File Libaries
Library: BBS - Directory: BBS - TriBBS
accura.zip736BNRAM settings and initialization string for TriBBS and a H
allstats.zip2,794BALLSTATS.BRP - TriBBS 5.0 ansi stat screen with 45 differe
ans2at10.zip30KANS2AT v1.0; This program will translate ANSI screens (*.A
ansi2x.zip8,871BWell, we done it again! You asked for a utility that will
appy100.zip5,354BAPPALACHIAN ENGLISH language file for TriBBS 5.x. Hillbill
arcmnt.zip9,192BA Tribbs archive comment & bbs ad utility that also handle
autorbs.zip3,372BX0FHow to automatically run the TRIRBS @X0FTriBBS board li
bblock10.zip16KBaudBlock 1.0 filters out new callers with slow modems. Sy
bbsstat1.zip1,644BBBS Statistics v1.0 - This Is A Complete Statistics Screen
bbt101.zip41KBig BBS Tic for TriBBS v1.01. BBTic is one of the _best_ T
bliz30.zip25KWBS Presents <*=- BLiZZaRD Language v3.0 for TriBBS! The B
bmenu2sw.zip23KBM-MENU 2.0 NEW RELEASE! ~ Shareware release of BM-Menu me
bstats13.zip85KX0F* BBS Statistics Trakker v1.3 * State of the Art BBS ST
bsturs15.zip42KBest Users v1.5; Cool little utility for TriBBS 4.x BBS Sy
btest.zip25KBTEST by Danny Fye A Utility that allows a SysOp to preven
bttribbs.zip7,223BBTTRIBBS; BinkleyTerm and TriBBS. These are the files I us
calrt11.zip29KCALRT11.ZIP v1.1 - run this in logon.bat and fastlog.bat t
ccrc32.zip2,904BThis file contains the routine that I use for calculating
cdlst2.zip7,840BCDLIst is a bulletin generator written exclusively for tho
change10.zip6,242BCHANGE v1.0: This utility will allow TriBBS bulletin board
chat10.zip19KFull screen chat mode for Tribbs it will let you set your
chgrate.zip13KUpload Compensation Rate Changer - This is small utilitys
chpage21.zip7,670BTribbs Utility - That allows you to change the page time u
cleanit.zip50KCleanit, the Callers.log file cleaner, will delete the num
compflip.zip17KCOMPFLIP is a command line utility which allows a TriBBS s
convert.zip19KCONVERT*= This is a program that will read a SFFILES.BBS i
delfs10.zip14KDELFILES 1.0; Handy utility for deleting files from either
dirlst21.zip42KCustom File Area Screen Generator v2.1; File Screen maker
dirlst31.zip40KCUSTOM FILE AREA SCREEN GENERATOR V3.1 File Screen maker o
doorstmp.zip1,522BFile format for TriBBS's DOORS.TMP file. TriBBS creates th
dschop21.zip34KDSCHOP v2.1; Chop the TriBBS CALLERS.LOG down to size! Can
dsdrop30.zip88KDSDROP v3.0; The ultimate Drop Carrier Notifier for TriBBS
dsfc12.zip52KDSFONCHK v1.2; This is a MUST for every TriBBS Sysop! DSFo
dsj_q10.zip51KDSJ&Q v1.0; The ultimate Joke and Quote Generator! Your ch
dsjm10.zip26KJUMPMENU v1.0; Jump from menu to menu without having to go
dsmm12.zip43KMSTRMAKR v1.2; Master File List Maker! Makes a Master File
dsnewq1a.zip59KDSNEWQ v1.0; Over 1000 new additions for DSQuote! New quot
dspage20.zip37KDSPAGE v2.0; Sysop Page Bell Changer. Now has the option o
dsquot20.zip50KDSQUOTE v2.0; The ultimate Quote of the Day generator! Ver
dsss10.zip45KSUBSET v1.0; Automatically set a new users subscription ex
duser12.zip26KDELUSER will scan your TriBBS user base and mark all users
dutrimv3.zip66KDutrimenu Version 3.00 Extend Tribbs's Menus Supports the
dwansi10.zip29KDW-ANSi 1.0 - The DJ SNooP & \/\/or/\/\ ANSi menu maker fo
dwnld1.zip7,954BDownLoad is a bulletin generator written exclusively for T
emnet.zip5,957BX04[| -=-=-=-=- eMNeT -=-=-=-=- |] @X03-=a TriBBS Based Ne
emslang.zip4,708BEMS Language file for TRIBBS language file based on EMS. f
expres15.zip44KExpressions BBS Logon Messenger v1.5; This is a much impro
ez2tri20.zip9,422BProgram allows the sysop to update the Tribbs callers log
fdsetup3.zip3,439BThis is the batch files that are used to run FrontDoor on
filcon25.zip75KFILECON 2.4 is a file description formatter for TRIBBS 5.X
filecon.zip28KFILECON v1.0; First release of a files list formatter for
fileschk.zip19KFileCheck simply checks all of your FILES.LST in all file
hick.zip4,795BThis is a language file for Tribbs ver 5.1+ called HICK. T
hotdl10.zip19KHottest Downloads 1.0 - Generates a hottest downloads bull
hotdl301.zip164KHottest Downloads 3.01 - This is hottest downloads bulleti
htdoor11.zip64KX0F* Hottest Doors Trakker v1.1 * This program will create
htfile21.zip59KX0FHottest Download Files Trakker v2.1 This program will c
hubrun10.zip22KHUBRUN v1.0; Customized {COMMO} v.5.4 script for automatin
intsetup.zip700BIntel 14.4 modem initialization string for use with TriBBS
jest104.zip21KJestBBS 1.04; Great utility for TriBBS or any BBS for that
keybdtmp.zip461BKeyboard Template for TriBBs
kvcat10.zip34KkvCatalog v1.0- converts TriBBS binary files.lst to catalo
kvfils13.zip48KkvFiles! v1.3 -The _FINAL_ allfiles compiler for TriBBS! S
kvupld11.zip34KkvUpldTracker! v1.1-creates bulletin of last dozen uploads
l_jivtec.zip10KHumourous language files for TriBBS 5.0: Jive and Techie!
lang.zip4,966BLang is a TriBBS language I created in My own Time to see
last1520.zip15KLast15 v2.0; A Last 15 Callers bulletin generator for TriT
last1540.zip12KLast15 4.0 - Last 15 callers bulletin generator for TriBBS
lastcl14.zip51KLastCallers v1.4; TriBBS bulletin generator to show most r
legal100.zip74KVIP*Legal Age Utility - Version 1.00 * Utility improves yo
loglim.zip10KLogon Limit Changer - Changes the maximum logon time limit
logoff10.zip32KThis is a TriBBS specific program that will allow your Tri
logon2.zip1,345BDisplay Screens for TriBBS
logonx.zip2,695BX0FTriBBS ANSI screen can be used as @X0Fa logon or bullet
mailrn36.zip32KMAILRN, v.3.6 {COMMO} 5.4 script for automating mailruns w
malrn40a.zip36KMAILRN, v.4.0a - {COMMO} 5.4+ script for automating mailru
menu.zip42KTriBBS! Here is a file that I (Riker) have written to help
menumax3.zip23KMake 4 different ANSI screens automatically for any menu f
mm101.zip24KMailMan for TriBBS v1.01! =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= This i
mmhscr15.zip6,240BFor TriBBS 5.0, Qmodem mailruns: Qmodem script, sample eve
mnumak42.zip12KRIP MENU MAKER is a must for all TriBBS RIP aware BBS Syso
muser10.zip11KMarkUsers 1.0 - MarkUsers is a TriBBS utility that lets yo
ndsec1.zip17KNDSEC1 by Cyber Soft NDSEC1 is a small program that will e
newbie12.zip19KNEWBIE - New User Message Generator for TriBBS
newmen11.zip39KNewMenu Version 1.0. A Tribbs Specific Door For Version 3.
newsys.zip50KNEWSYS.EXE Version 1.0 - (02/94) A door written for TriBBS
newusr14.zip49KNewUsers v1.4; TriBBS bulletin generator for a new user we
not_mnu4.zip17KNOT!MENU 1.4 for TriBBS. This is an auto ansi menu maker f
notif10.zip6,512BNotifier v1. This program will create @X BBS files telling
nullnode.zip1,735BConnect to TriBBS with a null modem cable.
os2help.zip2,644BHow to run Tribbs in OS/2 on a limited system. I run 3 nod
pagscrn.zip11KPage Bell Screen - From LOGON.BAT checks the users name ag
pgnote20.zip23KPageNote V2.0 TriBBS utility lets the users know if the Sy
phreq13b.zip58KPHreq! v1.3 = A TriBBS anonymous file transfer door. Great
pltotl21.zip12KPLTOTL v2.1: PCBoard to TriBBS file list converter.
poffice.zip27KTriBBS(tm) Post Office, Another # # fine Utility for use w
qwkmsg11.zip80KQWKMSG Version 1.1 BETA Enable Your Users To Be Able To Se
qwkticb8.zip25KQwkTic Beta .08 A TriBBS specific QWK utility that allows
rd100.zip3,451BRIPScrip Detect for TriDoor Version 1.00 Routine to detect
readidx1.zip25KReadIdx is a utility will lookup the record number of a us
reglst10.zip33KConverts TBBBSES.TXT to @coded bulletin
riptls17.zip79KRipTools Beta Ver 1.5b # I have now recompiled RipTools us
russian.zip20KRussian language files, menus, screens and other files for
rwjm10.zip15KRWJM Version 1.0 - RooKWare JumpMenu Jump from menu to men
sall101.zip19KSendall sends a message to all users at logon. TriBBS's bo
schang.zip13KSecurity Changer This is small utilitys will help you to c
sftotb10.zip24KSFTOTB 1.0 - A Spitfire to TriBBS file list converter.
smess12.zip40KSMESS Version 1.2 This is a helpful application for TriBBS
spanish.zip4,945BSpanish format language; Language for TriBBS 5.0, put lang
stblst43.zip56KStat Blaster is a callers log analyizer, for TriBBS(c) ver
suboard3.zip26KSUB BOARD is a nifty little utility to make it extremely e
t-dlm100.zip37KT-DLM 1.0 *DIRECTORY LIST MAKER* FOR TriBBS 5.1+ The Direc
t_it21a4.zip71KTicIt 2.1 Alpha 4 This release is a PRE-RELEASE of the up
tapst12.zip62KTriAutoPost v1.2; TriAutoPost is a door for TriBBS 5.x boa
tb-ger22.zip11KTB-GER22, the German language file for TriBBS 5.1. It cont
tb121.zip10KTriBackup v1.21; Backup your TriBBS bulletin board in no t
tb50_1.zip332KTriBBS v5.0 [1/2]; The hottest and best shareware BBS avai
tb50_2.zip250KTriBBS v5.0 [2/2]; The hottest and best shareware BBS.
tb511-1.zip272KTriBBS 5.11 - The hottest and best shareware BBS available
tb511-2.zip209KTriBBS 5.11 - The hottest and best shareware BBS. Part 2 o
tb511286.zip128KTriBBS 286 5.11 - This archive contains a copy of BBS.EXE
tb511386.zip126KTriBBS 386 5.11 - This archive contains a copy of BBS.EXE
tb_ger.zip6,502BThe German language file and the corresponding menues for
tb_ital.zip14KITALIAN format language <= Language for TriBBS 5.x, put la
tback201.zip25KTriBack 2.01 - A callback verification door for TriBBS. A
tbank40.zip59KTriBank v4.0; The TriBBS TimeBank door This version of Tri
tbank41.zip63KTriBank v4.1 - The TriBBS TimeBank door This version fixes
tbcbv202.zip98KTriBBS CallBack Verifier version 2.0.2. Works with modems
tbchk10.zip9,673BTBCheck v1.0; TBCheck will check the last entry of your Tr
tbcmk300.zip15KTriBBS Conference Maker Version 3.00 = Enhanced your Messa
tbdmk300.zip26KTriBBS Directory Maker Version 3.00 = Enhanced your Direct
tbdrop01.zip9,266BChecks To see if the last caller dropped carrier. If so, i
tbgm111.zip42KTBGM 1.11 for TriBBS. Official Release. Send text files as
tbgmview.zip24KTBGMView = TBGMView is a graphical shell for use with TBGM
tblbet1.zip22KTBlist Version 1.0 Beta! Woweee! This new program by Donny
tblgrn10.zip7,835BTriCallersLogRenamer v1.0 - TBLOGREN allows you to rename
tblist30.zip31KTBLISTER VER. 3.0 (c) '94 by Donny Brand -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
tbmg40.zip23KTriBBS Modem Guide v4.0 revised 01-03-94 Now in HyperText
tbnf14.zip26KTBNF 1.4 ! For use with TriBBS. - Makes a list of all file
tbsn22.zip25KSendNote v2.2; for the TriBBS Bulletin Board System
tbsn30.zip33KSendNote v3.0 - Let's your users send 10 line note to each
tbuti50.zip105KTriBBS UTI v5.0; Universal Text Interface for TriBBS. Let'
tbzsinfo.zip1,146BInformation & sample batch file to implement Zipstamp with
tccdd31.zip10KTriCCDD - version 3.1 - a quick and easy little program th
td62b05.zip40KTriDog 6.2 - Beta 5 - This version adds improved Internet
tdoors13.zip55KTRIDOORS v1.3; Use with TriBBS TriDoors will track the usa
tdoors16.zip59KTriDoors v1.6 - Is for use with TriBBS Bulletin Board Syst
tfdir104.zip26KTRIFDIR v1.04 - simple file directory display utility for
tfixus10.zip17KTriFixUS 1.0; Utility program to repair a corrupted USERS.
tflop110.zip32KTRIFLOP v1.10 - simple file list output utility for TriBBS
tgambl15.zip52KThe Time Gambler 1.5 > * This is a maintenance update of T
th30b03.zip90KTriHub 3.0 - Beta 3 - This version hopefully fixes the del
thdutl11.zip42KTri - HD's - Utility. A Multi function utility for TriBBS
thelp11.zip55KX0DTriHelp ver 1.1 is a BBS Door that @X0Dwill help your u
thub20.zip86KTriHub v2.0; QWK-based hub for TriBBS boards that are part
thub301.zip95KTriHub 3.01 - A QWK-based hub for TriBBS boards that are p
tictr127.zip120KTicToss for TriBBS, v1.27 *BETA*
timetst2.zip18KAllows you to set door useage hours on Tritel
tlockv20.zip40KTriLock V2.0 By Leon Gray. SFC Brings You A Breakthrough I
tlwall30.zip36KTriLogon Wall v2.0 for TriBBS 5.x BBS Systems. The best gr
tm81b17.zip60KTriMail 8.1 - Beta 17 - This version lets callers configur
tmail80.zip56KTriMail v8.0; QWK mail door for TriBBS. Let's your callers
tmast24.zip15KTriMast v2.4 - Master File List creator for TriBBS. Now ha
tmdemo11.zip165KHow to install TriMail properly on TriBBS. Walk through de
tmdir104.zip27KTRIMDIR v1.04 - simple message directory display utility f
tn71b03.zip96KTriNet 7.1 - Beta 3 - This version fixes a bug with the ne
tncv10.zip32KX06<@X08TriNewCall V1.0 By SFC@X06> @X0BIn Your Time As A
tnewsv14.zip35KX08<@X01TriNews V1.4 By Leon Gray@X08> @X0BIncredible TriB
tntfnd10.zip18KFind user door for Tribbs 3.x.
tntstats.zip12KTnT SysOp Stats v1.0; Designed to read the CALLERS.LOG fil
tol20.zip57KTABS Online 2.0 - Let users subscribe to your BBS using th
toss103c.zip174KTriToss 1.03c - A FidoNet tosser/scanner written specifica
tpdoor1.zip7,991BTopDoor is a bulletin generator written exclusively for Tr
tprobat.zip2,607BProtocol Batch Files for TriBBS
tquote10.zip96KTriQuote v1.0 - Quote Generator For TriBBS! Creates ASCII
trank1.zip18KTrank v1.0 (C) Copyright 1994. A Tronix Developer's produc
tri0693.zip51KThe TriBBS Newsletter, Summer 93. Now in READROOM.TOC form
tri3lit3.zip5,515Blit3 language for TriBBS. Includes menu files. Written by
tri_boot.zip2,931BA pair of batch files to help avoid TSR & IRQ conflicts wi
tri_inet.zip41KA collection of help-files that might be of interest to Tr
trib-win.zip54KText files on running TriBBS 5.x with with Windows 3.1
triback.zip24KTriBack v1.0; Callback verification door that will allow y
tribbrip.zip121KRIPScrip Screens for TriBBS 5.0! Includes Main,Message,Fil
tribel10.zip26KTriBell v1.0; Turns the sysop page bell on or off from the
triblang.zip31KThese are 6 different language files for use with TriBBS 5
tribnf10.zip44KTriBulletinBoardNewsFlash (v 1.0) - For use with TriBBS Bu
tribune3.zip22KTRIBUNE v3.0; Great For SysOps, make BBB news files. Easie
tricbs15.zip43KTriCallersByState v1.5 - TriCBS will generate a bulletin s
tricbt12.zip44KTriCallersByTown v1.2 - TriCBT analyzes your USERS.DAT fil
tricfg10.zip5,729BTriConfig v1.0=- TriConfig is an all new utility made for
triciu10.zip35KTriCheckInactiveUsers v1.0; A TriBBS 4.x utility designed
tricps10.zip30KTriCheckPageStatus v1.0; A TriBBS 4.x utility designed to
tridie25.zip47KTRI-DIE v2.5beta; TRIbbs DIrectory Enhancer. TRI-DIE creat
tridisc1.zip25KTri-Disc v1.00 (c) DigCrtn Software by Donny Brand. *FREEW
tridls10.zip33KTriDeleteLocalSysop v1.0; TriDLS is a TriBBS 4.x utility d
tridls21.zip55KTRIDLS Version 2.1 | |-| |TRIDLS v2.1 is a small little Do
tridocs.zip94KThis is the full documentation for TriBBS BBS software in
tridog60.zip45KTriDog v6.0; TriBBS<->Fido MSG converter. This utility let
tridog62.zip52KTriDog 6.2 - TriBBS<->Fido MSG converter. This utility let
tried20.zip147KTriEdit v1.0.20 is a POWERFUL user file editor with millio
triedt09.zip53KUser editor for Tribbs 2.x.
trifds10.zip38KTriFilesDatabaseStatistics v1.0 - TriFDS generates a bulle
triflags.zip21KTriFlags; TriBBS Message Base Flags Utility. Enables the s
triflm30.zip32KTriFLM Version 3.0 From PowerSoft | |-| | TriFLM is a mast
trigrh24.zip49KTriGraph v2.4: Bar graph display generator reads your TriB
trihbd11.zip53KTriHappyBirthday (v 1.1) - A program for use with TriBBS B
trihelp.zip15Ktext explains where to get utilities for use with TriBBS S
trihub30.zip95KTriHub 3.0 - A QWK-based hub for TriBBS boards that are pa
trilog10.zip27KTriLog 1.0 by Shawn Berg TriLog is a program that allows y
trilogb4.zip41KTriLogger v1.0a4beta for TriBBS. Last caller bulletin for
trilol10.zip83KTriLogonLotto (v 1.0) A program for use with TriBBS Bullet
trimak11.zip48KTriMake v1.1 - An NMAKE-like utility for TriBBS SysOps. No
trimal70.zip51KTriMail 7.0 - QWK mail door for TriBBS. Let's your callers
trimem20.zip43KTriMem 2.0 what you've all been waiting for. TriMem, is a
trims20.zip54KTriMS V2.0 Exclusively for TriBBS systems. This what you'v
trimst15.zip9,503BTriMast v1.5; the Master file list maker for the TriTel Bu
trinet70.zip41KTriNet 7.0; QWK networking utility for TriBBS. Let's TriBB
trinet71.zip99KTriNet 7.1: QWK networking utility for TriBBS. Let's TriBB
trinug11.zip36KTriNewUserGreeter v1.1; A TriBBS 4.x utility designed to c
tripage1.zip46KTriPAGE V1.0 Exclusively for TriBBS systems. A full featur
tripif.zip17KMy PIF file for running a single-node high speed TriBBS sy
tripro1.zip25KThis is an Exciting, New Version of @X09Tri-Disc Pro! @X07
triprot1.zip20KTTprot to DSZ; Batch file of DSZ commands for put External
triqir10.zip46KTriQwkInsertionReport v1.0 * TriQIR takes any insertion re
trird10.zip27KTriRD V1.0 Exclusively for TriBBS/ RomBrain systems. This
tririp01.zip4,122BTriBBS 5.0 RIPscript Screens. Drawn With RIPaint FOR TriBB
trirum13.zip33KWBS Presents<*=- TriRumors v1.3 OneLiners door program sup
triryu20.zip75KTriRankYourUsers v2.0 - A utility for TriBBS 5.x and above
trisec41.zip22KTrisec sysop upgrade door v4.1 for Tribbs.
trisl10.zip16KTribbs Utility - Generates a Who Called Today Bulletin or
trisrch.zip16KTriSearch v1.0 | | - | | Nice little utility to search you
triss10.zip3,715BTriSS v1.0 - The easiest and most understandable utility f
trista18.zip50KTRISTAT v1.8; Use with TriBBS to generate ANSI and MONO bu
trista21.zip53KTriStat v2.1 - Use with TriBBS Bulletin Board Systems. Cre
tritip11.zip41KTRITIPS v1.1; TriTips to use with TriBBS. Generates ANSI a
tritus10.zip48KTriTopUsersStats (v 1.0) - A program for use with TriBBS B
triui100.zip52KTriBBS_Usage_Information_Bulletin_Maker. V1.0; General sta
triuln11.zip33KTRIULN v1.10; Use with TriBBS to notify you by messages an
triusr8.zip2,004BX0E Usurper Version 8 & TriBBS 5.11 =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
triutil3.zip35KPut your own message on your Tribbs 3.x WFC screen.
triuts10.zip37KTriUserTrialSubscription v1.0 - TriUTS is a utility for Tr
triwcr23.zip63KTriWhoCalledRecently (v 2.3) - For use with TriBBS Bulleti
triwnu10.zip58KTriWelcomeNewUsers (V 1.0) - A program for use with TriBBS
triwnu22.zip63KTriWelcomeNewUsers (v 2.2) - For use with the TriBBS Bulle
triwo101.zip24KTriWhosOn 1.01 a TriBBS 5.x LOGON Screen generator. TriWho
triwow10.zip58KTriWordsOfWisdom (v 1.0) - For use with TriBBS Bulletin Bo
triyo41.zip32KTriYo! Paging Door version 4.1. An extremely functional pa
trnet601.zip40KTriNet 6.01; QWK networking utility for TriBBS. Let's TriB
tsecur44.zip24KTriSecure-Logon Verification for BBS systems version 4.4.
tslot.zip48KTriBBS Slot Machine v3.0; Multinode door for TriBBS v2.x a
tsort30.zip221KTriSort v3.0 * A Sorting Utility for TriBBS 5.x. TriSort w
tsport10.zip41KTriSports v1.0; Use with TriBBS to generate ANSI and MONO
tsrch12.zip17KTriSearch v1.2 | | - | | Handy little utility to search yo
tssnet.zip16KThis is information on the TSSNET, a simpe Tribbs Network
tstamp12.zip12KTriStamp v1.2; Archive Comment Utility For The TriBBS Bull
tsub01.zip13KTSUB - A utility to make a door (subboard) out of TRIBBS.
ttabs30.zip45KThe Long Awaited New Release Of TriTABS! Directly From The
ttac10.zip6,602BTriTel BBS. Voice notice of User logoff.
ttalm011.zip69KTritel bbs almanac program. Wishes users a happy birthday,
ttcbn100.zip31KTritel Color-By-Numbers utility, lets you see what colors
ttdc11.zip8,788BTriTel BBS. Warn user about carrier drops.
ttdelu10.zip44KTritel 2.x user deletion utility.
ttdnld20.zip13KTribbs/Tritel file download tracker utility.
ttlist40.zip8,460BThis Packet contains 3 programs for TriBBS Bulletin Board
ttlvl20.zip44KTRI-LEVEL; Utility for TriTel BBSs that allows the Sysop t
ttn0492.zip7,728BTritel support network application and conference list. Op
ttnet10.zip41KTriNet v1.0; QWK Networking Program for the TriTel Bulleti
ttnewm11.zip32KNEWMESS; Will tell you how many new messages you've receiv
ttop1520.zip29KTriTop15 v2.0 is a Top 15 user bulletin maker for TriBBS 5
ttop3013.zip47KTRITOP30 v1.3; For use with TriBBS Bulletin Board Systems.
ttp10b08.zip524KTriToss Professional 1.0 - Beta 8 - Here is the long await
ttpinfo.zip951BInformation file that describes how TriBBS and TriMail cal
ttpinfo2.zip1,069BThis is an information file that describes how TriBBS and
ttpmp11.zip11KTritel Personal Message Pager. Makes a notice for users if
ttquote2.zip7,765BTribbs Utility - Easy to setup Quote display for Tribbs Sy
ttrandom.zip28KRandomizer For TriTel BBS's picks from 5 different logon s
ttread21.zip33KTriTel reader v2.1: file browser door for TriTel & other B
ttslot21.zip52KTriTel Slot Machine v2.1
ttsn21.zip27KTritel Send Note 2.1. Sends private messages to users of a
tttp1020.zip13KTop 10 caller bulletin generator for TriBBS.
ttuflt20.zip8,162BTritel upload file utility. Whats hot and what isn't.
ttuli010.zip4,894BCreates users listing for Tritel BBS software Can be run i
ttuti20.zip117KTriTel UTI v2.0; UTI for using PCRelay and MegaMail with T
tucl11b.zip8,592BTUCList Version 1.1b - by Craig Nicholson TriUserConferenc
tulv222.zip25KTriULV 2.22 -=- TriULV is a replacement for the internal u
tutls032.zip117KTriBBS Utilities Package. Utilities include DUPEUSER.EXE,
twall10.zip68KTriWall 1.0 - TriWall is a graffiti door for TriBBS 5.x wh
tweath10.zip39KTriWeather v1.0; Use with TriBBS to generate ANSI and MONO
twitdef.zip9,879BTWITDEF is a hilarious Sysop definition of the TWITS and L
u-stats2.zip2,206BUser Statistics v2.0 - All new colorful ANSI and ASCII scr
upload1.zip15KUPLOAD is a quick and dirty program that will allow you to
userd30.zip30KUser Deleter Version 3.0 This is a TriBBS utility will Go
userv21.zip47KUserver v2.1 - This new version fixes the "press any key"
usr16_8.zip1,162BNRAM settings used at Freejack's Place BBS for USR 16.8 Du
usrdmp12.zip38KUSERDUMP 1.2 - Dumps entire TriBBS 5.x user data to print
usrlst10.zip40KkvUserList! v1.0-produces an ASCII index file of your user
usrrpt10.zip26KUSER REPORT ver 1.0 - This program is| |written for the Tr
usrscn50.zip117KUserScan and UserDoor v5.0; Contains both the local utilit
usur_tri.zip2,547BUsurper Help * This file has the needed Batch files to run
uusetup.zip1,521BNode batch files to run Ultimate Universe on a multinode T
wason122.zip45KWAS-ON v1.22; Great TriBBS utility which tells the user wh
wc2tri10.zip23KWC2TRI v1.00 - Allows you to run TriBBS as a door off of a
xmenu15.zip20KX-Menu V1.5. *FREEWARE* DigCrtn Software by Donny Brand. (