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ageup.zip3,195B checks a users age, assigns security level based on age. Public beta!
as_101.zip91KAS - Active Sessions V 1.01 =========================== line status display --------------------------- semaphore handling --------------------------- task summary display --------------------------- shows ProBoard-User --------------------------- requirements: FrontDoor mL ProBoard (optional) --------------------------- !! FREEWARE !! ===========================
auq159bd.zip61KAUQUEST v1.59 bd Comes now with EASY EXTERNAL SETUP! and NOW you can define almost everything in your OWN LANGUAGE!!! AUQUEST is a Automatic User Questionair for ProBoard. It will ask all the necessary quest- ions to the NewUser as a NewUser- door. Or checks for missing info in the logon procedure. Lots of features! * Sending a message to the sysop with all the information of the new user. * Duplicate-phone# check. * Day of Birth check after X number of calls. * Possibility of c
auqst154.zip13KAUQUEST v1.54: Automatic User Questionair for ProBoard. It will ask all the necessary quest- ions to the NewUser as a NewUser- door. Or checks for missing info in the logon procedure. Sending a message to the sysop with all the information of the new user. Phone# check. Day of Birth check after X calls. Possibility of creating a txt-file of the answers of the new-users. Password check. Info. door within ProBoard. Can change ASCII to ANSI for ASCII users...and back. Questions you can define
b-day100.zip5,046B+-------------------------------------+ | **** Birthday.pex**** | | v1.00 | | Allows SysOp to give their users | | a gift on their BirthDay of extra | | Time and D/L Kbytes.Now SysOp | | configureable | | | | BY: Jeff Parr | +-------------------------------------+
baco100.zip11K---------------------- +-----+ +-----+ | | ++ +++-----+| +---+ | || || | ++ +++---+ |+-+ +-----+ | | +-+ DUTCH QUALITY PEX'ES ---------------------- BACO upgrades a caller his level accordingly to his Login-Speed. FREEWARE by E. v. Loon
bbslist.zip4,352BProBoard BBS Listings Let your users add their BBS to your BBS listings. PEX for ProBoard. Too good to be true! FREEWARE
bdate102.zip15K---------------------- . +----+. . +----+ | |. . ++ +++----+| +--+. . | || || | . . ++ +++--+ |+-+ . . +----+ | | . . +-+ . .DUTCH QUALITY PEX'ES. ---------------------- BDchecker will make it possible to check a caller's birthdate. If they fail, the se- curity will be set to 0 and the sysop will receive a message. Now detects hang-ups!! Now also (OPTIONAL) if user is under 18 Years FREEWARE by E. v. Loon ----------------
b_list11.zip7,591BMake allfiles list for Proboard bbs.
ccard103.zip41KCredit card processing module for Proboard. Also includes information on the subject.
dlcount.zip8,744BDLCOUNT 1.00: Modifies FILES.BBS file listings, marking off which files are downloaded and how many times people have downloaded them. This is for Powerboard and is a brand new version as of 10-29-94!
dupc11b6.zip28K+---------------------------------------+ | DUPCHECK UPLOAD PROCESSOR V1.11b6 | | | | Searches if file is on the bbs or if a| | newer version exists. If it does, the | | user isn't allowed to upload it. If it| | doesn't exists the file will be | | scanned for a virus (THD-PROscan) and | | the FILE_ID.DIZ will be extracted if | | exists else it asks for a description | | and then it'll be added to the file- | | base after a good upload.
evs100.zip92KEVS v1.00 - Enhanced Verification System version 1.00. A fast, reliable, and easy to use call back verification system for ProBoard or RemoteAccess. Menu driven configuration utility, full multitasker support including DESQview, Windows, and OS/2. Every prompt and textfile is configurable to your needs. Very Configurable! Released March 1, 1995. Written by Chris Ament.
fill30g5.zip37K+-----------------------------------+ | Adress filler V3.00r5 | | | | Now with new-user validate option.| | Also external languagefiles now ! | | Possibility to change your answers| | afterwards, sysop attention music,| | display of ansi screen, help line | | on the lower part of the screen, | | posting of multi-colored messages | | to the sysop of the bbs it runs. | | No need for an external datafile! | | | | An
fledt06b.zip72K(v06B) FULLEDIT +-------------------------------------+ |Full screen editor with full | |functional use of the cursor keys, | |insertmode and help page. | |Optional abbreviations to change | |words user types. | |FullEdit displays quoted lines in | |another color. | |Full color control using an INI file | |FullEdit comes with it's source code | |and thus is free software and can be | |redistributed and/or modified under | |th
flreq101.zip15K(PEX) FileReq 1.00 : ProBoard File Requester. Let users request files.
ftreev11.zip12K FTREE v1.1 - Remote File Viewer/Manager
gwpex107.zip6,492B+--------------------------------------+ | G-Wall, The ULTIMATE Graffiti Wall!! | | A KiloBit PEX for ProBoard 2.x | | Choose the color for your messages!! | |--------------------------------------| | G-Wall ver 1.07 Released 10/25/94 | +--------------------------------------+
hang100.zip19KHANGUP v1.00 - a usefull ProBoard to log users out simply by creating a semaphore file. In addition you can use it to display fast notes to the user! --------------------------------------- HANGUP is written and (c) in 1994 by Peter Hampf & PBS ** FREEWARE ** ---------------------------------------
im2pb034.zip29KIM2PB 0.34 IMAIL 1.60 to Proboard 2.01/2.02 Converter Released January 1995 Copyright (C) 1993-1995 by Andreas Klein IM2PB converts the IMAIL area configu- ration to the Proboard MSGAREA.PB. The sysop needs only to change one configu- ration, the rest is done by IM2PB. Now with support for the msgarea groups and for alias/realname selection. Private only/Public only was mixed up, fixed.
listm11g.zip21KList Master 1.1r for ProBoard 2.01 - The List Master Group is a collection - of four PEX's to handle changing File - and Message Areas and Groups with - Full RIP Support, and support for - both Access Levels and Flags - Fully respects Group Designations **Bonus** Special Bonus included ** A pair of PEX's to change to the ** Next/Previous area within the ** current group - From Nytech Software Design ENSDE
listmstr.zip15KList Master 1.0 for ProBoard 2.01 - The List Master Group is a collection - of four PEX's to handle changing File - and Message Areas and Groups with - Full RIP Support, and support for - both Access Levels and Flags - From Nytech Software Design ENSDE
lotto.zip4,779BThis zip Contains two PEX files 1: lotto1.pex generates lotto numbers from 1 - 25 2: lottopb.pex generates PowerBall numbers From TBH software.... our first PEX's
lotto2.zip3,434B Winning Cash25, Powerball, Daily 3, and Daily 4 numbers for your ProBoard BBS.
ltpb201.zip215KLabtest 3.2 for Proboard 2.01. This file contains LABTEST.EXE and LTSETUP.EXE which have been compiled using the Proboard 2.01 file structures. The release archive, LABTST32.* contains the .EXE's which were compiled using Proboard 2.02 Beta 8 structures. You'll also need LABTST32.* in order to use Labtest with Proboard.
msgupl.zip3,737BAllows message uploads for Proboard bbs.
nfchk1r.zip4,557BNFCHK 1.0 New Files Check for ProBoard 2.01 with RIP! from ENSDE
nsdedit2.zip63KNsdEdit 2.2 Full Screen ANSI Editor for ProBoard 2.01 - Full 20 lines of viewable text - Local Import of Messages with Append - Online Help for Commands - Clears Screen When done - Edit Source By P.M.Bloemendaal (c) 1994 - with revisions by P.Ward from Nytech Software Design ENSDE
nwsmkr21.zip24KNewsmaker v2.1 - PCBoard 14.x NEWS maker. Simply create a NEWS file using your favorite text editor, add some formatting codes, and Newsmaker will process the text file and output a nice, headered NEWS file. Completely color-customizable. Will support five-colors to enhance your text. Written by Greg Barton, SysOp of ACCUG BBS.
p2i_100.zip9,732BPB2INET - ProBoard to Internet Message Handler Version 1.00. Eliminates the hassles of writing Internet E-Mail with ProBoard. Requires ProBoard Version 2.01 or later. Written by John A. Maddox & Thomas L. Jones *FREEWARE*
pbafl14.zip29KPBAFL 1.4 and PBSFL 1.1 Files List Generators for ProBoard 2.01 - PBAFL an AllFiles List Generator - PBSFL an AllFiles Specific Area - List Generator - PBAFL works based on the security - level of the Area - creates an Overview.ANS/ASC for - the areas Listed in the Allfiles List - Indent is now dynamic - From Nytech Software Design ENSDE
pbarshow.zip5,763B+-----------------------------+ | E PBFASHOW/PBMASHOW E | |-----------------------------| |Two pex files to display | |the ansi/asc file of your | |choice to a user when he/she | |changes to a specific file | |or message area. PBFASHOW | |is for file areas and | |PBMASHOW is for message | |areas. | |-----------------------------| |Another fine HomeGrown Pex | |Copyright (C)1994, G. Smith | +-----------------------------+
pbbaud10.zip20K+---------------------------------+ |#### ### ### #### # # #####| |#### #### ## #### #### # # # #| |# #### #### # # #### #####| | Baudstatistic Graphgenerator | | for ProBoard V.2.0x | | Vers. 1.00 | +---------------------------------+
pbcd105.zip202KPBCD Version 1.05. Import FILES.BBS list from CD-ROMs directly to Proboard. This version works with Proboard version 2.01. PBCD will scan ALL subdirectories on a CD-ROM and setup all subdirectories that have a FILES.BBS as a new area on your BBS. NEW FEATURES: Will now import the multi line descriptions found on the Pier and Night Owl series. Can now specify the file list name to import. Cardware by Jeffrey C. Paul.
pbclean.zip8,645B+--------------------------------+ | ProBoard Messagebase Cleanup | |................................| | Import area descriptions and | | QWK area names from a standard | | file. | | *FREEWARE* | +--------------------------------+
pbdial.zip20KPEX dialback program for ProBoard BBS.
pbdsk20.zip60KPBDESK.EXE v1.8a Proboard Desktop - Full files and Message area manager. Move, Move with sort,Insert,del,Pack Areas !!! Support for Proboard 2.X and above.
pbfax100.zip11K ProBoard Fax Message Handler Will allow a user to send a fax from his favorite BBS to anyone in the USA. This is fully configurable from the sysops point of view. The user can not do anything the sysop sysop does not want him to do. Will accept faxes for the USA only for now. Requires ProBoard 2.01 ************ Shareware $15.00 ***************
pbfm104.zip286KPBFILMAN Version 1.04. FILES.BBS manager for version 2.01 of ProBoard BBS. PBFILMAN is a complete file manager for ProBoard. Features include file tagging, moving, searching, delete. Sort areas by Name, Date, or Reverse Date. Import DIZ descriptions. Edit file descriptions. Duplicate file finder. Adopt new files. Remove Off-Line files. Create ALLFILES and NEWFILES listings. Easy Install - Just copy to your PB directory and run from there. Shareware for only $10 registration.
pblist_4.zip32KProboard .PEX (C editable) file for a bbs lister.
pbnews.zip5,719BNews Bulletin maker for Proboard bbs.
pbnews01.zip59K+--------------------------------+ |The Official ProBoard Newsletter| |--------------------------------| | Prototype TEST Edition | |................................| | PEX Updates | | Questions and Answers | | Editor's Choice Award | | Bug Reports | | ProBoard BBS Reviews | | and much more! | | Written by: Warren Davis | +--------------------------------+
pbrmwrl3.zip54KRemote user editor for Proboard bbs.
pbsts40.zip14KPBStats 4.0 User Stats for ProBoard 2.01 with Full RIP Support **NEW** PBStats now has five possible screens displays Magenta(purple, or Pink)[Default], Blue, White, Fadeout, and ELiTE The archive includes a sample of each from Nytech Software Design ENSDE
pb_116.lzh283KProBoard v1.16 Quick-clone Bbs
pb_200.lzh611KProBoard v2.00
pb_200.zip650KProboard v2.0. BBS software - overlay version FullRIPsupport, user definable language files supports Hudson, JAM, Squish, andMSG, VERY user definable, VERY easy to use!
pcs102.zip5,975B PCS v1.02 - Proboard Chat Select +----------------------------------+ |A Proboard Pex that allows you to | |give the user the option to select| |between 8 different Split screen | |chat programs. | | | | FREEWARE | | By: SMPex | +----------------------------------+
peds103.zip5,392B Peds v1.03 - Proboard Editor Select +----------------------------------+ |A Proboard Pex that allows you to | |give the user the option to select| |between 8 different fullscreen | |editors. | | | | FREEWARE | | By: SMPex | +----------------------------------+
phone.zip560BPHONE - Micro Enterprises This Music file is writen for TheChat and Proboard It will make your computer sound like a real Phone and will ring for 1 min. ========================= (702) 423-1487 Proboard 2.01 3.7gb of DLoad Files One Node...
proaphor.zip5,491BPROAPOR V 1.03! An Aphorism/Cookie quoter for Proboard 2.x written by Kaba in sheer need for a substitute of the SBBS-functionality. Now you can add your menues with Quotings or Cookies, they change with every new display of the menue! Including source-file. Documentation can be found in the header of the source file.
proq20.zip12K ProQuest 2.0 +-------------------------------------+ | Questiondoor with sysop-definable | | questions. Posts a mail to the | | SysOp with the User's info and a | | full configurable message to the | | new user. | | Automatic updating of the userbase. | | Also gives the user the possibility | | to download Info/rules-file(s). | | Userdoes compatible. | | | | Another Dutch Quality Pex by: |
qlogin06.zip10K+-------------------------------------+ |### QLOGIN - THE EFASTE LOGIN PEX ###| |-------------------------------------| |QLOGIN v0.60b is a very configurable | |fast login utility for Proboard v2.x.| |Define your own menu options and menu| |screen. Set min. security levels for | |all menu options and login actions. | |Define a separate 'Sysop only' QLOGIN| |menu! | |Another quality HomeGrown PEX. | |(C)1994 G.Smith | +-------------------
sab016b.zip23K MultilineChatter for PB, wide BETA version
spanpcb.zip6,828BSpanish language file for ProBoard 2.01
spedstat.zip3,952BGives % of connect speeds from Proboard bbs log file.
splitdoc.zip7,007BDocumentation file for SplitChat v2.02
startim2.zip26KTARTIM2.BAT - INTERMAIL/PROBOARD BATCH These Batch Files are for the set-up of Intermail with Proboard and Imail. This set is for single or Multi-Node. This file should replace STARTIM.ZIP Bug Fixes, Plus great Multi-Node set-up. ****From The Peek Hole BBS!****
tbm20.zip7,696BTBM 2.0 The Bulletin Manager for ProBoard 2.01 allows you to display up to 99 Bulletins from a single menu. ***NEW*** Now has FULL RIP Support Another fine PEX from ENSDE
tdm41.zip19KTDM 4.1 The Door Manager for ProBoard 2.x - Supports up to 210 Doors - Supports up to 7 Groups - allows for restricting Access - via a flag in both the Group - and Doors Menus - Full RIP Support - Sysop Generated Screens - Multi-Node Capable from a single - set of Batch Files - Archive includes Sample Screens & Bats **NEW** Displays of Time remaining - From Nytech Software Design ENSDE
tedit202.zip38K(PEX) TheEdit 2.02 : ProBoard advanced full screen message editor
tm_pex17.zip70K+----------------------------------+ | -%- TheMin 1.7 -%- | | -------------------------------- | | ProBoard 2.01 Chat PEX with up | | to 99 ANSi's with different | | colors and windows. | | Abbreviations, Textfile logging, | | Startup sentences, XTra Sysop | | menu, easy external chatter | | config program | | Eliza Mode : answers your page | | even if you're not home | | ComBadge 1.3 Yell PEX included | | ----------------
tquot200.zip181KtheQUOTE: ProBoard Message Quoter v2.00 Includes a Huge collection of quotes and funny taglines.
usrcfg3r.zip10KUserCfg 3.0 User Configuration for ProBoard 2.01 Now with RIP!!! from ENSDE
wwll090.zip4,125BWWLL V0.90: ..Lunar Lander.. Simple game, users may gain or lose online time... WormWare PEX by Thomas Holzwarth
wwmail10.zip2,599B New-Mail-Check for command line specified areas, saves and restores users original board selection