File Libaries
Library: BBS - Directory: BBS - Utilties
1aday30.zip8,825BDaily Event Manager v3.0; a method to trick abatch file in
1by1_1.zip114KSeparates the master file into individualfiles with the fi
3dtime11.zip26K3DTIME11; 3D Time Log is designed to do onesimple task, ke
6pakbats.zip8,234BThese are some .BAT files along with a smallutility to cop
abull22.zip114KANSIBull!;The ULTIMATE Display File Generator!
achatsys.zip3,889BA-CHAT Magazine (September 1992) - A full- color, lively,
activ10.lzh11Kiv10.lzh 0 11/01/90 0.lzh 11320 11/01/90 FD activity bulle
add-diz.zip23KADD-DIZ is a small utility to replace the user-supplied fi
adds450.zip85KBBS Advertisements v4.50; NON-DOOR Version. (Stand alone)
addty1b7.zip26KADDTODAY v1.00b7 - adds new BBS files daily! Add new file
adpro10g.zip12KAdPRO 1.00; This program will add ad's for your BBS to ZIP
ads-set.zip22KROBOBoard/FX enhancement
af_108.lzh31K108.lzh 0 12/27/89 .lzh 31829 12/27/89 Area fix v1.08
am102.zip32KEvent Manager Version 1.02 SUPER FAST, SUPER EASY multiple
am_50.zip30KOnline Archive Master 5.0. Remote Access archive viewer fo
amm11.zip30KAuto Message Minder v1.1; When a user logs on, they are pr
amu122.zip238KAutomated Maintenance Utility (AMU) 1.22. AMU will perform
anti091b.zip28KANTI-AD ver 0.91b - The ultimate BBS ad detection and remo
anti110.zip33KAntiAd version 1.10 - The ultimate BBS ad detection and re
anti123.zip35KAntiAd v1.22; The ultimate BBS ad detection and removal ut
anti131.zip71KAntiAd v1.31 - The ultimate BBS ad detection and removal u
apfile1.zip32KByteMe! Utilities - AP-FILE v1b, A files.bbs utility for a
arclogs.zip35KARCLOGS - LOG Archiver helps system operators maintain the
arman10.zip64KAllfiles/Newfiles list creator v1.0 for FILES.BBS systems.
aspcd11b.zip48KASPBBS CD-ROM Utility v1.1b Replaces the shipped ASP
asv_db15.zip8,621BDiZ BOOSTER v1.5 A bugFixed version of the best DiZ proces 10 04/09/90 ip 11673 04/09/90 Send commands to the m
autodc10.zip18KAutoDoc v1.0: automatic file server utility that scans any
automte2.zip40KBBS Automator Version 2.0 Run your own BBS part time with
autoup1b.zip41KAuto_up 1.0 Beta This Program will take the programs that
badbbs.zip1,031BA List of BBS ad's found in uploaded files.
bbs-ff27.zip198KBBS file listing comparison program. Search for duplicates
bbs-v100.zip324KTHE BBS MARKETER v1.00; Utility for SYSOPS. Successfully m
bbs_ff27.zip195KCompare BBS file listings and search for duplicate files a
bbs_sho1.zip145KThe Best Promotional Tool For A BBS! *= "JUST RELEASED!" =
bbs_time.zip34KVarious time utilities for bbs's.
bbs_v101.zip313KTHE BBS MARKETER v1.01; Utility for SYSOPS. Successfully m
bbsapp10.zip105KEasy BBS Application Form V 1.0 This is a # # very simple
bbsb102.zip21KBBS system booter. Good tool for Sysops.
bbsbkup.zip31KBackup program for sysops. Highly configurable. Now you ca
bbsfax10.zip22KBBSFAX - VERSION 1.0 # Finally, software which will allow
bbsinf16.zip14KBBSINFO v1.6. Makes a great looking bulletin of your BBS s
bbslst6.zip127KBBS List Database 6.0: Allows fellow sysops and callers to 0 12/25/89 .zip 45661 12/25/89 Bbs problems
bbsquo10.zip36KMultiline quote generator. Works with any BBS! Visually se
bbstime1.zip50KThe BBS Time-Budget Program
bbstown.zip12KA command shell to | |convert your BBS to a | |town look.
bbstriv.zip44KA Utility That Will Display TRIVIA Questions, To Your Call
bbsw_103.zip238KThe BBS Welcome Program v1.03. Fantastic New Concept in 'O
bcrc101.zip369KB-CRC; File Upload Checker using CRC Signature. Verifies Z
bday1.zip35KBDAY; Reads the door.sys file and creates a file that you
beep_.zip9,812BGreat file xfer utility.beeps after transfer.
bfe1410p.zip243KThe World's Premier BBS Front End System.
bfe4001p.zip387KBFE v4.00.1p - The world's premier | |BBS Front End system
bfx13.zip45KUse your faxmodem for bbs but still receive faxes. BBS fro
bigwho.zip44KBigWho is a little "throw in" for those who want to start
bn_108.zip21KLegendsoft's news generator v1.08. New feat.
bom_235.zip273KBBS UTILITIES v2.35 * * File Area Mgr. * User E
bom_249a.zip398KBBS UTILITIES v2.49a; File Area, User, Prots Editor Ratio
bquote14.zip210KBQUOTE: The BIG quote file for BBSs, bootup, or whenever y
brainlog.zip82KLast Caller LOGON.BAT Grafitti Program; Run with the LOGON
brkcld9.zip13KUtility to break the large board file list into multiple s
btag121.zip99KBragTag v1.21; "The Tag Line displayer". Display a tagline
bull.zip12KWritten in Turbo Pascal v6.0 to make it simpler to generat
bye_v102.zip20KBYEBYE v1.02b | | ByeBye to Your Callers | .
call304b.zip91KCALLERS v3.04(beta) is a activity file processor that make
caller.zip130KCaller ID Look-up System v1.0; Single PC (LAN Version also
caller10.zip35KRadio/TV Station Request Line Util; shows callers on each
callrt14.zip30KCall Router v1.4 The Communications Utility designed to he
callvw10.lzh23Klvw10.lzh 0 09/22/91 10.lzh 23296 09/22/91 Software for ca
cals2-0.zip14KC.A.L.S.C.H.E.D v2.0 - Nightly Scheduled Event Timer. With
capstat.zip19KTessler's Nifty Tools (TNT) Release 3.2 Collection of usef
ccdf2.zip92KConvert comma-delimited data to columnar data with CCDF. S
ccool101.zip168KSplit-screen chat for Searchlight BBS
cdmove.zip20KCDMOVE v1.0 - CDROM Disk File Tosser. This handy little ut 0 09/08/90 zip 35949 09/08/90 Convert DorInfo1.Def
cds242.zip30KCD Share version 2.42. Allows sharing of CD Minichangers o
celtst10.zip87Kv1.0 Celerity 2.0x Upload Protection The Ultimate upload t
chatbeta.zip271KChat Manager enables you to chat with multiple other users
chatman1.zip2,882BChatMan 1.0- Chat with a sysop who's not as nice as you'd
chglvl20.zip43KLevelChange v2.0 Changes a user's access level and optiona
chk4d1b5.zip32KCHK4DES v1.00b5 - bbs file list assistant! Insure every fi 0 09/08/90 117399 09/08/90 Programs to chec
chkfl141.zip12KCheckFile v1.41 - FILES.LST Manager Simple program to assi
choliday.zip113KCyCom's Holiday file generator. Works with any BBS. All Ca
chooser.zip2, 0 12/25/89 2360 12/25/89 Choose which bbs t
chrach10.zip44KAnonymous Teleconference v1.0 The teleconference is one of
clinton.zip7,794BCLINTON creates a text file that can be included in your N
clintond.zip7,975BDisplays how many days are left of the Clinton administrat
clndiz20.zip79KCleanDiz V2.0 - Strips high ASCII characters & Phrases fro
clone1_1.zip70KTransfer complete directory branches from one PC serially
comaid10.zip6,849BAdd COM3 and COM4 to the BIOS device table.
compr110.lzh17Kpr110.lzh 0 09/03/90 10.lzh 17570 09/03/90 Trim FD/Qbbs/RA
compr312.zip47KCompress almost ANY log format by # of days.
conadd12.zip33KCONADD v1.2; Utility that facilitates easy local uploads t
condz120.zip139KCONDIZ v 1.20 - Looking for a decent FILE_ID.DIZ manager ?
conins16.zip29KCONINS v 1.06 | +-+ CONINS is a small command line utility
conlog10.zip27KCONLOG v 1.0 - The Log Analyser; CONLOG is a communication
contrac.zip6,625BSample user service agreement contract for a BBS.
cookie10.zip12KCookie 1.0 - a cheap, small and fast "Message of the Day"
crc_ads.zip647BCRC Values for BBS ADS; This contains crc values for those
crcads17.zip6,359BCRCADS17 BBS Ad File Collection; Place the CRC.ADS file in
cshot103.zip16KCS-HOT v1.03: parses Buerg's PCBCS143 report into a smalle
csprogs.zip3,889BFeature Listings For All CryptSoft Programs. Registration
cwiz18.zip33KCookieWiz v1.8; Great random quote generator! Can be used
cybqzar.zip32KCyBiC .*---* ## ### # ## #### ## # # ### #### #### ##### #
d2a140.zip38KDir.Lst - Ascii v1.40 ####| |-| | This program will allow
da001b.zip37KThe Allfiles Dieter; Removes many types of very bulky line
daily121.zip258KThe Daily Quote v1.21 Quote program that picks a quote out
datamail.zip324KDataMail 1.1 (Richard K. Naff; $20) is a utility that will
datelog.zip49KTakes any bbs log and dates it. Then archives the log
dater11.zip12KDater v. 1.1b ###+ | | | A great program for Sysops who li
day010.zip32KDAY is a Freeware utility that is good for use in batch fi
daynbr.lzh11Knbr.lzh 0 09/17/89 .lzh 11240 09/17/89 Rename a file to a
daysb4.zip51KCounts days before Christmas with different screens. For G
ddfile21.zip21KDDFILE2 v1.11 - File Activity Bulletin Generator
ddmess21.zip22KDDMESS2 v1.11 - Message Activity Bulletin Generator
deep_21.zip27KDeep Thoughts - |+||+| By Jack Handy, v2.1 |+||+||+| Show
descrp22.zip113KDescrip 2.2; Automatically create a diskette file index, t
dialback.zip19KA dialback program for Sysops (Your BBS calls you back for
dirsrt14.zip3,265BDIRSORT V1.4 To sort the directory (DIR) file used by AUNT
dized49c.zip72KDIZEDIT Version 4.9c (c) 1994 GDSOFT. Allows editing of de
dizgrb11.zip60KDIZGRAB V1.1 are 2 sysop utilities for grabbing FILE_ID.DI
dizit33.zip92KDizIt v3.3 -FILE_ID.DIZ Importer ### Sysops - Stop spendin
dizvue15.zip49KDIZVIEW 1.5-View file_id.diz from inside ZIPs Ever wonder
dizzy1.zip12KDIZZY; Free DOS utility: FILE_ID.DIZ off- line reformatter
dlcont.zip56KPegasus Software's DLDCOUNT v2.3a: Allows you to specify t
dlog300.zip34KDLOG 3.00beta (D)elete(L)og Utility To Delete Specified Fi
dm_v104.zip13KDeletes 'missing' files.bbs entries.
dmanager.zip49KThe User Custodian-Sysops best friend!
dodiz101.zip49KDODIZ v 1.01 ####### +-+ | Creates File_id.diz Desc.sdi Fi
dold102.zip49KDELOLD v1.02 ]=- by Lyn Borchert A simple utility that del
downtil.zip18KUtility to allow sysop to keep nodes down until they are r
drep214.zip123KD-ROM BBS Directory Formatting System; Configurable on the
drmlog10.zip58KDreamLOG v1.0 ### DreamLOG is a beautiful caller log displ
drmlst12.zip68KDreamLIST v1.2; DreamLIST is an online BBSList Data Base.
drtime_2.zip62KDRTIME. Includes 2 programs to help the sysop control how
drumor10.zip12KWorks with RUMOR 2.0 - Users can remove quotes/rumors
dsm10.zip197KDSM Door Screen Manager 1.0! A great door menuing system f
dupeacct.zip25KDupe Account Checker v1.25; Get rid of "Bad" users that cr
dupuserd.zip119KThe Duplicate User Finder Program for TBBS This program fi
dusered.zip18KDeluxe Usered Version 0.VeryBeta;
dusereg.zip220KUser Registry
dwlcont.zip37KDwlCont.Com es el programa principal y su utilizacion es m
e_wcty02.zip11KWho called today/yesterday; This is a simple utility to vi
eaglever.zip1,420BSmall SYSOP Utility to quickly locate a | | name in your c 0 01/24/90 .zip 37739 01/24/90 Elect Comm Act of 1
ediz-1.zip18KEDIZ v1.0: Allows to extract the FILE_ID.DIZ from ANY .ZIP
efl_131.zip44KEFL v1.31; Enhanced File List utility, and it offers ProBo
eread.zip32KEeeek bits ANSI reader.
ergrand1.zip41KERGORAND v1.0 Random Message Retriever This will randomly
event.zip34KEVENT is a program to let other nodes on the BBS be taken
evtman12.zip15KEVENTMAN - A premier event manager for BBS SysOps and othe
ewait100.zip8,635BEzyWait v1.00; Simply waits for a specified amount of minu
ex130.zip38KEX v1.30 - Copy files from CD-ROM to hard drive before dow
exfilst.zip1,387BThis utility when configured to your specs should be ran i
exp_gen2.zip138KE X P R E S S(tm) [GENERIC]-2-+ | SysOps Can NOW Offer The
expres24.zip588K2.3-+| E-X-P-R-E-S-S(tm) 2.3 FEB10 . Do Your | Users Know
ezdiz20s.zip40KEZ-DIZ v2.0; The PREMIER file description Processor! Inser
ezv121.zip128KEZVERIFY 1.21; The first and only full-featured callback v
fan_230b.zip281KFAN is a comprehensive file announcing program for BBS sys
fastat.zip32KGenerates a bulletin showing File Area statistics for Powe
fastat11.zip33KFile Area STATistics v1.1: Generate bulletin files showing
fatal142.zip18KFatal v1.42; Slightly modified version of Fatal v1.4 (a cr
fav.zip37KFile authenticity verifier. Reads the file then gives you
fax101e.zip55KNEW way to write your BBS News Files - Very user friendly
fax483.zip260KFAX483 480 Line Facsimile Program
faxnt250.zip20KFaxNotify v2.50GA: Notifies the sysop when a fax has been 0 12/07/89 zip 10603 12/07/89 For msg when bbs is d
fc102b.zip348KFastChat V1.02/b; Full-Featured Split Screen Chatting for
fce11.zip54KFCE 1.1 BBS Filelist Comment Extractor Extracts comments (
fe100.zip4,852BModifies FILES.BBS for free DLs, inserts GIF specification
ffal110.zip35KFFAL110; Reads FILES.BBS files and removes any listings wh
ffg104a.zip35KFast 'all files' list generator. Highly customizable. Mult
fil2date.zip92KConverts filenames to DATEs for daily ZIPs.
file2jul.zip13KFILE2JUL v1.0 - Backup LOG files using Julian date
fileadd.lzh30Keadd.lzh 0 09/17/89 d.lzh 30309 09/17/89 Files.bbs utility
filefi06.zip35KScans filelists. A SYSOP MUST ! Includes HACK REPORT
fileid17.zip6,402BFILEID.TXT v1.7; Complete explaination of the format and u
fixctrl.zip6,272BRemoves WWIV color codes from CONTROL.DAT in QWK packet.
fixflag.zip6,921BQ&D product.not fancy but it will fix it so that 0 01/24/90 .zip 72434 01/24/90 Flash bulletin gene
flist26.zip28KFList; Generates files lists based on priviledge levels an
flister2.zip131KCreates ALLFILES listing with built-in reader
fll190d.zip146KThe Ultimate BBS Lister for Sysops: Loads of features. Wor
flst105s.zip94KTNTSoft] TNTFLIST v1.05 Standard (Excellent file lister!)
fm104a.zip41KThe File Massage <-* Copies file(s) from Cd-roms and/or al
fm200a.zip59KThe File Massage 2.0 <-* Great New Features. Easier config
fm_3103g.zip269KFile Manager: echo file processor for Fidonet
fmast210.zip114KFileMaster v2.10 Triple-S-Ware A Simple Software Solutions
fmnews12.zip8,668BFormNews v1.2; ANSI/ASCII screen generator. Generates scre
fmtnc110.zip43Kv1.10r) Fantasy Software Message To Next Caller door! Card
fnpack.zip27KCollection Of All Of Feathernet Software, Inc.'S Sysop Dev
foxcut20.zip103KFocke's-Cut v2.0: use w/DCBBS list to extract nums that ar
fporch20.zip55KFront Porch 2.0 = = Allows BBS sysop to offer users = = up
free0792.zip2,239BJuly 1992 list of Libertarian BBSes
fri_201.zip50KUpdate FILES.BBS with Node* and weekly news.
frx11.zip217KRXFER 1.1 *FREEWARE* Robocomm 4.x add-on! Processes TRANSF
fsdump.zip6,649BReads in your FILE?.BBS and creates a DESCRIPT.ION (for 4D
fsln14.zip68KFSLN v1.40 - Last n callers. Supports Remote Access, Ezyco
funny010.zip71KFUNNYONE.EXE v0.10 An excellent "OneLiner" door for Remote
fupdat11.zip7,764BAdd new files and delete nonexistent files from files.bbs.
fwklu122.zip95KFWKLU122.ZIP remote Lookup kit for use with FWKCS Contents
fxchat70.zip37KF/X-Chat v7.0a - update for An Excellent BBS Chat Program!
gcnf11b.zip46KGoodConf v1.1b, 10-21-91 Release. PCBoard 14 utility to sh
getmail.zip8,869BGetMail - Search and extract to an ASCII file all the mess
gifres14.zip38KPut .GIF file resolutions into your TriBBS and SpitFire fi
gift4b10.zip97KGIFtest 4.0b10; Command line GIF util for PCBoard 14.5a an
giv_fix.zip43KUpdate to Giview ver 1.0. -= Bug Fix =- - Tell at a glance
gntnc12b.zip51KGNTNC Door v1.2 The Generic Note To Next Caller Door v1.2
goodu11.zip83KGoodUser v1.1 - only allow "good" users into into your doo
greet.zip3,280BDisplay a message "Good Evening, Morning, orafternoon" to
gsc101.zip32KGSC v1.01 : Let your users see who was on your system last
gwall100.zip7,617BThe Graffiti Wall For RoboBoard/FX
hallows.zip6,592BDays till Halloween v1.1 - Bug Fix for Halloween Day
haloween.zip22KHalloween Screens bbs screens WCv.3 pause codes added. For
happyusr.zip32KHappy User - Gives incentive to users for uploading.
hayties.zip97KHayes's TIES Identification program.
hbbs20.zip52KHoliBBS 2.0 - Holiday countdown reminder for most BBSs.
her100_1.zip313KThe FileHerald v1.00-1; Combined file listing, file announ
hilite3.zip25KBulletin editor: hilights for bbs systems.
hitsys.zip28KHITSYS v0.10beta; Creates USERS.SYS on the fly from the DO
hlist110.zip17KFile list compiler for files.bbs systems.
honli108.zip33KHectomowick-Crew FINLAND Presents: # ##[Hectomowick-Crew's
honto096.zip16KHONTO v0.96beta; Displays colored file info based on the f
hostag10.zip43KHOSTAGE! v1.0 America Held Hostage! The Deluxe Clinton Cou
hostge12.zip47KHOSTAGE v1.2; Creates a Bulletin/Hello Screen for all you
hostge14.zip42KHOSTAGE v1.4 Creates a Bulletin/Hello Screen for all you C
hotshv1.zip35KA LOCAL Hot key shell to dos from your bbs with tag-untag-
hourlog.zip29KHOURLOG; Reads the Activity.Log and creates a simple ASCII
hours10.zip21KHOURS v1.0 - Create avg system usage by hour, find best ca
hrm100.zip13KHACKMRG v1.00; The HACKxxxx.COL Merger Utility To NOT acce
hstuff41.zip59KHOTSTUFF: File and Statistics Utility v4.0
humor00e.zip196KHUMOR00B: Unmoderated INTERNET forum for sharing all forms
ia_card.zip2,451BInfo: The Connect-USA Instant Access Card
icverify.zip2,858BCredit Card real time authorization, ATM/Debit card, Check
id10.zip37KID v1.0; Create, edit and modify FILE_ID.DIZ and DESC.SDI
id_chk11.zip7,127BID_CHECK v1.1; Checks Caller ID file against a list of num
idfiler.zip215KIDENTI-FILER v4.5 File Lister & DIZ/SDI Processor FILES.BB
ihead100.zip15KI-Header File area header creator v1.0 for Ezycom BBS
ilq20.zip50KUltimate ANSI quotes generator. 401 quotes.
ip150.zip47KInterPCB 1.50 by InterZone Software - Convert fido style *
james220.zip161KJames 'The File and Message Manager' v2.20. Now supports E
jod100.zip14KJoke of the Day For Any BBS - SysOps, Put a little humor i
joinlst4.zip37KCreates list of users in conferences, for SLBBS 2.xx.
joke202.zip38KTODAY'S JOKE V2.02# Ultimate Joke displayer for any type o
jokev101.zip99KJoKeStEr v1.01 - o ROBO-BOARD EGA/VGA joke bulletin creato
keepcall.zip10KKEEPCALL for DOS Version 1.0
kidcrush.zip6,511BThe Kid Crusher Ver 1.0 By John Kleinbauer Stop the Kiddie
killcall.zip33KCALL KILL v 1.0 Automatically delete your system's caller
labtst32.zip379KLabtest 3.2 - The First Line of Defense! Possibly the most
lastca11.zip82KPegasus Last Caller Analyzer v1.1; Now Controls 100+ nodes
lastca1a.zip47KPegasus Last Caller Analyzer v1.1a; Now controls 100+ node
lastcal2.zip12KLastcall v2.0; Supports unlimited users.
laston59.zip43KVersatile last caller lister for BBSs.
lcall17.zip40KLastCall version 1.7 - Creates ANSI and ASCII last 15 call
lgnmsg16.zip23KLog On Mesage 1.6; To be called in LOGON.BAT or similar pr
libr_109.zip72KLibrary is a short XBBS utility that will act as a librari
linedump.zip34KLine Dumper v0.96: Trim CALLER logs or any ASCII file of l
lineed.zip55KLineEd is a full-featured, multi-purpose line editor writt
lkdb560a.zip30KLOOKDB v5.60a; determine what QWK numbers are being used a
llist102.zip176KLList 1.02 (beta); the most complete utility to manage you
lmp01a.zip95KListMaster Pro v0.1a; Create a Master file Listing for you
loadr.zip19KLoadr BBS loader; Will pause for 10 seconds to give you a
logdat11.lzh62Kdat11.lzh 0 07/17/90 11.lzh 63860 07/17/90 Renames system.
logdl100.zip8,905BFront door log download counter for EZYcom version 1.02.
logger14.zip43KLogger v1.4 last callers bulletin generator. Sysop configu
logger16.zip88KLogger v1.6 last callers bulletin generator. Sysop configu
logmangr.lzh6,193Bmangr.lzh 0 11/01/90 gr.lzh 6193 11/01/90 Log Manager (tri
logview1.zip60KLogView; View, download, and delete all ascii file on-line
loser.zip21KHumorous Text explaining "Loser" BBS'ers
lscan103.zip53KLogscanner; Program that would scan the BBS log looking fo
lstfl103.zip11KListfile; An improved replacement for SLDIR
lstgn450.zip43KListGen 4.50: file list generator (demo) for TBBS.
lstrd111.zip18KLISTREAD Version 1.11.c.ansi Parse your favorite bbs lists
lu_100.zip8,319BLogUtil; Log files for a BBS, mailer, and some games grow
m_pclr10.zip39KM&P Color v1.0: replaces searchlight color.
macrocvt.zip5,899BMACRO CONVERT v1.0; Program for converting the @MACRO code
mailbox.zip88KLog on E-Mail system. Users can read and reply to E-Mail d
makearc3.zip44KMakeArc V3.02 With C Source Code
makebx14.zip89KMakeBix v1.4; Allows you to move downloads from several in
maklst11.zip72KMAKE-LST v1.01; BEST master file list- generation tool tha
master19.zip55KListMaster v1.9; Create a Master File List of your Bulleti
mbull219.zip121KMaleBull; ANSI/PCB/WC! CDE Support For BBS
mbv3.zip41KMaster-B: the bulletin-menu manager. Excellent program to
mc_cbv30.zip208KMotorCity Callback Verifier, now with CALLER*ID & JAM supp
mcb104.zip203KMetroCore, Basic Edition, Version 1.04 | +-+ A sophisticat
mcfre22.zip41KMCFRE.EXE Online Free Disk Space Door/DOS Utility for ANY
meand13.zip11KMeanDate v1.3; Report the number of selected files, the da
megacata.zip158KDESCRIPTOR| A Showcase Utility! +-+ - * SAMPLE VERSION * A
melkic.zip108KAdd VGA to your vbbs 5.60 bbs. Pretty good.
menusmpl.zip39KHere is some of my menus that I've worked extremely hard o
mergs1b3.zip150KMERGESYS v1.00b3 - BBS file list manager! Eliminate ALL th
mezz444.zip136KMetro-Mezzanine, IV, v4.44; sophisticated BBS center/hub,
mkdrw100.lzh77Krw100.lzh 0 02/11/95 00.lzh 78444 02/11/95 MKDraw Avatar/A
mkqm4blt.zip38KCreate Bulletins of top ten message up and downloader for
mkus100a.zip8,130BMAKEUSER v1.0a; VAMPYRE BAR! DOORWARE - FREEWARE: Updates 0 09/08/90 29678 09/08/90 Make zero lengt
mm.zip361KMortgage Market ONLINE BBS Demo program
mmups151.zip15KMM Uploads v1.51; Superior New File lists; Create easy to
movesl13.zip34KMove- A .DIR sorter and file list creator
mpd204.zip46KMSTPOPDL - Most Popular Downloads; utility program for Sea
mqm.zip34KMistic Questionaire Maker; utility that allows the SysOp t
mrkt_ntr.zip9,238BInformational Show on The Marketer, A New | | BBS Utility
msgrto12.zip82KMESSAGE/RATIO v1.2b Encourages your users to become more a
msgwll31.zip163KA BBS Utility that will let your users post messages at lo
mstat.zip38KMessage base statistics; Gives complete statistics about w
msv30.zip112KMenu Swapper v3.0 - Shiver & Associates Allows the users o
msys2fbb.zip5,429BMsys to fbb mailfile conversion utility.
mta_ve36.lzh388K_ve36.lzh 0 05/06/91 36.lzh 397804 05/06/91 Make Them Anyt
mtaovf10.zip129KMTA is a conversion utility to convert al- most any archiv
mtq_v402.lzh20K_v402.lzh 0 05/06/91 02.lzh 20496 05/06/91 Make Them Quick
mtt_v801.lzh42K_v801.lzh 0 05/06/91 01.lzh 43107 05/06/91 Make Them Touch
muc_112.lzh18K_112.lzh 0 11/25/89 2.lzh 18771 11/25/89 Universal archive
multi201.zip24KMultiBBS v2.0; Run 2 BBS softwares from your Front End. Ea
multibbs.zip55KMULTIBBS - Run more than one BBS on ONE line Works with mo
multring.zip4,395BInformation on Bell's multi-ring service to allows one pho
namebbs.zip13KPick an original name for your bulletin boardwith "NameBBS
nchat_pp.zip15KA NEW and better split screen chat! Faster, better looking
netlogo1.zip31KNetLOGO v1.0; Insert a Text file into your Zip's as a LOGO
newday45.zip59KNewDay/PC v4.5c; This program performs similar functions,
newfi213.zip33KNEWFILES 2.13: Generates bulletins showing uploaded files
newfil21.zip33KNEWFILES 2.1: Generates bulletins showinguploaded files "n
newies41.zip123KNEWIES 4.1 =- * The PREMIUM NEWSLETTER * Creates NEWS Bull
newintro.zip2,398BChange your inlog to a real fast one and give more room to
newmsg.zip4,218BControl file to update security and write personal message
newmsg20.zip82KNew User Message v2.0 : Added Features PCBoard 14.x Utilit
newsbars.lzh37Ksbars.lzh 0 07/04/91 rs.lzh 38297 07/04/91 Freeware to cre
newsflsh.zip89KNewsFlash v1.0 - bulletin displaying program Displays bull
newsplus.zip43KNEWSplus V2.0 News Bulletin generator for RA, TriBBS, GAP,
nm2dt11.zip12KName-To-Date is a freeware utility written to allow you to
nocrash.zip884BNOCRASH - BBS utility. Reboots the computer when the BBS h
npa_0992.zip715KTelephone exchange finder. Enter an area code and exchange
nr303.zip160KNewsRoom version 3.03 . BBS News generating software. Crea
ntqt20.zip126KNETWORK QUOTABLES v2.0 - Be greeted w/ famous, witty
nub17.zip40KNew User Bulletin v1.7; This is a little utility that will
numsg.zip2,102BModification for new message search for VBBS.
nwsman10.zip101KNews Manager - A utility allowing a SysOp or a person desi
nwsman12.zip100KNews Manager; Allows a SysOp to maintain multiple text fil
nwv100b4.zip25KNodeWatch V1.0 Beta 4 - The First Node Monitor program wit
on891.zip6,525BSimple joke program that looks like you are getting into a
onelin1b.zip53KAdd a random ONE LINER to your BBS at log-on
onename.zip1,417BDetect if on-line user is using one name
outcomm1.lzh34Kcomm1.lzh 0 07/04/91 m1.lzh 35132 07/04/91 Send any text f
page.zip89KPAGE BRAIN SYSOP PAGE DOOR Set page hours, bell on/off tim
paktoc10.zip16KPress a key to continue for use by BBSs.
parse130.zip135KParseit v1.30; Files list parseing utility. Hits & Exclusi
passit14.zip110KUsers pass a sentence around the BBS! How will it come out
password.zip84KPASSWORD CREATOR v2.0 < Generates random user passwords ev
pbdiag.zip35KPBDIAG 1.00: Powerboard BBS ver 1.2 Complete Diagnostics s
pbdir.zip7,536BPBDIR 1.00: Creates displays for "FILE AREASAVAILABLE" sho
pbhot.zip7,106BHOT 1.00: Creates a list of the most Popular downloads for
pbmr132s.zip15KFILES.BBS utility designed for Power Board. The output fil
pbnewbul.zip33KNEWFILES 1.0 : Generates a bulletin listing files that hav
pbnews20.zip24KPBNEWS Version 2.0 +-* * . * . * *-+ |*+- - -+*| :| - FAST
pbtop.zip5,405BTop Downloader bulletin creator for Powerboard BBS.
pcbv_pb.zip707BUtility to allow use of pcbverify door w/ powerboard.
pcg_105.zip125KPC Gopher II v1.05 - a program that lets user search for a
pclpack.zip92KPCLPACK 1.00: collection of control language routines, add
pcprod2.zip244KLists of hardware, (modems, monitors, boards, cables, chip
pcr_185.zip12KPcRemove v1.85 - Caller Log Editor ### PcRemove will remov
peek_222.zip93KPeeker is a short XBBS utility that will look inside archi
pfed_088.zip498KPFED v0.88 :- ]###### # * # = COMPLETE BBS FILE AREA MANAG
phonewiz.zip50KPhoneWiz is a DOS based application and will convert your
pikv2_1.zip41KPick-One v2.01 Random screen selection utility. Simple, ea
pinbrd12.zip39KPinBoard-Manager, handles up to 99 different logoff-notes
pioneer.lzh1,617Bneer.lzh 0 07/04/91 r.lzh 1617 07/04/91 Pioneer offer to s
play10.zip9, 0 12/07/89 .zip 9794 12/07/89 Display ansi screens
pnd10b.zip70KPronews deluxe BBS news/ANSI generator.
porthv10.zip39KW A T C H - -+ A (MUST HAVE) for any SysOp of of a small|
prfp100.zip13KPRFP v1.0; The Pseudo-Random File Picker 0 01/24/90 14610 01/24/90 Info on bbs priva
prodz203.zip44KProDIZ 2.03 - ProDoor 3.44 utility to replace caller U/L d
profm210.zip362KProFAM v2.1; Professional File Area Manager
prostp12.zip13KProStrip> Ver 1.1; strips Pro Series bulletins for clean i
protpa20.zip20KProTPA V1.20 - A ProDoor Utility | +-+ Version 1.0b20 09/0
ps_800.zip9,025BSupposed to display ownership of 800 numbers.
psbmgr10.zip146KPSBManager v1.0 File Area Manager
ptchevt1.zip31KPatchEvt Version 1.0, released Nov 20th 1991. PCBoard V14.
ptime10s.zip7,821BPowerTime 1.00: Creates charts for bulletins showing a gra
pwplwarn.zip28KPWPLWARN | +-+ File for Password Plus. Reads log file and
pwrgif12.zip64KPower*GIF, Generates GIF preview files for PowerBBS system
pwrlst47.zip207KPower List v4.7; A utility allowing a user to create his o
qac112.zip17KQuote access controller v1.12 for sl 2.x. Control who gets
qc_200b.zip25KQuickCall 2.00 public beta release. The ultimate Today's C
qi200.zip45KQuoteIt v2.0; Generate ASCII/ANSI quote bulletins for almo
qmaker10.zip11KQMaker v1.0 a random quote generator to be used with remot
qofdv605.zip150KQuote O' The Day v6.05- For almost any BBS Display random
qotd19.zip235KQuote Of The Day version 1.9: Over 5000 quotes and giggles
qp3.zip42KQuick Page v3.0 (C) Copyright 1994. A Tronix Developer's p
qrfm41.zip249KBBS File Manager for BBS Systems that use Files.BBS to des
qtime18.zip11KQtime V1.8 by Joseph Sheppard. A Free program that creates
quoteit.zip8,542BMake new bulletins each day from a list.
quoter3.zip17KA quote of the Day BBS utility
randansi.zip31KRANDANSI v1.0; Randansi is a program that can be used to s
randcp10.zip10KRandomCopy 1.0; RandomCopy is a small utility that will co
ranote12.zip22KBBS automessage utility: Doorinfo, door.sys, pcb.sys suppo
rapnote2.zip42KSysop note leaving utility for most BBS Systems
rasv14.zip30KRAS V1.4 If you operate a conventional BBS, you need RAS!
rbtoon01.zip68KCollection of roboboard bbs graphics.
rds_v201.zip156KRDS is a remote DOS-shell. It is not a DOORWAY alike
rds_v301.zip167KRDS Remote DOS Shell V 3.01 Major Release *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-
reader.zip10KReads your "allfiles.lst" and create a text file displayin
remote93.zip47KEver had remote system operators have the need to view scr
renamarc.zip16KRename Files to The Day-Of-Week Extension. Good For Backup
rfw_v131.zip168KRFW Remote FileList (Windowed) V 1.31 Min. *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*
rgnc10.zip17KNO CARRIER v1.00 Std. Creates a nice ANSI and ASCII bullet
riddance.zip32KSysops utility to delete users who haven't called for a sp
rim300.zip295KRobo-board icon mover utility.
riptogr.zip4,682BRIPTOGR v1.0 - Convert DOOR.SYS/USERINFO.
rms346.zip79KRMS CATALOG SYSTEM V3.46 / RMS BUILD V1.3 Enhanced system
robouc01.zip72KUtility to change user stats for ROBO BBS
roboue01.zip48KEdit user records for robo graphical BBS
rompr134.zip64KROMProc v1.34; CD-ROM Download Processor Perfect for any B
rompr137.zip51KROMProc v1.37 - CD-ROM Download Processor Perfect for any
ros2pcb.zip23KROS2PCB Version 1.0. A utility for sysops converting from
rotate.zip57KRotateIt v1.5; BBS Automated Screen Rotation program. Up t
rotate12.zip35KBBS screen file rotation utility Generic enough to run wit
rotate1b.zip40KWelcome/Goodbye Screen Rotator
rotowel7.zip29KROTOWEL 7.0 - Easy to use freeware bulletin board display
rptgrp.zip13KUpdated Report template from user
rquote14.zip38KNewest quotes generator for BBS's or PC's; faster, easy to
rscn106c.zip59KRobobbs file uploader scanner and convertor.
rscrn20.zip43KBBS / Autoexec screen rotator. Cycles through unlimited sc
rsg_200.zip128KRSG v2.00 - RoyalSoft's Statics Generator. Very Advanced S
rumor20.zip13KRUMOR v2.0 - Allows users to add to your quote/rumor file
rynewf12.zip19KRyNEWF v1.0; RyNEWF is a new file lister. It is mainly mea
rzip236.zip69KMEGA +---+OFTWARE | | +---+ +---+ | . -- ReZip -- Version
s-nws411.zip178KSuper News v4.11 #| |-| | This is the BEST news maker for:
s2a150.zip97KFlexible bulletin maker. Ans/asc, auto-maint, multi-door.
sage32.zip141KSAGE 3.2. Manage and select from an editable digest of quo
sapb113.zip20KSAPB v1.13 for BBBS; Reads a BBSlogfile and creates 2 bull
satinita.zip227KSatinit v2.4 Satellite Interragator* This is the 3rd. publ
sbase110.zip59KSuperBase 1.10; A bbslist database. It allows users to ent
sbox10.zip39KThe Switch Box v1.0; Automatic screen changer for BBS syso
scall210.zip55KSuperCalls! The ultimate "Who Called Today" Bulletin/Hello
scream20.zip28Kcallers choose tune to y)ell for the Sysop.
scriptdl.zip12KSCRIPTDL version 1.0 (02-12-92). A simple program that con
scrlfqot.zip23KAlternate multiline quote generator for Simplex BBS.
sdr_1.zip11KSDReminder v1.0; Utility to show users ansi and ascii text
secdos10.zip41KSecureDOS v1.0; SecureDOS makes your Drop To DOS command S
secmsg31.zip8,147BDifferent message for every security level on a BBS.
sfa3b15.zip59KSmartFA Beta 15, bug fixes for the REARJ and FILES.BBS rou
shampge2.zip35KAnswers pages whether sysop is there or not.
shrom18g.zip18KShell Room Utility; Utility that gives a DOS application's
sjg_case.zip36KHypertext version of the final opinion of the Steve Jackso
sleep_45.zip31KSleep 4.5. Wait for/until time, file, or scheduled event.
slog.zip38KStore Log archives BBS logs each day in an event . The pro
slpuzzle.zip12KPuzzle This game is like the '15' puzzle you have as a kid
slrename.zip30KSLRENAME - Turn handles into real names for export. Writte
smsfbbs.zip5,676BUtility to convert the FILES.BBS file listing in each dire
smsrobo.zip5,615BConvert power user So Much . CD-ROM lists for Robobbs use.
sneak01.zip30KSneak v1.0; Sneak scans user lists for callers who have ca
snipt502.zip119KSNIPPET v5.02; Auto BBS quote bulletin generator. Unique c
sopmsg.zip21KElectronic' CoSysop will respond to mail.
sortdz10.zip12KSORTDIZ FILE_ID.DIZ Sorter v1.0: Ya got your FILE_ID.DIZ e
soundexp.zip502KSOUNDEX-> VOC Player v1.0; Program for SYSOPS who own a so
sourc35d.zip4,000BThese files are intended to be used with Robocomm V4.1. Pr
spltr12.zip39KSPLITTER v1.1; Allows a SysOp to take a very large DOWNLOA
sq-v300.zip173KSquadra v3.0: Superb way to manage your BBS. Edit/Copy/Mov
srchrv1.zip36KSearch bbs file lists for filename or string.
srtdsc21.zip151KSORTDESC v2.1; Find file descriptions from either FILE_ID.
srtdsc31.zip413KSORTDESC Version 3.1 * This utility will find file descrip
stats10.zip40KSTATS v1.0 bETA: Utility to create a BBS door usage statis
statsc1c.zip28KStatusC: Generate Export, Import, Last Import and Monthly
stobbs15.zip23KShuttle to BBS v1.05; Intended for the SysOp who wishes to
stop100.zip24KSimplex top callers/ULers/DLers v1.00.
store.zip57KVirtual BBS Account Store v1.0
strcom.zip17KSTRCOM v1.1; Freeware external string compiler for WWIV 4.
strip-g.zip36KStrip Ghost; Strip Ghost is used to process a TBBS dayfile
stripup1.zip36KUtility to strip out that "Uploaded By:" message. Does one
sublst21.zip21KSUBLIST v2.0; Enhanced "List" command for Searchlight BBS
svdmansi.zip2,377BReplaces OS2FIX or MDOS\ANSI for OS/2 VDM running SBBS
swap21s.zip22KSwapFile 2.1s is a program that is designed to swap virtua
swb928g.zip385KShareware bulletin graphics add on.
swb928ti.zip125KShareWare Bladet volume #8; ShareWare Bladet reviews new s
swbm100.zip221KStar Wars Bulletin Maker v1.00; Creates nice looking bulle
switch-l.zip29KSwitcheRoo v2.0; Effective in giving your BBS a "new" look
swr101.zip8,939BSwitcher V1.01. Allow users to select either toped or quic
syread03.zip120KAllfiles.lst created automatically for Searchlight BBS.
sysmen1.zip16KSelection of BRDS menus and Utils.
t2305sv.zip1,015KNCSA Telnet v2.3b1.
tag201.zip84KTagfile v2.01 Full Release / no delays. The Ultimate in fi
task.zip11KCOMMO} macros that allow you to automatically execute DOS
tblt09d.zip49KTOPBLT v0.9d; Complete PCBoard User Bulletin Statistics Ge
tcb-201b.zip49KTCB v2.01 [Today's Callers Bulletin Creator] # Truly confi
tcb_201.zip49KTCB v2.01 [Today's Callers Bulletin Creator] # Truly confi
tcfg10.zip29KTNETCFG, TNET.CFG file maker. TNET.CFG made easy!
tcm160.zip13KTNET Configuration Maker v1.60 - WC! Systems Makes TNet Co
tcute20u.zip44KTRICUTE ver.2.0 A BBS utility. An excellent quote screen g
tdcl_150.zip13KToday's Callers V1.50 (Timezone Bug Fixed).
teleflra.zip2,918BCredit card processing for your BBS or ShareWare programmi
testdt10.zip16KTestDate - BBS Upload Date Tester
testf21d.zip6,679BWhat to expect in Testfile 2.1 ? Are you a Sysop ? Do you
time93.zip17KThe subject of TIME from WISDOM OF THE AGES. 78 Quotes, Sa
timeit10.zip12KTimeit/Wait Utility v1.0; Wait for specified number of sec
timewait.zip23KBBS Utility to Allow 1 Node to Wait until a Specific Time
tla31.zip47KTLA - The Log Analyzer v3.1 (FREEWARE) Bug fix (Qmodem - I
tmstat2.zip43KTimeStat Version 2.0 Creates a 24 Hour format bulletin dis
todayc12.zip34KTODAY's CALlers 1.2: Generates bulletin files showing who
topdrop.zip5,421BTop Carrier Dropper bulletin creator for Powerboard BBS.
topten26.zip82KTopTen v2.5; Creates A Bulletin Showing The TopTen Message
tor117.zip93KPCTor v1.7: run Amtor on a PC with a low cost external HF
tpsnew99.zip62KAdd-on for The Polling Station; notifies users of changes
tqotd.zip45KThe Quote of The Day Version 4.21; Pull quotes from a norm
tqotd465.zip212KThe Quote of The Day v4.65.
tr2bullv.zip20KTriBull.Zip Contains Three seperate Bulletin Generators. T
ts_50qrp.zip1,509BReduce TS-50 power to QRP standards by WA6E
ttest200.zip43KTeleTest 2.00 archive tester for any BBS pro.
tubs10e.zip130KThe Ultimate Byte System v1.0. File Ratios, Byte Ratios. B
turbobla.zip10KTurbo bbs lister in ANSI.
tusersp4.zip28KTOPUSERS v4.0; This version will handle up to 4000 users!
txt2dir.zip8,781BTXT2DIR converts text listings of files which have filenam
txtlog11.zip14KTEXT LOGGER v1.1 TEXTLOG.EXE A Utility to write a msg to a
tycb15.zip45KToday/Yesterday Callers Bulletin v1.5; Little utility that
tycb151.zip48KToday/Yesterday Callers Bulletin Version 1.51 from HOTware
ubbsdiz.zip44KUBBSDIZ v1.0 Will scan new uploads for file FILE_ID.DIZ. I
ubbsla33.zip58KSystem Info for UltraBBS, Checks for new files
ubbstu11.zip43KUltra bbs top user v1.1. Create top user reports for top c
ubdate.zip8,473BUltra BBS utility to insert the date of the latest file in
ucdmgr.zip224KUltimate CD-ROM Manager v3.2; Access all your CD-ROMs from
uchat105.zip144KUChat) v1.05; features multiple coloured text, SysOp/User
udiz101.zip12KUDIZ v1.01; Utility to import a FILE_ID.DIZ description in
uedit55.zip144KVirtual BBS External User Editor v5.5
ufbf.zip9,157BUFBF v1.0; Fast Bulletin Fix will allow you to remove and
ufo11.zip56KUnwanted File Organizer Version 1.1 |
ulfs10.zip11KUpload free space monitor for all bbs's.
ulpsmbig.zip66KULPSM 1.06a - This is functionally equivalent to the distr
ultest27.zip54KULTESTER.EXE and ULTCFG.EXE Version 2.70 Ultester is a com
ulti20.zip52KUltiList 2.0 - The Ultimate BBS List * * Awesome graphics,
ultrck14.zip19KUPLOAD TRACKER v1.4beta; tracks daily uploads in a single
up_down.zip7,362BUpload/Download Protocol setting programs For TBBS 2.2 usi
updisp1.zip110KUPLOAD DISPLAYER 2.0 =- |Shoots screens to COM port to you
upload20.zip89KThe Upload Partner Version 2.0 | |-| | Stop frustrating yo
upname.zip7,805BAdd uploaders name to FILES.BBS.
ureset10.zip9,648BUltra BBS: Reset message pointers for Ultra BBS messages i
usamap.zip6,204BMenu/Map screen for Robo Graphical BBS. Users just click t
userdir.zip9,579BBSD User directory listing.
userutl.zip173KUser Control Utility Multi-Node v3.0
usrchk31.zip62KUSERCHEK 3.1, an rbbs callback verifier. Made specifically
usred12.zip43KUserEd for BBBS v1.2; Allows sysop to edit BBBSUSR.DAT fil
ustatv30.zip34KUSERSTAT will compile information about the active users o
uucode.zip17KThese are DOS versions of the *nix utilities of the same n
vall_100.zip48KVIEWALL v1.0 Online file viewing front end utility. View f
vcdrom11.zip39KVCDROM 1.10b1; Utility for creating the file listings data
vfam116.zip145KVersaFAM file area mgr v1.16 supports CD-ROM and much more
vgix30a.zip70KVGIX .30a; An introductory demo release of the graphical f
viewdbf.zip125KFrontier Enterprises - VIEWDBF View/Edit/Pack *ANY* databa
vpage_b2.zip41KVocPage plays different sounds when you're being paged.
vpix19i.zip331KNow Users Can View GIFs while online! Great Program for SY
vtc203sw.zip187KIf you are running a multi-node BBS then you need a way to
waitn.lzh106Btn.lzh 0 09/17/89 lzh 106 09/17/89 Wait N seconds (sometim
wakesys.zip69Khr telephone wake-up service system: a shareware demo prog
wasup102.zip62KThe What's Up status system; Fairly portable status progra
watdg121.zip12KWatchDog 1.21 !FREE UTILITY FOR BBS! Monitors Carrie
wbslst31.zip5,043BWBB BBS List v3.1: Nice Graphic Menus/interface! 100% bett
wchat-10.zip46KWaspChat! High-speed external chat for any BBS program. It
wchello.zip32KUse this to create either a bulletin or a hello screen.
wgmdms35.zip65KWGM-DMS v.3.5 - PCBoard 14.x Sysop Utility This utility do
wgmmak10.zip17KWGM-MAKE v.1.0 A PCBoard utility that will scan a DOS dire
whatday.zip36Krotate bulletins for according to what day of the week it
who2.zip28KAllows users to know whos using other nodes
who503.zip194KWhoCalledPRO! * V5.03 * New In 5.0 - Design Your OWN Bulle
wiz13d.zip375KFile Wizard V1.3d FULL RELEASE -= Areamanager for BBS-SysO
wl_101.lzh5,739B101.lzh 0 11/01/90 .lzh 5739 11/01/90 Write entries to log
wmscan1.zip38KWM LOG SCANNER; This program scans your log file and shows
wpad101.zip9,712BWhizPad, v1.01; A notepad utility primarily for FOSSIL-bas
wrtryb11.zip14KWriteRYB Version 1.1. RYBBS 7.x text to message base impor
wtchdg.zip9,984BWatchDog 1.20 is a resident utility designed for BBS'es an
wtt_v102.lzh16K_v102.lzh 0 05/06/91 02.lzh 16649 05/06/91 Wait Till Time
xdiz21e_.zip64KXDIZ v2.1e [*BUGFIX*] BUGFIX: MOVE did nothing in 2.0e :-)
xpress25.zip540KE-X-P-R-E-S-S v2.5; SoundBlaster Support with VGA Font. Th
xtra3.zip44KBulletin and News Maker; Creates Ansi and Ascii Screens an
xtraqte.zip195KApproximately 4800+ quotes for Quote O' The Day. Download
y3_00.zip48KAll-Files List Generator for most any BBS software
yc204.zip24KYESTCALL.EXE : Yesterday/Last 24 Hours Caller List Generat
ycall11b.zip12KV1.1b | |---| | Generates .ANS/ASC/AVT | | screen with YES
yell25.zip38KYell 2.5: replacement chat command for SLBBS versions 2.xx
zboard10.zip129KZ-Board v1.0; Object Oriented Menu System For SYSOPS to In
zc0108d.zip246KZChat Advanced Teleconference System v01.08 The ULTIMATE c
zdcs202.zip113KCorrects a couple of bugs and contents signature type of d
zdcsat02.zip45KZDCSAT v.01; will create an ASCII text file containing the
zdcshelp.zip1,928BText File explaining the use of ZDCS and Running it thur a
zips13.zip12KZ i p S t a m p V e r 1 . 3 * - Zip Stamp allows you to ad
zlabscrs.zip2,191BZipLab 2.0 Upload Test result screens. Shows tests that we
znr092x.zip166KZipNews local/remote newsreader;PCBoard BBSs+ Wildcat!, Wa
zrep1228.zip42KZReport v1.00: Utility to create reports with information
zv0830.zip193KZVerify v1.00a: The ultimate in caller verification for yo