File Libaries
Library: Programming - Directory: Programming - Basic
123qb10.lzh57K58664 11/03/90 Lib to write 123 spreadsheets
123w20.lzh82K83844 06/02/91 Lib to access Lotus format worksheets
3dbas03.lzh4,847B4847 06/02/91 3d plotting routines
adlplay.lzh45K45871 03/07/90 Basic routines to play .rol files
advbas9a.lzh114KRoutines - precursor to ProBas!
airmiles.arc8,832Bcities - Basic
ansiterm.lzh20K20386 06/02/91 Source to Ansi terminal w/Xmodem
apb16.lzh131K133648 02/12/91 AP Basic compiler v1.6
asic20.zip121KComplete BASIC compiler, 60 BASICA commands
asic201.lzh115K118100 06/29/91 Asic Basic comiler integrated environment
authors.lzh40K41117 04/14/90 Authors database in basic
b-tools2.lzh221K226278 02/19/90 Collection of basic source
banner.lzh1,933B1933 05/26/90 Basic source for banner maker
bas2masm.lzh27K27399 03/16/91 Interface asm routines to Basic
bas2qb.lzh55K56623 05/26/90 Basica to Quickbasic converter
bascreen.lzh4,114B4114 03/16/91 Basic data entry screen generator
basdx172.lzh52Klibrary - Gustavo Verdun
basgame.lzh189K193394 07/06/90 Collection of basic source for games
basgames.lzh70K71866 12/21/91 Collection of Basic games
basic092.lzh47K48365 12/21/91 Collection of Basic routines
basic2c.lzh27K27580 05/26/90 Basic to C converter
basic2sb.arc63Kto structured Basic
basicaid.lzh36Kvaribles and commands
basicprg.lzh80K81451 09/09/90 Collection of basic programs
basicunp.lzh1,145Bunprotect for BASICA's protection scheme
basman1.arc107KBASIC manual - part 1 of 3
basman2.arc116KBASIC manual - part 2 of 3
basman3.arc41KBASIC manual - part 3 of 3
basmenu.arc2,245BMenu subroutine for Basic programs
basmus32.lzh93K95048 12/21/91 Collection of Basic music programs
basmusic.lzh71K72291 11/03/90 Basic musice
bastofor.lzh10K10082 05/26/90 Basic to Fortran converter
baswiz12.lzh109K111763 08/20/90 BasicWiz Basic library v1.2
bb.lzh27K28091 04/01/90 Bertalina Basic - write TSR
binsanty.lzh38K39383 02/19/90 Basic artificial insanity
bprep110.zip19Kto BASIC
bsv2bas.lzh38K39218 06/02/91 Convert BSave to Basic
btree-qb.lzh21K21791 06/02/91 Index routines in Basic
buffdemo.arc39Kusing buffers in Basic
cbsf.lzh52K53381 03/16/91 Add/remove line numbers from Basic code
commdemo.lzh115K117448 06/29/91 DLL for Visual Basic comm usage (WIN)
crctest.lzh2,683B2683 03/16/91 CRC routines in Basic
crossref.lzh33Kvariables and commands
database.lzh12K12482 06/02/91 Simple name/address example
datex.lzh1,155B1155 02/19/90 Basic date routines
datread.lzh40K41035 06/02/91 Access PcBoard.Dat file
db.lzh3,817B3817 06/02/91 Read DB3 DBF/DBT files
environ.inf1,468BAccessing environment variables from BASIC
errlvl2.lzh28K28255 07/06/90 Use errorlevels with basic
error.arc36KDisplay BASIC errors in plain language!
fc13.arc4,608BCompare 2 BAS sources, produce MRG update file
ga.arc1,859BBasic function key utility
garbage.col3,588BControl string 'garbage collection' in BASIC
genastro.lzh48K49438 03/16/91 Large collection of astronomy routines
gtinit.lzh5,811B5811 06/02/91 Access GtUser.Dat Bbs file
imb9003.zip4,827BInside Microsoft Basic - 03/90
imb9004.zip6,391BInside Microsoft Basic - 04/90
imb9005.zip7,542BInside Microsoft Basic - 05/90
imb9006.zip7,337BInside Microsoft Basic - 06/90
imb9007.zip4,625BInside Microsoft Basic - 07/90
imb9011.zip3,949BInside Microsoft Basic - 11/90
imb9104.lzh5,300B5300 12/21/91 Inside MicroSoft Basic 04/91
imb9105.lzh3,148B3148 12/21/91 Inside MicroSoft Basic 05/91
indexm.lzh72K74154 11/03/90 B+ Tree index routines
jukebox.lzh55K56644 12/21/91 Jukebox music player
libwiz11.zip29KWizard BASIC library manager
lrnbasic.zip82Kand a study tutorial of BASIC
mlistbox.zip8,459Bcustom control for Visual Basic
msrip100.zip25KMSRip v1.00; QB/PDS Compatible functions to allow usage of
myed.lzh57K58570 08/20/90 MyEd editor with Basic source
neatlist.bas12Kfor BASIC source code
oops.arc538BRecover BASIC prog lost by return to system
ovl301.lzh92K94158 12/21/91 Overlay manager v3.01
parsfil.lzh1,786B1786 03/16/91 Parse FileSpec into components
pbasic40.lzh220K225422 12/21/91 ProBasic library (now PD)
pbclon17.zip309KThe PBClone Library v1.7: Tom Hanlin's shareware collectio
pblite.lzh277K283377 06/27/92 TestDrive version of PowerBasic
pc-xref4.lzh49Kfor BASIC programmers
pcprof.lzh61K62814 04/01/90 Basic tutor
pffd1_5.lzh41K41738 12/21/91 Programmers file formatter
prtsc.bas365BSimple BASIC program to print the screen
qb-bach.lzh5,810B5810 06/02/91 Bach Basic music source
qb-menus.lzh1,625BMenu Routines
qb4bas46.lzh123K126379 06/02/91 Lib of routines for QBasic
qb4meman.lzh9,502B9502 02/12/91 QB memory management
qb4win20.lzh24Kfor QuickBasic 4.0
qbansi.lzh44K44994 12/21/91 Ansi for QuickBasic
qbasicng.lzh187K191170 07/06/90 Norton guide data for Quickbasic
qbastype.lzh1,626B1626 11/03/90 QB format of QBBS structures
qbbdos.lzh31K31430 04/14/90 Dos calls in Quickbasic
qbbios.lzh23K23831 04/14/90 Bios calls in Quickbasic
qbecho1.lzh162K165641 06/27/92 Code and info from QuickBasic Echo
qbfield.lzh105K107217 04/01/90 Qbasic field input routines
qbnews1.lzh14K14164 08/20/90 QuickBasic newsletter v.1
qbnews2.lzh43K44267 08/20/90 QuickBasic newsletter v.2
qbnews3.lzh46K47505 08/20/90 QuickBasic newsletter v.3
qbnws103.lzh46K47505 07/06/90 QuickBasic newsletter v1.03
qbnws105.lzh59K60611 03/16/91 QuickBasic newsletter v1.05
qbnws201.lzh55K56334 03/16/91 QuickBasic newsletter v2.01
qbnws202.lzh85K87273 06/29/91 QuickBasic newsletter v2.02
qbnws204.lzh60K61828 06/27/92 QuickBasic newsletter v2.04
qbscr.lzh68K69879 04/01/90 Qbasic screen routines
qbsimgrf.lzh12Kgraphics for QuickBASIC
qbsubs.lzh7,417B7417 06/02/91 Collection of small Basic routines
qbtree51.lzh108K110335 06/02/91 Lib of BTree access routines
qbupdate.lzh5,921BNotes/Bug Fixes for QB 4.00b
qbutil4.lzh68K69305 04/01/90 Qbasic utilities
qbwrtmsg.lzh3,107B3107 06/02/91 Basic code to access Quickbbs message base
qbxdbf11.lzh180K184296 12/21/91 DBF routines for Basic
qsam300.lzh22K22312 06/02/91 Lib of BTree access routines
qsprules.lzh3,721B3721 06/29/91 QuickShare Basic file distribution network
quickdor.lzh46K47160 11/03/90 Fossil based door routines
race2.arc1,536BShort programs for autoracing fans
rb58.arc4,096BQuickly convert BASIC files to ASCII
readbas.arc22KReads tokenized BASIC files without BASIC
regr26.lzh40K40595 12/21/91 Multi-regression in Basic
scp12.lzh92K93847 03/16/91 Util to create BSave/Bload screens
softip.zip99KMarquis Computing's BASIC Soft Tips magazine
spllib.arc150KStructured Programming Language Processor
squish33.arc7,680B& unnumber Basic source
stress.lzh2,718B2718 07/06/90 Basic source to a stress program
tbasic.lzh26K26844 07/06/90 Tiny Basic w/Asm source
tbwindow.lzh43Kfor Turbo/Quick Basic
technote.lzh15Kon ProBas functions
trubasic.lzh109K111497 04/14/90 Demo of True Basic
tsrbas20.zip94Kstay resident BASIC Interpreter
unpbas11.zip1,628BUnprotects GWBASIC/BASICA protected programs
vbarrays.lzh15K15680 06/29/91 Large arrays for Visual Basic (WIN)
vbrc10.zip76KCreates RC Dialog Scripts from VisBasic Forms
vbtools.lzh161K164494 06/29/91 Useful tools for Visual Basic (WIN)
wxmodbas.lzh10K10430 06/02/91 Basic source to Windowed-Xmodem
xmodmbas.lzh3,675B3675 02/19/90 Xmodem in basic
xmosr.lzh2,805B2805 12/21/91 Xmodem CRC in Basic
xms.zip21KXMS.ASM; Extended Memory Driver for QuickBASIC 4.0+ : Auth