File Libaries
Library: BBS - Directory: BBS - Spitfire
abacus.zip97KThe Complete Display Directory Of Screens That Are Used On The Abacus Bbs!
achat100.zip26KAn Excellent SpitFire ANSI Chatroom; Supports Multi-User Lanned Or Multitasked. A Must Have For A Multi-Node SF...! Ansi Actions Included And Configurable
afix_set.zip27K+-------------------[ AFIX_SET.ZIP ]---+ | A *COMPLETE* set-up example for | | ALLFIX+ and Spitfire. This is | | from the actual working setup | | used at Le Maison De Metal! | +--------------------------------------+
airtoday.zip52KToday In Aviation Bulletin Generator For SF.
alldnlds.zip6,722BALLDNLDS; Alldnlds was written to keep a running total of all files download from Spitfire bbs, then make a bulletin that would list the files that were downloaded, the number of times each file was downloaded, then write the list in descending order in both .CLR and .BBS display files.
alltime1.zip131KSpitfire History Bulletin Maker Of Total Times Called And Another For Milestone Calls.
all_my_s.zip154K25 SpitFire Support Utilities, Handy!
amo202b.zip156KAlexi/Mail Tosser/Scanner for OS/2 2.x The best on the market! Enables any BBS using one of these message bases: *.MSG Hudson TAG multi-Hudson Spitfire Synchronet v1 to access FidoNet-technology message networks. Features include built-in Areafix, full hubbing, gating, multi-zone operation, advanced grunged- and duplicate-message detection, 2D and 4D points, multiple origin lines, mailing lists, message forwarding, dozens more. Works with all mailers. DOS and OS/2 version
amsg15bt.zip103KAuto Message for Spitfire(tm) BBS
ansicall.zip28KANSICALL.EXE, v1.0: Spitfire BBS Utility Add ANSI sequences to CALLERS.LOG file. Freeware, (c) 1995, [02/13/95] by Mike Penta
ansplace.zip37KA Collection of SpitFire ANSI Display Files
areqbul1.zip7,584BRequest Bulletin works with Mike Robinson's EZRom Door. Request Bulletin is a program that writes a bulletin telling the users that have requested files, that you have filled the request and they are ready for download. It should work with any BBS that will display bulletins. This version written for the SysOps that run an adult BBS. No file descriptions are listed in the bulletins. By OzarkSoft and Chuck Poynter.
atmsg221.zip52KAuto Message Program For SpitFire BBS
autogb13.zip34KAUTO-GB is an automatic Goodbye screen maker for Spitfire bulletin boards. Uses Spitfire's SFBBSLST.dat for input.
autogb15.zip36KAUTO-GB is an automatic Goodbye screen maker for Spitfire bulletin boards. Uses Spitfire's SFBBSLST.dat for input. Files dated 3-09-94 version 1.5
avasf20.zip151KAutomated verification algorithm for spitfire 3.1.
averify5.zip49KSpitFire Auto Verify v1.05: Spitfire Door Program For Sysops Who Use Trial Subscription Security Levels
bakfirem.zip145KNew! Backfire 3.02 Callback Verfication SystEMS From Steve Cox - The Best There Is In Automatic Callback Verification . This Is The Multi-User Test Drive.
bbseom11.zip38K***** BBSEOM.EXE v1.1 ****** End Of The Month Utility for Spitfire BBS. Efficient and highly configurable! FREE! ****************************
bcsuti.zip27K+-[ BCSUTI v1.3 ]-----------------------+ | Universal Text Interface for SPITFIRE | +------------[ Buffalo Creek Software ]-+
bd10.zip13KSpitFire Message Base Utility To Correct Date Errors Infused By Some External Message Packers.Nice Utility.
bdate.zip205KWhat Was A Musical Hit On A Users B-Day Door.
bdgift11.zip37K+--) Birthday Gift 1.1 For Spitfire (--+ |Give Your Users The Gift Of Extra Time| |On Their Birthday! *From JTsoft* | +--------------------------------------+
bdgift22.zip28K+--) Birthday Gift 2.2 For Spitfire (--+ |Give Your Users The Gift Of Extra Time| |On Their Birthday! Many Features! | +--------------------------------------+
beeper10.zip42KUtil To Notify Sysop When Certain Users Or Levels Log On! For Spitfire!
beit.zip32KAdds A ^b To The Beginning Of Ansi Files. Disables Prompt In SpitFire
bfmail21.zip19K+-----------------------------------------+ | * BLUE FORCE MAIL BULLETIN MAKER v2.1 * | |-----------------------------------------| | The BEST bulletin maker program ever for| | your MAIL RUNS! Creates NICE LOOKING | | ANSI/ASCII screens! Easy Sysop config! | | Fast and Simple to use! Rated #1 by my | | Beta Testers! A must for all SPITFIRE | | Sysops! Can run as a SYSTEM EVENT! Now | | supports up to 6 Echos! Download this | | one for a PERFECT LOOK! Registration | | is only $5.00!
bfmfix.zip5,260BLastMail - BUG FIX for BFMAIL v1.1 If you are using this utiltiy... Replace The LASTMAIL.EXE with this new EXE file! It will solve the problem with the display screen!
bfnews21.zip25K+-----------------------------------------+ |-= BLUE FORCE NEWSLETTER MAKER - V2.1 =- | |-----------------------------------------| | All new code! This has got to be the | | BEST ever newsletter maker for SPITFIRE | | to date! Supports 15 lines of text! | | Features: Overwrite, Append, View, Edit,| | WORD WRAPPING, and Sysop Configurable | | Colors when registered! This is so easy| | to use, you just won't beleive it! No | | need for an external editor! Creates | | the ANSI & ASCI
bfpage21.zip14KBFPAGE++ v2.1: This GREAT program will turn on/off the following node items, all with one single command line and will also create a nice ANSI/ASCII screen: SYSOP PAGE BELL, PRIVATE BBS, PRINTER FEATURE and the SECOND PASSWORD requirement! A MUST SEE!
bfstat21.zip38K+------------------------------------------+ | -= BLUE FORCE STATISTICS MAKER - v2.1b=- | |------------------------------------------| | All NEW! Supports Unlimited CD-ROMS And | | Up To 8 Nodes With 10 Baud Rates! Makes | | 1 To 4 Bulletins Of Your Choice! Simple | | To Use! Sysop Configurable Colors! This | | Program Can Run As An Event! Super FAST | | Pascal Code! A Must For The Spitfire | | Sysop! Registration Is Only $5.00! This | | Program Is Sharware! Direct From The | | Blue
bf_key.zip543BBFMAIL.KEY/BFPAGE.KEY The Key Files for BFMAIL and BFPAGE released as Freeware
bibletht.zip5,336BTHOUGHTS.BBS Containing Bible Verses for SpitFire BBS Systems
biblthts.zip22K225 Scripture Passages From The Kjv For Thoughts.BBS
bnews12.zip58K+-------------------------------------------+ | BBSNEWS! v1.2 COOL BBS NewsLetter Maker | | RIP/ANSI *INFO*. Has Built-in Editor, | | This Utility creates a cool "VGA LOOKING" | | Newsletter in .SCR, .ANS, .TXT, .RIP | | Shareware only $15.00 US by William Mantz | | @ Maddog Productions *Bug Fix!* | +-------------------------------------------+
bocainit.zip896BSetup init for a BOCA 14.4 internal modem using SpitFire BBS
botm.zip1,096BSpitfire Board of the Month List
bullet.zip11KBulletin Maker For SpitFire BBS or any BBS!
bullzip.zip35KSpitFire Utility To ZIP Ansi & Ascii Bulletins For D/L.Many Features! Easy To Use
byev2.zip10KBye v2.0; Ansi and Ascii Goodbye Screen Creator for SpitFire Bulletin Board Systems
callcnt.zip10KWrite A Bulletin Showing How Many Time A Caller Has Logged On To SpitFire BBS
callers.zip14KCallers is a utility for SpitFire BBS's. It generates a listing of the last ten callers to your BBS.
callstat.zip9,163BSpitFire BBS Utility; Displays When How Many Last Calls Were Made.
callv1.zip124KSpitFire Utility For Bulletins Of Callers Log. Maintains A History Even If You Change Log Files.
calpro3r.zip86KCaller Profile For SpitFire BBS
calst13.zip10KCallstat 1.3, Caller Log Bulleting Generator
cb065sf.zip53KCB, a callback door/verifier for ANY BBS r.65
cchead.zip22KMakes Headers for Your SFFILES.BBS
cencall.zip11KSmall Utility That Makes A Mini Callers Log/Bulletin Of Who Called Today Freeware With Source Code
cenfile.zip62KPersonal File Door Written For Spitfire BBS Systems. Will Send Anyone A FIle If You Know The Name, They Do Not Need To Be In SFUSERS. Should Work With Any Comport Set up, Very Easy To Use And Install. Share Ware But Not Crippled And No Nag Screens. Enjoy!
censecv.zip12KWill Show Who Is On What Node(4). Also Warn Of U/L D/L Ratio Violations. Now Shows Multiple Security Levels Exempt.
change10.zip68K+---- TIME TO CHANGE V1.0 SF 3.x ----+ | fast and eazy way to rotate your | |WELCOME1/GOODBYE screens *JTsoft* | +-------------------------------------+
cheater.zip8,352BCheater! for Spitfire BBS v3.2; Cheater! is a simple utility to fake a good running BBS. The only thing that it does is add a few extra callers, uploads, downloads and messages. Cheater! won't update the total callers there have been until now.
chgsec31.zip45KChanges A Callers Security Within SFDOORS.DAT
chk4_v11.zip9,225BChk4file V1.1! Checks To See If Files Listed In SFFILES.BBS Actually Exist. Now Also Checks The File Sizes And Corrects Them!
chkbat30.zip7,828BBatch files used in conjunction with SFCHKUP
chkdate.zip14KCHKDATE; Written primarily for use with Spitfire Systems that run 24hr/Day, and run some doors where it is necessary to change the system date in order for them to run.
ck110992.zip2,668BChkup.BAT With A Twist(Look It Over)
ck4pst11.zip107KA Spitfire utility designed to screen callers who call, repeatedly and succesively. This program scans the current caller's data, compares it to the previous caller, analyzes and if the caller meets the .CFG criteria, dumps him/her. Spitfire Utility Arrowhead Analysis - CK4PEST V1.1 (non-beta)
ckuldl36.zip84KChecks Callers Upload/Download Ratio
cn312-sw.zip161KCircuitnet Net-mail Software from CyberTech for Spitfire.
dailylmt.zip6,085B+-[ DAILYLMT v1.1 ]-------------+ | Create And Maintain | | SPITFIRE's DAILYLMT.DAT File | +-------------------------------+
daysleft.zip7,883BCreate SPITFIRE Display File/S-Days Til Xmas
dcbchkup.zip7,896BSample CHKUP.BAT File For Use With SFCHKUP! From The Dark Corner BBS. Converts Uploads To ZIPS, Converts Old Zips To New Version. Scans!
deluser.zip9,360BSimple SpitFire Utility That Will Tell Sysop How Many Callers Will Be Deleted If The SFUSERS.DAT Is Packed At (X) Days. Freeware.
dinothts.zip9,974BThoughts BBS Containing Quips And Quotes From The ABC TV Show Dinosaurs... *150* Courtesy Of The Dark Corner BBS.
dir2bbs2.zip25KPC BBS - SpitFire BBS And 4dos 4.01 Or Ndos Extended Dir> SFFILES.BBS. New Version Supports File Sharing And 4dos 4.0n.
dir2sf10.zip13KDIR2SF Version 1.0. Utility designed to convert PCBoard/FILES.BBS listings to Spitfire one-line format. Works great for converting CD-ROM listings! FREE!!
dir_sf.zip8,423BConvert PCBoard Multi-Line File Listing (DIR
dlcnt10.zip13KDLCOUNT; File Download Counter for Spitfire Bulletin Board Systems. Reads the CALLERS.LOG file and adds a line to file descriptions reporting the total number of times the file has been downloaded and the date of the last download.
dogf207b.zip99KSpitFire <-> Fido Message Import/Export V2.07
doggy1.zip3,905BTHOUGHT.BBS about Dogs and AKC For Spitfire Bulletin Board Systems y
doork10.zip45KDoorknob door manager and menu v1.0.
dsadj20.zip10KDSADJ v2.0 DOOR.SYS Security level adjuster. Change security level in DOOR.SYS just prior to running a door. Sec level is changed ONLY for that one door, giving that caller special access in one area of your BBS. DSADJ now also returns errorlevel, so that you can branch to different levels in your batch files, and execute items based on WHO is online. Nice for use in SFLOGON.BAT files.
dstats21.zip21KDeluxe Statistics v2.10; Will easily create nine colorful statistical screens for SpitFire BBS v3.3 Stats, graphs, Top 15 Users
dtrak16.zip12KDoor Usage Tracker v1.6; A Door Usage Bulletin Generator for Spitfire BBS
edd10.zip13KHave Daily Events Only Execute Certain Days
eval2.zip3,097BAn Evaluation Of SpitFire BBS Software
eventime.zip33KRun A Program Once A Day Every 24 Hours! Schedules 1 Event, Cycle Thru Or Stop After Event Has Executed.
exnews11.zip36KEXNEWS v1.1 - Fully Configurable News Bulletin Generator. Adds ANSI & ASCI Newsletters to your SF BBS. Configure as an event! By: Excalibar Software (c) 1993
ezcabbs.zip20KDozens Of Screen Images Of A New SpitFire BBS In Phoenix Area. Each Image Is Organized By Topic To Provide A Tour Of This BBS.
ezstat22.zip43K+-------------------------------------+ | EZSTAT v2.2 | | (C)1994 Heavenware Software | | For any EZrom or SFrom user. | | Allows you to easily view or change | | your ezrom.mas or sfrom.mas file. | | NOW SUPPORTS MULTIPLE CD'S!!! | +-------------------------------------+
farea10.zip7,573BExport SF's Filearea Paths To Batch File(S). With/Without Command Line, Parameters, Cd\, And More. Must Have This One. Saves Alot Of Typing!
farmrat3.zip38KUpload/Download Ratio Program. Passes A Errorlevel With A Optional Security Code Entry.
fastl10.zip10KFAST!L10 Designed specifically for use with Spitfire Bulletin Boards to generate ANSI and ASCII display files of the 10 most recent callers to your BBS. The display files that the program creates show a printed report coming from a printer, listing the last 10 callers. The ANSI file is animated, simulating line feeds as each caller is listed.
faxsetup.zip1,522BInformation Regarding, Spitfire 3.5 And The Infotel 14.4 Data/Fax Modem. Explains The Setup To Work With BOTH The Data And Fax
fboxsf1a.zip111KFile Box! For Spitfire 3x v1.1a; Fast Private File System! Many Features! ANSI and More!
fdsfmain.zip16KFDSFMAIN; (Front Door, Spitfire Maintenance) makes it easy to review log files, users, and various other things for Spitfire and Front Door from the Waiting for call prompt.
ffst_802.zip33KFireFox Scanner/Tosser version 0.08.02 The main Fido-Mail processor. Gives 100% support for Spitfire as HUB. Needs FireFox Setup Utility 0.08.02.
ffsu_803.zip63KFireFox Setup Utility version 0.08.03 Main program to configure and setup all the FireFox programs.
fftp_804.zip32KFireFox .TIC-file Processor version 0.08.04 The main TIC processor. Gives 100% support for Spitfire as HUB. Needs FireFox Setup Utility 0.08.02.
fhlasten.zip47KVery Fast Last Ten Callers Program For SF! Nice! Sysop Configurable!
fhts100.zip93KA Door For SF SysOps to use the TABS 900 # Billing Service in conjunction with the built-in subscription system within SF. v1.00 DV Aware, RIP Support, Handles $10 & $25 ID's. From FireHawk Software
file12.zip9,078BNew Routines On File.EXE From Sparkware Good Info On Your SpitFire File Area Dat
file3110.zip15KCPL's File management Utility
filelst.zip8,485BMakes A Detailed File Area Description For SpitFire (FILST.BBS,CLR) Does Many Securities At Once And It's Fast!
files2sf.zip7,993BConvert Files.BBS To SFFILES.BBS. Useful For Tic And/Or People Changing BBS To SpitFire And/Or Running Multi BBS's
filesupd.zip7,771BUpdate SFFILES Date And File Sizes On The Fly. Can Be Run As Event
files_sf.zip7,565B(v1.0) Convert FILES.BBS To SFFILES.* Some CD-Roms Utilize A File Named FILES.BBS To List Files With A Description. This Utility Will Convert Such FILES.BBS To SPITFIRE's SFFILES.*
finduser.zip11KSpitFire Util Helps Find A User In User File
fllst10.zip15KFilelist All-Files List Generator For SpitFire And Like BBS Systems
fm108b.zip127KFreemail Mail Tosser V1.08 Excellent!
fm110a3.zip138KFreemail v1.10a3 Spitfire Fido Mail tosser.
fm20.zip97KFile Manager 2.0 - File area manager for SF. Supports multi-line descriptions. Includes mouse support, file locking/sharing, Windows and DesQview aware, flexible sorts, and CD-ROM file area support. Can handle SFFILES up to 16,384 lines, 200 file areas. Functions include add, delete, rename, and move files. Custom configurations. Registration: $15
focht.zip25KDisplay Files From 'The Kachina BBS' - Nice
forbid1.zip89KSFRom config files for Forbidden Subjects CD
fqsf10.zip37KFastQuote v1.0 For Spitfire 3.x Systems; Creates Nice ANSI/ASCII Display of one line Quotes! FAST! Many Extras!
fs-12.zip33KFILESTAT v1.2 SFFILES.BBS Utility for SF. Appends File Descriptions With Number of Files Inside Each ZIP/ARJ File, Oldest & Newest File Dates. AUTO-TRUNCATE SWITCH!
fs_20.zip18KFILESTAT v2.0 SFFILES.BBS Utility for SF 3.5+. Appends File Descriptions With Number of Files Inside Each ZIP/ARJ File, Oldest & Newest File Dates Based On Date Of Actual Files Inside the Archive. Does NOT Use the Archive Date Itself!
fungood.zip745BGoodbye Screen For The Funny Farm BBS In Lincoln Nebraska
funnyfrm.zip943BAnsi Screen Used On The Funny Farm Bbs!
getnet11.zip9,140BGETNET11 v1.10 Telix Script For SFNET. Checks For Waiting File, Frontend Mailer, & BFE Carousel. Logs Transfer Errors. Definable Log Files. Auto Delete Of Reply Packet Upon Successful Upload, ETC.....
gh113f.zip39K+-[ GHeader ver1.13f Spitfire Util ]-+ | A great Spitfire Utility designed | | to create FILST & MGLST, | | an All Files Listing, and Headers | | for your SFFILES.BBS files. Works | | with Spitfire 3.5 and easy to use. | | **Free** Written By Lon E. Green | +------------------------------------+
grin12.zip15KGRIN 1.2 -- The step after Smiley! -- - Fixes SFFILES.BBS after Tick is done. - No New Configuration files needed! - Reads TIC.CFG for all information - Imports FILE_ID.DIZ from ZIP, ARJ, LZH.
gszwh103.zip38KWho is downloading using GSZ in SPITFIRE
hbday12.zip9,595BNew Bulletin Maker Of Callers With Birthdays This Month.. Lot's Of Changes!
hourerr.zip3,487BRotate Display Files And Configuration Files Change The Appearance Of Your Board Each Hour
hsldr33b.zip100KHS/Link protocol door for Spitfire BBS
hswho104.zip39KSpitFire Utility to Display User Info while their Up/Downloading files. Release Version HSWHO.EXE v1.04c ** Part of a New type of Utilities written by a SpitFire BBS SysOp who wants to see more people creating Inexpensive Add-Ons for our BBSi
hvymtclr.zip12KHeavy Metal BBS Ansi Clr Screens. Excellent Will Give You Ideas.
icomsf35.zip1,637BThis is an Intellicom BIF file for Spitfire v3.5 and Lakota v1.4. I tested it successfully on Buffalo Creek BBS. It will need to be modified if you are using JetMail. The BIF included in the Intellicom distribution files for SF 3.4 do not work properly with current setups.
inansi.zip106KA select collection of ANSI screens from the Internnational ANSI Art Echo. Some pretty new stuff from some well known ANSI artists!
info_sf.zip35KList of SpitFire Boards and SpitFire Utilities Available
jet114.zip152KThe Complete 1.14 Version Of Jetmail .Qwk Door For SpitFire.
jnet100.zip59KJNet v1.00; QWK-style network echo software for Spitfire BBS
kreader.zip220KKREADER - The first Mail reader designed soley for SF users. Circuit Net Node routing built in, Windows type interface, supports spell checkers, Ansi screens, RIP viewers.
kudos.zip3,782BRemarks from SpitFire Sysops about SpitFire BBS Software and support.
lakota.zip20KLAKOTA QWK SPITFIRE Mail Door v1.1f - Small, Fast and powerful.
last1-32.zip55KLast Caller Bulletin Maker V3.2 Good!
last1210.zip10KA better, new last 12 caller utility for Spitfire. Much more info.
last1_on.zip16KProduces Bulletin Of Last 1 To 999 Callers On With Many Configuration Options
lastin.zip17KLastin! v0.1b, Spitfire BBS Bulletin Generator for The Last Caller In....... $1.00 registration!
lastuser.zip67KLast Ten Callers Bulletin Generator
last_112.zip74KSpitFire LAST-TEN Callers Stat v1.12d ** Part of a New type of Utilities written by a SpitFire BBS SysOp who wants to see more people creating Inexpensive Add-Ons for our BBSi
ldcaller.zip4,894BLdcaller (Long Distance Callers) makes a display your users that are outside your area code. Run in batch files or as an event.
leech11.zip11KSF-Leech v1.1; Upload/Download checker with Turbo Pascal Source code.
lf_31fix.zip41K+-< SFLAST5 version 3.2>------------+ | This will update version 3.1 of | | SFLAST5 to v3.2 - bug fix only | +-----------------------------------+
livechat.zip48KChat Voice W/User On SpitFire BBS Systems
logger12.zip53KLOGGER 1.2 A Product of the MORONIHAH BBS. LOGGER will run any desired event on the day you choose. Can be configured for day, month and day, or year, month and day. Possiblities are endless to what this utility can do for your BBS. Give it a TRY!
logo100b.zip26KSF Sysops! Now You Can Load That New Header Ad Into Every ZIP File In Every Non-Cd File Area With One Call To This Program.
lstrip11.zip36KSF Last Ten RIP Creation! v1.1. Creates A Nice RIP Display Of The Last Ten Callers. Freeware! Now with Security Blocking.
lstrun20.zip23KCreates Bulletin With Date & Time Of Last Mail Run For Up To 8 Networks
lstusr09.zip25KLASTUSER: Beta .90 The On-line Last few user displayer. It gives a brief summary of the last few callers as well as tell you how many have called since your last call. Built in FOSSIL support as well as internal COM routines. Supports any DOOR.SYS system.
mailsf12.zip40KMAILCALL - Spitfire Mail Analyzer & Bulletin Creator. Good for all all SF v3.x callers.logs, detects Lakota, SFMail & JetMail doors. By: Excalibar Software (C) 1993
master20.zip51K+-------[ NEWS MASTER v2.0 ]----------+ | News Bulletin generator for Spitfire, RA,| | Wildcat and others. Creates ANSI/ASCII | | news bulletins. 9 formats to choose from | | Fast and easy to use and setup. Uses your| | favorite text editor. It Allows multiple | | entries in the same file. Saves entry to | | top or bottom of file, and when the max | | configured number is reached it deletes | | the oldest entry automatically. View your| | newsletter without leaving the program. | | Head
mastr20.zip50K+-------[ NEWS MASTER v2.0 ]----------+ | News Bulletin generator for Spitfire, RA,| | Wildcat and others. Creates ANSI/ASCII | | news bulletins. 9 formats to choose from | | Fast and easy to use and setup. Uses your| | favorite text editor. It Allows multiple | | entries in the same file. Saves entry to | | top or bottom of file, and when the max | | configured number is reached it deletes | | the oldest entry automatically. View your| | newsletter without leaving the program. | | Head
matchusr.zip9K************* MATCHUSR *************** Sysops can enable or disable door access with this program. It works with any DOOR.SYS Compatible BBS Only $3.00 to Register!
mc13.zip47KMESSAGE COUNT 1.31 NEW & IMPROVED features! Over 80% faster and now produces RIP Bulletin! MESSAGE COUNT will make a Top 10 bulletin of messages written. Includes message written via QWK programs also!
mess12.zip9,214BGood Info On Your SPITFIRE Message Conf Dat
messb10.zip114K+-| Message In The Bottle (SF 3.X) |--+ |FREEWARE VERSION! Now Your Users Can | |Leave A Thought To The Next Caller! | +-------------------------------------+
mglst201.zip33KSFMGLST v2.01; creates MGLST.BBS/CLR files for all your SPITFIRE BBS conference areas. Each conference having conference area #, description, Net, Msg type, and total active messages listed
mkflst13.zip10KCreate Filst.BBS/CLR Files For SpitFire
mksff101.zip10KCreates SFFILES.BBS As A DOS-Command Or Event
mksffbbs.zip18K(v2.2) Create & Maintain SPITFIRE's SFFILES - Multi-line File Description Support - - $0.00 Registration Fee - - FILE_ID.DIZ Support - - CD-ROM Support - - Simple To Use -
mksfls26.zip18KUpdate Of Files & Message List
mksf_301.zip54K =-= MKSFList Version 3.01 =-= SF Area List/File List/Header Creator Generates: * FILST.BBS/CLR * MGLST.BBS/CLR * SFFILES.BBS Headers 3 Types Currently, More To Come! * Complete File Listing, W/Appropriate Security Switches. CyberTech Software (408)267-0631/0326
mmenu10a.zip62K* MultiMenu 1.00 Menu Door for ANY BBS. * UART, FOSSIL, DigiBoard, or local mode. * DOOR.SYS, DORINFOx.DEF, SFFILES.DAT. * Run up to 254 Doors. Access control by * security, age, baud, password.
momurphy.zip40KMore Murphy's Laws For Thoughts.BBS
mqwk15a.zip58K+---| MicroQwk version 1.5 |----------+ | MicroQwk Offilne Mail Reader 1.5 | | Offers offline control of mail and | | messaging needs using QWK mail. | | Improved features when used with | | Spitfire BBS's and Lakota. Now | | supports routed SFNET mail when | | used with Lakota ver 1.4 and above. | | (c) MicroDuc Sofware 1993-1994 | +-------------------------------------+
msgcrd-1.zip94KMessage Credit 1.0 for Spitfire 3.x. Gives your users credit for messages. Knows difference between netmail and local, public and private, spitfire and mail reader door messages. You control every feature once its registered. Be sure to get Message Credit Log On 1.0 also.
msgcrd-2.zip55KMessage Credit Log On 1.0 for Spitfire 3.x!!! To be used with Message Credit. The Message Credit program gives your users credits for messages that they leave. You can control every feature in this program, once its registered! Sends a message to your user telling them the number of credits they got. Credits are stored in the Spitfire user file as uploads. Even knows the difference between public and private, netmail and local Spitfire messages and reader door messages
msidl30.zip37KDownloaded Files Report Generator for Spitfire BBS Systems
msiul30.zip37KUploaded Files Report Generator for Spitfire BBS Systems
msiupro.zip42KUser Profile Report Generator for Spitfire BBS Systems
mstrbv10.zip19K+------------ MasterB --------------+ |ThunderStorm Software presents....| |Master-B, THE bulletin-menu manager.| |This program will create both/either| |ANSI and ASCII displays for your| |bulletins. The created display-files| |show the descriptions and last date| |updated of all your bulletins. Fast,| |highly configurable for use on any BBS| |with the standard 1-99 numbering system| |for bulletins. Next version will| |support user-definable names for eac
murthot.zip12KMurphy's Laws generator for Quote of the Day on SPITFIRE BBS's. Can be used in .bat files for personal use also.
music11.zip6,905BFamous Song Quotes THOUGHTS.BBS Version 1.1
newies4.zip112K --= NEWIES 4.0 =-- Creates NEWS Bulletins \ Screen Bulletins for Spitfire BBS, WildCat, TRIBBS, PCBoard and more! Produces ASCII, ANSI and RIP Screen! Fully configurable colors allow you to make just the right Newsletter, Bulletin you want for your BBS. Even supports solid background colors! Now with its own EDITOR! ALOT of NEW FEATURES and IMPROVEMENTS! A Product of The MORONIHAH BBS. FIDO @1:3657/5. Lastest release FREQ'able under the MAGIC name of NEWIES.
newusers.zip3,754BMakes A Display To List And Welcome New Users
nextc-15.zip21KLeave Thot / Comment For Next Call. Most Bbs's Good For Sflogon.BAT. Supports All High speed Modem Options.
node12.zip10KNew Routines On Your Node.EXE From Sparkware Good Infor On SPITFIRE Node.DAT
nodebusy.zip5,889BNodeBusy version 1.0 An utility to remove or set the maintanece flag in the SFWHOSON.DAT file. Very simple yuo use... ***** FreeWare ***** Source inc.
nodelog.zip40KMonitor Your Rime Conf Usage With Bulletins
nodesf1.zip8,351BCaller Per Node Display For SF Multi's
number.zip10KCreate User Specific Display Files
patrol.zip12KSpitFire Leech Patrol Mod SF-Leech W/Src
pcb_sf.zip11KConvert PCBoard Users File To SpitFire BBS
pick3.zip48KPick Three Gamble Your Log On Time Door For Spitfire BBS Systems. Very Easy To Set Up And Play. Should Work On Almost Any Com Set Up. Share Ware But Not Crippled. Enjoy! Recompiled On 11-15-94 Fixes Small Bug.
pick_mov.zip49KPick and Move (Pick&Mov); manage the new uploads to a Spitfire bbs where multi-line file descriptions are used.
pmstr101.zip40KPortmeister 1.01 PC comm port lock and unlock utility for Spitfire 3.x BBS. Change computer-to-modem (DTE/DCE) speed on the fly. Fast and easy. By Mike Robinson.
postmsg.zip31KPOSTMSG v1 for Spitfire 3.x
pr_sf1.zip43K+------ Pass Right for Spitfire v1.0 ------+ | Add another password to Spitfire! This | | prompts caller for a password using | | sfdoors.dat, allowing user to continue | | on the bbs if right, or dropping | | carrier if wrong. Great for adding an | | extra system password. Many options | | for custom displays, security level | | checking, and local logons. | +------------------------------------------+
pt-101.zip23KPrevTen v1.0 Last Caller Utility for SpitFire BBS Systems.
ptrlook.zip8,646BLook At SFmsgxxx.Ptr Files (SpitFire BBS) Informative SpitFire Message Header Viewer.
qkmenu11.zip16KMake SpitFire Menus By Security Level.
quick33b.zip39KQuickie! Screen Rotator For SpitFire BBS! Rotates Welcome And Goodbye Screens.
quickie.zip7,626BSpitFire Bulletin/Welcome Display Creator
qwik-sf2.zip7,087BQwik SpitFire News Generator. Good For Those Fast Jobs
ratio111.zip31KSpitfire BBS RATIO checker/upgrader/degrader
ra_sf.zip9,460BConvert Remote Access BBS Users File To SpitFire BBS SFUSERS.DAT
rbbs_sf.zip11K(v1.4) Converts RBBS v16.0 - v17.4 Users File To SPITFIRE v3.? SFUSERS.DAT
readsf_c.zip15KC Source code To Read SpitFire SFMAIN.DAT
redneck.zip2,995BThoughts.BBS for Spitfire BBS of Jeff Foxworthy's "You might be a redneck if.." Just something a little different.
renumsg.zip10KSpitfire utility to renumber messages.
reqbull1.zip7,425BRequest Bulletin works with Mike Robinson's EZRom Door. Request Bulletin is a program that writes a bulletin telling the users that have requested files, that you have filled the request and they are ready for download. It should work with any BBS that will display bulletins.
rip_vtg.zip90K+-[ RIP SCREENS ]-------------------------+ | 81 Nice Looking Screens Examples For | | Use With RIP Spitfire BBS 3.4 . | +-----------------------------------------+
rushthts.zip3,639BQuotes from Rush Limbaugh in Thoughts.bbs form. Most quotes are from his bestseller The Way Things Ought to Be.
s2tritel.zip18Kconvert SpitFire BBS SFUSERS.DAT to TriTel USERS.DAT.
samples.zip80KSample Display Files For SpitFire BBS
screens1.zip12KRotate WELCOME-GOODBYE Screens SpitFire BBS
scutrv20.zip72KScuba Diving Trivia Door v2.0 for Spitfire and Other BBSs. Database contains over 500 questions related to the Sport of Scuba Diving. Test your knowledge and share a Top Ten High Score Rating.
seclevel.zip6,709BSearch SpitFire BBS Users By Security Level.
seelist1.zip5,524BSEELIST v1.0 Another Spitfire utility by 2GUYS Software!!! Do you like to keep track of the users that call your BBS and your CALLERS.LOG is just too long to read everyday. Then try this, it makes a log file of the name of the user and the date the called on.
seeya.zip1,408BGreat Looking Goodbye.Clr/BBS Screen
setdate.zip5,015BSet File Date In SFFILES To Whatever you want
sf-faq3.zip33K+--SPITFIRE FREQUENT QUESTIONS #3---+ | This is Part Three of an ongoing | | SPITFIRE FREQUENTLY ASKED | | QUESTIONS library! | | If you have a question relating | | to SPITFIRE or it's third party | | utilities, check this file first, | | as MIKE WOLTZ and others may have | | already answered your question | | previously to another SysOp with | | similar "problems" to yours. | | Compiled by Tony Jones | | Southern Cross BBS, Tasmania | | Aus
sf-subs.zip24KEEE The Spitfire Subscription Door EEE A door written for SPITFIRE where the Sysop can except credit cards online for subscriptions! Completely Sysop configurable. Set cost, security level, and time online. INSTANT GRATIFICATION for your users! 2Guys Software - 1:115/382
sf01-93.zip10KSPITFIRE Support Newsletter - January 1993
sf01-95.zip11K +-------------------------------+ | SPITFIRE Support Newsletter | | "Keeping In Touch" | | January 1995 | +-------------------------------+
sf02-93.zip9,983BSPITFIRE Support Newsletter - February 1993
sf02-95.zip11K +-------------------------------+ | SPITFIRE Support Newsletter | | "Keeping In Touch" | | February 1995 | +-------------------------------+
sf03-93.zip11KSPITFIRE Support Newsletter - March 1993
sf03-95.zip9,923B +-------------------------------+ | SPITFIRE Support Newsletter | | "Keeping In Touch" | | March 1995 | +-------------------------------+
sf04-93.zip14KSPITFIRE Support Newsletter - April 1993
sf05-93.zip10KSPITFIRE Support Newsletter - May 1993
sf06-93.zip10KSPITFIRE Support Newsletter - June 1993
sf09-94.zip12K +-------------------------------+ | SPITFIRE Support Newsletter | | "Keeping In Touch" | | September 1994 Issue | +-------------------------------+
sf10-93.zip9,725BKeeping in Touch - SPITFIRE Monthly Support Newsletter for registered SPITFIRE Sysops!
sf10-94.zip12K +-------------------------------+ | SPITFIRE Support Newsletter | | "Keeping In Touch" | | October 1994 Issue | +-------------------------------+
sf11-94.zip9,421BSPITFIRE Support Newsletter "Keeping In Touch" November 1994 Issue
sf12-94.zip10KSPITFIRE Support Newsletter "Keeping In Touch" December 1994 Issue
sf2files.zip6,628BConvert Sffiles.BBS To Files.Bbs! Useful For Tic And/Or People Running Multi-Bbs's
sf2pb.zip20KConverts Spitfire 3.x user file to ProBoard 2.x user file. Freeware!
sf2pcb10.zip23KSF2PCB Version 1.0 - File directory listing conversion utility to convert Spitfire 3.x file lists to PCBoard 14.x file lists. Makes converting your Spitfire system to PCBoard quick and easy!
sf2sre10.zip38KConverts SFDOORS.DAT To Doorfile.Sr. For Bre, Sre, Ac6, Lea, Etc. Fast! Version 1.0
sf34-1.zip208K+-[ SPITFIRE Bulletin Board System ]-+ | Version 3.4 - Disk 1 - System Disk | +------------------------------------+
sf34-2.zip288K+-[ SPITFIRE Bulletin Board System ]-+ | v3.4 - Disk 2 - Utililty/DOC Disk | +------------------------------------+
sf34_35.zip10KConverts Spitfire v3.4 to 3.5
sf35-1.zip233K+-[ SPITFIRE Bulletin Board System ]-+ | Version 3.5 - Disk 1 - System Disk | +------------------------------------+
sf35-2.zip265K+-[ SPITFIRE Bulletin Board System ]-+ | v3.5 - Disk 2 - Utililty/DOC Disk | +------------------------------------+
sf35bk24.zip86K+--------->SF35BACK v2.4<----------+ | SPITFIRE v3.5 BACKUP/RESTORATION | | Uses PKZIP. Can be run as Event, | | or Manually. | | International Date Format and | | Path Configurable. "Audio Alert" | H for Backup/Restoration Complete. H O Reports Viewer. This version O N uses the DOS SET variable for N E more reliable backup config. E S Written by Spitfire SysOp S T Southern Cross BBS T | Tasmania, Australia | W Ph +61-03-432302
sf3tb510.zip25KSF3XTB5X 1.0 - Spitfire 3.x to TriBBS 5.x user file converter.
sfadfl15.zip56KAddfiles v1.15; Automatically uploads files to your SPITFIRE BBS if they contain a FILE_ID.DIZ or DESC.SDI. Minor update and bug fix. No more sound effects.
sfadsum1.zip47KSFADSUM v1.0; SFFILES.BBS Enhancement Utility
sfame070.zip211K======== SFAME v.70 ========= SF Full Screen Message Editor Supports 30000+ conferences, Aliases, QWK Packets, Doors, File Attaches, Logon Scan, Spell Checker, Address Books. =============================
sfantrv2.zip58KSpitFire BBS Animal Trivia Door!
sfarea.zip8,284BFile Area Manager For SpitFire BBS
sfareas.zip14KSFArea is a very powerful SFFILES.BBS handler, it will do bunches of things
sfask3_5.zip27KBug Fix For Askit Version 3.0. Corrects Problem Of No Local Display.
sfasl10.zip29KSFADJSL; Allows the Spitfire SysOp to change all the users with a certain security level to a different level.
sfasst35.zip117KStand-Alone SpitFire Configuration Tool
sfatm201.zip47KSpitfire ATM v2.0; Spitfire ATM is a time bank and more for Spitfire BBS systems.
sfatm210.zip57KSpitfire ATM 2.10/RIP, The best Time Bank for SPITFIRE keeps on improving! Fully SF3.4 RIP supported, Basic Time & Byte Bank. Amazingly low $8 registration gives you Investments, Group Accounts, Full Lotto Access, Complete Usage Logging, ATMEDIT 2.0, and NOW a full SLOT MACHINE! Easy to set up! Give your users the BEST, give them SFATM.
sfauto12.zip21KSFAUTO v1.20; A Simple Utility that will manage Subscription security levels and more!
sfavlpvt.zip17KPrivate File / Sysop Available Program For SPITFIRE. Works With SFlogon.BAT Or SFsecx.BAT
sfaz100.zip9,324B+-----------------------------------+ | *-=E] SFANSIZIP ver1.00 [E=-* | | AFANSIZIP will ZIP the important | | C:\SF\DISPLAY files and move the | | ZIP file to a directory for safe | | keeping. A must for ALL SF Sysops.| | Run as an event or from the DOS | | Prompt. "Low Dough" Registration! | +-----------------------------------+
sfbacker.zip75KAn Australian SpitFire Utility Very Easy To use Backup System For SpitFire Files
sfbank31.zip38KSFBANK Door v3; Allow users to deposit "time" into a bank. This time is subtracted from their current session. When they need to, they are able to withdraw time so they have more time for that session.
sfbaud10.zip5,609BReturn DOS ERRORLEVEL for baud rate in SPITFIRE batch files (SFDOORS.DAT, SFMAIN.DAT) for multiple configuration based on baud rate. FREEWARE!
sfbbltrv.zip89KOnline bible trivia door for Spitfire BBS.
sfbbslst.zip28KSpitFire BBS list of Registered Systems
sfbbstrv.zip42KSF BBS Online Trivia Game. Test Your BBS Knowledge.
sfbday10.zip9,166BMake A Bulletin Of All Your B-Day People
sfbd_amc.zip27KAutomatic Month Changer For Sfbday10.ZIP A Must For Sfbday Sysops!
sfbimode.zip1,549BSample Files To Run Bi-Modem With SpitFire
sfbirth2.zip13K+- SFBIRTH Version 1.10 -----------------+ | SFBIRTH Will Creat BBS/CLR Display | | Files Of Users Birthdays. FreeWare | +--------------------[Hidden Software]---+
sfbk.zip1,340BFast Way To Backup Vital SpitFire System/Data Files before you have a problem
sfbltn.zip35KShow News File Only When Changed (SpitFire)
sfbmlg20.zip17KSpitFire BBS Bimodem Interface v2.0
sfbull13.zip36K-------------- SFBULLS V1.03 ---------------- Spitfire Bulletin Creator! Reads from Callers.log to make any of 5 bulletins: New Uploads, New Users, & Statistics & MORE! Only $1.00 to Register! From T&T Software....NEW!
sfcall10.zip57KLast 10 Callers Utility; Uses No Extended Display Characters In Display File, So Suitable For Users With Dumb Terminals, Hand-Helds With No Emulation.
sfcantrv.zip54KCanadian Trivia Door for SpitFire BBS, Over 500 Questions!
sfcat20.zip37KCatchem 2.0; Sort Up To 5000 User SFUSERS.DAT, Completely Revamped. Catch Those Sneaky Users!
sfcb13.zip318K+----[ SFCB - Spitfire Call-Back V 1.3 ]--+ | The ORIGINAL call back door for SF BBS'  | Validate/verify users automatically by # | modem. See README.DOC for features list. +-----------------------------------------+ Shareware (c) 1993 Richard Sleegers and RSW
sfcdata.zip40KSpitFire Utility... Makes Color & Non Color Bulletins. SFcallerdata V1.0
sfcdfa.zip9,651B+-[ SFCDFA v1.0 ]-------------------------+ | SPITFIRE CD-Rom Utility * Automatically | | Adds/Deletes File Areas - Hours Saved | +--------------[ Buffalo Creek Software ]-+
sfcharge.zip91KSF-CHARGE v1.1 { Spitfire BBS's Only! } This Door used in conjunction with Dragon Business Services, Inc. Will Allow You to take Master Card, Visa, American Exp., ELECTRONIC CHECKING/SAVINGS ACCOUNT WITHDRAWS, orders on your BBS! If you want to make money on your bbs, check this out! Very Powerful, Friendly Program. Written by: Scott Mckay ---- FULL VOICE SUPPORT -----
sfchkd31.zip24KSFCHKUD V3.1 - Many Enhancements!
sfchkup.zip15KSFCHKUP v2.4; SPITFIRE BBS Utility From BCS Use To Test Integrity Of Uploads
sfcln101.zip15KSFCLEAN v1.01; SpitFire File Listing Clean-Up Utility (Eliminates Dupes, Verifies File Time & And Date, And Existance, And Alphabetizes).
sfclu12.zip11KSpitfire callers log update utility.
sfcmb15.zip20KSFCMB v1.5 Spitfire Clean Message Base. Cleans up your message base by searching for offensive, profane, or unwanted text. Searches Message Body, TO:, FROM:, and SUBJECT: fields in the header. Option to either flag for deletion, or mask the unwanted text. Can use optional sysop-created word list.
sfcnf101.zip15KSpitFire BBS Conference Usage Bulletin Maker
sfconvrg.zip19KSpitFire Utility To Create "Allfiles" List. Supports Multi-Line Descriptions. Fast And Cheap. Run As Event W/O Register.
sfcsl30.zip17KChange User's Security And Logon Time
sfd-rule.zip1,940B+-[ SFD-RULES v1.0 ]----------------------+ | SPITFIRE FileEcho Distribution Rules | +--------------[ The Omega One BBS ]-+
sfdays.zip4,545BUse With SF Event To Execute A Program Any Day(s) Of The Month - i.e.- Enable An Event To Be Executed On Any Specific Date(s) During A Month
sfde10.zip11KDisable SpitFire Event From Command Line
sfdel260.zip30KCHECKDEL.EXE and RM.EXE will safely delete files. version 2.50
sfdfc10.zip13KSFDFC v1.0 * SPITFIRE Duplicate File Checker Builds Database Of Online Files, CD-Rom, Or Tape Doors * Use As As A CRC Checker To Prevent And Find Duplicate Files On A SF BBS
sfdirmkr.zip4,757BSimple Help Program For New SpitFire Sysops
sfdirtot.zip42KAdds Bytes & Files Totals Line To SFFILES.BBS
sfdiz.zip9,768B+-[ SFDIZ v1.0 ]----------------------+ | Alters SPITFIRE's SFFILES.BBS file | | description by use of FILE_ID.DIZ. | +----------[ Buffalo Creek Software ]-+
sfdnc31.zip23KSpitfire Download Counter v3.10. Adds # of Downloads to file descriptions. Very easy to use and setup. If you're a Spitfire sysop you need to download this now!
sfdnlst2.zip58KSFDNLST v2.0 for SpitFire BBS's will make a list of new files since a specific date for callers to download... It offers the option for the caller to have the list zipped or arj'd first. They can also view the list before downloading it. Very colorful and unique... The protocols are totally configurable by the sysop!!! For SpitFire version 3.5 only. *** From L&K SoftWare ***
sfdonate.zip15K************ SFDONATE V1.50 ************** Create A Colorful Bulletin Of Users That Have Donated To Your BBS. (Reads From the Sfusers.dat File). * $1.00 or FREE *
sfdoor.zip5,866BCreate & Maintain SFDOOR.MNU For SpitFire BBS
sfdown15.zip14KCreates Allfiles.TXT & Cd_Files.Txt And Compresses Optionally. Multi-Line Support!
sfdp_10e.zip28KSpitFire Download Processor v1.0e; Add Number Of Times Downloaded To File Descriptions. Fastest And Free-Est Simple And Easy To Use. Complete Support.
sfdrlk12.zip30KDoorLock v1.2: Lock Anyone Out Of Any Door, Plus Give Them The Reason Why! Can Be Used For More Than One Door. For Spitfire v3.5+. Easy To Use And Setup. Has Split Screen Chat Mode And Other Sysop Functions.
sfdrst10.zip9,575BSpitFire Door Stats v1.0; Creates Bulletins Of Door Usage From The Callers.Log.
sfdsplay.zip6,862BSFDSPLAY v1.0; This utility makes it easy to edit menus for Spitfire BBS by allowing you to edit ONE menu and SFDSPLAY creates the remaining menus desired. SFDSPLAY supports MAIN, FILE, MSG and SFDR menus and up to 20 security levels.
sfdtlog.zip10KSfdtlog v1.0; Will Save Log Files Or Sysop Set Files To The Format Of ??mmddyy.ZIP, The ?? Are Defined Settings. Useful, Saves Disk Space Yet Saves Logs!
sfdw101e.zip38KSpitFire; Display Who Is Online At Logon Name, From, Bps Rate, Sec Lvl, Times On FAST
sfedit03.zip21KSFedit v0.03; Allows Updating Of Message Flags with SpitFire BBS
sfedit34.zip34KSFEDIT34 - Edit and add to your SFUSERs without going into SF. Easy to use, Lots of nice features, file picking for Special downloads. only $1.00 to reg.
sfem1000.zip89K+----------- SFE-mail v1.0 ------------+ | | | * Complete Internet e-mail solution | | for Spitfire 3.x | | * No UUCP account needed! | | * International faxing via Internet | | * Seamless integration with SF | | * VERY EASY to set up and run | | * Download today, e-mail tonight! | | * 24 hour support BBS (1:108/370) | | * On-line registration (Visa/MC/Amex)| | | +-- Shar
sfemb047.zip250K>> SF Enhanced Message Base, 0.47 << Text Search 1 or ALL Conferences! Better message base! Easier message reader! Instant "Zignatures". Over 200 taglines can be defined for each user! Inteligent netmail route Guessing! This is the original full screen message editor/reader for Spitfire. Integrates fully with SF and is Easy to use and setup! This archive also includes a limited release of EMB-DPMI, a DPMI version of SFEMB. Use at your own risk. Registration is $10, but is not required.
sfeom100.zip14KProcess SpitFiresS Log Files At End Of Month,... A Sleep Saver!
sfexmnu.zip5,369BSFEXMNU; "Push Button" Look Menu's for SFEXTEND for Spitfire Bulletin Board Systems
sfextbul.zip15KBulletin Generator, Use Under SFMNUEXT!
sffafix.zip2,200BSFFAFIX v1.0; Designed to work with a SpitFire Bulletin Board System. The purpose is to rewrite a SFFAREA.DAT file correcting the configured files paths within.
sffam13.zip73KSF-FAM v1.3; Spitfire file manager for the Spitfire Bullitin Board. It fully supports file sharing. It fully supports Spitfire defined CD-ROM file areas, and file areas not defined by Spitfire.
sffam213.zip91K+------------ SF-FAM 2.13 -------------+ | Spitfire 3.5 File Area Manager | |Includes complete SFFAREA.DAT editor. | |Support for multi-node,CDROM,offline | |files,moving,copying,editing,sorting. | |Can run as an event, and utilize the | |FILE_ID.DIZ and DESC.SDI files. All | |this and much,much MORE! | +--------------------------------------+
sffast.zip103KCreats BBS/Clr Display Files Showing Daily Usage Graph, And Last 1-1000 Callers (Sysop Configurable) Plus A Sysop Info Screen Showing # Calls Per Day For Last 7 Days
sffdown.zip37KDoor Builds File Listing On The Fly For SpitFire BBS - Multi-Line Description
sffiles.zip122KManager for SpitFire, will save you effort on working on your file areas.
sffilext.zip22KOpen & View ZIP Files
sffl_10.zip53KSFFL v10; SPITFIRE Files Listing Creator Create Allfile & Newfile Listings With Many, Many Options
sffq10.zip51KSPITFIRE Door, Allows The SysOp And Users To Send Files To Each Other. DESQview Aware, 115KBps, Com Ports 1-4. Internal ANSI. Reqs DSZ Or GSZ. By RunRight Software. ($10)
sfgdby33.zip14KRotate GOODBYE Screens!
sfgrfiti.zip54KGrafitti Wall For SpitFire BBS! Sysop Configurable! Nice Diversion From The Norm!
sfgrph10.zip23KSfgraph 1.0: A Great Usage Graph For Sf, Supports 300-16.8 Bps. Multi-Node, Multi Configurations, Color Configurable. Makes Ansi/ASCII Displays. A Must See Utility.
sfhall10.zip7,948BSpitFire BBS Hall Of Shame bulletin maker
sfhdr214.zip32KSFHEADER v2.14; Many Enhancements Since The Last Public Release. Also Now Will Include "Preview" Areas In Filst Screens!
sfhead33.zip42KSFHEAD v3.03; Spitfire FILSTxxx.BBS/.CLR generator. Very Fast!, colorful!, Freeware!
sfhed310.zip56K+-#### SFHEAD v3.10 ####--+ | The ultimate HEADER/ | | FILST generator. Cheap | | Fast, and VERY colorful | | *** BUG FIX RELEASE *** | +-------------------------+
sfhello3.zip13KAutosend New Users A Message in SpitFire BBS
sfhelp.zip18K-*- SFHELP v3.3 -*- Buffalo Creek Software SPITFIRE Program To Create And Maintain The SPITFIRE.HLP File
sfhey.zip573BNice ANSI Screen To Let Users Know The Newsleter Has Been Updated
sfhslink.zip1,535BSample Batch Files To Run HSLink Under SF
sficemod.zip2,651BThis is a "how to" set up IceModem with Spitfire 3.5 file. Includes all batch files. IceModem is a very fast and comprehensive ZModem derivative with lots of extra features.
sfinf120.zip11KCreate User Information Files for SpitFire
sfjbtrv.zip36KSpitfire James Bond Trivia Door Version 1.0 for SF BBS Systems - Multinode Shareware w/ $3.00 Registration
sfjetbul.zip14K------------- SFJETBUL V1.00 ------------- Spitfire Bulletin Creator! Reads from JetMail Log to make a bulletin of Statistics for Sysops who use JetMail! ********* FREEWARE *******************
sfjmodem.zip2,082BBatch Files needed to add J-modem to your external protocols in Spitfire.
sfjoke11.zip9,098BJoke Of The Day For SpitFire BBS. Nice Program. You May Want To Edit The Jokes
sfkmac10.zip16K************* SFKEYMAC V 1.0 *************** SF Sysops can assign strings to function keys or alt-key combinations for chat modes. Only $3.00 to Register!
sflasten.zip5,661B+-[ SFLASTEN - Version 1.4 ]---------+ | Create Last 10 Caller Display File | +------------------------------------+
sflaston.zip3,662BShows The Sysop Who The Last Caller Was To Access Your Board. Appears On The Screen Just Before The SpitFire Ready Prompt.
sflf_301.zip46KSflast5 v3.01; Makes List Of Last 5 Callers To Your SpitFire BBS.
sflf_31.zip50KSFLAST5 v3.1; Create an ASCII and an ANSI file for your SPITFIRE BBS which lists the last callers to your system. SFLAST5 can also be used to create an ASCII and ANSI bulletin which graphically illustrates when users call your system and what bps rate they connect with.
sflgst10.zip14KSFLGST v1.0; A Spitfire Logon Statistic's Display Maker For Today And Yesterday's Stats
sflgst20.zip20K+ SFLGST VERSION 2.00 - [Hidden Software]+ | A Spitfire Logon Statistic's Display | | Maker For Today And Yesterday's Stats. | + Now Includes RIP Graphics Support!-----+
sflist.zip71K+-------------- SFLIST V1.00 --------------+ | Spitfire Door that will create a list of | | files available for download from your | | BBS! Security level aware and will work | | for either Spitfire Versions 3.4 or 3.5! | | Not crippled or nagged in any way! | +---------- $5.00 Registration! -----------+
sflist2.zip9,266BSpitFire BBS All Files List Generator. Supports Multi-Line, Cdrom, And Secured File Areas. Freeware And Very Good. Easy To Use.
sflister.zip6,758BMakes List Of Files For Download For SpitFire BBS, includes Cd-Rom Support.
sflog.zip17KCallers Log Statistical Utility (v1.7)
sflogrpt.zip44KSpitFire Sysop Report Generator; Intended for SpitFire BBS sysops to keep track of exactly what the users are up to. It will generate a report for you that displays several different pieces of information that it obtains from you callers log file.
sfls13.zip24KSFLSTSEC; List Spitfire Users in a Security Level
sflst101.zip107KSF-File v1.01; List & Bulletin Generator
sflst107.zip134KFile List & Bulletin Generator! Ver. 1.07 Supports CD-ROMS, Multi-Line Descriptions including unlimited in Spitfire v3.5. ZIP/ARJ for a few compression programs and includes files/logos inside created filelist and much, much, more.
sflstr20.zip14KCreates An Allfiles List For SpitFire Boards
sfltc14.zip49K+-------------------------------------+ | SFLTC Version 1.04 | | SpitFire Last Ten Callers | | Display Maker | |-------------------------------------| | * Ultra Fast Execution | | * Sysop Configurable Colors | | * 5 Security Level Exclusions | | * Multi Node Capability | | * Low Cost Registration | | | |Archive includes a easy to use SETUP | |program for makin
sflttr.zip2,385BSpitFire Program Authors, Please Read. See How You Can Get You Programs On Line, And Have Them "Delivered" To The Sysop
sfm-350.zip260K ########### ########### ############## # ###### # ## ##### # # ### ### # # # ### # # ### # # # # # # # ######## # #### # # # # # # ######## # # #### # # # # # # ### # # # # # # #### # # # ###### # ## ## ## ## ## ## ########### ###### ###### ###### +---- - . SF-MASTER Version 3.50 . - ----+ | AccuTech Software Is Proud To Announce | | The Release Of SF-MASTER Version 3.50! | | * Full File Manager, Dupe Ca
sfmaf.zip16KMove Ul Files To Chosen Fileareas For SF.
sfmagic2.zip48KSfmagic v.1.02; Complete Sffiles Management. New Features Include, Shell To Dos, Edit A Single Description And Much More! A Must For SpitFire Sysops!
sfmail33.zip135KSFMAIL for SpitFire BBS; The Offline Mail Reader, Offline Mail and Message System
sfmain1.zip1,881BExempt From Ratio Q-Air By Sting.
sfmain2.zip1,804BCo-Sysop Application Q-Air By Sting.
sfmain3.zip3,149BMatch-Maker Q-Air By Sting
sfmain4.zip2,149BNew User Q-Air/Validator By Sting.
sfmchkup.zip4,315BMulti-Node Batch Files For Sfchkup.
sfmenu14.zip53KSFMENU - V1.4 Graphic Menu Generator. Fully Functional Creates ANSI & ASCI SF Menus Per Security Levels. New error control detection added. By:Excalibar Software (c) 1991-93
sfmer20.zip56KSFMERGER ver 2.0 is a Full Feature SFFILES.BBS and SFFILES.XX alphabetizer/sorter and MasterFile Download list maker in one! Now works with SpitFire version 3.5. (WILL NOT WORK WITH SpitFire version 3.4. Use SFMERGER ver 1.6.) A SpitFire Utility Program from the MORONIHAH BBS. FIDO @1:3657/5, SFNET A0205001. Lastest release FREQ'able under the MAGIC name of SFMERGER.
sfmgr133.zip175KComplete SpitFire Management From Dos
sfmklist.zip16KCreate List Of Files For Downloads then ZIP's the file
sfmkmg10.zip10K+-[ SFMKMSG v1.0 * Official Release ]---+ * Automatically Add A Message Into A SF * * Conference As An Event! Useful For * * Placing BBS Ads Automatically Into * * Mail Network. Written By John Kaye * +-[ SFMKMSG v1.0 * Released 01/21/95 ]--+
sfmkmsg1.zip8,400B______-----[ SFMKMSG v1.0b ]-----______ Tired of always going to all the BBS Ads sections on your BBS And Entering Your Ad? Well Then This Utility Is For You! SFMKMSG Will Automatically Enter a Message In A Spitfire Conference As An Event! By: AZ2
sfmnuext.zip31KSPITFIRE Menu Extension v1.5; Use to increase SPITFIRE's door capabilities and menu options to unlimited amounts! Supports RIP!
sfmodems.zip11KList of modems and settings for Spitfire BBS
sfmsgsnp.zip7,260B+-[ SFMSGSNP v1.0 ]-----------------+ | Set All Messages In A Specified | | Conference As Non-Public | +--------[ Buffalo Creek Software ]-+
sfmstr20.zip114K+---0 SF-Master v2.0 Premier Release 0---+ | Powerful & Easy To Use SPITFIRE v3.3 | | Management System! Including Bulletin | | Generators, Flexible Utilities & MORE! | +------------------[AccuTech Software]---+
sfmstr34.zip222KSF-MASTER v3.4!; Complete Spitfire Management System
sfmu21.zip18K+---------------------------+ | SF MULTI VER 2.10 | |---------------------------| | An easy fast and foolproof| | way to rotate your welcome| | display files for Spitfire| | | | FREEWARE | | BY | | Pascal Lachance | +---------------------------+
sfn-104.zip24KSFnews v1.04; SpitFire Newspaper Creater
sfnattrv.zip44KNatural Science Trivia Door for SpitFire
sfnconf.zip1,771BSFNET Conference List as 12/31/94
sfnet.zip5,350BSFNET Qmodem script file
sfnetlst.zip1,221BSF-NET Network Conference list
sfnew16.zip20KSFNEW Will Scan Your File Areas And Create A File Of New Files Over The Last Days. Now Supports File Sharing - FREEWARE
sfnewp.zip100KMakes an automatic printout of Newusers and their answers to SFnewu.Rep
sfnews11.zip24KSpit-News 1.1 - Make Any Bulletin For Your SpitFire BBS - Very Versatile And Freeware.
sfnews_1.zip19KSFNEWS v1. A news screen editor for Spitfire. Creates .BBS and .CLR dis- play files. Each new message is stacked of top of previous file cre- ating a log of news for users to view. Each new message is seperated by a line with the date created.
sfnewu.zip33KNew User Questionaire creator for SPITFIRE.
sfnewu21.zip13KSFNEWU - Last 15 New User Bulletin for SpitFire BBS's. Looks Great! *FREEWARE* by Zodiac Soft
sfnl-92.zip141K** SPITFIRE BBS 1992 Support Newsletters **
sfnl-94.zip144KSpifire Support Newsletters for 1994
sfnode.zip23K**** SFNODE v1.3 **** From BCS Create And Maintain SFNODE.DAT For SPITFIRE v3.3 - Use As Event!
sfnotice.zip55K +-++-+ ++-+-++-+-+-++-+ VERSION 1.0 +-+|- |||| | | || |- PARASOFT (c) +-+- -+++-+ - -+-++-+ 1994 Notice Generator for SPITFIRE. Will make nearly all of your display screens for your BBS. Features word wrap, two 3D and two standard style ANSI screens to choose from. Four border styles or no borders to choose from. Colors are configurable from the config file and within the program. SFNWSLTR file writes to the front end of the file. Not crippled and will not expire.
sfntc095.zip54KSF Notice Beta release 0.95b. Creates many of the display screens for your SPITFIRE BBS. Beta testers are welcomed. Choose 4 borders or no borders and plain or 3D screens with 2 styles of screens for a total of 17 color screens. And ascii text or 2 ascii bordered screens (choice of borders) for a total of 9 ascii screens. This will be the final Beta release. Check it out and send in your input.
sfnufile.zip12KSF NuFile Utility v1.8; NuFile Utility is a SPITFIRE utility that examines your CALLERS.LOG and creates an ANSI and an ASCII bulletin which list the public uploaded files since last run.
sfnw10.zip10K*** SF Node Watch *** Displays activity of all nodes on 1 screen. Includes source code. FREEWARE
sfnwusr1.zip6,982BSFNWUSR1 - Spitfire New User Bulletin generator. FREEWARE!
sfofp30.zip22KSFOFP v3.0 Spitfire OLD FILE PURGE. Looks at ZIP/ARJ files, and either moves or deletes them based on their internal file dates. Does NOT use ZIP/ARJ Date!!! Automatically updates your SFFILES.BBS Listings also. This version is capable of being run in batch mode, for use as as system event.
sfone74.zip33KOneliner v7.4: BBS Oneliner Program For Sysops. Easy To Setup And Configure. Shows 15 Lines Of Oneliners And Lets The Users See Or Add A Oneliner. For Spitfire v3.5. Keeps A Log Of Users Oneliners & Has Error Logging. Has Split Screen Chat Mode And Other Sysop Functions. Also Keeps A Watch On The Size Of The Log File & Has Color Setup And Has A Bad Word List Which It Compares To The Oneliners.
sforglog.zip6,836BAdd the original logon date of each user to the subscription field in the SFUSERS.DAT using the current Year. FREE From McWare
sfpage42.zip29KPageIs v4.2: Let Your Users Know Whether Or Not You Are Available For Chat. For Spitfire v3.5. Easy To Use And Setup. Has Split Screen Chat And More Sysop Functions.
sfpager.zip7,861BSFPAGER v1.0; Simple utility for SPITFIRE to turn on and off the pager remotely (or locally)
sfpck317.zip30KSFpack Version 3.17 For Reg. SFuti Users
sfpckmsg.zip8,068BStand-Alone SF Message Base Pack Utility Can Be Used As An Event - Fast - v1.4
sfpckusr.zip6,726BStand-Alone SF Caller Base Pack Utility Use As An Event - Extremely Fast - V1.4 From Buffalo Creek Software
sfpcr110.zip26KSFPCR v1.10 - Introducing Spitfire's 1st Post Call Ratio (PCR) Program by John Kaye * All users start out with 0 calls & msgs * Supports upto to 6 different securities * Very Configurable & Reliable. * Extremely easy to setup with INSTALL! A Post Call Ratio is similar to an UL/DL ratio except for a Post Call Ratio, you have to enter 1 message for every certain amount of calls! A must have for any BBS with message bases!Released: Sept 19, 1994
sfpfu18.zip13KSpitFire Private Files Utility v1.8; Send Specific Files To Select Users Using Spitfire's Built In File Transfer Protocols.
sfphon10.zip26K+-[ SFPhone v1.0 ]------------+ | Lock Anyone Out Of Your BBS | | By Their Phone Number. For | | Spitfire v3.5+. Easy To Use | | And Setup. Has Split Screen | | Chat Mode And Other Sysop | | Functions. | +---------[ Wolverine Wares ]-+
sfpj13.zip21Kv1.3 Spitfire Pre-Jetmail Utility. Frontend for Jetmail, that allows File Sends in with a .QWK Mail Packet. Perfect addition for Hub/Node relations using Jetmail and the .QWK format. Can also be used for individual users instead of using Jetmail's file-attach feature. Send a file to one user, or a defined group. Easy setup, with sendit utility, etc.
sfpm12.zip74KSpitFire Priority Mail v1.2; Send Priority Messages To Any Or All Callers.
sfpyth.zip13KMonty ---+ - - +---+ - - +--+ +--+ |--+ +--| | |--| | | | | - +--+ - - - +--+ - - Over 100 Thoughts From Monty Python (Thoughts.BBS) For Spitfire BBS'S
sfqset.zip13KSmall util to either include or exclude a message confernece from your users Queued Conferences.
sfque101.zip53KSpitFire BBS Questionnaire Generator
sfqwk10q.zip108KSF-Quick/BW 1.00 - (09/22/94) A QWK and Blue Wave Compatible mail door for Spitfire 3.5. Uses it's own internal queue or SF's. One key downloading. 784 conferences. Registration only $15.00!
sfr-121.zip10KMaintain SpitFire Ul/Dl Ratios With SFRATIO
sfrbye11.zip13KRANDOM GOODBYE V1.1, SF BBS V3.2 Random BBS Listing Goodbye Screen Generator! Stops those sysop's from nagging you to plug their BBS on your GOODBYE.CLR...
sfreport.zip66KComplete SFUSERS Search-Report-Verify
sfresz13.zip16KSFreSIZE v1.3; Update Program Filesizes In Your Sffiles.Bbs As An Event. Now Supports 3.2 Multi-Line & File Sharing. Can Now Also Be Run Un-attended To Update All Areas
sfrings.zip5,784BChanges 'answer On What Ring' Setting
sfripask.zip44KSFRIPASK v1.0; Unique program which will help your users make sure they have your RIP (Remote Imaging Protocol) based ICON files when they log on your SPITFIRE BBS.
sfrn10.zip10KSet SpitFire BBS Answer Ring Number In Event
sfrom120.zip73KSF-Rom 1.20, Spitfire CD-ROM Door. File access door, CDROM or magnetic drive. Batch download, file tagging, text search. Enforces daily limits, logs downloads. By Mike Robinson
sfrom20.zip195KSF-ROM v2.00: The Spitfire CD-ROM Door. UART, FOSSIL, DIGIBOARD. Now includes Internal Protocols. Keeps Own Database, Enforces Limits, MultiDisk, MultiNode File Tagging, Text Search, Offline Requests, ZIP & Text Viewer, Inserts BBS Ads, Supports Pioneer Disk Changers
sfrombul.zip23K-------------- SFROMBUL V1.00 -------------- Spitfire Bulletin Creator! Reads from Callers.log to make a bulletin of CD-ROM Statistics for Sysops who user SF-ROM Door! $1.00 To Register or Could be free!
sfromuse.zip13KSfromuse is a bulletin utility for the excellent SpitFire BBS SFRom Door.
sfrotate.zip5,965BFreeware File To Rotate Your Welcome1 Screens.
sfr_welc.zip6,208BSpitFire Welcome screen Rotator
sfsec.zip111KSfsec; Supports Reserved Files And Messages For Your Callers And Manages Your Disk Space
sfsecadj.zip9,158BSpitFire BBS Security Adjuster By User Criteria. Many Options. A Must Have File!
sfseclst.zip10KList Users by Security Level, including their Upload / Download ratio - Shareware with free registration - Ver. 1.10 - For Spitfire BBS Use.
sfsecse3.zip13KAutosend Message To Users By Sec Level v0.03
sfsecure.zip55KSPITFIRE Security Guard V1.0 Great Second Password Security Program For SF Sysops! Can Be Used For Door Password.
sfsendit.zip7,318BSFSENDIT v1.1; SPITFIRE Send Special File Utility Now Includes Unattended Operation!
sfsetque.zip3,542BUtility To Reset Users Msg Queue In SpitFire
sfsetsub.zip3,272BUtil to manipulate caller subcription date.
sfsi.zip8,430B#### SFSI/ SPITFIRE SYSTEM INFORMATION #### Creates ANSI/ASCII screens that let callers know if the SysOp is available for CHAT or not. Also, displays other system info. FREEWARE!! A UnderWorld Product.
sfsla302.zip38KSpitFire Security Level Advisor v3.02; Creates xxxxSEC.CLR/BBS and Display Files For Each Security Level On Your Board. GREAT Looking Screens-Very Informative
sfsns20.zip20KSpitfire Sysop Notification System v2.0 Updated for Compatibility with SF 3.5+ Imports a message into the SF Message base to notify you of important events recorded in the Callers.log. YOU set it up to scan the log for what YOU wish to be notified of. Great for CD-ROM requests, Security level changes, New Users, Files Uploaded to Sysop Only, Questionairre Menu (Order) responses, and much more. Runs as a nightly event to keep you informed.
sfsrv20.zip52KSFSURVEY v2.0 For Conducting Surveys With Your SpitFire BBS Questionnaires
sfstat10.zip10KBulletin Generator With Lots Of Info! Free
sfstat64.zip33KFStats v6.4: Spitfire BBS User Information And System Statistics Program For SF v3.5. Easy To Use And Setup. Shows The User His Number Of Uploads, Downloads, Time Left, Times Called, Caller Number, Sysop Availability Etc. Plus Much, Much More! Has Split Screen Chat Mode And Other Sysop Functions & Color Setup.
sfsub11.zip13KSfSubscribe v1.1, The Best Spitfire BBS Subscription System Around! Automates Subscription Levels, Gives Pre-View's And Keeps Callers Informed Daily!
sfsub12.zip16KSfSubscribe v1.2, The Best Spitfire BBS Subscription System Around! Automates Subscription Levels, Gives Pre-View's And Keeps Callers Informed Daily!
sfswap10.zip10KSpitFire utility To Randomly Swap Your Opening Screen Between 3 Others After Each Call. Very Easy To Use And Set Up, Excellent Effect For Your BBS.
sfsystem.zip23KSFSYSTEM v1.4 From Buffalo Creek Software! Create And Maintain SFSYSTEM.DAT For SpitFire BBS, use as an event!
sftasy.zip925BTasy batch files for spitfire - comm2 setup.
sftb_b05.zip54KSFTBANK v0.4a; (Multinode Aware); Time bank for a SPITFIRE Bulletin Board System. It allows callers to deposit and withdrawl time during their logons to your BBS.
sftell10.zip22KSfTell v1.0 will play a song when certain
sftext.zip32KText File Display Door for SpitFire BBS
sftic.zip42KSFTIC Version 1.0 From The MORONIHAH BBS! SFTIC will correctly list all files processed by TICK in the CORRECT SPITFIRE format.
sftidy10.zip10KSFTIDY v1.0 **FULL RELEASE** Small Compact Program To Cleanup And Delete Certain Files In The Event Of A Power Failure Or System Lockup, Runs In Your System Batch Files That Brings Your System Up! Check out the DOCS for complete details, many enhancements. A Must for any Spitfire Sysop!! **FREEWARE**
sftim10.zip16KGreets SpitFire BBS Users On 50th, 100th, Etc. Logon
sftmbk20.zip63KSpitFire BBS Time Bank Which Allows User To Save Unused Time, Gamble Unused Time Or Transfer Unused Bank Time To Another User.
sfto100c.zip26KGreat For SF Sysops Who Maintain The Same File Area For SF And A Files.BBS Type BBS. This Program Reads All SFFILES.BBS And Makes A Files.BBS For Each.
sftopmsg.zip5,214B**** SFTOPMSG v1.0 **** From BCS Create Display File Listing Top Message Entries - For SPITFIRE v3.3 Use As An Event
sftopten.zip4,859B+-[ SFTOPTEN - Version 1.4 ]---------+ | Create Top 10 Caller Display File | | Creates BBS, CLR & RIP Files! | +--------[ Buffalo Creek Software ]--+
sftotal1.zip30KPost The File Sizes In Sffiles.BBS Text File
sftrvprt.zip12KPrints A SpitFire BBS Trivia Data File To Any Printer With Choice Of Displaying Answers From The Wizard BBS In Australia
sfts200.zip204KSfts v1.02; Fast Freindly Spitfire/Fidonet Mail Processor
sfts261b.zip211KSFToss/SFScan: FTN-Compatible Message Import/Export System for SPITFIRE
sftstusr.zip9,844B+-[ SFTSTUSR v1.0 ]-----------------------+ | Test the integrity of SPITFIRE's caller | | database (SFUSERS.DAT). | +--------------[ Buffalo Creek Software ]-+
sfup18.zip7,167BSpitFire BBS User Purge Utility.
sfurd10.zip75KUser Registry Door For SpitFire BBS
sfusers.zip44KSFUSERS v1.5a; Fully Maintain SF's Caller Database Find Dup Phone #, Birthdate & Password Caller Subscription Support & More
sfusptrv.zip42KUS Presidents Trivia Door For SpitFire BBS systems.
sfusr10.zip7,929BSpitFire BBS utility, View SFUSERS.DAT From DOS - Freeware
sfusrlst.zip32KPrints Contents Of SpitFire BBS Sfusers.DAT.
sfusrtxt.zip13K+- SPITFIRE SFUSRTXT Version 1.10 -------+ | This Program Will Convert Your SFUSERS | | File To ASCII Text By User Name Or All.| +--------------------[Hidden Software]---+
sfusuldl.zip20KUpload/Download .BBS file Generator
sfuti300.zip168KSpitFire UTI driver v3.0
sfuti316.zip203KThe Universal Text Interface (UTI) Driver Set for Spitfire BBS
sfv3_20.zip59KSpitFire Verfication Program For SpitFire
sfview10.zip62KSFView v1.0; SpitFire BBS On-Line Archive Text Reader. An on-line door or file menu extension which will allow your callers to do just that.
sfviewr.zip4,627BProgram for SpitFire BBS that Lets You View The Work Files At The Dos Prompt. View Other Files Too. Good For Large Files With Little Memory.
sfviobul.zip10KSFVIOBUL v1.0; SpitFire BBS ratio violator bulletin creator
sfvl1004.zip87KSFVLAB v1.00 Upload Files Checker For USE on SPITFIRE & TriBBS system Test For Device problem, Test for File's integrity, Scan for Virus Check for Date. Small, Fast, remote Write, add a banner Maintains Log, 3 Windows for Sysop.
sfwas.zip55KSFWAS; Spitfire Utility, tells a user who is loggin on who was the last caller, along with time, name, location or address, baud and comm port.
sfwcdr.zip16K(v1.2) Run Wildcat Doors Under SPITFIRE
sfwelc33.zip14KRotate SpitFire BBS Welcomex Screens!
sfwho23.zip18KSpitFire Utility To Show Who Is On What Node
sfwinhlp.zip4,127BHelp for running SpitFire BBS under Windows
sfwinins.zip31KInstall SpitFire To Run Under Windows. Creates Groups & Icons. Helps Setup Comports And Enhanced Mode Operation.
sfzmodem.zip2,613BSample Batch File Examples To Run ZModem With SpitFire BBS
sf_daily.zip14K------------ SF-DAILY V1.00 -------------- System Stastics Bulletin Creator For SF.. Ansi/Ascii/RIP Screen(s), 2 Days of Stats! *************** FreeWare ******************
sf_free.zip14K------------ SF-FREE V1.20 --------------- FreeMail Statistics Bulletin Creator! This Utility Reads the FreeMail Log To Make Ansi/Ascii/RIP Screen(s) of Freemail Stats! *************** FreeWare ******************
sf_icon.zip503BWindows Icon For SpitFire BBS
sf_subs.zip24KEEE The Spitfire Subscription Door EEE A door written for SPITFIRE where the Sysop can except credit cards online for subscriptions! Completely Sysop configurable. Set cost, security level, and time online. INSTANT GRATIFICATION for your users! 2Guys Software - 1:115/382
sf_warp.zip3,271BSetup guide for running Spitfire under OS2
sle2.zip7,739BSecurity Level Editor For SpitFire BBS's Change All Callers On One Level To Another Fast - Desqview Aware.
slf.zip6,422BSecurity Level Filter For SpitFire BBS SFUSERS.DAT
smiley13.zip10KSmiley v1.3; Allows for multi-line descriptions when using TICK w/ Spitfire! Word Wrap, Comma insertion, fast run-time & easy setup.
sniglets.zip23KTHOUGHTS.BBS for SpitFire BBS, Made With Sniglets! Very Funny!
sorts10.zip13KSort Your SpitFire BBS SFFILES.BBS File Alphabeticaly!
sotm.zip2,450BSpitfire Sysop of the Month List
spitlist.zip35KThe Spitfire BBS Listing Is Incorporated In This .DBF Database File. The File Has Been Sorted By STATE, CITY And Then NAME.
spitst16.zip19KSPITSTAT v1.6 Statistical Bulletin Generator for SF 3.3+, Creates Color & Mono Bulletins of system usage. This Version Adds 6 Fields to the Display!
spitst22.zip21KSPITSTAT v2.2 Statistical Bulletin Generator for SF 3.5, Now Supports up to 28.8 Connects. ***No longer reads the date from the Callers.Log, to allow SPITSTAT to be more compatible with frontend mailers, or other situations where the date line is not written by SF as the first line in the Callers.Log.
sptgrh25.zip53K+------------------------------------------+ | >>>>> SpitGraph Ver.2.5 <<<<< | |Caller bar graph display generator that | |reads your SF CALLERS.LOG & builds display| |files from calls received by Number per | |hour, Number per baud, Number at peak | |times. It will read all nodes & compile | |this graph on a total of your BBS systems | |activity, Now Adding Days. SpitGraph will | |build ANSI & ASCII display files by name | |of your choice. This version allows Sysop | |Conf
ssf1time.zip43KGreat New Utility To Create .BBS Files!
ssprd15.zip38KUltimate Screen Rotating Utility. Rotates Any And All Display Files For SpitFire BBS. Rotates Unlimited Number Of Files.
star_102.zip40KSpitFire Bulletin Generator v1.02 ** Part of a New type of Utilities written by a SpitFire BBS SysOp who wants to see more people creating Inexpensive Add-Ons for our BBSi
star_108.zip72KSpitFire Bulletin Generator v1.08 ** Part of a New type of Utilities written by a SpitFire BBS SysOp who wants to see more people creating Inexpensive Add-Ons for our BBSi For More Popular BBSi, added a RIP Graphics Into the Bulletin. (Quicker on every time RAN!)
stats12.zip11KStatistical bulletin generator for Spitfire bbs sysops.
stats3.zip20KSTATS v3.0; New Features include RIP detection and SysOp definable options.
stmail.zip42KNo-Frills Mail/Bulletin Area Tabulation Utility! This Quick Download Tracks Browsings Of Up To 99 Message & Bulletin Areas!
subscrib.zip16KMonitor And Change Security Levels Of Contributing Callers
subsf32.zip13KSUBSF Version 3.2. This program allows Spitfire BBS Sysops to run a second copy of Spitfire as a door from the main BBS. It supports UL/DL ratios and QuickLogons. An easy to use config program is provided. This utility comes in handy for those adult sub-boards.
swerv10.zip14KLogon, And Logoff Screen Switcher For SpitFire BBS
swpscrn.zip15KSWPSCRN v1.04; SF Utility to swap any or all of your SF screens. Supports RIP Also swaps BMP's and WAV files in Windows
syspro31.zip46KBBS Activity Report For SpitFire BBS Sysops
system13.zip9,643BNew Routines On System.EXE Good Info On Your SpitFire BBS System.DAT
tel_sf.zip9,473BConvert Telegard USER.LST To SpitFire BBS SFUSERS.DAT
test-it1.zip9,751BTest It; ZIP File Tester/Scanner for SpitFire BBS Software.
texastrv.zip48KTexas Trivia Door Game For SpitFire BBS. Different Kind Of Trivia Game Shareware
thepool.zip4,472BScreens From The Pool BBS In Las Vegas, Nevada The Best In Water Sports screens for SpitFire BBS's
thots_.zip109KThoughts! A collection of the most popular thoughts for Spitfire users. Over 1500+ thoughts in 1 THOUGHTS.BBS file!
thoughts.zip12KThoughts v3.1; Create, modify "Thoughts" for SpitFire BBS Systems.
tic2s103.zip14KTic to Spitfire v3.3+ conversion program.
ticman11.zip30K+--[ SFTICMAN V1.1 File Area Processor ]--+ | This Unique Program will Sort, Add | | Smilies & Capitilize Your SFFILES.BBS! | | When Used With TICK, Makes "TICKed" | | Files Ready For Use By SpitFire! | | It Is Fully Configurable To Do All Or | | None Of The Above Based On Command-Line | | Options! SFTICMAN Is VERY FAST And Can | | Run Unattended In Batch Files! Very | | Handy For FrontDoor SysOps Who Use TICK | | Or Any SysOp That Wants To Use The | | Above Features!
ticsf127.zip120KTicToss for Spitfire, v1.27 *BETA*
time102g.zip37KCreates Hour Graph of Spitfire BBS Usage
timesdl.zip13KTIMESDL,An Update of the last version,this program give's youre SFFILES.BBS the view of a Remote Acces File Listing,the first 4 characters in the file description are reserved for the the number of times a file is downloaded!
timestmp.zip9,471BStamp Comment With Time Into Any TXT File Used With SFCHKUP.
times_13.zip15KAdds The Number Of Times A File Is Downloaded To The File Discription
tlcusr.zip78KTLCUSR v1.0: Fully programmable display screen manager! Posts and removes files by date and runs as a nightly event. Designed for the Spitfire BBS, but works with others
top15.zip9,352BMake Top 15 Users Bulletin For SpitFire BBS. Fast And Freeware!
top4026.zip12KTop 40 files downloaded bulletin maker for Spitfire bbs. Fully configurable.
traker.zip85KTraker; Bulletin Maker Software for SpitFire BBS's. Produces two bulletins, list daily activity statistics and who uploaded during the day. TRAKER! will produce both ascii and color ansi bulletins. A total of 4 bulletins are produced every time TRAKER! is run.
tricom.zip1,475BSetup For Tricom Tornado Modem With SpitFire
trimmer.zip16KProgram To Maintain SpitFire BBS CALLERS.LOG.
tri_sf.zip9,999BTRI_SF v1.0; Utility That Converts the TriBBS Users File to the SpitFire BBS Format. FAST & EASY, Low Cost! Author: Tim Klan
ttime10a.zip36KTaketime 1.0a; Limit total daily time in Spitfire BBS doors by security level.
ul1.zip13K+------------------------------------+ | ### Ulogger v1.0 ### | | (C)1994 Heavenware Software | |The Ultimate Logger will search your| |bbs.log for up to 10 keywords and | |create a great looking ANSI & ASCII | |bulletin as a report. Keywords are | |Sysop definable. Very Fast! $15.00 | +------------------------------------+
ulfd11.zip11K+--------------------------------+ | ### ** ULFD Version 1.1 ** ### |-+ | ### Use Lakota From Dos ### | | | ### Fixed Bugs from v1.0 ### | | | ### Plus ULFD is Now OS/2 ### | | | ### and DesqView Aware! ### | | | ### Only $5 Dollar Reg. ### | | +--------------------------------+ | +--------------------------------+
ulrpt31.zip37KUploaded Files Report For SpitFire BBS Sysops
upchk23f.zip30KUpcheck v2.3f SpitFire On/Off Line Upload Tester/Scanner Supports All Formats And Virus Scanners, Great Program
uploaded.zip4,737BMakes Display Of Who Uploaded Files
upsndns.zip7,734BUps & Downs; SpitFire BBS Caller's Log File Extractor
usercall.zip6,831BList How Many Users Called and the amount of times they called.
userinfo.zip12KUserInfo; Get information on SpitFire BBS' users and a quick and easy way to leave a message to a specific user of your BBS
usernote.zip137KFor SpitFire; 1 Time Message To 1/All Users With Tracking.
uspck_10.zip12KDeletes Users And Packs The Userbase.
ustat13.zip8,670BMake A Graphical Bulletin About CALLERS.LOG. For SpitFire BBS.
uu10b-03.zip93KExtra Control Of Your SF Users, Subs, Credits And More
vf203.zip47KVerifone v2.03 - An Excellent Callback Verification Program For The SpitFire BBS System. Works Great, And Has Several Enhancements Since The Last Release!
wash.zip55KColor Washers Door Game For Spitfire BBS. Supports Most Uncommon Serial Ports And IRQ's And Baud Rates To 110,000 bps. Excellent Graphics And Very Easy To Set Up And Play. Share Ware, But Not Crippled. Enjoy! Now Logs Caller Off If No Key Press 3 Min.
wc30_sf.zip11KConverts Wildcat! v3.? ALLUSERS.DAT file To SPITFIRE's v3.? SFUSERS.DAT File!
wchange.zip7,853BWelcome Change; The Purpose is to let any BBS with events Change the Welcome Screens to the time of Year.
welsf20.zip124K"WELCOME" is a Spitfire V3.X logon utility. It will generate a logon screen showing many User Statistics and Last 12 Callers
welsf26.zip126K"WELCOME" for Spitfire V2.5 Logon Utility It will generate a logon screen showing many User Statistics and Last 12 Callers DV Aware and more! Bug Fix From v. 2.5!
whocall2.zip5,303BMakes Displays Of Users And # Of Times Called
widoware.zip125KThe Complete Set Of All The Current SpitFire BBS Utilites From Widoware. 11 In All.
wrapper.zip6,517BWRAPPER; Description Wrapper for SFFILES.BBS for Spitfire BBS, useful for Multi-Line descriptions.
xmas92.zip5,011BSome Christmas ANSI Screens
xtnd_109.zip122KSFEXTEND v1.09; THE Menu Extension For SpitFire BBS
xtnd_187.zip120K =-= SFExtend Version 1.87 =-= SpitFire Menu Extension & Door Monitor Features: * Internal/External BBS/CLR/RIP * SF-Identical Chat * SF Control Codes & Sysop Keys * Extended Comment-To-Sysop * Optional 30 Bulletin Menu * Unlimited # Of Items * Time/Node/Baud Door Locking * Creates SF*.DAT, DOOR.SYS, DORINFO.DEF, TRIVIA.LMT, USERINFO.DAT, CALLINFO.DAT. * Locking/Unlocking Of DTE Rate CyberTech Software (
zdown10.zip12KSpitFire Util Which Will Make Report On All Files Not Downloaded From Your BBS!
zepsfnet.zip4,189BBatch and Telemate Script files used to process SFnet mail runs on Zeppelin BBS.
zf10-03.zip48KZip Fire v1.0; File Test Utility, Multi-Node
zoomset.zip921BHelp Setup Your Zoom Modem To Run Spitfire Under Frontdoor
zplchkup.zip1,151BBatch File To Use Ziplab With SFCHKUP. Lets You Control Uploads By Age And Still Have The Great Features Of SFCHKUP!