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accura.zip736BNRAM settings and initialization string for TriBBS and a Hayes Accura 144 + Fax144.
allstats.zip2,794BALLSTATS.BRP - TriBBS 5.0 ansi stat screen with 45 different @-Variables.
ans2at10.zip29KANS2AT v1.0; This program will translate ANSI screens (*.ANS) to the @-code format for TriBBS 5.x.
ansi2x.zip8,871BWell, we done it again! You asked for a utility that will convert ANSI screens to XCODE for TRIBBS. Well The Computer Doctor, Inc. Has done it again with ANSI2X, this handy little utility will convert your ANSI Screens into TriBBS XCODE color format so you can have one file for both ASCII and ANSI support. If you have been looking for a utility to convert your ANSI screens well this utility is the one for you have been looking for. A MUST HAVE for those of y
appy100.zip5,354BAPPALACHIAN ENGLISH language file for TriBBS 5.x. Hillbilly and Southern...
arcmnt.zip9,192BA Tribbs archive comment & bbs ad utility that also handles gifs/ testing/ etc.
autorbs.zip3,372B@X0FHow to automatically run the TRIRBS @X0FTriBBS board list utility by Randy @X0FRasa from your nightly maintenance @X0Fbatch file and update your logon, @X0Fbulletin, or goodbye screen hands @X0Ffree. Written by the SYSOP of the @X0EStalag 13 BBS (219) 763-0826
bblock10.zip15KBaudBlock 1.0 filters out new callers with slow modems. Sysop configurable minimum and maximum baud rates. Freeware by Bob Dunnell, 1:100/340.
bbsstat1.zip1,644BBBS Statistics v1.0 - This Is A Complete Statistics Screen With System Stats. A More Complete Stat Screen. Just Put The ANSI In The Display Directory And You're Ready To Go! For TriBBS Boards ONLY!
bbt101.zip41KBig BBS Tic for TriBBS v1.01. BBTic is one of the _best_ TIC tossers written for TriBBS! Includes support for downlinks, wildcard area tags, orphan TIC files, automatic extraction of FILE_ID.DIZ and DESC.SDI files, and much much more!! Grab this TIC tosser today!
bliz30.zip24K --=*> WBS Presents <*=-- BLiZZaRD Language v3.0 for TriBBS! The Best Full Color ANSi Language file available for TriBBS systems. PCBoard has Violator, TriBBS has BLiZZaRD!!!! This version includes 3 Cool Menu Sets, ANSi Stats Screens, and Logon screens. You've never seen a language like this!
bmenu2sw.zip22KBM-MENU 2.0 NEW RELEASE!!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Shareware release of BM-Menu menu generator for TriBBS systems. Only $20 to register. This program is NOT CRIPPLED in any way.
bstats13.zip85K@X0F*** BBS Statistics Trakker v1.3 **** State of the Art BBS STATISTICAL program for TriBBS. Uses @- variable color Codes. Creates Multi-Page Screens showing info from your Callers log. Great looking Graphical Screens and Bar Charts of your A.M. & P.M. calls. Creates a Data base so Sysops can Trim or Delete that lengthy callers.log file at will, allowing your between.bat file programs run faster. Auto detects all your nodes up to six. It is faster than most othe
bsturs15.zip42KBest Users v1.5; Cool little utility for TriBBS 4.x BBS SysOps. Best Users runs through your USERS.DAT file and calculates the Best Users by taking into account number of Messages Posted, K in Uploads and K in Downloads and then lists the top 10.
btest.zip24KBTEST by Danny Fye A Utility that allows a SysOp to prevent callers with slow modems from accessing the Files Section.
bttribbs.zip7,223BBTTRIBBS; BinkleyTerm and TriBBS. These are the files I use to operate my TriBBS system with the BinkleyTerm mailer. Includes the following INIT-BI.BAT, RUNBINK.BAT, SPAWNBBS.BAT, BINKLEY.BAN, and the modified TriBBS BOARD.BAT.
calrt11.zip29KCALRT11.ZIP v1.1 - run this in logon.bat and fastlog.bat to alert you when specified callers logon. Totally transparent to the caller and takes less than a second to compare over 400 names. Fixes the funky sound at the end of the alarm. FREEWARE! By Kerry Vinson, 1:100/591
ccrc32.zip2,904BThis file contains the routine that I use for calculating 32-bit CRCs for strings in TriBBS and related utilities.
cdlst2.zip7,840BCDLIst is a bulletin generator written exclusively for those TriBBS sysops who are using EZROM Door..CDLIst features include: User Definable number of lines. Uses TriBBS color codes.. User selects Bulletin Title.. A maximum of three colors are supported.. The title, and filename are color independent and user selected..Every effort has been made to make the use of this bulletin generator easy to use..
change10.zip6,242BCHANGE v1.0: This utility will allow TriBBS bulletin board to change from one menu to any of the following: Door Menu, NEWUSER.BAT, SECn.BAT, LOGON.BAT, Main Menu, File Menu, Message Menu, and SysOp Menu.
chat10.zip19KFull screen chat mode for Tribbs it will let you set your paging hours and more. If you want a full screen chat check this one out.
chgrate.zip12K Upload Compensation Rate Changer ----------------------------------- This is small utilitys for use in batch files will change the Upload Time Compensation Rate in the System Configuration. Free ware from S&M Shareware.
chpage21.zip7,670BTribbs Utility - That allows you to change the page time using an Event.
cleanit.zip49KCleanit, the Callers.log file cleaner, will delete the number of calls in the log by dates, can use either number of days, or months, registration is only $10.00, written by Trial By Fire Software.
compflip.zip16KCOMPFLIP is a command line utility which allows a TriBBS sysop to change the upload compensation ratio. Run this program in a batch file to encourage callers to upload during off-peak hours. Freeware by Peter Hanmore.
convert.zip18K =====*CONVERT*===== This is a program that will read a SFFILES.BBS in the Spitfire 3.5 format and create a FILES.LST in TRIBBS 5.11 format OR vice versa. It will automatically truncate the headers accepted by SF but not TRIBBS. It can search a drive and make conversions as it finds files. Fully functional. $2 is requested.
delfs10.zip13KDELFILES 1.0; Handy utility for deleting files from either a TriBBS file list or file area directory. Pretty much the reverse function of FILESLST.
dirlst21.zip41KCustom File Area Screen Generator v2.1; File Screen maker of File Directories for TriBBS's "Change File Area Screens." 15 different colors; File area numbers can be one color while Descriptions can be another). Choice of 2-3 columns per Screen, Selectable security levels, Multiple or Single screen pages, pages can have own Header Name. Written with CD-ROM users in mind. For TriBBS v5.x only!
dirlst31.zip39KCUSTOM FILE AREA SCREEN GENERATOR V3.1 File Screen maker of your File Directories for TriBBS's "Change File Area Screens." Features are: 15 different color selections(File area numbers can be one color while the Discriptions can be another). Choice of 1, 2 & 3 columns per Sreen Page, Selectable security levels, Multiple or Single screen pages, each page can have it's own Header Name. This program uses @X varibles for color codes. NEW! Now will let you define yo
doorstmp.zip1,522BFile format for TriBBS's DOORS.TMP file. TriBBS creates this file whenever a caller uses a door.
dschop21.zip33KDSCHOP v2.1; Chop the TriBBS CALLERS.LOG down to size! Can be trimmed by the number of callers OR by the number of lines.
dsdrop30.zip88KDSDROP v3.0; The ultimate Drop Carrier Notifier for TriBBS! Leaves a logon note to the caller and if desired, will send a notification screen to the Sysop, or make a log file. Now has RIP graphics support, a drop carrier counter, and comes with DropEdit, the drop carrier editor!
dsfc12.zip51KDSFONCHK v1.2; This is a MUST for every TriBBS Sysop! DSFonChk will search through your users' phone numbers, and make a file list of all of all the duplicates! Keep people from having more than 1 account! Also configurable for married couples who each have their own account on your board!
dsjm10.zip25KJUMPMENU v1.0; Jump from menu to menu without having to go through the Main Menu! Give TriBBS 4.x a Quick Logon just like 5.0! Multi-Node ready!
dsj_q10.zip50KDSJ&Q v1.0; The ultimate Joke and Quote Generator! Your choice of words! Your choice of Colors! Blinking or not Blinking! Centered or not Centered! You decide! Multi-Node ready! Unlimited Joke or Quote capacity!
dsmm12.zip43KMSTRMAKR v1.2; Master File List Maker! Makes a Master File Listing of your File Areas for all to download! Configurable to specific File Areas and will automaticaly archive the list with the compression utility of your choice!
dsnewq1a.zip59KDSNEWQ v1.0; Over 1000 new additions for DSQuote! New quotes get added right on to your existing data file! Any changes that you've made will be left alone, so no retyping! For TriBBS Bulletin Board Systems. DSQuote (DSQ10.ZIP) is needed.
dspage20.zip36KDSPAGE v2.0; Sysop Page Bell Changer. Now has the option of sending the caller a screen stating if the Sysop is available for chat, or not. For TriBBS Bulletin Board Systems.
dsquot20.zip49KDSQUOTE v2.0; The ultimate Quote of the Day generator! Very configurable! Make it say what you want it to say! Color it the way you want it colored! Now Multi-Node ready! for TriBBS Bulletin Board Systems.
dsss10.zip45KSUBSET v1.0; Automatically set a new users subscription expiration date to any number of days from their first logon! For TriBBS Bulletin Board Systems. 4.0 and up only!
duser12.zip25KDELUSER will scan your TriBBS user base and mark all users that have not logged on for a specified number of days, number of calls, and security level, for deletion and print a report to disk containing the user number, name, days since last log on, number of calls, security level, and delete flag status. The sysop can also configure the delete flag status to No so that the same report can be printed, but none of the users will be marked for deletion. You can now specify users that you d
dutrimv3.zip66KDutrimenu Version 3.00 Extend Tribbs's Menus Supports the following Ansi,Ascii,Rip Add menus anywhere Jump from tribbs menus to menus you build and from Tribbs to Tribbs. Build your own menus Set your own Screen Names Run Unlimited Doors Multilanguages FULL Support Updates Callers Log NEW! Password Protect Screens Menus and DOORS!!! EXPERT mode! Now UPDATES UTIDOOR.TXT, DORINFO1.DEF DOOR.SYS, TRIBBS.SYS, SFDOORS.DAT and CALLINFO.BBS When calling a Door! S
dwansi10.zip28KDW-ANSi 1.0 - The DJ SNooP & \/\/or/\/\ ANSi menu maker for TriBBS 5.x. DW-ANSi is a Freeware program that will create a Main Menu, Message Menu, and File Menu ANSi screen by reading your .MNU files. You can choose from 3 types of menu styles. All of them are very nice, and are not the usual screens you see everywhere. Even if you think you have some nice ANSi's on your board, check out this little program... Coded by DJ SNooP / ANSi by \/\/or/\/\.
dwnld1.zip7,954BDownLoad is a bulletin generator written exclusively for TriBBS sysops..DownLoad features include: User Definable number of lines. Uses TriBBS color codes.. User selects Bulletin Title.. A maximum of three colors are supported.. The title, and filename are color independent and user selected..
emnet.zip5,957B@X04[|| -=-=-=-=- eMNeT -=-=-=-=- ||] @X03-=a TriBBS Based NetWork, that =- @X03-=supports fido, and qwk style =- @X03-=message handling.. Now has a =- @X03-=whole new outlook.. Different=- @X05-=new, and better conferences..=- @X05-=EMNETS OWN OnLine RPG!! Easy =- @X05-=to join, and free too! d/l =- @X05-=this packet and get your bbs =- @X09-=joined up with emnet as soon =- @X09-=as tonight.. do it right now =- @X09-=or dial-up The Hawk BBS .. at=- @X09-=[7o3] 922.7617(Home Of EMNET)=- @X04[
emslang.zip4,708BEMS Language file for TRIBBS language file based on EMS. from Code Three! BBS...enjoy!
expres15.zip44KExpressions BBS Logon Messenger v1.5; This is a much improved version of my Logon Messenger. This version has been recomplied using TriDoor1.21 and fixes a bug that was causing the program to scroll from the bottom of screen to the remote user. This has a very easy setup that uses LOGON.BAT for TriBBS, and it should now work with most major BBS software.
ez2tri20.zip9,422BProgram allows the sysop to update the Tribbs callers log with the activities that happen in the EZROM Door. It also converts the EZLOG.LOG file downloads to a form that is used by TriBBS in the callers log. This allows programs that read the callers log to include the downloads from your EZROM door. It also writes the number of downloads to the TODAYS DOWNLOADS on the TriBBS idle screen adding them to the previous total.
fdsetup3.zip3,439BThis is the batch files that are used to run FrontDoor on node 2 of The Lobster Buoy. I've provided commented explainations for the batch files in a README file. This is not intended to take the place of reading the appropriate software manuals.
filcon25.zip75KFILECON 2.4 is a file description formatter for TRIBBS 5.X. It inspects file lists from CDRoms and other sources and changes the formatting to that required by TRIBBS. Additionally, it strips high bit characters, and checks for the common strings of characters like *'s and -'s and removes them. User configurable-allows for adoption of orphans (files without descriptions), select either file date or today's date in listing. Supports DOS 6.2., AND is compatable with the new TRIBBS Binary files list
filecon.zip28KFILECON v1.0; First release of a files list formatter for TRIBBS. The program fully supports both Hard disks and CD-ROMs. It automatically recognizes FILES.BBS and PC-BOARD style files lists and converts both to TRIBBS format. This utility has been fully tested on 9 different CD-ROM collections, and has worked well in testing.
fileschk.zip19KFileCheck simply checks all of your FILES.LST in all file directories to see if the files listed actually exist AND if all the files present in the directory are listed. Free to users of THDUTL.
hick.zip4,795BThis is a language file for Tribbs ver 5.1+ called HICK. This is how us southernors talk. Try it out. FREEWARE. Provided by Jacob's House BBS 512-664-7570
hotdl10.zip19KHottest Downloads 1.0 - Generates a hottest downloads bulletin for TriBBS. Hottest Downloads extracts all necessary information from the callers log and is run as a BETWEEN.BAT task.
hotdl301.zip163KHottest Downloads 3.01 - This is hottest downloads bulletin generator for TriBBS. This new version uses a new database format to support boards with enormous numbers of downloads, creates a 2-column bulletin, and uses @X codes in the bulletin. Hottest Downloads is also now a shareware program. This .01 version fixes a bug in the registration codes and a typo in the conversion program.
htdoor11.zip63K@X0F**** Hottest Doors Trakker v1.1 **** This program will create a bulletin or Logon Screen for TriBBS showing your Hottest Doors being used. Supports up to 999 times used in the doors counter for each door. Sysops can track up to 60 different doors. Makes a 1 column Screen with alternating colors using @X color codes. Unregistered version will default to White & Red colors. Registered version will allow you to select your own colors! Nice 3D style Border! Shows
htfile21.zip58K@X0FHottest Download Files Trakker v2.1 This program will create a bulletin or Logon Screen for TriBBS showing your Hottest Downloads. Supports up to 999 files in the files counter for each file. Makes a 2 column Bulletin with alternating colors using @X color codes. Unregistered version will default to White & Red colors. Registered version will allow you to select your own colors! Nice 3D style Border! Will allow you to configure when to start showing files do
hubrun10.zip22KHUBRUN v1.0; Customized {COMMO} v.5.4 script for automating mailruns with TriBBS systems that offer the TriHub door. Supports any method of getting to TriHub (Main Menu, Mesg Menu, Door Menu, or Direct). Standalone install routine. Advanced error handling and logging features.
intsetup.zip700BIntel 14.4 modem initialization string for use with TriBBS
jest104.zip20KJestBBS 1.04; Great utility for TriBBS or any BBS for that matter! Similar to Joke-A-Day, but a whole lot better! This program randomly selects a joke out of a list, and writes it to both ascii and ansi files! There's even room left for those @-commands. Check this one out! (500 jokes! More when registered!)
keybdtmp.zip461BKeyboard Template for TriBBs
kvcat10.zip33KkvCatalog v1.0- converts TriBBS binary files.lst to catalog format for sysops who distribute their homebrew, but get tired of manually editing their files.lst. Freeware! By Kerry Vinson, kv_Soft 1:100/591
kvfils13.zip47KkvFiles! v1.3 -The _FINAL_ allfiles compiler for TriBBS! Setup in less than 30 secs, long or short file descs, total count of files & areas, excludes private areas by default, multiple archive/self-exractor support, optional BBS commenting, optional file appended to list (cdrom allfiles,etc), and more! _FAST! From kv_Soft, Kerry Vinson 1:100/591
kvupld11.zip34KkvUpldTracker! v1.1-creates bulletin of last dozen uploads. Freeware for TriBBS!
lang.zip4,966BLang is a TriBBS language I created in My own Time to see what I could do with a language. I call it Slang, but you may call it what you like. Created in the DOS Editor. If You like it, call Wolf Pack For more info on some news langs I am going to make. 470-1029
last1520.zip14KLast15 v2.0; A Last 15 Callers bulletin generator for TriTel BBS.
last1540.zip12KLast15 4.0 - Last 15 callers bulletin generator for TriBBS. This version features buffered reads of the callers log to greatly speed up operation, especially acrossed LANs.
lastcl14.zip50KLastCallers v1.4; TriBBS bulletin generator to show most recent callers. Shows user name, from city, date called, time on/off, baud rate, dropped carrier, call number, and node number. Shows latest caller first. Configurable to any number of callers on the bulletin. Recognizes v4.0 alias logons. New v1.4 adds capability to exclude sysop and/or local logons from TriBBS call counters.
legal100.zip73K* VIP*Legal Age Utility - Version 1.00 * Utility improves your BBS Security!!! Check the age of BBS callers with this dedicated TriBBS utility. Configurable for user age, plus optional Hangup and Lockout features for registered SysOps. Has SysOp information reports. Plus, five optional user information display screens. Easy installation. TriBBS 5.+ A *MUST* for all Adult oriented BBS. Released: 09-15-94 VIP*Software
loglim.zip9KLogon Limit Changer -- Changes the maximum logon time limit in TriBBS. You can now set up scheduled hours with different max logon times. Good for managing peak traffic hours. Game players can have special hours for in and out logons. Early morning hours for extra long logons? TriBBS Only !
logoff10.zip32KThis is a TriBBS specific program that will allow your TriBBS users to select goodbye/logoff from your EZROM main menu. Only for TriBBS will not work for any other BBS software. This is a Freeware release from OzarkSoft and Chuck Poynter.
logon2.zip1,345BDisplay Screens for TriBBS
logonx.zip2,695BX0FTriBBS ANSI screen can be used as @X0Fa logon or bulletin or both. This @X0Fcolorful screen displays caller @X0Faccount information using the @X0F@-variables used in TriBBS. It may @X0Feven be compatible with other BBS @X0Fprograms that have similar systems @X0FCan be edited by sysop easily to @X0Fchange data displayed. @X8FFREEWARE! @X0FCreated by Keith Heitmann, Sysop, @X0AThe Stalag 13 BBS, 219-763-0826. .
l_jivtec.zip10KHumourous language files for TriBBS 5.0: Jive and Techie!
mailrn36.zip31KMAILRN, v.3.6 {COMMO} 5.4 script for automating mailruns with TriBBS systems. Includes support for multiple protocols, and support for multiple versions of ZModem. The stand-alone install routine, advanced logging features, critical error handling, and ease of setup/use set this script apart from the rest. Minor maintenance release. Adds response to TriBBS 5.0 "Language" prompt.
malrn40a.zip36KMAILRN, v.4.0a - {COMMO} 5.4+ script for automating mailruns with TriBBS systems. Supports multiple protocols, including multiple versions of ZModem. Stand-alone install routine, advanced log features, critical error handling. Now supports {COMMO}'s internal ZModem and will use TriHub's "Successful Transfer" message, if received, as trigger to del the .REP. Minor maint rel, corrects a continuous loop error in MINSTALL when selecting "Direct to Trihub/Trimail".
menu.zip42KTriBBS! Here is a file that I (Riker) have written to help you set up a door program to run of a TriBBS menu. It's easy to set one up! Just down load this little zip and your half way there!
menumax3.zip22KMake 4 different ANSI screens automatically for any menu for the TriBBS system.
mm101.zip24KMailMan for TriBBS v1.01! =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= This is a automated message generator for TriBBS BBS systems version 5.01 and later. MailMan will automagically post a pre-writen message file to a new caller after they logoff using the TriBBS between.bat file. It will also send you (SysOp) a small message letting you know a new caller has been on and the greeting was sent to them. This release fixes a minor bug in version 1.00. VERY LOW REGISTRATION - Only $6.00! Version 2.00 will be released
mmhscr15.zip6,240BFor TriBBS 5.0, Qmodem mailruns: Qmodem script, sample event batch & How-To text file. Includes: variable multiple re-dial for busy, dropped-carrier, etc. with retry limits, multi-UL/DL retries if fail, log activity to capture file, stamp CALLERS.LOG with messages & Trinet reports, generate a mail-import bulletin.
mnumak42.zip11KRIP MENU MAKER is a must for all TriBBS RIP aware BBS Sysops It will allow for very quick generation of RIP button menu files. Version 4.1 is expanded to make MAIN, FILES, MESSAGE, DOORS, SYSOP, BULLETIN AND DOOR BULLETIN RIP menu screens. The program will generate up to 22 items per menu in two columns using your .MNU file for input. You no longer need expensive programs to make your menus. You no longer have to worry about changing menu items because it would be to much trouble. Not a crippled
muser10.zip10KMarkUsers 1.0 - MarkUsers is a TriBBS utility that lets you mark users for deletion by a specified number of days. One of the nice things about this user marker is that it lets you unmark all users as well, so if you goof you can go back in time. - By PowerSoft
ndsec1.zip17K NDSEC1 by Cyber Soft NDSEC1 is a small program that will enable you to change Node 1's sec level via command line or batch file. Set your node 1's security level to your mail account's level and no one with less than that security level will be able to log on and interrupt your mail run accounts. *Freeware* for all registered TriBBS Sysops
newbie12.zip18KNEWBIE - New User Message Generator for TriBBS
newmen11.zip38KNewMenu Version 1.0. A Tribbs Specific Door For Version 3.xx of Tribbs ONLY! This Door allows You to Add New Menu's to Tribbs, You can Run doors from it, Plus It has Lots of built in features such as Tribbs Sysop Upgrades, Send Files to users by username or security. Looks and Acts just like another Internal Tribbs Menu, You can even have Custom screens for it, by security level or for all. Great for Creating Theme'd Menus, Or for boards running Online Sales
newsys.zip49KNEWSYS.EXE Version 1.0 - (02/94) A door written for TriBBS systems BBS. This is a door for SYSOPs who wish to allow other BBSs to post their BBS name in a bulletin. Donate-ware: $1.00 - ????
newusr14.zip48KNewUsers v1.4; TriBBS bulletin generator for a new user welcome. Shows user name, city calling from, date called, and baud rate. Runs as a BETWEEN.BAT task.
notif10.zip6,512BNotifier v1. This program will create @X BBS files telling your users if you are available for a chat or not. Run it as a LOGONx.BBS or a bulletin! You can choose your own display files! (c) 1994 by DigCrtn Software, Donny Brand. You know what to expect...this is 100% *Freeware!*
not_mnu4.zip16KNOT!MENU 1.4 for TriBBS. This is an auto ansi menu maker for Tribbs. You can define your own styles for "on the fly" menus. Or chose to use 1 of the 8 styles included. Can make random style menus in you between.bat file. Reads DLIMITS.DAT to get your security levels and makes a menu for each. 1.4 fixes a small bug in the questall.bbs file. Read the UPDATE.TXT file. From North Of Toronto BBS!.
nullnode.zip1,735BConnect to TriBBS with a null modem cable.
os2help.zip2,644BHow to run Tribbs in OS/2 on a limited system. I run 3 nodes on a 386DX40 with only 5meg of memory. From Undue Influence BBS (916) 921-2645.
pagscrn.zip11KPage Bell Screen -- From LOGON.BAT checks the users name against a list. Then it turns on or off the page bell access. Good for allowing only special callers to page, or just screening out abusers. You choose! TriBBS only.
pgnote20.zip23KPageNote V2.0 TriBBS utility lets the users know if the Sysop is available for chat. It checks the status of the page bell and quickly generates a LOGONn.ANS and a LOGONn.BBS screen when the caller logs on. Sysop configurable and fully funcational.
phreq13b.zip57K=========== PHreq! v1.3 ============ A TriBBS anonymous file transfer door. Great for sysops who want to have files available for instant download by the general public (e.g. master file lists, compression utilities, programs you have written, etc.) using a SECxxxx.BAT file. Callers can choose from up to 26 files (sysop can set the # of files) for automatic download. Internal support for DSZ, GSZ, HS/Link and TriBBS internal protocols plus extprot.mnu. Features sysop message, opt. intro scre
pltotl21.zip11KPLTOTL v2.1: PCBoard to TriBBS file list converter.
poffice.zip26K###################################### # TriBBS(tm) Post Office, Another # # fine Utility for use with Tribbs, # # from: The Computer Doctor, Inc. # # This little utility will let you # # create a list of users and other # # BBSes that enter your Board for # # TriMail purposes only. The Post # # Office will check this list every # # time these users login to the # # system. Then will prompt them # # if they want to enter the TriMail # # Message Host, or if they want
qwkmsg11.zip80KQWKMSG Version 1.1 BETA Enable Your Users To Be Able To Send Qwik Messages To Your Co- SysOps And Selected Users. Messages Are Actually Put Into Your TriBBS Message Base! Using TBGM.. FREE To Registered TBGM And TriBBS Users! Now Allows You To End Message With The ESCAPE Key!!
qwkticb8.zip25KQwkTic Beta .08 A TriBBS specific QWK utility that allows the SysOp to attach files they receive via a frontend mailer to message on a TriBBS system. This allows the files to be distubuted via QWK Style packets. Great for BBS's that are Fido->Qwk Hubs. QwkTic also enters the .tic file as the message on your board. Total automatation at it's best... :)
rd100.zip3,451BRIPScrip Detect for TriDoor Version 1.00 Routine to detect RIPScrip in your TriDoor programs. Requires: TriDoor Version 1.21.
readidx1.zip25KReadIdx is a utility will lookup the record number of a user on a TriBBS version 4.x or higher. It returns the record number. Free with C++ source code.
reglst10.zip32KConverts TBBBSES.TXT to @coded bulletin
riptls17.zip79K####### RipTools Beta Ver 1.5b ########## I have now recompiled RipTools using the New RMDOOR 4.5a Beta. This should fix the problems users are experiencing when trying to use RipTools with RMDoor 4.5a. RipTools is a TPU unit that will enable you to include RipScrip graphics commands into your Utilities and Doors programmed for TriBBS or Compatible Bulletin Boards This Powerful set of RipScrip Command are Easy to use and incorporate into your Turbo Pascal programs. This Unit tries
russian.zip19KRussian language files, menus, screens and other files for TriBBS 5.1 Probably one and the best language files in Russian, ANSI/ASCII graphics. Was created by Anton Manuilov, Sysop of @X8CInfinity BBS (508)433-9023!
rwjm10.zip14KRWJM Version 1.0 - RooKWare JumpMenu Jump from menu to menu without having to go through the Main Menu! ***************************************** * From RooKWare for TriBBS BBSs * ***************************************** * @X8CFREE * *****************************************
sall101.zip19KSendall sends a message to all users at logon. TriBBS's board when a message is made to all that is important, most users won't see it as they head directly to the files, or doors. This program was made to solve that problem. It leaves a message to the user when he logs on.
schang.zip12K Security Changer This is small utilitys will help you to change around the security levels your users. Simple command operation with no set up. Free ware from S&M Shareware.
sftotb10.zip23KSFTOTB 1.0 - A Spitfire to TriBBS file list converter.
smess12.zip39K SMESS Version 1.2 This is a helpful application for TriBBS Sysops. It takes the TEXT message created by The Scrabble Door or SD Maintenance and imports it into the TriBBS Message base. Minnor update for TriBBS 5.1
spanish.zip4,945BSpanish format language; Language for TriBBS 5.0, put language in spanish fot make your more good!!
stblst43.zip56KStat Blaster is a callers log analyizer, for TriBBS(c) version 4.x to 5.1. It will read your callers log and compile statistics into easy to read and understand graphs and charts. Now you can tell, at a glance what is going on on your bbs. It also can output a Last XX Callers bulletin. It uses @X variables. Ver 4.3 Rel 14 Dec 94
suboard3.zip26KSUB BOARD is a nifty little utility to make it extremely easy to run a second copy of TRIBBS 5.* as a DOOR! Handles passing all of the time data from one copy to another. Freeware. This version is changed by Danny Fye to include the /V parameter so SCAN.EXE will function properly. Other bugs were fixed also. This was done by permission of Doug Rogers, Author.
t-dlm100.zip36KT-DLM 1.0 *DIRECTORY LIST MAKER* FOR TriBBS 5.1+ The Directory List Maker creates a two-column DIRSALL.BBS file in your display Directory. User Interface for creating GREAT LOOKING file directory listings using TriBBS @X color Codes. This Utility is a *MUST HAVE* for SysOps with lots of file Directories. IMAGINE the ammount of time it would take to make a two column list of directories by hand for a BBS with over 100 Directories! With T-DLM you can do it start to finish in 15 seconds! A Tru
tapst12.zip61KTriAutoPost v1.2; TriAutoPost is a door for TriBBS 5.x boards that will allow your users to send Auto Messages of up to 4 lines. Supports aliases, keeps an optional log of messages sent, and now uses @-Codes in the Auto Message screen. Freeware by Hugues Scarlata.
tb-ger22.zip10KTB-GER22, the German language file for TriBBS 5.1. It contains an updated language.002, the corresponding menues and the following display files: DONTWANT, FSCREEN, NOTTHERE, PENDING, SEARCH, SORRY, SYSCHAT, TCHAT and TOOMANY. The exclamation mark in the Message Menu is used to call the batch for Randy Hunt's SendNote. So if you install SendNote or a similar program the translation is there. In the files menu I added the "A" for my users to call the door program Ultimate File Request.
tb121.zip9KTriBackup v1.21; Backup your TriBBS bulletin board in no time. Multinode compatible, enables you to choice which files you wanted backed up and more! TriBBS 5.00 compatible! Now works JOKER.DAT.
tb50_1.zip331KTriBBS v5.0 [1/2]; The hottest and best shareware BBS available. Features multinode support, RIPScrip graphics, Zmodem, full-screen editor, extensive netmail support, extensive door support, compressed message base, alias support, indexed file areas, and more. This has many new features and enhancements.
tb50_2.zip250KTriBBS v5.0 [2/2]; The hottest and best shareware BBS.
tb511-1.zip272KTriBBS 5.11 - The hottest and best shareware BBS available. Features multinode support, RIPScrip graphics, Zmodem, full-screen editor, extensive netmail support, extensive door support, compressed message base, alias support, indexed file areas, and more. This has many new features and enhancements. 5.11 is a minor bug fix release. TriBBS is one of the easiest BBSes there is. Try TriBBS today! Part 1 of 2.
tb511-2.zip208KTriBBS 5.11 - The hottest and best shareware BBS. Part 2 of 2. Try TriBBS Today!
tb511286.zip128KTriBBS 286 5.11 - This archive contains a copy of BBS.EXE that has been compiled using the 286 instruction set. To be able to make use of this version your computer must be a 286 or better.
tb511386.zip125KTriBBS 386 5.11 - This archive contains a copy of BBS.EXE that has been compiled using the 386 instruction set. To be able to make use of this version your computer must be a 386 or better.
tback201.zip25KTriBack 2.01 - A callback verification door for TriBBS. A simple, yet effective way to verify callers. This minor update provides compatibility with TriBBS 5.01.
tbank40.zip58KTriBank v4.0; The TriBBS TimeBank door This version of TriBank (hopefully) fixes a bug that has been lurking around since version 1.0...There is a conversion program to convert your old TriBank data files to the new format. Rip Graphics screen now included (the main menu only).
tbank41.zip62KTriBank v4.1 - The TriBBS TimeBank door This version fixes a few bugs...The local console will no longer allow 'beeps', unless the current user is at the local console. TBEdit has been updated--during the last release, I forgot to include the new TBEdit.
tbcbv202.zip98KTriBBS CallBack Verifier version 2.0.2. Works with modems 1200-16800. Multinode capable. Major bug fixes. New reporting of errors. Better loss of carrier detection. No more device I/O errors. TriBBS 4.0 compatible. Works with TriBBS 2.11 or later. Registration is still $15.
tbchk10.zip9,673BTBCheck v1.0; TBCheck will check the last entry of your TriBBS callers.log to see if the caller did a certain thing (entered a door, posted a message, was a new user, etc, etc) and returns an errorlevel.
tbcmk300.zip14K======================================= TriBBS Conference Maker Version 3.00 ======================================= Enhanced your Message Conference with this small SHAREWARE Utility! This version creates a MSGALL.BBS for TriBBS. This utility uses a 2 column display with a small key to show if the conference is Private, Aliases Allowed, or is a Echoed Conference. Much like the one for PCBoard(tm)! Try TBCMKR Today! New Option - Long Screen with # of Msgs, Status, and Network Displayed. Faster
tbdmk300.zip25K======================================= TriBBS Directory Maker Version 3.00 ======================================= Enhanced your Directories with this small SHAREWARE Utility! Shows number of files and how many bytes are in each directory with a professional style of look. This release offers complete customization of all colors using the PCB AT Color Codes to create a *.BBS for TriBBS. With an easy to use color editor this is the *BEST* directory enhancer for the TriBBS Bulletin Board Syst
tbdrop01.zip9,266BChecks To see if the last caller dropped carrier. If so, it Sends them a Logon Note, Samples included.
tbgm111.zip41KTBGM 1.11 for TriBBS. Official Release. Send text files as messages into TriBBS Messages Areas. 5 operations modes : Direct,By Sec Level, to New User, to Current User, to a list of User, to a User's number. Very configurable and fast.
tbgmview.zip23K======= TBGMView ========== TBGMView is a graphical shell for use with TBGM. Through the use of prompts and picklists, it creates the command line options required to have TBGM send a message to a user and displays it on screen before running TBGM. Includes support for DOS EDIT.COM to create messages. PostcardWare by Peter Hanmore.
tblbet1.zip22KTBlist Version 1.0 Beta! Woweee! This new program by Donny Brand will read in your TBBBSES.TXT file, and sort it out by State and areacode so users can select what city, and areacode of TriBBS lists they want to look at! No more listing through have TBBBBSES.TXT to find out you allreay have all the numbers for areacode 207! Upcomming Features : Users will be able to download text files that have been compiled with there city and state!
tblgrn10.zip7,835BTriCallersLogRenamer v1.0 - TBLOGREN allows you to rename your CALLERS.LOG to a filename dependant upon the date. Very helpful for saving old log files. Postcardware from Randy Hunt. Enjoy!
tblist30.zip30KTBLISTER VER. 3.0 (c) '94 by Donny Brand -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= **************************************** ****The Ultimate TRIBBS Lister Util!**** **************************************** Sick and tired of your using pressing ENTER "hundreds" of times through TBBBSES.TXT until your state & areacode rolls through? This program will ask your users what state and areacode they would like to be displayed. But most of all, they have the option of downloading it using XMODEM, YMODEM
tbmg40.zip23KTriBBS Modem Guide v4.0 revised 01-03-94 Now in HyperText format for easier/faster finding of inits! Just type GO after you after you unzip this archive! FREE for all BBS Sysops. Works with TriBBS and just about all bbs software! We hope this helps you get setup alot sooner! -=*>WBS Presents<*=-
tbnf14.zip26K !!! TBNF 1.4 !!! For use with TriBBS. - Makes a list of all files uploaded the last 15/30 days. - Select areas you don't want to include. - Direct or Bios video write. - Very easy to use and very fast when running. - PostcardWare Download this today !
tbsn22.zip25KSendNote v2.2; for the TriBBS Bulletin Board System
tbsn30.zip32KSendNote v3.0 - Let's your users send 10 line note to each other that will be shown to the other uplon their next logon. A number of bugs from version 2.6 are fixed in this version, such as: the 10th line wasn't being saved...the time stamp wasn't working with multi-mail... the delete option was flaky...and more. Author: Randal C. Hunt
tbuti50.zip105KTriBBS UTI v5.0; Universal Text Interface for TriBBS. Let's TriBBS systems use PCRelay, Postlink, and MegaMail.
tbzsinfo.zip1,146BInformation & sample batch file to implement Zipstamp with TriBBS.
tb_ger.zip6,502BThe German language file and the corresponding menues for TriBBS 5.0
tb_ital.zip14K===> ITALIAN format language <=== Language for TriBBS 5.x, put language in Italian. Include Menus (.M05)!!
tccdd31.zip10KTriCCDD - version 3.1 - a quick and easy little program that enables you to change the number of days to keep messages in a conference in one quick sweep. Supports changing the whole message base, a specific network, or a range of conferences. This version just has a few cosmetic changes here and there. Written by: Paul Hirsch, TriBBS #305.
td62b05.zip39KTriDog 6.2 - Beta 5 - This version adds improved Internet support and is much faster at exporting messages. This version redoes how TriDog's error handling routine. Beta 3 now supports both interzone netmail and points. Beta 4 now supports AKAs so that TriDog can pick the proper zone for incoming messages. Beta 5 fixes a bug when for incoming messages that have INTL lines.
tdoors13.zip55KTRIDOORS v1.3; Use with TriBBS TriDoors will track the usage of up to 80 door programs and generate ANSI and MONO bulletins listing the name of each door program and the number of times each has been used.
tdoors16.zip58KTriDoors v1.6 - Is for use with TriBBS Bulletin Board Systems. TriDoors will track usage of up to 100 door programs and create ANSI and MONO screens, which list the name of each door program and the number of times each has been used. Also, will allow you to track only the doors you want to track. TriDoors can track usage of TriMail program when it is executed from the Message Menu. This ver. of TriDoors has new improvements. Please read the README.1ST file before using thi
tfdir104.zip26KTRIFDIR v1.04 - simple file directory display utility for TriBBS v5.x. Creates DIRSx.BBS for any security level passed on the command line. Freeware from Lawrence Gordon.
tfixus10.zip16KTriFixUS 1.0; Utility program to repair a corrupted USERS.SUP file. This program can either repair the entire USERS.SUP file or an individual record.
tflop110.zip32KTRIFLOP v1.10 - simple file list output utility for TriBBS v5.x. Creates files lists based upon configuration file passed on the command line. Now automatically creates an archived file with your choice of compression.
tgambl15.zip52K <<< The Time Gambler 1.5 >>> * This is a maintenance update of TTG that fixes a few bugs and is more sysop configurable then version 1.0 . Added features include, requiring users to have at least 30 minutes left to play, and TTG is more configurable for door or menu extension use, by allowing users only one play per visit. The Time Gambler is the FUNNEST way going right now for TriBBS sysops to give users a chance to win extra time! LOW REGISTRATION!! FOR TriBBS 4.X and up ONL
th30b03.zip89KTriHub 3.0 - Beta 3 - This version hopefully fixes the delay before display "Successful Transfer" problem.
thdutl11.zip42KTri - HD's - Utility. A Multi function utility for TriBBS 5. Last 15 Callers, New Users, and Door usage screens, plus Download and upload tracking. Try this one for sure. From HD's Support BBS. Recompiled 93/10/24 as V1.01 w/some new features. see THDUTL.NEW.
thelp11.zip55K@X0DTriHelp ver 1.1 is a BBS Door that @X0Dwill help your users find their way @X0Daround your BBS. Very configurable! @X0DCallers pick the hotkey they want @X0Dinformation on and TriHelp displays @X0Dthe help file associated with the @X0Dmenus hotkey. @X0D @X0DTriHelp is DesqView, OS/2 and @X0DWindows aware. Supports most any @X0DBBS software! @X0D @X0EWritten by: @X0E Chip Tumblin @X0AFrom @X0AThe R/C Connection BBS @X0A(703) 330-6871
thub20.zip85KTriHub v2.0; QWK-based hub for TriBBS boards that are part of a QWK network. advantage over TriMail is that it handles all mail processing offline and performs all QWK and REP transfers with HS/Link.
thub301.zip94KTriHub 3.01 - A QWK-based hub for TriBBS boards that are part of a QWK network. advantage over TriMail is that it handles all mail processing offline and performs all QWK and REP transfers with HS/Link. TriHub now supports multiple compression utilities, has better dupe checking, and a number of other new features. This .01 version fixes a bug in MakeQWKs.
tictr127.zip120KTicToss for TriBBS, v1.27 *BETA*
timetst2.zip18KAllows you to set door useage hours on Tritel
tlockv20.zip39KTriLock V2.0 By Leon Gray. SFC Brings You A Breakthrough In Dupe Account Checkers For TriBBS! Everytime A New User Logs On To Your BBS, TriLock Will Check To See If The User Already Has An Account. If So The Second Account Is Automatically Locked Out! TriLock Is GREAT For Keeping Abusive Users Locked Out For Good. Can Also Be Used To Compile Your User Lists In Text Format!
tlwall30.zip35KTriLogon Wall v2.0 for TriBBS 5.x BBS Systems. The best graffiti wall to date! TriLogon Wall is a collection of the past Quotes that users have written. Very Configurable. Each Logon Wall can look diffent! Includes use of a Joker.dat file to lock out problem users and a log file to keep track of which users leave which quotes. A must have for your BBS! @X09<=@X08-@X0FAsylumSoft@X08-@X09=>
tm81b17.zip60KTriMail 8.1 - Beta 17 - This version lets callers configure whether or not to include attached files in QWK packets and also displays and asterisk if the message is from somebody other than the caller.
tmail80.zip56KTriMail v8.0; QWK mail door for TriBBS. Let's your callers use a QWK mail reader like SLMR, OLX, Session Manager, EZ-Reader, etc. to read and enter mail offline.
tmast24.zip15KTriMast v2.4 - Master File List creator for TriBBS. Now has CD-ROM file area count, clearer output of number sequences, and now has TriBBS v5.0 compatability. DO NOT use TriMast 2.4 on TriBBS prior to 5.0!
tmdemo11.zip164KHow to install TriMail properly on TriBBS. Walk through demo.
tmdir104.zip26KTRIMDIR v1.04 - simple message directory display utility for TriBBS v5.x. Creates MSGx.BBS for any security level passed on the command line. Freeware from Lawrence Gordon.
tn71b03.zip96KTriNet 7.1 - Beta 3 - This version fixes a bug with the network numbers in a twit file.
tncv10.zip31K@X06<@X08TriNewCall V1.0 By SFC@X06> @X0BIn Your Time As A Sysop You Have Probably Seen Many Different New User Notifiers... Well Now SFC Brings You The Very Best In New User Notifiers. TriNewCall Will Send You The Sysop (Or Anyone Else You Choose) A Logon Display Screen Every Time A New User Logons On Informing You Of The Users Name , Alias , Phone Number , Baudrate Wether Or Not They Had ANSI Graphics , Password , And Much More... This Is By Far THE BEST New User Notifer E
tnewsv14.zip35K@X08<@X01TriNews V1.4 By Leon Gray@X08> @X0BIncredible TriBBS Bulletin Maker Ever Have Important Info You Want Your Users To Know Quickly ?? Of Course, We All Do And That's What TriNews Is For! TriNews Will Create A Logon Screen Or A Bulletin (It's Up To You) That Will Display A Sysop Defined Message With Important Info That You Want Them To Know! Has Optional Log File Support Which Can Save Every Bulletin In A Log File So At Anytime You Can Review The News Bulletins You Have Creat
tntfnd10.zip17KFind user door for Tribbs 3.x.
tntstats.zip11KTnT SysOp Stats v1.0; Designed to read the CALLERS.LOG file for TriBBS and compile the statistics for your BBS. Easy to configure and install!
tol20.zip57KTABS Online 2.0 - Let users subscribe to your BBS using the TABS 900 Service by True Media! Features include $10 and $25 support, subscription expiration date support, hacker detection and lockout, private file & msg area support, and more! This is the BEST TRIBBS-BASED 900 DOOR you will find! Req. TriBBS 5.x.
toss103c.zip174KTriToss 1.03c - A FidoNet tosser/scanner written specifically for TriBBS. Besides tossing and scanning Fido PKTs, TriToss also has built-in AreaFix compatibility. This is a fully functional shareware program. Low $25 registration fee. This .03c version fixes a bug relating to the 32-bit version of TriToss that caused expections with multiple configuration files.
tpdoor1.zip7,991BTopDoor is a bulletin generator written exclusively for TriBBS sysops..TopDoor features include: User Definable number of lines. Uses TriBBS color codes.. User selects Bulletin Title.. A maximum of three colors are supported.. The title, and filename are color independent and user selected..
tprobat.zip2,607BProtocol Batch Files for TriBBS
tquote10.zip95KTriQuote v1.0 - Quote Generator For TriBBS! Creates ASCII and ANSI screens Can constumize colors and enable / disable MORE prompt.
trank1.zip17KTrank v1.0 (C) Copyright 1994. A Tronix Developer's production by CJ aka Charles Sperber ... Trank v1.0 is a WWIV utility which reads ranked datafiles & displays the top player. Totally configurable and ideal for such online games as Tradewars 2002. I'm freeware!
tri0693.zip50KThe TriBBS Newsletter, Summer 93. Now in READROOM.TOC format. Includes articles on running TriBBS under OS/2, setting up Front Door. The programs of Keith Kolbo. Reveiws of READROOM 2.0, UserScan/UserDoor 40 and PreReg40. A must for the TriBBS sysop.
tri3lit3.zip5,515B3lit3 language for TriBBS. Includes menu files. Written by Lm, sysop of Perotin's Keep.
trib-win.zip54KText files on running TriBBS 5.x with with Windows 3.1
triback.zip24KTriBack v1.0; Callback verification door that will allow your callers to call themselves back to upgrade their security level. This insures that at least the caller is calling from a legitimate phone number and will help weed out problem callers.
tribbrip.zip121KRIPScrip Screens for TriBBS 5.0! Includes Main,Message,File,Sysop menus as well as an Upload and Goodbye screen. All commands are included and mouse areas work!
tribel10.zip25KTriBell v1.0; Turns the sysop page bell on or off from the command line. Includes batch files to run as events.
triblang.zip31KThese are 6 different language files for use with TriBBS 5.0. Included are Jive, Techie, Spanish, Mystic, Rude, and German.
tribnf10.zip43KTriBulletinBoardNewsFlash (v 1.0) - For use with TriBBS Bulletin Board Systems. TriBNF allows you to enter from 1 to 12 lines of text, which you consider to be a "News Flash!", a bit of important news and/or information, which needs to be made available to the users of your BBS quickly. The data file containing your news text is easily created, by utilizing a command line option, and simply following the instructions which are displayed on the screen. TriBNF generates both ANSI and
tribune3.zip22KTRIBUNE v3.0; Great For SysOps, make BBB news files. Easiest news file generator there is.
tricbs15.zip43KTriCallersByState v1.5 - TriCBS will generate a bulletin showing the number of users that call your BBS from each of the 50 states and 10 Canadian provinces, and a separate total for callers from other countries. NEW IN v1.5!!! TriCBS now recognizes new 1995 zip codes for Alabama, Arizona, and Washington; The display has been updated to give a fresh, new, 3-D look. TriCBS is TriBBS enhancement software by Doug Henderson, and it's free!
tricbt12.zip44KTriCallersByTown v1.2 - TriCBT analyzes your USERS.DAT file and ranks towns based on the number of your users that call from each town. The bulletin displays rank, name of each town, the number of users that call from each town, percentage of total users calling from each town, the number of total calls from each town, and the percentage of total system calls from each town. NEW IN v1.2!!! TriCBT now recognizes new 1995 zip codes for Alabama, Arizona, and Washingt
tricfg10.zip5,729B------=======TriConfig v1.0=======------ TriConfig is an all new utility made for TriMail v8.1 that will write your config file for you! No more messy text-editing every time you need to make a small change to your TriMail config file! Just run this util and it'll make it for you! Next release will add TriNet! ---------- TriConfig v1.0 Copyright Dragoon Soft
triciu10.zip35KTriCheckInactiveUsers v1.0; A TriBBS 4.x utility designed to check the USERS.DAT file for users who have not logged onto your board in a specified number of days. If inactive users are found, TriCIU generates a user-specific logon screen for the Sysop giving the names of those inactive users. TriCIU can be configured to automatically flag any inactive users that are found.
tricps10.zip30KTriCheckPageStatus v1.0; A TriBBS 4.x utility designed to check the status of the page bell every time a user logs on and generate a logon screen telling the user if the Sysop is or isn't available for a chat.
tridie25.zip47KTRI-DIE v2.5beta; TRIbbs DIrectory Enhancer. TRI-DIE creates custom MSGALL.ANS and DIRSALL.ANS screens in full ANSI color for each caller! When a caller "changes file area", TRI-DIE will not only show the file areas available to the caller, BUT show the # of files and total bytes for each area and give the grand totals at the end of the list! Message area enhancements include ALIAS and Highest msg number. Beta test version should work o.k. with TriBBS 5.0. use 2.4 for lower versions of TriBBS.
tridisc1.zip24KTri-Disc v1.00 (c) DigCrtn Software by Donny Brand. ***FREEWARE*** Sick and Tired Of Your Text File Disclaimer?? Make You Users Agree To Your Disclaimer By Typing YES After it is displayed! If they enter anything besides that, they are hung up on. Run In NEWUSER.BAT All Entrees are saved in TRIDISC.LOG!!
tridls10.zip33KTriDeleteLocalSysop v1.0; TriDLS is a TriBBS 4.x utility designed to check the callers log when a user logs off. If the last caller is the Sysop, TriDLS will delete the Sysop's entry in the callers log and will also delete the Sysop's entry in total calls to the system and total calls for the day.
tridls21.zip55K|--------------------------------------| | TRIDLS Version 2.1 | |--------------------------------------| |TRIDLS v2.1 is a small little Door | |that is designed to allow your users | |to view the initial logon screens | |after they have logged onto your | |system. New FEATURES in version 2.0 | |include the following: | | | | 1. Initial Welcome Screen Revamped! | | | | 2. T
tridocs.zip94KThis is the full documentation for TriBBS BBS software in a quick reference easy to use reader/viewer. Version 4.01 TriBBS Software
tridog60.zip44KTriDog v6.0; TriBBS<->Fido MSG converter. This utility let's TriBBS boards join any FidoNet-technology network.
tridog62.zip51KTriDog 6.2 - TriBBS<->Fido MSG converter. This utility let's TriBBS boards join any FidoNet-technology network. This update adds support for points, interzone mail, and for a fake address for Fido to UUCP converters.
tried20.zip146KTriEdit v1.0.20 is a POWERFUL user file editor with millions of options, and millions more for those who register. Fixes highlight this version. Those who register get the following improvements: Advanced Name Find where a user can enter the first few or just first letter of a name and the name WILL BE FOUND!
triedt09.zip53KUser editor for Tribbs 2.x.
trifds10.zip37KTriFilesDatabaseStatistics v1.0 - TriFDS generates a bulletin that displays area number, area description, file count, and byte count for each file directory on your BBS and then a total file count and total byte count. TriFDS is TriBBS enhancement software by Doug Henderson, and it's free!
triflags.zip21KTriFlags; TriBBS Message Base Flags Utility. Enables the setting of the private, echo, received, permanent, and delete flags across a message conference, or for an individual message, while creating a backup.
triflm30.zip32K| TriFLM Version 3.0 From PowerSoft | |--------------------------------------| | TriFLM is a master files list maker | | for Mark Goodwin's TriBBS 5.0 and | | up. | | Features include: | | More Than 150% Faster | | Multible Files Lists | | Automatic List Archiving | | Deletes ASCII Lists As Option | | Place Lists In Download Directory | | Security Shown In Area Header | | CD-R
trigrh24.zip49KTriGraph v2.4: Bar graph display generator reads your TriBBS CALLERS.LOG and builds display files from calls received by Number per hour, Number per baud, Number at peak times. It will read all nodes and compile this graph on a total of your BBS systems activity. TriGraph will build ANSI & ASCII display files by name of your choice. This version allows Sysop Configuration of BAUD Rates & FULL COLOR Options CFG file! Now Supports 8 BAUD RATES and all are adjustable
trihbd11.zip53KTriHappyBirthday (v 1.1) - A program for use with TriBBS Bulletin Board Systems, which creates both ANSI and MONO screens which contain the name or alias of up to 175 users of your BBS that do have their birthday during the current month. Also, listed is the location of each user, and their DOB. At the bottom of each screen is the total birthdays for current month and % of all BBS users. SysOp configures to list the real name or alias of each user. New! Ver 1.1 sorts the information displaye
trihelp.zip14Ktext explains where to get utilities for use with TriBBS System
trihub30.zip94KTriHub 3.0 - A QWK-based hub for TriBBS boards that are part of a QWK network. advantage over TriMail is that it handles all mail processing offline and performs all QWK and REP transfers with HS/Link. TriHub now supports multiple compression utilities, has better dupe checking, and a number of other new features.
trilog10.zip26KTriLog 1.0 by Shawn Berg TriLog is a program that allows you to log any text you want to the TriBBS CALLERS.LOG file! Very handy in use w/ doors, and so on! Only $5 registration! Terrific deal! Call POWER HOUSE BBS at 813-848-1981 for support and the newest version!
trilogb4.zip40KTriLogger v1.0a4beta for TriBBS. Last caller bulletin for TriBBS. Sysop configurable.
trilol10.zip82KTriLogonLotto (v 1.0) A program for use with TriBBS Bulletin Board Systems. The TriLogonLotto, (TriLOL), program creates ANSI & MONO screens, which contain three numbers,( 0 thru 9), as selected by the SysOp, and the three numbers, (0 thru 9) randomly selected by TriLOL. If the 3 numbers selected by TriLOL match the 3 numbers selected by the SysOp the caller wins the prize designated by the SysOp. As the name implies, TriLOL is meant to be used as a logon screen, and executed after
trimak11.zip47KTriMake v1.1 - An NMAKE-like utility for TriBBS SysOps. Now supports TriBBS binary files if you choose. Reads FAREA.DAT and spots date and time differences between file areas and indexes and calls MAKEIDX for just the IDX files that need to be updated. This version adds the /A command line parm to optionally call ASCTOBIN whenever MAKEIDX is called. Great for running in a BAT file. Saves ALOT of time if you mass synchronize with the /ALL option on MAKEIDX and ASCTOBIN. For the SysOp that always u
trimal70.zip50KTriMail 7.0 - QWK mail door for TriBBS. Let's your callers use a QWK mail reader like SLMR, OLX, Session Manager, EZ-Reader, etc. to read and enter mail offline. This new version provides complete compatibility with TriBBS 4.0.
trimem20.zip43KTriMem 2.0 what you've all been waiting for. TriMem, is a total membership tool for Tribbs 3.0x. Features include, internal and user prepared ANSI and ASCII user specific logon screens, Internal ratios program for both files/kbytes/messages. Offers free file areas, exempt from ratios. Full membership roster handling with editor/printer.
trims20.zip53KTriMS V2.0 Exclusively for TriBBS systems. This what you've been looking for! A Message Subject Scanner. It will show the message number, who the message is from and what it's about. GREAT for Echoed Message Bases... Information on 17 messages on 1 PAGE! Low Registration of $5!! This Version adds Reading of Messages, Changing Conferences from with TriMS!!! Alot more enhancements added to TriMS... :) Also shortened the display page slightly.
trimst15.zip9,503BTriMast v1.5; the Master file list maker for the TriTel Bulletin Board System
trinet70.zip40KTriNet 7.0; QWK networking utility for TriBBS. Let's TriBBS boards join one of the many QWK-based netmail networks.
trinet71.zip98KTriNet 7.1: QWK networking utility for TriBBS. Let's TriBBS boards join one of the many QWK-based netmail networks. This version is faster, better looking, and has superior dupe checking.
trinug11.zip35KTriNewUserGreeter v1.1; A TriBBS 4.x utility designed to check the callers log when a user logs off and if the last caller is a new user will generate a user-specific logon screen personally welcoming the user to your BBS.
tripage1.zip46KTriPAGE V1.0 Exclusively for TriBBS systems. A full featured Page door ONLY for TriBBS. Allow 'good users' unlimited paging ability and keep other 'bad users' from paging you. Reads TriBBS page status and responses accordingly! Toggles page indicator too. Another $5 release. Written By: Bill Worley
tripif.zip16KMy PIF file for running a single-node high speed TriBBS system under Windows 3.1. A brief readme file is included, as is a screen snapshot of my 386Enh settings.
tripro1.zip25KThis is an Exciting, New Version of @X09Tri-Disc Pro! @X07This Version has exciting new features from DigCrtn Software including @X0ELocking Out users who do not enter code/password correctly, @X04Selecting your own passwords/ codes, @X02Selecting your own Prompts!.@X07 But most of all, this is once again a @X08FREEWARE @X07utility from @X07DigCrtn Software
triprot1.zip20KTTprot to DSZ; Batch file of DSZ commands for put External Protocols in TriMail 7.x
triqir10.zip46K****** TriQwkInsertionReport v1.0 ****** TriQIR takes any insertion report created by TriNet and generates a new, colorful, more informative report. Features: Conferences grouped by network; Displays area number, name, and total messages imported for each conference in a two-column, alphabetized format; Totals at the end of the report for each network including the total number of conferences in each network, the number of conferences in each net
trird10.zip26KTriRD V1.0 Exclusively for TriBBS/ RomBrain systems. This is what you've been looking for in a download bulletin generator! TriRD has the ability to exclude certain CD's from your download bulletin. TriRD also includes the filename along with the CD-ROM name where the down was from. Two types of bulletins make TriRD a worthy addition to any bbs.
tririp01.zip4,122BTriBBS 5.0 RIPscript Screens. Drawn With RIPaint FOR TriBBS Sysops! Main, Message,File. 2 Security Levels; New User & Verified.
trirum13.zip33K --=*>WBS Presents<*=-- TriRumors v1.3 OneLiners door program supporting almost any bbs. Great graphics! Full logging of what the user enters. Added Random Headers in this release! New Reg. routines as well!!!!!! ShareWare $5
triryu20.zip74KTriRankYourUsers v2.0 - A utility for TriBBS 5.x and above. Do you want an active BBS? Make BBSing more fun for your users! TriRYU will let your users compete in a door-style rank system, letting them obtain higher access by posting and uploading! NEW WITH v2.0!!! Completely customize the colors in the display screen, configure the number of lines to be displayed per screen, ignore anyone at a specific security level or higher, award a special security le
trisec41.zip21KTrisec sysop upgrade door v4.1 for Tribbs.
trisl10.zip15KTribbs Utility - Generates a Who Called Today Bulletin or Logon screen.
trisrch.zip15K+-------------------------------------+ | TriSearch v1.0 | | -------------- | | Nice little utility to search your | | users database by security level, | | record number, name, date of birth, | | and city. >FREEWARE< by Dan Higgins | +-------------------------------------+
triss10.zip3,715BTriSS v1.0 - The easiest and most understandable utility for TriBBS. TriSystem Status will tell your users what your system status is, and best of all, it's *FREEWARE*. By Don Sausa.
trista18.zip49KTRISTAT v1.8; Use with TriBBS to generate ANSI and MONO bulletins which contain many statistics about the usage of your BBS. The stats include Total Number of Calls, # of Calls per Node, Uploads & Downloads, Calls by Time of Day, # Door Programs Opened, # Messages Entered, # Bulletins Read, # of New Users, Average Number of Calls per Day, Bad Uploads Attempted, and much more!
trista21.zip53KTriStat v2.1 - Use with TriBBS Bulletin Board Systems. Creates ANSI and MONO bulletins which contain many statistics about the usage of your TriBBS BBS. The stats include Total Number of Calls, # of Calls per Node, Uploads & Downloads, Calls by Time of Day, # Door Programs Opened, # Messages Entered, # Bulletins Read, # of New Users, Average Number of Calls per Day, Bad Uploads Attempted, and much, much more! NEW! Number of Calls per Hour, Number of calls for up to 5 nodes, Only
tritip11.zip41KTRITIPS v1.1; TriTips to use with TriBBS. Generates ANSI and MONO screens which contain "Tips and Advice" to the users of your BBS about the usage of your BBS. The TIPS can be edited and changed by the Sysop.
tritus10.zip48KTriTopUsersStats (v 1.0) - A program for use with TriBBS Bulletin Board Systems, which creates both ANSI and MONO screens which contain a listing of the "Top 10" users of your BBS in the Total of Calls, Total Messages, Total Uploads, and Total Download categories. Will list the real name or alias of users. Can configure to include or exclude the SysOp, as well as the Co-SysOp from the created screens. DonationWare from FC Software!
triui100.zip51KTriBBS_Usage_Information_Bulletin_Maker. V1.0; General stats. Logon Baud Rates, Logon Hours, Baud Rates Chart, User Logon Time Chart, New Users, Top Uploader(s), Top Downloader(s), Top Door User(s), Top Everything! Too much to list!
triuln11.zip33KTRIULN v1.10; Use with TriBBS to notify you by messages and audio when a user has logged off of your BBS. The audio tones can be enabled/disabled via configuration by the sysop.
triusr8.zip2,004B@X0E Usurper Version 8 & TriBBS 5.11 =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= This is a set of batch files to run Usurper Version 8 with Tri- BBS 5.X and above....Node 1 is pretty easy, Node 2 is a little tricky....But this file should help you get it going.
triutil3.zip34KPut your own message on your Tribbs 3.x WFC screen.
triuts10.zip36KTriUserTrialSubscription v1.0 - TriUTS is a utility for TriBBS 4.x and above which, when executed in the NEWUSER.BAT file, will grant the new user a trial subscription to your board. TriUTS will place into the new user's user record a subscription expiration date, which you have preconfigured, and will also optionally send to the new user at logon a user-specific logon screen to tell him/her anything about the trial subscription that you desire. Freeware by Doug Henders
triwcr23.zip63KTriWhoCalledRecently (v 2.3) - For use with TriBBS Bulletin Board Systems which creates ANSI and MONO screens that list the recent callers of your BBS. Screens list up to 50 different callers, where each call is from, the number of times each has called during the day, and the time of their last call. Also the number of different callers of the day, and the total number of calls for the day are displayed. It will list the real name or alias of all callers. Version 2.2 fixes a bug
triwnu10.zip58KTriWelcomeNewUsers (V 1.0) - A program for use with TriBBS Bulletin Board Systems which generates both ANSI and ASCII bulletins that contain a listing of the new users of your BBS. Capable of listing up to 250 new users. Use as Logon screens, or as regular Bulletins. From FC Software!
triwnu22.zip62KTriWelcomeNewUsers (v 2.2) - For use with the TriBBS Bulletin Board Systems. Creates both ANSI and MONO screens which list the new users of your BBS. It will list up to 125 new users. Can be used as Logon screens, or as Bulletins. SysOp can specify the date TriWNU will begin its search for new users. Screens list new users' name, location, and the first date called. Also, will search for users alias, instead of real name. Displays the total number of new users that have called s
triwo101.zip24KTriWhosOn 1.01 a TriBBS 5.x LOGON Screen generator. TriWhosOn will make a LOGON bulletin of who's on your nodes at the time they logon on. Just put in LOGON.BAT!! Written By Bill Worley / Sysop of Operation Mindcrime (814) 742-9885
triwow10.zip57KTriWordsOfWisdom (v 1.0) - For use with TriBBS Bulletin Board Systems only. The TriWordsOfWisdom (TriWOW), creates MONO and ANSI screens, containing "Words of Wisdom". TriWOW randomly selects, and displays a piece of "Words of Wisdom" each time that the program is executed. Included with TriWOW, is a data file containing 300 different pieces of the "Words of Wisdom". The data file can be edited, so you can use your own. Use the screens created as logon screen to greet
triyo41.zip32KTriYo! Paging Door version 4.1. An extremely functional page door for TriBBS. Allows a password, external page tone production, and more!
tri_boot.zip2,931BA pair of batch files to help avoid TSR & IRQ conflicts with TriBBS.
tri_inet.zip41KA collection of help-files that might be of interest to TriBBS Sysops who are wanting to bring Internet email and newsgroups into their boards. Prepared by Ben Askew as a way of saying "Thanks" to several people who helped him out during his attempt at getting onto the Net.
trnet601.zip40KTriNet 6.01; QWK networking utility for TriBBS. Let's TriBBS boards join one of the many QWK-based netmail networks. This new version features improved dupe checking.
tsecur44.zip23KTriSecure--Logon Verification for BBS systems version 4.4. Randomly asks callers for phone number and birthdate. Reduce illegal logons! Now works with any system that can generate DOOR.SYS.
tslot.zip48KTriBBS Slot Machine v3.0; Multinode door for TriBBS v2.x and above is a fun slot machine that is fully Sysop-configurable and allows the user (at the Sysop's discretion) to play for time as well as points.
tsort30.zip221K************* TriSort v3.0 ************* A Sorting Utility for TriBBS 5.x. TriSort will Sort Users Data Records, File Areas Data Records, and New in this version, TriSort will Now Sort Message Conference Data Records. TriSort will also sort and renumber any files that are associated with the Data Records being Sorted. Sysop's can run TriSort in a Nightly Event Batch file to Sort User Records! To make it easier for all Hubs & Nodes, I have included several Utility programs that will even upda
tsport10.zip41KTriSports v1.0; Use with TriBBS to generate ANSI and MONO bulletins which contain the scores of up to 12 sports contests.(Football, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, etc. for High School College, Pro, etc.) Use as a logon screen or bulletin, to inform users of your BBS the scores of "last night's" games.
tsrch12.zip17K+-------------------------------------+ | TriSearch v1.2 | | -------------- | | Handy little utility to search your | | users database by security level, | | record number, name, date of birth, | | city and number. | +-------------------------------------+
tssnet.zip15KThis is information on the TSSNET, a simpe Tribbs Network using the TNET601 program. Good reading as well for those sysops interested in setting up their own net.
tstamp12.zip12KTriStamp v1.2; Archive Comment Utility For The TriBBS Bulletin Board System. Allows you to add comments to all uploaded ZIP + ARJ archives on your TriBBS system. Easy installation and zero maintnance make this the perfect choice for all archive comment needs. Small, fast and extremely easy to install. Comments can be up to 20,000 K in size! Designed specially for the TriBBS Bulletin Board System. All done automatically from UPLOAD.BAT!
tsub01.zip12KTSUB -- A utility to make a door (subboard) out of TRIBBS. Will work with most BBS's that can create a DOOR.SYS file. Passes Callers baud, time left and error correcting connection status.
ttabs30.zip45KThe Long Awaited New Release Of TriTABS! Directly From The TABS Sponsor For TriBBS Boards! Will Handle BOTH $10 & $25 SID's! An Excellent Way For TriBBS Sysops To Get Users To Subscribe Or Donate To Their BBS! This Door Allows Users To Pay For Services And Get IMMEDIATE Access On Your BBS. You Decide The Access Level And Let TriTABS Do The Rest! (Version 3.0 Released 9/18/94)
ttac10.zip6,602BTriTel BBS. Voice notice of User logoff.
ttalm011.zip69KTritel bbs almanac program. Wishes users a happy birthday, name important events and people born for the day. Also gives a quote for the day, all automatically. Ver 1.01.
ttcbn100.zip31KTritel Color-By-Numbers utility, lets you see what colors the BBS-generated menus will use.
ttdc11.zip8,788BTriTel BBS. Warn user about carrier drops.
ttdelu10.zip43KTritel 2.x user deletion utility.
ttdnld20.zip12KTribbs/Tritel file download tracker utility.
ttlist40.zip8,460BThis Packet contains 3 programs for TriBBS Bulletin Board system users. The three files are used to create listings of Users, File areas, and Message conferences. Updated to work with TriBBS v4.X.
ttlvl20.zip44KTRI-LEVEL; Utility for TriTel BBSs that allows the Sysop to automatically adjust user levels according to up/download ratios or using a subscription method.
ttn0492.zip7,728BTritel support network application and conference list. Open to all Tritel BBSs.
ttnet10.zip40KTriNet v1.0; QWK Networking Program for the TriTel Bulletin Board System
ttnewm11.zip32KNEWMESS; Will tell you how many new messages you've received in ALL of your conferences broken down into individual conferences
ttop1520.zip28KTriTop15 v2.0 is a Top 15 user bulletin maker for TriBBS 5.x systems. TriTop15 shows the top fifteen callers, message posters, downloaders, and uploaders. Custom configurable. You can show a user's alias or real name in the bulletin. FAST! Easily runs in your BETWEEN.BAT file or as a daily maintenance. @X09<=@X08-@X0FAsylumSoft@X08-@X09=>
ttop3013.zip46KTRITOP30 v1.3; For use with TriBBS Bulletin Board Systems. TriTop30 will generate both ANSI and MONO bulletins which list the "Top 30" files on your BBS based upon the number of times the files were downloaded. You can set up TriTop30 to list the "Top 30" files from the entire BBS or individual file areas
ttp10b08.zip523KTriToss Professional 1.0 - Beta 8 - Here is the long awaited upgrade to TriToss 1.x. You must have a 386SX or better to run TriToss/Pro. You must be a REGISTERED TriBBS sysop to run this beta version. This fixes a bug that was leaving SEEN-BYs in long messages that are split up.
ttpinfo.zip951BInformation file that describes how TriBBS and TriMail call TTPROT.EXE. Useful for third-party programmers who want to use TTPROT.EXE with their TriBBS-related programs.
ttpinfo2.zip1,069BThis is an information file that describes how TriBBS and TriMail call TTPROT.EXE. Useful for third-party programmers who want to use TTPROT.EXE with their TriBBS-related programs. It now includes info about passing nonstandard IRQ settings to TTPROT.EXE.
ttpmp11.zip11KTritel Personal Message Pager. Makes a notice for users if they have any msgs on the board.
ttquote2.zip7,765BTribbs Utility - Easy to setup Quote display for Tribbs Sysops.
ttrandom.zip27KRandomizer For TriTel BBS's picks from 5 different logon screens, and copies it to the directory you specify.
ttread21.zip33KTriTel reader v2.1: file browser door for TriTel & other BBSs.
ttslot21.zip51KTriTel Slot Machine v2.1
ttsn21.zip27KTritel Send Note 2.1. Sends private messages to users of a Tritel 2.x bbs.
tttp1020.zip12KTop 10 caller bulletin generator for TriBBS.
ttuflt20.zip8,162BTritel upload file utility. Whats hot and what isn't.
ttuli010.zip4,894BCreates users listing for Tritel BBS software Can be run independently or as an event. works well with Sendnote.
ttuti20.zip117KTriTel UTI v2.0; UTI for using PCRelay and MegaMail with TriTel BBS.
tucl11b.zip8,592BTUCList Version 1.1b - by Craig Nicholson TriUserConferenceLister is a TriBBS version 5.0? utility. It will process the TriBBS Data files, and produce a list of every user, and which conferences they pull, and their last message pointers. It also provides an overall summary of the conferences. This is a FASTER and bug-fix version !
tulv222.zip24KTriULV 2.22 -=- TriULV is a replacement for the internal user list viewer in TriBBS that adds the ability to search for a user by NAME, CITY, or by a sound alike name called a SOUNDEX. -=- TriULV is FREEWARE from PowerSoft. Fixed multi-node problem found in 2.21 found by Leslie Jaggers. Thanks Leslie! :)
twall10.zip68KTriWall 1.0 - TriWall is a graffiti door for TriBBS 5.x where your users can post anonymous OneLiners. It will display up to 9 OneLiners. And can optionally create a log of all OneLiners posted, with the real name of the sender. Freeware by Hugues Scarlata.
tweath10.zip38KTriWeather v1.0; Use with TriBBS to generate ANSI and MONO bulletins which contain the local weather forecast as entered by the sysop. Use as a logon screen to offer the users the local weather forecast. Simple to set up and use.
twitdef.zip9,879BTWITDEF is a hilarious Sysop definition of the TWITS and LAMERS that call BBSes. It provides a bit of humor for the reader and makes him stop to reflect and see if he may be the one being described! These two colorized screens are TriBBS-ready to be used as bulletins or logon screens. Simply rename the included .ANS and .BBS screens and you are ready to go. Another set of freeware screen from Stalag 13 BBS
t_it21a4.zip71KTicIt 2.1 Alpha 4 This release is a PRE-RELEASE of the up coming 2.1 version! Supports WILDCARD Area Import, REPLACE Verb reconition, FILE_ID.DIZ import, Conversions to ZIP/ARJ/LZH/ZOO/ARC/PAK Virus scanning, Bulletins, Logging, and MUCH More! Must see, easy to use and configure. Supports Planet Connect! TicIt is a TRIBBS Specific, no need to type out where the files go, simply enter the file base number! See READ.ME for more info on it!
u-stats2.zip2,206BUser Statistics v2.0 - All new colorful ANSI and ASCII screens ready to be put into the display dir. For use with TriBBS only. Designed By: JayArchives
upload1.zip14KUPLOAD is a quick and dirty program that will allow you to change the Upload Time Compensation Ratio on a TriBBS BBS via the command line or an event. Free to all registered TriBBS Sysops. From Cyber Soft
userd30.zip30K User Deleter Version 3.0 This is a TriBBS utility will Go through your Callers log and mark callers for deletion that haven't been active for a specified period of time. Offers exemption list as well as exepmt Security Levels. From S&M Shareware.
userv21.zip46KUserver v2.1 - This new version fixes the "press any key" bug, changed the minimum input from 5 to 3 characters. Now writes more information to FAIL.LOG! Still a great little FREEWARE TriBBS(R) Utility. From the mind of Bruce Farley
usr16_8.zip1,162BNRAM settings used at Freejack's Place BBS for USR 16.8 Dual Standard modem and TriBBS!
usrdmp12.zip37KUSERDUMP 1.2 - Dumps entire TriBBS 5.x user data to printer, file, or screen. Bug fix. Postcardware - no registration! By Steve Harmon
usrlst10.zip39KkvUserList! v1.0-produces an ASCII index file of your users. For TriBBS! Optional printing, sleek interface. Freeware by kv_Soft!
usrrpt10.zip25K+--------------------------------------+ |USER REPORT ver 1.0 - This program is| |written for the TriBBS BBS system.| |This program reads the USERS.DAT file| |and produces output with the user's| |number, name, telephone number,| |security level and password all in a| |nice neat report. The information is| |entered into a text file that is| |formatted to be printed if so desired.| +--------------------------------------+
usrscn50.zip117KUserScan and UserDoor v5.0; Contains both the local utility and a door version of the UserScan sysop tool for TriBBS(r) 5.0. Search by : Name or fragment, Phone or fragment, security level <=>, age <=>, private file area / conference access, and expiration date. Edit users record. Send UserGrams to groups or individuals. Dump search results to file. UserScan is now uncrippled shareware.
usur_tri.zip2,547B * Usurper Help * This file has the needed Batch files to run Usurper as a multi-node door game for TriBBS 5.0 & up. These files have been tested under DesQview & TriBBS 5.1. * A.C.S. BBS (913)287-7947 *
uusetup.zip1,521BNode batch files to run Ultimate Universe on a multinode TriBBS system. You will need BNU and Foyer. This is a great game...a major improvement on TW2002.
wason122.zip45KWAS-ON v1.22; Great TriBBS utility which tells the user who the last caller to the system was. It makes allowances for names with 3 words (eg. Mark Van Hooren) and it also recognizes a one-word alias. And, as always, the software is uncrippled.
wc2tri10.zip22KWC2TRI v1.00 - Allows you to run TriBBS as a door off of any bulletin board system that can create a DOOR.SYS drop file. Supports the "/V" switch for use with McAfee's SCAN.EXE version 2.x series. Freeware from Lawrence Gordon.
xmenu15.zip19KX-Menu V1.5. ***FREEWARE*** DigCrtn Software by Donny Brand. (c) 1994 This program adds another menu to TriBBS. It look almost EXACTLY like the default LANGUAGE.001! You can have subdirectories and more! (This is a good place to put your WEATHER bulletin in....) :) -Donny