File Libaries
Library: Programming - Directory: Programming - C - Windows
apiref.lzh3,751B3751 12/15/91 Documenation on which file API call is in
bind.lzh13K13595 03/16/91 Bind keys to menu choices
cdbw.lzh111K113202 05/06/91 C database for WIN
chain2.lzh29K29437 03/16/91 Chain to run Windows progs
commdlg.lzh42K42578 07/25/92 Common dialog definitions
cpumet.lzh15K15834 12/15/91 Source to a CPU meter
dirnotes.lzh24K24183 12/15/91 Add notes to directory entries
disolve.lzh20K20773 12/15/91 Disolving words
element.lzh11K11008 05/03/91 WIN C source to display Table of Elements
ewtdebug.lzh14K14379 12/15/91 Debugging on a single monitor
hyprds11.lzh37K37867 07/25/92 Hyperoids game source
icviewer.lzh22K22411 02/16/91 C source to icon viewer
jfklib.lzh77K79119 12/15/91 Library of routines
jigsaw_w.lzh65K66345 12/15/91 Jigsaw graphics?
kiviat.lzh22K22507 02/16/91 C source to monitor system resources
mmpf.lzh45K45812 07/25/92 Pull apart an MMP file for examination
mmplay.lzh22K22540 07/25/92 Load/Play movies with MMP
mwpropvw.lzh162K165793 07/25/92 Examine window characteristics
ownerb.lzh6,396B6396 07/25/92 Owner-draw buttons
pool2.lzh10K10200 05/03/91 WIN C source interesting graphics
pulse.lzh9,800B9800 03/16/91 Show system utilization under Win
pundit.lzh41K41839 02/16/91 C source to pop-up a quotation
spy.lzh11K11046 03/16/91 Spy on all open windows
timefram.lzh4,362B4362 12/15/91 Puts the time in a window frame
toolbar.lzh21K21449 12/15/91 Create "ToolBar"-like menus
trmite10.lzh19K19773 03/16/91 Turmite 2d turing mach for WIN
vvp.lzh15K15866 12/15/91 Virtual pointer routines
wdb.lzh68K69326 07/25/92 Windows debugging
wgif10b.lzh23K23830 05/06/91 C+ source to a WIN Gif viewer
win3d.lzh43K43821 07/25/92 3d wireframe for WIN
wincla.lzh5,045B5045 05/03/91 Classes for WIN for C+
winfern.lzh32K32558 05/03/91 WIN C source for fractal ferns
winforms.lzh62K63706 03/16/91 DLL for forms for WIN
winnav.lzh55K56006 07/25/92 Source to a file manager
winpip.lzh32K32498 05/03/91 WIN C source for piping DLL
winplay.lzh19K19511 05/06/91 C polyphonic music player
winprogs.lzh121K123706 02/16/91 Collection of Windows programs
winskel2.lzh18K18547 03/16/91 Skeleton generator for Win progs
winstdio.lzh43K43589 12/15/91 Std IO for WIN
wlocate.lzh13K13313 12/15/91 WIN file finder