilties
ownrdraw.lzh1,073B1073 06/09/92 Creating custom bitmap buttons
pchart.lzh31K31968 07/17/91 Pie & Bar charts TPW source
plife.lzh20K20615 07/17/91 Game of life with TPW source
plx12.lzh73K74263 12/14/91 File printer util
prevfont.lzh22K22189 08/12/91 TPW source to preview fonts incl ATM
preview.lzh22K22189 09/28/91 Font preview source
rubber.lzh1,001B1001 06/09/92 Rubber band drawing
splash.lzh5,622B5622 06/09/92 Display a bitmap before your application loa
step10.lzh33K34107 08/12/91 TPW source to a game
syscolor.lzh16K16681 12/14/91 Set system colors
sysgraph.lzh13K13816 12/14/91 Show system activity load
tprint.lzh23K23160 08/12/91 TPW source to using a printer
tpw-qa.lzh4,310B4310 09/28/91 Answers to questions about TPW
tpwcombo.lzh1,693B1693 09/28/91 Transfer window examples
tpwpxeng.lzh27K27531 09/28/91 Paradox engine examples
tpwspy.lzh19K19398 12/14/91 Spy on open Windows