File Libaries
Library: Programming - Directory: Programming - Pascal Util
acrospin.lzh100K102886 10/17/89 Interesting 3d graphic routines(+)
ahinterv.lzh2,801B2801 09/15/89 Interview on future of TP
apro-bro.lzh3,729B3729 09/12/91 Brochure about AsyncPro from TurboPower
ati256.lzh13K13449 12/23/90 BGI driver for ATI Vga
autogr.lzh72K74045 05/13/90 AutoGraphic sprite creator
beautif4.lzh11K10990 10/02/89 Pascal source beautifier
bgichr.lzh8,857B8857 09/04/89 BGI & CHR info
bgidrv.lzh76K77662 09/04/89 BGI driver info
bgifnt.lzh59K60089 09/04/89 BGI fonts
bgikit.lzh3,970B3970 09/04/89 Kit to use BGI
bgiprt.lzh102K104305 04/06/91 BGI files to access printers
binedfix.lzh368B368 02/23/91 Fix for BinEd editor
blaisep.lzh58K59210 06/04/90 Norton guide data for Blaise toolkits
blist.lzh6,527B6527 05/15/90 Begin/End matcher & comment counter
borfiles.lzh93K95074 06/23/92 File list from Borlands BBS
borland.lzh5,006B5006 03/18/90 Info on new Borland releases
c2pas.lzh8,789B8789 09/04/89 C to pascal converter
c2pas08b.lzh11K10900 04/15/90 C to Pascal converter v.08b
cdemo.lzh7,587B7587 04/27/90 Info on using C with TP
cmptutor.lzh229K234535 02/23/91 Full tutor on compiler writing
comm-qa.lzh600B600 09/28/91 Answers to questions about comm support
compiler.lzh102K104626 12/11/89 TP3 source to a pascal compiler
copascal.lzh67K68336 09/04/89 Source to a pascal compiler
cpascs12.lzh59K60084 08/18/90 ISO standard Pascal compiler
cpasctp5.lzh79K81147 08/18/90 TP5 source to ISO std Pascal compiler
crtpat.lzh710B710 05/24/90 CRT unit patch
cursmakr.lzh42K43053 09/12/91 Cursor Maker v1.1 (FW)
d-xref60.lzh41K41506 08/18/90 Pascal cross-reference lister
db3topas.lzh12K12295 09/15/89 Generate TP source for DBF header
design.lzh76K77922 05/13/90 Data entry database creator
dialogs.lzh12K12225 09/12/91 TV Dialog box maker (FW)
dlgdsn.lzh65K66083 09/12/91 TV Dialog designer
dumpprog.lzh28K28983 09/12/91 Disassemble EXE files (uses Map)
durascrn.lzh38K39086 09/04/89 Screen generator
epb13.lzh12K11846 12/14/91 Ed's Pascal beautifier
erasetpu.lzh28K28325 10/31/90 Erase .TPU older than .PAS files
facilis2.lzh37K37864 09/04/89 Source to a pascal compiler
filelist.lzh25K25841 10/17/89 Pick file and set environment var
g2p55.lzh93K94840 03/16/91 Norton guide data for TP5.5
gru.lzh29K29512 11/05/90 Graphics reference utility
heap55.lzh16K15987 02/02/90 TurboPower TP55 heap routines
heapst10.lzh1,234B1234 01/20/90 TP put strings on the heap
helpxref.lzh53K54469 12/08/90 Add page numbers to Opro help
hlpexe.lzh90K91736 12/14/91 Interesting utils for OPRO help systems
hyprgide.lzh48K49285 10/31/90 HyperGuide to TP55
inlin220.lzh39K39435 09/04/89 Convert asm to inline code for pascal
intp.lzh27K27529 04/30/90 Inside TP program analyzer
intrfc55.lzh45K46416 07/04/90 Tells interface info on TP55 TPUs
lexyactp.lzh129K132408 09/28/91 Lex/Yacc parser generator for Pascal
makehelp.lzh24K24260 09/12/91 Help code creator
makscr.lzh5,788B5788 05/01/90 TP screen maker source
maktxt.lzh10K10439 10/02/89 Turn TP help files into text
mystic.lzh88K89801 12/08/90 Mystic Pascal compiler
nbs.lzh267K272936 12/23/90 Source to DEC11 NBS Pascal compiler
nbsupd.lzh296K303582 12/23/90 Updates to DEC11 NBS Pascal compiler
oasis.lzh146K149315 09/04/89 Pascal screen generator
oop-qa.lzh2,676B2676 09/28/91 Answers to questions about OOPS
oop.lzh2,979B2979 08/18/90 Borland release info on TP55
opindx.lzh23K23085 04/27/90 Index to Object Pro routines
oprosm.lzh56K57823 12/23/90 Alpha list or Opro functions/procedures
opstack.lzh7,927B7927 08/18/90 Util to measure stack usage
ovrsize.lzh10K10492 03/31/90 Overlay size util
pascomnt.lzh11K11352 09/12/91 Creates comment header for program
pased.lzh118K120620 11/09/89 Alternative editor for pascal
pasfix.lzh7,203B7203 11/05/90 Convert text to WriteLn source
paslistr.lzh19K19722 05/13/90 Pascal lister w/begin-end match
pastutor.lzh64K65053 12/25/89 Pascal tutor
patch.lzh3,365B3365 03/31/90 Patch runtime lib to speed math 5x
pdm_ed.lzh25K25569 10/17/89 Screen designer
pform.lzh12K12218 04/30/90 Pascal source formatter
pnl001.lzh7,845B7845 05/13/90 Pascal newsletter v.1
pnl002.lzh20K20968 05/24/90 Pascal newsletter v.2
pnl003.lzh45K46459 08/18/90 Pascal newsletter v.3
pnl004.lzh33K33414 11/05/90 Pascal newsletter v.4
pnl005.lzh33K33613 02/04/91 Pascal newsletter v.5
pnl006.lzh58K59581 04/06/91 Pascal newsletter v.6
probot2.lzh155K158514 02/21/90 Pascal robots v2
rdxref13.lzh21K21730 02/21/90 Pascal cross-referencer
rmast01.lzh136K139356 09/12/91 RasterMaster Icon editor
sbbpasc1.lzh229K234228 05/15/90 Software Bld Blk Pascal compiler (1of3)
sbbpasc2.lzh213K217762 05/15/90 Software Bld Blk Pascal compiler (2of3)
sbbpasc3.lzh179K182929 05/15/90 Software Bld Blk Pascal compiler (3of3)
scanh329.lzh95K96880 01/21/95 Scans interface section to produce helpfile
scmkr.lzh96K98319 05/03/90 Util - Screen generator
scred1.lzh117K119589 05/13/90 Interactive screen development (1of2)
scred2.lzh152K155380 05/13/90 Interactive screen development (2of2)
scrnr100.lzh16K16606 05/03/90 Util - Screen generator
sl-gen.lzh28K28660 06/23/92 Screen generator from text file
smlpas1.lzh32K33160 07/22/90 TP source to Small Pascal compiler (1of4)
smlpas2.lzh29K29328 07/22/90 TP source to Small Pascal compiler (2of4)
smlpas3.lzh23K23135 07/22/90 TP source to Small Pascal compiler (3of4)
smlpas4.lzh15K15617 07/22/90 TP source to Small Pascal compiler (4of4)
speed2.lzh1,330K1362793 01/28/95 OS/2 Pascal Compiler beta version
sprite21.lzh81K83275 12/09/89 Make EGA VGA sprites
stack5.lzh2,283B2283 01/20/90 Tells how much stack was used
stakdump.lzh5,666B5666 04/30/90 TP stack dump
stateman.lzh45K46444 04/08/90 Creates TP source for state machine
stkuse.lzh1,958B1958 05/03/90 Source - Measure stack usage
surpas.lzh120K122513 09/04/89 Great Shareware pascal compiler
svgabg21.lzh43K44303 12/14/91 SVGA 256 color BGI drivers
svgabgi.lzh4,478B4478 11/05/90 Super VGA BGI driver
sys60.lzh36K36881 09/12/91 TP6 system replacement for faster code
syst55.lzh34K34318 12/08/90 Replaces System.Tpu for faster programs
t-ref5.lzh149K152877 12/09/89 TP cross refence util
taime.lzh169K172783 10/31/90 Turbo System Analyst system
tap.lzh62K63605 04/15/90 Turbo Apprentise
tc2tpe.lzh20K20754 04/27/90 Convert TC to TP
tedit1.lzh122K124907 05/03/90 Util - Program editor special for Pascal
tegas11.lzh48K49004 12/25/89 EGA sprite editor uses mouse
tinypas.lzh93K95510 12/14/91 Source code to a Tiny Pascal compiler
tp&asm22.lzh54K55051 04/30/90 Combine Asm & TP
tp-stack.lzh6,408B6408 06/04/90 Monitor TP stack usage
tp-xmn.lzh16K16186 09/04/89 Displays asm intermixed with Pascal
tp50tut1.lzh60K61315 08/18/90 Turbo Pascal tutor (1of2)
tp50tut2.lzh108K110318 08/18/90 Turbo Pascal tutor (2of2)
tp5_ng.lzh91K93098 04/27/90 Norton guide data for TP5
tp6-new.lzh6,009B6009 11/05/90 New features in TP6
tp60keys.lzh1,200B1200 09/12/91 Function key template
tp6bugs.lzh2,215B2215 12/14/91 List of bugs in TP6
tp6bugs5.lzh16K16400 04/29/92 Bug-list for TP6 v5
tp6map.lzh8,772B8772 09/12/91 Map of IDE to show TV usage
tp6utl.lzh15K15488 02/04/91 TP6 config and other utils
tpa2-r.lzh32K33069 09/04/89 Docs for tpasm v2.0
tpaint2.lzh98K100388 04/15/90 TP paint program
tpal.lzh44K45270 12/25/89 TP TSR help
tpascpp.lzh25K25992 08/18/90 TP source formatter-good (+)
tpasm22.lzh54K55051 09/04/89 Use asm within turbo v2.2
tpatch.lzh2,590B2590 08/18/90 TP3 patch for cursor size
tpc10.lzh26K26284 08/18/90 TP to C translator
tpdesner.lzh250K255726 03/18/90 TP screen designer
tpinfo.lzh15K15561 09/04/89 TP Tpu info
tpm100.lzh17K16903 07/04/90 Macro to insert compile date/time into sour
tpmusic2.lzh12K12629 07/04/90 Generate TP programs to play music
tpp.lzh41K42393 06/23/92 Turbo Pascal pre-processor
tprat5.lzh13K13171 01/15/90 TP5 mouse support
tpref.lzh6,904B6904 05/24/90 TP reference card
tpshar.lzh6,842B6842 07/04/90 Info on TP text file sharing
tpshare.lzh6,145B6145 10/02/89 TP file sharing info
tpswut01.lzh20K20809 08/18/90 Listing of shareware TP files
tptour.lzh48K49285 09/15/89 Hypertext tour of TP55 OOP
tpu2obj.lzh12K11780 09/04/89 Converts Tpu to Obj
tpu55a.lzh133K136316 09/03/90 Program to display much info on TP55 TPUs
tpu60.lzh115K118146 12/14/91 Disassembler for TP6 TPU's
tpuasm.lzh33K33623 09/04/89 TPU to asm
tpulib.lzh10K10713 12/23/90 TpuLib replacement for TpuMover
tpuobj.lzh12K11780 09/04/89 Convert TPU to OBJ
tsnap1.lzh16K16376 05/13/90 TSR use Brief commands with TP IDE (+)
tttng.lzh73K74891 07/04/90 Norton guide data to Technojocks libr
ttutor1.lzh35K35565 12/25/89 Pascal programs to teach pascal
ttutor2.lzh24K24802 12/25/89 Pascal programs to teach pascal
turbo4ng.lzh67K68363 05/01/90 Norton guide data for TP4
turboclr.lzh12K12443 08/18/90 TP3 patch for colors used
turbodbg.lzh25K25246 08/18/90 TP3 source debugger
tvgas.lzh55K55908 07/04/90 VGA graphics editor for TP
undocfct.lzh23K23891 09/28/91 Check undocumented features in WIN a progra
vgadoc01.lzh70K71991 06/23/92 Documentation on programming the VGA
vgatools.lzh61K62050 10/17/89 TP tools for VGA
vispas.lzh85K87037 09/11/89 Visible pascal compiler
winpas.lzh71K72845 11/05/90 Windows Pascal interpreter
zipsorce.lzh30K30454 04/29/92 Utility to zip source, unit, include files