File Libaries
Library: BBS - Directory: BBS - Synchronet
200dtoe.zip10KUpgrade Synchronet v2.00d to v2.00e
afile100.zip31KAllfiles File Database Shell * * for Synchronet BBS v2.0 *
allu_200.zip32KALLUSERS v2.00 - Bulk user editor. Allows sysop to change
altrice1.zip9,461BAlterIce v1.01 Allows use of IceEdit remotely with Synchro
altrsys1.zip13KAlterSys 1.0 Alters the Sysop Is line for Synchronet BBS v
arctest2.zip71KArcTest Archive Processor v2.1E (Demo) A file upload/downl
arctesta.zip38KArcTest 1.0a is a file upload tester for SynchroNet bbs. *
asknew.zip1,546BAsks users "Which Command Shell?" for eachlog
autopost.zip24KAutoPost v2.0 - minor bug fix
bdos_v1.zip8,732BBUSHI-DOS Command Shell Psuedo-Command Line Interface f
bio202.zip62KUser Bio's v2.02 for Synchronet
bl-gns.zip2,941Bhk. * * -nw-h-nw-hk- * * . hk Animated Gnwlobahl Nnwew Shk
bup_101b.zip10KBATCH UPLOADER v1.00 for SynchroNet BBS. A utility to add
callid.zip18KCaller ID Utility* for Synchronet BBS v2.0 version 1.00 Th
chater.zip9,081BChatter v2.01 for SBBS asks user reason for sysop chat * F
civwar11.zip4,598BCivil War command shell for Synchronet
ctb_120.zip39KCredit Transfer Bank V1.20 for Synchronet = CTB will allow
dbullet.zip27KDomain Bulletins v1.20a Logon bulletins for Synchronet BBS
dfax101.zip247KDomain FAX v1.01 (UNREGISTERED) A multi-user capable FAX o
dice150a.zip80KDomain DiceWar v1.50 (UNREGISTERED) A multi-player, intera
dlevent.zip7,624BDLEvent v1.0 for SBBS v2.0x Download event processor will
dpok140c.zip70KDomain Poker v1.40c (UNREGISTERED) A 5 card draw, multi-pl
dsetup1.zip5,715BSynchronet setups for the following doors: Legend of the R
dut200.zip84KDomain Upload Tester v2.00 (UNREGISTERED) A file upload te
easyadd2.zip59KEASY ADDRESS V2.0b - An internet and fidonet address book
eshell.zip32KELiTE Command Shell BETA! for Synchronet BBS v2.x
expnot10.zip32KAuto E-Mail User About To Expire for Synchronet * Viscom E
ezinf100.zip36KEZReqInf V1.00 for Synchronet V1 & V2 = This program is fo
fido221x.zip54KSBBSFIDO v2.21 for 32-bit DOS
ftn_dove.zip11KATTENTION Syncronet Sysops who Use FD/Imail Have You has b
giv1pt2a.zip73KGiView 1.2 - View SBBS logs in FULL color. Read Ext. Graph
idx.zip43KExhaustive Index of Synchronet's v2.11 SYSOP.DOC file.
inst220c.zip95KDomain InstaTeller v2.20c (UNREGISTERED) An INSTANT accoun
lotto150.zip66KLottery Door * * for Synchronet BBS * * version 1.50 * Syn
msg_main.zip4,685BFully Seporate Message Menu SRC for SBBS 2.00+ With Sample
msgtmp02.zip16KV1.02 - Use ICEEdit and Gedit w/Synch by Gregory Campbell
multiv79.zip15KRun SBBS under a wide selection of multi-tasking environme
newf_10a.zip5,559BAutomatically posts contents of NEWFILES.DATt
newpwrd.zip1,705BrhNEWUSER.SRC n- New User Shell - Limits the new user to a
newscan.zip1,559BNEWSCAN.SRC - FORCE USERS TO USE FILE_ID.DIZ-Also Disables
newuser.zip7,478BNEW USER BAJA MODULE * "Forcefully" advises the use of the
newusif.zip1,985BNEWUSER.SIF questionnaire for Synchronet
notfy15a.zip44KSynchronet Notifier 1.5a. Scrabble Turn | |notification pr
offline.zip7,218BOFFLINE v1.0 for sbbs will log offline file requests from
ovb-2shl.zip13KSynchronet Oblivion/2 Clone Command Shell If you like Obli
pipshell.zip113KPiPELiNE SHELL - For Synchronet v2.0 - PiPELiNE SHELL is f
pwscfg.zip84KPWSCFG - Password Protect your 'C' WFC Key This archive co
redmenu.zip6,802BrhRED MENUS for Synchronet's DEFAULT SHELL n- nSYSOPS!, Br
rip4sync.zip30KAdvanced RIP Support # # for # # Synchronet 2.x # # # # Up
rotov510.zip11KRoto-Screens v5.10 |-+ | This powerful, fast and memory-sa
rumors12.zip10KRumors v1.02 adds forum hack rumors to SynchroNet v2.0x *
s2fdclr1.zip36KPuts who called Synchronet last in your FD/IM screen
s2pop100.zip23KSimple but worthy last caller utility that appends Synchro
s4sync01.zip32KRepublican Success For Synchronet BBS, Ver 1.0 A post Nove
sbbs1c00.zip778KSynchronet v1c Multinode BBS Software; Demonstration versi
sbbs211a.zip945KSynchronet v2.11a Multinode BBS Software Unregistered demo
sbbschat.zip45KReplacement Chat mode for SynchroNet! BBS
sbbsdefs.zip24KSynchronet cfg/data file formats for v2.00
sbl_132.zip145KSynchronet BBS List (SBL) v1.32 - External BBS database pr
sblpack.zip9,441BSBLPACK v1.00 - Packs Synchronet BBS List Data file (SBL.D
scb_122.zip101KSynchronet Callback (verifier) v1.22 Callback verifier for
scp23.zip26KSupernet Centepede is a FREE add-on centepede door game. T
scsp_v01.zip33KSynchronet Command Shell Previewer - Allows new users to p
sdel100.zip30KUser Deleter * * for Synchronet BBS * * version 1.00 * Use
sdff_100.zip21KSynchronet Duplicate File Finder v1.00 Finds duplicate fil
sdfi100.zip37KSDFImporter v1.0 - For Synchronet BBS. * Sysops - Stop spe
sdos_100.zip5,817BSDOS v1.00 - Fake DOS Command Shell for Synchronet BBS ver
sdupe125.zip26KDupe User Finder * * for Synchronet BBS * * version 1.25 *
sfido210.zip52KSBBSFIDO v2.10 - Fixes mail corruption after netmail impor
sfreq100.zip29KFREQ List/File Directory Generator * * for Synchronet BBS
slog115.zip29KLog Killer * * for Synchronet BBS * * version 1.15 * Log K
slog_101.zip10KSLOG v1.01 - missing from 200TO210.ZIP
smail100.zip45KMail Poster * * for Synchronet BBS v2.0 * * version 1.00 *
smb2smm.zip24KSMM2SMB v1.03 - bug fix for Synchronet Match Maker import
smb_120a.zip232KSynchronet Message Base Specification v1.20a Released 03/1
smba_100.zip26KSynchronet Message Base Activity v1.00 Finds inactive Sync
smbu120o.zip32KSMBUTIL v1.20 for OS/2
smbu120x.zip52KSMBUTIL v1.20 for 32-bit DOS (requires DOS4GW.EXE)
smglg100.zip72KSmegLog V1.00 Synchronet logfile Analyzer ~ Creates pretty
smgzt100.zip57KSmegZOT! v1.00 FREE Synchronet Cookie, Quote, etc program
sos2utl2.zip201KNative 32-bit OS/2 utilities for Synchronet
srchlght.zip31KSearchlight Comand Shell # # / \ for # # |#| Synchronet 2.
st100.zip42KSex Trivia door for Synchronet - 300 moreques
stab_410.zip84KSync_TABS Synchronet TABS Door V4.10 * New Anti-ID-Hacker
stab_cfg.zip38KSync_TABS Config. Maker v1.01 for Synchronet
sutl211a.zip1,154KSynchronet v2.11a Utilities disk - Companion for SBBS211A.
svqq10.zip48KSVQQ version 1.00 By: Jim Knight / 21st Century Communicat
syedt150.zip53KVersion 1.5.0 * A fully functioning demo of SyncEdit, the
syedtdic.zip249KThis archive contains the dictionary for SyncEdit, the Syn
sync-int.zip2,059BDescribes Internet via Synchronet - Newly developed softwa
sync_k12.zip24KK12.SRC Script for Baja commands in Synchronet to emulate
syncdrp1.zip68KSynchronet Carrier Dropper Bulletin Maker version 1.0 . In
syncnet.zip1,615BSYNCNET Network Database Questionaire - Complete and retur
syncview.zip55KSYNCVIEW 1.0 =E=E=E=E= Syncview 1.0 Archive & File Viewer
synoeb1b.zip161KSynOEB 1.00b - Take Checks online for merchandise/services
synoebup.zip82KSynOEB Upgrade Only. Adds direct callout support (no longe
synzine2.zip77KSYNCHRONETICS E-ZINE Vol 1 Issue 2 | |-| | The first elect
tbd101c.zip65KThe Beast's Domain v1.01c (UNREGISTERED) A multi-player, i
tbqm101.zip413KThe BBS QWK Manager! Version 1.01 Made for Synchronet w/us
tdysync2.zip40KToday SynchroNet version 2.0 is a Graphical BBS Usage Bull
text210a.zip16KTEXT.DAT & ATTR.CFG for Synchronet v2.10a Only Modified Gr
tm4qnet.zip2,699BTelemate Script file to do QWK network call- outs to a Syn
tmqn105a.zip8,477BTELEMATE SCRIPT for SBBS QWK networking! Use Telemate for
usaread1.zip33KUSAReader v1.0.5, a complete Synchronet specific USA Today
userinfo.zip4,248BBaja module to allow users to edit their info
v211a.zip2,548BNew features in v2.11a of Synchronet BBS
vb121.zip44KVoting Booth v1.21 for Synchronet
viewtest.zip12KViewTest 2.0B Allows users to view and test archives under
whatnum4.zip43KSimple but fun door/event for Synchronet. ver1.04b. Now co
wwivqwk.zip3,855BText and Scripts allowing SyncroNet QWK Networks to interf
xmashell.zip12KChristmas command shell for Synchronet