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Library: BBS - Directory: BBS - Proboard
125adev.zip31KPowerBoard BBS v1.25a Developers Kit; Meantfor professiona
ageup.zip3,195BPEX> checks a users age, assigns security level based on a
as_101.zip92KAS - Active Sessions V 1.01 = line status display - semaph
auq159bd.zip61KAUQUEST v1.59 bd Comes now with EASY EXTERNAL SETUP! and N
auqst154.zip13KAUQUEST v1.54: Automatic User Questionair for ProBoard. It
b-day100.zip5,046BBirthday.pex* | | v1.00 | | Allows SysOp to give their use
b_list11.zip7,591BMake allfiles list for Proboard bbs.
baco100.zip12KDUTCH QUALITY PEX'ES - BACO upgrades a caller his level ac
bbslist.zip4,352BProBoard BBS Listings Let your users add their BBS to your
bdate102.zip15KDUTCH QUALITY PEX'ES. - BDchecker will m
ccard103.zip41KCredit card processing module for Proboard. Also includes
dlcount.zip8,744BDLCOUNT 1.00: Modifies FILES.BBS file listings, marking of
dupc11b6.zip28KDUPCHECK UPLOAD PROCESSOR V1.11b6 | | | | Searches if file
evs100.zip93KEVS v1.00 - Enhanced Verification System version 1.00. A f
fill30g5.zip37KAdress filler V3.00r5 | | | | Now with new-user validate o
fledt06b.zip73Kv06B) FULLEDIT +-+ |Full screen editor with full | |
flreq101.zip15KPEX) FileReq 1.00 : ProBoard File Requester. Let users req
ftreev11.zip13KPEX> FTREE v1.1 - Remote File Viewer/Manager
gwpex107.zip6,492BG-Wall, The ULTIMATE Graffiti Wall! | | A KiloBit PEX for
hang100.zip20KHANGUP v1.00 - a usefull ProBoard to log users out s
im2pb034.zip30KIM2PB 0.34 IMAIL 1.60 to Proboard 2.01/2.02 Converter Rele
listm11g.zip22KList Master 1.1r for ProBoard 2.01 - The List Master
listmstr.zip16KList Master 1.0 for ProBoard 2.01 - The List Master
lotto.zip4,779BThis zip Contains two PEX files 1: lotto1.pex generates lo
lotto2.zip3,434BPEX> Winning Cash25, Powerball, Daily 3, and Daily 4 numbe
ltpb201.zip215KLabtest 3.2 for Proboard 2.01. This file contains LABTEST.
msgupl.zip3,737BAllows message uploads for Proboard bbs.
nfchk1r.zip4,557BNFCHK 1.0 New Files Check for ProBoard 2.01 with RIP
nsdedit2.zip63KNsdEdit 2.2 Full Screen ANSI Editor for ProBoard 2.0
nwsmkr21.zip25KNewsmaker v2.1 - PCBoard 14.x NEWS maker. Simply create a
p2i_100.zip9,732BPB2INET - ProBoard to Internet Message Handler Version 1.0
pb_116.lzh283KProBoard v1.16 Quick-clone Bbs
pb_200.lzh611KProBoard v2.00
pb_200.zip651KProboard v2.0. BBS software - overlay version FullRIPsuppo
pbafl14.zip29KPBAFL 1.4 and PBSFL 1.1 Files List Generators for ProBoard
pbarshow.zip5,763BPBFASHOW/PBMASHOW E | |-| |Two pex files to display | |the
pbbaud10.zip20KBaudstatistic Graphgenerator | | for ProBoard V.2.0x | | V
pbcaller.zip14KPBCALLER 1.1 - FREEWARE program that displaysa "Who Called
pbcd105.zip202KPBCD Version 1.05. Import FILES.BBS list from CD-ROMs dire
pbclean.zip8,645BProBoard Messagebase Cleanup | |.| | Import area descripti
pbdial.zip20KPEX dialback program for ProBoard BBS.
pbdsk20.zip61KPBDESK.EXE v1.8a Proboard Desktop - Full files and Message
pbfax100.zip12KPEX> ProBoard Fax Message Handler Will allow a user to sen
pbfm104.zip287KPBFILMAN Version 1.04. FILES.BBS manager for version 2.01
pblist_4.zip32KProboard .PEX (C editable) file for a bbs lister.
pbnews.zip5,719BNews Bulletin maker for Proboard bbs.
pbnews01.zip60KThe Official ProBoard Newsletter| |-| | Prototype TEST Edi
pbrmwrl3.zip55KRemote user editor for Proboard bbs.
pbsts40.zip14KPBStats 4.0 User Stats for ProBoard 2.01 with Full R
pcs102.zip5,975BPCS v1.02 - Proboard Chat Select +-+ |A Proboard Pex that
peds103.zip5,392BPeds v1.03 - Proboard Editor Select +-+ |A Proboard Pex th
phone.zip560BPHONE - Micro Enterprises This Music file is writen for Th
ppsu100.zip5,432BProPEX User Setup V1.00 `PEX' file forProboard BBS systems
ppsu101.zip5,920BProPEX User Setup V1.01:A `PEX' file for Proboard BBS syst
pptb100.zip21KProPEX Time Bank V1.00 `PEX' file forProboard BBS systems.
pptb101.zip22KProPEX Time Bank V1.01:A `PEX' file for Proboard BBS syste
ppuq100.zip13KProPEX User Questionnaire V1.00 `PEX' filefor Proboard BBS
ppuq101.zip14KProPEX User Questionnaire V1.01:A `PEX' file for Proboard
proaphor.zip5,491BPROAPOR V 1.03! An Aphorism/Cookie quoter for Proboard 2.x
proq20.zip13KPEX> ProQuest 2.0 +-+ | Questiondoor with sysop-definable
qlogin06.zip11KQLOGIN - THE EFASTE LOGIN PEX ###| |-| |QLOGIN v0.60b is a
sab016b.zip23KPEX> MultilineChatter for PB, wide BETA version
spanpcb.zip6,828BSpanish language file for ProBoard 2.01
spedstat.zip3,952BGives % of connect speeds from Proboard bbs log file.
splitdoc.zip7,007BDocumentation file for SplitChat v2.02
startim2.zip27KSTARTIM2.BAT - INTERMAIL/PROBOARD BATCH These Batch Files
tbm20.zip7,696BTBM 2.0 The Bulletin Manager for ProBoard 2.01 allow
tdm41.zip20KTDM 4.1 The Door Manager for ProBoard 2.x - Supports
tedit202.zip39KPEX) TheEdit 2.02 : ProBoard advanced full screen message
tm_pex17.zip71KTheMin 1.7 -%- | | --- | | ProBoard 2.01 Chat PEX with up
tquot200.zip181KtheQUOTE: ProBoard Message Quoter v2.00 Includes a Huge co
usrcfg3r.zip10KUserCfg 3.0 User Configuration for ProBoard 2.01 Now
wwll090.zip4,125BWWLL V0.90: .Lunar Lander. Simple game, users may gain or
wwmail10.zip2,599BPEX> New-Mail-Check for command line specified areas, save