File Libaries
Library: Programming - Directory: Programming - Assembly
0929ref.zip164K167778 09/04/89 Text describing Dos programming
4ports.zip8,166B8166 03/07/90 Asm driver for serial ports
6809.zip45K46509 09/04/89 Cross-assembler for 6809
7dev.zip3,351B3351 11/16/90 Asm Device driver reporter
8251a.zip2,178B2178 09/04/89 Info on programming the 8251
8259.zip2,484B2484 09/04/89 Info on programming the 8259
a-tools1.zip217K221858 09/04/89 Assembly routines
a37032.zip246K251499 12/25/89 370 cross assembler/emulator
a86-masm.zip12K12783 09/04/89 Comparison of masm with A86
a86cnvrt.zip36K37244 09/04/89 Use masm with A86
a86v322.zip170K174501 03/07/90 A86 Assembler v3.22
a86v372.zip167KA86 macro assembler, V3.72 now with INCLUDE files, listing
advmsdos.zip69K71014 09/04/89 Assembly from Adv MS-dos book
ae24b.zip28KAsm Edit 2.4b. Updated release of an all new editor tailor
afixv100.zip23K23465 04/09/90 Fix PC Mag utils to work with A86
afloat.lzh47K48232 03/16/91 Asm floating point routines
alib10.zip188KALIB 1.0 High level ASM library $0-$20 Assembly language p
alprog.zip28K28778 11/16/90 Asm programming tutor
altbc5.zip350KAssembly-Language Toolbox v5.58 for Microsoft BASIC 7.1 PD
altqb5.zip349KAssembly-Language Toolbox v5.58 for QuickBASIC 4.5. includ
altvb1.zip352KAssembly-Language Toolbox v1.08 for Visual BASIC DOS. Incl
amag0289.arc22KAssembly Language 'MAGAZINE', 2/89 issue
amag0389.zip24K24178 09/04/89 Asm magazine 03/89
amag0589.zip16K16018 09/04/89 Asm magazine 05/89
amag1289.zip33K33418 12/25/89 Asm magazine 12/89
amisl083.zip44Klib for making removable highloading TSRs
amscls.lzh11K10918 06/29/91 Asm control structure macros
apl2em.zip212K217263 07/22/90 Asm source to Apple2 emulator
arrowasm.zip49K50099 12/07/89 Good 8086 assembler
as04.zip53K54031 09/04/89 Misc asm routines
as11v103.zip33Kfor Motorola 68HC11 MicroController
asm-term.zip5,184B5184 09/04/89 Asm terminal source
asm1.zip38K38662 09/04/89 Assembly routines
asm2.zip37K38292 09/04/89 Assembly routines
asm3.zip34K34584 09/04/89 Assembly routines
asm4.zip38K38570 09/04/89 Assembly routines
asm_0_m.zip736KASM programs/libs/etc from various sources 1/2
asm_kit.zip181K185661 11/16/90 Collection of Asm routines
asm_n_z.zip715KASM programs/libs/etc from various sources 2/2
asm_util.zip50K50795 02/01/90 Asm source for misc utils
asmblue.zip75K76578 09/04/89 Misc asm routines
asmdskio.zip8,530B8530 10/08/89 Asm disk i/o routines
asmed_1.arc113KEditor making integrated env for TASM/MASM
asmedit.zip29K30026 10/08/89 Integrated editor for asm
asmfiltr.zip6,803B6803 10/08/89 Asm source for text filters
asmflo.zip38K38491 10/08/89 Demo of flowchart generater for asm
asmform.zip1,541B1541 10/08/89 Template for beginning assembly
asmgen.zip46K47598 01/17/90 Disassembler
asmhelp.arc23KMASM Assembler help files w/docs & examples
asmmacs.zip6,702B6702 10/08/89 Macros for assembly
asmpop.zip21K21345 09/04/89 Asm tsr routines
asmtutor.arc34Kwell done ASM tutorial by Joshua Auerbach
asmwin13.zip23K23250 11/16/90 Asm windowing source
asmwiz20.zip75KAssembly Wizard's Library v2.0 for assembly language (most
asref.zip22KReference manual for MOTOASMS cross assembers
async2.lzh16K16800 03/16/91 Asm async (comm) routines
asyncasm.zip27K27982 11/16/90 Asm Async (serial) routines
bdisk10.lzh18K18110 06/29/91 Asm to access Bios Disk services
bin.arc5,401BDrop-in replacement for EXE2BIN
bluebook.arc92KGroups ASM language Bluebook source code
bootany.lzh32K33013 03/16/91 Asm to boot from any drive
bootcode.zip5,614B5614 01/17/90 Asm disk boot code
bootsect.lzh4,512B4512 03/08/92 Asm source for boot sector
bt106.lzh5,356B5356 03/08/92 Asm source to "boot-thru" a floppy
budisasm.zip78K79393 09/04/89 Bubble dissasmbler
bxd26.arc30KBrandX full-screen debugger, v2.6
cdda.lzh4,165B4165 04/29/92 Detect CD ROM drives
chasm4.arc143KCHeap ASseMbler (freeware)
cmossave.zip4,025B4025 11/03/90 Asm to save Cmos data
cnvrt.zip12K12636 03/07/90 Convert Motorola S format records
com_232.lzh39K40239 03/08/92 Asm comm driver
conv_a11.arc34Kconversion util for Assembly language src
coreaids.lzh76K77931 03/08/92 Collection of Asm routines
crc16.zip2,313B2313 09/04/89 Asm CRC routines
crcasm.zip15K15184 07/06/90 CRC routines in Asm
critter.zip9,165B9165 09/04/89 Critical error handler
cug292.zip255KCross-ASMs: 6800/6801/6804/6805/6809/8085/Z80
d86bios4.arc41KBIOS interface for unusual machines, v4
d86v322.zip84KIsaacson's shareware debugger v3.22
d86v372.zip89KD86 debugger, V3.72, update to accompany new A86 assembler
dbug2.arc11KInspect and change bytes in a file
ddkit.arc10KDevice driver writing kit
debugtut.arc16Kon the use of DEBUG
dermon10.zip10K10644 06/12/90 Disk error monitor
dhiload.lzh16K16266 03/08/92 Asm to load "high"
digitizr.lzh36K36935 04/29/92 Play and Record sounds
dosexec.arc7,786BDemonstrates how to use MS-DOS EXEC function
dp.zip32K32316 02/01/90 Asm digital sounds routines
e12.lzh42K43249 01/14/91 Asm source to a text editor
eddtv400.lzh45K46261 03/16/91 Extended drive table util source
egalib1.zip64K65582 12/09/89 Library of EGA asm routines
emstulkt.zip345KEMS library w/docs from Intel
epasm13.zip33KAssembler for Intel 8749 & other EPROM chips
ex2cm104.zip17K17171 09/04/89 EXE2BIN repl with source
execom14.arc21Kv1.04 by Chris Dunford (w/MSC source)
expath.zip6,536B6536 09/04/89 Asm expand relative path
extnd.iqc4,480BMASM macros for NEC V20/V30 instructions
filtrasm.zip18K18839 04/23/90 Asm source to text filters
fmodem.zip4,071B4071 09/04/89 Asm serial driver
fmt100.zip18K18806 11/03/90 Format a floppy disk
form7.zip21K21246 11/16/90 Asm source code formatter
gen.zip5,217B5217 04/23/90 Asm source for com port
gospeed.zip7,586BSample code to detect if TSR is already loaded
gpiblpt.zip15K15406 11/03/90 GPIB driver from parallel port
gx2file.lzh19K19651 03/08/92 Asm for GX2 bitmaps
himem.lzh50K50971 03/08/92 Asm for hi memory
hresline.aqm12Kgraphics routine to draw lines on CGA
ibmbios.lzh10K10750 03/08/92 Asm for IBM Bios functions
inter44a.zip354KMSDOS Interrupt List, Release 44 A Comprehensive listing o
inter44b.zip353KMSDOS Interrupt List, Release 44 A Comprehensive listing o
inter44c.zip337KMSDOS Interrupt List, Release 44 A Comprehensive listing o
inter44d.zip344KMSDOS Interrupt List, Release 44 A Comprehensive listing o
inthlp10.zip54KInterrupt Helper 1.0 - by Gary Chanson A search and displa
iscdrom.lzh595B595 07/25/92 Asm source to detect CDRom drive
lastre.zip11K11493 09/04/89 Last resort to lock-ups
lhsrcmod.zip2,698B2698 10/08/89 Modify Lzh source to asm with M/TASM
loadems.arc4,024BASM example of load & execute from EMS memory
loop.asm2,628BDemonstrates block transfers of memory
lst60asm.zip10K10338 09/04/89 Asm source for list utility
lw286.zip16KTSR: 80286 assembler language quick reference
lw86.zip10K10747 09/04/89 Pop-up help window for asm (TSR)
m68xx.zip175K178782 03/07/90 Cross assemblers
mac8080.zip11KTASM macros to assemble 8080 code
macros.zip3,903B3903 10/08/89 Asm macros
mapt10.zip36K36671 11/03/90 Modular asm tools v1.0
mastrenv.zip1,589B1589 10/08/89 Asm to access master environment
mathasm.zip19K19234 10/08/89 Asm floating pt math routines
md8610#1.zip62K63853 09/04/89 Master dissassembler 1of3
md8610#2.zip62K63853 09/04/89 Master dissassembler 2of3
md8610#3.zip37K37992 09/04/89 Master dissassembler 3of3
motoasms.zip90K6800/01/04/05/09/11 cross assemblers
moustr.lzh2,702B2702 07/25/92 Asm TSR source to trap mouse init calls
mresline.aqm24Kgraphics routine to draw line on CGA
mspool20.zip9,776B9776 09/04/89 Asm source to print spooler
nansisrc.zip29K29389 09/04/89 Asm source to ansi driver
netmsg.lzh5,650B5650 06/29/91 Asm for NetBios to send/rcv msgs
newmath.zip13K13254 11/03/90 Math routines in Asm
newtsr1.arc1,464BTSR function for assembly language programmers
noprint.zip2,956B2956 09/04/89 Asm source to stop printing
nor_asmb.zip92KASM langauge rtns for disk file patcher
objtoasm.lzh13K13480 07/25/92 Convert OBJ files to ASM w/labels
ocom_src.zip6,343B6343 04/09/90 Asm & C source to Ocom
oj.zip15K15437 02/01/90 Object file disassembler
ovl301.arc131KOverlay manager, linkable+standalone versions
parse.zip3,673B3673 10/08/89 Asm to parse command line
pasm.lzh3,048B3048 06/29/91 Terminal emulation source
pcmac.zip96KTwo-pass symbolic cross assembler, w/linker
pdvim.arc50KVirtual machine PC-AT emulator
pdvim.zip34K34895 04/09/90 PD virtual 8088 machine
pj_vga.zip70K71871 12/25/89 Prog Journal VGA asm routines
pkv100.zip14K14605 11/03/90 Routines to view zip contents
pps.lzh79K80590 07/25/92 Asm source to a ProTracker Mod sound player
prenv.arc2,975BRead a program's parent's environment w/ASM
priac1.arc6,626BDisplays IAC area at 40:00F0 w/ASM
primer2.zip16KWhitman's ASM language primer for beginners
probe.arc43KAnalyze program performance
protectd.zip9,470B9470 08/20/90 Code for protected mode for Tasm
protex.lzh27K27673 06/29/91 Source examples for protected mode
protmasm.zip9,592B9592 08/20/90 Code for protected mode for Masm
ps18a12.arc58KRCA 1802/1804/1805/1806 cross assembler
ps48a12.arc62KIntel 8748 cross assembler
ps51a123.arc67K8751 cross assembler
ps65a12.arc58K6502 cross assembler
ps685a12.arc60Kcross assembler
ps68a12.arc60K6800-03/08 cross assembler
ps69a12.arc61K6809 cross assembler
ps85a12.arc59K8085 cross assembler
ps96a12.arc62K8096 cross assembler
psz80a13.arc66KZ80 Cross Assembler
readobj.arc22KDump Microsoft .OBJ & .LIB files, w/'C' source
res86.lzh32K33259 07/25/92 RES86 dissassembler
rhstdlib.zip115K117398 11/03/90 RH collection of Asm routines
rs232dvr.lzh19K18989 03/08/92 Asm Comm port driver
ruler2.zip5,163B5163 03/07/90 On-screen ruler TSR
sally.asm2,939BStructured Control Macros for MASM
sartiwje.lzh8,866B8866 03/08/92 Turn Artisoft errors into text
sbf3.zip78KC and ASM source examples on programming the Sound Blaster
shlasm02.lzh4,907B4907 03/16/91 Asm source to a command shell
soundexa.zip6,381B6381 06/12/90 Asm soundex routines
stdlib.lzh128K130614 06/29/91 Large collection of Asm source
struca86.arc4,397Bfor structured programming in A86
svasm02.arc39KCross assembler for 6502 and 65C02
swap200.zip48K48741 09/09/90 Asm source to swap program to disk
switch.arc3,462BDemonstrates how to read command line switches
sys68000.zip93K95659 11/03/90 68000 cross asm & simulator
t2kcom53.lzh23K23636 03/08/92 Tandy Fossil driver source
tasm276.arc137KTable-driven cross assembler, for many CPUs
tasmswan.zip48K49403 09/04/89 Tasm source examples
tavideo.zip15K15126 09/04/89 Turbo asm direct video routines
tbasic.zip28K28861 03/07/90 Asm source for tiny basic
tedtasm2.zip34K34710 09/04/89 Ted converted to TASM
template.zip13KBoling's MASM template for a TSR pgm
testnmi.asm2,601BFiddle with NonMaskable Interrupts
timerzen.zip4,831Btimer (any PC) from The Zen of Assembly
tmasm.lzh235K240314 07/25/92 Norton guide data for Tasm/Masm
tools.lzh32K33096 03/08/92 Collection of tools written in Asm
trace.arc56KInterrupt tracer w/ASM/com files
trand.zip1,563B1563 10/08/89 Asm for random numbers
tsrasm.zip13K13072 11/16/90 Asm TSR routines
tsrcomm.zip19K19011 09/04/89 MS tsr comm support asm routines
tsrdemo.arc21KSample demo on a safe approach to TSRs (w/ASM)
tsrdemo2.arc22Kdemo on a safe approach to TSRs (w/ASM)
tsrw31.zip83K84539 07/06/90 Mark/Release routines in asm
turboenv.zip54K55517 09/23/89 Integrated environment for Turbo Asm
uasm.arc105KCross assembler for 8051/6805/Z8, w/'C' src
ucrasm.lzh207K211576 03/08/92 Large collection of useful asm routines -
unexep10.lzh3,626B3626 07/25/92 EXE unpacker
unload86.arc13Kexecutable to Intel HEX format
usoftpd.arc45KAssembler macros for use with MASM 5*.*0
vgafx101.zip27K27331 12/25/89 Asm for VGA special effects
vgakit.zip10K10501 02/01/90 Asm VGA routines
vgasprit.zip4,948B4948 09/09/90 Asm source to use VGA sprite mode
vidid.lzh3,515B3515 06/29/91 Asm to detect video type
voc_pc2.lzh43K43646 01/14/91 Asm/Modula2 source to play VOC sounds
vocshow.lzh41K41783 06/29/91 Asm to play VOC sounds on PC speaker
wasm202.arc137KWolf's Shareware assembler
windoasm.zip15K15203 09/04/89 Asm window routines
x2b11.arc9,931BEXE2BIN replacement (tweaked ASM src) v1.1
xlib20.zip57KXLIB v2.0; ASM/C Language (DOS Extender Library)
xmodem.zip7,705B7705 09/04/89 Asm Xmodem source
xt-mem.zip95K97494 11/03/90 Extra memory on an XT asm source
xxbg300.zip37KXXBUG v3.00: 7 bit encoder & script generator. XXBUG will
xxdbg110.zip13KXXDEBUG v1.10: 7 bit decoder that supports the XXBUG, XXBU