File Libaries
Library: Programming - Directory: Programming - Pascal A
123menus.lzh3,009B3009 09/04/89 Pascal for 123 style menus
16550.lzh1,109B1109 04/28/91 Toggle state of 16550 UART buffer
1novfnc.lzh5,321B5321 07/14/91 TP Novel toolbox routines
3dlib17f.lzh323K331190 05/27/94 3d animation routines
3dlife.lzh4,910B4910 10/02/89 Source to 3d life simulation
50line10.lzh7,350B7350 01/15/90 TP for 50 line CGA text mode
aakint14.lzh10K10387 05/14/90 Serial port routines w/flow control
aakxref.lzh53K53973 09/03/90 Pascal cross-reference
abfree22.lzh6,718B6718 01/20/90 TP display free disk space
abortu.lzh5,329B5329 09/04/89 Handle critical errors
actigram.lzh6,056B6056 09/03/90 Pascal activity lister
adamdisk.lzh53K54357 07/14/91 TP to read disks from Adam computer
adding.lzh23K23075 09/09/90 TP source to an adding machine
adlpas.lzh2,521B2521 01/14/91 Pascal source to play Adlib ROL songs
advcrt91.lzh19K19783 12/14/91 Advanced CRT routines
alarm.lzh9,985B9985 10/05/90 Source to TSR pop-up alarm
allfil.lzh11K11147 05/14/90 Display pick-list of matching files
alloc.lzh4,897B4897 10/02/89 Pascal memory allocation
allswags.lzh1,148KALLSWAGS from Sourceware Archive Group. This archive conta
allswap.lzh9,138B9138 10/17/89 TP to swap different var types
alpha.lzh37K38016 08/18/91 AlphaReader PD offline mail system source
altcrt.lzh6,400B6400 07/14/91 TP alternative to CRT unit (Dos/Bios)
analysis.lzh65K66758 09/03/90 Statistical analysis routines
angle.lzh29K29289 04/28/91 Simple prog to calc trig functions
anivga11.lzh332K339660 05/27/94 VGA animation routines
ansi101.lzh1,151B1151 12/14/91 Send codes to use ansi functions
ansi_130.lzh18K18881 08/12/90 Ping's Ansi w/music unit v1.3
ansidr27.lzh13K13795 11/20/89 Pascal ansi drawing pkg
ansigrph.lzh2,692B2692 04/27/90 TP interface to ansi.sys
ansitp4.lzh2,353B2353 05/03/90 Source - TP4 generate ansi strings
ansivi.lzh10K10237 03/16/91 TurboVision ansi interpreter
answcode.lzh15K14952 09/03/90 Text file indexer
arcsin.lzh783B783 07/14/91 TP ArcSin & ArcCos routines
arctree.lzh1,564B1564 04/27/90 TP disk functions
arglist.lzh1,150B1150 08/18/90 Pascal arguement list routines
arith2.lzh18K18645 09/03/90 Arithmetic compression routines
asc2eia.lzh10K10482 10/05/90 Ascii to EIA translator source
asciiz.lzh2,173B2173 10/02/89 TP source for null terminated strings
asm120.lzh43K43606 05/03/90 Source - Assembler in pascal
asorts.lzh7,179B7179 04/06/91 Sorting and arrays routines
assywind.lzh21K21224 09/28/91 Inline Asm window functions
asyinl00.lzh7,287Bsupport for Turbo in assembler
async12.lzh30K30976 10/17/89 TP serial i/o routines
async4.lzh5,200B5200 10/05/90 Async comm routines
asyturbo.lzh6,940Bcom1&com2 Turbo Pascal support
atotpu.lzh5,254B5254 04/27/90 TP autoinstall routines
atrom.lzh5,276B5276 01/27/91 Source to copy Rom to file
attrib.lzh1,452B1452 12/23/90 Dos file attribute routines
autoins.lzh3,233B3233 03/31/90 Insert values into constants
backsoun.lzh3,568B3568 09/04/89 Pascal for background sounds
baklpt.lzh9,421B9421 10/05/90 Background printing routines
bank.lzh2,314B2314 09/03/90 OOP bank queue simulator
bapp10.lzh6,304B6304 12/14/91 Basic starter application for TurboVision
bascal.lzh84K86107 12/14/91 Functions to make Pascal more like BASIC
batmenu.lzh30K30887 10/05/90 TP source to a menu system
battle.lzh3,866B3866 12/14/91 Simple BattleShip type game source
bbschat.lzh17K17043 05/15/90 Source to Eliza-like chat
bcrt.lzh7,713B7713 09/04/89 Unit to use bios screen writes
bcshare.lzh15K15087 12/23/90 Text file sharing code
bela.lzh3,700B3700 04/27/90 TP command line & edit routines
bessel.lzh846B846 08/12/91 2nd order Bessel evaluation
bfind.lzh7,757B7757 10/05/90 Binary file string searches
bgsound5.lzh11K10802 01/14/91 Background Ansi music source
biged.lzh36K36749 01/14/91 Extension to OPRO editor for big files
bikini.lzh1,987B1987 03/16/91 OOP Bikini designer
bincmp2.lzh11K11535 02/16/91 Binary file compare
bixtools.lzh146K149128 06/04/90 Misc collection of pascal code
bmulky.lzh90K91989 07/06/90 Interface Pascal to Btreive
boi200p.lzh83KBBS Onliner Interface 2.00 (Pascal) Write your own online
bonus40.lzh152K156133 09/04/89 Misc pascal source
boosters.lzh91K92812 09/04/89 Speed up pascal progs
boot.lzh3,448B3448 05/25/92 Cold/Warm reboot program with source (PD)
bplus.lzh72K73933 07/14/91 TP for Compu$erve B-Plus protocol
break.lzh814B814 11/27/92 Control break handling
break201.lzh5,549B5549 10/05/90 Break long text files into parts
browse2.lzh13K13315 05/14/90 File browser source
btp15.lzh49K50044 01/05/92 Object oriented access to BTreive (for BTre
btree1.lzh4,142B4142 10/31/90 Source to B-Tree
buffer.lzh10K10027 07/06/90 Pascal buffering object
butler20.lzh30K30821 08/18/90 Bulter's window routines
buttons.lzh4,768B4768 09/04/89 Pascal keyboard routines
bwsb102.lzh514KBWSB v1.02 PUBLIC SHAREWARE RELEASE - --- Bells, Whist
byteflag.lzh642B642 05/13/90 Source to use byte flags
bz_cmd.lzh1,850B1850 04/29/92 Command line handling routines
cache.lzh2,818B2818 01/05/92 Cached strings for Picklist (for OPRO)
calc.lzh51K52543 11/27/92 Compile expression/evaluate
calcpas.lzh12K12594 07/14/91 TP for a mini spreadshreet
calculus.lzh29K29498 09/03/90 Calculas routines
calibrat.lzh8,024B8024 10/05/90 Printer calibration unit source
callback.lzh12K12446 04/27/90 TP source to callback verifier
calyr2.lzh14K13961 12/23/90 Display a calandar on the screen
cards.lzh47K48151 10/05/90 Source for card games
cartog.lzh123K126326 12/23/90 Cartographic (mapping) source
chdate.lzh14K14380 05/04/90 Source - Full month calandar
checkirq.lzh2,624B2624 01/05/92 Check IRQ for comm port (for AsyncPro)
chnprep.lzh19K18955 04/30/90 TP program chaining
clearmem.lzh1,474B1474 11/27/92 Clear stack, globals, and heap
clmwp.lzh25K25519 12/23/90 Command line word processor source
cloak.lzh27K27281 12/14/91 Cloak file encryption w/source
clocks.lzh4,198B4198 04/06/91 Clock routines
clrpck.lzh8,170B8170 07/06/90 Pascal color picking routines
cmln1285.lzh39K39643 08/12/91 Source to a DADA to Forth translator
cmppas.lzh5,303B5303 08/12/91 TP Compression routines
cmsunit.lzh6,734B6734 05/27/94 Routine to access SB CMS sound chips
cobolpic.lzh6,672B6672 04/15/90 Pascal for Cobol style pic
codes.lzh4,166B4166 09/19/90 Pascal const for scan codes, intr, etc
colorset.lzh18K18046 07/06/90 Nice color set routines (needs TPro)
colrmenu.lzh17K17135 01/20/90 TP pick colors routine
comm_tp5.lzh32K32866 11/27/92 Serial port access
commcds.lzh20K20636 09/28/91 Call Data Std comm tracking
commontp.lzh23K23798 12/14/91 Comm/Door support routines
compress.lzh1,091B1091 07/06/90 Compress alpha strings
compturb.lzh55K56740 10/05/90 Complete Turbo Pascal routines
comtoi.lzh1,677B1677 04/30/90 Convert com files to inline code
conic.lzh89K90786 12/23/90 Conic sections functions
contour.lzh61K62624 02/16/91 Contour plotting
copyprot.lzh950B950 10/05/90 Copy protection
country.lzh18K18112 09/09/90 TP source to use Dos Country info
cputype.lzh4,285B4285 09/15/89 Source to determine cpu type
crc1.lzh13K13537 04/27/90 TP CRC16 routines
crcpascl.lzh6,642B6642 07/06/90 CRC routines in pascal
crctpas.lzh6,256B6256 04/27/90 TP CRC routines
crlf1.lzh8,323B8323 08/12/91 Fix text file CR/LF and expand tabs
crtg.lzh32K33127 11/27/92 Graphics CRT unit replacement
cs101asu.lzh55K55925 03/18/90 Ariz State CS 101 sample progs
ctpcod.lzh112K114947 03/18/90 Large collection of small routines
ctrl.lzh4,451B4451 10/17/89 TP to change ^char into control char
ctype.lzh3,427B3427 09/28/91 CType routines
cursor5x.lzh5,656B5656 10/05/90 Restore cursor
cuvl.lzh20K20478 07/06/90 Pascal disk volume labeler
cvtsrc21.lzh39K40361 08/18/91 Source to convert comm dialing directories
cyclic.lzh7,325B7325 09/04/89 CRC routines in pascal
dates.lzh2,352B2352 10/05/90 Source - Julian date routines
datetim2.lzh1,011B1011 05/14/90 Date/time routines
db3wperf.lzh7,474B7474 11/04/90 Source to convert DB3 to Word Perfect
dbbrow20.lzh10K10663 10/31/90 Dbase file browser source
dbf4pas.lzh18K18274 09/15/89 TP routines to read DBF files
dblook2.lzh5,341B5341 07/14/91 TP to read DB3+ DBF files
dbtree.lzh86K87825 09/04/89 Pascal database routines
ddutil20.lzh7,594B7594 07/14/91 DoubleDos awareness routines (PD)
delay.lzh636B636 02/02/90 Give up time while delaying
der12.lzh35K35619 07/06/90 Data entry routines
desq.lzh6,129B6129 02/02/90 TP to make desqview aware
desq42.lzh6,129B6129 07/06/90 Make program Desqview aware
desq5x.lzh6,124B6124 10/05/90 Desqview aware routines
detokenz.lzh3,222B3222 11/04/90 Source to DeTokenize Basic code to Ascii
dezip21.lzh34K34500 04/29/92 Pascal source to unzip compressed files
dialate.lzh19K19816 07/14/91 Dialect converter w/source (FW)
dialer.lzh1,639B1639 09/19/90 Pascal phone dialer
digikit.zip12KExample Turbo Pascal source for use of Digiboards.
dir.lzh7,764B7764 01/14/91 Pascal directory functions
dir406.lzh14K14455 10/05/90 Disk directory routines
dirscan2.lzh1,745B1745 09/04/89 Pascal directory scan
disasmbl.lzh18K18496 04/06/91 Souce to a disassembler
disk13.lzh15K15365 10/02/89 Pascal disk format source
diskvr20.lzh58K59345 09/03/90 Source to a Disk cover printer
dispedit.lzh5,916B5916 05/13/90 Display edit routines
dlst10.lzh29K29975 06/04/90 TP source to list 334 lines/pg
dolrword.lzh5,137B5137 03/31/90 TP write amounts in words
doorio.lzh4,282B4282 12/23/89 Pascal source for writing doors
doorproc.lzh1,984B1984 05/03/90 Source - Rbbs door procedures
dosmem.lzh1,618B1618 05/13/90 Allocate Dos memory for vars
dplus.lzh28K28663 05/03/90 Source - File management
drive.lzh3,547B3547 07/06/90 Find type of disk drive
drya.lzh2,425B2425 10/05/90 Dynamic arrays
dsort04b.lzh46K46900 11/04/90 Source to sort Fido style messages
dupfind.lzh6,529B6529 10/05/90 Duplicate file finder
dupsrc.lzh8,216B8216 07/06/90 Check for dupe files and maintain
dvunit.lzh1,589B1589 12/14/91 Code to make a program Desqview aware
dvvid-p.lzh595B595 03/16/91 Write to Desqview screen buffers
easydate.lzh2,870B2870 03/18/90 Pascal date handling routines
eco30603.lzh712KEco Library II Release 3.0 V 6.03 Pascal Port #3 Complete
edgra3.lzh6,842B6842 11/04/90 Extended graphics editor
editwn.lzh54K54784 11/27/92 Edit window source
edmac.lzh22K22379 04/30/90 TP source to read/edit Mac pics
eev100r0.lzh31K31892 04/29/92 Expression evaluator
eg0411s.lzh31K31858 10/05/90 EGA aint Tetris source
egatools.lzh5,725B5725 01/24/90 TP EGA routines
emm22.lzh21K21621 05/01/90 TP source to control EMS memory
emsi.lzh3,844B3844 12/14/91 Simple code to add EMSI support
eng_pas.lzh53K54399 01/27/91 Engineering routines in Pascal
engineer.lzh58K59161 09/03/90 Engineering routines
environ.lzh1,687B1687 09/04/89 Pascal environment routines
epson.lzh4,401B4401 08/18/91 Printer set-up
err_func.lzh36K36863 07/14/91 Error tracking unit (PD)
evalaz.lzh22K22155 09/04/89 Pascal expression evaluator
evalexpr.lzh4,515B4515 07/14/91 Expression evaluator (PD)
exdate.lzh4,520B4520 12/23/90 Extended date routines
exec23.lzh25K25800 12/23/90 Exec with swap for TP
exec31.lzh86K88104 11/27/92 Exec a program with swapping
execsw.lzh16K16801 09/04/89 TurboPower Exec prog with swapping
execwn.lzh4,522B4522 01/03/90 TurboPower Exec dos in a window
execws.lzh16K16837 03/16/91 TP6 Exec within window w/swapping
exitpas.lzh1,301B1301 07/06/90 Exit procedure help
exkey4.lzh11K11262 05/04/90 Source - Extended Keyboard support
explod.lzh5,580B5580 04/30/90 TP exploding window code
extend.lzh13K12826 03/31/90 TP to use more than 20 files
extend32.lzh14K14224 03/16/91 Extend number of files available
extend5.lzh12K12000 04/06/91 Extend number of files open simultaneously
extend6.lzh2,280B2280 01/05/92 Info from Borland on opening more than 20 fi
extsto.lzh11K11201 03/31/90 TP use Extended memory
exxms.lzh1,149B1149 09/28/91 XMS memory call tester
fastda.lzh5,662B5662 07/06/90 Fast date routines
fastscr.lzh12K12236 11/04/90 Fast screen write objects TP55
fastwr4.lzh9,272B9272 09/04/89 Fast screen writes
fcopy.lzh2,304B2304 04/28/91 PD file copy routines
fcsource.lzh26K26286 04/06/91 File cataloger
fdctlinc.lzh5,903B5903 07/06/90 Pascal format of Frontdoor records
fdformat.lzh21K21480 09/04/89 Disk format with source
fdformt2.lzh22K22141 10/17/89 TP disk format v2
fecho120.lzh5,838B5838 12/23/90 Echo text to comm port thru fossil
fibmcm.lzh21K21902 05/30/90 Ibmcom routines modified for Xon/Xoff
fidopas.lzh4,400B4400 08/18/90 TP format of Fido .Msgs
fidopkt.lzh32K32323 04/28/91 Code to read Fido style *.PKT
field.lzh1,315B1315 09/11/89 TP find field between delimeters
field2.lzh20K20370 09/04/89 Field input routines
filedate.lzh661B661 05/13/90 Get filedate as a real
fileking.lzh110K112342 08/18/90 Source to a file manager
fileob.lzh9,987B9987 05/04/90 Source - TP55 file info object
filnames.lzh4,876B4876 08/18/91 Unix-style filename matching routine
findf.lzh8,236B8236 09/04/89 Pascal file finder
findtext.lzh16K16840 01/20/90 TP quick text find
findus.lzh2,758B2758 09/04/89 Find program exec
finfo21.lzh6,648B6648 01/14/91 Change BBS DIR file date sizes
fline.lzh9,723B9723 02/19/92 TurboVison FormLine input routine
fmat.lzh17K17316 07/15/90 Pascal disk formatter
forum21s.lzh147K150748 09/04/89 Pascal BBS source
forumnet.lzh4,330B4330 05/26/90 TP source to Forum bbs network
forv25c.zip180KTurbo Pascal Source Code For BBS Utilities
foscom12.lzh14K14592 07/06/90 Pascal fossil driver routines
fosilpas.lzh38K38659 09/04/89 Fossil driver in pascal
frac2.lzh13K13644 06/13/92 Source to a fractal display
frte.lzh14K14188 04/06/91 Forced Run Time Error unit
fsthst21.lzh16K15921 02/05/90 TP to control HST modem
fulldb13.lzh13K13191 11/27/92 Add obj line numbers to TPU
gamma.lzh14K14392 07/14/91 TP to compute Gamma function
gasgauge.lzh5,994B5994 04/29/92 Gas gauge progress display routine
gaussj.lzh3,907B3907 08/18/91 Gauss function
gdc.lzh1,489B1489 06/13/92 Get disk class (type)
generi.lzh38K39324 11/09/89 Generic object routines TP55
getdir.lzh1,637B1637 08/18/90 TP source to get directory
getfile2.lzh954B954 05/13/90 Expand wildcard to file list
getfile3.lzh1,229B1229 02/02/90 Expand wildcard to file list
getput40.lzh1,199B1199 09/28/91 Get/Put screen regions
gifvga.lzh57K57881 12/09/89 TP source to a VGA gif viewer
gifview.lzh41K41559 09/04/89 Pascal gif viewer
godot.lzh6,469B6469 05/04/90 Source - TP55 dialog box (requires OPRO)
goodies.lzh321K328773 11/27/92 TP6 goodies from Borland Germany
graftal.lzh2,155B2155 08/18/90 Build a graphic tree table
graph.lzh10K10119 08/18/90 Graphing routines
graph11.lzh65K66485 11/27/92 Experimental grapher v1.1 FW
graphics.lzh46K46716 08/18/90 Misc graphics routines
gravwar2.lzh42K43129 09/09/90 TP source to Gravity War game
grftxt.lzh33K33891 01/20/90 TP quick display text in graphics mode
gsbbs.lzh57K58689 10/17/89 Pascal bbs
gsdb28.lzh196K200571 03/27/93 GSDbase DBF NDX NTX DBT access w/source
gsdbase.lzh18K18505 04/06/91 TP routines for dbase dbf,ndx, & memo
handle.lzh11K10897 08/18/91 Simple DOS shell
hashcpas.lzh11K11091 06/04/90 TP & C hashing code
hashnr.lzh2,638B2638 02/19/92 Convert name to hash number
hashoop.lzh4,782B4782 04/30/90 TP hashing object
hdebug.lzh6,378B6378 02/19/92 Heap Debugging util
header.lzh1,345B1345 11/04/90 Read softfont headers
heap.lzh4,485B4485 02/16/91 Alternative heap routines for testing
heapchka.lzh6,297B6297 06/13/92 Heap checking routines
hlpsrc.lzh48K48789 12/14/91 Create OPRO help files from programs/commen
hotm60.lzh5,263B5263 11/27/92 Modify TP6 IDE hotkeys
hpset2.lzh7,082B7082 01/03/90 TP to set HP printer
hptoscr2.lzh3,045B3045 04/30/90 TP HPGL plot to screen
htscreen.lzh41K42021 11/27/92 Harald Thurmens screen routines FW
ibmcom32.lzh7,588B7588 05/30/90 Ibmcom great comm routines w/CTS support (+)
idfi42.lzh4,153B4153 11/27/92 Identify type of video card installed
ifp1s150.lzh95K97623 02/19/92 InfoPlus detailed system info source v1.50
ihlzw.lzh4,772B4772 09/28/91 Object to support LZW compression (PD)
indexgen.lzh92K94593 11/27/92 Generate an index from a text file
indx18eu.lzh18K18448 11/27/92 Indexed files, encrypt
ini_api.lzh8,776B8776 05/27/94 Code to access a *.INI file for information
int24.lzh6,714B6714 09/11/89 TP critical error handler
intansi.lzh879B879 06/13/92 Simple/short ansi interpreter
intlog.lzh6,252B6252 12/14/91 Log Dos interrupts to a file
io5150.lzh3,934B3934 11/04/90 Async communications routines
iomon2.lzh32KIO Monitor 80386 control program watches COM ports acting
isres.lzh8,982B8982 08/12/90 Test whether TSR's are present
itp9223.lzh11K10774 05/27/94 Inside Turbo Pascal Feb 92
itp9245.lzh7,623B7623 05/27/94 Inside Turbo Pascal Apr 92
itpapr90.lzh6,047B6047 04/06/91 Inside Turbo Pascal code Apr 90
itpaug90.lzh7,303B7303 04/06/91 Inside Turbo Pascal code Aug 90
itpdec89.lzh6,442B6442 03/27/93 Inside Turbo Pascal code Dec 89
itpfeb90.lzh6,420B6420 04/06/91 Inside Turbo Pascal code Feb 90
itpfeb91.lzh12K12363 03/27/93 Inside Turbo Pascal code Feb 91
itpjan90.lzh6,668B6668 04/06/91 Inside Turbo Pascal code Jan 90
itpjan91.lzh9,250B9250 03/27/93 Inside Turbo Pascal code Jan 91
itpjul90.lzh4,814B4814 04/06/91 Inside Turbo Pascal code Jul 90
itpjun90.lzh7,835B7835 04/06/91 Inside Turbo Pascal code Jun 90
itpmar90.lzh5,176B5176 04/06/91 Inside Turbo Pascal code Mar 90
itpmar91.lzh15K15589 03/27/93 Inside Turbo Pascal code Mar 91
itpmay90.lzh7,426B7426 04/06/91 Inside Turbo Pascal code May 90
itpnov89.lzh3,143B3143 03/27/93 Inside Turbo Pascal code Nov 89
itpoct89.lzh4,647B4647 03/27/93 Inside Turbo Pascal code Oct 89
itpoct90.lzh6,227B6227 04/06/91 Inside Turbo Pascal code Oct 90
itpsep89.lzh2,890B2890 03/27/93 Inside Turbo Pascal code Sep 89
itpsep90.lzh9,139B9139 04/06/91 Inside Turbo Pascal code Sep 90
jclzh32.lzh25K25263 08/12/90 TP source to Lharc v1.13 clone
jdbtree1.lzh16K16486 08/18/91 Binary Tree routines
jpd31r2.zip159KV3.1 Release 2 - Door Writing Toolkit for TP5/TP6
jpdoor30.zip135KV3.00 SE Door writing toolkit for Turbo Pascal 5.5/6.0
jpdoor32.zip174KV3.2 SE (Maintenance Release)
jplay.lzh44K45238 01/14/91 Play Pianoman MUZ files
jttlib.lzh7,890B7890 04/06/91 Pascal pretty printer
jubilee.lzh8,257B8257 10/05/90 Jubilee screen edit routines
julcal.lzh1,984B1984 12/23/90 Julian calandar routines
julian.lzh9,698B9698 12/23/90 Improved Julian calandar routines
julian4.lzh2,380B2380 10/02/89 Julian date routines
kbdhdr30.lzh3,150B3150 11/27/92 Keyboard symbolic readkey
kbdstuff.lzh1,638B1638 04/08/90 TP put chars into kbd buffer
kdpasfos.lzh2,050B2050 09/19/89 TP routines to call fossil driver
keyint.lzh28K28208 11/27/92 Replacing the keyboard interrupt
kiss_1.lzh28K28331 08/18/91 KISS simple interpreter
kmouse10.lzh9,797B9797 11/20/89 Pascal mouse control routines
kohan.lzh11K10909 04/06/91 Collection of routines
kpars_00.lzh25K25972 01/21/95 TP source to parse arthimetic expressions (
ktools31.lzh40K40610 09/04/89 Pascal tools
kunix_11.lzh13K13227 01/21/95 TP source for regular expression file searc
ldiff-s.lzh27K27482 09/15/89 Source to file diff utility
linklist.lzh8,861B8861 09/04/89 Linked list routines
lisp.lzh6,141B6141 11/04/90 Essence of a Lisp interpretter
lists3.lzh11K11495 07/14/91 Linked list routines
listsubs.lzh11K11022 11/04/90 List functions & procedures
ljfonts.lzh19K19486 04/30/90 TP source to font downloader
llist10.lzh4,310B4310 01/20/90 TP linked list routines
lo-pas.lzh5,868B5868 07/06/90 Routines to read spreadsheets
loancalc.lzh17K16959 10/05/90 Loan calculator
lock4.lzh2,266B2266 02/25/90 TP file locking source
logger.lzh5,981B5981 11/27/92 Log output of any program to file
lotus1.lzh7,021B7021 04/15/90 Pascal to read worksheets
lpt.lzh2,061B2061 10/05/90 LPT unit
lzhsrc97.lzh7,829B7829 11/04/90 Source for LZH compression
lzhufe.lzh21K21745 08/12/90 TP source to Lzh archiving
magic.lzh10K10207 03/16/91 Magic squares game Pascal source
makbin.lzh55K56588 11/04/90 Convert EXE to BIN
makescrn.lzh5,451B5451 07/14/91 Text screen painting util w/source
mand15b.lzh110K112306 03/31/90 TP mandelbrot source
mapscr.lzh9,739B9739 12/14/91 Source to screen mapping
marktime.lzh477B477 05/13/90 Save time of day in a var
martin.lzh39K40225 12/14/91 Fractal screen saver (PD)
master5.lzh50K51485 04/30/90 Source from Master TP
maze.lzh4,661B4661 05/13/90 Generate a maze
mem10.lzh18K18451 07/15/90 Pascal memory mapper
memcmp.lzh1,724B1724 10/05/90 Fast memory compare
memmap.lzh25K25779 09/15/89 Source to display dos memory blocks
memmap2.lzh8,351B8351 10/05/90 Memory map routines
memstr.lzh3,669B3669 07/15/90 Keep strings in memory
menuge.lzh8,312B8312 04/06/91 TP6 TVision Menu generator
metaname.lzh5,105B5105 11/20/89 TP4 source for wildcards
mexcwswp.lzh19K19603 01/05/92 Modified windowed/swapping exec
mgn.lzh16K15944 07/15/90 Menu generator
minicrt.lzh4,977B4977 07/15/90 Replaces CRT unit for multitask
miscunit.lzh26K26148 07/06/90 Misc pascal unit source
mkavt100.lzh22K22475 03/27/93 Source for Avatar and Ansi emulation (FW) b
mkerr101.lzh11K11349 09/28/91 Error handling routines
mkexe001.lzh745K762472 08/11/95 Utilites/Executables for MK BBS (see MK Sr
mkmsg102.zip214KMK Msg Access Source for Squish, Jam, *.Msg, Hudson, and E
mksm106.lzh221KMK Source for Msg Access v1.06 - Mark May's Pascal OOP sou
mksrc001.lzh375K384333 08/09/95 Full modern source to a BBS v.001 FW by Ma
mltiview.lzh39K39679 10/05/90 Extend OPRO window flexibility
mnglr130.lzh38K39252 05/27/94 Source code mangler (unreadable but still c
mou.lzh44K44866 02/16/91 TP mouse routines
mou105.lzh48K49117 12/14/91 Mouse routines including "graphics" cursor
mouslib5.lzh9,435B9435 11/27/92 Mouse support unit
movearea.lzh10K10271 12/14/91 Move areas around in Files.RA Bbs
moves.lzh2,702B2702 05/04/90 Source - Fast memory moves
movewipe.lzh21K21418 09/04/89 Source to move files
mpi100.lzh6,328B6328 09/28/91 Outbound Fidomail describer
mrgsort.lzh25K25141 11/04/90 Source for MergeSort
msdemo.lzh9,123B9123 10/05/90 Sample mouse routines
msortp.lzh24K24135 05/27/94 Merge sort routines from TurboPower softwar
mtask20.lzh20K20633 03/18/90 Non-preemptive multitasking
multpick.lzh3,558B3558 01/05/92 Multiline picklist (for OPRO)
music.lzh3,900B3900 12/14/91 "Ansi" music routines (good)
mymud20.lzh271KLiveSystems MyMUD 2.0: MyMUD is a full fledged multiuser a
qwik71.zip88KQwik Screen Utilities v7.1 for Turbo Pascal
searchbm.zip8,182BAdvanced Boyer-Morre Search for Turbo Pascal (works with a
tpbuf11.zip2,348BTP-BUFFER v1.1; Pascal source to use the keyboard buffer.
tplzh026.zip22KHuffman compression Engine v0.26 for Turbo Pascal
tspa3370.zip105KPowerful collection of almost 200 Turbo Pascal 7.0 routine
tvgr70.zip275KTVGraphic; Port of Borland's text based Turbo Vision to DO
wndw70.zip128KMULTI-LEVEL VIRTUAL WINDOWS v7.0a for Turbo Pascal.