File Libaries
Library: BBS - Directory: BBS - Renegade
1donate.zip27KDonation! Automated donation grabber forRenegade. Writes r
acd_ap10.zip21KAcidic Presents - ASWPacker v1.07 - [REN] +-+ | Remove all
actions.zip5,334BA load of actions for the Renegade Teleconference
amp-rg15.zip18KAutoMSG+ vRG-1.5|10, External Auto-Message Util. For Reneg
ans2msg.zip12KANS2MSG will translate an ANSI file to a Renegade compatib
autofp.zip8,227BAuto File Point Utility Gives the ability to be able to up
cblock10.zip18KC-Block v1.0; Renegade/GTE Call Block Utility! Visual Disp
cbvr097u.zip68KCBV - CALL-BACK VERIFICATION FOR RG Modify a users SL, DSL
cd2rg11.zip21KCD2RG v1.1: Compact Disk files 2 Renegade. Small utility t
censor.zip14KBBS Censor for Renegade; Censor Adult File Descriptions.
clrfix.zip9,103BClrFix.Exe - A Renegade Upgrade Utility
cquote13.zip25KLeave a quote to next user for Renegade BBS.
cvote200.zip49KCyber Vote v2.00; For user W/ Renegade v2-28
danews13.zip99KDa News v1.3: News maker for Renegade! Many new features h
delu13.zip11KUser Deleter v1.3: This handy little Renegade 7-17 utility
dsc.zip12KRenegade Offline File Describer v1.0 for Renegade 12-21 an
evchat20.zip26KEvilChat 2.0a for Renegade 07-17 Only RG Multinode / Desqv
f2rg30.zip12KFILES.BBS importer for RENEGADE
fafpfx10.zip8,319BFile Area File Point Fixer v1.0 FAFPFIX is a simple little
fc4msg03.zip12KFC4MSG will give a user file credit for each new post he/s
fclean10.zip21KFCLEANER v1.0; Cleans Renegade File Bases And EXTENDED.DAT
fdhelp5.zip47KFDHELP revision #5. This text file explains in detail how
fdude40.zip146KFILEDUDE v4.0 for Renegade BBS Software The final answer t
fdude50.zip154KFILEDUDE v5.0 - The ultimate RG file manager! Imports all
fileed10.zip32KFileEdit v1.0; Edit and validate files without having to a
filefx15.zip16KFix file points/sizes for Renegade BBS.
finger10.zip13KFinger 1.0 - Naichsoft 1995. A finger program for Renegade
fixfile3.zip16KFile Manager v3.0; Manage And Manipulate File Bases Easily
fjchat20.zip41KFfejChat! v2.0; A very configurable method for chatting wi
flmake15.zip25KFLMAKE V1.5; A Renegade Utility. make a text file of your
fman12.zip9,693BFile Manager v1.2; This useful Renegade 7-17 utility will
fpr10.zip8,767BFile Point Rewarder v1.0 is a simple little utility for Re
gspec155.zip17KGIFSpec v1.55 - The Premier CD-ROM file adder for BBSes. W
hiscor10.zip16KHiScore 1.0 ]- Multiple Topusers Bulletin Generator for Re
hist115.zip8,045BNice program that will generate a bulletin showing your pa
junk110.zip22KJunkNews: Do you ever wonder where in the heck these sleaz
kc02.zip4,489BKill Color v.02 Strip the color codes from Renegade text f
lastcall.zip8,475BWildcat utility for creating a last caller screen.
lgstrp1.zip52KStrips Colors So RGBUSY Will Work Properly.
mcifix2.zip10KMCIFix v2.0 - Upgrade utility for RG 12-25 Exp Use this ut
mcmd1225.zip4,104BUpdated MENUCMD.ASC For RG 12-25 Exp Fixes Alignment Probs
mf-cmt.zip5,236BComment ] Nice matrix style note Lite ] to sysop mod for R
mnuwrite.zip26KThe Renegade Menu Writer v1.0 Includes: Full support of al
mtx_10.zip1,945BMatrix=. Lightbar Shuttle Logon for Renegade Complete Shut
mtype.zip9,555BMTYPE will display any ANSI or Renegade screen from DOS. I
ns0421.zip26KNewScan message base utility
nukem10.zip13KNUKEM v1.0; Program to weed out inactive users on your BBS
nuvote15.zip14KNEWUVOTE v1.5; New User Voting Utility
offln101.zip8,245BOffliner v1.01; Toggle whole directories Offline
oldml11.zip30KOLDMAIL v1.1 - Delete Renegade Email that is older than th
olz-13.zip121KOneLinerZ! v1.3; Written, and should work with Renegade, T
one7-2b.zip25KOneliner Door v7-2 Beta; Show the last callers, if you wis
pcrset11.zip14KPCRSET v1.13 for Renegade BBS; Allows you to set multiple
pic.zip993BSimple Text Of The Command Options Available For The -OP C
pin0419.zip19KCommand Line Message Poster for Renegade!
qfile11.zip50KQFile v1.1. Multiple file list creation utility
ranks20.zip29KRank Master v2.0; The Ultimate Rankings program for Renega
rave-12.zip9,198BRenegade BBS System Averages v1.2 Will now work with Reneg
rd0421.zip12KUpdate RG users.dat with info from DOOR.SYS. Can use with
rene0717.zip17KRENEMAIL v1.0; interface program that allows Renegade to s
renegad1.zip355KRENEGADE Preliminary Installation Package
renegade.zip338KRenegade 01-02 Beta release
renemail.zip16KRenemail message -> *.MSG converter.
rg-fdc12.zip27KFile Description Cleaner v1.2; Will allow you to choose be
rg0102.zip312KRenegade 01-02 upgrade for existing RG boards
rg0717.zip303KRenegade 7-17 - Update for existing Renegade BBS. If you a
rg1-5.zip288KRenegade 1-5 upgrade for a great bbs.
rg10_31.zip302KRenegade v10-31 Exp - Upgrade Only. - Added 10 line FILE_I
rg2bbs10.zip6,593BRG2BBS v1.0; RG *.DIR to *.BBS Utility Creates *.BBS files
rg_szmod.zip1,989BSuper Zmodem setup for Renegade BBS. 06/28/92
rgback_2.zip24KRenegade Backup v2.0; The Ultimate Renegade Backup v2.0 Th
rgbulls.zip33KRenegade BBS top users bulletin maker.
rgbusy12.zip12KRGBUSY v1.2; Creates a graphic of your HOURLY BBS USAGE fo
rgc.zip11KRenegade BBS; C header file
rgcbv623.zip34KRenegade CallBack Verifier. [CBV] v6-23
rgctv13.zip58KRG-CTV v1.3; Crack The Vault, this door is for Renegade an
rgd04-05.zip115KRenegade Documentation for the 04-05beta
rgd07-17.zip60KRenegade Documentation for the 07-17beta release.
rgd07_17.zip63KRenegade Documentation for the 07-17beta release. From the
rgdf015b.zip19KRenegade Dupe Find v0.15beta
rge19.zip44KKludgeWare! Renegade Editor Allows you to edit your Renega
rgfc0320.zip358KRenegade File Commander - Easy to use filebase editor for
rgflco16.zip39KRENEGADE FILE LISTER COMPILER v1.60 beta Creates selective
rgfpu10.zip15KRenegade file point award utility.
rggc1_3.zip63KGambling Casino v1.30; Let's Users Gamble For File Points
rghelp13.zip17KRGhelp v1.30 - Renegade interactive user help file system.
rgi_0717.zip331KRENEGADE BBS Preliminary Installation Package
rglast14.zip16KLast Caller Utility v1.4; For Renegade v1-03, makes a file
rglstclr.zip11KRGLSTCLR creates a file in Renegade's miscellaneous path a
rgm.zip53KRG Menu Editor v1.01; Replacement for Renegade Menu Edit f
rgm1225.zip20KRenegade Maintenance Utility by Cott Lang Packs users, pur
rgmpt10d.zip20KRGIMPORT FILES.BBS Importer For the Renegade BBS System
rgpause1.zip9,943BRenegade Pause Utility v1.00. Inserts the Renegade Pause/N
rgpf19.zip19KRGPF v1.9 - Renegade 4-05 Beta Popular Files Create a list
rgprint.zip6,392BRenegade User Printer; Pulls information including handles
rgq11.zip156KRenegade Quoter" v1.1; Reads from a huge file of quotes, p
rgqr6_25.zip6,761BRenegade Quick Reference; Lists MCI codes, Pipe bar color
rgquik11.zip18KRGQuik v1.1; For use with Renegade BBS Instead of loading
rgranks.zip65KRG RANKS v1.00; A Renegade BBS Rank generator, it takes th
rgrpt100.zip24KRGReport v1.00beta; Brand new, unique Renegade utility. Wi
rgstat14.zip9,754BRenegade Stat Sheet v1.04; Simple program intended for use
rgstruct.zip11KRenegade v04-01: Pascal file structures
rgtop10.zip17KRenegade Top 10 Bulletin Generator -v1.0- Totally Configur
rgtoss.zip7,919BToss files directly from AllFix to directory listings usin
rgu250.zip32KRGUtil v2.5; A Multi-Purpose Utility for Renegade. Generat
rgu_0717.zip305KRenegade BBS update files
rgue20.zip21KRenegade BBS Global User Edit v2.0
rgul20.zip18KRenegade Userlist v2.0; Essentially replaces the standard
rgutil10.zip20KRGUtil v1.0 Generates top 15 users bulletins.
rgv100.zip43KRGView v1.0; A command line viewer for Renegade BBS .ASC t
rgweeder.zip18KRenegade BBS user weeder. Delete inactives.
rgwindow.zip1,655BWindows PIF file and Icon for Renegade BBS
rmail616.zip16KRenemail Renegade echomail processor.
rmaildos.zip16KReneMail 12-25 for Renegade EchoMail boards
rtop-12.zip9,507BRenegade BBS System Records v1.2 Now works with Renegade r
rw100wb1.zip194KRENEWAVE v1.00.wb1 - WIDE BETA 1 OF THE LONG awaited BLUE
rwhy-12.zip9,011BRenegade What Happened Yesterday v1.2; Now Compatable with
sdn2rg.zip29KSDN2RG v1.0: SDN echos 2 Renegade. A small to imports file
setmass.zip6,488BSetMass v1.0; Utility for Renegade BBS's running Renegade
sgcrg405.zip77Kdelete *
short100.zip8,170BSHORT v1.0; Short sends a short personalized message to a
sortbbs.zip4,121BBBS List Sorter v2.0 for Renegade; It will sort your BBS L
stat10.zip16KStat v1.0; The Renegade Status Screen. Source Code Include
structs.zip11KRenegade structures in Pascal
sysfix.zip36KFix modem baud rate door.sys/fd/renegade.
tg2rg103.zip19KTG -> RG: Convert all of your Telegard BBS files over to a
topdl.zip5,635BTop Downloaders 1.0 for Renegade 1.00
toppost.zip7,217BRenegade Top Posters Bulletin utility.
ulist10.zip12KRG-UList v1.0; Makes a COLOR configurable list of all your
uod-rg10.zip11KUser of the Day vRG-1.0 - Randomly selects a user and awar
uod_rg21.zip18KUser of the Day vReneGade-2.1; Randomly Selects a User and
ustglist.zip23KUSTG/ITCnet Nodelist for United States TeleGard Network an
what0401.zip42Kdelete *
whatdone.zip33KHistory and changes to Renegade software.
xcbv145.zip77KThe Express Call-Back Verifier v1.45 For Renegade Bulletin
yestat1.zip34KYesterdays Stats For Renegade BBS