File Libaries
Library: BBS - Directory: BBS - Network
2dapnt11.lzh57Kapnt11.lzh 58527 10/05/91 2D point bundler
4dexe118.lzh125Kexe118.lzh 128937 06/20/91 4Dog echomail packer for WWIV
4dsrc118.lzh58Ksrc118.lzh 59630 06/20/91 4Dog echomail C source code
a2m-1_2.lzh12Km-1_2.lzh 12844 02/19/90 Area2make setup areas for Quick & FD
abad_100.zip604KABAD v1.00; ALLFIX BadTic utility to scan the BadTics-directory of ALLFIX. It creates a report what .TIC-files are in your BadTics folder and what was the reason for not processing.
accnet32.zip55KAccessNet; Network In a class by itself
acc_0110.zip133KAccount v1.10 User/Point Payment Manager for FidoNet Systems.
acftic15.zip35KACFiles .TIC Tosser; Tosses .TIC Files Specifically for ACFiles 5.60 Version
adde13a.zip21KHow to get an echo on the Fido backbone.
afix420e.zip460KALLFIX is the most complete file echo processor available. ALLFIX offers such features as automatic archive conversion, automaticly updating alias files, 4-D point addressing, XMS/EMS support, complete AreaMgr support, Uplink AreaMgr support, FileID.DIZ support, built in TicPack support, new file reports, support for RemoteAccess, SuperBBS, QuickBBS, Maximus, EzyCom, PCBoard, and more.
afix_416.zip339KFile echo processor and information Robot.
afm104.zip15KAFM stands for Automatic File Mover. If you receive TIC files, look for TICIN which is a simple TIC file receiver.
afr100.zip33KAreaFixeR v1.00 Updates files after AreaFix -any config
af_130.zip75KAreaFix v1.30; for use w/echomail and fidonet
ahatch20.zip7,132BHatch program. 05/16/92.
amer9307.zip14KAmericaNet Echo Mail Net Info File July 1993 Are you looking for a .QWK/PCRelay Network? Well, here is a good one. We have conference dealing with computers, software, hardware, reviews, and probably just about anything that you are looking for.
amgrfix4.zip15KQuick and dirty utility to solve two bugs of tosscan's MGR function
annx0893.zip21KThe Annex Information Packet. Not a computer network... a people network! Find out more about this exciting new QWK network. All of our procedures, policies, conference and node listings, and admission information are contained in this archive.
apeb302b.zip5,730B-APEBS-F93; Association for Professional Educational BBS Systems. !COMBAT NEGATIVE PRESS! Info/App/Requirements-NO FEE
apnt_102.zip125KApoint V1.02 Pointlist Generator.
ar2fd100.zip5,354BConverts AREAS.BBS to FOLDER.FD.
arcml312.zip42KArcMail; More new features added
areafix.lzh57Keafix.lzh 59372 02/19/90 Automatic echo area changes
artlog10.zip31KThe Art Log Entry Generator 1.0; Generate Log Entries on free format template based. Full set of Date/Time macros, pass up to 9 commandline parameters. Can even use Environment Vars as macros! Unlimited template size.
artnod13.zip51KThe Art Node Lister v1.3; FTSC nodelist utility Update nodelist with nodediff. Uncompress nodediff if needed, chooses the correct archiver(Zip,Arc,Lha,Arj). Create nodelist subset for a zone,a region or a net including generated CRC line avoiding nodelist compil. complaint about wrong CRC. Create Asc-Ans-Avt (definable colors) and Dbf file for a zone, a region or a net. CRC check on nodelist. Replace Flags (H14, H16 -> HST) for FrontDoor.
autogap1.zip8,215BAUTOGAP v1.0 - A Telix script for automatic login and up/download of .QWK/.REP packets from the command line using GAP and Zmodem.
automail.zip26KAutomail V1.0 Holds Mail Till Enough to Call
backbon.zip21KEchoList - The EchoMail Conference List Technical Reference
bad2pkt1.lzh4,929Bd2pkt1.lzh 4929 12/23/90 Convert TS bad msg back to pkt
basenet.zip7,335B+-----------------------------------------+ |>>>>>>> BaseNet Echo Mail Network <<<<<<<| | Join Base Net Today! BaseNet is a New | |Fase Growing Ne twork of BBS's in Eastern| | Massachusetts! We support FIDO and QWK | | mail Techonology! We are Now Accepting | |Applications for Nodes, Hubs and Regional| | Coordinators! Join BaseNet today!!! | | Join Now!!! BaseNet is Free!!! | +-----------------------------------------+
basnet10.zip17KINFORMATION ABOUT THE NEW BASIC PROGRAMMERS NETWORK THAT'S STARTING. Just for the BASIC crowd with multiple conferences covering many topics for Novice/QB/PDS/PB/VB/VB4DOS programmers. All Vendors invited to open a conference SYSOPS: PLEASE READ & DISTRIBUTE
baynet13.zip5,848BBayNet Information Packet Massachusetts based network. Easy to join, fun, family oriented net. New nodes and hubs needed and welcomed No fees, no hassles.
bbc0216.zip57KBBCNet application package: a network for all Sysops. download this package. It just may be what you are looking for. Many conferences, many topics, and an atmosphere that just can't be beat. 'Fido Technology'.
bbe_v410.lzh42Ke_v410.lzh 43074 06/17/90 FrontEnd mailer using Bimodem
bbig_240.lzh239Kig_240.lzh 245177 07/21/90 Binkley mailer v2.4 (non-overlay)
bbqwk30.zip108KQwkscan 3.0 - major revision. Added ability to run in batch mode, kill replies, shell to DOS. Swap function leaves only 2k of qwkscan in ram when in shell. Handles more than 256 conferences. Search by conference and more.
bbsnet2.zip130KInfomation on joining RIME (RelayNet) network, a 1000 node network cris-crossing the globe - fastest mail turnaround of any network - simple powerful software - great users in over 300 active conferences - product support - hobbyist - social conferences - We're the network that attracts users to YOUR board!
bdoc_250.zip110KBinkleyTerm Docs ver 2.30, 2.40 & 2.50 updates.
bevnet03.zip5,367BBevNet Application Package Revision 3 (Dec. 1992) A small network looking to grow, and seeking more boards to join. Using FidoNet technology right now, but should be supporting QWK as well soon. Lots of messages for it's size. SysOps interested download this package.
bexep240.lzh162Kxep240.lzh 166757 08/01/90 Protected mode version of Binkley
bexe_250.lzh167Kxe_250.lzh 171172 10/05/91 BinkleyTerm mailer v2.50 (FW)
bexe_250.zip176KbinkleyTerm 2.50 BBS program front-end
beyondlk.zip7,294BBeyondLink Mail Network; Information Packet about The Newest Mail Network around. Looking for Nodes and Hubs Worldwide. Easy going network and easy application process. Start picking up mail in less than 24hours. Uses the Postlink NetMail program. QWK Mail also available. Download Now.
beyondma.zip126KMail interface demo. BeyondMail.
bfe1403p.zip204KBBS Front-End System v1.40.3p
bfix_240.lzh1,843Bix_240.lzh 1843 08/01/90 Patch file 1 for Binkley v2.4
bfx2_240.lzh1,910Bx2_240.lzh 1910 08/01/90 Patch file 2 for Binkley v2.4
bgnetb12.zip27KBGNET 1.0b12 - QWK packet mailer/tosser Version 1.0, beta 12 drops support for net-status conferences. BGNET will now handle packets regardless of the net status setting.
bgrunb03.zip45KBGRUN v1.0beta03; Moves 100K of g-bags with less than one minute of connect time! Make sure you download HS120.ZIP, as HS/Link is utilitized to give the the most punch in mail transfers! 16550 UART support.
bikenet.zip2,537BList of FIDOnet BBSes that carry the BIKENET echo. Current stuff.
binkbat.lzh4,176Bnkbat.lzh 4176 11/24/89 Batch file example for Binkley
binkla20.zip90KBinkley Log Analyzer 2.00. For use with BinkleyTerm.
binkscan.lzh10Knkscan.lzh 11175 01/25/90 Binkley mail scanner
binkspit.zip21KHow to use Spitfire and Binkleyterm. Includes sf.bat replacement.
binktoss.lzh12Knktoss.lzh 12469 01/25/90 Binkley mail tosser
bink_100.lzh84Knk_100.lzh 86429 04/08/90 Binklyterm v1.0 with c source
bionet.zip30KFAQ sheets about the BIOSCI/ BIONET electronic newsgroup network. For subscribers to INTERNET, USENET, BITNET, JANET, and others. Worldwide communications between biological scientists..
bldlst11.zip23KBuilds a userlist from a PIP message area.
blqwk130.zip23KBlueQWK 1.30: BlueWave <=> QWK converter. Gives QWK mailreaders the ability to read and write messages created by the BlueWave mail door. (FreeWare by Geoffrey Sy.)
bnet0222.zip33K+---------------------------------------+ |>>>>>> BaseNet Echo Mail Network <<<<<<| | Join Base Net Today! BaseNet is a New | |Fast Growing Network of BBSs in Eastern| |Massachusetts. We support FIDO and QWK | |mail Techonology! We are Now Accepting | |Applications for Nodes, Hubs and Region| | Coordinators! Join BaseNet today!!! | | Join Now!!! BaseNet is Free!!! | +---------------------------------------+
bnkb_256.zip177KBinkleyterm 2.56 wide beta. (DOS).
bnp_600.zip54KBNP v6.00. The BinkleyTerm Netmail Packer. Many options.
bnu170.zip662KBNU Rev 5 FOSSIL Compatible Communications Driver Release 1.70
boink2.zip22KThe BOINK program has two functions: first, it takes a binary file and converts it to ASCII so that it can be sent by EMAIL. It has its own internal protocol checks to guarantee that the file is received correctly. Once the program has been sent to a remote user, that user need only run the UNBOINK program.
bonk_116.lzh94Knk_116.lzh 96836 11/02/90 Binkley/Opus outbound manager v1.16
bopdat05.zip22KBop-Date v0.05 - corrects Fido MSG header and date problems.
bop_date.zip11KBOP-Date scans any newly entered messages on your system for correct format, then corrects any errors before exporting takes place.
boxb314.zip42KLog Analyzer for FD/TS/Imail/Qbbs.
bsml_250.zip163KBrinkleyTerm 2.50 small memory model
bsrc_250.zip452KBinkleyTerm 2.50 Source.
bswap15.zip19KBanner Swapper v1.50; Designed for use with the Frontdoor front-end mailer but has unlimited uses. It will randomly swap between logon banner files adding a quote extracted from the user definable quote file to the bottom.
bt240v42.lzh88K240v42.lzh 91091 08/05/91 BinkleyTerm modified for v42
btd_301.zip31KBBS Telephone Doorway - non mailer BBS front end.
bw2qwk21.zip33KConvert BlueWave Mail Packets To QWK Mail Pak
bylaws.lzh10Klaws.lzh 10767 06/20/91 RIME echo network bylaws
c2c-0393.zip54K+------------------------------------------+ | City2City NetMail Service INFOPAK 03/93 | | ---------------------------------------- | | Over 100 of the world's best systems | | dedicated to QUALITY mail. | | ---------------------------------------- | | * Reliable & Free * Superb Moderators | | * Zero Bureaucracy * 80 Conferences | +------------------------------------------+
cam-cps.zip3,613BCam-Mail HELP and BATCH files to setup ARJ and LHA archivers, as well as the BATCH files to use the new PKZip v2.04c with and without compression (great for those of you with v.42bis modems that move the mail via QWK networks). A real time and money saver!!!
cam-f130.zip72KCam-Mail Door v1.30 FOSSIL VERSION You need the CAM-M130.ZIP for the complete INSTALL and the CAM-U130.ZIP for the UPGRADE. Internal Xmodem/Ymodem Protocols for better support! Awesome!! For PCBoard 14.5 /M version *ONLY*
cam-m130.zip597KCam-Mail v1.30 Multi-Lingual, Multi-Node. The best ShareWare .QWK Door for PCBoard 14.5. Supports Duplicate CRC checking, NetWorking, Internal Protocols, Updating of Mail Waiting Flags,command line stacking in the Door and via PCBoard, Forcing of Scanning Conferences and NetWorks Config. Supports non standard comports and more.
cam_u138.zip156KCam-Mail v1.38 UPDATE. Supports file attachments and fixes some problems. You must have Cam-Mail already installed to use these EXE files.
canet001.zip4,096BThe candidate connection Network; designed to give public service to the general public and to support our local Government.
cen100.zip76KCensus v1.0; Message Base Stats;SQ/Msg/Hudson
cent9309.zip4,071BCentipede is a Network established for the Serious User who is either a Writer or a Poet, or someone who just loves to be creative and to write. Catering to all Poets/Writers!
chaosnet.zip6,042BApplication and information on new echo net.
checkbad.lzh32Keckbad.lzh 33670 09/03/90 Check for bad Pc-Relay In.Rly packets
christ.zip5,878BChrist Connection Echo Mail. Complete SetUp, Doc's & Config.
citas.zip11Kutility to add famous quotations to your mails (from Spain)
clinknet.lzh1,936Binknet.lzh 1936 11/07/89 Info on an alternative net
cmfdp500.zip195KCM-FD-PROT v5.0; CompuMed FD Protocol interface v5.00. CMFDPROT release ,new look, more options Support for all bidirectional protocols. Now with .MOD file tag/play support ,Hydra, Puma ,... support ,more options ,safer ,quicker With better installation
cn311-sw.zip247KVersion 3.11 of circuit net-mail.
cnet122.zip58KCNet 1.20 for UltraBBS! CNet is a QWK/REP importer/exporter allowing UltraBBS SysOps to participate in national networks. New features include faster CRC checking, text based windows, easier configuration file format, TCan, Aliases, and much more!
cnet9303.zip14KCollNet - A QWK and PostLink compatible BBS network that focuses on collectables. Many conferences ranging from sports cards to matchbooks. In most cases you can make your first mail run with in 24 hours of receipt of your application. CollNet - "The Network for Serious Collectors".
cnet9306.zip15KCollNet; QWK and PostLink compatible BBS network that focuses on collectables. Conferences ranging from sports cards to matchbooks.
cnt9305.zip29KCatNET Echo Mail Network Information packet. CatNET is a QWK format echo mail network. NO fees! No hassles! Great conversations! Easy to hook into. Hubs nationwide! This package contains detailed information for interested sysops and includes examples, slideshows
cn_info.zip21KCircuitNet info file for joining
combrain.zip53KCOMBRAIN RELAY MAIL MODEM PROGRAM Provides complete security for your relay mail transfers. Includes a script file interpreter. Can be used as a stand alone term program with any baud and com ports 1-4. From Brainex 310-275-2344.
compr110.lzh17Kmpr110.lzh 17570 11/25/90 Trim Binkley/FD/etc log files
conf.lzh1,742BLastest CONFLST.RLY for RIME systems
confer.lzh24Knfer.lzh 25053 12/23/90 RIME-Relaynet conference list
confindx.zip4,360BThe confindx.txt file for July 1993 (Rime). 07/12/13.
confist.zip33KA Great Conference List Script for theExecnet
conflst.lzh1,622BLastest CONFLST.RLY for RIME systems
confmail.lzh66Knfmail.lzh 68570 01/25/90 Confmail mail unpacker
confnode.lzh52Knfnode.lzh 53600 08/01/90 Rime conferences and participating nodes
confsort.lzh5,305Bnfsort.lzh 5305 11/02/90 PC-Relay conference sorter
con_net.zip8,219BCON_Net; dedicated to LIBERTY, 2nd AMENDMENT, 'Conspiracy' & the NWO discussion. CON_Net is a QWK compatible echo mail network and is activly seeking Hubs and Nodes.
cpml_120.zip50KCopyMail 1.20; intended for use in multitasking, multi-node, or multi- domain unattended mailer applications. It provides the capability of moving outbound mail packets and bundles which were created in an off-line directory to the on-line outbound area in a controlled and safe manner.
cpoint01.zip524KcPoint v0.10beta; Point software that allows anyone to become a 'point' to a FidoNet system. Automated mail pickup and delivery without the need to log in to the BBS and use QWK or similar setups. Requires some knowledge of FidoNet technology to set up.
crcnode.lzh14Kcnode.lzh 15050 01/09/90 Checks nodelist against crc value
cross602.zip16KZone Nodelist for CROSSNET
crsrose2.zip2,489BScript To Automoatically Upload/Download Mail On Crs Using The Rosemail Door. Detects .Rep File Before Invoking "Upload". Auto Deletes .Rep. Pop-Up Status Windows. Status Line "Press Alt-Z For Help" Replced With System Date. Requires Editing And Recompiling.
ct12.zip47KS21/CT v1.2; Can thread files of any size so long as the number of messages it contains does not exceed 10,000 and each message is 32,767 bytes or smaller.
ctl-comp.lzh42Kl-comp.lzh 43385 10/05/91 Control.Dat (QWK) compare for updates
cybr0993.zip6,569BCyberNet Node/Hub Application Form
data0123.zip19K+-[ DataNETLink Network - January 1993 ]--+ | National & Int'l EchoMailing Network. 14| | Participating Countries. 36 Conferences | | Available For EchoMailing. Included is | | DataNETLink Distribution Network - DDN. | | Distribution Of Latest BBS Doors & Utils| | (TDS Network), Local Programs and files | +-----------------------------------------+
db150env.zip1,460BEnvironmental Variables for D'Bridge
db151fix.zip5,789BFix file for D'Bridge 1.51 Downloaded times. 01/04/93.
db153doc.zip132KThe complete manual for the latest version of d'bridge front end mailer version 5.3.
db154env.zip1,301BDbridge 1.54 environmental variables.
dbls201b.zip29KDBLogScan v2.01b; Written for the inquiring D'Bridge Sysop who would like to know how many incoming calls he has had and at what speed they came in at. It will also give you the percentage of 'Connects' per total calls and then graph it for graphics lovers.
db_154.zip843KLatest D'Bridge Fido Front End mailer.. Version 1.54 has much better CPS under multi-tasking OS. Very fast and VERY NICE!
dcmv100.zip48KDeluxe Conference Maker V1.0. This is the first official release of the conference listing maker I use on my BBS. Check it out, written using CDC's toolkit, and VERY EASY TO GET RUNNING! You'll be amazed. From the author of Deluxe Credit Card Door.
ddd103.zip203KHyperText TSR Help for Doorway and FrontDoor.
deen095.zip12KDEEN 0.95 Echomail Message Encoder/Decoder
delmsgs.zip8,203BScans All of Your Message Bases For MSgs Left
detag123.zip25KDETAG v1.23: Remove taglines & subject prefixes from QWK archives. handles FIDO & RIME tags, has read-only mode for tagline stealing, does wildcards, processes .REP files, can back up QWK before processing, more. Shareware, $15.
devep014.zip21K-- BBS Door & Utility Developers Network -- DOOR & UTILITY File distribution network specially for YOU !. NEW BBS PHONE NUMBER. utility developers writing software for all types of BBS software. Call our toll-free bbs line to submit your doors. Application & membership information enclosed in this archive. Release 03rd January 1993.
dgat05.zip335KDOSGATE Release 0.05; A UNIX uucp/mail emulation package for IBM Personal Computers and compatible systems running MS-DOS.
didtst11.zip27KDidTest 1.1; when you execute DidTest with the name of the file and the name of the logfile, DidTest scans the logfile for the name of the file to test. If it finds it, it exits with an errorlevel
dixi0301.zip18KDixie-Net application package for those Sysops desiring to join. Features SOUTHERN topics, conversation, fun and friendship. Most applicants are approved in a day or so. Currently there are 17 conferences with plans to add more as need arises.
dkit0593.zip67KDoorNet Application/Info Kit The world's largest DOOR-oriented mail+file+gaming network. There are no application fees or strange rules to bother with!
dlp100.zip53KList File and Message Groups and Areas and Missing Files. C source included.
dm_100.zip41KDelmail v1.00 Binkley outbound mail deleter.
domfx105.zip10KDomainFix v1.5 for Binkley/Squish or FD.
dosgate.lzh24Ksgate.lzh 25101 11/02/90 Dos Gate for Binkley
dove0793.zip326KDoveMail is a program that will read an uncompressed UseNet batched newsgroups file extract the messages and send them to other nodes according to a control file. It's written primary for use in FidoNet, but may find application at some PageSat/Waffle sites.
dragoapp.zip9,056BThis is the current DragoNet node application package! Join an established and growing Net today! DragoNet is a FIDO compatible Net with discussions on programming, space, the sciences, and plenty more to come!
dragonet.zip38KStartup kit for Dragonnet, a new network from the guys at WBS. VNet & Fido style network compatiblity.
dvn-inf.zip27KInfo for Sysops On Joining DVNET.
eboone.zip144KQnet v1.03 trouble reports in QWK format.
echo.zip2,412BText help file for sysops or hobbyists trying to set a Mailer/Tosser and recieve echo messages.
echo303.lzh127Kho303.lzh 130347 03/11/90 Echo mail reading door
echolist.lzh8,250Bholist.lzh 8250 02/19/90 List of echos available
echopol.lzh13Khopol.lzh 13348 04/08/90 Echomail policies
echos.zip9,075BNet-Mail utility to turn echo flag ON in a PCBoard message base (works for public or private messages)
echospec.lzh4,265Bhospec.lzh 4265 06/20/91 Info on echomail specifications
echotrim.zip9KRemove duplicate entries from ECHOTOSS.LOG
ecrobo11.lzh13Krobo11.lzh 13471 01/09/90 File echo robot
editnl.lzh19Kitnl.lzh 19859 12/23/89 Apply mult nodediff to nodelist
edmail.zip12KEDmail: DOS command line to usenet gateway.
edoc_030.zip12KEcho mail engine (great for Front Door).
edor311a.zip374KEchomail conference processor. RBBS, PCBoard, QBBS format.
ee_030.zip87KEchoMail Engine; a fidonet technology Net/Echomail processor, designed specificly for the hudson and future related structures. Also included is a generic Shell environment, to improve the process you already have with your current mail processor.
egglist.lzh12Kglist.lzh 12666 03/11/90 Eggnet echo list
ehuti171.zip99KExecutive Host-UTI Driver Compatible with UTI Specification, Revision 2
elist003.lzh65Kist003.lzh 66918 03/11/90 Fidonet echo list
elist01.zip81KEchoList Ver 0.1b; The main purpose for EchoList is to inform your users the available conference (echos) in the network. Hopefully the users will respond and you will be able to decide what echos to carry.
elist303.zip195KEchoList Conference Listings
ellnet.zip31KELLNET replaces the file LNET.EXE distributed with the WWIV networking software. The standard LNET allows the user to move through the file in the forward direction only; shows and deletes messages; and truncates a scrambled file. ELLNET has a full-screen interface which allows network messages to be selected from a list, in any order.
elm311.zip451KA new email system with C source.
elmod993.zip17KEchoList - The EchoMail Conference List
elqry293.zip4,520BEchoList Remote Query Instructions
elrul003.lzh29Krul003.lzh 30470 03/11/90 Echo rules
elrul304.zip143KEchomail Conference Rules Repository
elsnet.lzh114Ksnet.lzh 117082 11/07/89 Info on an alternative net
elvis200.lzh34Kvis200.lzh 35628 04/08/90 Echomail statistics
en0893.zip1,844BExpress Net; New Net in New Jersey Looking for new nodes. Topics include ANSI, Environmental, etc.
en4cer.zip36KA Netmail Utility that lets users know of Event.
enet_201.zip16KExtract selected segments from Fidonet nodelist.
ep_101.zip11KEchoPost v1.01 Text to PKT Conversion Utility.
esc158.zip229KPoint/Node Setup, Shell & utilities
espro_01.zip79KEchomail Statistics Professional 0.1b; (EchoStat) generates a statistic for Net/Echomail using the WildMail logfile. It also trims the logfile and copy it to a backup directory using a julian date. EchoStat performance depends on the size of WM.LOG file. Design run everytime a packet was received or at least once a day.
es_101d.zip54KA dynamic mail transmission system for Advanced Engineering's FrontDoor package and other FidoNet front-end mailers
eur081.zip38KCheck log's of front door & other to calculate money to pay.
exp_411.zip34KPCRelay Node Software Interim Release 4.11
ezpoint.lzh68Kpoint.lzh 69771 11/25/90 EzPoint message system
ezstart.lzh12Kstart.lzh 12662 11/25/90 EzPoint startup files
fab11.zip21KFAB v1.01; An AREAS.BBS Formatting/Sorting Utility
fan_120.zip118KFAN (File Announcement Utility) v1.20beta; Will create fidonet mail packet files (*.PKT) to announce the arrival of files via a file distribution system that uses Barry Geller's TIC file format or the standard FILES.BBS file format.
fap200.zip20KFAP v2.00;- File Announcer for Points (also called FAP) is a program that will scan any specified directory for new files and write them to a PKT file for your mailer to process. It will convert RSP files to messages for you.
faste120.zip263KFastECHO, tosser/scanner for QBBS/RA and FrontDoor mailers.
fast_202.lzh12Kst_202.lzh 13066 11/07/89 Fast forwarder for echomail
fatt121.zip103KFD offline filerequest server version 1.21.
fb_v210.zip466KFidoBill; A Complete Accounting & Billing Package For FidoNet/Compatible Network Treasurers
fd199bng.lzh75K199bng.lzh 77728 04/08/90 Norton guide data for Frontdoor
fd202doc.lzh261K202doc.lzh 268078 10/05/91 FrontDoor mailer v2.02 documentation (FW)
fd202exe.lzh322K202exe.lzh 330438 10/05/91 FrontDoor mailer v2.02 executables (FW)
fd211.zip627KThis archive contains the original FrontDoor 2.11.SW AV'd .ARJ, as the author desires it to remain.
fd220new.zip3,879BWhat'S New In Frontdoor version 2.20.
fd220u_1.zip273KFrontdoor V2.20 Update! File [1/2]
fd220u_2.zip261KFrontdoor V2.20 Update! File [2/2]
fd2radlc.zip10KReads Fd.log, Updates D/L Counter in Ra.
fdanlz22.zip39KFDANLZ v2.20; Use with Frontdoor(c) and InterMail(c) style usage logs.
fdautoex.lzh35Kautoex.lzh 35987 07/21/90 FrontDoor autoexport util
fdb120.lzh44Kb120.lzh 45641 06/17/90 FrontDoor browser
fdca110.zip40KFDCA110; FrontDoor Cost Accounting v1.1; Allow sysops to quickly estimate thier phone bill. Includes support for FrontDoor MultiLine and Commercial versions. Many new features available.
fdc_004.lzh6,902Bc_004.lzh 6902 06/20/91 Convert FD history to ans/asc screens
fddev.lzh18Kdev.lzh 19018 04/08/90 Frontdoor developers kit
fdfaq004.zip8,395BFrequently Asked Questions about Front Door
fdhm210.zip135KFrontDoor History Manager v2.1
fdla101.zip65KFrontDoor log analyzer 1.01. Bug fix release.
fdlast.lzh7,931Blast.lzh 7931 12/29/89 Frontdoor security
fdlog.lzh39Klog.lzh 40229 12/23/89 Frontdoor log utilities
fdls100c.zip27KFD LogScan 1.00c. A Front Door log scanning utility that tracks incoming calls and speeds to a graphic screen
fdltrim.lzh23Kltrim.lzh 24470 03/11/90 Frontdoor log file trimmer
fdmenu.lzh147Kmenu.lzh 150869 11/07/89 Frontdoor utilities
fdnd101.lzh26Knd101.lzh 27336 01/11/91 FrontDoor nodelist compiler
fdnode.lzh3,060Bnode.lzh 3060 01/01/95 Dayton OH Frontdoor ctl file
fdoor05c.zip3,474BInclosed is information on setting up a SupraFAXmodem v.32bis with FrontDoor v2.10. Also works with FD 2.02.
fdpi_200.lzh16Kpi_200.lzh 16487 02/12/91 FrontDoor protected inbound v2.0
fdpi_201.zip17KFrontDoor Protected Inbound (FDPI) v2.01; Quick and dirty utility to add a THREE level security to FrontDoor.
fdrc_100.zip20KFrodo Remote Control Manager.
fdscheck.zip6,790BFrontDoor v1.99c to v2.01 Conversion utility
fdsec111.lzh30Ksec111.lzh 31410 12/29/89 Frontdoor security
fdsec200.zip43KFDSecure V2.00: update release - Frontdoor security system.
fdsnd_20.zip167KFDSend v2.0; UUEncode and UUDecode-like utility to send files via netmail messages.
fdstat31.zip47KQuick program for FrontDoor that generates stats to view as a hello screen
fdtn-002.zip8,875BThis FrontDoor was written with the fossil driver VFD in mind.
fdtn002u.zip4,267BFrontdoor technical note update running FD/RA under OS/2 2.1.
fdtr201.zip47KFrontDoor Histroy file utility
fduser10.zip143KFront Door Log File Analyzer/Reporter for V2.01/2 and 2.00 of the FrontDoor email package.
fdu_1c3.zip50KFront door mailer utilities.
fdv_202.zip55KFDView v2.02; FrontDoor Log Viewer for current day's activity. Supports FrontDoor 2.10 and under.
fdwcmnp3.zip22KFDWCMNP v2.1 For Users of Wildcat v3.x and FrontDoor v2.x. Utility that parses the DOBBS.BAT file created by FrontDoor and passes the MNP flag to Wildcat through the EXEBBS.BAT file you create.
fd_1_10.lzh30K_1_10.lzh 31486 11/07/89 Orig version of Frontdoor v1.1
femnet93.zip12KFemnet; the Women's network, infopak and application. Femnet is looking for nodes and hubs to carry our conferences dedicated and RESTRICTED to Women. Femnet caters to Straight, Bi and Gay women. The home of Femnet(tm) is the Land of the Unicorns BBS in Bronxville, NY and is headed by Francesca LaFoxx.
fet_130.zip66KFETools - FastEcho value added tools 1.30.
fe_092.lzh32K_092.lzh 33631 04/08/90 File echo utility
fgets121.zip15KFget/Fsend For Frontdoor 2.01
fido1000.zip104KRichard Walker's GT fido Mail Interface v100 For GT 16.
fidogt13.zip35KFidogate Fidonet<->MHS gating program.
fidohelp.zip11KInstalling FIDO-Net on your PCBoard By Tom Carroll
fidoinfo.zip104KFido-Info v1.0; Learn how to get a node number in Fidonet quickly and easily! Another one of the fine, quality programs from the DangerBase ][ Programming Staff.
fidoq112.zip171KFidoQWK 1.12: FidoNet *.MSG <=> QWK echomail processor. Transfer mail between FidoNet and QWK-type Networks. Also supports QWK <=> QWK echomail via QWK mail doors.
filebone.zip16KNorth American FileBone and File Echo Listing
filefrwd.lzh25Klefrwd.lzh 25715 02/19/90 Forward files with messages
filetrx.lzh11Kletrx.lzh 11346 12/29/89 FD file transfer tracker w/C source
finet93c.zip29KSysOp InfoPac on joining FINET, the Freedom Information Network. PCRELAY and QWK based, This network is concerned with apologetics, theology, as well as the new age, cults and occult. We also feed MJCN, discuss current events, world affairs and cultures in a serious way. FINET is for people who think and believe. Revised Feb 93.
fix36.zip2,380BNetwork fixer.
fixcntrl.zip11KCuts massive qwk control.dat files down to size, by removing conferences above a certain number.
fixqwk.zip7,134BFixes QWK packets that give error messages on opening.
flea_24.lzh47Kea_24.lzh 48911 01/09/90 File echo utility
flomsg13.zip18KCreates FrontDoor/Binkley file-attach msgs for outbound mail, file requests, and more.
flr201.zip22Kfile Reducer (Spain) Strips useless information from FD logs
flst115.zip67KFlexible and powerful nodelist compiler
fm108a.zip131KFreeMail v1.08a BETA. FREE Hudson/MSG mail tosser, scanner, packer and more! Fastest tosser out. EXE version.
fmail96g.zip187KFMail 0.96g; A Fast Echomail and netmail processor for the Hudson message base. FMail has a built-in AreaFix-like function, called AreaMgr, with new commands like %RESCAN, %ACTIVE and %PASSIVE. Six different types of archives are supported.
fmov108a.zip139KFreeMail v1.08a BETA. FREE Hudson/MSG mail tosser, scanner, packer and more! Fastest tosser out. Overlay version.
fn021493.zip3,996B******************************************** FredNet a new and exciting concept in NETS If your tired of all the politically correct moderators, & leftwing cry-babies that want you out of the net because, God forbid, you are a conservative then this is the net for you! No moderators, No rules, just real freedom of speech! If your day is made when you see a politically incorrect idea, this is not the net for you! If your idea of a real American is Rush Limbaugh then get on the bandwagon with us.
fnewsa37.zip21KFIDO NEWS Vol.10 No.37; Newsletter of the FidoNet BBS community
fnewsbbs.lzh34Kewsbbs.lzh 34901 12/23/89 Turn fido news into a bulletin
fnnr100.zip92KFidonet News Reader v1.00.
fokf100.zip35KFOKF100.EXE -- Fixes FrontDoor OKFILE.TXT Files
fp11s.zip69KFidoPCB ** Version 1.1 ** Date: 02-01-92 FidoNet interface for PCBoard 14.x and higher. Supports Multiple Nodes and Akas, AreaFix, Internal PCBoard Netmail. Can be run as a PCBoard Door if needed. Very FAST and EASY to configure. Imports directly from .PKTs to PCBoard message format. Supports FrontDoor and BinkleyTerm. Shareware - $30.
fr202nc.zip20KFile Request Program v2.02; program to create file requests for a FrontDoor v2.xx mailer.
fri_300.zip78KFriday v3.00; FRIDAY is a program to update your FILES.BBS with the new nodediff/nodelist /fidonews (and lots of other names now) filenames each week.
fsc-0001.lzh18Kc-0001.lzh 18520 11/24/89 Basic FidoNet Technical Standard, rb
fsc-0002.lzh5,964Bc-0002.lzh 5964 11/24/89 The Distribution Nodelist, B Baker
fsc-0003.lzh24Kc-0003.lzh 24965 11/24/89 FidoNet Route Files Explained, B Baker
fsc-0004.lzh2,193Bc-0004.lzh 2193 11/24/89 Zones and Zonegates explained primitively, rb
fsc-0005.lzh3,122Bc-0005.lzh 3122 11/24/89 Netmail passwording scheme, W Wagner
fsc-0006.lzh8,644Bc-0006.lzh 8644 11/24/89 Netmail protocol extension, W Wagner
fsc-0007.lzh4,770Bc-0007.lzh 4770 11/24/89 ARPAnet-style msg header proposal, R Heller
fsc-0008.lzh11Kc-0008.lzh 11599 11/24/89 FOSSIL 4.0 Documentation, V Perriello
fsc-0009.lzh3,725Bc-0009.lzh 3725 11/24/89 Nodelist Flag Draft Document Gwinn/Dodell
fsc-0010.lzh4,090Bc-0010.lzh 4090 11/24/89 Dutchie 2.80 SEAlink File Resynch, H Wevers
fsc-0011.lzh4,769Bc-0011.lzh 4769 11/24/89 Experiences/corrections to FSC-0001, B Hartman
fsc-0012.lzh7,842Bc-0012.lzh 7842 11/24/89 Echomail Specification, B Hartman
fsc-0013.lzh5,519Bc-0013.lzh 5519 11/24/89 Bark File Request Spec, F Greylock
fsc-0014.lzh6,233Bc-0014.lzh 6233 11/24/89 Binary-style msg proposal, W Wagner
fsc-0015.lzh20Kc-0015.lzh 20713 11/24/89 FOSSIL 5.0 Documentation, R Moore
fsc-0016.lzh1,795Bc-0016.lzh 1795 11/24/89 FidoNet Mail Session Startup, R Hartman
fsc-0017.lzh937Bc-0017.lzh 937 11/24/89 Archive Philosophy and Document Naming, rb
fsc-0018.lzh960Bc-0018.lzh 960 11/24/89 Status of Current FidoNet Standards, rb
fsc-0019.lzh5,376Bc-0019.lzh 5376 11/24/89 SEALINK File Transfer Protocol, SEA
fsc-0020.lzh2,923Bc-0020.lzh 2923 11/24/89 Alternate Nodelist Flag Proposal M Presnell
fsc-0039.lzh6,628Bc-0039.lzh 6628 08/05/91 Packet extension for Zones/Points v04
fsc-0041.lzh1,290Bc-0041.lzh 1290 08/01/90 MsgId / Reply msg standard
fsc-0044.lzh13Kc-0044.lzh 13636 11/25/90 Fido ^APTH dupe message detection
fsc-0046.lzh1,393Bc-0046.lzh 1393 08/01/90 Using ^APID to replace tearlines
fsc-0048.lzh6,129Bc-0048.lzh 6129 08/05/91 Packet extension for Zones/Points v02
fsc-0050.lzh1,112Bc-0050.lzh 1112 08/01/90 FidoNet messsage character set
fsc-0053.lzh2,368Bc-0053.lzh 2368 08/05/91 Specifications for FLAGS v01
fsuu13r1.zip978KFSUUCP Version 1.3 Release 1
fs_100.lzh6,921B_100.lzh 6921 04/08/90 Frontdoor folder sorter
fts-0001.lzh18Ks-0001.lzh 18520 11/07/89 Fido technical specs
fts-0002.lzh5,964Bs-0002.lzh 5964 11/07/89 Fido technical specs
fts-0003.lzh8,644Bs-0003.lzh 8644 11/07/89 Fido technical specs
fts-0004.lzh7,842Bs-0004.lzh 7842 11/07/89 Fido technical specs
fts-0007.lzh40Ks-0007.lzh 41937 08/05/91 Session startup and Sealink v03
fts-0008.lzh11Ks-0008.lzh 11821 08/05/91 Sessions and Bark requests v03
ftsc-all.lzh314Ksc-all.lzh 321590 05/05/90 Collection of All Fido specs
ftscprod.lzh2,538Bscprod.lzh 2538 08/01/90 Fidonet product codes list
fusl_140.zip75KFrontDoors Ulimate Scan Lister v1.40
fxnm_201.zip29KFX-NETMAIL v2.01 for Roboboard /FX
fxuc02b.zip40KFX UUCICO v0.2beta; Drop-in replacement for Waffle UUCICO. It's full compatible with Waffle 1.65, but adds a lot of new features
gainfo.zip43KInfo/signup for global access.
gaputi22.lzh181Kputi22.lzh 185891 11/02/90 Gap bbs UTI driver
gateways.zip7,651BHow to use the UUCP <===> Fido-Net Gateway
ge10006g.zip52KGEdit v1.00.06; Full-screen external message editor for use with RemoteAccess, QuickBBS, SuperBBS, and any other BBS system that uses the QuickBBS-style external message editor interface. Allows users to edit their messages in a comfortable, full-screen editing environment. GEdit includes support for both ANSI and AVATAR emulation codes, making it a very fast alternative to the other editors which are available.
ged0241e.zip290KGoldED v2.41; (DOS executable+simple cfg). FidoNet compatible msg reader/editor. Supports Fido *.MSG, Hudson (QBBS), Squish and Ezycom msgbase formats. Lots of features.
gedit201.zip116KGEdit is a feature loaded full-screen message editor for use with on-line bulletin board systems. GEdit will improve your bulletin board system by providing a fast and easy method for users to enter/reply to messages.
genb132.lzh63KMail bulletins, PCRelay on any BBS software. Now with Log trim and third bulletin. Lot's of configuration options including new Color Config.
geob0108.zip275KGolded message editor for fido based echo/net mail systems. os/2 2.0+ version. General release scheduled for Jan 31, 93.
ge_100.zip183KGecho v1.00 hmb/.msg tosser.
ghost236.lzh115Kost236.lzh 118537 10/05/91 Ghostwriter v2.36
gkit0793.zip9,606BLatest GreenNet Relay Info Kit For SysOps! We're A Fast Growing Environmental BBS Net Now Looking For More New Nodes & Hubs From Across The Globe! Now Using QWK, PCRelay, PostLink, Fidonet & Sky-Link Technology To Relay Worldwide. We Have A Gateway To The GREEN Conference Via Satellite & Cable TV! Dual 9600 Baud Dish Downlinks With Uplink!
glcnames.zip9,970BThe Global-Link Network complete cnames file for PCBoard bbs's Global Link confs.
glnk0993.zip85KThe Global-Link Network; Electronic Bulletin Board Service; International Conference & Mail Network; Information & Application Packet; Over 400 International Echo Conferences; General ; Vendor Support ; Medical; Join This Fast Growing Network Using The .QWK Mail Bag Format
globenet.zip328KRegistration packet for GlobalNet USA
gmail206.lzh84Kail206.lzh 86740 03/11/90 Group mail utility
gmd_310.zip176KGrunged Message Detect (GMD) Utility v3.10; GMD is a very powerful program. Used properly, GMD can detect many types of grunged messages and some types of duplicate messages.
gms100b5.zip40KGECHO FIDO Mail tosser and statistical program.
gmsg402.zip45KLatest GenMsg .MSG editor/interface for FidoNet/PGP/Internet. NEW features.
gnet0693.zip65KGENIUSnet EMS Is A New And Exciting Network Based Out Of The Mid-Atlantic Region We At GENIUSnet Are Always Looking For New Nodes And Hubs To Help Our Network Grow And Expand To Meet The Needs And Wants Of Our Users. Contained In This Archive Is All The Info Needed To Join The GENIUSnet EMS!
happya8.zip21KE-Mail Quoter investment newsletter
harvey_5.zip32KHarvey's Robot allows you to produce incoming or outgoing 4d PACKETS. Any format message systems can use this system, since it writes to in/outbound packets directly. The system message database format do not matter.
hcsnet2c.zip14KFree echo mail network for interested sysops.
hgi.lzh21Ki.lzh 22377 06/17/90 Hitchhikers guide to Internet
how2get.zip13KHow To: How to set up your computer to be on the Internet. Includes pointers on where to go for more info, as well as lists of service providers.
howmuch.lzh11Kwmuch.lzh 11631 05/05/90 Read FD log track net mail cost
htraf140.zip98KHudson msgbase traffic report by area/poster/ origin.
hvacnet.zip3,467BHVACnet; HVAC, meaning Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning, is a network for those who are involved in construction, engineering, HVAC and refrigeration.
hyperkit.lzh87Kperkit.lzh 89158 07/21/90 WAM interface info/utils for HyperMail
hypernet.lzh9Kpernet.lzh 10031 07/21/90 Information on HyperNet
i500a.lzh257K00a.lzh 263642 06/20/91 Isis mailer v5 (1of2)
i500b.lzh241K00b.lzh 247300 06/20/91 Isis mailer v5 (2of2)
ibn0293.zip5,275BNetwork Application: Itty Bitty Net 02/93.
ibn_info.zip7,876BThis is an informational packet outlining the details of the "Information Brokers Network".
ienad.zip17KAdd/Application for IEN: a new Mail Network.
ilapp24.zip45KILink APPlication Form Generator v.2.4: Provides background information about the ILink international echomail network and generates application forms for both existing member updates and new member applications
ilcnf309.zip34KOfficial ILink International Conference List All ILink conferences with descriptions and hosts; short list suitable for a bulletin.
ilnk0505.lzh22Knk0505.lzh 22986 08/05/91 ILink info
ilnk0993.zip49KOfficial ILink International NetMail Network Membership Lists and Network Map
iltree07.zip45Ke listing as of 03/31/93. Tree format shows where all systems connect. More.
im0793.zip21KInterMail v2.22; Information and price list about this frontend mail program compatible with Fidonet.
im140g.zip491KIMAIL 1.40 Gamma; Full-featured echo mail processor which offers lots of features to its users. This includes one of the most powerful area managements currently available.
im224nov.zip621KInterMail 2.24 (demo); Manual and info about frontend mail program compatible with Fidonet. Includes mailer, editor, nodelist manager and setup program.
im2ra_25.lzh18K2ra_25.lzh 19031 06/20/91 Convert Imail to messages.ra/areas.bbs
imbnk115.zip90KNetmail bundler for Binkley/PoP w/dynamic netmail rerouting.
imfix.zip7,309BFix Point Incompat of Imail/Tosscan
imlfa10.zip147KLog file analyzer for the Intermail mail prg.
imlfainf.zip10KIMLFA; InterMail Log file Analyzer/Reporter
imlog102.zip25KMail delivery report generator.
in-9107.lzh25KIntelec Network * Information Kit * Jul '91 * Over 113 confs, multi-net links, 8 countries, Rnet, Qnet, Tnet, PCRelay, RoseMail, TriTel! New BBSs always welcome! Now with 'Microsoft' Tech Support and much more! Membership: 235+
in050190.lzh16K050190.lzh 17140 06/17/90 Intelec nodelist 05/90
inb_9309.zip26KIntelec Network Newsletter File; News & information about the Intelec Network
insp110d.zip340KInspectA is a combined File, Archive and FidoNet mail manager. It provides many facilities combined and built into a very usable and flexible front-end shell. Supports 4DOS file description and BBS FILES.BBS for viewing, editing, copying and moving files.
intlem09.zip7,397BTable guide of country codes, showing the countries which have access to Internet or general E-mail services. Country codes have been derived from the International Organization for Standardization
intrmail.zip7,206BInformation on Intermail Software. 12/17/93.
intro93.zip4,167BInformation on Sysops' Network Alliance of Professionals. 01/16/93.
ip-hook.zip33KText on Internet IP addresses.
ishere.zip19KCheck for complete files received FD 2.0.
itclist.zip35KITCnet Nodelist for January 1993 ITCnet is a network of Computer Bulletin Boards throughout the World whose goal is expanding the communication between people, using computer Telecommunications.
itr102.zip358KItrack v102. Programmable netmail message handler-tracker.
jobnet.zip6,716BInformation Package on the NEW JOBNET Echo Mail Network for Job Seekers and Employers!
kgb-105c.zip25KKGB v1.05: Hudson-base foul language remover.
kqdup110.zip50KKill QWK Dupes v1.10; Quickly removes duplicate messages from QWK & REP packets, even across multiple packets. Multi-BBS, Multi-door and Multi-node compatible. Useful to users, netmail sysops and sysops with QWK compatible mail doors. Maintains its own CRC file which is smaller than most other dupe checking mail doors. Can talk to a comm. port. Very flexible and configurable.
lastc_11.zip15KLastCall v1.10; A BINKLEY.CLD File Analysis Utility
lastnl2.zip29KLastnl 2.0. Keep latest nodelist.
lastrans.zip167KLASTRANS v1.0; displays a colorful ANSI screen which lets the user of a BBS know when the last mail transfer was.
lasttime.zip7,090BGenerate bulleting for last PCRelay mail transfer. PCBoard ANSI or ASCII.
lds0393.zip6,508BLDS_Net; Join the new LDS_Net mail system today! This supports the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) and non- members alike! This should become one of your most active nets you carry, very quickly! Several interesting conferences. We need hubs and nodes.
link0993.zip18KLinkUSA Communications Network Information! LinkUSA offers many conferences of interest to young and mature alike. Passed in the .QWK or Fido format, LinkUSA is compatible with most any system. This packet contains all info necessary to connect your BBS with LinkUSA! Now in MA, PA, AL, MT, FL, VT, CA Upcoming nodes in VA, NH, TX AZ and PR.
link103.lzh18Knk103.lzh 18922 07/21/90 WWIV Link software
list_req.lzh7,755Bst_req.lzh 7755 06/17/90 File Request specs
livenet.zip42KLiveNet; Where the sun never sets, and the light always shines. LiveNet is dedicated to the moderation of several national discussion groups ranging from the "Daddy Track" to OS/2 software development. An extensive file download area is available to support the OS/2 development and user community.
ln0893.zip2,965BLostNet is looking for sysops to carry this net devoted only to having fun. No lengthy application procedures. Virtually no rules or red tape. First come, first served. Quick and easy approval if you run a 24Hr/day BBS and can handle .QWK or FIDO based E-Mail. Check it out. What have you got to lose?
lnkpsti1.lzh175Kkpsti1.lzh 180171 07/21/90 WWIV Link post newsletter
lnode211.lzh6,096Bode211.lzh 6096 08/01/90 Last node called util for Binkley
localnl.lzh8,154Bcalnl.lzh 8154 12/23/89 Extract local nodes from nodelist
logmgr16.zip26Kautomated logfile management! The logmgr is not restricted to Front Door logs.
logtrim1.lzh29Kgtrim1.lzh 30192 02/19/90 Trim log files
lotto993.zip4,070BLOTTONET-QWKNet HUB/INFO Packet; This is a New QWK Compatible Message Mail Network for those Systems Having any interest in the Lottery, Gambling and related subjects Easy and No hassle sign up. Learn the secrets from the Winners of the lotteries! Sign up today, HUB List being created.
lr35.zip32KLSTRELAY 3.5 Network/IMPORT mail bull. prgrm Works with PCRelay, PostLink, GAPnet, Rnet, Tnet and IMPORT to create rotating display of ASCII/ANSI news files regarding last transfer Will use UTIs to import a report to SysOp in BBS msg. base if desired. Highly configurabl and easy to setup/use in multi-network system Fixed for use with RNET v2.00
lstcrc14.zip16KCompare CRCs of areanames in areas.bbs - V1.4 Now supports
lstfmt14.lzh18Ktfmt14.lzh 19351 11/02/90 Nodelist formatter
lstfmt22.zip30KFormat a nodelist into human readable form.
lstrly10.lzh5,352Btrly10.lzh 5352 02/24/90 Put last relay xfer in screen
lstrun11.lzh11Ktrun11.lzh 12020 11/02/90 List last PC-Relay run for up to 4 networks
lstrun17.zip27KLASTRUN; This simple utility will create both mono and color bulletins with your BBS name and the date and time of the last successful PCRelay, FireNet, CircuitNET or other network Mail Run. It will make this bulletin with the information on up to 8 different networks.
lt100392.zip9,839BGenerates network mail transfer bulletin using postink's lasttime.txt. Supports ANSI, ASCII and PCBoard codes. Should work on any bbs software. 10/03/92.
luvnet05.zip10KApplication kit for LUV_NET adult only echo network
mailbox2.lzh38Kilbox2.lzh 39719 08/01/90 Create mailboxes for PC-Relay
mailbul.lzh37Kilbul.lzh 38858 09/03/90 Make bulletin of Pc-Relay mailboxes
mailc120.zip120KMailwaiting notify & txt->msg for squish and/or *.msg.
mailcall.zip1,818BMailCall 1.0: a batch file to indicate the status of mail packets, Unread .QWK's or .REP's to be sent, by BBS name.
mailcnf.zip2,890BRobocomm v4.xx scripts for selecting and deselecting conferences from qmail4 or tomcat
mailgate.zip63KMailGate V1.0 Message conversion program. Convert messages to/fromMHS/SMF-70, cc:Mail, .QWK, .PKT, .MSG, QBBS/RA/SUPERBBS
mailv11.zip15KBoots your mail once a day.
makemsg.lzh12Kkemsg.lzh 12560 11/25/90 Create a *.MSG from a text file
makemsg1.zip19KMake Message; Makes a ASCII Text File into a Netmail .MSG Version
makerep.zip30KMakeRep v1.1; program will take any text file and create a QWK format .MSG file compatible with Tomcat for import into Wildcat BBS
map462.zip2,924BUsenet map for Idaho [1/1]
ma_104.zip56KMessage Alert scans incoming Net Mail for key phrases.
mcfgedv2.zip23KMcfgedit V2.0: message area editor.
medn0193.zip14KNew International Network dedicated to Health Care, both Lay & Professionals. Seeking Hubs, Nodes, and conference moderators, and sponsors. Complete application and node list included. ------------------------------------+ ##### #### ### ### ## # #### #####| # # #* # # # # # # #* # | # # #### ### ### # ## #### # | ------------------------------------+
member.lzh16Kmber.lzh 16663 11/07/89 Relaynet information
merge100.lzh14Krge100.lzh 14835 07/21/90 Merge nodediff's into nodelists
metronet.lzh8,054Btronet.lzh 8054 06/17/90 MetroNet information
mexp120.zip14KMEXPORT MSG Export Utility V1.20; utility to export messages in a *.msg style base.
mfs204.zip170KMessage finder system. Works with Bluewave, OLx, SLMR tec.
mhznet07.zip6,567BMHZ Computers Support Network Application Form
midinet.zip2,847BInformation on joinging the MIDINet mail network. 03/19/92.
mkill100.zip17KMAILKILL v1.0 For Searchlight BBS Version 2.xx! a small utility that will automatically delete old mail from your MAIL subboard after a number of days which you specify on the command line. This can be ran from either a door or from Searchlight's nightly events.
mkr006.zip39KMKRoute: region router for frontdoor/squish.
ml122692.zip5,791BMainLink is a new NET that is based in central Illinois and looking for new nodes and hubs all over the United States. Main Link offers various conferences and total Sysop control. If you are interested in a NET that has an easy application process and plans to outdo all other NETS then MainLink is for you! Start echoing mail within 24 hours. Several BBS's already echoing after only 3 weeks.
mlcnv106.lzh137Kcnv106.lzh 140353 11/07/89 Mail convert utility
mlrun11.zip10KMAILRUN v1.1 - Utility which stamps specified ASCII text files with the current date and time. Ideal for updating PCBoard login security files with time and date of last mail run. V1.1 is a bug fix release. Freeware by Brian Showalter.
mmcmds.zip1,716BMarkMail offline configuration commands.
mmrep150.zip13KMM Rep v1.5; Making Mail Managable! MM Rep will convert text files into .REP packets, which can be uploaded to your BBS, and inserted into your mail database.
mmutl100.zip44KMegaMail utilities. FIND and UNKILL messages in the database. Two seperate, standalone utilities.
mm_demo.zip300KMainMail - A full featured QWK mail door for GAP. Not crippeled in any way. Allows you to try before you buy. By Anthony Summy
mnet0493.zip26KMetrolink International Network information packet and application.
mn_393.zip2,763BInfo and application for Music Net. 02/13/93.
mplus311.zip338KMMGR +Plus+ v3.11; QWK mail door: RBBS/Fido. The version 3 series supports online R)ead/reply, P)ost options, and long conference descriptions, among other things.
msg2f110.lzh13Kg2f110.lzh 14314 11/02/90 Convert messages to files automatically
msgalrt2.zip51KScans specified conferences for mail on designated individuals and sends them to printer or another conference. Released to public domain.
msged207.zip66KOffline Message editor for FIDO NetMail
msgfax12.zip12KMSG2FAX V1.10 - Automatic *.MSG message to fax system; Can be used on any *.MSG type message base. It scans the message base for messages that have a subject line that contains a keyword, fax number, and password.
msgnum10.zip10KMsgNum v1.0; Hudson Message Base utility to help determine necessity of linking incoming mail. Why link a whole message base when only two messages came in?! MsgNum will save your hard drive from unneccesary reading and writing.
msgobj10.zip34KMessageObject 1.0 for Pip message base SMALLPIP and SMALLPOS are a little message reader and a little message poster (i.e.: a program that puts a file into a message) to demonstrate how to use MessageObject.
msgtrm11.zip55KMessage Trim v1.1; Utility to remove unwanted Tag Lines, Quotes, Reader Signitures, and Bridging Tags from the text of messages. Ver 1.1 now can optionally keep track of the "Last Processed Message" for faster exectuion. This version also adds over 30 new items to the default search criteria.
mt-140.lzh28K-140.lzh 29491 02/12/91 MailTime notice generator
mt11a.zip10KMailtime V1.1a - For Smartnet And Intelecnet
mt331.zip140KMSgtrack 3.31: netmail manager. Maintenance release.
mta100.zip98KMTA v1.xx; Read MsgTrack v2.0 or above logs only. MTA will create MTAmmm.DBF, which it uses to maintain Monthly totals.
mtn0493.zip4,108BInformation on how to join the brand new Mountain Net. This net is only for BBS systems in the Mountain Time Zones and their users. A specific net to meet specific needs! We need members! Join now!
mtraf101.zip88KOpus/Fido *.msg traffic report by area/poster /origin. Bug fix release.
mt_100.lzh217K_100.lzh 222754 10/05/91 MilqueToast mailer v1.00 for WINDOWS
mudfaq.zip26KFrequently asked questions: Basic Information about MUDs and MUDding
mufonet.zip7,077BApplication to join Mufon-net BBS Network, the communications link of the Mutual UFO Network, dedicated to the scientific investigation of Unidentified Flying Objects. International message echos, UFO/paranormal. No cost to join.
n2bbsv25.zip44KNode2Bbs Version 2.50 A Node to Bbs List Conversion Utility by Brian Ward. This will convert ANY standard Fidonet compatible nodelist into a full color (ansi or non-ansi) BBS list with file output, printer, and screen output. Works great for sysops that want to display a list of local BBSes in the network.
ndrpt104.zip23KUtility was developed for the purpose of creating a specific type of report from a FidoNet Nodelist. The report lists Nodes by Zone and Region.
ndt_101.zip4,304BNoDupeTags v1.01. Delete duplicate echotoss entries.
ndv24b.lzh63Kv24b.lzh 64855 11/07/89 FD nodelist viewer v2.4b
ndxpro_9.zip51KNDXPro v9.0; will make NDX files from QWK or REP packets! Helpful for corrupted packets, or message networks!
nenet107.zip15KNew England Net Information Pack v1.07 NE-Net is a small and friendly network started in 1988. There are presently 28 conferences with active hosts. Boards outside of NE are welcomed to apply. Managed by a SC, keeping politics in the sandbox where they belong!
net21.lzh144Kt21.lzh 148180 07/21/90 WWIV network software
net33.zip205KWWIVnet Docs and information kit
netday21.zip37KNETDAY v2.1; utility that will quickly and easily display the current NETMAIL date for you. If you ever wondered what the current NETMAIL (Julian) date was, then this utility is for you. NETDAY will accept an echomail conference number from the command line and report back to you the age in days of the last bag that was received on your system.
neted31.lzh76Kted31.lzh 78430 05/05/90 Net mail editor
netinf21.zip37KCreate/maintain sysop information list remotely via netmail.
netlog11.zip11KStatistic Programm fUr Squish. Erzeugt ANS und ASC Bulletins Uber den Netztransfer eines Tages. (Anzahl der neuen Nach- richten in jeder Area). Konfigurabel fUr alle Mailbox Systeme. V1.1 Statistic program for Squish. Creates ANS and ASC Bulletins about the nettransfers for current day.(Number of Messages in each area). Configurable for all Mailbox Systems. V1.1 Bugfixed.
netmal36.lzh165Ktmal36.lzh 169634 11/07/89 Add netmail to PC Board
netmal50.lzh242Ktmal50.lzh 248530 12/23/90 QWK netmail util for PC-Board
netnews.zip75KMake log on news files for POSTLINK RIME Netnews will create an ANSI and ASCII news bulletin for GAP BBS, and optionally send the sysop a message with a report of all Postlink mail activity. Message can be sent private or public, to any forum or any user. Requires the Brainex Door Manager. From The Brainex System. 310-275-2344 / 310-273-5234. Registration $15.
nets0_89.lzh51Kts0_89.lzh 52381 07/21/90 WWIV network software
nets100.lzh39Kts100.lzh 40697 09/03/90 Interface FidoNet with WWIV
nets200.zip48KWritten for WWIVnet/Fidonet community
netst31.zip47KNetSTATi v3.1 Edit your NET file from UUPCB, create a PCBoard BLT file with header, avg cps, total pkts sent, total pks recieved stats, does Newsgroup information! FreeWare
newlst.zip16KMail run update: works with PCRelay software.
newlst11.zip43KNewlist v1.1 nodelist searcher. Epic s/w.
newnl_11.lzh27Kwnl_11.lzh 28630 02/19/90 Delete old nodelists
newsc120.zip27KComfortable Mailchecker/Mover
newsysop.lzh21Kwsysop.lzh 21639 02/24/90 New fidonet sysop information
newtext.zip12KThe Qmail Door configuration menu file
nightnet.zip1,867BApplication for night net interboard.
ninf403.zip34KNetinfo: automagically compile sysop info lists via netmail-update.
nixpubsh.zip5,464BOpen Access UNIX (*NIX) Sites [both Fee and Non-Fee] August 12,1992 (long form)
nlst723.zip1,195BEEEEEEEEUSNETEINFORMATIONEFILEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Subject: arbitron data from these sites has expired.
nlstat13.zip32KFidonet nodelist statistics v1.00.
nlutil31.zip31KPublic domain Fido utility which creates new new world nodelist from compressed node diff file.
nlu_111.zip178KNodelist Update Utility v1.11.
nmaildir.lzh3,178Baildir.lzh 3178 11/07/89 Set netmail path for Qbbs
nn12.zip58KNode/News v1.2 * This is a fully functional Nodelist/Diff & FidoNews Detection utility. Use this to tell your batch files how to behave when you receive a new NODELIST, NODEDIFF, or FNEWSnnn. No more outrageous batch file manipulation. All command line driven. From the Author of Tic-2-PCB. *** FREEWARE *** Compiled 11/08/92
nodechek.lzh5,353Bdechek.lzh 5353 02/19/90 Check filename on mail
nodelmng.zip17KNodelist/Nodediff Merger/manager version 1.05
nodelook.zip10KVersion 7 Nodelist Browser.
nodest13.zip24KNodestat -- the Fido-style Nodelist analysis program. Produce detailed nodelist statistics for any size nodelist, even Fido's. Duplicate checking on phone numbers, flag, bps, modem capability breakdowns. Registration only $10.
nodeview.zip14KNodeList viewer v1.0c; FREEWARE nodelist viewer (door) for BBSes. Supports up to 10 nodelists. Search for text/network address. ANSI/TTY modes. VERY EASY TO SETUP and works with almost ANY BBS! Fossil driver required. For Fidonet style nodelists.
nodify.zip20KSend messages & report on nodelist segments.
nolock.lzh7,146Block.lzh 7146 02/24/90 Relaynet analyze without locking
notused.lzh28Ktused.lzh 29407 11/02/90 Turn off unused pass-thru areas
nstat11.zip22KNETSTAT v1.1 Network Mail Bulletin Generator. Reports Last 'Good' Run Date, Time, Imports/Exports. Supports Postlink, PcRelay, TNET, & now JNET! Can also be used with other network software as well. Support for other network software and tossers will be added as requested.
ntmgr95p.zip41KNetMgr - copy, move, delete, change and bounce netmail.. NetMgr is a program that will scan the messages in one area (usually the netmail area), and analyse the headers of those messages.
nwnpolic.zip2,848BNew World Network; Policy, Information & Conference List
n_yoohoo.lzh10Kyoohoo.lzh 10984 06/17/90 YooHoo session specs
ocs_101.zip48KBinkley Outbound Call Statusv1.01 DOS & OS/2. 03/08/93.
origx16a.lzh14Kigx16a.lzh 15019 06/17/90 Origin line extractor
otour11d.zip103KOn Tour Version 1.10c sysop utility. 03/28/93
owl100.zip26KOwl; Mailing list utility for use with Ufgate and other Fido<->uucp gateway programs that support the *.msg format to import uucp mail into a *.msg directory and to export new mail from a directory to a mailing list host. Owl also can act as its own mailing list host.
packp150.lzh11Kckp150.lzh 11975 01/09/90 Packet peeker v1.50
packp201.zip21K"Packpeek" Fidonet *.PKT disassembler v2.01.
pad102g.zip112KSmall Ads Door For all sysops with a FidoNet Adress FREEWARE. No contribution asked.
pagesatg.zip67KListing of UseNet Newsgroups available via PageSat Satellite hookup.
pakpeek3.zip22KFidoNet .PKT viewer v3.0 with new error-scan features, in addition to corrected message header validation.
pbnet8.zip7,779BApplication form for sysop's who want 'Paintball Net'. 03/09/93.
pc126cv.zip65KPete & clyde's 4D Point System rv1.26
pcg0107.zip13K+++++--The Professional CAD & Graphics-+++++ +++++--Network Application Information-+++++ +------------------------------------------+ | PCGnet is a professional and friendly | | CAD and Graphics based network seeking | | nodes with active and mature user bases. | | PCGnet specializes in Design, Drafting, | | Engineering, 2d & 3d Modeling, Multimedia| | Systems, Raster Imaging, Raytracing, 3d | | Rendering and Animation. East coast and | | West Coast Hubs - Fido based network. | +-----
pcp-rly.lzh3,142Bp-rly.lzh 3142 07/21/90 Procomm Plus script for Pc-Relay
pcrbull.lzh17Krbull.lzh 17861 07/21/90 Make bulletin of PC-Relay activity
pcrdocs.lzh157Krdocs.lzh 161670 12/29/89 PC Relay documentation
pcrscn11.zip12KPCRelay Import Log Scanning Utility and Bulletin Maker
pcrstat.lzh4,793Brstat.lzh 4793 06/17/90 PC-Relay statistics util
pdninfo2.lzh4,956Bninfo2.lzh 4956 02/12/91 Info on PDN (Prog Distr Network)
peacenet.lzh6,924Bacenet.lzh 6924 08/05/91 Info on PeaceNet
pen_9309.zip11KPlanet Earth Network! Important Issues of the 90's!! No fees! We have many Regional Hubs ready for swift approval within 48 hrs! 45+ members in 6 countries in our 1st month! Check out the Planet Earth Network today and help in our fight for a better world future! The PEN is mightier than the sword;
phv090.zip348KPhoenix, Front end mailer for BBS's
ping020.zip24KPing v0.20: MHS gateway that sends dummy messages (pings) to a list of target hosts and waits for an echo. Holds statistical data for each target host, warns the MHS administrator if no echo is received from a target host.
pip201.zip185KPip* is a completely integrated mail processor and editor, fidonet compatible. It uses a new compressed message base: PipBase.
pkmas302.zip61KMulti-Archive Packer/Unpacker For Zmail/conf
pkthdr2.zip38KFidonet type 2 packet inspector with C source
pktz-010.lzh16Ktz-010.lzh 16572 10/05/91 Packetize mail packetizer
pkt_sz11.zip10KPacket size v1.1. Limits size of packets to toss.
plez175.lzh10Kez175.lzh 10605 11/25/90 Binkley freq utility
plst_130.lzh40Kst_130.lzh 41162 11/07/89 Nodelist compiler
plst_133.zip38KParselst 1.33 (DOS) Nodelist compiler.
pm0125.zip102KP o n y M A I L 1.0 - Mail Bulletin Creator This Program features the following: - Creates Bulletin of mail recieved - Processes Frontdoor or InterMail Log files - Configurable Border Styles, Color Formats - Output Configurable with PCBoard or Wildcat Color Codes or standard ASCII - and more ... Not Cripled - Does Not Expire - Shareware
pmcrose.zip1,767BSample PMComm Rexx script to manage Rose Mail file transfers. Requires REXUTL21 in order to work properly.
pn-9302.zip37KInformation and application generator for ProgNet - The Programmer's Network. This network is for all programmers of any level of experience, from beginner to expert. Professionals and private customer support systems are welcome. Easy admissions policy. Supporting QWK/REP, PC-Relay, and FIDO! February 1993 update.
pn910109.lzh4,271B910109.lzh 4271 01/11/91 Info on P/Net (Programmers Network)
pnet231a.zip6,817BPlaNet: List of all BBS'es affiliated with PlaNet.
pnetaply.lzh1,666Betaply.lzh 1666 02/12/91 Application for P/NET (program net)
point167.zip244KPPoint V1.67; Professional Point - Automatic Setup/Maintenance. Automatically accepts and sets up new areas. Simple Set up and interfaces transparently with Binkley. 4d or FakeNet addressing. Efficient message database W/Optional QWK support. LAN Support.
policy4.lzh28Klicy4.lzh 29231 01/25/90 Fidonet policy statement
popbats.zip5,199BSample POP.BAT for Portal Of Power 0.50 Squish and Maximus
popwstat.zip16KMonitor the status of Portal of Power Multi-lines from MS-Windows
postlink.zip1,991BPostlink Software For Brainex System Doors
pq214.zip280KVersion 2.14 Of The Best QWK Compatible Mail database
pridenet.zip22KPridenet USA! and Canada info pak.
privml13.zip49KPrivMail v1.03 - lets your callers create their own private PCRelay mail box so that they can receive private mail immediately.
psi_info.zip8,459BInfo about PSILink Internet Access - WorldWide Email, Anonymous FTP, & USENet
pstats11.zip14KPSTATS v1.0; POSTLINK Mail Stats Bulletin Generator. This program reads in your LOG file created from your POSTLINK mail runs and outputs a nice headered, colored bulletin.
ptqwk_b2.zip230KPTQWK Mail Door v1.00B2 For SuperBBS; The most versatile mail door ever! Includes support for QWK/OMEN/ASCII mail packet downloading/uploading with full options. Completely configurable, very easy to use. A MUST for all SuperBBS sysops!
puddle.lzh49Kddle.lzh 50573 04/08/90 Fidonet message reader/editor
pvert.zip94KPublic Domain Fidonet .pkt <->.qwk translator with C source.
pwmsg110.zip14KSend netmail to all systems with a session password defined.
p_bnet.zip5,641BP&BNet is a fast-growing network for writers and artists. We feature direct feeds from publishers and news items from galleries. We are using regular .QWK packets AND Postlink to satisfy all network participation requirements.
p_bpost.zip18KPen and Brush Net for Writers & Artists; P&BNet is a fast-growing network for writers and artists. We feature direct feeds from publishers and news items from galleries. We are using regular .QWK packets AND Postlink to satisfy all network participation requirements.
p_echo21.zip70KPowerEcho, Fido .MSG import/export for PowerBBS.
q4rly40.lzh11KThe Porsche of Qmodem/Relay Scripts now supports calling Spitfire 3.0 Hubs
q4rly42.lzh11Krly42.lzh 12192 11/02/90 Qmodem script for PC-Relay
qbbed263.zip284KEditor & maintenance tool for Hudson.
qbunfix.lzh15Kunfix.lzh 15934 11/07/89 Fixes error in Qbbs netmail bundles
qfax11.zip66KConverts Message to Fax.
qkcon100.zip115KThis program converts successive .qwk download packets into individual single conference .qwk packets, each spanning many .qwk downloads.
qm100pat.lzh9,841B100pat.lzh 9841 02/12/91 Patch to Qmail (echomail)
qm4.zip119KQMAIL DOOR V4.0
qmail202.lzh210Kail202.lzh 215445 06/17/90 QMail v2.02 (PCB)
qmdocwp5.zip42KQmail user manual and sysop docs.
qmlr_100.lzh57Klr_100.lzh 58629 02/12/91 Qmail (echomail) log reporter
qmstat16.lzh26Kstat16.lzh 26641 02/12/91 Qmail (echomail) statistics
qm_100.lzh86K_100.lzh 88663 02/12/91 Qmail (echomail) utility
qname2.zip22KAutomatically renames qwk packets. Includes source code.
qnet203.lzh144Ket203.lzh 147586 06/17/90 QNet v2.03
qnetv30.lzh52Ketv30.lzh 53690 08/05/91 QNet v3.00 *beta* QWK mail
qnode150.zip88KQNode V1.5; was originally designed to be a fast version 6 nodelist compiler which could handle MNP modem properly, seeing as no other nodelist compiler was really able to
qnode202.zip83KQNODE nodelist processor. Can use EMS if you have it.
qnodx202.zip183KDPMI version. Requires an 80286+ w/ 2Megs of ram.
qpack110.zip81KOn-Demand Qmail prepack door for use with PCBoard and Qmail4. Also permits users to choose Qmail4 aliases. Cuts long distance bills for users and echomail sysops using the Qmail4 door. Simple installation, no maintenance required. v1.10 (20-July-92)
qprn103.zip117KQWKPrune v1.03; Removes unwanted messages from QWK-format mail packets. Strips leading spaces as well as (R) and Re: prefixes from subject lines. Also strips up to 10 user- defined prefixes. Repairs non-standard message headers. Supports ZIP, LHA, ARJ, and ZOO, as well as a user-specified archiver.
qwk2fd10.zip40KQWK2FD v1.0b (-: Guiltware :-) For users of Front Door or InterMail who also "do" .QWK msg networks. Extracts file xfer stats from DSZlog after making .QWK net transfers, then updates mailer system log, LASTCALL and OUTBOUND.HIS accounting files.
qwkblt12.zip5,146BQWK-BLT.PPE 1.20 adds the ability to include new main board bulletins in the internally generated .QWK files. Adds capability to specify which bulletins to scan.
qwkdmp10.zip19KQWKDump v1.0; Dumps ANY conference or ALL messages from your QWK mail packet to text files.
qwkinfo.zip17KMore information on the qwk/rep and mail door formats.
qwklay16.zip17KQWK File Layout 1.6 [19-Dec-92] - This is one of the most comprehensive file on the QWK- format. It covers everything from the format to implementation notes. See related file QWKP*.ZIP for a list of current QWK-format products & author contact info.
qwkm105.zip157KQWKMerge allows combination of several .QWK packets from any one BBS into one packet. Automatically deletes duplicate messages in merged packets and "untrashes" .QWK files altered by offline readers. A keyfile available upon registration enables extensive user-specific configuration of the merging process. Shareware by Mike King.
qwkman10.zip127KQwkMan 1.000B The intelligent QWK manager. Easiest program around to merge your QWK packets. Completely configurable from day 1. Very fast and to use.
qwknet12.zip22KQWKnet is a program that allows easy and quick swapping of public messages between BBSes.
qwkrk60.zip47KQWKRick V.70 Beta; Welcome to the wonderful world of QWK Mail Doors. This program, named 'QWKRick' will allow your users to Scan and Download new Messages and Mail from SearchLight Version 3.00 and Higher.
qwktxt.zip15KQWKTXT.ZIP takes a .QWK mail archive downloaded from a BBS & converts the messages into an ASCII text files.
qwktxt45.zip38KQWK -> TXT file converter. Determines file archival method automatically. Handles ARC, ARJ, LHA, LHARC, ZIP, and ZOO with the appropriate external program.
r2m220.lzh20Km220.lzh 21439 07/21/90 Rsp to Mail for Freq answers
raid_100.lzh53Kid_100.lzh 54943 03/11/90 Area fixer for Tick file echos
rando100.zip48KFun random origin files, now does Squish.
rbbtic39.zip61KRBBTIC is a companion program for Barry Gellers and other TICK type programs, specifically written for RBBS-PC sysops. It processes incoming TK??????.TIC file description lines and formats them for FMS.DIR. Features include extended file descriptions, line lengths 40-46, Reverse or Normal order for date sorted FMS or not. Word wrap to prevent ugly mid-word breaks.
rcm12.lzh24KCONFLST.RLY Maintenance Utility
rcvnet01.zip12KCurrent RecoverNet Info from LifeLine (12 Step Oriented) BBS All conferences relating to recovery with primary emphasis on 12 Step Fellowships. All conferences support ALIASes for anonymity. For people interested in or involved in recovery from addictions in any form. Includes sample QWK packet. Hubs & Nodes wanted. Friends of Bill W. grab this.
rd-1190.lzh24K-1190.lzh 24586 11/25/90 Rime directory
rdmap116.zip56KAutomate Netmail routing Utility
rec_200.zip188KTo use REC you simply send a net-mail message to a system, specifying a password, a list of any echos that you want turned on or off, and a list of any reports that you desire.
regn111.zip58KRegNode v1.1; Intended to be an easy way of compiling a listing of participating nodes in SDN International and similar file distribution networks.
relayman.lzh34Klayman.lzh 34904 12/23/89 Manual for Relaynet
relaynet.lzh76Klaynet.lzh 78243 09/03/90 Full info on RIME (RelayNet)
relaynet.zip144KInfomation on joining RIME (RelayNet) network, a 1000 node network cris-crossing the globe - fastest mail turnaround of any network - simple powerful software - great users in over 300 active conferences - product support - hobbyist - social conferences - We're the network that attracts users to YOUR board!
relayscn.lzh22Klayscn.lzh 22925 07/21/90 Screens to use for Relaynet conferences
relaytel.lzh9,220Blaytel.lzh 9220 07/21/90 Telix script for PC-Relay
relock20.zip41KLock HST and FidoNet compatible mailer at a high BPS rate (like 38400 or 57600) and then RELOCK the HST modem and your X00 fossil at a lower speed that your BBS and doors can handle. Supports speeds from 300 to 57600 BPS. Requires X00 fossil and HST modem.
remapper.lzh16Kmapper.lzh 16481 01/09/90 Remap points
renrelay.lzh3,778Bnrelay.lzh 3778 07/21/90 Rename In.Rly packets automatically
rime.lzh49Kme.lzh 50891 08/05/91 Rime nodelist
rime0391.lzh18KMarch 1991 RIME Times - RelayNet Newsletter
rime0491.lzh9,923BApril 1991 RIME Times - RelayNet Newsletter
rime0590.lzh24Kme0590.lzh 24675 06/17/90 RIME newsletter 05/90
rime0591.lzh19KMay 1991 RIME Times - RelayNet Newsletter
rime0691.lzh18KJune 1991 RIME Times - RelayNet Newsletter
rime0790.lzh25Kme0790.lzh 26449 07/21/90 RIME newsletter 07/90
rime0890.lzh25Kme0890.lzh 26121 11/25/90 Rime newsletter 08/90
rime0990.lzh24Kme0990.lzh 24817 11/02/90 RIME newsletter 09/90
rime1090.lzh23Kme1090.lzh 23717 11/02/90 RIME newsletter 10/90
rime1190.lzh18KNovember RIME Times - RelayNet's newsletter.
rime1290.lzh15KDecember RIME Times - RelayNet's newsletter.
rime9301.zip10KOctober 1992 RIME Times - RelayNet Newsletter > Frankly, Curt (Mentioned in Passing) > Jackie's Beanstalk (Democracy) > Writers' Conference > Virus Triggering in January > Conference News > Who's Who and What's What > Notices
rimeconf.lzh28KRIMECONF.TXT is the Official list of all conferences carried by the RelayNet International Message Exchange Network.
rimeconf.zip42KComplete description of all RIME conferences available on Canada Remote.
rimenews.lzh45Kmenews.lzh 47066 06/20/91 Door for online viewing of Rime newsletters
rly0993.zip187KInfomation on joining RIME (RelayNet) network, a 1000 node network cris-crossing the globe, fastest mail turnaround of any network, powerful software, great users- over 400 active conferences, product support hobbyist, social conferences, We're the network that attracts users to YOUR board!
rlyman1.lzh34Kyman1.lzh 34904 11/07/89 Manual for Relaynet
rmap_120.lzh16Kap_120.lzh 16880 11/25/90 Remap points to private net addr
rnet107u.lzh172Ket107u.lzh 176247 01/11/91 Rnet QWK network for PC-Board
rnet200f.zip108KRnet v2.00f sysops message handler for pc echo net mail.
robot411.zip27KHarveys's Robot Mailer System, .PKT Format
rpost101.zip25KRnet post message processor.
rushnet.zip6,754BRushnet will be the easiest Net you ever joined. This is the info and HUB list
sbc_kit.zip9,745BInformation: The Sound Blaster Connection Network is an idea that a well known group of Sound Blaster programmer's in Holland named 'Ultra Force' came up with early in 1991. If interested CHECK IT OUT!
sbfl_100.zip10KFlsearch.BBS to Flsearch.ctl Converter.
scail203.zip27KSCAIL v2.03; Personal Echomail Scanner
scant137.zip61KScanToss v1.37; FIDO mail tosser and Scanner
sdn_pol7.zip18KFidoNet Sysop info on SDN International International is The Shareware Distribution Network for author direct shareware inside FidoNet's 13,000+ amateur bulletin board systems world wide. (SDNet/Works!)
seal_021.zip117KSquish echo area link/unlink manager v0.21
seeknet9.zip29KSEEKNET! Is a Professionally run, Quality International Mail Net compatible with both .qwk & Front-End type mail transfers. Designed with BOTH the User and Sysop in mind, it has become one of the most popular Nets around. A Mail System is only as good as the participation in it & so Our conferences are Unique, Fun, and Informational! Over 100 QUALITY Nodes from Canada to Australia
serchnt1.zip27KAn independent network for the support of all peoples. Discussion of Paranormal, and Spiritual experiences, with a theme of each person SEARCHing for his individual PATH, or reason for living. Includes discussion of UFOs, Conspiracies, and World News, Channels and Earth Changes. Tolerance is Mandatory.
sexnet16.zip6,164BWBS Presents; SEXnet v1.6 Start-Up Kit! A complete network of Adult Only Topics Includes BBSlists, Subslist, Doocs, etc.. Must be 18 or over to Host the net or be a part of the net! VBBS style network!
sfcn1093.zip10KCircuitnet Net-mail node list for Oct.'93.
sfn30630.zip20KSciFacNet; Professional science engineering message net For Scientists, Students and Engineers Information/Application/Regionals QWK, Pcrelay packets, Fido. No Fees
sfnet303.zip13K-----------=== SFNET ===----------- SCIENCE - ENGINEERING - EDUCATION ----------------------------------- International Message Network March 1993 Release Information/Application/Regionals QWK, Pcrelay packets. No Fees -----------------------------------
sga200.zip19KSGA-Net Starter Pack for Day 200 SGA-Net is fairly new international network which spans 3 countries and over 10 US states. Echo such as Edhanced Software and SRGames (both with direct links to the authors) and many other topics make this a fun network to join. Not just for the user, but also for the SysOp.
shift103.zip8,074BShiftem v.102; ensures that messages get transferred first, before any file attaches. Wont work with FrontDoor or D'Bridge
shiftem.zip5,533BMoves mail attaches to the top of hlo files.
sigkit.lzh26Kgkit.lzh 27003 05/05/90 SigNet information
silvrnet.zip19KSilvernet commercial services network - join now!
sinf210.zip46KRSI r2.1 random-siteinfo-system; The multi-mailer-random-siteinfo-system!
sizml200.lzh18Kzml200.lzh 19301 06/20/91 Limit mail size in Binkley
skill28.zip41KSPOTKILL v2.8; utility to browse a message area and automatically delete or mark bagged messages by Sender Name, Reciever Name, or Subject. SPOTKILL can delete messages that have been Recieved, Bagged, Either, Incoming, Received Incoming, or ALL.
skill31.zip40KSPOTKILL v3.1; Utility to browse a message area and automatically delete or mark bagged messages by Sender Name, Reciever Name, or Subject. SPOTKILL can delete messages that have been Recieved, Bagged, Either, Incoming, Received Incoming, or ALL. Version 3.1 allows the ability to change aliases or subjects to alternate text. This allows readdressing ^UN messages in echos.
sknet001.zip7,381BSpark Network (zone 74); SparkNet, Reseau Francophone Distribution compatible PKT & QWK Fichier d'information du reseau Coordinateur Int'l
sky9305.zip3,664BSkyLink Mail Network Information on a fast growing Mail Network. We are looking for Nodes and Hubs Worldwide. Easy application process, one of the fastest growing nets around. .QWK/REP or PCRelay compat. A Good General Topic Net, intereseted in communications.
slnet.zip16KHow to request a link to SL-Net, the echomail network designed exclusively for Searchlight BBS software systems.
slurp100.zip27KLog truncator and packer v1.00.
smlindex.lzh59Klindex.lzh 60995 05/05/90 Smallnet utility
smlnet1f.lzh228Klnet1f.lzh 234484 11/07/89 Net/Echo mail message door
sml_100b.zip96KSmlist v1.0 (Beta) Creates Small Nodelists.
smrt0493.zip21KSmartNet International Echo Mail; Update of all Smartnet Conferences. Use this handy directory for selecting and visiting the various conferences and forums available Includes node list of participating boards.
sn072993.zip2,735BIntroduction to SILVERNET. Intended to be a small friendly bbs message networking group using FIDO-Compatible Front End Mailers for message sharing, cross board game play and file sharing.
snws0493.zip13KThe NewsLetter of File Distribution Networks
sn_9304.zip33KSourceNet Network Info Package; Professional Programming & Email Network! Covering all aspects of Technical Support, Languages, Hardware and Software, plus a wide variety of Topics & Issues!
sob_008b.zip114KSon of Bonk v0.08b with 4D Addressing
spaz201.zip56KSpaz v2.01: Use to Compress FidoNet Mail Bundles With ARJ
splitpkt.zip2,298BSplits large mail packets into smaller ones.
spnt_120.zip63KScan/toss for points w/hudson msgbases.
sqaem127.zip100KSquish Automatic Echo Manager -------------------------------------------- An areafix clone that works with Squish's one configuration file. Features include: Security groups & levels, one-line & multi-line echo descriptions, full 4d addressing and zone-aware, rescan & area forwarding, auto-unlinking, multiligual, remote node profile managing.
sqlnk120.zip38KSquish message base MSGID/REPLY linker.
sqsh_100.zip292KSquish Echomail Processor, V1.0/DOS.
squser44.zip63KMake Fidouserlst From Squish Msgs Last
srqwk10.zip91KSpeed Read QWK utility finds and deletes qwk packets that are bad for one reason or another.
statsc11.zip27KStatusC: Generate Export, Import, Last Import and Monthly Total bulletins using Cam-Mail logs. Multi-Network. Rollovers. ANSI, ASCII and PCB color/mono support.
status38.zip44KStatus: Generate Export, Import, Last Import and Monthly Total bulletins with Postlink log(s). Multi-Network. Rollovers. ANSI, ASCII, PCB color/mono support. Log utility.
sub100.zip20KSubMove v1.0; Moves mail based on what is in the subject, from or to fields.
syslink.zip5,514B SYSTERLink Mail Network SYSTERLink is a new NET that is based in central Illinois and looking for new nodes and hubs all over the United States. We offer various conferences and total SYSOP control. If you are interested in a NET that has an easy application process and hopes to outdo many other NETS please down- load this package and apply today.
sysopmvp.zip2,607BFind out how you can become a member of the MVP Distribution Network and get all updates and new releases of MVP Software shareware products sent to you FREE before they are available anywhere else. Join our team!
tattle10.zip44KCreats BLTs for PostLink and PCRelay By reading the lasttime.txt files. Creates a nice clean display with the times and date of the last message transfer. Will create ASCII, ANSI and XCODE screens by configuration and allows sysop to specify the output file names.
tdnpkg.zip4,182B[The Delusional Network] EMail Systems Zone
tdrsysop.zip3,141B[[][ * Digital Reality * ][]] Become an official Digital Reality Courrier. You'll get the lastest Digital Reality releases. Read the TDRSYSOP.DOC enclosed in this .Zip file. [01/13/93]
tds0303.zip49K-- TDS Network (Archive Update 03-03-93) -- Worldwide Doors & Utility distribution Net. NEW BBS PHONE NO. CHANGE. We support Online Download, 5 TICK file areas , Disk, Tape file transfers. 21 participating countries. Membership/hub list and Application form enclosed. PCB,GAP,RA,QBBS,RBBS,SPITFIRE etc Fidonet Transfer/F-Req & QWK/REP supported.
tds0927.zip50K-- TDS Network (Archive Update 09-27-92) -- World Distributor of PCB & NON-PCB Doors and Utilities.We carry everything from 1989 to the most recent Doors . Over 260 members spanning 21 countries. DISK & TAPE Support. * TOLL FREE ACCESS FOR BBS DOOR & UTILITY DEVELOPERS. 5 TDS Tick file areas & Support Echos. This is an EXCLUSIVE DOORS Network.
teen0793.zip10KInformation on how to join TeenNet - a teens only message network.
tenet893.zip4,665BInformation packet tells you everything you need to know about Te-Net. This includes conference names.
testreq.lzh7,574Bstreq.lzh 7574 07/21/90 Test files you say are Freq'able
tfn9302.zip4,255B ### Toronto's Family Network ### The February '93 Information Package and Sysop Application for TFN, a network of Toronto and Area BBS' who do not support any type of 'adult' material or conferences. Now seeking new systems for membership! *PARENTS!* Download this file for the name of the TFN board nearest you!!
tic2sl.zip8,557BTic2SL allows Slbbs boards to use Tick/Hatch.
ticin107.zip8,484BTic Attach File Mover (Simple Tic Receive Only)
tick200.lzh97Kck200.lzh 99975 09/03/90 Tick file echo utility v2.0
tick207.lzh63Kck207.lzh 65261 06/20/91 Tick file echo utility v2.07
tick210.zip95KTICK v2.1; Does for files what echomail does for messages. It was largely inspired by the program "Flea", Tick picks up on that concept, and adds to it.
tickd101.zip12KTick utl: v1.01 updates stopdup files to match dir contents.
ticpos13.zip24KPost Net/EchoMail for TIC files & reset file date.
timb8.zip111KTimed - *.msg and squish message editor. 02/25/93.
tis0_0.zip31KTIMSPLIT; The program takes ARCMail/Packets and will place into the TIMSPath all messages that are small enough for TIMS to toss online, the remainder will be dumped to TMailPath for later processing. No lost messages, no truncated messages all is lovely and life is grand.
tm1_314.zip84KTmail; created as a means of providing a reliable return address for messages. This version of TMail does not add MSGID lines to messages created by TMail.
tmail9g2.zip76KTerminate mail editor v1.00; The automatic point system for Terminate
tpost102.zip40KTpost ver 102 Tick message poster for Echomail
trkm_154.lzh34Kkm_154.lzh 35157 07/21/90 Track messages with unknown origin
ts10.zip68KTomCat Statistic Output Screen Generator
ts2gmd.zip10KTosscan to grunged message detector (gmd) interface.
tsysop.zip44KTPoint v1.06 point system - sysop files.
tt_101.zip10KTictrak Keep Track of Inbound Files!
tway_131.zip66KThruWay v1.31: examines your echomail control file to determine if there are listed pass-through areas for which there are no longer any listed destination nodes. This situation can occur quite frequently for hub operators whose downstream nodes use AreaFix to turn echos on and off remotely.
twist.lzh5,645Bist.lzh 5645 06/20/91 Make Imail and Tosscan get along
twist02.zip10KTwist v2.0; Written to change the info in the packet header to some that TosScan can recognise to allow full 4D mail with newer tosser/scanners and newer versions of previously 3D capable ones, which have been upgraded to 4D now.
tx2rep11.zip22KTXT2REP 1.10 (19-Mar-1992); Geoffrey Sy. Converts text files into .QWK mail door .REP message packet from DOS command line. Will automatically create multiple messages if text files are longer than standard length.
txtbcst.zip32KTurn a TXT file into a REP/QWK file.
umail005.zip23KUnpacks Echomail - Supports
umfn100.zip6,776BAutomatically update Bink's magic file names.
uni-us03.lzh10Ki-us03.lzh 11160 02/12/91 U n I network info
uni144.zip53KInformation on the U'NI-net International echomail network. Dossier, Application and node listing. accepting applications from BBS systems compatible with the .QWK/.REP mail method.
uplist12.zip31KUplist v1.2; Converts a FLOP file list to UPLIST.TXT and then creates a QWK format .MSG packet for upload to a Wildcat BBS via Tomcat
usenet4.zip199KUseNet via QWK Packet! Satellite 24 hour data feed. All Countries! All BBS formats
ussr_net.lzh10Ksr_net.lzh 10850 02/24/90 E-mail to USSR information
vfx004wb.zip84KVoteFix v0.04b; Program for holding elections via FidoNet style technology. Elections can be held on nodes or points and users can send mail to VoteFix to vote in these elections. VoteFix will manage the election, print reports as to who has voted so far and tally the results at the end of the election
vipmail1.zip91KVIPMAIL v1.00; Made for SYSOPS and points who use Front Door, but any other message reader that uses the MSG file format, and directories SHOULD work.
vp_409e.zip65KConfMail with VPurge, V4.09e VPurge Beta, fixes TFS flag kludge line in atch msgs, V4.09e.194
vret893e.zip8,808BInformation on how to join the brand new VRETNET This net is for any BBS systems intrested in Virtual Reality and New Technologies. A specific net to meet specific needs! We need members! Join now! Regional and State Hubs Needed. FIDO Info Now Included
wam!.lzh4,736Bm!.lzh 4736 06/17/90 Wide Area Message record formats
wam-msgs.lzh82Km-msgs.lzh 84219 07/21/90 Sample WAM format messages
wax1093a.zip9,208BWaxNet Application; Join an exciting new QWK or FIDO style network with no lengthy ap- plication time and you don't have to sign away your first born to join. Download this today! 18 varying conversation groups that all users will find something they like!
wclaw893.zip14KWCLawNet; The Law Enforcement Echo Mail Network! WCLawNet is a Echo Mail Network dedicated to the Law Enforcement and Public communities for the purpose of information exchange. WCLAWNET.ZIP contains Information, Script, and Configuration files needed to establish a WCLawNet Node as well as an Application form to be filed via mail or net.
wcpak_29.zip16KWinCNet (WinK-Net) Info Packet. The Place to be in '93! Men and Women! Based in RI. We treat the users like VIP's, listening to their ideas, wants and desires. Using Tnet, Rnet, Cnet and FIDO style transfers. Accessible to Men and Women.
wga_info.zip11KNetwork Of america Imported echos from europe Information about how to join.
wimm120p.zip40KWIMM/2 v1.20; Where Is My Mail? designed to be used together with the Squish echomail processor made by Scott Dudley. Will read your Squish configuration file (Squish.cfg) and scan all echomail areas listed (or all areas found in a 'echotoss.log' file), for mail addressed to you.
wininfo3.zip48KWinNet is a network of participating Fido-compatible BBS'es set up to distribute shareware and public domain files written for use with Microsoft's WINDOWS
wishnet.zip26KWishNet U.S.A., The User Group of Today...
wmail230.zip178KFido & quick mail processor for frontdoor and bt environments - v. 2.3.
wmduper.zip23KWMDUPER is a SysOp utility to reduce the size of WildMail's WILDDUPS file while maintaining the last X number of entries. By reducing the WILDDUPS size during an event you are preventing your system from continually rebuilding the dupes file with each mail toss.
wml-401c.zip62KUNIX: MicroWalt W-Mail mail package v4.00. Source for a MINIX version of the MAILX program available on most Unixes. Does not need the presence of UUCP to run. However, for non-local mail delivery a remote mailer (like MicroWalt U-Mail) is required to be present.
wmlog12.zip13KA mustang software mailsystem log ver 1.2.
wmstat.zip40KThis is a preview of WMSTAT - a WildMail Log file statistics reporting utility.
wnet0716.lzh9,177Bet0716.lzh 9177 07/21/90 Info on Wnet network
wnet1129.zip10KWILDNET is a new alternative to mail networking without using UTI Drivers.
wnode21.zip26KWNode v2.1 4d. Nodelist compiler w/TP unit for WMail and WEdit.
xgrp_003.zip98KXGroup is a fast 5-D echo/net/groupmail processor for XBBS (MS-DOS and OS/2) message bases that supports file locking
xlax_240.lzh131Kax_240.lzh 135129 06/20/91 Xlax nodelist processorv 2.40
xlax_256.zip155KPCP v1.0; PCP Pursuit Router Has two modes of operation. Command line operation and File operation
xmaswish.zip37KThe BBS NETWORK Advertisement Generator. Written as a Christmas Present to the Fine Folx at WishNet
xnet101.zip15KExtract nets/regions/zones from raw nodelist with CRC
xr240.lzh22K240.lzh 22788 01/11/91 Xrobot automatic mailer
xr300dos.zip29KXRobot v3.0: robot utility for FrontDoor.
xr300os2.zip35KXRobot v3.00; The FrontDoor Mail Robot for MS-DOS and OS/2
xrdor211.zip243KXRSDoor (for "eXpress Response System") 2.11 Online 'mailbagger' for users of HudsonStyle (QuickBBS, RemoteAccess, etc) message areas. Now includes support for advanced RA systems and fixes for "LockOut" and "Force" areas, and SysOp-selectable tag lines per area, as well as an "AutoBagger" to pack mail during the quiet period for your best users daily!
xrndl386.zip20KXrneedle/386 (Rethreader) - Flat 32-Bit model for up to 1/4 million messages.
xxbug210.zip43KXXBUG v2.10; 7-bit encoding & script generator. XXBUG will generate a xx-encoded file and attach a header to decode the data. This utility is ideal for transferring binary files across a 7 bit ascii media, for example, mail.
yabom110.zip209KYaBom V1.10; Yet Another Binkley Outbound Manager. A fully 5D aware Outbound Manager/Packer/Scheduler
yankee.zip14KYANKEE NET; The friendliest mail network in the world! You'll never be treated better on any other net. Rules aren't strict but no adult/profanity allowed. Some of the conferences are Dieting, OS/2, Chocolate Lovers, Geneology, For Sale, Horticulture, Religion, Gormet Cooking, Programming and more! QWK and Fido type messaging supported.
yat021.zip190KYaTic v1.0; A 5D TIC processor for DOS & OS/2 -
zmail3.zip10K3 scripts for Procomm Plus DOS version 2.01 for automating mail runs to PCBoard or Wildcat BBSs. Up to 3 bbss can be called with 2 phone numbers specified for each bbs. Use internal zmodem or external DSZ/GSZ. One script will run for up to 9 days (for use when one is away for a few days). RoseMail, Markmail, Kmail, and Tomcat mail doors.
zmh125.zip83KZmailH v1.25; Integrated netmail/echomail processor designed for use on Hudson-style message bases in a network environment compatible with the FidoNet Technical Standards.
zone.zip9,603BBreaks Down Your Nodelist Into Zones.
zzt10b12.zip100KZZ-TOSS The Rock 'n' Roll Message Tosser! Message tosser designed to be used with FrontDoor and a Hudson format message base (QuickBBS, Remote Access, SuperBBS, etc.) It can also be used to toss directly from packet to packet but currently requires the presence of an empty Hudson format message base to operate in that mode.