File Libaries
Library: BBS - Directory: BBS - Graphics
a-r10.zip17KANSIB v1.O - Batch File ANSI Controller: ALSO RAT v1.O - Batch File Mouse Interface
a2a20.zip36KConvert ASCII Text Files To ANSI color A2A files used to be around 8 times as large as the original ASCII file. Now they average only 2-3 times!
a2r100.lzh14KA2R v1.00 - Ansi to Rip conversion utility. Converts ANSI screens to RIP format for use with new RIP standard terminals. Fully functional user supported software. $20.00 (US)
a2r103.zip16KA2R v1.0; Ansi to Rip conversion utility. Converts ANSI screens to RIP format for use with new RIP standard terminals. Fully functional user supported software
aass204.zip157KView/Manage Ansi/Avt Screens. Will play Ansi Music.
acdu0593.zip1,153KACiD Presents: May Acquisition
acid693a.zip327KAcquisition ANSI Art and viewer from Acid Productions. Contains A-Z of the ART collection [1/3]
acid693b.zip322KAcquisition ANSI Art and viewer from Acid Productions. Contains A-Z of the ART collection [2/3]
acid693c.zip74KAcquisition ANSI Art and viewer from Acid Productions. Contains A-Z of the ART collection [3/3]
aciddraw.zip35KACiDDRRAW v0.1b: Ansi Screen Editor
acolor62.zip22KANSI Color Generator v6.21; Add ANSI color to ASCii files. Supports WC!3.x and PCB special color codes. Also creates files using ANSI color. Fully SysOp configurable.
acp15.zip13K(A)nsi (C)olor (P)rompt v1.5 Colorize, customize your DOS prompt. Get rid of C:> and replace it with ANSI cartoon characters and images... even a dastardly prank prompt.
ad-graph.zip72KAdult Menu's in Rip from Graphics Unlimited BBS
adds450.zip84KBBS Advertisements v4.50; NON-DOOR Version. (Stand alone) This program is a ANSI screen advertisement program. User of this program can choice which states they are in so to find boards that are not long distance.
adicons1.zip38KVarious original .ICN for use with RIP.
afr2.zip23KAFS is a menu file viewer intended for ease of viewing of multiple or single ANSI coded text files on IBM or compatible computer systems.
airrip.zip3,115BGood Collection of Icon-less RIP Graphic screens for SpitFire BBS, 2 Welcome Screens and one Door Screen.
all_nite.zip102KCollection of ANSI menus for Spitfire BBS.
am130.zip13KBunch of BBS menus. They are freely available, but are freeware. total 22 files You may modify these menues to suit you, or just use them as examples of what can be done
amm30.zip38KANSI Macro Maker 3.0 * FREEWARE * Make Hot-Keys to Run Your Programs. ** Fixed bugs from Ver 2.0 ** + Added New Feature
an2pcb11.zip10KANSI2PCB - Converts an ANSI encoded text file into PCBoards AT text file.
anctrl21.zip4,414BAnsi Control is a program that gives you easy control of your screen colors, and modes without having to remember cryptic ANSI commands.
animrip.zip6,818BThree Animal RIPscript Screens, Good!
ans2wld2.zip8,772BANS2WLD V2.0; (A utility to convert ANSI files to Wildcat! 3.0 format) This program will convert your ANSI screen files into a format which is compatable with Wildcat! 3.0
ansi-ma.zip266KCollection Of ANSI screen Art By Arnett
ansi2.zip8,934B7 Great ANSI Screens, Some Are Animated
ansi330.zip121KANSi Art Gallery v3.30 BBS Door Art /Graphics display program
ansico.zip45Kconvert plain ASCII text files into color ANSI files, ANY size file This program is great for Sysops to colorize some of there BBS text files.
ansicom1.zip43KORIGINAL Magic-MARK-er ANSI COLOR GRAPHICS which have been compiled as COM files.
ansicon.zip38KANSIcon V2.1 ANSIcon is a program that will convert plain ASCII text files into color ANSI files, This program can convert ANY size file, and you can append the output
ansicv22.zip62KTwo ANSI utility programs
ansidemo.zip5,537BANSI.SYS Color Table Screen
ansidrv.zip5,468BThis essay is an attempt to explain how I use the ANSI.SYS driver to configure the function keys on my computer, and to control the screen.
ansiimge.zip25KANSI Image Version 1.01.00
ansikeep.zip161KSome Of The Better ANSI Screens Ever! Some are animated. Great for BBS use!
ansilong.zip35KUseful For Uploading ANSI Files To BBS Nets. Eliminates CR/LF's From The Picture
ansim12.zip94KANsIMATION is a door that allows users to upload an ANSI picture or Animation file that they have previously created Then other users can view those creations on-line. This door should work fine with any system that can produce a DOOR.SYS, PCBOARD.SYS, DORINFOx.DEF and a few others. v 1.2
ansimate.zip78KThe friendly way to learn more about ANSI.SYS!
ansims10.zip35KANSI Mouse drawing program the drawing workspace with a menu-bar on the top line.
ansimsg1.zip7,509BANSIMSG V1.0 will read in any text based file (PCBoard message file, QWK packet messages.dat file, or standard text file) and will search for valid ansi escape sequences
ansip21a.zip193KANSIPLAY version 2.1 [1/2]
ansip21b.zip88KANSIPLAY VERSION 2.1 [2/2] ANSIPLAY plays music, sounds and pause delays from your ANSI files.
ansipl30.zip277KANSIPLUS 3.00: Great console driver for VGA/EGA under DOS 3.0-6.0, packed with features: full color control, screen saver, scroll-back, scroll freeze, smooth scrolling, key stacking, ANSI support, Windows aware, international support, easy to use utilities, free BBS updates, and much, much more. New features!
ansirem2.zip8,853Bansi-rem - A program to remove ANSI escape sequences from a text file. This program uses a very simple-minded method of identifying an escape sequence.
ansiv1.zip119KOver 200 ANSI screens for use or editing
ansiwtch.zip40KAnsiWatch; ANSI file viewing utility. It has a built-in ANSI interpreter, so you do not need an ANSI driver such as ANSI.SYS
ansi_art.zip344KOver 100 Excellent examples of ANSI screens
ansi_i.zip39KA memory-resident utility that enables selectable use of the extended screen and keyboard control sequences that normally require loading the ANSI.SYS device driver.
ansi_j.zip39KANSI.COM V1.3j - can be used in place of DOS's ANSI.SYS and gives better performance too. Includes ANSIPCB.COM that implements PCBoard's @ codes for displaying text files at the DOS prompt. This version now includes @freespace@, @who@, @lmr@ and all the new PCBoard 15.0 variables along with supporting @variable:nnx@ formats.
ansi_la1.zip37KANSI Screen of Las Angeles California
ansi_pl2.zip41KA group of ANSI screens from PLCM.
ansi_z07.zip22K23 ANSI Encounters Screens
ansi_z14.zip10KScreens From The GT InterNational ANSI Conference
ansi_z25.zip9,177B10 Ansi Files Collected from the GT International ANSI COnference
ansi_z39.zip18KANSI files from GTNet's InterNational ANSI Conference
ansi_z40.zip15K9 Fantabulous Pics by Famous ANSI Artists
ansi_z59.zip18KGreat Ansi Pics from the GT International Art Conference
ansi_z65.zip23K18 New ANSI screen Files
ansi_z71.zip15K22 Excellent ANSI screen Files
ansi_z92.zip26K21 Outstanding ANSI Screens
aoday10.zip48K+------------------------------------------+ |ANSI Of The Day v1.0 This great new door| |will let your users view random ANSI files| | * Works with most BBS software Types * | +------------------------------------------+
aplus3.zip277KANSIPlus v3.0: Great console driver for VGA/EGA under DOS 3.0-6.0, packed with features: full color control, screen saver, scroll-back, scroll freeze, smooth scrolling, key stacking, ANSI support, Windows aware, international support, easy to use utilities, free BBS updates, and much, more.
aplus400.zip351KANSIPLUS 4.00: Great console driver for SVGA/VGA/EGA under MS-DOS, Windows, OS/2 or DESQview, packed w/features: vivid colors, full color control, screen saver, scroll-back, copy/paste, scroll freeze, smooth scrolling, ANSI support, larger key buffer, typematic speedup, key stacking, international support, loads to UMBs, HMA or EMS, easy to use utilities and config menu, and much more. New features!
arenawel.zip82KThe Ansi graphic files that come with welcomeg.exe contain ansi music code. The registered WELCOMEG.exe will come with an ansi music configuration progam so that you may add Ansi music to your welcome screens.
art25.zip201KANSIartist SAA-Editor for ANSI Screens v2.5; A handy tool for sysops, advertisers, designers with some pretty features and state-of-the-art userinterface. Easy to use, easy to learn, featuring an intelligent optimizing of code for the smallest amount of bytes. Very good features.
asciitsr.zip5,213BASCII-TSR is a Terminate, stay resident program written in Turbo Pascal 7.0 and includes full source code. This TSR displays an ascii chart when you press the F10 key, but can be re- programmed to be any other key.
ashowdem.zip39KSlide show that will help you demo your BBS.
atype_11.zip13KDisplay ASCII / ANSI / ANSI MUSIC / AVATAR files from Dos.
auto-wel.zip30KAUTO-WEL v1.0 - Auto Welcome allows you to never have to worry about your BBS welcome screens again. Run it in your daily event batch file and it will copy your pre-made welcome screens automatically. AUTO-WEL is fully configurable. Edit one configuration file and you're ready to go. ** NO NAGS ** *** NOT CRIPPLED *** Nick Garcia - $5.00
b4yhead.zip2,678BCartoon Rip Of CBS Morning Show-re Dan Rather Talk
bang_scr.zip44KCurrent collection of ANSi and BBS screens. I have tried to use the @-variables in the BBS ones as much as I could. If you want to see them call my board at (507) 281-0966! Easy, good, quick 1st caller access, with TriSysop upgrade door also! Let me know what you think. I may even be contracted cheaply to make an ANSi or two for you.
base36.zip11KBase36 v1.2 TSR Convert decimal <> meganums
battlrip.zip10KSample RIP screens for Wildcat BBS use'm if ya can.
battrip.zip10KSome Sample RIP Screens for WC BBS.
bbsamt20.zip15KBBS ANSI Music Tutorial v. 2.0: now includes instructions for coding ANSI Music for message posting and information on terminals that support it.
bear.zip2,505BA Computing Bear in RIPscript
bill.zip4,361BRIP Screen of what Clinton has in store?
bsricons.zip22KBunch of RIP Graphics Icons
bt_sigs.zip57KA Collection of ANSI Sigs From Noted Ansi Artist, Bill Thys.
b_b_ansi.zip8,920BHere's my latest Beavis & Butthead ANSI Screens for Tribbs Software from Entropy II BBS 508-937-3856. Use them with a Beavis & Butthead language file ...enjoy!
cadicons.zip38KRIP Icons from the CADalog BBS, AWESOME RIP!
calcat56.zip96K JUST IN TIME FOR THE HOLIDAYS!!!!!! CalCat! v5.5 the ULTIMATE HOLIDAY Screen Swapper. This highly rated utility will help reduce your stress and workload during the holiday season. CalCat! knows 242+ holidays and does other user configurable swaps. RIP Support. Designed around Wildcat! but supports other BBS software as well. This utility requires the HOLISCRN.ZIP file to operate. This file contains all of the @@color coded holiday screens or download HOLIDAYS
calnum10.zip10KCallNum v1.0; Add a colorful logon screen to greet your users with the number of total system calls (i.e. "You are caller number 34314"), but the actual caller number is in BIG ANSI characters!
ccat4rip.zip17KHumorous RIP Scene from CCAT BBS, Could this happen to you?
cel138e.zip26Kmenus originally designed and created by Malignant Growth, sysop of Fungus Land, created specifically for Celebrity BBS.
cel138f.zip20KThis set of menus was written and designed by General Zennor, sysop of The Cassandra Complex. work well if used as menus for Avatar emulation.
cel138g.zip29KCelerity Menus; contains ansi and ascii menus for Celerity bulletin board software
cel138h.zip37KCelerity Menus; contains ansi and ascii menus for Celerity bulletin board software
cel138i.zip38KCelerity Menus; contains ansi and ascii menus for Celerity bulletin board
charlie.zip9,507BCharlie announces WinRIP! - WinRIP rip graphic ad'
cheshr01.zip21KThe Cheshire Cat BBS RIPscrip icons; These icons are needed to fully assess the RIP capabilities of TCC BBS.
chkitout.zip2,997BCHECK IT OUT! ANSI/ASCII screens for the TriBBS Sysop running a subscription based board to remind his callers to subscribe. CHECK IT OUT! screens look like bank checks. The ANSI version actually displays the callers name address, and phone number on the check as if he filled it out for your board. A sure fire attention getter for the TriBBSs sysop! By Keith Heitmann, Stalag 13 BBS, 219-763-0826
cnfnrip2.zip61KCNFNRIP Creates ripscripts for CNFNR from the CNAMES file. A screen or multi screens are created WITHOUT the need for RIPAINT. With Ripaint the same screens took several hours to do what, this does it in Minutes. My users think it's the greatest! Buttons instead of entering conference numbers. Now unlimited conferences!
cnum195g.zip53K+----------------------------------+ | ## CallNo V1.95r ## | | | | NEW! Configuration file support | | Desqview Support, Bug-Fixes, | | Message notifying sysop of a | | certain caller number (eg for | | prizes) and much more !! | | This creates a | | real BIG caller number ANSI and | | ASCII screen to display on the | | BBS. Useful to show users how | | busy the system is ! | |
color102.zip16Ka simple, basic screen color changer for a more pleasant view when you are at the DOS prompt screen.
condor30.zip144KCONDOR; ANSI.SYS replacment of sorts. Enables your CGA/EGA/VGA computer to do bitmap style graphics ANY time from DOS or from any program that uses DOS CON: for text output. With CONDOR you get from 320x200 to 640x480 pixel graphics and ANSI too if you want because CONDOR recognizes most ANSI commands and can execute ANSI commands even while in a graphics mode. CONDOR will enhance online communications with it's abilities.
cowboy.zip1,275BANSI Screen For Cowboys?
cpu1.zip1,405BTwin towers CPU's with modems, no icons RIPscript. Freeware
crumpics.zip51K53 ANSI Screen, Many Great Ones To View!
cskpaint.zip110KCheap Rip Paint program with save and editing abilties...
csv-rip.zip2,974BMenu screens made with Tombstone Artist .101
custmenu.zip2,949BCustom menus for Wildcat bulletin board systems
dansipic.zip95KColor Ansi Collection 'D'.
datatek.zip2,323BThese are somemore TriBBS ANSI screens from DataTek BBS MAINALL.ANS, FILEALL.ANS, MESSALL.ANS and a really neat DOWNALL.ANS DataTek BBS 810-541-2325 Reg. 638
dayb4-15.zip62KDAYS-B4-XMAS v1.5 Creates full color screens and bulletins with number of days left before Christmas. Supports WC!3.x and PCBoard special color codes. Also creates ANSI and ASCii files. Another FREE utility from PAROLE Software and Dennis Maidon.
dec2mega.zip13KDEC2MEGA v1.0; Converts decimal integers to Hexa-Tri-Decimal Meganumbers used by RIPSCRIP (Remote Imaging Protocol Scripts). This utility is freeware but the source code is $5.00 if you would like to use it for your own RIPSCRIP application.
dedend10.zip63KDEAD END 1.0 + The wall that bites RIP/ANSi/ASCII graffiti wall that makes all other lame, limp wall doors look like complete crap. Complete/flexible config and more attitude than you can eat. GET IT LAMER.
design_8.zip66KSCREEN DESIGN is an easy to use program for designing fullscreen output for the IBM PC.
dline22.zip66KDATELINE 2.2 Calendar bulletin maker for any BBS. Generates RIP, ANSI and ASCII bulletins, updates files by deleting outdated entries. Contains a built in Calendar feature for easy monthly planning.
dlrip12.zip86KDLRIP v1.2 - Allow Users to DL Rip Icons and/or FORCED file.
dpain21.zip171KDeadPaint v.2.1; RIP paint program. Improved file handling, keyboard support. Additional fonts. Now also supports buttons, icons, and text window. Converts Windows .ICO to .ICN, etc.
dpaint12.lzh111KDead Paint v.1.2 - The much improved upgrade to this Remote Imaging Protocol paint program. Now with an improved interface (GUI), an animate/view function, faster circle & ellipse rubberband modes, and more.
dr-poop1.zip8,521BDR. POOP LOG ON/OFF BBS ANSI SCREENS v1.0 A totally different and unique way to greet your callers. Dr. Poop presents "The Straight Poop on. . ." Package of 50 different log- on POOP screens with FREE Bonus Package of 25 additional Christmas POOP Screens with your first purchase. Entertaining, Informative, Ready-To-Go on All BBS systems. Another Innovative First from Jay Gaines & BBS America in Dallas.
drag_rip.zip7,383B3 RIPscript Graphic Screens of Dragons
drawcat.zip32KDrawCat v1.0; allow callers and sysops to take advantage of WC 3.0's @ codes for color. Sysops can save a tremondous ammout of time
drmasc10.zip17K+----------DreamASCII--v1.0------------+ |o DreamASCII generates a chart o| | of all possible ASCii characters | | along with their ALT codes. | | Better than looking it up in | | your manuals/books! | |o FreeWare!! o| +-------DreamWARE-Communications-------+
drmran10.zip9K+----------DreamRandom--v1.0-----------+ |o WELCOME.ANS, LOGON.ANS, and o| | LOGOFF.ANS randomizer for WWIV | | Systems. Allows you to have up to | | 99,999,999 randoms screens. | | | |o NOT CRIPPLED!! FREEWARE!! o| +-------DreamWARE-Communications-------+
dscards.zip33KRIP Icons Needed To Play Double Solitaire
duckicn.zip56KAll of the RIP Icons needed to use with The Flying Duck BBS. One of the best RIP Graphics BBS's seen.
dview30.zip93KDead View 3.0 - RIP Graphics Screen Viewer.
eansipic.zip46KColor Ansi Collection 'E'.
ega2nap.lzh211K 0 11/21/93 to NAPLPS convertor
eqt20.zip49KEnvironmental Quick Tips v2.0 - A BBS screen making program that will rotate the tips either after ever call or once per day. Currently generates 12 different screens -- more will be available in the next version. T&J Software Program
etgce10g.zip205KETGCedit v1.0; Extended Terminal Graphics and Capabilities Sequence Editor
faces.zip3,597B3 Funny Face DoorMenu's by Antje Darling Another Brick In The Wall (405)248-1645
fansi11.zip5,780BSeveral ANSI drawings by Tim Hill/FANSIPANTS Volume #1, Issue #1
fansipic.zip103KColor Ansi Collection 'F'
fc301k_1.zip308Ktermcap for FANSI-CONSOLE This should be used with UNIX or UNIX-like utilities. It works with communications programs that interface with the console through BIOS or DOS calls.
fconupd4.zip5,955BAbout FANSI-CONSOLE The Integrated Console Utility Fast ANSI X3.64 Console Driver for the IBM-PC, IBM-PC/AT, IBM PS/2, and clones
fdio11.zip11K[*]----*FDIO v1.1*---[*] [.Creates ANSi screens.] [.of IN/OUTBOUND calls.] [.of your Front Door,.] [.or InterMail. Nice.] [.screens generated! .] [.Support for all BBS.] [.systems. CyBiC '95.] [FREEWARE]
flpcat30.zip222K######### FLIPCAT v3.0 ############ FLIPCAT! 3.0 - The Multi-Line BBS Screen Rotation Software - by Triad Solutions, Inc. The most complete and definable screen rotation software ever. Rotate by Date, Time, Day of Week, & Priority. Fast! Multiple passes on Locked/Open screens. Up to 1000 sets each with up to 100 screens! All data in Easy to use and maintain database! #####################################
fltln103.zip269KFlatLine v1.03 - Powerful RIP editor/painter tool.
fmnews12.zip8,668BFormNews v1.2; ANSI/ASCII screen generator. Generates screens in continuous paper mode.
fneticn.zip19KFeathernet RIP icons.
font130.zip127KFONTASTIC v1.30; ANSI Text Editor with 15 Fancy Fonts for ASCII and ANSI applications. Fonts are typed in "real time" and the screen can be saved as an ASCII, ANSI, .COM, or BINARY file. Many features for editing. FONT, DRAW, & TEXT modes. Two pages for loading and block tranfer of data. Special color functions for ANSI fonts. Pulldown menu, borders, box drawing, & more.
frme5.zip41KFrench menus/ANSI screens/prompts. Updated for hidden commands.
fx2day12.zip182K*FXtoday Ver1.1* From Jem Software creates TFX, Ansi & Asci screens of birthdays, historical events and celebrations for each day. Meant to be run as an event. Can be used on Robo /FX or any Bbs supporting Ansi/Asci.
gansipic.zip67KColor Ansi Collection 'G'.
gbs2bbs.zip23KGBS2BBS; Works with most ANSI files and converts them to nice ANSI files. Just compare the size of FLAG.GBS (ANSI) and FLAG.BBS (ANSI compiled with this program).
gds31f.zip374KGDS:Graphic Display System 3.1f: Like CSHOW & VPIC, but far better! Shows, thumbnails, converts, flips, rotates, crops, scales, dithers, GIF, JPG, PCX, TIF, IFF, LBM, DL HAM, BMP, RLE, TGA, MAC, WPG, CUT, ANSI, TXT, IMG, PBM, CUT, GL, FLI, MPG. CGA-SVGA. QUICK,EASY& MOUSE DRIVEN, complete hypertext help and prints 103 page manual. SYSOP vers avail! Great ASP shareware.
gdsansis.zip59KAmazing color ANSI files created with GDS 3.1c. Check out these files, and then check out the program that created them, the best DOS file viewer available. GDS is QUICK, EASY, MOUSE DRIVEN, complete hypertext help and full manual to print. This professional CATALOGING software published by Photodex Corporation.
gf_rip.zip11KGarfield RIPscript Graphics Screens
gicons-1.zip81KMics. ICONs Like Pinochio, Spidey, Airplane, Samurai, boat, 486 PC... for RIP
gicons-2.zip9,117BMore Cars of ICONs Colletcion for RIP
gicons-3.zip8,250BGhostbuster ICONs for RIP
gicons-4.zip16KMore ICONs Like Madonna, Mulata Girl and Don't Panic Logo.
gicons-5.zip89KCollection of New ICONs for RIP
gicons-6.zip113KCollection of New ICONs for RIP
gicons-7.zip113KCollection of New ICONs for RIP
gicons-8.zip112KCollection of New ICONs for RIP
gicons-9.zip27KCollection of New ICONs for RIP
gif2nap1.lzh73K 0 11/21/93 to NAPLPS convertor
gifgat21.zip52KGIFGate is a High Speed GIF picture tester. Designed primarily for BBS upload testing, GIFGate can also be used offline to test GIFs individually or subdirectories at a time! Many options! Version 2 now features indepth integrity checking of GIFs as well as all the original great options. A must for serious GIF testing! Shareware!
giflt200.zip66KGIFlite v2.0; GIF-to-GIF Compressor compresses GIF files by an average of 30% and yet still preserve the same quality and resolution. The resulting GIF files are almost identical to the original file. Human eyes can hardly tell them apart. By the author of Telemate and GIFLink
gifpress.zip66KGifpress is a lossless GIF file compressor.
gifres24.zip30K---------- GIFRES version 2.4 ---------- Now includes support for TriBBS 5.x! Puts the GIF resolution into your file listing. Still supports Spitfire. Written by Adam Zuckerman
glare.zip4,400B +- - ++ --+ +- |- | || |-+ |- ++ +- -- -+ +- The first TheDraw font by RANSiD. A cool font, very artistic! White, light grey, and dark grey!!
goodrips.zip3,808BThese are functional rip screens that look great and work great. Included is a text file for those who would like me to make Rip screens to fit their board.
gpaper55.zip28KCompu-Paper Generator - GPAPER.EXE v5.50 Now supports Synchronet BBS color codes. Adds computer paper effect to text files. SysOp configurable as to background color. Creates ANSI, WC!3.x, Synchronet, SearchLight and PCB color coded files. Set environment variables for different BBS systems and file extensions. Registration : FREE
graph.zip3,415BGRAPH is a set of freeware screens for those sysops taking donations. These simple screens show the progress of your donation drive in an effective bar graph mode. ANSI and ASCII versions are included. Freeware from: @X0EStalag 13 BBS (219) 763-0826@X0B
grfwk70e.zip481KGraphic Workshop for DOS v7.0e: The best Workshop yet! Converts, prints, views, dithers, transforms, flips, rotates, scales, crops, colour adjusts, catalogs, quantizes, and wreaks special effects on MAC, IMG, PCX, GIF, TIFF, EPS, JPG, WPG, MSP, IFF/LBM, WMF, BMP, RLE, CUT, ART, HRZ, RAS, TGA, EXE and TXT files. Decodes uuencoded images directly. Mouse driven interface, supports most SVGA cards and printers. Alchemy Mindworks Inc.
grnew.zip423KIcons for Glory Road BBS, Great D&D BBS. Tons of the buggers!
g_g_demo.zip244K+-------------------------+ | G & G DEMO | |-------------------------| | Graphics And Gaming BBS | | Demo. All raytraced | | animations, done with | | povray 2.2. Then put | | together with ASM and | | Pascal. | | | +-------------------------+
hallorip.zip75KComplete set of Halloween RIP Menus from Grafix Design.
hansipic.zip61KColor Ansi Collection 'H'.
hdisp13a.zip34KHackDisp v1.3; The best Wildcat! 3.x and LAUGHING DOG 1.x ANSI converter just keeps getting better. Includes command line switches that help make ANSI bulletin conversions quick and painless, support for SHARE.EXE, file prefixes/suffixes, and more.
hdisp16.zip71K!!!! HACKDISP v1.666 !!!! now includes the HACKDISP Universal Display Driver with Intelligent Monochrome (HDUDD/IM)! Convert between ANSI/Laughing Dog/Binary/PCBoard/Synchronet/ Wildcat formats. The only file converter with MOTAMA, the Moron-O-Tronic Attribute Minimizing Algorithm!
hdmenus.zip7,718BGood Collection Of @ Codes Screens
headln20.zip52KHEADLINE v2.00 is used for building promotional messages such as BBS Ads, and announcements. V2.00 replaces Version 1.00. A helpfile, along with on screen prompts, help to make the program user friendly. This FREEWARE program uses large captions and HIGH ASCII drawings to enhance the message.
hellorip.zip32KWrite a companion .RIP file to any .BBS or .SCR file which is constantly changing due to some programs making a HELLOxx.BBS (SCR) or BULLxx.BBS (SCR) after they are run.
hellox.zip1,652BTHE ULTIMATE HELLOx.BBS SCREEN for Wildcat version 4.x Systems Updated version now shows the USER I.D.# to the Caller. Bet you'll like this one!
highscr.zip17KDisplay menus and other Ansi Drawings used on Highlander BBS. Cool!!
holiscrn.zip23KScreens for Wildcat 3.xx.
hostge22.zip48KHOSTAGE v2.21 Creates a Bulletin/Hello Screen for all you Conservative SysOps still lurking about. A FREE utility from PAROLE Software. I take no responsiblilty for all the whining and crying from Liberals and Democrats. HOSTAGE now supports WC!3.x and PCB specific color codes as well as regular ANSI/ASCII files. Also creates RIP Graphic bulletins.
iansipic.zip74KColor Ansi Collection 'I'.
icepackz.zip429KLarge Collection Of Ansi & Ice Files & Viewers
iconm102.zip49KThe Icon Manager allows users of your bbs to download the icons you use in your RIP screens automatically. The icons will automatically be placed in the proper icons directory on the users rip compatible terminal. This requires no uncompressing or moving of files on the users part.
iconsbbs.zip9,044BCollection of RIPscript Icons for BBS's
icupd2xx.zip252KIconUpDater v2.4 w/RIP; Highly configurable! Works on BBS that can create DOOR.SYS Loaded with Options! NO SYSOP MAINTENANCE ! Design your RIP screens.Multi-Line w/ Multiple Config files in the same DIR. Supports COMs 1-4, IRQs 1-15. Poll from caller's Hard drive (RIP FILE QUERY) Auto Icon Scan download! FORCE your callers to download a file. Setup your own Menu options, set security levels.
idsicons.zip15KIDS RipScript Icons
intro.zip19KCollection Of ANSI Screens; lion's roar in the first screen and background music (usually "SATURDAY NIGHT AT THE MOVIES" by The Drifters) thru the rest if the animation.
isrip.zip10KHow to implement a graphical DOOR menu with Wildcat 3.9. Util returns errorlevel for RIP caller or non-RIP. Includes sample doors.RIP menu and batch files.
j-nap.lzh190K 0 11/21/93 ection of NAPLPS files
jnapall.lzh202K 0 11/21/93 ection of Japanese NAPLPS files
jokemstr.zip27KJoke/Oneliner Screen creator for BBS's or Local use. ANSI/ASCII/RIP. Freeware
jsf_tdf.zip3,992BTheDraw Fonts: Thin, Thick Wide and Raster
jspv101.zip30KJoes Snow Paint v1.01; ANSI Graphics Drawing Program with plenty of features.
kp_base.zip2,232BSet of base rip menus, background and title you add rest
lansi1.zip12KShell program for ANSI File Viewing From A Menu
lbm14.zip15K--------------[ LBM v1.4 ]----------------- Lottery Bulletin Maker. Utility to Make Ansi /Ascii/Rip Display File Of Your Lucky Lotto Numbers For Display On BBS's. Run As An Event. Configurable. ---- Latin Connection BBS (318) 535-1863 ----
liabicon.zip88KIcons needed for Lightning in a Bottle BBS
licn0100.zip31KLOGINICN v01.00; Download RIP icons at Login Let your users download your RIP icons at login, without having to search file areas or bulletins to find the icon file name. Now works for any BBS system that uses a DOOR.SYS .ANS/.ASC/.RIP external display file support. Auto-RIP mode detect. Non-Standard Com Ports.
litemenu.zip3,775BSome decent sample RIP menus!
lthouse.zip2,714BRIP screen of a lighthouse
lvpg_all.zip150KCollection of rip graphics Icons
mainmnu2.zip1,090BMain Menu in RIP w/Wildcat defaults and @-Codes built in.
mclip22.zip47KMegaClip v2.2: Screen Clipping Utility. Supports standard EGA/VGA and SVGA modes. Open/Save PCX, BMP, and RIP icon files. Archive also contains a catalog of the latest shareware titles from Blueview Software. Requires EGA/VGA/SVGA and Mouse. From the makers of NFX and Raster Master
menu1.zip1,489BMain Menu RIPscript for WC3.xx. Active Mouse Regions
menu3.zip1,134BWildcat Main Menu, Mouse regions, no icons.
menubutt.zip4,199BSet of RIP Menus (ready to run) From Grafix
menus.zip6,511BHere is a set of menu's that I created for my BBS, The Old Town BBS. Nothing fancy about them, but the callers like 'em, because they are easy and simple. Please feel free to use these for any means that you can, and make all the changes to them you like. Just thought I'd share them with everyone. If you like you can call my board and just leave a note to me, the SysOp, letting me know you use them. Free screens, from The Old Town BBS, (207)827-3919.
merip.zip13KMidnight Escape BBS; These are a few of the RIP Menu Screens used on Midnight Escape BBS. Running SPITFIRE BBS Software 3.4.
mgeshare.zip223KMGE vDM2.01a; MGE is the Microstar Graphics Editor, a graphics creation package that lets you create vivid, high resolution, full colour drawings using standard PC hardware. The drawings conform to the NAPLPS standard
miscrip.zip9,731BSet of 7 Excellent! RIP Graphics Screens
mkdrw100.zip74KMKDraw Ansi/Avatar drawing package. Easy to Use (FW)
mksfmenu.zip18KMKSFMENU v1.5; Create Display File Menus For SpitFire BBS! Supports ASCII, ANSI and RIP Graphics
mlpansi.zip40K+-------------------------------------+ |#####NASA MLP SPACE SHUTTLE ANSI#####| | From The NASA MLP BBS in Washington | | comes this stunning array of shuttle| | ANSI you may use as you wish! Also | | included is MLPNET information!!!!! | +-------------------------------------+
mms.zip41K7 sets of menus that are used on The Oilfield BBS, they can be used with Wildcat ver. 3xx, use Wildraw to edit the screens to suit your needs
mn_110.zip20K+------------------------------+ | --* MAVERICK NEWS 1.10 *-- | | NEWS.A?? Screens Generator | | ---------------------------- | | Multiple News Filters | | Multicolor news highlighting | | Dedication Line | | ---------------------------- | | FREEWARE! | +------------------------------+
mp-rip.zip1,207B2 RIP screens actually made with DeadPaint!
msi_icon.zip7,377BWildCat! Icons for Windows, WCPro, WCDraw, WCFile, MakeWild - - 61 icons created with NORTONS ICON Editor
msi_rip.zip9KWildCat RIP graphics Screens
myrips.zip6,819B16 RIP Screens, Good Collection!
nansiutl.zip6,637BUtilities For NNANSI.SYS ANSI Driver MORE.COM and VIEW.COM For ANSI Text Reading
napapi10.zip331KNAPLPS API v1.00; Now programmers interested in adding NAPLPS support to their programs can do so without the long development times and headaches associated with writing their own API from scratch. All users of this API have the option of purchasing the full Turbo Pascal 7.0 source code.
napart1.zip267KOver 90 NAPLPS pictures, animation, etc.
napcom.lzh220K 0 11/21/93 PS communications program
napico.lzh9,425BThis is a QBASIC program that will take a specially prepared NAPLPS drawing and insert Windows 3 icons into it as NAPLPS incremental bitmaps. It requires the QBASIC distributed with MS-DOS 5.0.
napico11.zip36KNAPICO version 1.1 will take a specially prepared NAPLPS drawing and insert Windows 3 icons into it as NAPLPS bitmaps. Includes sample images.
naplart.lzh87K 0 11/21/93 ection of NAPLPS graphics
naplps.lzh48K 0 11/21/93 PS specifications
naplps.zip55KTechnical specifications for NAPLPS graphics protocol
napwmf08.lzh217KNAPWMF version 0.8 will take a Windows metafile created by CorelDraw and convert it into NAPLPS format for use with online graphical BBS systems. It has some features to reduce image file size. Includes sample images.
neatness.zip6,518BRIP Graphic Screen Examples, Use or Edit
nedit142.lzh49K 0 11/21/93 PS editor v1.42
neon.zip2,172B+------|RANSiD|------+ +-|The Black Realms|-+ ##### Present ##### #### THEDRAW FONT #### ### NEON ###
netpic10.zip206KNETPIC encodes GIF graphic files into 7-bit ASCII code for electronic mail. Unlike UUEncoded pictures NETPICs are entirely self-contained and need no decoding or viewer. The end user needs only DOS/VGA to view a 320x200x256 color picture. NETPICs include a help screen, slide show timing and password protection. $0 - Jim Tucker
newdoor.zip18KIcons for Door Menu on Glory Road BBS
newfonts.zip44KFixes Mondo Fonts that did not fill properly. Simply Unzip them in your C:\ROBOFX\FXDRAW directory.
newie161.zip53KNEWIES 1.61 BBS Utility From The MORONIHAH BBS. Creates NEWS Bulletins\Screen Bulletins for Spitfire BBS, WildCat, TRIBBS, PCBoard and more! ALL NEW AND IMPROVED FEATURES! Give IT A TRY!
nh16.zip16KNerfHead v1.6: VBBS Language File All Done in REAL ANSI! Colors Instead of VBBS Codes
nnans591.zip56KNNANSI.SYS -- Enhanced MS-DOS ANSI Console Driver For EGA/VGA Displays
p2nv01.lzh13KPCXtoNAP v0.1
p2nv02.lzh14KPCXtoNAP v0.2 PCX to NAPLPS conversion
pcbx100.zip11K4k TSR to save any screen in PCBoard @X code format.
pcolor21.zip51KPCOLOR.EXE v2.1 Add WC! "@" color codes to the double line file output listing from wcPRO. Now supports WC!3.x and 4.x. This is BANNERWARE. That is, No charge. Compliments of PAROLE Software and Dennis Maidon. PCOLOR now supports the creation of RIP graphic files.
pcprompt.zip4,063BThese prompts are the 13 prize winners from PcComputing Magazine
pedit2_5.zip171KPEDIT.EXE v2.5 - Full screen ansi editor for RA,QBBS,Proboard. Has random quote and color control. Freeware!!!!
peek10.zip10KPEEKCHK V1.0 Creates text and ANSI files displaying the usage of a board in a graphical way. Works with BBSes running a batch file when a user logs in and out, as well as for the event (such as PCBoard). Output examples included.
pramid1.zip1,953BRIPscript of 3D pyramid on sand, no icons
pvs_1.zip65KPrevue; Preview many different games, BBS lists and BBS screens.
pwsansi.zip41KA wide assortment of collector edition ANSI art files.
qpeg15e.zip428KQPEG 1.5e, the famous graphics viewer, incredibly fast!, with unique preview feature (nearly realtime), mouse panning etc., it supports VGA and many SVGAs (including VESA), requires 386 or better. Currently supports JPG, TGA, GIF, PCX, BMP files. NEW: IFF/ILBM (LBM) SUPPORT!!
quickrip.zip27KCreate RIP bordered version of your .BBS and .SCR's! This takes a lot of the work of making RIP screens away from you. The screens it makes will show your Board's name on top Nicely Centered! Keep those Ansi's or BBS screens you worked so hard to make and stop the problem of having your screens scroll 2 lines at a time in the text window Does not affect or change the original file in any way!
randans2.zip47KRandANSI v2.0; Easy to use program allows sysops to randomize their Login or logoff screens. It now supports .ANS, .ASC, .AVT, and .RIP Gives your BBS a new look every time a user logs n.
random.zip136K100 ANSI pix, make use of new RND insert parm
rbmorph.zip106KRoBomorph v1.0; converts *.GIF files into *.RBO. format for RoboBBS
rd105.zip63KThe Raw Deal v1.05 creates a color & RIP screen for PCBoard & Wildcat that informs your users the number of days passed and left of "The Raw Deal". No registration or fee!
rdmicons.zip21KWide Variety Selection Of RIP Graphics Icons
rgmenus1.zip5,291BRenegade BBS: ANSI Screen Menus 1/2.
rgmenus2.zip6,379BRenegard BBS: ANSI Screen Menus 2/2.
ripart.zip10K4 RIP Screens-Stealth Fighter, F15, Liberty Bell & POW!
ripbbs.zip16KRIP screens for BBS.
ripc101.zip22KRIPC v1.01; Ansi to RIP screen converter
ripcbdmo.zip345KRipPCB Demo allows you to see many of the features of RipPCB v1.0;
ripconv.zip3,102B.BBS to .RIP conversion
ripdmo15.lzh510K 0 11/21/93 Paint demo version
ripez15.zip13KConvert your ansi files to Rip graphics. 07/12/93.
ripicons.zip9,015BIcons for Ripterm.
ripiv200.zip217KThe RIP Icon Verifier v2.0; Detect if users need to download your BBS RIP Icons
riplist1.zip48KRIPList v1.0; RIPList is a utility to help debug RIP script file. It simply outputs a file that contains the extented text description of the commands in each line and lists there parameters or arguments.
ripmaina.zip1,697BHere is a ripscript main board menu used at Abject Poverty BBS. Easy to change to your board name.
ripmecca.zip44KRIP Graphics Mecca Menus For Maximus BBS
ripmenu1.zip9,554BThe set of default RIP menus for Renegade BBS Systems.
ripmnu01.zip16KSample Rip Menus for PCBoard 15.0.
ripper10.zip12KRIPPER! v1.0 - Utility that reads DOOR.SYS checks Rip Caller.
rippers.zip97KRIPscrip graphics screens for TriBBS 5.0.Includes Main,Message,File,and Sysop menus. Just copy to your \DISPLAY directory.
ripsam.zip3,881BCollection Of Rip Menus & Etc. Written By The Uploader! Download If Interested In A Rip Artist's Group, Also!
ripscr10.zip12KFREEWARE ANSI To RIP Scene Creator
ripscrip.lzh44K 0 11/21/93 graphics specifications
ripsrns.zip3,153BSet of 5 Excellent RIP Scenes
riptm151.lzh463K 0 11/21/93 communications terminal v1.51
rivicons.zip89KAll Icons for the Rivendell BBS-BEST RIP GRAPHICS IN KANSAS!
rndscr11.zip51KRandScr 1.1 is a BBS Screen randomizer. RandScr chooses at random a file from an archive and copies it to the designated file and directory. Great for rotating Welcome, logoff or any other screens for any bbs.
robo2rip.zip32KUse these RIP Icons to make your BBS look like a ROBO BBS
rripit13.zip24KRBBS RIP Text Window Formatter v1.3; This little gem takes any text file and imports it into a RIPScript display complete with configurable icons, mouse field commands, colors, fonts, text, and more. Great for creating RIP versions of your BBS Bulletins
rtime100.zip10KRIPTIME v1.00 - Create (.BBS/.RIP) when any function occured *FREEWARE*
rtist095.zip92KAnsRtist; Sysop Tool Kit, 21 Font Styles, Simultaneous ANSI and ASCII Text Files, Fast Color Selection, Screen Fills and More.
rv101.zip39KRIPView v1.01; Automatically detect RIPScrip Graphics and will show the user up to 20 screens. RIPView will display ASCII, ANSI and RIPScrip screens. RIPView also supports Languages. RIPView supports the following drop files: TriBBS, PCBoard, DOOR.SYS (GAP), SpitFire, WildCat!, RBBS (DORINFx.DEF), and WWIV. RIPView also supports locked serial ports, 16550 FIFO buffering, and you don't need ANSI.SYS loaded!
samctrl.zip3,014B3 RIP Graphic Screen Examples
satur1.zip3,554BRIPscript of Saturn like planet, with moons. No icons
scr2bbs.zip13KWildcat or PCB ANSI screen converter to codes. Mainly Wildcat.
screens1.zip5,243BDisplay screens for TriBBS
sfctrl.zip3,714B3 Excellent RIP Graphic Screen Examples
sfplane.zip3,191BRIP screen made using Tombstone Artist. It is based on the picture on the cover of the 3.4 supplement document!
sharenap.lzh311K 0 11/21/93 eware NAPLPS viewer
shwcon12.zip23KShowCon 1.2 RIP Icon Viewer. Freeware.
shwrip30.zip96KShowRip v3.0; Use to view RIP files. Options allow you to: Step thru file; Shows the RIP command at bottom of screen; Delay for xxx milliseconds between commands.
smile20.zip79KSMILE v2.0; Viewer is an ANSI display/library utility that allows the user to view files containing ANSI sequences, Music strings in BASIC "PLAY" format and Sounds using a custom SOUND code.
somerips.zip140KA collection of Ripscreens, Good
spit_rip.zip2,022BRIP screen of a Spitfire WWII Airplane Great for SpitFire BBS's
starwars.zip1,689BRIP, Super StarDestroyer and the DeathStar
supasnap.zip16Kcontains 13 images, ranging from whole screens to single lines.
switch-l.zip29KSwitcheRoo v2.0; Effective in giving your BBS a "new" look. What Switcheroo! does is after each and every call, switches your menu and display screens so that your next caller is met with all new displays.
swscrn31.zip26K------- SwitchScreen Version 3.1 ------- This will rotate your display screens on a regular basis. Use this to change ALL of your custom screens daily, between callers, or as an extended menu command for on-line screen rotation. Small, fast, and VERY simple to use.
syschat1.zip2,974BThese are (SYSCHAT.ANS/BBS) screens I made to let callers know that they must answer when I bring them into CHAT. If it annoys you that callers will not respond to you when you get them into chat this maybe this is what you've been looking for. It does get the message to them and have not had any problems since. Use them as you please but I ask that my handle stays in the screen. Okay thanks, Courtesy of The Forgotten Realms BBS 312-579-0814 Chgo.IL
t2a20.zip39KT2A Version 2.0 Create Ansi/Avatar files from ANY LENGTH text files. For RemoteAccess. Insert RA variables with simple Ctl-Key presses. Fast and flexible.
tart150.zip159KTombStone Artist v1.50; Full-Featured RIP paint program for creating Rip Script graphics for BBS use. Supports Bezier Curves, Arcs, Copy and Paste, along with standard paint commands. With TA, a sysop can create excellent graphic screens for their BBS, including buttons and mouse regions.
tcll.zip147KRIP Advertisement Screen from The Cuban Lizards Lounge BBS
tcll_ad.zip40KRIP Advertisement Screen from The Cuban Lizards Lounge BBS
tcll_adv.zip73KRIP Advertisement Screen from The Cuban Lizards Lounge BBS
tcrip.zip5,220BDefine/use mouse buttons in Tomcat and text based bulletins
td131.zip66Kcreate ASCII or ANSI files with text from a list of large fonts(big letters). The text can be saved to be used in batch files, text files, or THEDRAW using color
td4new.zip3,915B#### 4 New Fonts for TheDraw #### *.TDF Format. Just Import into TheDraw using TDFONTS. Created by Rod Reed - Sysop- Runamuck BBS Casper, Wyoming 307-265-3022 A Wildcat! 4.01 BBS.
tdraw462.zip280KTheDraw Screen Editor v4.62; Text-oriented screen design tool. Similar is some regards to a graphics paint program. Offers multiple page SPRITE editing, powerful Ansi ANIMATION support, Ansi/Ascii FONTS, pulldown menus, full mouse support & online help. Saves files for ANSI, ASCII, AVATAR, PCBOARD, WILDCAT, COM, BINARY, BSAVE, OBJECT (C, Pascal, QuickBasic), and source code in Asm Pascal and C formats.
tdxl3.zip33KTSR for TheDraw to create PCBoard @X ANSI color screens. View, Load and Save @X format files from within TheDraw(R).
tdxl_3.zip33KShareware TSR for TheDraw to create PCBoard @X ANSI color screens. View, Load and Save @X format files from within TheDraw(R).
techqust.zip14KRIP Screen from TechQuest On-Line BBS
thebook.zip2,340BRIP Screen...Looks Like the Wildcat 3.60 Manual!
tipsv10.zip113KTIPS v1.0 - Makes plain text and/or color ANSI file(s) of daily words of wisdom. Primary use for display on BBS. Data file is an ASCII file configurable by user. All colors are user configurable. Colors can be ANSI codes, RBBS smart text, PCBoard @ commands, etc. Executables for both DOS and OS/2 v2.x are included.
tlcolor.zip37K=================================== =E=E=E=E= TLCOLOR V1.0 =E=E=E=E= =================================== Utility to convert a normal ASCII text file to an ANSI color file. Quick, easy, and inexpensive! Great for sysops and anyone who works with ANSI color displays. By Russ Haag ===================================
tombdoor.zip2,084BRIP Door Menu - Made With Tombart Paint Program
topdr007.zip34KTop_Draw v0.07b; designed to create ANSI / AVATAR screens for BBS systems. It's not an all-round ANSI creation program. It's main purpose is to design and create ANSI and AVATAR screens that are useful on a BBS
totem.zip3,453BRIP Title Screen from Totem Pole BBS
tricon01.zip2,860BRIP Screens For TriBBS 5.0. Drawn With RIPaint And Includes ICONS! Main, File & Message.
tririp.zip5,919BRIP Screens for TriBBS; Includes the default Menu selections for Main, File, and Message menu. Also Included are a Logon Screen advertising TriBBS and one for WME. I left Room for Personalizing the menus with Icons (center pieces) and additional commands.
tririp01.zip3,645BTriBBS 5.0 RIPscript Screens. Drawn With RIPaint FOR TriBBS Sysops! Main, Message,File. 2 Security Levels; New User & Verified.
triscr.zip20KScreen Display. Allows sysops to display one screen in either RIP, ANSI, or ASCII format depending on callers setting. $$$ FREEWARE $$$
tsc_scrn.zip21KMenu Screen from Software Connection BBS
ttsrip.zip14KThis is a collection of RIP MENUS for use with WILDCAT 3.90 BBSes. Also included are ANSI screens along the same lines, for the ANSI part of the board!
turshow6.lzh68KTurShow v1.0 NAPLPS Viewer for DOS This program views NAPLPS frames from the DOS command line, and will work with CGA, EGA or VGA cards. A must have for NAPLPS users.
tx2pcx.zip10KTXT2PCX; a unique, memory resident, file utility which will convert any text screen to a graphics screen and save that graphics screen as a PCX file.
udraw100.zip44KULTIDRAW; Commands are simular to those of TheDraw so usage is easy. Loaded with tons of features!
update56.zip36KWide variety of ANSI Screens, Good Stuff!
uved140.zip423KV-EDIT vers 1.40 Screen Creator + Ansi, Ascii, PCB, VBBS, Font, Editor, File Manager Plus. Converts to/from any format. End user may create 999 font sets, 8 incld. Vast drawing compliments. Interprets latest PCB "@X" macros. Generates smallest output files of any known editor. Shareware $22.00 Registered version includes Terminal funct. Requires 286+, HDD, VGA color, mouse opt. Full Motion Net (609) 625-4475 24H Support
vall_100.zip48KVIEWALL v1.0 Online file viewing front end utility. View files while online your BBS locally. BMP, GIF, JPG, PCX, TGA, TIF and will also play FLI files and play VOC, CMF, WAV and MID files on your Sound Blaster or compatable sound board. VIEWALL also shells to your favorite archive file viewer. Works with any DOOR.SYS compatible BBS system.
vansil43.zip2,934BExtended ANSI driver specifically designed to work with the ATI VGA Wonder series cards. This driver also supports 43 and 50 lines under DOS as well as 132 columns.
violca56.zip32KGood collection of the ANSI Art of Violet Sty
violca58.zip10KGood collection of the ANSI Art of Violet Sty
violca59.zip13KCool collection of ANSI Art of Violet Sty
violca62.zip14KGood collection of the ANSI Art of Violet Sty
vuimg349.zip118KVUIMAGE GIF/TIFF/PCX Fast View/Print. Zoom,Pan, Scale on almost any size image on CGA/Herc/ATT/ EGA/Tandy/VGA/SVGA/VESA/8514. Print to laserjet/ dotmatrix/postscript, 600 dpi laserjet IV. Print full image or zoomed area to user set size. Many dithers incl. error diffusion dither. Auto/manual filetype, videomode, scaling, print size etc. Slideshow, XMS, tons of features.
vwgif21.zip35KVIEWGIF v2.1 - SysOp Utility for Viewing files locally. Put right in you current VIEWCOMP.BAT ViewGIF will automatically detect when user is on locally and call User Defined viewer by the extension of the file name. Remote users will not even know that ViewGif was run. A must have utility for SysOps. Call a GIF viewer for GIFs, a JPEG viewer for JPGs, a ZIP utility for ZIPs ...etc... you define it and ViewGIF will run it. Complete Rewrite! Easier and faster to use! Andrew Ramsey - The Keep BBS
walls.zip1,080BRIPscript , Two files, Walls of 3D bricks
walls1.zip1,172BRIPscript of 3D wall. No icons.
wansi1_2.zip36KWinANSI Windows ANSI Editor; WinANSI provides a Windows 3.x user with the ability to edit ANSI display screens without exiting Windows.
warl111.zip419KWARLOCK Screen Editor v1.1.1a: new concept in screen development. More features than any other screen editor. Import PCX, BMP, GIF files to any size screen; zoom/pan around edit screen; mix shades for drawing; line drawing; flood fill regions; boxes, circles, etc.; load RAGE, ANSI, ASCII, Avatar; save Pascal, C/C++, Assembler source, etc.; Online help system; develop custom fonts; much more. IF YOU MAKE TEXT SCREENS OF ANY SORT, YOU MUST TRY THIS PROGRAM OUT! - vga, mouse
wcicons.zip2,263BICONS for using RIPTERM on MSI's HQ BBS with RIP Graphics!
wfc.zip1,051BReplacment WFC ANSI screen for Synchronet
whatrip.zip1,512BGoofy RIP Graphic To Show Color Palette
wmerip.zip1,733BWORLD MESSAGE EXCHANGE... RIP Logon Screen. Tells Callers Your Board Carries WME. Drawn With Tombstone RIP painting Program. Use & Modify As You Like.
wripdm13.zip345KWinRIP Lite V1.00 Demonstration Package
zavt111.zip45Kzavt; Enhanced MS-DOS ansi/avatar console driver which understands ANSI control sequences as well as Avatar level 0. It has several advantages over most other drivers. It supports any display mode the BIOS can set up; It can be addressed by two different names so the default output can be left in raw mode; The blasted bell is now 1/9 second
zen-ego.zip2,317BRIP screen that will show that the Zen Den sysop has an ego!
zscreens.zip2,325BSome screens to advertise you have a ZOOM 2.8 VFC modem online. 3 screens are in this ZIP 1-ansi/1-bbs and 1 using the @variables@... Use as you wish, change anything you want... T.J.Jones The Forgotten Realms BBS, Chgo.IL (312)579-0814 Fido 1:115/579
zztop.zip2,488BZZTop Eliminator ANSI Screen From George Ramos. Excellent!