File Libaries
Library: BBS - Directory: BBS - Remote Access
acf515r2.lzh170Kcf515r2.lzh 174458 05/19/91 AcFiles File list/download door v5.15
acf560f3.zip851KFile Mamagement System v5.60.3 Upgrade.
activ100.zip16KRA 2.0 Activity scanner v1.0
adjcallr.lzh45Kdjcallr.lzh 46924 06/02/90 Last callers utility
adpro10g.zip11KAdPRO 1.00; This program will add ad's for your BBS to ZIP or ARJ files so you will get more business!
af2ra.zip5,493BAllfix> RemoteAccess conversion utility. Converts Allfix Fareas.fix to a Files.ra 2.xx compatible datafile. By Joe Jared.
alab126.zip179KArchiveLAB v1.26; Utility for RA 1.xx & 2.00 sysops to test uploaded archive, GIF/JPG, and TD0 files for errors, and add/remove comment, add/remove advertisment files, extended virus-scanning, -AV removal, FILE_ID.DIZ and DESC.SDI support, and GIF/JPG templating, swapping, on-line conversion of archive types, checks uploads against Hack Report.
all_110.zip28Kv1.10, Maintenance Utility
am130.zip13Kcollection of ANSI menu examples for RA
am210.zip50Kversion 2.10.
amsg100.lzh13Kmsg100.lzh 13924 03/06/90 Auto message to all users
am_60.zip65K+-----------------------------------------+ | * Online Archive Master version 6.0 * | |-----------------------------------------| | AM is a RemoteAccess 2.0x archive | | viewer. AM can be used as a door and | | as the RA External Archive Viewer. | | | | * View the contents of archives | | * Read files within archives | | * Extract file(s) to be downloaded | | individually | | * Supports all
ansied.lzh14Knsied.lzh 15359 12/27/89 External ansi editor
anufi20.zip29KFichero de configuracion de ANUFI 2.0 (de ejemplo) Datos obligatorios si no se usa RemoteAccess Area(s) de echomail donde se coloca el/los mensaje(s):
aoi10.zip46K(v1.00) Act Of Impulse User Registration door for Remote Access 2.0x. Export filled in data to file, netmail & usersbase. Freeware
apnt_102.zip125K- Pointlist Generator
areamgr5.zip37K+----------------------------------------+ | ********** AreaMGR v5.0 ************ | |----------------------------------------| | AreaMGR is a RemoteAccess 2.0x message | | and file area manager. AreaMGR allows | | you to make global changes to your | | message and file areas. Change flags, | | security levels, EVERYTHING! Designed | | with the look and feel of RACONFIG. | | Freeware from Dykstra Software. | | | | NEW in v5.0: Internet & N
arjban.zip13Kto files.ra
auser231.zip49KAutoUser v2.31; Powerful program that will automatically update your QBBS/RA compatible USERS.BBS files, according to various criteria. You can have it automatically change the flags or security levels of all users according to their flags, security levels, or upload:download and/or msg:call ratios.
auu100.zip30KAUU-Auto User Upgrader; User security maintenance robot for RemoteAccess 2.xx
auu110.zip45KAUU 1.10 - Auto User Upgrader for RemoteAccess 2.00. Now includes JAM support!
b2day300.lzh95K2day300.lzh 97541 11/25/90 Shows mailer & bbs activity
badfl11.zip22K +---+ Automatically add unde- **-+ | sired files into RA 2.xx +---+ BADFILES.CTL stright from **-| : RAMGR, WITHOUT EXITING! | | Save HOURS of SysOping!!! . | | . New "*" options NOW, WOW! : | : +---+ ****. BADFILE v1.1 .***** +---+ | +---------------------------------+ | +---+ **.. CyBiC PRODCUTiONS .** +---+
bat2fd10.zip56Kto run FD and RA multi-node
batsv121.zip390KBATS - BBS Activity Tracking System version 1.21 for Remote Access up to 2.02, QuickBBS to 2.80, Ezycom 1.10g, and Wildcat to 3.9x! This version has bugs worked out and has an easier configuration program which lets you take full advantage of the power user functions. This is a great program which will track your system usage so you can see what happens on your BBS when your not around.
bbcopy02.zip14KBBSCopy v0.20 - RemoteAccess FileBase Copier
bbe101.lzh28Kbe101.lzh 28733 12/27/89 External editor
bbskd92.zip34KDesigned to run as a loggon door
bbspr10.zip617KBBS Page Rotater v1.0; Rotate up to 999 different page songs on your Remote Access BBS. Completely Command-Line Driven and very efficient. Does include page songs for use with this program.
bbsrpt14.zip104KBBS Reporter is a log file processor that reads your RA 2.xx log files and produces informative tables and graphs showing many important aspects of your system. Reports phone-line utilization (each node and whole system), callers per day (each node and whole system), usage of your door games, and download statistics. A useful utility for ANY RA SysOp, but a MUST-HAVE for multi-line systems!
bbs_pak1.zip244KPackage of 5 great utils for ra/sbbs/qbbs.
bcaster2.zip12KBCAST-2 will send online messages to other nodes of a Remote Access bulletin board. Great for showing users who is logging on & off the system. Respects the 'No Disturb' flag. Now supports the semaphore drives and HANDLES! !!FREEWARE!!
bcopy050.zip21KBBSCopy v0.50; RemoteAccess 2.0 Sysop utility that allows copying of files from RA FileBase without the need to remember where they are or to look for them.
bday_330.zip16KBirthday bulletin generator for RA & QBBS.
bd_ra201.zip28KBIRTH_RA.EXE v2.01: Birthday List Generator for RemoteAccess ver 2.0X. Creates a Monthly, Daily, and Complete Birthday Listings in ANSI and ASCII formats! Monthly Listing is in CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER. Daily and Complete Listings are in ALPHABETICAL ORDER. Listings can be based on RA User Group! List Users by their REAL NAMES or HANDLES! NEW!! Posts Happy Birthday Message to Users on their Birthday! (Hudson Messge Base Only)
bestl105.zip28K>>>>>>>> BESTLIST version 1.05. <<<<<<<< ---------------------------------------- A RemoteAccess 2.00 FileBase utility to create detailed list of most downloaded files from the system. Fully sysop configurable via command line parameters and external text files. Various sorting and security limits, up to 2000 files per list, Full multinode aware and more. From Chief Israeli Communication System Ltd. Shareware, $20 Registration fee.
birthday.zip699BANSI Birthday Screen For RA/QBBS
bm212.zip39K+--------------------------------+ | Birthday Maker v2.12 | | -------------------------- | | | | Birthday Maker is RA 2.xx Util | | That will create a screen with | | Today + X Days birthdays, | | Birthday Maker can send a msg | | To each user having birthday | | in the date of running | | | | New major release | | | | - YairSoftwares - | +-------
brows201.zip52KRA files.bbs Browser utility.
bsort102.zip13KBBS_SORT supports QuickBBS RemoteAccess
bugs11.zip144KCatch The Bugs online door game v1.1. Will work on most any BBS using DOOR.SYS or even SFFILES.BBS (spitfire)
bulg_ral.zip8,020Bfile for RemoteAccess 1.10
bw100_ra.zip188KOffline Reader DOOR for RA
bwave205.zip179KOffline Reader user side for RA
bwra199a.zip254KBluewave off-line mail door for remoteaccess version 2.00g1.
c-b402.zip138KCallback v4.02 RA/SBBS/QBBS callback verifier
callchek.zip70Kscan your RA/FD logs and provides over 90 bits of info
caller11.lzh9,075Baller11.lzh 9075 12/27/89 Makes list of recent callers
cbv120.lzh89Kbv120.lzh 91579 12/27/89 Call back verifier v1.2
cbv121up.lzh31Kbv121up.lzh 32244 12/27/89 Update call back verifier to v1.21
cctrx30.zip104Kuse Credit Cards for memberships, etc
cctrx50.zip135KCC-TRX v5.0 - Credit Card Door for RA 2.02 Supports Checking and Savings transactions when used in conjunction with the Dragon Business Services processing services.
cdrom03.zip10KCDROM Update v0.3beta - Mounts and dismounts CDs from the RemoteAccess v2.x filebase. Automatically detects which CDs are in which CDROM drives, and updates the filebase and paths accordingly. A must for sysops with more CDROMs than CDROM drives!
cfgdump.lzh15Kfgdump.lzh 15427 11/01/90 RA configuration dump
cfix100.lzh6,426Bfix100.lzh 6426 01/24/90 Fix cities in user record
chain100.zip68KChain Reaction, a door game for remote Access/QuikBBS.
chat22.zip18KCHAT.EXE Remote Dos Chat Program - Also distributed as part of the RATPak utility collection RATPAK22.ARJ by McSoft Corp.
chatm241.zip283KChat Manager Multi-Line Split Screen.
chats020.zip86KTime-chat v0.20 - excellent multiline-chat for RA111.
chtdr102.lzh15Khtdr102.lzh 15890 11/01/90 RA multi-node chat door
cidph200.zip99KCIDPHONE v2.00: for RemoteAccess 2.0x. To check the authenticity of the user's phone numbers with the one provided by the phone company. More Options NOW!
cm1lin12.zip37KCM1LINER v1.0b; A door for Remote access users to let the users fill in theire oneliners ,a sort of 'message to next user' but with one line. registration kost: 150Bfr ,with anomyous ,handles ,and very fast system. 10 oneliners accepted. Makes a .DAT file to store oneliners . REMOTE ACCESS v2.00 compatible
cmbbsl12.zip40KCMBBSLST v1.1b; A door for Remote access users to let other sysop/cosysops write theire bbs in a list ,with options like: /NEWUSER to let the new user ask if he wants his bbs into the list after the questionaire with info like baud rate (ZyXEL support) system type ,remarks REMOTE ACCESS v2.00 compatible
cmemsi31.zip37KCMEMSI v3.01; DOOR to let the users know what flags ,... they use ,and what screen protocols, with information as: EMSI for new users ,EMSI ONLY,YES/NO ,quick screen writes ,ANS/AVT,registering costs: 150BFR USE THE '/NOLOCAL' option to disable the LOCAL emsi detection , and go stright to the following command
cmrapw12.zip40KCMRAPWD v1.1; A door for Remote access to protect your bbs from hackers . It asks 3 times a password ,and then starts yell/chat/hang up mode ,with many options ,also with a PSEUDO options ,registering costs: 200BFR USE THE '/NOLOCAL' option to disable the LOCAL password checking ,and go straight to the following command REMOTE ACCESS v2.00 compatible
cntra100.zip52KCNet 1.00 for Remote Access! CNet is a QWK/REP importer/exporter allowing RA SysOps to participate in national networks. Ffeatures include fast duplicate message checking, based windows, easyr configuration format, TCan, Aliases, and much more!
cnt_11.zip12Ktotal systems calls; RA
cnumbu22.zip18KCNUMBU.EXE Caller Number Backup utility for RemoteAccess 2.xx - Also distributed as part of the RATPak utility collection RATPAK22.ARJ by McSoft Corp.
co102.zip55KQuick and easy way to write your own doors.
comb-fix.lzh2,695Bomb-fix.lzh 2695 01/24/90 Fix combined msg record
combine2.lzh22Kombine2.lzh 23143 09/17/89 Makes combined msg areas permanent
condmp01.lzh12Kondmp01.lzh 13198 11/25/89 Conditional message pack
confdump.lzh11Konfdump.lzh 11680 11/01/90 RA conference dump
conv10.lzh3,758Bonv10.lzh 3758 03/02/91 Convert ExitInfo from/to .04 & 1.00
convert1.lzh8,874Bonvert1.lzh 8874 03/07/93 Converts 2.0 *.RA files to run with 1.11 compatible doors
cookie34.zip51KLiveSystems Fortune Cookie Showing Door for RA v2.00.
cook_101.zip348Kdifferent fortune for each caller
crypt145.zip40KCryptoGrammer Decoding Door
cvt2.zip13Kbeta/gamma Exitinfo.bbs & UserOn.bbs converting Utili
cv_flsra.zip8,792BConverts Ra 2.0's files.ra file to v1.11.
cv_msgra.zip8,865BConverts Ra 2.0's message.ra file to v1.11.
cybcal10.zip37KCYBCALL: The best TODAY CALLER door ever! Has following options: Local baud rate masking; Sysop in/out of listing; Use handles; FULL color configurability. 100% FREEWARE! FOR RA v2.xx
cyblin10.zip62KCyBLiNE v1.0: BEST ONELINER DOOR EVER! Custom Screen + Colors; Special HaCKeR STyLe; Color degrading; Cursor Keys; 100% configurable. FOR REMOTE ACCESS 2.XX
cybmkb11.zip62K ###+##################+### +---|------------------|---+ #| CyB*MSG-KB RaTiO |# #|-------------CyBiC----|# #| No messages? Force |# #| users to write msgs |# #| or else no files |# #| access. KBYTE -> MSG |# #| ratio controller. |# #| For RA 2.xx ONLY !! |# #| V1.1! Bugs Fixed!!! |# #| +-[*]*FREEWARE*[*]-+ |# +---|------------------|---+ ###+##################+###
cybst10.zip24K########################### ]## [ #[ ##[] ]## ###[ # # ## # # ###[ ###### ]# ]# ]#]# ###### [ ] [ ] [CyBiC PRODUCTiONS] # ====================== ]*[ Top 10 User Statistics # For REMOTE ACCESS 2.xx. Generates best looking screens ever for TOP-10 Statistics program........ *-------*[FREEWARE]*-------*
cybtag10.zip48K.## CyBTaG v1.0 ##. -----*--------*----- Adds taglines to msgs written online. For RA 2.xx. FREEWARE by CyBiC PRODUCTiONS '94 ---------*-----------
danlist2.zip29KDanList For RemoteAccess/SuperBBS/QuickBBS DANLIST is the fastest multi-filelist generator available, you can process up to 100 lists in just one run, but a lot of other options is available.
daystat1.zip59K+------|DayStat v1.0b|---------------+ | Small multipurpose utility: | | Creates Calls/Msgs-Per-Day Graphs | | Exports Last Caller info to Frodo | | (Inbound His, Log File, Status Box)| | Makes Today/Yesterday Callers Lists| | ...And a bit more. (For Ra 2.0x)| | XX> FreeWare
dbuser03.zip18KConvert USER.BBS file into USER.DBF.
dcall400.zip21KD-CaLL v4.00: a replacement for RA's internal today's callers list. Runs as a door, reads reads all necessary information from RA. Supports the 'hidden' attribute, and can mask local calls to any bps rate you specify.
ddoor420.zip34KDDOOR v4.20; Utility for RemoteAccess which will automatically track your door usage, and who is using them. Exclude certain users, handle support, dupe detection for RA 2.00
dep_53e.zip107KINSTAbank 5.3e - RA2.00x time and byte bank.
diduknow.zip27K(v1.0) DIDUKNOW (Engels) +-----------------------------------+ | VaBa!Soft Utils for RA 2.0x | |-----------------------------------| | Did You Know is a door that gives | | some interesting facts about the | | BBS to the user. | +-----------------------------------+
digichat.zip7,538BSoundBlaster or Adlib to be paged! Uses Page.ra
dinfavt5.zip34KNow removes -R from DORINFO1.DEF. For RA v2.00.
dlcnt11.zip25KVery good remote access download counter. Comes with a program that will add the download counter of [00] onto your file. If you already have a download counter of [4] it will change it to [04]. Had CDROM support. Programmed by: Bill Dykstra.
dlspc110.zip23KFILES.BBS Download Counter Spacer for QuickBBS/RA. Changes "[2]Descr" and "[ 2 ]Descr" to "[2] Descr" in FILES.BBS.
dmpcfg12.lzh12Kmpcfg12.lzh 12359 11/09/91 Dump RA v1.10 config to text file
dn21r111.zip103KDoor News v2.1 for RA 1.xx; Remote Access Door Program that enable you to view the BBS News, Birthday's, Quotes, Day, Week Day, Month and Year. Using the setup program, you can quickly choose colors, words, borders, directories and others options.
dn21r200.zip100KDoor News v2.1 for RA 2.0; Remote Access Door Program that enable you to view the BBS News, Birthday's, Quotes, Day, Week Day, Month and Year. Using the setup program, you can quickly choose colors, words, borders, directories and others options.
dn30ra20.zip165KDoorNews 3.0 is an online door program written specifically for RemoteAccess BBS software version 2.0x. Include: Display quote's of moment, Display birthday's of day/month/year, Display a special screen for birthdays of day users and add a extra time, Display a news in full page. Include too: Utility to generate news text files (INFO.A??), Utility to generate yesterday callers (YESTERDA.A??), Update INBOUND.HIS file of FrontDoor, Post message for birthdays o
door115k.zip2,129BDOOR.SYS at 115200bps!! Run "Door.sys" style doors under RA 2.02 at a locked port rate of 115200 bps.
dor-hlp.zip2,160B+---------------------------------------+ | Help file for running door programs | | with RemoteAccess using one (1) | | DOOR.BAT file. | | InfoWare: by Ted Fox, SysOp of | | The Night Hawk BBS | | (601)385-7379 | +---------------------------------------+
dsdkno10.zip36KKeno v1.0; BBS door for IBM, RemoteAccess Compatible BBS systems. With DSD Keno users will be able to wager their online time on games of Keno, and compete with other users for the top scores.
dsdpke10.zip39KPoker v1.0; BBS door for RemoteAccess Compatible BBS systems. With DSD Poker users will be able to wager their online time on games of Draw Poker, and compete with other users for the top scores.
dsdsta10.zip38KDSD Statistics Generator V1.0 User statistics generator for RemoteAccess V1.1 / 2.0. Generates a selection of ANSI / ASCII text files that contain a list of the top users in areas such as Number of calls, Number of Messages, Uploads and Downloads among other things.
dsdvte13.zip46KUser Voting Door V1.3; Remote-Access V1.11/V2.0 Compatible user surveying BBS Door that allows users to create questions for other users to annonymously vote on.
dsort300.zip17KD-SoRt v3.0: a lightning fast FILES.BBS sort for RA. Menu driven configuration to select which areas are included/excluded from the sort. Supports split FILES.BBS, separate blocks of files are sorted separately
dstat520.zip29KDSTAT v5.20; Top User stats for RA! handle support, exclude certain users, InfoBar provides system totals/averages. For RA 2.00
dsys2ei.zip6,529BThis simple utility will read the DOOR.SYS and create the QBBS 2.64 ExitInfo File. It was mostly intended for people to impliment the Silver Xpress Mail System for TAG BBS in HMS format.
dtl_20.zip6,411BDoor Time Limiter v2.0; Limit your users time limit in each door based on their security level. Modifies both DORINFO1.DEF and DOOR.SYS (if found) making DTL compatable with both RA 1.11 AND RA 2.00.
dupechek.zip6,694BCheck RA Users.bbs for Dupe Phone Numbers.
duser200.zip25KDUSER v2.00 * ANS/ASC Userlist Bulletin generator for RA v2.00.g1 * Supports Handles, Exclusion of Hidden Users and Specific Users. Complete Menu Configuration and Custom Colour Configuration. Freeware by James FitzGibbon.
dutc_ral.zip7,632Bfile for RemoteAcess 1.10
eehs_030.lzh12Kehs_030.lzh 12692 08/18/91 EchoMail Engine v.03
eft130.zip344KThe enhanced file transfer door for RA/QBBS and SBBS.
elite2.zip25KELiTE 2 Command Shell FINAL! -Synchronet BBS v2.10a
eracem.zip29Kby Mike Janke
erfa_100.zip17KFile areas. Sort, replace, delete, insert!
erfa_210.zip41KERFA v2.0; Edit Raccess File Areas v2.0
erud_10s.zip38KThe Door of Erudition v1.0s; Bulletin writer With a few special twists.
etr1_223.zip192KEASTtag v2.23 For RA 1.xx; Area Viewer and also keyword, filename and newfiles tagger for RA 1.xx. EASTtag can create/edit XFD-Tagfiles. And also create fileattach files which you to request with a mailer. Multi Language and Multi Line support. Works with long-descriptions
etr2_223.zip207KEASTtag v2.23 For RA 2.00; Area Viewer and also keyword, filename and newfiles tagger for RA 2.00g1. EASTtag can create/edit XFD-Tagfiles. And also create fileattach files which you to request with a mailer. Multi Language and Multi Line support Works with long-descriptions
evntdump.lzh10Kvntdump.lzh 10664 11/01/90 RA event dump
exitconv.zip7,096BUtility to run current doors under new RA v2.00.
exitedit.lzh6,639Bxitedit.lzh 6639 10/05/91 Edit ExitInfo for RA
exitinfo.lzh10Kxitinfo.lzh 10840 03/07/93 Converts RA 2.0 <=> 1.11 ExitInfo - Includes instructions
extpw104.zip47KExtended Check and Change Password for RA 2.0
e_tag216.zip141KEASTtag v2.16; Replacement for Ra_files and Ra_New. Area Viewer and also keyword, filename and newfiles - tagger for Remote Access. EASTtag can edit XFD-Tagfiles. And create fileattach files to request with a mailer
fakeuser.zip7,856B<> for RemoteAccess 2.x BBS Updates your USERSON.BBS file to show events running on your systems other nodes/lines. FREEWARE by Multiboard!
fasrt300.lzh24Kasrt300.lzh 25140 04/20/91 Sort RA file areas v3.0
fatcat20.zip17KUpdate file download counters.
fatt121.zip103Kserver version 1.21
fbu_100.zip65KThe Files.Bbs utility v1.0
fcfgedit.zip16KFile Area Editor v1.00; Compress your FILECFG.DAT file If you have fragmented it by adding and deleting areas.
fc_03.zip11KFileCost v0.3; FileCost will update your files database with credits as you define. FC can update ALL files or just those that have no credits applied yet. FileCost can optionally give users credits for the files they have uploaded. For RemoteAccess 2.0x
fdesk.zip94Kon a RA BBS with this door. FrontDesk
fdfaq001.zip3,927BAsked Questions - v.001
fdhh_10.zip8,713BFDHH v1.0 * FrontDoor Historical Humans * Will read in RA 2.x's LASTCALL.BBS, and add the last caller's information to FD's Inbound History file. Also will optionally add the information to LASTCALL.FD for display on FrontDoor's waiting-for-call screen. Aliases are supported! Freebie from Psycho Hut Software.
fdhm213.zip168KVers. 2.13
fdhm213g.zip37K2.13 (german online-help)
fdlog121.zip47KFD 2.01
fdpi_201.zip17Kfor FD 2.01
fdrpr100.zip39K(v1.00) FrontDoor Request Processor for RemoteAccess 2.00
fdrpr121.zip80KFDRPR 1.21 - FrontDoor Request Processor for RemoteAccess. A request processor for FrontDoor 2.11 and above. Fully integrated with both FD and RA, easy installation. Userdefinable response messages, which include file descriptions, reasons for failures, etc. Updates download counters. CD-ROM support. Limit the number of wildcards that may be used in a request. And much more.
fdscheck.zip6,646Bfor external utils from SETUP.FD
fdtn002u.zip4,335BFrontDoor & RA Technical Update Note #002 Using the OS/2 version 2.1 GA Release with FrontDoor v2.02 and above. and RemoteAccess v2.00 or above.
febbs160.lzh173Kebbs160.lzh 177435 02/12/91 FEBBS files bbs manager v1.60
febbs180.zip254Kof Febbs: All in one files.bbs manager
febbs190.zip301Kone files.bbs manager. Manage your file areas easily!
febbs192.zip321KFile Manager for RA 0.xx to 1.11 for Quick BBS, SuperBBS.
fecv130.zip102KFEConv v1.30; Convert FastEcho area cfg to FD/RA, etc.
fed0210r.zip104KFiles-Ed v2.10, A highly configurable FILES.RA editor for Remote Access V2.0x sysops. Supports most desired features, including file hurling, description files, adopt, delete, edit, add, importing SDN, DIZ file from within archive, MOVING file areas whilst mantaining correct pointer files and much more. Registration $15. A WaveWare Product Released (07/07/94)
fepath12.zip10KFEPath 1.2, globally changes area-paths inFAS
fetora02.zip38KFE to RA v0.2: converts your FastEcho Rev 5 config into your RemoteAccess 2.x config. Full access to all FastEcho and RemoteAccess options simply by a text-based config file.
fet_130.zip66KFETools - FastEcho value added tools 1.30.
ffgra102.zip24KGenerator for Remote Access - Extremely Fast, CD-ROM Supp
ffgra103.zip26KAllfiles List Generator for RA
fflag22.zip19KFINDFLAG.EXE RemoteAccess v2.xx User Flag Finder - Also distributed as part of the RATPak utility collection RATPAK22.ARJ by McSoft Corp.
ff_100.zip639KFastFile 1.00. The * BEST * FileDoor and FileManager for RemoteAccess 2.0x BBS !! Built around a "graphic" user interface. NOW SUPPORTS: RA 2.02 Tagfile, Password, CD-ROM, DAT, Color Configuration, GIF-, MOD-View, DupeCheck, Freefile, Comments- in filelists, Virus scan, Long filedesc, File tagging, Fast AreaChange, TextView, Locate, Archive View, New Files Search, MemorySwap functions, All FileProtocols, TextView, Upload, Download, Local mode, SplitScreen Chat with macrofunctions and Remote
fgen100.zip40K(v1.00) FileGen An All-/new-/groupfiles generator for Remote Access 2.0x. This program is free. Many features like creating an allfiles and newfiles in one run. Multiple configuration files. Use your own language etc. NetmailWare by Pascal van Rossum
fgets121.zip15KFrontDoor 2.01
filedump.lzh10Kiledump.lzh 11152 11/01/90 RA file dump
filesra2.zip10KRemoteAccess utility: By Richard Currier Version 2. Major Bug fix!! Now here is a treat!! Ever wanted to rearrange your file areas but just don't want to sit in RAconfig forever? FilesRA will allow you to rearrange your RA file areas with ease. FREEWARE. EASY TO USE. Nice user interface.
filest03.zip43KUsers can see more info about a file. Number of down-loads, uploader-name, File_id.diz, Description etc. Free from parameters or configurationfiles. Searches FASTER than RA in the area's. The FILEBASE from RA 2.00/2.01 is used. Compleetly Multi-Line and Multi-Language This programm may be used freely and wil be automaticly registered at your own sysop and BBS name.
filetex3.zip5,673B(v0.3) FILETEXT +-----------------------------------+ | VaBa!Soft Utils for RA 2.0x | |-----------------------------------| | FILETEXT creates a BIMODEM.REJ, | | REQUEST.LST or AREAS.LST of your | | FILES.RA. This will save you a lot| | of work, you don't have to change | | these files manually everytime you| | add or delete an area. | +-----------------------------------+
findnum.zip8,168BQuickly Find User from Phone Number in Ra.
fixctyra.zip9,950BFixCity v1.0 for RemoteAccess BBS; Simple, yet handy, utility. It will scan your RA Users file and attempt to clean up the Location entry in each user record. It does things such as ensure proper capitalization, inserts a comma when a trailing two character word is found (assumes it's the two character state abbreviation), capitalizes both letters in two character state abbreviations, etc.
fixinfo.zip3,496BFIXINFO will change the baud rate written to DORINFO1.DEF to any desired rate.
fix_mess.zip10KGlobally Change for Multiple RA Message Areas
fkill11.lzh33Kkill11.lzh 34042 04/15/90 Kill old inactive files
flm213s.zip257KFile Library Manager (FLM) v2.1;The Total Filebase Manager for RA/QBBS/SBBS BBS
flpro441.zip66KFileList Professional v4.41 [bugs-fixed] Supports both RA 1.xx, Fido 12+ and most other FILES.BBS support BBS systems. ---------------------------------------- Appends dir header, sorts files.bbs, multi-line descriptions aware, all files list, new files list, popular downloads list, directories statistics bulletin, update download counters, uploaders name update, remove unwanted strings from file descriptions, more and more. (Compiled and released on 30 May 1992)
flsearch.zip5,247BASCII Pathlist from RA's Files.Ra
fmess203.zip23KFIX_MESS.EXE v2.03: Global Message Area Modifier for RA 2.0X: Change parameters - Group, Age, Security Levels, Flag Settings, Number of Messages per area, and most other settings in each message area. Dispenses with need for RACONFIG.EXE for changing RANGES of message areas..(Area 1 to 200). NEW! Now you can LIMIT the Changes to specific GROUPS within the RANGE, Alter Message Status (PUB,PVT,etc) and modify RealNames, Handles, Pick an alias! by Fozzy INC!
fmrac262.zip20KFM_DL_C.EXE is an util to change the uploadersname in the filebase of RA or to set the downloadcounters at 0 in the filebase of RA. This util can be used with FileMgr v0.50 (06-24-94) or higher and Remote Access 2.00 or higher. It is FREE to use. CopyRight J.H.R. Software (Tm) / All Rights reserved.
fra001.zip4,659BFilesRA; RA's converter didn't set the CDROM flag, This will
frame11.zip48KFRAME v1.1 for RemoteAccess Generate Top User Bulletins, Top Download File List, and File Header for RemoteAccess. All outputs can be customizable and drawn with your favourite ANSI editor. For RemoteAccess 2.0 and up
fren_ral.zip7,326Bfile for RemoteAccess 1.10 & up
freq5.lzh52Kreq5.lzh 53874 04/20/91 Make a list of all available files
freql14.zip50KFREQLIST 1.4 creates a report of File Request activity from FrontDoor in a message base format (.MSG, Hudson, SQUISH, JAM, or Ezycom) and will update download counters for RABBS Sysops.
frl100.zip6,473BFrlist is a quick and dirty utility that will create a standard ASCII file containing File Requestable Directories directly from FILES.RA. In addition, it can list ONLY the directories you specify by maximum download security for each file area.
frmv21.zip9,866B+-- File Remover v2.1 ----------+ | | | FileRemover is a usefull util | | For RA 2.xx, It will look for | | A Filemask in All areas and | | For each area Only keep the | | Newest file exists Both in | | Dos and in FILES.BBS, FRemove | | Can also Ignore Certin Areas | | | | - Full Source Included - | +-------------------------------+
fr_list.zip8,054BCreate group files to create group allfile lists.
fssg155g.zip128K(v1.55r) The Fantasy Software Statistics Generator Door for Remote Access 2.0x. Supports also InterMail, D'Bridge, FrontDoor and Portal Of Power. This program has many statistics that other statistics generators do not have! You will like it! This version adds 28800 bps support. !! MAJOR BUG FIX !! Shareware by Pascal van Rossum
fx-chat.lzh11Kx-chat.lzh 11658 12/17/89 Split screen chat
fxbull10.zip52Kgenerator for RA
gbirth20.lzh10Kbirth20.lzh 10264 04/20/91 Get users birthday v2.0
gchat140.zip34K- Split-Screen Chat Program With AVT/0+
ge10001g.zip44K- Full-Screen Message Editor for QBBS/RA
ge10002g.zip45K- Full-Screen Message Editor for QBBS/RA (bug fix)
ge10006g.zip51KEditor for RA, SBBS, and EZYCOM - Needs GFIX1022 to work under EZYCOM BBS
ge2ra20b.zip46KGEcho to RA to FD configuration file convertor.
germ_ral.zip7,589Bfile for RemoteAccess 1.10 & up
getdiz12.zip8,020BGET-DIZ v1.2; Add-on for RA 2.00 File Manager, which allows you to quickly add FILE_ID.DIZ and DESC.SDN Descriptions to your RemoteAccess 2.00 File Data Base. Now includes universal PolyXarc support! Version 1.2 now includes 4DOS support.
glob_100.zip14KGlobaly change file area configurations for RA2.00.
gtag109.zip99KGTAG 1.09 is a tagline appending utility that allows the user to add taglines to the end of their messages. GTag randomly pick 9 taglines from any tagline (You can use the 3500+ taglines included in the file or own) file and the user has to option to pick one or not append one at all. (Sysop Configurable) User definable Taglines now available! Must be running RA/QBBS/SBBS with an external fullscreen editor. Full FOSSIL support - runs under OS/2, Desqview and even DOS! Full multinode support!
guest10.zip6,708BGuest 1.00: allows multiple guest accounts with RA BBS.
handy12.zip56KHandyMan, LiveSystems MultiLine Manager for RA 2.00.
hdayz102.zip76KCreates special event screens for Holidays, Birthdays more!
ibankv05.zip110K+-------------------------------------+ |#| IceBank v0.50 |#| |#| Deluxe Time/Kbyte Bank System |#| |#| For RemoteAccess v2.0x |#| |#|---------------------------------|#| |#| Some Features Include: Bank |#| |#| Robbing, Bank Transfers, Time/ |#| |#| Kbyte Buying, Full Colour |#| |#| Configuration, Daily Time/Kbyte |#| |#| Interest Rates, Full Account |#| |#| Management, Multiple User Limit |#| |#| Configuration, InterBBS Trans- |#| |#| action support a
icev20.zip96KIceChat v2.00 - Split Screen Chat Door - Features: SplitScreen, Vertical Chat, Nopage Control File, Macro Configuration, Character Colour Configuration, Emergency Page Option, Drop To Dos, UserEditor, Online Textfile Viewer, Configurable Chat Screen ANSI, Configurable Strings & Header, VIP User Detection, Detects Ra1.1x & Ra2.00 But Can Be used with other Dorinfo1.Def Supporting BBS's, Support for Hudson MsgBase Format And much more!
ichatv38.zip157K+-------------------------------------+ |#| IceChat v3.80 |#| |#| Deluxe SysOp-User Chat Utility |#| |#| For RA 2.0x/Dorinfo1.Def Compat |#| |#|---------------------------------|#| |#| Split/Vertical Chat, NoPage |#| |#| Control File, Macros, Character/|#| |#| MultiColour Macro Configuration,|#| |#| Emergency Page Option, User - |#| |#| Editor, Definable Chat Screens, |#| |#| ASCII Support, Alias Support, |#| |#| Configurable Strings, VIP User |#| |#| Detection, Gener
ieditv12.zip117KIceEdit v1.20 * Deluxe FullScreen ANSi Message Editor * For Use With RemoteAccess 2.0x * Features include: Random Tagline addition, character color config, Left Column Justification, Line-Centering, Textfile exporting, Message Censoring, Macro Config, Configurable Function Key Macros, Completely Color Configurable User Interface, Replacement Codes Color Control Strings, efficient built-in Spell Checking Routines, and more! Should work with other QuickBBS compatible BBS packages. This file should be ac
im2ra_25.zip19KImail 2 Ra/Frodo/QBBS/areasbbs Conv.
imail120.lzh292Kmail120.lzh 299491 10/05/91 IMail v1.20 echomail tosser
imail135.zip521KEchomail processor for use with Remote Access.
imcvt14g.zip19KImail v1.3x to v1.40 Gamma Converter for Ra.
infqwk10.zip14K ---++ -+-++-+ | |++||- | | QWK ---- ++- +-+ v1.00 The ULTIMATE ANSI/ASCII Generator for your QWK Packets!! Use With -=- RemoteAccess 1.11 ONLY! -=-
inotev06.zip75K+-------------------------------------+ |#| IceNote v0.60 |#| |#| Note To All Users Door |#| |#| For Use With RemoteAccess 2.0x |#| |#|---------------------------------|#| |#| Some Features include: Message |#| |#| Censoring, Completely Color |#| |#| Configurable User Interface, |#| |#| Message database, BBS Alias/ |#| |#| Defined User Alias Support, |#| |#| Random/defined expressions, |#| |#| Reading Pause Delay setup, |#| |#| Color Pipe Codes
inquis21.zip41KThe Inquisitor! v2.10: New and greatly improved! In addition to retrieving file descriptions from all common sources, The Inquisitor will now display graphics or play VOC or WAV files using your favorite software. Plus, it now includes a solution for the dreaded RA description formatting! Support a total of 21 file extensions. And much, much more!
ishere.zip19KCOMPLETE files received, FrontDoor 2.0
ital-ral.zip9,039BItalian Language file for RemoteAccess 2.0x
itral200.zip9,351BItalian language file for RemoteAccess v2.00.
iut140g.zip142KMore Utilities for Imail v1.40 Gamma for Ra.
jcq-202a.zip269KJCQWK version 2.02a QWK Mail Door for RemoteAccess 2.02. Supports JAM and Hudson message formats, RIP Graphics, Internet gateways, short area names, dupe checking, tearline checking, file requests. Multiple languages, hotkeys, and all RA alike Alt-functions work, even the Alt-E user editor! Very easy to install and configure, real stable. -----> EXCELLENT SUPPORT!! <------ Now Much Faster, user freindly, and More RIP Graphics! Shareware from the Netherlands. $20
jcqwk100.zip164KJCQWK Release 1.00 QWK Mail Door for RemoteAccess 2.00, 1.11 or any BBS using DOOR.SYS. Supports multiple languages and hotkeys, built-in user editor and RA alike functions. Very easy to install and configure. Shareware from the Netherlands.
jcqwk201.zip198KJCQWK v2.01g; QWK Mail Door for RemoteAccess 2.01 only. Now supports RIP Graphics, abreviated area names, dupe checking and Tearline checking. Both JAM and Hudson formats supported, Multiple languages, hotkeys, and all RA alike Alt-functions are supported, even the Alt-E user editor! Very easy to install and configure. Bugs fixed!
jive-ral.zip8,173BJive Language file for RemoteAccess v2.0x
jive_ral.zip7,311Bfile for RA 1.10 & up
keypass.zip9,074B KEYPASS External KeyBoard Password Entry for RACONFIG.EXE Useful utility to have around if you ever messup or forget your Keyboard password to gain entry for RACONFIG. this will access the password Externally from RACONFIG and allow view/edit/change of the KeyBoard Password (RA 2.0x) FREEWARE from Martin Woods
kilflag1.zip6,433B(v0.1) KILLFLAG +-----------------------------------+ | VaBa!Soft Utils for RA 2.0x | |-----------------------------------| | This util switches off ALL flags | | in your userbase. Great if you | | want to start a new flag-system | | and don't want to switch off all | | old flags manually ! | +-----------------------------------+
ksnoop10.zip48KKAMSnoop is a password snooper for RA 2.xx. It will ask the user for their password, and then compare the CRC value of the password the user typed to the one in the EXITINFO.BBS file. If they match, then KAMSnoop will save the password in either the Organization or Comment fields, and optionally log it to a logfile.
labtest.zip117KLabtest v2.00v1; The Definitive Upload Processor! Labtest will unarchive, scan, convert your user's uploads and add a text file as an archive comment. Labtest will also import FILE_ID.DIZ descriptions and GIF file resolutions into the RA 2.00 database or FILES.BBS file.
lang_202.zip164K18 Language files for RemoteAccess 2.0x, includes FILES.BBS for descriptions of them
last210.zip60KCreate lastcaller bulletin/info for RA v1.10.
last50a.zip6,996BLists last 50 callers via type 45 menu.
lastcal4.zip11K(v0.4) LASTCALL +-----------------------------------+ | VaBa!Soft Utils for RA 2.0x | |-----------------------------------| | LASTCALL quickly shows all callers| | to your BBS. New: shows online | | users and gives you some info ! | | * FREEWARE * | +-----------------------------------+
laston15.zip10Kv1.5 .
lbtst25c.zip96KLabtest v2.5; The Definitive Upload Processor! Labtest will unarchive/scan/ convert your user's uploads and add a text file as an archive comment. Labtest will also import FILE_ID.DIZ descriptions and GIF file resolutions into the RA 2.00 database. Many Sysop configurable options, including custom messages to the uploader, set flag/security levels. Now supports imbedded archives! Exclusively for RemoteAccess 2.00
lbtst322.zip378KLabtest 3.22 - The First Line of Defense! Possibly the most complete upload processing system available. Performs file conversion, scanning, date testing, duplicate checking, BBS advertisement search/removal and more! Tosses incoming .TIC files to their destination directories, Online Help system gives detailed info on every configuration option.
lcall1.zip39KCreates ANSI/ASCII bulletin of last callers to SBBS/RA.
lcall100.zip16Kcalled BBS today offline.
lcdty102.zip26Kinfo for your Ra.Log. NICE!
lcdty200.zip34KLucidity v2.00: RA log file utility.
lclqwk21.zip42KLocalQWK v2.1; for RemoteAccess BBS v1.1x
level1.zip5,705B(v0.1) LEVEL +-----------------------------------+ | VaBa!Soft Utils for RA 2.0x | |-----------------------------------| | LEVEL will change all userlevels | | from an old to a new level. | +-----------------------------------+
lfind40.zip24Kv4.0 .
lglst110.lzh10Kglst110.lzh 10534 12/27/89 Log list util v1.10
limits_5.zip73KAuto Manager for LIMITS.CTL and Timelog.bbs auto vary users time limits via hourly usage.
listem11.lzh68Kistem11.lzh 70382 03/02/91 Master files list generator
listem13.zip102Ktotal file lists, etc. FAST! Used here.
logger_.zip11KLOGGER was written for sysops who are using the built-in file transfer functions of QuickBBS version 2.75 and 2.66.
login10.zip13KImplements # of logins allowed per day-for RA2.00 *only*.
logrept.lzh43Kogrept.lzh 44536 12/27/89 Log report util
lolo112.zip14K+---------- LogOn/LogOff v1.12 ----------+ | A Multi - Line User Annoucement Utility | | v1.12 adds support for RA's hidden flag | | Ouput routines optimized once again for | | maximum possible speed when executing. | | For RemoteAccess 2.00, 2.01 & 2.02 | | FAST & SEEMLESS! Shareware.....$8 | +-----------------------------------------+
lstat087.zip27KLogStat RemoteAccess Log Analyzer! This RA Utility scans your compact or expanded log file and tallies up occurrences of differ- ent entries! Excellent configuration makes this program easy to set up and run. It's Shareware, only $3 to register. Not crip- pled in any way, shape, or form.
lwbull13.zip48KLWBULL v1.3 - Bulletin/News Door. LLanoWare. RA v2.xx ONLY.
lwbull21.zip49KLWBULL v2.1 ** LlanoWare ** Bulletin/News door, shows users what news/bulletin files have been updated since their last logon. Can be used multiple times for showing any files. Supports most RA 2.0x codes (now including RA's color codes!). Once registered you can specify individual files as "MANDATORY" reading! Supports locked baud rates to 115,200. Supports multi-node systems. **** For RemoteAccess 2.0x ONLY! ****
lwmenu12.zip61KLWMENU v1.2 - Remote SysOp Menu Editor. LLanoWare. RAv2.xx ONLY.
lwuser12.zip58KLWUSER v1.2 - Remote User Editor. LLanoWare. RA 2.xx ONLY.
lw_mgr12.zip339KLW_MGR from LlanoWare! v1.2 Complete RemoteAccess Editor. Including User, Menu, File, Language, Text, RaConfig, and many DOS services. LW_MGR is for RemoteAccess 2.00g to 2.02 only! This archive also includes Bill Dykstra's AM_60 Archive Master. Please run LWSETUP to correctly install and configure both these programs FIRST!!! **** READ THE LWSETUP.DOC FILE!!! ****
ma10.zip13KMove Message Area to Another Area in Ra.
mailcl15.zip7,362BMailCall v1.05: FD to RemoteAcces lastuser.bbs utility.
makefls.lzh6,848Bakefls.lzh 6848 03/02/91 Make FLSearch.Ctl from Files.Ra
mam100.zip20KMAMOVE v1.00 by John Kristoff Easily, quickly and safely change the order of your message area listing. For RemoteAccess v2.0x. *FREEWARE* with C source code.
ma_103.zip53K(removes memory limits on DV setups).
mbra105.zip71KMailBox v1.05: For RemoteAccess 2.xx Versions Only MailBox will search HUDSON and JAM message areas for mail addressed to Sysop, Sysop Name and Handle. Creates a report, and optionaly a netmail message. Scans defined areas only, areas can be excluded. Now supports ranges eg: 100-150 + more!
mbu_110.lzh49Kbu_110.lzh 50578 06/02/90 Message base util v1.1
mcbest10.zip48KMcBest v1.0: Statistics Bulletin Generator for RemoteAccess 2.xx You configure the number of elements to show in the bulletins from 1 to the Top 100 of each catagory.
mchat20g.zip285KMultiChat v2.0; Complete multinode chat system for RA 2.xx based BBSes. Using _3_ modes of chatting, it virtually allows up to 255 users to chat at the very same time. Including full setup, multi-lingual customizable online guide, forced-politeness mode, and many other unique features. Supports LAN and MultiTasker based systems!
mcra2fu1.zip54KRemoteAccess V2.00 File Area Utilities
mcwait22.zip18KMC_WAIT.EXE Batch File Time Delay Utility - Also distributed as part of the RATPak utility collection RATPAK22.ARJ by McSoft Corp.
mc_cbv21.zip186KCallback Verifier 2.11 for Ra.
mc_exp22.zip31KEXPIRE.EXE RemoteAccess v2.xx User Expiration Date Scanner - Also distributed as part of the RATPak utility collection RATPAK22.ARJ by McSoft Corp.
mc_lc22.zip20KLASTCALL.EXE Log FrontDoor calls to RemoteAccess v2.xx Todays Callers List - Also distributed as part of the RATPak utility collection RATPAK22.ARJ by McSoft Corp.
megaquik.lzh84Kegaquik.lzh 86530 01/24/90 Create file megalist
membinf1.zip7,439B(v0.1) MEMBINFO +-----------------------------------+ | VaBa!Soft Utils for RA 2.0x | |-----------------------------------| | MEMBINFO creates a list with all | | users with a valid subdate field | | and shows the number of expiration| | days according to that subdate. | +-----------------------------------+
menusiv.zip23KComplete ANSI Screens/Menu Files (English) for anyone (colorful).
midnight.zip3,660BMidnight events with super.bbs
mknet110.zip213KDirect Support RA cfg files, QWK network tosser, Hudson/Jam.
mknew120.lzh53Kknew120.lzh 54531 02/16/92 Very Fast (N)ew files function for Quickbbs/RA/SuperBbs (F
mkqwk102.lzh144Kkqwk102.lzh 147900 11/10/91 QWK mail door for RA supports multinode & netstatus v1.02
mkrd103.zip191KMkRead v1.03 - Online (SysOp) Message Reader. Added JAM support.
mktdy101.lzh75Kktdy101.lzh 77411 07/16/91 Customizable last/today callers lister v1.01 (FW)
mkuti21f.lzh139Kkuti21f.lzh 142832 05/08/91 RA/Qbbs UTI drivers v2.1f for Pc-Relay/MegaMail (FW)
mkwam10a.lzh71Kkwam10a.lzh 73606 08/04/90 Qbbs/RA <=> WAM HyperMail interface v1.00A (FW)
mkxrs102.zip101KXRS Reply/Message Tosser v1.02 upgrade for Remote Access/Qbbs/Superbbs. Mark May.
mkxrs103.lzh98Kkxrs103.lzh 100873 03/25/91 XRS message tosser v1.03 for RA/Qbbs/Sbbs (FW)
mloc176.zip35KMaximus/RA fast file locator replacement.
mm110.lzh73Km110.lzh 75449 07/06/90 MenuMaster Qbbs/RA menu editor v1.1
mm120.zip86Kuse with RemoteAccess
mmra10.zip58K *** MyMail 1.0 *** For RemoteAccess 2.xx Versions Only MyMail will search HUDSON and JAM message areas for mail addressed to Sysop, Sysop Name and Handle. Creates a report, and optionaly a netmail message. Scans defined areas only, areas can be excluded. ************* FREEWARE! ****************** From RaLin Software - "But of course...."
mm_300g.zip272KMenu Master v3.00 - The "Ultimate" Menu Editor. RA v1.xx/v2.xx.
mm_300w.zip284KThe Ultimate Menu Editor. Can use with both RA1.xx and RA2.xx.
mnwiz200.lzh75Knwiz200.lzh 77438 12/27/89 Menu wiz v2.0
mom200.zip212KMessage-O-Matic-Auto Message System for RA.
mount10.zip63KThe Mountie v1.00, allows you to logically mount/dismount CD-ROMs, network drives, local hard drives or removable disks online/offline within RemoteAccess v2.00G.
mount102.zip39KThe Mountie v01.02, allows you to logically mount/dismount CD-ROMs, network drives, local hard drives or removable disks online/offline within RemoteAccess v2.x. File Areas associated with a physical disk are grouped together using RA's File Groups and RACONFIG.EXE. You then select which of your File Groups are disks in The Mountie! Each disk definition contains Online & Offline Security Codes & Flags.
movearea.zip10Keasily in Files.Ra. With TP-scr.
mruti201.lzh94Kruti201.lzh 96997 08/25/93 RA 2.00 UTI driver for Postlink/PC-Relay supports Hudson a
mruti250.lzh99KUTI drivers for RA v2.50 gamma (FW) Mythical Kingdom Software by Mark May
msged205.lzh92Ksged205.lzh 94250 11/01/90 Message editor v2.05
mstat111.zip19KMSGSTATS v1.11 Lists Hudson message area info for QuickBBS, RA, and SuperBBS. Number of messages, space occupied, etc. Finds areas where tossers have created "garbage" messages so you can clean them out. Also shows how many users are reading the areas, so you can tell which are popular. Now supports Goldbase!!
mtnc_220.zip45KLast caller for Remote Access version 2.00g only
mult200.zip33KMultiNode Batch File Setup for 3 Nodes: Two "Live" nodes and 1 "Local Only" node
multnode.zip45Kset up multi-line BBS under RA/FD/DesqView
netpath.lzh5,949Betpath.lzh 5949 11/25/89 Set netmail path in v2.04
new2you.zip37KNew2You v1.0 Newuser bulletin generator for RA 2.0x systems. Generates a file displaying the last XX number of new callers to your BBS. <>.FREEWARE.<>
newfiles.lzh21Kewfiles.lzh 22280 10/05/91 MK Cmd Line new files lister (FW)
newnews.zip47KNewNews v1.1 - Bulletin Door. NewNews is a door for RA 2.xx that show bulletins to the user that he or she has NOT seen jet. NewNews is Freeware.
news53.zip56KLiveSystems News & User Bulletin door for RA 2.00.
next230.zip10KNeXt v2.30: toggles the status of the 'sysop on next' flag in RA when the user is in a door. Now works with or without a multitasker, and produces semaphore files for those SysOps who are not registered.
noc100.zip7,099Bto users who drop carrier frequently
nodectl.lzh54Kodectl.lzh 55716 09/03/90 Control multinode access
noflo100.zip20K: Use .?LO attaches with FrontDoor!
notify11.zip28KRA Notify v1.1 - A RemoteAccess v2.xx Multi-Node utility. NOW WITH HANDLE SUPPORT. Command line utility to notify each node of a logon or logoff on another node. Uses only one executable with parameters. Will not try to notify those nodes that are currently without callers. Excellent way to promote teleconferencing on a multi-line system. *Bug Fix Release Also* *For Both Shareware And Pro Versions*
nu_v200.zip100KNU Nodelist Updater v2.0; Updates nodelists with the weekly difference files or a new nodelist. Automatically detects decompression method needed for the files, create stats, automatically compress new files, updates descriptions for Files.Bbs or RemoteAccess
olf-span.zip2,500B"SPANISH.OLF" A language file for OLMS 2.x Written by: Abelardo Garces, 1:167/136
olms200.zip353K+----------------------------------------+ | ### # ##### ### Offline Mail System | | # # # # # # ### Version 2.0 | | ### ### # # ### ---------------------| | An amazing QWK/QWKE/BlueWave mail door | | for RemoteAccess 2.x Includes keyword | | and filtering scans. Supports QWK nets | | Autoconfig shortlists, duplicate check | | Taglines, sysop forced/blocked, retear | | file requesting, selective bulletins, | | Automated mail runs. RIP. Configurable | | screens and multilanguage
olmsam10.zip50K+----------------------+ | #### # ##### #### | | # # # # # # #### | | #### #### # # #### | | Answering Machine | |----------------------| | V e r s i o n 1.00 | +----------------------+ Have OLMS make Vacation Mail for your users and yourself!
onelpr25.zip28K+--------------------------------------+ |+--+ +--+ ---+ - --- +--+ ---+ ---+| || | | | |- | | | | |- |--+| |+--+ - - ---+ ---+ --- - - ---+ - - | | ---+ ---+ +--+ | | |--+ |--+ | | | | - - - +--+ | |--------------------------------------| | Oneliner Proffesional 2.50 | | ...----------------------------... | | | | OneLiner Pro Is a Oneliner Door For | | Remote
online22.zip19KONLINE.EXE Manipulate the USERON.BBS (List of callers Online) for RemoteAccess v2.xx - Also distributed as part of the RATPak utility collection RATPAK22.ARJ by McSoft Corp.
ontoday2.zip7,690BOnToday, today's callers list for RA Sysop to use locally.
ot_100.zip53Kmsgs from RA msgbase by subj/twit
packer34.zip130Kof Hudson Message Base Packer. AWESOME!
pageck10.lzh8,626Bageck10.lzh 8626 06/11/90 Check RA page files
pager304.zip228KSuperpager for door.sys bbs. Use your Sound Blaster to page you. 01/24/93.
pchat120.zip92KPrime Productions excellent chat system for RA BBS.
perday.lzh12Kerday.lzh 12908 12/17/89 Limit time per day for doors
pgen_20.zip29Kdoor implementation of the game PONG for RA systems
phonefix.lzh8,248Bhonefix.lzh 8248 11/01/90 RA phone number format fixer
pioneer.zip4,972Bset up 6 cd-rom Discs on a QBBS Board
pnbrd102.zip67KPinboard c1.02. A pinboard DOOR for RAccess
posttxt.zip32KSend Local F'attach Messages to BBS Users.
ppwb10.zip212K#  The Pachyderm Password Bank 1.0  # # * For RemoteAccess 2.xx Versions Only * # # Users store access PsWd for retrival # # by the Sysop. Easy, Fast, Powerful! # # BBS Door Program, and Sysop's Database # # Data Files in secure Encrypted Format # # Passworded Access to Sysop's Database # # Database uses dBase III+ format files # # The "ULTIMATE" user password Storage # # and Retrival System!! - RaLin Software. #
prfl107b.zip39K- allow your users to make profiles about themselves
prfl107c.zip39Kversion 1.07c
prlnk10r.lzh69Krlnk10r.lzh 70888 08/18/90 Link ProDoor with Remote Access
profile2.zip164Kmaker and file manager
protdump.lzh10Krotdump.lzh 11125 11/01/90 RA protocols dump
proto.lzh1,320Broto.lzh 1320 03/02/91 Sample protocols for RA
protocol.zip4,258BPROTOCOL - Allows you to set the default protocol for new users from within RemoteAccess. Runs as a door under RA 2.0x.
pr_ra111.zip16Kfor different protocals with RA/FILEDOOR
pr_ra201.zip23KMore protocols for RA. (protocol.111)
pr_ra2g3.zip22KProtocol.ra; Tutorial Examples, Rel. 3.
psort40.zip57KPacksort 4.0: ultimate users packer/sorter for QBBS 2.7x.
pulldown.zip5,262BPulldown menus for RA/QBBS BBS's
pvthr304.zip54Kfor RA 1.xx in FD 2.xx environment
pvthr305.zip56KPrivate Hours v3.05 - allows selected users to logon during hours defined by the sysop. FOSSIL-aware!
q2coa10.zip36KQbbs/rbbs/sbbs/ra to Catacombs of ASCII.
qa4ra100.zip32K+----| Q&A for RA Shell 1.00 |----+ | | | A -=> Freeware <=- Program | | that will add an easy to | | use interface to those | | Q&A for RA files. | | [Created By: Jon Abbott] | | Note: Made for Rev. 9 only | | of Q&A4RA. Great Program!! | | Creation Date: 10/16/94 | +---------------------------------+
qac100b.zip12KQ Archive Converter, v1.00 beta for use with quickbbs/superbbs or any qbbs clone. QAC will convert all the files that are available for download and update the files.bbs file list also. Convert/rearchive.
qanu20.zip12KPurge records in your newuser.asw not found in your users.bbs (2.75+).
qatest10.zip28KQ-A Test v1.0; Questionnaire File Simulator for RemoteAccess, QuickBBS & SuperBBS
qbbed258.zip257KBase editing & debugging tool
qbbutils.zip39KBase and User Utilities
qdstat13.zip9,932BLiveSystems Quick & Dirty User Stats for RA v2.00
qechofix.lzh32Kechofix.lzh 33026 09/03/90 Fixed version of Qecho
qed-who.lzh3,265Bed-who.lzh 3265 11/01/90 QED fix to get user name for RA
qed120.lzh73Ked120.lzh 75325 11/25/90 QuickEd v1.2 full screen message editor
qe_man30.zip147KQecho Manager v3.0; Provides help screens, defaults and easy to use prompts to aid the new sysop in setting up Qecho. Qecho Manager consists of two programs, Qe_man, which is used to edit/maintain/create Qecho.ctl files and Area_bbs, which is used to edit, maintain, create Areas.bbs file.
qgen20.zip28Kgenerator for RA.
qgwar203.zip64KQuickbbs/RA interface for Global War.
qkratop.lzh21Kkratop.lzh 22052 11/25/90 Quickbbs/RA top user bulletin creator
qmaker32.zip11KQuote Maker v3.2: written for Remote Access but will work with most bbs software. Generates a centered ANSI & ASCII quote and you choose the colors
qnet266a.zip63Kutilities (qecho etc)
qrbull30.zip20KMenu driven bulletin door for qbbs/ra/sbbs.
qrfm36a.zip229KQBBS / Remote Access File Manager v3.6a and other BBS systems handling files.bbs
qstbats.zip2,118BRUNDB.BAT file; Good idea on how to use the SPAWN techinque.
qstmenus.zip7,476BSample of QST's TOP menu as a sample of how to make a type 40 menu.
qtora.lzh57Ktora.lzh 58456 11/30/91 Convert Config.Bbs to Config.RA
ques299b.zip59KQuesdoor v2.99beta. For RA 2.0. EXE only.
quest10g.zip5,429BQuestionnaire for SuperBBS. Really good, cheap registration!
ques_221.zip132KQuestionaire for Ra V. 2.21
quik100.zip74KQuik Use v1.00; User Questionnaire
quikbeta.zip4,081BApplication for beta-site license for PEGASUS/QuickBBS Software
quoteit.zip8,333Bbulletin each day from a list
qutil100.zip43KQ_UTIL is a utility designed to show you an overview of your RA/QBBS (MSG*.BBS) message base. Multiple command-line options make it possible to specify the exact info you want to be displayed on the screen.
q_a4ra-9.zip103K+------------------------------------------+ |########### Q&A4RA Revision #9 ###########| |------------------------------------------| | Questions & Answers for RemoteAccess 2.x | | | | How to setup FrontDoor, FastEcho, xMail, | | AllFix, IceEdit, IceChat, GEdit, RAInfo, | | Online Archive Master, DoorWay, LWUser, | | LWMenu, BlueWave Mail Door, INSTAbank, | | TChat, SetEdit, FDRPR, FileStat, FMail, | | THDPro, JC-QWK, LabTest, FMail, & more! | | 20802 03/12/90 Interface Bimodem to RA
ra-calls.lzh4,100Ba-calls.lzh 4100 01/28/92 Set number of calls
ra-ccd10.zip110KRemoteAccess Credit Card Door v 1.0.
ra-fdo-4.zip17K#################################### [ -=* RA-FDO v0.04 *=- ] [ ] [ Imports User's Name/Handle ] [ into your Mailer's ] [ Inbound/Outbound Field ] [ Now Supports Remote Access, ] [ SuperBBS, FD 2.02/2.11/2.20 ] [ and InterMail ] [ Also has an Option For RA ] [ SysOps to Perform a MailScan to ] [ Tell you if you have new Mail ] ####################################
ra-ref.lzh7,008Ba-ref.lzh 7008 09/03/90 Reference card for Remote Access
ra-scrs.zip4,428BSample robocomm remote access scripts for mail runs and file downloads. Also includes a brief script design tutorial.
ra111doc.zip85KDocumentation for RA 1.11.
ra2doc.zip157KRemoteAccess 2.00 Documentation
ra2fd.zip10KRA2FD v1.00; Read RA's LASTCALL.BBS file after a caller logs off and insert the user's name and city into Front Door's LASTCALL.FD activity file. It will also insert the user's time as found within the LASTCALL.BBS as well as the current system date. In addition to this information, it inserts your net/node number. All this information will be displayed in the FROM: field when FD reloads.
ra2ffam.lzh5,558Ba2ffam.lzh 5558 03/02/91 Convert RA files for FidoFam
ra2fls.lzh8,596Ba2fls.lzh 8596 09/03/90 Convert Files.RA to FlSearch.Ctl
ra2frq22.zip18KRA2FREQ.EXE RemoteAccess v2.xx to FrontDoor File Request List creator - Also distributed as part of the RATPak utility collection RATPAK22.ARJ by McSoft Corp.
ra2gcmsg.zip10KGLOBALM, Make global changes to your Remote Access version 2 message bases. Lots of options. Can make changes to whole base or selected ranges. FreeWare!
ra2gigo2.zip10KRA2GIGO FREE RA utility from LlanoWare Quite simply, RA2GIGO will read your RemoteAccess v2.x user list, and create a users .cfg file for GIGO. This allows automatic bouncing of any incoming Internet email, that was improperly addressed, or to a user that does not exist on your BBS. No need to manually bounce all the unknown messages, or to manually update your users .cfg file! This program can run in your midnight events, or after each new user logs off of the system.
ra2t_101.zip194KRA_2_TAG! v1.01 (RA 2.02 compatible!) File Tagging Door with excellent CD-ROM support even if a CD is not online! RA_2_TAG can be used to list, search and request files. This utillity uses the RA filebase ans is fully multi- language and multiline aware. It also supports al LIMITS if they are installed. After requests are made this utility updates your filebase AND your download- counters. With this program it is possible to have all your CD's 'online' with only one CD-ROM drive. When a caller re
raacd100.zip34KRemoteAccess Ultra-AutoCD This program reads the volume drive label and tells yours users which CD is currently in the CD-ROM drive. This is good for SysOps who rotate their CD's.
raae12.lzh21Kaae12.lzh 21568 01/28/92 RA Auto enter msg from text
rabat.zip3,310BA FrontDoor/RemoteAccess batchfile
rabest40.lzh16Kabest40.lzh 16682 06/02/90 RA best callers
rabi10.zip7,796BRA Baud Interceptor v1.0 - A RemoteAccess v2.xx Buad Rate utility. Reports a caller as 19200 for those who have higher speed modems. This allows the LIMITS.CTL to keep a control on the kilobytes downloadable. Helps fix a minor bug in RemoteAccess. Very fast! *For Both Shareware And Pro Versions*
rabir210.zip41KRABIRTH For RemoteAccess 1.11/2.00; Birthday utility for RA 1.xx and RemoteAccess 2.xx
rabi_132.zip63Kinterface for RA V. 1.32
racal135.lzh57Kacal135.lzh 59037 01/28/92 RA Statistics screen generator
racal135.zip61Kutility - supports XRS mail, etc!
racal140.zip62KComplete stats reporter for RA 1.10.
racallr3.lzh28Kacallr3.lzh 29611 01/28/92 RA who called utility
racb200.lzh63Kacb200.lzh 64576 01/28/92 RA Call back verifier
racbv203.zip19KRACBV203, Call back verifier!!!! Works with ANY bbs that can read back a DOOR.SYS or EXITINFO.BBS, (Type2 RA 2.00+) drop file. FREE Fixed! a terrible bug that would cause the program to not update the user in certain conditions.
raccd11.zip137K -=|=- RA-CCD v1.10 -=|=- ------------------------ RA-CCD; The ultimate credit card subscription door for RemoteAccess Features include: automatic credit card number validation, selling of credits, bad credit card numbers detection, security level and flag upgrading, subscription expiry date automatic upgrading, message template support, internal paging and message posting(query message) routines, and MUCH MUCH more!!!
race140.zip274KEditor V. 1.40
race150.zip277Kof RACE - (User editor) for RA 1.10
race152.lzh256Kace152.lzh 263075 01/28/92 RACE RA user editor v1.52
race160c.zip166Kversion of Remote Access Caller Editor
race160d.zip127Kof RACE - USERED like utility
race203.zip309KRACE v2.01; RemoteAccess Caller Editor
race_upd.zip197KRace 1.40 (strictly update files)
rack_002.zip17KRemote Access Cdrom Kit, v0.02 True CD-ROM support.
racnum.lzh4,006Bacnum.lzh 4006 07/14/91 RA total number of callers editor
racnum22.zip18KRACNUM.EXE RemoteAccess v2.xx Caller Number Editor - Also distributed as part of the RATPak utility collection RATPAK22.ARJ by McSoft Corp.
rad203.lzh155Kad203.lzh 159048 12/08/90 Remote access database v2.03
rad213.zip156KRemote Access Database v2.12 (dBASE III & dBASE III Plus Compatible) It is a simple online database system with it's own dedicated file structure.
radb_350.zip82KUser Mail Activity Reporter for Ra2.00g1.
radcd102.zip81KRADCD v1.02: RemoteAccess Dropped Carrier Detector Reads RA.LOG and posts message to users who drop caller. Supports Multi-Line systems. Supports HUDSON and JAM message bases. Sysop definable "User Message" Sysop Report - MsgBase or Netmail Creates optional ANS/ASC screens.
radd1_9.zip274KRADD! 1.9; Remote Access Direct Dial. CBV for QuickBBS, Remote Access and SuperBBS.
raddress.zip6,949BRAddress v1.00beta for RA2.0g; Utility to export users address to a simple format compatable with most Word Processors and Data Bases. Comes with ability to narrow your search to specific USER FLAG! Small,Simple!
radio01.zip15KRemoteAccess Data Input/Output (RADIO) v0.10 (C) 1994,1995 Brian Spencer. Freeware RA 2.xx utility for the exporting and reporting of USERS.BBS. The exported data can be read and arranged by many database systems
radist.zip14KRADIST (RemoteAccess File Distribution Network) Information/Application/Map. March 1995.
radlc200.zip15KRemote Access BBS download counter.
radlfix.lzh5,311Badlfix.lzh 5311 01/28/92 RA user DL counter fixer
rae101a.zip322KRA-Echo v1.01; Echomail-Processor for Hudson and Opus message base with Frontdoor, Binkley, DBridge.
raecc101.zip30KRAECC and RAECU are a pair of programs for creating and maintaining text files used to run a Remote Access bulletin board system.
raee12.zip21KRemoteaccess Auto-Enter MSg.
raexit.zip8, 8829 04/09/90 Convert RA to Qbbs exitinfo
raexit05.zip31KConvert RA 2's Exitinfo to 1.11 and back.
raexit30.lzh11Kaexit30.lzh 12207 03/02/91 Convert ExitInfo to/from old format
rafao106.zip21KRAFAO v1.06;RemoteAccess' File Area Organizer was designed to help Sysops organize thier file base in a FMail alike enviroment. RAFAO works ONLY with RemoteAccess v1.11.
rafbst20.lzh16Kafbst20.lzh 17016 11/25/90 RA file area statistics
rafbst31.zip37KAreas Statistics Bulletin Generator
rafd10.zip10KGenerate flsearch.ctl file from RA's files.ra
rafd111.lzh141Kafd111.lzh 144903 04/20/91 RAFDoor RA file transfer door v1.11
rafdlc14.zip22KRAtoFd and FDtoRA Last Caller Programs. Transfers last caller info between the two. Both versions included. Now supports Multi-Line setups for FD. Requires Front Door and RemoteAccess. *** FREEWARE ***
rafdupe1.lzh7,630Bafdupe1.lzh 7630 07/14/91 RA duplicate file finder
rafdupe2.zip25KRaFDupe V2.0 - McSoft Corp. Scans your RemoteAccess 2.xx File Database and Reports any Duplicate Files. Supports checking with and without extentions. Generates text file report of duplicate files.
rafe_120.lzh23Kafe_120.lzh 24572 12/08/90 RA file area maint v1.2
raff100.lzh33Kaff100.lzh 34285 07/06/90 Fast new files function for Remote Access
raff_106.zip61KRAFF: Remote Access File Find v1.00 The combined files/newfiles/search lister for RemoteAccess- and SuperBBS systems. Easy to install, Multinode/Network aware, CDROM-Support, simple customizing.
rafhead.zip25KRAFHEAD v1.04; Adds Uploader Names into RemoteAccess ver 2.00 FileBase Header Files! Great for those program that don't add uploader names!
rafind22.zip19KRAFIND.EXE Find Files on your BBS for RemoteAccess v2.xx - Also distributed as part of the RATPak utility collection RATPAK22.ARJ by McSoft Corp.
rafi_202.lzh77Kafi_202.lzh 78855 01/28/92 RA file viewer
rafi_203.zip65KFiles Utility
rafi_240.zip88KRA_FILES v2.4; RemoteAccess FILES.BBS lister y
rafm111.lzh318Kafm111.lzh 325783 01/28/92 RA File manager
rafm121.zip321KRemoteAccess File Manager v1.21; The most powerful file-system ever. Easy to install, fast & flexible and your users will love it!
rafsort1.lzh10Kafsort1.lzh 10842 07/14/91 RA sort files by date
raft29.zip191KThe Remote Access Filearea Tools v2.9; Use with Remote Access V2.xx, replaces RAMGR and the file-area bit of RACONFIG totally, it features an area-editor, add, delete, move, change your file-areas, edit all parameters from FILES.RA, manage all your files in your file-areas, adopt, delete, edit, add, import, export, move or copy files, imports DIZ-files from WITHIN archives, view archives.
rag-st11.zip23K+-----------------------------------+ | Rag-Stat 1.10 | |-----------------------------------| | RemoteAccess 2.xx Statistics Util | | | | o Top Callers | | o Top Uploaders | | o Top Message Posters | | o Top Downloaded Files | | o Age Statistics | | o Upcoming Birthdays | | o Mail Overview | | | | Con
ragrw101.zip68KRemoteAccess Ultra-Graffiti v1.00. It's for users to write messages anonymously to other users. It can hold many lines of text for users to start an interesting conversation and keep it going for a long time.
ragthr12.zip19KRAGTHR12.ZIP Simple Utility to creat allfiles listing for RA1.xx
rahdr10.zip31KFile area Statistics and puts at TOP of FILE
rahdr11.lzh35Kahdr11.lzh 36059 01/28/92 RA add headers to files.bbs
rahdr21.zip90KCustom files.bbs headers, allfiles, bulletins
rahelp10.zip33KHelp/Text file viewer for RA
rahelp11.zip35KRAHelp v1.10: help/textfile full-screen driver for Remote Access BBS.
rai119g.zip144KRainfo v1.19g for remoteaccess 2.x bbs's.
rainfo2.zip51KLog Statistic Generator Pgm For ra
rainuse1.lzh18Kainuse1.lzh 19044 01/28/92 Run single-node doors safely on multinode systems
ralcfd.zip37Kinfo from RA into FrontDoor's FROM: Field
ralist20.zip28KDoor to show/search users with specific level or group
raloc106.lzh6,717Baloc106.lzh 6717 07/14/91 RA location field fixer v1.06
ralogo11.zip19KRotate Your Logo, Welcome and Goodbye Screens
ralston.zip9,812BPatch RA's last caller into FrontDoor's LASTCALL.FD.
ram200g.zip126KRemoteAccess Manager 2.00/gamma
ram315.zip325KRAMail; the mail system exclusively for RA. Allows users to select messages of their choice and download them for offline reading.
ramail30.lzh220Kamail30.lzh 225548 08/18/91 RaMail v3.0 QWK mail door
ramail32.zip313KRAURPT v1.0; Utility that will generate a report listing how many users are configured for each message board. This is handy for determing which conferences are unused.
raman100.zip82Kand more for RA
raman211.zip135KRAMAN v2.11 - Bug-fix for RAMAN users running RA 2.01/Pro
ramenu1.zip7,198BRA-Menu v1.00beta; The Menu Randomizer
rames.lzh12Kames.lzh 12444 11/01/90 RA message base utils
rame_011.lzh34Kame_011.lzh 35660 11/25/90 RA sysop message editor
ramflg20.zip12KRA Message Flags Report v2.0 - Generates a report of all message boards with their flag settings. RA 2.0 only.
ramm200.zip112KRA Menu Manager Version 2.00.
ramsg001.zip25KRAMSG v2.0r1; This is a maintenance revision of RAMSG 2.00, which fixes the bugs
ramstat.lzh6,010Bamstat.lzh 6010 11/01/90 RA message base stats
ramt-061.lzh19Kamt-061.lzh 19598 01/28/92 RA Message tools (export to text)
randscr1.zip48KRandScr BBS Screen randomizer. Chooses at random a file from an archive and copies it to the designated file and directory. Great for rotating Welcome, logoff or any other screens for any bbs.
ranews.zip35KNews Bulletin generator for RA BBS systems creates both ANSI and ASCII output files, supports NEWS.A?? and ANEWS.A?? Files, On screen color selection, Output looks like printer paper.
ranews22.lzh8,857Banews22.lzh 8857 01/28/92 RA news screen creator
ranew_15.zip68KNewfiles Lister!
ranode.a223,148BRA Net
ranote1.zip33KAuto-Message Door. 3 message max. ANSI/ASCII.
raopp.zip16Kpage player. From RodentWare.
rap100a.zip134KChat Door for RA. Supports up to 33 nodes.
rap100b.zip155KExcellent multiline chat for Remote Access. Much like teleconference for The Major BBS. Has actions and more. Excellent.
rap182a.zip100KUpgrade package for The RemoteAccess Pub v1.82a, a multi-node chat door. Fixes several bugs and includes a couple of new features.
rapc101.lzh20Kapc101.lzh 21427 07/14/91 RA phone number formatter
rapc21.zip48KRAPC v2.10; RemoteAccess Personnel Checker
rapfix.zip18Kfor RemoteAccess Pub
raph101.zip14K+--- RA phONE day Version 1.01 ---+ | RAPHONE is a small utility that searches | | your Remote Access user base and | | replaces all old style telephone numbers | | with the new format implemented on 16th | | April 1995 by British Telecom. Includes | | the new codes assigned to Leeds, | | Sheffield, Nottingham, Leicester and | | Bristol. Run this program once and | | throw away. FREEWARE! by Donald Kerr, | | Sysop, Firelink BBS, Glasgow, Scotland. | +-----
rapick1.zip16KSelect from 45 Songs for Random Paging.
raplnk10.zip66KRAPLink v1.00 - Links a RemoteAccess Pub teleconference to almost any other teleconference program via modem! Supports actions, genernal actions, direct text and more. Not crippled!
raproinf.zip11KRemoteAccess Pro BBS Commercial Package
raq101.zip13KQuote of The Day program for many RA or BBSs.
raqu_300.lzh27Kaqu_300.lzh 28583 07/14/91 RA auto security level update
rarnk001.zip19KRemote Access User Ranker v0.01; Program for ranking or updating Remote Access User Comment fields. +---------------------+ | What's it all about | +---------------------+ RARNK001 is simply a program for those sysops who would like a name level given to each user, depending on that user's security level. Or, it may be used to place some other text in the user's comment field, again depending on the user's security level. The program
rascan11.lzh17Kascan11.lzh 18174 07/14/91 RA virus scanner
rascn202.zip16KRAScan v2.00; An online/offline upload processor for RA 2.00 and higher. Support for importing FILE_ID.DIZ, DESC.SDI, DESC.SDN files into the RA Files Data Base. Support for up to 10 compression programs. Support for your choice of scanning program. Support for commenting of archives.
rasend20.zip13KSend msg's to other users from DOS (multiline).
rasis201.zip504K #######------- RASIS 2.01 ---------######## ** NEW ADDITIONS! ** RemoteAccess Sysop's Information Service Multi-Task Aware, supports Multi-Node systems. Post messages to HMB/JAM. Multiple System reports, User mailing labels,reports Change some system settings. Lots more! * No RA Sysop should be without it * ########-- From RaLin Software --#########
rastat23.zip77KStatistics Generator for RA 2.00.
rastr110.lzh4,197Bastr110.lzh 4197 01/28/92 RA structures v1.10
rastr200.lzh4,326Bastr200.lzh 4326 09/22/93 RA structures v2.00
rasup.zip42K+-------------------------+ |RA SUBSCRIPTION ENFORCER | |-------------------------| |This program allows you | |to search the user data- | |base, and if the expiry | |date is the same as the | |system date, then RA- | |SUB will reset the user | |record to a pre-defined | |record. IE Reset UL/DL | |Record, Credits, Expiry, | |Security. And a lot more | |Download your Copy today | +-------------------------+
ratb100.zip154KRemote Access Time Bank v1.00
rate10.zip501KCreate Multi-Page BBS Screens for Ra1.xx-2.xx
ratic20b.zip16KRATick is a new TIC file processor especially designed for use with Remote Access BBS s/w. RaTick reads the TIC file, moves the files to designated directory, then calls RAFILE to import the descriptions from the TIC file into Rafile database.
ratic20e.zip17KRATick is a new TIC file processor especially designed for use with Remote Access BBS s/w. RaTick reads the TIC file, moves the files to designated directory, then calls RAFILE to import the descriptions from the TIC file into Rafile database. Optionally the registered version will import the descriptions contained in *.DIZ and *.SDI files.
ratio201.lzh13Katio201.lzh 14283 09/17/89 Adjust security based on ul/dl ratio
ratlc200.zip229KRemoteAccess Ultra-Teleconference v2.00. This is a multi-node chat program that will allow users on different nodes of a RemoteAccess BBS to chat back and forth in a comfortable and easy to use environment.
ratoqb.lzh15Katoqb.lzh 16380 03/02/91 Generate QBBS files from RA config files
ratotp.zip14KPascal; for PAGE.RA
ratp23.zip24KUsers Bulletin Generator
ratpak11.lzh114Katpak11.lzh 117671 01/28/92 RA Tool pack
ratpak20.zip91KMotor City Software sysop utilities for Remote Access 2.0
ratpak22.zip145KRemoteAccess v2.xx Tools/Utilities Package by McSoft Corp. Remote Dos Chat Program,Caller Number Backup utility, Expiration Date Scanner, User Flag Finder, Log FrontDoor calls to Todays Callers List, Batch File Time Delay Utility, Online Free Disk Space Door/DOS Utility, Manipulate the USERON.BBS (List of callers Online), FrontDoor File Request List creator, Caller Number Editor, Find Files on your BBS,Todays Call Log Trimmer, View Todays Callers From DOS Prompt, View Callers Currently Online From
rats121.lzh148Kats121.lzh 151583 01/28/92 RA Time bank system
rats220.zip290KRATS v2.20 TimeBank System for RA/QBBS/SuperBBS/ProBoard supports storing Time and KBytes for use another day. Also supports Borrowing Time and KByes, and Daily and Monthly Lotteries. This is the most comprehensive Time Bank on the market today, and is a proven winner over the past 5 years!
ratt10.lzh9,933Batt10.lzh 9933 03/02/91 RA version of TicTalk
ratune10.zip103KRAMAKE - Finally, now you can easily create your own PAGE.RA files using an onscreen keyboard! RATUNE - An automated switching system, have many PAGE.RA files and switch between them easily! RAPLAY - A commandline player for your PAGE.??? files. For RemoteAccess
raua001b.zip8,171B+-------------------------------------+ | *** RA User Announcer *** | | Announce to all nodes when a user | | logs on or off your RA 2.00 system! | | Install in 30 seconds or less, | | depending on how fast you can type. | | Free! Free! Free! Free! Free! Free! | +-------------------------------------+
raul09b.zip38K**Remote Access User Labels** Beta Version .09 - Release 1 Print mailing labels for users in the Remote Access USERS.BBS. This is a Pre-Release Evaluation. Version 1.0 Final, due out soon.
raupdate.zip8,667BRA BBS file updater
ravip102.zip68K****** RaVip Version 1.02 ******* Scans RA log, dectects VIP callers via VIP.CTL, posts message to Sysop that they called, also condensed activity report. Sysop message to MsgBase or Netmail. Supports Hudson/Jam/MSG. Can use alternate control file, alone or "with" VIP.CTL! NOW SUPPORTS ECHOMAIL/INTER-ZONE NETMAIL - Freeware from RaLin Software! - "A missing part of RA"
ravote40.zip37KRAVote v4.00; User-voting door for your BBS, that allows users to create "polls" for other users to vote on.
raxs101.zip9,853BRA X.itinfo S.plitter for RA 2.00.g1.
ra_001.zip298Krelease of RemoteAccess! 1/30/90
ra_004au.zip160KUpdate Release. Bug fixes for 0.04
ra_101.zip514KBug fixes for version 1.00
ra_110a.lzh264Ka_110a.lzh 270752 11/08/91 Remote Access Bbs v1.10 (1of2)
ra_110b.lzh244Ka_110b.lzh 250451 11/08/91 Remote Access Bbs v1.10 (2of2)
ra_111.zip530Kof RemoteAccess 1.11! Bug fixes for 1.10
ra_201.lzh846Ka_201.lzh 867180 05/30/94 Remote Access v2.01
ra_201.zip820KRemoteAccess 2.01 Upgrade: 2 Node shareware limitation
ra_202.zip807KThe RemoteAccess BBS Program v2.02 - Shareware maintenance update.
ra_af21.lzh11Ka_af21.lzh 11700 01/28/92 RA all files list creator
ra_ask.lzh18Ka_ask.lzh 18882 04/20/91 Util to ask old users for BirthDate
ra_echo.zip294Ktossing utility
ra_inc.lzh1,260Ba_inc.lzh 1260 07/06/90 Info on internode communication in RA
ra_mail2.lzh25Ka_mail2.lzh 26364 01/28/92 RA check areas for new mail
ra_mess6.zip55KRatio Checker ver 6.0-Major Update
ra_mpf19.zip40KMost Popular Files: the download counter v1.9 for RS. A very easy, no-frills download counter for your File.bbs.
ra_ndom2.zip8,208Bv2.0 .
ra_phone.lzh24Ka_phone.lzh 25158 11/01/90 RA phone number checker
ra_rals.zip40Kof foreign language modules for RA 1.10
ra_songs.lzh24Ka_songs.lzh 25056 07/06/90 Page songs for Remote Access
ra_stfl2.lzh10Ka_stfl2.lzh 10781 04/20/91 RA set flag utility
ra_struc.lzh13Ka_struc.lzh 13693 04/15/90 Structure of RA records
ra_struc.zip12KRA 9/8/90
ra_sw15.zip32K(v1.5b) RA_S&W +-----------------------------------+ | VaBa!Soft Utils for RA 2.0x | |-----------------------------------| | The first Sratch and Win lottery | | doorgame for RA 2.0x. A freeware | | gift to all USA VaBa!Soft users ! | +-----------------------------------+
re15.zip38KRemote Editorial v1.5 NEWS.A?? creator/editor
recentcl.lzh7,783Becentcl.lzh 7783 12/17/89 Recent callers lister
reda40.lzh124Keda40.lzh 127232 02/09/91 Remote Access database v4.0
regchk10.zip64KThe Registered User Tracking Utility for QBBS is a set of programs that allow you to easily and automatically keep track of your registered users.
regvw107.zip200KREGVIEW/DOOR 1.07 The most complete usersregistration util there is for Remote Access 2.0x Very friendly to users, easy to work with for sysops. RegView is a complete usereditor RegView can write msg's to users, automatically downgrade and warn members of your BBS by notifying them with a warning message a definable days before there membership ends, etc, etc. If you liked RegView 1.05a you'll love this new version. RegView is very cheap shareware !!
relog10.zip17KReLogOn v1.0 ** LlanoWare ** Now there is finally a way for your users to log off, then relogon to your RemoteAccess BBS without hanging up the modem! Setup is not for the faint of heart. :{) ReLogOn is for RemoteAccess v2.0x ONLY!
remiss01.lzh9,302Bemiss01.lzh 9302 04/15/90 Remove missing files
rfw_v110.lzh115Kfw_v110.lzh 117858 05/06/91 Remote Access Windowed File Viewer
rfw_v120.zip150KRFW v1.2; Lots of new features like an interface for a view-utility (like MTS) and search options to look inside non-archived files. Also CD-ROM has a better support
ripnra.zip1,600BRIP in RA; Explains how to implement RIP Graphics in RemoteAccess BBS's
rlog_141.zip56K- Log Reporting Generator
rlog_142.zip57Kutility for RA
rlog_29d.zip88KRemote Access Log Reporting Program; Full-fledged RA log reporting program, and now Bulletins and statistics generator.
rqccc11.lzh46Kqccc11.lzh 47424 05/17/90 Recent callers lister
rtool116.zip137K*** Rudy's Place Tools. Release 1.16 *** A collection of RA 2.xx Sysop tools that are used on Rudy's Place BBS. Include Users IDX file rebuilder, USERSXI file rebuilder FILE_ID.DIZ handler, File Truncator, Global USERS.BBS set utility, Users duplicate finder, USERON wiper, Zip version identifier, Alias fixer, command line Nodelist entry locator, users files checkup utility, file renumbering utility, RA Orphan Text files, menus and questionnaire files locator,
ruc11.zip27KRemote Access users.bbs command-line editor, with C source.
rur_251.zip52KRUR v2.51; The RemoteAccess Users Ratio System
rutil100.zip62KR_Utils v1.00 >>---> Sysop Utilities for RemoteAccess 2.0x and other BBS's. Utils include a free disk space util, a flag setting util, File/Message - Group/Area setting util, Total Call Count Util, Log Generator, an RA System.BBS viewer, and a RA Events Lister. Shareware.
rw_info.zip6,563Bbecoming a RodentWare Support Board
sample.zip3,824BSample Menus for RA/QBBS
samqc100.lzh26Kamqc100.lzh 27025 04/15/90 Check menus & screens
sbank13b.zip194KSuperBank 1.3-B; RA/SBBS banking SuperBank is a very advanced multi-language time and kb bank for SuperBBS and RemoteAccess.
sbbsdiz.zip31KInserts FILEID.DIZ file into FILES.BBS if found, for SBBS.
sbnk400.zip85KTime Bank Door for RA/QBBS.
scanv22d.zip73KScanvert 2.20; Upload scanner and converter for RemoteAccess 2.00G+. It will scan uploads, including gifs for complete and correct archives, and optionally will convert to a different format. Also will import extended descriptions found in DESC.SDN or FILE_ID.DIZ into the RA filebase
schat205.lzh15Kchat205.lzh 16299 11/25/90 SabreChat multinode chat util v2.05
scht503r.zip69KSabreChat! v5.02.0; simply a user to user chat program. It is run from each node of a bulletin board system allowing the users online to talk with each other. This connection is made possible by the SabreMixer! TSR that comes with the SabreChat! package.
scht_407.zip29KChat door for RA
scrmak03.zip27KThe Screen Maker v0.03; Create ASC/ANS screen containing the Frontdoor recent activity information. Can do multi-line FD systems and create the recent activity with the totals from all nodes.
sdateset.zip29KSet RA user subscription expiration date from DOS.
sec101.zip12KRemoteAccess User Security Level Displayer
sedit270.zip85KMenueditor for SBBS. Supports WYSIWYG, Multilanguage,SBBS-Menutypes, ANSI-Compiler, FastJump-Feature, Block-Operations and more
setcal10.zip5,964BSet number of calls/last caller's name RA 1.0 and later.
setflag.lzh6,785Betflag.lzh 6785 12/27/89 Batch user flag maint util
setgroup.lzh10Ketgroup.lzh 10514 04/20/91 Set group field in RA users file
sf2ra.zip7,827BPermits usage of SFROM115+ on Remote Access BBS.
sflag110.zip30KSetFlag is a simple little program that will toggle user flags in your RemoteAccess USERS.BBS file from the DOS command line.
showf13.zip47KSHOWFILE, LiveSystems Text Showing Door for RA v2.00
shuf110.zip40KThe Shuffle puzzle doorgame. RA 2.00 compatible.
slnote.zip12KSlnotice Autologin door for Searchlight BBS. V1.0 displays a message to registered & unregistered users bases on access level. From The So Much(tm) MODEM MADNESS(tm) CD-ROM
sluc250.zip9,402BStupid little upload counter v2.5; utility for SBBS/QBBS/RA that motivates users to upload by creating a bulletin
sort111.zip12KSortUser v1.2.111; Utility that will allow you to sort your RA 1.11 userfile in several different ways. You may sort by: User's Name, User's Location, Number of Calls, Number of Messages Posted, Number of Downloads, Number of Uploads, kb of Downloads, kb of Uploads
sponge11.lzh7,693Bponge11.lzh 7693 03/11/90 List users with d/l & no u/l
str-talk.zip2,099BStreet Talk Language File for RA 2.0x
structs.zip4,534BRA 1.10
su12.zip12KShowUser v1.2: Netware utility that allows the supervisor of the network to display all the users in the bindery file of a file server and delete users who fall into certain categories. Allows the supervisor to reset the accounting balance for each user. Displays the user's name, their last login date/time, their full name, what their balance is & more.
subdate.zip6,568BResets File Counters In RA'S Users.bbs Via SUBDATE.Q-A FILE
subdate2.zip7,769B(v0.2) SUBDATE +-----------------------------------+ | VaBa!Soft Utils for RA 2.0x | |-----------------------------------| | SUBDATE will change the subdate of| | your users into a specified date. | +-----------------------------------+
sutil044.zip267KSBBS utility package v0.44.
sven_ral.zip7,587Bfile for RemoteAccess 1.10
swe_20.zip19KSWE, FS-editor switcher, Let users choose their own favorite by menu-choice, RA 2.0 comp.
sxrafix.zip5,790BSmall patch program to fix up a possible mis-interpretion of RA's HANDLE logic in Silver Xpress.
sysop200.zip333KSYSOP v2.00 The Best File Manager / Statistic Tool for RA/SBBS systems. EFT compatible. Creates fully configurable All-/NewFiles listings, converts ArcFiles. Many statistics, all fully configurable. And much more... USD 20 - Shareware by Mike Paschen
sysop211.zip344KSYSOP v2.11; The best file manager & statistics tool for RA / SBBS / QBBS system. Fully configurable AllFiles listings and statistics. Converts Arcfiles performs virus scan, logfile maintenance and much more...
sysopup.zip9,736BSysopUp replaces empty "Uploaded By:" fields in the RA Filebase with the sysop's name (taken from RA 2.00's configuration). And best of all, this program is FREEWARE!
system08.zip12KSysteMAN .08.5; Utility that will search through your system.log file and figure out what went on the day before. Sound useful?
s_nws401.zip93K+------------------------------+ | --- Super News v4.01 --- | |------------------------------| | This is the BEST news maker | | for RemoteAccess, EzyCom and | | compatibles!It makes 5 types | | of ANSI and ASCII screens, | | with simultaneous printer | | output!! Super News is the | | most beautiful news maker | | available in the world! | | | | A creation by Daniel Lafraia | |------------------------------| | ShareWare! REGISTER: US$ 10! | +-
s_ver092.zip87KVerifier for RA/QBBS/QBBS
tagem101.zip165K TagEm! Version 1.01 (RemoteAccess 2.02!) Automatic File Tagging Door! Fast! NEW FEATURES ABOUND! TagEm! lets your callers upload an ascii "request list" of files to download. TagEm! will process the list, honoring Security requirements, and TAG the files. When the caller returns to the BBS, the files are ready to download! Fast and Easy! ** From RaLin Enterprises Software **
tagmn11b.zip54KTagMan 1.1B Creats an ASCII, ANSI and RIP file of your choice which contains one of up to 60000 taglines to show to your callers! Freeware, For RemoteAccess 2.x
tcall200.zip25KTodays' caller for ra/fd systems.
tcall205.zip26Kfor RA 1.10; also use from DOS prompt
tcall25.zip24K+------------------------------------+ | +----+ +---+ +---+ ++ ++ | | || --- || |+--| || || | | ++ +---+ ++ + +---+ +---+ | |------------------------------------| | Today Callers 2.5 | | ...---------------------... | | | | Today Callers is a RemoteAccess | | 2.xx door the will show real good | | Today Callers List, Very usefull, | | Today Callers can also list last x | | Callers
tcht100g.zip42KT-Chat, Fullscreen User<>Sysop Chatdoor for RA v2.0
tclt22.zip18KTCLT.EXE Todays Call Log Trimmer for RemoteAccess v2.xx - Also distributed as part of the RATPak utility collection RATPAK22.ARJ by McSoft Corp.
tdplus20.zip324KThe Transfer Door v2.0; External Door Run as a Type 7 or 15 exit from QuickBBs, Remote Access, or SuperBBS. Designed to replace the file section of your BBS with a more versitile file area. This version supports Remote Access file structures
testreq.zip8,296Bcheck your paths to make sure they exist for FileReqs
tetra120.zip57KTetris clone doorgame. RA 2.00 compatible.
tfc200.zip8,983BGlobal User Flag Changer for RA 2.00.
thd61pch.zip26KPatch for THD Version 6 Upload scanner,tester and converter.
thdpro-5.zip86KTHDPro v5.0 Archive Checker for SBBS.
tic2ra12.zip125KTic-To-Ra v1.10 -\ The Ultimate .TIC file processor for the RemoteAccess BBS /- Features include: you dictate what level the log is written at, a copy or delete mode, optional virus scanning, user- specified Uploaded by for each area, support to decompress the weekly FidoNet NodeDiff, optionally import File_Id.Diz's as file descriptions, uses RA's RAFILE.EXE to import new files into and optionally discard old files from the RA file database, and much, much more.
timechek.zip18Kfile sort utility by Mike Janke
timeman.zip38KTIME MAN V1.00 This program allows a sysop to let his users add and/or subtract time from thier account. For RA2.0x Only Dean Sheppard Spyrus Software
todays10.zip21KBest Little Today's Caller Door for RA 2.xx. FreeWare from Charleston, S.C.
topcall.zip41KCreates ANSI/ASCII top user bulletins screens for SBBS/RA.
toped100.zip78Kscreen editor for RemoteAccess
tops3.zip34K+--------------------------------+ | Top`s v3.00 | | -------------------------- | | | | Top`s is TOP users list maker | | For RA 2.xx, Top`s will create | | | | - Top Downloaders | | - Top Kb's Downloaders | | - Top Uploaders | | - Top Kb's Uploaders | | - Top Messages Posters | | - Top Callers | | - Best Users | | - Gen
topuser4.zip13KTop Users v4.0; fully configurable, 4000 user limit.
trek_r.zip7,459BStarTrek language file for RA 2.0x
trek_ral.zip7,103BLanguage file for RA 1.10 systems
trivia43.zip108KLiveSystems Online Trivia Quiz for RA 2.00.
tscnv104.zip32KFD 2.01
tstat060.zip37KTornStat. Statistics Generator for RA/SBBS.
tustime.zip36KTimebank door for Remote Access 1.xx.
tview10.zip50KFile Viewer Door - A MUST HAVE!
txt2m20.zip28KTXT2MSG v2.0 for Remote Access.
txt2ramg.zip15KRemoteAccess BBS utility to insert a text file into a message.
u-set112.zip61KUSERSET Door for RemoteAccess 2.00. v1.12; Allow users to view and change their BBS setup in a full screen door will all options built-in. An option to disable options is now available. Added colors definisions.
u-set115.zip81KUSERSET Door for RemoteAccess 2.00. Version 1.15 allow users to view and change their BBS setup in a full screen door with all options built-in. Added support for high characters in input fields.
u3200.zip46KUSER UPDATER - UNIVERSAL is a user database utility for RemoteAccess 2.0x. It can modify user records, print records, run external programs such as robot mailers, tally information, and more based on database fields using your own criteria of any complexity. Can also examine/modify EXITINFO.BBS. So flexible it must be seen to be believed! Shareware by Tom Almy
ubrav100.zip194KBBS activity tracking system for RemoteAccess
uflag20.zip10KUserFlag v2.0; Change flags settings for all of your users, in one simple operation.
ulist25.zip21K+-------------------------------------+ | ++ + ++ ++ +---+ +----+ | | || | --- || || +---+ || | | +---+ +---+ ++ +---+ ++ | |-------------------------------------| | User Lister v2.5 | | ...------------------... | | | | User Lister is a RA 2.xx Door that | | Will List All users in your BBS or | | Only Specific User(s), Ulist will | | Not show the Users Location in list | | Ulist can also sea
ulra100.zip8,897Bfor RA
um100.zip165K############ USERMAN 1.00 ############## # # # Professional Usermanagement for the # # experienced RemoteAccess 2.xx Sysop # # # # * Multilingual # # * Multitasker aware # # * Checks 13 users.bbs fields # # * Informs Users and Sysop of changes # # * More then 40 metastrings # # * Uses country dependent format for # # date and time. # # * Can
umgr110.zip64K(v1.10) UserManager for Remote Access 2.0x. - Send hello messages to new users - Send happy birthday messages - Upgrade after xxx Kb Upload - Upgrade after xxx msgs written - Upgrade after xxx calls made - Downgrade after sub. date expiry - Backup your usersbase with Pkzip/Arj - Send netmail with data of new users - Delete users with deleted flag on - Kill users that have not called for X days - Kill users that have a certain level - And a LOT more stuff Read all about UserMgr Pro! Shar
uo40sbbs.zip52KLiveSystems UserOn V4.00 for SuperBBS.
uo44ra.zip73KLiveSystems UserOn 4.4: The ORIGINAL Who's Online replacement which introduced the much copied USERDOES.x system for showing info about the other lines. Also feature semafore support, "Eat at Joe's" commercials, SYSDOES system information, real-time screen updates and multilanguage support! Now also does OS/2, windows, DV and PCmos support. Ignore fake, go for the real thing! FREEWARE!
upldr102.zip97KUPLOADER v1.02; For RemoteAccess 2.00g Database Header File Utility
up_area1.zip6,251B(v0.1) UP_AREA +-----------------------------------+ | VaBa!Soft Utils for RA 2.0x | |-----------------------------------| | Change all alternative upload- | | areas in your FILES.RA quickly | | into one defined area. Handy and | | mandatory for most bi-directional | | protocols (BiModem/HSLink) | +-----------------------------------+
urd102b.zip70KURD v1.02b; RemoteAccess User Registration Door. It will allow you to define your own questions, in your own BBS style, in all languages you want and as many questions as you want. URD can update the user when it has completed the questionnaire or downgrade the user (or optionally delete, lockout or terminate) when it didn't want to completed the questionnaire. URD is also full Multi-Line and DESQview aware.
useron32.zip68KRA Whos Online Command. Shows where each node is
useron33.zip123KUserOn; Almost exactly the same as the useron function of RA 1.0.
usrasw10.zip13Kanswers to questionares
ustat300.zip17KUSTAT - User Statistics Ver 3.00 for RemoteAccess
u_set114.zip79KUSERSET Door for RemoteAccess 2.00. Version 1.14 allow users to view and change their BBS setup in a full screen door will all options built-in. An option to disable options is now available. Added full language support.
vb_rat12.zip83K+---------------------------------+ | VaBa!Soft Utils for RA 2.0x | |---------------------------------| | VB_RATIO is the Complete Remote | | Access Ratio Checking System: | | * File ratio checking | | * Kilobyte ratio checking | | * Free download files/kilobytes | | * Group checking | | * Up and downgrading of levels | | * Messages when up/downgrading | | * Internal configuration editor | | * Complete logfile | | * Online ratio door
vd170r1.zip149KValidDOOR ,Callback Verifer door for RA 1.11
vd170r2.zip147KVD_Util basically does three things.... allows you to maintain and edit your User Directory, your VD.Cfg file and the ValidOOR language file. Just follow the prompts.
vfdb_100.zip22KView RA 2.0's file database files offline. Online 'mailbagger' for users of HudsonStyle (QuickBBS, RemoteAccess, etc) message areas.
vip203.zip17KVIP 2.03 -- [Release #2]. Generates VIP.CTL According To Security Level. For Use With RemoteAccess 2.0x BBS Systems. !! Major Bug Release !!
vote52.zip117KVote is a votingbooth with some nice new features. It's compatible with RA, SBBS and QBBS, has a maintainance program which can send the results of a question to the user who asked it, an editor to edit and/or delete questions, multilanguage support, etc. etc.
wc2ra.lzh12Kc2ra.lzh 12498 04/20/91 Convert WC! users file to RA
wcall22.zip19KWHOCALLD.EXE View Todays Callers From DOS Prompt for RemoteAccess v2.xx - Also distributed as part of the RATPak utility collection RATPAK22.ARJ by McSoft Corp.
wc_12.zip8,533BWho Called v1.2; Today's Caller list for SysOps. This is not an ANSI or stats screen generator. "Who Called" gives the SysOp of the BBS a quick and complete list of calls for the day. Supports both RemoteAccess v1.11 and v2.00.g1+.
wdwd_10b.lzh21Kdwd_10b.lzh 22462 12/27/89 Who done what door - file xfer inquiry
werd-ral.zip9,225BWeird Language File for RA 2.0x - a way to mess your users heads.
whatol23.zip44K+--------------------------------------+ | - - - - - +--+ +---+ --- +-+ | | | | | |--| |--| | | +-+ | | +---+ - - - - - --- +--+ | | +--+ +--+ - --- +--+ ---+ | | | | | | | | | | |- | | +--+ - - ---+ --- - - ---+ | |--------------------------------------| | What is Online v2.30 | | ...----------------------------... | | | | WhatIsOnline is a RA 2.xx door that | | Will l
whoson22.zip38KWHOSON.EXE View Callers Currently Online From DOS Prompt for RA v1.xx/2.xx QBBS 2.76/2.80 - Also distributed as part of the RATPak utility collection RATPAK22.ARJ by McSoft Corp.
whoto108.zip46KCheck and report unread messages RA/QBBS.
wio105.zip47KWho Is Online Door for RemoteAccess 2.00. Version 1.05 allow users to see who is on the other lines of the BBS and to send and recieve online messages. It's screen update feature allow the user to see changes in other users status as they occure.
wison120.zip14KWho Is Online v1.20 - In MultiTask Environ. Use within same task.
wixfix.zip4,021BFix for Netrunner under Remote Access.
xfd_v301.zip434KFileDoor is a very flexible protocol driver. The XFD-version of FileDoor is meant for QuickBBS, Remote Access and SuperBBS types of BBS programs. The current release is a big major. Also included is an overlayed version that will use less memory on the system (around 100K reduction).
xferdr72.zip59KQBBS/RA Bimodem/DSZ file transfer door.
xflc_009.zip104KXFLC - The Extended File List Creator for RemoteAccess and SuperBBS systems. Full support of EFT/CDROM area handling. User definable list style, automatic retrieval of filedescriptions.
xl-213-3.lzh6,241Bl-213-3.lzh 6241 01/28/92 XList file list creator
xmsg_100.lzh45Kmsg_100.lzh 46629 01/28/92 Message exporter
xrdor205.lzh160Krdor205.lzh 164554 01/28/92 XRS offline mail door v2.05
xrdor210.zip175KXRSdoor v 2.1 for quick (any), RA, tag or Superbbs. Full alias support.
xrobot.zip15Kdoes offline freqing and polling for FrontDoor
xrued110.lzh49Krued110.lzh 50556 11/08/91 XRS mail door user editor v1.10
xuc1.lzh10Kuc1.lzh 10267 06/11/90 Express user list
xutils.lzh68Kutils.lzh 69806 04/20/91 Handy set of remote RA utils
yed_110.lzh62Ked_110.lzh 63894 07/06/90 Yet another menu editor for Qbbs/RA
yestcall.zip12KYESTCALL; Yesterday/Last 24 Hours Caller List Generator: Creates ANSI/ASCII Caller Lists for the PREVIOUS DAY or the LAST 24 HOURS! The ANSI/ASCII files display name or handle, node number, logon, logoff, times called, and Location.. just like the internal Today's Callers List!
zen103.zip45KZenList v1.03; The File List Processor for RemoteAccess 2.x. Featuring ALL/NEW files list generation, configurable list header/footer and area header/footer, file list format templating, sorting, adds headers to your file database and more!
zipcount.zip12Knumber of downloads for FD/RA systems
zipstr25.lzh23Kipstr25.lzh 23636 01/28/92 View ZIP files
zlab_ra3.zip6,076BZipLab Plus - RemoteAccess Interface Scan uploads for virus, bad-crc errors, outdated files, and to remove unwanted BBS ad files and comments.
zmh_113.lzh77Kmh_113.lzh 79272 11/25/90 Zmail v1.13 echomail proc demo
zstrip99.zip12KZipStrip V0.99 Beta. From Computer Online Services. ZIP file comment stripper/replacer for the RA File Manager or stand-alone. No Registration Fee.