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afile100.zip30K** Allfiles File Database Shell ** ** for Synchronet BBS v2.0 ** ** version 1.00 ** Allfiles File Database Shell works directly with the Synchronet Addfiles program. It reads the Synchronet FILE.CNF configuration file and searches for a FILES.BBS in each directory, except for the ones marked as CD-Rom directories. If one is found, it passes control directly to Addfiles for file processing. Helps to eliminate cumbersome batch files for multiple file directories in File Distribut
allu_200.zip32KALLUSERS v2.00 - Bulk user editor. Allows sysop to change levels, add or remove flags, exemptions or restrictions from some or all users (based on security). Includes complete C source code. Another FREE Synchronet utility from Digital Dynamics.
altrice1.zip9,461BAlterIce v1.01 Allows use of IceEdit remotely with Synchronet BBS Copywrong 1994 Universal Joint Utilities
altrsys1.zip12KAlterSys 1.0 Alters the Sysop Is line for Synchronet BBS v2.00a This version will alter the Sysop is line to read ANYthing YOU want !! From Universal Joint Utilities BBS (612) 240-9076 14.4bps FIDO[1:282/8005]
arctest2.zip70KArcTest Archive Processor v2.1E (Demo) A file upload/download tester, virus scanner, FILE_ID.DIZ cleaner, commenting, nested archive tester, CRC checking for GIF and TD0 files, and much more. Designed for use with Synchronet BBS systems. Support for fossil and non standard IRQ ports. Automatic ASCII/ANSI detection display screens. Extract! will automaticly extract FILE_ID.DIZ or DESC.SDI file, or create a FILE_ID.DIZ file for GIF files that contains the GIF files resolution!
arctesta.zip38KArcTest 1.0a is a file upload tester for SynchroNet bbs. * ArcTest will test Zip, Arj, and LZH files * Deny Zip multi-volume uploads * Test for Viruses (McAfee v115+ & 2.0x) * Test CRC up uploads * Comment Uploads * Remove and Insert BBS adds * Cleanup FILE_ID.DIZ files with DizClean * Full Fossil Support
asknew.zip1,546BAsks users "Which Command Shell?" for eachlog
autopost.zip23KAutoPost v2.0 - minor bug fix
bdos_v1.zip8,732B+------------------+ | #### #### | | # ######## # | | # ## ## ## # | | # # ## # # | | # # ## ## # # | | # ######## # | | #### #### | +------------------+ BUSHI-DOS Command Shell Psuedo-Command Line Interface for Synchronet v2.0x 09/27/94
bio202.zip62KUser Bio's v2.02 for Synchronet
bl-gns.zip2,941Bhk. * * ----------nw----h---nw----hk---------- * * . hk Animated Gnwlobahl Nnwew Shkcan Prompt! hk Asks ifnw theh usnwer whkants to hk Performnw a ghlobnwal nhkew scan. hk Arrow-Knwey, hkeynwpad,hk and Y/N hk Supportnw! Inhclunwdes hkdocs and hk source fnwile.h Venwry nhkice looks hk Knowledgnwe inh banwja shkuggested, hk but notnw nechessnwarilhky needed hk
bup_101b.zip10KBATCH UPLOADER v1.00 for SynchroNet BBS. A utility to add files in bulk to your bbs. Uses the first line of FILE_ID.DIZ as the first line description for SynchroNet and both the whole FILE_ID.DIZ as the extended description.
callid.zip17K **Caller ID Utility** for Synchronet BBS v2.0 version 1.00 This Utility will when run check the User file for Caller ID Notes, match them, and produce a list of matches. It will also produce a list of people Out of Area, Private Numbers, and ERROR messages. (c)1995 Wolves Den Compiled: 01-31-95
chater.zip9,081BChatter v2.01 for SBBS asks user reason for sysop chat * For SynchroNet v2.x * Gives back timeslices to DesqView, OS/2, and Windows * Creates log file of chat attempts
civwar11.zip4,598BCivil War command shell for Synchronet
ctb_120.zip38KCredit Transfer Bank V1.20 for Synchronet ========================================= CTB will allow your users to transfer credits amongst themselves. Users enter CTB and can either D)eposit or W)ithdraw money. Features of CTB - Users are not allowed to transfer credits to themselves. - Can be set-up as a logon event to automatically withdraw credits for the user. - Users can transfer credits to another user by entering the recipient's handle or user number. - Users are notified when th
dbullet.zip26KDomain Bulletins v1.20a Logon bulletins for Synchronet BBS systems. Supports up to 99 bulletins in .RIP, .ASC and .ANS format. Fully functional, $10 Shareware.
dfax101.zip247KDomain FAX v1.01 (UNREGISTERED) A multi-user capable FAX on demand for Synchronet BBS systems. Also allows users to upload files to be sent out as FAXes.
dice150a.zip80KDomain DiceWar v1.50 (UNREGISTERED) A multi-player, interactive dice game written for Synchronet BBS systems. Supports up to 250 players.
dlevent.zip7,624BDLEvent v1.0 for SBBS v2.0x Download event processor will comment, add bbs adds, and delete bbs adds from archive files. DLEvent will automatically determine if an archive is a ZIP, ARJ, LHA, or UC2 file and process it accordingly.
dpok140c.zip69KDomain Poker v1.40c (UNREGISTERED) A 5 card draw, multi-player, interactive poker game for Synchronet BBS systems. Supports multiple tables/limits and an intelligent computer opponent.
dsetup1.zip5,715BSynchronet setups for the following doors: Legend of the Red Dragon, Usurper, VGA Planets Interface, and ZChat..Check it out..Maybe it can help Hunter
dut200.zip83KDomain Upload Tester v2.00 (UNREGISTERED) A file upload tester and virus scanner written especially for Synchronet BBS systems. Supports several virus scanners and compression types, as well as GIF testing and multi-level archive testing. Built in com routines, and ASCII/ANSI/RIP screens for users. This contains a new release of the configuration file! No other changes.
easyadd2.zip58KEASY ADDRESS V2.0b - An internet and fidonet address book for Synchronet BBS's. Allows users to keep a list of addresses on the BBS and assign a note to each address if desired. Users may choose the number of the address and their message is automatically addressed. Supports Fidonet, GUUCP gates, NetXpress and file attaches. Simply, a must for every BBS running Internet, QWK or fidonet NetMail! Registration only $20.00 US
eshell.zip31KELiTE Command Shell BETA!!! for Synchronet BBS v2.x
expnot10.zip32KAuto E-Mail User About To Expire for Synchronet ** Viscom Expire User Notifier ** ** for Synchronet BBS v2.x ** ** version 1.00 ** Automatically send E-Mail to your users that are about to expire. Send information on how to renew their membership etc. Completely Sysop user configurable. Also sends Sysop or a user that the Sysop designates a list of users that have been sent E-Mail.
ezinf100.zip36KEZReqInf V1.00 for Synchronet V1 & V2 ===================================== This program is for use with EZ-ROM CD-ROM door by Mike Robinson Software and Synchronet. EZReqInf will check for any EZ-ROM requests that are outstanding and notify the SysOp of them so they can be filled. If you use EZ-ROM with requests and Synchronet you can use this program. FREEWARE Dean Lodzinski, Hologram Computing 908-727-1914 & 908-727-2767 Fidonet 1:107/633
fido221x.zip53KSBBSFIDO v2.21 for 32-bit DOS
ftn_dove.zip11KATTENTION Syncronet Sysops who Use FD/Imail Have You has been wanting to join Dove-Net, but just didn't know how? Did you just not want the Hassle? Well Who Does! I have recently obtained permission to gate Dove-Net out in a Fido Style Format. No more QWK Scripts! Read the INFO Packet, and send it off! To: Paul Aljets at Fidonet: (1:283/164) ***************EOF*********************
giv1pt2a.zip73KGiView 1.2 - View SBBS logs in FULL color. Read Ext. Graphic Illuminations has released GiView 1.2 New Shareware approach: - The 400 line limit has been REMOVED from the shareware version. Unregistered version has some menu options disabled. New Line limit: - The 800 line limit has also been overcome. The new limit is 10,000 lines or available memory, which ever comes first. Whats New to 1.2: - Support for 10,000 lines. - Support for viewing SBBS error.log's. GiView will also display th
idx.zip42KExhaustive Index of Synchronet's v2.11 SYSOP.DOC file.
inst220c.zip94KDomain InstaTeller v2.20c (UNREGISTERED) An INSTANT account upgrade door for Synchronet BBS systems. Users purchase account upgrades using their major credit cards.
lotto150.zip65K ** Lottery Door ** ** for Synchronet BBS ** ** version 1.50 ** Synchronet Lotto is a door game where users can buy tickets to potentially win credits, just like a regular lottery. Users can buy either blocks of tickets or one at a time instantly. They can also buy tickets for the lottery that is drawn after a SysOp configurable amount of days. Also includes optional SysOp created LOTTO.MSG to display lottery winning info. It can be used as a regular external program or
msgtmp02.zip16KV1.02 - Use ICEEdit and Gedit w/Synch by Gregory Campbell Use QuickBBS-style External Editors with Synchronet!!! Includes setups for GEdit and ICEEdit that work PERFECTLY! Even Multinode use. Registration only $5.00
msg_main.zip4,685BFully Seporate Message Menu SRC for SBBS 2.00+ With Sample Menu And Install Docs Version 2 Update In Docs!!!!!
multiv79.zip14KRun SBBS under a wide selection of multi-tasking environments.
newf_10a.zip5,559BAutomatically posts contents of NEWFILES.DATt
newmenu.zip2,508B +-+ +-+ +-+--------------------------+-+ | SYNCHRONET BAJA MODULE | | NEWMENU.ZIP | | | | DISPLAYS LIMITED ACCESS | | MENU TO NEW USERS AND | | FORCES THE USE OF A | | CALL BACK VALIDATOR | | | +-+--------------------------+-+ +-+ +-+
newpwrd.zip1,705BrhNEWUSER.SRC n- New User Shell -------------------------------------------- Limits the new user to a few commands and allows the user to automaticly upgrade his access via a password, Configurable by the sysop. -- Synchronet v2.10+
newuser.zip7,478BNEW USER BAJA MODULE ******************** "Forcefully" advises the use of the Call Back Verifier, Checks if new user is a SysOp, and give new user the opportunity to download Adult Registration Form.
newusif.zip1,985BNEWUSER.SIF questionnaire for Synchronet
notfy15a.zip43K+----------------------------------------+ |Synchronet Notifier 1.5a. Scrabble Turn | |notification program. Synchronet 2.x + | | | |  Self Maintaining LOGs *NEW # ## # | |  Improved LOG format. #### | |  Duplicate checking. # ## # | |  MultiNode aware. | |  Real time notification * NEW | +----------------------------------------+
offline.zip7,218BOFFLINE v1.0 for sbbs will log offline file requests from users.
ovb-2shl.zip12KSynchronet Oblivion/2 Clone Command Shell If you like Oblivion/2 2.55, and you are running Synchronet v2.00x you will love this additional command shell for your board. Many Thanks to The DoJo BBS for this one. Xsword, NEOCOM CBB&FL, 703-666-9533
pipshell.zip113KPiPELiNE SHELL - For Synchronet v2.0 -------------------------------------- PiPELiNE SHELL is for sysops wanting a totaly awesome shell for Synchronet BBS. HAS NUV,BBSLIST,RUMORS AND MORE! --------------------------------------
pwscfg.zip83KPWSCFG - Password Protect your 'C' WFC Key This archive contains information on password protecting your Synchronet Configuration 'SCFG' whether you enter 'C' from the WFC screen or the DOS prompt. Brought to you by the 21st Century BBS
redmenu.zip6,802BrhRED MENUS for Synchronet's DEFAULT SHELL n---------------------------------------- nSYSOPS!, Break free from those bBlue nand gGreen nmenus forever! (TELIX LOOKING)
rip4sync.zip29K############################# # Advanced RIP Support # # for # # Synchronet 2.x # # # # Updated on 10/5/94 # ############################# This 'patch' modifies the Default Command Shell to add advanced RIP support to Synchronet 2.x
rotov510.zip11K+----------| Roto-Screens v5.10 |-----------+ | This powerful, fast and memory-saving | | program randomly rotates your log-on | | and log-off ANSI and ASCII files | | for ***SYNCRONET*** Bulletin Board | | Systems. When inserted as a logoff | | event, it will give your users a little | | variety on each log-on with some added | | color and fun for your BBS! | +-------------------------------------------+
rumors12.zip10KRumors v1.02 adds forum hack rumors to SynchroNet v2.0x * Supports Pipe colors 1 - 15 for forum hack look and feel * Allows for 250 rumors * Sysop functions for deleting and viewing existing rumors * Release date 7/24/94 * Unregistered Copy *
s2fdclr1.zip35KPuts who called Synchronet last in your FD/IM screen
s2pop100.zip23KSimple but worthy last caller utility that appends Synchronet's last user into PoP's Wait-For Call screen.
s4sync01.zip32KRepublican Success For Synchronet BBS, Ver 1.0 A post November 8, 1994 Election replacement for the _America_Held_Hostage_For_Synchronet_ program. Kenneth Otto Software, Cocoa, FL.
sbbs1c00.zip778KSynchronet v1c Multinode BBS Software; Demonstration version limited to 20 users. Internal QWK; Fidonet and Postlink compatible, Supports CD-ROM file areas etc
sbbs211a.zip944KSynchronet v2.11a Multinode BBS Software Unregistered demo limitation of 20 users. 2.1 adds routed QWKnetmail, LZH compressed message areas, Hyper Allocation msg storage, split-screen private node-to-node chat, enhanced file tagging, and additional Baja functions. v2.11 adds many Baja enhancments, improved local security, support for MSGTMP editors, pre-QWK packing, support for upload conversions, import/export area lists & more.
sbbschat.zip45KReplacement Chat mode for SynchroNet! BBS
sbbsdefs.zip24KSynchronet cfg/data file formats for v2.00
sblpack.zip9,441BSBLPACK v1.00 - Packs Synchronet BBS List Data file (SBL.DAB) - Removes deleted entries saving disk space and speeding up searches/listing. Includes complete C source code.
sbl_132.zip144KSynchronet BBS List (SBL) v1.32 - External BBS database program for Synchronet bulletin boards. Another FREE program from Digital Dynamics. Includes C source code! Extensive information stored for each BBS entry. Users can verify BBSs. Sysop optionally notified of BBS list additions/updates. Now includes inter-BBS network utilities for cross-system database updates (see SBL.DOC).
scb_122.zip100KSynchronet Callback (verifier) v1.22 Callback verifier for Synchronet BBS (Unregistered) by Digital Dynamics Extremely flexible and easy to use This release fixes a couple of minor bugs in v1.21, adds some new features.
scp23.zip25KSupernet Centepede is a FREE add-on centepede door game. This program works with Synchronet BBS, and was written especially with kids in mind. Written by Paul Brandt at 1:228/95 Fido-Net, or (616) 895-9677 - The Suite 16 BBS.
scsp_v01.zip32KSynchronet Command Shell Previewer ---------------------------------- Allows new users to preview the command shells available on your system. (c) 1995 Zen Systems ----------------------------------
sdel100.zip30K ** User Deleter ** ** for Synchronet BBS ** ** version 1.00 ** User Deleter reads the Synchronet USER.DAT user file and will delete users based on a certain number of days of inactivity. Can use any combination of user levels, flags, exemptions, or restrictions. Also writes to the Synchronet NAME.DAT file. Will not delete users with the 'P' Exemption or Inactive users. Works just like the internal deletion of inactive users in Synchronet, but allows much more flexability whe
sdff_100.zip20KSynchronet Duplicate File Finder v1.00 Finds duplicate file names in Synchronet file database.
sdfi100.zip37K** SDFImporter v1.0 - For Synchronet BBS. ** Sysops - Stop spending time uploading files into SBBS with the local upload option, do it via batch processing and/or daily event! SDFI automate the process. It will import files which contain FILE_ID.DIZ or DESC.SDI into any directory you specify. No need to check if FILE_ID.DIZ or DESC.SDI exists, SDFI will snoop it out for you. Support for ZIP, ARJ and GIF files. Compile on may 16th 1994, (C)Michel Pelletier ------------------------------------
sdos_100.zip5,817BSDOS v1.00 - Fake DOS Command Shell for Synchronet BBS version 2.
sdupe125.zip25K ** Dupe User Finder ** ** for Synchronet BBS ** ** version 1.25 ** Dupe User Finder reads the Synchronet USER.DAT file and checks the rest of users for duplicate information. Checks real name, address, password, phone number, and birthday. Writes to text file for duplicates found. Great to check for duplicate accounts. Version 1.25 contains many new features and some bug fixes. (c)1994 CryptSoft Software Compiled: 09-21-94
sfido210.zip52KSBBSFIDO v2.10 - Fixes mail corruption after netmail import
sfreq100.zip29K** FREQ List/File Directory Generator ** ** for Synchronet BBS v2.0 ** ** version 1.00 ** FREQ List/File Directory Generator reads the Synchronet FILE.CNF configuration file and generates a text file list of FREQable files in the file directories. Will also sort the directories for ease in viewing. Works with any frontend mailer like FrontDoor, InterMail, BinkleyTerm, D'Bridge, or Portal of Power. (c)1994 CryptSoft Software Compiled: 07-19-94
slog115.zip29K ** Log Killer ** ** for Synchronet BBS ** ** version 1.15 ** Log Killer deletes .LOG log files that are past x number of days old. Can also delete .LOL logon list files and log all activity to an output file. Optional switch to zip logs based on month. Great for saving much needed disk space. Version 1.15 contains many new features and some bug fixes. (c)1994 CryptSoft Software Compiled: 07-08-94
slog_101.zip10KSLOG v1.01 - missing from 200TO210.ZIP
smail100.zip45K ** Mail Poster ** ** for Synchronet BBS v2.0 ** ** version 1.00 ** Mail Poster works directly with the Synchronet Message Base (SMB) Specification. It reads the Synchronet MAIL.SHD Email header file and posts a message to a certain user. Will accept any length message, with any subject desired. Can also specify other user names, such as 'SysOp'. User's mail will also default to delete when read to prevent excess messages. Great for sending welcome messages to new users. (c
smb2smm.zip23KSMM2SMB v1.03 - bug fix for Synchronet Match Maker import utility
smba_100.zip25KSynchronet Message Base Activity v1.00 Finds inactive Synchronet message bases.
smbu120o.zip32KSMBUTIL v1.20 for OS/2
smbu120x.zip52KSMBUTIL v1.20 for 32-bit DOS (requires DOS4GW.EXE)
smb_120a.zip232KSynchronet Message Base Specification v1.20a Released 03/18/95. Designed for high volume, high speed, multi-network, multimedia e-mail storage and retrieval. Includes comprehensive 95 page technical specification, 38 function royalty free C library, tons of C source code including conversion programs from QWK, Fido (FTSC-1), and Internet (RFC-822) messages. New: Hyper Allocation storage method and LZH compression/decompression functions.
smglg100.zip71KSmegLog V1.00 Synchronet logfile Analyzer ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Creates pretty statistics files that can be displayed to your users. O O + \___/
smgzt100.zip56KSmegZOT! v1.00 FREE Synchronet Cookie, Quote, etc program Creates pretty cookie/quote/saying/user hint as a CTRL-A text file for diplay with Synchronet BBS's SysOp configurable
sos2utl2.zip200KNative 32-bit OS/2 utilities for Synchronet
srchlght.zip30K############################## # Searchlight Comand Shell # # / \ for # # |#| Synchronet 2.x # # / \ # # |[#]| Updated on 9/17/94 # ##/-----\##################### |#####| |#####|
st100.zip42KSex Trivia door for Synchronet - 300 moreques
stab_410.zip84KSync_TABS Synchronet TABS Door V4.10 * New Anti-ID-Hacker Support * Test Drive Access Option - Special Subscription Events (SSE) - Monthly Profit Statistics - Multiple Subscription Levels - Support for $10, $25 & Alternate $ Synchronet TABS Door is for SysOps who are clients of TABS. 2/Jan/1995 Shareware $15 by Dean Lodzinski, Hologram Computing (908) 727-1914 & (908) 727-2767 TABS is a service of True Media, Inc. 1270 Clearmont Street, Palm Bay, FL 32905 407-722-3150
stab_cfg.zip37KSync_TABS Config. Maker v1.01 for Synchronet
sutl211a.zip1,154KSynchronet v2.11a Utilities disk - Companion for SBBS211A.ZIP includes software development kit, external programs, network utilites and more.
svqq10.zip47KSVQQ version 1.00 By: Jim Knight / 21st Century Communications Synchronet Verbose Quick Questionairre is a questionaire door designed to be used as a regular Questioniarre door or a Quick User Poll door. Automatically Forwards answers to E-mail or a SMB Message base. Easy to set up and Completly Configurable.
syedt150.zip52K** Version 1.5.0 ** A fully functioning demo of SyncEdit, the full screen text editor designed specifically for Synchronet. The freely distributable version contains full Block Editing, File Functions, Preview, Redraw, On-line help, and the use of most BBS text attribute codes. The registered version costs $15.00 and contains all the above plus Spell Checking, text Search, Graphics and Sysop definable Tag Lines. This version works ONLY with Synchronet v2.10 or greater!
syedtdic.zip248KThis archive contains the dictionary for SyncEdit, the Synchronet full screen ANSI text editor. SyncEdit will only use the dictionary if a SYNCEDIT.KEY is present, which means this dictionary is of of value only to registered users. This archive also contains IMPLIST, a utility that allows one to import words into the dictionary.
sync-int.zip2,059BDescribes Internet via Synchronet - Newly developed software
syncdrp1.zip68KSynchronet Carrier Dropper Bulletin Maker version 1.0 . Includes versions for both PAUSE and NO PAUSE at end of bulletin. Creates ANSI and ASCII to embarrass Carrier Droppers . DonationWare.
syncnet.zip1,615BSYNCNET Network Database Questionaire ------------------------ Complete and return to include your Synchronet Network in an upcoming issue of SYCHRONETICS EZINE ------------------------
syncview.zip55K =E=E=E=E= SYNCVIEW 1.0 =E=E=E=E= Syncview 1.0 Archive & File Viewer Allows Synchronet BBS to view Archive formats: Zip, Arc, Lzh, Pak, Arj and full screen Ansi pictures or files! View any file that can be viewed with security features. Will automatically display an internal Dorinfo.def in a nice window. Syncview will also view nested archives within archives, read Doc files within, or show Ansi files. Supports, Multi-Node, Non-Stand-IRQ/ Addresses, and baud rates to 115,200 NOT-C
sync_k12.zip23KK12.SRC Script for Baja commands in Synchronet to emulate K12Net Style Commands also encludes added Menu screens. Written and editied by David Neal 1:2613/604
synoeb1b.zip161KSynOEB 1.00b - Take Checks online for merchandise/services(C)1995 21st Century Automatically Processes and uploads transactions to the processing center VIA QWK Network Callout Event (NO LONGER REQUIRES TELIX).Forwards receipt to the user and SYSOP.Archives transactions and creates a FULL Log of all activity.Can be used with BAJA(TM) comes with 2 .SRCs for Donations and Subscriptions. Checks are processed within 24-48hrs! UPDATED with the NEW SDK!
synoebup.zip82KSynOEB Upgrade Only. Adds direct callout support (no longer requires TELIX) Drop in replacement for SynOEB previously installed versions only!!!! Read UPGRADE.TXT for Instructions.
synzine2.zip76K+-----------------------------------------+ | SYNCHRONETICS E-ZINE Vol 1 Issue 2 | |-----------------------------------------| | The first electronic publication of it's| | kind devoted to Synchronet BBS Systems | | and SysOps. Inside this issue: | | *-*-* | | *Exclusive Interview with Rob Swindell* | | *Hackers Overheard*TopDoor Poll Results*| | *Projected Enhancements for Synchronet* | | *-*-* | | Created in
tbd101c.zip64KThe Beast's Domain v1.01c (UNREGISTERED) A multi-player, interactive, ANSI, real-time adventure game for Synchronet BBS systems. Supports up to 250 players.
tbqm101.zip412KThe BBS QWK Manager! Version 1.01 Made for Synchronet w/use for SyncEdit The BBS QWK Manager is a program that will allow users to upload their personally made signature to the BBS.. then The BBS QWK Manager will use that file to be put at the bottom of their messages! Comes with 5000 taglines! Low registration cost! Easy Synchronet setup! FAST Registration replies! Great support! Low registration fee! Get this program today!
tdysync2.zip40KToday SynchroNet version 2.0 is a Graphical BBS Usage Bulletin Generator for SynchroNet 2.x. 2.0 Corrects a minor cosmetic Bug in version 1.0.0. From WoodyWare.
text210a.zip15KTEXT.DAT & ATTR.CFG for Synchronet v2.10a Only Modified Greatly by Magic Man
tm4qnet.zip2,699BTelemate Script file to do QWK network call- outs to a Synchronet v1c or v2.0. BBS. This script will logon to Synchronet upload your QWK replies if found and downloand your QWK mail packet. You must edit the script file to your profile. Editing is explained in the script file.
tmqn105a.zip8,477BTELEMATE SCRIPT for SBBS QWK networking! Use Telemate for your hub calls! --- This script works reliably [so far] on my system. Can be modified for non-Synchronet hubs. Could prolly be a basis for developing a script for your non-Synchronet (why?!) BBS's QWK network calls. -> FREEWARE!! <-
usaread1.zip33KUSAReader v1.0.5, a complete Synchronet specific USA Today news reader. Fully functional demo with a 30 day time limit. This is a maintenance release to correct an unfortunate bug which allowed the reader to "hang" on certain systems during reader startup up. You need this release *only* if you've had problems getting the previous version to run! There are no new features in this version.
userinfo.zip4,248BBaja module to allow users to edit their info
v211a.zip2,548BNew features in v2.11a of Synchronet BBS
vb121.zip44KVoting Booth v1.21 for Synchronet
viewtest.zip12KViewTest 2.0B Allows users to view and test archives under SynchroNet bbs software. Takes the place of the View command in SynchroNet. Also allows the user to view internal text files without extracting them!
vision2.zip10K# # ][ ] ] ] #[ #[ #### # ## ### # ][ ]] ## ][ ## #[### ]]#[ ][ ###[]#[ #### #[]# ##][### #[ ## #] ][[]] ]# ##]] []# # ### # ### # # ############################## # ViSiON/2 Command Shell # # for # # Synchronet v2.00x # # 09/11/94 # # Updated Version includes ## ## minor updates/add-ons #### ### #### ###### ########### ###### ####
whatnum4.zip43KSimple but fun door/event for Synchronet. ver1.04b. Now configurable. Beta ver....Freeware from Fingerware!
wwivqwk.zip3,855BText and Scripts allowing SyncroNet QWK Networks to interface with WWIV! This file contains the required scripts and a text file explaining how to add WWIV to your QWK NetWorks.
xmashell.zip12KChristmas command shell for Synchronet