File Libaries
Library: Programming - Directory: PDN - Basic
ansilib.zip19KA QuickBASIC Library to Handle Ansi Commands Ansi-Lib was
ansiterm.zip20KAnsiTerm.Bas; Terminal program with ANSI emulation and XMo
bb14.zip376KBasicBasic; Easy program development system for DOS or Win
lansi10.zip7,348B7348 11/08/93 Table driven ansi driver with source
loadgif.zip23K23856 10/10/93 QuickBasic and ASM code for viewing GIF's f
malm.zip37KUBasic number theory pgms by Donald E.G. Malm
mnusys11.zip210KMENUSYS for PowerBASIC * * Version/Release 1.1 * A complet
mnusys21.zip215KMENUSYS for PowerBASIC * * Version/Release 2.1 * A complet
pansi2.zip7,675BPANSI v1.50; ANSI emulator for QB 4.5/PDS
pbgui200.zip154KPB GUI Toolkit v2.00, for Power Basic 3.0
pbmenus.zip53KMENUSYS for PowerBASIC: A complete text-mode GUI for Spect
pbwiz18.zip240KPB Wizard's Library, v1.8, for Spectra's PowerBASIC 3.0. O
qb45mult.zip46KQB 4.5 Multi-tasking library v1.0; Library will allow you
qberror.zip958BListing of QuickBasic Error codes DoorFrame door programmi
qbser21.zip25KQBserial Version 2.10; Communications library for QuickBAS
qbser310.zip31KQBserial v3.10; Communications library for QuickBASIC 4.x,
s3bas11.zip191K195231 10/10/93 Tutorial on low level access (PEEK, POKE,
ubas825.fix1,320BHow to fix a small bug in UBASIC 8.25
ubas825.zip311KHigh precision math-oriented BASIC interpreter
ubas830.zip316KHigh precis math-oriented BASIC interp;no Herc
ubmpqs32.zip35Kprime factorization pgm for 386/486