File Libaries
Library: Programming - Directory: Programming - C - A
68000k.lzh142K145392 06/27/92 C source to a 68000 assembler and emulator
asycls11.lzh6,347B6347 05/03/91 Async class for C+
azerty.lzh66K67642 02/16/91 C source to a QWK offline reader
bplusc.lzh14K14584 03/03/91 C source to CI$ B+ transfer protocol
bsrc250a.lzh294K301522 11/12/91 C Source to BinkleyTerm v2.50 (1of2)
bsrc250b.lzh133K136135 11/12/91 C Source to BinkleyTerm v2.50 (2of2)
bsrcdiff.lzh99K101852 03/03/91 Changes/improvements to Binkley 2.4
btrees.lzh37K37949 03/03/91 PC Tech TSR BTree routines
byacc.lzh92K94683 05/03/91 Berkley YACC parser source
c-fdc.lzh8,322B8322 11/12/91 C Source to control Floppy Disk Controller
c-flow.lzh43K43815 11/12/91 Display program structure
c_asm.lzh6,329B6329 03/03/91 Call asm functions from C
cardfile.lzh81K82806 03/03/91 Cardfile program using MEWEL library
cenviw1.zip150KCEnvi/Cmm (C minus minus); 'C' for the rest of us. CEnvi r
cephes.lzh41K41947 03/03/91 More than 100 complex mathmatical functions
chapter1.lzh12K12529 02/19/91 Source examples for learning C
chapter2.lzh9,583B9583 02/19/91 Source examples for learning C
chapter3.lzh15K15846 02/19/91 Source examples for learning C
chat.lzh9,741B9741 11/12/91 SPX chatting
ckit258.zip208KCKIT2.58; Door Developer kit for Microsoft C, Quick C, Tur
clspt1.lzh64K65197 11/12/91 C+ Class library patch
cmath.lzh15K15364 03/03/91 Math functions for simple compilers
cnews001.lzh6,428B6428 03/03/91 C Newsletter v001
cnews004.lzh42K43093 03/03/91 C Newsletter v004
cnews005.lzh68K69584 03/03/91 C Newsletter v005
cnews006.lzh29K30040 03/03/91 C Newsletter v006
cnews007.lzh9,904B9904 03/03/91 C Newsletter v007
cnews009.lzh64K65763 03/03/91 C Newsletter v009
cnews011.lzh31K31743 03/03/91 C Newsletter v011
cnews013.lzh75K76708 03/03/91 C Newsletter v013
cnews015.lzh25K25282 03/03/91 C Newsletter v015
cnews017.lzh16K16573 03/03/91 C Newsletter v017
cnews018.lzh40K40804 03/03/91 C Newsletter v018
cpascal.lzh8,246B8246 11/12/91 Lex/Yacc grammer for Pascal
cport20.zip82KCport v2.0; Serial Communications Library for C/C+
cppwin.lzh9,579B9579 02/19/91 Windowing routines for C+
cpr15.lzh35K35705 03/03/91 Print C source with table of contents
cserial.lzh9,103B9103 03/03/91 C+ serial port routines
cwintl.lzh50K51033 03/03/91 Examples for using MEWEL library
d-flat.lzh55K56338 05/03/91 Window/menu/dialog package
db.lzh48K48873 05/03/91 Database routines from CUG
dbivbin.lzh6,303B6303 11/12/91 QC template for conversion by MakeBin
dbread.lzh18K18061 01/28/92 Database reader
ddjcom.lzh45K45909 11/12/91 DDJ serial port/term routines
des.lzh37K38366 12/15/91 DES encryption
desktop.lzh143K146733 03/03/91 Dos Executive clone using MEWEL
desnewde.lzh9,273B9273 11/12/91 DES encryption (US ONLY)
dflat991.lzh116K118931 11/12/91 DDJ DFlat windowing package 9/91 version
dll.lzh32K32604 02/19/91 Interface for network calls
doswdw.lzh11K11651 02/16/91 C exec dos within a window
dpmi_lib.lzh33K33762 06/27/92 DPMI protected mode access
dva_tcpp.lzh22K22286 02/16/91 C+ routines for Desqview awareness
ecstr1.lzh26K26865 03/03/91 Collection of string functions (1of3)
ecstr2.lzh26K26504 03/03/91 Collection of string functions (2of3)
ecstr3.lzh24K25049 03/03/91 Collection of string functions (3of3)
ems4c10.zip42KEMS Library v1.0 For the C Language
emsif24.zip65KEMSIF v2.4; Version-independent C Interface to LIM EMS Fun
excom2.lzh20K20445 02/16/91 Async routines from DDJ
explo203.lzh53K54260 03/03/91 C source to display fireworks
extalk.lzh21K21532 03/03/91 Embedded language processing
fastgrep.lzh10K10120 11/12/91 Fast regular expression searching
fastlzh.lzh7,016B7016 11/12/91 Fast LZH compression
fdbfsrc.lzh3,141B3141 05/03/91 Copy WC! files database to DBF file
frsrc16a.lzh311K318681 12/15/91 FractInt source code v1.6 (1of2)
frsrc16b.lzh350K358080 12/15/91 FractInt source code v1.6 (2of2)
g3g4.lzh43K43570 06/27/92 Group 3 & 4 fax encoding/decoding
getmail.lzh8,379BGetMail - Search and extract to an ASCII file all the mess
gif_lib.lzh150K153111 03/03/91 C source to several GIF filters
gnudbm14.lzh200K204624 11/12/91 GNU database code
gnulib0.lzh62K63423 05/03/91 Regular expression handling
hdls.lzh1,538B1538 03/16/91 Determine number of file handles avail
ibmcom.lzh20K20520 06/27/92 C comm routines based on the TP IBMCOM rout
id12.lzh25K25360 11/12/91 Source to an intelligent disassembler
indent52.lzh96K98670 03/03/91 C program beautifier with source
interp11.lzh7,007B7007 06/27/92 Expression evaluator source
jmodem_c.zip102KJmodem File Transfer Protocol; C Version
jpsrc11.lzh62K63835 11/12/91 Source to convert DJ <> LJ Fonts
lanutsrc.lzh83K84815 06/27/92 Source to a collection of LAN utilities
lha211s.lzh56K56864 03/16/91 C & Asm source to LHA v2.11
listdev.lzh5,312B5312 03/03/91 C source to list installed device drivers
litecom6.zip235KLiteComm v6.0 communications toolbox for MSC & TC. Support
longpi.lzh6,787B6787 11/12/91 Display Pi to many digits
makesrc.lzh36K36765 02/19/91 Source to a Make util
memory.lzh11K11656 11/12/91 Display memory to an avatar window
msgapi0.lzh270K276107 01/28/92 Squish message base API
pcl4c341.zip64KThe Personal Communications Library for the C Language is
qwkrep.zip34KC source to a program which converts QWK packets to text.
sbf3.zip78KC and ASM source examples on programming the Sound Blaster