File Libaries
Library: BBS - Directory: BBS - Spitfire
2sf4sre.zip17KTwo useful utilities for using SRE with SF.SF2SRE will con
4drplay.zip35KFour Dollor DoorPlay v1.2; Find out how oftenthe door is p
abacus.zip98KThe Complete Display Directory Of Screens That Are Used On
achat100.zip27KAn Excellent SpitFire ANSI Chatroom; Supports Multi-User L
afix_set.zip28KAFIX_SET.ZIP ]-+ | A *COMPLETE* set-up example for | | ALL
airtoday.zip52KToday In Aviation Bulletin Generator For SF.
all_my_s.zip155KSpitFire Support Utilities, Handy!
alldnlds.zip6,722BALLDNLDS; Alldnlds was written to keep a running total of
alltime1.zip131KSpitfire History Bulletin Maker Of Total Times Called And
amo202b.zip157KAlexi/Mail Tosser/Scanner for OS/2 2.x The best on the mar
amsg15bt.zip103KAuto Message for Spitfire(tm) BBS
ansicall.zip28KANSICALL.EXE, v1.0: Spitfire BBS Utility Add ANSI sequence
ansplace.zip37KA Collection of SpitFire ANSI Display Files
areqbul1.zip7,584BRequest Bulletin works with Mike Robinson's EZRom Door. Re
atmsg221.zip52KAuto Message Program For SpitFire BBS
autogb13.zip34KAUTO-GB is an automatic Goodbye screen maker for Spitfire
autogb15.zip37KAUTO-GB is an automatic Goodbye screen maker for Spitfire
avasf20.zip151KAutomated verification algorithm for spitfire 3.1.
averify5.zip50KSpitFire Auto Verify v1.05: Spitfire Door Program For Syso
bakfirem.zip146KNew! Backfire 3.02 Callback Verfication SystEMS From Steve
bbseom11.zip38KBBSEOM.EXE v1.1 * End Of The Month Utility for Spitfire BB
bcsuti.zip27KBCSUTI v1.3 ]-+ | Universal Text Interface for SPITFIRE |
bd10.zip14KSpitFire Message Base Utility To Correct Date Errors Infus
bdate.zip206KWhat Was A Musical Hit On A Users B-Day Door.
bdgift11.zip37KBirthday Gift 1.1 For Spitfire (-+ |Give Your Users The Gi
bdgift22.zip28KBirthday Gift 2.2 For Spitfire (-+ |Give Your Users The Gi
beeper10.zip43KUtil To Notify Sysop When Certain Users Or Levels Log On!
beit.zip33KAdds A ^b To The Beginning Of Ansi Files. Disables
bf_key.zip543BBFMAIL.KEY/BFPAGE.KEY The Key Files for BFMAIL and BFPAGE
bfmail21.zip19KBLUE FORCE MAIL BULLETIN MAKER v2.1 * | |-| | The BEST bul
bfmfix.zip5,260BLastMail - BUG FIX for BFMAIL v1.1 If you are using this u
bfnews21.zip25KBLUE FORCE NEWSLETTER MAKER - V2.1 =- | |-| | All new code
bfpage21.zip14KBFPAGE+ v2.1: This GREAT program will turn on/off the foll
bfstat21.zip39KBLUE FORCE STATISTICS MAKER - v2.1b=- | |-| | All NEW! Sup
bibletht.zip5,336BTHOUGHTS.BBS Containing Bible Verses for SpitFire BBS Syst
biblthts.zip23KScripture Passages From The Kjv For Thoughts.BBS
bnews12.zip58KBBSNEWS! v1.2 COOL BBS NewsLetter Maker | | RIP/ANSI *INFO
bocainit.zip896BSetup init for a BOCA 14.4 internal modem using SpitFire B
botm.zip1,096BSpitfire Board of the Month List
bullet.zip11KBulletin Maker For SpitFire BBS or any BBS!
bullzip.zip35KSpitFire Utility To ZIP Ansi & Ascii Bulletins For D/L.Man
byev2.zip11KBye v2.0; Ansi and Ascii Goodbye Screen Creator for SpitFi
callcnt.zip10KWrite A Bulletin Showing How Many Time A Caller Has Logged
callers.zip15KCallers is a utility for SpitFire BBS's. It generates a li
callstat.zip9,163BSpitFire BBS Utility; Displays When How Many Last Calls We
callv1.zip124KSpitFire Utility For Bulletins Of Callers Log. Maintains A
calpro3r.zip87KCaller Profile For SpitFire BBS
calst13.zip10KCallstat 1.3, Caller Log Bulleting Generator
cb065sf.zip54KCB, a callback door/verifier for ANY BBS r.65
cchead.zip23KMakes Headers for Your SFFILES.BBS
cencall.zip11KSmall Utility That Makes A Mini Callers Log/Bulletin Of Wh
cenfile.zip62KPersonal File Door Written For Spitfire BBS Systems. Will
censecv.zip13KWill Show Who Is On What Node(4). Also Warn Of U/L D/L Rat
change10.zip69KTIME TO CHANGE V1.0 SF 3.x -+ | fast and eazy way to rotat
cheater.zip8,352BCheater! for Spitfire BBS v3.2; Cheater! is a simple utili
chgsec31.zip45KChanges A Callers Security Within SFDOORS.DAT
chk4_v11.zip9,225BChk4file V1.1! Checks To See If Files Listed In SFFILES.BB
chkbat30.zip7,828BBatch files used in conjunction with SFCHKUP
chkdate.zip15KCHKDATE; Written primarily for use with Spitfire Systems t
ck110992.zip2,668BChkup.BAT With A Twist(Look It Over)
ck4pst11.zip108KA Spitfire utility designed to screen callers who call, re
ckuldl36.zip85KChecks Callers Upload/Download Ratio
cn312-sw.zip162KCircuitnet Net-mail Software from CyberTech for Spitfire.
dailylmt.zip6,085BDAILYLMT v1.1 ]-+ | Create And Maintain | | SPITFIRE's DAI
daysleft.zip7,883BCreate SPITFIRE Display File/S-Days Til Xmas
dcbchkup.zip7,896BSample CHKUP.BAT File For Use With SFCHKUP! From The Dark
deluser.zip9,360BSimple SpitFire Utility That Will Tell Sysop How Many Call
dinothts.zip9,974BThoughts BBS Containing Quips And Quotes From The ABC TV S
dir2bbs2.zip25KPC BBS - SpitFire BBS And 4dos 4.01 Or Ndos Extended Dir>
dir2sf10.zip14KDIR2SF Version 1.0. Utility designed to convert PCBoard/FI
dir_sf.zip8,423BConvert PCBoard Multi-Line File Listing (DIR
dlcnt10.zip13KDLCOUNT; File Download Counter for Spitfire Bulletin Board
dogf207b.zip99KSpitFire <-> Fido Message Import/Export V2.07
doggy1.zip3,905BTHOUGHT.BBS about Dogs and AKC For Spitfire Bulletin Board
doork10.zip45KDoorknob door manager and menu v1.0.
dsadj20.zip10KDSADJ v2.0 DOOR.SYS Security level adjuster. Change securi
dstats21.zip22KDeluxe Statistics v2.10; Will easily create nine colorful
dtrak16.zip12KDoor Usage Tracker v1.6; A Door Usage Bulletin Generator f
edd10.zip13KHave Daily Events Only Execute Certain Days
eval2.zip3,097BAn Evaluation Of SpitFire BBS Software
eventime.zip33KRun A Program Once A Day Every 24 Hours! Schedules 1 Event
exnews11.zip37KEXNEWS v1.1 - Fully Configurable News Bulletin Generator.
ezcabbs.zip20KDozens Of Screen Images Of A New SpitFire BBS In Phoenix A
ezstat22.zip43KEZSTAT v2.2 | | (C)1994 Heavenware Software | | For any EZ
farea10.zip7,573BExport SF's Filearea Paths To Batch File(S). With/Without
farmrat3.zip38KUpload/Download Ratio Program. Passes A Errorlevel With A
fastl10.zip11KFAST!L10 Designed specifically for use with Spitfire Bulle
faxsetup.zip1,522BInformation Regarding, Spitfire 3.5 And The Infotel 14.4 D
fboxsf1a.zip111KFile Box! For Spitfire 3x v1.1a; Fast Private File System!
fdsfmain.zip16KFDSFMAIN; (Front Door, Spitfire Maintenance) makes it easy
ffst_802.zip34KFireFox Scanner/Tosser version 0.08.02 The main Fido-Mail
ffsu_803.zip63KFireFox Setup Utility version 0.08.03 Main program to conf
fftp_804.zip33KFireFox .TIC-file Processor version 0.08.04 The main TIC p
fhlasten.zip48KVery Fast Last Ten Callers Program For SF! Nice! Sysop Con
fhts100.zip93KA Door For SF SysOps to use the TABS 900 # Billing Service
file12.zip9,078BNew Routines On File.EXE From Sparkware Good Info On Your
file3110.zip16KCPL's File management Utility
filelst.zip8,485BMakes A Detailed File Area Description For SpitFire (FILST
files2sf.zip7,993BConvert Files.BBS To SFFILES.BBS. Useful For Tic And/Or Pe
files_sf.zip7,565Bv1.0) Convert FILES.BBS To SFFILES.* Some CD-Roms Utilize
filesupd.zip7,771BUpdate SFFILES Date And File Sizes On The Fly. Can Be Run
finduser.zip11KSpitFire Util Helps Find A User In User File
fllst10.zip15KFilelist All-Files List Generator For SpitFire And Like BB
fm108b.zip127KFreemail Mail Tosser V1.08 Excellent!
fm110a3.zip139KFreemail v1.10a3 Spitfire Fido Mail tosser.
fm20.zip98KFile Manager 2.0 - File area manager for SF. Supports mult
focht.zip26KDisplay Files From 'The Kachina BBS' - Nice
forbid1.zip89KSFRom config files for Forbidden Subjects CD
fqsf10.zip37KFastQuote v1.0 For Spitfire 3.x Systems; Creates Nice ANSI
fs-12.zip33KFILESTAT v1.2 SFFILES.BBS Utility for SF. Appends File Des
fs_20.zip19KFILESTAT v2.0 SFFILES.BBS Utility for SF 3.5+. Appends Fil
fungood.zip745BGoodbye Screen For The Funny Farm BBS In Lincoln Nebraska
funnyfrm.zip943BAnsi Screen Used On The Funny Farm Bbs!
getnet11.zip9,140BGETNET11 v1.10 Telix Script For SFNET. Checks For Waiting
gh113f.zip39KGHeader ver1.13f Spitfire Util ]-+ | A great Spitfire Util
grin12.zip15KGRIN 1.2 - The step after Smiley! - - Fixes SFFILES.BBS af
gszwh103.zip39KWho is downloading using GSZ in SPITFIRE
hbday12.zip9,595BNew Bulletin Maker Of Callers With Birthdays This Month. L
hourerr.zip3,487BRotate Display Files And Configuration Files Change The Ap
hsldr33b.zip100KHS/Link protocol door for Spitfire BBS
hswho104.zip40KSpitFire Utility to Display User Info while their Up/Downl
hvymtclr.zip13KHeavy Metal BBS Ansi Clr Screens. Excellent Will Give You
icomsf35.zip1,637BThis is an Intellicom BIF file for Spitfire v3.5 and Lakot
inansi.zip106KA select collection of ANSI screens from the Internnationa
info_sf.zip36KList of SpitFire Boards and SpitFire Utilities Available
jet114.zip152KThe Complete 1.14 Version Of Jetmail .Qwk Door For SpitFir
jnet100.zip60KJNet v1.00; QWK-style network echo software for Spitfire B
kreader.zip220KKREADER - The first Mail reader designed soley for SF user
kudos.zip3,782BRemarks from SpitFire Sysops about SpitFire BBS Software a
lakota.zip21KLAKOTA QWK SPITFIRE Mail Door v1.1f - Small, Fast and powe
last1-32.zip56KLast Caller Bulletin Maker V3.2 Good!
last1210.zip11KA better, new last 12 caller utility for Spitfire. Much mo
last1_on.zip16KProduces Bulletin Of Last 1 To 999 Callers On With Many Co
last_112.zip74KSpitFire LAST-TEN Callers Stat v1.12d * Part of a New type
lastin.zip18KLastin! v0.1b, Spitfire BBS Bulletin Generator for The Las
lastuser.zip67KLast Ten Callers Bulletin Generator
ldcaller.zip4,894BLdcaller (Long Distance Callers) makes a display your user
leech11.zip12KSF-Leech v1.1; Upload/Download checker with Turbo Pascal S
lf_31fix.zip41KSFLAST5 version 3.2>-+ | This will update version 3.1 of |
livechat.zip48KChat Voice W/User On SpitFire BBS Systems
logger12.zip54KLOGGER 1.2 A Product of the MORONIHAH BBS. LOGGER will run
logo100b.zip26KSF Sysops! Now You Can Load That New Header Ad Into Every
lstrip11.zip37KSF Last Ten RIP Creation! v1.1. Creates A Nice RIP Display
lstrun20.zip24KCreates Bulletin With Date & Time Of Last Mail Run For Up
lstusr09.zip25KLASTUSER: Beta .90 The On-line Last few user displayer. It
mailsf12.zip41KMAILCALL - Spitfire Mail Analyzer & Bulletin Creator. Good
master20.zip51KNEWS MASTER v2.0 ]-+ | News Bulletin generator for Spitfir
mastr20.zip51KNEWS MASTER v2.0 ]-+ | News Bulletin generator for Spitfir
matchusr.zip10KMATCHUSR * Sysops can enable or disable door access with t
mc13.zip48KMESSAGE COUNT 1.31 NEW & IMPROVED features! Over 80% faste
mess12.zip9,214BGood Info On Your SPITFIRE Message Conf Dat
messb10.zip114KMessage In The Bottle (SF 3.X) |-+ |FREEWARE VERSION! Now
mglst201.zip34KSFMGLST v2.01; creates MGLST.BBS/CLR files for all your
mkflst13.zip10KCreate Filst.BBS/CLR Files For SpitFire
mksf_301.zip55KMKSFList Version 3.01 =-= SF Area List/File List/Header Cr
mksff101.zip10KCreates SFFILES.BBS As A DOS-Command Or Event
mksffbbs.zip19Kv2.2) Create & Maintain SPITFIRE's SFFILES - Multi-line Fi
mksfls26.zip19KUpdate Of Files & Message List
mmenu10a.zip63KMultiMenu 1.00 Menu Door for ANY BBS. * UART, FOSSIL, Digi
momurphy.zip41KMore Murphy's Laws For Thoughts.BBS
mqwk15a.zip59KMicroQwk version 1.5 |-+ | MicroQwk Offilne Mail Reader 1.
msgcrd-1.zip95KMessage Credit 1.0 for Spitfire 3.x. Gives your users cred
msgcrd-2.zip55KMessage Credit Log On 1.0 for Spitfire 3.x! To be used wit
msidl30.zip38KDownloaded Files Report Generator for Spitfire BBS Systems
msiul30.zip38KUploaded Files Report Generator for Spitfire BBS Systems
msiupro.zip42KUser Profile Report Generator for Spitfire BBS Systems
mstrbv10.zip19KMasterB --+ |ThunderStorm Software presents.| |Master-B, T
murthot.zip12KMurphy's Laws generator for Quote of the Day on SPITFIRE B
music11.zip6,905BFamous Song Quotes THOUGHTS.BBS Version 1.1
newies4.zip112KNEWIES 4.0 =- Creates NEWS Bulletins \ Screen Bulletins fo
newusers.zip3,754BMakes A Display To List And Welcome New Users
nextc-15.zip22KLeave Thot / Comment For Next Call. Most Bbs's Good For Sf
node12.zip11KNew Routines On Your Node.EXE From Sparkware Good Infor On
nodebusy.zip5,889BNodeBusy version 1.0 An utility to remove or set the maint
nodelog.zip41KMonitor Your Rime Conf Usage With Bulletins
nodesf1.zip8,351BCaller Per Node Display For SF Multi's
number.zip11KCreate User Specific Display Files
patrol.zip12KSpitFire Leech Patrol Mod SF-Leech W/Src
pcb_sf.zip12KConvert PCBoard Users File To SpitFire BBS
pick3.zip48KPick Three Gamble Your Log On Time Door For Spitfire BBS S
pick_mov.zip49KPick and Move (Pick&Mov); manage the new uploads to a Spit
pmstr101.zip41KPortmeister 1.01 PC comm port lock and unlock utility for
postmsg.zip31KPOSTMSG v1 for Spitfire 3.x
pr_sf1.zip43KPass Right for Spitfire v1.0 -+ | Add another password to
pt-101.zip24KPrevTen v1.0 Last Caller Utility for SpitFire BBS Systems.
ptrlook.zip8,646BLook At SFmsgxxx.Ptr Files (SpitFire BBS) Informative Spit
qkmenu11.zip17KMake SpitFire Menus By Security Level.
quick33b.zip40KQuickie! Screen Rotator For SpitFire BBS! Rotates Welcome
quickie.zip7,626BSpitFire Bulletin/Welcome Display Creator
qwik-sf2.zip7,087BQwik SpitFire News Generator. Good For Those Fast Jobs
ra_sf.zip9,460BConvert Remote Access BBS Users File To SpitFire BBS SFUSE
ratio111.zip31KSpitfire BBS RATIO checker/upgrader/degrader
rbbs_sf.zip12Kv1.4) Converts RBBS v16.0 - v17.4 Users File To SPITFIRE v
readsf_c.zip15KC Source code To Read SpitFire SFMAIN.DAT
redneck.zip2,995BThoughts.BBS for Spitfire BBS of Jeff Foxworthy's "You mig
renumsg.zip10KSpitfire utility to renumber messages.
reqbull1.zip7,425BRequest Bulletin works with Mike Robinson's EZRom Door. Re
rip_vtg.zip91KRIP SCREENS ]-+ | 81 Nice Looking Screens Examples For | |
rushthts.zip3,639BQuotes from Rush Limbaugh in Thoughts.bbs form. Most quote
s2tritel.zip19Kconvert SpitFire BBS SFUSERS.DAT to TriTel USERS.DAT.
samples.zip81KSample Display Files For SpitFire BBS
screens1.zip12KRotate WELCOME-GOODBYE Screens SpitFire BBS
scutrv20.zip72KScuba Diving Trivia Door v2.0 for Spitfire and Other BBSs.
seclevel.zip6,709BSearch SpitFire BBS Users By Security Level.
seelist1.zip5,524BSEELIST v1.0 Another Spitfire utility by 2GUYS Software! D
seeya.zip1,408BGreat Looking Goodbye.Clr/BBS Screen
setdate.zip5,015BSet File Date In SFFILES To Whatever you want
sf-faq3.zip33KSPITFIRE FREQUENT QUESTIONS #3-+ | This is Part Three of a
sf-subs.zip25KThe Spitfire Subscription Door E A door written for SPITFI
sf01-93.zip11KSPITFIRE Support Newsletter - January 1993
sf01-95.zip11KSPITFIRE Support Newsletter | | "Keeping In Touch" | | Jan
sf02-93.zip9,983BSPITFIRE Support Newsletter - February 1993
sf02-95.zip11KSPITFIRE Support Newsletter | | "Keeping In Touch" | | Feb
sf03-93.zip12KSPITFIRE Support Newsletter - March 1993
sf03-95.zip9,923BSPITFIRE Support Newsletter | | "Keeping In Touch" | | Mar
sf04-93.zip14KSPITFIRE Support Newsletter - April 1993
sf05-93.zip11KSPITFIRE Support Newsletter - May 1993
sf06-93.zip11KSPITFIRE Support Newsletter - June 1993
sf09-94.zip12KSPITFIRE Support Newsletter | | "Keeping In Touch" | | Sep
sf10-93.zip9,725BKeeping in Touch - SPITFIRE Monthly Support Newsletter for
sf10-94.zip12KSPITFIRE Support Newsletter | | "Keeping In Touch" | | Oct
sf11-94.zip9,421BSPITFIRE Support Newsletter "Keeping In Touch" November 19
sf12-94.zip10KSPITFIRE Support Newsletter "Keeping In Touch" December 19
sf2files.zip6,628BConvert Sffiles.BBS To Files.Bbs! Useful For Tic And/Or Pe
sf2pb.zip21KConverts Spitfire 3.x user file to ProBoard 2.x user file.
sf2pcb10.zip23KSF2PCB Version 1.0 - File directory listing conversion uti
sf2sre10.zip39KConverts SFDOORS.DAT To Doorfile.Sr. For Bre, Sre, Ac6, Le
sf34-1.zip208KSPITFIRE Bulletin Board System ]-+ | Version 3.4 - Disk 1
sf34-2.zip288KSPITFIRE Bulletin Board System ]-+ | v3.4 - Disk 2 - Utili
sf34_35.zip10KConverts Spitfire v3.4 to 3.5
sf35-1.zip233KSPITFIRE Bulletin Board System ]-+ | Version 3.5 - Disk 1
sf35-2.zip266KSPITFIRE Bulletin Board System ]-+ | v3.5 - Disk 2 - Utili
sf35bk24.zip86KSF35BACK v2.4<-+ | SPITFIRE v3.5 BACKUP/RESTORATION | | Us
sf3tb510.zip26KSF3XTB5X 1.0 - Spitfire 3.x to TriBBS 5.x user file conver
sf_daily.zip15KSF-DAILY V1.00 - System Stastics Bulletin Creator For SF.
sf_free.zip15KSF-FREE V1.20 - FreeMail Statistics Bulletin Creator! This
sf_icon.zip503BWindows Icon For SpitFire BBS
sf_subs.zip25KThe Spitfire Subscription Door E A door written for SPITFI
sf_warp.zip3,271BSetup guide for running Spitfire under OS2
sfadfl15.zip56KAddfiles v1.15; Automatically uploads files to your SPITFI
sfadsum1.zip47KSFADSUM v1.0; SFFILES.BBS Enhancement Utility
sfame070.zip212KSFAME v.70 = SF Full Screen Message Editor Supports 30000+
sfantrv2.zip58KSpitFire BBS Animal Trivia Door!
sfarea.zip8,284BFile Area Manager For SpitFire BBS
sfareas.zip15KSFArea is a very powerful SFFILES.BBS handler, it will do
sfask3_5.zip28KBug Fix For Askit Version 3.0. Corrects Problem Of No Loca
sfasl10.zip30KSFADJSL; Allows the Spitfire SysOp to change all the users
sfasst35.zip117KStand-Alone SpitFire Configuration Tool
sfatm201.zip48KSpitfire ATM v2.0; Spitfire ATM is a time bank and more fo
sfatm210.zip58KSpitfire ATM 2.10/RIP, The best Time Bank for SPITFIRE kee
sfauto12.zip21KSFAUTO v1.20; A Simple Utility that will manage Subscripti
sfavlpvt.zip18KPrivate File / Sysop Available Program For SPITFIRE. Works
sfaz100.zip9,324BSFANSIZIP ver1.00 [E=-* | | AFANSIZIP will ZIP the importa
sfbacker.zip76KAn Australian SpitFire Utility Very Easy To use Backup Sys
sfbank31.zip39KSFBANK Door v3; Allow users to deposit "time" into a bank.
sfbaud10.zip5,609BReturn DOS ERRORLEVEL for baud rate in SPITFIRE batch file
sfbbltrv.zip90KOnline bible trivia door for Spitfire BBS.
sfbbslst.zip29KSpitFire BBS list of Registered Systems
sfbbstrv.zip43KSF BBS Online Trivia Game. Test Your BBS Knowledge.
sfbd_amc.zip27KAutomatic Month Changer For Sfbday10.ZIP A Must For Sfbday
sfbday10.zip9,166BMake A Bulletin Of All Your B-Day People
sfbimode.zip1,549BSample Files To Run Bi-Modem With SpitFire
sfbirth2.zip14KSFBIRTH Version 1.10 -+ | SFBIRTH Will Creat BBS/CLR Displ
sfbk.zip1,340BFast Way To Backup Vital SpitFire System/Data Files before
sfbltn.zip35KShow News File Only When Changed (SpitFire)
sfbmlg20.zip18KSpitFire BBS Bimodem Interface v2.0
sfbull13.zip36KSFBULLS V1.03 - Spitfire Bulletin Creator! Reads from Call
sfcall10.zip57KLast 10 Callers Utility; Uses No Extended Display Characte
sfcantrv.zip55KCanadian Trivia Door for SpitFire BBS, Over 500 Questions!
sfcat20.zip37KCatchem 2.0; Sort Up To 5000 User SFUSERS.DAT, Completely
sfcb13.zip319KSFCB - Spitfire Call-Back V 1.3 ]-+ | The ORIGINAL call ba
sfcdata.zip41KSpitFire Utility. Makes Color & Non Color Bulletins. SFcal
sfcdfa.zip9,651BSFCDFA v1.0 ]-+ | SPITFIRE CD-Rom Utility * Automatically
sfcharge.zip91KSF-CHARGE v1.1 { Spitfire BBS's Only! } This Door used in
sfchkd31.zip24KSFCHKUD V3.1 - Many Enhancements!
sfchkup.zip16KSFCHKUP v2.4; SPITFIRE BBS Utility From BCS Use To Test In
sfcln101.zip15KSFCLEAN v1.01; SpitFire File Listing Clean-Up Utility (Eli
sfclu12.zip11KSpitfire callers log update utility.
sfcmb15.zip21KSFCMB v1.5 Spitfire Clean Message Base. Cleans up your mes
sfcnf101.zip15KSpitFire BBS Conference Usage Bulletin Maker
sfconvrg.zip19KSpitFire Utility To Create "Allfiles" List. Supports Multi
sfcsl30.zip17KChange User's Security And Logon Time
sfd-rule.zip1,940BSFD-RULES v1.0 ]-+ | SPITFIRE FileEcho Distribution Rules
sfdays.zip4,545BUse With SF Event To Execute A Program Any Day(s) Of The M
sfde10.zip11KDisable SpitFire Event From Command Line
sfdel260.zip31KCHECKDEL.EXE and RM.EXE will safely delete files. version
sfdfc10.zip14KSFDFC v1.0 * SPITFIRE Duplicate File Checker Builds Databa
sfdirmkr.zip4,757BSimple Help Program For New SpitFire Sysops
sfdirtot.zip43KAdds Bytes & Files Totals Line To SFFILES.BBS
sfdiz.zip9,768BSFDIZ v1.0 ]-+ | Alters SPITFIRE's SFFILES.BBS file | | de
sfdnc31.zip23KSpitfire Download Counter v3.10. Adds # of Downloads to fi
sfdnlst2.zip58KSFDNLST v2.0 for SpitFire BBS's will make a list of new fi
sfdonate.zip15KSFDONATE V1.50 * Create A Colorful Bulletin Of Users That
sfdoor.zip5,866BCreate & Maintain SFDOOR.MNU For SpitFire BBS
sfdown15.zip15KCreates Allfiles.TXT & Cd_Files.Txt And Compresses Optiona
sfdp_10e.zip28KSpitFire Download Processor v1.0e; Add Number Of Times Dow
sfdrlk12.zip30KDoorLock v1.2: Lock Anyone Out Of Any Door, Plus Give Them
sfdrst10.zip9,575BSpitFire Door Stats v1.0; Creates Bulletins Of Door Usage
sfdsplay.zip6,862BSFDSPLAY v1.0; This utility makes it easy to edit menus fo
sfdtlog.zip10KSfdtlog v1.0; Will Save Log Files Or Sysop Set Files To Th
sfdw101e.zip39KSpitFire; Display Who Is Online At Logon Name, From, Bps R
sfedit03.zip21KSFedit v0.03; Allows Updating Of Message Flags with SpitFi
sfedit34.zip34KSFEDIT34 - Edit and add to your SFUSERs without going into
sfem1000.zip90KSFE-mail v1.0 -+ | | | * Complete Internet e-mail solution
sfemb047.zip251KSF Enhanced Message Base, 0.47 < Text Search 1 or ALL Conf
sfeom100.zip15KProcess SpitFiresS Log Files At End Of Month,. A Sleep Sav
sfexmnu.zip5,369BSFEXMNU; "Push Button" Look Menu's for SFEXTEND for Spitfi
sfextbul.zip16KBulletin Generator, Use Under SFMNUEXT!
sffafix.zip2,200BSFFAFIX v1.0; Designed to work with a SpitFire Bulletin Bo
sffam13.zip74KSF-FAM v1.3; Spitfire file manager for the Spitfire Bullit
sffam213.zip92KSF-FAM 2.13 -+ | Spitfire 3.5 File Area Manager | |Include
sffast.zip104KCreats BBS/Clr Display Files Showing Daily Usage Graph, An
sffdown.zip38KDoor Builds File Listing On The Fly For SpitFire BBS - Mul
sffiles.zip122KManager for SpitFire, will save you effort on working on y
sffilext.zip22KOpen & View ZIP Files
sffl_10.zip54KSFFL v10; SPITFIRE Files Listing Creator Create Allfile &
sffq10.zip51KSPITFIRE Door, Allows The SysOp And Users To Send Files To
sfgdby33.zip15KRotate GOODBYE Screens!
sfgrfiti.zip55KGrafitti Wall For SpitFire BBS! Sysop Configurable! Nice D
sfgrph10.zip23KSfgraph 1.0: A Great Usage Graph For Sf, Supports 300-16.8
sfhall10.zip7,948BSpitFire BBS Hall Of Shame bulletin maker
sfhdr214.zip32KSFHEADER v2.14; Many Enhancements Since The Last Public Re
sfhead33.zip42KSFHEAD v3.03; Spitfire FILSTxxx.BBS/.CLR generator. Very F
sfhed310.zip57KSFHEAD v3.10 ####-+ | The ultimate HEADER/ | | FILST gener
sfhello3.zip13KAutosend New Users A Message in SpitFire BBS
sfhelp.zip19KSFHELP v3.3 -*- Buffalo Creek Software SPITFIRE Program To
sfhey.zip573BNice ANSI Screen To Let Users Know The Newsleter Has Been
sfhslink.zip1,535BSample Batch Files To Run HSLink Under SF
sficemod.zip2,651BThis is a "how to" set up IceModem with Spitfire 3.5 file.
sfinf120.zip12KCreate User Information Files for SpitFire
sfjbtrv.zip36KSpitfire James Bond Trivia Door Version 1.0 for SF BBS Sys
sfjetbul.zip14KSFJETBUL V1.00 - Spitfire Bulletin Creator! Reads from Jet
sfjmodem.zip2,082BBatch Files needed to add J-modem to your external protoco
sfjoke11.zip9,098BJoke Of The Day For SpitFire BBS. Nice Program. You May Wa
sfkmac10.zip17KSFKEYMAC V 1.0 * SF Sysops can assign strings to function
sflasten.zip5,661BSFLASTEN - Version 1.4 ]-+ | Create Last 10 Caller Display
sflaston.zip3,662BShows The Sysop Who The Last Caller Was To Access Your Boa
sflf_301.zip47KSflast5 v3.01; Makes List Of Last 5 Callers To Your SpitFi
sflf_31.zip50KSFLAST5 v3.1; Create an ASCII and an ANSI file for your SP
sflgst10.zip15KSFLGST v1.0; A Spitfire Logon Statistic's Display Maker Fo
sflgst20.zip20KSFLGST VERSION 2.00 - [Hidden Software]+ | A Spitfire Logo
sflist.zip71KSFLIST V1.00 -+ | Spitfire Door that will create a list of
sflist2.zip9,266BSpitFire BBS All Files List Generator. Supports Multi-Line
sflister.zip6,758BMakes List Of Files For Download For SpitFire BBS, include
sflog.zip18KCallers Log Statistical Utility (v1.7)
sflogrpt.zip45KSpitFire Sysop Report Generator; Intended for SpitFire BBS
sfls13.zip25KSFLSTSEC; List Spitfire Users in a Security Level
sflst101.zip108KSF-File v1.01; List & Bulletin Generator
sflst107.zip135KFile List & Bulletin Generator! Ver. 1.07 Supports CD-ROMS
sflstr20.zip15KCreates An Allfiles List For SpitFire Boards
sfltc14.zip50KSFLTC Version 1.04 | | SpitFire Last Ten Callers | | Displ
sflttr.zip2,385BSpitFire Program Authors, Please Read. See How You Can Get
sfmaf.zip16KMove Ul Files To Chosen Fileareas For SF.
sfmagic2.zip48KSfmagic v.1.02; Complete Sffiles Management. New Features
sfmail33.zip136KSFMAIL for SpitFire BBS; The Offline Mail Reader, Offline
sfmain1.zip1,881BExempt From Ratio Q-Air By Sting.
sfmain2.zip1,804BCo-Sysop Application Q-Air By Sting.
sfmain3.zip3,149BMatch-Maker Q-Air By Sting
sfmain4.zip2,149BNew User Q-Air/Validator By Sting.
sfmchkup.zip4,315BMulti-Node Batch Files For Sfchkup.
sfmenu14.zip54KSFMENU - V1.4 Graphic Menu Generator. Fully Functional Cre
sfmer20.zip57KSFMERGER ver 2.0 is a Full Feature SFFILES.BBS and SFFILES
sfmgr133.zip175KComplete SpitFire Management From Dos
sfmklist.zip16KCreate List Of Files For Downloads then ZIP's the file
sfmkmg10.zip10KSFMKMSG v1.0 * Official Release ]-+ * Automatically Add A
sfmkmsg1.zip8,400BSFMKMSG v1.0b ]-_ Tired of always going to all the BBS Ads
sfmnuext.zip31KSPITFIRE Menu Extension v1.5; Use to increase SPITFIRE's d
sfmodems.zip11KList of modems and settings for Spitfire BBS
sfmsgsnp.zip7,260BSFMSGSNP v1.0 ]-+ | Set All Messages In A Specified | | Co
sfmstr20.zip115KSF-Master v2.0 Premier Release 0-+ | Powerful & Easy To Us
sfmstr34.zip223KSF-MASTER v3.4!; Complete Spitfire Management System
sfmu21.zip19KSF MULTI VER 2.10 | |-| | An easy fast and foolproof| | wa
sfn-104.zip25KSFnews v1.04; SpitFire Newspaper Creater
sfnattrv.zip44KNatural Science Trivia Door for SpitFire
sfnconf.zip1,771BSFNET Conference List as 12/31/94
sfnet.zip5,350BSFNET Qmodem script file
sfnetlst.zip1,221BSF-NET Network Conference list
sfnew16.zip20KSFNEW Will Scan Your File Areas And Create A File Of New F
sfnewp.zip101KMakes an automatic printout of Newusers and their answers
sfnews11.zip25KSpit-News 1.1 - Make Any Bulletin For Your SpitFire BBS -
sfnews_1.zip20KSFNEWS v1. A news screen editor for Spitfire. Creates .BBS
sfnewu.zip34KNew User Questionaire creator for SPITFIRE.
sfnewu21.zip13KSFNEWU - Last 15 New User Bulletin for SpitFire BBS's. Loo
sfnl-92.zip142KSPITFIRE BBS 1992 Support Newsletters *
sfnl-94.zip144KSpifire Support Newsletters for 1994
sfnode.zip23KSFNODE v1.3 * From BCS Create And Maintain SFNODE.DAT For
sfnotice.zip55KVERSION 1.0 +-+|- | | | | |- PARASOFT (c) +-+- -+++-+ - -+
sfntc095.zip54KSF Notice Beta release 0.95b. Creates many of the display
sfnufile.zip13KSF NuFile Utility v1.8; NuFile Utility is a SPITFIRE utili
sfnw10.zip11KSF Node Watch * Displays activity of all nodes on 1 screen
sfnwusr1.zip6,982BSFNWUSR1 - Spitfire New User Bulletin generator. FREEWARE!
sfofp30.zip22KSFOFP v3.0 Spitfire OLD FILE PURGE. Looks at ZIP/ARJ files
sfone74.zip34KOneliner v7.4: BBS Oneliner Program For Sysops. Easy To Se
sforglog.zip6,836BAdd the original logon date of each user to the subscripti
sfpage42.zip30KPageIs v4.2: Let Your Users Know Whether Or Not You Are Av
sfpager.zip7,861BSFPAGER v1.0; Simple utility for SPITFIRE to turn on and o
sfpck317.zip31KSFpack Version 3.17 For Reg. SFuti Users
sfpckmsg.zip8,068BStand-Alone SF Message Base Pack Utility Can Be Used As An
sfpckusr.zip6,726BStand-Alone SF Caller Base Pack Utility Use As An Event -
sfpcr110.zip27KSFPCR v1.10 - Introducing Spitfire's 1st Post Call Ratio (
sfpfu18.zip14KSpitFire Private Files Utility v1.8; Send Specific Files T
sfphon10.zip27KSFPhone v1.0 ]-+ | Lock Anyone Out Of Your BBS | | By Thei
sfpj13.zip21Kv1.3 Spitfire Pre-Jetmail Utility. Frontend for Jetmail, t
sfpm12.zip75KSpitFire Priority Mail v1.2; Send Priority Messages To Any
sfpyth.zip14KMonty --+ - - +---+ - - +-+ +-+ |-+ +-| | |-| | | | | - +-
sfqset.zip13KSmall util to either include or exclude a message conferne
sfque101.zip54KSpitFire BBS Questionnaire Generator
sfqwk10q.zip109KSF-Quick/BW 1.00 - (09/22/94) A QWK and Blue Wave Compatib
sfr-121.zip10KMaintain SpitFire Ul/Dl Ratios With SFRATIO
sfr_welc.zip6,208BSpitFire Welcome screen Rotator
sfrbye11.zip13KRANDOM GOODBYE V1.1, SF BBS V3.2 Random BBS Listing Goodby
sfreport.zip67KComplete SFUSERS Search-Report-Verify
sfresz13.zip17KSFreSIZE v1.3; Update Program Filesizes In Your Sffiles.Bb
sfrings.zip5,784BChanges 'answer On What Ring' Setting
sfripask.zip44KSFRIPASK v1.0; Unique program which will help your users m
sfrn10.zip11KSet SpitFire BBS Answer Ring Number In Event
sfrom120.zip74KSF-Rom 1.20, Spitfire CD-ROM Door. File access door, CDROM
sfrom20.zip195KSF-ROM v2.00: The Spitfire CD-ROM Door. UART, FOSSIL, DIGI
sfrombul.zip24KSFROMBUL V1.00 - Spitfire Bulletin Creator! Reads from Cal
sfromuse.zip14KSfromuse is a bulletin utility for the excellent SpitFire
sfrotate.zip5,965BFreeware File To Rotate Your Welcome1 Screens.
sfsec.zip111KSfsec; Supports Reserved Files And Messages For Your Calle
sfsecadj.zip9,158BSpitFire BBS Security Adjuster By User Criteria. Many Opti
sfseclst.zip10KList Users by Security Level, including their Upload / Dow
sfsecse3.zip14KAutosend Message To Users By Sec Level v0.03
sfsecure.zip55KSPITFIRE Security Guard V1.0 Great Second Password Securit
sfsendit.zip7,318BSFSENDIT v1.1; SPITFIRE Send Special File Utility Now Incl
sfsetque.zip3,542BUtility To Reset Users Msg Queue In SpitFire
sfsetsub.zip3,272BUtil to manipulate caller subcription date.
sfsla302.zip39KSpitFire Security Level Advisor v3.02; Creates xxxxSEC.CLR
sfsns20.zip20KSpitfire Sysop Notification System v2.0 Updated for Compat
sfsrv20.zip53KSFSURVEY v2.0 For Conducting Surveys With Your SpitFire BB
sfstat10.zip11KBulletin Generator With Lots Of Info! Free
sfstat64.zip34KFStats v6.4: Spitfire BBS User Information And System Stat
sfsub11.zip13KSfSubscribe v1.1, The Best Spitfire BBS Subscription Syste
sfsub12.zip16KSfSubscribe v1.2, The Best Spitfire BBS Subscription Syste
sfswap10.zip10KSpitFire utility To Randomly Swap Your Opening Screen Betw
sfsystem.zip23KSFSYSTEM v1.4 From Buffalo Creek Software! Create And Main
sftasy.zip925BTasy batch files for spitfire - comm2 setup.
sftb_b05.zip55KSFTBANK v0.4a; (Multinode Aware); Time bank for a SPITFIRE
sftell10.zip23KSfTell v1.0 will play a song when certain
sftext.zip33KText File Display Door for SpitFire BBS
sftic.zip43KSFTIC Version 1.0 From The MORONIHAH BBS! SFTIC will corre
sftidy10.zip10KSFTIDY v1.0 *FULL RELEASE* Small Compact Program To Cleanu
sftim10.zip17KGreets SpitFire BBS Users On 50th, 100th, Etc. Logon
sftmbk20.zip64KSpitFire BBS Time Bank Which Allows User To Save Unused Ti
sfto100c.zip26KGreat For SF Sysops Who Maintain The Same File Area For SF
sftopmsg.zip5,214BSFTOPMSG v1.0 * From BCS Create Display File Listing Top M
sftopten.zip4,859BSFTOPTEN - Version 1.4 ]-+ | Create Top 10 Caller Display
sftotal1.zip31KPost The File Sizes In Sffiles.BBS Text File
sftrvprt.zip13KPrints A SpitFire BBS Trivia Data File To Any Printer With
sfts200.zip205KSfts v1.02; Fast Freindly Spitfire/Fidonet Mail Processor
sfts261b.zip212KSFToss/SFScan: FTN-Compatible Message Import/Export System
sftstusr.zip9,844BSFTSTUSR v1.0 ]-+ | Test the integrity of SPITFIRE's calle
sfup18.zip7,167BSpitFire BBS User Purge Utility.
sfurd10.zip76KUser Registry Door For SpitFire BBS
sfusers.zip44KSFUSERS v1.5a; Fully Maintain SF's Caller Database Find Du
sfusptrv.zip43KUS Presidents Trivia Door For SpitFire BBS systems.
sfusr10.zip7,929BSpitFire BBS utility, View SFUSERS.DAT From DOS - Freeware
sfusrlst.zip33KPrints Contents Of SpitFire BBS Sfusers.DAT.
sfusrtxt.zip14KSPITFIRE SFUSRTXT Version 1.10 -+ | This Program Will Conv
sfusuldl.zip20KUpload/Download .BBS file Generator
sfuti300.zip169KSpitFire UTI driver v3.0
sfuti316.zip203KThe Universal Text Interface (UTI) Driver Set for Spitfire
sfv3_20.zip60KSpitFire Verfication Program For SpitFire
sfview10.zip62KSFView v1.0; SpitFire BBS On-Line Archive Text Reader. An
sfviewr.zip4,627BProgram for SpitFire BBS that Lets You View The Work Files
sfviobul.zip10KSFVIOBUL v1.0; SpitFire BBS ratio violator bulletin creato
sfvl1004.zip87KSFVLAB v1.00 Upload Files Checker For USE on SPITFIRE & Tr
sfwas.zip56KSFWAS; Spitfire Utility, tells a user who is loggin on who
sfwcdr.zip16Kv1.2) Run Wildcat Doors Under SPITFIRE
sfwelc33.zip15KRotate SpitFire BBS Welcomex Screens!
sfwho23.zip19KSpitFire Utility To Show Who Is On What Node
sfwinhlp.zip4,127BHelp for running SpitFire BBS under Windows
sfwinins.zip32KInstall SpitFire To Run Under Windows. Creates Groups & Ic
sfzmodem.zip2,613BSample Batch File Examples To Run ZModem With SpitFire BBS
sle2.zip7,739BSecurity Level Editor For SpitFire BBS's Change All Caller
slf.zip6,422BSecurity Level Filter For SpitFire BBS SFUSERS.DAT
smiley13.zip11KSmiley v1.3; Allows for multi-line descriptions when using
sniglets.zip24KTHOUGHTS.BBS for SpitFire BBS, Made With Sniglets! Very Fu
sorts10.zip14KSort Your SpitFire BBS SFFILES.BBS File Alphabeticaly!
sotm.zip2,450BSpitfire Sysop of the Month List
spitlist.zip35KThe Spitfire BBS Listing Is Incorporated In This .DBF Data
spitst16.zip20KSPITSTAT v1.6 Statistical Bulletin Generator for SF 3.3+,
spitst22.zip21KSPITSTAT v2.2 Statistical Bulletin Generator for SF 3.5, N
sptgrh25.zip53KSpitGraph Ver.2.5 < | |Caller bar graph display generator
ssf1time.zip44KGreat New Utility To Create .BBS Files!
ssprd15.zip38KUltimate Screen Rotating Utility. Rotates Any And All Disp
star_102.zip40KSpitFire Bulletin Generator v1.02 * Part of a New type of
star_108.zip73KSpitFire Bulletin Generator v1.08 * Part of a New type of
stats12.zip11KStatistical bulletin generator for Spitfire bbs sysops.
stats3.zip21KSTATS v3.0; New Features include RIP detection and SysOp d
stmail.zip43KNo-Frills Mail/Bulletin Area Tabulation Utility! This Quic
subscrib.zip16KMonitor And Change Security Levels Of Contributing Callers
subsf32.zip13KSUBSF Version 3.2. This program allows Spitfire BBS Sysops
swerv10.zip14KLogon, And Logoff Screen Switcher For SpitFire BBS
swpscrn.zip15KSWPSCRN v1.04; SF Utility to swap any or all of your SF sc
syspro31.zip46KBBS Activity Report For SpitFire BBS Sysops
system13.zip9,643BNew Routines On System.EXE Good Info On Your SpitFire BBS
tel_sf.zip9,473BConvert Telegard USER.LST To SpitFire BBS SFUSERS.DAT
test-it1.zip9,751BTest It; ZIP File Tester/Scanner for SpitFire BBS Software
texastrv.zip48KTexas Trivia Door Game For SpitFire BBS. Different Kind Of
thepool.zip4,472BScreens From The Pool BBS In Las Vegas, Nevada The Best In
thots_.zip109KThoughts! A collection of the most popular thoughts for Sp
thoughts.zip13KThoughts v3.1; Create, modify "Thoughts" for SpitFire BBS
tic2s103.zip15KTic to Spitfire v3.3+ conversion program.
ticman11.zip30KSFTICMAN V1.1 File Area Processor ]-+ | This Unique Progra
ticsf127.zip121KTicToss for Spitfire, v1.27 *BETA*
time102g.zip38KCreates Hour Graph of Spitfire BBS Usage
times_13.zip15KAdds The Number Of Times A File Is Downloaded To The File
timesdl.zip13KTIMESDL,An Update of the last version,this program give's
timestmp.zip9,471BStamp Comment With Time Into Any TXT File Used With SFCHKU
tlcusr.zip79KTLCUSR v1.0: Fully programmable display screen manager! Po
top15.zip9,352BMake Top 15 Users Bulletin For SpitFire BBS. Fast And Free
top4026.zip12KTop 40 files downloaded bulletin maker for Spitfire bbs. F
traker.zip85KTraker; Bulletin Maker Software for SpitFire BBS's. Produc
tri_sf.zip9,999BTRI_SF v1.0; Utility That Converts the TriBBS Users File t
tricom.zip1,475BSetup For Tricom Tornado Modem With SpitFire
trimmer.zip16KProgram To Maintain SpitFire BBS CALLERS.LOG.
ttime10a.zip36KTaketime 1.0a; Limit total daily time in Spitfire BBS door
ul1.zip13KUlogger v1.0 ### | | (C)1994 Heavenware Software | |The Ul
ulfd11.zip12KULFD Version 1.1 * ### |-+ | ### Use Lakota From Dos ### |
ulrpt31.zip38KUploaded Files Report For SpitFire BBS Sysops
upchk23f.zip30KUpcheck v2.3f SpitFire On/Off Line Upload Tester/Scanner S
uploaded.zip4,737BMakes Display Of Who Uploaded Files
upsndns.zip7,734BUps & Downs; SpitFire BBS Caller's Log File Extractor
usercall.zip6,831BList How Many Users Called and the amount of times they ca
userinfo.zip12KUserInfo; Get information on SpitFire BBS' users and a qui
usernote.zip137KFor SpitFire; 1 Time Message To 1/All Users With Tracking.
uspck_10.zip13KDeletes Users And Packs The Userbase.
ustat13.zip8,670BMake A Graphical Bulletin About CALLERS.LOG. For SpitFire
uu10b-03.zip93KExtra Control Of Your SF Users, Subs, Credits And More
vf203.zip47KVerifone v2.03 - An Excellent Callback Verification Progra
wash.zip55KColor Washers Door Game For Spitfire BBS. Supports Most Un
wc30_sf.zip12KConverts Wildcat! v3.? ALLUSERS.DAT file To SPITFIRE's v3.
wchange.zip7,853BWelcome Change; The Purpose is to let any BBS with events
welsf20.zip125KWELCOME" is a Spitfire V3.X logon utility. It will generat
welsf26.zip127KWELCOME" for Spitfire V2.5 Logon Utility It will generate
whocall2.zip5,303BMakes Displays Of Users And # Of Times Called
widoware.zip125KThe Complete Set Of All The Current SpitFire BBS Utilites
wrapper.zip6,517BWRAPPER; Description Wrapper for SFFILES.BBS for Spitfire
xmas92.zip5,011BSome Christmas ANSI Screens
xtnd_109.zip122KSFEXTEND v1.09; THE Menu Extension For SpitFire BBS
xtnd_187.zip121KSFExtend Version 1.87 =-= SpitFire Menu Extension & Door M
zdown10.zip13KSpitFire Util Which Will Make Report On All Files Not Down
zepsfnet.zip4,189BBatch and Telemate Script files used to process SFnet mail
zf10-03.zip48KZip Fire v1.0; File Test Utility, Multi-Node
zoomset.zip921BHelp Setup Your Zoom Modem To Run Spitfire Under Frontdoor
zplchkup.zip1,151BBatch File To Use Ziplab With SFCHKUP. Lets You Control Up