File Libaries
Library: Programming - Directory: Programming - Forth
4th_86.zip272K278890 11/29/89 4th 86 Forth system
bbl4docs.lzh118K120869 06/27/92 BBL 32 bit Forth Documentation (PD)
bbl4edit.lzh66K67213 06/27/92 BBL 32 bit Forth System (PD)
bbl4th01.lzh85K86954 06/27/92 BBL 32 bit Forth System (PD
bbl_a.arc65KFast 32-bit Forth based on F83,needs work,1of2
bbl_b.arc183KFast 32-bit Forth based on F83,needs work,2of2
br225-u1.zip59K60484 09/04/89 Forth file browser
br225v1a.zip146K149160 09/04/89 Forth file browser
br225v1b.zip132K135465 09/04/89 Forth file browser
diary1.zip9,025B9025 01/14/90 Forth intro - Forth books
diary2.zip8,038B8038 01/14/90 Forth intro - Forth bbs
diary3.zip5,827B5827 01/14/90 Forth intro - PD forths
diary4.zip214K219479 01/14/90 Forth intro - Starting forth
diary5.zip4,490B4490 01/14/90 Forth intro - Forth standards
diary6.zip58K59022 01/14/90 Forth intro - F83 standard
diary7.zip15K15332 01/14/90 Forth intro - Forth wordset
doc225a.zip209K213665 09/04/89 F-PC V2.25 documentation
ecfbm1.zip106K108657 09/04/89 Forth tutorial messages 1of2
ecfbm2.zip80K81427 09/04/89 Forth tutorial messages 2of2
ecfbsk1.zip41K42452 09/04/89 Forth info
ecfbsk5.zip32K33066 09/04/89 Forth info
eforth.zip53KTing's PD portable eForth, ROMable, w/asm src
f-pcbugs.zip4,292B4292 09/04/89 F-PC forth bugs
f83-prn.zip50K51511 09/04/89 Forth 83 standards
f83a.arc79KOrig Laxen & Perry Forth83,block oriented,1of2
f83b.arc73KOrig Laxen & Perry Forth83,block oriented,2of2
f83tutor.arc46Kfor original Laxen & Perry Forth83
f83v2_ms.arc175K2.0 of Forth83 language for MSDOS
f88color.arc22Kdisplay colors for F8388.ARC
fbbs2.arc28KBulletin Board System (BBS) written in Forth
fifth.arc108KNew FREEWARE Language
fifth22.zip130K132962 09/04/89 Fifth programming lang v2.2
fig86.arc50KOriginal Fig-86 Forth compiler
forth.zip127K130450 09/04/89 Forth 83
forthcmp.zip97KCode Forth Compiler:COM,EXE,SYS,TSR,ROM
forthdos.zip41K41564 11/29/89 Forth source for dos functions
forthed.arc170KText editor written in Forth
fpc225a.zip56K57508 09/04/89 F-pc V2.25 forth additions
fpc353-1.zip301K307960 09/19/90 FPC-Forth v3.53 1of5
fpc353-2.zip298K305246 09/19/90 FPC-Forth v3.53 2of5
fpc353-3.zip317K324421 09/19/90 FPC-Forth v3.53 3of5
fpc353-4.zip15K15360 09/19/90 FPC-Forth v3.53 4of5
fpc353-5.zip378K387550 09/19/90 FPC-Forth v3.53 5of5
fpc355_1.zip328Kcompiler, w/editor & examples, 1of5
fpc355_2.zip314Kcompiler, w/editor & examples, 2of5
fpc355_3.zip334Kcompiler, w/editor & examples, 3of5
fpc355_4.zip333Kcompiler, w/editor & examples, 4of5
fpc355_5.zip296Kcompiler, w/editor & examples, 5of5
fpca.zip74K76097 09/04/89 F-pc forth
fpcb.zip101K103204 09/04/89 F-pc forth
fpch.zip67K68738 09/04/89 F-pc forth
fpcl1_7.zip340KLessons 1-7 Jack Brown's FPC3.5 Forth tutorial
fpcmisc1.zip56K57834 09/04/89 Misc forth source
ftntxt.zip44K45081 12/10/89 Info on converting Fortran to Forth
grafkern.zip29K29599 09/04/89 Forth graphics kernel
grafkrn2.zip16K16447 09/04/89 Forth graphics kernel 2
l1.zip36K36985 09/09/90 Tutorial on FPC v3.5 Forth (1of10)
l2.zip41K41823 09/09/90 Tutorial on FPC v3.5 Forth (2of10)
l3.zip71K73105 09/09/90 Tutorial on FPC v3.5 Forth (3of10)
l4.zip67K68325 09/09/90 Tutorial on FPC v3.5 Forth (4of10)
l5.zip56K57373 09/09/90 Tutorial on FPC v3.5 Forth (5of10)
learn4th.zip168K171532 09/04/89 Forth tutorial
min4th25.arc17Ksystem v2.5, with A86 source
ooforth.zip11K11442 11/29/89 Object oriented forth extensions
outforth.zip71K72730 11/29/89 Forth outline processor
pasm386c.zip65Kassembler v1.4 for Forth-PC v3.5
pygmy.zip63K64673 11/29/89 Small forth system
pygmy13.fix1,342BBug fixes for PYGMY13 Forth editor/compiler
pygmy13.zip66KForth: src,editor,metacompiler, files
qf25.zip279K286101 09/04/89 Integrated Forth
rdarc.zip4,534B4534 09/04/89 Forth source to an unarc
task4th.zip96K97965 10/02/89 Object oriented forth
uniforth.arc103Kof floating point Forth compiler
vga1105.zip41K42466 01/14/90 Forth source VGA routines
wb1zen11.zip88K89816 07/06/90 Zen forth v1.1 (1of2)
wb2zen11.zip81K82815 07/06/90 Zen forth v1.1 (2of2)
zen1_10.zip67KZen1.0 Forth w/src to match ANS X3J14 BASIS 10
zenmasm1.zip106K108951 09/04/89 Zen forth masm source