File Libaries
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abc_lang.zip201K206163 04/12/90 Langauge cross between basic & pascal
acm-4.lzh110K112858 01/20/91 ACM collection of Fortran routines (4of4)
ada-tutr.zip174K178291 09/05/89 Tutor for ADA
adasub.zip39K40194 09/05/89 August subset of ADA
adatutor.lzh150K154015 04/06/91 Ada tutorial
allmac16.zip88K89969 08/20/90 Set of macros for Qedit
appdemo.zip105K11-07-94 Demo of FAST A+ Compiler for DOS.
arch1.zip13K13447 11/03/90 Archive record formats
arena13.zip16K16461 09/05/89 Modula 2 source for arena
asciitab.zip4,988B4988 03/29/90 Pop-up Ascii table
atipinfo.lzh11K11118 07/19/91 Info on programming ATI VGAWonder card
awk300.zip85K87379 06/17/90 Awk pattern matching language v3
bast115.lzh137K140012 03/16/91 B_Assist Btreive util v1.15
bastutor.zip69K71107 01/04/90 Basic language tutorial
bcf77p.lzh167K171343 07/19/91 Fortran for 68000 machine
biff.zip31K31919 11/03/90 Excel Binary record formats
bimdtool.zip8,288B8288 12/25/89 Info on prog interface to Bimodem
bingo20.zip138K140873 07/22/90 Bingo programmers text editor v2.0
bisondoc.zip54K55006 12/25/89 Info on Bison Yacc
blackbrd.zip109K111514 02/25/90 Blackbeard programming editor
bootdump.zip2,261B2261 09/05/89 Dump boot sector
btng.lzh6,224B6224 01/10/93 Norton guide data for BTrieve
ccircle3.zip6,966B6966 11/25/89 Information on copyrights
cmplrtut.zip104K106549 09/05/89 Tutorial on compiler writing
cobol530.zip148K151717 07/22/90 Cobol compiler v5.3
cobol701.lzh172K175926 07/19/91 Cobol compiler v7.01
cobolt.lzh42K42912 03/16/91 CPM version of Cobol
compare.lzh6,505B6505 12/15/91 Compares two text files
ddeapp.lzh14K13907 12/15/91 Info on WIN DDE
dostech.zip164K167838 05/14/90 Dos Tech ref programming manual
dpmispec.lzh40K41091 01/20/91 Dos Protected Mode specs
dvglue.zip191K195286 12/25/89 Info on interfacing with Desqview
dvint390.zip31K31375 07/29/90 Documentation of multitask interrupts
easycase.zip203K207577 09/05/89 Software Case
edt.lzh16K16118 01/20/91 Small text editor
ega-lab.zip24K24336 03/29/90 EGA crt controller utils
eisa.zip8,552B8552 12/25/89 Info on Eisa bus format
elan.zip167K170578 09/05/89 Elan language
em6809.lzh28K28777 01/10/93 6809 emulator
ems4spec.lzh76K77408 01/20/91 EMS4 memory specs
ems_spec.zip61K62940 02/25/90 EMS memory specifications
extol.zip53K54006 04/12/90 Testing language
ezcase16.zip271K277929 02/25/90 EZ case program util
fddev202.lzh38K38872 12/15/91 Structures for FD (C & Pas)
fgrep172.zip13K13124 07/06/90 File grep search language
fifth27.zip166K170260 09/05/89 Fifth language
fix01.zip32K32966 05/14/90 Prolog patch
fm2cmp31.lzh122K125248 01/10/93 FS Modula 2 compiler v3.1
fm2doc31.lzh52K52774 01/10/93 FS Modula 2 documentation v3.1
fm2exa.lzh16K16503 01/10/93 FS Modula 2 examples v3.1
fm2lib31.lzh65K66815 01/10/93 FS Modula 2 libraries v3.1
fm2utl31.lzh44K44563 01/10/93 FS Modula 2 utilities v3.1
fortran.lzh202K207108 05/06/91 Fortran compiler
freedom.lzh24K24579 09/12/91 League for programming freedom info
freelink.lzh182K185977 01/10/93 A Free *.OBJ linker
gif89a.lzh22K22446 03/16/91 Specs to GIF 89a standards
hacktest.zip8,518B8518 09/05/89 A hackers test
helppc.zip167K170944 05/30/90 Very complete programming help system
ibm-apl2.zip167K171326 09/09/90 Demo version of APL compiler
infop110.zip79K81249 07/29/90 Source to obtain system info
inter33a.lzh345KMSDOS Interrupt List, Release 33 A Comprehensive listing o
inter33b.lzh290KMSDOS Interrupt List, Release 33 A Comprehensive listing o
inter33c.lzh172KMSDOS Interrupt List, Release 33 A Comprehensive listing o
interup2.lzh29K29705 02/19/91 Interactively call interrupts & check resul
intng.zip162K166207 06/17/90 Norton guide data for interrupts
kutsgl10.zip21K21456 03/29/90 Cut & glue text tsr utility
ladybug.zip111K114042 09/05/89 A logo-like language
lgdemo.zip90K92039 01/04/90 Demo/advert for logic gem
limems41.zip78K80230 09/05/89 Descr of LimEms memory std
lisp217.zip135K138317 06/17/90 Lisp programming lang v2.17
logic1.zip2,390B2390 05/14/90 Prolog source for logic puzzle
logo.zip85K87127 09/05/89 Logo language
mapper28.lzh147K150386 04/29/92 Screen designer utility
mapwin.lzh65K66203 01/10/93 Map imported/exported Windows functions
max130.zip124K126670 09/05/89 Max programming lang
me50.lzh334K342163 01/20/91 MultiEdit text editor demo
modpgms.lzh56K57212 07/19/91 Example programs for Modula 2
modtutor.zip190K194594 09/05/89 Modula 2 tutor
msd-int.zip13K13008 06/17/90 MsDos interrupt info
multi201.lzh157K160958 07/19/91 Multi-Edit text editor v2.01
multtask.lzh2,650B2650 01/20/91 Info on multitasking
mumps50.zip124K126500 09/05/89 Mumps language
mumpsdoc.zip8,789B8789 09/05/89 Mumps documentation
nbchec.zip5,484B5484 12/25/89 Net bios check
ng-mkr.zip23K23812 07/22/90 Norton Guide data maker
ng_clone.zip33K33583 02/25/90 Norton guide CLONE w/source
ng_ints.zip41K42069 12/25/89 Database for NG for interrupts
ngcl_125.lzh25K25119 01/20/91 Improved Norton Guide clone v1.25
ngu.lzh9,404B9404 12/15/91 Norton guide unlinker
ntbiodoc.zip19K19004 12/25/89 Net bios documentation
nyedit.zip163K167229 09/05/89 NY text editor
oberon.zip9,502B9502 09/05/89 Info on Wirths Oberon lang
oberonm.lzh125K128451 04/20/91 Oberon compiler for 80?86 processors
objectfm.zip3,180B3180 04/12/90 Object file format
objtoo22.lzh47KObjTool 2.2: check/view/repair/alter .OBJ files. Rename pu
occlexms.zip15K14946 09/05/89 Example of Lex parsing on Occaim
oget.zip12K11868 02/25/90 Opus file request format info
oneach.zip163K166874 09/09/90 One-Each programmers editor
oop.zip54K55218 04/12/90 Object oriented programming info
oops.zip49K50142 05/14/90 Info on OOPS programming
ops5pc36.zip88K89603 12/25/89 Expert language system
os2-api.zip31K31958 07/06/90 Info on OS2 API
pargen.zip65K66100 07/06/90 Parser code generator
patch.zip20K20027 11/03/90 File patcher
pc-lisp.zip61K62801 09/05/89 Lisp language
pcalcems.zip12K12716 06/17/90 EMS programmers calculator
pcref.zip154K157707 09/05/89 PC reference text
pctags.zip183K187609 06/17/90 PC-Tags source code retrieval system
pcx-ref.zip8,522B8522 02/25/90 Info on PCX picture format
pdprolog.zip145K148374 04/15/90 PD prolog langauge
ped101.zip148K151605 03/04/90 Programmers editor v1.01
perldoc.zip87K88935 05/17/90 Perl programming language docs
perlexe.zip129K132365 05/17/90 Perl programming language exe
perllib.zip19K19145 05/17/90 Perl programming langauge library
perlsrc.zip271K277894 05/24/90 C source to Perl langauge
pie2.lzh212K217497 05/06/91 Pie Prolog interpreter written in Prolog
pistol.zip96K98472 09/05/89 Pistol language
pl12.zip21K21750 07/06/90 Program lister utility
placebo.zip619B619 09/05/89 Do nothing but take memory
pmplib.zip35K35443 02/25/90 Modula 2 library
prolog5.zip6,296B6296 05/14/90 Info on Prolog
q_brief.zip3,310B3310 11/03/90 Brief-like macros for Qedit
qcfgsort.zip4,866B4866 03/04/90 Qedit cfg to help screen
qcomp101.zip9,669B9669 09/05/89 Compile from within Qedit
qcp208.zip56K57338 12/25/89 Compiler environment for Qedit 208
qdhelp.lzh74K75397 01/10/93 Create WIN Help with a normal text editor
qedit21.zip125K127578 03/04/90 Qedit v2.1 editor (+)
qhelp.zip19K19253 03/29/90 Qedit help util
qmac21.zip41K41578 03/04/90 Qedit macro utility
qmake.zip7,945B7945 09/05/89 Run make util from within Qedit
qng21.zip53K54453 03/29/90 Qedit Norton guide data
qtadoc.zip76K78153 11/03/90 QTawk documentation
rexxpc-1.lzh80K81822 02/19/91 REXX for the PC (1of2)
rexxpc-2.lzh72K74165 02/19/91 REXX for the PC (2of2)
rpgf-pc2.lzh175K179655 09/12/91 Translates free-format RPG into structured
runpli1a.zip114K116449 09/05/89 PL/I language with C source
saplpc_a.zip166K170340 09/05/89 Small APL language
saplpc_b.zip185K189071 09/05/89 Small APL language
sbw110.lzh66K67459 01/20/91 SoapBox Writer text editor v1.10
sixth.zip36K36951 09/05/89 Sixth programming lang
skeleton.zip12K11941 12/25/89 Basic skeleton for writing doors
smdocs.zip37K38001 07/06/90 Smalltalk documentation
smexe.zip62K63059 07/06/90 Smalltalk executables
smprogs.zip76K78307 07/06/90 Smalltalk programs
smtalk.zip122K124659 09/05/89 Smalltalk language
snoop.zip1,865B1865 09/05/89 Watch program counter in real time
solvlog.zip7,052B7052 05/03/90 Prolog source for logic problems
stevie.zip172K175855 11/03/90 Vi-like editor for Dos
techref.zip155K158280 12/25/89 Technical reference manual
ted23.lzh68K70137 01/20/91 PC-Ted text editor v2.3
ted3.lzh17K17107 04/06/91 Ted editor modified to use WS commands
tedit25.zip110K112771 08/20/90 Technical Editor programming editor v2.5
tess-a.zip18K18482 09/05/89 TSR standards
tess-c.zip33K34126 09/05/89 TSR standards
tess-d.zip46K47243 09/05/89 TSR standards
tess110.zip213K218097 02/25/90 TSR programming info & libraries
tpe.zip143K146879 03/29/90 Turbo Power Editor - great for TP
trap306.zip47K47812 11/03/90 Trap interrupt calls
ttm120.lzh21K21273 07/19/91 Truth Table maker v1.2
twotrees.zip2,096B2096 09/05/89 Modula 2 source
txt2rtf.lzh24K24632 01/10/93 Convert text files to RTF for WIN
undoc2e.lzh7,219B7219 03/16/91 Int 2e info on execing commands
unity310.lzh230K235533 03/16/91 Unity programmers editor v3.10
vclang.zip151K155066 11/03/90 Visible compiler
vde152.zip92K93753 05/14/90 VDE programming text editor
vi56a1.lzh145K148485 07/19/91 Oak Hill Vi Editor v5.6
vtprolog.zip31K31455 09/05/89 Very tiny prolog language
whatis.zip11K11576 03/29/90 Identify compiler from compiled exe
x16.zip40K41251 11/03/90 X16 Programmers calculator
xlisp2.zip64K65882 09/05/89 Xlisp v2
xms.zip115K117563 04/12/90 Expanded memory specifications
xray15.zip14K14514 11/03/90 Track interrupt usage
xscheme.zip70K72074 12/25/89 Xscheme programming language
zsoftref.zip8,467B8467 06/17/90 Reference on PCX record format