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acd_ap10.zip21K Acidic Presents - ASWPacker v1.07 - [REN] +-------------------------------------------+ | Remove all non-existant and deleted user | | entries in your .ASW files. By: Mercury | +-------------------------------------------+
actions.zip5,334BA load of actions for the Renegade Teleconference
amp-rg15.zip17KAutoMSG+ vRG-1.5|10, External Auto-Message Util. For Renegade BBS, Allows up to 3 Auto-Messages to be displayed simultaneously, Easy setup/configure. Multi-tasker aware.
ans2msg.zip11KANS2MSG will translate an ANSI file to a Renegade compatible *.MSG file format using Renegade's pipe color code system.
autofp.zip8,227BAuto File Point Utility Gives the ability to be able to update user's file points simply running this utility.
cblock10.zip17KC-Block v1.0; Renegade/GTE Call Block Utility! Visual Display Of Calls That Are Blocked Adds message on the users SysOp note, if the user has been Call-Blocked.
cbvr097u.zip67KCBV - CALL-BACK VERIFICATION FOR RG Modify a users SL, DSL, AR Flags, User Flags, & FilePts. Supports many long-distance options. Ver .97 (for Renegade BBS Software) Works for single/multi line setups!
cd2rg11.zip21KCD2RG v1.1: Compact Disk files 2 Renegade. Small utility to import files and their descriptions from your shareware CD into your Renegade BBS file areas.
censor.zip14KBBS Censor for Renegade; Censor Adult File Descriptions.
clrfix.zip9,103BClrFix.Exe - A Renegade Upgrade Utility
cquote13.zip25KLeave a quote to next user for Renegade BBS.
cvote200.zip49KCyber Vote v2.00; For user W/ Renegade v2-28
danews13.zip98KDa News v1.3: News maker for Renegade!! Many new features have been added! Including QWK Referencing! Color Configurable
delu13.zip10KUser Deleter v1.3: This handy little Renegade 7-17 utility will delete all your users who haven't called within the number of days specified, and/or pack your user data file (eliminating deleted accounts). Fully configurable!
dsc.zip12KRenegade Offline File Describer v1.0 for Renegade 12-21 and Later
evchat20.zip26KEvilChat 2.0a for Renegade 07-17 Only RG Multinode / Desqview Chat System Many features: Realtime, Split Screen 1 to 4 Nodes and SysOp Window too. This first version is
f2rg30.zip11KFILES.BBS importer for RENEGADE
fafpfx10.zip8,319BFile Area File Point Fixer v1.0 FAFPFIX is a simple little utility for Renegade 8-27 beta that checks all your *.DIR files and adjusts the file points to those files according to your system settings.
fc4msg03.zip12KFC4MSG will give a user file credit for each new post he/she makes. You can tell it to use file points or file upload K, depending on what system you use on your board.
fclean10.zip20KFCLEANER v1.0; Cleans Renegade File Bases And EXTENDED.DAT Files By 4 Different Methods. Also "Fixes" EXTENDED.DAT.
fdhelp5.zip47KFDHELP revision #5. This text file explains in detail how to setup FrontDoor & GEcho with the Renegade BBS system. Nov '93 Ed. Corrected for FD v2.11.
fdude40.zip146KFILEDUDE v4.0 for Renegade BBS Software The final answer to your file management woes. Many features: CD-ROM / FILES.BBS import; FILE_ID.DIZ import (unlimited lines); File entry fixing and maintenance; Extremely flexible file lister; Convert archives;
fdude50.zip153KFILEDUDE v5.0 - The ultimate RG file manager! Imports all CD-ROM formats and FILE_ID.DIZ. Fixes dups, credits, and other problems. Converts archives and packs EXTENDED.DAT. Scans for viruses, finds old versions of programs, and makes filelists based on templates. FileDude has a user-friendly pulldown menu system, and it's easy to install!
fileed10.zip32KFileEdit v1.0; Edit and validate files without having to actually logon to Renegade. You can sort file areas, auto-validate files, search for descriptions, filenames, offline files, resume files, unvalidated files. You can also test the files integrity, get an internal archive listing, edit the files filename, descriptions, date uploaded, uploaded by, times downloaded, filesize, filepoints, and file status.
filefx15.zip15KFix file points/sizes for Renegade BBS.
finger10.zip13KFinger 1.0 -- Naichsoft 1995. A finger program for Renegade BBSs ONLY. Lets users find out details about others - When they first and last logged on and if they have any mail waiting.
fixfile3.zip15KFile Manager v3.0; Manage And Manipulate File Bases Easily.
fjchat20.zip40KFfejChat! v2.0; A very configurable method for chatting with your users. It separates the screen into two parts, one for the Sysop to type in and one for the User.
flmake15.zip24KFLMAKE V1.5; A Renegade Utility. make a text file of your BBS's File Area Listings (including the description, and the extended (verbose) descriptions), it then compresses the file with a user chosen archive, and then sends it to the user with a chosen protocol.
fman12.zip9,693BFile Manager v1.2; This useful Renegade 7-17 utility will scan your file bases and fix all of the incorrect entries, including whether a file exists, its size, and the number of file points required. Fast & free!
fpr10.zip8,767BFile Point Rewarder v1.0 is a simple little utility for Renegade 8-27 beta that allows you to add a certain number of file points to every user that meets a particular security level.
gspec155.zip17KGIFSpec v1.55 - The Premier CD-ROM file adder for BBSes. Will add a CD-ROM file list to TAG, RENEGADE (in a .DIR type file) and also create a new file list for other BBSes. Adds the GIF spec (i.e. ???x???x???) for all BBSes, and various options for TAG and RENEGADE (i.e. File Points, Uploader, etc.).
hiscor10.zip16K--------------[ HiScore 1.0 ]--------------- Multiple Topusers Bulletin Generator for Renegade BBS Systems. Very Versatile. Configurable headers, header text, users per bulletin, colors, etc. Makes Top Uploaders, downloaders, posters, callers & Post/Call Ratio Bulletins --------------------------------------------
hist115.zip8,045BNice program that will generate a bulletin showing your past activity and produce a nice little graph to illustrate it.
junk110.zip21KJunkNews: Do you ever wonder where in the heck these sleazy tabloids get those hard to swallow headlines? JUNKNEWS is the answer!
kc02.zip4,489BKill Color v.02 Strip the color codes from Renegade text files.
lastcall.zip8,475BWildcat utility for creating a last caller screen.
lgstrp1.zip52KStrips Colors So RGBUSY Will Work Properly.
mcifix2.zip10KMCIFix v2.0 - Upgrade utility for RG 12-25 Exp Use this utility to convert from the older AT (@) MCI codes in 7-17 Beta to the newer percent (%) MCI codes in 12-25 Exp and 01-02 Exp. Now processes your *.MNU files automatically!
mcmd1225.zip4,104BUpdated MENUCMD.ASC For RG 12-25 Exp Fixes Alignment Probs, Updated With Unlisted Command Keys And Removal Of Extinct Command Keys. By Bryan Rapp
mf-cmt.zip5,236BComment ] Nice matrix style note Lite ] to sysop mod for Renegade
mnuwrite.zip26KThe Renegade Menu Writer v1.0 Includes: Full support of all color commands, including pipes, hearts etc.
mtx_10.zip1,945B=Matrix=. Lightbar Shuttle Logon for Renegade Complete Shuttle Menu with a lightbar selector and numeric `hotkeys'. Easy to setup & modify. Includes .MNU, .ANS & .RIP files.
mtype.zip9,555BMTYPE will display any ANSI or Renegade screen from DOS. It expands Renegades MCI codes, so you see your screens as they will appear to users.
ns0421.zip25KNewScan message base utility
nukem10.zip13KNUKEM v1.0; Program to weed out inactive users on your BBS, and delete their accounts, and any mail sent to/from them, with the option of PURGING the account info.
nuvote15.zip13KNEWUVOTE v1.5; New User Voting Utility
offln101.zip8,245BOffliner v1.01; Toggle whole directories Offline
oldml11.zip30KOLDMAIL v1.1 - Delete Renegade Email that is older than the sysop definable age. For use with Renegade v 3-5 BBS software. Fixes small bug in the bulletin output routine.
olz-13.zip120KOneLinerZ! v1.3; Written, and should work with Renegade, T.A.G., and Telegard. Based on a "rumors" program that allows users to enter one line of ANSI, AVATAR or ASCII text, usually the oneliners are something like this: "Press ALT-H for SysOp access!!", or often they are used to advertise bulletin boards, "Call AVERNUS at 313.427.0224!", etc.
one7-2b.zip24KOneliner Door v7-2 Beta; Show the last callers, if you wish, it's configurable! And Show the current oneliners and ask if the user wish to add one!
pcrset11.zip13KPCRSET v1.13 for Renegade BBS; Allows you to set multiple PCR levels to affect each user's access.
pic.zip993BSimple Text Of The Command Options Available For The -OP Command For Renegade.
pin0419.zip19KCommand Line Message Poster for Renegade!
qfile11.zip49KQFile v1.1. Multiple file list creation utility
ranks20.zip29KRank Master v2.0; The Ultimate Rankings program for Renegade BBS's. Gives your users Titles according to files uploaded and messages posted. Allows them to achieve higher access by posting and uploading!
rave-12.zip9,198BRenegade BBS System Averages v1.2 Will now work with Renegade r4-01-93 No more CFG file, command line paramaters
rd0421.zip12KUpdate RG users.dat with info from DOOR.SYS. Can use with Rombrain.
rene0717.zip17KRENEMAIL v1.0; interface program that allows Renegade to support Echomail from any network supporting Fidonet standards. Renemail will scan Renegade's Echomail message bases and process outbound messages, translating them into Fidonet compatible *.MSG files for further processing by an echomail processing system and your front-end mailer.
renegad1.zip355KRENEGADE Preliminary Installation Package
renegade.zip337KRenegade 01-02 Beta release
renemail.zip16KRenemail message -> *.MSG converter.
rg-fdc12.zip27KFile Description Cleaner v1.2; Will allow you to choose between several different standardized file descriptions and ensure that your file bases are kept in order.
rg0102.zip312KRenegade 01-02 upgrade for existing RG boards
rg0717.zip302KRenegade 7-17 - Update for existing Renegade BBS. If you aren't already running Renegade don't use this file
rg1-5.zip288KRenegade 1-5 upgrade for a great bbs.
rg10_31.zip301KRenegade v10-31 Exp - Upgrade Only. - Added 10 line FILE_ID.DIZ
rg2bbs10.zip6,593BRG2BBS v1.0; RG *.DIR to *.BBS Utility Creates *.BBS files from your Renegade *.DIR files.
rgback_2.zip24KRenegade Backup v2.0; The Ultimate Renegade Backup v2.0 This is an excelent backup program for renegade. Many Options!
rgbulls.zip33KRenegade BBS top users bulletin maker.
rgbusy12.zip12KRGBUSY v1.2; Creates a graphic of your HOURLY BBS USAGE for the the past X number of days (up to 99).
rgc.zip10KRenegade BBS; C header file
rgcbv623.zip34KRenegade CallBack Verifier. [CBV] v6-23
rgctv13.zip57KRG-CTV v1.3; Crack The Vault, this door is for Renegade and awards time and filepoints to the users!
rgd04-05.zip115KRenegade Documentation for the 04-05beta
rgd07-17.zip59KRenegade Documentation for the 07-17beta release.
rgd07_17.zip62KRenegade Documentation for the 07-17beta release. From the GS Connection BBS - 207/799-9080. Renegade Support Board.
rgdf015b.zip19KRenegade Dupe Find v0.15beta
rge19.zip43KKludgeWare! Renegade Editor Allows you to edit your Renegade configuration, and to interactively edit the strings. You can change a SINGLE character instead of retyping the whole string. **SHAREWARE**
rgfc0320.zip358KRenegade File Commander - Easy to use filebase editor for Renegade BBS. Add, Delete, rename files, descriptions, and bases. Scrollable, browse. Very powerful!
rgflco16.zip39KRENEGADE FILE LISTER COMPILER v1.60 beta Creates selective list of all your files. Auto-compress, adds file_id.diz, nice format. Archive creation now optional. Updates data.
rgfpu10.zip14KRenegade file point award utility.
rggc1_3.zip63KGambling Casino v1.30; Let's Users Gamble For File Points And Time And Give File Points And Time To Other Users.
rghelp13.zip16KRGhelp v1.30 - Renegade interactive user help file system. Plug and play eliminates the need for most sysop chats and requests for help. Full RIP/ANSI support! Must get!!
rgi_0717.zip330KRENEGADE BBS Preliminary Installation Package
rglast14.zip16KLast Caller Utility v1.4; For Renegade v1-03, makes a file that records the last callers records for the next caller to view.
rglstclr.zip10KRGLSTCLR creates a file in Renegade's miscellaneous path as defined in the Renegade.dat file. This file is named whatever is passed to it on the command line or LOGON1.MSG by default. The file it generates using everything specified in its configuration file, RGLSTCLR.CFG. It reads information from the LASTON.DAT file and generates the file.
rgm.zip52KRG Menu Editor v1.01; Replacement for Renegade Menu Edit functions.
rgm1225.zip20KRenegade Maintenance Utility by Cott Lang Packs users, purges users, packs msgs, packs files, sorts files, fixes data files, packs short msgs, fixes file sizes and status. Even logs off users for the maintenance event!
rgmpt10d.zip19KRGIMPORT FILES.BBS Importer For the Renegade BBS System
rgpause1.zip9,943BRenegade Pause Utility v1.00. Inserts the Renegade Pause/No abort command into any text file. Works fast!! With the PERSAD Software, Inc. trademark of no messy command lines and EASY setup!
rgpf19.zip18KRGPF v1.9 - Renegade 4-05 Beta Popular Files Create a list of the most popular files that have been downloaded from your BBS. You can included as many files in the list as you like. Multiple configurations!
rgprint.zip6,392BRenegade User Printer; Pulls information including handles, real names, addresses, phone numbers, etc... and sends them to a nicely formated page on your printer (LPT1).
rgq11.zip156K"Renegade Quoter" v1.1; Reads from a huge file of quotes, picks one, then either writes the quote to the screen or to a file
rgqr6_25.zip6,761BRenegade Quick Reference; Lists MCI codes, Pipe bar color codes, SysOp Commands, ACS flags, and file extentions.
rgquik11.zip17KRGQuik v1.1; For use with Renegade BBS Instead of loading up Renegade when you want your board status you can use a Function Key on FrontDoor to run RGQuik.
rgranks.zip65KRG RANKS v1.00; A Renegade BBS Rank generator, it takes the city of a user and converts it to a Rank.
rgrpt100.zip23KRGReport v1.00beta; Brand new, unique Renegade utility. Will create detailed report about your BBS. Very easy to configure!
rgstat14.zip9,754BRenegade Stat Sheet v1.04; Simple program intended for use with Frontdoor. It'll display many stats that you'd see on the Renegade WFC Screen, and a few that aren't.
rgstruct.zip11KRenegade v04-01: Pascal file structures
rgtop10.zip17KRenegade Top 10 Bulletin Generator --------------v1.0---------------- Totally Configurable Top 10 User Lister for Renegade 8-27 Beta. Uses script files to define output. Unlike any other Top 10 Bulletin Generator written for Renegade!
rgtoss.zip7,919BToss files directly from AllFix to directory listings using Files.BBS.
rgu250.zip31KRGUtil v2.5; A Multi-Purpose Utility for Renegade. Generates Many Bulletins, makes ALLFILE's, Updates FD, post Short Messages, Sorted User List, and Includes RIP support
rgue20.zip20KRenegade BBS Global User Edit v2.0
rgul20.zip17KRenegade Userlist v2.0; Essentially replaces the standard Renegade User Listing option.
rgutil10.zip19KRGUtil v1.0 Generates top 15 users bulletins.
rgu_0717.zip304KRenegade BBS update files
rgv100.zip42KRGView v1.0; A command line viewer for Renegade BBS .ASC text files. RGView will also display menu files in color if they contain color codes.
rgweeder.zip18KRenegade BBS user weeder. Delete inactives.
rgwindow.zip1,655BWindows PIF file and Icon for Renegade BBS
rg_szmod.zip1,989BSuper Zmodem setup for Renegade BBS. 06/28/92
rmail616.zip16KRenemail Renegade echomail processor.
rmaildos.zip16KReneMail 12-25 for Renegade EchoMail boards
rtop-12.zip9,507BRenegade BBS System Records v1.2 Now works with Renegade r4-01-93 No more CFG file, command line Paramaters
rw100wb1.zip193KRENEWAVE v1.00.wb1 -- WIDE BETA 1 OF THE LONG awaited BLUE WAVE comatible offline mail door for RENEGADE from Lars Hellsten & MatrixSoft. Supports both Blue Wave and QWK mail formats. Features incl easy menu-driven setup program, keywords, filters, offline config, user FREQs and more! A must-have for any Renegade sysop with active message areas. Do away with RG's sloppy QWK system, ride the fast and powerful Blue Wave! Another great MatrixSoft product!
rwhy-12.zip9,011BRenegade What Happened Yesterday v1.2; Now Compatable with Renegade r4-01-93
sdn2rg.zip28KSDN2RG v1.0: SDN echos 2 Renegade. A small to imports files and their descriptions that have been recieved through SDN file echos into your Renegade BBS file areas. SDN2RG is compatible with FLEA, TICK, Allfix, or any other SDN echo manager that uses FILES.BBS
setmass.zip6,488BSetMass v1.0; Utility for Renegade BBS's running Renegade will allow the sysop to set EVERYONES startout menu or QWK archiver to THEIR specifications without changing each user on an individual basis.
sgcrg405.zip76Kdelete ********************************
short100.zip8,170BSHORT v1.0; Short sends a short personalized message to a user.
sortbbs.zip4,121BBBS List Sorter v2.0 for Renegade; It will sort your BBS List by phone number
stat10.zip16KStat v1.0; The Renegade Status Screen. Source Code Included with this release
structs.zip10KRenegade structures in Pascal
sysfix.zip35KFix modem baud rate door.sys/fd/renegade.
tg2rg103.zip18KTG -> RG: Convert all of your Telegard BBS files over to a format that Renegade BBS can use, thereby making it easy on all of your Users (and on the SysOp as well, of course!).
topdl.zip5,635BTop Downloaders 1.0 for Renegade 1.00
toppost.zip7,217BRenegade Top Posters Bulletin utility.
ulist10.zip11KRG-UList v1.0; Makes a COLOR configurable list of all your users! Same format of Renegade's user listing but it faster displaying!
uod-rg10.zip11KUser of the Day vRG-1.0 - Randomly selects a user and awards him/her a sysop definable ammount of xtra time & file points. Easy to configure, creates logon or bulletin file
uod_rg21.zip17KUser of the Day vReneGade-2.1; Randomly Selects a User and awards him/her with a configurable ammount of FilePoints and/or Xtra time on-line! Very configurable/easy to setup. Runs as a nightly event. Now with RIP support!
ustglist.zip23KUSTG/ITCnet Nodelist for United States TeleGard Network and the International Telegard Communications Network
what0401.zip42Kdelete *************************************
whatdone.zip32KHistory and changes to Renegade software.
xcbv145.zip77KThe Express Call-Back Verifier v1.45 For Renegade Bulletin Board Systems.
yestat1.zip34KYesterdays Stats For Renegade BBS