File Libaries
Library: BBS - Directory: BBS - Waffle BBS
apsig105.zip14KAppSig; Signature utility for Waffle Systems.
arbitron.zip17KWaffle BBS Arbitron listing generator.
aser28.zip63KASER (UNIX) WaffleBBS utility; Mail-based archive server (
atmove.zip8,060BATMove (UNIX) WaffleBBSutility; Aids in moving files descr
bat164a.zip14KBatch (UNIX) WaffleBBS utility; Enhanced batch program.
chkfls12.zip31KChkfiles utility for Waffle BBS v1.65; Scans a Waffle 1.65
clinfo12.zip25KCallinfo (UNIX) WaffleBBS utility; Reads the /waffle/admin
cwexp104.zip24KWaffle BBS news expire utility.
diskhog.zip14KDiskhog v0.01 (UNIX) Waffle BBS utility; Determines the to
evote20.zip39KEnhanced Vote Utility for Waffle Version 2.0 Complete rewr
feeder11.zip9,423BFor uupcb systems who get feeds from waffle sites, this wi
fildr201.zip42KWaffle BBS friendly file door replacement.
fsedwafl.zip2,772BFiles necessary to make FSED work under Waffle. It incudes
fxl142.zip41KFixlines v1.42; Allows user to copy a textfile, thereby ch
fxuc03b.zip43KFx-uucico - enhanced uucico for Waffle v0.3
hk_set.zip24KHK (Hunt and Kill); file deletion utility. Files deleted w
lines.zip11KLINES; Waffle Lines: Header Adder header to messages, queu
mailsum.zip14KWaffle BBS Mail Logfile Summary Report Generator.
netsum25.zip31KWaffle BBS NET file summary report generator
newuser.zip13KNEWUSER v0.2; Utility to add files to a newuser's director
nexp20.zip8, v2.0 - a Waffle maintenance utility for MS-DOS
nn258.zip166KWaffle Utility from Germany creates a database for the NWR
nuexpire.zip4,267BWaffle bbs news expire perl script.
privlist.zip10KPrivlist (UNIX) Waffle BBS utility; Utility that will thro
purgedir.zip9,360BPublic Domain Waffle Ex-User Directory Purger
pwpl165.zip6, - The WAFFLE package for perl
quota01.zip19KQUOTA v0.1 For Waffle BBS
req101.zip11KRequest v1.01 utility for WAFFLE uucp/bbs package. Given a
retry10.zip17KRetry v1.0; Allows user to repeat a command a number of ti
rfiles23.zip37KWaffleBBS utility; Free list compiler for DOS-based Waffle
sex100.zip19KWaffle BBS utility for news & dir expiration. 11/19/92.
tma114.zip29KThe Moderator's Assistant v1.14 - a WAFFLE BBS utility - g
tmatefon.zip1,946BFon file of Worcester bbs for telemate.
unet10.zip10KCreate newsgroup listing automatically in event for Waffle
vac162.zip15KWaffle Vacation Droid v1.6.2; Processes mail files in Waff
vote.zip17KVote and Vinit; Vinit is executed by the system operator t
w165peg5.zip71KKit containing materials to attach the Pegasus email packa
waf165.zip532KWAFFLE BBS v1.65; Hundreds of changes, too numerous to lis
wafday.zip21KWAFDAY will read the contents of your /waffle/admin/caller
wafdb.zip9,716BWAFDB; Generate Q&A ASCII Database Form Creates a "standar
wafdl111.zip20KWAFDL v1.11; Utility for Waffle BBS's (and possibly others
wafm10.zip65KWaflineMail; QWK/REP offline mail door that also handles n
wafprot.zip1,556BThe Unoffical Protocols for Waffle
wafsrtr2.zip17KWaffle BBS sort utility.
waftrim.zip7,142BTRIM; Trims a textfile down to the number of lines specifi
wcp11.zip23KThe Waffle Cookie Press v1.1; A replacement Cookie command
wfs203.zip202KWaffle File Server" (WFS) v2.0.0; Features a Mail Based Ar
winfo100.zip33KWinfocom; Game external for Waffle UUCP/ BBS Package. Allo
wup100.zip18KWaffle bbs utility programs (for waf164).
wutl10.zip39KWaffle Utilities v1.0; Collection of utilities for WaffleB
wwcp122.zip106KWWCP v1.21 - Waffle to WWIV Copy - allows you to exchange
xfax006b.zip29KXFAX Fax receiving software suitable for Waffle or other B
znews96d.zip42KZipNews;FAST News access DOOR for Waffle BBSs and for use