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Library: BBS - Directory: BBS - Superbbs
multi-sb.zip14KHow To: Running a multi-node SuperBBS
protohlp.zip26KProtocol Setup for SuperBBS
ptqwk-b2.zip248KPTQWK Mail Door v1.00b2 For SuperBBS. The most versatile mail door ever! Includes support for QWK/OMEN/ASCII mail packet downloading/uploading with full options. Completely configurable, very easy to use. A MUST for all SuperBBS sysops!
rue_200.zip100K(v2.00) Remote User Editor for SuperBBS
s2fd100.zip9KS2FD v1.00; Convert Super/QuickBBS msg areas to FD's FOLDER.SYS.
s2r-100.zip9KAllows SuperBbs to run RA doors
s2r-110.zip12KS2R; Super BBS to Remote Access convertor.
sbbs115d.zip312KSuperBbs v1.15 documentation
sbbs115e.zip324KSuperBbs v1.15 executables
sbbs1173.zip800KSuperBBS Program Update
sbbshslk.zip84KInterfaces HS-Link and SuperBBS.
sbbstip1.zip11KSuperBBS tips #1.
sbbstip2.zip11KSuperBBS tips #2.
sbbstip3.zip22KSuperBBS tips #3.
sbbstip4.zip14KSuperBBS tips #4.
sbbstip5.zip17KSuperBBS tips #5.
sbbs_104.zip282KSuperBbs Bbs system v1.04
seditv23.zip47KSBBS menu editor
tabs_23.zip51KSBBSTABS v2.3 - By : Lee Matherne Made for SBBS for sysops that use True Media's 1-900 TABs service. Fully configurable and can offer users many options upon entering a TABs code. NOT CRIPPLED AT ALL!
vwlcrs12.zip18KSuperbbs view last 15 callers util v1.2.