File Libaries
Library: BBS - Directory: BBS - Telegard
actvty13.zip13Kgraph bulletin created for TG
addstats.zip30KTelegard: Add-Stats - rewrite status.dat.
age27.zip8,695BAge-27; Creates age distribution graph for Telegard 2.7.
age27u.zip9,623BUser-27 v1.00; This program will make a list of all (undeleted) users on your system. This will be output to a Telegard .MSG-type file with appropriate color codes.
autologn.zip5,315BAuto-Logon features for Telegard 2.7 or Renegade 1.0 Beta
avalid8.zip12KTelegard 2.7: Auto-Validate - let user autovalidate themself to whatever setting Sysop sets in system config.
bbs24.zip343KTelegard Bbs v2.4
bigard10.zip17KTelegard-BiModem interface
bigard27.zip17KTelegard 2.7: Bi-Gard - the bimodem interface for Telegard.
bw270_tg.zip178KBlue wave mail door for Telegard BBS, v2.7.
callgraf.zip53KCALLGRAF v1.0: The actual graph consists of the number of calls for each three-hour time interval during the previous day. By taking note of the call activity, users can make informed decisions as to when the BBS is most busy, and likewise when it's unlikely that they'll get through.
censor10.zip11KTelegard 2.7: Censor v1.0.
chckul10.zip11KCheckUL; Checks and modifies 'uploaded by' status in the file directories. For use with Telegard 2.7
cnum10.zip7,637BCNUM is a utility designed to allow sysops to change the total number of callers in their STATUS.DAT. Sysops may want to do this for many reasons, but most of them would like to reset the number of callers to the last amount before their STATUS.DAT was destroyed
coconfig.zip14KTelegard Bbs v2.4 color config
colcu101.zip9,548BColor Changing Utility v1.01; This program rewrites the User.Lst this is your all your User's information for your Telegard system.
delusr10.zip13KTelegard 2.7: Delete unvalidated users.
desqtlgd.zip3,705BTelegard BBS set up for DESQview.
diskm100.zip8,200BTelegard 2.7: Diskmetr v1.0 - lets sysop produce ANSI and ASCII graphs of each of your hard drives (or partions) as a system bulletin.
dupcheck.zip11KTelegard Duplicate User Checker v1.04 for Telegard v2.7+
dvtgset4.zip6,181BHow to get Telegard to work with Desqview.
emrgchat.zip26KEmergency chat door for Telegard and Renegade BBS's. Password protection.
fdinstal.zip18KHow 2 Setup Frontdoor w/ Telegard
filpnt10.zip14KFilePnt v1.0 for Telegard BBS
fixdsz10.zip8,217BFixDSZLG v1.1 witten by Jack Lee. Fixes the DSZ log file problem for Telegard BBS 2.7. *FREEWARE*
glocolor.zip7,506BTelegard Bbs user color editor
hangup35.zip22KSend a nasty note to users who hang in TG2.7
hsl_tgb5.zip32KHSLK-TGI v1.00; HS\Link Bidirectional Protocol Interface for Telegard.
ifgen.zip11KInfoform Generator - a windowed information form generator for Sysops.
import21.zip30KAUTOMATIC; CD-Rom To Telegard Import Utility Used in conjunction with IMPORT.EXE, AUTO.EXE will automatically scan a cd-rom for description files you specify, and automatically insert them into Telegard's File Base Listing.
init24.zip85KTelegard Bbs initialization
list100.zip13KTGList v1.00 - Telegard Full Screen MCI File Viewer. Supports smooth full screen color scrolling and text search functions.
log200.zip18KTelegard multiple log viewer, for front-end mailers. 06/05/92.
mbe_200.zip88KMbEdit v2.00 - Advanced Message base editor for Telegard v2.7. Allows for global modifications of bases and many options not offered in the standard internal editor.
mdate200.zip22KMsgdate v2.0 - for use with Telegard 2.5q - 2.7. Scans message bases for messages older than a date specified by the Sysop and marks them as deleted.
menus24.zip11KTelegard Bbs menus
mfile300.zip27KMagnaFile v3.0 - ultimate file list compiler for Telegard 2.7.
mgsfs110.zip19KMGSFSR v1.10. Telegard Global File Scan Reset by Mt. Glacier Software. Handy utility for Telegard 2.7 systems to globally set File Scan indicators ON or OFF for all users. Version 1.10 adds options to flag ALL file bases on or off, and an option to set non-specified file bases to the opposite status in a single run.
mgsud151.zip38KMgsudel v1.51 - use file delete utility for Telegard 2.7.
mmail101.zip15KMassMail v1.01 - a mass E-mailer utility for Telegard 2.7.
new24.zip7,913BTelegard Bbs v2.4 new features
pass27.zip34KTelegard password monitor v2.7e.
qfgen110.zip43KTelegard 2.7 - Quality Factor Generator.
quoteit3.zip63Kquote to the next caller for TG
qwthr21.zip34KWeather Bulletin for Telegard bbs.
q_why.zip19KWhat Happened Yesterday! - Version 'Q' (for Telegard BBS)
scrlon10.zip5,428BTelegard: Scroll Lock On - turns your scroll lock on to indicate "Sysop Out".
stats-37.zip31KTelegard Top Ten User Statistics v3.7 T-Stats is a door program for Telegard that reads the DORINFO1.DEF file.
supsc30.zip61KSuperScan Version 3.0b; - Upload integrity Shell Interface - For TELEGARD BBS systems or ANY BBS software that can call a .EXE or .BAT file and pass the file name along in a variable.
t-pack11.zip31KT-Pack v1.1 - Packs Telegard v2.7 Message Bases (Better than MSGPACK)
t-post.zip7,611BTelegard Bbs Top posts
t-top-2b.zip14KThe Record Keeper v2.1b for Telegard BBS
tcall142.zip37KTelegard callbBack utility. V1.42. Some things fixed/improved, etc.
tele16a.zip181KTelegard Bbs
teleview.zip18KTelegard archived text file viewer for 2.7
tele_top.zip20KTelegard Top Utility v1.0 -Platinum
telms11.zip20KTelegard Bbs mouse support
telpak_6.zip72KTelegard Utils for TG 2.7.
telstat2.zip39KTelegard Bbs statistics
tfm23.zip111KTelegard Bbs File manager
tfm26.zip71KTelegard File Manager v2.6
tg18doc.zip89KTelegard Bbs documentation
tg27.zip455KTelegard 2.7 Standard BBS System
tg27fido.zip63KTgm2Txt And Txt2Msg 1.01-beta Convert Telegard 2.7 Style Message Bases To Text/Ascii Files Then Convert The Text File To Fido *.MSG Style Messages. Ron Dean 11 Mar 1995
tg298kit.zip25KTelegard 3.0 Structures Information Kit - the tentative (November 20/94) structures for the upcoming 3.0 release. These are relatively close to the final 3.0 release version. Contains pascal structures only.
tgatest.zip7,702BTelegard Archive File Integrity Tester v2.0.
tgbday10.zip20KTGBDAY v1.00; Telegard Monthly Birthday Bulletin Generator
tgbw462.zip35KBADWORDS 4.62beta, Telegard 2.7s Message Base Utility. Replaces "badwords" In *.BRD Files With "Beeps". Far Faster Than CENSOR. By Ron Dean
tgcr10.zip14KTGCR: Copy of a file called TG-REF updated to make it somewhat more enjoyable to read.
tgd315b.zip35KTGDOORS 3.15-(beta) Telegard 2.7 Door Analysis Program. Generate Current Weekly And A Running Historical Ascii/Text Chart of Your Door Activities And Best "Rankings". By Ron Dean
tgdc407.zip35KDESCRIPT 4.07alpha Telegard 2.7 File Description Utility. Companion to VERBOSE, cleans up Telegard *.Dir file descriptions. Optional adjust To Upper or lower case, or raise first letter. Fast, error correction. By Ron Dean
tgdel200.zip14KTelegard Delete Utility; Deletes all users that have not called within a specific period of time except those with a certain security level.
tgdocpl2.zip10KSupplemental docs for Telegard 2.7. 02/04/93.
tgdocs.zip84KDocs to Telegard v2.7. 02/11/93.
tgfd102.zip11KTGFDLog! v1.0: A Telegard/FrontDoor Inbound History User Log
tgfil271.zip10KTelegard File List Utility v2.71.
tgfp4msg.zip15KTelegard filepoints for messages posted v1.0.
tghow1a.zip49KTelegard BBS tricks, tips, SysOp help v1.0a
tghow_1.zip49KTelegard Tips: Setting Up and Configuring Telegard 2.7 for Novices and Experienced SysOps
tghtch12.zip17KTG-Hatch v1.2; Telegard Automatic Hatching Utility
tgkit24.zip29KTelegard Bbs util developers info
tgkit25.zip28KTelegard programmers kit
tgm101.zip52KTG Menu Editor v1.01; TG Menu Edit is a replacement for Telegard Menu Edit functions.
tgmenus2.zip4,779BTelegard Bbs sample screens
tgmgc7a.zip35KTGMAGIC 7.00alpha Telegard 2.7 Frontend-Mailer Utility Compiles FREQ list from TG Filebase directories. Allows Assignment of Optional Magicnames, generates complete pathing and addtional summary good for files list header, showing magicnames, size, short descriptions. By Ron Dean
tgmlbl10.zip7,438BTelegard 2.7: Mailing Label - prints mailing labels from the user list.
tgmlhelp.zip28KThis is a little packet to help those who have been having troubles with the New Telemail that comes with Telegard 2.7. This file contains the dat file which should help. See TXT file for other details inside.
tgnews20.zip46KA news bulletin/manager for Telegard, but should work with other bbs's as long as the bbs can shell and support some information.
tgnm500.zip88KNewmail 5.00alpha Telegard 2.7 AUTO.MSG Utility. Totally New. Screen Cosmetic Changes, Additions Of Optional Header/Footer Files. Oneliner Generation Now Faster Than Ever. By Ron Dean
tgpak.zip71KSome utilities for telegard bbs.
tgpcr200.zip31KTGPCR v2.0; Telegard Post/Call Information Door.
tgprot5.zip12KTelegard Bbs protocol set-up
tgprot6a.zip119Kpackage part 1 of 2
tgprot6b.zip300Kpackage part 2 of 2
tgpy341.zip32KTGPYLOT 3.41alpha Telegard 2.7 Maintenance Manager Reduces the confusion of "event batches" by compiling maintenance commands in to a working database, allowing manual update to one simple file everytime you have new utiliites to add to Telegard, easy setup. By Ron Dean
tgquot41.zip66KTGQuote v4.1 - Telegard Daily Quote Generator Uses the Telegard color codes to generate a text file, or ANSI to generate a color text file. You are allowed to enter up to 4 lines for the quote, with 65 characters per line.
tgrset16.zip15KTG-Reset v1.6; Do daily file initialization for Telegard offline instead of via Telegard where it takes the time of user.
tgsdn27a.zip131KTelegard Software Distribution utility for networking freqs. 05/01/92.
tgsent10.zip9,783BTGSENT v1.0; Telegard 'Sent' Status Toggler (for Telegard's message bases)
tgsm201.zip30KSHORTMSG 2.01beta Telegard 2.7s Shortmsg Utility. Packs deleted entries from the shortmsg file or option to "Rebuild" all short messages. By Ron Dean
tgtday10.zip21KTGTODAY v1.0; A Telegard User, Who Did What, ANSI Bulletin Creator
tgtype21.zip23KTelegard Type v2.1; Lets you type Telegard messages with color codes in them from the DOS prompt.
tgu27txt.zip30KUser2Txt 1.01-beta Telegard 2.7 Down-And-Dirty User.Lst Utility. Generates An Ascii/Text File Of Your User's Realname, And Complete Address. Ron Dean 13 Mar 1995
tgup141.zip81KTGUpload v1.41; Powerful file manager for Telegard 2.7 BBS. FAST local uploading featuring support of FILE_ID.DIZ, Browse mode, DOS-Shell. Fix/Sort Filebases and more
tguquit.zip21KTGUQUIT - Telegard User Quit alarm For Telegard (any version!)
tgu_140.zip95KTelegard utilities for 2.7 standard, v1.40.
tgvc324.zip29KVERBOSE 3.24beta Telegard 2.7 Verbose Description Utiliity. cleans entries in verbose.dat. optional raise to upper or lower case and normal raise first letter. by ron dean
tgvc3ex.zip30KVERBOSE 3.0-Ex Telegard 2.7 Verbose Description Clean raises the first letter of each word in the verbose.dat file to upper-case. by ron dean
tmail151.zip68Knetwork mail interface for TG
topfle11.zip12KTop 10 Downloaded files bulletin maker for Telegard BBS's. Free.
topp10q.zip7,873BTop ten posters generator for Teleguard 2.5a.
topuser1.zip53KAllows the SysOp of a Telegard 2.7 board to rank his/her users on various criteria, and generate and overall 'Quality Factor' for them. It can run as a door, or event, and can create colour bulletins and such.
tstats10.zip13KTurbo-Stats v1.0; Reads various system files and relay the information to the operator.
tuser10n.zip39KTelegard's TopUsers Bulletins v1.0n - for use with Telegard BBS v2.5n.
tusers15.zip43KTopUsers v1.5 for use with Telegard 2.7 - a user statistics bulletin generator for Telegard.
uinfo94b.zip16KInformation door for Telegard 2.7 BBS
ujustm13.zip9KMakes Telegard .MSG file of Last Caller! For the Telegard Bulletin Board System v2.7
umv2.zip25KUser Master; Complete offline user editor for TeleGard BBS systems.
urwrd11.zip13KU-Reward v1.1 for Telegard 2.7.
usegrf11.zip13KUsage Graph; Makes Telegard .MSG file of Daily System Usage For the Telegard Bulletin Board System Version 2.7
user27.zip9,617BUser-27 v1.00; Will make a list of all (undeleted) users on your system. This will be output to a Telegard .MSG-type file with appropriate color codes.
usercomp.zip5,185BUserCompressor v1.00; Reads in your NAMES.LST and makes a new file called NAMESLST in the same dir where your NAMES.LST is. NAMESLST is a rewritten version of NAMES.LST which does not include any deleted accounts.
userpack.zip24KUSERPACK v1.0; Userpack scans the Telegard UserList for Purged Users left behind by ZeroUser.
userprof.zip27KUser Profile v2.7 (for Telegard v.2.7) Creates both an .MSG and an ANSI screen of user's stats.
userst10.zip16KTelegard User Status Listing v1.0; Generates a text file on execution which can then be displayed to one's users immediately using "linking" menu commands.
usrbrt12.zip24KUSERBIRT v1.2; User's Birthday Bulletin Generator. This one will generate a file of all of your user's who have a birthday at the time the program is run.
vres120.zip8,813BVoting Results v1.2; VRES is basically a bulletin generator.
yell.zip3,207BThis is a Sysop menu command to work with Telegard and renegade bbs's. It playes a neat tune and pages the Sysop. 03/24/92.
yinfo130.zip15KYour Info: Displays Telegard BBS user stats
zdoor10.zip8,750BZDOOR v1.0a. Telegard online door bulletin generator.
zgraph10.zip15KTelegard: ZGraph v1.0 - Zlog usage graphing door.
zlogi120.zip15KTelegard: Zloginfo v1.20 - Zlog statistics message generator.