File Libaries
Library: BBS - Directory: BBS - Protocols
aos-vs.zip83KC-Kermit for AOS/VS rev 5.188.
astr201.zip69KANSI view and strip utility for Zmodem and Pro-YAM users,
atz300.zip47KFront end for registered DSZ users.
bi-proto.zip6,060BBidirectional protocol discussion info. 02/07/93.
bimlog10.zip38KBimodem Logfile Analyzer v1.0. Nice screen display. Comman
bimod107.lzh61Ksimultaneous upload/downloading
bimod107.zip65Ksimultaneous upload/downloading
bimod123.zip166KBimodem protocol transfers files both directions at once.
bimpro31.zip112KBImodem PRO (PAMPA) v3.1: A new full|
bs200.zip41KBisearch 2.00 bimodem interface for SLBBS v2.15+.
ccsp080.zip20KCCSP.exe is an external protocol to be used with BBSs and
cexyz100.zip56KFreeWare X, Y, and Zmodem protocol driver from the author
cilhskit.zip10KAdd HS/LINK as External Protocol to Cedar Island Link. CIL
cilszkit.zip5,246BAdd SZmodem as External Protocol to Cedar Island Link. (CI
ciltmkit.zip4,413BAdd Tmodem as an External Protocol to Cedar Island Link. F
cilzmkit.zip4,297BAdd Moby Turbo Zmodem as an External Protocol to Cedar Isl
classicz.zip101KCZCOMM.EXE is "Classic ZCOMM" with the "classic" file tran
cmodem44.zip54Kversion 4.4
cmp141.zip21KChat Manager Protocol or CMP for short. CMP is an external
darc101.zip71KDARC v1.01; BBS utility that shells around external protoc
docsdsz.zip69Kdsz zmodem protocol. 5.
dsz.zip89KDSZ features the ZMODEM-90(TM) extensions including ZMODEM
dsz0228x.zip39Kmodule of 2/28/91 cross-compiled
dsz0427.zip90KDriver .COM Version - 4/27/92
dsz0427x.zip39KDriver .EXE Version - 4/27/92
dsz0503.zip89KProtocol Driver .COM Version - 5/3/92
dsz0503x.zip39KProtocol Driver . EXE Version - 5/3/92
dsz0529.zip84KClassic stand-alone shareware sends or receives files usin
dsz0618x.zip38KDSZ.EXE From Omen Technology; .EXE version uses macro expa
dsz0626.zip124Kfor use with BBS's 06/26
dsz1001.zip87Kdated 10/01/91 Zmodem .com file
dszbg.zip36Kon DSZ from the Pro-Yam manual.
dszexe.zip39KDSZ.EXE: The .EXE version requires more memory than the .C
dszguide.zip17KText helps you out on how to make the zmodem protocol.
dszlog10.zip42KDSZLOG v1.0; DSZ Logfile Analyzer
dsznew.zip2,671BDSZ Reference Rev Sep-18-94
dszwords.zip6,725Bmag info from forsberg's bbs.
external.zip92KExternal Transfer Protocols for A BBS.
ezpv11.zip48KEZ protocol engine, X, X1k, YB, YG, S, Z sub for DSZ.COM
ezrecv10.zip77KExpress ZMODEM v.1.0: Provides unattended background Zmode
fci0106.zip76KFCI Fossil Compatible Interface Version 1.06 New Fossil De
fdszwbat.zip36KNEW FOSSIL DSZmodem with BATCH FILES for WC for those who
fil_xfr.zip8,041BWhat's in a protocol? Text file concerning file transfer p
fts.zip14KExternal file transfer system. 02/15/93.
funclr11.zip7,003BFuncolors V1.1 Sets Your Zcomm File Transfer Screen Colors
fwzmodem.zip32KFlackware Zmodem v1.0; Windowed Zmodem driver
fxinfo.zip13KRoboBOARD/FX v1.00 & Tel-FX Protocol Information: info is
gsz.zip110KGSZ's ZMODEM (graphical Zmodem) provides advanced file man
gsz0427.zip110KDriver w/ Graphical Interface - 4/27/92
gsz0529.zip104KVisually striking big brother to DSZ, the Classic stand-al
gsz1001.zip106Kby makers of DSZ - same except in color
hcom_103.zip83KUpdate to Hydracom 1.00, no documentation 03/12/93.
hidexfer.zip898Bscript to hide file transfer window
hs-inst2.zip83KHS-INST.ZIP Contains instructions and setup files to help
hs120.zip143KHS/Link External Protocol RELEASE v1.20 As of 12:41 pm, Su
hs121c5.zip133KHS/Link External Protocol BETA TEST As of March 24, 1995.
hs_145a.zip2,433BInstalling HS/LINK external protocol in PCBoard BBS
hs_421.zip693BHow to install HS/LINK with WWIV v4.21"
hs_boy50.zip1,755BUsing Boyan v5.0 with External HS/LINK
hs_boyan.zip1,731BUsing Boyan with External HS/LINK
hs_commo.zip6,721BInstall HS/Link protocol in {COMMO} (also download HSLK10B
hs_files.zip44KBunch of Batch Files for Using HS/Link
hs_gap51.zip5,090BHow To: Adding HS/LINK to GAP BBS
hs_gap63.zip5,778BInstall HS/Link in GAP 6.3
hs_gt15.zip1,963BUsing GT-Power BBS with External HS/LINK
hs_inst3.zip121KHS-INST2.ZIP Contains instructions and setup files to help
hs_mkml.zip1,245BHS/Link configuration for MarkMail.
hs_pb117.zip1,972BInstalling HS/LINK External Protocol in ProBoard BBS
hs_pcptd.zip2,016BUsing PCplus/test Drive with external HS/LINK
hs_prow.zip2,577BInstall HS/Link protocol in Procomm for Windows.
hs_qm.zip644BUsing HS/LINK with Qmodem
hs_qmp15.zip2,012BInstall HS/Link in QMODEM PRO 1.x
hs_r173c.zip2,699BInstalling HS/LINK External Protocol in RBBS-PC v17.3C
hs_ra.zip820BHilfe zur Installation von HS/Link unter RA (using HS/Link
hs_robo.zip646BBatch files to upload/download with HS/Link and Robocomm
hs_rybbs.zip1,139BExtup & Extdown for RYBBS only using HS/LINK
hs_s1154.zip1,165BHelp to install HS/LINK in the SuperBBS
hs_sf30.zip2,868BInstalling HS/LINK External Protocol in SpitFire BBS
hs_slbbs.zip3,109BSetting up HS/Link with Searchlight BBS
hs_telix.zip2,087BInstall HS/Link protocol in TELIX (also download HSLK10B4.
hs_tmate.zip2,278BUsing TeleMate with External HS/LINK
hs_ub208.zip1,919BInstalling HS/LINK External Protocol in UltraBBS v2.08
hs_vbb54.zip1,920BInstalling HS/LINK External Protocol in Virtual BBS 5.4
hs_wc35.zip1,364BProper setup to use with Wildcat 3.50 to allow bidirection
hs_wwiv.zip1,854BAdding HS/LINK to WWIV BBS
hscat3s.zip97KHSCATS v3.0; WildCat 3.xx and HS/LINK interface help Docs
hsd114g4.zip48KWindows DLP HS/Link Protocol BETA GERMAN LANGUAGE VERSION
hsdfqmod.zip1,102BHS-link Download for Q-modem
hsdszbat.zip1,181BHS/LINK files for CAM-mail door
hsinst11.zip76KInfo on how to install the HS/Link protocol.
hsl_cfg.zip333BSample HS/Link configuration file.
hslbatch.zip2,371BHSLBATCH is an example batch file and accompanying info on
hslboy10.zip3,298BBoyan 5.0 script to unzip/register the latest version of H
hslk11b1.zip87KHS/Link external protocol driver 1.1beta High speed, full
hslk11c3.zip93KHS/Link external protocol driver 1.1 BETA Compiled: 6:49 p
hslkrob2.zip1,540BBatch files to allow simultaneous REP/QWK transfers, as we
hslkslt2.zip3,252BA SALT script for TELIX which makes running HS/LINK easy.
hslshell.zip124KAllows you to create a HS/LINK list ahead of time for your
hsltg25q.zip72KText file and files needed to install HSLink version into
hsqmbew.zip13KHSLBATCH is an example batch file and accompanying info on
hsrc_100.zip75KSource code for Hydra bi-directional protocol
hst168.zip5,847BInformation on setting your USR HST 16.8 modem.
hst4ubbs.zip7,957BHST modem settings for Ultra BBS.
hst_set5.zip10KHST Setup Notes; These notes describe how to set up the U.
hstelix2.zip3,562BReplacement for HS-TELIX.ZIP provided by Sam Smith, fixes
hstlxslt.zip3,606BScript & Source to add HS/Link Log info t ZLOG File for Te
hstu1092.zip2,160BHayes Student Discount Program Info - Students can purchas
hydra100.zip222KBrand new external protocol that does bi- directional tran
hyper11f.zip84KHyperProtocol v1.1f transfer protocol.
hyperm.zip48KFaster than Zmodem !?!
inthlp2.zip13KInterrupt and IRQ help file for Columbia Kermit users in r
izm102.zip126KIceZmodem(IZM) v1.02 Protocol-Chat,DOS,Editor,MORE! IceSof
izmbats.zip1,126BHere are the batch files that I(Riker) use on IMZADI BBS t
jleech23.zip4,965BLeech Files with Jmodem Protocol.
jmod120.zip58Ktransfer protocol - use in Procomm+ &
jmod311.zip108KJMODEM v3.11 transfer protocol.
k312_pch.zip1,589BPatches 1 - 12 to MS-Kermit 3.12. 01/10/93.
k9x.zip267KK9X File Transfer Protocols
kerm313.zip318KMS-DOS Kermit 3.13: high-quality, full function communicat
kermft10.zip3,402BContains 2 very simple macros to interface MS Kermit with
knewstru.zip47KThe Truth about KERMIT NEWS or - What Columbia University
lfa100.zip43KLog File Analyzer version 1.00. For users of HS-LINK or Zm
lzmdm101.zip168KLIGHTNING Z-MODEM v1.01: New type of transfer protocol usi
m2z213.zip86KOS/2 External Zmodem protocol, faster than DOS Zmodem. Pro
mkdlist.zip6,158BUtility for use with HSLink 1.1 to create a list of downlo
mobyop02.zip76KEnables DSZ's Mobyturbo file transfers with opus.
mobytrbo.zip3,232BQuestions and answers on MobyTurbo
mptwcbts.zip3,632BBatch Files For Wildcat Transfer Protocols
msivt3.zip1,524BMSDOS Kermit DEC Keyboard Setups for the IBM PC, PS/2 and
mskdoc.zip113KMS Kermit 2.32 complete documentation.
mxlite17.zip89KMX-Light v1.7; MX-Light, easy to use communications progra
nmodm167.zip28Ka new protocol
nmodm231.zip46KNmodem 2.31, high-speed file transfer protocol, uses 2K bl
noleech.zip11KAnti-LeechZmodem! Stop lamers who leech off your system wi
os9.zip50KOS-9 C Kermit.
ozbext.zip56K(Quick B) external protocol
p205.zip128KP is a freeware 32-bit file transfer protocol package prov
pcbzm.zip63KPCBoard Zmodem protocol driver. 01/07/93.
pcpm200.zip23Kmenu v2.00 for Procomm.
pcz406.zip67KNew Zmodem implentation
phomast6.zip67KPHOMAST v6.4; Enjoy the power of YAM or ZCOMM yet not have
prot100.zip43KProtocol Enhancer v1.0; Don't put up with the hassle of in
proto10.zip26Kprotocol shell utility.
protocol.zip3,434Bof Protocols on PC Modems
puma4tlx.zip3,571Bfor Telix Use with
qmexprot.zip16Kprotocols to qmodem
sbc100.zip15KSBC allows you to choose colours for BinkleyTerm interacti
scanlog.zip6,159BUtility to scan DSZLOG files and return ERRORLEVEL accordi
scripts.zip104KAssortment of logon scripts for Qmodem
sdp101d.zip119KStreamline Design Protocol Module v1.0; This protocol modu
sdpdl11d.zip61KStreamline Design (Lite) Digi Protocol Module v1.01d; Offe
sdpfl11d.zip60KStreamline Design (Lite) Fossil Protocol Module v1.01d; Of
sdpl101d.zip63KStreamline Design (Lite) Protocol Module v1.01d; Offers AS
setproto.zip4,613BSelect protocol at time of transfer. Encourages external p
skhst102.zip101KProtocol for HST's v1.02. Includes
skhst110.zip127KSuper 8-k super-fast protocol. Excellent. Easy setup.
sm11bc.zip211KSuperCmodem! is a fully configurable easy- to-use no-manua
smodem1b.zip63KSmodem/DOS v1.00b Bi-directional file transfer protocol wi
spcx100.zip81KAn external protocol for viewing images via the On-Line Sa
supzbats.zip2,383BHow To Set Up SZModem v2.0 (SZMODEM.EXE) With TriBBS v4.x
sz_telix.zip1,882Bbatch files for installing Super Zmodem
szmod200.zip165KModem v1.50 Enhanced/compatible
szmodem2.zip158KSZMODEM v2.00; zmodem-compatible protocol with a few added
szmodmse.zip1,273Bsupport for SZModem protocol
szsup160.zip110KSupplemental disk for SZModem 1.6.
tmod10.zip72KTmodem External Protocol Version 10.0
tmodm900.zip51KTmodem Version 9.00 - High Speed Protocol.
tsend201.zip11KTIMESEND - 2.01 beta Compiled 03/25/93 [FREEWARE] By Fifth
txzm214.zip39KTransfer Protocol
txzm220t.zip44KZmodem Protocol - Texas Zmodem v2.20 An Excellent sustitut
txzm222.zip40KTexasZmodem 2.22: zmodem protocol. 03/14/93.
txzm231.zip42KTXZM (Texas Zmodem :) is a zmodem protocol that was develo
vfast007.zip51KvFAST v0.07 Beta - Very FAST protocol = vFAST was designed
vxy230.zip56Kvirtual XYmodem transfer protocols v2.30 for VBBS and VGIX
wxmdm108.zip38KWXmodem v1.08.
wxtrm305.zip32KWXTerm v3.05 file transfer protocol
xsend051.zip11KFor MS-Kermit 3.1 - Upload whole disk at once
ymod900.zip36KYmodem/Ymodem-G 6.0 External Protocol by the makers of tmo
zboot.zip11KZmodem protocol add-in.
zdoc0814.zip26KBatch files for DSZ; State-of-the-Art File Transfer Engine
zmax320.zip37KLatest ZMAX. Faster than Zmodem.
zmaxbeta.zip59KBeta version
zmod1310.zip43KZmodem 13.10. DSZ Zmodem compatible external protocol, wit
zmod700.zip37KReally good alternative to GSZ.
zr249l1.zip137KZyRion v2.49.1.0; powerful communications File transfer pr
zr300pb.zip140KZyrion00 public beta of this great new high speed protocol
zsx240.zip34KZSX v2.40 X/Y/Zmodem & Sealink protocol driver
zyrion.zip105KTransfer protocol: documentation states that at 14.4 it wi