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a-book22.zip41KMY E-MAIL ADDRESS BOOK, v2.2 in wcCODE v4.01 by DYS Software. A highly practical Add-on for WildCat! 4.01. FEATURES: 250 Names/E- Mail Addresses in 1 place, Marking, Sorting (four ways), Tagging (Always/AskFirst/Never) for your own TagLine, Grouping for MULTIPLE WRITES! Edit Tagline from inside the Book! Comments/Subjects handling. Automatic Conf. Determination for sending messages to Local or Internet! Handles long Internet Addresses up to 73 characters! Contains Setup Program
a2wcv12.zip23KAnsi Code to Wildcat @-Code converter from Future Enhancements
aaapage0.zip7,313B**AAAPage v2.5 for Wildcat! 4.01 ONLY*** Wildcat System Page Replacement. For Sysops who want to be notified ONLY in case of an emergency. This will make the user think That you are available 24hrs a day. However If you are not in front of the computer or somewhere you can see the screen you will only know that you were paged from the log. This Pager Turns the bell on or off depending on the page type. Also Logs the reason for the Page. Now supports Sysop Defineable conferance for the comments t
abook12.zip13KAddress Book for Wildcat v1.2 - Internet address book for Wildcat 4.01 and above. Some features included: * Stores up to 100 adddress per caller; * Stores a personal tagline, or signature, for each caller; * Allows a BBS tagline, or disclaimer, for the sysop; * Allows messaging to multiple addresses. Written in wcCODE by Lance Stewart. Registration only $5.
access1.zip8,568BwwAccess 1.0, a wcCODE application for Wildcat! 4.01 *** Control access to your wcCODE applications !!!!!! wwAccess is a security program that controls which Wildcat! security levels can run particular wcCODE applications. For example: you may have a database wcCODE application on the main menu of your BBS that you only want callers with the security levels of CUSTOMER, FULLUSER, and SYSOP to be able to run that application. With wwAccess this is no problem, you just specify what security levels that
access10.zip2,337BThe Access Door v1.0 Only let certain callers
accur28.zip1,161BMDM file for the Hayes Accura 28.8 V.FC+FAX. Read the readme File.
acf100.zip31KAddConf v1.00 - Conference utility for WC v3.
activ9.zip3,515BThis program will ZIP format Wildcat 3.xx activity logs according to the day of the week and create a file with the day of the week imbedded in the file name.
active11.zip33KActivity Log Scanner for Wildcat 3.x notes.
actpro16.zip52KActPro 1.6 generates a .BBS and .RIP file that lists everyone who called that day. Works with Wildcat! 3.x and 4.x BBS's. Can recognize people who have donated money to the board, and can exclude certain names. Will list each user's total downloads, uploads, messages, flags, if they are a new user, have dropped carrier, or have donated to the board. Sysop customizable colors! Use one of the many sample color samples or create your own! Run the program from one line, no complex batch files. Act
actrim12.zip11KActiTrim v1.21; Activity Log Trimmer for Wildcat.
actsta12.zip33KACTSTAT v1.2; WILDCAT 3 activity log(s) statistics generator
actstrip.zip12KRemoves references to any specified USER from WC 3.x ACTIVITY.00x file. Can be used to for example take out SYSOP logons which can create 'unrealistic' statistics, etc. Does not over-write existing log, writes a new one which can be copied back, etc.
actv333b.zip93KActivity Log Manager For Wildcat Bbs! This Is A Proven Must Have Utility For All Wildcat Sysops!
actv340.zip86KACTVIEW v3.4; Wildcat! Activity Log Viewer/Analyzer
ad-cdrom.zip2,512BBatch file to use with WcFile to add Files and
adact04.zip16KADAct v1.04; A WC 3.x Activity log enhancer.
add-desc.zip12KWC3X utility to globaly insert DESC.SDI descriptions.
addad35.zip22KPuts info. file in uploads. Now adds comments,+More features Inserts a text file into a new uploaded file showing information such as, Who uploaded it When uploaded, File name and description. It will also detect if program .ext was changed, by another program, and will automatically compensate for it. If no desc. given, the program will look for a desc. file in the upload and use it. WC3 BBSs,by Larry Edwards
addbad10.zip18KAddBad v1.0, SCANFILE util to add FILENAME.* to BADFILES.LST
addfiles.zip74KAddfiles to all you file directories in an event. For wildcat only.
addlog1.zip5,620BADDLOG v1.0; Simple activity log appender. It will append your activity log with almost anything you like. Such as the name of a door when used or a mail run, etc.
afl20.zip33KALLFILES List Creator v2.0 for Wildcat! v4.0 Will allow you to exclude up to 999 file areas from the list and it allows any compression utility to be used to create your compressed version of the list. You can even define your own file area headers to be included in the list. ALLFILES will also freshen the file size, date, & time in your Wildcat ALLFILES.DAT. Several configuration files can be used. It has been tested on Novell and DOS Share under OS/2. Registration is still only $15.00
aflc10.zip32KALLFILES; Allows you to exclude up to 50 file areas from the list and it allows any compression utility to be used to create your compressed version of the list. ALLFILES will also freshen the file size, date, & time in your wildcat ALLFILES.DAT. Configuration files can be used. Has been tested on Novell.
ai401.zip9KA.I. - Artificial Inteligence - previously known as (THE ORACLE) by Carl Tice THE BAD BOY BBS! 310.3081 or 310.915.5862 28.8 This idea isn't original but thanks to MSI and the WCCode IDE it is a reality for Wc!4.01 systems. Very simple - What this program does is to ask a user a question. It then prompts the user to ask A.I. a question. When the user responds to the first question his response is written as a message to the user who asked the first question. The next user that logs in is asked the
aliasbbu.zip29KwcCODE 4.01 AliasBBS Package v1.1. Almost a totally complete package to convert your WC 4.01 BBS into an all Alias BBS with out a lot of work!! This software package takes up the "gaps" in Wildcat and it's support programs for running a complete alias BBS while still having your users logon using their real names! If you want a little more fun and flexibility out of your WC BBS, then you should give this a try! DONATEWARE!! No adds, no Nags, no delays! 100% usable software!! Brian's World
aliaspak.zip3,481B4 wcx's for 4.10.... a userpage, whosonline and more
allflop3.zip67KALLFLOP ver. 1.13, util for Wildcat! 4.x. Produces up to 10 output files listing all files available from your BBS. The program can handle a database of up to about 13,000 files depending on memory. Now supports WC file groups.
allsdi2.zip13KALLSDI2 examines each archive (of the specified type, ZIP, ARJ or LZH) file for the presence of either DESC.SDI or FILE_ID.DIZ. If EITHER of these is found, ALLSDI2 puts the contents of that description file into the corresponding Wildcat File database record.
alsrn10.zip5,559B ALL SCREEN v1.0 This is a replacement for the [G]oodbye option in WILDCAT! This was made in wcCODE v4.01 and can ONLY be run on a WILDCAT! v4.01 System. This program lets the users do the following: *Exit BBS *Go back to BBS *Page SysOp *Comment to SysOp *Go to File, Main, Message Menu if needed *See who is online *Pages another user. PLEASE READ TH
altx.zip1,496BWildCat v3.x! "Gag" download screen, a must for fun-loving sysops!
amdos41.zip48KAM Software AM-DOS ver.4.01 (4.01 wcx) AM-DOS was created in order to access the systems' hard drive through a Wildcat! door, and safely down / upload files or otherwise maintain the system from a remote location. All DOS commands that require no keystrokes are valid. "CD", "MD", "RD", "COPY", "MOVE", "DEL" (and perhaps 100 more) are supported. AM-DOS will also allow you to RUN programs and batch files. (pk zip/unzip ok) Other features include chat, batch up/dn-load, file editor, on line help, T
ansflt05.zip37KANSI FILTER for Wildcat! BBS Systems & TheDraw. Get rid of WildCat screen pauses
ansichek.zip56KThese programs have been designed to find hidden ANSI codes which COULD redefine your keyboard.
aputdesc.zip14KAPUTDESC is a Wildcat 3.x+ utility which adds a DESC.SDI to any .ZIP, .ARJ, or .LZH archive when it is uploaded. It runs in SCANFILE.BAT along with AUTODESC (if used). If the upload already contains a DESC.SDI file, it is skip- ped.
areadv10.zip32KActivity Log Reader from Future Enhancements
artintem.zip5,788BFREEWARE. ArtIntel v.1.2 is an artificial inteligence style program that makes it seem as though the computer is answering your questions. Compiled for WildCat! v.4.01. ArtIntel's features include a foul language filter that you can adjust depending on the degree of adult material on your BBS, the ability to run it on a RAM drive to save wear and tear on your hard drive, a logo banner that you can alter with wcDraw and the ability to set the conference where you wish your messages to be written.
att.zip22KATT - File attacher for Wildcat/Tomcat 3.5 and OLX
attache.zip16KATTACHE v0.50Beta; Checks your CONDFESC.DAT file to see which conferences allow file attachments to messages. It then checks the MSG###.DAT files for those conferences and produces a report listing all messages which have attached files, as well as the real name of the file, the "stored" name used by the Wildcat! attach function, and verifies whether the file is actually on the disk.
auto-12.zip9,450BAutoMessage Ver 1.2! for Wc4.01 Written in WcCode 4.01! The most advanced AutoMessage creator ever! Features an Online configuration program! Nine different outputfiles Completely Sysop Configurable! Full Color selection! Full screen editor with up to 120 lines of text! Spell checker! Word Replace! and more! FREEWARE! Dl today! Source only 5$ Bruin Country BBS (408)246-3772
autodesc.zip24KAuto-add descrips to uploads.Now supports ZIP,ARJ,LZH
automes.zip48KAutoMessage v1.0; Force users to view msg before logoff! WildCat v3.x+
autosn33.zip41KAutoScan v3.3; Quick and easy way checking files for viruses on BBS systems
avwrun11.zip18KAVIEWRUN - A Friendly Front End for AVIEWCOM
awup340.zip136KUpgrade registered AcTView for WildCat v3.33 to registered v3.4
b2c10.zip10KBFX2CAT v1.0; This program will convert the BBSEXE.BAT file generated by BFX to a form that will properly start Wildcat! 3.01.
back2.zip9,637BBack2 Backwards Compatability For Wildcat! 3.0 -> 2.XX (C) 1991 JKH The Legal Voodoo: - I, John K. Holmes, the author of this software, shall in no way be held accountable for damage incurred to hardware, software, or other loss of data or information stored on magnetic media from use or misuse of this software. The Plug: - Back2 is the product of the request of a friend that told me he was too busy " bother with that now...". So,
badfiles.zip2,176BBADFILES Lister v 1.1 Written and Compiled in wcCODE 4.01 for Wildcat! BBS's Badfiles.wcx will create a new BADFILES.LST in your Wildcat! Home Directory when run as a daily event or whenever you desire. Created by Steven Thompson - DataFarm BBS Support available Via FIDO Wildcat! Conference Wildnet Third Party Conference MSI Support Conferences
badlist.zip8,576BStop DUPE uploads of same file w/diff. archive types!
banker30.zip6,725BTime Banker 3.0 for Wildcat! 4.01 wcCODE App that allows users to save some of their time online for later use. Fully configurable to allow the SysOp to set the Maximum Balance, Maximum Transaction, and Entries per day. You may configure upto three Security Levels and Users that will NOT be allowed to have access. User definable menu in registered version. Easy to install, and not crippled!
bbdown11.zip53K+---------------BBDOWN-v1.1--------------+ | The ULTIMATE Download Door! | | Use to allow users to download special | | files (BBS info, ever changing files, | | Automatically reads file_id.diz from | | the file if available. Downloadable | | filelist and more! | | Supports Wildcat! and most other bbs's | | NOT CRIPPLED!! $12 Registration. | +----------------------------------------+
bbsb10c.zip180KBBSBuddy v1.00c - Not just another "cannot do without" sysop tool. A must have! Keep tabs on all your bbs support programs / utilities at a single glance. Support board info, install location, version#, reg#, registration info, and much more. Reporting facilities, context sensitive help, "Query by example", pop-up browse boxes, network compatable, #of records limited only by hard disk space, & best of all - FREE UPGRADES! Only $15 to register.
bbsbul11.zip113KBBSBULL; Keeps a database of BBSes and sysops. Generates a nicely formatted bulletin listing the BBSes in either alphabetical order or by area code by BBS name, with Wildcat 3.0 color codes or in plain text (for printing out or use in other BBS programs).
bbsc.zip5,692BFile Viewer with Delay
bbslog.zip49KAllow visiting sysops to add there bbs to your logoff screen. Written for Wildcat, but supports 29 other bbs drop files. Written by: Matthew Hazlett The Hidden Emreald BBS:- (609)298-1338
bbsman10.zip162KBulletin Board Manager keeps track of all important info.
bbsuses.zip7,034BInformational text file about using Wildcat in a business environment
bbsxit11.zip15KMakes Bull\HelloX.BBS of Logoff Activity. BBSXIT creates a bulletin, or Hellox.BBS of most logoff activity showing various ways callers exit the BBS. Highlights the last callers name that dropped carrier.
bcnews14.zip9,418BBCNews V. 1.4 - Wildcat! 4.01 Newsletter generator. This is simply the best, Newsletter creation software available to Wildcat! 4.01 Sysops. BCNews was written in wcCode ver. 4.01 to provide excellent online interface. There is no dropping to DOS or text editing required; BCNews uses Wildcat's built in message editor to create it's Newsletters. Access to a powerful message editor with spell-checking abilities is only one of the many advantages of this highly configurable program. Writt
bdayprep.zip44KWC3.x/2.x User Birthdate extractor for TODAYBBS, etc. V3.10.
bdoor20.zip64KBDoor v2.0 is a WC 3.xS ANSI and RIP door menu manager. Lists door, last user, date, and number of uses. Beakware.
bestmenu.zip16KWildCat BBS menus from the Back Alley BBS
biblques.zip66K2 Wildcat 3.XX questionaires: "Who said it?" from the Scriptures and Can you list the Ten Commandments in order?
bicats61.zip66KBiCats v6.1; BiModem, Bicats, & Wildcat
biglist2.zip11KWildcat 3.x+ Files Listing program. No limit on files database size! Allows IN- CLUDING only desired Areas, or EXCLUDING desired areas.
bikit36.zip257KBikitty v3.6; Several new features installed! BiModem, BiKitty, & Wildcat
binbank.zip10KWildCat BBS menus from The Binary Bank BBS
bite1.zip31KCollection of WildCat BBS Menus
bkupwc44.zip26KWildCat Backup v4.4; Will backup to all floppy sizes including 2.88 meg's and tape drives that use logical drive assignments using the "T" disksize option or the "AUTO" commandline option!
blast201.zip13KMasterBlaster! Ver:2.01 For Wc4.x Sysops
bobcat3s.zip139KBobCat; Callback Verification for Wildcat!
bobcheck.zip6,743BBobCheck v1.0; Simple little utility to automatically send a personal "welcome" message to new users who pass BobCat's verification.
bobct36s.zip138KBobCat Callback Verification for Wildcat! 3.0 Offers you unparalleled reliability and flexibility in the important task of verification your BBS callers.
bpage15.zip44KThe Page Blaster Version 1.5! (wcCODE 4.01) This program will page the Sysop using your Sound Blaster Card (this version now supports other sound cards other than a sound blaster compatible card) Asks user for a reason to page then pages you using a sound file you select! This version now writes to the Activity log, and also has RIP support... Please read the file whatsnew.150 for update information. Compiled with wcCODE v4.01. Registration only $10. This is ONE of the ONLY two sound blaster (wcCODE
bpshst.zip839BUS Robotics HST Modem Settings For WildCat
breakcat.zip34K ** BreakCAT! v1.0 Beta ** Breaks up Michael Conley's FLOP file listings to separate the listing into individual area files to be imported by WCFile.
brfileup.zip2,278B Sysop's this program will update any file that you have in your Wildcat! file areas. You can added or remove file that get updated by changing your config file. It will also send a message to the Activite Log on the Node that ran it. This will only work with Wildcat 4.01 and up! Another Great program by Bufkin Ridge Ranch BBS (812)838-9053 Michael Deig
brmsgser.zip3,712BMessage Server (WcCode 4.01). From Bufkin Ridge Ranch BBS Sysop's this program will let you edit a list of users, and the message that you are going to send out. Then you can send the message to all of the users at one time. This is great to tell your door game players of upcoming games, contest, and news. I also use it to send message to all of my members about changes to the board and other news. Another Great program by Bufkin Ridge Ranch BBS (812)838-9053 Michael Deig Michael.deig@br-ra
brorder.zip20K Sysop's are you looking for a way to process the online orders! Well here it is! Bufkin Ridge Ranch's Online Order Processing Center can handle all of your needs. It will take cash, C.O.D., and most charge card orders. Send the orders to the users and The Store owner as mail. It can send orders that have been taken over the day to the store owner by way of their internet address. You can even make copies of this program in different dirs. and have more then one store online. This will work only
brpost1.zip2,781BThis is the replacement Postcall.wcx file that I use. (WcCode-4.01) This replacement postcall program will run as many wcx programs as you need first. It will then run a post.bat file. And then run wcx programs again. All you will need to do is add the wcx programs that you would like to run in the config files. And then move your old Postcall.bat file to post.bat. Another Great program by Bufkin Ridge Ranch BBS (812)838-9053 Michael Deig
btime3.zip41KBtime - the Wildcat! Time Banking System works with Wildcat! 3.0
bulk_ml.zip15KThis archive contains a long document that explains how to use a number of different software packages, together, to generate "bulk e-mail" on a Wildcat! BBS with UUCP Internet E-Mail. It also includes a public domain program that was designed as a tool just for this procedure, and the source code to that program.
bull0193.zip112KInternational Wildcat! Bulletin Board Listing
bystat32.zip22KMakes screen of callers from each State, This program will create a Hellox or a Bullx screen showing the total number of callers to your BBS from each State, plus Foreign calls. Will work with Single or Multi-Node Wildcat
b_crc2a.zip373KB-CRC v0.92; File Upload Checker for WC! Verifies ZIP, GIF and sfxEXE's by CRC check. Complete report of duplications on your BBS. SCANS files after U/L for duplicates and sends report to user & log. Easy to setup and maintain.
cabin-42.zip5,093BCABIN-4.LST is a list of utilities for Wildcat! 4.x SysOps from the Charlatan's Cabin BBS. These are all "CHARWARE" -- no registration fees, but you're asked to donate to your own favorite charity if you find the programs useful.
calcat45.zip178KCALCAT v4.5 WC3.x Holiday screen swapper needs HOLISCRN.ZIP.
calend1.zip211KCalendar door for Wildcat 3.x.
callcnt2.zip11KCallcnt2 - Numbers each call in your log. For Wildcat v3.x BBSs. This program will keep track of the number of callers you have had and will record, in your file, the number of each call. Will work with multiple logs, can be used as part of Postcall.Bat or Nightly Event.
callme10.zip15KCallMe v1.0 another EXCELLENT CBV for Wildcat! v4 :-) *INFO* A full featured callback verifier for Wildcat! v4 written in WCCode v4.01. Has many of the same features as the "BIG BUCK" CBV's. Just give it a look and at the very least send your comments to the author. Check out these other Bart Flentje programs: CalCat! v5.7 full featured holiday screen swapper. UtilMenu v2.0 EASILY expand DOS hooks. Multiline, security, etc. RIPMe v1.1 Convert ANSI to RIPped ANSI in one
callog.zip36KCALLOG; Wildcat! BBS utility program will read your Activity.Log & create an ASCII and ANSI display file
calls23.zip18KCaller Log v2.03 for WildCat 3.xx (S/M) Easy to install easy to operate! Creates bulletins for who called the bbs today, & who called yesterday. Also generates a Summary Screen. Supports multi-node or single line WILDCAT & uses WILDCAT's @ codes for all color changes. 'NO KEY IS REQUIRED' Program is shareware & completely functional. This version allows users to select SHOW LOCAL calls or not.
callscaq.zip2,083BCALLSCAN v4.01 CallerID Logon System Callscan V4.01 for Wildcat BBS v4.01 Only is a callerID logon system that is very easy to set up and have running on your bbs in a couple of minutes. The User with sign on with there name and password. Then Your System will alert the user that CALLSCAN is Active and BEEP your System. It will the ID the Caller to a file called CALLER.LOG located in your WILDCAT home directory. Registered users will be able to print out the CALLID file and LOCKOUT all of the u
callv312.zip87KCALLERS v3.12 is a activity file processor that makes any .BBS file you want it to make. It is Multi-Node aware. It also allows you to pick 2 security levels to have stand out. This is a 30-day trial and is shareware NOT FREEWARE.
camcrc20.zip90KCams-CRC Upload Processor for WildCat v3.5 Tests the integrity of GIF/ZIP files. Will scan for a virus. Can remove/add ZIP comments. It will check for an oldest file date as well. Best of all, it checks for duplicate files. Very fast and efficient. Registration $20.00. Call our 800 number and order today.
cat0101.zip7,559BThe CAT! a new newsletter for WC Sysops! Submission information for submitting articles for newsletter "The CAT!"
cat13.zip9,852BCAT-TRIX 1.3 LOGON MATRIX for Wildcat! 4.01 Written by Mike Cataldo Just Like a N.U.P found on non-WILDCAT! bbs's. An easy, On-line, Security feature for Sysops! No more instant access to all new users, they must know the PASSWORD to get on the bbs! Features: - Coded in wcCODE for a fast, smooth interface with WC! 4.01 REGISTERED ver - You are able to change the password at any time by editing the PWORD.DAT file from WITHIN THE MATRIX. - Allows U
catadd15.zip53KCatADD v 1.5 Adds SDI & DIZ description Files to Uploads Catadd works with Catscan and checks if there is a DIZ or SDI description file in an archive if there is then it Not only adds that information to the Description but puts this whole message in to the Wildcat Extra file information area. It adds keywords to the file record if catadd fills in the short description. Lets you define how long the DIZ/SDI description is before it imports it into the extended info. It is Sysop configurable on
catadff.zip10KCatAdFF; Adds SDI/DIZ Desc to existing files in Wildcat BBS
catbul1.zip41Kutility system will help you greatly enhance your bulletins and other screens with less effort and time than what you put into them
catc139.zip54KCatCall v1.39; Last Caller Identification Program for WildCat BBS v3.x
catcall.zip110KCATCALL - Creates RIP screen of who called WC
catch12.zip46KCatch The News v1.2; Simple but powerful NEWSLETTER generator for Wildcat! 3.x
catchg34.zip127KCatCharge! 3.41 wcCODEv4.01 Online Order Credit Card/Checks/TABS Many Features! Handles Dragon or your Own Merchant account status. This DOOR handles Credit Card, Checks TABS, 10 Areas with up to 16 items per area. (160 Items possible to Sell). Each Item configurable for Tax. Each Item can have 2 Custom Prompts/Queries (320 PROMPTS Possible) Multiline ready w/ File Locking, Logging, Message Import into WC4 Dbase. Handles Extra charges (ex. FED EX or Shipping). Can Shell to run your Program. Handl
catcolor.zip58KWildcat 3.0 or PCB converted ANSI codes viewing utility. For viewing color screens.
catfiles.zip13KWildcat! Allfiles Creator
catgif.zip11Kutility program looks through your Wildcat 3.0 database for files with a .GIF extension, checks those files for the width, height and # of colors, and then adds it.
catlist.zip181KCatList v1.1 New Features! A Wildcat! 3.x specific BBS List Door that may be set for a specified number of days to keep a lising current. At the end of that time, CatList will notify the lister that his listing has expired and will be deleted. Creates a Full- Color bulletin using WC!3.x color codes and a text file resembling WCLIST.TXT from Mustang! BBS. $25 REG Fee
catlog41.zip75KCatLog v4.10 - Activity Log Reporter/Bulletin Generator
catmenu.zip796BBatch file - menu system for Wildcat ver4.01,n
catn100.zip45KCATNODE! v1.0; Nodelist Processor for WILDCAT! v3.+
cats40du.zip87KCatStat v4.0c - A Wildcat 3.x+ Utility that replaces /augments WCPro for creating Stats on a Wildcat BBS. Can do the following: 1) Keeps a breakdown of calls by hour and Day for History of BBS. 2) Keeps track of the use of each door by name for that Day. 3) Includes dynamic Download/Upload Screens including type of Protocol Used and problem listings. 4) Keeps track of TomCat if it is active in the system. SHAREWARE - Three Paws Pro
cats50au.zip64KCatStat v5.0a - WC3.xx Utility to augment WCPro... A Wildcat 3.x+ Utility that replaces /augments WCPro for creating Stats on a Wildcat 3.xx BBS. Can do the following: 1) Keeps a breakdown of calls by hour and Day for History of BBS. 2) Keeps track of the use of each door by name for that Day. 3) Includes dynamic Download/Upload Screens including type of Protocol Used and problem listings. 4) Keeps track of TomCat if it is active in the syst
catscan3.zip161KCatScan V 1.3 The Ultimate File Scanner and Maintainer WC3.x Catscan will litterly let the user upload any kind of a file and it will check it for integrity, the date of the files in the archive, TD0 files, Imbedded archives, recursed directories, unwanted files in the archive and then if the newly uploaded file is not in the form of your default archive it will change it to that form (Should only be used in Catscan2 at this time) with out you lifting a finger.
catscr.zip2,212BCustom screen for Catscan v1.0.
catst20a.zip45KCATSTAT 2.0a; Wildcat! Activity Log Viewer/Analyzer
cbbsstat.zip3,395BThe Confederate Stat Screen v3.2 For Wildcat 3.9! This is a continuation of the Confederate Stat Screen. These 2 screens are done to show you my potential to create screens of various type in ANSI & the new RIP (Graphical Imaging Protocol).
ccall200.zip55KCCBBS Call v2.00 The BEST caller's log scanner for Wildcat 3.0+! Totally Customizable Outputs
ccall220.zip57K ______ ______ _______ / ___/\ / __ /\ /__ __/\ / /___\/ / /\/ / / \_/ /\_\/ / ___/\ / / / / / / / / / /___\/ / /_/ / / / / / /_____/\ /_____/ / /_/ / \_____\/ \_____\/ \_\/ End of TiME Software Presents... CCBBS Call v2.00 The BEST caller's log scanner for Wildcat 3.0+! Totally Customizable Outputs
ccutils.zip27KCalCat Conversion utility for switching to new Calcat.
cdcluu10.zip43KCDCLUU v1.0; CDCOM Log reader Userinfo Updater
cddc.zip9KCD-ROM Drive change; Alter drive letter in WildCat BBS v3.x files database
cdfsize.zip12KWildCat utility, puts correct CD-ROM file SIZE into WC file d-base.
cdhelp.zip7,638BDiscusses How to Load CD files into WILDCAT
cdromdoc.zip44KCDROM 1.1b by Dan Creagan. A TEXT file which explains how to write a CDROM door using WcCode. The door has search, download, and browse functions. Source examples and support programs included. or WBC BBS at 402-292-5680. Updated for telephone # change on WBC, some code, and updated search tool.
cdrpath.zip17KWildCat v3.x SysOp Utility stuffs CDROM path in ALLFILES.DAT. V1.00
cdrwcx1a.zip15KCDROMS 1.01 by Wade Maxfield. Free. A WCX file. A full (not crippled) implementation of a CD Rom subsystem for WildCat version 4.01 BBS. You can have up to 18 CD Roms, with up to 99 directories in each CD ROM. Offline support included. Download is integrated into the Wildcat download system. Search is supported within the file directories. CD Roms can be added /removed without shutting down Wildcat. Source code can be purchased.
censor10.zip47KCensor v1.0 Finds and removes vulgar language in WildCat messages.
chall13.zip23KChallenge Trivia V1.3 Wildcat BBS WCCODE Trivia Game. This is an Excellent Trivia Game that will Allow your Users to Interactively compete against one another for what ever prizes you choose. All maintenance on the game is automatic, it will even post notes to users when they have been beat out by another player. game is configurable to fit your system needs. and future versions will expand in to spacific subject matter, This Game has been through much testing, and on Beta Boards took o
chatmup.zip18KWildCat v3.x SysOp Utility globally enables CHAT by sec level. V1.00
chaton.zip10KWCAT3.0+, reset all user records to 'chat available'. Fast.
checkage.zip117KCHECKAGE v2.6 - limit user's access to doors by age. NoBitchware WildCat! utility from DrawBridge BBS.
checksec.zip12KWC3 util-tests if a callers secur. level has been upgraded by a door or hook. Useful with all callback verifiers or any other program that upgrades new users to a higher security level in a door or hook. Can be used with my UPLMSG3 package.
chefdoor.zip84KWildCat v3.x door: lets users search up to eighteen recipe files.
chgclr21.zip30KChangeColor (CHGCLR) v2.10 change color codes in Wildcat! 3.x.
chgmas20.zip72KCHGMAST v2.0r. THE OnLine Sales/Subscription Processor for WC 4.01/10. Total integration, ease of use, unique features, and the most "bang for the buck" is what sets Charge Master apart from others. From handling Credit cards, Checking/Savings accounts, TABS codes, and Custom codes to using multiple levels of Security, Detailed logging, and Caller Id detection, CM is always on the lookout for fraudulent purchases. Bundled with it's own "sysop friendly" CONFIGURATION WCX and a new ADVANCED ACCOUNTING
chk4msg3.zip5,441BCHK4MSG 3.0 -WcCode 4.01- NEW feature. Will check Activity Log for messages and run mail scanner if message was found. NOW has FOUR optional Conference Exclusions for local conferences. Now can be configured to scan just 1 or 2 message Conferences of your choice for those that want Scan priority over certain message Conferences. ** FreeWare ** By Kelly Kimball The CAD/fx BBS! (602) 835-0274
chkdobbs.zip8,694BChkDOBBS v1.5; FrontDoor 2.xx DOBBS.BAT Utility For Wildcat 3.xx
chkmail.zip99KCheckMail for WildCat 3.0 v1.03; Avoid running the SCAN option of WildMail if no messages were entered by the BBS user.
cimex.zip17KWildcat! 3.0 Utility For Extracting Conference Information And Importing Back
cimex00.zip59KCIMEX version 1.30, utility for Wildcat! exports/imports conference description names to CONFDESC.DAT. In Wildcat 4.x systems, you may also export/import the SHORT NAMES of each conference. For versions 4.x and 3.x of Wildcat!
ckmail11.zip13KChkMail will exit with an errorlevel if the last user on the system left a message. This is good to run a mail tosser. This program supports WildCat! v4.x.
cl3x24x.zip136KThese are the files needed to upgrade CatList from 3.x to the 4.x version. You will only need these if you have not stayed current. Please read the CATLIST.HIS and UPGRADE.TXT files in the CatList distribution archive for directions on running these utilities.
cldoor41.zip28KCall-Door v4.1; Door Converter for Wildcat 3.x converts to: QuickBBS, PCBoard v12, PCBoard v14, Spitfire, RA, RBBS, DoorWay, GAP, GTPowerNode, and WWIV!
clinton1.zip11KDay's Left for Clinton, as used by Rush Limbaugh
clist286.zip85KCatList v4.13 RIPSCRIP Support! A full featured BBS Listing Door that may be set for a specified number of days to keep a lising current. At the end of that time, CatList will notify the lister that his listing has expired and that it will be deleted. Creates a Full-Color bulletin using WC!3.x color codes and a text file resembling WCLIST.TXT from Mustang! BBS. $25 REG Fee Now supports RIP Graphics and PCBoard v15.0. Another product from PAROLE Software by Dennis Maidon.
clist386.zip86KCatList v4.13 RIPSCRIP Support! A full featured BBS Listing Door that may be set for a specified number of days to keep a lising current. At the end of that time, CatList will notify the lister that his listing has expired and that it will be deleted. Creates a Full-Color bulletin using WC!3.x color codes and a text file resembling WCLIST.TXT from Mustang! BBS. $25 REG Fee Now supports RIP Graphics and PCBoard v15.0. Another product from PAROLE Software by Dennis Maidon.
clock1.zip36KCLOCK WATCHER; This utility program creates display files for Wildcat! v2+ or Wildcat v3+ BBS Software.
closed.zip37KCLOSED v1.1 - Lets your users know when your BBS is closed. Great program for all Wildcat! boards that use PRELOG.BBS Instantly creates a temporary PRELOG file that informs your users that you are closed for maintenance and tells them at what time you expect to be back online. FreeWare from J.C. Associates and Dr Jack's Thing BBS
cmnt103.zip5,768BComment 1.03 allows multiple choices for Comments to Sysops. Up to 6 Sysops, their respective titles, conference that the message will be posted in, and flagging of private or public. This uses the internal message editor - including the spell checker. For WildCat V4.01. WCX V4.01 utility. Give your users the choice!
code25.zip13Klaunch 1000 logon, event and postcall files. wc 4.01 Version 2.5 Contains three separate programs. Gives users the option of viewing new files since their last call during their logon process! Try them as a package today for only $10.
colorwcl.zip46KCWCL; Simple program designed to colorize the WCList file which is distributed by MSI
comcos1.zip5,168BCOMCOS V1.0 allows your users to leave a comment to the Sysop or your CoSysop in the conference of your choice,for WC4.01.
confchg.zip37KCONFCHG v1.2 let's Wildcat! Sysops change a users confrence number after a Door or Dos Drop. Can be used with a Callback verifier or many other programs to give your users access to you BBS in new and FUN ways! It is Sysop defineable to which confrence the user will return to. 100% invisible to the user. Will also allow the Sysop to define which security levels *NOT* to change confrences.Quick, Clean, and self contained. No additional programs needed. No messy Config files needed, but c
conffix.zip39KConfFix v3.02; The Conference Rearranger for WildCat! 3.xx
confsec.zip20KWildCat 3.x utility globally sets security level conference access
confsysu.zip180KConfederate Software Sysop Utilities
confxref.zip25KCross-references echomail configuration files
convert1.zip33KCONVERT v1.0 is a simple utility for Wildcat that will read the 52 line DOOR.SYS and output a DORINFOx.DEF for those doors that require DORINFOx.DEF. Shareware - Registration is only $4.
cowquote.zip12KInfamous "Cows" for Wildcat quote.bbs file.
cp201.zip40KCatPort v2.01; Doorfile conversion / control utility for Wildcat! 3.xx
cpage0.zip5,656BFeatures ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1) Rip Support 2) Page SysOp (Wildcat internal) 3) Emergency Page SysOp (Bypasses internal page, Password support) 4) Comment to SysOp (forces conference 0 then returns to users old conf.) 5) View who's on-line 6) User Page (with on-line users displayed) 7) Quit back to BBS 8) Goodbye (with goodbye screen support) 9) Logs reason for SysOp page to activity.#
cpconf37.zip58KCp-Conf v3.07 (formerly ConfFix). 30-day eval
cpfile13.zip53KCP-File v1.3 (formerly FileFix). 30-day eval mode
cpt100.zip37KCPT v1.00 - DOS utility: QWK-based Conference Participation Tracker. Maintains simple text file of conf. participation data. Freeware (c) 1995 [95/02/08] by DDA - Reign Ware.
cq101.zip5,580BCQuotes v1.01 For Wildcat! v4.01+. FreeWare Quote WCX application. Uses Wildcat's built-in text editor to allow users to add quotes. Totally customizable! * Choose if you want your users to sign their real, alias, or no name, or you can let them choose * If you want a top header for each quote, you can add it. * If you want a bottom "header" for each quote, you can add it. * You can change the colors of the quotes too! * Can be run from any directory! CQuotes is totally free!
cr100.zip35KConference Reset; Reset the active conference number for a caller when they log off a WILDCAT! v3.+ BBS. It is to be used in a POSTCALL.BAT file.
craps1.zip1,642BCraps ver. 1.0. Simple little dice game written in WCCode 4.01. Run as a .WCX file under Wildcat! 4.01 or later only.
craps203.zip10KCRAPS ver 2.03b. A simple dice game compiled with wcCODE 4.01. Users gamble their on-line time. Registered versions allow the SysOp to set the amount of time gambled per game and the maximum daily time that can be won over a user's security profile's max daily limit as well as the number of times a user can enter the door each day. Auto maintenance ... no events to run to reset the door each day. Writes to the node activity log.
cremsg.zip11KCREMSG v1.01; This program adds textfiles to BBSNAME.MSG - packets.
csf10.zip13Kfor WildCat! v3.xx & CatScan - 07/18/92 This is a little program to create a log of the FAILED Scan entries from your Activity.Log(s). It's primary purpose was for the use of remote sysops, but I have found it very handy for my own use in local mode. It will be easy for multi-line systems to implement using an unused node number, or the sysops local node. Single line systems could utilize any file name for the output file and have it in their files database to type the file out on line. CSF
ctnews11.zip13KCATNEWS! v1.1; Newsletter Generator for Wildcat! v3.x BBS's. Wouldn't it be great to have a utility that would add on newsletter so users could scroll thru from date to date. CatNews! will let you imbed the Wildcat! @CODES@ right in the Newsletter. The Newsletter consists of a Banner with your BBS name and the Date that you entered, followed by the News that you create!
ctnews47.zip64KCATNEWS! v4.7 COOL WC4/WC3 Newsltr Maker in RIP/@Code *INFO*. Built-in Editor, This Utility creates a cool "VGA LOOKING" Wildcat! Newsletter for your Users. New Feature! Auto Maintenance Function will save x Amount of Newsletters for you so that you do not need to manually delete really old ones. See Documentation. Catnews! is Shareware by Maddog Productions * William Mantz
cvbcall1.zip107KCVBCALL v1.10 Callback Verify for Wildcat Ver 4.01. Written in wcCode. Includes utility program to write config file. Features include blocking of area codes, numbers, long distance. Changes security level, sets new time, expiration dates and more. Built in screens that can be replaced by the Sysop. CVB Software. Shareware $15.00 (913) 628-2159 BBS
cvbmsg.zip2,357BCVBMSG Sysop Message Generator for Wildcat 4.01 Written in wcCode. The sysop can now generate messages from the sysop menu using the Wildcat full screen editor. The messages addressed to all will be converted to seperate messages that are addressed by name to all useers. The user will then be notified of the message at logon. You can also send a message to any group of users by security level or a single message to any user. Messages are private or public and are sent to the conference the
cvt2to8.zip30KUse with "SysOpMaker" to convert versions
cvtprm10.zip47KCVTWCPRM v1.0 Initial Release Free util to convert the .PRM files in WC!4 to an ASCii format. Very useful in debugging and locating certain prompts to modify.
cvtwct31.zip42KCVTWCTXT.EXE v3.1 Convert Wildcat! Text A WC!3.x SysOp utility to convert the WCTEXT.DAT & WCTEXT.DEF to an ASCii output file. A FREEWARE utility from PAROLE Software and Dennis Maidon. This utility will only operate on the prompt files frOm WC!3.9. It will convert ALL the WC! prompt files.
cwcted10.zip85K - - - - - CWCTxtEd v1.0 - - - - - CWCTxtEd is a WC3.x util that replaces MSI's MKWCTEXT.EXE. If features a color WYSIWYG editor that shows color changes as they are made! Also comes with search and replace, and much more. Shareware $15
cwldpcb.zip171KUtility to convert WC! Full file listing to PCB file listing format
dadd01.zip29KDadd v1.0; Add to or subtract from the time a caller has available upon returning from a door or DOS hook. Dadd can add or subtract up to 99 minutes each time the program runs Made for WildCat BBS!
datalog.zip32KDatalog is a utility program written for use with the DataView! compressed file viewing program. Datalog simply reads the LOG file written by DataView! and creates an ASCII and ANSI display containing the name, time and date a caller viewed a file and the name of the compressed file that was viewed.
datav31.zip108KDataview 3.1 archive file viewer for Wildcat.
datav51.zip206KDATAVIEW 5.1 for WILDCAT 4.x The MOST ADVANCED Archive Viewer for WildCat! 4.xx BBS Systems! Supports Standard and Digiboard Ports. Views ZIP, ARJ, LZH, PAK, SDN, ARC, EXE, UC2, MOD and Many Other Files. Allows Text Reading, Text Searching, Virus Scanning, Integrity Scan, Internal Archive Viewing, Downloading, Graphs, and Much More! DataView is a Very Valuable Utility for the Users and Sysop of All Wildcat Systems! DL NOW!
dats39.zip96KThese are a set of 4 Wctext and Wctextr's for WildCat v3.9
db100.zip62KWildcat! 3.x Utility to keep track of Users who Drop Carrier rather than log off. Writes a DataBase and a Display file that you can Name. Allows you to decide how many Droped carriers are too many. Runs from POSTCALL.BAT
dbtick22.zip35KDBTICK Tick & Wildcat File Forward v3.5 and D'Bridge interface!
dbwc30wm.zip13KExamples For WildCat BBS; Sample AREAS.BBS file for WILDMAIL, Sample Batch file for WC from Mailer, Sample Batch file for local exit to WC from D'Bridge, Sample DBridge file
db_wc.zip3,666BD'Bridge, Wildcat! v3.x, & FidoNet informational help.
dcatb15.zip30KD'CatBack v1.5, Call-Back Verifier --- wcCODE for Wildcat! 4.1 Sends messages to callers as well as SysOp, with Logging, Duplicate numbers checking, and can be set to allow long distance calls, as well as Prefix settings for those that use area calling. 911,900,800 aware, also expire dates can be set. Can be configured to force the caller to download a file prior to call-back process. Also can be set to dial for a outside line prior to calling back the caller as well. This is a VERY NICE Call
dcdtct14.zip9KDCDTeCT v1.4 for WildCat 4.01. A wcCode utility that monitors logoffs for a dropped carrier. If detected either a message can be sent or a u#.bbs file displayed. Both the message sent and the display file can be customized to suit the personality of your system. The message conference is also sysop selected. Also included is a bulletin/ display/log file generator. Other options include subtracting time from a users daily limit, logging user off for the day. Fully functional shareware. Sour
ddcall40.zip22KDDCALL4 v1.01 *FREE* WC4.x caller activity ANSI bulletin Creates ANSI/text bulletins for WildCat! 4.x showing caller activity including logon, logoff, connect times, caller name, no. of messages entered online or via wcMAIL, no. of files uploaded/downloaded, bulletins viewed, questionnaires answered, newsletter viewed, wcMAIL upload/download, new users, carrier droppers, fast logins and sysop paged all on one line per caller + totals. Configurable for security levels, local logons and user defined
ddmenu25.zip128KThis program allows a door to open up to many doors. It also keeps the door usage statistics.
dd_news3.zip166KMust have WC Newsletter program. Ver. 1.3. Eve
dgcall20.zip5,181BPretty decent Caller Log .WCX from The Dobe Gang BBS! Written by Terry Conner. Only my third program, but it reads and inputs from activity logs and a .cfg file, and a .key file (when registered). Only $5 and it will track the # of callers you tell it to. Node, Caller, From, Downs, Ups, Time, Date, Msgs, Qwks, TimeOn, BaudRate.....Logs it all. Use callers REAL name, or ALIAS! You cfg it! WC! v4.01 ONLY!
dispwet1.zip6,893BSet of .WCCs/.BATs/.BBSs used to diplay PC wea
dizcat10.zip44KDIZzyCat! DIZ Importer v 1.0, 07-27-92. Imports FILE_ID.DIZ and DESC.SDI from an upload to Wildcat!'s file description. (Wildcat! version 3.50 or higher required.) -AV by author, Affordable Computer Services. Shareware, $10 registration.
dogon_1.zip25KBest Dogon Logon Anywhere WcCODE! v 1.0 by iMagINary minDS February 23, 1995 Replacement for Wildcat 4.01 LOGON.WCX. - Control your user's fast Logons. - Replace birthday messages to users. - All kinds of options for birthdays. - Includes some really fantastic looking Ansi in .BBS format. - Extremely configurable. - Not crippled, fully functional! - FREEWARE! Compiled with WcCODE 4.01.
doit_100.zip9,227BwcDoit! v1.0,wcCODE v4.01 prog. for WC v4.01. A message posting utility that sends a text message to every user in a security level and changes the security level before that user logs on your BBS the 2nd time. It's OPTIONS are: attach a file; set expiration date; post in conference of choice; flag message as public or private. wcDoit! was written to be run from prelog.wcx. Also maintains log of messages sent and an error log. FREEWARE By: Leon Krzyzanowski
dooratio.zip31KWildCat utility, reject caller from a DOOR/HOOK for d/l RATIO!
doorbill.zip29KDOORBILL v1.02 - Door Billing system for WC v3.9
doorok10.zip15KDoorOK 1.0; Restrict door access according to conference
doorrip_.zip13KDOORRIP was created for use with doors that do not understand line 20 of DOOR.SYS which has a new choice: `RIP'.
downld21.zip30KMakes a bulletin of recent downloads and X dow
dpager2u.zip36KSysop Paging Utility that utilizes a sound board. (SND).
dparm11.zip23KDOORPARM; Reads data from the BBS dropfile DOOR.SYS and extracts ten parameters; comport, baud rate, first name, last name, voice phone, data phone, security level, minutes remaining, color(GR,NG,7E) and MNP(y/n). then passes these parameters to a batch file you define
dpmsg261.zip73KDupMSG v2.61; Find and deletes duplicate messages in WildCat v3.x
dr10.zip18KDoor Report 1.0 - reports door activity for Wildcat 3.x.
drmgr20.zip4,866BDoormgr.Wcx ver2.0 Will Enforce a Message to Call Ratio to prevent users from entering the Door Menu unless they are within the Sysop configured Ratio. Sysop can exclude up to 6 Security Levels from enforcement, and can set up 6 special ratio's for seperate security levels and a warning ratio to remind all users of the pending lock-out caused by lack of posting.
drop11.zip208KDROPPERS v1.1; The main purpose is to create USERxxxx.BBS every time a user drop carrier. USERxxxx.BBS is made up of a HEADER and COMMENT file. Each Header and comment file can be configured for each profile and number of drop carrier. And a lot more.
drop125.zip44KMakes drop carrier display for Wildcat 3.x.
dropcl12.zip34KDROP CARRIER LISTER A WC3.x Utility; will create a text file containing a list of users that dropped carrier. DROPCL reads the WILDCAT! V3.x activity log to get the information needed to create the output file.
droplist.zip30KDroplist 1.0; Extracts information from door.sys on Wildcat for commandline
dropmsg3.zip15KDROPMSG3 is a Wildcat 3.x+ utility similar to my DROPMSG2, except it uses Dave Cody's ex- cellent POSTMSTR utility to create a MESSAGE to users who drop carrier, as opposed to the 'display file' USERnn.BBS. See the .DOC file for a comparison of the two and full infor- mation. (POSTMSTR (c) Dave Cody). This release 8-21-92 has a bug fix, I misread Dave's command line switches. The /N has been changed to /* to stop adding the note to
droptrk3.zip18KDROPTRK3 r0.03; Will read the activity log searching for those who dropped carrier, and create a USERxxx.BBS file for each of them.
dstat0.zip59KDSTAT, version 1.13 for Wildcat! 4.x,3.x Counts the number of times each DOOR is entered and generates a color bulletin display file.
ducal114.zip26KThis version is FREEWARE (of course if you feel inclined, you can always send me a nice coffee cup ). DuCall 1.14b! Features: - Scans user database for duplicate phone number checking. No need for a separate dupe file! - Scans a local prefix file (one for Cincinnati, OH included) for local number/long distance number checking - Asks user to enter his/her number - FULL logging capability - can work in conjuction with time banks that use the user subscription balance to give new caller
dupeuser.zip20KWildCat BBS v3.x utility reports users with dupe phones/passwords.
dupmsg24.zip68KDupMsg v2.40; Finds and deletes duplicate messages from WildCat! message databases. Duplicates will be identified even if the tagline, date or subject line has been changed. In addition, DupMsg will delete old messages by date, purge messages over the MakeWild limit, and delete messages from specific users as desired.
dv31fix.zip73KDataView 3.1 update for PKZIP 2.04c.
ebaud100.zip15KError-Baud v1.0 Changes Menus based on Baud Rates! For WC3.x
edevent.zip25KEvent editor for WildCat BBS v3.x
els_view.zip220KEls-View; Allows a WildCat BBS Sysop to view GIF image files in the directory listing, while in local mode.
emalbk22.zip1,294BMY E-MAIL ADDRESS BOOK, v2.2 in wcCODE v4.01 by DYS Software. A highly practical Add-on for WildCat! 4.01. FEATURES: 250 Names/E- Mail Addresses in 1 place, Marking, Sorting (four ways), Tagging (Always/AskFirst/Never) for your own TagLine, Grouping for MULTIPLE WRITES! Edit Tagline from inside the Book! Comments/Subjects handling. Automatic Conf. Determination for sending messages to Local or Internet! Handles long Internet Addresses up to 73 characters! Contains Setup Program
enforc11.zip80KENFORCER logs user off if SEC level doesn't match cfg. file!
eqt20.zip41KEnvironmental Quick Tips v2.0 for Wildcat BBS's v2.x and 3.x. Hello, Bull, Goodbye screen generator.
errcodes.zip5,714BError Code Listings for WILDMAIL! and WCFF!
estat280.zip32KEchoStat 2.8 for Wildcat!/Wildmail users.
exdl112.zip217KEXpress DownLoad, v1.12, fast direct caller downloads!
exp-user.zip8,423B EXP-USER v1.0 Hello or Bull of Expired Users of the last days FREEWARE EXP-USER v1.00 for Wildcat V4.01 the ultimate SysOp Userlist Utility. SAMPLE OUTPUT: List of Expired Users of the last 30 days ----------------------------------------------------------------------- JUAN DECO From Miami, Fla Expire: 01/20/95 Sec: TABS_10 JOSE DOLOMEO From rio piedras pr Expire: 01/27/95 Sec: LATINO ROBERT CAVID From Phoenix, AZ Expire: 02/17/95 Sec
expire.zip9,317BExpireDate v1.1; Tracks how many days until users expiration.
eyestimf.zip11KTime banking system called Eyes Time Teller.
ezlgoff1.zip9,139BThe Easy Logoff Menu v1.0 (For Wildcat 4.01) (Freeware with Source Code) -- This WcCode program is a [G]oodbye replacement. It gives callers a chance to: [P]age the Sysop, then Logoff; [C]omment to Sysop, then Logoff; [R]eturn to the BBS; and [L]ogoff Immediately. The GOODBYE.BBS (.SCR & .RIP) files are still displayed. The users only have to hit the Return Key to logoff in a hurry. Use the MAKEMENU program to replace the Main, Message and File Menu "[G]oodbye Selections" with this .WCX p
ezypag11.zip5,176BThe EzyPager v1.01 (For Wildcat 4.01) (Freeware! with Source Code) - This program offers callers a chance of chatting with the Sysop after demanding a reason for the page. It also makes a notation of the reason in the appropriate activitylog file. It should make our lives a little easier. It takes away nothing thats built in to Wildcat 4.01 (regarding paging the sysop) and adds some stuff we've been screaming about for years.
fact31s.zip17KMakes Bullx of File Activity. Shows Name, Prot,Cps etc. WC3x Makes a bulletin showing file activity on your BBS. Includes such information as Callers Name, Filename, whether it was U/L or D/L, Connection Baud, Protocol used and the CPS as reported by Wildcat!.
farea10.zip12KFArea v1.00 (WCX) creates a text file called FAREA.TXT which list all file areas and the associated path to each area. A free Wildcat! utility program from T&J Software.
fast.zip2,422BFastLog! 1.2 - A wcCode Application for WC 4.01! This program will check for new bulletins,mail, and see if the newsletter has been updated even if the user used the fastlogin! Will run LOGON1.BAT and another wcCode program! ------------------------------------ FastLog! 1.2 for Wildcat 4.01 by Paul Elson 01/29/95
fast131.zip2,536BFastLog! 1.31 - A wcCode Application for WC 4.01! This program will check for new bulletins,mail, and see if the newsletter has been updated even if the user used the fastlogin! Will run LOGON1.BAT and another wcCode program!
fastfwd.zip13KFastFWD v1.1; Allow AreaFix rescan requests with WildMail/WildCat v3.x
faxspl20.zip47K Fax Split v1.00 is a SysOp utilty for Wildcat! BBS. In essence, it takes a plain ASCII text file and splits it up into sequentially numbered files (pages) of 60 lines per page. Future editions will include many options to registered users. See docs for details on future options.
fcat_sv1.zip28KF-CAT v1.0; File Catalogger
fcwc200.zip8,397BThis is a ALLFIX file area compiler for WildCat! Works with WildCat! v4.xx and Allfix 4.21 and Allfix 4.30. . .
fdexebbs.zip401BFront Door EXEBBS batch file to pass /ARQ or /NONE to Wildcat 4
fdsc210.zip16KFILEDESC 2.10 - Generate WildCat File List WildCat system operator's utility to generate a list of files from WildCat's file database.
fdwcwm20.zip118KSetup for Frontdoor v2.12/WC!4/WildMail v4.x with FidoNet. This step by step tutorial contains all the needed screen captures, batch files, and detail explanations to help you in connecting your Wildcat! v4.x BBS using Frontdoor v2.12 and WildMail v4.x and other related utilities with Fidonet. Sample setup files are included for easier setup. Easy step by step installation. Written by Mufutau Towobola of Systematic BBS, NYC. FidoNet 1:278/111 * Systematic BBS --> (718) 716-6198
fd_wc.zip7,678BFrontDoor and WildCat! BBS; Quick and easy install docs to get going.
fd_wc3.zip8,321BInstall Instructions for FrontDoor w/Wildcat v3.x
ffeed35a.zip89KForceFeed v3.5; WildCat BBS Door to force users to download your BBS application file
ffind10.zip49KFileFind v1.0 Quick file finder for files in ALLFILES.DAT
fileflag.zip17KWildCat v3.x BBS SysOp utility reports sets file flags by areas.
filehunt.zip55KWildCat v3.x BBS door: search file lists from other BBSs
fileprob.zip11KFILEPROB is a real handy little utility that checks all files actually located in your WILDCAT Download file
fileq102.zip360KFile Equalizer v1.02; Door that allows you to create a file data base with a file list.
filesbbs.zip21KWildCat v3.x BBS utility makes FILES.BBS in selected area(s).
filestat.zip40KUserstat reads your ( Wildcat! 3.x ONLY ) ALLUSERS.DAT file, and extracts a bunch of information from it, and then places it in the display files of your choice.
fimex.zip16KFIMEX v1.0; Reads your FILEAREA.DAT file and produces a text file (FIMEX.DAT) containing all of the file area numbers/descriptions.
findnod1.zip23KAllows user to find Node Number
finduser.zip25KWildCat BBS v3.x Util searches ALLUSERS.DAT fields for match
fixbbs.zip8,289BThis program will go through a bbs allfiles list and will convert all words to lower-case letters EXCEPT the file name. This gives the allfiles list a much more pleasant look.
fixfile.zip9,641BFix some WildCat BBS File database problems (corrupted, etc.).
fixlist.zip6,733BConvert WC Pro 3.01 Two line file lists to use with WCFILE.
fixoflag.zip10KSets WildCat v3.x+ OFF-LINE flag for any Missing files!
fixsize.zip10KCorrects WildCat BBS File database file SIZE of uploads after SCAN.
fixuser.zip3,344BFixuser v1.0 - Fixes a user's From, Addresses, City and Stae fields to the correct case. Are you tired of users putting in such things as "123 main street" or "CHICAGO, IL" with complete disregard for the shift key or their caps lock key? Well I am! Therefore, I wrote a short wcCODE application to fix the case in the following fields: From, Address 1, Address 2, City and State. It will take a user like this: JOHN BENDER from BIG POWER BBS 1804 delta fair blvd. APT. #13 antioch, CA 94509
flipcat.zip21KSwitch ANSI and Ascii files to allow a sort of rotation or flipping of screens.
flop.zip28KFLOP; Examines your ALLFILES.DAT file and produces any combination of up to 10 output files with information for you and your users.
fnwc_10.zip12KWC@ v1.0; Wildcat! 3.x + @-MACRO developers TSR util. invokes. Handy for quick reference to Wildcat BBS "@" macros. Also, "TRANSFERS" a macro to your editor or graphic development program.
foffhook.zip28KIM DigiBoard utilily to place modem offhook or onhook
fpro160.zip136KFILEPRO v1.60 - A Wildcat! 3.xx File Database Utility. Allows You to Tag and Move, Delete, Freshen, Copy, View, Edit Files very quickly and Lots More. A Must for the serious Wildcat! SysOp. Makes file area maintenance on Mega Systems a breeze, no more waiting all day for the screen to update!!!
freefloq.zip67KFREEFLOP ver. 1.13, util for Wildcat! 4.x. Produces up to 10 output files listing free downloads available from your BBS. Reports all files with "don't charge" flag set, sorted globally or by area. Allows single- or double-line listing. Now includes Group support for Wildcat 4.1x
freescan.zip10KFreeScanPro wcMAIL Prescan Utility. FREEWARE! Includes Source! -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- This program is being released as a FREEWARE Package to promote this concept among wcCODEers. Since MSI has stated that from time to time that *.WCX's will need re-compiled to keep compatability with Wildcat If you like this program, I have a shareware version called PreScanPro that notifies users that they have a prescanned packet awaiting download - Auto-deletes said packet after a SysO
freshall.zip9,637BA Wildcat3.0+ utility that will read through your Wildcat's ALLFILES.DAT file and compare the file date/time/size in the WC record with the ACTUAL DOS values
freshen.zip9KA fast little utility that will 'freshen' the file date, time & size in your WILDCAT! files database to the ACTUAL DOS date/time/size
fsrch100.zip41KFile Search will let you do all the nessasary functions and maintenece on a File in WildCat v4.x's File database without logging on the BBS! File Search does jobs like : Searching/Matching/Deleting/Moving and more.
fstat.zip22KWildCat v3.x bulletin utility lists file area statistics. V1.20
fstlg141.zip9,279BFASTLOG 1.41 - wcCODE 4.01 - Prompt for Fast, Normal, Maildoor, and DoorMenu logon. Force Normal logon if user hasn't called in # days. Normal logon after # calls. Check for updated newsletter even if Fast / Normal logon. Check mail at logon. Check for U## files. Allows for 10 security levels which can be used to either allow Fastlog or not allow Fastlog. All of this is SysOp configurable. DOB/Phone# verification if used is turned on. Choice of two menu styles.
fsum201.zip12KFILESUM 2.01; Generate File Database Summary Report This utility for WildCat system operators creates a report that shows, for each file category, the total number of files and the total size of the files. It is fast and can handle file collections larger than four gigabytes. Two versions of the report are generated: one includes color and the other is plain text.
ftknx402.zip6,240BFort Knox Time Vault! wcCODE program for Wildcat! 4.01 ONLY! Maximum account balance and maximum transfer time are defined by sysop via CFG file. Easy to setup and even easier to use! Trust your users time to Fort Knox! (C)1994 WasteLands Software, Support BBS ... The WasteLands (502) 839-9161
furnc403.zip4,859BThe Furnace Door For Wildcat! 4.01 only! Flame next user door in wcCODE. (C)1994 WasteLands Software, Jeff Wayne author. Registration only $10.00! Just another ByProduct of The WasteLands
f_area.zip3,342B** F_AREA.WCX ** This program will extract your absolute paths from MAKEWILD for your file areas. Use as a menu option or with the supplied .BAT file.
gc100.zip6,600BGETCALL ver. 1.00, utility for Wildcat! WCCode utility that interfaces with the QRZ! ham call database CD. For version 4.01 of Wildcat! Shareware.
gdesc10.zip17KThis program is run from the FILEDESC.BAT and will extract a FILE_ID.DIZ and DESC.SDI for WildCat v4.x to add descriptions to uploaded files automaticaly! GETDESC will automaticaly detect archive types.
gfback11.zip31KCreate Backups using the Grandfather Technique. Version 1.1 An easier way to keep a number of backups spanning around 30 days in only 10 files/directories. GFATHER will execute any DOS command, IE Copy, Zip Etc therefore creating a historical backup. There is an history command to show you the dates/times the backups were created along with how old the backup is.
gifcat.zip50KWC3/GIF utils! Auto-add GIF INTERNAL DESCRIP to WC uploads!
giftxt10.zip45KGIFTXT v1.0, GIFTXT scans existing and uploaded GIF's and inserts the internal GIF comment into WILDCAT! databases. It also has a standard text export mode which may allow BBSes other than WC! to use GIFTXT. A FREEWARE first from Planet >< Programming!
glist32.zip39KGuest List v3.2; Creates color 3D bulletins! (WILDCAT!3.x) Selectively Display 1-90 Callers; Outputs 3D Color using Wildcat! 3.x Display Codes; Displays Callers Name, Location, Time On, and Baud Rate; Notifies of Lost Carriers, New Users, and the Starting Date; Local Logins have a YES, NO, or ONLY option; Display can be paused at the end for Hello Bulletins; Support for Multiple Configurations; Formerly called Last Ten Visitors.
gomail11.zip252KGOMail v1.1 a Echo Mail Message Tosser for Wildcat v 3.x ! systems. It creates packets that get sent from one system to the next. It also receives packets and puts them into your message databases so you and your users can read and reply to them. GOMail works in conjunction with a "Front End" to get mail to and from your system. GOMail has been tested with two front ends D'bridge and Front Door. GOMail's beginning started on Oct 7th 1992 and will continue to be enhanced for the months to c
gpaper53.zip19KCompu-Paper Generator - GPAPER.EXE v5.30 Adds computer paper effect to text files. SysOp configurable as to background color. Creates ANSI, WC!3.x and PCB color coded files. Set environment variables for different BBS systems and file extensions. Registration : FREE
grafstat.zip74KMake single screens out of WCpro statistical output.
gwhqpr16.zip141KGWHQPRO v1.6; ProPrompts for WC and TC 3.60! Complete set of ASCii ready to load prompt files. New set of Color designs to match anyones taste or BBS!. Requires Wildcats MKWCTEXT. All files are in ASCii format which you can view and save.
hackdisp.zip25KHACKDISP v1.2 - The best WC! v3.x ANSI screen converter just got better.
hbbs500.zip158KHoliBBS v5.00 - Holiday countdown reminder for
hcat20.zip38KDays till Holiday screen maker v2.0 - for WildCat v3.x
hdline20.zip34KHeadLiner 2.0 from WasteLands Software! Headliner is a Newsletter/Bulletin editor for for Wildcat! BBS sysops. Creates BBS/RIP versions of respective files. Set up as Idle Screen Program in MakeWild and use individual CFG files for each Newsletter or Bulletin you wish to create. Text color is set by sysop thru the CFG file. Registration is only $15.00, Jeff Wayne author. Support BBS The WasteLands (502) 839-9161
hellobbs.zip103KWildcat 3.0 utility for creating a goodbye or hello screen.
hhscrns.zip47KHappy Hacker BBS menus and display screens Enclosed are the HELLO screens and Menu screens
hnr122.zip89KHeadline NewsRoom V1.22 - Now supports @CODE@ formats
hos31.zip17KHOS31; Creates a "HALL of SHAME" Bulletin. WC3.x BBSs "HOS" will work with multi- nodes, it reads your log files and creates a "HALL of SHAME" bulletin in the directory you specify. The bulletin will display names of anyone that dropped carrier on that node. Use as part of your daily event
hs_wc26.zip3,240BInstall HS/Link in Wildcat! 2.60
hydraset.zip11KText info/sample batches for the HYDRA protocol in WildCat v3.xx
hyplog11.zip35KHyperLog v1.10 by BRL-Cowan City Software Excellent utility for use with HyperMail! by Interprogramming. Displays netmail conferences and mail activity statistics to hello and bulletin screens. FREE registration! For WildCat BBSs ONLY! Fixed small bug.
iauucp3.zip26KINTERNET ADDRESSER 3.0 UUCP- It's here! new version of the popular Internet wcCode Email Utility! Features Include: Private Internet Address Books, a PUBLIC Internet Address DATABASE, Prompt files, the Wildcat Internal Editor, and Much, much more! Automatically Addresses outbound Internet eMail! INTERNET ADDRESSER UUCP FIDONET DATABASE CDS Software IAUUCP3.WCX Version 3.0 2/12/95
id11.zip2,693BIDRenum 1.1 - A wcCode Application for WC 4.01! This program will Renumber your USER IDs! Now 2 ways to renumber! READ THE DOCS!
imwcmnp3.zip22KUtility to pass the MNP flag from InterMail to WildCat 3.x.
info.zip96KWildcat Information Door w/ Online Wildcat manual!
inform12.zip68KMonitor the Activities of Specific Users - uses PostMaster An easier way to keep an eye on specific WildCat users activities. You won't need to scan the activity logs of multiple nodes to find out what that persons upto! Use with PostMaster to import the messages to the Sysop. Version 1.2 is a Bug Fix to the INFOEDIT program only.
instim11.zip39KInsert Time Stamps in Display Files - Version 1.1 Allows quick and easy insertion of Time and or Date into any Text, ANSI, WC Display File. Very useful for including the times of external activities in your display files, ie. Mail Runs Etc.
iscolor.zip25KWC3.x+ util. Check if user in door/hook is using COLOR.Fast!
isl20.zip7,264BInterNet Site List 2.0 for Wildcat! 4.01 wcCODE App that stores seperate lists of FTP (File Transfer Protocol), WWW (World Wide Web), and TelNet InterNet sites. Your users can add new sites online, list the available sites, or download the lists for later use. Configurable to allow the SysOp to lockout upto three Security Levels and Users that will NOT be allowed access. You can use your own menu in registered version.
isrip11.zip11KVer1.1: How to implement a graphical DOOR menu with WC 3.9. Util returns errorlevel for RIP caller or non-RIP. Includes sample doors.RIP menu and batch files.
i_wc36.zip2,060BMDM and RAM files from INTEL for WC3.6+.
jconf102.zip7,610BFully featured [J]oin Conference replacement! Will *NOT* display any advertizments at all and it supports RIP. The REGISTERED version supports up to 20 different groups. The UNREGISTERED version supports only 2. Registration is only $5!! Compiled with WcCode v4.01. If someone needs a 4.00 copy send me a message! Support: The END BBS (905)688-6274 FidoNet 1:247/214
jfscallf.zip52KJFSCALL.WCX * V4.01f * A Callback Verifier for WC! v4.01+ A Complete Callback Verifier that will request a Data phone number, call the user at that phone number, update their security level of your desire, and update their data phone number of what they entered. Send the user a welcome message and Send the Sysop a Username has been verified message. This will also keep a audit trail of who enters this program and will check if same data number is being used by another user for further security me
jmsts20.zip82KJMSTATS is a complete activity log file analyzer for Wildcat! bulletin boards.
joke200.zip34K#Today's Joke v2.0# Ultimate Joke displayer for Wildcat 3.xx - 4.xx. This utility will display a random drawn joke from it's database each time it is executed, this Shareware version holds 25 different jokes. REGISTERED users can add and delete there own custom made jokes, the registered version will hold thousands of jokes. Registration is only $5.00, with FREE Tech Support, and FREE minor upgrades. Call the Star Link BBS today for a FREE demo copy (305) 389-4808 v34.
jump1_01.zip10KJUMP ACCESS ver 1.01, a wcCODE application for Wildcat! 4.01 users with a SUPRA CALLER ID modem and caller id service. Bring your Wildcat BBS into the future with this program today! =============================================================== Partial list of features: 1) Allows your prefered callers to access your BBS by simply dialing your number. No need for them to type in a name and password. Yes, the future is now! 2) Allows you to reject local callers through caller id detecti
katconf.zip8,701BKatConf v1.00; Creates the file CONFLIST.BBS which is displayed by WildCat in place of the normal Conference Listing that is (internaly) built-into WildCat.
katnews.zip22KNewsletter Generator for Wildcat 3.x.
kc200.zip13KDisplays who called today for Wildcat bbs.
kcdeluxe.zip20KKatConf Deluxe! v1.00.1; WC! 3.5x+ Advanced Conference Listing Utility.
kconf120.zip8,428BKat Conference v1.2 WildCat BBS Conference screen maker
keyin10.zip3,680B ########################################### #] [## #] A free utility that will cause [## #] Wildcat! to terminate after each call.[## #] Great for programs like Launch Pad [## #] that detects your modem and runs [## #] Wildcat! 3.x automatically! [## #] By Brandyware Software [## ############################################ ##########################################
kitytrax.zip72KKityTrax v0.01b; An ONLINE live door program for use with Wildcat v3.0+ and IRWIN tape drive systems
kn301.zip62KKATNEWS! v3.01; RIP! Newsletter Creator for Wildcat! v3.90 Systems. including mouse support, and a full- screen editor for newsletter creation!
ksutil.zip23KDoc Files for all Wildcat Utilities written by Karl Schneider
l-10.zip7,623BLast 10 Caller File Generator for Wildcat 3.xx BBS Systems
l1wctext.zip15KLeisure Land; Contain customized prompts for the general Wildcat settings in ASCII-Format and the prompts for Tomcat in the TCTEXT.DAT format.
last10m2.zip42KLAST10CALLERS v2.0 - Bulletin generator of Lasst 10 callers
lcall_10.zip45KLast Caller Lister for Wildcat! 4.01 Version 1.0. The best one around! An easy, automated Last Callers generator! No more hassles trying to to configure hard-to-use, outdated programs! Features: - Coded in wcCODE for a fast, smooth interface with WC! 4.01. - Creates two bulletins (One for daily calls one ongoing list) - Online configuration program. - Installation program for easy setup. - Many other features...
ldog111.zip306KLAUGHING DOG SCREEN MAKER V1.10 - IBM text-mode screen designer w/mouse interface. Operates like a Windows paint program. Popup menus, online help, & on-screen toolbar make designing screens as easy as Point, Click, Drag, & Drop! Generate source code in BASIC, C, Pascal, Assy; or export as BSAVE, ASCII, ANSI, COM, EPS, WildCat or PCBoard BBS files. Includes TSR screen-grab & slide-show utils. DesqView & Windows Compatible. Registr: $35
leftover.zip18KWildCat v3.x Utility finds stray or missing MSG files.
lfils101.zip10KListFiles; Reads the drives and/or directories as selected by the user and generates an ASCII text file under a user specified filename. The intended use of this text file is the automated generation of the BADFILES.LST as used by WildCat! 3.XX.
liners12.zip6,537BLiners 1.2 for Wildcat! 4.01 & 4.10 wcCODE App that allows your users to enter a one line comment to the next caller. SysOp configurable to allow the selection of how many "Liners" you want stored and displayed. Also configure upto three seperate Users and Sec Levels that will not be allowed access. Runs from a menu keypress, or as LOGINx.WCX file. Easy to install, and not crippled!
list224.zip17KListserv v2.24 - lets you run multiple Internet mailing lists from your Wildcat v4.x BBS. FREE wcCODE program! Compiled for Wildcat v4.01 Added the following: -2.24: Listserv now sends a notification to the sender when they post a message to a mailing list -2.24: Added a LISTSERV.HLP option that can send a help file when a help message is sent to the LISTSERV address -2.24: Some minor additions to Listutil -2.23: Listserv now makes a log file that gives a count of the number of messages that wer
listds90.zip17KLISTDS9 v2.1 a Wildcat 4.01 WCCode 4.01 BBS lister. This is the public release of the BEST BBS lister around. You need to see it to believe it! Search the listing on Name or partial Name or list the BBS's by baud rate, BBS software, City or State. And search the comment fields for any Keyword. SysOp aware, you can change any field on any entry in the listing. View the NEW! log file that it now makes.SysOp can delete and undelete entries from the listing, then cut the size of the data file by p
lister28.zip4,166BUser Alias Lister 2.8 for Wildcat! 4.01 wcCODE App that allows the SysOp and/or users to list the Real Name, Alias Name, and Security Level of everyone on the system. SysOp configurable to allow the lockout of upto three seperate Security Levels and Users that will NOT be allowed access. Also configure upto three Sec Levels that will NOT be displayed in the listing. Easy to install. Not crippled.
listuser.zip36KWildcat! Utility to print the User Base
logback.zip24KLog Back v1.0; backup program for Wildcat 3.x BBS's.
logchk32.zip23KLOGCHECK is a simple utility that runs through your ACTIVITY.001 file and creates a statistical report
logfile.zip39KLOGFILE is a utility designed to work with Wildcat 3.xx. The purpose is to archive your files, saving them for historical purposes and future reference.
logitv29.zip170KLogIt v2.9; Create bulls from WildCat BBS v3 activity logs
logman.zip3,837BWILDCAT! Log Manager; Easily view, print and delete TNET.LOG, DUPMSG.LOG, ERROR.LOG, MAILRUN.LOG, WCFILE.LOG
logoffb.zip2,159BMy WIDE BETA release for Logoff [G]oodbye repl
logon410.zip8,618BLOGON.WCC is an improvement of the logon.wcc that came with WcCode 4.10 ONLY! If you would like a little more features out of your logon, then this might be what your looking for. Here is a list of features: *1) Will add the line "Users Alias: " to your activity log. *2) Will prompt users who do not have an alias to create one. And this info can be give via a screen you make, or the generic info given by the program. 3) Will prompt you at local login if you would like to contin
logon_1.zip3,690BLOGON for WC4.01 with FREE WCC Source. Support ANSI/RIP Features: - Fast Local or Normal Logon for SysOp - Fast Logon - Support ANSI Only - User Normal Logon - HELLOS,BIRTH,NEWS,BULL,QUOTS & Mail - Support ANSI/RIP - activity.log Report UserID & Alias - Supports Wildcat's WCLIST program if you use it. - RIP and ANSi Support - Is *FREE* and comes with the source code! - From Gold BBS (305) 854-2135
logtrim.zip42KWildCat! activity log trimming utility. Also trims any .log file.
logutils.zip21KTw Utilities for Wildcat 3.0 Professional To append text and print logs
lstcl10.zip3,910BLASTCALL 1.0 - wcCODE 4.01 Show the last users info in IM or FD's "From" window! If the last call is a user then it will be logged in the front end screen. If the last call is a mail run then it will be logged like normal in the front end. If you don't use one of the above front ends then you will have little use for this utility. *FREEWARE*
lstusr10.zip13KFrontDoor util to update lastcall.xx file to reflect user
ltv22.zip37KLast Ten Visitors v2.2; Creates an output bulletin for WILDCAT! 3.x systems showing information about recent callers.
lvcat35m.zip335KLiveCat Ver 3.1/M; A Live Program External Menu System and Execution Monitor for Multi User Wildcat! 3.xx
m2nc200.zip32KMessage to Next Caller door for WildCat 3.xx BBS's.
mailchck.zip2,764BMAILCHECK v1.0 by DreddWare wcCODE for Wildcat! v4.01 -**-**-**-**-**-**-**-**-**- Stacks commands for easier searching of mail. Three simple WCX files to Read Unread Personal in All conferences and to Read New Selected mail. Both work from the Mail menu. As well an additional one you can add to Main or File Menu's. Simple source included. Written by Jamie Lee of DreddWare(c) The Inner Sanctum Welland,ON Canada 1:247/500 @FidoNet 131:9050/100 @XeroNet -**- MAILCHECK v1.0 is Fre
mailchk4.zip13KSkip WM SCAN if no new mail (by conf.) WC!3
makewcff.zip50KUtility write a wcff.cfg for processing
makscr12.zip14KMakeScript v1.2, Automated Qmodem Mailrun Script Generator
match_10.zip18K-- The Matcher! v1.0 -- This is an excellent! Match Maker Utility for Wildcat! 4.01. It is very user friendly, and fun to use! It is sure to become a very popular part of your BBS! Just try it out. This Program was compiled with WcCode 4.01 and REQUIRES Wildcat! v4.01
mavlsta.zip6,989BMega User ALIAS LIST **FREE** WC4.01 utility. List users by alias. List first and last calls, where from, upload/download information and more. Filter listing alphabetically, by number of calls, and date of last call. Replaces Wildcat [U]ser List command. From sysop of Maverick's Quodtegitur BBS, Calwa, California, (209) 233-7835.
memodat1.zip10KWC3, list user's memo dates. Shows all or only passed dates
menumus.zip13KAdd Music to Wildcat 3.X doors menu file. Includes 7 batch and 7 music files for easy setup.
menux11.zip25KMenux v1.1; Redirect a caller to a specified menu when returning from a DOS hook, Door menu, or Mail menu.
metrobbs.zip67KScreens to use or edit from the Metro BBS
mgnrg401.zip4,955BMags -n- Rags is a wcCODE app from WasteLands Software. Wildcat! 4.01 Only! Used for reading online ASCII publications. No limit on number of articles, just ad the filenames to the MAGRAG.BBS that resides in your \WILDCAT\DISP directory. $10.00 registration fee. Another ByProduct of The WasteLands. The WasteLands BBS (502) 839- 9161 Jeff Wayne author
mimic.zip16KWC3.x util preps TEXT for UTIIMPRT to MSG.
mklist.zip6,117BMkList - Makes a list for "WCFILE" Converts a file list made by "FLOP" into one that can be used in WILDCATs "WCFILE" program to restore the files database.
mmenu2.zip286KFunctional menu program that will allow you to store as many menu items as you want and still have a program thats easy to use and configure. MMenu will manage menu items and Email; Allow you to have as many menu items as you want; Select who can access any or all menu items; Select if a user, one logged in, can exit to DOS and much more.
mmques20.zip23KMM Ques; List BBSs with WildCat! Create easy to read BBS lists from a standard WildCat! questionnaire. This archive includes a sample questionnaire, sample bulletins and a database editor for complete offline control.
mnode15.zip30KWildcat! v3.x Multi-Node DESQview Concepts
mobyzbat.zip2,815BFor external mobyturbo batch files.
modusr11.zip20KModify USERINFO.DAT v1.0; Developed to allow Wildcat! 3.x Sysops to modify a callers security level and time left while he is on-line automatically.
move_0.zip64KMove 0-byte files to other directories
mpage401.zip247KMusical Pager v1.0, wcCODE pager module for WC4.01 Only! Give your callers the ability to page the Sysop thru his/her SoundBlaster! Comes complete with sample WAV, VOC and CMF files. Sysop configurable thru CFG file to display the 5 sound file choices, along with a short description of each sound file. Should work on any system that has a S.B. or compatible driver installed. This one will be sure to get your attention! (C)1994 WasteLands Software! Jeff Wayne author
mpge10.zip2,010BThis VERY small program was written and compiled using WCCode 4.01. MSGPAGE works the same as the [E]nter Message command in your message menu with one exception. After you finish entering a message, and [S]ave it, MSGPAGE will check all active nodes for the person who you wrote the message to. If that person is online, MSGPAGE will send the user a system page to inform him or her that there is a new message waiting. This program is FreeWare!
msgcat28.zip87KMsgCat Version 2.8 For Wildcat 3.02 and 3.50 If you have used the scanfile.bat feature in Wildcat, you know what a powerful feature it is. I thought it would be nice though if when a file failed the scan that the sysop would be notified via a message that the file did fail, what the file's name is, and who the uploader was. Plus a message to the uploader that the uploaded file failed. I also thought it would be nice if the file passed the scan that the uploader get a personal thank you message. That
msgcatd.zip52KMsgCat v1.6d; documentation for WildCat BBS and MsgCat Interface Help Docs
msgcomp.zip18KAllows users to gain 'upload credits' by posting messages. Discourages 'junk' uploads and encourages messaging. Lets Wildcat limit downloads via the normal 'ratio' set up in Makewild.
msgv123.zip46KMSG v1.23; THE mesage for next caller door
msgwt10.zip19KMSGWwait v1.0 Local sysop utilily for "Mail Waiting" WildCat BBS v3.x
msi_lc0.zip3,666B-Today's Caller List- v1.25 POWERFUL. Minor Bug Fix is a full LOGON program written in WcCode v4.01. It lists today's callers in a colorful ANSI-BBS format. It will also call for Mystik Software's Utility that will Send new users a file explaining your BBS (Also available on this BBS as MSI_NUFS.ZIP), if you are using this add-on utility. Registration for Today's Caller List is only $8.00! Mystik Software,Inc
msi_net.zip15KInformation on MSI SupportNET echo hosted by Mustang Software, Inc. Conferences for WILDCAT!, Qmodem, and OLX/SLMR, plus the only vendor supported Electronic Coffee House "Off Topic" conference. Includes sample config, script and info files.
mstat00.zip63KMSTAT ver. 1.26, utility for Wildcat! version 4.x makes up to 10 display files showing conference statistics ... high and low msg #, total active messages, new and old message dates. NOTE: Wildcat! version 3.x users should locate MSTAT3.ZIP for similar displays.
mtime.zip13KMailTime v1.0 Creates a MAIL.BBS screen to users in Tomcat
mubulls.zip83KMusic Program for WCv.3 Bulletins. SEE/HEAR tools incl.
murp_wc.zip20K+-*M*U*R*P*H*Y*S* WC menu's for PCB 14.5a -+ |Beatiful WildCat! style menus for use in | |PCBoard 14.5a, easy to install in PCBTEXT | +------------------------------------------+
mutdesc.zip10KAdd file descriptions automatically to WildCat BBS v3.x Uploads
mwexport.zip27KMWExport v3.0; Makewild Export Sysop utility for Wildcat BBS systems
m_area.zip3,262B** M_AREA.WCX ** This program will extract your absolute paths from MAKEWILD for your MSG .DAT files. Use as a menu option or with the supplied .BAT file.
netbull.zip42KMakes Bulletin of Last PCrelay Mail Run
netbull6.zip81KNETBULL version 2.49 makes screens of echomail activity from wcGATE,wcECHO, TNET, wcGATE, wcECHO, wcUUCP, GOMAIL, WILDMAIL, POSTLINK and PLATINUM XPRESS, including detailed bulletin, summary, HELLO screen, and a wcMAIL or Tomcat opening display screen.
newflop2.zip68KNEWFLOP ver. 1.13, util for Wildcat! 4.x Produces up to 10 output files listing new uploads in the past 'nn' days. Any number of days from 1-365 may be speci- fied. List may be sorted globally or by file area. Allows single- or double- line listing. Includes support for WC 4.10 File Groups.
newlog1.zip2,558BNEWLOG v1.0 by DreddWare wcCODE for Wildcat! v4.01 -**-**-**-**-**-**-**-**-**- An alternative to your default logon. Checks for Birthday, Hello files, Mail at logon, Bulletins, Newsletter, and Quote of the day. Best of all it checks for New Files! As well as checks to see if the WCLLOGON.WCX exits and chains it. -**- Written by Jamie Lee of DreddWare(c) The Inner Sanctum Welland,ON Canada 1:247/500 @FidoNet 131:9050/100 @XeroNet -**- NEWLOG v1.0 is FreeWare!
newtvkey.zip1,361BNew KEY file for The Verifier, a callback user verification door for wc.
newusr4.zip3,574BNEW USER LISTER v1.01 - This Is Another WC4.01 New User Listing Utility. It Allows You To Specify The Path To The Screen You Want Created. ie: c:\wc40\bull\bull20.bbs It Reads The Wildcat User Database And Extracts All Users That Have Signed On In Last 30 Days & Creates a Display File Suitable For Posting Either As A Bulletin Or Hello.BBS File. Lists Date of 1st Call, Username, & Where From
new_ques.zip4,038BWildcat New User Questionnaire With ANSI Graphics.
nmkr101.zip16KNews Maker 1.01 by CompuWizz Systems Excellent utility written in wcCode 4.01 that will make creating and maintaining your NEWSLTR.BBS file (or any other file you choose) quick and painless. Some Features Include: * Easy to install * Attractive Output Screens * Menu Driven * Local & Remote Operation Supported * Edit News File Online (locally) * Upload Premade Newsfile (remote) * Very Configurable * Multiple Output Formats
nodeinfo.zip4,682BDisplay Master Info, Quick Stats, Status of Nodes 1-10
nodesc.zip19KWildCat v3.x utility finds missing file descriptions and writes a report.
nodestuf.zip59KNODESTUF, version 1.00, for Wildcat version 4.x, allows you to control how the [W]ho's Online command displays info for nodes running events such as echomail tasks, etc.
nodeup12.zip17KNodeUp v1.0; Designed so that your Netmail Line would not disapear from the [W]ho is online display in Wildcat.
nothere.zip8,738BNOTTHERE is a real handy little utility that checks all entries in your WILDCAT 3.0 Files Database and looks in the Drive/Directory where WC says they are located. If it doesn't find the file there, it prints out the File Area, the FileName and the Drive/directory where Wildcat's file database says it's supposed to be.
notify.zip51KSend a message to specific door users only
nppage05.zip11KNPPAGE04 Near Perfect Pager v0.5 A feature packed pager module for WildCat! v4.01. Includes Configurable day by day Paging Hours, Twit Filter with Sysop created Display File. Good User list for auto informing of off hours over ride Password changes. No page with out a stated reason from user. Supports user record page flags and is hotkeys aware. If you've been looking for a quality pager for WC 4.01 stop looking, this is it! Compiled using wcCode v4.01. 12/18/94. Brought to you by Beggar's Banq
nulist18.zip14KNULIST1.8 - Makes a list of files for BBSs. Nulist takes the work out of adding file names and descriptions to a new Wildcat BBS Uses file lists made by "FLIST" by Larry Edwards, "FLOP" by Michael Conley, or "WCPRO" by Mustang Software. Once the list is converted by NULIST the new list can be imported into a Wildcat BBS database thru "WCFILE".
numer.zip107KNumerology Divinator bbs door. Beta 1.5.
nuser104.zip133KThis Program will require newusers to leave Sysop a message. Newuser was made Specificly for Wildcat 3.6 or higher. is required for this program to work.
obl11.zip7,497BOur BBS List v1.1 A .WCX program that will allow members of your WILDCAT! v4.01 BBS to add their own BBS information that is compiled directly into a color Bulletin or Goodbye.BBS file. v 1.1 Now makes a Text file for download and has several improvements! Fast, direct way to start an ongoing BBS list for download or display. Fully operational......Not Crippleware!!! No expiration v1.1 Fixes the "over-right bug"! Computer One BBS (818)763-9006
ocd101x.zip111KOn-line Checks Direct Door for Wildcat, GAP or any other DOOR.SYS BBS. Accepts information from users that enables sysop to process billing information with American Banking Systems Corp. Supports ASCII, ANSI and RIP graphics. Fully interrupt driven, supports Fossils DigiBoard and non-standard comports as well as normal com ports up to 115,200! Another fine CalypsoWare product.
oeb113.zip230KOEB v1.13, Sales Door w/electronic checks! Users can use their bank accounts to make online purchases. Door for any DOOR.SYS BBS, allows callers to make purchases from an online catalog and pay electronically with their checking account. Unlimited catalog size with downloadable photographs and information. Fully automated, full text logging, multi-node aware, DigiBoard, FOSSIL, and non-standard com support. Automated communications program to transfer transaction data to processing center v
offbt23.zip29KOFFBEAT! v2.3 WC4.01 (WCX) BBS Utility. OFFBEAT! will allow the caller to have a chance to make final decisions before Logging off your BBS. This .wcx file offers you the SysOp, more options and control over the user before they say GOODBYE! This is by far the best Good Bye .wcx utility written yet for a WC! System. Sysop may place comments from users into a conference of his or her choice. Users may page SysOp with the special paging module coded in. SysOp can stop those a
oflinwc.zip14KConvert an entire dir text file dates to 'off-line'. This comes in handy if you need to mark an entire dir text file offline real quick. Includes C source code. The source code is commented very well. Compiled with Topspeed C (includes .PR file for Topspeed). 02/12/93.
olcat-td.zip258KOnline Catalog v1.8 for SysOps who sell things on there BBS Systems, compatable with any DOOR.SYS producing BBS system. A GREAT Sales door, fully configurable, and great options, accepting all major credit cards.
omlcat.zip11KOMLCAT v1.0; Order of Merit List generator for Wildcat v3.00 and above
os2setup.zip1,324BInformation on running WildCat BBS with OS/2
packlog.zip10KFor Wildcat 3.0x+ activity log maintenance.
page301.zip38KPAGEME allows your computer to call a pager number, and make your beeper display a number of your choice. Extra features for WildCat BBS sysops!
page99.zip15KAllows The Page and/or Bell to be controlled from external events
pagemstr.zip2,007BAnother Pager!! written for wildcat Ver 4.01
pager101.zip5,149BPAGER101 V2.0 By: FLaCiD'94 {ALL Bugs Fixed} Everything that you may EVER need! This is the Ultimate Page Replacement Program! - Easy to use - Good Graphics - Many Options - Light Bar Support - Cool Sounds - Lots More! Just Download it, and try it.. For WildCat OnlY Complied with WCcode 4.01
pager30.zip5,369BCustom SysOp Pager 3.0 for Wildcat! 4.01 wcCODE App that replaces the standard SysOp Page function. It will prompt the user for a two line reason as to the nature of their page. Twit filter allows the SysOp to select upto three seperate Sec Levels and Users that will NOT have access to the Pager. Will write to the activty log showing you their reason for the page. Create and use your own menu in the registered version!
pager40.zip2,475BPager v4.0: wcCODE app that lets users page the SysOp, emgerency page the SysOp, or leave a comment to the SysOp. All in the same menu.
paper20.zip117KComputer Paper Display Conversion v2.0; Convert text files to computer paper display Support WIldcat 3.0 - 3.xx display codes. Remove all or partial wildcat codes; Display wildcat files (BBS/SCR/HLP/etc); Edit any file using your favorite editor menu and mouse driven ........and more
pgme1_1.zip23KChange your page screens externally from an idle screen program. This program simple swaps you page.bbs screens to more appropriate phrases.
pgr401ur.zip6,654BA sysop paging facility for use with WC-Code v
phvn0001.zip11KThe Flashiest external protocol for WildCat BBS Systems.
plant11.zip43KPlanter v 1.10 Wildcat 3.x+ utility.Use Planter to place the name of a Door, DOS Hook, BBS Event, Mailrun, Comment, Idle Screen process or Batch file name in your Will plant any name or number. Intelligent, uses %WCEnviroment%, produceserror log, transparent to user, multi-node works under DV & Windows.
pmstr210.zip55KPostMaster v2.1 - Command line message utility for WC! 3.x. Extremely popular utility for posting text files as messages from the command line. Very useful for posting logs as messages, first time caller greetings, questionaire results + much more. This version adds the ability to properly address messages posted in your FIDO netmail conference plus built-in support for sending first time callers a welcome message from the LOGIN1.BAT file. Shareware - $25 No key required for evaluation!
popconf.zip20KWildCat v3.x SysOp Utility reports status of a selected conference
popflop0.zip67KPOPFLOP ver. 1.13, util for Wildcat! 4.x Produces up to 10 output files listing most popular downloads in the past 'nn' days. Any number of days from 1-365 may be specified, or you pay do an "alltime" mode. Allows single- or double-line output format.
poster25.zip97KPoster 2.5-Top Ten Message Posting Contest for Wildcat! Poster keeps track of your message activity on a monthly basis. During the month, Poster creates two different bulletins designed to get your users to post (RIP bulletins are also available). At the end of the month, your top message posters are put in another bulletin and the contest starts over.
postmstr.zip53KPost Master v1.14 - Command line message utility for WC! 3.0
prescan.zip34KPrescan for use with Tomcat Offline mail Door Wildcat! BBS util.
prescn11.zip64KPrescn11: allows the user to add themselves to your tomcat Prescan mail event. Once registered it also allows the user to go into tomCat from within the Prescn11 door.. Prescn11 supports RIP,ANSI, & ASCII Prescn11 is Copyrighted, 1994 Graveyard Software
prime107.zip12KPrime v1.07 for WC 4.x Restrict access to your BBS by security level, caller, time, and connect rate. Compiled with WcCode v4.01. This program can save you from having to set up another node to accommodate your prime callers. I assure you that your prime callers will truely appreciate the time periods you set aside for their access only. The Sysop gets the added benefit of controlling who exactly can call their BBS at any time of the day. Prime allows you restrict access to your BBS by security
prom0110.zip311KP o n y R O M v.1.0 - CDRom Download Door This door features the following: - Updates BBS download Counts/Bytes - Works with ANY popular cdrom disc - For PCBoard 14.5, Wildcat 3.0, RA 1.10 - Supports COM 1-4 up to 115200 bps - Dbase compatible database - and more ... Not Cripled - Does Not Expire - Shareware Compile Date: 01/10/92 18:00
prompts.zip35KWildCat v3.6 *ONLY* WCTEXT.DAT with prompt number for each prompt
prosel.zip20KWildCat v3.5x utility alters any File Transfer protocol by security level.
prowlnet.zip21KProwl; wdnet wildcat file distribution net.
pulldown.zip9,833BSEMI pull down style menus for WildCat BBS
puser.zip4,324BImport or Export user information via ASCII Te
putdesc.zip15KA fast and easy program to add DESC.SDI  and/or FILE_ID.DIZ files into a ZIP, ARJ or LZH archive. Many BBS systems now have the ablilty to read one or both of these files and automatically insert the description into the BBS file records at the time of upload. See my AUTODESC program for WILDCAT 3.x+.
puton.zip17KWILDCAT 3.0+ ONLY! HST PUTON and PUTOFF are used to set or reset the flag for 'stored off-line' in a WC3x+ Wildcat Files database.
px10td.zip1,142KPlatinum Xpress Fido FrontEnd for Wildcat! This is a pre-release Test Drive version of powerful integrated Fido Frontend Package specifically designed for Wildcat 4.x! Join Fidonet Easily! Setup a private network of Wildcat all linked up for your organization! It has everything you need! Internal editor, Fido Mail Tosser & Packer, Tic Processor, AreaFix, FileFix Manager! Nodelist Compiler, Fax Server, etc! All integrated with Wildcat! MakeWild Look and Feel! 1-2-3 Setup! THIS PACKAGE IS GUARANTEE
p_q.zip4,137B +####### +###### +-+###-+ |###--+ Peace 'n Quiet - a WCCode app for WildCat! 4.01=< offers |### |### individual control of Sysop Page and bell on any node. |### |### If you run a front-end mailer you need to check this out! |### |###### TC Systems' shareware - $5 registration +--+ +-----+ SYSTEMS -----------------
q2w148.lzh122Klzh 125154 03/02/91 Quick/RA to WC v2.x message convertor for echomail
qgw10.zip3,458BThe Quick Graffiti Wall v1.0 for WC4. simple graffiti door mainly for logon. asks the caller if they want to enter a line to the wall, then it asks the user what color they would like the quote to be. it then writes it to a file. simple setup! Registration only $5! Compiled with wcCODE v4.01 Dragon Smoke BBS (702) 738-7434
qotd11.zip79KQOTD 1.0-Trivia Question of the Day for Wildcat! 3.x and Time Door. Gives your users a trivia question of the day using the Wildcat! questionnaires and then gives prizes of extra time in Time Door.
questrip.zip20KQUESTRIP v1.00 performs the very simple task of deleting the empty lines in the response files to Wildcat 3.0 questionnaires.
quests20.zip51KQUESTATS v2.0; Generates answer sheets for WildCat Questionnaires
quikst10.zip17KQuikstat v1.0; Simple activity log analyzer for Wildcat 3.55. Stats include: Sysop Logins Dropped Carriers Exceeded Time Limits Tomcat Runs and more!
quoteofg.zip1,699BQUOTEOFF v2 is a wcCODE v4.01 replacement for Wildcat's standard [G]oodbye command. It displays your Quote Of The Day to the caller, then logs the caller off with the quote left displayed on his monitor. This version adds a check for marked files and ignores expertise level in a local logon. FREEWARE by Dennis Henderson... SysOp at Backroads BBS in Kent, WA (206)850-7948
qv101.zip65KQuesview 1.01: questionnaire manager for Wildcat sysops. A must if you have questionnaires. Supports 100+ ques over 100+ nodes.
qwkchk10.zip547KPowerful and feature packed archives scanner for Wildcat 3.xx
rampage5.zip12KRamPage v5.0. The Complete Wildcat 4.01+ Paging System. FREEWARE! Complete re-write with some all new features. Features include: SysOp customizable ANSI & RIP Screens. ANSI/RIP compatible. User prompted for reason for page. Normal and Emergency Page, with ability to set length of emergency page or disable emergency page entirely. Set which Conference where user comments are placed. RamPage is now capable of running other WCX files if the user chooses to log off from the RamPage menu.
refresh1.zip56KSuper Fast File Freshener for WildCat! 3.xx
regdor34.zip140KWC's 5th Menu, ANS RIP, Digi, IM, Fossil, NS IRQs, much more... This is a door that can be setup as a menu hook so your users will have easy access to download your membership form, RIP term, ICONS callback verifier and even run other door programs from within. Has option for 5, 9 or 14 different Menu Options. I use it with WC Charge and they work very well together. Uses all internal protocals that Wildcat uses. NO NEED for a third party programs like DSZ or GSZ. Full RIP aware and has RIP scr
remote5c.zip90KRemote Control v5.2b [What is Remote Control] Simply Put, Remote Control ,is a SysOp Utility, The Main reason RC was created was to AID the Sysop in keeping his/her board up to date, allowing the CO-Sysop to do things that up to now could only be done on a local screen.. Such as Creating Display files, Adding doors, Changing configur
remove30.zip9,404BCleans activity.log by sec. levels. FREE, REMOVE allows you to specify up to 3 diff. security levels then will read the specified activity.log file and remove any activity for these levels. For WC! 3.xx BBS
renum.zip45KRENUM v1.7; Will renumber all of the *.MSG files in any subdirectory
reqst10.zip45KRequest! v1.0b wcCODE 4.01 - A NetMail FTP File Request Processor for WC! This wcx file will process File Requests from a user on ANY NET that you have set up in your FTSC Mailer, including the Internet using Fido<>Gateway. The Processor will reply to File Requests and automatically UUEncode the file back to the User as an outbound Netmail Message. This is NOT a file attachment but a FTP method to send a file using a Email Message. The program reads a "MAGIC" name list and responds automatically
resetter.zip21KWC3.x utility: resets up to 11 user fields by security.
reswc100.zip118KRESETWC! v1.00; WILDCAT! Message Database Utility
ripimg1.zip612KRIP 2.0 JPG Image Viewer - v1.2 You provide the Images and your RIP 2.0 users view them while online. Will support up to 12 images. WcCode 4.01 THE BAD BOY BBS! 310.378.3081 2-16-95 1.1 First public release. 2-17-95 1.2 Minor bug fix. Added ActivityLog Notes.
riptogr.zip4,239BRIPTOGR v1.0 - Convert DOOR.SYS/USERINFO.
ripwa.zip6,975BWildCat 3.9x Util for DOORS that don't understand RIP graphics
ronscall.zip61KRonsCALL v3.36 Powerful 'Who called today' for BBSs.
ronshead.zip41KGenerates Tomcat screen showing mail door.
ronsstat.zip51KRonsstat v3.25: file database overview.
rotate2.zip54KAllows you to have as many screens as you want and rotate them every day in your event.. It is a fairly simple program but will add a new look to your bbs every day..
ro_tate5.zip4,902BwcROTATE - 5.0 ===================================== Randomly Display Advertisement Files ===================================== Easy To Set Up And Use. Earn Extra BBS Income By Operating An Ad Service. Good DOC File. Shareware Version Displays Up To Ten Ads. Great Addition To Your BBS! Registration Is Only $10. ===================================== Registration Includes SOURCE CODE. =====================================
rpost100.zip34KRNET .REP packet post-processor utility v1.00
rt_menu3.zip81KREALtime Menu System a LIVE DOOR MENU GENERATOR for LiveCat, LivePRO & WildFire by Steve Cox. Generates Live Door Menus REALtime in ASCII and ANSI, Lists last accessing caller and times the door was played. Complete USER Stats and AWESOME game menus! Generates bulletins on doors and users. By Peter Guethlein V0.993 12/1/92 Support Board THE SOLAR SYSTEM BBS 714-837-9677/3218.
rundr13.zip5,892BRUNDOOR v.1.3 - wcCODE 4.01 - A WCX door menu utility. Assign just one key to call this menu and run up to 40 more WCX prgms from within. Allows sysop to use custom external menu or internal menu. Sysop configurable colors (to a point) when using internal menu. Thirty-three spaces allowed to describe each program. See RUNDOOR1.CFG for setup instructions. - FREE -
runmail.zip14KRunMail v1.0; Determines if a caller left a message while they were on-line.
safecopy.zip50KSafely copy files without SHARING VIOLATION Ver 1.1
salbul12.zip6,075BSaleBull v1.1 is a wcCODE Door for Wildcat! v4.01 Only! It is a Door that will allow the sysop to define a bulletin of his/her own choosing, that users can add "FOR SALE" or "WANTED" items to. New in this version, addition of a "WANTED" Bulletin! Colorful display of finished bulletin! Users can either view the finished BULLx.BBS from Wildcat!'s Main Menu or view it from within the Door itself. Copyright 1994 WasteLands Software, Jeff Wayne author
sb.zip103KContinuous Story Type Door for WildCat! v3.xx
sblgn_v4.zip11KSBLogin v4.0 Sound Blaster announces caller in WildCat! v3.6+
scall221.zip91KSHOW CALL 2.21: Great looking caller display g
scanfile.zip12KSCANFILE.ZIP v1.00 - Post Upload batch file information for Wildcat v3+ using TranScan v4+ "The Premium File Scanner & Converter!" This file includes sample SCANFILE.BAT, PREUP.BBS, HELLO1.BBS, TS.CMT and *.IMP files. It also contains portions of the TS.DOC file specific to Wildcat v3+ and Wildcat-IM.
scanscrn.zip911BCatscan alternative display screen - color changes Modification to the standard display screen supplied with CATSCAN.
scantst1.zip5,899BThis batch file will test uploads to Wildcat! v3.0+ for integrity and viruses on multi-node and single-line setups as long as the WCNODEID and WCPORTID environment variables are set. Nested compressed files are also handled in ZIP.
scnfr010.zip72KScanFreq Scanner Frequency Database program .WCC format Wldct 4.01 This program is in wcCODE format. It will run with WildCat! version 4.01 and above. It is an excellent database for your scanner frequencies. Your users can display any frequencies in the database or add their own. It has great graphics and runs very quickly. This will make a great addition to any Law Enforcement, Ham Operator, or Scanner enthusiast BBS. Full support on our BBS. CODE-3 BBS (714) 534-9196
sdisp120.zip15KSwap Display; Swaps display files Display files listed in the configuration file will each be swapped at random.
sdiz11.zip37KSDIZ v1.1, DESC.SDI/FILE_ID.DIZ processor for WILDCAT! 3.5x. SDIZ automagically imports descriptions from these files as a part of SCANFILE.BAT. Can process ARC, ARJ, HYP, LZH, PAK, SDN, ZIP and ZOO files as well as any self-extracting archive! SDIZ must be used with Stacy Smith's ARCID (ARCID093.ARJ) or a similar program capable of identifying an archive type and generating an errorlevel. This version features better description handling and will strip ALL high-bit ASCII characters.
setconf.zip8,483BReset WC3 callers to selected conferences.
sf0byte.zip43K0 byte file generator for use with WILDCAT! This program is simple and straight forward, it may be run manually or from the command line in a batch file.
sf0byte4.zip41K"0" BYTE file maker for WILDCAT! 3.0's CD-ROM support.
sf2wc.zip132KUtility to use to convert your Spitfire 3.3 users database over to Wildcat 3.x.
sgrph120.zip22KStat Graph; Reads the system statistics from your NODEINFO.DAT file, formats this info into a bar graph, and writes a colorful statistics screen.
sifter25.zip10KSIFTER v1.25 - Converts BBS file listings into neat columns for disk catalog use. Handy utility when importing comments or file descriptions into your favorite disk catalog program such as Intellicat,etc.Now handles Wildcat,TBBS,PC-Board,and FEBBS files.Handles multi-line file descriptions too.Graphic interface with several options.
skipuser.zip11KAllows specified USERS to skip Virus Scan when UPloading!
slkwilly.zip7,643BQuotes file of Slick Willie's Infallible method for winning elections
sls10.zip11KSecurity Level Sorter v1.0 - A Sysop utility for Wildcat BBS systems.
smtwho22.zip6,608BWho's Online replacement WCX for WC 4.01 and Front Ends!! FREE!
sortconf.zip27KWildcat! 3.0 Utility For Creating Bulletins of conferences available.
sortconh.zip65KSORTCONF ver. 1.50, utility for Wildcat! makes sorted, grouped conference lists for Version 4.x and 3.x of Wildcat!
spider15.zip37KSpider v1.15; Used to rotate a series of files to specific targets. It can be used to shuffle Prelog, Hello and Goodbye screens as well as Menus and Bulletins. Spider can be used for any type of BBS, or any situation where you would like to replace one or more files in rotation.
sslist0.zip3,629BSSLIST 1.02 Wildcat 4.01 Allfiles lister written in WcCODE 4.01 *FREEWARE* Now creates a 33% smaller allfiles list Places your name on top of the list. by Myles Winston -StarSoft bbs-
stardate.zip1,636BStarDate 1.0 - Display the current stardate! FREE! (wcCODE 4.01) StarDate is intended to be added to one of your Wildcat! 4 menus. When a caller runs the program, it will display the CURRENT stardate as computed in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Written by Bryan C. Laird on stardate 2095148. Internet: MSI HQ BBS: BRYAN LAIRD
stat10.zip35KSTAT v1.0; Read through your ALLUSERS.DAT and SECLEVEL.DAT files, and generates a print out to the screen and/or to a file. This output will show the percentage of users at each security level along with how many users are in your database.
statgen3.zip32KSTATGEN; Simple program to make a short statistics screen for a Wildcat! BBS
stats30.zip68KThe Stats Machine v3.0; Sysop utility for Wildcat which generates BBS statistics
stats401.zip74KA Poor Sysop's Stats for Wildcat Systems
statso.zip49KStatso v1.0 ++ Activity Log analyzer for Wildcat! 3.xx BBS's. Makes a concise one screen display of your activity log file for up to 12 different log files. No registration fee! A free utility for Wildcat! SysOp's! From The Star Link BBS!
status40.zip39KStatus Version 4.01 - ERRORLEVEL's If Node is Allready Running
stravote.zip5,998BStravote; Time is close to each one of us doing our duty to see the right man is elected to office. So use this to check on his progress.
strip21.zip33KStrip Log v2.1 Remove unwanted entries from WildCat! v3.xx logs
subb100.zip199KSubber v1.00 - The Character Subber! Subber is designed to substitute characters in a WildCat! bulletin, menu, or other .BBS display file. Create a generic background using WCDraw or TheDraw, and create text using your favorite text editor. Use Subber to combine the two together! Ideal for BBS system notices, news, & info screens that need to be changed frequently. Version 1.00 is the initial release of Subber.
suprscan.zip53KSUPRSCAN, version 4.02 for Wildcat! DOOR program lets users search through a variety of BBS Lists For versions 4.x and 3.x of Wildcat!
swapclr.zip8,606BSwapColor v1.5; Utility that reads a display file, such as Hello1.BBS and changes the existing @ color codes to new @ codes.
switch31.zip18KMakes USER.BBS for slow modems to call another NODE. Keep your FAST modem line open with this program. It requests slower modem callers to change to another node, the message is automatically created, sent, and erased. You can create your own message to callers, or use the hardcoded one.
syshlpb.zip31KSYSOP HELPER v0.01b BUG FIX WC Utils at a keystroke. This is a small utility that I made to help me in using the utilities that came with Wildcat 3.90.
syslst12.zip22KSYSLIST V1.2 - Makes a Bulletin of BBSs'. Works with any version 3.xx Wildcat BBS. Syslist now creates 2 files, BULLx.BBS for BBS display and BULLx.TXT, for a list to download. Using the 2 new supplied Questionaires all Visiting Sysops can be listed in the bulletins. From Tinker Software and Larry Edwards.
sysmkr21.zip128K"SysOpMaker" will allow you to have an on going list of BBS's in your area.
syspak.zip3,014BA great little assortment of sysops tools
s_501wc.zip52KSabreChat! v5.01 for WILDCAT!; Multi-Node Chat/Conference Program Full ANSI protocol support. Line by line AND character by character mode!
tabscat6.zip24KTabscat! v3.0 for Wildcat 4.10, From Pagoda Software. New for Wildcat, enables the use of TABS ID's for user upgrades. Complete with support for multiple TABS numbers, $10, $20, $25, $35, $50 ID's. Sets expiration date, and allows for multiple user upgrades, option to send a message to users who upgrade. Includes option to lock out hackers. Compiled with wcCode 4.10
tag_me2.zip40KTAG_ME!_TOO! Tags All InterNet & Usenet wcGate
taz_scrn.zip217KComplete BBS/RIP(ICONs) screens for WC! from The Taz's BBS.
tbb110.zip39KNEW v1.10! Full Featured Time & Byte Storage program written in wcCODE 4.01. Users store Daily Time and/or Daily Download Bytes in their own person Bank Account! Included is the TBB Sysop Utility. Awesome NEW Features! This powerful program will allow you to setup TBB and Edit users accounts! TBB now has unlimited Security Level setups! With the new Sysop Utility you can Add, Delete, Copy, and toggle access with a press of a key! NOW you can Delete Users from TBB's Database! Service Fees & Int
tbit2500.zip1,639BModem settings for WildCat BBS and Telebit
tbrsh102.zip93KTheBrush 1.02 - TheDraw companion; BMP /PCX im
tcat301.zip227KTomcat 3.01 mail door for Wildcat 3.0 bbs's.
tcatbat.zip3,577BWildcat/Tomcat utility. Makes up or download of local mail packet fast & easy, and no need to log-on to system.
tcm170.zip12KTNET Configuration Maker v1.70 - WC! Systems Makes TNet Configuration Files BRUN45 Required - Not Included in Archive
tcscr3m.zip16KMakes TOMCAT Stat Screen, now works with Multi nodes. WC!3.
tcudscrn.zip62KTomcat Update Screen v1.0 Simple Tomcat stat screen maker.
tc_mail.zip2,786BOriginally written for PCB systems, re-written for use on Wildcat! 3.x based bbs systems.
tc_scrns.zip1,661BTwo Sample TomCat Screens to Check out!
tdmsgc.zip4,233BCheck for Severe Btree Errors in DupMsg log file and report.
tdylst21.zip43KThis simple utility will scan your Wildcat files database and create a text file of new uploads in your specified areas. The areas and dates for the scan are easily changed.
template.zip1,316BWildcat BBS Function Key Template
tfix.zip40KUse AllFix to receive .TIC files for Wildcat!
tglnr401.zip5,248BTagLiner v1.0 For Wildcat! 4.01 only! NEW wcCODE Door to let users add a TagLine to your QUOTES.BBS File. SysOp definable TAG text, header/footer colors via the CFG file. Very colorful output with very nice header/footer display! (C)1994 WasteLands Software, Jeff Wayne author. Registration only $10.00! Just another ByProduct of The WasteLands
thedoor.zip47KTheDoor; Expand DOS hooks to as many as needed!
tic2wc10.zip18KTIC2WC v1.0 A TIC processor for WC!4.01. Tosses TIC files into WC! database, adds ZIP/ARJ comments, CRC checking on incoming files and searches for FILE_ID.DIZ in archives and uses for long description. A FREEWARE utility from PAROLE Software. This utility ONLY works with WC!4.01 or greater. Source code available for a fee.
ticfix11.zip10KTICFIX v1.1 is a utility program for WCFF. If you use WCFF in a File Distribution Network, YOU NEED THIS! It fixes files hatched via WCFF using an AKA or ALIAS. Searches the .TIC files and replaces the corrupt FROM: with the correct FROM entry.
times17.zip27KTIMESAVER V1.7 WC Code Time Bank/Games For Wildcat 4.01 ONLY *FREEWARE* Allows users to save online time for later use. maximum save time can be configured, it also writes to Wildcat Log Files. NOW MORE CONFIGURABLE......... **Changes Made** You can now turn off certain games, also added security lockouts. changed display screens, fixed a couple of bugs, almost a total rewrite. see history.doc for details on changes and upgrades. Games Included in this version TIMESAV
timevlt.zip90KTimeVault! A simple WC3.X FREEWARE Time Bank door, really simple to set up. No maintenance...No Brain involved! Configurable so your users can't stay online for days with banked time!
timevrip.zip106KTime Vault v2.01; Free RIP capable Time & File Bank for WC3.X This version is new from "ON-CALL" Software and is of course free. Allows configuration of Time Stored, Files Stored, and Max daily withdrawals of both. Fully autodetects RIP support and displays the RIP menus and graphics!
tjbad10.zip13KBad! v1.00 (WCX 4.01) displays a listing of the TOP 20 Worst Users based on points. -1/Download +10/Upload +25/Message and +1/Call. Writes to the display screen of your choice. See doc's for setup and installation. A free Wildcat! utility program from T&J Software.
tjgood10.zip13KGood! v1.00 (WCX 4.01) displays a listing of the TOP 20 Best Users based on points. -1/Download +10/Upload +25/Message and +1/Call. Writes to the display screen of your choice. See doc's for setup and installation. A free Wildcat! utility program from T&J Software.
tjnew10.zip13KTJNew v1.00 (WCX) displays all new callers to your BBS in a display screen of your choice. See doc's for setup and installation. A free Wildcat! utility program from T&J Software.
tjsl10.zip12KTJSL v1.00 (WCX) displays a listing of all security levels with the total # of users at each security level. Writes to the display screen of your choice. See doc's for setup and install- ation. A free Wildcat! utility program from T&J Software.
tjtf10.zip13KTopFiles v1.00 (WCX 4.01) displays a listing of the TOP 20 files downloaded on your system along with total number of DL's for each one listed. Writes to the display screen of your choice. See doc's for setup and installation. A free Wildcat! utility program from T&J Software.
tjtm10.zip13KTopMess v1.00 (WCX 4.01) display a listing of the TOP 20 message posters on your system along with total number of message for each of the TOP 20. Writes to the display screen of your choice. See doc's for setup and installation. A free Wildcat! utility program from T&J Software.
tjtop30.zip47KTJTop30 v1.0; Makes a display of the top 30 downloaded files based upon reading your file. This is for Wildcat! 3.xx BBS's only. A free utility for Wildcat!
tjyest11.zip51KTJYest v1.1 -- Activity Log analyzer for Wildcat! 3.xx BBS's which makes a nice display screen of who called yesterday. Display shows time, name, and baud rate. Local logons do not show, easy setup and easily configures for multi-nodes by using seperate CFG file. A FREE utility brought to you from T&J Software!
tjyest20.zip59KTJYest v2.00 -- Activity Log analyzer for Wildcat! 3&4 BBS's which makes a nice display screen of who called yesterday. Display shows time, name, and baud rate. Local logons do not show, easy setup and easily configures for multi-nodes. A FREE utility brought to you from T&J Software!
tlist100.zip14K-=>TheLister 1.00 TheLister is a simple program in wcCODE that allows users to view, add to, and download lists of BBS's, Telnet Sites, and FTP Sites. SysOp configurable to allow up to 3 sec. levels access to the BBS add feature, allows ALL users to view and download all lists, and add to all lists except BBS list. Runs as a menu hook or logon/goodbye unit. Registration only $5.00!!!!
tnlt10.zip11KTNET log trim utility for Wildcat BBS.
today34.zip203KToday in history 3.4: Can also be used as a reminder/tickler/etc.
todaybbs.zip30KToday Bulletin maker for WC 3.0.
todaydor.zip56KDisplay TODAY IN HISTORY for any day. v3.22
topcatb.zip8,732BTOPCAT: Doesn't need any BRUNxx.EXE files!
topdl11.zip13KTopDL v1.10 (WCX 4.01) displays a listing of the TOP 20 downloaders on your system along with total download k per user. Writes to the display screen of your choice. See doc's for setup and install- ation. A free Wildcat! utility program from T&J Software.
topdown1.zip14KTOPDOWN1 is a new rewrite of my TOPDOWN progr am and will handle over 25,000 files. It can also create a list of ALL your files sorted by Number of Downloads, if desired. TurboC program, quite fast and easy; makes good Bulletin or Hellox screen, etc. Or just for your own file maintenance.
topul10.zip13KTopUL v1.00 (WCX 4.01) display a listing of the TOP 20 uploaders on your system along with total upload k per user. Writes to the display screen of your choice. See doc's for setup and install- ation. A free Wildcat! utility program from T&J Software.
total11.zip10KTotalize for Wildcat 3.xx Systems. It will read Nodeinfo.dat for Calls Today, Messages Today, UploadsToday, Downloads Today.
tr10.zip19KTraffic Report v1.0; Useful sysop utility for Wildcat 3.xx which tells you when your board is the busiest. A screen is generated which displays the percentage of calls your board receives based on hour and day of the week.
track13.zip27KTrack v1.3; Tracks messages uploaded via Tomcat for WC v3.xx.
trans201.zip224KVersion 2.01 Now WildCat v3.9 and RIP compatible! The prompts included will not work with previous versions of Wildcat. 2.01 now includes a utility called MAKERIP.EXE that will ask you a few questions and create a fairly nice RIP menu for you! Saves you paying $200 for RiPaint! The ansi and ascii screens are now customizable at your request.
trick.zip6,060BUsed in Wildcat BBS IM to "trick" it into running DOORS
tstat10.zip13KTSTAT v1.00; Useful sysop utility for Wildcat 3.0 which generates Tomcat statistics by reading the ACTIVITY.XXX file.
tstats.zip53KTSTATS v1.63 - Total WildCat Stats Generator New! Created colour bulletin on top users and most downloaded files. Several types of report format, and fully configurable colours. Author offers ongoing support!
tstcfg10.zip52KTestCFG 1.0beta; helps sysops find mistakes before they cause any trouble.
tv30.zip105KThe Verifier v2.0; "The Verifier" provides a means in which the WildCat sysop may verify users without manual intervention.
tvpro11.zip267KThe Verifier Professional v1.1; Your First Choice in Call Back Verification
tvstat32.zip9KThe Verifier statistics v3.1: for Wildcat! v3.x bbs.
uls100.zip5,288BULS - UserList by Sec. Level, UserID, Alias & Phone Voice. FreeWare. FREEWARE ULS v1.00 for Wildcat V4.01 the ultimate SysOp Userlist Utility. SAMPLE OUTPUT: ULS v1.00 Users Listing by Security Level : GOLD ID -- User Name ----------- Alias ------------ Sec.Level - PH.Voice ---- 216 GEORGE ALLEN ALIEN GOLD 305-111-1111 857 JOE SMITH THE KID GOLD 305-222-2222 584 JIM MCDONALD
uncolor.zip16KWildCat 3.x util removes any @xx@ color codes from files.
unicat10.zip15KUniversal door converter utility for Wildcat. Run 2.xx doors on 3.xx and visa versa. Program also restores changes made to callers stats before returning to bbs.
upage10.zip61KUniPage v1.0; The Universal Paging System and complete page/chat door. Presents the caller with a custom menu or "Reasons" for the page.
updnlog.zip61KDesigned for use with Wildcat! BBS software. They create ASCII and ANSI display files for Sysop use to track files that have been uploaded and downloaded.
updnwc30.zip24KWildcat 3.x utility. Makes lists of the top 'n' downloaders and uploaders, plus a list of up/dnloads for ALL your callers. Either or both can be copied to a bulletin, etc. Very fast!
upgrador.zip50KWildCat BBS v3.x DOOR lets callers UPGRADE if they know the code. v3.14
upld21.zip29KMakes nice bulletin of recent uploads-thanks u
uplmsg3.zip20KThis utility will automatically send a mes sage to a caller who uploads one or more files when calling your system. It requires Dave Cody's excellent PostMaster (POSTMSTR) program. This is a new version of my prev UPLMSG release and can be run EITHER after each call, or later in an event to send msgs to ALL who uploaded since the last event!
usatdemo.zip9KUSA Today door for WC 4.01 written in wcCode 4.01. Fully configurable menu. Built in RIP and ANSI screens. Individual file d/l in registered version. *** From No Anchovies. ***
userflag.zip21KSet/Reset flags in WC 3.x user records by sec. level. v1.00
useri100.zip4,387BOne Line UserINFO. Sysop's only! Free wcCODE v4.01 User List by Name, User ID, PAssword, Phone Voice, Security Level, Totals Calls, DLs/UPs Files and User Age. 350 users only 6 pages of Text and 29 Kbs aprox.
userlist.zip2,832BReplacement for Wildcat's USER LOG LIST in both 100% PURE RIP and ANSI.
userpage.zip4,243BWC 4.01 Replacement program for Page Other users for Sysop that use WHOSON alias replacement of Who's Online. Version 1.21. Looks a lot like WC normal user page, but easier to use. Fixed bug when 2 users tried to use at same time, also comes with 2 WCX's. See WHATS.NEW for details. From Brian's World BBS 714-530-3123
userrec1.zip16KUserRec v1.0 convert WC40 drop file to USERINFO.DAT and back. Use this program to save tons of time and $$$! This program converts the WC40 USERREC.BIN and SYSINFO.DAT drop files to the Wildcat! v3.xx USERINFO.DAT drop file and back! Awesome little utility for the needy!
users15.zip4,873BAll Users List 1.5 for Wildcat! 4.01 wcCODE App that lets the SysOp create upto five different User Lists used for group mailing. Works great with the internal WC group mailer or PostMaster. Fully configurable to allow you to setup seperate GROUP1 - GROUP5 lists. GROUP1 defaults to all users on the system. GROUP2 - 5 can be tailored to suit your needs by Sec Level. Easy to install, not crippled!
userstat.zip2,323BWildcat Lists Top nn Users in Three
users_20.zip102KOutputs a User List for Sysops running WildCat 3.x BBS
usrquo17.zip8,038BUser Quote v1.7 A .WCX program that will allow members of your WILDCAT! v4.01 BBS to add their own Quote of the day to your QUOTES.BBS display file or any other display file. Advertise your BBS on your own BBS. Great for those users that like to comment about your system. Even includes automatic user signature and sysop-only configuration menu! Boost subscriptions/donations. Fully operational......Not Crippleware!!! No expiration v1.7 EXTRA'S ADDED...Quote Colors gone crazy! fixed some
ustat.zip26KUser statistics bulletin for Wildcat! 3.0.
ustat000.zip69KUSTAT version 2.30 generates COLOR and RIP bulletins listing top callers, uploaders, downloaders, and message writers. Real names, aliases, or both may be used. For Versions 3.x thru 4.x of Wildcat!
ustat100.zip43KProduce Stats & MORE from WC3.x ALLUSERS.DAT
utilmnu1.zip86KUtilMenu v1.1 Expand your 2 DOS hooks into many.. Read on!
utots21b.zip5,408BUtots V2.1b displays the users statistics since their 1st call in ansi and pure rip for Wildcat 4.01 Compiled by WcCode 4.01. Written by Saud Alshomer.
v-cat338.zip7,606BView-Cat 4.0; Excellent utility which allow user to manipulate ARChive files while on-line with your bulletin board. It allows user to create a new ARChive with selected files, read files within archive and test ARChive integrity, etc
v-mc-que.zip1,865BOn-line registration example questionnaire
v3.zip34KV3: A Wildcat! 3.0 .BBS file viewer
valtlog1.zip2,919BWildcat 4.01.wcx file to inform Fast log On users mail is waiting... Have you ever had a Donating user who never checks for mail? Well now you can be sure they see their mail and still have the fast logon... Just drop logon.wcx in the main wildcat area and if will always check for mail... The Vault BBS Blaiine, MN 612-754-2229... Long distance callers need to accept Collect calls for Verification...
vault4.zip150KThe Vault v4.0
vb080892.zip136KVVBUTIL's are program used by Video ViSion Wildcat Third Party Shareware (VVWTPS) to interface with WILDCAT. This utility allows VVWTPS to manipulate WILDCAT data base files. This method is design to adapt to future WILDCAT data base file structure changes.
vchat10.zip101KEnhanced chat program - for Renegade BBS.
vfx401.zip310K"The New Standard In Call Back Verification" -- VERIFIX 4.01
vfx460.zip372K"The New Standard In Call Back Verification" THE Call Back Verifier for Wildcat! BBSs
viewers.zip121KWC3.x viewers v1.9 for your USER & FILES databases.
vwgif11.zip35KVIEWGIF v1.1 - View GIFs while logged onto BBS locally. Will automatically detect if caller is on remotely and will skip GIF viewing. Works with DOOR.SYS Great for screening newly upload GIFs!
v_cat403.zip152KView-Cat v4.03; Excellent utility which allow user to manipulate ARChive files while on-line with your bulletin board. It allows user to create a new ARChive with selected files, read files within archive and test ARChive integrity, etc
w3euti25.zip193KEnhanced UTIs v2.5 - For WildCat v3.6 and PCRelay/PostLink.
waitup.zip26KBatch utility pauses until specified time.
wbquote.zip290KWBQUOTES is a batch file for changing the QUOTE.BBS file in the Wild Cat v.3.xx program, and enough quotes that no user should see the same quote twice in any year. In fact the sysop should never see the same quote twice in any one year.
wbull22.zip125KWildBull v2.2! The ULTIMATE display file generator for WildCat 3.x SysOps! WildBull will create dynamite screens for you with it's internal styles, plus gives you unlimited creation power by allowing you to create your OWN styles using WildStyle (included with it!). Better memory handling, smaller executable size, and more informative. The HOTTEST display file generator is now HOTTER than ever before!
wc-callt.zip15KWC-CALLS v1.01 - FREE utility for WC! 4.x to display today's callers. Highly config- urable, small and fast (C language). Generates a color-coded bulletin of your bbs's caller activity for the current day. Multi-node aware.
wc-shel2.zip41KWc-Shell v2.0; Menu shell for all of Mustang Softwares' utilities, plus a user defined menu for your own programs!
wc-wwiv3.zip33KAllow WILDCAT 4.x sysops to run WWIV as a DOOR, thus allowing WC Sysops to get WWIV-NET! Now allows fast log-on for users, sysop warnings on user log-on, and a config file. Freeware of course! Uses DOOR.SYS generated by WC 4.X Now Works with Deskview! Written by: Marty Lineberry Nightmare Software Creations BBS:-1(910)744-9054 QB4.5 Source included. Ver 1.3
wc26td1.zip432KWildCat BBS Test Drive Version [1/2]
wc26td2.zip334KWildCat BBS Test Drive Version [2/2]
wc2av13.zip23KWildcat @-Code to Ansi Converter from Future Enhancements
wc2pcb_2.zip19KA utility to convert Wildcat! 3.5 user and message files to PCBoard 14.5a format. Version 1.01. Fixes problem converting kilobytes to bytes and reduces memory requirements. Freeware. Copyright (C) 1992, Clark Development Company.
wc3-7ut.zip100K7 handy Wildcat utility programs
wc30expo.zip25KMWExport v3.0; Makewild Export Sysop utility for Wildcat BBS systems
wc30keys.zip1,065BWildcat 3.x Command List.
wc30nodl.zip11KFind files never or less than 'n' times downloaded.
wc30rec.zip24KWildCat 3.0 record structures for 3rd party developers.
wc30user.zip47KUser Guide for WildCat BBS Software
wc30view.zip25KWildcat 3.x+ File View program. Will handle ZIP,ARJ,LZH archives! DV aware, very easy to install & use. (This is what is called when your users do the [V]iew command from the Files menu). Has colors for ANSI callers, & configurable time limit.
wc35auto.zip15KWC35AUTO allows uploads containing archived description files DESC.SDI and/or FILE_ID.DIZ to have these descriptions automatically placed into the WC35 Database AS THEY ARE UPLOADED. Users can simply press when prompted for basic and/or detailed de- scriptions, saving online time when upload- ing.
wc35desc.zip38KWC35DESC will automatically add the descriptions contained in the files DESC.SDI and/or FILE_ID.DIZ to the WC35 database after the upload has been completed. All the user has to do is press enter when prompted by Wildcat for the description and/or detailed description. When run from the DOS command line, descriptions for all files in a single file area or all files in all file areas may be updated.
wc36fr1.zip24KFrench Language WCTEXT/TCTEXT files for WildCat! BBS v3.6 & Tomcat
wc3color.zip3,655BWC3COLOR; Change the color of the prompts, file names and descriptions, and messages in Wildcat! 3.x. Basically, it replaces the text colors with the colors of your choice.
wc3euti.zip176KEnhanced WildCat 3.0 UTIs for using PcRelay, MegaMail etc..
wc3fdate.zip11KWC3, List files w/ any given YEAR WC date, & D/L info!
wc3flist.zip16KWC3FLIST is a fast Wildcat 3.0x+ Files Listing program. You may include or omit 'passworded' files, exclude one or more file AREAS from the list or INCLUDE ONLY one or more areas, and have a detailed listing showing filename, date, size, # of downloads, and description, or a 'short' version showing only filename, K s
wc3rador.zip14KWC3RADOR v1.13; Converts your Wildcat! door files into working Remote Access 1.12 DORINFO1.DEF and EXITINFO.BBS files at the same time, updates the USER*.BBS files.
wc3shock.zip20KWildcat Avoiding "Future Shock"; A users' re-education guide to the changes and features of Wildcat!
wc3tri10.zip26KWC3TOTRI - WildCat 3.x to TriBBS 5.x user file converter. Handy for switching from WildCat to TriBBS.
wc3u_inf.zip14KThis program makes a convenient and condensed listing of all your users. Included are their name, age, password, security level, # of calls, days since LAST call, phone number, and total up/downloads. It will find (and list) any DUPLICATE passwords, phone numbers, and/or birthdates, at your option. You should get about 60 user name records per 8 1/2 x 11 page, depending on how many duplicates are found.
wc3_10ut.zip146K10 Great utils for Wildcat BBS
wc40-ger.zip50KGerman Language Menus for Wildcat!
wc402scr.zip849BWC-Charge v4.02 - Sample "HELLO2.ANS" Screen.
wc4wlf.zip1,763BWC4WLF: Robocomm 4.2 Prompt File for WC4+ Updated Robocom Prompt file for WC 4.01 It was updated from a previous prompt file. Can be used to u/l and d/l mail, files, etc.
wc4_v1.zip9K+-----------------+ |-+-WILDCAT! v4-+-| |-+COMMAND SHELL+-| |-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-| |-With Synchronet-| |-+-+-+You+-+-+-+-| |-Can Have It All-| |-+-version 1.0-+-| |-+-+09/24/94-+-+-| +-----------------+
wca3xv2.zip52KWC3.X Analyer: Auto bulletins for Calls, Msgs, Files, Time of Day. This program is specifically for Wildcat v3.x BBS's. Auto generates several bulletins with caller statistics such as Top Callers, Top Message Writers, Top Uploaders, Top Downoaders, Last Callers & more. Easy to install. Registration is only a one time charge of $10.00.
wcads60.zip15KwcADS! v6.0 - (wcCODE 4.01) Users Input Online Ads With Attachments! Up to 999 catagories of ads!!! Callers can now upload file attachments for each ad entered! Ads are 10-line free-form that can include anything your choose! Allow your callers to enter their own advertisements on your Wildcat! 4.01 BBS. "DYNAMIC" ads are drawn automatically by wcADS! Excellent addition to any system. Callers can E-MAIL advertiser from the ad detail screen! Image and text attachments available for downl
wcansi.zip113KWildCat & Ansi Viewer
wcarchif.zip9,886BwcARCHIE 4.01 - Totally Uncrippled Set Of Remote BBS Utilities. Unlock Your Files For E-Mail Users And Free Up Your Incoming Phone Lines! REGISTERED VERSION Has Auto-Reply And Mailbot! =============================================== ARCHIE - Search Entire File Database Via E-Mail GETFILE - Retrieve Files Via FTPMAIL-Like Server PUTFILE - Accept Incoming E-Mail Uploads GETINFO - Auto-Reply MAILBOT - Unattended Mail Server FINGER - Locate BBS Users Via E-Mail ====================================
wcauto53.zip14KwcAUTO! v5.3 - (wcCODE 4.01) Online Ads With Image Attachments! Callers can now upload file attachments for each advertisement! Sell Cars, Trucks, Cycles, Campers, RV's, Boats, and much more! Allow your callers to enter their own classified advertisements on your Wildcat! 4.01 BBS. "DYNAMIC" ads are drawn automatically by wcADS! Excellent addition to any system. Up to 20 catagories of ads. Several new additions to make operation much easier than before. Each ad may contain a TXT and GIF file a
wcbat.zip7,918BBatch file fixer for Wildcat & FrontDoor (2.02/2.10/2.20).
wcbbs.zip10KBBSLIST; Wildcat BBS list door /w .PAS source code
wcbye02.zip4,399BwcBYE for WC 4.01+. Leave a message to the next user, leave a comment to the Sysop or just plain goodbye! Message to next user with 5 lines, 70 characters per line capability, logs everything to Activity Log, make a display file of you choice plus optional copy for those who use RAM disk for display files and more. More RobWare! Uploaded by: Robert Breault
wccall10.zip31K[wcCODE] "wcCALL" - Callback Verifier for WildCat! 4.01 systems! wcCALL has over 50 features totally configurable by the sysop! * Configure Dial Attempts * Lock out on failure * Send messages * Personal Pager Feature * Multi-Node Support * User Lockout procedures * Totally configurable upgrade * Add/Subtract time * Logging * and more! By: Michael A. Buonaccorsi from The Andromeda BBS (301)283-3746 Internet: Send E-Mail of any content to for
wccall4b.zip4,891BwcCall, for Wildcat! version 4.0 , wcCall allows you to display your choice of 2 screens to your callers of who has called your system today. For Version 4.x of Wildcat!. wcCall is a wcCode Application
wccd0.zip15KCreate 0k files for wildcat! and CD-ROM use
wcchg403.zip146KWC-CHARGE v4.03 Charge Door w/CHECKS ONLINE Milti line. Upgrades level with Wildcat 3.x. Upgrades users Level and Expire with Wildcat 4.0... Sell BBS subscriptions, software or hardware online. For WILDCAT 3.xx & 4.xx Supports MC, JCB, Visa, Discover, and AMEX. Full credit card number checking. Maintains charge logs, activity log, and will create receipts for purchases. GlassWare Software Shareware $40.00 (610) 376-1819 BBS
wccom.zip7,934BThis program will simply look for DOOR.SYS and change the com port.
wccrv11.zip21KWildcat @-Code reader from Future Enhancements
wccutl17.zip13KWCCUTIL 1.7 - wcCODE4.01. Versitile SysOp WCX test utility. Test all those wcCODE files without having to install each one. Accomodates REMOTE OPERATION as well as Local. Call any directory from within WCCUTIL, no need to change path in the CFG file. RUN or CHAIN another WCX application. Run your Editor/Compiler from within WCCUTIL. Shell to DOS. Call an external ASCII editor or use Wildcat's internal editor. Shell to another of your favorite utility progs. Configurable hot- keys. Sample batch f
wcdraw.zip19KWCDraw v3.6; Documentaion files not supplied by Mustang on some disks
wcdraw1.zip89KWildCard Draw door Game
wcdrwy.zip24KUpdated doorway for wildcat im version.
wcedt102.zip174KWcEDIT! v1.02, WcEDIT! for Wildcat 3.5x is a revolutionary new message editor for the Wildcat Sysop. it provides an offline reader interface to the Wildcat databases and supports almost all of Wildcat's features. It also adds a few of it's own that you will find indispensable.
wcfbro10.zip43KWildCat BBS File Browser; Prints list, fast searches, Multi-node version
wcfdf10.zip24KWCFDFILE v1.0, a WC3.x util that creates a text listing of all file paths. This text listing is designed to be used by FRONTDOOR to handle FILE REQUESTS. FREEWARE!
wcff351.zip140KWILDCAT! File Forward v3.51
wcfid110.zip56KWCFIDO 1.10 Netmail Door for Wildcat! 4.x systems, will allow a caller to enter a Fidonet style address, and, if a supported nodelist is available, information about that address will be displayed. WCFIDO supports Serial, Fossil, and Digiboard (IM) interfaces.
wcft400.zip196KWildCat File Tools 4.00 - File database utilities for Wildcat 4.x. Create an allfiles report, create summary reports, check usage of CDROMs, and more! With registration, you receive extra tools to copy files from CDROM to disk, delete or move groups of files, and change CDROM drive letters.
wcftp13.zip7,722BFTP via E-Mail, Auto response message, File request available. This is a powerful utility for Wildcat 4+ Sysop who may want AutoResponse function with your Internet mail processor. You also can use it to Dist your software.... peoples don't need to call your board, and they can send a E-Mail to and use Subject:HELP to get whole information. more and more..... you also can charge a membership fee from another Internet users when they want to continue to use this service. This is a sha
wcftrim.zip27KIf you use WCFILE to add programs, this will h
wcgraph.zip25KWCGraph; Create graphs of activity in WildCat v3.x for HELLO.BBS
wchelp.zip28KHelp files For WildCat BBS
wchelpfr.zip87KWildcat BBS .HLP Help Menues in French!
wchslink.zip26KSet up BIdirectional transfers with HS/Link & Wildcat v.3.xx.
wcht220.zip143KWildChat v2.20; Replacement for WildCat!'s multi-line chat. It is MUCH faster, and provides many more features. It's easier to use, more stable, and a lot more fun. Instead of having a crippled chat system, your WildCat! system can almost compete with full-bore chat systems such as Galacticomm's MajorBBS... For a fraction of the cost!
wcinet11.zip14KwcInternet v1.1, Easy step-by-step setup for Wildcat 4.x+ and wcGate for an Internet UUCP connection. wcInternet includes instructions, examples and sample files to make setting-up a UUCP connection as easy as possible. Sample setup screens for wcGate and MakeWild are included. Brought to you from the friendly folks at James' BBS, Springfiled, Ohio (513) 323-6009
wcinf10.zip118KWCInform v1.0 - Easy to use Wildcat! BBS newsletter generator featuring mouse-able windowed interface and multiple newsletter formats. Supports editing from within the program, overwrite and append options, and RIP graphics.
wcital.zip11KWCTEXT.DAT for using Wildcat v3.x with Italian language!
wclabel.zip14KWCLABEL is for Wildcat 3.0 and up. It makes a file which match the standard label format for either ALL users, or just those with a specified security level. It is also an easy way to create a list of users whose records don't have addresses in them! (Standard labels means 3 1/2" x 15/16", and 5 lines per label)...
wclast13.zip67KLatest release of Who Called Last! Major bug f
wclist20.zip33KWCLIST v2.00; Produces an ASCII file listing dependent on the switches used, from your files database file and file area database.
wcloan10.zip6,511BwcCode App allows users to calculate loans. wc
wclogger.zip25KWCLOGGER; Creates a HELLO.BBS screen of call information
wclogoff.zip9,817BWclogoff Logoff Matrix for Wildcat 4.0x systems Your Callers will like the ease of use and Clean Ansi screen. NOT CRIPPLED !!! Give it a try !!! Brought to you By Deltona On Line 1-904-532-0918
wcmall10.zip9KwcMALL! v1.0 -- (c) Phillip Heller wcMALL is a .wcx file for Wildcat 4.01 that allows you to have up to 100 stores with 100 items in each. It will allow for an introduction screen for each store, and a manager for each store, which will have access to the manager menu, where they can download orders, upload new item lists, and upload a new introduction screen. Registration $15 -- not crippled, nagware.
wcmenus.zip21Kfor BBS
wcnodesd.zip9KWCat3.0 util. Find files with no or < n chars in description
wcnws100.zip9,096BWCNEWS v1.0; Small utility program that will output a nice color computer paper type newsletter using Wildcat 3.x @-codes. The input comes from a text file that cannot be wider than 69 characters.
wcode30c.zip23KWildCode 3.0; Shows Wildcat display codes
wcodes.zip3,745BList of all the @ codes for WILDCAT! v3.xx
wcols41.zip39KOnline Store v4.1 - (WCX-4.01) The Absolute Best Online Sales WCX EVER!!! Be sure to read the DOCS to find out all that this program can do! Set up an online point-of-sale for your registered members. Callers can browse advertised products, SEND EMAIL TO ADVERTISERS directly from the detail screen, order products online with CREDIT CARDS, or process an order and download an invoice to mail in with a check or money order. SMART PROCESSING of orders sends the advertiser notices of any orders pl
wconvert.zip23KWCONVERT; Wildcat! 3.x Display File Conversion Utilities
wcozlist.zip12KAllfiles list/creator for Wildcat. Also converts same to dBase/Fox etc. formats.
wcpage05.zip4,045BwcPAGE for WC 4.01+ with Guns and Roses Melody! Are you tired of the standard beeps that the standard page has, check this one out. Also asks user if they really want to page you, quit back to BBS, or Goodbye and logoff. If they want to page you, it asks them why (70 char), logs their response, and if its over 5 characters (so they don't just press [ENTER], it plays the first 3 riffs to "Sweet Child O' Mine" by Guns and Roses! Can be used with wcBYE another RobWare! product. More RobWare! Upload
wcprint.zip3,965BThis program was written to be used in a batch file to turn on or off your printer.
wcpromt1.zip10KProfessional wildcat!3.55s prompts. 01/11/93.
wcputgif.zip9,690BWCPUTGIF's main function is to scan an uploaded .GIF file for the width,height and colors and then to add this to the file Description in the WC database.
wcqq10.zip6,233BwcQQ v1.0 - Wildcat Quick Quotes for Wildcat! 4.x systems only. Fantastic incentive for users to enter short quotes or "funnies" that will be displayed to others. *SOME* of the features include Automatic Language checking, User can add his/her initials automatically, or be anonymous, Quotes randomly colorized, runs contests, and best of all its **FREE** (Runs as .WCX application - Fast & Efficient)
wcquote.zip13KA QWK quote analyser! See just how much YOUR users are over quoting! Scans a standard QWK messages.dat file
wcr.zip5,638BWCR v1.0 Utility for wcCODE 4.01. Allows RUN of WCX programs, without using MAKEMENU. Is FREEWARE From Gold BBS (305) 854-2135
wcrate55.zip13KwcRATES - 5.5 (WCX-4.01) Make $$$ With Mortgage Ads w/Attach! =============================================================== Mortgage Display Advertisements Complete With Attachments =============================================================== Make Money Charging Mortgage Lenders For Online Advertisements! Includes An Online Mortgage Prequal Questionnaire The Generates An Inquiry You Can Distribute To Your Advertisers!!! All Ads Are Created Automatically By wcRATES! These Dynamic Ads
wcreal60.zip16KwcREALTY! v6.0 - (wcCODE 4.01) Real Estate Ads With Image Attachments! Callers can now upload file attachments with each ad! Allow your callers to enter their own property for sale advertisements on your Wildcat! 4.01 BBS. "DYNAMIC" ads are drawn automatically by wcREALTY! Excellent addition to any system. Up to 20 catagories of ads. Callers can E-MAIL agents from the property detail screen! Image and text attachments available for download! wcREALTY allows advertisers to delete old ads
wcreg20.zip9,166BwcREG! v2.0 - (wcCODE 4.01) Membership Registration Via Credit Cards Offer Your Callers The Opportunity To Register Their Membership On Your System With Major Credit Cards! MasterCard/VISA/Discover/AMEX. Automatically Updates User's Security Level And Expiration Date!!!!! Performs Four Checks On Credit Card Information To Help Eliminate Invalid Entries. Processes Up To Four Membership Levels. Automatically Updates Caller's Security Level Upon Sucessful Registration. Writes Transaction To A Pri
wcremove.zip6,313BRemove sysops name from wildcat
wcrot625.zip7,351BwcROTATE - 6.25 (WCX-4.01) Display Advertisement Screens w/Attachments ===================================================== Display Advertisement Files Complete With Attachments ===================================================== Callers View Wildcat Display Files As Ads. Caller Can Download All Types Of Attachments While Viewing Ads. Attachments Can Be GIF, TXT, ZIP, PCX, Or Any Type Of File The Sysop Chooses. Easy To Set Up And Use. Earn Extra BBS Income By Operating An Ad Service. G
wcr_155.zip11KWcRemove v1.55 - Caller Log Editor; WcRemove will remove unwanted information from the ACTIVITY.* logs. Allows you to also remove specific lines along with users name. Command line option added for quick and easy use. WildCat 3.55 Version!
wcstat30.zip9,757BWCSTAT v3.0; Wildcat! 3.5x Statistics Generator
wcsu121.zip3,877BwcSECURE Version 1.21 Upgrade WCX File Only: This version is a fix for a bug in 1.20. You need the full archive WCSV120.ZIP plus this file for proper program operation. If you already have version 1.20, you need only download this wcx file and copy it to your Wildcat! Home directory.
wcsub206.zip16KSubscription Script v2.06 for WC v4.01+ , fully configurable Subscription Script is a seamless menuing system to allow your users to painlessly purchase subscriptions to your BBS using Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX, or electronic checks using OEB114.ZIP. Extensive security features such as checking algorithms, mail-back forms, and even a call-back verifier. Messages sent to SysOp and the user when a subscription is completed. Full text logging. Shareware: $15, by Tim Rider, The Source BBS.
wcswap15.zip36KThe WILDCAT! Swapper!; Used to rotate between screens on your Wildcat BBS. It can be used for all of the Wildcat display screens, such as the hello screens, menus, or even the goodbye screen.
wctabs1.zip4,891BwcTabs for Wildcat! version 4.0 , wcTabs v1.0 will allow your users to upgrade thier status on your bbs using thier TABS Subscription id. This application works on both the $10.00 and $25.00 id's. Wildcat sysops will love it. For Version 4.x of Wildcat!. wcTabs is a wcCode Application
wctic120.zip124KwcTIC is a TICK processor tailored for WildCat! BBS V3/4. Features include RAID (areafix) functionality, report generator, CRC32-check, flexible configurability, low memory requirements and passthrough areas. Shareware, 30-day evaluation version. Planet connect ready! Version 1.20 with many bug fixes and enhancements. Great support for upload scanners!
wctm16.zip137KTime door for Wildcat systems. v1.6
wctoday.zip66KWho Called Today v3.52 for WC!3 Creates Hello/Bulletin
wctraf11.zip27KwcTraffic v1.00-wcUUCP BBS Screen maker and error detector. Creates HELLOx.BBS/ BULx.BBS based on activity, checks for errors, writes errors to external file, configurable @ Color codes & more! NO DEMO KEY REQUIRED! Callers love it! Easy to install, easy to register. From Integrad Services, Inc.
wctutor.zip71KWCTUTOR! reads .HLP, .BBS, and .TXT files to display menus and help when a Menu Command key is pressed. It simulates a Wildcat online session with help in COLOR & MONO modes. Plain, changeable colors.
wctxted.zip45KFreeWare WYSIWYG WCTEXT.DAT Color Editor
wcubro10.zip44KWc User Browser; Prints, fast searches and much more. Multi-Node
wculist.zip10KWCULIST is a fast and easy program that makes a list of all user names from the Wildcat 3.x database. (The sysop's name isn't included). This list is very handy if you use Dave Codys POSTMSTR program and will let you send 'per sonalized' messages to all users. You may think of other uses as well.
wcupdc11.zip28KWildCat! Upload Date Checker v1.1; Program for checking the contents of .ZIP files for valid dates. Designed as an add-on to CAMS-CRC but will work with any upload checker.
wcview1.zip31KWCView v1.00; WILDCAT! V3.xx @Code Screen File Viewer. All @variables such as @USER@, @DATE@, etc. are replaced with dummy text, simulating off line, what your callers will see on line. Alter the default @var text w/ASCII text editor. Mimics WILDCAT! display exactly. Screen control codes like @NOPAUSE@, @STOP@, etc operate just as they will online. Display single/multiple files, wildcards OK. DesqView & Windows Compatible.
wcwakeup.zip147KWildcat & ZyXel Wakeup
wcwc105.zip22KWHOCALL Ver 1.05 - The Ultimate Who Called Today and Yesterday for WC! 4.x & 3.x - WHOCALL, is a Wildcat bulletin maker that creates a display screen of people who called today, with the option of creating a display of people who called yesterday. - WHOCALL, is FAST! probably that fastest who called screen creater on the market. - WHOCALL, is fully Muti-Node, Network and DesqView compatible! - WHOCALL, Is FULL of options, like using Real or Alias names, Using Drop Carrier or Time Off
wcxcomnt.zip3,373B* WCX Comment Version 1.0 By ASISTEC Software * A free utility that provides and excellent replacement for the comment function. Dynamicly generated menus, SysOp configurable, and more! If you download it, you'll like it! For Wildcat version 4.01 + systems.
wc_bink.zip38KHelps and sample files for using Wildcat with BinkleyTerm
wc_call3.zip23KWc-Call v1.5; Will scan your activity log for all callers that particular day. Wc-call will snatch the last files uploaded & downloaded
wc_chg15.zip93KWC-CHARGE v1.05 Charge Door for Wildcat 3.xx Also other systems that create a DOOR.SYS Runs multi line and will upgrade users level if so desired. Will handle BBS subscriptions or sell software registrations. In fact it will take CREDIT CARD orders for any product. Supports Mastercard Visa Discover and AMEX. Full credit card number checking. Maintains charge logs, activity log, and will create receipts for purchases. GlassWare Software Shareware $25.00 (215) 376-1819 BBS
wc_codes.zip1,449BA list of wildcat x-codes.
wc_dv7a.zip28KIncluded files that will show you how to run Wildcat under Deskview.
wc_hst12.zip8,902BSetting up your Wildcat system for Ring Detect operation with the U.S. Robotics Dual Standard or HST 14400/9600 baud, MNP 3/5 modem at a DTE of 19.2K or 38.4K baud. Includes setup information on V.42bis and V.32bis.
wc_wwiv3.zip33KAllow WILDCAT 4.x sysops to run WWIV as a DOOR, thus allowing WC Sysops to get WWIV-NET! Now allows fast log-on for users, sysop warnings on user log-on, and a config file. Freeware of course! Uses DOOR.SYS generated by WC 4.X Now Works with Deskview! Written by: Marty Lineberry Nightmare Software Creations BBS:-1(910)744-9054 QB4.5 Source included. Ver 1.3
wd203.zip127KWild-Door 2.3! A great way to show your door menu off. Shows users how many times the door has been entered,last time door entered,last date door entered. Also is completly sysop configurable for color output! NON-CRIPPLED shareware. Now includes sample door batch files for easier setup.. Now includes a WILDDOOR.EXE for 386 machines only! FAST!! For latest updates call TES Software (919)895-0368. Registration Fee $15
wdnetnod.zip13KNODELIST for the WDNET - Released 03-24-95
wdnprowl.zip33KInformation packet on the WDNET and PRO.W.L. Networks.
wdn_desc.zip43KAdd file descriptions to for the WDNET file area.
whctv10.zip40KWho Has Called Today from Future Enhancements
whnode10.zip14KWHICH NODE v1.0; Determine which node called the batch file.
who2401.zip3,314BWho2, a Who Called today for Wildcat v4.01! writes bulletins or Hello screens while user is ONLINE! Registration $5.00
who401.zip133KWho Called-24 v3.05 allows Wildcat sysops to display a bulletin of who called in the last 24 hours. System also does a check for who has the best Download CPS Rates, then creats an optional PREDOWN.BBS Display
whocalld.zip5,215BUSER'S CALLER STATS! (UCS) for Wildcat 4.01 [1/1] by Peter S. Richards (noted sysop and programmer) This program will display user's daily calling stats in the DISPLAY file your specify. There are two formats, and it's SUPER easy to setup. Fully functional copy!
whocals2.zip9,800BWHOCALLS Your BBS Today - Bulletin Generator i
whoson20.zip6,449BWHOSON v2.0 is a wcCODE 4.10 replacement for Wildcat Who's on Line. WHOSON version 2.0 is a almost complete re-write of WHOSON version 1.x. It includes a bunch of new features, and abilities!
whrami14.zip73KAutomatically Insert the Callers Location into the WildCat Users Database after their First Call.
wildbats.zip39KWildBats v1.00; Simple little program for Wildcat! 3.xx SysOps.
wildcall.zip6,275BInitialize Caller ID information for use with Wildcat 3.x & 4.x, Supra Modems and Canadian users. Can be used on any node.
wildcat1.zip519KGraphic .FLI of Wildcat BBS World Domination
wildcl10.zip15KDisplays last 10 callers for Wildcat 3.x.
wildest.zip5,363B -*- CUSTOM WILDCAT 4.01 UTILS v2.0 -*- This utils package contains a completely custom set of a wildcat pager module..a Handy Loggoff utility and a message to next caller utility..These are mear demos of the products however they are fully functional. If you like the layout of these files then call my board and I will create you the ultimate in custom utilities that will be designed for your board and your board only. The features that these contain at the present time are
wildfile.zip48KWildFile!; Wildcat! 3.x File Area Editor This program makes it painless to manipulate your Wildcat! file area descriptions and paths. Works with either the single or multi-user versions of Wildcat. Fully functional (not crippled.) Modifies the FILEAREA.DAT database file.
wildline.zip3,511B WildLine V1.1 This Is a oneliner program written in WcCode 4.01. It include's the logon2.wcx File and the needed files to run.. You need WC4.01M put these files in the Wildcat Home directory and youre ready to fly.. It will remove bad word's with a # from B_words.txt File included in this archive.. It will Also keep a wildline.log with the users name and node number This is for the sysops. I Suggest running as logon2,it hasn't been tested any other way.
wildlist.zip55KWildcat who's been on today list creator
wildnew.zip8,657BNEW WILD USER'S v1.2 Generate a New User list and STATS screen in ANSI and RIP format, either as a bulletin or hello screen. For WILDCAT v4.01 only. No expiration or key file needed. NEW USER WILDCAT LIST wcCODE Danny Davis/The Lighthouse BBS [209] 497-6722
wildnews.zip50KWildnews 2.1 This event makes Wildcat BBS compatible bulletins,newsletters, "hellos" by merging your introduction and afterthoughts with a new paragraph from a multiparagraph file each time it is run. EXAMPLE of use is to show one conference description from RIMEPOST.TXT each day as a newsletter. Many other applications.
wildpack.zip25KWell, here they are. The most interesting and useful utilities a SysOp could ask for. Once utilized to their fullest (please Register), these wcCODE applications will become a SysOps best friend. Unregistered applications are crippled in some small way. Registration is only $20. Broken down, that is only about $3 per application!!! Included in WILDPACK: COMMENT.WCX : A selective comment utility FORCEBUL.WCX : Force a bulletin(s) on brand new users FORCENWS.WCX : Force updat
wildpro.zip43KWildPro! for WC! 4.01 is a FULL featured User Profile door! WildPro! Features RIP, User name searching, full alias support, anonymous message sending, upto 10,000 profiles in database, full on-line help, many user variable questions, listing of ALL profiles stored, easy setup, sysop defineable to limit security levels as well as conference to post anonymous messages in. Another Fine WcCode Utility From: Illusional Software Inc. Illusions BBS 602-435-6514 14.4bps 602-842-8565 28.8bps
wildsl15.zip49KWildStats/Call Log v1.5a; WildStats/Call Log keeps track of your daily statistics and now tracks your running system statistics.
wildtech.zip9,418BInfo; Wildcat Technical File Network. Also in WDNET soon!
wildview.zip16KWildView! v1.01; simple Windows log viewer for WILDCAT! BBS.
wildwind.zip11KOperation of WILDCAT! 3.5+ in Windows 3.1
wincatmn.zip10KWindows and Dos Setup for Wildcat version 3
wincattd.zip8,215BWindows and Dos Setup for Wildcat Test Drive
wise_402.zip6,370BWords Of Wisdom, wcCODE pgm that will allow your users to add up to three lines of wisdom to your QUOTES.BBS file. Text color is configurable by sysop via CFG file. This version adds the "Quoters" name to a 3-D Footer display. For Wildcat! 4.01 only. Another ByProduct of The WasteLands. Jeff Wayne author. Support (502) 839-9161 The WasteLands BBS
wjoke11.zip9,054BJoke displayer. Randomly selects from hundreds of possible jokes and lets you display them at log-on. Neat!
wkeys107.zip76KWILDKEYS v1.07 - Generate KEY WORDS in a Wildcat! v3.x file database. Strips wasted words from keys. No more THE, AT, WAS, etc. Strip or keep numbers. Select and process a single or a range of areas. Runs in background while Multi-Line BBS stays up! ** Generate those missing key words that WCFF forgot to add. FAST mode for single line systems. Now process a single file or a list of file names. BADKEYS.LST list option to exclude your own BAD KEY WORDS.
wldctlst.zip46KLatest list of BBS's using WildCat Software.
wline1_3.zip5,056B WildLine V1.2 This Is a oneliner program written in WcCode 4.01. It include's the logon2.wcx File and the needed files to run.. You need WC4.01M put these files in the Wildcat Home directory and youre ready to fly.. It will remove bad word's with a # from B_words.txt File included in this archive.. It will Also keep a wildline.log with the users name and node number This is for the sysops. I Suggest running as logon2,it hasn't been tested any other way.
wlist160.zip97KWildList v1.6; Super Speed File List Generator
wlog104.zip13KWildLog v1.04; WildCat Log Scanner
wm310_1.zip289KWILDMAIL! v3.1 [1/3]; Echomail Processor for WILDCAT! v3+ BBS
wm310_2.zip278KWILDMAIL! v3.1 [2/3]; Echomail Processor for WILDCAT! v3+ BBS
wm310_3.zip306KWILDMAIL! v3.1 [3/3]; Echomail Processor for WILDCAT! v3+ BBS
wminf102.zip89KAnalyzes WildMail activity log & generates stats report.
wmlog201.zip18KLatest revision for Wildcat's wildmail tosser log.
wm_speed.zip47KWM_SPEED v2.20; designed for use with WILDMAIL version 2.02 or greater, tosses messages into the Wildcat BBS message database.
wnews20.zip60KWildNews is simply the hottest newsletter generator that exists for WildCat SysOps!
wnode230.zip28KNodelist compiler for WMail & WEdit rel 2.30. 03/14/93.
wnwpage2.zip10KWNWPager gives WC4.1 BBS a better sysop pager with more options like Reg page. Super Page with password, Force newuser's to download or any user to download file's from the pager. Superpage offers user's 3 kinds of page sounds to send to Sysop.
wstyle11.zip56KWildStyle is a utility/companion program for WildBull/News that allows you to create your own styles for use with these programs. You are only limited to what you can create by your own imagination!
wtab100.zip14KWILDTAB v1.00 - WILDTAB is a wcCODE TABS program written for Wildcat 4.01. It is an excellent program providing multiple upgrade levels, support for $10 & $25 TABS codes, and sysop monitoring. It is not crippled. All that is asked is that if you like it to please donate so that the sysop does not lose interest in maintaining the program.
wtick201.zip44KWildtick - simple TIC processor for Wildcat 4.x. v2.01. Integrates with WCFILE to update your WC file databases. Options include message upload to your BBS via WCMAIL, text output, passthroughs, bullx/hellox .bbs output, and "runlater.txt" for virus scanner/archiver. Freeware.
wv.zip9KWildcat bbs v3.x color screen viewer for viewing the @BF@ color screens.
wver.zip29KwwVerify ver 1.11 is a wcCODE callback verifier for Wildcat! 4.01 It is loaded with features and is very configurable! Partial list of features and abilities: --------------------------------------- * can run as part of the logon process or as a menu selection. * can block ANY numbers that you do not want dialed. * can block long distance call backs completely or "by time of day". * can block specified area codes. * can scan user database for duplicate telephone numbers. * security level upgrade is
wvpi_15.zip143KwcCODE VGA Planets Door Interface for WildCat v4.O1 BBS Manage up to 30 (5) Games. Integrated Player Editor. Group D/Load & U/Load Feature (Uses WildCat Protocols). Use of Alias or Real Name in Door. Toggle Computer AI for each Race, for missed turns. Internal File Library. Online BBS Number Listing. Online Help for VGA Planets Play and VPI Commands. Internal Mailroom (Uses WildCat Message Editor). ScoreBoard Generator included. Built in Player Race Name Editor. View Game Password if you
wvy20.zip12KWHO VISITED YESTERDAY v2.0 for WC! 3.xx. Who Visited Yesterday v2.0 for WC! BBS's We all know who called the BBS today but now you can track users that called the BBS yesterday! Creates Hello/Bulletin screens easily. Command line driven, CHECKS FOR VULGAR LANG. New version is faster, better multi-node support, and WC 3.xx '@' compatable!
wwverif1.zip36KwwVerify ver 1.30 is a wcCODE callback verifier for Wildcat! 4.01 It is loaded with features and is very configurable! Partial list of features and abilities: --------------------------------------- * can run as part of the logon process or as a menu selection. * can block ANY numbers that you do not want dialed. * can block long distance call backs completely or "by time of day". * can block specified area codes and supports Metro numbers. * can scan user database for duplicate telephone numbers. (
xmquote.zip14KChristmas MUSIC Quotes for WCv.3 quotes.bbs w/see-hear tool.
xpirdate.zip10KWildcat! 3.0 sysops utility for letting users know their subscription is about to expire.
xtract10.zip9,818BXTRACT v1.0; Extracts selected caller logs. Xtract takes a string you send it and looks for that string in the "login line". You can tell Xtract to create a new log with callers either matching or not matching the string. Small, Fast activity log parser. Free. XTRACT activity log string trim
xwildpro.zip43KX-WildPro! for WC! 4.01 is a FULL featured User Profile door! **** X-WildPro! Is For Adult BBS's!! **** WildPro! Features RIP, User name searching, full alias support, anonymous message sending, upto 10,000 profiles in database, full on-line help, many user variable questions, listing of ALL profiles stored, easy setup, sysop defineable to limit security levels as well as conference to post anonymous messages in. Another Fine WcCode Utility From: Illusional Software Inc. Illusions BBS 6
yestrdy6.zip196KYESTERDAY v3.0; Log scanners for Wildcat! BBS
yp10.zip19KYP10.ZIP - Makes a Bulletin of Businesses. Works with any version 3.xx Wildcat BBS. Yellow Pager creates a bulletin,when used with the included questionaire, of any business' your callers may be involved in. They can list any type of business and it will be D/L with most .Qwk mail packets. From Tinker Software and Larry Edwards.
ytcolor.zip32KYankee Trader Color v.1.1U. Try it Wildcat
ziplabwc.zip204KZiab For Wildcat! This is ZIPlab IX. Adapted to work with bbs's that shell to DOS to check uploads.
zipv.zip10KZIPVIEW; Writes .ZIP contents to VIEWCOMP.DAT for WildCat v3.x
zlabwc13.zip214KZiplab Plus v1.3 for Wildcat.
zlog101.zip5,739B ####### ####### ][[ ][[ ]###[ +-----------------------------------------+ ]###[ #########|--+ +-+ +-+ -+- --+ +-+ +-+ --- |######### #########||-+ |-| | |-+ | | |-| | | V1.01 |######### #########|- + + +-+ - + --+ + + +-+ - |######### ##### +-----------------------------------------+ ##### "Pack D Act v1.01" is a sharew
zltrx288.zip597BWildcat 4 MDM file for Zoltrix 28.8 modems
zmenu_1.zip5,726BA collection of wc.3xx menus.