File Libaries
Library: BBS - Directory: BBS - Remote Access
1edra310.zip66K1Edit-RA, v3.10. User/menu editor for RA.
262to263.zip105KDESQview's behavior modified to work around abuy in RA v2.
416_905.zip12KRemoteaccess 2.0x sysops: Update youruserfile to change ar
acf515r2.lzh170Kcf515r2.lzh 174458 05/19/91 AcFiles File list/download doo
acf560f3.zip851KFile Mamagement System v5.60.3 Upgrade.
activ100.zip16KRA 2.0 Activity scanner v1.0
adjcallr.lzh46Kdjcallr.lzh 46924 06/02/90 Last callers utility
adpro10g.zip12KAdPRO 1.00; This program will add ad's for your BBS to ZIP
af2ra.zip5,493BAllfix> RemoteAccess conversion utility. Converts Allfix F
alab126.zip180KArchiveLAB v1.26; Utility for RA 1.xx & 2.00 sysops to tes
all_110.zip29Kv1.10, Maintenance Utility
am130.zip13Kcollection of ANSI menu examples for RA
am210.zip50Kversion 2.10.
am_60.zip66KOnline Archive Master version 6.0 * | |-| | AM is a Remote
amsg100.lzh14Kmsg100.lzh 13924 03/06/90 Auto message to all users
ansied.lzh15Knsied.lzh 15359 12/27/89 External ansi editor
anufi20.zip30KFichero de configuracion de ANUFI 2.0 (de ejemplo) Datos o
aoi10.zip47Kv1.00) Act Of Impulse User Registration door for Remote Ac
apnt_102.zip125K- Pointlist Generator
areamgr5.zip37KAreaMGR v5.0 * | |-| | AreaMGR is a RemoteAccess 2.0x mess
arjban.zip14Kto files.ra
auser231.zip50KAutoUser v2.31; Powerful program that will automatically u
auu100.zip30KAUU-Auto User Upgrader; User security maintenance robot fo
auu110.zip46KAUU 1.10 - Auto User Upgrader for RemoteAccess 2.00. Now i
b2day300.lzh95K2day300.lzh 97541 11/25/90 Shows mailer & bbs activity
badfl11.zip22KAutomatically add unde- *-+ | sired files into RA 2.xx +-+
bat2fd10.zip56Kto run FD and RA multi-node
batsv121.zip391KBATS - BBS Activity Tracking System version 1.21 for Remot
bbcopy02.zip15KBBSCopy v0.20 - RemoteAccess FileBase Copier
bbe101.lzh28Kbe101.lzh 28733 12/27/89 External editor
bbs900ra.zip139KBBS900RA v1.0 For RemoteAccess SysOpsrunning either a "Pay
bbs_pak1.zip245KPackage of 5 great utils for ra/sbbs/qbbs.
bbskd92.zip35KDesigned to run as a loggon door
bbspr10.zip618KBBS Page Rotater v1.0; Rotate up to 999 different page son
bbsrpt14.zip104KBBS Reporter is a log file processor that reads your RA 2.
bcaster2.zip12KBCAST-2 will send online messages to other nodes of a Remo
bcopy050.zip22KBBSCopy v0.50; RemoteAccess 2.0 Sysop utility that allows
bd_ra201.zip28KBIRTH_RA.EXE v2.01: Birthday List Generator for RemoteAcce
bday_330.zip17KBirthday bulletin generator for RA & QBBS.
bestl105.zip28KBESTLIST version 1.05. < - A RemoteAccess 2.00 FileBase ut
birthday.zip699BANSI Birthday Screen For RA/QBBS
bm212.zip39KBirthday Maker v2.12 | | --- | | | | Birthday Maker is RA
brows201.zip53KRA files.bbs Browser utility.
bsort102.zip13KBBS_SORT supports QuickBBS RemoteAccess
bugs11.zip145KCatch The Bugs online door game v1.1. Will work on most an
bulg_ral.zip8,020Bfile for RemoteAccess 1.10
bw100_ra.zip189KOffline Reader DOOR for RA
bwave205.zip179KOffline Reader user side for RA
bwra199a.zip254KBluewave off-line mail door for remoteaccess version 2.00g
c-b402.zip138KCallback v4.02 RA/SBBS/QBBS callback verifier
callchek.zip70Kscan your RA/FD logs and provides over 90 bits of info
caller11.lzh9,075Baller11.lzh 9075 12/27/89 Makes list of recent callers
cbv120.lzh89Kbv120.lzh 91579 12/27/89 Call back verifier v1.2
cbv121up.lzh31Kbv121up.lzh 32244 12/27/89 Update call back verifier to v1
cctrx30.zip105Kuse Credit Cards for memberships, etc
cctrx50.zip136KCC-TRX v5.0 - Credit Card Door for RA 2.02 Supports Checki
cdrom03.zip11KCDROM Update v0.3beta - Mounts and dismounts CDs from the
cfgdump.lzh15Kfgdump.lzh 15427 11/01/90 RA configuration dump
cfix100.lzh6,426Bfix100.lzh 6426 01/24/90 Fix cities in user record
chain100.zip68KChain Reaction, a door game for remote Access/QuikBBS.
chat22.zip18KCHAT.EXE Remote Dos Chat Program - Also distributed as par
chatm241.zip283KChat Manager Multi-Line Split Screen.
chats020.zip86KTime-chat v0.20 - excellent multiline-chat for RA111.
chtdr102.lzh16Khtdr102.lzh 15890 11/01/90 RA multi-node chat door
cidph200.zip99KCIDPHONE v2.00: for RemoteAccess 2.0x. To check the authen
cm1lin12.zip38KCM1LINER v1.0b; A door for Remote access users to let the
cmbbsl12.zip41KCMBBSLST v1.1b; A door for Remote access users to let othe
cmemsi31.zip37KCMEMSI v3.01; DOOR to let the users know what flags ,. the
cmrapw12.zip41KCMRAPWD v1.1; A door for Remote access to protect your bbs
cnt_11.zip12Ktotal systems calls; RA
cntra100.zip52KCNet 1.00 for Remote Access! CNet is a QWK/REP importer/ex
cnumbu22.zip19KCNUMBU.EXE Caller Number Backup utility for RemoteAccess 2
co102.zip56KQuick and easy way to write your own doors.
comb-fix.lzh2,695Bomb-fix.lzh 2695 01/24/90 Fix combined msg record
combine2.lzh23Kombine2.lzh 23143 09/17/89 Makes combined msg areas perman
condmp01.lzh13Kondmp01.lzh 13198 11/25/89 Conditional message pack
confdump.lzh11Konfdump.lzh 11680 11/01/90 RA conference dump
conv10.lzh3,758Bonv10.lzh 3758 03/02/91 Convert ExitInfo from/to .04 & 1.0
convert1.lzh8,874Bonvert1.lzh 8874 03/07/93 Converts 2.0 *.RA files to run w
cook_101.zip349Kdifferent fortune for each caller
cookie34.zip52KLiveSystems Fortune Cookie Showing Door for RA v2.00.
crypt145.zip40KCryptoGrammer Decoding Door
cv_flsra.zip8,792BConverts Ra 2.0's files.ra file to v1.11.
cv_msgra.zip8,865BConverts Ra 2.0's message.ra file to v1.11.
cvt2.zip13Kbeta/gamma Exitinfo.bbs & UserOn.bbs converting Utili
cybcal10.zip38KCYBCALL: The best TODAY CALLER door ever! Has following op
cyblin10.zip63KCyBLiNE v1.0: BEST ONELINER DOOR EVER! Custom Screen + Col
cybmkb11.zip62KCyB*MSG-KB RaTiO |# #|-CyBiC-|# #| No messages? Force |# #
cybst10.zip25KCyBiC PRODUCTiONS] # = ]*[ Top 10 User Statistics # For RE
cybtag10.zip48KCyBTaG v1.0 #. -*-*- Adds taglines to msgs written online.
danlist2.zip29KDanList For RemoteAccess/SuperBBS/QuickBBS DANLIST is the
daystat1.zip59KDayStat v1.0b|-+ | Small multipurpose utility: | | Creates
dbuser03.zip19KConvert USER.BBS file into USER.DBF.
dcall400.zip21KD-CaLL v4.00: a replacement for RA's internal today's call
ddoor420.zip35KDDOOR v4.20; Utility for RemoteAccess which will automatic
dep_53e.zip108KINSTAbank 5.3e - RA2.00x time and byte bank.
diduknow.zip27Kv1.0) DIDUKNOW (Engels) +-+ | VaBa!Soft Utils for RA 2.0x
digichat.zip7,538BSoundBlaster or Adlib to be paged! Uses Page.ra
dinfavt5.zip35KNow removes -R from DORINFO1.DEF. For RA v2.00.
dlcnt11.zip26KVery good remote access download counter. Comes with a pro
dlspc110.zip23KFILES.BBS Download Counter Spacer for QuickBBS/RA. Changes
dmpcfg12.lzh12Kmpcfg12.lzh 12359 11/09/91 Dump RA v1.10 config to text fi
dn21r111.zip103KDoor News v2.1 for RA 1.xx; Remote Access Door Program tha
dn21r200.zip101KDoor News v2.1 for RA 2.0; Remote Access Door Program that
dn30ra20.zip165KDoorNews 3.0 is an online door program written specificall
door115k.zip2,129BDOOR.SYS at 115200bps! Run "Door.sys" style doors under RA
dor-hlp.zip2,160BHelp file for running door programs | | with RemoteAccess
dsdkno10.zip37KKeno v1.0; BBS door for IBM, RemoteAccess Compatible BBS s
dsdpke10.zip39KPoker v1.0; BBS door for RemoteAccess Compatible BBS syste
dsdsta10.zip39KDSD Statistics Generator V1.0 User statistics generator fo
dsdvte13.zip47KUser Voting Door V1.3; Remote-Access V1.11/V2.0 Compatible
dsort300.zip18KD-SoRt v3.0: a lightning fast FILES.BBS sort for RA. Menu
dstat520.zip30KDSTAT v5.20; Top User stats for RA! handle support, exclud
dsys2ei.zip6,529BThis simple utility will read the DOOR.SYS and create the
dtl_20.zip6,411BDoor Time Limiter v2.0; Limit your users time limit in eac
dupechek.zip6,694BCheck RA Users.bbs for Dupe Phone Numbers.
duser200.zip25KDUSER v2.00 * ANS/ASC Userlist Bulletin generator for RA v
dutc_ral.zip7,632Bfile for RemoteAcess 1.10
e_tag216.zip141KEASTtag v2.16; Replacement for Ra_files and Ra_New. Area V
eehs_030.lzh12Kehs_030.lzh 12692 08/18/91 EchoMail Engine v.03
eft130.zip345KThe enhanced file transfer door for RA/QBBS and SBBS.
elite2.zip26KELiTE 2 Command Shell FINAL! -Synchronet BBS v2.10a
eracem.zip30Kby Mike Janke
erfa_100.zip18KFile areas. Sort, replace, delete, insert!
erfa_210.zip42KERFA v2.0; Edit Raccess File Areas v2.0
erud_10s.zip38KThe Door of Erudition v1.0s; Bulletin writer With a few sp
etr1_223.zip192KEASTtag v2.23 For RA 1.xx; Area Viewer and also keyword, f
etr2_223.zip208KEASTtag v2.23 For RA 2.00; Area Viewer and also keyword, f
evntdump.lzh10Kvntdump.lzh 10664 11/01/90 RA event dump
exitconv.zip7,096BUtility to run current doors under new RA v2.00.
exitedit.lzh6,639Bxitedit.lzh 6639 10/05/91 Edit ExitInfo for RA
exitinfo.lzh11Kxitinfo.lzh 10840 03/07/93 Converts RA 2.0 <=> 1.11 ExitIn
extpw104.zip47KExtended Check and Change Password for RA 2.0
fakeuser.zip7,856BFAKEUSER> for RemoteAccess 2.x BBS Updates your USERSON.BB
fasrt300.lzh25Kasrt300.lzh 25140 04/20/91 Sort RA file areas v3.0
fatcat20.zip17KUpdate file download counters.
fatt121.zip104Kserver version 1.21
fbu_100.zip66KThe Files.Bbs utility v1.0
fc_03.zip11KFileCost v0.3; FileCost will update your files database wi
fcfgedit.zip17KFile Area Editor v1.00; Compress your FILECFG.DAT file If
fdesk.zip94Kon a RA BBS with this door. FrontDesk
fdfaq001.zip3,927BAsked Questions - v.001
fdhh_10.zip8,713BFDHH v1.0 * FrontDoor Historical Humans * Will read in RA
fdhm213.zip168KVers. 2.13
fdhm213g.zip37K2.13 (german online-help)
fdlog121.zip48KFD 2.01
fdpi_201.zip17Kfor FD 2.01
fdrpr100.zip39Kv1.00) FrontDoor Request Processor for RemoteAccess 2.00
fdrpr121.zip80KFDRPR 1.21 - FrontDoor Request Processor for RemoteAccess.
fdscheck.zip6,646Bfor external utils from SETUP.FD
fdtn002u.zip4,335BFrontDoor & RA Technical Update Note #002 Using the OS/2 v
febbs160.lzh173Kebbs160.lzh 177435 02/12/91 FEBBS files bbs manager v1.60
febbs180.zip255Kof Febbs: All in one files.bbs manager
febbs190.zip301Kone files.bbs manager. Manage your file areas easily!
febbs192.zip321KFile Manager for RA 0.xx to 1.11 for Quick BBS, SuperBBS.
fecv130.zip103KFEConv v1.30; Convert FastEcho area cfg to FD/RA, etc.
fed0210r.zip105KFiles-Ed v2.10, A highly configurable FILES.RA editor for
fepath12.zip11KFEPath 1.2, globally changes area-paths inFAS
fet_130.zip66KFETools - FastEcho value added tools 1.30.
fetora02.zip39KFE to RA v0.2: converts your FastEcho Rev 5 config into yo
ff_100.zip640KFastFile 1.00. The * BEST * FileDoor and FileManager for R
ffgra102.zip25KGenerator for Remote Access - Extremely Fast, CD-ROM Supp
ffgra103.zip27KAllfiles List Generator for RA
fflag22.zip19KFINDFLAG.EXE RemoteAccess v2.xx User Flag Finder - Also di
fgen100.zip40Kv1.00) FileGen An All-/new-/groupfiles generator for Remot
fgets121.zip16KFrontDoor 2.01
filedump.lzh11Kiledump.lzh 11152 11/01/90 RA file dump
filesra2.zip10KRemoteAccess utility: By Richard Currier Version 2. Major
filest03.zip44KUsers can see more info about a file. Number of down-loads
filetex3.zip5,673Bv0.3) FILETEXT +-+ | VaBa!Soft Utils for RA 2.0x | |-| | F
findnum.zip8,168BQuickly Find User from Phone Number in Ra.
fix_mess.zip11KGlobally Change for Multiple RA Message Areas
fixctyra.zip9,950BFixCity v1.0 for RemoteAccess BBS; Simple, yet handy, util
fixinfo.zip3,496BFIXINFO will change the baud rate written to DORINFO1.DEF
fkill11.lzh33Kkill11.lzh 34042 04/15/90 Kill old inactive files
flm213s.zip257KFile Library Manager (FLM) v2.1;The Total Filebase Manager
flpro441.zip66KFileList Professional v4.41 [bugs-fixed] Supports both RA
flsearch.zip5,247BASCII Pathlist from RA's Files.Ra
fmess203.zip23KFIX_MESS.EXE v2.03: Global Message Area Modifier for RA 2.
fmrac262.zip21KFM_DL_C.EXE is an util to change the uploadersname in the
fr_list.zip8,054BCreate group files to create group allfile lists.
fra001.zip4,659BFilesRA; RA's converter didn't set the CDROM flag, This wi
frame11.zip49KFRAME v1.1 for RemoteAccess Generate Top User Bulletins, T
fren_ral.zip7,326Bfile for RemoteAccess 1.10 & up
freq5.lzh53Kreq5.lzh 53874 04/20/91 Make a list of all available files
freql14.zip51KFREQLIST 1.4 creates a report of File Request activity fro
frl100.zip6,473BFrlist is a quick and dirty utility that will create a sta
frmv21.zip9,866BFile Remover v2.1 -+ | | | FileRemover is a usefull util |
fssg155g.zip129Kv1.55r) The Fantasy Software Statistics Generator Door for
fx-chat.lzh11Kx-chat.lzh 11658 12/17/89 Split screen chat
fxbull10.zip52Kgenerator for RA
gbirth20.lzh10Kbirth20.lzh 10264 04/20/91 Get users birthday v2.0
gchat140.zip35K- Split-Screen Chat Program With AVT/0+
ge10001g.zip44K- Full-Screen Message Editor for QBBS/RA
ge10002g.zip46K- Full-Screen Message Editor for QBBS/RA (bug fix)
ge10006g.zip52KEditor for RA, SBBS, and EZYCOM - Needs GFIX1022 to work u
ge2ra20b.zip47KGEcho to RA to FD configuration file convertor.
germ_ral.zip7,589Bfile for RemoteAccess 1.10 & up
getdiz12.zip8,020BGET-DIZ v1.2; Add-on for RA 2.00 File Manager, which allow
glob_100.zip15KGlobaly change file area configurations for RA2.00.
gtag109.zip100KGTAG 1.09 is a tagline appending utility that allows the u
guest10.zip6,708BGuest 1.00: allows multiple guest accounts with RA BBS.
handy12.zip56KHandyMan, LiveSystems MultiLine Manager for RA 2.00.
hdayz102.zip76KCreates special event screens for Holidays, Birthdays more
ibankv05.zip111KIceBank v0.50 |#| |#| Deluxe Time/Kbyte Bank System |#| |#
icev20.zip96KIceChat v2.00 - Split Screen Chat Door - Features: SplitSc
ichatv38.zip158KIceChat v3.80 |#| |#| Deluxe SysOp-User Chat Utility |#| |
ieditv12.zip117KIceEdit v1.20 * Deluxe FullScreen ANSi Message Editor * Fo
im2ra_25.zip20KImail 2 Ra/Frodo/QBBS/areasbbs Conv.
imail120.lzh292Kmail120.lzh 299491 10/05/91 IMail v1.20 echomail tosser
imail135.zip522KEchomail processor for use with Remote Access.
imcvt14g.zip19KImail v1.3x to v1.40 Gamma Converter for Ra.
infqwk10.zip15KQWK ---- ++- +-+ v1.00 The ULTIMATE ANSI/ASCII Generator f
inotev06.zip76KIceNote v0.60 |#| |#| Note To All Users Door |#| |#| For U
inquis21.zip41KThe Inquisitor! v2.10: New and greatly improved! In additi
ishere.zip20KCOMPLETE files received, FrontDoor 2.0
ital-ral.zip9,039BItalian Language file for RemoteAccess 2.0x
itral200.zip9,351BItalian language file for RemoteAccess v2.00.
iut140g.zip142KMore Utilities for Imail v1.40 Gamma for Ra.
jcq-202a.zip269KJCQWK version 2.02a QWK Mail Door for RemoteAccess 2.02. S
jcqwk100.zip165KJCQWK Release 1.00 QWK Mail Door for RemoteAccess 2.00, 1.
jcqwk201.zip198KJCQWK v2.01g; QWK Mail Door for RemoteAccess 2.01 only. No
jive-ral.zip8,173BJive Language file for RemoteAccess v2.0x
jive_ral.zip7,311Bfile for RA 1.10 & up
keypass.zip9,074BKEYPASS External KeyBoard Password Entry for RACONFIG.EXE
kilflag1.zip6,433Bv0.1) KILLFLAG +-+ | VaBa!Soft Utils for RA 2.0x | |-| | T
ksnoop10.zip48KKAMSnoop is a password snooper for RA 2.xx. It will ask th
labtest.zip117KLabtest v2.00v1; The Definitive Upload Processor! Labtest
lang_202.zip164KLanguage files for RemoteAccess 2.0x, includes FILES.BBS f
last210.zip61KCreate lastcaller bulletin/info for RA v1.10.
last50a.zip6,996BLists last 50 callers via type 45 menu.
lastcal4.zip12Kv0.4) LASTCALL +-+ | VaBa!Soft Utils for RA 2.0x | |-| | L
laston15.zip11Kv1.5 .
lbtst25c.zip96KLabtest v2.5; The Definitive Upload Processor! Labtest wil
lbtst322.zip378KLabtest 3.22 - The First Line of Defense! Possibly the mos
lcall1.zip40KCreates ANSI/ASCII bulletin of last callers to SBBS/RA.
lcall100.zip17Kcalled BBS today offline.
lcdty102.zip26Kinfo for your Ra.Log. NICE!
lcdty200.zip35KLucidity v2.00: RA log file utility.
lclqwk21.zip43KLocalQWK v2.1; for RemoteAccess BBS v1.1x
level1.zip5,705Bv0.1) LEVEL +-+ | VaBa!Soft Utils for RA 2.0x | |-| | LEVE
lfind40.zip24Kv4.0 .
lglst110.lzh10Kglst110.lzh 10534 12/27/89 Log list util v1.10
limits_5.zip74KAuto Manager for LIMITS.CTL and Timelog.bbs auto vary user
listem11.lzh69Kistem11.lzh 70382 03/02/91 Master files list generator
listem13.zip102Ktotal file lists, etc. FAST! Used here.
logger_.zip11KLOGGER was written for sysops who are using the built-in f
login10.zip14KImplements # of logins allowed per day-for RA2.00 *only*.
logrept.lzh43Kogrept.lzh 44536 12/27/89 Log report util
lolo112.zip14KLogOn/LogOff v1.12 -+ | A Multi - Line User Annoucement Ut
lstat087.zip27KLogStat RemoteAccess Log Analyzer! This RA Utility scans y
lw_mgr12.zip340KLW_MGR from LlanoWare! v1.2 Complete RemoteAccess Editor.
lwbull13.zip48KLWBULL v1.3 - Bulletin/News Door. LLanoWare. RA v2.xx ONLY
lwbull21.zip49KLWBULL v2.1 * LlanoWare * Bulletin/News door, shows users
lwmenu12.zip62KLWMENU v1.2 - Remote SysOp Menu Editor. LLanoWare. RAv2.xx
lwuser12.zip58KLWUSER v1.2 - Remote User Editor. LLanoWare. RA 2.xx ONLY.
ma10.zip14KMove Message Area to Another Area in Ra.
ma_103.zip53K(removes memory limits on DV setups).
mailcl15.zip7,362BMailCall v1.05: FD to RemoteAcces lastuser.bbs utility.
makefls.lzh6,848Bakefls.lzh 6848 03/02/91 Make FLSearch.Ctl from Files.Ra
mam100.zip21KMAMOVE v1.00 by John Kristoff Easily, quickly and safely c
mbra105.zip72KMailBox v1.05: For RemoteAccess 2.xx Versions Only MailBox
mbu_110.lzh49Kbu_110.lzh 50578 06/02/90 Message base util v1.1
mc_cbv21.zip186KCallback Verifier 2.11 for Ra.
mc_exp22.zip32KEXPIRE.EXE RemoteAccess v2.xx User Expiration Date Scanner
mc_lc22.zip20KLASTCALL.EXE Log FrontDoor calls to RemoteAccess v2.xx Tod
mcbest10.zip48KMcBest v1.0: Statistics Bulletin Generator for RemoteAcces
mchat20g.zip286KMultiChat v2.0; Complete multinode chat system for RA 2.xx
mcra2fu1.zip54KRemoteAccess V2.00 File Area Utilities
mcwait22.zip18KMC_WAIT.EXE Batch File Time Delay Utility - Also distribut
megaquik.lzh85Kegaquik.lzh 86530 01/24/90 Create file megalist
membinf1.zip7,439Bv0.1) MEMBINFO +-+ | VaBa!Soft Utils for RA 2.0x | |-| | M
menusiv.zip24KComplete ANSI Screens/Menu Files (English) for anyone (col
midnight.zip3,660BMidnight events with super.bbs
mknet110.zip214KDirect Support RA cfg files, QWK network tosser, Hudson/Ja
mknew120.lzh53Kknew120.lzh 54531 02/16/92 Very Fast (N)ew files function
mkqwk102.lzh144Kkqwk102.lzh 147900 11/10/91 QWK mail door for RA supports
mkrd103.zip192KMkRead v1.03 - Online (SysOp) Message Reader. Added JAM su
mktdy101.lzh76Kktdy101.lzh 77411 07/16/91 Customizable last/today callers
mkuti21f.lzh139Kkuti21f.lzh 142832 05/08/91 RA/Qbbs UTI drivers v2.1f for
mkwam10a.lzh72Kkwam10a.lzh 73606 08/04/90 Qbbs/RA <=> WAM HyperMail inter
mkxrs102.zip102KXRS Reply/Message Tosser v1.02 upgrade for Remote Access/Q
mkxrs103.lzh99Kkxrs103.lzh 100873 03/25/91 XRS message tosser v1.03 for R
mloc176.zip36KMaximus/RA fast file locator replacement.
mm110.lzh74Km110.lzh 75449 07/06/90 MenuMaster Qbbs/RA menu editor v1.
mm120.zip86Kuse with RemoteAccess
mm_300g.zip272KMenu Master v3.00 - The "Ultimate" Menu Editor. RA v1.xx/v
mm_300w.zip285KThe Ultimate Menu Editor. Can use with both RA1.xx and RA2
mmra10.zip59KMyMail 1.0 * For RemoteAccess 2.xx Versions Only MyMail wi
mnwiz200.lzh76Knwiz200.lzh 77438 12/27/89 Menu wiz v2.0
mom200.zip213KMessage-O-Matic-Auto Message System for RA.
mount10.zip64KThe Mountie v1.00, allows you to logically mount/dismount
mount102.zip40KThe Mountie v01.02, allows you to logically mount/dismount
movearea.zip11Keasily in Files.Ra. With TP-scr.
mruti201.lzh95Kruti201.lzh 96997 08/25/93 RA 2.00 UTI driver for Postlink
mruti250.lzh100KUTI drivers for RA v2.50 gamma (FW) Mythical Kingdom Softw
msged205.lzh92Ksged205.lzh 94250 11/01/90 Message editor v2.05
mstat111.zip20KMSGSTATS v1.11 Lists Hudson message area info for QuickBBS
mtnc_220.zip46KLast caller for Remote Access version 2.00g only
mult200.zip33KMultiNode Batch File Setup for 3 Nodes: Two "Live" nodes a
multnode.zip45Kset up multi-line BBS under RA/FD/DesqView
netpath.lzh5,949Betpath.lzh 5949 11/25/89 Set netmail path in v2.04
new2you.zip37KNew2You v1.0 Newuser bulletin generator for RA 2.0x system
newfiles.lzh22Kewfiles.lzh 22280 10/05/91 MK Cmd Line new files lister (F
newnews.zip47KNewNews v1.1 - Bulletin Door. NewNews is a door for RA 2.x
news53.zip57KLiveSystems News & User Bulletin door for RA 2.00.
next230.zip11KNeXt v2.30: toggles the status of the 'sysop on next' flag
noc100.zip7,099Bto users who drop carrier frequently
nodectl.lzh54Kodectl.lzh 55716 09/03/90 Control multinode access
noflo100.zip21K: Use .?LO attaches with FrontDoor!
notify11.zip28KRA Notify v1.1 - A RemoteAccess v2.xx Multi-Node utility.
nu_v200.zip100KNU Nodelist Updater v2.0; Updates nodelists with the weekl
olf-span.zip2,500BSPANISH.OLF" A language file for OLMS 2.x Written by: Abel
olms200.zip354KOffline Mail System | | # # # # # # ## Version 2.0 | | # #
olmsam10.zip50KAnswering Machine | |-| | V e r s i o n 1.00 | +-+ Have OL
online22.zip20KONLINE.EXE Manipulate the USERON.BBS (List of callers Onli
ontoday2.zip7,690BOnToday, today's callers list for RA Sysop to use locally.
ot_100.zip54Kmsgs from RA msgbase by subj/twit
packer34.zip130Kof Hudson Message Base Packer. AWESOME!
pageck10.lzh8,626Bageck10.lzh 8626 06/11/90 Check RA page files
pager304.zip228KSuperpager for door.sys bbs. Use your Sound Blaster to pag
pchat120.zip93KPrime Productions excellent chat system for RA BBS.
perday.lzh13Kerday.lzh 12908 12/17/89 Limit time per day for doors
pgen_20.zip29Kdoor implementation of the game PONG for RA systems
phonefix.lzh8,248Bhonefix.lzh 8248 11/01/90 RA phone number format fixer
pioneer.zip4,972Bset up 6 cd-rom Discs on a QBBS Board
pnbrd102.zip68KPinboard c1.02. A pinboard DOOR for RAccess
posttxt.zip32KSend Local F'attach Messages to BBS Users.
ppwb10.zip213KThe Pachyderm Password Bank 1.0 # # * For RemoteAccess 2.x
pr_ra111.zip16Kfor different protocals with RA/FILEDOOR
pr_ra201.zip23KMore protocols for RA. (protocol.111)
pr_ra2g3.zip23KProtocol.ra; Tutorial Examples, Rel. 3.
prfl107b.zip40K- allow your users to make profiles about themselves
prfl107c.zip40Kversion 1.07c
prlnk10r.lzh69Krlnk10r.lzh 70888 08/18/90 Link ProDoor with Remote Access
profile2.zip164Kmaker and file manager
protdump.lzh11Krotdump.lzh 11125 11/01/90 RA protocols dump
proto.lzh1,320Broto.lzh 1320 03/02/91 Sample protocols for RA
protocol.zip4,258BPROTOCOL - Allows you to set the default protocol for new
psort40.zip58KPacksort 4.0: ultimate users packer/sorter for QBBS 2.7x.
pulldown.zip5,262BPulldown menus for RA/QBBS BBS's
pvthr304.zip55Kfor RA 1.xx in FD 2.xx environment
pvthr305.zip57KPrivate Hours v3.05 - allows selected users to logon durin
q2coa10.zip36KQbbs/rbbs/sbbs/ra to Catacombs of ASCII.
q_a4ra-9.zip103KQ&A4RA Revision #9 ###| |-| | Questions & Answers for Remo
qa4ra100.zip33KQ&A for RA Shell 1.00 |-+ | | | A -=> Freeware <=- Program
qac100b.zip12KQ Archive Converter, v1.00 beta for use with quickbbs/supe
qanu20.zip13KPurge records in your newuser.asw not found in your users.
qatest10.zip28KQ-A Test v1.0; Questionnaire File Simulator for RemoteAcce
qbbed258.zip257KBase editing & debugging tool
qbbutils.zip40KBase and User Utilities
qdstat13.zip9,932BLiveSystems Quick & Dirty User Stats for RA v2.00
qe_man30.zip147KQecho Manager v3.0; Provides help screens, defaults and ea
qechofix.lzh32Kechofix.lzh 33026 09/03/90 Fixed version of Qecho
qed-who.lzh3,265Bed-who.lzh 3265 11/01/90 QED fix to get user name for RA
qed120.lzh74Ked120.lzh 75325 11/25/90 QuickEd v1.2 full screen message
qgen20.zip29Kgenerator for RA.
qgwar203.zip64KQuickbbs/RA interface for Global War.
qkratop.lzh22Kkratop.lzh 22052 11/25/90 Quickbbs/RA top user bulletin cr
qmaker32.zip12KQuote Maker v3.2: written for Remote Access but will work
qnet266a.zip64Kutilities (qecho etc)
qrbull30.zip21KMenu driven bulletin door for qbbs/ra/sbbs.
qrfm36a.zip229KQBBS / Remote Access File Manager v3.6a and other BBS syst
qstbats.zip2,118BRUNDB.BAT file; Good idea on how to use the SPAWN techinqu
qstmenus.zip7,476BSample of QST's TOP menu as a sample of how to make a type
qtora.lzh57Ktora.lzh 58456 11/30/91 Convert Config.Bbs to Config.RA
ques299b.zip60KQuesdoor v2.99beta. For RA 2.0. EXE only.
ques_221.zip133KQuestionaire for Ra V. 2.21
quest10g.zip5,429BQuestionnaire for SuperBBS. Really good, cheap registratio
quik100.zip74KQuik Use v1.00; User Questionnaire
quikbeta.zip4,081BApplication for beta-site license for PEGASUS/QuickBBS Sof
quoteit.zip8,333Bbulletin each day from a list
qutil100.zip44KQ_UTIL is a utility designed to show you an overview of yo 20802 03/12/90 Interface Bimodem to RA
ra-calls.lzh4,100Ba-calls.lzh 4100 01/28/92 Set number of calls
ra-ccd10.zip111KRemoteAccess Credit Card Door v 1.0.
ra-fdo-4.zip18KRA-FDO v0.04 *=- ] [ ] [ Imports User's Name/Handle ] [ in
ra-ref.lzh7,008Ba-ref.lzh 7008 09/03/90 Reference card for Remote Access
ra-scrs.zip4,428BSample robocomm remote access scripts for mail runs and fi
ra111doc.zip85KDocumentation for RA 1.11.
ra2doc.zip158KRemoteAccess 2.00 Documentation
ra2fd.zip11KRA2FD v1.00; Read RA's LASTCALL.BBS file after a caller lo
ra2ffam.lzh5,558Ba2ffam.lzh 5558 03/02/91 Convert RA files for FidoFam
ra2fls.lzh8,596Ba2fls.lzh 8596 09/03/90 Convert Files.RA to FlSearch.Ctl
ra2frq22.zip18KRA2FREQ.EXE RemoteAccess v2.xx to FrontDoor File Request L
ra2gcmsg.zip10KGLOBALM, Make global changes to your Remote Access version
ra2gigo2.zip10KRA2GIGO FREE RA utility from LlanoWare Quite simply, RA2GI
ra2t_101.zip194KRA_2_TAG! v1.01 (RA 2.02 compatible!) File Tagging Door wi
ra_001.zip299Krelease of RemoteAccess! 1/30/90
ra_004au.zip161KUpdate Release. Bug fixes for 0.04
ra_101.zip515KBug fixes for version 1.00
ra_110a.lzh264Ka_110a.lzh 270752 11/08/91 Remote Access Bbs v1.10 (1of2)
ra_110b.lzh245Ka_110b.lzh 250451 11/08/91 Remote Access Bbs v1.10 (2of2)
ra_111.zip531Kof RemoteAccess 1.11! Bug fixes for 1.10
ra_201.lzh847Ka_201.lzh 867180 05/30/94 Remote Access v2.01
ra_201.zip821KRemoteAccess 2.01 Upgrade: 2 Node shareware limitation
ra_202.zip808KThe RemoteAccess BBS Program v2.02 - Shareware maintenance
ra_af21.lzh11Ka_af21.lzh 11700 01/28/92 RA all files list creator
ra_ask.lzh18Ka_ask.lzh 18882 04/20/91 Util to ask old users for BirthDa
ra_echo.zip294Ktossing utility
ra_inc.lzh1,260Ba_inc.lzh 1260 07/06/90 Info on internode communication in
ra_mail2.lzh26Ka_mail2.lzh 26364 01/28/92 RA check areas for new mail
ra_mess6.zip56KRatio Checker ver 6.0-Major Update
ra_mpf19.zip40KMost Popular Files: the download counter v1.9 for RS. A ve
ra_ndom2.zip8,208Bv2.0 .
ra_phone.lzh25Ka_phone.lzh 25158 11/01/90 RA phone number checker
ra_rals.zip40Kof foreign language modules for RA 1.10
ra_songs.lzh24Ka_songs.lzh 25056 07/06/90 Page songs for Remote Access
ra_stfl2.lzh11Ka_stfl2.lzh 10781 04/20/91 RA set flag utility
ra_struc.lzh13Ka_struc.lzh 13693 04/15/90 Structure of RA records
ra_struc.zip12KRA 9/8/90
ra_sw15.zip32Kv1.5b) RA_S&W +-+ | VaBa!Soft Utils for RA 2.0x | |-| | Th
raacd100.zip34KRemoteAccess Ultra-AutoCD This program reads the volume dr
raae12.lzh21Kaae12.lzh 21568 01/28/92 RA Auto enter msg from text
rabat.zip3,310BA FrontDoor/RemoteAccess batchfile
rabday12.zip13KRABDAY12.ZIPRemoteAccess 2.0x "Today's Birthdays"bulletin
rabest40.lzh16Kabest40.lzh 16682 06/02/90 RA best callers
rabi10.zip7,796BRA Baud Interceptor v1.0 - A RemoteAccess v2.xx Buad Rate
rabi_132.zip63Kinterface for RA V. 1.32
rabir210.zip41KRABIRTH For RemoteAccess 1.11/2.00; Birthday utility for R
racal135.lzh58Kacal135.lzh 59037 01/28/92 RA Statistics screen generator
racal135.zip62Kutility - supports XRS mail, etc!
racal140.zip63KComplete stats reporter for RA 1.10.
racallr3.lzh29Kacallr3.lzh 29611 01/28/92 RA who called utility
racb200.lzh63Kacb200.lzh 64576 01/28/92 RA Call back verifier
racbv203.zip19KRACBV203, Call back verifier! Works with ANY bbs that can
raccd11.zip137KRA-CCD v1.10 -=|=- - RA-CCD; The ultimate credit card subs
race140.zip274KEditor V. 1.40
race150.zip277Kof RACE - (User editor) for RA 1.10
race152.lzh257Kace152.lzh 263075 01/28/92 RACE RA user editor v1.52
race160c.zip167Kversion of Remote Access Caller Editor
race160d.zip127Kof RACE - USERED like utility
race203.zip310KRACE v2.01; RemoteAccess Caller Editor
race_upd.zip198KRace 1.40 (strictly update files)
rack_002.zip17KRemote Access Cdrom Kit, v0.02 True CD-ROM support.
racnum.lzh4,006Bacnum.lzh 4006 07/14/91 RA total number of callers editor
racnum22.zip18KRACNUM.EXE RemoteAccess v2.xx Caller Number Editor - Also
rad203.lzh155Kad203.lzh 159048 12/08/90 Remote access database v2.03
rad213.zip156KRemote Access Database v2.12 (dBASE III & dBASE III Plus C
radb_350.zip82KUser Mail Activity Reporter for Ra2.00g1.
radcd102.zip82KRADCD v1.02: RemoteAccess Dropped Carrier Detector Reads R
radd1_9.zip275KRADD! 1.9; Remote Access Direct Dial. CBV for QuickBBS, Re
raddress.zip6,949BRAddress v1.00beta for RA2.0g; Utility to export users add
radio01.zip15KRemoteAccess Data Input/Output (RADIO) v0.10 (C) 1994,1995
radist.zip15KRADIST (RemoteAccess File Distribution Network) Informatio
radlc200.zip16KRemote Access BBS download counter.
radlfix.lzh5,311Badlfix.lzh 5311 01/28/92 RA user DL counter fixer
rae101a.zip323KRA-Echo v1.01; Echomail-Processor for Hudson and Opus mess
raecc101.zip31KRAECC and RAECU are a pair of programs for creating and ma
raee12.zip22KRemoteaccess Auto-Enter MSg.
raexit.zip8, 8829 04/09/90 Convert RA to Qbbs exitinfo
raexit05.zip32KConvert RA 2's Exitinfo to 1.11 and back.
raexit30.lzh12Kaexit30.lzh 12207 03/02/91 Convert ExitInfo to/from old fo
rafao106.zip22KRAFAO v1.06;RemoteAccess' File Area Organizer was designed
rafbst20.lzh17Kafbst20.lzh 17016 11/25/90 RA file area statistics
rafbst31.zip37KAreas Statistics Bulletin Generator
rafd10.zip11KGenerate flsearch.ctl file from RA's files.ra
rafd111.lzh142Kafd111.lzh 144903 04/20/91 RAFDoor RA file transfer door v
rafdlc14.zip22KRAtoFd and FDtoRA Last Caller Programs. Transfers last cal
rafdupe1.lzh7,630Bafdupe1.lzh 7630 07/14/91 RA duplicate file finder
rafdupe2.zip25KRaFDupe V2.0 - McSoft Corp. Scans your RemoteAccess 2.xx F
rafe_120.lzh24Kafe_120.lzh 24572 12/08/90 RA file area maint v1.2
raff100.lzh33Kaff100.lzh 34285 07/06/90 Fast new files function for Remo
raff_106.zip61KRAFF: Remote Access File Find v1.00 The combined files/new
rafhead.zip25KRAFHEAD v1.04; Adds Uploader Names into RemoteAccess ver 2
rafi_202.lzh77Kafi_202.lzh 78855 01/28/92 RA file viewer
rafi_203.zip66KFiles Utility
rafi_240.zip88KRA_FILES v2.4; RemoteAccess FILES.BBS lister y
rafind22.zip19KRAFIND.EXE Find Files on your BBS for RemoteAccess v2.xx -
rafm111.lzh318Kafm111.lzh 325783 01/28/92 RA File manager
rafm121.zip322KRemoteAccess File Manager v1.21; The most powerful file-sy
rafsort1.lzh11Kafsort1.lzh 10842 07/14/91 RA sort files by date
raft29.zip192KThe Remote Access Filearea Tools v2.9; Use with Remote Acc
rag-st11.zip23KRag-Stat 1.10 | |-| | RemoteAccess 2.xx Statistics Util |
ragrw101.zip69KRemoteAccess Ultra-Graffiti v1.00. It's for users to write
ragthr12.zip20KRAGTHR12.ZIP Simple Utility to creat allfiles listing for
rahdr10.zip32KFile area Statistics and puts at TOP of FILE
rahdr11.lzh35Kahdr11.lzh 36059 01/28/92 RA add headers to files.bbs
rahdr21.zip90KCustom files.bbs headers, allfiles, bulletins
rahelp10.zip34KHelp/Text file viewer for RA
rahelp11.zip35KRAHelp v1.10: help/textfile full-screen driver for Remote
rai119g.zip144KRainfo v1.19g for remoteaccess 2.x bbs's.
rainfo2.zip52KLog Statistic Generator Pgm For ra
rainuse1.lzh19Kainuse1.lzh 19044 01/28/92 Run single-node doors safely on
ralcfd.zip37Kinfo from RA into FrontDoor's FROM: Field
ralist20.zip29KDoor to show/search users with specific level or group
raloc106.lzh6,717Baloc106.lzh 6717 07/14/91 RA location field fixer v1.06
ralogo11.zip20KRotate Your Logo, Welcome and Goodbye Screens
ralston.zip9,812BPatch RA's last caller into FrontDoor's LASTCALL.FD.
ram200g.zip126KRemoteAccess Manager 2.00/gamma
ram315.zip326KRAMail; the mail system exclusively for RA. Allows users t
ramail30.lzh220Kamail30.lzh 225548 08/18/91 RaMail v3.0 QWK mail door
ramail32.zip313KRAURPT v1.0; Utility that will generate a report listing h
raman100.zip82Kand more for RA
raman211.zip135KRAMAN v2.11 - Bug-fix for RAMAN users running RA 2.01/Pro
rame_011.lzh35Kame_011.lzh 35660 11/25/90 RA sysop message editor
ramenu1.zip7,198BRA-Menu v1.00beta; The Menu Randomizer
rames.lzh12Kames.lzh 12444 11/01/90 RA message base utils
ramflg20.zip12KRA Message Flags Report v2.0 - Generates a report of all m
ramm200.zip112KRA Menu Manager Version 2.00.
ramsg001.zip25KRAMSG v2.0r1; This is a maintenance revision of RAMSG 2.00
ramstat.lzh6,010Bamstat.lzh 6010 11/01/90 RA message base stats
ramt-061.lzh19Kamt-061.lzh 19598 01/28/92 RA Message tools (export to tex
randscr1.zip49KRandScr BBS Screen randomizer. Chooses at random a file fr
ranew_15.zip69KNewfiles Lister!
ranews.zip36KNews Bulletin generator for RA BBS systems creates both AN
ranews22.lzh8,857Banews22.lzh 8857 01/28/92 RA news screen creator
ranode.a223,148BRA Net
ranote1.zip33KAuto-Message Door. 3 message max. ANSI/ASCII.
raopp.zip16Kpage player. From RodentWare.
rap100a.zip135KChat Door for RA. Supports up to 33 nodes.
rap100b.zip155KExcellent multiline chat for Remote Access. Much like tele
rap182a.zip101KUpgrade package for The RemoteAccess Pub v1.82a, a multi-n
rapc101.lzh21Kapc101.lzh 21427 07/14/91 RA phone number formatter
rapc21.zip49KRAPC v2.10; RemoteAccess Personnel Checker
rapfix.zip19Kfor RemoteAccess Pub
raph101.zip15KRA phONE day Version 1.01 -+ | RAPHONE is a small utility
rapick1.zip16KSelect from 45 Songs for Random Paging.
raplnk10.zip67KRAPLink v1.00 - Links a RemoteAccess Pub teleconference to
raproinf.zip12KRemoteAccess Pro BBS Commercial Package
raq101.zip14KQuote of The Day program for many RA or BBSs.
raqu_300.lzh28Kaqu_300.lzh 28583 07/14/91 RA auto security level update
rarnk001.zip20KRemote Access User Ranker v0.01; Program for ranking or up
rascan11.lzh18Kascan11.lzh 18174 07/14/91 RA virus scanner
rascn202.zip17KRAScan v2.00; An online/offline upload processor for RA 2.
rasend20.zip14KSend msg's to other users from DOS (multiline).
rasis201.zip504KRASIS 2.01 -# * NEW ADDITIONS! * RemoteAccess Sysop's Info
rastat23.zip77KStatistics Generator for RA 2.00.
rastr110.lzh4,197Bastr110.lzh 4197 01/28/92 RA structures v1.10
rastr200.lzh4,326Bastr200.lzh 4326 09/22/93 RA structures v2.00
rasup.zip43KRA SUBSCRIPTION ENFORCER | |-| |This program allows you |
ratb100.zip154KRemote Access Time Bank v1.00
rate10.zip501KCreate Multi-Page BBS Screens for Ra1.xx-2.xx
ratic20b.zip17KRATick is a new TIC file processor especially designed for
ratic20e.zip17KRATick is a new TIC file processor especially designed for
ratio201.lzh14Katio201.lzh 14283 09/17/89 Adjust security based on ul/dl
ratlc200.zip229KRemoteAccess Ultra-Teleconference v2.00. This is a multi-n
ratoqb.lzh16Katoqb.lzh 16380 03/02/91 Generate QBBS files from RA confi
ratotp.zip15KPascal; for PAGE.RA
ratp23.zip25KUsers Bulletin Generator
ratpak11.lzh115Katpak11.lzh 117671 01/28/92 RA Tool pack
ratpak20.zip92KMotor City Software sysop utilities for Remote Access 2.0
ratpak22.zip146KRemoteAccess v2.xx Tools/Utilities Package by McSoft Corp.
rats121.lzh148Kats121.lzh 151583 01/28/92 RA Time bank system
rats220.zip290KRATS v2.20 TimeBank System for RA/QBBS/SuperBBS/ProBoard s
ratt10.lzh9,933Batt10.lzh 9933 03/02/91 RA version of TicTalk
ratune10.zip103KRAMAKE - Finally, now you can easily create your own PAGE.
raua001b.zip8,171BRA User Announcer * | | Announce to all nodes when a user
raul09b.zip38KRemote Access User Labels* Beta Version .09 - Release 1 Pr
raupdate.zip8,667BRA BBS file updater
ravip102.zip68KRaVip Version 1.02 * Scans RA log, dectects VIP callers vi
ravote40.zip37KRAVote v4.00; User-voting door for your BBS, that allows u
raxs101.zip9,853BRA X.itinfo S.plitter for RA 2.00.g1.
re15.zip38KRemote Editorial v1.5 NEWS.A? creator/editor
recentcl.lzh7,783Becentcl.lzh 7783 12/17/89 Recent callers lister
reda40.lzh124Keda40.lzh 127232 02/09/91 Remote Access database v4.0
regchk10.zip65KThe Registered User Tracking Utility for QBBS is a set of
regvw107.zip201KREGVIEW/DOOR 1.07 The most complete usersregistration util
relog10.zip18KReLogOn v1.0 * LlanoWare * Now there is finally a way for
remiss01.lzh9,302Bemiss01.lzh 9302 04/15/90 Remove missing files
rfw_v110.lzh115Kfw_v110.lzh 117858 05/06/91 Remote Access Windowed File Vi
rfw_v120.zip150KRFW v1.2; Lots of new features like an interface for a vie
ripnra.zip1,600BRIP in RA; Explains how to implement RIP Graphics in Remot
rlog_141.zip56K- Log Reporting Generator
rlog_142.zip58Kutility for RA
rlog_29d.zip88KRemote Access Log Reporting Program; Full-fledged RA log r
rqccc11.lzh46Kqccc11.lzh 47424 05/17/90 Recent callers lister
rtool116.zip138KRudy's Place Tools. Release 1.16 * A collection of RA 2.xx
ruc11.zip27KRemote Access users.bbs command-line editor, with C source
rur_251.zip53KRUR v2.51; The RemoteAccess Users Ratio System
rutil100.zip63KR_Utils v1.00 >-> Sysop Utilities for RemoteAccess 2.0x an
rw_info.zip6,563Bbecoming a RodentWare Support Board
s_nws401.zip93KSuper News v4.01 --- | |-| | This is the BEST news maker |
s_ver092.zip87KVerifier for RA/QBBS/QBBS
sample.zip3,824BSample Menus for RA/QBBS
samqc100.lzh26Kamqc100.lzh 27025 04/15/90 Check menus & screens
sbank13b.zip195KSuperBank 1.3-B; RA/SBBS banking SuperBank is a very advan
sbbsdiz.zip31KInserts FILEID.DIZ file into FILES.BBS if found, for SBBS.
sbnk400.zip85KTime Bank Door for RA/QBBS.
scanv22d.zip73KScanvert 2.20; Upload scanner and converter for RemoteAcce
schat205.lzh16Kchat205.lzh 16299 11/25/90 SabreChat multinode chat util v
scht503r.zip70KSabreChat! v5.02.0; simply a user to user chat program. It
scht_407.zip30KChat door for RA
scrmak03.zip28KThe Screen Maker v0.03; Create ASC/ANS screen containing t
sdateset.zip30KSet RA user subscription expiration date from DOS.
sec101.zip13KRemoteAccess User Security Level Displayer
sedit270.zip85KMenueditor for SBBS. Supports WYSIWYG, Multilanguage,SBBS-
setcal10.zip5,964BSet number of calls/last caller's name RA 1.0 and later.
setflag.lzh6,785Betflag.lzh 6785 12/27/89 Batch user flag maint util
setgroup.lzh10Ketgroup.lzh 10514 04/20/91 Set group field in RA users fil
sf2ra.zip7,827BPermits usage of SFROM115+ on Remote Access BBS.
sflag110.zip31KSetFlag is a simple little program that will toggle user f
showf13.zip47KSHOWFILE, LiveSystems Text Showing Door for RA v2.00
shuf110.zip40KThe Shuffle puzzle doorgame. RA 2.00 compatible.
slnote.zip13KSlnotice Autologin door for Searchlight BBS. V1.0 displays
sluc250.zip9,402BStupid little upload counter v2.5; utility for SBBS/QBBS/R
sort111.zip13KSortUser v1.2.111; Utility that will allow you to sort you
sponge11.lzh7,693Bponge11.lzh 7693 03/11/90 List users with d/l & no u/l
str-talk.zip2,099BStreet Talk Language File for RA 2.0x
structs.zip4,534BRA 1.10
su12.zip13KShowUser v1.2: Netware utility that allows the supervisor
subdate.zip6,568BResets File Counters In RA'S Users.bbs Via SUBDATE.Q-A FIL
subdate2.zip7,769Bv0.2) SUBDATE +-+ | VaBa!Soft Utils for RA 2.0x | |-| | SU
sutil044.zip268KSBBS utility package v0.44.
sven_ral.zip7,587Bfile for RemoteAccess 1.10
swe_20.zip20KSWE, FS-editor switcher, Let users choose their own favori
sxrafix.zip5,790BSmall patch program to fix up a possible mis-interpretion
sysop200.zip334KSYSOP v2.00 The Best File Manager / Statistic Tool for RA/
sysop211.zip344KSYSOP v2.11; The best file manager & statistics tool for R
sysopup.zip9,736BSysopUp replaces empty "Uploaded By:" fields in the RA Fil
system08.zip12KSysteMAN .08.5; Utility that will search through your syst
tabsra21.zip104KTabsRA v2.01 For RemoteAccess SysOpsrunning either a "Pay
tagem101.zip165KTagEm! Version 1.01 (RemoteAccess 2.02!) Automatic File Ta
tagmn11b.zip54KTagMan 1.1B Creats an ASCII, ANSI and RIP file of your cho
tcall200.zip26KTodays' caller for ra/fd systems.
tcall205.zip26Kfor RA 1.10; also use from DOS prompt
tcall25.zip24KToday Callers 2.5 | | .-
tcht100g.zip42KT-Chat, Fullscreen User<>Sysop Chatdoor for RA v2.0
tclt22.zip18KTCLT.EXE Todays Call Log Trimmer for RemoteAccess v2.xx -
tdplus20.zip324KThe Transfer Door v2.0; External Door Run as a Type 7 or 1
testreq.zip8,296Bcheck your paths to make sure they exist for FileReqs
tetra120.zip57KTetris clone doorgame. RA 2.00 compatible.
tfc200.zip8,983BGlobal User Flag Changer for RA 2.00.
thd61pch.zip26KPatch for THD Version 6 Upload scanner,tester and converte
thdpro-5.zip86KTHDPro v5.0 Archive Checker for SBBS.
tic2ra12.zip125KTic-To-Ra v1.10 -\ The Ultimate .TIC file processor for th
timechek.zip19Kfile sort utility by Mike Janke
timeman.zip39KTIME MAN V1.00 This program allows a sysop to let his user
todays10.zip21KBest Little Today's Caller Door for RA 2.xx. FreeWare from
topcall.zip42KCreates ANSI/ASCII top user bulletins screens for SBBS/RA.
toped100.zip78Kscreen editor for RemoteAccess
tops3.zip35KTop`s v3.00 | | --- | | | | Top`s is TOP users list maker
topuser4.zip14KTop Users v4.0; fully configurable, 4000 user limit.
trek_r.zip7,459BStarTrek language file for RA 2.0x
trek_ral.zip7,103BLanguage file for RA 1.10 systems
trivia43.zip109KLiveSystems Online Trivia Quiz for RA 2.00.
tscnv104.zip33KFD 2.01
tstat060.zip38KTornStat. Statistics Generator for RA/SBBS.
tustime.zip37KTimebank door for Remote Access 1.xx.
tview10.zip50KFile Viewer Door - A MUST HAVE!
txt2m20.zip28KTXT2MSG v2.0 for Remote Access.
txt2ramg.zip16KRemoteAccess BBS utility to insert a text file into a mess
u-set112.zip62KUSERSET Door for RemoteAccess 2.00. v1.12; Allow users to
u-set115.zip82KUSERSET Door for RemoteAccess 2.00. Version 1.15 allow use
u3200.zip46KUSER UPDATER - UNIVERSAL is a user database utility for Re
u_set114.zip79KUSERSET Door for RemoteAccess 2.00. Version 1.14 allow use
ubrav100.zip195KBBS activity tracking system for RemoteAccess
uflag20.zip10KUserFlag v2.0; Change flags settings for all of your users
ulist25.zip21KUser Lister v2.5 | | .
ulra100.zip8,897Bfor RA
um100.zip166KUSERMAN 1.00 ## # # # Professional Usermanagement for the
umgr110.zip64Kv1.10) UserManager for Remote Access 2.0x. - Send hello me
uo40ra.zip75KLiveSystems UserOn 3.7; THE replacement forRA's "Who's onl
uo40sbbs.zip52KLiveSystems UserOn V4.00 for SuperBBS.
uo44ra.zip73KLiveSystems UserOn 4.4: The ORIGINAL Who's Online replacem
up_area1.zip6,251Bv0.1) UP_AREA +-+ | VaBa!Soft Utils for RA 2.0x | |-| | Ch
upldr102.zip97KUPLOADER v1.02; For RemoteAccess 2.00g Database Header Fil
urd102b.zip71KURD v1.02b; RemoteAccess User Registration Door. It will a
useron32.zip68KRA Whos Online Command. Shows where each node is
useron33.zip124KUserOn; Almost exactly the same as the useron function of
usrasw10.zip13Kanswers to questionares
ustat300.zip18KUSTAT - User Statistics Ver 3.00 for RemoteAccess
vb_rat12.zip84KVaBa!Soft Utils for RA 2.0x | |-| | VB_RATIO is the Comple
vd170r1.zip149KValidDOOR ,Callback Verifer door for RA 1.11
vd170r2.zip147KVD_Util basically does three things. allows you to maintai
vfdb_100.zip23KView RA 2.0's file database files offline. Online 'mailbag
vip203.zip18KVIP 2.03 - [Release #2]. Generates VIP.CTL According To Se
vote52.zip117KVote is a votingbooth with some nice new features. It's co
wc2ra.lzh12Kc2ra.lzh 12498 04/20/91 Convert WC! users file to RA
wc_12.zip8,533BWho Called v1.2; Today's Caller list for SysOps. This is n
wcall22.zip20KWHOCALLD.EXE View Todays Callers From DOS Prompt for Remot
wdwd_10b.lzh22Kdwd_10b.lzh 22462 12/27/89 Who done what door - file xfer
werd-ral.zip9,225BWeird Language File for RA 2.0x - a way to mess your users
whoson22.zip39KWHOSON.EXE View Callers Currently Online From DOS Prompt f
whoto108.zip46KCheck and report unread messages RA/QBBS.
wio105.zip48KWho Is Online Door for RemoteAccess 2.00. Version 1.05 all
wison120.zip14KWho Is Online v1.20 - In MultiTask Environ. Use within sam
wixfix.zip4,021BFix for Netrunner under Remote Access.
xfd_v301.zip434KFileDoor is a very flexible protocol driver. The XFD-versi
xferdr72.zip60KQBBS/RA Bimodem/DSZ file transfer door.
xflc_009.zip105KXFLC - The Extended File List Creator for RemoteAccess and
xl-213-3.lzh6,241Bl-213-3.lzh 6241 01/28/92 XList file list creator
xmsg_100.lzh46Kmsg_100.lzh 46629 01/28/92 Message exporter
xrdor205.lzh161Krdor205.lzh 164554 01/28/92 XRS offline mail door v2.05
xrdor210.zip176KXRSdoor v 2.1 for quick (any), RA, tag or Superbbs. Full a
xrobot.zip15Kdoes offline freqing and polling for FrontDoor
xrued110.lzh49Krued110.lzh 50556 11/08/91 XRS mail door user editor v1.10
xuc1.lzh10Kuc1.lzh 10267 06/11/90 Express user list
xutils.lzh68Kutils.lzh 69806 04/20/91 Handy set of remote RA utils
yed_110.lzh62Ked_110.lzh 63894 07/06/90 Yet another menu editor for Qbbs
yestcall.zip12KYESTCALL; Yesterday/Last 24 Hours Caller List Generator: C
zen103.zip46KZenList v1.03; The File List Processor for RemoteAccess 2.
zipcount.zip12Knumber of downloads for FD/RA systems
zipstr25.lzh23Kipstr25.lzh 23636 01/28/92 View ZIP files
zlab_ra3.zip6,076BZipLab Plus - RemoteAccess Interface Scan uploads for viru
zmh_113.lzh77Kmh_113.lzh 79272 11/25/90 Zmail v1.13 echomail proc demo
zstrip99.zip13KZipStrip V0.99 Beta. From Computer Online Services. ZIP fi