File Libaries
Library: BBS - Directory: BBS - Searchlight
aliasit3.zip63KAlias program for SLBBS.
ansisafe.zip50KSearchlight 2.25 ansibomb detector.
antib105.zip35KAntibody 1.05: upload processing program for SLBBS.
demo350.zip552KSearchlight BBS 3.50; Demo Version Working Demo of Searchl
docs350.zip205KSearchlight BBS 3.50; Documentation Complete user manual f
expirlst.zip11KShows expiration dates of users, for SLBBS 2.25+.
f2dirm2.zip15KSearchlight file list import from *.bbs file lists.
hmbbs225.zip21KExamples and "How to" make menus for SLBBS
latest2e.zip20KLATEST For SLBBS v2.x; Display the last 15 file transfers,
listem31.zip26KLISTEM; Searchlight BBS File Directory Lister Reads one or
panorama.zip30KZIP extract Program For Searchlight BBS 2.X.
ppage210.zip74KPocket Pager: sysop page system for SLBBS.
ransi-3.zip78KRandom ANSI opening screens 4 Searchlight & other bbs's.
sl2dorin.zip6,191BConvert Searchlight BBS to DORINFO1.DEF run doors needing
sl2dorm.zip6,343BCreate multi-node dorinox.def for Searchlight BBS.
sl2qbbs.zip36KConverts Searchlight 2. to doriinfox.def.
sl_fstat.zip17KSL_FSTAT (statistics utility) This program will generate s
slam18.zip31KSearchlight alias maker (slam) 1.8, for SLBBS version 2.xx
slbltn.zip5,319BForce users to read a bulletin message, for SLBBS version
slc110.zip31KSearchlight upload processer (SLBBS 2.25+). Scans new uplo
slcall09.zip94KSL-CallBack v0.07; SL-CallBack is essentially a Callback-v
sldirsc.zip14KAdds all files in a directory to a SearchLight BBS .SL2 fi
slflags.zip15KSearchlight Flag Toggler For version 2.15; Allows you to t
slflist2.zip51KFile list generator for Searchlight bbs.
sllogin.zip9,475BSL-LOGIN v.50; This is a Simple AUTODOOR LOG IN Program th
slmon14.zip13KSL node MONitor for Searchlight BBS The latest version of
slmst100.zip26KSLMaster V1.0; Searchlight Offline File List Created to ma
slname13.zip55KAuto-logoff door for SearchLight BBS, prints user's name o
slname14.zip58KLog-off Autodoor for Searchlight Displays user's name in c
slqedt10.zip22KSearchlight 2.x quote editor.
slstatus.zip15KSearchlight status door utility for Searchlight BBS softwa
sltc301.zip11KSL-Today's Callers 3.01, for Searchlight bbs.
sltpu60c.zip114KSearchlight BBS Programmer's Library and development packa
sltpu70a.zip99KSearchlight software programmers guide.
sltpu70c.zip111KSearchlight BBS Programmer's Library and development packa
slutils.zip62KSearchlight BBS Autodoor Batch Utilities v1.1 A suite of u
slview.zip19KSLview archive viewer door version 1.0 for Searchlight bbs
slvw082b.zip30KView program for SLBBS. Go inside of compressed files whil
spotdemo.zip59KDemo of SLBBS user editor by Frank Larosa.
top10a.zip38KTop 10 Bulletin Maker for Searchlight BBS
uti300.zip84KSearchlight UTI v3.0 is a Universal Text Interface driver