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Library: BBS - Directory: BBS - PCBoard
abtdl_10.zip1,985B######## DOWNLOAD ABORT 1.0 PPE ######## Do you have GIF files on your BBS? Are you tired of users who abort the d/l to escape file & byte ratios. Now you can send a message to them and to yourself when someone aborts their download! Programmed by Greg Moore (94/05/17)
acd-cui1.zip8,248BAcidic Presents - CUIE v1.0 - A [PCB] PPE By Far The BEST And MOST Configurable 'W' Command Replacement In The Scene To Date.
acd-log1.zip11KACiDic Logon v1.0 - [PCB]
acdgms.zip8,665B+- [ ACDGMS v1.00 - Defcon 4 ] ----- [PCB] -+ | GMS is a graphical message system ppe for | | PCB v15.2 that allows the sysop to add a | | graphical, color message header. Board | | must NOT carry netmail. | +-------------------------------------------+
acd_ag20.zip12KAcidic Presents - Art Gallery v2.00 - [PCB] +-------------------------------------------+ | Fully Functional Art Gallery for PCBoard | | Upload, Download, & View ANSi Online | +--------------[Dark Creation]--------------+
ace-nav1.zip2,771BNode Activity Viewer PPE v1.0
acemat26.zip31KLightbar Matrix/NUV PPE v2.6
aceprmt2.zip9,874BConfigurable Prompts PPE v2.0
acnfn20.zip78KAutomated Network/Conference Listing v2.0; Create a conference listing automatically based on the CNAMES file, by Network. Make a conference change or add a whole network and this utility will generate the listing. Colors and verbage are configurable; 9999 conferences. For PCBoard 14.5/15.0a only.
acronym.zip4,183BACRONYMS bulletin in @X colour A list of over 70 acronyms used on email/ echoes to the eternal confusion of many newcomers Has many you probably haven't seen before like my favourite ... PLOKTA Designed to be added to your bulletins. Also has emoticons list :) B4N
actvp240.zip83KACTVIEW PCB v2.4; PCBoard Activity Log Viewer/Analyzer
adboard1.zip7,820BAdBoard.PPE v 1.0 by Windmill Computer Services. Displays ads for your callers and works in conjunction with ONELINE.PPE to give your BBS a full featured advertising system ala Prodigy. Works on PCBoard v 15.1 or higher. Fully functional...not crippled, no beg screens or time delays.
addcnf11.zip23KADDCONFS 1.01 - easily add conferences for PCBoard 15.2. Written for first wide beta of Aug 15, 1994. Handles long conference names. Automatically names message base. Small changes to show progress and in naming message base. *FREE*
addmk101.zip40KADDRESS MAKER 1.00 -- By RifWare. A Utility Door for PCBoard systems only using the Internet E-Mail utilities UUIN and UUOUT, by Clark Development, for allowing users to set up Internet E-Mail aliases without you having to go through and edit the ALIAS.XXX files. Allows for up to 10 incoming (SysOp Definable), and 1 outgoing alias per user. Registration is FREE with an E-mail message to the author.
addnt111.zip55KDWF Productions Ltd. Presents: ::::::::::::::::AddNet v1.11:::::::::::::::: A PCBoard 15.1+ utility to add multiple conferences to your CNAMES.@@@ and CNAMES.ADD files using filename patterns specified by you! A very powerful integrated command and variable processor allow the SysOp extreme flexibility in specifying paths and filenames used for conference files. AddNet will also check the active newsgroups file to verify whether a newsgroup is public or moderated. -----------------------------
addpcb21.zip29KADDPCB v2.1; Aids the PCBoard Sysop by importing files and their descriptions to the BBS automatically. Optionally test the files using your favorite upload tester. Can be used in the nightly event or after a download session. Full user interface. Many New Features: FILE_ID.DIZ support, Description Modification Options, Duplicate file description checking, Search Directories for FILE_ID.DIZ's and More!
addty1b5.zip34KADDTODAY v1.00b5 - bbs file list assistant! Add new file descriptions to your bbs daily. Can select random based on the current "day of month", minimum, maximum, or fixed number. Changes added file dates to the current date. Optionally executes a batch file with each file name that has been added, such as moving the parent file to another directory. One of the file list management utilities from HAL SoftWare designed for the busy sysop!
addupd.zip4,109BPPL Code will check the Users file for the callers Address Info, If there is none it will display a menu where they place there address Info. You can use this in your Logon Script or use the !FILESPEC command on the first line of NEWS file(s). Source Included!
adj-time.zip1,909BADJ-TIME.PPE This is a simple PPE that will allow the sysop to give the user a determined number of extra time. This is useful in display files that you want your users to read, or for giving your users a little extra time to complete your new user logon procedure. This PPE will also allow you to deduct time from certain users. From: File-Link Software / Bill Marcy
adlg225.zip126KAdLogo v2.25 Great for Multi-Node/CD-Changer Sys! Move files from CD to HD &/or from File SRV to LCL Node for faster trans & reduce Network traffic Insert BBS LOGO into .ZIP, .ARJ, & .GIF files (Yes we said GIF) located on CDROM or Hard Drive!! Gains of 1-20megs of HD space! Replace old BBS LOGOs automatically Fully Comp under Networking and Multi-tasking envir Full support of NS16550 Supports baud rates upto 115,000 PCBoard v14.x or higher
adprmt16.zip4,137B[PPE] ADPROMPT.PPE * v1.6 This PPE will allow you to show advertisments, directions or just about anything you can think of at your menu prompts. This is a PCBTEXT replacement for #396. Have fun. Updated options, take a look! Uploaded by: Thom Allen
aenuz1.zip35K*------#### Menus for PCBoard ####--------* 20 Main Menus for PCBoard & 24 Welcome or logon screens. Take a look at these and I think you will enjoy and learn for them. Thanks Clark Developement for the bbs software around.
afl_pw2.zip5,363BA Disclaimer/NUP PPE Coded by Mr.Mox Can leave a messy if someone don't know your NUP!.
af_enter.zip5,151BENTER.PPE v1.0 Beta- Compiled on 08-10-1994 PCBoard 15.0 [PPE] program, to replace your [C]omment to SysOp And the [E]nter message main menu command. This can be used on bulletin board systems, that have more than one SysOp or group of BBSes which like to link their comments together, Also for the new users who is not familiar with the menu commands.
agsjn10.zip3,178B"J" Replacement for PCBoard Provide a fullscreen conference selection - totally customizable
agsskw13.zip7,500B SkullWho Version 1.32 Simple 'WHO' replacement for PCBoard 15.2+ systems. Not real time, but quite efficient Language & TB_Q_PPE aware...
ahostage.zip3,735BHOSTAGE PPE for PCBoard; Inspired by Rush Limbaugh's TV and Radio show intro, America Held Hostage day ### and how many days left till the end of the siege.
ahostg14.zip5,129BHOSTAGE.PPE v1.40 - Nice way to spread a warm Conservative message on your PCBoard BBS. Based on Rush Limbaugh's TV and Radio show intros.. America Held Hostage, Day ###. Adjusted the numbers parameters and centered the display boxes. --Source Included-- FREEWARE from Gatorbait Software.
ah_111.zip37KAntihack is a utility designed to be used with PCBoard to scan the BBSs caller file and determine any security breaches that may have occured due to someone's password being tried a multiple number of times.
aicnf111.zip78KAICONFIG v1.11; Smart Conference Setup Util for PCB. FLEXIBLE utility to make GLOBAL or partial GLOBAL changes to conference configs without all the time and typing!
alf-cont.zip2,761BPress Enter to Continue PPE v1.0 One of the most configurable Press any key to continue ppes Ever Just Give it a try Free Registration Just call my BBS and register from da matrix
alf-dos1.zip8,220B DOSS Logon v1.0 Fully configurable! Allows Quick Logon Of Apps The Coolest Dos Logon EVER!
alf-lc10.zip3,822BLAST CALLERS V1.OO
alf-logg.zip1,277BGreat User Logger Off PPE
alf-logn.zip3,080BNEATO LOGiN PPE v1.O - PHYSiCAL SOLUTiON By far the nicest looking logon PPE the world has ever seen. Everything is configurable, and there's even a nice ansi that comes with it. Great addition to any board. - PHiZZY -
alf-mail.zip1,917B New Mail 1.o PPE Lightbar New Mail PPE Some What Configurable
alf-mess.zip1,829BEnhanced Enter Message To PPE For PCB 15.1+
alf-nsc2.zip1,200BNEW SCAN v2.0! FOR PCB BY: MR. PHiLLiE This PPE Asks The Caller If He Wants To See The Files Uploaded Since His Last Call To The System, Should Be Run Somewhere In The Logon Procedure
alf-nsv1.zip1,868BNuScan v1.0 By: Mr. Phillie This PPE Lets The User Check Out What Files Have Been Uploaded To The BBS Since He Last Checked... May Be Placed With Logon Procedure
alf-nup1.zip3,644B [ NUP v1.1 ] New User Password For PCB No More Matrix, No More Lamers Cleaned Up, Tighter Version Enhanced User Interface
alf-pge2.zip2,721BALF PAGE v2.0 PPE
alf-pht2.zip2,801BPhat Logon v2.0 For PCBoard! Now A PPE! Display Full ANSi Logon Menus To Your Users!
alf-plen.zip1,395B ALF-PLEN.PPE is an AMi-X Style PPE that replaces the (P)age Length Command. Displays a series of numbers and asks which one is on the top of their screen.
alf-read.zip3,743B ALF-READ.PPE is the best replacement for the (R)ead Mail Command in PCBoard. Full Lightbar support, and Configurable
alf-rev.zip2,057BREVOLVE.PPE v1.0 - PPE Rotator
alf-tl20.zip3,679B Turbo Login 2.o PPE Fully configurable run ppes Before and After Turbo login ^^^^^^^^^Good For NUV^^^^^^^ Version 2.o is th same as 1.o except it has lightbar Suport
alf-wom.zip3,192B Wheel Of Morality PPE Fully configurable! Includes Cool HangUp Option
alf-writ.zip1,830BLightbar (E)nter Message PPE
alfbbs3.zip4,387B BBS Lister 3.o A Great BBS Lister For PCB New Version Includes Lightbar Menus and An Extended BBS List
alf_nfs1.zip2,756BLightbar New File Scan PPE BY DATE! 100% Configurable
allcall.zip6,793B+---------| ALLCALL [PPE] v1.0 |-----------+ # ALL Caller Bulletin Generator for PCBoard # # v15.1. Compiled in PPLC v2.0. FREEWARE!! # # no registraion. Source available. # # By Al Segura Sysop SBG Online! # +-------------------------------------------+
alllist.zip2,685B+------ALLLIST.PPE v1.0--------+ | Add Alllist.PPE to your | | main menu and give your | | user easy access to download | | your allfiles list. | | Compile PPLC 3.0 FREEWARE | | Software Kitchen BBS | | 718-281-0645 | +------------------------------+
allmacro.zip2,343Blist of all of the available @-macros that are available for display while in PCBoard version 14.5:
alltime_.zip7,313B AMi/X ALLTiME! v.3.0b Ami-Express Style AllTime PPE N0TE!! Runs only on PCBoard 15.2+ Compiles in a fraction of the time other PPE's take. Nice AMi/X Look, Totally Configurable Colors, Etc..
amarq10i.zip22KAqmarqee is a Pcboard PPE that will display predefined rolling text to the caller, on the top line of your Menu screen. Support for a different display each day, a security level display, a File Import Display. Random File import display. Now configurable for the PCBTEXT prompts so that you can use this just about anywhere on your system. Modified Screen Clearing. Beta Release I. PCBoard 15.1 required. Authors: AQUILA BBS
amputate.zip33KAMPUTATE 1.0 - For PCBoard Sysops This utility will quickly eliminate old dates from your caller log. Instead of deleting the whole thing, or have to edit it in a text editor, you specify the date to keep to present and it will amputate the older dates! Makes a backup copy of your caller log file. Registration $5 NOT CRIPPLED and FULLY FUNCTIONAL Maritime Computer
ansi_d.zip3,729BANSI-D v1.00; (PCBoard Programming Executable) that you can replace PCBTEXT record #149 with. What this PPE offers that PCBoard does not is to do some ANSI checking before ever even asking the caller if they want graphics or not. By testing for ANSI before the prompt is ever issued, the appropriate default value can be set for the user.
ansr.zip9KUser Disclaimer or Answer PPE - PCBoard 15 Presents user with question to answer and then performs upgrade or downgrade in response, can even hangup on user for no or negative responses. Creates logs of all events. In PPLC v1 to work with all PCBoard 15.x. Extremely configurable. By Al Segura
aolmenus.zip4,256BSample PCBoard menus from Altoona-On-Line
apage.zip2,143BThis is a DIFFERENT way to have your USERS page you. It makes DIFFERENT sounds and COLORS. This is *FREE*. ONLY FOR PCBoard
apcbhelp.zip19KTotal Help For PCBoard callers. Now they can get around better?
apdz30.zip73KApply-Diz v3.0; Scan for any file spec in any directory and check for a FILE_ID.DIZ or DESC.SDI file within an archive. If one exists it can be placed into the PCBoard DIR file. If no DIZ, and there's a PCBoard DIR file entry, that listing can be turned into a FILE_ID.DIZ and compressed into the archive. Great for boards with lots of file traffic!
apup240.zip130KUpgrades AcTView PCB 2.33 Registered to Version 2.4 Registered.
ar-ls10.zip2,489B LiGHTNiNG SAVE 1.OO By AReS Gets rid of the old generic PCB save msg style, and adds an OBV style "Command [?=Help]:" into PCBoard! Fully Configurable.
ar-ns10.zip1,888B LiGHTNiNG NEWSCAN 1.OO Replace the "Scanning->" prompt with a feature even F-Hack BBS' dont have. No more Multi-Page scrolling during a Msg Scan.
arch11.zip1,885BAutomatic Read Command Help v1.1; PCBoard 15.0 PPE to automatically help novice users read messages.
arcid100.zip18KArchive Identifier 1.00 - A drop-in replacement for PCBoard's TESTFILE.EXE, capable of automatically identifying ARC ARJ HYP LZH PAK ZIP ZOO GIF files by SIGNATURE, not extension, including self-extracting archives! Other files can be filtered based on file extensions. For use in customized PCBTEST.BAT and similar upload testing applications.
areas99f.zip33K+-----------------------------------------+ | The Ultimate File Area Lister PPE v0.99f| | ####### ####### ####### ####### ####### | | ####### ## ## ###### ####### ###### | | ####### ###### ###### ####### ###### | | ## ## ## ### ####### ## ## ####### | | --------------------------------------- | | Automatic File Area Menu System | | | | Now With Group Area Support! | | | | ** Added Insta
asfix401.zip88KASPCB 4.01 patch. This file contains the patch file that will automatically upgrade your AutoScribe 4.00 files up to 4.01. Will only work on 4.00 installations. From Compudoc Consulting!
atag.zip45KA PPE that will allow you to insert a tagline into any PCBoard message, while still in the editor! Lets you see what the tagline is before it gets inserted. Random selection. Very nice! By Andrew Lazarus SHAREWARE!
atopck13.zip41K+-------------------------------------+ | AutoPack version 1.13 | |-------------------------------------| | PCBoard Command Line AutoPCBPACKer! | | Pack ONLY those PCBoard 15.x | | Conferences that need to be! | | Pack only those conferences | | that exceed the size limit(s) | | that you tell it. Excellent | | TIME and DRIVE SPACE saver! | |-------------------------------------| | Functional ShareWare Demo | | First Utility
at_off11.zip1,966BAuto-Logoff Prompt Replacement v1.1; Replace the "Goodbye in 10 seconds..." with a PPE that counts down from 10 to 0 and is cosmetically and functionally better.
ausure30.zip7,536BAREUSURE Version 3.00 [PPE] - Prompts user if he/she is sure that he/she wants to post the message in the conference he/she is currently in. Very good for boards with beginner users or people who just don't pay attention. Requires PCBoard 15.21 or higher. Adds support for Tokens
authors.zip931BTDS Network Door Authors Support TOLL FREE bbs for all PCBoard & PCBoard compatible Door & Utility authors. ACCESS and usage of our TOLL FREE Lines are FREE. Supporting over 20 countries, Over 200 members.
automsg1.zip1,435BJerusalem Pcboard AutoMsg [PPE]; Let users leave automatic Messages to the next user(s).
autop2_0.zip15K--------------------------- AUTOPLUS 2.0 -- Automessage Utility by Kyle Eli. Great little util that gets quite a bit of attention from the users. Make new messages or reply to a previous one. Easy to use interface. The source IS included! --------------------------
autsgpwa.zip5,404B+- AutoSig V1.1 [ By Dark Creation ]-------+ | PCBOARD 15.1 PPE That provides the users | | to maintain a SIGNATURE and have it put | | at end of message automatically. | +------------------------------------------+
av_msc10.zip1,831BSYS-COMMENT v1.0 for PCB 15.2
av_xcl11.zip8,447BLAST 10 /X STYLE v1.1 PPE
award105.zip40KAward Door - 1.05 Simple little door to run as a PCB login door that will display a file to every Nth caller. Simple to set up and use. FREEWARE !! Increased maximum value of "Nth" entry.
bank_ppe.zip3,017BA simple little [PPE] Time Bank with code. Freeware - you get what you pay for.
bbank2.zip17K+------------------------------------------+ | BBANK v2. All-in-One Logoff Update [PPE] | | Non-expiring ! Pawleys BBS (803)237-4547 | |This PPE has: a time bank, gambling, note | |on the wall, and allows comments to mul- | |tiple sysops. Event-aware, allows choice | |of logging, allows choice of note in PSA, | |Can be set up to not break scripts for | |automated users. Very Configurable !!! | |Compiled PPLC v2.0, tested on PcBoard 15.1| +------------------------------------------+
bbs14a.zip12KBBS.PPE v1.3d; Unique BBS Listing PPE Program. Nice, Compact, and Friendly
bbs200.zip18K+-----Pepster's Place BBS Present's------+ |Pepster's Utilities May 7, 1994 | |Hello.ppe v1.15 Beta ( Caller's Log ) | |Lister.ppe v2.00 Beta ( BBS Lister ) | |Bye.ppe v1.00 Beta ( Display BLT ) | |Requires PCBoard 15.1 | |(313) 421-9145 -AND- (313) 421-9177 | +----------------------------------------+
bbs2pcb.zip7,260BConverts Maximus/Opus style FILES.BBS formats into PCBoard DIRx format
bbsfind1.zip62KBBSFIND, The file finder PCBoard forgot to include!. Now Sysops can find duplicate files with ANY extention during the file upload checking routine under PCBoard. Prevents same file existing under different archive formats. Returns Standardized DOS errorlevel 1/0 for file found / not found. Shareware files WHEREIS 4.0 and WHATEXT are also included for compatibility only. FREEWARE! From Dave Wilga
bbsl12.zip6,966B+---------------------------------+ |+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++| |+++++-----------------------+++++| |++++| Add BBS |++++| |++++| Search List |++++| |++++| List BBSs |++++| |++++| Download BBS.LST |++++| |+++++ - - - - - - - - - - - +++++| |++++| BBS.PPE for PCB 15.1 |++++| |+++++-----------------------+++++| |+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++| +---------------------------------+
bbsl_10.zip18K[PPE] Bulletin Board Lister 1.0 ----------+ | Powerful bbs listing util with seach | | commands, configurable colors, logging | | of actions | | & delete Side Front Side Back | | function (__) (__) (__) (__) | | for sysops. ( oo (oo) oo ) ( ) | | SOURCE /\_| /\/\ |_/\ / \ | | Included! by Mr. Data [CiA] | +--------------------------------07/06/94-+
bbs_ads.zip36KBBS-ADS v. 1.0 -- Automatically insert your BBS advertisement into an archive file. Handles up to 99 different filenames! Never insert the same advertisement twice! Flexible and easy to install. BBS-ADS works with any compression utility and most BBS systems. SHAREWARE RELEASE. From Main Street Programming Services.
bcbk121.zip12K[FREEWARE] PCB 15.1+ TimeBank PPE v1.21 ------------------------------------------- Lightbar menu driven time bank, uses TPAs. Security definable maximum deposit time and maximum daily deposit/withdraw time.
bccm100.zip42K PCB 15.0+ ConfMenu v1.00 ------------------------------------------- Conference menu creator. Uses 'replacement codes' for full column configurability. Multi paged, sort orders, descriptions, definable number of columns and lines per conference page. ---------------0 BLACKCAT 0----------------
bccom100.zip6,091B [FREEWARE] PCB 15.1+ Command PPE v1.1 ------------------------------------------- Spinning/moving command prompt replacement. Allows you to add own 'command prompt' designs. ---------------0 BLACKCAT 0----------------
bcen21.zip17K PCB 15.1+ Enter PPE v2.1 ------------------------------------------- Press Enter replacement that allows YOU to add your own moving Enter prompts. Now has User selectable prompts, non moving prompts can also be used. 19 prompts included.
bcfal12.zip39K PCB 15.1+ File Area Lister PPE v1.2 ------------------------------------- Lightbar driven File area lister that supports multiple pages,lightbar area selection etc..
bclc110.zip17KPCB 15.1+ LastCallers PPE v1.10 (06/06/94) ------------------------------------------ Configurable, multiple color setups. Added: Daily, Y'days and Top calls/upload/ download/pages/time registration ---------------0 BLACKCAT 0---------------
bcmx120.zip118K PCB 15.1+ Matrix PPE v1.20 ----------------------------------------- Configurable, lightbar or dos mode, full logging features, external feedback/nuv/ infoform/page/sysop PPEs, multinode aware and more. Lots of changes in this version, read the history file...
bcnuk080.zip151K PCB 15.2+ Nuker PPE v0.80b A full featured, lightbar driven FAST nuker. Allows you to Nuke/ Award/Comment/Free files. If you're tired of waiting minutes. when nuking, grab this! This version adds Wildcard support.
bcon110.zip53K[FREEWARE] PCB 15.1+ Logon PPE v1.10 ------------------------------------------- Configurable logon/logoff enhancer.Includes lastcallers, oneliners, broadcast, last caller message and more. ---------------0 BLACKCAT 0----------------
bcpr100.zip14K PCB 15.1+ Message/Comment/reply PPE v1.00 ------------------------------------------- Replacement for your 'e' and 'c' commands which replaces a number of message entry prompts to turn your message entry command into a configurable ansi menu. ---------------0 BlackCat 0----------------
bcqt03.zip6,802B PCB 15.2+ Quoter PPE v0.2b -------------------------------------------- Pcboard quoter, uses pplc 3.0 for easier and seamless integration. ---------------0 BlackCat 0-----------------
bctb110.zip10K[FREEWARE] PCB 15.1+ ByteBank PPE v1.10 ------------------------------------------- Lightbar menu driven byte bank, uses TPAs. Security definable maximum deposit KB and maximum daily deposit/withdraw KB. ---------------0 BLACKCAT 0----------------
bctop110.zip11K PCB 15.1+ Top PPE v1.10 ----------------------------------------- Creates top uploaders (files/bytes), top downloaders (files/bytes) and top callers bulletins. Extremely configurable through replacement codes. No user limit.
bday_11.zip5,912BBirthday Greetings PPE - Ver. 1.0. Gives your users a birthday and a belated birthday greeting. Also gives your users extra time as a "birthday present" if you desire! By Galahad Software
bdb100.zip152K< Bulletin Board Database v1.00 - [PPE/EXE] > # ####### ####### ####### ################# # # ####### ## ## ####### ################# # # ####### ## ## ####### ################# # # ####### ####### ####### ver1.00/PCB 15.2 # # Enhanced bulletin board lister! Graphical # # user interface with enhanced ANSI High- # # Light bar, enhanced RipScrip graphics, w/ # # user-friendly command system. Configure # # any text display/color, multi-lingual # # Support, and much more! Setup emulating
bgpcbv26.zip133KLazy PCBOARDS Sysops - Good News! Here's version 2.6 of a BLT, DOOR and DIR menu generation program! Easy to use, creates single/double /column or line mode menu files. Free and speech friendly for blind sysops. - Enjoy!!!
bilbord1.zip9KBilBord v1.0 - PPE To Display Ads To Callers. Displays Can Be Advertiements Or A Features List. Integrated Seam- Lessly Into The Main Menu. Unobtrusive Way To Generate Revenues For Your BBS Rotates Ads Automatically. Allows Conference AD LOCKing
binkg101.zip113K******************************************* Binkley Gate v1.01 - This is an InterNet E-Mail addon for PCboard using NetXpress and other InterNet Mailers. It gives you a qiuck and easy way to feed Fido types of downlinks with your current UUCP E-Mail feed. 286, 386 and NT versions included. Fully functional, not crippled. Uploaded by author: Jeff Binkley. 2/14/95 *******************************************
birth120.zip11K+-------------------------------------------+ | The Birth Date Utility v1.20 - PPE v2.00 | +-------------------------------------------+ +-------------------------------------------+ | Now you can prompt your users for their | | birth date information with PCBoard. Use | | this program as a prompt replacement, | | new users program, or an executed text | | command. Completely configurable color | | and text. Provides a slash (/) for the | | user to keep the date information in a
bl12.zip12KKnow when your BBS booted from Power Failures buy using this little Utility.
bla-1lin.zip3,569BAnonymous Lastcaller 1.00 PPE
blab_056.zip186K #################### * #######[[ E BOOMLAB v0.56 E ]]###### # * #################### COMPLETE Upload Processor for PcBoard. Coded by Gene Layton (BOOMER) 03/04/95 o Automated PPE to handle failed files o Age test archive 5 different ways. o ZAP all BBS ads even random ads using filelist, CRC value, or text keywords. o Supports 6 different virus scanners. Can use 1, multiple, or all scanners! o 32+ macros to add file stats to desc, customize ZIP comment, P
blaspag.zip70KBlaster PAGE PPE! FOR PCBoard 15.X Dox,MOD,and PLAYER included...
blt-ppe1.zip4,226B+-------Pcboard Nested Bulletins-------+ |* *| | A .PPE allowing PCboard Sysops to | | use Nested Bulletins as featured | | in other BBS packages. Easy to | | install using existing bulletin | | numbers. Shareware! 24 hour | | support on the Global Connection. | |* 508-534-4944 *| +------------Global Software-----------+
blt202.zip8,004B@X0CBLT.PPE Version 2.00 (BETA). BLT.PPE is a SUB-BULLETIN menu PPE. Now with a PUBLIC Bulletin feature. Check it out! ShareWare $5.00
bltend1.zip3,347BBLTEND.PPE v1.0 - A new bulletin prompt replacement in PCBTEXT #224 and #611. Download, search, and now EDIT comfortable any bulletin. A FREE UTILITY FOR ALL PCBOARD SYSOPS! ENJOY.
bms100.zip93KBulletin Menu System v1.00 ver1.00/PCB 15.2 Enhance your PCBoard bulletin area! Neat- ly organize all those bulletins/make your bulletin area stylish with BMS: Enhanced ANSI High-Light bar, Unlimited Submenus, Conference Configurable, "New Bulletin" Logon Scanner, Multi-Lingual Support, w/ Configurable Text Displays and Colors, Setup emulating PCBoard setup Utilities.
bm_v11.zip20KBulletMaster v 1.1: bulletin generation utility.
boglogor.zip7,089B[LoGoN RuNNeR] PPE Logon runner for ppe's/ansi/pcb Special features - Random Run, Security Run, Query Run
bornday1.zip4,250BBORNDAY1.PPE. Checks users age during New User log-on. If younger than the sysop wants it sends them msg, writes handle to the TCAN file so they can't re-apply under that handle and logs them off. Source code included (as always). A Banana Republic SIMPLE but USEFUL PPE. "gorilla" Amato.
both-203.zip12KAll Caller Bulletin Generator [PPE] PPLCv2- Generates two caller bulletins, all-calls and all-stats. Completely revised format, all colors now SysOp customizable. FREEWARE Source available-New Support BBS #-ver 2.03 adds node # display and yesterday calls
br2u.zip3,302BBR [PPE] v.2; Command replacement for use by users to send messages to one another. It logs all messages to the callers log.
brdm150.zip846BPCBoard v15+ Menu
brd_fnv1.zip3,558B*--- FAKE NODESTATUS VIEWER v1.0b ---* | [PPE] Great utility for sysop's with | | only one node. Shock your lame users | | with this and they will be soon | | begging for the 2nd nodes number! | | Top-o-fun * Author : Braindead | *--------------------------------------*
brg-cht1.zip3,315B CooL oNeLiNeR BeST oNeLiNeR aRouND! MaKeS LoG, CoLoRS, MaCRoS aND MoRE...
brg-uldr.zip1,721B BoRG uPLoaDeR FuLL SCReeN u/L WiTH CoNFiGuRaBLe aNSi'S PoST iF PRiVaTe, aND MoRe...
brlu.zip2,535BBRLOGON/OFF [PPE] v1.0; Used in the Logon- Logoff Script Questionnaire. Sends a message to all nodes that a user logged on or off
brnew.zip9,238BAn update to the BR.PPE file. This fixes apro
bsled109.zip669KBob's Language Editor (BOBSLED) version 1.09 An integrated development environment for PCBoard Programming Language (PPL). Not just an editor, BOBSLED includes advanced features like: file/project management, subroutine and included file tracking & PPL syntax checking. Compiles and Runs PPE's from the environment! Complete HyperText Help for PPL and a host of other programmers tools make BOBSLED a must have for every PPL programmer! S/W -> $39.00
bulchk21.zip10KBulletin Read Counter/Monitor. Utility (PPE) for PCBoard 15.2 to keep track of the desired bulletins read by the user so as to perform an automatic upgrade of the newuser once he/she has read the desired bulletins. SysOp configurable. ver. 2.1 FREEWARE By Al Segura source available
bullwide.zip6,405B@X1E+---------------------------+@X07 @X1E|BULLWIDE.PPE 4 PCBOARD 15.1|@X07 @X1E|---------------------------|@X07 @X1E|An ANSI/arrow key/menu bar |@X07 @X1E|user interface to your BULL|@X07 @X1E|ETINS. Many features and |@X07 @X1E|very configurable. Sysop |@X07 @X1E|configurable colors! Easy |@X07 @X1E|to install and a *MUST SEE*|@X07 @X1E+---------------------------+@X07
bull_110.zip12KUSER BULLETIN MAKER - Ver. 1.10 From Galahad Software. This PCBoard 15.21 PPE allows your users to enter their own bulletins for event notices, parties, birthdays, or anything they'd like! Users can configure the text color, and SysOps can configure the maximum amount of bulletins they allow their users! Only $5 registers!
bwloc10.zip1,616BBWLOC.PPE v1.0; Bad Weather Log Off Command. Displays a message to user with your BBS name and then logs them off the bbs normally.
byebye17.zip5,319B#### ByeBye PPE v1.7 - Automatic Logoff #### +-------------------------------------------+ | BYEBYE is an automatic logoff prompt | | replacment PPE, for PCBoards db command. | | This PPE will enhance PCB's "Goodbye in | | 10 seconds..." prompt. In addition to | | the count down there is a graphical time | | bar, which operates in one second | | intervals. Removed EXPIRATION!! | | And now uses a key file for upgrades. | | Programmer: Richard Stewart
callb_28.zip27KCALLBLOC [PPE] v2.8 - p/o BBS SecurityPak Unwanted Caller Blocker - Uses Caller-ID info to Lock-Out abusive users. In PPLC v1 to work with all PCBoard 15.x. The FIRST, many Sysop defined options. Now supports CID Name. Works with any CallerID capable modem that supports PCBoard 15. IMPROVE Your BBS SECURITY! Supported by VULGARID. By Al Segura FREEWARE Source Available.
callerup.zip21KUpdate the CALLER(NODE) log from a batch file or DOS prompt. Program reads in PCBOARD.DAT for location of CALLER log and the environment for the NODE number. Program supports both single and multi-nodes.
callid11.zip20KCallerID.PPE 1.10; Creates CALLERID file containing AAA-EEE-NNNN format from CID info PCBoard gets from modem. Useful for PCBVerify to speed up verification process. Displays optional files to User if Caller ID is blocked, Out of Area or does not match either User Record Entry. W/source
callid22.zip16KCALLERID [PPE] v2.2 - p/o BBS SecurityPAK Caller-ID utility PPE - for PCBoard 15.x Performs user Verification/monitoring on every call. SysOp configurable for display files, record logging, and much more. Must have callerid capable modem such as Supra, PPI, or ZyXEL. Checks user record phone #s against CallerID info. Now supports Deluxe CID Name logging. By Al Segura FREEWARE Source Available.
callkill.zip31KFor PCB Sysops. This utility deletes the caller log after it gets to a certain size. Works on any file, fast, runs in event.
callsec.zip5,150BA .PPE that allows you to set up specific times that users with specific security levels are allowed on your BBS system. .
callup-1.zip14K@X0A#### CallUp v1.0 #### @X0BCallUp is a very simple callback @X0BVerification PPE For PCBoard 15.2. @X0BSupports Local Only Or Local and @X0BLong Distance Call Back. This is @X0Brelease v1.0.
call_33.zip48KCALLERS V3.3 Maintance Release. A PCBoard Recent Callers Bulletin Generator. CALLERS Uses PCBoards @X0 Color Codes to Add Ansi Color to the Bulletin. Logs Date, Time, Callers Name, Location, Baud Rate, and Node#. Read DOCs and HISTORY File For Upgrade Information.
call_in.zip34KThis Device will allow you to REMOTELY turn your computer ON/OFF via a phone call ! Excellent for BBS Sysops and on the road travellers. Complete ordering info, GIF Picture of unit and description is in this file. Outstanding and inexpensive way to remotely reboot your computer when your away from the BIG RED BUTTON !
caltqp10.zip5,309BCALIFORNIA LOTTO QUIK PIK v1.0 for PCB v15.0 This is a PPE program that will allow your users to generate Quik Pik numbers for play in the California Lottery.
cam-u146.zip80KUpgrade for Cam-Mail v1.46. For PCBoard v15.x. The best QWK Mail Door/Tosser!!
camsudr3.zip35KCams Upload/Download Ratio program. Very FAST!! If you run a contributing board and want to get your users to upload more or get more contributions, then this is the program for you. This version will leave a message to the user. Be sure to d/l Robert Vostreys TXT2MSG.EXE program.
cams_uds.zip26KCam's Upload/Download Event Manger Program! This is the World's easiest Upload/Download Manager for use with PCBoard 14.x
cam_m110.zip414KCam-Mail v1.10 Multi-Lingual, Multi-Node. The best ShareWare .QWK Door for PCBoard 14.5. Supports Duplicate CRC checking, NetWorking, Internal Protocols, Updating of Mail Waiting Flags,command line stacking in the Door and via PCBoard, Forcing of Scanning Conferences and NetWorks Config. Supports non standard comports and more. Truly the BEST!! Registration is $25.00 US
cam_us11.zip15KCam-Mail v1.10 Users Documentation. Gives detailed inforamtion for your users who use the Cam-Mail Door. Let them take advantage of the Door! Post on your BBS for them to download.
casinodv.zip3,763BDESQview 386 setup information by Dave Schubert, Sysop, The Casino PCBoard BBS. Running 3 nodes in 440K MS-DOS 5.0 partitions.
cat2d200.zip10KCAT2DIR v2.0 Make ASCII file of CATDISK.DTA file, and optionally a 0 byte file directory. Useful for PCB BBS to list off-line files that were never on-line so are not in any BBS file directory. Can block dup uploads. Freeware from Scott Johnson for the Freeware Hall of Fame BBS. CATDISK 3.6 or later format.
cbox24.zip106KChatBox v2.4;SPLIT SCREEN Sysop\caller chat door. Sysop may start chat - caller may page. Horizontal \ vertical Split-Screen. Seamless. Config page times, sounds and screen colors. DESQview, fossil, & non-standard com support.
cbox30.zip146KChatBox 3.0, The original PCB "SPLIT SCREEN" chat. Sysop may start chat - caller may page. Horizontal / vertical split screen. SEAMLESS. Config page times, sounds and screen colors. DESQview, fossil, & non-standard com support. Highly configurable with many Sysop options. Use with the "O" command to page the Sysop. Sysop may initiate a ChatBox chat using F10. MAJOR new release with FULL RIP CHAT SUPPORT! MANY NEW FEATURES! See the FEATURES.NEW file. ---------- A YCS PCBoard Accessory ----------
cbtxtger.zip4,193BGerman language files for ChatBox v.3.0, the PCBoard split-screen chat/page DOOR/PPE from YCS. This file contains everything needed to make ChatBox 3.0 German language compatible. Includes CBTEXT and all ANSI and RIP files. With thanks to Brent Yandell for the RIP- screens.
cbtxtnl.zip3,899BDutch language files for ChatBox v.3.0, the PCBoard split-screen chat/page DOOR/PPE from YCS. This file contains everything needed to make ChatBox 3.0 Dutch language compatible. Includes CBTEXT and all ANSI and RIP files.
cbv107.zip18KCBV.PPE 1.07 7/24/94 - A PCBoard 15.1 PPE that allows you to callback verify your new users. Installation is simple and painless. Get rid of all those users that like to create duplicate accounts on your system! $10.00 registration fee. Trial version is fully functional; but is limited to 24 sucessfull callback validations. Has many customizable features and allows you to use PCBedit to customize the way it looks! --> New Support BBS telephone number <--
cd2pcb.zip74KCD-ROM PCBoard SYSOPS: You can use ANY CD-rom, foreign or domestic, on your board. CD2PCB converts DIR's (files.bbs) to PCBFiler-compatible format (or any other.) Shareware version removes commas from sizes, converts (/,:\) to dashes in dates, converts European or Japanese DATE's to US format, and aligns it all to PCBFiler specs.
cdavail4.zip5,242BCD-Rom Availability Inquiry PPE - V4.0 ******************************************* Use multiple cd-rom discs and cd-rom drives without scheduling. Searches drive(s) for up to 15 different discs, then displays the status of each of the cd-rom discs and an instruction to access each disc. 08/07/94 $8.50 - Mongoose Shareware/PC Florida BBS: (813) 625-0190
cdcheck.zip100KCD-Checker; For bulletin board systems with a CD-ROM drive, and several CD's that are rotated. Lets user know what CD is in the drive, and shows rotation schedule too. Also can be placed in batch files to check that the CD wanted is in the drive before letting the user get to the door which works with that CD. Not crippled. By Todd Miller;ver 1.0 #### A TechWare Productions Release ####
cds4pcb.zip1,721BHow to put more than 20 CDROM disks on line when you only have 26 drive letters under DOS.
cdsel_53.zip33KCdSelect v5.3 PPE for PCboard V15.2 Search up 26 Cdroms; Security Specific Conference searches. Download On and Off-line Cdrom file list; Hard coded Help screens; Search File Names or Text Strings; Language, Security, Graphic specific... Includes New Z & L PPe's!
centppe.zip8,109BPCBoard [PPE]; This program for PCBoard 15.0 Sysops: ONLY, shall create applications for Centipede & take care of any questions Users may ask about Centipede. Also good for Sysops who want to see more about this Network, and understand what we're about:
ceom_301.zip16K[MS] CEOM v3.01: A Custom End Of Message PPE -------------------------------------------- ]| [CEOM.PPE] : Custom End Of Message PPE |[ ]| written in PPL for PCBoard v15.2+ BBSs |[ ]| -------------------------------------- |[ ]| Color and Display Configurable end of |[ ]| message prompt replacement. An easy to |[ ]| use prompt which adds a scroll bar and |[ ]| hotkeys, but honors PCB Commands! [MS] |[ --------------------------------------------
cfdl_110.zip26K[MS] CFDL v1.10:Custom File Directory Lister -------------------------------------------- ]| [CFDL.PPE]: Interactive Directory List |[ ]| written in PPL for PCBoard v15.2+ BBSs |[ ]| -------------------------------------- |[ ]| A PPE to replace the "F" command. Will |[ ]| dynamically create & allow interactive |[ ]| scrolling of the file directories. Can |[ ]| group directories quickly & MORE! [MS] |[ --------------------------------------------
cfds_201.zip37K[MS] CFDS v2.01: Custom F_Directory Scanners -------------------------------------------- ]| [CFDS-?.PPE]:File Directory Scanner(s) |[ ]| written in PPL for PCBoard v15.21+ BBS |[ ]| -------------------------------------- |[ ]| Color/Display Configurable N and/or L |[ ]| and/or Z command replacements. Multi- |[ ]| Conference scanning,User Save options, |[ ]| # of Days Back Scans & MUCH MORE! [MS] |[ --------------------------------------------
cflist20.zip245KCustom File List Builder PPE v2.0 (CL) for PCBoard v15.1 is an add on command to allow your callers to construct custom Allfiles listings and download them. Options include: - Selected file directories - New files (since last scan date) - Keyword search (like Zippy scan) - Cross conference scanning - Any combination of these This is a MAJOR upgrade release.
ch145v2.zip41KSec level Conf change, add, lockout util. Can config individual, numerous, or range of conf. CHANGE /R3:1-4 /R2:5 MSG:8,9 gives "RXS" access to conf 1->4. SYSOP access for conf 5 with MSG Flags being set for conf 8 and 9. CHANGE SEC:50 would change current users access to 50.
changpcb.zip16KCHANGE for PCBoard; Lets you globally modify any or all of the following files: PCBOARD.DAT, CNAMES.@@@, CNAMES.ADD, DOORS.LST, BLT.LST, SCRIPT.LST, DIR.LST and DLPATH.LST.
chat1.zip2,358BPPE file will check to see if the user specifed either the U or A subcommands in regards to PCB 15.0 chatmode. Catmull.
chatm.zip1,143BGCTOPIC menu and HLPCMENU for beta version of PCBoard 15.0; Nothing fancy.
chatpage.zip2,991BCHATPAGE.PPE - Best looking/sounding Chat Page PPE you can GET! Put it in as the "O" command and enjoy!
checking.zip1,429B+-----------------------------------------+ | Simple PPE to replace line #153 in | | PCBTEXT to correct the screen scrolling | | problem while using David Terry's FLAG | | PPE... -=PitBoss=- | +-----------------------------------------+
chk4d1b7.zip23KCHK4DES v1.00b7 - insures file descriptions! Checks your PCBoard or other BBS file lists for descriptions. Removes all "Description not found" or blank description file names from file lists created by DIZ extractors. Optionally executes a batch file with each file name that has a description, such as moving the parent file to another directory.
chknode1.zip19KCheck Nodes V1.0 PCBoard V14.x. A Sysop can check to see if all nodes are down in an event batch file. Choice of immediate report, timed delay, or indefinite wait. Returns a status code in DOS ERRORLEVEL.
chktm96.zip7,752B+------------------------------------------+ | TimeCheck V .96b - December 30, 1994. | | Do you need to allow a certain caller on | | your BBS at a certain time? If the answer| | to that question is 'YES', you might want| | to take a look at this PPE program for | | PCBoard 15.2. This program will adjust | | users times, execpt for the users that | | is allowed on during the time period. | | If you need further assistance you can | | contact me on our Support BBS at | | (708
chng1_6.zip39KCHANGE v1.6 Requires PCBOARD's USERS.SYS file.
ciafsu4b.zip6,153B+-- CiAFSUE 4.0b [by DEFCON 4, CiA PPLE]-+ | PCBOARD 15.1 PPE that provides a full | | screen user editor with easy light bar | | and user listing procedures. | +------------------------------------------+
cialog.zip1,618BCiALOG is a PCBoard PPE that will Enhance your User Logon. It will create a graphical logon simuliar to a V/X one v.02 by Defcon 4
ciapmt1b.zip9K+- Prompts V1.0 [By Corruptions CiA PPLE]--+ | PCBOARD 15.1 PPE That provides the users | | to choose from a menu of prompts or make | | new ones. Unlimited with Lightbar menu. | +------------------------------------------+
cidppe15.zip11KCID.PPE 1.50 - Creates CALLERID file with the phone number in format AAA-EEE-NNNN from CID info PCBoard gets from modem. Useful for PCBVerify to speed up verification process. Displays optional files to User if Caller ID is blocked, Out of Area or does not match either User Record Entry. Support for format returned by Supra & ZyXEL modems. Support added for Hex Format used in Canada. FREEWARE w/source by Gary Meeker
cimrg100.zip36KCIMERGE v1.00 -- PCBoard utility to merge a list of alias names for selected conference numbers, allowing a single conference to be known by multiple names. Copyright (C) 1994 Clark Development Company, Inc.
cis_hm10.zip17K# Hot Key Menu PPE v1.0 # # Hot key menu ppe! Replaces your current # # menu, and adds hot keys. Along with a # # few kick ass menus, Configurable menus # # and menu prompts! Check this shit out! # # 01/26/95 Coded by: Seleriquis #
cjoin10.zip7,292BCJoin v1.0 A Freeware PCBoard 15.0 PPE Util! Enhance the PCBoard "J" command by making it more organized by conference type or network
ckbusy14.zip10KCKBUSY PCBoard 14.X Multinode Utility +----------------------------------------+ |CKBusy allows you to let your users | |know why a node is busy or down when a | |user types CHAT or WHO. Can also be | |used in your door batch files to let | |users know what door is in use on other | |node. v. 1.4 - Allow clearing a node, | |better docs, minor bug fixes. Free! | +----------------------------------------+
cklevl11.zip9,761BPCBoard Security Level Report Generator - utility which generates a report of the various security levels with number of users in each level as well as listing user names under each security level.
ckwho11.zip10KCKWHO v1.10 - Utility for viewing your BBS's activity while you are on the network. Displays a screen with similar information to PCBoards WHO command. Can have as many nodes as PCBoard since it allows you to page up and down between screens. For Version 15.0 of PCBoard.
cl14s24b.zip77KCALLS 14S24B Statistic Bulletin generator. Modified version of Sam Smith's great program. Fixes a few problems with features added to PCBoard 14.5a, adds several new features & reports. Skips CALLER files not present in multinode operation & handles larger files.
cl15s1a.zip96KCALLS 15S1A Statistic Bulletin generator. Support of PCBoard 15.0 changes and features, adds several new features & reports. Skips CALLER files not present in multinode operation & handles larger files.
cl15s1g.zip101KCALLS Ver 15s1g Statistic Bulletin generator Supports PCBoard 15.1 changes and features.. Changed to allow for spaces in conference names. Recognition of some of the common PPE entries in the CALLERS file. New report for PPE's. Reduced memory overhead on filename collection. Added 28800 to Baud Rate report. Added EDSBACK PPE report, changed batch file reporting. No source files included. (Changes made by Gary Meeker) (06-12-94)
clast13.zip3,223BLAST CALLERS v1.3 Multi Node Fix
clcb_160.zip25K[MS] CLCB v1.60: Custom Last Caller Bulletin -------------------------------------------- ]| [CLCB.PPE] Custom Last Caller Bulletin |[ ]| Generator PPE for PCBoard v15.21 BBSs! |[ ]| -------------------------------------- |[ ]| Colour and *DISPLAY* configurable last |[ ]| caller bulletin .PPE (Uses replacement |[ ]| codes). Supports configurable running |[ ]| totals of board activity & MORE! [MS] |[ --------------------------------------------
clint200.zip2,619BCLINTON v2.00; PCBoard 15.0 PPL application (includes source code) to display a friendly conservative message. SysOp customizable.
clintboz.zip846BReplacement graphics screen for use with the CLINTON.PPE program. A bit snazzier than the plain old default CLNTG file that came with CLINT200.ZIP. A must if you like clowns, or think of politicians that way.
clintegl.zip1,003BReplacement graphics screen for use with the CLINTON.PPE program. A bit snazzier than the plain old default CLNTG file that came with CLINT200.ZIP. This version adds WAIT and CLS macros to the end of the file for a pause before executing the command.
clmebk32.zip14K@X0A#### CallMeBk 3.2 [PPE] #### Callmebk Is A Very Simple Callback Verification PPE For PCBoard 15.2. Now Supports Local Only Or Local And Long Distance Call Backs Modes. Source Code Available On Request. @X0CMajor "Bug" Fix Release FreeWare Compilied 01-15-95
clnp_110.zip17K[MS] CLNP v1.10: A Custom Login Note Pad PPE -------------------------------------------- ]| [CLNP.PPE]: A User-To-User NotePad PPE |[ ]| written in PPL for PCBoard v15.2+ BBSs |[ ]| -------------------------------------- |[ ]| Color/Display Configurable. Lets users |[ ]| write a private two line login note, |[ ]| displayed *only* to the recipient when |[ ]| they next login. Receipts & MORE! [MS] |[ --------------------------------------------
clong10.zip30K+-------------------------------------+ | CLONG Version 1.0 | |-------------------------------------| | PCBoard 15.2/PCBUUCP 2.0 utility | | that will convert the InterNet | | NewsGroup field from PCBUUCP ver. | | 2.0's CONFS.DAT into the 60 char. | | allowed field in PCBoard 15.2's | | CNAMES.XXX files! Saves loads of | | time if running those 2 programs | | and you just upgraded from 15.1! | |-------------------------------------| | Freeware! from
clpcbtxt.zip17KCLPCBTXT v1.00 - Companion to MKPCBTXT.EXE Allows changing color value in PCBTEXT files FREEWARE from Gary Meeker
clprnt23.zip20KCL-Print v2.30 Send comments to CALLER.LOG Small 2K program written in assembly allows any text to be sent to log. Several useful /Variables allow current Time & Date stamps and standard PCBoard type entries. Now with Substitute @Variables from PCBOARD.SYS & USERS Files to log data for current user. Improved Error reporting. PCBoard /D & /S versions have limited use of @ variables. FREEWARE from Gary Meeker. W/Assembly Source
clr_node.zip2,731BCLR_NODE.PPE, v1.0, a replacement for PCBoard's Access Denied - x is in use on another Node! It let's PCBoard v15.1 users that have crashed off of PCBoard from a LAN to clear themselves from the file without having to bother the Sysop. Includes source code and may be customized to suit your BBS's needs. (FREEWARE)
cmdrf_tx.zip11KQUICK COMMAND REFERENCE for sysops of PCBoard 15.0. Hate digging thru that HUGE manual? This cuts to the chase to keep the text short, 7 pages which includes a table of contents. Includes almost every command available in PCBoard 15.0. *** ASCII VERSION
cmfl_200.zip22K[MS] CMFL v2.00: Custom Master File List PPE -------------------------------------------- ]| [CMFL.PPE]: A Master File List Creator |[ ]| written in PPL for PCBoard v15.2+ BBSs |[ ]| -------------------------------------- |[ ]| An advanced program that will create & |[ ]| archive an *up-to-the-minute* master |[ ]| file list on demand. Select and Save |[ ]| DIRs, conf configs and MORE! ---- [MS] |[ --------------------------------------------
cml_inst.zip5,816BCam-Mail v1.00 Installation Docs Information on how to FORCE Conference Scanning...
cmntppe1.zip3,811B[PPE] for PCBOARD 15.0 or higher. This PPE compiled Aug. 28 93 Multiple SYSOP commenting system, allows to pick the appropriate sysop from a list.
cm_104.zip33KSuper Simple Conference Menu Creator v1.04 Create a really nice CNFN file for your BBS For PCBoard 15.2 and up. Supports extended length conference names. Has the ability to create security level specific conference files. (ie. CNFN10 or CNFN34 etc.) Super fast, super easy to install, runs great in a nightly event. FREEWARE, C source code is available if you would like to customize it for BBS.
cnav_401.zip50K[MS] CNAV v4.01: Custom Node Activity Viewer -------------------------------------------- ]| [CNAV.PPE]: A Node Activity Viewer PPE |[ ]| written in PPL for PCBoard v15.2+ BBSs |[ ]| -------------------------------------- |[ ]| Color/Option Configurable WHO command |[ ]| replacement. Terse, Brief, Verbose and |[ ]| Interactive RealTime Modes! Supporting |[ ]| XFerring Files, User Stats & MORE [MS] |[ --------------------------------------------
cnflst12.zip11KCONFLIST v1.2, makes complete conference listings from your CNAMES file, full color, with windows etc. Configurable. Supports PCB @X color codes. NEW, FAST, and not crippled.
cnfnnew.zip9,476B*********NEW UPDATE******************* CNFN.PPE - this is basically the same PPE that is used on Salt Air for their conference join menu. It will only display the conferences the caller is able to join. Updated by Herbert Bushong to allow for conference subsets to be chosen and displayed by the caller. Freeware/Public Domain Source included.
cnfnr.zip7,651BCNFNR.PPE SAME AS CNFN.PPE. Source file included. Edited slightly (CNFN.PPE) to get the original to work properly with RipGraphics. Graphic changes only! Actual PPE process NOT TOUCHED!
cnfusers.zip16KCNFUSERS V1.06; program uses PCBOARD.DAT to determine the location reporting information on the number of users for each conference.
cntm092b.zip36KCountEm, v0.92b. PCBoard 14.5a DIR file summary generator. Additional error checking datestamp, and both 286 and 086 .exe versions for faster performance. Written in Borland C++ by Michael Nelson, SysOp of SeaHunt BBS.
cnul10c3.zip9,227B[PPE] CNUL v1.0 Candidate Release 3 ----------------------------------------- CNUL is a 100% configurable user lister that lets you change EVERYTHING including the background and where everything goes and even what the lister displays. This does not even have to be a user lister. With its configurability it can also be even a Up/Dn Ratio lister or even other things. Definitely worth a look. This version adds 6 new items. Plus 100% Free registration w/NO DELAYS OR CRIPPLES WHATSOEVER. Written
cobs_110.zip31K[MS] COBS v1.10:Custom Online Banking System -------------------------------------------- ]| [COBS.PPE]: A Time and/or K-Byte Bank |[ ]| written in PPL for PCBoard v15.2+ BBSs |[ ]| -------------------------------------- |[ ]| A powerful & easy to use Time and / or |[ ]| KByte bank. VERY *configurable* setup |[ ]| & display interface. Deposit, Withdraw |[ ]| and Gamble options & MUCH MORE! - [MS] |[ --------------------------------------------
code10.zip4,034B-------------------------- ------The CODE PPE-------- -------------------------- --- Wiz-Ware Software --- ---(c) 1994, Brett Lucey-- This PPE lets users gamble time, based on a generated code. Users enter their guess on a security "panel".
colpcbhp.zip35KColor PCB Help Files
command.zip2,647BWirly-gig conference prompt with full source
comment.zip4,978BMultipel Sysop commenting system PPE. Up to 10 sysops, Private comments.
condup10.zip33KCONDUP v1.0; PCBoard duplicate file removal utility. Fully PCBoard & Network aware get rid of your duplicate file easily and quickly with CONDUP.
conflst.zip9,159BUtility to list conference names & numbers as well as the path to the message base to a text file
convdirs.zip32KConvert PCBoard format file directories to other BBS software format file lists. Great for BBS's that run CD-ROM or sysops switching to other BBS software.
convpcb.zip55KConvert RYBBS and EXEC-PC Directories to PCBoard 14.5 Format
cookppe.zip16K[PPE] Cookies is a seemless PCBoard Programming Language Program. It displays a random quote to the caller. Requires PCBoard version 15.0 or higher. .PPS Source code
copydesc.zip15KCopy PCBoard description files, converting short lines to long lines. Intended for offline processing. Adjustable positioning. Free, with TC source
cor-jcnf.zip9,373BJconf,PCB Ver of the Famous AMi/X jConf Util
cork10b1.zip11KCORKBOARD v1.0 - An Online Advertisement PPE utility for PCBoard v15.1 or later. Easy to install and use! CorkBoard displays as many or as few files specified by the SysOp, with an expiration date for each after which they are skipped. Ideal for those SysOps looking for a unique way to bring in extra money for their systems, Charity drives and lots more! +------------------------------------------+ | WIDE AREA BETA v1.0.b1 COMPILED 08/05/94 | +------------------------------------------+ ---[
coroff12.zip5,340BCorosion LogOff PPE
cppe9309.zip9,952BPCBoard [PPE] v3.0; Centipede Network Program to install and let Users view what Centipede is about, and also generates Applications. NEW: Sysop Menu allows defining of the control file! New Concept Of Network Help!
cpprt.zip8,151BThe CPRT.PPE picks up where PCB left off when it comes to conference protection. . Forces user to enter a password and checks to see if their name is on the list each time he/she/it joins the conference!
cpyusr11.zip33KCopy User v1.1 - Copy your user files in a nightly event with the name of the file todays date. Or choose to archive the user files (using ZIP, ARJ or PAK) with the name of the archive file being todays date. Allows you to choose method of archive and back up drive and directory. By DMSOFT
craps121.zip19KCrap Shoot! Ver 1.21 - by Galahad Software. A PCBoard 15.2+ PPE that recreates the classic game of craps, with a twist. Features Monthly and All-Time High Score records, daily maintenance, and more. As always, only $5 registers!
crdfsh40.zip67KCardfish v4.0 - This is a cardsharks type game door for PCBoard 14.5x. Place your bet based on what you think the next card will be. Fun and addictive!
creatr10.zip9K+------ PCBNewsCreator By DynaSOFT -------+ | PCBNewsCreator is a very flexible PPE | | allowing sysops to write news without | | having the work of editing the NEWS | | file, making a header, etc. Total | | FREEWARE! | +------------- Version 1.00 --------------+
cred330.zip50K #### DMSoft #### Credits.ppe v3.30 - users can purchase online credits using a credit card. Has internal config editor, language files, message left to sysop, makes an downloadable invoice ,a log file, state tax field, handling charge, lang warning and inf. Now sets users expiration date and level to drop sec in accounting file for each level in config. Has testmode and tax mode. No expiration date - limited to 1 level in non-registered version. From DMSoft... registration - $25.00
crewrd10.zip19K+---------------------+ |  WEEKLY REWARD  | | +- VERSiON 1.0 -+ | |---------------------| | Weekly top uploader | | will receive 10% | | of HiS pumped bytes | |---------------------| +---------[18/02/95]--+
crz-ftp.zip3,625BCRaZy World - FTP List PPE Nice little PPE to maintain an FTP List
crz_lam.zip2,418B CRaZY WoRLD '95 LAME LIST PPE. Let users view a lame list, and add names and comments to it 100% configurable.
cscls120.zip42KCSCALLS is a simple program that will generate a PCBoard 14.5a or greater display file shoing the last group of callers to your system. Many options are available to configure the program to your specs. Best of all it's *FREEWARE*! See history file for changes/Fixes.
cscls121.zip45KCSCALLS is a simple program that will generate a PCBoard 14.5a or greater display file showing the last group of callers to your system. Many options are available to configure the program to your specs.
csdlc202.zip66KCDSLC PCBoard utility that will read your Download.txt file, count the number of downloads a file has, and insert that count into your DIRxx file descr. Allows @X## color highlighting, custom insertion of text, much more.. very fast,
cshot101.zip13KCS-HOT v1.01: parses Buerg's PCBCS143 report into a smaller "hotfile" report. Free, with Turbo C source, by Jim Robeson.
csp117.zip69KCSProfile is a PCBoard 14.5x utility that allows your users to get information about a particular file from your download.txt file, like when uploaded/by whom, when was it last downloaded, and how many times. Includes Zippy scan features based on security level and allows gathering of personal xfer data. Displays Synopsis of activity along with detailed activity. Runs as a seamless Shell. Best of all it's *FREEWARE*! See History file for Changes or Fixes.
cssc_301.zip21K[MS] CSSC v3.01 Custom Split Screen Chat PPE -------------------------------------------- ]| [CSSC.PPE]: -- A Split Screen Chat PPE |[ ]| written in PPL for PCBoard v15.2+ BBSs |[ ]| -------------------------------------- |[ ]| A feature packed, colour configurable |[ ]| SysOp/User split-screen chat interface |[ ]| to replace the F10 PCB Chat. Supports |[ ]| a User Editor PPE (CUFE) & MORE! [MS] |[ --------------------------------------------
csver112.zip66KCSVerify Callback verification program for PCBoard. Many SysOp Configuration Options are available, and easily customizable. Modifies users record upon successfull verification with security Parameters you provide.
ctltqp10.zip9KCONNECTICUT LOTTO QUIK PIK v1.0 for PCBoard versions 15.x. This is a PPE program that will allow your users to generate Quik Pik numbers for play in the Connecticut Lottery. Includes the Pick3, Pick4, Pick5 and Pick6 games. Shareware from Hogard Software Solutions BBS at (214) 641-6292.
ctub_100.zip10K[MS] CTUB v1.00 : Custom Top Users Bulletin! -------------------------------------------- ]| [CTUB.PPE]: A Top Users BLTN Generator |[ ]| written in PPL for PCBoard v15.1+ BBSs |[ ]|----------------------------------------|[ ]| FREEWARE: A Top [1-25] Users Bulletin |[ ]| Generator. Top Callers, ULers (KB or |[ ]| Files), & DLers (KB or Files). Up to 9 |[ ]| *Display Configurable* Bulletins! [MS] |[ --------------------------------------------
cu-12.zip18K@X0A#### CallUp v1.2 #### @X0BCallback Verification PPE For PCBoard @X0B15.2. Supports Local Only Or Local And @X0BLong Distance Call Back, Updates User @X0BRecord Comment Field 2, Utilizes SysOp @X0BConfigurable Prompts/Screens, Sets @X0BExpiry Date, Tracks Verified Numbers, @X0BAnd Allows Number Lockout. Try it!
cufe_211.zip51K[MS] CUFE v2.11: Custom User File Editor PPE -------------------------------------------- ]| [CUFE.PPE]: A Full Screen User Editor |[ ]| written in PPL for PCBoard v15.2+ BBSs |[ ]| -------------------------------------- |[ ]| Color configurable Full Screen Online |[ ]| User Editor.Normal & SysOp Only modes. |[ ]| Full PSA Support. Conf Flag Updating. |[ ]| *Powerful*, versatile and MORE! - [MS] |[ --------------------------------------------
cvt2152.zip64KCVT2152 - Updates CNAMES Long Conf Names from uuPCB's UUPCB.DBF. For PC Board 15.2 ONLY!
cvtmix12.zip8,425BThis utility takes a PCBoard file directory listing and converts the file descriptions to upper, lower, or mixed case.
cw_ap_39.zip11KAutoPost v3.9 PCB v15.2 PPE to send BBS Ads, ForSale Ads etc. weekly or monthly and on an automated basis!!! Unique dating feature can prevent your ad from being killed as a dupe! Another top PPE from the author of SubscriP, Pro-Vote, ConfMenu, RemindMe & many others!! Fix mistake in docs that caused malfunction. Visa/MC accepted for instant registration #!
cw_bd_15.zip17KBirthday v1.5 Ask users for their D.O.B. and when the user(s) log-on on their (or shortly thereafter) birthday, it displays a birthday greeting! Adds even more personality to your system! PCBoard 15.2 PPE, Shareware, easy to install, and fully functional, NOT-crippled! Visa/MC accepted for instant registration #! Now supports international dates (dd-mm-yy)! Support is available on the Intelec Network!
cw_bl_12.zip11KBBS Lister v1.2; PCBoard 15.0 PPE to View, Add, and Search your BBS list. With 9 different search options w/ match counter! Also added 2nd line to list for BBS features
cw_bl_37.zip28KBBSListr v3.7 The *ultimate* BBS Listing PPE for PCBoard 15.2! Added new modems, improved speed. Users can add entry or delete, modify entries. See why it's the best of it's kind! Visa/MC accepted for instant registration #!
cw_cj_12.zip9,369BConfJoin v1.2 Freeware PCBoard 15.0 PPE Util Enhance the PCBoard "J" command by making it more organized by conference type, networks, now with up to 32 groupings, up from prev 9! See history file for more important changes!
cw_cj_40.zip22K+-----------------------------------------+ |ConfJoin v4.0! The best J Cmd Replacement| |PPE for PCB v15.1! Automatic!! Never draw| |another "CNFN" again! Now no longer needs| |conference name prefix! Now you can fully| |configure your own custom colors as well!| |Register ConfJoin PPE and you'll also get| |DoorMenu, FileMenu, MainMenu PPE's free!!| +-----------------------------------------+
cw_cm_57.zip42KConfMenu v5.7 The best J Cmd Replacement PPE for PCB v15.2! Automatic! Never draw another CNFN again!! Supports 15.2 long conf names!! And no longer needs conference name prefix!! And you can configure your own custom colors as well! Now supports conference name sorts! Bugs fixed and smaller/tighter/faster code!! Visa/MC accepted for instant registration #!
cw_dm_18.zip16KDoorMenu 1.8 PCB v15.2 PPE (v3.0) to replace the DOOR command menu. Add PPEs "seamlessly" to your door menu! Now with *instant* Online Credit Card Registrations!!
cw_fm_17.zip10KFileMenu v1.7 The best F Cmd Replacement PPE for PCB v15.2! Automatic! Never draw another file menu again! Also lets users search file directory descriptions! For those with mult- iple CD-Rom's this lets you have "sub-menus" for each CD or file group!! Now with instant Online "credit card" registrations!
cw_fv_14.zip42KFone-Ver v1.4! Callback Verification for PCB v15.2!! Fully configurable and feature rich! Fully functional!! Not crippled!! Allows you to let users reverse their calls (definable) for better connections! And much, much more! Now has FVCONFIG.PPE for much easier config! Visa/MC accepted for instant registration #! Bug Fix Release - Adds New Features
cw_hh_13.zip6,910BHowHeard v1.3 Freeware PCBoard 15.0 PPE Util allows you to upgrade new caller's seclevel conference registration and expiration date, based on answer to single logon question
cw_hh_37.zip15KHowHeard v3.7 New Caller Upgrade PPE for PCB 15.2! Upgrade sec levels and conference regs based on caller's response! Writes to User's notes PSA. Now with OTHER option for a more specific response. Small, fast, convenient!! Now doubled user "choices" from five to ten! *Instant* Online Registration Codes via CC!!
cw_ia_20.zip15KIntApp/Intelec Network Application Generator v2.0 - Complete network information database with search options for conference, nodelist and more! Freeware PPE, installs in CMD.LST. IntApp requires an up to date net info file. DL IN-yymm.ZIP for network info/application.
cw_in_46.zip54KIntelApp! v4.6 Intelec Network "Database and Application" PPE! Freeware! For use with our IN_yymm.ZIP & INB_yymm.ZIP information file! Contains both the Application/Database PPEs! Can also be used to display Intelec INBasket "network newsletter" files! And now compiled under PPLC v3.0, for PCBoard v15.2!! Intelec is a Free, ACTIVE, Highest-Quality Network!! If you're not a member, you're missing out!! 420+ Members, 12 Countries, 198 Conferences!
cw_mm_40.zip25KMainMenu v4.0 A PCBoard 15.2 PPE v3.0. Great PPE replacement for PCBoard BRDM main menus. Now supporting multi-lingual "prompt" files! Shows available/unavailable commands as well as "all on the fly", never draw another BRDM again!! Nice little PPE! Visa/MC for instant registrations!! Support is available via the Intelec Network in PPL or CW_Support forums!
cw_mq_14.zip9KMsgQuest v1.4; PCBoard 15.0 PPE to place script questionnaire answer files into your message bases & fully configurable too!
cw_mq_36.zip11KMsgQuest v3.6 PCB 15.2 Shareware PPE! Script to Message Base utility, send questionnaires to the SysOp via msgs. A much easier install and *unlimited* questionnaires! Instant reg- istration numbers online via Visa/Mastercard
cw_pe_09.zip15KPlanet Earth Network Online Application PPE! Now PEN-App offers hub, conf & rule reviews! Install as a SCRIPT.LST script questionnaire Highly recommended for Planet Earth Net Hubs using PCBoard 15.0. Another Freeware CW PPE!
cw_ppp20.zip96KThe PCBoard PPE PowerPack! v2.0 Twelve great PCB 15.0 PPE Shareware & Freeware utilities! ConfJoin HowHeard MsgQuest Pro-Vote SpeedLim WelcoMat TimeZone BBSListr UserNews PPE-Menu IntApp and PenApp!! All now distributed in 1 complete package! Check out PowerPack today!
cw_pv_10.zip10KPro-Vote v1.0 A PCBoard 15.0 "PPE" shareware utility giving up to *32* voting booths! The menu driven operation allows users to choose either A)nswer or V)iew Results. *32* booths in the registered version only, but Pro-Vote is only $10 to register!
cw_pv_41.zip45KPro-Vote v4.1! The best PCBoard Vote Utility now supports As Many As 999 Different Polls! A results bulletin, a new maintenance module w/ Login Poll Availability, Displays Percent of votes as BarGraph. Let's users Add Polls, and much More!! NON-Crippled Shareware!! Now compiled under PPLC 3.0 for PCB 15.2! Credit card orders for instant online reg numbers!!
cw_rm_16.zip19KRemindMe v1.6 PCB 15.2 Users enter their own personal reminders! RemindMe can notify them at logon or via a message & logon! Users set days in advance to remind, if a reminder's a permanent or temporary one. RemindMe! purges past due temp reminders! Simple to install!! Auto-maint, Non-crippled, Fully functioning! Visa/MC accepted for instant registration #!
cw_sl_12.zip5,736BSpeedLim v1.2 Freeware PCBoard 15.0 PPE Util Did you ever want keep out 2400 baud callers except for just certain users?? Now you can!
cw_sl_37.zip13KSpeedLim v3.7! Limit callers access based on connection speed! Block total access or just access to specific command!! Exclude by time or by an exclusion usernames list! An option to send a message to user about when command is available or at what speed and now caller log support! Another great CW PowerPack PPE! Compiled under PPLC v3.0 for use w/ PCB 15.2
cw_sp_45.zip65KSubscriP 4.5 Complete Online Shopping Center supporting credit cards, checks, COD & more! Offer "instant subscriber upgrade" via check and/or credit card! Also sell merchandise! A full featured sales PPE!! Supports shipping, tax, unlimited categories & items, and more! And keeps track of who paid and who did not! Upgrades & downgrades automatically, a users TCAN file, and up to *255* different levels! Bug fix release! Added new SCONFIG.PPE util!
cw_tz_20.zip8,896BTimeZone v2.0 A PCBoard 15.0 "PPE" shareware utility to assign your users time slots. Now no limitation on how many users! New feature list includes assigning slots to user record note "PSA", exempt callers by security level or specific callers & more! Fully functional shareware, only $10 to register!
cw_tz_36.zip15KTimeZone! v3.6! "Time slot" assignments PPE! Recompiled with PPLC v3.0 for PCBoard v15.2! Limits when user(s) or "groups of users" can access your system!! Now you can adjust time based on when in the slot the user calls! CC order available for instant online reg codes
cw_un_36.zip14KUserNews v3.6 Let users enter their own news items! Shareware PPE for PCBoard v15.2! It's a breeze to install, and needs little, or no maintenance!! Visa/MC accepted for *instant* online registration codes! Support available on the Intelec Network PPL/CW_Support forums
cw_wm_14.zip6,703BWelcome Mat v1.4; PCBoard 15.0 PPE that selectively upgrades certain users that you pre-determined and displays an "upgraded notice" to them. Use at new logon or in BLTs and now offers conference registrations too!
cw_wm_36.zip11KWelcoMat v3.6! For PCBoard v15.2 (PPLC v3.0) WM is for those who know who will be calling their BBS and WelcoMat can upgrade them when they do! Small, fast and convenient! Upgrade different users to different security levels and register in many different conferences!! CC accepted for instant online registrations
cyb02pdc.zip53KCYBERPDC 2.00112b PCBoard (File) Description compressor. Parses short lines, blank space in directory listings into a consistent and shorter format. v2.0 is a MAJOR BUG FIX. Written in 2 languages: Microsoft QuickBASIC 4.0 and FoxPro 2.0 RDBMS. Full source code for both included. Public Domain! Not share- ware, not crippled. <<> westsmith 92/7/23
czippy10.zip3,126BZiPPY SCAN UTiL V1.0 This PPE will show a lightbar to the user, informing him it's better to join the comb.conf. when he wants to perform a ZiPPY SCAN
c_detect.zip1,542B -- * DETECT [PPE] 07/Jun/1994 * -- And Now An Intelligent Auto Ansi Detecter! You Have To Replace This On Your PCBoard Ansi Question And It'll Automatically Answer Yes If Ansi Is Detected And If Connection In 9600 Baud Or Greater! If Not It'll Ask Normally The PCB Question!
c_devcha.zip2,964B -- * Devil's Chatter 31/May/1994 * -- A New ColorFull-Funny Chatter For PCBoard. This New PPE Allows You To Enjoy The Boring User Chatting...
c_upload.zip2,128B+------------------------------------------+ | --*CHRONOS UPLOADER V1.0 13/Jun/1994*-- | | This New PCBoard PPE Replaces Your | | Upload Procedure With Cool Ansi And | | Fast-Simple Upload Starter! | +------------------------------------------+
c_wall21.zip4,164B -- * Wallez V2.1 PPE * -- The BEST wall never seen for PCBoard Now You Can See Who Wrote On The Lines and Users can see How To Use Colors
datekill.zip9,341BFor PCB Sysops. Deletes the caller log, or any file, after a certain date. Runs fast and runs in event. McNamara.
daystats.zip41K########################################### # ########## DAYSTATS 1.0 ########## # # DayStats is a simple to use and setup # # utility which will create a bulletin # # with an ongoing listing of your day's # # BBS usage. DayStats is unique in that # # it list only your calls, msgs, upld's # # and dnld's, but gives you a continuous # # history of your board's activity! DAILY # ###########################################
dbm18.zip24KDeluxe Bulletin Menu v1.8. The next add on to 4D's Conference menu! This is what most people have been asking me for, so here it is! The best bulletin menu PPE available for PCBoard users. Multi-Lang, Color configurable, easy to setup and maintain.
dbrow110.zip68KDbrow Ver 1.10 - PCB14.5a F9/Filter Util.
db_pcb.zip13K+---| Configuring D'Bridge and PCBoard |---+ |How to set-up the D'Bridge 1.31 front-end | |mailer with PCBoard 14.5a. Samples of all| |batch files have been included. Complete | |set-up instructions for B'Bridge, InterPCB| |and PCBoard. Will get you on your way to | |echo conferences via FidoNet and similiar | |networks that use the *.msg format. | +------------------------------------------+
dcall24.zip25KDELUXE CALLERS v2.4; The Best 'last callers' Utility. For PCBOARD 15.0! A simple .PPE to use. Installs in just a few minutes. SysOps, surprise your users with a last callers list that has an *amazing* look!. Can be used at logon and/or in blt.
dccdv10b.zip205KDeluxe Credit Card Processor V1.0bbeta; one of the BEST credit card processors you will ever see! Full supports for Subscriptions & Products, or one or the other! Written useing the new PCBoard Toolkit by CDC! Support for non-standard COM ports, as well as all the other features you were always looking for!
dcm35.zip36KDeluxe Conference Menu v3.5. Now supporting the new 60 character long conference names in PCBoard 15.2+! This PPE has been clearely rated as the best for handling your conference needs! Supports UNLIMITED numbers of conferences and SORTS! Security specific nets, FAST! setup. Requires PCBoard 15.2+ and EMS memory.
ddescr10.zip2,760B*** DoorDescribe! PPE v1.0*** Not enough room on your door menu screen to display descriptions? This will take care of that for you. Descriptions up to 255 characters. Registration $10.00.
ddm12.zip25KDeluxe Door Menu v1.2. The next add on to 4D's Conference and Bulletin menus! This is what most people have been asking me for, so here it is! The best door menu PPE available for PCBoard users. Multi-Lang, Color configurable, easy to setup and maintain. PCBoard 15.2+
ddoor20.zip24KDDoor 2.0 PPE; PCBoard 15.0. A complete replacement for the OPEN and DOOR commands! Allows callers to open another door rather than returning Main Board Command Prompt. Registration allows callers to stack several door commands. Faster and Easier to install than before because it's completely rewritten with PCBoard Programing Language!
dds-page.zip5,264BSysop Pager which has the possibility to send a short line to the user to state why you don't want to chat. For use with PCB15.1+. SOURCE included.
depos103.zip66KThe Depository Bank v1.03; This PPE is written exclusively for PCBoard version 15.x. The purpose of this PPE is to allow your users to bank TIME or BYTES and to recover them when needed. It will also allow the user to exchange the saved time for bytes or bytes for time. No maintenance is required by the Sysop once the PPE is installed.
desqpcb3.zip4,482BExample of PCBoard 3-node setup on a DESQview 386 system. Revised for 80486 system
dev152.zip59KPCBoard Developer Information: Contains file structures and usage guidelines for files used in the PCBoard environment.
dextract.zip40K+- PCBoard File Dir Creator ----+ | This program will take a files.lst| | file and create a new list with | | only the files that are found in | | the specified files DIR list file | | This program searchs for the file | | before it will post it. | | A Cyber Realms Production | +-----------------------------------+
dircnt16.zip26KDirCount; PCB/ProDoor File DIR Header Util. A quick and simple utility to keep up-to-date headers in your file DIR listings. Includes other handy file directory utils.
dircom11.zip7,851BDirComment is a Fast program that reads PCBoard's DIRx files and takes the description from each file and actually puts it as a comment for the file.
dirlist2.zip6,735B@X1E+---------------------------+@X07 @X1E|DIRLIST.PPE 4 PCBOARD 15.1 |@X07 @X1E|---------------------------|@X07 @X1E|An ANSI/arrow key/menu bar |@X07 @X1E|user interface to your DIR |@X07 @X1E|files. Many features and |@X07 @X1E|very configurable. Supports|@X07 @X1E|up to 512 directories. Easy|@X07 @X1E|to install and a *MUST SEE*|@X07 @X1E+---------------------------+@X07
dirlwr.zip23KConverts PCBoard DIRx file descriptions to lowercase except for first letter of each description. PD program.
dirmch31.zip15KTo display two scrollable, alphabetized, directory listings side-by-side, with the more recent of matching filenames high- lighted; to provide mark, copy, and move facilities to update the target directory with one or more selected files from the source.
dirmgr02.zip75KDIRMGR v1b02; Creates colour header on PCBoard DIRx files listings. Very fast.
disp100.zip35KDISPLAY v1.0; Utility you can use with PCBoard to display any file (text) to the caller. Display @X, ANSI, and graphics / language / security specific files. Also supports standard and FOSSIL ports.
displayp.zip3,279BExamples of PCBoard 15.0 custom prompts, edit to use.
dispwh11.zip2,924BGary Meaker's Original Dispwhen.PPE modified to select what baud rates you want to show the 'file' to as well as the other original settings. Thanks Gary for the original 'free source code.'.
diz2p110.zip32KDIZ/2-PCB v1.10; PCBoard utility to extract FILE_ID.DIZ in ZIP/ARJ/LZH/PAK files, adds the # of files, newest/oldest file dates and the uncompressed size. Local Uploading. Removes unwanted BBSAds, archive comment generator. The fastest and most powerful processor out!
diz2p124.zip39KDIZ/2-PCB v1.24 of 07.18.94 - PCBoard utility to extract FILE_ID.DIZ in ZIP/ARJ/LZH/PAK files, adds the # of files, newest/oldest file dates and the uncompressed size. Local Uploading. Removes unwanted BBSAds, archive comment generator. Search and Destroy unwanted text from entering your upload dir. Adds the widthxheightxcolor of GIF files. The fastest and most powerful processor out! Shareware by Shawn Reimerdes.
dizit20.zip53KDizIt v2.0; Stop wasting time uploading files into PCBoard with the local upload option. DizIt aids the PCBoard sysop by allowing files which contain FILE_ID.DIZ or DESC.SDI files to be imported into PCBoard into any directory file you specify. No need to check if FILE_ID.DIZ or DESC.SDI exists, DizIt will snoop it out for you. Bew option to import descriptions from text files. DizIt is fast and easy!
dizpro11.zip98KDizIt PRO v1.1 - FILE_ID.DIZ Importer Sysops-Stop spending time uploading files into PCBoard with local upload. Do it with DizIt Pro to automate the process! DizIt Pro snoops through files quickly for either FILE_ID.DIZ or DESC.SDI and imports those descriptions. DizIt Pro can also import descriptions from text files, scan for virus, check for duplicate in .IDX files and much more. 12/24/94 ------- Great for nightly event -------- Author: Robert Neal NOT CRIPPLED!
dj-cpc10.zip5,265BDJP Command Password Checker v1.0. Put a password on any command that you want! Allows exemption levels too!!
dj-slr10.zip5,016BDJP Security Level Raiser v1.0. Let your users automatically raise their security level according to a password! Supports an unlimited number of different passwords and security levels.
djblt110.zip3,259B -=*[ DJBLT 1.10 ]*=- Tired of making bulletin menus everytime you want to add a new bulletin? Then this utility is for you! Makes a sharp looking bulletin menu on the fly! And it's fast! Not crippled in any way! -> Now supports up to 999 bulletins! <- PCBoard 15.1+ PPE. Written by: David Muench and Jim Erck.
dl-blist.zip3,448BBLaCK LiSTeR VeRSioN 1.0 is a .PPE for PCBOARD 15.+ to let users add names to a blacklist.
dlchk11.zip11KDownload Checker PPE v1.1
dlcnt10.zip20KProDoor/PCBoard File Download Counter v1.0; Analyze the PCBoard DOWNLOAD.TXT log file and update your DIR listing files to include the number of times each file has been downloaded. Compatible with DOWNLOAD.TXT files trimmed by TRIMDL14.ZIP. Includes Turbo Pascal Source
dlcnt14.zip22KFAST PCBoard/ProDoor File Download Counter 1.4 ---------------------------------------------- Analyze the PCBoard DOWNLOAD.TXT log file and update your DIR listing files to include the number of times each file has been downloaded. Compatible with DOWNLOAD.TXT files trimmed by TRIMDL15.ZIP. Version 1.4 also indicates files with zero downloads to help identify unpopular files. ---------------------------------------------- Freeware by Samuel H. Smith and The Tool Shop. Includes Pascal Source Code.
dldcon21.zip46K +=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+ | DLDCOUNT ver 2.1 ** IMPROVED!!! | | This release allows you to configure| | the number of header lines to skip! | | Download Counter updates you PCB | | DIRs with: Downloaded xx Time(s) | | COLORFUL BULLETIN DISPLAY | | Incredibly fast - Runs in Event | | SPEED ENHANCED * DISPLAY IMPROVED | | The PEGASUS PROJECT [813]481-5575 | +=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+
dldcou1a.zip43KDLDCOUNT v1.1a; Download Counter updates you PCB DIRs with: Downloaded xx Time(s) IMPROVED BULLETIN DISPLAY Creates Blt * Uncrippled Shareware Incredibly fast - Runs in Event
dldcou23.zip55KPEGASUS SOFTWARE'S DLDCOUNT ver 2.3a FASTER THEN EVER!!!! NOW Allows you to specify the number of header lines to skip! Download Counter updates you PCB DIRs with: Downloaded xx Time(s) COLORFUL BULLETIN DISPLAY Incredibly fast - Runs in Event SPEED ENHANCED * DISPLAY IMPROVED A PEGASUS SOFTWARE & IMAGING PRODUCT
dlfilter.zip24KDownload Filter v1.0; Fast, Flexible download log trimmer for PCBoard sysops. Can filter by file existence, date, or number of days ago.
dlinfo11.zip4,975BDLINFO.PPE v1.01; PCBoard v15.0 [PPE] program to replace your prompts 159, 669, 670, 674, 675 to enhance user information when they don't have enough download bytes remaining or would exceed limits/ratios.
dlock1a.zip10KUtility for PCBoard Sysops to stop callers from using certain doors depending on their name. Option to display custom message to caller. Small, Fast, Easy and Free!
dlog2lst.zip5,129BThis filter program scans a DSZLOG file and returns selected information in the form of a file list.
dlogon30.zip6,459B+------------------------------------+ | DLogon.PPE by Mauricio Pineda v3.0 | +------------------------------------+ Allow your users to download files before fully loggin onto your board. Great PPE for software creators that allow testdrive versions to be downloaded as FREE files. Now allows users to leave a message with built in full screen editor. ***External Protocol Required***
dltrim9e.zip36KDLTrim v.9Eb - for PCBoard v14.5 & v15 Trims filenames from DOWNLOAD.TXT that are no longer available for download. Bug-fix for small IDX files. Other utils that use DOWNLOAD.TXT will now give a more accurate picture of current UL/DLs on your BBS!
dltxt11.zip19KDLTxt v1.1; Generic DownLoad.TXT analyser to assist you in creating (PCBoard) bulletins with statistical info on users' downloads and uploads of specified files. Smart WildCards are supported (S*T matches SMART, not SOME that DOS would).
dmm120.zip28KPCBoard Door Menu Maker. Makes PCBoard Door menus with statistics of the number of uses, who used it last and on what date. SysOps may customize the menu colours.
dmn_wb10.zip6,032BWHO'S BEST 1.0 PPE
dms35a.zip62KWGM-DMS v.3.5a - PCBoard 14.x Utility This utility does the following: - Create directory headers. - Create conference directory files. - Create up to 99 bulletin files. - Create up to 99 master file listings. Written by Wayne G. Maas ****** This is a bug fix release ******
dmsppe1b.zip27KDMSPPE1B - v.1.0b update to DMSPPE1. Collection #1 of custom prompts for PCBoard v.15.1 & 15.2. Features include lite-bar prompts, online and context-sensitive help, and support for GRAPH, ANSI, and CTTY modes. This set contains: - Multi-menu, scrolling End of Message - More prompt - Scan mail prompt - New mail prompt - replacement command line prompt - r
dn-blist.zip7,391B+[SHADOWY DESCENT BBS LiSTER v1.0]+ *.........Drop In ANSi's.........* *.......One Entry Per User.......* *....LightBar\Extended Viewer....* *....Display Boards On Logoff....* *....Search For Boards By AC!....* *....Download Latest BBS List....* *...Automatic Edit Board Stats...* *.Delete/Modify Stats Sysop Menu.* -------------EEEEE--------------
dn-email.zip2,081BThis Is A Graphic Message & EMail PPE This PPE Makes Entering Public & Private Messages VERY Simple, With Kick Ass Grafix. EMail Menu Can Be Changed To Suit Your Needs.
dnloadpr.zip2,323BDownload Pro v1.01; An easy way to download files and log the entries for a PcBoard BBS.
doa_entr.zip1,396B[PRESS ENTER PROMPT]
dod-af20.zip16K - ADD FOFT v2.0 - This program will help you to save ur HDD space and to add ur BBS advertis- ments only to downloaded files.
dod-ao10.zip3,400B+------------------------------------------+ | iMPERiAL ANSi ONLY v1.o: Ami/X and PC/X | | stylish Ansi only mode..If you like them | | you need to setup this one to your PCB! | +------------------------------------------+
dod-asfp.zip5,312B - Advanced Stats for PCBoard - This program uses a very cool PPL function U_STATS(). Leech it and install toy your PCBoard.
dod-bl20.zip9,124BBBS-LIST v2.0 for PCBoard
dod-dl10.zip13K+------------------------------------------+ | DEAD LOGiN v1.o - Very nice pack which | | contains a LOGIN, ONELINER and LAST CAL- | | LERS ppe. Simple installation and pretty | | gfx interface make this pack awesome! -DR| +------------------------------------------+
dod-drf.zip4,088B DOS Command [PPE] A small PPE to replace sysop's function #10 "Execute DOS Command"..
dod-ff11.zip3,157BFILE FAKER/NUKER v1.1
dod-go99.zip1,036BP/O GRAFX ONLY [PPE] Version 0.99
dod-ld20.zip2,843B - LOADER v2.0 - This program is designed to load dif- ferent PPE or ANSi & PCB files while user logins to your board.
dod-lg10.zip3,620BLOG-IN v1.0 [PPE]
dod-ls10.zip8,128BANSI / RiP Login System v1.0 Beta Pretty login matrix features ANSI and RiP gfx.
dod-lt10.zip4,943B+------------------------------------------+ | LAST TRANSFERS v1.o: Nice Ul/Dl list of | | few last callers. For PCBoard 15.2+... | +------------------------------------------+
dod-mr10.zip2,364B+------------------------------------------+ | MAIL READER v1.0 - Simple mail reader w/ | | nice ansi support..Much better than a | | original PCBoard one. ************** -DR | +------------------------------------------+
dod-nup.zip5,603B+------------------------------------------+ | NUP v1.o: This is very cool NUP PPE... | | It will give various security levels to | | callers depending on password they've | | entered and many many more stuff... -LU | +------------------------------------------+
dod-pc1a.zip6,216B PPE COMMANDER v1.0a Best PPE Loader for PCB!
dod-pg10.zip41KPAGE/CHAT v1.0 [PPE]
dod-pl10.zip3,201BPPE LOADER v1.0. Best one ever for PCB!
dod-pm10.zip28KPAGEMOD v1.0. VOC Pager for SysOps
dod-q20b.zip4,479BQUESTION v2.0 Beta Version Pretty external questionaire with customized colors/bars/menus and questions.
dod-rand.zip2,194B15 PPERandomizer - Useful ppe. The best one among the other randomizers
dod-rd11.zip3,352BResume Download v1.1 PPE
dod-rr10.zip2,255BRUSSIAN ROULETTE v1.0
dod-ru10.zip2,577BRESUME UPLOAD [PPE] v1.0
dod-slan.zip5,899B+------------------------------------------+ | STATLAND v1.o - Configurable statistics | | door with a nice File/Messages/Personal | | information. Very easy to install into a | | PCBoard and PC/x. ****************** -DR | +------------------------------------------+
dod-ui10.zip2,713BIMPROVED USER INFO 1.0
dod-up20.zip9,556B+------- Lars Upload Processor 2.0 -------+ | Small and fast. Able to test ZIP | | integrity, extract FILE_ID.DIZ, check | | file date, replace ZIP comments, add | | BBS ADs, delete unwanted lines from | | FILE_ID.DIZ, add "Passed through" | | file and do many other cool things! | | Coded by: Lars Ulrich | +-----------------------------------------+
dod-us10.zip3,662B+------------------------------------------+ | UPLOAD SYSTEM v1.0 - Very nice 100% con- | | figurable PPE to replace old and shitty | | [U] function in PCB prompt. Many useful | | options included..PPLC 3.01..****** - LU | +------------------------------------------+
dod-zv10.zip5,945BZipView (tm) 1.0 for PCBoard This PPE offers easy-to-use lightbar selection menu and other pretty stuff Throw out that lame 200kb EXE and use our quality production..
dodmmp32.zip92K+------------------------------------------+ | MEGAMATRiXPRO v3.2 - New improved version| | of the powerfullest matrix in the world! | | Added pcbprot.bat analize routine, impro-| | ved upload processor, etc! ********* - LU| +------------------------------------------+
doorhelp.zip4,304BDOORHELP - A text file describing the setup of standard DOS applications as doors using Doorway and PCBoard.
dorman21.zip41K-=> The Doorman Doormanager <=- Ver 2.0 Ultimate door management utility. Limit the # of times per day a caller can access any door(s), limit time entering any door, sub. locked DTE rate for callers rate, Lock/unlock door(s) if not multi-node comp. Registration provides Twit file to deny any caller from any door(s), set oper. hours of door(s), and more. Registered users with PcBoard.sys based systems now enjoy converting to/from any of the listed formats below. Supports PcBoard.sys (14.x), Door.
downppe.zip1,588BDownload Stats - PCBoard 15.0 PPE File to show the user their upload/download stats before beginning a download.
dpa-di11.zip4,677B+--- DiOXiNE iNFO V 1.10 PPE ---+ | - (W) COMMAND REPLACEMENT | | - 100% CONFiGURABLE | | - UNCRiPPLED FREEWARE | +-------------------------------+
dpacwall.zip2,245B+---------------------------------------+ | Grafitti Wall v1.0b [PPE] | | dPAC Grafitti Wall can be used either | | in CMD.LST or upon login. Displays | | 10 messages. Has easy to use | | light-bar options. No rego required. | +---------------------------------------+
drs091b.zip45KThe Duplicate Removal System DRS v0.91; Allows PCBoard sysops to eliminate all duplicate revisions of files from their BBS, thereby conserving disk space. A must for the serious sysop!
drupr102.zip46KDirUpper v1.02 - Utility To Map The First Letter Of Each Word In The DIRxx File To Uppercase. May Also Be Called From PCBTEST.BAT To Process The UPDESC.x File On The Fly. FREEWARE!
dscribe1.zip28KFiles that fail testing in the PCBTEST.BAT file are noted in the private upload directory with 'FILE FAILED VERIFICATION' - if you're running several different tests, it would be nice to know why the file failed. Or, if you have your system set up to use the file date of uploads instead of the date uploaded, it would be nice to know when the upload was received.
dslot121.zip22KDOLLAR SLOTS! Ver. 1.21 From Galahad Software. A PPE for PCBoard 15.2+. Dollar Slots Features a Progressive Jackpot, Multiple Paylines, Monthly & All-Time High Score Records, and more! As usual, only $5 to register!
dspwhn11.zip3,332BDispWhen.PPE - v1.10 - Display any text file based on Callers Security Level, Time of Day or Day of Week. Use in PCBText entries or any text file displayed to User. Version 1.1 Removed code which was no longer needed due to changes in PPL and compiled with /nouvar for smaller PPE. FREEWARE From Gary Meeker, includes Source code.
dt_b-w10.zip15KBiG-WHO v1.0 - PPE FOR PCBOARD 15.1+ REALTiME UPDATiNG ! UP TO 99 NODES !
dup-bloc.zip11KDUPBLOC [PPE] v1.0 - p/o BBS SecurityPak Duplicate Caller Blocker - Uses Caller-ID info to LockOut duplicate users. In PPLC v1 to work with all PCBoard 15.x. Extremely configurable, options galore. Works with any CallerID capable modem that supports PCBoard 15. By Al Segura FREEWARE
duper141.zip26KSybilware's Duper Utility v. 1.41 Finds SOURCE of dupes packed out by PCBPack and leaves one or more messages to the users uploading dupes. Shareware by boB Gage. Registration $15.
dustat11.zip35KDUSTATS.EXE v1.1 - PCBoard TOP xx Down- loads Statistics Bulletin Generator. Very Sysop configurable to generate desired Bulletin complete with defined color codes. Written in C for more speed. By Al Segura
dvs10b4.zip94KDynamic Verification System v1.0b4- Compiled 01/12/92 - This program is all you need to get your users verified quick and easy. Includes callback verification, optional registration 'scripts', external registration doors, and more! This version adds auto new user scripts and more detailed modem configuration. For PCBoard 14.5+ Systems
dwnld303.zip27K###### DWNLD.PPE Version 3.0b3 ###### +-------------------------------------------+ | A PPE for PCB 15.2 that give PCB a FULL | | SCREEN download counter. Update allows | | sysop to FULLY use multilingual options | | and adds ability to View & Remove files, | | and Change Protocols. MANY fixes and | | additions. | +-------------------------------------------+
dwt102.zip122KDW_Tic v1.02 - A PCBoard FIDO .TIC processor -------------------------------------------- A complete PCBoard .TIC file processor. No more clumsy config files, or weird batch files. See the documentation under "Features" for a more detailed description. Fixed two bugs and added three new items. SHAREWARE Compiled 02/18/95
d_text.zip2,076B[PPE] Enables you to display text files before a user begins a download. Useful to inform users about ratio and available bytes
e-blt.zip6,142B@X0A#################################### @X0F E-BLT.PPE Ver 1.0 @X0A#################################### @X0FE-BLT.PPE Will Show your users their FidoNet "NetMail" Address in 2 forms 1. Their Fido Node Address 2. Their Internet Address Thru Fido @X0A----------------------------------- Shows a Bulletin with their address and a few examples on how to use it ------------------------------------ Compiled PPLC ver 1.0 For Use on PCB 15.xx and newer.Source Code Included 1-22-94 @X0BMicro-Com
easytext.zip21KEASYTEXT v1 - Customized prompts for PCBoard 15.0. Makes some PCBTEXT prompts easier to understand for Novice PCBoard users.
ecnfn11.zip11K*****Enhanced Conf Join 1.1************* CNFN.PPE - this is a modified version of the PPE that is used on Salt Air for their conference join menu. It will only display the conferences the caller is able to join. Updated by Herbert Bushong to allow for conference subsets to be chosen and displayed by the caller. Bug fix for security problem introduced by change in file formats. Freeware/Public Domain Source included.
edsb121c.zip178KEDSBack v1.21c [PPE] Call-Back verifier for PCBoard v15.1. Supports multi-lingual prompts, user trashcans, number trashcans, caller-ID searching, automated messages, powerful ONLINE configuration, timetables, file flagging, international support, call back only mode, user upgrading, MUCH MORE! LAST BUG FIX UNTIL V2.00.
edsqt101.zip22K[PPE] EDSQuote & AddQuote v1.0. EDSQuote will display an attractive "Quote of the Day" to your users and AddQuote will allow them to add quotes.
em103.zip34KEvent Manager v1.03; SUPER FAST, SUPER EASY multiple event manager. Synchronous events! Also, now handles Sliding events. Run events only on certain days, and times. Now you can force events, change other lines in PCBOARD.DAT. Now adds three event variables to the event files. Day rollovers handled.
email_10.zip2,157BEMAIL; This ppe will allow you to show your users thier EMAIL address if you are using INTERNET mail. It replaces the name spaces with dots and centers it on a nice looking display. You can add to the display file or add to another optional help file. Source included. (PPCL required)
empage10.zip5,382B+------ EMERGENCY PAGE PPE 1.o -------+ | The ultimate replacement for the O | | command. Complete with configurable | | password, lamer trap, kewl ANSi's! | +-------------------------------------+
ename101.zip5,684BeName v1.01 is a PCBoard PPE (includes the PPS source) which converts a user's name to a legitimate email address. Great for welcoming a user to an Internet email conference. Conforms to RFC1137 spec for converting names into email names. ENAME.INI allows for customizing colors, domain, and more! FREEWARE, by Duke Engineering. Call Online Resource 619.793.8360 for latest.
entcom1a.zip10K+--------ENTCOM1A.PPE v1.a-----------+ | Replace the [C]omment to SysOp(s) | | command. It's perfect for BBS with | | more than one sysop. FREEWARE. | | PPLC 3.10 PCBoard 15.21 | | Software Kitchen BBS | | 718-281-0645 24 hours/7 days | +------------------------------------+
entr_msg.zip4,783BEnter Message v1.0; Written in PPL for PCBoard. Will test messages in conferences 0 and 1 to see if they are addressed to ALL. If so, the user is warned that they are about to leave a message to ALL in a conference where all mail is forced to be private.
eppe10.zip2,035BE.PPE - Replacement for PCBoard prompt #199 Displays a generic text filebefore the enter message prompt, or a conference specific text file. Includes source. Freeware.
eunion41.zip18KEastern Union Time Transfer: Designed to allow your users to transfer time from their own account to another user's!! This is the FIRST and ONLY time transferring system ever available for PCBoard!!! Shareware Version is limited to transfers of a maxumum of 10 minutes. Another premier release from WizWare!
eu_11.zip2,925B[PPE] ExUser v1.1. Exempts certain users from forced password changes. Useful if you run a mail hub and don't wish to force your net SysOps to change passwords and scripts. Must have Password PSA enabled.
evd41.zip273KEVDoor v4.1 - New User Verification System The *fully functional* NEW USER Automatic CallBack & Verification Door for PCBoard Supports FOSSIL & non-standard comm ports Multi-Node concurrent use, Written in C++ NO BRUN required! Complete packaged System SysOp configurable setup & display screens
eventdrv.zip93Kallows you to set many events on your BBS very easily.
evtmgr23.zip9KEvent Manager version 2.3 of 02/07/92. This program will add event notes to your caller log file. Now includes printer support and node number as command line switches. Allows you to have a complete record of your event activities within your callers log. Fixes Error 002 (file not found) with $END option, when using it for multiple log files at the same time. Now works with Caller log viewers such as ACTVIEW. Author: Lance Williams
ex-lpas1.zip2,300BAUToSEND v1.0beta PPE Send Files Once Automaticly To Users
ex-lpdir.zip8,467BDiR PRo v1.0beta PPE ONLiNE Dos DIR command
expir101.zip2,737BEXPIRE! v1.01; A PCBOARD 15.0 .PPE utility that will allow you to change the expiry date of the online user. Passcode protected so it can be used at security level 0(zero).
expire10.zip16KPCExpire v1.0; Sysops! save time using this PCBoard add-on. Maintainence of your conferences download directories can now be automated in an event using PCExpire. It will delete or truncate old download files, and/or produce an optional report. Automatically marks old download files in directory list files as OFF-LINE.
expmsg10.zip2,202BExpire Message 1.0 - PPE w/Source that will write a message to the sysop x days before a user expires (set on command line). Requires PCBoard 15.1 minimum. PD/Freeware. Under PCBoard 15.2, could be run from DOS command line in an event.
extnet10.zip48KEXTnet - PCBoard 14.x utility. Replaces the WHO command. It does quite a bit more, such as provide information on what time the user logged on and what door they are in (if any). Written by Matt Messier.
ez_diz12.zip43KEZ-DIZ v1.2 - Process archived FILE_ID.DIZ or DESC.SDI descriptions from the *COMMAND* line and place them into your PCBoard 14.5+ directory list automatically without doing "local uploads". Now with automatic support for ZIP/ARC/ARJ/PAK/LZH. Complete Re-write to improve speed. May be used in an event. ShareWare. $10.00 registration fee.
fakepcb.zip1,083BFakeinput; Simple PPE to remove a certain prompt, it just stuffs the keyboard buffer with a chr(13). Source too.
fakewho3.zip1,179BAMi-X Fake WHO command 3 Nodes
farmcat.zip1,327KAttention PCBoard Sysops; Increase cash flow by offering all of the files on your board to customers who don't have modems, by placing them on disks. This easy menu system allows customers to choose the files they would like to try, automatically working out the totals including Tax and postage and then printing the order for them. It will import the PCBFILES.LST every time it's updated, making your catalogue one of the most up to date available. MAKE $$$$$ FROM THE SHAREWARE PROGRAMS ON YOUR
fax-101.zip68KPCB/FaxMail 1.01 from Sparkware. Lets callers easily send messages to fax machines w/internal faxcard on your BBS. NetBios compatible, great for multinode systems. PCRelay-compatible so faxes can be routed across the country. This product changes the way you will think about a BBS. This is a working DEMO. Registration is $30.00 (US).
fbbspc12.zip15KFILES.BBS to PCBoard DIR v1.2 Converts CD-ROM files.bbs to a text file that can be read by PCBoard 14.x/15.x.
fdc-460.zip86K#### ##### #### ---------------------------- ## # # # File Download Counter 4.6 - # ##### #### ---------------------------- This is a great utility for PCBoard Sysops! FDC will count the number of times a file has been downloaded from your system and update your directory listings with that number. This makes it easy for users and sysops to see which files and file areas are the most popular on their system. Easy to install, works great in a nightly event.
fdc_320.zip71KFile Download Counter For Pcboard.
fdh70.zip81KFDH v7.0; Create A Colorful Header for your File Directories. For PCBoard Ver14.5a - Uses PCB "@X" Color Codes - Color Possiblities are Limitless! Display the Date, No. of Files and No. of K-Bytes Contained in Each Directory. This Version Corrects a Problem with the "Ones" Digit being Cut-Off on Directories Over 99. Increased Max. Number of Directories to 250.
fd_168.zip3,126BHow to set up Front Door to pass 16,800 callers to PCB. Works with FD 2.02/2.10 and PCB 14.# and up! Also gives a few hints on using Front Door to pass FAX connections to a FAX program. Has batch file examples/samples and a text file explaining the process.
fd_pcb.zip2,153BHow To: Running PCBoard With Frontdoor.
fidohlp2.zip16KFIDOHELP r2; A very extensive document to help PCBoard Sysops become a member of FIDO-Net. This document will get you a mailer up and running in no time flat! Example batch files, explanation of terms, experiences from my own setup, and what I have learned over the last 8 months as a FIDO-Net (PCBoard) sysop. A list of all files needed and a directory tree layout too!
fidopcb2.zip4,443BText file, explains the programs and batch files needed to run PCBoard in a FidoNet - Technology environment. This version has some subtle changes, including the change from TosScan to Squish as the tosser/scanner. Written by Michael Nelson, sysop of SeaHunt BBS.
fidoq105.zip72KFidoQWK 1.05: FidoNet *.MSG <=> QWK echomail processor. Allows FidoNet type BBS systems to echo messages with QWK/REP type networks.
filelist.zip2,925B+-----FILELIST.PPE v1.0--------+ | Add FILELIST.PPE to your | | main menu and give your | | user easy access to download | | your allfiles list. | | PPLC 3.1 PCBoard 15.21| | Software Kitchen BBS | | 718-281-0645 24 hours/7 days| +------------------------------+
filemenu.zip11KUpdate/code change to the FLYDIR.PPE - it still creates the DIR files on the fly, but the presentation is different then FLYDIR. A little more "polished" in my opinion. This one makes use of the Left/Right cursor control keys, and draws multiple columns for the files. Useful for up to 100 files per subdirectory.
filesy01.zip8,612BBOOMLAB FILE SYSOP PPE v.01 BETA -------------------------------- Fully automate the handling of files failing BOOMLAB v.43+. It can E-Mail the Sysop so now you'll know there's files to look at, E-Mail user, Delete file, and NUKE file! All can be used in combination and set for each type of failed test. (CRC/AGE/VIRUS)
finfo12.zip177KFInfo v1.2 for PCBoard 14.5 or 14.5a - allows users to get information on when a file was uploaded, who by, when d/l'ed and how many times. Big feature is that it almost *instant* - no more waiting while the download.txt file is scanned. Also cuts down on download.txt file size drastically!
firstpcb.zip32KOffline help for PCBoard and 1stReader; Access the complete PCBoard User's Guide while connected to a PCBoard system using 1stReader. Simple, easy and complete.
fixstat1.zip8,248BFIXSTATS.EXE, Version 1.0. Use it to adjust your PCBSTATS.DAT file. This is the location where you CALL WAITING Screen Data is stored. Written by Request.
fixtext.zip8,820BFIX_TEXT v1.1; Simple little utility to correct the ???????? that EXZTest adds to PCBPASS.TXT when it encounters a ZipFile made with PkZip 2.04x. Changes ???????? to Deflated. Now handles PCBFAIL.TXT also.
flotqp22.zip6,274BFLORIDA LOTTO QUIK PIK v2.2 for PCB v15.0 This is a PPE program that will allow your users to generate Quik Pik numbers for play in the Florida Lottery. Now supports both PICK5 and PICK6.
flydir.zip6,197BThis is a PPE designed for creating DIR files on the fly. It will not use FILE_ID.DIZ descriptions, and will not use any part of your existing descriptions
fn110.zip4,670BFLAGNEW.PPE v1.10; PCBoard v15.0 [PPE] program that flags all new files in specified directories for later download. Additionally a capture file with all descriptions will be zipped and flagged for download.
fnpcb_10.zip13KPCB@ v1.0; PCBoard v14.x & v15.0 @-MACRO developers TSR utility. invokes. Handy for quick reference to PCBoard's "@" macros. Also, "TRANSFERS" a macro to your editor or graphic development program. This is more than a handy reference tool.
fof_tlog.zip2,466BSCaRFaCE Turbo Login PPE
forgetpw.zip4,258BFORGETPW; Sample PPL program that replaces the default PCBTEXT prompt (#595) which asks the caller if he forgot his/her password. This PPL program needs to be customized prior to using it on your system. It demonstrates how you can verify who the caller is and let the caller request a new password when the old one is forgotten.
fp067.zip38KF-Probe 0.67b >> FREEWARE Version << Automated Upload File Testing for use with PCBoard BBS's. Automatically tests for file integrity, viruses and valid file dates. Tests embedded ZIPs, displays progress messages to user, low memory requirements, highly configurable, and more! This is a bug-fix release which now allows Sysops to upload from "local".
fp13s.zip199KFidoPCB v1.3; Fido interface for PCBoard. Allows multiple Nodes, AKA's, AreaFix, Net Mail. Can be run as a Door. Fast, easy setup. Direct tossing into PCBoard message format. FrontDoor, IM, Binkley required. NEW: MasterCard, EuroCard Registration!
fpcb210.zip8,521BFPCBNM v2.10; PCBoard 15.0 [PPE] program to replace the (E)nter a Message command in your FidoNet netmail conference. Simplifies user input for both normal FidoNet netmail as well as sending mail into UUCP using FidoNet gateways. Now LAN Compactable.
fpchk101.zip35KFPCHECK v1.01; Tips and Techniques on using a SupraFAXmodem and FaxTalk Plus software with Mark Herring's PCB/FaxMail 1.01 gateway to set up an automated facsimile send capability from a PCBoard 14.x BBS. Included is the program FPCHECK to implement the VERIFY status function for reporting the success or failure of a fax send.
freefl10.zip23KFreeFile v1.00 PPE - Gorgon Enterprises, Inc. Are there certain files that you want to make freely available to unregistered callers? Do they have trouble finding your free files? If so, FreeFile is for you! FreeFile installs as a Logon Script and runs immediately after the caller enters their password. FreeFile also install in the CMD.LST as a command. This program is ShareWare - not CrippleWare, Beg- Ware or PauseWare! $10.00US - and worth it!
fret_100.zip30KFERRET V1.00 s/w released 04/20/92. Utility for SysOps using PCBoard with BinkleyTerm or FrontDoor. Credit callers for their File Requests! Session p/w's may be assigned and removed automatically based on several criteria, including security level. Control F'Req privileges just as you would control downloads on your BBS! Can be up and running within minutes. Multi-node support. A must for systems with Point setups!
frumor12.zip6,819B FLiGHT*Rumors Ver 1.2 Finally the rumors from forum hacks for PCBoard 15.x! Users can add their own rumors at ease with the internal command. Easy to install - no maintenance!
fsearch.zip17KFSEARCH 1.0 scans file lists found on PCBoard BBSs. This helpful utility works similarly to the (z)ippy search function on PCBoard BBSs, except that it's used off- line. FSEARCH was written to help BBS users find files they want to download before going online.
fsjoin10.zip13KThe BEST Full-Screen Conference Join System Easy to Configure, Totally Color Configurable Extended Conference Descriptions Forum-hack look and feel
fsr.zip27KFSR.PPE is a logon screen rotator that will display a RIP or ANSI screen depending on which RIP/ANSI Graphic mode is on.
ft-logor.zip4,299B[TuRBo-LoGoN-RuNNeR] PPe v2.0 + BuGFiX Logon runner for ppe's / ansi / pcb Special features - Random Run,Security Run , Query Run. NEW - ViPLiST & TuRBo LoGON . A MusT HaVe For Every SyzoP For PCB 15.X+ ONLY!!
ft-rentr.zip7,971B[PWA RANDoMiZER] PPe v2.0 + BuGFiX randomized press enter for PWA's Enter prompt enhancer . GreaT RaNDoM Press Enter . For PCB 15.X+ ONLY!!
ftpmail1.zip29KFTPMAIL PPE v1.0: FTPMAIL for PCBoard 15.21 -------------------------------------------- ]| [FTPMAIL.PPE]: This program open the |[ ]| oportunity to ALL PCBoard user's make |[ ]| FTP to Internet File Server's. |[ ]| -------------------------------------- |[ ]| Design for work to PCBoard 15.2x, and |[ ]| any BBS who work with email Server's |[ ]| UUENCODE & UUDECODE. ## MSmac Software |[ --------------------------------------------
ftt108b.zip60K[File Transfer Test V1.08 BETA 10/30/94] FTT is a PCBoard PPE program designed to perform file transfer testing in a controlled, repeatable manner, and provide complete statistic reporting in a uniform format. Works with any modem, with or without USRSTATS. Multi-node aware, requires DSZ.COM.
ft_rempp.zip39KRemover++! a great remover that kicks out randomized files! (like AD'S!) and also removes Lines from File_id.diz!!!! a Must for all of ya sysops! For PCB 15.X+ ONLY!!!
fulogn13.zip7,045BLOGON.PPE V1.3 PPE for PCB 15.1 that give PCB a FULL SCREEN logon procedure. The sysop can display a file and then ask for the users name and password anywhere on the screen. This version fixes the document bugs that were in version 1.2 (left a setup procedure out.
fwho_110.zip3,323BFindWho; PCBoard PPE allows you to zippy scan your download.txt file for any occurence of a text string. It auto-configures itself, supports multiple language files, and is fast
f_lock11.zip2,685B+------------------------------------+ | [FUSION LOCK 1.1 bETA] | | Why Do You Need This? Because It | | Does This Really /<-Rad Stuff: | | ANTI-HACKER Protection to the | | extreme...n00ks anyone with a | | sysop-level account who is not | | the actual sysop. Kicks backdoors | | in the ass! | +------------------------------------+
f_rules1.zip2,705BFido Rules Poster v1.0 - This is a PPE to post rules in Echo Conferences during weekly maintenance. Sysops, If you are the moderator for a conference this is a must for you!
f_text.zip22KPCB14: text display dr w/sample from Lampoon.
gamble31.zip34K================================ Ultimate Time Gambler v3.1 ================================ A PPE for PCBoard 15.2+ which will allow your users to gamble on-line time by playing one of the following 5 games: 1) Blackjack (21) 2) Craps (Casino Style) 3) Safe Cracker 4) Guess-the-Number 5) Dumb Luck (10 Different Odds) by Brian Sweeney, The Laser BBS (914-734-7045) ================================
gap2pcb.zip10KA conversion utility to convert GAP to PCBoard
ga_bl_20.zip16K+-----> BBSLST.PPE, Version 2.0. <----+ | Super configurable and VERY powerful | | BBS List/Database for PCBoard 15.x | | Self-cleaning database, optional | | bulletin creation, and MUCH more | | See "FEATURES.TXT" for more details.. | | Compiled with PPLC Version 2.0. | | $10 Shareware - Grey Area Productions | +----> The Grey Area (201)316-0715 <----+
gbyeppe.zip1,299BCPCB Text replacement for #605. Small PPE to verify user request Log Off
germtxt1.zip110KHere are the PCBTEXT.GER and HLP*.GER files for PCBoard Version 15.2 All the the files inside the GERHLP.ZIP should go into your HELP Directory. All the other files should be placed in the C:PCB\GEN directory. The files where converted by a Sysop in Berlin, Germany and a Sysop in Calgary, Alberta. All the files need a little more TOUCH-UP. So watch for more modifications.
getit02b.zip4,590BGetIt.PPE v.2.1; PCBoard 15.0 PPE program that will check the users file for Address Information (PSA) if enabled, and a user has not entered their appropriate information, as well as Notes (PSA) if enabled, and a user has not entered any personal info notes and finally for Verify (PSA) if enabled, and a user has not yet entered their birthdate. Now includes word wrap and better interface. Fixes Minor Bug With Missing Address Info
ghost12.zip25KGHOST LOADER Version 1.2. This PCBoard util changes the dates within PCBoard DIR files to the current day. It will give your users the impression that more files are being uploaded to your system. The program can be set to alter as few or as many file dates as wanted. PCBFILER /PROCESS will return all the dates to their original settings. That makes GHOST a friendly, non-destructive utility for you! Easy to set-up and run. Quick and painless! ------------------------------------------
giftest4.zip203KGIFtest 4.0b16d; Command line GIF util for PCBoard 14.5a and ProDoor sysops to test uploaded GIF files for errors and insert resolution into the file descriptions where the sysop desires. Returns an error level, so works with most BBS software. Supports COM ports 1-4 at up to 19,200 baud!
givetime.zip3,123B- The Give Time PPE- === TechnoDork Software === - Copyright (C) 1994- This program will give a user a specified time added to theirs. This is so that users who need 2 or 3 more minutes to download something or need time to get time out of the timebank can do so. I reccoment making the password at least four alpha-numeric characters long. This program is very simple to use. First you need to create a configuration file, name
gl-bet.zip1,717B Let's Bet For Some Mins! You Can Lose 5 Mins Or Win 10!
gl-dchat.zip2,440BDevil Man's Chatter! Great Chatter! Just Try This Cool One!
gl-gb002.zip1,921BGoodBye v0.02 PPE Colours And Ansi Logoff Display! Also Added format c: Prompt!!
gl-nuke6.zip5,761BUNREAL NUKER v0.06b PPE Added support for ULBY.DAT
gl-stats.zip3,359BPerfect Stats! Kewl PPE, Configurable!
gl-sysop.zip1,433BIllusion PPE Version 1.1 -> TeMpMaN! Page Sysop PPE Best One Ever Made!
gl-top01.zip9,997BTOP 10 Ul/Dlers PPE, fully configurable
gl-top02.zip3,478BTOP 5 Ul/Dlers PPE, fully configurable!
gl-who01.zip3,281BWHO is OnLine PPE, fully configurable!
gl-winfo.zip1,973BMAD WIZARD'S CHANGE iNFO 'W' [PPE]
glotqp11.zip4,861BGEORGIA LOTTO QUIK PIK v1.1 for PCB v15.0 This is a PPE program that will allow your users to generate Quik Pik numbers for play in the Georgia Lottery or any lottery that uses six numbers from 1 to 46.
gl_dchat.zip2,442BDevil Man's Chatter! Great Chatter! Just Try This Cool One!
gns-bat.zip2,812B+-----------------------------------------+ | Batch Protocol Enhancer | | + 100% Configurable Prompts/Colors | | + Supports Hot Keys! | | + Light Bar Driven! | +-----------------------------------------+
gns-bbs3.zip9,549BBBS Lister v3.0 + One Push HotKey Support! + Color Configurable! + ANSi Configurable! + New BBS Listing and Adding Layout!
gns-ent2.zip14KGENESiS Enter a Message Enhancer v2.o ------------------------------------- This PPE allows you to have a better looking Enter Message prompts.. Using a menu type set-up.. Now Configurable: ANSi File . Background color of Input
gns-eom.zip3,503B+---[ GENESiS End Of MSG Litebar PPE ]----+ | Features: | | + 100% Configurable Strings/Colors/Loc | | + Supports up to three lines | | + No annoying hardcoded Author name | +-----------------------------------------+
gns-fil2.zip6,077BGENESiS File Directory Lister! v1.2 + ANSi Configurability + Unhigh/Highlight Color Configuration + ANSi Position on Screen.. + Conference Specific!!.. + Now Allows Tokening/Stuffing for Easier And Quicker Newscan/Listing
gns-join.zip6,577B+---------[GNS-JOIN v1.O (PPE)]-----------+ | Best JOIN Replacement yet, Allows: | | * "J x" tokening for quick joining! | | * Simplicity by containing multiple | | Msg Confs w/ Areas starting at _1_ | | * Quick-Setup & Configuring | | * Easy-to-add Confs * LightBar Support | | ** Designed for SysOps with NETWORKS ** | +---[Coded By : The Oddity [O7.O6.94]-----+
gns-logf.zip8,006B+--------[ GENESiS Logoff Matrix ]---------+ | + 100% Configurable Prompts/Colors/ANSi | | + Supports Hot Keys! | | + Light Bar Driven! or Menu!.Whichever! | | + Best Ever Made!.. Get It NOW!!! | +------------------------------------------+
gns-logn.zip9,261BGENESiS Logon v1.1 + Configurable YES/no litebar + Turbo Logon Option + Nice Oneliners + Last X Callers + AutoMessage + 100% Configurable - All features can be disabled, big STRINGS.CNF + Support for other Logon products, can be skipped with Turbo Logon
gns-onel.zip5,020BGenesis One-Liners V1.0 PPE for PCB 15.1
gns-prot.zip3,341BGENESiS Protocol Selector PPE v1.o This PPE allows you to have a better looking Transfer Protocol selector. Fully configurable and easy to setup using lightbars!
gns-rumr.zip11KFLiGHT*Rumors v1.5 + 100% configurable ANSis/Colors + New configurable word stripper! + Stores time/date/author of each rumor + Allows recording to caller log + Easy to install! Best yet! Get it NOW!
gns-show.zip2,038K+-----------------------------------------+ | GENESiS ANSi Viewer v1.o [PPE] | | New Concept PPE.. Never Before Seen | | + Color Config + ANSi Config | | This PPE Package Comes PRESET With 14 | | ANSi Packs.. ACiD, iCE, and CiA Packs | | SYSOP CAN ADD AS MANY MORE AS HE WANTS! | | May Be Big. . But Well Worth The Time | | Definatly One of The Best Coded | |-----------------------------------------| | . Unzip With -D Option.. For Sub Dir. . | |----------------
gnschat.zip9,205B GENESiS Chat v1.0b +--[ GENESiS .. Back With a Vengeance ]---+ | Features: | | + 100% Configurable + Line Chat | | + SplitScreen Chat + Online Menu | +------*[Coded By : Sleeping Dragon*------+
gnstst11.zip7,063BPPe Tester v1.1 BUG FIX! + Simply Put.. The Best Tester Ever! + Up to 9 Pre-defined PPE/Paths that can be run as simple as pressing any number key! + The Above mention is Configurable! + Also features a Lite-Bar Driven Directory Listing That Helps You Find The PPE That You Have Forgot The Name Off + Light Bar Driven!
gnx-ghet.zip12KGHeTTo eNTeR PRoMPT
gnx-qul3.zip6,100BQuick Uploader v3.0
gnx-sup.zip4,155BSuperView(c) Grabba!
gnx-za17.zip6,585BZipAdd v1.7
gnx_ll27.zip5,561BLightning Logon! v2.7 By AReS & Strider
gnx_nu10.zip23KAMi/X NeW! v.1.0b By BitStream/CK
go4news2.zip7,031BGO/4 Software News Creator! V1.1 A simple to install, and snap to use NEW file creator. Creates a stunning news file with a computer printout look. Completely free for you. *Bug Fix Release*
govtext.zip11K1PCBoard version 14.5 PCBTEXT file
gppe.zip2,006BGoodbye [PPE] v.1; Replacement for your (G)oodbye command in PCBoard. Functions included a logoff comment to the SysOp.
grafd220.zip10KGRAF-D PPE v2.20; Use this PPE to auto-detect ANSI and RIP support of the caller and then default the "Do you want graphics" prompt to default to the best selection available.
grafd231.zip9K[PPE] GRAF-D v2.31: You can use this PPE to auto-detect ANSI and RIP support of the caller and then default the "Do you want graphics" prompt to default to the best selection avaialble. Requires PCB v15.2+
graph10.zip1,343B+-------- PCBGraphics by DynaSOFT ----------+ | PCBGraphics helps 'new users' that wonder | | around PCBoard to try to understand some | | of the commands. This will verify when | | they pick 'M' to toggle graphics if they | | are sure they want to toggle it. Easy to | | install and a great program! | +---------- Version 1.00 FREEWARE ----------+
guess10.zip4,608B+------------------------------+ |GUESS.PPE 1.0 by Tom Grandgent| | WizWare '94 | |------------------------------| |This PPE lets users gamble for| |time by guessing a number from| |0-9999 with hints. Fun! Great| |interface and many options are| |configurable. FREEWARE! All | |we ask is that you call The | |Wizard's BBS (508)481-4693 and| |run the WIZREG PPE to register| |it (free registration!) Enjoy!| +------------------------------+
guestppe.zip2,372BGUEST; PPE to allow sysops with guest user accounts to keep track of who's using the guest account. Prompts the user for their name and location, then writes it to the caller log. PPS included.
gw_olm11.zip5,169B+----------------------------------+ | GW-OLM 1.1 [PPE] tHE DEEP '94 | +----------------------------------+ On-Line Message PPE for PCB 15.2 that will send a one line message to another node similar to the Ami/X OLM feature. ------------------------------------
h-ruckgr.zip40K>>> Hack Report Upload Checker <<< ********Gamma Release************ For PCBoard 15.0 Sysops Only! This is a CO-upload checker - it works with Ziplab, etc.! H-Ruck checks the uploaded file against the Hack Report IDX file and/or the COL file, and will fail the upload if it finds a match. Prevent known trojans and virii that McAfee can miss! Disallows pirated files.... For PCBoard from Maritime Computer -now faster & adds PASSED screen
hamppe10.zip9K*** HAMCALL PPE CDROM DOOR v1.0 *** Buckmaster Ham Call CDROM req. Looks up amateur data from call sign. Compiled w/PPLC 3.0 for PCBoard 15.2+
haz-st10.zip2,676BMaTRiX STaTS PPe SHoW RePLaCeS THe "V" CMD
hideuser.zip3,394BHIDEUSER.ppe- Ver 1- Simple way to change Alias name. I use it for my FLAMING base so users can't tell who posted what. Cuts down on friction between members and reduces the change of ill-will affecting the rest of the BBS. Complete Source included. FREEWARE. A Banana Republic Sysop & user-friendly PPE. By: Francis "gorilla" Amato.
hillbill.zip72KHILLBILL; Help files for PCB v15.0 converted to HillBilly language.
hlp145an.zip129KPCBoard Helpfiles for new V14.5a Englisch and German Versions. You may choose between Ascii and Graphics Version (PCBoard @Codes)
hlp_qwk.zip1,139BAdd-on for PCBoard 15.0, extra Help menu for the QWK packets.
hndchg1.zip12KHANDLE CHANGE PPE v1.0: This simple PPE lets your users choose a HANDLE iN PCB with KewL Ansi! Also features LIGHTBAR!
hoho203.zip88K.......... Ho' House (HoHo) ............ ....... V2.03.....GO/4 Software ........ ... GO/4's First *ADULT* Door Game ..... REQUIRES PCBOARD 15.2+.................. The bank is fixed! You can now use it! As manager of your own cathouse, you.... compete with other BBS members for the.. rating of "Top Pimp" by carefully....... selecting whores, keeping them clean,... and, when all else fails, by sabotaging. the other players..It's an intense...... game that will bring out the worst side. of compet
horses12.zip18KHORSES!! v1.2 PCBoard 15.21+ [PPE]. A day at the races for your callers. Full horse racing PPE. Quick and simple setup, no sysop maintenance. Colorful, great animation, heart pounding thrills! Released on 02/23/95. Updated for PCB 15.21. Check it out today!
hotch31b.zip18K---------[ HOTCHAT PPE V3.1b ]-------------- Multi line chat PPE replacement for PCBoard. Supports multiple chat area's and sysop defineable action commands, sysop defineable private actions, public messages, private messages, user definable Hot Tub topics, user paging inside PCBoard, complete customization with its own PCBtext style prompt file, and action command file. full multi-language support for PCBoard. Joe's BBS (317) 849-0561
hotdog31.zip48KUltimate PCB USER maintenance utility. Adjust security, special levels for Top Uploaders, Downloaders, subscribers. Makes complete users listing, BLTs for Top Up & Downloaders, color & mono.
hp-lo100.zip2,436BLoader PPE v1.0 This programm is designed for load PPE programm or ANSi,PCB files while user's login
hp-ns100.zip5,087BNew Files Scan v1.0 for PCB 15.1 This programm is very easy in installation and very convinient in scanning new files in all conferences.
hstreset.zip14KThis is a small program that will reset your HST modem. It can be used in your BOARD.BAT file to prevent PCBoard from getting into an endless "modem reset error" loop when the phone is ringing. It places the modem off- hook and then returns to the BBS. It knows about the two messages that the HST can generate, and will handle them automatically.
hyp_flag.zip3,309BFRESUME v1.0 The FRESUME PPE set is to add all flagged files a user had in his batch d/l queue before losing carrier to his flagged files queue when he logs on again. So if a user loses carrier they don't have to type in all the filenames of the files they had flagged. They can simply answer YES to the question at login.
i-net101.zip5,547BEasily send Internet mail using your standard PCB Netmail conference. To be used with PCBoard 15.21 and higher. I-Net100 is a PCBoard PPE that can be installed as a replacement for entering a message in your netmail conference. It will propmt the user for the type of mail (Internet or netmail) and format the required To: fields accordingly. ** SHAREWARE $5.00 Registration **
iab121.zip44KIAB: Internet Address Book v1.21 ------------------------------------------ A PCBoard PPE program that will allow your users to store & retrieve their personal list of on-line contact addresses (Internet, Compuserve, America On-line, Prodigy, AT&T Mail, MCI Mail, RIME Routed, FidoNet & local BBS IDs) on-line. Enter them once and forget'em! For use with PCBoard v15.1 Copyright (c)1994 SQLCraft Software
iamhere1.zip12KIAMHERE1.ppe- A COMPLETE New User Register replacement. Asks questions, gets answers, checks birthdate, sends message to sysop & user, "forces" users to take a file, "forces" user to send a NEW USER VALIDATION upload & more! Works with a matrix. Simple to install. A Banana Repubilc SIMPLE but USEFUL PPE. Source code included (as always). Coded by Francis "gorilla" Amato. Freeware!
idxdup10.zip6,311BIDXDUPES v1.0: Scans a PCBoard .IDX file for duplicate files based on a fuzzy search algorythm that locates revision-level naming differences and reports the matches that are found as possible duplicates. For example, it would report FILE.ZIP and FILE.ARJ as dupes, FILE10.ZIP and FILE12.ZIP as dupes, FILE-10A.ZIP and FILE-10B.ARJ as dupes, etc.
idxutil4.zip92KIDX-Util v4.0; PCB 15.0 Utilities List files using wildcards, List Duplicate files, cross-reference two .IDX files and list Dups or create a 3rd Index containing Dups or you can Kill the Dups. Change Drive Letters in .IDX files quickly, Edit Paths & FileNames, delete files from IDX. Merge two IDX Files. Detect which CD-Rom is in drive and change DLPATH.LST files to appropriate .IDX files.
idxutil6.zip107KIDX-Util v6.0 (11-01-94) PCB 15.0 Utilities List files in .IDX File using wildcards. List Duplicate files in an .IDX File. Also can cross-reference two .IDX files and list Dups or create a 3rd Index containing Dups or you can Kill the Dups. Change Drive Letters in .IDX files quickly, Edit Paths & FileNames, delete files from IDX. Merge two IDX Files. Detect which CD-Rom is in drive and change DLPATH.LST files to appropriate .IDX files.
id_chk12.zip8,028BID_CHECK Ver 1.20 - Checks Caller ID file against a list of numbers and deletes the file if a match is found. Useful to check for PC PURSUIT phone numbers so callers can get properly verified instead of by-passed and logged at local number or blocked as an already verified number. Now can build list of numbers from known PC Pursuit users & log them to the CALLER log file. (06/01/94) Source code included FREEWARE by Gary Meeker
ihang230.zip26KIMAGinE HangUp PPE v2.30 by Jose De Almeida This PPE program is an automatic logoff prompt replacement, that will truely enhance the PCBoard's "Goodbye in 10 seconds..." prompt, giving to this procedure the professional look you have been asking for so long. Besides counting down the seconds, it provides a nice and precise graphical time bar, accurated in half seconds. Full ANSI, non-ANSI and multi-language support. Color configuration and other special features can be specifyed thru a configura
im-pp12.zip7,286B ---------------- | ProPager 1.2 | +------ [PPE] -----+ | Full Feature pager with | | ALOT of options inside. | | Read doc for more info. | | REALLY GREAT!! | | For PCB 15.1+ Only! | +-------------[Iron Man]--+
imr-sx01.zip4,044BSel-Xfer v0.01b [PPE] - Pulldown Protocol Selection PPE - Centers Bars all by itself - Define up to 20 protocols - No [UNREGISTERED] rubbish - This is a betatest
info1_1.zip10KInformation PPE Info 1.1 - If you've been looking for a nice 'W' command replacement, look no further, this is what you need!
infonode.zip1,980BINFONODE [PPE] - Who PPE like on AmiExpress
inltqp20.zip7,831BINDIANA LOTTO QUIK PIK v2.0 for PCBoard v15.x This is a PPE program that will allow your users to generate Quik Pik numbers for play in the Indiana Lottery. NOW include the Pick5 game also. Shareware from Hogard Software Solutions BBS at (214) 641-6292.
insta310.zip264KInstaReg v3.04 - SysOp-configurable Answer evaluation door. Now supports PCBoards #PCBNODE, #PCBDRIVE, and #PCBDIR, replace the # with a %. Fixed problem with the USER.SYS file reporting erroneous bugs and not always working correctly. INSTAREG ANSWER EVALUATION Don Cheeks 3.04 07-14-92
inter102.zip13KInter-Node Chat PPE v1.2; PCBoard 15.0 [PPE] program to allow multiple nodes to chat while at the Main Board command line. Similar to the SysOp "BR" command. Will check other users status before messages sent. Has built in help feature. Will now chat to a log file if wanted. A great PPE for your BBS.
intercom.zip318KThe INTERCOM Frontend Mail and file transfer program for Use with the PCBoard 14.5+ BBSs. Written in Clipper 5.01 & Telepathy. This program will allow you to do all your mail reading and writting offline therefore saving you lots of money on long distance $$$. This is a functional demo of a commercial product which can only be used to call the Omicron BBS. Each purchasing SYSOP will receive a version customized to his/her BBS. NOTE: Terminal.exe the Interactive terminal program has been removed
iplab9.zip206KZipLab IX; ZipLab IX is a alternative or replacement for the PCBTEST.BAT file which is run by PCBoard after a user uploads file(s). Test for CRC errors in the .ZIP file; Test for imbedded .ZIP files; Virus SCAN imbedded EXE and COM files; Remove all .ZIP comments; Replace .ZIP comments with your own; Delete unwanted BBS ads and files; Test .GIF files for validity; Reject programs older than a date (year); Adds most recent .ZIP date to the description;
ipnet111.zip11KIPNET.PPE v1.11 - PPL program for PCBoard. Makes it easy and quick for callers to enter netmail messages when using InterEcho and InterPCB. Allows for an Internet gateway to be designated and eliminates the need of long explanations to callers on how to enter netmail. Compiled with PPLC v3.0. See IPNET.HIS for changes/additions.
ipstuff.zip1,836BIPStuff gathers information needed to enter a message in your NetMail conference. Mimmics the PCBoard To and Subject fields but then asks for a Fido Address. Requires InterPCB from InterZone PPE and PPS included
isnodeup.zip7,174BIsNodeUp tests for active/inactive PCBoard 15.0 nodes from a batch file. It will return with an error level equal to the first active node encountered or zero if all requested nodes are down. IsNodeUp should function correctly on systems with up to 2,000 nodes.
isysop.zip2,775BISYSOP.COM: "Is The Current User the SysOp?" A PCBoard utility for PCBTEST,PCBVIEW, etc, that returns an ERRORLEVEL of 1 if the current user is the SysOp; else returns 0. Works with all single- and multiple-node versions of PCBoard v14.5x. Public Domain. Author: Rod L Renner, The Lightning Rod BBS.
iz_fl_10.zip8,236B FLIST.PPE v1.00: Allfiles List Creator -------------------------------------------- FList will create an allfiles list based on a set number of days. FList is ran via your your PCBoard 15.2+ EVENTS! Base each list on ANY number of days from ANY Conference. Optional placement of a header and footer displays on each list that is created. Completely SysOp configurable. No Brag Lines for a Professional Look. Download Today! -------------------------------------------- I n f i
iz_fs_21.zip29K FScan v2.10: User Log-on New File Scanner! -------------------------------------------- FScan will allow your users to View or Down- load a List of New Files as they log in to your PCBoard v15.21+ BBS. Includes a Files List/Support Files download option. Totally SysOp configurable. Multi-Language capable. Professional and seamless Look. A Must Have! MAJOR UPGRADE with many *new* features. #1 -------------------------------------------- From The Infinite Zone Software Collection -------
iz_qk_10.zip5,119BQWK.PPE v1.0: Allows your users to set their QWK command settings without having to execute the "W"rite command. Great for those SysOps SysOps that use a QWK.MNU. Optional pre- display of HELP for each setting! Released as FREEWARE.
jag-mscn.zip1,374BMessage 296 PPE Version 1.0 --------------------------- This is a PPE that replaces the boring "Scan for New Messages" Prompt with a much cooler Lightbar menu. With hotkeys, cooltext, speed & more.
jasptnt.zip3,360BJASP V1.0 - Just Another Stats PPE w/ animated bar and all required features
jbbs_br2.zip2,124BThe Jerusalem Brodcaster v2.0 [PPE] Let users Brodcast messages in PCB v15.0 to each other. Logs all Brodcasts, and all Attempts to your callers logs. New Interface, Freeware! Enjoy!
jcmdv10.zip10KJCMDV10; Replacement For the (J) oin Command. Unlike others, has the following features. MASK OUT of Undersired Conf(s). Renumbers via PPE the selections for user ease.
jcon117a.zip28K@X4F] JCONF [PPE] Automated Conference [@X0F @X4F] Security Menu v1.17a for PCB 15.x [@X0F @X4F] No need to look any further, the [@X0F @X4F] last conference menu you'll ever [@X0F @X4F] need is here! JCONF is a high- [@X0F @X4F] security MATRIX conference menu [@X0F @X4F] that allows you to add passwords [@X0F @X4F] and security levels to conference [@X0F @X4F] SHAREWARE - Registration only $10 [@X0F @X4F] The MeltDown BBS (904)-745-1507 [@X0F
jk-bomb.zip3,435B[PCB] BOMB/X PAGER, SYSOP PAGE UTILITY --------------------------------------------- Now put a stop to all the loser's that page the mighty sysop, highly configurable and and full ami/x style. sysop page utilty, check me out now, great for every sysop with attitude!
jk-xedit.zip6,845B--[ AMI/X EDITOR, FOR PCBOARD 15.2 ]-- The name is AMI-EDIT it is the best AM I/X message editor clone out there, ch eck it out now dude's you'll love it! Easy to install. WHITE SANDS, 718
jm_ac_12.zip9,794BAlias Changer v1.2 -- A program which will allow you to get an alias from a user if it doesn't already exist in their record. If one exists the user doesn't even know it's running. Some of the features of this program are: 1. Customizable prompts 2. Number of trys to ask 3. Logoff user if no alias? 4. Screens 100% configurable And best of all is it's price: FREE!
jm_ad_12.zip89KAdvertisement Command Prompt Displayer v1.2 This is a complete replacement for PCBTEXT line number 396. Features of this program include: Command Prompt 100% user definable, One or Two line Command Prompts, Upto 32,767 Advertisements, stops run-a-way ENTER keys, 100% Language Definable, Not crippled in any way and best of all it's Fully 100% SysOp Definable. Enjoy.
jm_co_10.zip17KSystem Operator Comment v1.0 -- This program is a menu driven or hot-key based comment to the System Operator replacement. You may have upto 9 System Operators in the menu, color, multilingual and 100% customizable program. FREEWARE from the author of the JM_ series of PPE's.
jm_ex_11.zip16K@X07-------------------------------------- @X0F Execute PPE v1.1 @X07-------------------------------------- @X07]| Have you ever wanted to run a |[ @X07]| PPE without having to enter it in|[ @X07]| your CMD.LST or other file before|[ @X07]| determining if you even wanted |[ @X07]| to use it? If so this PPE is |[ @X07]| just right for you. This PPE |[ @X07]| allows you to try a PPE before |[ @X07]| commit to using it. |[ @X07-----------------------------------
jm_fm_17.zip91KFile Menu v1.7. The most complete file directory displaying PPE for PCBoard! Fast, SysOp friendly, runs in nightly event, NEW easy to understand step-by-step install GUIDE.ME file, categorize file directory, make one main menu and never make another, give file totals (size, number of files), much more. Give it a try today, your users will thank you for doing so!
jm_fn_16.zip18K@X07---------------------------------------------- @X0F Clear Frozen Node v1.6 @X07---------------------------------------------- @X07]| This program allows your users to clear |[ @X07]| a node they inadvertently locked. This |[ @X07]| program is an absolute must for any |[ @X07]| multi-line or even single line system |[ @X07]| which doesn't want to have a node locked |[ @X07]| forever without local interaction from |[ @X07]| the System Operators. (PCB 15.2+) |[ @X07-
jm_fu_17.zip20K PCBoard Automated File Uploader v1.6 -------------------------------------- This program will make uploading file(s) to your system much easier for your beginner, intermediate and advanced users alike. Features in this release are: * Definable Prompts File (with language support) * Ability to enter filename and description if user so desires * More configurable than before * Pre-upload file to be displayed This PCBoard PPE requires PCBoard v15.2
jm_gm_16.zip18K@X07-------------------------------------- @X0F Graphics Mode v1.6 @X07-------------------------------------- @X07]| This program allows for your |[ @X07]| users to more easily change their|[ @X07]| graphics mode. It provides them |[ @X07]| with their available choices and |[ @X07]| a description of the available |[ @X07]| choices. This is simply the best|[ @X07]| graphics mode changer for PCBoard|[ @X07]| made. Only the best! |[ @X07----------------------------------
jm_ic_12.zip63KInteractive Chat v1.2b -- A complete PCBoard Multiline chat PPE. This is a simple multiline chat replacement for PCBoard's CHAT command with many features coming. This is a must see for any multiline BBS where they want to get there users chatting in a good clean enviroment. Very SysOp definable. Extensive action commands! Only $25.00 and isn't crippled except for a small 5-6 second delay.
jm_mc_10.zip16KMessage Count v1.0 -- This program will create a bulletin file, which you design and show your users how many messages you have total on your system. There are quite a few @macros@ you may use with this program. Runs in your nightly event and is 100% maintenance free and SysOp definable. FREEWARE
jm_mf_10.zip12KMessage Footer v1.0: PCBoard PPE will change the way your users sees the end of message during message reads. It provides a easy to use light bar with SysOp definable colors. Completely maintenance free and best of all it's also FREE!
jm_ni_13.zip15KName Inputter v1.2 -- This program will allow you to provide your users with a more friendly login by making thier names appear in Upper and Lower case. This program is another quality FREEWARE PPE from the creator of the JM_ PPE PowerPack!
jm_pd_12.zip25KPullDown Menu System v1.2b -- This is a complete PullDown Menu System. Colors, prompts are all definable. This should only be used by users above 9600bps for it's quite graphic intensive. ANSI must be enabled for this PPE to run. This is another quality PPE in the JM_ PPE series of PPE's. Newly improved! @X codes for a background display, numeric keypad support and minor bug fix.
jm_pi_12.zip14KPhone Inputter v1.2 -- This handy little utility will allow you to make all of your input be identical to each other. The program will automatically add ()'s and the - for each telephone number. SysOp defined bad area codes, prefixes, suffixes, and entire numbers. A must have program to stop users from entering false information.
jm_pl_17.zip18K@X07-------------------------------------- @X0F Page Length Changer v1.7 @X07-------------------------------------- @X07]| This PPE will allow your users to|[ @X07]| visually change their respective |[ @X07]| screen size. It displays to them|[ @X07]| numbers in descending order, |[ @X07]| once the program finishes with |[ @X07]| the displaying of the numbers all|[ @X07]| the user has to do is tell it |[ @X07]| what the number is at the top of |[ @X07]| their screen and your users
jm_qs_16.zip17K@X07-------------------------------------- @X0F Quick Scan v1.6 @X07-------------------------------------- @X07]| This program allows for your |[ @X07]| users to have more help available|[ @X07]| to them while reading messages. |[ @X07]| It is provided as a most helpful |[ @X07]| way to help your users better use|[ @X07]| all of the available commands to |[ @X07]| them. This is simply the best |[ @X07]| help you can get for the Read |[ @X07]| command. Nothing compares to it!
jm_wc_12.zip26KWhoCall v1.2 -- This is one of the many PCB PPE's produced in the JM_ series of PPE's. This program will calculate whos called your system today and also create a bulletin of whos called your system yesterday, if you desire. This program is 100% SysOp definable, multilingual aware and super easy installation with no crippled features. 100% seamless.
jm_xm_15.zip17K@X07-------------------------------------- @X0F eXpert Mode Changer v1.4 @X07-------------------------------------- @X07]| This program allows for your |[ @X07]| users to more easily change their|[ @X07]| expert mode. This PPE is for |[ @X07]| PCBoard 15.2+ only. This program|[ @X07]| is part of a collection of fine |[ @X07]| PPE's brought to you to help |[ @X07]| increase the usability of your |[ @X07]| system. |[ @X07-------------------------------
join300.zip12KJOIN v3.00; [PPE] for PCBoard 15.0 systems that allows users to choose conferences from a list of networks. JOIN also allows users to view the list the same old way as before. Now users can scan for a particular conference too! Source Code Included.
joinconf.zip3,226BJOINCONF: A small PCBoard utility that can be used to force a caller into a specific conference. Can be used in an auto-login door or upon returning from any other door.
jr-show1.zip1,988BSHOW.PPE by: JoLLY RoGeR -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- With this PPE you can show a user 100 PCBOARD files.. Source code included!
jsfdiz12.zip37KJSF-DIZ v1.20; FILE_ID.DIZ/DESC.SDI import tool for PCBoard BBS file listings. Fast & Easy tool to import description files like FILE_ID.DIZ, DESC.SDI into your file lists. Good way to insure all files are using the description files within them.
jsfdsc10.zip50KJSF-DESC v1.0; The File Description Finder For PCBoard. Add files to your PCBoard file dirs that you do not have descriptions for and have basic descriptions extracted from the archives themselves and put into your file directories after which you can edit.
jsffdc15.zip36KJSF-FDC; File Directory Cleaner for PCBoard The ULTIMATE comment remover. With a simple set of program parameters you can remove ANY unwanted comments from #files, dates, size to Uploaded by comments.
jsfres10.zip39KJSF-RES v1.00 - The Gif RESolution Processor For PCBoard file directories. Automatically updates/adds GIF file resolutions into your PCBoard GIF file directory listings. Fast!
jsfres40.zip46KJSF-RES v4.0; Image RES Processor for PCBoard. Verify/Add/Update image resolutions in your PCBoard file listins. Many user configurable options and features. Fast processing time! Supports GIF/JPG/BMP images
jtfox36.zip130KJTFOX v:3.60; Configurable directory colorizer for PCBoard 14.5a! Creates Allfiles.txt on specified days, true WYSISWG color setup, unparalled processing speed. Great for PCBoard sysops, especially if they have CD-Roms. Processes a 600MB CD in just under 15seconds.
j_confx.zip18KThree PCBoard v15.2 replacement PPE's for the JOIN command. One builds/reads from a text file (ie fast), another builds on the fly based on the users access rights, and the third lets the user pick which approach they want to use. Compiled with PPL v 3.0 (Freeware with complete source).
kalbk16a.zip5,150BKallback v1.6A: PCB PPE designed to assist you in calling back users for verification.
kalbk512.zip28K #### @X0BKallback.ppe @X0Fv5.12@X07 ####@X0F +------------------------------------------+ | Allow your BBS to call back your users | | to verify their phone and then increase | | their access automatically. Also includes| | an optional subscription mode. Built in | | config file creator/editor - language | | file support. First and best call back | | verifier. - Now uses registration number | | for easier upgrade - expires 7/1/94. | | From: ### DM Soft ### |
klt-lgt2.zip3,946BThe dopest save, abort, quote and other crap PPE ever made. lightbar and an installation program for the lazy bastards who are too lazy to change shit in the PCBTEXT 163,164
kmailppf.zip1,005BRoboComm 4.01 prompt file to add kmail. For PCBoard 14.5 systems.
ksrch100.zip15K KEYSearch v1.0a Online Database  Browser For KeyBook Shopping Catalogs ----------------------------- Fast, online DBF searches User friendly interface On-the-fly Pricing Written in PPL v.3
kstein.zip794BGood example of a PCBoard Menu
label10.zip10K-=-=-=-=-=-=-= LABEL10.PPE =-=-=-=-=-=-=- PCBoard ver 15.x PPE that will allow an address label to be printed on standard "1 up" stock labels on a dot matrix printer. Use in Scripts or as a stand alone in your CMD.LST. Configurable printer port, call another "Write" PPE or the PCB address PSA to verify address is correct, configurable colors. You must have the PCB Address PSA installed. By CBH Software.
lastc12a.zip51K PEGASUS LAST CALLER ANALYZER 1.2a FOR PCBOARD 14.x & 15.x Runs in $$LOGOFF.BAT, & Creates Clr Blt w/ Last xx Callers * 100+ Nodes SysOp May Exclude up to 25 names! FULLY CONFIGURABLE A PEGASUS SOFTWARE & IMAGING PRODUCT
lastones.zip9KLastOnes v1.10 One of the best lastcallers for PCB 15.1
lbcs100.zip9,741B---- Light Bar Construction Set 1.0 ---- LBCS allows you to create custom light bar prompts that can be used stand alone or to replace internal PCBoard prompts. The prompt is totally configurable, with no author or program name displayed. Menu items may stuff commands to the keyboard, display a file, accept input from the user, or run another PPE. FREEWARE! Another quality PowerPPE!
lbd200.zip5,616B+---------------------------------+ | Logon Bulletin Displayer | | Version 1.00 | +---------------------------------+ [ PPE for PCBoard v15.1 ] This PPE allows a user when logging on to view, search, and download bulletins defined by the sysop. Does not replace the regular bulletin command. Can be used for displaying stats, subscription info., rules, or anything else! By: Integrated Computer Services Support: (609) 272-0619 [14.4k]
lbpk11.zip22K[PPE] Lightbar Production Kit 1.1 - (__) -+ | Create custom prompt (oo) | | replacements using a /-------\/-* | | simple config process. / | || \ | | SOURCE included. Also: * ||----|| * | | More? prompt and other \/|(/)(/\/(,,/ | | setups included. by Mr. Data [CiA] | +--------------------------------07/06/94-+
lb_msg_4.zip14K[PPE] Version 4.21 of Message Read @X07command. This is more than an update! The PPE has been completely RECODED since the earlier versions! It is now REAL fast. It is a replacement for your R command. A 100% configurable LIGHT BAR PPE in PPL 3.0 FREE WARE! No Registration no delays! Another fine PPE by @X04D@X0CA@X0FNTE
lc082.zip19KLastCallers ver 0.82 BETA. This is a PPE written for PcBoard 15.1+ to display the last x callers when a user logs on. Also generates bulletin files for today's and yesterday's callers. Now supports @x color codes. Now has config program.
lc101.zip24KLASTCALL v1.01; Prevents sysop's name and city from replacing others in the "Last Caller" display of PCBoard's Call Waiting screen. Modifies "Last Caller" to display information about last event.
lcd-on10.zip4,657BONEliner 1.O Here's a nice oneliner, cool input functions and nice layout, everything is just cool. use it!.
lchat.zip1,996BSimple chat PPE to override all prompts and drop the user directly into multi-node chat.
lclup440.zip28KLOCALUP v4.40; Easy way to perform *local* (or external) uploads into a FeatherNet or pcboard file base. It includes archive and text file viewing, reading text files within archives, deleting unwanted files and FILE_ID.DIZ support. LOCALUP is 100% FeatherNet / pcboard Compatible.
ldude-15.zip7,110BLastDudes 1.5 [PPE] Lastcaller for PCB
leech10.zip1,716BFile Leech Chop Buster - PCBoard 15.0 PPE; Let your file leeches know you don't care for them! Source included. Free & fun!
length10.zip2,668B+------- PCBLength By DynaSOFT ------+ | PCBLength is a simple utility that | | gives users a screen test before | | they decide to change their Page | | Length and have a possibility of | | messing up their screen. :) | | FREEWARE from DynaSOFT | +----------- Version 1.00 -----------+
lenolm33.zip11KOnLine Message PPE v3.33 ... Supports up to 200 Line Messages between Nodes! Totally Configurable!
lfc20.zip23KLFC 2.0 - Last Few Callers bulletin maker for PCBoard 14.5a - create colorful bulletins on who last called your BBS, includes fields for name, city/state, baud, date, time AND minutes used online. Sysop definable colors, options and more. A *must have* bulletin maker for PCB14.5a!
lfgtpwd.zip3,848BFull update of the forgetpw.ppe file. This one is generic and will work for any system. Also added check for fse.
lf_on130.zip13KOneLiners and More PPE v1.30: Stat Screens; One Liners; Last Few Callers; Message From Last Caller; Cosmetic Changes; New Options
lgfmat02.zip5,172B.*------------------------------------*. | Logoff Matrix v.02 by Balrog | *--------------------------------------* | Great Lightbar Logoff Matrix for | | PCBoard 15.1+! This one kicks ass! | | Everything is configurable, from the | | number of time a user can page the | | SysOp to the look/positions of the | | lightbars! Enhanced the Feedback to | : SysOp option new in this version. : .*------------------------------------*.
lgn-more.zip2,828BA replacement for More (Y/n) PCBoard prompt
lgnp9c.zip95KLogger generic; Database utility for PCBoard.
lightmnu.zip3,340B@X0FThe Lightbar Menu v1.0@X07 You can use this PPE for almost anything that uses a direct command from PCBoard. Example > E for enter a message or R for read a message. There are endless posibilities. It would work great as a submenu to help your new users with the commands. @X0BYou have to try this out @X0A@FIRST@@X0D!@X07
listpcbk.zip100KDO NOT USE PREVIOUS VERSIONS LISTPCBK.ZIP (BETA .11) Creates ALLFILES.LST for PCBOARD 14.5x Conference's. Seperates each directory in the list. Easy setup, and runs from your EVENT. NOT CRIPPLED! Should handle 200+ Conferences now. Fixed reading directories Shareware $ 10.00
listr211.zip8,858B#### BBS LISTER V2.11 [PPE] #### BBS Lister is a PPE that allows users to add, view, edit, remove and download from the bbs list. Great looking user interface. For PCBoard 15.1+. Compiled 07-18-94
litebar.zip3,919B LiteBar v1.00 by Tom Grandgent A WizWare '94 PPE Production ---------------------------------- LiteBar is a general purpose menu system for PCBoard w/ a lightbar interface and many features, also very configurable. Run PPEs, view files, or stuff the keyboard buffer to do almost anything! FREEWARE!
litepak1.zip8,777BLitebar PPE PAK#1 fIleAxYs Software +----------------------------------------+ | QWK - Replacement - X-Pert Mode Toggle | | - Broadcast command replacement. | |----------------------------------------| | All 3 PPE's written for PCBoard 15.1 | | All PPE's feature Litebar Menus with | | Cursor key movement. Configurable | | Display screens and color. | | Enhance the look, feel, and ease of | | your BBS!!! | | EASY SETUP! Written by
llotqp11.zip4,867BLOUISIANA LOTTO QUIK PIK v1.1 for PCB v15.0 This is a PPE program that will allow your users to generate Quik Pik numbers for play in the Louisiana Lottery or any lottery that uses six numbers from 1 to 44.
lnz202.zip6,887BEver wanted to use the L, N or Z to search across all conferences? Well, here's the perfect PPE to do such a task. Treat your users to something special. Download this new and improved LNZ.PPE for your enjoyment. There are many changes to they way it operates but very little visual display changes. Fixed the problems with multinode and drop carrier problems. Requires v15.21 dated 01/19/95.
localcam.zip17KDownload/Upload your QWK/REP files from your nightly event (Or from DOS). This is part of the Cam-Mail Door. Very easy to use. Do not try to use this with another Mail Door!!
locupl15.zip81KLocal Upload for PCBoard v1.5; Utility to locally upload files, import their descriptions, virus scan files before uploading, into any directory of any conference on your system. Can be run in event automatically. Major Upgrade release.
log202.zip20K+-----Pepster's Place BBS Present's------+ |Pepster's Utilities May 7, 1994 | |Hello.ppe v1.15 Beta ( Caller's Log ) | |Lister.ppe v2.02 Beta ( BBS Lister ) | |Bye.ppe v1.00 Beta ( Display BLT ) | | Requires PCBoard 15.1 | | -FREEWARE / SOURCE CODE INCLUDED!- | +----------------------------------------+
logger14.zip44KLogger v1.4 last callers bulletin generator. Sysop configurable. Shows Time,Date, Name, City, State, Speed, and Node. Has the option to use a Super User Select where you can tag users that meet certain criteria like security level, uploaded files and bytes, downloaded files and bytes. You can exempt users like Co-sysop(s), or testers. See History file for latest changes and bug fixes. Freeware.
login10.zip2,712BLOGIN.PPE; Allows UUCP systems to log into your PCBoard system while allowing seamless access for your users.
login101.zip6,068BNewLogin Version 1.01 [PPE] For PCBoard 15.2 and Higher Extended New User Login Commands! You have to see this! - By DynaSOFT, Free Registration -
logoff11.zip4,541B#### LogOff v1.1 - Automatic Logoff #### +-------------------------------------------+ | LogOff is a PPE to help in penalizing | | your users who allow a keyboard timeout. | | This PPE uses a config file to get | | security, and amt. of time to deduct from | | the user. Will also send a message to the | | user, of your choice..Or you can use the | | one already supplied. Makes entry to LOG. | | Programmer: Richard Stewart | +- (c) 1994 - The North Shore BBS
logoff7.zip6,403BLOGOFF TESTING Ver 7.0 By John Kleinbauer This is a Working BOARD.BAT file that gets PCBoard to test files after the caller has left the BBS. STOP!!!! users from being penalized by making them wait online while files are being tested. These batch files used along with the program AUTOSCAN make other methods of testing a waste of time and money. This version fixes the problem of the BBS droping to DOS if Qmail is used.
logonof3.zip5,980BLOGONOFF PPE V1.2 Broadcasts to all other nodes that a person has logged on or off. Definable options .. Show Sysop Yes or No, Show Alias Yes or No Supports notification to users in Hot Chat. Complete customization with its own pcbtext style prompt file.
logwhof.zip1,281BLOGONWHO [PPE] * FIXED VERSION * LogonWho like on AmiExpress!
lokot.zip6,120BLock a user from a single door and or several doors.
lostmu22.zip10KLOSTMENU VERSION 2.20 By John C Kleinbauer Now you can add a Menu system that will allow you to call up your Sysop utilities for PCBoard without dropping to DOS.This is a replacement program for PCBMONI that will allow you to use your favorite Menu program or use the one supplied. This version shows how to add more utilities to the Menu System. FREEWARE
lotqp20.zip5,000BLotto Quik PIK v2.0 for PCBoard v15.0 PPE that will allow your users to generate Quik Pik numbers in the Texas Lottery or any lottery that uses six numbers from 1 to 50.
lotto10.zip4,736BLOTTO.PPE Turbo Lottery version 1.0; PCBoard 15.0 [PPE] program, users can win more time or lose more time.
lsconf10.zip16KUpdate from Source files for STARCON1.PPE Original source programmed by Mohammed Alsbeiay of MidNight BBS - Saudi Arabia This rewrite allows up to 31 character description of the first 99 Conference Names. No commandline arguments are needed. Just plug and play. New file included is LSCONF.PPE programmed by LightSpeed Software There is obviously NO registration fee. FREEWARE. LightSpeed Software (817) 666-9075 FidoNet 1:388/16
lstpcb16.zip102KLSTPCB16.ZIP (BETA .16) Creates ALLFILES.LST for PCBOARD 14.5x Conference's. Seperates each directory in the list. Easy setup, and runs from your EVENT. NOT CRIPPLED! Shareware $ 10.00
ls_d_lco.zip1,141BReplace U'r D/L prompt [PPE]
ls_ecom.zip3,903BReplace U'r Comment Prompt [PPE]
lt504.zip224K** LASTRANS v5.04 ** Creates 52 different Wildcat & PCBoard log in screens informing users of the last Net-Mail transfer. SysOp may choose as many or few of the screens as desired. Has RIP Support. Many net specific screns to choose from.
ltag10.zip1,398BLocal Tagline v1.0; PCBoard .PPE that lets you use your taglines when logged on locally. Fully configurable and FREE!
lucky141.zip11KTHE LUCKY USER PROFILE SURVEY [PPE] v1.41b; which shall by Sysop definably array, ask users to comment on your BBS, and award extra time. Creates Bulletins. Release adds a sysop definable screen, if user bypasses the ppe.
lucky_31.zip14KTHE LUCKY USER PROFILE SURVEY V3.1 [PPE] This program, by Sysop configurations, shall award extra time and extra down load bytes to the person who is lucky enough to fill out the survey. This is compiled by the new PPLC 3.0. This program is PUBLIC DOMAIN! Its purpose is to better help the Sysop gain a private & honest understanding from the users.
m2011pwa.zip110K+------------------------------------------+ | MATRIX 2000 v1.1 by CALCULUS Productions | | PCBOARD 15.1 Matrix Login [Bug Fixes] | +------------------------------------------+
m2_10sec.zip1,021BM_10SEC v1.2 [PPE] - PCBText Prompt #493 Replace the ugly default prompt 'Hangup in 10 seconds' with a nice animated light bar !
m2_liner.zip2,589BM_LINER v1.2 [PPE] - OneLiner
mabr00a.zip3,464BMoon Angel Simple Broadcaster 0.0 Free, Uncrippled, Its new and as you can see, in its infancy. Try it, maybe you'll like it. Its your regular broadcasting PPE, not very configurable, supports up to 20 nodes.
macorg32.zip69KMACORG DOOR V3.2 for PCBoard 14.x File history tracing. A who UL/DL that file Door, faster than all existing doors of similar type. Now scans 1 or 2 files ! 27% Faster than version 3.1,New presentation layout, easy to install. Nothing is faster. FreeWare from MAC's Place BBS
macrm1.zip28KMACRM V1.0 Removes unwanted files from PCBoard dir listings. Handles unlimited number of files and dirs. Runs from constructed lists of files and dir locations. Very fast and safe. Saves tons of time when processing large amount of data. MAC's Place BBS Released as FREEWARE.................
macrm11.zip22KMACRM V1.1 for PCBoard 14.x - 15.x Removes files & descriptions from PCBoard directory listings. Handles unlimited number of files and dirs. Runs from constructed lists of files and dir locations. Very fast and safe. Saves tons of time when processing large amount of data. FREEWARE from MAC's Place
macsec11.zip77KMAC SEC V1.1 for PCBoard 14.x is an ON-LINE Security Upgrade Door for your users. Lets your users upgrade themselves, without waiting for an event to occur. Protect up to 50 levels, File or Byte ratio, allow 50 levels to be altered. Very fast and safe. A MAC's Place BBS release. BUG FIX, now reads correct .cfg FreeWare..
mafpcb15.zip6,924B PCB 15.1+ NewScan PPE v1.03 N and Z replacement with the ability to scan back a number of days (with -days). Major changes: Now prompts for days to scan back, directories and extended (download, capture, flag) options. ---------------0 BLACKCAT 0----------------
mail2fax.zip82KMail2Fax; Send out PcBoard messages via Fax. Messages are directly read from the PCB message base and powerful reply and coversheet generation facilities. Supports US and European telephone systems. Requires PcBoard v15. Will work with many modems and Fax software. Very good docs. Highly configurable. This copy has a 30 day Demo key, but will run without it.
mailtime.zip30KMailTime is a simple program to put what time your last mail run was into a log-on security file, to let your users know when your last mail run was. For PCBoard 14.5a ONLY! Best reason to use this, it's FREE! NO Registration!!!
mailuu11.zip3,479B+---------------------------------+ | MAILUUCP v1.1 | |---------------------------------| | NEW: For PCB V15.21 | | Allows your users to (E)nter | | a message to the INTERNET via | | FIDO's UUCP Gateway with just | | ONE keystroke. Easy to install, | | Easy to use, Easy on the $$ :-) | | FREEWARE/PPE. Even "looks" like | | you wrote it yourself! | +---------------------------------+
mailuucp.zip14K+---------------------------------+ | MAILUUCP v1.0 | |---------------------------------| | | | Allows your users to (E)nter | | a message to the INTERNET via | | FIDO's UUCP Gateway with just | | ONE keystroke. Easy to install, | | Easy to use, Easy on the $$ :-) | | FREEWARE/PPE. Even "looks" like | | you wrote it yourself! | +---------------------------------+
make1.zip8,090BMAKE1-Text line joiner v1.0; Transforms a PCBoard type file listing containing multi-line descriptions into a single line per entry list (each line can be up to 255 characters). W/ PASCAL source.
makebn14.zip38KPCBoard TOP Caller Bulletins Generator - very Sysop configurable to generate one or four Bulletins complete with defined color codes. Top x Callers, Top x Downloaders, Top x Uploaders, Top x Cities. Written in C for more speed. Now works on multinode systems and upto 90K users. MAKEBLTN v1.4
makmwait.zip2,607BMake-m-wait PPE version 0.1 Put in your event batch file such that your board will be tied up while it's running.
mall14.zip15KMall.PPE - version 1.4 - Written using version 2.00 of the PCBOARD PPL language. Allows up to 66 "Stores", payment C.O.D., CASH or Credit Card. Provides for On-line Help, and special instruction screens. Now with search functions.
mapinfo.zip3,241BA PC Board Sysops Guide To How To Utilize the UUCP Maps
matrx069.zip7,431BDOS Emulated Logon Matrix v0.69a (08.18.93) This is a PPE written for PCBoard v15.0 that is used in place of "enter your first name" prompt. Features include: System Password, NUP, feedback, Full-Screen new user info.
mavo15za.zip7,508BMAVOTE Version 1.5Zb - Free, Compact, Fast Super Voting PPE! Maximum 20 Questions 10 Answers Each - Perfect for 2-10 node BBSes Contains its own MAUSER Login door for notifying users to vote! Ultra-fast, a complete MAJOR upgrade from version 1.3 Converts old MAVOTE.DAT's and creates new MAVOTE.BIN's. Its Freeware! Not crippleware and not see you later shareware!
max2pcb.zip26KMAX2PCB v1.0 Maximus > PCBoard.sys. Fast utility to convert Maximus BBS LastUser.BBS file to PCBoard.SYS file
maxdvwin.zip4,685BCDC technical note which explains what you can do to get larget DESQview (tm) windows to run your nodes in.
ma_1l20.zip12KMA-1L 2.0 [PPE] for PCBOARD 15.0. Oneliners like none other, with source
ma_bat20.zip5,703BMA-BAT 2.0 [PPE] for PCBOARD 15.0 Simplify BLIND uploads to your Board
ma_fr10.zip3,879BMA-FR 1.0 [PPE] for PCBoard v15.0; Force Caller's To Read Their New Mail
ma_gb10.zip5,904BMA-GB 1.0 [PPE] for PCBOARD 15.0. Add a Celerity-like Logoff Verification
mba320.zip100KMessage Base Accountant Version 3.20 Freeware utility for PCBoard 14.5 Award file upload credits to callers who perform sysop-specified activities such as leave messages, read bulletins, etc.
mba321.zip98KMessage Base Accountant Version 3.21 Freeware utility for PCBoard 14.5 Award file upload credits to callers who perform sysop-specified activities such as leave messages, read bulletins, etc. Minor bug fix from 3.20
mc0295.zip6,494BMAIL CENTRAL PPE. MC.PPE is a menu that controls most all PCBoard commands for using or related to the BBS mail system
mc_at100.zip3,829B+-----------------------------------------+ |AllTime Top Uploaders & Downloaders v1.0b| |-----------------------------------------| |Author : Mc Freddy Z / Rel : Dec.28.1994| |-----------------------------------------| |Simple & Small PPE. Easy Install. It Will| |ALWAYS Be Up To Date. Read Docs For Info| +-----------------------------------------+
mdcscan3.zip6,283B .--- MDCScan v1.3 ---. .----------------------------------------. The BEST New File Scanner for PCBoard! Completely Configurable, nice ansi, easy Installtion, FREE!, a wonderful PPE! This will prompt your users during logon to look at New Files since last CALLED! ............. Major.Update! ............ .----------------------------------------.
mdel100.zip38KMDEL v1.0; Ever need to delete hundreds of messages that got imported by a mail tosser error? MDEL will now do it in a fraction of the time, as long as you run PCBoard 15.x
mdfile21.zip9KMighty Duck's FileViewer v2.1 ********************************************* FileViewing PPE for PCBoard. Fully seemless operation. No stupid pauses, no registration (it's FREEWARE), and no nags. Displays files in ZIP (only supports ZIP) along the top of the screen. Checks file integrity before tagging to download. Able to retreive a file in zip for separate download. Many more functions...
mdnode11.zip8,993BMighty Duck's QNode v1.1 ********************************************* QNode is a nodelist browser for QFront. Also helps users to Enter msgs in your NetMail conference. Fully configurable. Includes source. FREEWARE Version 1.2 will have REply function. Mighty Duck is dedicated to giving PCBoard SysOp's quality, FREE software...
mdpcb11.zip15KModify PCBTEXT Utilities v1.1. PCBoard Utilities. Two programs - One converts PCBTEXT into an ascii file you can edit with your favourite word processor. The second program converts that ascii file BACK into the PCBTEXT file! This allows very flexible editing and customization very EASILY (finally!). Shareware by Kendall Anderson.
mdread14.zip18KMighty Duck's Mail Reader v1.2 ******************************************** Uses menus to help users to read their mail. Menus, prompts and all screens are TOTALLY configurable, and are Security, Graphics and Language aware. FREEWARE: No delays, no nags, no disabled functions. MUST USE PKUNZIP -D Dedicated to giving you FREE, quality software.
mdy_ntr1.zip3,448BEnhanced ENTER Prompt for PCB 15.x
mdy_topu.zip5,076BTop Uploaders 1.0! [PPE]
mdy_vpb.zip8,397BPrompt Selector 1.0b For PCB 15.2
megalist.zip5,538B**************************** * Finally! MegaLister 2.04 * * Tired of your old lame * * PCB file lister? take * * dis great util! a real * * FileLister that looks * * and acts and has all the * * options in vision/x file * * listers! * ****************************
men-jn11.zip14KNorton Commander Conference Join v1.1b -------------------------------------- The Join Conference you have been waiting for a long time! * Divide your conf's in groups * 100% lightbar supported * Norton Commander look * Security level aware * Enter long group descriptions * Fast scrolling
menudef1.zip40KSysops Definable Menu Editor Utility for PCBWatch v4.0. For PCBoard. Rich Little.
menudoc.zip1,790BDocs on how to make PCBoard 15.0 MNU files
menuz1.zip35KMenus for PCBoard: 20 Main Menus for PCBoard & 24 Welcome or logon screens. Look at these and enjoy and learn from them.
mergeusr.zip9,214BMERGEUSR: Can be used to merge two PCBoard users files together into a single file. Eliminates duplicates if the second users file contains names that were already in the first users file. Compatible with all versions of PCBoard from version 12.0 through version 14.5a.
message.zip4,470BThis is a PPE designed for the Demo version. It contains a very simple New User message PPE, in under 10 lines of code, with a complete explanation of all functions used. It will give an example of some of the features and functions for the PPL Compiler. Copyright 1994 Clark Development Company.
metalv20.zip232KDisplay metals futures quotes on your PCBoard BBS system.
mflag11.zip14K[PPE] Major Upgrade to FLAG.PPE! Enhanced status/prompt line. rewritten to control NON-batch protocol users, and users that have NO default protocol selected. ALL info screens are EXTERNAL,SEC+GRAPH+LANG specific. (Major shortcoming of original FLAG.PPE was that batch mode protocol by user was assummed!). If non-batch protocol in use, flagged file will be offered for downloading immediately or (C)ancel, (H)elp. If default protocol ="N", then user is forced to select a protocol by PPE before flagg
mflag201.zip63K@X1EMultiflagsystem 2.01 for PCBoard 15.x@X0F @X1E-------------------------------------@X0F @X1ETag files by cursormovement(LIGHTBAR)@X0F * Autodetection for ansi or monochrome * Support for PCBoard @X variables * External config and helpfiles * Multilingual support,Download preview * Simple install with setuputility * Many many powerfull features more! * Make your live easy with MFLAGGI! Demoversion and Update for reg. Users
mid5ppe.zip23KThis File Contain 5 PPE Files For Pcboard 15.1+ By PPLC v2: Replacement to your MainMenu; Replacement to your Files Directory; Replacement to your (W) (V) Commands; replacement to your Conferences Menu; Programmed By Mohammed Rashed Alsbeiay
mkdir.zip4,892BMKDIR.PPE is a PPE designed to create DIR files from the files available on the hard drive. THIS WILL NOT IMPORT FILE_ID.DIZ DESCRIPTIONS! READ THE DOC FILE BEFORE USING IT, AS IT WILL DELETE YOUR CURRENT DIR FILES BEFORE CREATING NEW ONES! It is designed for corporations, or people wqho do not wish file descriptions and file maintenance through PCBFiler.
mkpcbd11.zip9,918BMKPCBDIR.EXE V1.1 will convert a regular DOS directory listing stored in a file by using "dir/o > dirname.raw" to a PCBoard directory list. This was designed to create directory lists for CD-ROMs which are not BBS ready. Make your directory list and let MKPCBDIR.EXE do the rest. V1.1 fixes bug in V1.0 related to 3 and 10 character file sizes. Brought to you by PROJECT DAMOCLES.
ml124.zip36KMakeList v1.24 for PCBoard v14.x/15.0. Local upload list maker, creates list files for uploading locally with a minimum number of keystrokes pressed. Easy to use, no configuration needed. Supports FILE_ID.DIZ detection in ARJ, ZIP and LZH archives. Supports The Image Bank GIF series. Supports 4DOS, NDOS and COMMAND.COM shells. Requires a VGA board. Freeware.
mm20b28.zip132KMarkMail for PCBoard * Beta ver.28 02/16/92 Some bug fixes and now full HS/Link support! Added [P] private message flag on insertion. Beat the March Price Increase! Reg Now $25.
moni13.zip25KUltraMoni - v1.3 - PCBMONI .PPE replacement for the busy PCBoard Sysop. User definable update and scroll interval. View online user record. Update node info. Full and compact display mode. Fully functional. Shareware only $10. Free BBS support. NEW for v1.1 - Support for Caller Management System (CMS). New in v1.3 - Support for PCB 15.21. This is a must try!! Released 03/15/95.
moni2act.zip3,213BUse ActView in place of PCBMoni.
monilog.zip8,616BReplacement PCBMONI.EXE program to view your caller log offline from the Call Waiting Menu in PCBoard 14.5
mon_off.zip16KMON-OFF; Turns off PC Board BBS Computer Monitor Screens
moon.zip5,213BDisplays the number of days since man last set foot upon the moon at your PCBoard command prompt. Donated into the public domain.
moonch11.zip3,490BMoon Chat v1.1 PPE 10 node systems on PCBoard
movie200.zip43KPepster's Movie Time Trivia 2.00 (including Time Bank 1.00) The best PPE game written for PCBoard 15.2 that includes a time bank. Allows users to add to questionaire, Top Ten bulletin, New Question bulletin and automatic sysop message informing him/her of a new question. **FREE****FREE****FREE**
mp-13.zip8,848B@X0A#### Msg-Pack v1.3 #### @X0BMsg-Pack v1.3 QWK Interface for PCBoard! @X0BThis PPE allows you to give your users an @X0Beasy to read, easy to understand, and @X0Beasy to move around in. Features include: @X0BSelect/Deselect conferences, Upload a REP @X0Bpacket, download a QWK packet, & change @X0Blimits settings. Future release will @X0Binclude a help system as well. Minor Bug @X0Bfix release. Requires PCBoard v15.21+.
mpgs204b.zip69KMPGS.PPE v2.04b for PCBoard v15.2+ *-------------------------------------------* DooM - DooM - DooM - DooM - DooM - DooM PCBOARD PPE INTERFACE for the APCi Multi Player Doom Game Server via a multinode BBS using APCi custom PassThrough cables or TRN custom 'Switch' cables. A very nice, quick, and easy to set up interface. 4 Player DooM is a Blast! MPGS (c) Applied Personal Computing, Inc. O'Fallon, Illinois, USA Coded by WizBandit, SYSOP:T%R%N
mphread.zip5,139B<<>> --- By Mark Hennessy Powerboard 1.2 Control Script File will give you message reading similar to PCBoard 15.0 ANSI message reading.
mscan03b.zip8,462B+------------------------------------------+ | ZIPPY Scan Across Multiple Conferences | | ######## ####### ####### ####### ####### | | ## ## ## ###### ## ####### ## ## | | ## ## ## ###### ## ####### ## ## | | ## ## ## ####### ####### ## ## ## ## | | ---------------------------------------- | | Version 0.03 Beta | | If You Run CDROMS You Need This PPE! | |------------------------------------------| | For PCBoard v15.21+ | |
msg-sync.zip9,345BMsg-Sync v1.00 - Overcomes the problems of sharing a message base amongst more than conference. Run in $$LOGON.BAT to set all shared conference Last Message Read pointers to the highest value and leave only a single Mail Waiting flag set in the Users current conference or a designated conference. With QB45 source. FREEWARE from Gary Meeker
msg2n300.zip53K+---------------------------------------+ | With MSG2Next 3.0 users can check out | |previous callers (up to 100 users),view| |the oneliners & add their own , leave a| |liner for next user , view their status| | and check if sysop is available. | | [Freeware] Coded by Pizza| +---------------------------------------+
msg4u10.zip1,597BMessage For You v1.0; PCBoard .PPE that will beep you or your caller's when reading a message online addressed to you/them.
msgque11.zip5,630BMsgQuest v1.1 A Freeware PCBoard 15.0 PPE to place script questionnaire answer files into your message bases & fully configurable too!
msg_200.zip26KPCB-MSG v2.0; To count the number of messages on any PCBOARD SYSTEM(14.x) and place the result in a user-defined place.
mshblt02.zip3,641B.*------------------------------------*. | Bulletin v.02 by Balrog | *--------------------------------------* | Great lightbars replacement for | | your bulletin menu! Fully SysOp | | configurable, supports 255 different | | bulletins, great looking and easy to | : install and configure. : .*------------------------------------*.
mshcmt10.zip2,600B.*------------------------------------*. | Comment PPE v1.0 by Zaskar | *--------------------------------------* | MuSH strikes back with this kewl PPE!| | It's a comment to sysop PPE. | | * Lightbar Support | | * Fully Configurable | | * You'll love it! | .*------------------------------------*.
mshop121.zip56KMultimedia Shopping Mall v1.21 M-SHOP for PCBoard is the best shopping mall ever for PCBoard v15.x. Features up to 20 different stores, 20 depts in each store, and unlimited total items on line. SL restrictions, up to 10 image attachments with long desc- riptions (reg. only) for each item. Credit Card and COD support. PCBoard Sysops download this file today! Shareware - PPE for PCBoard v15.x. [Maintenance Release - Includes new address and phone #]
mshyesno.zip2,141B| Yes/No Prompt Replacement by Zaskar | *--------------------------------------* | Great Lightbar Yes/No prompt that | | enhances greatly the look of the | | built-in Yes/No prompt of PCBoard | | And it's fully configurable. |
mt-300.zip38K----------- Mail Time (tm) v3.00 ---------- Sysops utility that creates/updates bulletins and news on when the last echo mail run to the BBS occurred. Supports all mail networks, and universal to all BBS software, although it will also support PCBoard 14.5+ @Xhh codes for color. Many date and time format options. Includes PCBoard 14.5+ compatible log file output.
mthlast3.zip3,033BLAST CALLERS V3.00 FOR PCB 15 BY [EDDIE/BB] This is the ultimate Last Callers for PCBoard -Great PC-Style Look [No Ugly ForumHack Junk] -Very Fast Coding with HeX-Edit Protection.:) -All colors and header are configurable......
mtlot10.zip4,962BModern Technology-Lottery v1.0 - [PPE] Allows callers to Gamble for online time! *Source Included* For PCBoard v15.0
mtntacro.zip42KThe Hackers Acronym Translator v1.0 A nice fast ppe made for PCB15.1+ with more than 2600 acronyms!! Sysops can add acronyms!
mt_bbs11.zip60KModern Technology - BBSList v1.10/Std [PPE] PCBoard v15.0 + PPE/Door which allows callers to Create / Add / View / Sort and search by keywords any sysop definable BBS List file/s
mt_grf11.zip2,776BModern Technology - Graf-Y and Graf-N - [PPE] Replacement prompts for PCB 15.0 for the "Do you want graphics (Enter)=no?" These prompts look & act just like the originals BUT do NOT allow callers to Skip the Welcome file. Handy if you need to load a PPE at every login and found the PCB WELCOME screens to be the best place! !! NEW !! 2 versions included now, one looks just like the PCB original, the other defaults to (Enter)=yes?. *source included*
mt_mnu10.zip41KModern Technology - PPE_MENU v1.0; Mini interface to allow PCBoard v15.0 + sysops run *any* PPE program directly from within this menu. It works just like the PCBoard DOOR and OPEN commands, and can also run any existing PCB DOOR or Main Menu selections
mt_mtx12.zip118KModern Technology - Matrix v1.20 /Std PPE. Distributed as a Simulated DOS Login Shell for PCBoard v15+. However the look and feel of the Dos prompt can easily be modified via setup files. Sysops can assign System & New User passwords allow; Paging the Sysops, Post/Read Public Msgs, Comments, Blts Check Password-Info, Full Help / Info and VIP files PLUS much more!Logs ALL activity to its own CALLER files
mt_scn11.zip9KModern Technology Generic Text Scan (v1.1) [PPE] / Door for PCBoard v15.0+ which allow callers to Zippy scan/search sysop defined TEXT files for matches. A popular use for this PPE would be to search the DOWNLOAD.TXT file, but you can use it for other purposes Such as; Search BBS listings, Script Files etc.. FREEWARE for All PCB Sysops! Enjoy-!
murp_col.zip32KMurphy's PCBoard's sample color menus.
mur_pin1.zip5,737BPersonal Identification Number PPE (MURPHY) Mod version: Checks Security Violations, Password Failures and Regular Logons. All totally independent and configurable. Mods by Peter Laur, Ulf Svanlund, Rikard Elofsson Requires Notes, Stats & Verification (PSA)
mushcs10.zip4,424B CONFERENCE SCROLLER v1.0 This PCBoard's PPE let's you join a conference in a custom menu. Instead of choosing with a number, you choose with arrows! You can put your own ANSI background file. J;# compatible. Many other kewl options! Up to 1001 conferences.
mushfb11.zip4,385B.*------------------------------------*. | Dsfeedback v.1.1 by Daemon Summoner | *--------------------------------------* | This is a simple PPE that will make | | your users choose to which sysop | | they will leave their comment when | | they use the 'C' command. You can | | use your own ansi background. It | | uses lightbars and it is fully con- | | figurable. The bug of the "Y" is now | : corrected. : .*------------------------------------*.
mv2call.zip36KThis little sysop **Toolkit Utility** will copy a file into a CALLER file and format it to PCB spec of 62 char per line. Handy for adding log info at appropriate times or during an event. Deletes file after copy to eliminate dup info storage.
mvcnf5.zip57KConference mover utility v1.5. Public Domain utility for PCBoard 14.5. 04/12/92.
na-post.zip2,500B +--------------------------+ | * To/Subject/Security * | +---------------------------------------+ | Three Little PPE to custumize your | | "Enter a Message" Command. Try it. | | It's a new idea, not a FUC*I* copy | | from another programmer! | | 100% Sysop Configurable and FREEWARE! | +---------------------------------------+
nametd10.zip75KNAME THAT DOOR V1.0. We give you the motor and you supply the Opening Screen, Questions, Name of the door, 3 questions or 2 questions with a Bonus question and has the potential for making 2 Different Doors for online use. Demo version contains 50 questions and sample screen.
ndaddr12.zip15KNICE DAY ADDRESS UPDATE V1.20 [PPE] This PPE is for every sysop that wants to have his users enter all the address infor- mation. A cursor-driven menu will show up when a user logs in that has not entered everything in U_ADDR(). This PPE will also not accept users that just type a '-' instead of their real addresses. Menu will only disapear if the user has entered ALL the information.
ndcom110.zip6,383BNICE DAY SYSOP COMMENT v1.10 [PPE] Cursor-driven Comment-to-Sysop replacement. 100% language configurable. 100% colour configurable.
ndfile20.zip54KNICE DAY FILES V2.00 [PPE] 8x FASTER! This is a must-have for every sysop. NDFiles is a cursor-driven replacement for the PCB [F] command. It shows a list with all available directories. Fantastic features included: o Displays number of files in dir o Displays total kb in dir o Possibility to press [D] and the highlighted dir is downloaded o NO maintenance if added as event o All screens configurable o All colors may be freely defined o Professional layout
ndmoney4.zip20KNICE DAY MONEY MANAGER [PPE] v4.00 This PPE accepts credit cards to upgrade user levels. It is the only and original PPE that uses the PCB Accounting Features of PCBoard. Immediate upgrade possible. Another high- quality release. All screens and colors can be freely modified. Compiled with PPLC 3.10. Needs PCB 15.21 to run. 0$ Shareware.
ndoffl10.zip6,336BNICE DAY OFFLINE FILES v1.0 [PPE] ##################### For all sysops with offline files (e.g. CD-ROMs). If a user chooses a file which is offline, he will see a cursor-driven menu and he has the possibility to leave a message with all the files he tagged. * Completely cursor-driven! Free registration #####################
ndread62.zip26KNICE DAY EASY READER v6.2 [PPE]: A must-have for every PCB sysop! This PPE is a fully cursor-driven replacement for the 'R' command.
ndtext10.zip15KNICE DAY TEXTER [PPE] v1.00 This is a new way of displaying text files to users. Can be used in news files, bulletins, scripts etc. User can use cursor keys to scroll text up/down and can even download the text files if you like. 100 % configurable. 0$ Shareware. Nice Day PPEs: superb ideas, thousands of times copied, but never reached.
ne-fro10.zip1,603BFront-Stat-PPE 1.0 by Elvin Nox A Front-Status-PPE for PC-Board 15.1+ that shows whats on the other nodes (without handles). /X-Style!
ne-nsu10.zip1,355B NSU 1.0 NewFileScan-PPE by Elvin Nox A New File-Scan-PPE for PCBoard 15.1 scan since yesterday/today/x days back for everyone who missed the N Y U, N T U
netevent.zip31KNetEvent allows you the sysop to run a particular function from your event.sys file on a specific day of the week or on multiple days of the week, quick and easy to use no fancy install programs. FREEWARE !!!
netme100.zip9,672BNETM-E v1.00 - Initial release, for PCBoard 15.21 only! works with PCBoard Fido. [PPE] program to replace the (E) Message commands in your FidoNet netmail conference. simplify user input for both Fidonet netmail and into Internet via Fidonet UUCP gateway. Shareware. not crippled ** Oriental Royal **
netst22.zip42KNetSTATi Version 2.2 will edit your NET file from UUPCB and create a PCBoard BLT file with header, avg cps, total pkts sent and total pks recieved statistics also does Newsgroup information
netstat1.zip8,134BPCBoard USERNET.DAT utility. Add certain info to nodes doing events and other tasks to be displayed when the WHO, NODE, or CHAT command is used in PCBoard.
net_cmds.zip19K----------------------------------------: : NET-CMDS.PPE: By Daryl Stogner : : This PPE is a menu that let's you : : select an on-screen view of the cmds : : for AREAFIX/NETMAIL Msgs/Internet : : EMAIL. And a view of the cmds to use : : for an AREAFIX/SQAEM Msg in PCBFIDO. : :---------------------------------------: : Released as FREEWARE! 1-17-95 : :---------------------------------------:
newalias.zip1,943BNewAlias.PPE; Ask users if they wish an Alias change after entering each conference. Your must have the Alias PSA installed on your system...Can be installed on the CMD.LST, loaded from within a file or both...
newask.zip2,091BSample PPL source code to the NEWASK questionnaire used on Salt Air.
newe.zip2,945BPPE replacement for the [E] Command. Displays a file to the caller and allows them to abort their message if they are not in the correct message base area, etc. Supports stacked names in conjunction with the command. FREE
newmenus.zip117K10/1 Menus for PCBoard 14.5.
news100.zip5,211BNEWS.PPE; Lets conference sysops change the NEWS file in their own conferences. Installation info and source is included.
news11b6.zip13KNEWSPAPER v1.1 - A News File Display Utility for PCBoard v15.1 or later. Easy to install and use! Newspaper reads a plain ASCII Text file, and presents it to the Caller, using a custom design and color. Newspaper uses the Caller's Page Length setting, as well as the custom designs when used in Registered Mode. BETA CODE 1.1.b6 - COMPILED 05/12/94
news13.zip4,205BNEWS.PPE, Ver. 1.3, by Galahad Software. A PCBoard 15.2+ PPE that allows multiple news files to be displayed, and replaces the internal NEWS command. Now supports RIP graphics!
news320a.zip72KMews Manager v3.20 RE-RELEASE. Supports PCBoard 14, GAP, or Local Only Mode. News Manager allows local/remote sysop or conference sysops to add or delete news to any conference on their BBS. It supports two different news formats and allows the sysop to configure the colors. Newsman supports up to 38.4K and unlimited com ports.
newus101.zip2,074B+-----[PPE] PCBNewUsr By DynaSOFT [PPE]-----+ | This wonderful PPE from DynaSOFT enhances | | PCBoard's "(C) continue logon as new user | | (R) re-enter your name" prompt. Nicely | | designed output to help users create | | create their own accounts on your BBS! | | Asks them a [Y] / [N] question. | +--------- Version 1.01 - FREEWARE ---------+
newuser1.zip39K########################################### # ########## NEWUSER 1.0 ########## # # A PCBoard automessage facility for # # sending un-attended welcome messages to # # new users of the BBS. Fast, Simple to # # use. This program "Requires" the use of # # TXT2MSG to complete its processing. # ###########################################
ng_pcb.zip6,055BNorton Guide for PCBoard 14.x @-codes. Also includes ASCII chart, box-character chart, and a special characters chart. NG NORTON GUIDE PCBOARD CODES
njltqp10.zip9KNEW JERSEY LOTTO QUIK PIK v1.0 for PCBoard versions 15.x. This is a PPE program that will allow your users to generate Quik Pik numbers for play in the New Jersey Lottery. Includes the Pick3, Pick4, Pick5 and Pick6 games. Shareware from Hogard Software Solutions BBS at (214) 641-6292.
njoin101.zip8,430BNJOIN v1.01 - This ppe will allow your users to select which NETWORK to view and then what conference to join from within that network. A MUST for boards carrying more than 1 Net.
nlstvt11.zip3,018B+-------------------------------------------+ | NeW LiST V1.1 | | --------------- | | PPE for PCB written by Thomas De Quincy. | | This PPE will scan your filelists and | | create a ZIP-file with all the new files | | from a certain date and download the file.| | Extremely fast and easy to setup. A must | | for every PCBoard system. NOT CRIPPLED!!! | +-------------------------------------------+
nmrep106.zip51K+----------------------------------+ | NetMail/Reply v1.6 | |----------------------------------| | This combination of PPEs replace | | your (E) command and the (RE)ply | | lines in your PCBTEXT. They | | assist your user in writing and | | replying to NetMail. They are | | designed to work with QFRONT by | | Rob Kittredge. Both PPE's are | | FreeWare but included in this | | archive is a ShareWare program | | called EXTRACT. | |
nn01.zip61KNode/News v1.0 * This is a fully functional Nodelist/Diff & FidoNews Detection utility. Use this to tell your batch files how to behave when you receive a new NODELIST, NODEDIFF, or FNEWSnnn. No more outrageous batch file manipulation. Small program, all command line driven. From the Author of Tic-2-PCB. *** FREEWARE *** Compiled 8/10/92
nodelk10.zip13KNODELOCK v1.0: A pair of utilities that allow a PCBoard v14.5 system that is set up on a network to "float" between node numbers without requiring the use of the /FLOAT switch. Can be useful if the network cannot guarantee an unused subdirectory for the user. Automatically resets locks on nodes that are hung after a specified period of time.
nodesc16.zip13KNodeScan v1.6b - PCBoard 15.2+ [PPE] The most powerful WHO replacement ever made for PCBoard! Now it supports up to 100 nodes. It comes with tons of nice features incl.: Full coloursetup,Broadcast function Enable/Disable Broadcast by default or security,recipiant security match for broadcast messages,multilanguage compatible,fully configurable,Amazing animated Display. This version is *FREEWARE* by EuroStar BBS Kiel.
nohand11.zip2,635B[PPE] No Handle v1.1; If you want to disable the ability for your users to select a handle when entering node chat, then you want to install this PPE on your system. Includes source code
nokill.zip3,121BNoKill [PPE] PCBoard PCBtext Replacement to Warn Users that try to use other Commands from the main board prompt that lack security level to do so.
nonmulti.zip84KHOW TO guarantee no two nodes open the same NON-Multi-Node Door at the same time while using PCBoard BBS Software. Complete instructions in HOWTO.TXT!
notime10.zip4,379BNOTIME v1.0: Run in the $$LOGOFF.BAT file this program will check to see if a caller has a specific security level. If so it will change the minutes used in the user record to zero allowing the next caller using the same user-id to receive a full session's time limit. Optionally resets Last Msg Read ptrs. Useful for DEMO ACCOUNTS on PCBoard version 14.5a systems.
nr306.zip144KNewsRoom v3.06; BBS News generating software. Create news files using ANSI, PCBoard color codes. A few minor fixes to formatting of files created by external editor, and loss of "days to keep" field from external editor.
nsc123f.zip41KNode Speed Checker v1.23; PCBoard application that verify the speed of the user. For v14.5a /E3 to /E250. Accept non-standard communication port. Speed up to 57600 bps. Keep a user from login on at a low speed on a high speed node IF there is one or more free nodes to log on. Can also be used to let pass only a list of 'special' users. Fixed bugs when reading USERNET.XXX. French version.
nstat060.zip49KNodeStat Door - Version .60 Simple little door to run as a PCB login door that will display a "WHO" type status display to the caller when they logon. Simple to set up and use. FREEWARE !!
ntmgr95.zip42KNetMgr - copy, move, delete, change and bounce netmail..
nu-601.zip8,020B+-----------------------------------+ | NUSCAN 6.01b | +-----------------------------------+ NUSCAN - PCBoard PPE - FREEWARE! Will ask your callers if they would like to see a list of all the new files uploaded to your system since there last file scan. There are a lot of bad imitations out there but, this is the original! (C)1995 Bill Masuka
nuc102b.zip5,810B[THP] New User Config v1.o2 beta * (6.o4.94) New User Password prompts. Allows user to properly enter information for each selected format when applying. Also allows users to re-edit registration info before logging off. Written by Fatal Hitman [THP]
nufilz11.zip3,639BNewFiles v1.1; PPE that will scan directories for files by a user specified date, then allow the user to flag and download the files
nufilz26.zip8,726BNewFileScan PPE v2.6
nuflag11.zip15K@X0E[PPE] @X0FMajor Upgrade to FLAG.PPE! Enhanced status/prompt line. rewritten to control NON-batch protocol users, and users that have NO default protocol selected. ALL info screens are EXTERNAL,SEC+GRAPH+LANG specific. (Major shortcoming of original FLAG.PPE was that batch mode protocol by user was assummed!). If non-batch protocol in use, flagged file will be offered for downloading immediately or (C)ancel, (H)elp. If default protocol ="N", then user is forced to select a protocol by PPE be
nuscan4a.zip8,490B+-----------------------------------+ | NEWSCAN 4.0a |# |-----------------------------------|# |Will ask your callers if they would|# |like to see a list of the new files|# |added to the system since there |# |last file scan. (If there are any) |# |As soon as they logon. |# | (C)1994 Bill Masuka |# +-----------------------------------+# #####################################
nuv13.zip3,219BNUV v1.3 - New User Verification PCBoard .PPE. A simple but effective way to toss obvious idiot new users off your system. Free w/source! From The Lost Carrier BBS (914) 964-0419 USR V.Everything.
nu_16a.zip16KNEWUSER.PPE v1.60a; PCBoard 15.0 [PPE] program that can be used to replace the way PCB registers new users. Display's a (SysOp definable) file for each PCBoard newuser question. Will Auto detect PCBoard Supported Allocations (PSAs). Load this PPE from your "NEWUSER" display screen (** Complete Source Code Included **)
nwbth100.zip50KNewBooth 1.00 - Companion Program For Use With Registered Copies Of Voter Plus. Run as a Login Door, Will Notify The Caller If A New Voting Booth Has Been Added Since Their Last Call. FREEWARE
nwsf121.zip15K***********NEWSFLASH 1.21************* NewsFlash is a PPE to enhance your NEWS display file, letting you display news entries for a specific number of days. Simple to set-up and configure. Includes Maintenance functions, file and color configurability, and simple Editor PPE to add entries >>>>>>>>FREE REGISTRATION<<<<<<<<<<<<< Author: Herbert Bushong Compiled with PPLC 3.x/req. PCB 15.2+
nwsmkr30.zip34KNewsmaker v3.0 - PCBoard 14.x NEWS maker. Simply create a NEWS file using your favorite text editor, add some formatting codes, and Newsmaker will process the text file and output a nice, headered NEWS file. Completely color-customizable. Will support five-colors to enhance your text. Now also includes extended screen control with the WAIT, MORE, and CLS PCBoard commands. Written by Greg Barton, Sysop of ACCUG BBS.
nyltqp10.zip10KNEW YORK LOTTO QUIK PIK v1.0 for PCBoard versions 15.x. This is a PPE program that will allow your users to generate Quik Pik numbers for play in the New York Lottery. Includes the Pick3, Pick4, Pick5 and Pick6 games. Shareware from Hogard Software Solutions BBS at (214) 641-6292.
occps12.zip5,799BOnline Credit Card Processing System v1.2! PCBoard PPE to allow online registration via credit cards or to download a REGISTER.ZIP file for mail-in registrations. Writes CHARGE.LOG file with all the information needed to verify and process credit card transactions. Also writes program usage information to the CALLER log for tracking
occps41.zip19KONLINE CREDIT CARD PROCESSING SYSTEM v4.1 OCCPS is a PPE program to allow online registration processing via credit cards, order products online, or optionally to download a REGISTER.ZIP file for mail-in registrations. Writes CHARGE.LOG file with all the information needed to verify and process credit card transactions. Specify your own security levels, term of sub- scription, and which credit cards you accept. Now compabible with Canadian registrations. NOW ALLOWS FOR ORDERING PRODUCTS ALSO!!
of-top15.zip2,104BOver Flow Top U/L D/L Version 1.5b
ofp10.zip86KOnline Funds Processor 1.0 - PPE for PCB 15.2 The Online Funds Processor (OFP) is a trans- action processor that is designed to be used by PCBoard 15.2 SysOps to collect transaction information from users. This program was written specifically for use with the service offered by Dragon Business Services, Inc. OFP will handle credit card transactions as well as checking and savings account transactions.
oldb.zip13K OLDB.PPE - On-Line DataBase version 1.0 - Written using version 2.00 of the PCBOARD PPL language. Either a single data base or multiple data bases. Each with it's own record headings. Each data base can have aspecial instruction screens.
olrpvw10.zip7,484BProView v1.0 by Lord of Road [OLR] One of the best 'V' command you have ever seen! configurable + special features.
olrpwt10.zip4,627BProWrite v1.0 by Lord of Road [OLR] One of the best 'W' command you have ever seen! configurable + special features.
olrref10.zip5,481BPCB Refer 1.0 by Lord of Road [OLR] Now your users can refer newusers to your "closed board" exactly like you have seen in the Ami-Express Boards, but in a PCB Style!
onearm11.zip8,380BOne Armed Bandit v1.1 PCBoard PPE game that simulates a slot machine. No maintenance or configuration files required. Quick easy install via CMD.LST and/or DOORS.LST.
onearm15.zip16K* One Armed Bandit * v1.5 * PCBoard .PPE game that simulates the playing of a slot machine. No maintenance required. No configuration files required. Quick & easy install via CMD.LST and/or DOORS.LST. Shareware $10. Free lifetime BBS support! Compiled 11/22/94.
oneline1.zip3,123BOneLiner.PPE v 1.0 by Windmill Computer Services. A PCBoard add-on to display one line advertisments (or teasers). Can work in conjunction with our ADBOARD.PPE to present your callers a full-featured advertising system ala Prodigy. Fully functional, FREEWARE. Runs under PCBoard v 15.1 or higher.
openwid2.zip5,869B@X1E+---------------------------+@X07 @X1E|OPENWIDE.PPE 4 PCBOARD 15.1|@X07 @X1E|---------------------------|@X07 @X1E|A beautifully designed PPE |@X07 @X1E|to replace your OPEN cmd. |@X07 @X1E|ANSI support, cursor key, |@X07 @X1E|and menu bar support for up|@X07 @X1E|to 26 doors & ppe's. Sinch |@X07 @X1E|to install and a *MUST SEE*|@X07 @X1E+---------------------------+@X07
organ103.zip45K PCBoard Organizer v1.03 for PCBoard 15.2 -------------------------------------------- ]| ORGANIZE.PPE: This program allow your |[ ]| users to browse the Calendar, or search|[ ]| any Date. They can place notes on the |[ ]| Notebook, store Address's and Birthday |[ ]| on the Address Book. Also have a small |[ ]| Calculator. The Notes and Birthday's |[ ]| can be seen on the NEWS, if they match |[ ]| the current date. Made in PPLC 3.0 |[ ]| -------------------------------------- |[ ]| MSma
orwait11.zip7,133B+-------------------------------------+ | OR WAIT.PPE 1.1 - Revision 01/08/94 | |-------------------------------------| | This [PPE3] replace PCBTEXT #418, | | the WAIT prompt. This makes your | | BBS more fancy and colorful. CTTY | | ANSI,RIP support. EXTRA Configur- | | able and language aware. Download | | it NOW. You can't miss it.This is | | Public Domain. No Registration | | needed. Source code included! | |-------------------------------------| | Oriental Roy
outcomm2.zip37KOutComm 2. Tell your users why they can't open a particular door. Displays a file out the comport (Supports non-standard comports) Requires the USERS.SYS to be in your PCB directory. Supports about 90% of all PCB macros and color codes as well. Nice little utility fr PCBoard 14.5 Sysops. FREEWARE
ov10.zip83KPCB OverView v0.10; Now you can monitor PCBoard nodes in detail from the comfort of Windows! The lucid, colorful display shows complete stats for each node. Calculates time since last call. User defined query of caller log and response messages. Node watchdog detects lock-ups, sounds alarm. Bulletin generators. User defined .wav file support.
ovl-ftr.zip3,956BAMi/X F00TeR! v.1.0b for PCBoard 15.2+
ovl-lmr.zip4,402BAMi/X LAMeRS! PPE for PCBoard 15.2+ Great PPE to show who the Lamers are on the BBS.
ovl-mpmt.zip6,343B AMi/X MeSSAGe PR0MPTS! v.1.0b Great prompts for PCBoard to make writing a messy more like AMi/X
ovl-page.zip4,800BAMi/X PAGe! PPE for PCBoard 15.2+
ovl-pmt.zip3,521BAMi/X PR0MPT! PPE for PCBoard 15.2+
ovl-srch.zip1,240BOverKill Ami/X Zippy Scan Completly Like The Ami Express Version One (Ami/X Clr!)
ovl-usrl.zip2,361BX/UserList v1.1b By Black Viper Ami/Xpress style for you Ami/X Freaks
ozitext.zip10KHere it is cobbers, you've had Southern Drawl, now you can Australian Crawl into your version of PCBoard as an alternate language. Well, life *is* too short to be serious
p2f100.zip17KP2F V1.00 s/w released 08/02/92. =FAST= Utility for PCBoard SysOps needing Fidonet file directory compatibility. Converts PCBoard's file listings into FILES.BBS format (Opus, RA, QBBS, Maximus, etc). 'No-Hassle' command line parameters designed for daily use. Install FREQ doors, Netmail command processors, filelist and bulletin compilers, etc.
p2fdc13.zip41KPCB2FDC v1.3; PCBoard 2 FrontDoor Console (and InterMail) is a small utility that you run in your $$LOGON and $$LOGOFF batch files that will write the lastcallers info to the LASTCALL.xx file within your mailer directory. It will display last caller, security level, times on, elapsed time on, city/state, and time logged off. Converts to Upper/Lower case too!
packer5.zip78K Packer version 5.0 PACKER v1.0 for PCBOARD ( uses USER.SYS ) A door game similar to the famous game from a long time ago. Functions best at 9600 baud & greater. Really good response on the best door program to date. Full version has 20 screens for play. This is the door version. My appologies to those who got the dos version by mistake.
pack_13.zip13KPack@ v1.3; Remove redundant PCBoard color codes from a text file. Speeds up menus, bulletins etc by reducing file size
pad_11.zip31KPADLOADS.EXE - PCBoard BBS uploads padder. Pads the uploads DIR with additional files to make the BBS look more active. Scans existing DIRs to pick out descriptions to add to upload DIR. Sysop configuration file included. Makes small and new BBSs look very active to attract and hold more users. By Al Segura v1.1
page3.zip3,483BO.PPE - Is a PPE program I wrote after see one I thought was neat. It makes callers think the Sysop is typing to them then acts like you dropping carrier on them. Just a fun program to add variety to your board.
pageppe.zip3,246BPAGE.PPE; Will scare users who page during your "off" hours.
panic.zip6,441BPPE (The panic button) This cute little ppe will tease & scare your users. Its a joke ppe from the twised mind of the PHANTOM BBS
pbank22b.zip15KPCBoard Time Bank v2.2B [PPE] Menu and/or command line driven Bank PPE that will allow users to store/Withdraw time. Logs everything to the Caller Logs, allows sysop to limit the amount of time the user can withdraw, and more. Can use a DOS variable to set time limits, storage location, and error logging for those who have not purchased the PPL compilier. Limits transactions on a per day basis with flow back. Fixed to work with a sub-menu. Changes to AWARD.PPE to prevent multilple awards on same
pbcll096.zip16KPCBCALL 0.96b; Cut your CALLER log file(s) down to size. Specify how many line or how many days you want to keep in the file. You also have the ability to remove log entries left by any user. Perfect to run in event.
pbpm_10a.zip15KPCBBLTPM v1.00a; Will create a Multi-Page BLTx MENU for any one of your conferences. It's very fast and simple to setup. Works great with bulletin board systems that have a lot of bulletins available for viewing.
pbu_112.zip109KPBBSuucp V1.12 Allows your user to enter or reply to Internet E-Mails just like what they does with FidoNet style Netmails without have to specifically type a TO: statement at the first line of the message body!
pcb-atch.zip28KPCB-Attach v1.00 - IMPORT attached files from QMAIL4 .QWK packets. Runs from batch file during message IMPORT under Cam-Mail and maybe others. Includes a couple of other utilities for assiting with IMPORTING and EXPORTING mail packets. W/Source code. FREEWARE by Gary Meeker.
pcb-sb.zip69K+--------------------+ |SoundBlaster | |CHAT PAGE PPE!!! | |FOR PCBoard 15.X | |Dox,MOD,and PLAYER | |included... | +--------------------+
pcb151.zip1,401KPCBoard v15.1 DEMO -- Fully functional demonstration copy of PCBoard Bulletin Board software. While there are some built in limits, such as in the number of users, messages, conferences and directories, the DEMO is largely functional giving you a pretty good feel for PCBoard v15.1 and how it operates. Full documentation included.
pcb152po.zip15K** Portuguese PCBTEXT 2.0b for PCBoard v15.2 ** ** By Vitor simao ** Any revision, please leave message on PCBoard Internet Conference or send a NetMail to 2:362/6. MSmac BBS(R) - Torres Vedras - Portugal - BBS# 351-61-314336/314504/314632FAX 28K 24H
pcb152qb.zip27KTypes & code segments for accessing PCBoard 15.2 files in QuickBasic 4.5 and a few .OBJ library functions for data conversions. TYPES for PCBOARD.SYS, USERS.SYS, USERS, USERS.INF, CNAMES.@@@, CNAMES.ADD, MSGS, MSGS.IDX, MESSAGES.DAT/QWKID.MSG, PCBSM.CLR, PCBSTATS.DAT, USERNET.XXX & MAKEIDX *.IDX Files. By Gary Meeker
pcb15d_1.zip47KPCBoard v15.0 DEMO [1/3]; Installation Disk Fully functional demonstration copy of PCBoard Bulletin Board software. While there are some built in limits, such as in the number of users, messages, conferences and directories, the DEMO is largely functional giving you a pretty good feel for PCBoard v15.0 and how it operates. Full documentation included.
pcb15d_2.zip945KPCBoard v15.0 DEMO [2/3]; Program Disk Fully functional demonstration copy of PCBoard Bulletin Board software. While there are some built in limits, such as in the number of users, messages, conferences and directories, the DEMO is largely functional giving you a pretty good feel for PCBoard v15.0 and how it operates. Full documentation included.
pcb15d_3.zip370KPCBoard v15.0 DEMO [3/3]; Documentation Fully functional demonstration copy of PCBoard Bulletin Board software. While there are some built in limits, such as in the number of users, messages, conferences and directories, the DEMO is largely functional giving you a pretty good feel for PCBoard v15.0 and how it operates. Full documentation included.
pcb15ppl.zip1,804BBOXER Color Syntax Config for PCBoard v15 PPL This file contains color syntax highlighting information allowing the BOXER Text Editor to highlight reserved words, comments, constants and symbols for the new PCBoard "PPL" script language. Simply place this information into BOXER's DEFAULT.CFG file so that files with a .PPS extension are syntax highlighted. BOXER itself is found in the BOXER50B.ZIP archive.
pcb15qb.zip23KTypes & code segments for accessing PCBoard 15.0 files in QuickBasic 4.5 and a few .OBJ library functions for data conversions.
pcb15qw1.zip1,340BPCBoard 15.0 (RS) internal QWK/REP mail run
pcb15swe.zip71KSwedish PCBTEXT file for PCB 15.0. With matching help files and menus. From Sweden.
pcb2ansi.zip9,219BPCB2ANSI v1.0 (12/20/91) Utility to convert PCBoard @X graphics files back to regular ANSI files with escape code sequences. Command line driven, wildcards allowed, retains original files. Public Domain by Kendall Anderson.
pcb90091.zip24K|--------------- PCB900.PPE ---------------| +------------------------------------------+ | Accept subscriptions via an easy to call | | 900 number. Lower rates than some of the | | other 900 services. Charges at both $10 | | and a $25 level are accepted. V.91b | +------------------------------------------+ +------------------------------------------+ | Released by: The Skull BBS | +------------------------------------------+
pcbarnld.zip11K1PCBoard version 14.5 PCBTEXT file Party Pooper!
pcbarno2.zip54K>> PCBoard/M + ARNET SmartPort Plus + OS/2 << ============================================= By combining ARNET's OS/2 device driver for the SmartPort Plus, together with a shareware virtual fossil driver, it is possible to run multiple ports on a single PC using PCBoard/M under OS/2 2.1 or 3.0. Included in this archive are the ARNET drivers, the FOSSIL interface, and instructions for setting them up with PCBoard/M version 15.x.
pcbati6.zip27KPCBATI6 v1.1: For PCBoard v14.5a and v15.0 systems which, in conjunction with USR HST Modems, can monitor line noise, keep a history of it, and inform your callers when they experience line noise. Uses the HST's ATI6 command to obtain and analyze session statistics then, if excessive line noise is detected, a message can be automatically generated to inform the caller. V1.1 adds compatibility with PCBoard/M.
pcbbbl16.zip18K#### PCBBBL v1.6 - Bulletin Board Lister #### +-------------------------------------------+ | PCBBBL is a PPE to help in the creation | | of master bulletin board lists. This | | PPE sorts the lists by board name. Also | | has an option for flagging the lists. Will| | also check to make sure that the phone | | number dosn't exsist in the data base. | | Interface is seamless, and easy for your | | users to follow. | | Programmer: Richard Stewart
pcbbe110.zip9,216B+-----------------------------------------+ | The PCB Bulletin Executive v1.10 | |-----------------------------------------| |Automatically Creates/Updates Bulletin | |menu each time it is run. Displays last | |date bulletin was changed. If you don't | |like drawing screens each time you change| |a BLT, this is the program for you. User | |is prompted after each screen rather than| |at the end of display. Released 05-01-94| +-----------------------------------------+
pcbbet30.zip53KPCB-Beta door v3.0. Simplies the task of distributing files to your customers. Very easy to use! Can be used to distribute files that have been released, updates, beta or alpha testing. Works with PCBoard 14.5 through 15.x
pcbblt10.zip153KPCBLIST Version 1.0 BETA RELEASE - BETA RELEASE Complete rewrite of SS01-14P. Allows users to view PCBoard Systems by areacode, Search for text and download areacode lists. Supports non-std IRQ's and Fossil Support. Requires BLT1 from Salt Air From the Author of King of the Board. Suburban Software
pcbbrger.zip963BPcBoard Bulletins In German
pcbcan2.zip13KLike welcome to the Canadian Language, eh, for PCBOARD 15.0. Americans, like, think we all talk this way, eh. No way, eh!
pcbcd100.zip38K PCBoard CD-ROM Door - PCBCD v1.00 +------ Oriental Royal Presents ------+ | DOS Shell Interface & commands. A | | neat [PPE] for PCB 15.21 or later | | -ULTRA EASY- setup,even a *mess* CD | | Perfectly works w/ PCB D/L Limit & | | security. Wildcard search, Multi- | | Lingual, trashcan support. Detailed | | Online Help. Support up to 256 CDs | | High quality, non-cripple Shareware | +-------------------------------------+
pcbcht10.zip8,734BPCBCHAT Utility Version 1.0 of 10/22/91. A utility for PCBoard 14.0+ systems that will adjust your user's NODE CHAT status (either 'A'vailable or 'U'navailable). Beston PCBoard 14.5a systems, to run in your $$LOGON.BAT file to adjust when logging into the system to avoid bothersome CHATS.
pcbcid10.zip3,816BPCBCID; PCBoard utility detects Caller ID and compares it to the phone number entered by the user and upgrades them automatically if they match. Will Dis-allow callers who block calls or give false phone numbers.
pcbck221.zip107K -----------> PCBCheck 2.21 <------------ This release of the easiest to use and set up upload processor for PCBoard enhances compatibility with PCBoard 15.2 and adds to its features which include an attractive, intelligent, customizable output, FOSSIL support, age checking, ability to convert archive types, and much more!
pcbcl100.zip14KPCBColor v1.00 - DOS Utility: PCBoard file list colorizer (sysops' tool).
pcbcll11.zip40KPCBCalls Version 1.0 A PCBoard 14.x Door Program PCBCalls is a duplicate of CALLS.EXE, probably the best call analyzer for PCBoard This program was built and duplicated to implement the use of PCBoard 14.5 color codes. It duplicates all functions of CALLS except the SAV option.
pcbclm10.zip30KPCB-CLM v1.00b [PPE]: The VERY FIRST PCBoard v15.2 and PPLC v3.0 PPE program! PCB-CLM will create conference listings by reading a configuration file... NO more conference numbers to know, PCB-CLM is intelligent enough (by some help from the SysOp) to know what conferences belong to what mail networks. DOWNLOAD PCB-CLM TODAY AND SAVE LOTS OF TIME; IT'S A FREE PROGRAM! Authors: DCS - DNIS
pcbcm20.zip191KPCBConferenceMenu Utility v2.0b 06/25/94 This is a PCBoard 15.x Utility that will make a conference menu automaticly. It reads the CNAMES.@@@ file and builds the menu (CNFNxxx) It has sort 4 options and it reads a CFG file for NetWork defs. Includes a Conference Join replacement PPE. Users can sort or download the menu from the PPE. Requires PCBUT10.ZIP to be set up. Unlimited Confs! A part of the PCBUtility Package from Casto Software. NEW-REGISTRATION FEES - Complete Pkg 25.00!
pcbcnu10.zip12KPCB-CNU v1.00b [PPE]: One of the FIRST PCBoard v15.2 and PPLC v3.0 PPE programs! If you are using PCBoard v15.2 and have lots of conferences, then PCB-CNU is for you! PCB-CNU will update your CNAMES files with longer (extended) conference names of 60 characters max., uses a simple ASCII text file for data. DOWNLOAD PCB-CNU TODAY AND SAVE LOTS OF AND MONEY; IT'S A FREE PROGRAM TO USE! Authors: DCS - DNIS
pcbcodes.zip4,144BYou may have seen messages where your name, address, or other information was automatically inserted. You may have also seen messages that had the colors changed from the normal colors the sysop of the particular BBS has set up. These are all commands that can also be done by you, the user, to make your messages more appealing or easier to understand.
pcbcomp.zip3,217BPCBoard Comparison Guide; to help you compare the features of PCBoard against other BBS software, the following comparison guide has been developed.
pcbcv917.zip25KPCBoard colour file viewer - a utility to allow the PCBoard Sysop to view his/her color text files with the PCBoard @X color codes. Supports screens with more than 25 rows. Freeware.
pcbdbas1.zip59KPCBoard vrs 14.5 User DataBase program. This will create a report to screen, file, or printer. Select up to 3 USER variables based on your criteria of information. Up to 6 User Variables can be outputted. Very handy for checking on user records. Now allows Exclusion of any Variable. Multi-Node (share) capable. << System Support BBS Original>>
pcbdbc10.zip9,841BPCBDBC 1.0 Creates a database (DBF) and imports new users to the DataBase. Import.ppe included to import ALL current users to the database. Great for Mailing lists. With the right DB, there is no limit. Need a DBF compatible Database Application to read & maintain. (ie. DBase, Approach, AlphaFive, Etc.)
pcbddinf.zip11KBBS Dollars Direct for PCBoard v15.2! Information on a powerful online pcboard utility that will allow your users to pay for items online with their checking or savings account. Works directly with the system setup by American Banking Systems. If you are having credit card troubles, or want to open up new doors for your users, then please download this file
pcbde401.zip87K The PCB Door Executive ver. 4.01b Creates *1* Menu for all your Doors & PPE programs. Run PPE & Doors from 1 menu! Totally Sysop Configurable. Optionally categorizes your doors for easier access. display by category or all at once! Quick Setup, Zero Maintenance! LONG PATH NAMES NOW SUPPORTED! GO/4 Software Release!
pcbdemo.lzh1,363KPCBoard v15.0 DEMO -- Fully functional demonstration copy of PCBoard Bulletin Board software. While there are some built in limits, such as in the number of users, messages, conferences and directories, the DEMO is largely functional giving you a pretty good feel for PCBoard v15.0 and how it operates. Full documentation included.
pcbdepnl.zip3,689BDutch (no, not Double Dutch...) language & menu files for PCB-Deposit v1.97, THE most excellent Time/Byte Door written for PCBoard 14.5a. These files are created on a sleepless night by Arthur Belder.
pcbdesc5.zip13KPCBDescribe v5.01 01/22/93 release. A utility for PCBoard systems that detects description files inside of uploaded archive files and uses the contents to describe the upload. Version 5.00 adds compatibility with other archive formats and now supports ZIP, ARJ, LZH, PAK and ARC files as well as self- extracting versions of each. Version 5.01 improves compatibility with the ARJ beta.
pcbdir11.zip11KPCBDIR v1.1: A PCB utility to create custom DIR files. Command line configurable using PCB's DIR.LST file for it's information.
pcbdir15.zip36KDISPLAY PCBoard's DIRectories Statistics This will create a graph that displays the total number of bytes used and number of files used within each of your DIR files. You can use it to display the graph to your screen, or use it to be redirected to a bulletin. Multi-Node capable (file-sharing) slight fixes made. VERSION 1.5 {added PCBoard @ANSI color codes} << System Support BBS Original>>
pcbdiz12.zip33KPCBDIZ 1.2, PCBoard 14.5a utility to scan ZIP, LZH, and ARJ files for FILE_ID.DIZ and insert the description if found. Includes options for adding the number of files, oldest/newest file dates, uncompressed size of the archive, and AV information for ZIPs to the description. FREEWARE by Dave Navarro, Jr.
pcbdlcnt.zip20KProDoor/PCBoard File Download Counter v1.0; Analyze the PCBoard DOWNLOAD.TXT log file and update your DIR listing files to include the number of times each file has been downloaded. Compatible with DOWNLOAD.TXT files trimmed by TRIMDL14.ZIP.
pcbdp19b.zip44KPCB-Deposit v1.99b; Minor change to support PCBoard 15.0 changes to USERS.SYS. This will work fine with PCBoard 14.5 and above. This is just the EXE, no docs. COMPORTS: non-standard and fossil
pcbdr1_3.zip39KPCBoard Utility to DISPLAY DOOR Statistics This will create a graph that displays the Door usages of all or selected doors used. You can use it to display the graph to your screen, or use it to be redirected to a bulletin. Multi-Node capable (file-sharing) {added handling over 100 nodes} (vrs 1.3) << System Support BBS Original>>
pcbdrc14.zip56KPCBoard Download Ratio Controller v1.4; PCBoard Controller For File/Byte/Message Ratio. Prevent users from downloading when their ratio exceeds. Now includes daily download limits and text file for those users that needs to be upgraded.
pcbed12b.zip61KPCBEdit 1.20 Beta for PCBoard 15.2 (28.12.94)
pcbedit.zip48KPCBedit: Edit PCboard screen files in PCB format.
pcbem12u.zip52KPCBEM II Event Manager 1.12 09/27/91 A complete event management system that offers the abilty to run multiple events, schedual SysOp maintenance, have other nodes wait for the event process to complete and more.... This version is a minor bug fix for a problem with having more than 3 nodes and a screen display flicker problem when using the change command switch....
pcbemail.zip63K +------------------------------------+ | PCBoard PostOffice Version 1.0 | | | | The ONLY FULL FEATURED | | POST OFFICE FOR PCBoard! | | | | Puts EMail At Your FingerTips! | | Builds And Maintains Address Books | | Supports Internet & Fidonet | | Supports Local Users Too! | | Read And Write Messages With Ease! | | Advanced EMail Routing Feature!
pcbevn25.zip169KPCBEvent v2.5 (For PCB14.5x); The Ultimate In PCBoard Event Managers! MANY features that the others do not have! Keeps your events in sync! Run an Event on any day of the week. Easy to set up. Menu driven w/MOUSE. Holds node(s) down until another reloads.
pcbfconv.zip47KPCBoard to TBBS file listing conversion utility.
pcbfd210.zip16KEXEBBS.BAT file for FrontDoor 2.10 and PCB.
pcbform.zip26K+-------- PCBFormFiller v1.1 --------+ | Replace PCBoard scripts with | | on-screen forms. Users simply | | fill in the blanks allowing for | | easy editing of errors. Comes | | complete with a replacement for | | (W)RITE USER INFO, and a | | subscription form. | | | |Custom made forms avaliable on request | +---------------------------------------+
pcbfre25.zip91KPCBoard 14.5x File Ratio Enforcer DOOR. Provides dynamic FILES, BYTES, POST/CALL, POST/DOWNLOAD ratio enforcement. Bytes reward for messages posts. Unique Time and Bytes banking system. v2.5 (29-Jun-1992)
pcbfv35.zip136KPCBFV 3.5: PCBoard F V Compressed File View. On-line/local reading & extraction of files within ZIP, ARJ, LZH, PAK, and ARC files. Displays GIF dimensions. (F)ind text while (R)eading. Seamless. Sysop configurable. DESQview, fossil & non-standard com support. FVMM utility for use with PCBFiler ALT-V.
pcbfv38.zip141KPCBFV 3.8 -- PCBoard Compressed File Viewer. Views ZIP, ARJ, LZH, ARC, PAK and SFX files. Read individual text files. Search for text while reading. Extract individual files for separate download. Displays GIF dimensions. Highly Sysop configurable. Seamless. Use in PCBoard's PCBVIEW.BAT or as a local utility. Ver. 3.8 is a minor update for PCBoard 15.2. *WINNER OF PCBOARD FAVORITE ADD-ON CONTEST! ---------- A YCS PCBoard Accessory ----------
pcbfv94b.zip24KNine One One PCBForum v0.94b PPE Replaces regular menu prompt with FORUM SYSOP/FILES/MSG/BBS/RUMOURS/NEWS..MENUS Fully Configurable - Easy to Install! FREE REGISTRATION -- Supports Multinode
pcbfx12.zip59KPCBFX 1.2 - PCBoard File XFer Profile. Scan DOWNLOAD.TXT for number d/l, who uploaded, date uploaded, last d/l date, more. Special Sysop Zippy text scan. All parameters are security configurable for display. Conference block list on 'who uploaded'. Seamless. DESQview aware. Non-standard com support. File profile display is 100% configurable.
pcbfx22.zip124KPCBFX 2.2 PCBoard File History/Profile Door. Reports times downloaded, who uploaded, date of upload, last date downloaded, are time or bytes charged, enough time or bytes and more. Number of files in ZIP & oldest/newest dates. Conference block on 'who uploaded'. SEAMLESS. Creates DOWNLOAD.TXT database, INSTANT scans. Compiles a "top 50 downloads" profile report. Ver. 2.2 is a minor update for PCBoard 15.2. ---------- A YCS PCBoard Accessory ----------
pcbhlp_c.zip34KPCBhelp Files In Color
pcbicons.zip1,846BThis File contains a collection of PcBoard icons that can be used in the windows environ ment. The file includes icon from the cover of the manual and a few other that displays the software package.
pcbidx11.zip22KUtilities to enable you to view, find or delete files from the madeidx.idx file. Ideal to remove files from CD roms that you have removed from the dirs and do not want wild card downloaded. For 14.5a +
pcbimp12.zip245KPCB'MPORT v1.2 for PCBoard; Find file descriptions from either FILE_ID.DIZ or captured file listing(s) & (optionally) move file to a different directory based on key words in that description, place description in the appropriate listing. With options to add a "FILE_ID.DIZ" to archives that don't have them, remove graphic characters, match on names with different extensions, and more!
pcbinstr.zip24KPCBoard 14.5 help files in WP51 format. Useful for navigating through PCBoard quickly and easily. Set up for HP III printer. Compiled by Clif Ware, Sysop, Bandir BBS.
pcblang.zip20KPCBoard Language file (PCBTEXT.XXX) file utility. Allows you to easily update the pcbtext prompts (and colors without @-X).
pcblim20.zip76KPCBLimit Version 2.0 ********************** PCBLimit is a DOOR that will allow or deny* users access to your system between the *** specified times. Great for Mail Networks * and those LEECH visiting SysOps that keep * your nodes busy and your subscribers out ** in the cold during the peak times. :-) ** Easy to set up and configure. ************* A lot of SysOp options and uses. ********** Author David Casto ************************
pcbll097.zip30KPCBCALL 0.97b - dated 08/01/92 Cut your CALLER log file(s) down to size. Specify how many line or how many days you want to keep in the file. You also have the ability to remove log entries left by any user(s). Perfect to run in your event. Another * FREEWARE * program.
pcblof-2.zip15KPCBLOF.EXE will create a list-of-files for your users to download. The reason for rather useing PCBLOF.EXE instead the actual PCBoard list-of-file creator, is that this program will automatically create a index, page numbering, formfeed's, etc. This is more practicaly and logicaly formated.
pcblogo2.zip44KPCBLOGO v2.0; Not only lets you add ZIP Comments to your files but also lets you insert an Ad file into the ZIP file, fast & easily just before a download.
pcbmac10.zip23KPCB Macro's Version 1.0.0 b Released 05-21-92 PCB Macro's is a Terminate and Stay Resident utility to list all available color codes and @ variables available in PCBoard 14.5a and above. Uses on 6k of memory and a 48k swap file. Does not conflict with COM Ports during file transfers.... From MegaSoft SoftWare(tm)
pcbmail1.zip17KPCBMail v1.01; Create new CONTROL.DAT with conferences the User is allowed to Join and creates a DOOR.ID file. Scans for new Main Board Bulletins and will include WELCOME, NEWS & GOODBYE file. ADD or DROP conferences for scanning by PCBoard by uploading message addressed to PCBMail using Mail Reader's Add & Drop features. Added options configuration line to control the files included.
pcbml101.zip70KPCBmail 1.0b; PCBoard 15.0 [PPE] program for Newuser Verfification. Uses standard PCBoard Userrecords. Saves the address in a .DBF file for possible mailings. User gets a verficication number for a free definable period. Fully configurable. Multi Language (English & German Language files are included).
pcbmm12.zip89KPCBMM 1.2 - PCBoard Multi-Menu System. Adds over 100 functions to PCBoard's call-waiting screen. Also may be "popped-up" anywhere in PCBoard by the Sysop with PCBoard's built-in ALT-M local Sysop function. Uses PCBoard's built-in hooks to PCBMoni for installation. NEW: 43 Line EGA/VGA modes & Mouse routines. >>> Can now be hooked with a PCB 15.0 "PPE". ---------- A YCS PCBoard Accessory ----------
pcbmode2.zip17KPcbMode Version 2.0 released Nov 11th 1991. SysOp utility for use with PCBoard V14.5a. Used to reset a callers color mode within the PCBoard.Sys and/or Door.Sys file. Accepts On, Off, or 7E1 as parameters.
pcbmodem.zip85KPCBModem: Now includes support for 7 new modems. Also added hot keys in Manufacture selection.
pcbmove.zip77KPCBMove - Remote PCBoard file moving utility. PCBoard door to allow your users move your uploads and their descriptions to the proper file directories of your board. Can also be used locally with an ASCII list to be moved or take the move requests from a message using GetMail included in the Zip. A must for lazy sysops :-)
pcbmsg2.zip41KUpdate the message base from door (DOS text file). Supports multi-tasking environment. Public domain.
pcbmsg25.zip395KPCBmsg v2.5 PC-Board format message manager
pcbmult.zip44KPCBoard And Multiple Nodes; Text describes how to setup PCBoard under multiple nodes. Detailed instructions for multitaskers and networks, answers to common questions, and door/event setup in a multinode environment are just a few of the topics covered.
pcbnet54.zip28KPCB-Net v5.4. Support for PCBoard 15.0. Very Fast. 500%-1000% times faster than the previous version. This will will update your Users Mail Waiting Flags. You need this if you carry EchoMail or if you're using Old Third Party Software that doesn't support the new file formats! Instead of using PCBPack /UPDATE, use this to also update the MailFlags as well as the .IDX.
pcbnet71.zip120KPCB-Net v7.1 Supports PCBoard 15.0-15.2. Very Fast. This will will update your Users Mail Waiting Flags. You need this if you carry EchoMail or if you're using Old Third Party Software that doesn't support the new file formats! Will update the MSGS.IDX too.
pcbnew14.zip8,816BPCBNEWS v1.14 - PCB News Editor [PPE] - A useful Sysop's Aid to help create news files. Seamless interface, configurable header AND footer files, can define a security level needed to add a news entry, can set an indentation length, more. Don't fuss with those other NEWS file PPEs! Made by Whitewater Technologies, Inc. Version 1.14 - Maintenance Release
pcbnewf.zip28KMake a second Filelist only with Files since the last xx Days. FREEWARE and very fast. Author Peter Haessig SQUIRELL Mailbox.
pcbnfy10.zip33KPCBoard Notify - NetWare Version Notifies NetWare users of Pcboard mail waiting for them by sending then a SEND-like message accross the LAN. Handles multiple servers.
pcbnorwa.zip44KNorwegian PCBTEXT and HLP files for PCB 14.5 / 15.1 / 15.2.
pcboc110.zip282KOnline Checks Direct! For PCB (v1.10) PCBOCD (as it is called) is a unique program that will allow your users to purchase from a product listing (via the PCBoard Sales Executive) and to pay for the products with their checking or savings accounts. Funds are sent to you via a paper draft within 48 hours. The software was written by GO/4 Softwarem and the service is provided by American Banking Systems.
pcbrat15.zip14KPCBoard 14.5a File Ratio Enforcer DOOR. Provides real-time/dynamic file/bytes ratio enforcement. A Must for all PCBoard Sysops Version 1.50; 3/30/1992.
pcbre200.zip9,533BPCBReset v2.00, This runs in batch to test PCBOARD.SYS to see if a caller is logged in before loading a front-end mailer. After a power failure or crash, it can be used to stop the next caller from getting in without being asked a name and password. This new version can log recycle dates/times to your caller log file. Freeware.
pcbscm3.zip24KSets environment with selected data from PCBOARD.SYS file. Also allows you to create a REMOTE.INF file (comma delimited) from PCBOARD.SYS data.
pcbsec44.zip12K PCBSEC v4.03 - Encrypted E-Mail For PCBoard. - Compiled with PPLC 3.0 - Freeware PPE for the use of PCBoard SysOps A few tiny changes to the code, the most important being the ability to ABORT your entry if you change your mind about sending the message.
pcbsiz10.zip6,270BPCBSize will adjust your DIR file sizes to match the actual file size. Handy if you have stripped comments/files from the .ZIP, and need to reflect it in the DIR file.
pcbspy10.zip78KPCBSpy v1.0; Monitor-Program for PCBoard V14.5a and V15.0, features mouse-driven GUI for VGA-Adapters, upto 100 Nodes, overview from 8 to 35 nodes in one window, display under each node a small portions of the user record, display complete user record, if PCBoard updates the caller log PCBSPY updates its Caller Log window,
pcbss30.zip273KPCBSuperScript v3.0. Powerful script language for PCBoard 14.5+. Allows SYSOPS to create doors like you would a BAT file. Create new caller doors, on-line ordering doors, Q&A doors, etc.. Also: Seamless interface, formatted entry fields, dBase file interface, full screen msg entry, callback capabilities and credit card verify. Sample doors include a bank door, new user door with callback and credit card validation (if desired).
pcbstamp.zip24KPCBStamp is useful in batch files to send a string to the caller log. It optionally will date or time stamp the entry as well.
pcbsws-1.zip413KPCBoard Shareware Special. Fully functional release of an older, single node version of PCBoard to replace previous PCBoard 10.0 shareware release. [1/2]
pcbsws-2.zip605KPCBoard Shareware Special. Fully functional release of an older, single node version of PCBoard to replace previous PCBoard 10.0 shareware release. [2/2]
pcbt0982.zip58KPCBTIC v0.982; Process TIC files without trashing PCBoard's DIR text files. Logs errors, duplicates, delete old versions, time stamp update, full reports, echo files. Reads mailer config file! Supports FILE_ID.DIZ & DESC.SDI files! Check file integrity. Now even easier to configure!
pcbt0991.zip58KPCBTIC v0.991. A must for Fido PCBoard SysOps. Faster execution! Process TIC files without trashing PCBoard's DIR text files. NOW HATCHES FILES! Logs errors, duplicates, delete old versions, time stamp update, full reports, echo files. Supports FILE_ID.DIZ & DESC.SDI files! Checks file integrity. Many more features! Shareware from Robert Lechter and XON/XOFF Computer Solutions.
pcbtbat1.zip4,626BBatch Files For PCBoard File Testing
pcbtecat.zip8,606BPCBtext in Catalan.
pcbtext.zip10KThis is a translation of text and questions
pcbtkinf.zip2,484BInfo about PCBoard ToolKit which has now been updated for v15.0 of PCBoard.
pcbtxpor.zip45KPortuguese PCBTEXT, Menus, Blts, and help for PCBoard 14.5. From CATS bbs in Lisbon, Portugal.
pcbtxspa.zip11KSpanish PCBTEXT and menus for PCB 14.5.
pcbtxtit.zip33KItalian PCBtext for PCBoard 15.2. Includes all HELP files and BRDM for ver.15.2.
pcbtxtp2.zip15KPortuguese PCBTEXT 2.1b for PCBoard v15.2
pcbt_abu.zip13KABUSIVE PCBText File; I guess this just goes to show there ARE people out there that want to be abused, you would not believe how popular this LANG is on my brd! No vulgarity. All ! and % lines removed, this "plug & play" as PCBTEXT.ABU. Give it a shot!
pcbudc11.zip29KPCBoard Upload Date Checker (PCBUPDC) v1.1 A program for checking the contents of .ZIP files for old file. Designed as an add-on to CAMS-CRC but will work with any upload checker, simply run it after any upload checker in PCBTEST.BAT. During the processing of .ZIP files, it looks at the information of .COM, .EXE and .O* files within the .ZIP, compares the date of with the oldest file date that you set in the config file.
pcbude11.zip79K+-PCBUDE v1.1 - (For PCB14.5a) -- 5-13-92 -+ |PCB User Download Enforcer Door is an auto| |login door that downgrades user security | |levels based upon file download totals. | |Great for subscription boards that allow x| |amount of downloads for each subscription.| |Will downgrade user security level and can| |clear upload and download amounts. Added | |option to NOT clear file up/down totals. | +---------- Author David Casto ------------+
pcbupld.zip18KPCBTest utility to post the individuals name (as PCBoard does) and security level.
pcburm16.zip123KPCBoard User Ratio Monitor v1.6; SIMPLE to setup. Will monitor the file and/or byte ratios of your callers at each call, selectable by security level. Prevent users who are outside your prescribed ratio limits from downloading.
pcbusu20.zip51KPCB User Search Utility v2.0; Small utility for PCBoard SysOps to read the Download.txt, find out what files a user has downloaded. We use it to find out if a *problem* user has downloaded too many files and what they were. Also great for finding out who has downloaded your registration package etc. It can send a report to the screen, file, or printer. Now has MORE menu options and MORE command line switches for use in an event!
pcbutil.zip49KTwo useful utilities for PCBoard sysops. One trims CR from ends of lines (plus some other features) and the other fixes the orphaned ? in modified pcbtext's.
pcbuucp8.zip71KPCB-UUCP; Information Package on the full-featured PCBoard - Internet and USENET gateway software. PCB-UUCP v1.1 is now fully compatible with PCBoard 15.0!
pcbv421.zip120KPCBVerify 4.21 -- the *original* callback verify door. This version includes non-std COM support, @ codes, CallerID support and other new features. Supports PCBoard *DIRECTLY* but also works for other systems which have a PCBV.SYS converter or use DOOR.SYS. BRUN *NOT* required. See HISTORY.DOC inside.
pcbvio3.zip32KPCBoard PCBTEXT that will blow you away! 250 Modification to your PCBTEXT, A total must for sysops who wants their BBS to look totally different!
pcbvpack.zip38KPCBVPack v1.0 - A utility for PCBoard 14.5+ sysops who use the PCBV310 call back door by Curtis Kowalski. Speeds up the packing of the PCBVVER file and offers other options. Will run stand alone or in a nightly event.
pcbwat40.zip208KPCBwatch v4.0 - Excellent Sysops Control Center. Monitors your nodes with several powerfull features. Accomplish several tasks from one program. This saves you from having to run several programs. A time saver and makes your work alot easier. Supports: PCBoard 14.5x /E3 - /E25, /U.
pcbxmas.zip2,906BXmas Message Screen for PCBoard BBS A nice festive screen, ANSI and @X versions. I've added mine to the NEWS. file
pcb_bet2.zip58KPCB-Beta door. Simplies the task of your BETA/ALPHA users for getting newly posted code. Very easy to use! If you've ever BETA tested code before, you know what a pain it can be to look in the DIR files. No need for DIR files!! Version 2.0 A must for anybody who wants BETA testing done properly!!
pcb_dv.zip11KHow; Setting Up DESQView and PCBoard V14.5a
pcb_ice.zip720BInstallbatches for IcE_Zmodem in PCBoard15.xx
pcb_inet.zip10KPCBoard Systems Active on the Usenet
pcb_kdir.zip2,537BKEDIT 4.0 KEX macros to convert DOS 5.0 DIR list into PCBoard DIR list format.
pcb_ng.zip22KNorton Guides for PcBoard 14.5a All texts removed from original help on PcBoard 14.5a.
pcb_time.zip2,258BTime.ppe for PCBoard v15.x Conference command prompt with source code
pcb_vio1.zip2,533BAdd-Ons; Some additions to the Violator PCBTEXT! Modification's for the Download and the Upload Graphics. Also an added GOODBYE file.
pcb_wel.zip976BA welcome screen drawn using PCBDraw. Looks like the PCBoard 14.5a/E3 waiting screen. Has PCBoard @color Codes. Compliments of Another Dimension BBS.
pcfae095.zip169K+------------------------------------------+ | PC-Board File Area Editor 0.95 Beta | |------------------------------------------| | This program is the most complete editor | | available for the PC-Board BBS software. | | FAE can manage all your file areas with | | such ease, you'll wonder how you ever | | managed without it. | | | |------------------------------------------| | Sixth Wide Beta Release! | | Writ
pcf_4_0.zip35K --[ P*C*F 4*0 ]-- The ultimate filer for PCBOARD,PROBOARD PcExpress, RemoteAccess, SuperBBS and many others. Includes FILE_IDs in the filelist as well as GIF,PCX and BMP resolution. Can add uncompressed archive sizes of ZIP,ARJ and LZH. Easy to use in BATCH mode. Also supplies date checking. <=A MUST!=>
pchat3b2.zip76KProchat v3.0 beta 2, April 92. Some bug fixes as well as some nice additions. This new series is a total rewrite of the program. Prochat is a chat replacement facility for multi-node PCBoard/Prodoor systems. CI$ style cb chat, handles, different chat channels and more. A must for any medium to large PCB system and a must for Prodoor. Shareware.
pcls0100.zip17KProCalls 1.00 Previous Caller Bulletin Maker for PCBoard compatible caller logs. This is the first official release of this program.
pcls20r.zip21KProCalls 2.0R - PCBoard 14.5 previous caller bulletin generator. Fully functional shareware program.
pcmat.zip2,861BPPE - PCMAT: This PPE allow the SysOp to Know which Users wants to Format his HD.. It appears is Formating, but IT'S NOT! Than he receives a
pcrlg111.zip32KPCRLOG v1.11 - The ultimate utility for the PCRelay HUB SysOp. Analyze your PCRelay log and display statistics for the HUB and each node. Use the info to divide up your LD bill. Very configurable. NOT crippled. Now supports HUBs with alphanumeric names. Process multiple log files at once. Shareware $10; Mike Bennett; 3/09/91
pcrl_701.zip73KPCRelay List Door For PCBoard BBS
pcr_155.zip12KPcRemove v1.55; Caller Log Editor. PcRemove will remove unwanted information from the CALLER*.* logs. New version will allow you to also remove specific lines along with users name. Command line option added for quick and easy use.
pddfx100.zip17KPDDFIX V1.00 s/w released 08/03/92. TICK utility to "fix" your PCBoard file dir descriptions, adding pipe (|) characters where necessary. PDDFIX was written in Turbo-C, using Binary file access for an EXTREMELY fast execution time! 'No-Hassle' command line parameters designed for batch file operation. Quick & Easy installation. Adapts to any changes in PCBoard or Tick's configuration files.
pdfm092b.zip160KPDFM v0.92Abeta; PCBoard Deluxe File Manager Super alternative to PCBFiler! Performs more functions than PCBFiler but with a more intuitive, easy-to-use, and powerful user-interface. Eliminates the need for numerous stand-alone utility programs. Text-based windows, mouse support.
pdpm_20a.zip25KPCBDIRPM v2.00a - Compiled on this 08-04-93 This program will create a Multi-Page DIRx MENU for any one of your conferences. It's very fast and simple to setup. Works great with CDROMs, or bulletin boards that have a lot of files available for downloading.
ped100b1.zip38KPCBedit v1.00: wide area beta 'display file designer' for use with PCBoard v14.5+. Allows you to edit more than 25 lines (625 in fact). You may also use any @ macro available in PCBoard. Very configurable.
pegand2x.zip47K +=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+ | PEGANODE v2.1a* WHO REPLACEMENT PPE | |=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=| |>!NOW SHOWS TIME LEFT FOR EACH NODE!<| | WHAT YOU HAVE ALL BEEN ASKING FOR | | A WHO REPLACEMENT WITH NAMES OF | | DOWNLOADS ETC...AND...GET THIS | | CONTINUOUS SCREEN UPDATES!!!! | | >>> NOW NETWORK FRIENDLY!!! <<< | +=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+
pepster.zip12K+-----Pepster's Place BBS Present's------+ |Pepster's Utilities April 1, 1994 | |Hello.ppe v1.15 Beta ( Caller's Log ) | |Lister.ppe v1.00 Beta ( BBS Lister ) | |Bye.ppe v1.00 Beta ( Display BLT ) | |Requires PCBoard 15.1 | |(313) 421-9145 -AND- (313) 421-9177 | +----------------------------------------+
petc12.zip3,844BPress Enter To Continue V1.02 Totally Configurable PPE! - Configurable Prompt - Randomly Selected Prompts - Up to 100 Prompts! - The Most Configurable PETC Prompt Available ANYWHERE!
pexlu12.zip4,378BPark in the Alley Last User Msg Program for ProBoard PEX Files
pexqt10.zip18KQuick Random Quote Generator for ProBoard!
pgscan04.zip38KPGSCAN v0.4 - Aid for PCBoard 14.5a SCANS EMBEDDED ZIP FILES AUTOMATICALLY UPDATES FILE DISCRIPTION If upload contains file_id.diz the file discription is replaced with the .diz Processes one or more files with McCaffee's scan. *PGSCAN.EXE dated 04/30/92 3:54pm*
phcd.zip8,758BPPE that tells you what CD-ROM is in the drive! Handles up to 20 CD'S!
phone120.zip6,130B+-------------------------------------------+ | * The Phone Number Utility v1.20 * | +-------------------------------------------+ +-------------------------------------------+ | Prompt replacement utility that will keep | | the correct phone format. Utility will | | provide dashes (-) and parentheses (()) | | for the user to keep the correct format. | | Checks for phone number formats. Very | | configurable and FREEWARE. | +-----------------------------------------
phone400.zip25KVersion 4.00 compiled 04/02/92 - 5:32p using the DOORPCH38 run-time module. Allows users to list known BBS's by area code. Lists if pay or free, and also will list the actual calling area. SysOp Utility accessed from DOS in the registered version.
phrk2-2.zip144KPhripk2-2 ZIP Error fixed ! +--{ Phantom rip kit V 2.0 )---------------+ | Finally a simple way to set up instant | | RIP MENUS & rip screens for your BBS. | | This is a Complete screen system for your| |bbs. NO rip editing! just edit .CNF files!| |*Multi menu, Multi paged, Multi conf's | | all in an easy to use format! No mess No | | fuss! SHARE WARE $20 NON CRIPPLED!!!!!!! | +------------------------------------------+
phun-meb.zip2,681B[PPE] LOGIN MESSAGE SCARER V.1.0 [PHUN] +-------------------------------------+ | Broadcasts a message to all nodes : | | > at the login * 90% configurable < | | > + SPECIAL SETUP FOR THE SYSOP ! < | +-------------------------------------+
phun-tc1.zip1,117B[PPE] THIS-CALL-STATISTICS V.1.0 [PHUN] +-------------------------------------+ | A cool PPe to install in the logoff | | to show the user what he did during | | his call (# of Pages/Chats/Errors). | +-------------------------------------+
phun_alt.zip3,744BPHUN Anti Lamer Test PPE for PCB 15.1
phun_ed1.zip8,793BUser Editor v1.0 [PPE]
phun_fm1.zip2,849BFlash Mail 1.0 [PPE]
phun_hh1.zip1,973BThe Happy Hour PPE 1.0! Let Your Users Slobber!
phun_lv2.zip6,302BLast Visitors 1.3 [PPE]
phun_mf2.zip1,081BMail Flasher 2.0
phun_mz2.zip2,767BMulti ZyZop Comment 2.0 LiGHTBAR VERSiON!
phun_rt1.zip5,759BRUMour Thing 1.OO [PPE]
pic-lt5.zip13KLast Transfers v1.04 PPE
pin.zip4,786BPersonal Identification Number PPE Uses Verification field (PCB PSA) to require a 4 digit PIN before accessing your system.
pi_100p.zip67KPostIt v1.00PR - PostIt takes text files and posts them to your BBS Message Base. PI supports *.MSG, Hudson, JAM, Squish, and EZYCom message base formats. Post text files to local, echomail, and netmail areas. Provides direct support for RemoteAccess v2.xx! another fine utility by : Mark Lewis, Quartz Crystal Software
pkins710.zip106KPKinsert Version 7.10 released Jan 1st 1992 Check archive integrity, insert comment/ taglines, scan for virii, add and delete disclaimers, etc. Handles Zip, Lzh, Arj and Arcs w/in Arcs. Support for PCB V14.5a and *any* other BBS Software. Perfect SysOp hands-off u/l monitor! Highly configurable. Version 7.10 handles an unlimited number of archives, 4 BILLION nested archives, and a major reduction in memory requirements.
pla-menu.zip1,143B MENU [PPE] for PCB Replaces the "?"-command and removes "Menu Letter/Command you need Help with"-string...
pllog10.zip32KPLLog1.0 Bulletin creator for Postlink(tm) Mailruns. Creates PCB @X codes blt. Free.
pmttv16.zip32KPepster's Movie Time Trivia 1.60 FREEWARE!!!! Simple, but yet powerful Online Trivia Game that is 100% FREE. Source Code Available upon request. Written for PCBoard 15.2 using PPL 3.00. Better than some costly shareware trivia games out on the market. Won't cause a hole in your pocket book.
pnews200.zip45K+-------------------------------------------+ |#### PCB News Editor v2.00 ####| |-------------------------------------------| | This program will allow a simple program | | for a sysop to update news on his BBS. | | simple setup. Now allows Sysop to create | | news from a input file, multiple config | | files, and more! Registration: $5 | +-------------------------------------------+
pnode-13.zip11KPrivate Node v1.3 by: Code 3 Set-up a private node. This version adds hours to reopen and an exempt user list. A must for multi-node PCboard 15.1+ Added new option in PNUSER file and tightened code. FREEWARE!
pnodebbs.zip71KProNode Monitor BBS; A command replacement for PCBoard's WHO command. Let's users see what doors others are in just like PCBoard versions /X199 and above do. Seamless inter- face design. Gets all information from callers log. Easy to use and install. Not crippled. By Todd Miller; ver 1.0 #### A TechWare Productions Release ####
pob396_3.zip11K+ POB396LS [PPE3] / PCB 15.2 - 2.00 [1/1]+ |-------------------------------------------| | PCBoard <*-POB-SUPPORT-BBS-*> Distributor | |-------------------------------------------| |POB396LS.PPE is a replacement for the main | |prompt 396. This PPE include a LINESCROLLER| |and any other key shortcuts. [ESC] for BY, | |UP for upload, DOWN for download, LEFT for | |next conference, RIGHT for prev. conference| |HOME, END, TAB, INS, DEL, PGUP & PGDN are | |free definable. Fixed some major bugs!
pob605_4.zip6,808B+ POB605 [PPE3] / PCB 15.2 - 2.11 [1/1]+ |-------------------------------------------| | PCBoard <*-POB-SUPPORT-BBS-*> Distributor | |-------------------------------------------| |POB605.PPE is a replacement for the entry | |605 (Proceed with logoff?) in PCBtext. | |Read the DOKU for more details. | |This PPE is Multilingual, German is incl. | |A must if you have running the POB396LS.PPE| |This PPE only take in effect when you have | |set the setting "Warning on logoff comman
pobbull2.zip9,732B POBBULL.PPE3 for PCB 15.2 v0.02b [1/1] --------------------------------------------- +-----+ +-----+ +----+ ||----+ || || ||----+ +- +-----+ +-----+ * SUPPORT * BBS * Clark Development's German Distribution Site --------------------------------------------- for order call: +49-(0)8807-91881 / 93339 ISDN: +49-(0)8807-93337 / 93338 --------------------------------------------- BULLETIN PPE Menue for PCB 15.2 only! Full configu
pobdlp02.zip24K+POB DLPROMPT PPE3 / PCB 15.2 0.02b [1/1]+ |-------------------------------------------| | PCBoard <*-POB-SUPPORT-BBS-*> Distributor | |-------------------------------------------| |USR 14400 08807/91881 (6 NODES RINGDOWN)| |ZYXEL 19200 08807/93339 (V32/42bis) | |ISDN 64000 08807/93337 (X75/CAPI) | |-------------------------------------------| |PCBTEXT #550 replacement for PCBoard 15.2 | |You can also this PPE use for Uploads in | |PCBTEXT #474
pobjoina.zip32K+ POBJOIN [PPE3] / PCB 15.21 - 2.51 [1/1]+ |-------------------------------------------| |POBJOIN.PPE is the best conference join | |menu available! Full lightbar support, net | |support (FIDO, INTERNET, Usenet...), show | |highmsg, actmsg and last read in sel. conf.| |Supports FIDO comp. net, multi lang. supp. | |shows FIDO area name if FIDO, and much more| | Read doku for all informations!! | | fixed a minor bug with direct join | | *FREEWARE* [PPE3] by POB(c)1995
pobmor14.zip9K POBMORE.PPE3 for PCB 15.2 v0.14b [1/1] --------------------------------------------- +-----+ +-----+ +----+ ||----+ || || ||----+ +- +-----+ +-----+ * SUPPORT * BBS * Clark Development's German Distribution Site --------------------------------------------- for order call: +49-(0)8807-91881 / 93339 ISDN: +49-(0)8807-93337 / 93338 --------------------------------------------- Extendet PPE Menue for PCB 15.2 only! Full configu
pobnls03.zip6,668B+ POBNLS [PPE3] / PCB 15.2 - 0.03b [1/1]+ |-------------------------------------------| |POBNLS.PPE is a Nodelist browser for PCB. | |If you run FIDO with PCBoard 15.21 you'll | |need this! You can search for SYSOP name | |or BBS name to get info about NODENUMBER | |and PHONE # etc. from the PCBoard NODELIST.| |If you want to write a NETMAIL to an other | |BBS and don't know his NODENUMBER search | |with this PPE online! A must have for 15.21| |Fixed some bugs, added abort in 1. screen
pobspy01.zip15KSPY [PPE3] Ver. 0.01b by POB for PCB 15.2+ WHO replacement for PCBoard w many features Support new features of PCBoard 15.2 Compiled with PPLC 3.0 for PCBoard 15.2!! Don't running with older versions!!!!! A PPE from the German Distributor of PCB +49-8807-91881 ISDN: +49-8807-93338 FIDO: 2:2480/567 ISDN (5678) ZYXEL
pobt15_2.zip12K+PCBTEXT.GER German PCBoard 15.2 TXT File + |-------------------------------------------| | PCBoard <*-POB-SUPPORT-BBS-*> Distributor | |-------------------------------------------| |USR 28800 08807/91881 (6 NODES RINGDOWN)| |ZYXEL 19200 08807/93339 (V32/42bis) | |ISDN 64000 08807/91807 (X75/CAPI) | |-------------------------------------------| |German PCBTEXT File for PCBoard 15.2 | |FIDO: 2:2480/5678 (USR 28800) | | 2:2480/567 (ISDN 64000)
pob_sc2.zip9,269B+ POB_SC2 [PPE3] / PCB 15.2 - 1.00 [1/1]+ |-------------------------------------------| |POB_SC2.PPE is a very simle PPE only for | |PCBoard Distributors! | |This PPE make it easier to insert the code | |for the PCBoard Distributor DOOR. | |Automatical updates the user security and | |his expiration date. (Source code includet)| | *FREEWARE* [PPE3] by POB(c)1995 | | German PCBoard Distributor | +-----------------------------------------
pog14.zip17K.. Pot Of Gold .. v 1.4 .. PCBoard .PPE game of chance. Try your luck at this fun game. No maintenance required. No configuration files required. Quick & easy install via CMD.LST and/or DOORS.LST. Shareware $10. Free BBS support. Compiled 11/22/94.
post32.zip54KNEWS POST Version 3.2 for WildCat and PCboard news bulletins. Gives powerful control over creating/editing PCB/WC News files. Features many great options including PCB & WC Macros configurable or Random colors. FAST, small, and easy to use. New menu displays. Version 3.2 fixes a small BUG with the editor in 3.1. Try POST v3.2 & call us today. The BEST!!!!! Both PCB & WC supported in one small package. ---- NEW NIGHTLY EVENT editing of news articles! Deletes articles based on the time/
postblt1.zip10KPOSTLINK Mail run report Utility! Postblt will create an informative bulletin for your last mail run, letting your users know how many messages that were exported, and imported. Fully configurable as to color, node ID and Network Name! Can configure to show Monthly totals & yearly totals!
ppagemod.zip9KPPE-PAGE.PPE v1.00b; PCBoard 15.0 [PPE] program to use in place of your (O)perator Page command. Seamless page program that can halt a user with the wrong security level, invalid time, not to mention it will prevent a specific user if his name is in the PCAN file, from paging the SysOp. (Source Code Included)
ppe-menu.zip20KPPE-MENU.ZIP: Generic Menus in PPE format for PCBoard v15.2+. These menus have HOT-KEYS or use HI-LITE BARS that move with the arrow keys to activate a command. EASY to INTALL! Uses generic PCB commands.
ppebv_2.zip12K+----------| PPEBack V. 2.0 |---------+ | So many added functions, we just HAD | | to call it V. 2. This PPE is ment to | | call user's back if they have line | | noise. Functions include time's of | | callback, bulletin maker for users | | that don't connect, bad number list, | | etc. A MUST FOR YOUR BOARD! | | Kris Steinwender - 04-29-1994 | +---------------------------------------+
ppednews.zip2,236B@X09+- @X0APPE Developer News Letter@X09 --@X01+ @X09| @X0EInformation on receiving the @X01| @X09| @X0ENews letter from Cyber Data @X01| @X09| @X0EBBS Development... @X01| @X09+@X01------------------------------+
ppemnu10.zip2,713BPPE MENU v1.00. PPEMNU is a PPE program to allow Sysops the abiltiy to create special menus for all the numerous PPE programs that are being written for PCBoard v15.0. This menu is displayed just like the Bulletin menu that comes with PCBoard. Simple to install. Shareware by Chuck Hogard.
ppepakts.zip23KPPE games - Blackjack, Card Sharks & Slots
ppescr17.zip37KPPE-Script v1.70 (11-01-94) - Newask/Logon/ Logoff/Script program. Replaces registration doors and offers full registration options. Script file driven .PPE allows branching to Five levels of scripts and is extremely versatile and configurable. Allows checking answers against a list and branching depends on answers given. By Gary Meeker, $5 donation requested, but registration number available from BBS prior to any donation being made.
ppe_menu.zip20K-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+- - PPE-MENU.ZIP: Generic Menus in - - PPE format for PCBoard v15.2+. - ------------------------------------- - These menus have HOT-KEYS or use - - HI-LITE BARS that move with the - - arrow keys to activate a command. - - EASY to INTALL! Uses generic PCB - - commands. - - from Daryl Stogner - -+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-
ppe_upgr.zip4,143BThis is an example PPE for the Demo version of PCBoard/PPL Compiler. It gives a very simple age computation, and shows how a user could be automatically upgraded for adult areas of a board, based on their age. It does not meet legal requirements in most areas, but does show how age could be calculated. It give a complete explanation of all functions used in the accompanying .DOC file. Copyright 1994 Clark Development Company
pplasc.zip85KPCBoard PPL rough draft documentation in ASCII text file format.
ppldoc.zip11KInformation about the PCBoard Programming Language (PPL). Similar to BASIC, with a direct connection to PCBoard 15.0.
ppppro31.zip221K+-------------------------------------------+ | PCBoard Power Pak Pro Version 3.1! | |-------------------------------------------| | The Best PCBoard Bulletin Generators ever | | created, all in one package! Call Stat, | | Tops, TRStats, User List, and Who Today! | | All FIVE for one great low price. All | | you'll need to bring more to your users! | | By authors James R. Davis & Dave Navarro! | +-------------------------------------------+
pr100.zip3,167BPPERUN.PPE - v1.00 - PPE Menu PPE. Checks security levels before running the PPE in the menu. Great for keeping those pesky unregistered users out of your bank or lotto PPE's! SHAREWARE by Rob Borek.
prelog10.zip5,119BPrelog V1.0 PPE that allows users to upload a file or download from a selected list without actually loging on to the bbs.
prfl200.zip21KUser Profile Version 2.0 for PCB15.1 This PPE will allow for your Users to see information about other Users that are on your BBS. Includes Favorite's, Phone numbers etc. New information and faster access. Fully Functional. Will display UNREGISTERED BBS until Registered. Try it out. Will also work while in chat when used with the CHATMENU PPE included in this ZIP.
primexpt.zip2,210B Xpert Toggle PPE Asks if the user is sure they wamt to turn expert mose either on or off
prlst120.zip46KProLast 1.20 - Door That Will Allow Your Users To Leave A Message To The Next Caller To Your BBS. Allows Configurable SysOp Report File, ANSI, ASCII, PCB @X Macros. Can Be Used With PCBoard Security Files Or Any Other File You Wish. Now Supports PCBoard/ProDoor & SpitFire Fully !!! ShareWare From Greg Parsons
pro-qwk.zip5,026BPRO-QKW.PPE for PcBoard v15.1 Adds All NEW FILES LIST to QWK Packet
prod352.zip243KProdoor and Prologon v3.52 for PCBoard. Needs 03/05/93.
prod352o.zip250KProdoor overlay beta v3.52.
prodiz1a.zip66KPRODIZ v1.1a. The Bug-Fix BETA release. PRODIZ is a FILE_ID.DIZ manager for PCBoard SysOps and their Users. Supports ZIP and ARJ files. Create FILE_ID.DIZ from PCBFILES.LST. Local uploads for SysOps, CRC tests and Virus scan archives. Requires BRUN45.EXE to run.
proed1b.zip41KProEdit V1.0b for PCB 05/05/94 This archive contains a new editor for the PCBoards prompts. You can now use this powerful color edit to design your indi- vidual prompts. This one is COOL! *COMPATIBLE to MKPCBTXT & your old prompts*
proedt34.zip78KProedit for PCBoard 14.x. Allows Sysop to use features from Prodoor's message base editor without logging onto BBS. Downloaded directly from authors BBS.
profnd20.zip21KThe PCBFIND program consist of three programs: PCBFINST.COM, PCBFND.COM and PROFND.COM
prok345.zip282KProkit beta v3.45
prol12b1.zip105Kprologon version 1.2 upgrade disk
prompt.zip1,521BA nice animated main prompt replacement, anad
promptu.zip5,984BSelectable Prompts PPE for PCBoard This efficient PPE works for all PCBoard BBSes that use the famous Violater Prompts and use the Rumours PPE by Vigilante. THE best Selectable Prompts PPE Available!
prowho18.zip44KProWho; The "WHO UPLOADED THAT FILE?" door for PCBoard! This door will scan the system download/upload log and list all entries that mention a specific name. You may select any full filename for scanning. The search is done based on matching keywords (like the Zippy scan function).
prscan12.zip71KAllow your users to select when their prescanned mail packets are to be generated. Just be pressing one key they can select AM, PM or Disable TomCat Prescanned QWK packets.
psnlog10.zip4,104BLoGiN PPE v1.0 - for PCB 15.2
psn_user.zip3,017BUSER PPE v.1.0 FoR PCBOARD
psprt.zip8,032BThis ppe will alow you to pasword protect any door on your bbs! It will ask the user for his password and if it dos not mach the one in the list for his name no go. This also prevents other users from giving the pasword out as it only works with there own name.
ptahang.zip2,122BHaNGUp PPE v1.0
ptaprot.zip2,737B+--------------------+ | PRoToCoL PPe v2.o | |--------------------| | Replace the T Commd| | (Trasfer Protocol) | | From MaIN MENU! | +--------------------+
pubread2.zip8,811BPUB-READ v2.0 Online reading PPE for PCB; Display any publication with a READROOM.TOC. Allow users a choice from 99 different articles from 15+ different publications.
pull12.zip13K+----------------------------------------+ | Pull Down Menu PPE 1.2 - Scott Eby | |----------------------------------------| | Best and ONLY Pull Down Menu PPE. | | Replaces Main Menu and is totally | | configurable. Light bar driven Cursor | | PLUS prompt still available while using| | menu! A MUST DOWNLOAD!!! Shareware | | -=- NEW: !BACKGROUND SCREEN FILE! -=- | +----------------------------------------+
pulld2_2.zip44K<<>> <<< VERSION 2.2 MAJOR REVISION >>> <<>> Fully configurable pull down menus that supports running other ppe's or regular commands without the use of an .mnu file. Run from your command line or anywhere you like. *Now supports secondary pull down *menus comming from another. I.S.O.Q. BBS PPE 718-268-5025 TRY NOW YOUR USERS WILL LOVE IT
pulldown.zip5,281BPullDown is the source code to a pulldown menu system for PCBoard 15.x and higher. I used procedures in the code so you will to have PPLC v3.0 or higher to comile the code. Instructions are sparce but there are some at the beggining of the code.
pullsh3.zip23K<<>> <<< VERSION 3.6 MAJOR REVISION >>> <<>> Fully configurable pull down menus that supports running other ppe's or regular commands without the use of an .mnu file. Run from your command line or anywhere you like. *Now supports secondary pull down *menus comming from another. I.S.O.Q. BBS PPE 718-268-5025 TRY NOW YOUR USERS WILL LOVE IT ****SHAREWARE COPY*******
purge1g.zip48K+----[ PCBoard Outdated File Handler ]-----+ |Purge allows a PCBoard sysop to find old| |and outdated files on the system. It will| |also find older versions of files. Tagged| |files will be removed from your Hard Drive| |and their entry will be removed from your| |DIR. Has ability for massive cleanups when| |your H/D space is getting low.Tested under| |Lantastic/Novel/DESQ/DoorWay.Requires 14.5| |and a current IDX. Fast & Easy to use. | +------------------------------------------+
purge21.zip60KPCBoard Outdated File Handler v2.1; Purge allows a PCBoard sysop to find old and outdated files on the system. Purge allows sysop's to clean up their DIR's and H/D's easier & faster than ever before. Only PCB 15.0 utility which removes not only the PCBDIRx entry but the file also. 125+ registered users claim it's faster & eaiser than PCBFiler. Tested under DV, Lantastic, Novell & Windows.
purge30.zip62KPURGE old and outdated files. NOW A FREE UTILITY FOR ALL PCBOARD SYSOPS! - ENJOY Written and (C) by Ray Novino
pwa-nsp1.zip4,327B+-------- PWA New-Scan Pro-PC v1.0 --------+ | Ami/X styled new file scan PPE for PCB! | | Scan options features todays, yesterday, | | weekly, and even user adjustable in real | | time. Source code included! | +------------------------------------------+
pwaa1l10.zip2,978B+---[ AMI-X ONELINERS v1.00 by Timecop ]---+ | A great looking, AMI-X styled One-liners | | PPE. Features a filter to remove those | | trouble causing PCB @-macros, as well as | | on-the-fly @-color code interpretation. | +------------------------------------------+
pwaac125.zip6,060B+---- AMI-X Digiclock v1.25 by Timecop ----+ | Show the system time with a totally cool | | AMI-X look! Hours, minutes, and seconds | | are shown in large, ascii-drawn digits | | which gets updated every second. | +------------------------------------------+
pwaafsue.zip3,593B+---- AMI-X Full Screen User Editor PPE ---+ | This is a great looking AMI-X styled PPE | | to install in your CMD.LST. | +------------------------------------------+
pwaalt10.zip2,892B+- AMI-X Last Transfers v1.00 by Timecop --+ | Another PCBoard PPE with an AMI-X style, | | this one creates a bulletin displaying | | the last X number of files uploaded and | | downloaded by your users. | +------------------------------------------+
pwaam11r.zip4,211B+--- PWA AutoMessage v1.1 By AReS [PWA] ---+ | The best AutoMessage PPE around. Highly | | configurable. Clone of AutoMessage+ for | | Renegade. Shows 3 AutoMessages at one | | time. No Reg, No Bugs, NEW Features | +------------------------------------------+
pwaamxch.zip2,610B+------- AMI-X Chat PPE by Timecop --------+ | A small, quick, and simple AMI/X styled | | SysOp Chat replacement PPE. Very clean | | with no nonsense. | +------------------------------------------+
pwaap10.zip4,615B+---- Any-Password v1.0 by Drew [PWA] ----+ | Use this for your new user password, a | | system password, or just about any where | | you use a password! Source included. | +------------------------------------------+
pwaatb10.zip7,371B+ AMI-X Alltime Top DL/UL v1.00 by Timecop + | [AMI-UPLD.PPE & AMI-DNLD.PPE] : Generate | | bulletins with a great AMI-X look of top | | uploaders and downloaders by bytes. | +------------------------------------------+
pwaaw135.zip7,617B+----- AMI-X Weektop v1.35 by Timecop -----+ | Generates a bulletin featuring all your | | top uploaders during a week (x out of 7 | | days) in an AMI-X style. Features user | | exclusions and top uploader awarding. A | | PCBoard 15.1+ PPE. | +------------------------------------------+
pwaaxchw.zip3,289B+ AMI-X Chat PPE bugfix ver. 2 by Timecop + | A small, quick, and simple AMI/X styled | | SysOp Chat replacement PPE. Very clean | | with no nonsense. Minor bugfix version. | | Wordwrap added in this version. | +------------------------------------------+
pwaaxuvu.zip1,625B+----- AMI-X User Verification Utility ----+ | A small and quick PPE that allows you to | | view information about any other user, | | all done in an AMI-X style. | +------------------------------------------+
pwabfv20.zip106K+-----------[ FileView PPE v2.0 ]----------+ | This is a fantastic file viewer PPE that | | totally eclipses all other file viewers! | | Extremely fast, highly configurable, and | | has complete lightbar and hotkey support.| +------------------------------------------+
pwabqt10.zip8,059B+--[ Quoter PPE v1.0 by BlackCat /\ PWA ]--+ | PCBoard message quoter which uses pplc | | 3.0 for easier and seamless integration. | | A nice addition for sysops using Nets to | | brighten up your quotes. | +------------------------------------------+
pwabwm10.zip25K+--[ WMTop PPE v1.00 by BlackCat /\ PWA ]--+ | A PCB 15.2+ PPE : Weekly and Monthly top | | uploaders/downloaders bulletin creator | | (bytes & files). Uses a database instead | | of reading logfiles or adding a TPA. The | | bulletins are constantly updated quickly | | at logoff!! | +------------------------------------------+
pwacj12.zip8,943B+--- Conference Join v1.2 by Drew [PWA] ---+ | A conference join PPE that shows only the| | conferences a user has access to while | | ignoring "blank" conferences as well as | | unaccessible ones. Major speed improve- | | ment since v1.1! Source is included for | | 100% configurability. | +------------------------------------------+
pwacs11.zip18K+- DEF Comment to Sysop v1.1 by Drew [PWA] + | Replace your "C" command with the best | | looking and easiest to install Sysop | | Comment ppe ever. Fully lightbar and | | and hot-key driven. Also includes an | | easy to use config program! | +------------------------------------------+
pwadtc02.zip31K+[ Download.TXT Cleaner v0.2 - Drew / PWA ]+ | PCBoard 15.x utility (.exe) that cleans, | | shrinks, and keeps that download.txt bad | | boy under control. Configurable options | | include removing entries of non-existent | | files, .QWK xfers, message captures, and | | also entries by specific users. This is | | a minor update to v0.1. See HISTORY.DOC. | +------------------------------------------+
pwaeem12.zip12K+-- Enhanced End of Message v1.2 by Drew --+ | Replace your End of Message prompt with | | this clean looking, highly configurable, | | hotkey & lightbar driven PPE replacement.| | Written in PPL 3.0 for PCBoard 15.2 only.| | This is a minor maintenance release. | +------------------------------------------+
pwaef211.zip23K+--[ Enhanced Flag v2.11 by Drew /\ PWA ]--+ | Get rid of that ancient FLAG.PPE! Use | | those up and down arrows to flag your | | files -- OBV/2 and V/2 style. EFLAG.PPE | | is totally lightbar and hotkey driven. | | V2.11 is a small revision release. | +------------------------------------------+
pwaemc13.zip13K+-- Enhanced Mesg Edit Cmds v1.3 by Drew --+ | A crisp & clean looking PPE replacement | | for your (S) (A) (D) etc. message edit | | prompt. Hotkey and lightbar driven for | | an easy interface. Written in PPL 3.0 | | for PCBoard 15.2+ only. This version is | | a minor maintenance/bugfix release. | +------------------------------------------+
pwaequ10.zip14K+-- Enhanced Quick Uploader v1.0 by Drew --+ | Do your blind uploads the CORRECT way: | | no more choking if you already have files| | flagged for download. Features lightbars,| | private message to the sysop, and source | | code. Another PPE written in PPL 3.0 for| | PCBoard 15.2 only, courtesy of PWA. | +------------------------------------------+
pwafsm13.zip3,198B+- PWA Editor v1.3 ----- [ By Nemesis ]----+ | PCBOARD 15.1 PPE - Allows Sysops To | | Change the Nasty Cyan/Yellow Full Screen | | Message Header - !New Version/Bug Fix! | +------------------------------------------+
pwafv25r.zip31K+- PWA File Viewer v2.5 -- [ By Defcon 4 ]-+ | Zip File Viewer that improves the good | | old PCBFV with unheard of configurabilty.| | Many Changes and fixes from 2.2. Also | | supports Viglante's new flag PPE. Read | | history file for complete list of changes| +------------------------------------------+
pwajit10.zip4,647BJOIN-IT V1.00 PPE
pwalc20r.zip2,879B+--[Lightning Config 2.0]---[By AReS/PWA]--+ | [PPE] Replacement for the "W" command | | Gives a full screen V/2 style account | | configuration menu. Updated Version, | | Full Configurability, No Bugs, No Reg | +------------------------------------------+
pwamr10s.zip10K+- PWA Menu Rotator v1.0 ----[ By Drew ]---+ | Rotate any number of menus randomly and | | according to user security levels! Highly| | configurable and not crippled! | +------------------------------------------+
pwanfs10.zip22K+-- PWA DEF New File Scan v1.0 by Drew ---+ | Finally, a user configurable new file | | scanner! Users are able to select | | which file areas they want to scan | | and keep the configuration! All | | regular PCBoard commands are still | | preserved. Awesome lightbar driven | | file area config, Multi-conference | | aware, hot-keys, and totally easy to use | | config program. | +------------------------------------------+
pwanws1r.zip4,358B+- PWA News v1.0 --------- [ By Defcon 4] -+ | PWA News is a graphical replacement for | | the news file. It has sysop maintance | | and and a graphical message header. | +------------------------------------------+
pwapg21.zip40K+--- Prompts Galore! v2.1 by Drew [PWA] ---+ | Replace 44(!) of those boring PCBoard | | text prompts with these slick looking | | lightbar prompts! This is a must have | | for the complete lightbar maniac. V2.0 | | has been completely rewritten in PPL 3.0 | | for PCBoard 15.2. Minor update to 2.0. | +------------------------------------------+
pwapmt13.zip9,728B+- Prompts V1.3 [ By CorruptioN ]----------+ | PCBOARD 15.1 PPE That provides the users | | to choose from a menu of prompts or make | | new ones. Unlimited with Lightbar menu. | | Now included with 2 source codes for the | | ulimate in configurability. | +------------------------------------------+
pwasig11.zip6,049BAutoSig V1.1 PPE for PCBoard 15.1 That provides the users to maintain a SIGNATURE and have it put at end of message automatically.
pwass02.zip15K+ DEF System Statistics v0.2 by Drew [PWA] + | A beta version of a very useful PCBoard | | utility. This will scan your CALLERx | | logs, accumulate many statistics, and | | create a report. In need of beta test | | sites for this util! | +------------------------------------------+
pwateat.zip8,284B+- PWA T.E.A.T. v1.2 -- [ By Candy Man ] --+ | TEAT is a PPE which keeps a running | | database of the current Ellite acronyms. | | User can find/add/change existing ones | | online to keep the database accurate. | +------------------------------------------+
pwatl11.zip5,171B+----- Turbo Logon v1.1 by Drew [PWA] -----+ | A completely flexible Turbo Logon PPE. | | Specify anything you want to skip in the | | logon sequence. Very easy to use, even | | easier to configure. Source included. | +------------------------------------------+
pwatp11.zip15K+-- Transfer Protocol v1.1 by Drew [PWA] --+ | Replace your boring T command with this | | slick looking PPE! Full lightbar and | | hotkey support. Non-braindead and reads | | your PCBPROT.DAT automatically. Also | | has an easy-to-use config program. | | Source included. | +------------------------------------------+
pwatx10.zip3,288B+- PWA Top/X v1.0 -----[ By Mad Wizard ]---+ | Finally a quick and easy top 10 upload - | | download bulletin generator. List 10 | | users and classifies them as leech or | | favorite. All this in a classic AMI/X | | format. | +------------------------------------------+
pwaul10r.zip3,606B+---- PWA UserList v1.0 By AReS [PWA] ] ---+ |Color Configurable, OBV/2 Style Userlist | | Incredibly fast display with User Search | | Configurable Header and More | +------------------------------------------+
pwaus12.zip25K+-- DEF User Lister 1.2 by Drew [PWA] ---+ | Get rid of that boring user listing! This| | is the most configurable user listers | | available. List almost any popular | | statistics about a user, any color, | | and order that you want! | | Now includes an awesome config program! | +------------------------------------------+
pwausref.zip7,234B+----- User Refer PPE by Cyber Demon ------+ | Use this to let your validated users ref-| | er other potential new users. Uses some | | great looking ansi-animation effects! | +------------------------------------------+
pwavr10.zip8,847B+------- VROTATE v1.0 by Drew [PWA] -------+ | For users of PROMPTS by Vigilante, this | | allows you to have random logon screens. | | Eight sample logon screens as well as | | source code is included. | +------------------------------------------+
pwc_ansi.zip2,092BQUiCK ANSi QUeRY v1.0 . By MeNTaL Asks Users If They Want Ansi Or Not, Replacement PPe For That Old "Want Grafix (y/n)?" PCB Prompt.
pwc_auto.zip2,813BQUiCK aUTo MeSSaGe v1.0 . By MeNTaL 5 Line Auto Message PPe Designed To Be Used During Login Sequence, And From Main Menu.
pwc_file.zip2,441BQUiCK FiLe PRoMPT v1.0 . By MeNTaL Tired Of That Shitty Default File Prompt? Well, Replace It With This PPe And It'll Fix Everything.. ;)
pwc_mtrx.zip6,520BQUiCK DoS MaTRiX v1.0 . QUiCK PPE (C) 1994 By MeNTaL KaSe [Coder] - Renegade/Vision-X Style PPE - Tired Of Slow, Annoying LightBars And Wanna Try A Dos Matrix For A While? =) ...Well, Here Ya Go... * Supports * > System PW . Mail To Da SysOp < > NUP . System PW . Toggle PWs <
pwfail11.zip2,874BPW-FAIL.PPE v1.1; This is the forgetpw.ppe taken a little further. You can now depend upon the users verification word to reveal the users password. Then the user can call back and relog on immediately after finding out his password. No longer need the sysops intervention.
pword1a.zip49KP_Words v1.0a Compiles words from phone numbers. This handy program will display over 2,100 different letter combinations from any seven digit telephone number. In registered mode the user has the option of printing lists of letter combinations from the 7 digit number entered.
pwrap102.zip18KPCBWrap v1.02; PCBoard filelist reformatter Reformats downloaded PCBoard directory list "short" (45 character) description lines into "long" (78 character) lines. w/Pascal Code
pwrap106.zip18KPCBWrap v1.06, DOS utility: PCBoard filelist offline reformatter. Freeware (c) 1994 [94/08/09] by DDA - Reign Ware. W/ Pascal source. New: faster & more powerful.
pwrdwarn.zip2,859BPWRDWARN is a PPL written to warn callers that their password is about to expire immediately (on the screen) and also by writing a message to the caller. If the caller is logging on using an automated script the immediate (on screen) message may be missed. Many callers use such scripts to pick up mail, however, so automatically generating a message might get the caller's attention. Incl. source and sample message.
pw_menu.zip9,687B**[PPE]************************************** This is a self-maintaining menu system. It will run PPE, EXE, COM, BAT or display files, with or without Doorway. It will build it's own command line, or let you enter one of your own. It will build it's own menu, and your callers can use a highlight bar to select what they want to run/display. It can repalce your DOORS.LST, or your BLT.LST, or it can supplement either one (or both). *[From Psycho-Ware]************************** *[SOURCE INCLUDED]
pyrmid34.zip130K+-----------------------------------------+ |A | Pyramid v3.4 |A | | A| Computer Profiles | A| +-----------------------------------------+ Play a High-Low game of cards. Users race each other to gain the fame at the top of the PYRAMID! Great Graphics! Sysop controls card styles, games per day and Joker Usage. Now supports Fossils/Digiboards. Works with ALL bbs types and PCB 15.0!
p_bank.zip4,539BPCBoard Time Bank v2.0b [PPE]; Menu driven Bank PPE that will allow users to store/Withdraw time. Logs everything to the Caller Logs, allows sysop to limit the amount of time the user can withdraw, and more.
q-clr11.zip8,451B-------- CARRIER LOST REPLACER V1.1 --------- | Changes PCBoards 'Carrier Lost ...' file | |description - better than changing PCBTEXT | | record #215 - written by Frank Q. | ---------------------------------------------
q-dup232.zip13K DAYUP v2.32 of (07.10.94) [Q-TiP!] A PCBoard Utility that creates a News File with all Files Uploaded today/counts Bytes Files and Fakes. Another Q-Tip Production!
q-ld200.zip9,574B* LOCALDEL v2.00 of (06/12/94) - [Q-TiP!] * | LOCALDEL is THE Util for all you lazy & | | trading Sysops doing Local Uploads like | | hell - No more Exit to Dos necessary to | | delete the files from your temp dir! | | LOCALDEL will do this for you! | `-* V2.00 SUPPORTS MULTIPLE DIRECTORIES *-'
q-log10.zip9,111B---- Q-LOG PCBOARD LOGFILE ADJUSTER v1.0 ---- | Cuts PCBoards logfile down to x lines | | when it has got y+ lines. Keeps only full | | callers. Written by Frank Q. | ---------------------------------------------
q-nd062.zip129K* NUKEDUKE v0.62b of (11/14/94) - (Q-TIP!) * NUKEDUKE: the best nuker ever made for pcboard! multiple files nuking/awarding/ commenting, description editor, dummy file creator, free dl maker, flag.ppe style space tagging, wildcard support, top nuked users highscore, turbo mode for hi-speed nuking, lots of options and much much more Leech it! A must for every pirate system! ND now requires PCB 15.2! Unzip with -d !
q-sd100.zip1,064B* SysopDownload [PPE] v1.00 - (Q-TIP 1994) * Sys-Download is a PPE to allow Your CoSysops to Download any File from your HardDrive like on /X and PCE Boards ** SOURCE CODE INCLUDED! **
q-ubp102.zip8,323B* UBPLUS v1.02 of (06/11/94) (Q-TIP) * An ULBY.PPE Application, to add the customized Uploaded by: String, if ZipZap or Diz/2-PCB did not process a File (.exe, etc.)
q-who210.zip3,091B* QWHO v2.10 PPE of (07/17/94) - (Q-TiP!) * QWho v2.10 is the most configurable 'WHO' replacement out. Test it and you'll love it Supporting the 'TB_Q_PPE' thing, too...
q-xjv210.zip14K| XTRA JOiN/2 v2.10 for PCBoard 15.1 | |------------------------------------------| |.lightning.conference.joiner.5minstosetup.| | | || +------------------------------------------+
q-zz146.zip58K* ZIPZAP v1.46 of (07.11.94) - (Q-TIP 1994) * -/ The Ultimate PCBoard Upload Processor \- Supporting ZIP/ARJ/LZH/LHA/TXT/GIF Files, Adds No. of Files, Date of .Nfo and .Diz or Date of Newest and Oldest File to the Desc. Adds Uncompressed Size & Compression Ratio. Performs Agecheck on .Nfo/.Diz or the Newest File. Searches File_id.diz for unwanted Lines Adds Files to the Archive, Removes BBS-Ads from Archive. Character Translation available Free Configurable PCBPASS.TXT and DESCADD.TXT Support. Co
qeditv13.zip33KThe Quote Generator v1.03; Personalized maintenance program simple, practical and easy to operate.
qenforce.zip55KQEnforce v1.15 is a utility for use with PCBoard 14.5 systems that allows you to maintain file and/or byte and/or message ratios for your users, as well as allowing you to force password changes after every set number of days. Easy to set up and VERY powerful and configurable. Written by Rob Kittredge. SHAREWARE $20.
qf-1141.zip103KVersion 1.141b of QScan to fix problems with it truncating lines of text when importing into PCBoard.
qflag1.zip2,265BA replacement to allow users to flag a message when using the Q command in Pcboard. Great PPE just like David Terry's FLAG PPE. ISOQ BBS MADE PPE (718) 268-5025 FREEWARE PPE SOURCE CODE INCLUDED
qflog20.zip16KQFRONT Log file Call Analyzer by Santronics Software. Catch those disconnects! Determine who is costing you money. Free utility to all registered Silver Xpress Off-line Mail Door Customers.
qfmail1a.zip8,770BQF-MAIL v1.0b PPE For PCBoard 15.0; Replace the (E)nter a Message command in your FidoNet netmail conference. Simplifies user input for normal FidoNet netmail and can search the nodelist file if you do not know the exact FidoNet Address info. Configurable! Can also be used as a Nodelist Browser! Easy to use. Will work ONLY with QFront.
qfp-115.zip888KWide beta version 1.15b of QFront/PCB, a full-featured FidoNet mailer for PCBoard. If you are upgrading from QFront 1.14b, download QFP-115P which is a patch for 1.14b and is much smaller than this full release package. This is a complete installation/upgrade package.
qf_1131.zip101KQScan 1.131b fixes a bug in QScan 1.13b that caused high message pointers to not be updated in some circumstances. Download this immediately if you are ALREADY RUNNING QScan 1.13b.
qm4_nor.zip29KQMail4 Norwegian Translation Text Files from EuroNet Information System, Norway
qmaster2.zip6,080B@X0DQuote Master - Displays a random quote for each user. PCBoard 15.0 PPE file. Has the option for users to enter a quote. No Nag Messages, but still shareware.
qotd191.zip240K-------------------------------------------- Quote Of The Day - Version 1.9 Over 5500 quotes, quips and giggles. Fully configureable and network friendly Included is a PCBoard 15.1 PPE for reading & displaying quotes on a BBS. -------------------------------------------- Written by Midnight Programmers --------------------------------------------
quote.zip28KFMAIN MENU QUOTE v1.0: PPE FOR PCBOARD 15.2 Fix your main menu to display different quotes anywhere on the screen. FIRST, You must get this program it contains over 71000 quotes! Use as is or add your own!
quote-me.zip20K#### Quote-Me PPE v2.0, Quote of the day #### +-------------------------------------------+ | This PPE program is a quote of the day | | generator. That displays a random quote | | everytime a user logs on. It also has | | the ability to allow your users to add | | their own quotes. Uses a key file to | | restrict access from adding a quote. | | Quote-Me also displays the last caller. | | * And now uses a key file for upgrades * | | Programmer: Richard Stewart
quote1.zip33K QUOTE OF THE DAY Version 1.0 A PPE FOR PCBOARD 15.x Fully Functional Uncrippled Shareware Excellent Color Graphics display! Configurable to display your BBS name Zip contains over 1000 quotes Use as is or add your own! A PEGASUS SOFTWARE & IMGAGING PRODUCT
quote_10.zip31KTREK QUOTES, vers 1.0. A PCBoard 15.2 PPE that displays a different quote from the Original Star Trek for every day of the year. Performs short animation sequence, then the quote of the day.
qv11.zip6,423BQuick View v1.1 + PCBoard PPE utility to quickly pull up a user's record while reading messages online. Check it out! Compiled on 12/20/94. FREEWARE!!
qwkp095.zip14KQWK Packer 0.95b by Rob Borek A complete lightbar replacement for the QWK command! Users can modify their personal QWK limits, get personal mail only, select conferences, and MORE! Users can also get QWK the old-fashioned way by typing QWK U or QWK D. Try it today! FREE REGISTRATION!
qwktlk_4.zip559KQWKTALK v4.0: World's Only Talking E-Mail Reader! Supports file attachments, unlimited reply capability, robotic voice reads ANSI & PCB Color Display Features Full Voice Utilities, ALIAS Support, InterNet Binary file re-assembly!
qwk_axy2.zip3,862BQWK_AXY!.PPE QWK Cmd Litebar +----------------------------------------+ | - QWK command replacement - | |----------------------------------------| | - Written for PCBoard 15.1 - | | - Features Litebar Menu with - | | - Cursor key movement. Configurable - | | - Display screens and color. - | | - Sample Screens Included! - | | | | EASY SETUP! Written by Robert Ball | +---------------------------
qwk_nl.zip1,352BQWK help file for PCBoard 15.0 in the DUTCH language, using @colors. Unzip this file in your \PCB\HELP directory. The file has the extension .NL
r1742pcb.zip12KConvert RBBS v17.4 MASTER.DIR file to PCBoard v14.x DIRxxx files.
r2lodoup.zip3,442BPCB Logon Door for v15.x
ra-sysop.zip5,117B+- [RA!] Multiple Sysop Selection v0.50b -+ |- - - ----------------------------- - - -| | This PPE for PCBoard v15.1 is designed | | to maximize the normal sysop comment | | command ("C"), allowing the user to add-| | ress a comment to a list of alternative | | sysops/cosysops. Featuring: | | | | o Fully Scrollable (with the arrow keys)| | o Nice marble headers / shading. | | o TOTALLY CONFIGURABLE! (colours also). | | o REGISTRATION
rabperf.zip576K############# Steve Dossick's ############# ############# RabbitHelp (TM) ############# +------------------------------------------+ | "Add-On" Help System For | | WordPerfect 6.0 Windows | | Benefits to you: | | * Auto "Plug-In" to WordPerfect menu. | | * Provides practical how-to, step-by | | * step guidance for the most commonly | | used tasks in day to day work. | | * Turn out polished, professional | |
rchlp110.zip67K############# R/C Helper ############### R/C Helper v1.10! Released Sep. 15,1994 For R/C Cars & Trucks: Gear ratios, Frequency "peg" board, Battery check (print to page or labels). All outputs Printable. Gear Ratios now includs drag, thruput, and printouts and more! Builtin screen blanker, keyboard locking. Supports Epson, HP Deskjet/laser, and standard printers. Requires 8088 with 1 floppy or higher. Shareware $15. Can be registered on CompuServe! #########################################
rdswal25.zip46K--------------------------------------------- ---+-------------------------------------+--- ---| RDSWall.PPE v2.5 |--- ---+-------------------------------------+--- --------------------------------------------- ---+-------------------------------------+--- ---| This is a User 'WALL' Program |--- ---|-------------------------------------|--- ---| * Color Configurable Graphics |--- ---| * FULL LANGUAGE AWARENESS |--- ---| * Definable Input Lengths |
read1_0.zip4,109B+---------------------------------------+ | +----+ +--+ ---+ ---+ ---+ +--+ ---+ | | |V1.0| |--| |--+ |--+ |- |--| | | | | |-----+ - - - - - - ---+ - - ---+ | | | PPE | UltiWares(c)1994 | | ------+ | | Now An Easy To Use Color Configurable | | Lightbar Message Read Command Set. | +---------------------------------------+
readydl_.zip8,839B+- ReadyD/L v1.0 [ By: Visionary ]-------+ | PPE With Lightbars for downloading files | | after you have flagged them! An original| | and great looking PPE which saves times | | and automatic installation! FREEWARE! | +------------------------------------------+
receipt2.zip4,186BRECEIPT.PPE PCBoard 15.1 PPE that generates a receipt for your subscribers and allows them to download it.
recompr.zip49KPegasus Software's Recompress v1.1: Tiny Little Utility That will recompress ZIP files with Maximum Compression... Saving BYTES Will Run Single Files, Dir, or in PCBTEST.BAT to Recompress New Uploads. Fully functional Uncrippled Shareware > OS/2 Friendly <
refer12.zip7,862BREFER v1.2: User Referral System PPE --------------------------------------- FREEWARE! A very configurable referral door that allows users to refer other users for system access, and the sysop to validate them easily. This PPE runs in conjucntion with ViGilante's PROMATRIX & PROVOTE ONLY!! It is not usable if you are not running these. Now with external question file! Not crippled in any way!!! Enjoy!!!
regreq.zip9,111B*******Registration Request PPE******** A PPE for use in a security specific display file of a demo account for closed boards to allow new users to download a file containing registration information before logging them off. User can also leave name and address to have info mailed to them. Author: Herbert Bushong Compiled with PPLC 3.10, requires PCB15.21+
reg_at10.zip21KEasy Auto Message v1.0 Easy auto message editor and displayer
reg_er10.zip33KEasy Run v1.0 *BETA* This is a PPE Witch will run other .PPE's for you without installing them in yer PCBTEXT and/or CMD.LST . This is not like the other one by that PD guy this one has a newly added scripting feature .. a Must for all PPE coders
reg_lech.zip2,691BAnti-Leech PPE Lockout users by time defined periods
remind01.zip10K+-----------Remind.PPE v1.0------------+ | Counts the number of days remains | | till New Years and number of shopping| | days till Christmas. Display a | | message on a holiday or special | | events day. Logon/off script or menu | | command. FREEWARE | | Software Kitchen BBS 718-281-0645! | +--------------------------------------+
remind1b.zip8,787B+----------REMIND1B.PPE v1.0b----------+ | This PPE will countdown the days | | till the New Year, days left for | | Christmas shopping and days used/pass| | for the year (1995). Has all the | | calender holidays and will display a | | message to remind you what day the | | holiday is on. FREEWARE! | | PPLC 3.10 PCBoard 15.21 | | Software Kitchen BBS 718-281-0645 | +--------------------------------------+
report18.zip38KSysop's USERS record Report Generator - Generates reports of user record informa- tion, showing users with matching password phone numbers, CallerID info, etc. Helps identify abusive users, multiple records, etc. Directly supports CALLERID.PPE info. By Al Segura ver. 1.8 Source Available
req301.zip21KFor PCBoard 15.2 Conference Request.PPE v3.01 - Major new enhancements to this FINE PPE
request.zip3,995BConference Request .PPE For PCB 15.0; PPE to allow your users to view a Conference Listing, and then make a selection from the list on which conferences they want.
reset120.zip6,806B---------- Reset.PPE version 1.20 ---------- Reset subscribers that have expired Reset security level, expired security level, expiration date. Also allows resetting the users download bytes and download files. All done automatically.
retail.zip9,208BRetail Hell v1.0 Text adventure PPE
reward17.zip44KPCB-REWARD v 1.7 - for PCBoard 14.5x rewards top uploaders with extra time and priviledges. Fully configurable and func- tional. Increases uploads by making it into a contest for users to compete for the top slots!
rfg_logf.zip2,005BauTo LoGoFF v1.0 - FuLLY CoNFiGuRaBLe
rgd-bfdl.zip814BStats before D/L v1.0
rgd-page.zip2,237BPage PPE. Quick, Simple, and Source Included
rgd-st2.zip1,341BUser Stats v2.0
rgd-ulog.zip3,312BLogin PPE (Newuser, handle, pass, etc.)
rgd-us.zip2,820BUser List v1.0
rh_ansi1.zip2,230BANSI Login v1.0 [PPE] "Do you want ANSI?" replacement for PCB 15.1. Fully sysop configurable!
rh_conf1.zip11KThe Protected Conference v1.0 [PPE]
rh_doss1.zip3,870BProtected DOS Functions v1.0 [PPE]
rh_entr1.zip6,238BEnter Prompt Replacement v1.0 [PPE]
rh_logn1.zip6,657BFull Screen Login Replacement v1.0 [PPE]
rh_tops1.zip41K+----------------------------------+ | = ToTaL ToP CReaToR v1.0 = | | * Totally Configurable | | * All Tops Have A Differnt PPE | | For Building Into Bulletins | | * Creating Tops Online | +----------------------------------+
rh_who1.zip5,656BThe WhooZ Online Replacement v1.0 [PPE]
ripit11.zip2,416B### RIPiT version 1.1 ### +------------------------------------------+ | RIPiT [PPE] allows your users to easily | | receive a copy of RIPTERM from your BBS! | | Configurable and 100% *FREEWARE*!! | | By Andrew Davis (Used PPLC v.2.00) | +------------------------------------------+
ripkt111.zip151KRIPKit v1.11 -- A RIPScrip starter kit for experienced PCBoard SysOps who want to maintain a RIPScrip front-end for their callers. *** Requires v15.2+ ***
rlogoff.zip32KRandom logoff ansi displayer with full source
rmad30.zip18KThis program, quite simply, removes bulletin board advertisements from .ZIP (r) files, clearing up much needed space. I ran this program on my bulletin board upload drive, which was 165 Megs of data and REM-ADS.EXE (r) removed 15 Megs of other bulletin board advertisements The program uses PKZIP (r), so you will need it in your path. Future revisions will allow you to specify what directory PKZIP (r) resides in.
rmail11.zip4,447BRMAIL V1.1 - The PPE scans all conferences for the MAIL WAITING flag, shows which conferences contain waiting mail, and disables download functions until the mail is read. Registration is only $8. Created by Lobo Consulting.
rmbbshlp.zip13KThis is a straight TXT file when unzipped to help people with the main board commands. It covers everything from (a)bandon conference to (z)ippy dir scan.
rnet108u.zip166KPCBoard 14.x EchoConference driver for "QWK" packet based EchoNetworks.
rockytxt.zip18KGerman Version of PCBTEXT (Swiss Made...!) A very comprehensive translation by ROCKY BBS ZOLLIKERBERG
rquest01.zip14KREQUEST v0.10 Beta - Preliminary release of a Door to allow limited downloads of specific files. Uses Sysop Comment Field to specify number of files permitted. Allows User to download only that amount from an INDEX file containing controlled files and creates a new INDEX file with just those files.
rtwho11.zip3,818B+-----------------------------------+ | Real Time WHO version 1.1 | | coded by Gandalf/Infiny | |-----------------------------------| | The ultimate WHO remplacement | |-----------------------------------| | * Use your own header | | * fully configurable | | * clock display | | * timeslice selectable | |-----------------------------------| | Coming soon version 2.0 with more!| +-----------------------------------+
ru100.zip3,294BREGUSER.PPE - v1.00 - Keeps unregistered users or keep a period open for a specific user. Great for single line BBS's and large mail hubs! SHAREWARE by Rob Borek.
rwcnf20.zip287KPCB 14.5 Automatic CNFN Menu Generation Sys. Any/all of 9 possible Fields: ConfNAME, NUMB, DESCRIPTION, # of BLTs,DIRs,DOORs,SCRs,# of MESSAGES, and Network Name. Security Level CNFN's; 3 SORT Options, WYSIWYG Custom Color Editor. Now Handles 10,000 Conferences and up to 24 Networks. User requested enhancements! Do your LAST CNFN Edit with RWCnf! VG! v2.0
rwcsx11.zip17KFree Add-On utility for use with the RWCnf Conferences Menuing system by Richware. This program strips the SUMMARY INFO out of your CNFN(s) and creates a separate file which you can use to add to your WELCOME screen, a BLT or whatever.<=** Replaces RWCSX10 **=> Bug fix release (0 byte files error) Smaller exe. (Need RWCnf for this to be useful to you!)
rwdir21.zip243KPCB 14.5a DIR Menu & Header Utility. Displays Nbr of Files & Bytes in Both Headers & Menus. Fully Automated Install and Testing Prior to implementation. Includes a WYSIWYG Colorizer for Sysop-Defined Colors. Highly Configurable Beautiful, and Informative Output! Safe, Fast Easy and Reliable! THE BEST utility for doing DIRs that you'll ever hope to Find! Try it !! Version 2.1 fixes eval key, and adds REFRESH.
rwdir22.zip274KPCB 14.5a DIR Menu & Header Utility. Displays Nbr of Files & Bytes in Both Headers & Menus. Fully Automated Install and Testing Prior to implementation. Includes a WYSIWYG Colorizer for Sysop-Defined Colors. Highly Configurable Beautiful, and Informative Output! Safe, Fast Easy and Reliable! THE BEST utility for doing DIRs that you'll ever hope to Find! Try it !! Version 2.2 adds RWDLIST for making your DIR. Download LISTINGS- all expected features... (And a corrected Shareware KEY) ooops!
rwdlst1c.zip30KRWDList 1.0C. Freebie add-on utility to RWDir for making File Download Listings. Options to add page-breaks, RWDir HEADERS, stripping of the "Uploaded by" records, page numbers etc.. Use to produce custom file listings for your BBS callers. Remove | chars and merge any text files (anywhere). Just about the final beta release...
rwwarn11.zip19KE WARNING: NEW UPLOAD HAS NOT BEEN SCANNED E Warn your callers that the newly uploaded file has not been fully checked by your system. Your callers will love not having to wait for real time upload checking. Version 1.1 - Requires 14.5a
sat115.zip122KSAT 1.15, a PCBoard Professional Sysop Series program, handles the influx of files from the Planet Connect service for PCBoard Sysops. Features include: File moving, copying, deleting and tracking, network copies, Usenet BAG culling, important file alert messages, TIC file processing to PCBoard directories, with optional DIZ inclusion (many other options), definable logging levels. *FREE REGISTRATION*
sau.zip2,126BSysOp Alert v.2 PPE; Notifies you when a user logs on your BBS
scall121.zip20K+----------------------------------------+ | ######## SAMCALL.PPE v1.21 ######## | |----------------------------------------| | SamCall v1.21 Callsign Server, is an | | addition to PCBoard v15.+ that will | | allow callers direct on-line access | | to the SAM Amateur Radio Callsign | | Data base. Support for ANSI and Non- | | ANSI terminals. Callers have the | | option to save the callbook info to | | a private message allowing them to | | download and capture the
scalls12.zip48KSuperCalls 1.2 The ultimate Who Called Today Bulletin/Hello screen generator for PCBoard. Completly Sysop configurable! Shows your daily callers names only once in the display screen! Also has many informative features.
scan050.zip1,422B+----------------------------------------+ | SCAN.PPE - Spice Up Directory Scans! | |----------------------------------------| | SCAN.PPE is a PCBoard 15.1 Replacement | | for PCBTEXT entry #238. This adds a | | file header that gives filename, date | | size, and description headings. Adds | | a bit of class to any PCBoard setup. | | Short & Sweet PPS Included - HOMOPHOBE | +----------------------------------------+
scconf12.zip8,431BBand new PPE to replace the J command from the PCBoard main menu. Lets you put all of your confrences in groups that number 1,2,3,4 no matter what thier real numbers are! StarCOMM FREEWARE! From the StarLanes BBS 618-539-3751
sclist13.zip16K** StarCOMM BBS List Utility v1.03 ** Full BBS List PPE for PCBoard v15.2 ** FULL LIGHT BAR SUPPORT! ** Three List Choices ** Full List ** By Area Code ** Quick List ** Extended Information ** Name, Software, Version ** Multi-Node ** Node Number of Listing ** Extended Network Info ** Number of Files, Doors Confrences and CD-ROMs ** And MORE! Modified Slow Nag, Now Much Faster!
scopur13.zip18KScore Purge v1.3 PCBoard ONLY Purge score files (.SCO) of players that are no longer registered on your BBS. Can be run in your nightly event process or manually. Will automatically purge entries or you can purge manually.
scrdl_21.zip12KSCRIPTDL version 2.1 (03-06-92). A simple program that converts the output of script questionnaires (answer files) to comma delimited text files for later import into a database. Now handles files with or without a "FROM" line. "End of file" bug fix version. A free utility from Bob and Kathey's BBS!
script10.zip11K+------*****....______....*****------+ | ##### # #### ####[ | | [ [ [ [ ] ofware | | #####ed [ [ ##### | | [ ## [ [ragon ][ | | # # ####### ###### | | [ ]* [ [* [ [* | |------------------------------------| | SCRIPT.PPE v1.0 | RELEASE 01/08/95 | |------*****....[[[[[[....*****------| | This is a replacement for prompt | | 'Questionnaire # to Answer' that | | is color configurable, lang
script2.zip32KSource code for the Script 2 (online ordering) as used on Salt Air.
script2s.zip31KSame Ppl Source Code for the Script 2.
scrol11e.zip3,979BSCROLL.PPE V 1.1 ** Shareware scroller for PCB 15.1 ** Use it to give your menues a scrolling text. Looks real great. New: Select scrolling speed and color
scum-ln3.zip5,649B ScumLiners v3.0! Full Featured Oneliner For PCB BuxFixe From 2.0! Adds Bitchin' Color Support, Who, Who Logged To Callers Log, Auto-Advertisements, Minimum Security, and Blacklister!
scumlc20.zip6,109BLight Comment v2.O by Cloudsend The best Lightbar SysOp Comment PPE out there for PCBoard 15.1. Every aspect is now totally con- figurable. Features easy setup, and includes sample configs.
scumnu10.zip16K Newuser Voting PPE v1.o The greatest NUV system yet made for PCBoard. Supports multiple (up to ten) infoforms, lightbars, Newuser Messages, '*' style info- forms. Blows away the competition!
scumpc10.zip2,825BPrevious Callers Display v1.o A good last few callers PPE that will display a sysop configable number of people with your own borders! JawBreaker - SCuM '94
scumpr10.zip4,545BPROTO-MATIC v1.o - PPE A State-of-the-art Lightbar Protocol Selection PPE
scumqt10.zip5,216B Message Quoter PPE v1.0 Msg Quoter PPE replaces your internal PCB editor's quoting system with a configurable setup so your messages don't look like crap
scumrq10.zip3,235BFile Request PPE v1.0 (YOMAMA|Caffine) A File Request PPE made for PCB 15.1
scumst15.zip5,817BSCuM STaTS v1.5 By MiNDFRYeR '94 Finally, here is a great way to easily display multiple status screens to the user! Fully Sysop configurable! v1.5 By MiNDFRYeR
scumtu13.zip47KSCuMToP v1.3 by OSiRiS SCuMToP is a Top Weekly/Alltime Download/Upload Bulletin Gener- ater for PCBoard v15.x. Fully Sysop Configurable.
sec_pak.zip2,433B+----------| BBS Security PAK |------------+ Announcing the Sysop's BBS Security PAK - Composed of 3 PPEs (CALLBLOC, VULGARID and CALLERID) and a USERS file Report Generator (REPORT.EXE). Combined together to offer a complete BBS Security System. This is the info file explaining the basic system and the components and where to get them. By Al Segura Source Available. +------------------------------------------+
sec_v200.zip3,197BSEC-JOIN.PPE v2.0; PCBoard 15.2 [PPE] program to use when joining a conf. Chex security level and a password.100% sysop configurable. Stop users from being where they shouldn't be. Just replaces PCBoards lame excuse for conf. Security. Lame little PPE's by DANTE
sendfaxp.zip3,750BPPS and PPE for PCB15 to prepare msg 2b faxed This script accepts fax number etc, then puts user in editor to enter message text. Use with a 'fax mail' program (not included). PPS source included.
sendm100.zip21K+-------------------------------------------+ | SendMes v1.00 [PPE] | | For use with PCBoard 15.1 | | Send a quote to the next caller the fancy | | way! Attractive display, binary database | | of quotes, SysOp Maintaince fuctions, | | return receipts, bad word checking, etc. | +-------------------------------------------+
setarc11.zip43KSetArc v1.1 - Will easily transpose the date stamps in your upload DIR with those posted by the popular new file handlers. Changes are date sensitive. Fast & Easy to use. Current version will handle the following: Last Revison Date in Archive# 01-17-1992 . (Last Revised# 01/17/1992) . xx - Files New#01/17/1992 Old:01/02/1980 . v1.1 corrects reading improper spaces/nulls.
setbyt35.zip42KPCBoard has (by v14.5a) no direct support for limiting downloads according to uploads. That's why SetBytes was born. With SetBytes you are able to limit your users' download capacity in a proportion to the number of bytes they have uploaded. Further, you are able to define a private download/upload-ratio limit for particular users.
seted11.zip4,202BSETED v1.1; [PPE] will replace the stock W command on PCboard 15+ with a Menu driven interface of all the options that a user can normally edit. It will auto Detect the Alias and Address PSA's and will edit the menu accordingly.
setevent.zip10KSetEvent v1.00; Set any field in your EVENT.DAT file from DOS (or a batch file). Disable or Enable an event or whatever you need to do without running PCBSETUP. Note: node affected needs to be recycled before change might take affect.
setqoff1.zip5,619BSETQOFF.EXE Utility ver 1.0 of 12/13/91. A utility for PCBoard 14.5+ systems that will adjust Text files by adding an @qoff@ to the top of the file specified on the command line. Works great with display files that are created automatically to keep users from 'ing out of them.
set_user.zip13KSet-User V1.00 06-07-92 Utility to set Users Security Level to that matching a Password in PWRD File. Also sets USERS & USERS.SYS security level to the higher (or lower if desired) of the two, allowing the chaining of Doors that don't use the same method of updating the Users level.
sexcall.zip2,453BAMi-X Pager... Costumizable
sexchat.zip28KThe Ultimate FullScreen Chat v1.21
sf11fds.zip2,500B+---------- * . | SYSFILES.PPE v1.1 * Sysfiles is a | simple utility for remote sysops to | upload and download files directly * to the system directories by entering . a path with the filenames. This . version also includes a feature for * local sysops to run and test PPE | programs. FREEWARE Coded by Ram Drive | * Fifth Dimesnion Software * | . * ----------+
sf2pc100.zip11KUtility converts SPITFIRE 3.2 user and message files to PCBoard 14.5a format.
shaker11.zip90K+--------------------------------------+ | #### Jim Coleman's SHAKER!!! #### | |--------------------------------------| | The MOST POPULAR NASA MLP game!! | | SHAKER.PPE (PPLC 3.0) Fun, exciting | | game of chance simulating victim | | rescue in an earthquake environment- | | SYSOP CONFIGURABLE, much more!! V1.1 | +--------------------------------------+
shell_26.zip18KTHE SHELL GAME - Ver 2.6, a PPE for PCBoard 15.21, from Galahad Software. A game of chance that recreates the Shell Game. Find the hidden pea under one of the shells, try to avoid being arrested, and try not to let the ShellMaster cheat you! Features a monthly and Hall of Fame scoring record! Only $5 registers!
shk-kp10.zip6,352B[SHK-PPE] KewlPage! V1.o
shkcs201.zip9,897B[SHK-PPE] Conference Selector 2.01
showevnt.zip10KShowEvnt v1.0; Display EVENT.DAT file for PCBoard 15.0 allows simple viewing of all Node data at once. Redirect output to file or printer. Shows which Nodes have an Event Batch file present that should run. Includes QuickBasic source code.
showfr10.zip12KSHOWFREE 1.0: A program that creates colorful bulletins displaying System Availability on PCBoard v14.5 based systems. Unlike most system usage graphs it displays how much time your system has FREE so that callers can know when are the best times are to call.
sik-fl12.zip4,941BGeNeRaTe a CooL CuSToM FiLeS LiST FoR eaCH uSeR oN THe FLY! v1.2
sik-pep4.zip4,866B4 NeW aND KeWL eNTa PRoMPT PPe'S
sik-up10.zip4,102BSiK auTo-uPLoaDeR v1.0
simplang.zip15K<<>> |Need I say more? Written for | |PCBoard 15+. Thrill to you fav- | |orite characters from the show | |taking over the standard prompts | |and insulting your users. Trust | |me, they'll like it. v1.0 Apr 94 | +---------------------------------+
sintax.zip2,503BDoorway Blocker v1.02 [PPE] This Is A PCB 15.1 [PPE] That Will Stop All Users From Jumpin To DOS Using The (9) Command A Couple Of Bugs Removed...
sixguess.zip2,090BSimple PPE game in which the computer has picked a 6-digit # and you guess it.
sk-nuls.zip3,860BThis Is A New User Logon PPE for PCB 15.1+ This is A Enhanced Logon For Registering You New BBS User's. Include's Such Feature's as Built In New User Alert Alarm, New User PCB Logging, Forced Message To Sysop. NOT CRIPPLED FREE WARE
skchat13.zip10KSy Kopath Chat v1.3 - PCBoard PPE. A fun fake chat program. Quick and easy install in CMD.LST and/or DOORS.LST. No configuration file, no maintenance! Shareware $10. Free BBS support. Updated for PCboard v15.2.
sl-fb15.zip3,235BFEEDBACK.PPE 1.5b -=-Shadowlight-=- ------------------------------------------- A lightbar Multiple Comment to SysOp replacement for PCB 15.1+ that magnifies the look and feel of your "C" command! Easy to install and setup! The most configurable litebar comment to sysop out! << FREE REGISTRATION >> Written By: Shadowlight Productions! -------------------------------------------
sla-seya.zip9,832BSEE YA! .PPE For PcBOARD 15.1 Version 1.1 Removed The Delay SEE YA!.PPE Will Display Multiple Random Logoff Screens Supporting Up To 999 Of Them
sl_utl10.zip10KSurreal PPL Utilities v1.0; Oneliner file That offers a Last Few Callers option, and a Node Listing Also a Complete Last few callers list maker and a Leave a Message to the Next caller utility.
smart207.zip19KSmartSec v2.07 PPE for PCBoard v15.0; Checks SecViol, PwdErr, ConfViol, DL Limits, UL VerFail, ConnSpeed, HighSec, UserNames, PwdChange, Language Specific, External CFG files, PSA check, Time check, AutoWrite, 50 users Bypass/Force/WhoCall, TimeLog, Lantastic & Novell Broadcast... - With English & Swedish menus/prompts
smrtconf.zip7,469BPPE Program to replace the oin command of PCBoard 15.0 - Allows your users to scan the CNFN file to search for KEYWORDS & those conferences that match text searches
smrtnppe.zip26K[PPE] PCBoard Programing Language for 15.0 to display the Smartnet Network Node List as a direct .CMD command from your board
sms.zip4,175BSMS PPE present the user with a DOOR menu system and checks ahead of time if a USER is allowed to enter a DOOR using his security
snc.zip1,923BPesky users Beware PPE; Replace PCBtext record 296 with this PPE and a few changes by you will send users on their way if they dont like the message scan prompt!
sndmsg02.zip3,879B.*------------------------------------*. | Send A Message v.o2 by Balrog | *--------------------------------------* | This PPE is used to send messages to | | other or all nodes. All strings are | | configurable. Added a black list | | feature to this version. | .*------------------------------------*.
snt_logo.zip10K->SNT<- Login Util For PCB 15.2 * v1.1
soi-ent.zip1,331BAutomated Enter Enhancer for PCB 15.1
somany24.zip23K[PPE] SO MANY CDs! Version 2.4 More CD-ROMs than drives? Let users request files from offline CD's! Sysop notified at login of requests; if local, sysop loads requested CD's and file is posted as attachment to message to user with automatic pack-out after sysop-defined period. CD-ROM conferences no longer need to be contiguous! SHAREWARE ($19.95)
source.zip3,741BSource Files For STARDIR3.PPE & STARCON1.PPE Now you can change any thing you like in Those PPEs .... Free . Programmed by Mohammed Alsbeiay SysOp of MidNight BBS - Saudi Arabia - Riyadh BBS Number 966-01-4225067,,,,,23 Voice Number 966-01-4225067 .
spatxt15.zip83KNew Spanish files for PCB; Includes PCBTEXT for PCB15 and all HELP files and BRDM for PCB14.5 The author has reviewed all Spanish translations found on Salt Air.
spell111.zip735KPCB Spell v1.11 (A PCBoard 15.2+ PPE!): Wow! Here is the culmination of work started several months ago. This is an online Spell Checker for your messages. Easy to install simple to use. Users love it. Supports Multinodes, Multilanguages, etc. A nominal registration fee will go towards supporting my education at the University of Utah. Try it! You'll never mis-spell another worrd aggain.
splash.zip3,830BLogon Splash screen replacement with full source code
splitdir.zip22K* SPLIT-DIR v1.0 Utility for PFED Splits large PCB dirs into smaller ones
spotv200.zip233K#### SpotChek v2.o #### PCB v14.5+ Upload File Processor. Includes File_id,Archive Conversion, Message Posting,Dupe Check,TrashCan, Virus Scan,Comments,Ad Files,Strip Files,CRC Check,Configurable Screens, Move File offline,"TackFile" etc.... Too many features to mention. Nifty New Config Program included. Exciting new Product by company # called CompuData Systems. # # # #### [ 1*1 ] ####
sqlab22.zip125KSQUILAB(tm) Version 2.2 PCB Upload-Checker, CRC-Check, Virus-Scan, Inserts FILE_ID.DIZ, ZIP-Comment and -AV, BBSad insert, Checks all PCB-Dirs for Duplicates, Age check, Deletes unwanted BBS-Ad's, Checks EXE, Trashcan for AV, Checks GIF integrity and inserts resolution into description...and more NEW: detects ZIP version AUTOMATIC!! including: COM1-4, Speed up to 115200
sqstrip.zip37KRemoves "Uploaded by:.." from PCB-dirlists. By Peter Haessig, Squirrel BBS, Switzerland.
srch200a.zip11K### -=* S E A R C H - 2.0 *=- ### [PPE] Compiled for PCBoard 15.1. Use this great PPE as a shell type program for your users to locate that certain file of interest! Can be used as an additional command as on Salt Air, or used to replace the L command on your BRDM screens.
st220b.zip46KUSRSTATS V2.20 BETA 4/28/94 [PPE] PCBoard/USR sysops can now allow callers to view modem diagnostics while on-line! Requires PCB 15.1 and small-footprint USR Courier modem. Multi-node compatible, super-easy setup. A truly unique troubleshooting tool. Now supports the new Courier V.FC modems! 3rd public BETA release adds custom setup capability.
starcon1.zip3,060B############################################# ## STARCON Version 1 PPE Compiled on ## ## 08/12/1994 By PPLC version 2 For ## ## Pcboard 15.1+ This PPE Will Make an ## ## Auto Conferences Menu ...... SysOp You ## ## Don't Need any More to Draw or Redraw ## ## Your Conference Menu When You Change ## ## Your Conferences .... Auto Menu Color ## ## ... FreeWare Try it and Enjoy Your Time ## ## ..... STAR Bulletin Board System .. ## ## Riyadh .. K.S.A BBS Number 4225067
stardir3.zip3,222B+-------------------------------------------+ | STARDIR Version 3 PPE Compiled on | | 08/12/1994 By PPLC version 2 For Pcboard | | 15.1+ This PPE Will Make an Auto DIR | | Files to All Your BBS Conferences ..... | | SysOp You Don't Need any More to Draw or | | Redraw Your DIR File When You Change Your | | Directories .... FreeWare Try it and | | Enjoy Your Time .............. STAR | | Bulletin Board System .. Riyadh .. K.S.A | | BBS Number 4225067 Voice Number
stat300a.zip56KUser Statistics - v3.0a - Compiled 07/05/92 *** Another Great Vampyre Doorware! *** User Statistics is a file/byte ratio enforc- ing utility for PCBoard 14.5x. If a user fails his/her assigned ratio, their download bytes are set to 0. If they pass, they are given a SysOp defined amount to download. [Shareware - $15]
stats14c.zip3,943BStats v1.4cb; [PPE] program where it will ask to show users Personal Stats or their Files Stats, very good. PCB Code ANSI Also (@X)
statsp4b.zip55KStatusP: Generate Export, Import, Last Import and Monthly Total bulletins with Postlink logs. Multi-Network. Rollovers. ANSI, ASCII, PCB: color or mono. CleanUpP log utility.
statsq1b.zip48KStatusQ: Generate Export, Import, Last Import and Monthly Total bulletins with QFront logs. Rollovers. ANSI, ASCII, & PCB codes in color or mono. Includes CleanUpQ a log size reduction utility. For PCBoard and QFront!
stats_.zip6,711B@X0A#################################### @X0FSTATS.PPE Ver 1.0 Compiled PPLC 3.0 @X0A#################################### @X0FSTATS Will show your users their Personal,File,System and message Statistics.Thru a menued system Screens may be edited with PCBedit to add or remove any statistic you wish. ------------------------------------ Compiled 9-06-94 Micro-Comp Software @X0C FREEWARE @X0A####################################
statv12.zip106K------------------------------------------ DynaStat v1.2 Log Processor/Bulletin Generator will pro- cess Front Door, PcBoard and Remote Access log files and create configurable bulleti- ns. Features include trim log files, un- limited input files, full file sharing un- der networks, colors etc. 30 Eval. key is enclosed. Released by Dynagrafix Develop- ments. ------------------------------------------ Version 1.2 is a minor bug fix in the config program and in the RA screen numb
stfd_inf.zip29KSetfeed Info. Instructions for issuing setfeed/dynafeed/rcmerge commands using uuPCB. DO NOT USE UNLESS YOU ARE SURE THAT YOUR SITE SUPPORTS SETFEED!!!!
stop_2.zip2,342BEdited from the original batch files to prevent Zmodem from running into your event. Uses CKEVENT and SENDCOMM or PROECHO to check your event time and if transfer is not allowed - send a message to the user.
stormbye.zip3,327B StormBYE v1.0 By The Ringthane +-------------------------------------+ | "G" COMMAND REPLACEMENT PPE | |-------------------------------------| | Jazz Up Your Logoff Options! | |With StormBYE The User Has Options To| |Logoff,ReEnter The BBS, Leave Comment| | To Sysop or Sysop Defined Co-Sysop. | | + 2 Sysop Defined GAG Options! | | Stormbringer (404)801-9113 & 9569 | +-------------------------------------+
stormc12.zip5,139B StormCHAT v1.2 By The Ringthane +-------------------------------------+ |Sysop PAGE/CHAT PPE for PCBoard 15.1 | |-------------------------------------| |-Pages With.VOC File Thru SoundBlastr| |-Chat Time Available Cognizant | |-Mails Chat Request & Reason To Sysop| |-Offers User Option To Send Comment | |-Many NEW Features!A Sysop Must Have!| |-Totally Configurable By Sysop! | | Stormbringer (404)801-9113 & 9569 | +-------------------------------------+
stormlin.zip5,762B StormLINERS v1.1 By The Ringthane +-------------------------------------+ | One-Liner PPE For PCBoard 15.1 | |-------------------------------------| | Sharp Looking One-Liners Display | | With Nice Looking Editor for Users | | Sysop Configurable Header & | | Footer Display | | Sysop Configurable WHO Option | | Stormbringer (404)801-9113 & 9569 | +-------------------------------------+
stp301b.zip58KSTPCB (USRSTATS) PPE V3.01 BETA: PCBoard/USR sysops can now allow callers to view modem diagnostics while on-line! Requires PCB 15.1 or 15.2 and small footprint USR Courier modem. Multi-node compatible, super-easy setup. A truly unique troubleshooting tool. 8 new features, also includes Beta release of USRSTAT2.EXE V3.04B.
strippr.zip34KPCBoard DIR Stripper; Convert PCBoard dir files to Files.BBS format. Most CD ROM doors understand Files.BBS format, not all understand PCBoard format.
strip_10.zip11KStrip@ v1.0; Remove all PCBoard color codes from a specified text file.
sub110.zip158KSUB v1.1; PPE for PCBoard v15.0 Subscription command/door. ASCII/ ANSI/RIP, Multilingual, receipt, invoice,message to sysop, tax & handling calculation, & more ...
subexp.zip2,972BPPL file reminds subscribers that their membership is about to expire. Includes source code.
submenu.zip8,608BComplete Menu/Sub-Menu setup using PCBoard 15.0 MNU Files. Contains all that is needed to have a menued subsystem on PCBoard 15.0.
subscpcb.zip5,126BSubscription Door for PCBoard.
subscr12.zip5,663BSubscrib [PPE] to let your users use their Credit Card to subscribe to your BBS Online. Uses 7 differnet Card types, Including Visa, MC. Amex, etc. Completely Configurable, and can use alternate Menus (Multi Language) Writes its own Invoices to a configurable Log
suggest1.zip22K. The Suggestion Box! . This isn't your run of the mill program here! Full user voting, in addition users can add their own Suggestions for the rest of your users to vote on. Sysop maintenance is nil, and it takes about 20 seconds to install. Download this today and give your users a voice in your BBS! . GO/4 Software .
suprsec.zip6,108B**[Super Security PPE]*********************** More Psycho-ware relating to security. I don't know, it's what seems to catch my attention. This is a Challenge/Response security system. If you don't know what that is, you probably wouldn't have a use for this. If you do, you know it would cost mega-bucks to actually implement it. It was written in response to an idle conversation I had with a federal security-type. {Source}
svote410.zip103K.Super Vote v4.10 for PCBoard 15.1 and Above. * ####### ### ### ####### ####### ####### * * # ##### # # # # # ### # ### ### # ##### * * ##### # # ### # # ### # # # # ##### * * ####### ####### ####### ### ####### * * * * Unlimited Voting Booths. Unlimited voting * * options. Censor Trashcan File. Unvoted * * voting booth notifier. Setup program * * emulating PCBoard setup program. Online * * help. Multi-Lingual Operation Support.
swap100.zip21KSWAP 1.00. Switches PCBoard 15.x conferences including TPA information. Updates CNAMES.@@@, CNAMES.ADD, USERS, and USERS.INF. Supports up to 3000 conferences. Initial release into public, but it has been used on my board successfully.
swho12.zip5,849BSuperWho [PPE] - v1.2 - A fun replacement for your PCBoard WHO command that will show fake users on your system. Limited only by your imagination. Free BBS support for registered users! No delays or beg screens. Fully functional. Released on 10/24/94. Check it out today! Updated for PCB 15.2.
swop145k.zip38KSWOP DOOR for PCBoard Vers 14.5a and higher This door allowes your user to swop time left for more bytes, and vica versa. "Sort out those users that allways complain about too litte time, or too little bytes allowed by the system."
sysalert.zip2,451B+---SYSALERT.PPE v1.0----+ | Beeps and let the sysop| | knows when someone | | logon their bbs. | | FREEWARE | | Software Kitchen BBS | | 718-281-0645 | +------------------------+
sysalt1a.zip2,626B+-----SYSALT1A.PPE v1.0a-------+ | Beeps and let the sysop knows| | when someone logon their bbs.| | PPLC 3.10 PCBoard 15.21 | | Freeware | | Software Kitchen BBS | | 718-281-0645 24 hours/7 days| +------------------------------+
sysis255.zip32KSysOpIs(+) - Vers. 2.55 - Creates ASCII and ANSI files showing the current availability of the SysOp, plus other pertinent info. Supports both PCBoard- ProDoor & SpitFire BBS's. Also can be run from an "Event". Shareware - $5.00
syspg52b.zip72K[THP] SysPage v.52 Beta - (7-12-92) SysOp page/chat utility for PCB/PROD Boards Chat reason, emergency password and much more Split screen chat, .MOD SoundBlaster Paging!
s_stats.zip155KPCB Call Statistics v1.0; Write the information on the Call Waiting screen to a log file. S-STATS makes it easy to keep track of the numbers of; Calls, messages, Up/Dn loads for each day, if it is put into the EVENT.SYS file.
t2pcb10.zip6,990BT2PCB v1.0; (TAPE-to-PCBoard Filer) is the missing link between TAPEDOOR and PCBoard. It (in conjunction with Colorado Memories tape software) will scan a tape into PCBoard Filer compatible file format.
tab151.zip16KTAB - The Address Book v1.51 [PPE] - Allow your users the ability to store and and retrieve addresses whenever entering a message! Save them the time of having to enter in the name repeatedly. Has ability to 'Quick-Enter' a message by typing '/#'. For PCB 15.1 systems - A Must have! Made by Whitewater Technologies, Inc. =========================================== In v1.51 you may now configure your OWN extension! Very useful if you would like to give your users multiple address books for vario
tabppe62.zip63KTABPPE62.ZIP v6.2 PPE written to interface PCBoard 15.21 BBS's with the True Media's 900-XXXX Subscription service. TABS-PPE provides access level upgrades, supports PCB's credit accounting, and provides ASCII and/or DBase III+ format logging and detailed information about the service. Smooth seemless interface. Adds to caller notes, creates bulletins, and more. Really allows this service to work for you !!
tagged10.zip14KTAGGED10.PPE v1.0: Initial release of the first program that allows your users to keep a database of the files they want to download, ONLINE! Your users will love you for this new addition.
tapecms1.zip13K@X0E [PPE] for PCBOARD 15.0 or higher; OnLine file restoration from Colorado Memory Systems Tape Drive 120 or 250. total of 9 tape volumes are possible. Add to your CMD.LST. Shows users which tape is in the tape drive.
ta_user.zip7,888B+--------------------------------------+ | USER Listing by T.A. HQ V.2.00 [416] | +--------------------------------------+ User Lister Version 2.00, This small and powerfull utility gives you a very nice display of your users names, location, area code, security level and last date they called your board................. **************************************** Would you like to become a member of the T.A. (The Arcade) group? Call us now at: 416/658-8527 [144] or 416/658-3951 [288] *************
tbg-dwho.zip3,151BDevil's Who Version 2.0b for PCB
tbh-fnc.zip2,518BFlame Next Caller v1.0 PPE
tbh-fts.zip2,541BFiNiSH THe SToRY [PPE]
tbh-kc.zip2,772BKeWL CHaTTeR [PPE]
tbh-tlog.zip11KTURBO LOGON PPE File for PCB 15.1
tblt10g.zip96KTOPBLT v1.0g; Complete PCBoard User Bulletin Statistics Generator! Top/Worst Posters, Callers, Msg Readers,UL/DL/PCR's/file & byte ratios. VERY configurable and FAST. Internal header generation (configurable). Generates 14 different bulletins in all.
tclc_120.zip54K+| TOTAL CONTROL LASTCALLERS (TCLC) V1.20 |+ | TCLC is the most advanced lastcaller for | | PCBoard available. Totally configurable | | for color and display. Optionally lists | | last DAYS and MONTHS! Local call faking, | | level names, call hiding & log truncate. | |------------------------------------------| | Take your pick from any of these fields: | | Name, Alias, Day o/t week, Carrier, Node | | Level, D/L & U/L Bytes & Files, Activity | | Flags, Minutes Online, Caller#, Location | | Time
tcmde310.zip49KThe Cat's Meow Door Executive v3.1; PCBoard PPE that will automatically create your DOORS menu! Detects & Run's Other PPE's from the SAME Menu! Totally Color Configurable! Display doors by catagory or all at once! Many new features in this release!
tds0612.zip23KTDS Network; Worldwide Distributor of PCBoard Doors and Utilities. We carry everything from 1989 to the most recent Doors. Over 200 members spanning 20 countries. Application and Info archive.
tds0703.zip43KTDS Network; Worldwide Distributor of PCBoard Doors and Utilities. We carry everything from 1989 to the most recent Doors . Over 220 members spanning 20 countries. Application and Info archive. >> TOLL FREE ACCESS FOR PCBoard / PCBoard Compatible DOOR & UTILITY AUTHORS<<. We also support Mail Orders on DISK, TAPE, and Fido TICK File Areas.
terr-bul.zip1,915BCustom Uploader v1.0 PPE
th-m2c15.zip9,861BPre-processor that scans your incoming Internet email for messages to specified conferences on your BBS. Saves you transfer time because it lets you receive messages for Internet mailings lists once instead once for each caller. [PPE] Version 1.5 fixes a MAJOR oops and a minor bug.
thewho12.zip7,351BTHEWHO v1.02b PPE of (01/01/95) Thewho v1.02b is the most configurable 'WHO' replacement out, and you'll love it!
tht194v1.zip2,019B +--------------------------------------+ +-+ THT MSG194 PPE +-+ |Two PCBTEXT Prompt's [194,630] for the | |Private Message and Return Receipt. | +-+ Another Free PPE from --->>> <>+-+ +--------------------------------------+
tht39622.zip8,665B +--------------------------------------+ +-+ THT CMD396 v2.02 +-+ |Replacement for the MAIN Command prompt | |for PCB 15.1+ just install this PPE in the| |PCBTEXT Record # 396 and ad your Command | |Prompt to the MAINMENU.CNF file upto 4 | |lines For a Prompt That Will Not Scroll | |When The Enter Key is Pressed. | |And now Two Line Rumour's Builtin !!!!!! | +-+ Another Free PPE from <>+-+ +--------------------------------------+
tht550v2.zip2,217BThis Small PPE will replace the PCBTEXT #'s 550 and 474, is also needed for this PPE to funtion. What it does is uses the THTP150 Protocol.ppe instead of the stock PCBoard Protocol list when changing from one protocol to another for uploads or Downloads
thtar140.zip4,377BTHT-AREA v1.40 This is the Ultimate LIGHTBAR File Area List PPE, Check it out you will like this ONE Another FREE PPE from The Master @ <>
thtc25b1.zip63K +--------------------------------------+ +-+ THT-UP-CHECK PPE v2.50b1 +-+ |PCB 15.1 THT-UP-CHECK v 2.50 PPE, This PPE| |Will check all uploads scan for Virus's | |Do Date Checking One of Four Ways, Add | |file's to an archive, Remove File's from | |ZIP's. | |Remove's UnWanted Lines from FILE_ID.DIZ | |Has an Exclude List for File's that | |shouldn't Be Date Checked. Turns Carrier | |Checking off untill all files are tested.| |ReComme
thtck21.zip70KTHT-UP-CHECK v 2.10 PPE, This PPE Will check all uploads scan for Virus's Do Date Checking One of Four Ways, Add file's to an archive , Remove File's from ZIP's. Remove's UnWanted Lines from the FILE_Id.DIZ Has an Exclude List for File's that shouldn't Be Date Checked. Turns Carrier Checking off untill all files are tested. ReComment's ADDED Macro's , Added AMIGA style FILE_ID Support, Also LOCAL MODE is now WORKING WildCard Local Uploads have been added!! Major type Upgrade READ the .HIS file!!
thtcmt10.zip2,885BComment to Sysop's v1.00 from The Master This PPE replaces the C command just put it in your CMD.LST, Edit the .dat and .cnf files and you are ready!. Has options for Default Sysop to send Mail to, All colors and so on.
thtdup11.zip5,099B +--------------------------------------+ +-+ THTDUP v1.10 PPE +-+ | Daily Upload Bulletin Generator For PCB | | 15.1+, Creates a Display file with all | | of Today's Upload's from any | | And All Conference's. <> | +-+ +-+ +--------------------------------------+
thtev100.zip1,402B +--------------------------------------+ +-+ +-+ | Two Small PPE'S for PCBTEXT 157 & 116 | | Event Timer and Letting the user know | | How much time is left before the Event | +-+ <>+-+ +--------------------------------------+
thtjn13.zip3,763BTHT-Join PPE Replaces the J command gives you more control over which Conference a User can See, The user will only be able to see the Conference that they are Registered in and Re-Number's the display so that it only looks like thats how many you Have. From The Master @ <> another fine free PPE for PCB 15.1+ only
thtlc115.zip7,106B +--------------------------------------+ +-+ The Last Caller's v1.15 PPE +-+ | THT Last Caller's AMI Style Last | | Caller's Display, Many options all | | Colors and the number of Last Calls | | Also Security Level to be able to see | +-+ The Last Caller's <>+-+ +--------------------------------------+
thtlg211.zip7,430BA Login PPE for PCB 15.0 & 15.1 replaces the Prompt's that ask for the USER's Name & PW FreeWare From The Master @ <> Now Logs and sends Messages when the User Forget's there PassWord's or Someone else tries to hack into the System. Also can Leave a Comment to the Sysop or Co-Sysop on a Password Failure.
thtml100.zip1,815B +--------------------------------------+ +-+ THT-Mail v1.00 PPE +-+ | Mail Waiting PPE, Very Configurable | | All colors, Length of the Colors ect... | +-+ <>+-+ +--------------------------------------+
thtmnu12.zip8,691BThis PPE will create a list of all PPE's and Door's you have on your System and then you Will be able to run all of these from One Command and Menu, I use this as the OPEN Command for my System. The Master @ <>
thtmsg11.zip7,943BThis is the Ultimate PCB 15.1 Message Header Replacement, For all of you that Don't Care for the Look of the PCBoard Message Header this is the PPE for you, completely config with all Colors and Positions of all Prompts From The Master @ <> another Great PPE
thtmt411.zip21KThis is the Ultimate LIGHTBAR Matrix and NEWUSER Verification & anti Lamer PPE on The Market, These PPE's have been Tested. All PPE's are LightBar Controlled Matrix is v4.11 Update .PPE only
thtnk1b4.zip19KTHT-Nuke Will nuke Files update user's BYTES Also can give Credit for File's sent, Can also send Messages to the User's informing them of why this was done. Supports ULBY.DAT and THT-TOP.PPE will adjust the BYTES !!!! v 1.00b4 for you all to test and Report problems if any to Me Please!!! Added UPLBY.DAT support with this one (SC)!!
thtns202.zip10K +--------------------------------------+ +-+ THT NewScan v2.02 +-+ |NewScan PPE for PCB 15.1+ Replace the N in| |PCBoard with this Very Small PPE. In This | |Version I added Multiple config's for the | |other Conferences so that you can set | |NewScan Up to the Specific Conference that| |it's being, Now with ONE LINE Descriptions| +-+ <>+-+ +--------------------------------------+
thtnws15.zip3,135BOn-Line PCBoard 15.1 New's file editor can Update the existing News files or OverWrite Then, New Version that Reads the CNAMES.@@@
thtoff20.zip2,754B +--------------------------------------+ +-+ THT Auto-Off v2.00 PPE +-+ | PPE to replace PCBTEXT 493 | | Graphics display, Color Configurable | | Amount of Time Also, PCB 15.1+ | +-+ <>+-+ +--------------------------------------+
thtone20.zip58KTHT ONELINER v2.00 PPE OneLiner's from <> Configurable any Colors you may want. PPE For PCB 15.1 v 2.00
thtp150.zip4,906BPROTOCOL.PPE v1.50 - Compiled on 05-28-94 PCBoard 15.1 [PPE] program to replace your (T)ransfer Protocol main menu command. It does everything the regular command can do and just a little more. Added LightBar Selection and also Support for the THT550.PPE
thtqt1b6.zip7,165B +--------------------------------------+ +-+ THTQUOTE v1.0 Beta 6 +-+ | Quoter for Replying to Messages For PCB | | 15.1+, Use's AutoSig if you have it | | Installed, Completely Configurable | +-+ +-+ +--------------------------------------+
thtsp110.zip3,248B +--------------------------------------+ +-+ THT-SpeeD v1.10 PPE +-+ | Displays a Bar Graph of all Connects to | | Your Board, Starts at the Lowest Baud | | Allowed in your PCBOARD.DAT file. | +-+ FreeWare from <>+-+ +--------------------------------------+
thttp2b3.zip22KTHT-Top v2.00b3 - Top Upload / Download PPE will send a Message to all user's at the end of the Week with the top 10 Uploader's / Downloader, Also has a Monthly display of the Top 10 Uploader's / Downloader's Added All-Time Uploader's / Downloader's And this is a Major Upgrade from v2.00b
thtu360.zip2,236BThis PPE replaces 4 PCBTEXT Prompts for the Upload Status, Display a Screen with the Amount of space free , Protocol being used Status of file posting and Control X to abort Prompts , A nice addition to PCB.
thtue100.zip10K +--------------------------------------+ +-+ THTUEDIT v1.00 PPE +-+ | Full Screen User Editor for online use | | And though EOM if you can Modify yours, | | Or Use the one with the PKG. Full Conf | | Support and other Fetures | +-+ Based on CIAFSUE by DEFCON 4 <>+-+ +--------------------------------------+
thtup118.zip10KFull Screen Upload PPE for PCB 15.0 & PCB 15.1 Many new enhancment's in this version more ERROR Checking for Valid FileNames, Configurable as far as Where the Box will display on the Screen and some Colors. Now with Random Screens. Added Support For RoBoCom user's now if this is found to be true the ppe exits and uses the stock PCB Prompts. Now Support's Local Uploads!!! FREEWARE from <> 04-09-94 Sorry but No Source has been included
thtzp100.zip1,990B +--------------------------------------+ +-+ THT Zippy PPE v1.0 +-+ |Replace the "Z" Command in PCBoard, Use | |In the CMD.LST file. | +-+ Another Free PPE From ---->>> <>+-+ +--------------------------------------+
th_m2c15.zip9,860BPre-processor that scans your incoming Internet email for messages to specified conferences on your BBS. Saves you transfer time because it lets you receive messages for Internet mailings lists once instead once for each caller. [PPE] Version 1.5 fixes a MAJOR oops and a minor bug.
th_sig11.zip5,530BTH-SIG is a small PPE to add a .sig to each outgoing piece of email and each newspost that leaves your system. It gathers all necessary information other than the .sig itself from PCBOARD.DAT. The .sig is fully customizable to your tastes. The PPE is freeware and contains no nags or other annoyances. Bugfix v. 1.01
tic2dir.zip25KTIC2DIR is a utility for PCB SysOp's that are hooked into the FIDO FileBone system. This program will create a PCBoard DIR list of the files you receive from the FileBone using the descriptions in the .TIC files that accompany each of the archive files. You can then paste this listing into one of your PCB DIR lists instead of going thru the aggrivation of uploading and entering descriptions for ones without FILE_ID.DIZ.
tieab31.zip24KThe Internet E-Mail Address Book PPE! v3.1 Red Dragon Software(tm) 1995. This is a must have utility for any PCBoard BBS that offers private internet e-mail! Allows users to store address as well as automatic starting of Internet E-mail! Also shows user there internet address per your system! Now more configurability options and more purty! BUG FIX: v3.0 number of addresses allowed. See HISTORY.DOC for details! SHAREWARE: Cheap only $7.00!
timzon11.zip5,641BTimeZone v1.1; A Freeware PCBoard 15.0 "PPE" utility to assign "time slots" to as many as 30 users!! And you can configure TimeZone to only operate during certain hours, or exempt anyone from xx security level and higher. It is ideal for Net Hubs to handle mail access!
tmb-more.zip892BNEW MORE PROMPT FOR PCBOARD 15.1
topdls1.zip9,453BTOPDLS 1.0 TOPLEECH PPE FOR PCB 15.2
topfiles.zip11K+PCB Topfiles v0.98b PCB+ | Makes a great top-files | | bulletin/text.List most | | popular files,and makes | | a nice presentabel file,| | ready to view by users. | | Fast and efficient. | +-------------------------+
topfls21.zip12KTOP FILES for PCBoard 14.x will create a bulletin containing the top files downloaded during the last X,Y,Z days. Yes, up to three different reports in one single bulletin! Try it.
topten3.zip88KTopTen Utility! TopTen V3.0 - Creates A Bulletin Showing The Top XX (Up To 50) Message POSTERs, Message Readers, Callers, (By Number Of Callers) Downloaders, (By Number Of DOWNLoads *AND* By The Number Of Bytes) And Uploaders, (By Number Of UPLoads *AND* By The Number Of Bytes) For PCBoard SysOps (V15.0 Compatible.) ***Shareware Version!***
topup10.zip3,871BTOPUP is a Top Ten Uploaders PPE for use with PCB v15.1+. Configurable colors & very easy to install!
tpasm120.zip67KTPASM - TPA System Manager v1.20 (11-11-94) Move/Copy/Swap Conferences for PCBoard 14.5 & 15.x with complete TPA area handling. It can also handle external files for Doors with the addition of a definition file, Sort a range of conferences. Will also Edit TPA areas with the addition of a definiton file. (Files for PCBoard 15.x PSA's are included) ............ Added new conference *.LST file editing...... ShareWare by Gary Meeker. ($25 registration)
tpcb0_8.zip402KTPCB: PCBoard external msg area support 4 QSO
tpmc_12.zip42KRun PCBoard doors from DORINFO1.DEF CHAIN.TXT or DOOR.SYS. This will convert these files to the PCBoard format.
tr-sysp2.zip2,132BSYSTEMPASSWORD PPE v2.0 100% easy install dox
tr-urepl.zip2,395BYup, another fine U replacement 101 % sysop configurable, up to 7 default description lines and 101 % lamer easy install dox...
tr-winfo.zip4,178B CHANGE USER INFO PPE v1.0 Another great "W" replacement for your pleasure. Kewl style and 100% sysop configurable Compiled in PPLC2 runs with any PCBOARD version. And with 100% easy lamer install dox
trial1.zip5,445B***** Trial.PPE v1.0 ***** Nice expired user PPE. Gives user choice of killing own account. Sysop definable menus/displays, File d/ls, and PPE execution. Will also TCAN user name & alias to help deter leeches.
trimdl13.zip15KTRIMDL 1.3; PCBoard Download Log "Trimmer" Utility This program is used to limit the growth of the PCBoard DOWNLOAD.TXT log file.
trmdl1a.zip13KSimple utility to allow PCBoard sysops to trim their DOWNLOAD.TXT file by number of days. -FREE-
trs23b.zip38KTransfer Stats 2.3, Public Beta 11/14/91. Creates a bulletin of top downloaded files, protocol statistics and transfer statistics for PCB sysops. Allows masking out of files by file name or directories and more.
truelock.zip9K <<< TRUELOCK [PPE] v.98beta 03/31 >>> Wide-beta release. A PPE designed to TRULY LOCK out unwanted callers. Most configurable Caller-ID blocker avail- able. Requires PCB v15.1 & Caller-ID service. ZyXEL, Supra & Practical Peripherals supported. If yours is not supported, let me know! * Fully functional shareware * PPE by Jody Gyomber.
tschat20.zip198KTSCNET CHAT v2.00: The ultimate chat replacement for PCBoard 15.x! 29 User Commands, 17 Sysop Commands, Actions, Topics, WHO command, Receives PCBoard Broadcasts, Calls users in PCBoard, Channel Ownership, One-on-one mode, Fully Configurable, Network support, COMM-DRV and Fossil Support, will work on ALL nodes. Designed by a large BBS for large or small systems. Plus even more! Written in C using PCBoard's TOOLKIT. The first REAL third party PCBoard CHAT.
tssqf20.zip18KCW-QF v1.0: QuickFiles PPE Ami/X Style
tstat17.zip38KTechnoSTAT v1.7; Supports PCB v14.5a & 15.0. Creates a bulletin that displays your last caller, # of msgs, # of dnlds, # of uplds, and # of calls. Stats can be generated for a single node or for the entire system.
ttp22.zip73KTic-2-PCB v2.2 * This is a fully functional .TIC file processor for PCBoard systems running FIDO. This will get the file description from the .TIC file, append it to a directory listing of your choice with full word wrap, move or copy the file to the file directory, and call a batch file if specified. See TIC2PCB.HIS for changes. MAJOR upgrade & enhancements! *** FREEWARE *** Compiled 12/27/92
ttp24a.zip162KTic-2-PCB v2.4a; FIDO .TIC file processor for PCBoard BBS systems. This will get the file description from the .TIC file, append it to a directory listing of your choice with full word wrap, move or copy the file to the file directory, call a batch file if specified, and send an announcement message.
tuam151.zip270KUltimate Account Manager V1.5 for PCBoard V15.0 TUAM has been updated to work with PCBoard V15.0. DO NOT use this version with previous versions of PCBoard. As well DO NOT use earlier vers. of TUAM with PCBoard V15.0.
turbo10.zip159KTURBO-LIST v1.0: New BBS listing utility will allow your users to add their BBS number to a list of national systems from within your DOOR.
tvbbye.zip2,142BTVBBYE.PPE -- BYE command replacement for PCBoard 15.1. Gives your users a 10 second timer to abort a download. [FREEWARE]
tvd124.zip221KThe Verify Door v1.24 for PCBoard v14.x & v14.5a. is a callback verification door compatible with COM 1-8, IRQ 1-7 & up to 115,200 baud. Registered version prevents users from having more than one account per phone number. *SPECIFICALLY* written for PCBoard only. Now supports multilingual operations!
tvd127.zip217KThe Verify Door v1.27 for PCBoard v14.x, v14.5a & v15.x. is a callback verification door fully compatible with COM 1-8 and up to 115,200 baud. Registered version prevents users from having more than one account per telephone number. Network compatible. Multilingual operations. Optionally updates user expiration date and other user data. Requires 286 or better. A quality door for PCBoard since 1990.
tview35.zip32KTextView PPE 3.5 by Joseph Sheppard. For PCBoard BBS V15.x. Used for displaying text information to your callers in a format similar to the PCBoard Bulletin section. Great for Online Magazines. TextView menu items can launch other Text Features or PPE's!
twgw200.zip54KThe Wall Graffiti Wall Version 2.00 A new type of Graffiti Wall Door for PCBoard version 14.5x. Adds to the already standard Graffiti Wall with new and exciting features
tx2mb220.zip59KSend Any Text File Directly to PCBoard
uai_33a.zip10KUAI v3.30a; PCBoard 15.0 - [PPE] program will check the users file for Address Information (PSA) If enabled, and a user has not entered their appropriate information, this program will pop a menu up so they can enter all the information needed. Work's great when added in place of your PCB 15.0 logon script. Can display a (SysOp definable) file(s) for each UAI command. Source Code Included
udbsv541.zip238KThe User Database System (UDBS) Version 5.41 Uses Callers log to create a database of your users activity. Generates detailed stats on every user - Who uploaded/downloaded (by user name or file name), security violations, bulletins read, daily/weekly/monthly useage stats, etc. Much more. Minor revisions and updating of 5.40 version. For PCBoard 14.5a
uedit.zip37K User Editor v1.0E =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= At Last! A USERS file editor for PCBoard v15.x that allows you, the sysop, to edit EVERY FIELD in the USERS file, on- line! (Okay NEARLY EVERY FIELD, but all the important ones! Like BYTES/FILES UL and DL)
ufb2pcb2.zip24KUFB2PCB version 2.0 - Converts UltraBBS file database file to PCBoard 14.x compatible directory files quickly and easily.
ufdc17b.zip28KUltimate File Download Counter v1.70b; Beta of UFDC for PCBoard. 500% increase in speed! UFDC updates your DIR files with a line that shows how many times each file has been downloaded. It allows your users to instantly know which files are most popular & usually of the highest quality. Also tells you which files you can delete
ufo-lott.zip3,630BLotto PPE for PCB 1.15+
ufo_11.zip34KUsernet Fake Out - UFO - v1.1; One-Of-A-Kind PCBoard utility to randomly modify your WHO display. Can be run from any .BAT file or the command line. Updated to run with PCBoard 15.0 ONLY. Easy to use and FREE!
uft-ben1.zip3,070BBouncing Enter Prompt V1.0
ugrade10.zip4,559B############################################# # Upgrade 1.0 for PCBoard 15.1 [PPE] # # A simple to configure and use PPE that # # will allow you to upgrade paying callers # # much faster than using macro keys. It # # even flags conference areas that you # # set up and writes the user a configurable # # message. Unlimited conference areas # # and conference numbers The source code # # is available by simply asking me for it. # # Compiled on 07/24/94 - PPLC 2.0
ulp096b.zip152KUpLoadProcessor 0.96b - A complete PCBoard upload processor; processes ARC ARJ HYP LZH PAK ZIP ZOO SFX GIF files by SIGNATURE. Handles uncompressed files. Removes BBS ads. Full recursive testing of nested archives. Integrated CRC-32 duplication system. Adds archive info line. Inserts description files. Performs event and online modes, with or without unpacking. NOTE: Review the docs! This is not a drop-in replacement for 0.95b.
ulp101.zip201KUpLoadProcessor v1.01 for PCBoard; Detects file formats by Signature. It will Convert archive formats; Processes uncompressed files; nested archives and imbedded paths. Integrated CRC dual duplication detection system. Inserts FILE_ID.DIZ and adds lines. Supports non-standard ports and FOSSIL drivers. Many new features, including menu-driven system manager and ZDCS support!
ulp286.zip90KUpLoadProcessor/286 0.93b - This archive contains the 286+ executables ONLY. You MUST be a registered user of ULP and have your 286+ registration code for these executables to operate.
ulp386.zip157KUpLoadProcessor/386 1.00; the 80386+ executables ONLY; also download ULP100.ZIP to get the whole v1.00 package. You need be a registered user of ULP and have a registration code for these executables to operate.
ulp3_110.zip111KUpLoadProcessor/386 1.10 - This archive contains the 80386+ executables ONLY and is not a complete package. You MUST also download ULP_110.ZIP to get the entire 1.10 package! You must be a registered user of ULP and have your registration key for these executables to operate.
ulpcrc.zip8,811BULPCRC, a utility to help the UpLoadProcessor developer generate a database of BBS ad CRCs.
ulpcrc2.zip9,115BUpLoadProcessor CRC calculator, release 2. Please help compile a CRC-32 database of BBS ads for the ULP system, allowing the removal of ads from uploads by ULP. This archive contains a CRC calculation program so that a sysop may simply send me a message listing the file name, CRC and file size of any BBS ads he or she finds. These files are also contained in the ULP090H and later archives. Thanks!
ulpdbfix.zip29KA bug fix for the UpLoadProcessor 0.94b database processor ULPDB.EXE. This corrects a bug where the index file may be generated with incorrect data, resulting in validation errors. This bug is not data-damaging, but this executable will correct this nuisance.
ulpppe15.zip12KULP PPE Version 1.5 Beta -Inform your users why their upload failed while they are online and automatically send them a private message letting them know their upload failed
ul_dl11.zip60KUL/DL Files list v1.1 - BUG FIXED! For use with PCBoard 14.5a BBS's. Lets your users download a .zip file containing UL and DL reports of THEIR file transactions on your BBS. Install as a new PCBoard command via the PCB SHELL door capability.
unidz200.zip8,096B+>UNIVERSAL DIZ EXTRACTOR V2.00 FOR PCBOARD<+ |+---- (PPE) Written by (A. J. King) ----+| ||-----------------------------------------|| || PERFECT for PCBoard SYSOPS who want to || || support an AMIGA conference, Handles || || ALL AMIGA FILE_ID.DIZ formats, (DMS, || || EXE,TEXT) as well as '.LHA' filename || || support! (PCB currently only supports || || '.LZH'). ALSO no more asking for || || filename at the start of an upload! || || ALSO includes the 'RZ' command!
unote101.zip3,880BUSERNOTE.PPE v1.01; Adds up to 5 more questions to the new user script and stores information in PSANOTES. Questions are fully configurable. Now logs answers to the callers log.
upadr.zip5,289BUPADR.PPE for PCBoard 15.0; [PPE] Code that will check the USERS file for [PSA] Address Info. If it's blank, it will allow them to write it. Use this as your Login Script Questionnaire. Source Code included.
update1.zip4,655BUPDATE.PPL; This is a little variation on Ralph LoBianco's PPL file to allow users to update their own USER records if you have the new Address TPA installed.
update30.zip9,707BUpdate Info PPE v3.0 - A PCBoard v15.1 PPE to make your callers fill in their Address PSA, Verify PSA, and Notes PSA info. Added more configurablity from v2.x
updtwho.zip87KWhoCalled v5.8; Update for growing files
up_date.zip4,266BThis PPL Code will check the Users file for the callers Address Info, If there is none it will display a menu where they place there address Info.
ur-nuke4.zip5,366BUNREAL NUKER v0.04b PPE
urt_cfs1.zip1,779BPCB15.2 CONF JOIN FILE STATS PPE V1.0
urt_ul11.zip2,539BUSER LISTER V1.o1
usav12.zip11KUSAV12.PPE --------------***> PCBoard 15.2 (PPE) This is an online viewing PPL for USATODAY. I wrote this PPE out of frustration after trying to install the USADOOR carried on PLANET CONNECT. Added new news areas.FREEWARE Fixed bug 1-24-95 Now includes source code. Northern Lites BBS (218)843-3345
usbbs10.zip6,031BUSA BBS v1.0; PPE exclusively for PCBoard v15.0. Allows a user to add BBS or LIST BBS.
user2as6.zip24KUser2Asc v0.95b - Creates a Comma Delimited ASCII file from USERS & USERS.INF files. Includes data from Alias, Address, Verify & Password PSA's if installed. Fixed length lines make easy sorting using QSORT program. New /R:Start,End range option, /D:x date separator char. Added stripping of NULS Includes QB Source. FREEWARE by Gary Meeker
userinfo.zip24KUser Information Bulletin - This bulletin utilizes PCBoard 14.5's @-Macros to display all of a user's personal information clearly inclunding Uls,Dls.Sec,Prot,Phones,Times On, Exp Date, etc.
userref.zip2,904B<--------User Reference v1.0--------> Let you users know that a new user has applied to your system. Users can vouch for the new user simply by replying to the message. By: Col. Kurtz
users100.zip19KThis is a simple little program that will show you just about everything that is shown to you in your PCB PCBSM USERS Record (Long Form). Freeware.
users15.zip3,496BAdditions and Changes for PCBoard 15.0 that effect callers
usersec.zip6,153BUSERSEC v1.01 - batch file utility for PCBoard v14.x that returns the user's security level as the DOS errorlevel. Great for intelligent branching in batch files used by your board. Network aware.
user_2.zip1,854BGREAT USER STATS .PPE (07/20/94) Add a Touch of Class to PCboard! User Stats! MadMan Trapper
usrcsv22.zip5,004BUSERCSV v2.2 Creates a comma seperated file with users info. Ready to be imported in to a database , word processers, and other applications. FREE REGISTRATION! Gift_Ware by: Jay Parekh A Touch Of Class On-Line (312) 326 - 0023
usrnet10.zip3,626BUSRNET.ppe v1.00 - a little ppe designed to allow the sysop to change the data in the usernet file. Clear the caller info ion a hung up node. Place ficticious callers in the file for nodes that are not even online. Free PPE from DMSOFT
usrprf19.zip67KUser Profiler (the MatchMaker PPE) Ver 1.9 Now attach Picture files to Bio's! A user Bio, MatchMaking PPE that is lightining Fast, very flexible, zero sysop maintenance. Fully definable sysop question set. (sample question set included) NEW STUD.PPE INCLUDED! FREE NEW ADULT QUESTIONS PACK New User Editing Included! New User Mail added! New Alphabitizing Database added. Users love this PPE, give it a try today. GO/4 Software Release.
usv028p.zip2,760B Scroller For PCB 15.1 Replace That Old Boring PRESS ANY KEY With This *NEW* Scroller,Spinner,And Fadder!!! (3 In 1) +Amazing Colors
utcan13.zip11K@X00 @X8CNew and Improved!@X0E ========================= @X0AUTCAN13 - UUCP Trashcan@X0E =========================@X0F adds blocking and tagging ability to pcboards UUCP software. Also does taglines. New version handles newsgroups and is Compatable with PCB 15.1 --> 15.21. Good logging sure to please, freeware!!! @XFF
ut_sec_1.zip2,892B[PPE] SECURE.PPE v1.1 This is a nice PPE to add security to any of your commands FREE WARE! No Registration no delays! Another fine PPE by @X04D@X0CA@X0FNTE
uulog100.zip32KUULog1.0 Bulletin creator for PCB-UUCP Mailruns. Creates PCB @X codes blt. Free.
uuname10.zip4,305BUUNAME; PPE for PCBoard 15.0 that formats your callers name into his or her Internet email address on your system. This PPE can be run from the PCBoard command line, or from inside a bulletin or other text display.
uupcb2.zip18KAn update on uuPCB - An AFFORDABLE USENET GATEWAY for PC Board 14.5a! Finally, PC Board BBSs can have access to the wide variety of Usenet newsgroups. uuPCB also provides worldwide uucp and Internet mail capability. Boardwatch calls uuPCB "Delightful". Now orderable by credit card.
uupin124.zip98KUUPCBIN v1.24 - This version fixes a problem with VERY LARGE PC Board messages.
uzi-syco.zip1,811BSyCo-PPL v1.0B Cool Comment Door for PCBoard
u_text.zip2,992BPCB PPE file; Will enable you to display a text file before a user begins an upload.
vault.zip6,329B@X5E+---------------------------+@X07 @X5E|VAULT.PPE FOR PCBOARD 15.1 |@X07 @X5E|---------------------------|@X07 @X5E|A Beautifully Designed TIME|@X07 @X5E|and BYTE Bank. Unique ANSI,|@X07 @X5E|Online Help, Exchange and |@X07 @X5E|Gamble Options. FULL Time &|@X07 @X5E|Byte Info Center For Your |@X07 @X5E|Callers. A Sinch to Install|@X07 @X5E+---------------------------+@X07
vbbs-pcb.zip92KVBBS to PCBoard Conversion tools: Convert the VBBS user database (including Alias, Full Addresses, and birthdays) to PCBoard format. Also included is the best file area converter available. VBBS file areas are converted (including extended desc.) to PCBoard format.
vbbs2pcb.zip12KConvert VBBS Master file listings to PCBoard DIR format. Fast, easy, and free.
ven_view.zip1,380B(V) Command Replacement for PCB 15.1+
verif221.zip47K#### VERIFY 2.21 [PPE] #### Verify is a callback verification PPE for PCboard 15.1+. Local mode execution so you can get a feel for the way it works and looks. Easy to use configuration program. Will read the users file and gather existing phone numbers to be used in the in the Trash File. Compilied 08-13-94
verif33.zip242KUser Verifier Door & Mailing Utility, Ver. 3.3 of 06/14/92. Complete Registration and mail verification system for PCBoard 14.x. Now includes: Unlimited Scripts, Security Upgrades from scripts, Form Letter Printing, Label & Form Letter Printing Pgm., Security Specific Screens & Form Letters, Nonstandard COM Ports and Multilingual support. The Most Complete Registration, Mail Verification and Mailing List Manager Available!
vig-ac10.zip5,862B+-- Application Center v1.0 for PCBoard ---+ | Have people fill out applications for | | thing else you can think of using this | | 100% configurable Light-Bar PPE. | +------------------------------------------+
vig-fd10.zip36K+------- PWA Presents: FixDiz v1.0 --------+ | Ever try to import LZH or LHA diz's and | | only got the first line to show up? Then | | this utility is for you. Source included | +------------------------------------------+
vig-lt10.zip39K+---- LogTame v1.0 for PCBoard 15.x -----+ | Utility to keep the size of your CALLERx | | logs under control! Slap this into an | | event and specify how many days worth of | | logging you want to keep. | +------------------------------------------+
vig-pc10.zip58K+- ProVote Colors - InfoForms for ProVote -+ | Here are the stock ProVote InfoForms | | done up in 7 different color schemes. | | Use the one that matches your BBS! | +------------------------------------------+
vig-pm10.zip12K+-- ProMatrix v1.0 PPE for PCBoard v15.1 --+ | The ultimate Light Bar Matrix, extremely | | configurable, reliable, backdoor-free, | | bug-free, maintenance free, and feature | | packed. Free reg. Check it! | | Coded by: Vigilante | +------------------------------------------+
vig-pr10.zip11K+--- Prompts v1.0 PPE for PCBoard v15.1 ---+ | Replaces *52* prompts in PCBTEXT, giving | | you full screen: logon procedure, apply | | procedure, F6-key online user edit pro- | | cedure, and (7),(C) sysop command user | | edit procedure. Free reg. Check it! | | Coded by: Vigilante | +------------------------------------------+
vig-pv12.zip108K+--- ProVote v1.2 PPE for PCBoard v15.1 ---+ | NEW UPDATE to the most popular New User | | Voting PPE! A few bugs quellished, and | | a few features added. Free Reg! | +------------------------------------------+
vig-sl20.zip41K+----- SuperLogon & SuperLogoff v2.0 -----+ | PCBoard v15.1 PPE that does it all in | | classic "Forum" style. New features, | | incredible configurability, free reg. | +-----------------------------------------+
vig-wp10.zip3,692B+-- Wacko Prompt v1.0 for PCBoard v15.1 ---+ | Finally, the much-requested SLAM ENTER | | prompt seen on my BBS. This is the most | | unique animated pause prompt to date. | +------------------------------------------+
vlog10.zip9,801BVLOG Version 1.0. A simple PCboard Callers log. Gives Name, Locations, and minute. for a easy reading. FREE from SOLITUDE 1:3639/65. FREQ list for SOLITUDE included in archive.
vote291.zip30K+------------------------------------------+ | Voter++ v2.91 - User Voting [PPE] | | *New Unlimited Voting Booths* | | A full featured Voting door for your PCB | | 15.1 (or better) system. Complete sysop | | control on all questions and answers. | | Unlimited Voting Booths! Great Graphics! | | Two minute setup, no maintenance! | | View results in Chart or Text format! | | **Survival Tech Software** | | *Download today!* | +-----
vpi-disc.zip3,800BDisclaimer Viewer and System Password for PCB
vpi-flag.zip2,782BElite File Flag Utiltag FiLe W/ Spacebar
vpipause.zip1,526BAnimated Pause Prompt. Jumping 'Hit Space'
vrs106.zip210K.....Virtual Reality Soldiers (VRS)..... ......V1.06....GO/4 Software............. A breathtaking advance in PCBoard PPE... programs! You are stranded on a small.. backward planet, trying against all hope to avoid being killed by Felix, the much feared mutant leader. Great graphics,.. Multi-player, lightning fast response... Quick 1 minute setup, Auto-maintenance.. means sysops spend time playing!........
vscandir.zip2,034B+-[ ScanDirectories By: Visionary ]-------+ | PCBOARD 15.1 PPE That improves majorly | | the searching of the different file dirs.| | Fast & Looks GREAT! Check it out now!!! | +------------------------------------------+
vscho2.zip143KVSCHO2.PPE file will add a Simulated sysop chat to callers. So they think they are actually chat with you. This is for a BBS that you are never there to chat, but gives callers a chance to chat with your computer.
vscho3.zip2,910BVSCHO7.PPE file will add a log on menu option so callers Can fill out Predifined Script Questionaires this is for BBS that are tired of callers not filling out Questionaires when ask to so this puts it right up front for new callers.
vscho4.zip1,822BVSCHO4.PPE file will add a callers address to PSA by using an ADDRESS command. For sysops that did not load PSA when starting thier board up.
vscho5.zip3,546Bvscho5.PPE - Is a PPE program I wrote after see one I thought was neat. It makes callers think the Sysop is typing to them then acts like you dropping carrier on them. Just a fun program to add variety to your board.
vscho6.zip5,918BVSCHO6.PPE file will add a log off menu option so callers Can leave a message for sysops, hangup or just log off. Very good for boards that want to add more options to callers.
vscho7.zip2,030BVSCHO7.PPE file will add a display of your choice to your (QWK) command. Easy to install. You just have to edit display file with PCBEDIT.
vsl_phun.zip9,218BVery Strange Lines 1.OO [PPE] A STRANGE ONELINER!
vstat10.zip2,231BVSTAT10.PPE - Another 'V' replacement for PCBoard 15.2+. Used for user to view their personnal statistics. Freeware - Off The Wall Software.
vt-rat1.zip5,052B+-------------------------------------------+ | A Day at the Rat Races | | ---------------------- | | written by THoMaS De QuiNCy. This is a | | PPE for PCB 15.1. It is a gambling game | | different from all the others. It's fun | | to play and win money. | +-------------------------------------------+
vtlt01b.zip2,645B+----------------------------------+ | ViRTUAL TEAM PRESENT | . * LAST TRANSFERS PPE v0.1b * . ----------------- . Custom Header, Footer, Colours . | Display CPS, Errors, Time, Date | | No UNREGISTERED rubbish | | Coded by Mad Wizard | +----------------------------------+
vtps21b.zip1,398B| ViRTUAL TEAM PRESENT | . * PROTOCOL SELECTION v2.1b * . ----------------- . LiGHTBAR SELECTION . | AUTO CONFIGURING | | No UNREGISTERED rubbish | | Coded by Mad Wizard | +----------------------------------+
vtrblt10.zip24KVoterBlt 1.00 - Companion Program To The Voter Plus Door. Will Generate ASCII & ANSI Bulletins Listing What Callers Have Voted On Which Booths. FREEWARE !!
vtstatus.zip7,484B NODE STATUS 1.0 by SoRaTHiS +---------------------------+ This Small PPE shows what Nodes are active/closed/DLing/Uping/etc, the connect speed, but does NOT display the Users Handles or Affils GREAT for those Sysops that have Mulitple Nodes and run private boards. For PCB 15.2 + ONLY Shows to the Users who are just loggin on how active the board is! Without showing its users !
vtul01bs.zip2,590B+----------------------------------+ | ViRTUAL TEAM PRESENT | . * USER LiSTER 0.1b [PPE] * . ----------------- | No UNREGISTERED rubbish | | Coded by Mad Wizard | +----------------------------------+ + SOURCE FILE +
vtxue01b.zip1,869B+----------------------------------+ | ViRTUAL TEAM PRESENT | . * X-USER EDITOR 0.1b * . ----------------- . Configurable AmiExpress Style . | User Config Editor for PcBoard | | No UNREGISTERED rubbish | | Coded by Mad Wizard | +----------------------------------+
vucals22.zip12KVuCalls v2.2. View/search PCBoard caller logs outside of PCBoard. Handy sysop utility.
vulgid21.zip6,057BVulgar name/city language blocker - Utility (PPE) for PCBoard 15 to prevent users from using undesirable words or phrases in user name and city entries. Performed during newuser logon. Makes CALLER log entries to let SysOp know of bad user. Hangs-up on user when SysOp defined words or phrases are detected. Goes beyond the TCAN check. Puts CallerID info to CALLBLOC.PPE for lockout. By Al Segura ver. 2.1 FREE!! No Reg.!
vwnewfi1.zip32KView NewFiles.DAT with one line description, zoom to full description.
v_ins100.zip6,982B+[ Install-PPE v1.00 ]---------------------+ | | | ** PPE DEVELOPERS DOWNLOAD THIS NOW! ** | | | | This install utility used in all Vinyl | | PPE's is now freeware for developers! | | Automatically installs PPEs into PCBTEXT | | or CMD.LST! Tired of writing install- | | ation procedures or batch files?? then | | this is 4 you! Your users (sysops) will | | benefit too! Extremely simple to use, | | and
v_nfs240.zip6,886B+-----------------------------------+ | NFSCAN [PPE] v2.40 FOR PCB 15.1+! | | "N"ew file scan replacement with | | several enhancements to the old | | PCB style setup! | +-----------------------------------+
v_ssc100.zip17K+[ Split-Screen Chat PPE v1.00 ]-----------+ | | | Over 6 months in development! Emulates | | *ANY* other chat program, Sysop & USER | | custom colors, next generation install | | (no input required!) and best of all... | | Totally FREEWARE! | | | | o Horizontal & VERTICAL chat! | | o Adjustable scroll-back buffer | | o Window clearing/Chat logging | | o an
wait25.zip10K+-------------------------------------+ | ####### ####### ##### | | ## ## ## ## ### # | | ######ed ## ##ragon ###oftware | | ## ### ####### ##### | |-------------------------------------| | WAIT.PPE v2.5 - Release 01/04/95 | |-------------------------------------| | Looking to add some color and | | style to your BBS? Then you need | | to download this PPE! This seam- | | less PCBoard Utility is just what | | you're looking fo
waitv30.zip11KThis is the ORIGINAL WAIT.PPE!! Looking to add some color and style to your BBS? Then you need to download this PPE! This seam- less PCBoard Utility is just what you're looking for. Replaces the WAIT prompt. Super Configurable! Now language aware! Some bugs that were found are now fixed. And with the registration only 1.00 US Dollar you can't go wrong
watch111.zip41KNode Watch V1.11. Times each node. For Pcb Systems up to /e9. Displays Callers, Callers Log Sample, Runs External Batch Files, And Reviews Callers Logs. Shareware $10 From D&d Software
wc110.zip10K--[ The Weather Center PPE - v1.10 ]-------- The Weather Center PPE allows users to download the weather maps and viewer provided by Planet Connect Satellite delivery system. It provides a nice menu, and allows users to download any, or all of the weather map files delivered by PC. This version is a minor bug fix, and enhancement release. KrystalWare Systems --------------------------------------------
wcpcb102.zip21KUtility to convert Wildcat! 3.5 user and message files to PCBoard 14.5a format.
wdt_phun.zip3,246BWhaTS Da TiME 1.OO [PPE] GRAPHICAL TIME PPE
weeklogs.zip11KWEEKLOGS v1.5 - for PCBv15.x SINGLE NODE Sysops. Logical strategy controls and organizes your CALLER logs into weekly/monthly order. Can be run in your event. Creates WKx.MON files, then zips these files to an archive directory you specify. DOES NOT delete files. Requires 2 simple command line arguments, PKZIP in the path. Saves -LOTS- of disk space.
welmat11.zip4,577BWelcome Mat v1.1; Freeware PCBoard 15.0 PPE that selectively upgrades certain users that you pre-determined and displays an "upgraded notice" to them. Use at new logon or in BLTs and now offers conference registrations too!
welrot.zip2,910BWELROT; A PCBoard utility to rotate welcome screens. Simple to set up and very flexible.
wgmcnf16.zip29KWGM-CNFN v.1.6 - PCBoard 14.5x CNFN Builder This utility will create a CNFN file based on the PCBoard CNAMES file. ** FREEWARE ** This version now supports up to 255 message networks. Compiled: 03/03/1992 @ 9:21am.
wgmmak12.zip17KWGM-MAKE v.1.2 - PCBoard utility that will scan a DOS directory and create a PCBoard directory text file from it. Will also add FILE_ID.DIZ or DESC.SDI description files to the directory file. ****FREEWARE **** Added the ability to add/delete ARJ/ZIP comments. Author: Wayne G. Maas
wgmsrt10.zip12KWGM-Sort v.1.0 for PCBoard(tm) v.14.x This utility will alphabetically sort a PCBoard DIR.LST file. This will allow your users to see your available file directories in alphabetical order.
wh30.zip8,955B+-------------------------------------+ | WHoZ'HERE PPe v3.o | +-------------------------------------+ The COOLEST Pre-Logon Who you have ever seen! Lot of features... o Multi-language o Multiple headers (up to 99) o Display User Name, City, Speed and User/Node Status! o Possibility to ask user for ANSi o FASTER THAN PRECEDENT VERSIONS! Read DOX for more nfos... o Lot more!
who6.zip176KWhoCalled! v6.0; Bulletin Of Statistics Of How Many Calls To Each Node Have Been Made, And More. Existing WhoCalled 5.8 Files Are OK. WhoCalled Professional+ Is For PCBoard SysOps To Track Their Previous xx Callers And Post The Info Into Bulletin xx. It Tracks & Posts The Users DateOn, Name, Speed, TimeUsed, Msgs Posted, Files U/D/L'd and The City/state! Includes An Easy To Use Installation And Editing Utility.
who7info.zip4,323BWhoCalled v7; Messages Posted, Bytes Downloaded, And Minutes Used. Msgs Posted, Files Up/Down, Time On, Node, Logs, Dropped Carriers, Filters TCAN Names, Calls On Node, Total Of Calls, Total Mins Used, & MORE!
whoca117.zip12K WHOCALL PPE v1.17 for PCBoard 15.2 -------------------------------------------- ]| WHOCALL.PPE: This program keeps track |[ ]| of the last callers who have connected |[ ]| to your bbs (up to 1000 users). |[ ]| You can also create a bulletin with the|[ ]| last 5 users who connected to your BBS,|[ ]| to insert on the NEWS. Very fast logon |[ ]| -------------------------------------- |[ ]| MSmac Software ## 351-61-314336 [28.8] |[ --------------------------------------------
whocapps.zip63KIf You Run WhoCalled Version 7.1 - Read The "Read Me" File Contained In This ZIP Package! Allows The OPTION Of Displaying The Callers Their Billing Information Or NOT Upon Their Login To Your System. Included In This ZIP Is A New WHOCALL.EXE That Accomodates The New High(ER) Speed Callers For Posting In Your Statistics Display File. (19.2K, 21.6K, 24K, 26.4K, And The AWESOME 28.8K)
whou05.zip86KWhoUsers V0.5 - A Utility That Creates A DataBase From PCBoard's User's File. Has STREET Addresses, A VERY Handy Phone Dialer, And Prints Information In THREE Different Formats. (Mailer, Partial, and WHOLE Record.) From The AUTHOR Of "WhoCalled"
winpcb.zip401BWindows PIF files for PCBoard 14.5.
wkly1092.zip162KWeekly Limits; PCBoard SYSOPs can now give their callers WEEKLY time and byte limits, rather than daily. Installs as a TPA easy setup and maintainence free operation!
wow110.zip97K+-----------------------------------------+ | * WORDS-OF-WIT Version 1.1 * | |-----------------------------------------| | A PPE for PCBoard 15.x that | | creates a random saying to display to | | your users. Graphics screen is @X | | color code definable. Reads data files | | as large as 10,000 lines and more. | | Includes 4,500+ database of sayings. | | Registered version allows your users | | to enter their own Words-Of-Wit. | |----------------
wpcbflr8.zip21KPaul Beda's Windows PCB File Manager 0.8 Beta release of an MDI-based Windows 3.x program for editing PCBoard 14.5a file directories. Cut-and-paste, flexible formatting. Looking for feedback before a 1.0 release which will include drag and drop, bulletin generation, and more. Requires VBRUN200.DLL.
write.zip6,175BWRITE.PPE PCBOARD 15.1 PPE Users can use this beautiful ANSI user information editor to change their system settings and edit their personal info. Fully SYSOP configurable. Online help available. A MUST SEE!!!
wrtpcb11.zip17KWritePCB Version 1.1. This is a PCBoard text to message base importer. Added network file locking and errorlevel codes for batch file use.
wtu_newc.zip2,486B Newcount PPE v1.0b From WizWare Software PCB 15.1 PPE will count the number of files that are dated at the current date from the DIR file. You can show your users how many uploads for the day including local uploads
wui_41a.zip23KWUI.PPE v4.10a; PCBoard 15.0 [PPE] program to replace your (W)rite User Information main menu command Displays a SysOp definable file for each WUI command. Works with or without ADDRESS and ALIAS PSA's. WUI, can now be used to replace your PCBoard (V)iew Stats command. Complete Source Code Included
wwiv2pcb.zip12KConvert WWIV Master file listings to PCBoard DIR format. Fast, easy, and free.
wxpcb.zip3,521BWXPCB.PPE, Places reports generated by WXMAN{XX} in a simple menu driven format that your users will enjoy using. The Registered version will allow up to ten (10) different reports to be placed at your users fingers in a snap. Registered users will have the ability to choose from six (6) different menu screens, included in the registered package Compiled under CDC's PPLC V2.00 WXPCB is a fully configurable Weather Report Generator.
x-pert.zip1,799BX-Pert [PPE] v1.0; A CMD.LST replacement for PCBoard (X)pert Mode
x2t11.zip22KAtX2Txt v1.1 * Convert files containing PCBoard's color codes and @ variables to text files; automatically ZIP them for downloading; will process unlimited number of files; smart enough to know if original has not changed. Freeware, A. Keeves
xdesc102.zip11KXDESC; PCBoard filelist multi-line description extractor v1.02; Scans your downloaded PCBoard directory listings for a known filename, & returns its Entire descriptions even if its longer than 1 line. Includes Turbo Pascal Source Code.
xname110.zip5,494BE X-name v1.10 for PCBoard 15.1 and above E | ### ### ####### ####### ######## ####### | | ##### ## ## ####### ## ## ## ###### | | ##### ## ## ####### ## ## ## ###### | | ### ### ## ## ## ## ## ## ## ####### | | | | Prompt replacement for the First and Last | | name prompts. Small utility that will | | capitalize the first letter of each name | | while it is being entered. FREEWARE | E ----------------------------------------
xpcbpth1.zip9,135BXPCBPATH Version 1.1 (FREEWARE) Works around PCBoard's 30 character limit on paths and filespecs in PCBSetup. Now you can use CD-ROM's that have a very deeply nested directory structure requiring long path specs up to 80 characters.
xusers.zip1,885BXUSERS PPE 1.0 RELEASE Nice Forum Hack looking USER cmd for PCB 15.x
x_lite30.zip3,838BX_LITE20.PPE eXpert Cmd Litebar +----------------------------------------+ | - X command replacement - | |----------------------------------------| | - Written for PCBoard 15.1 - | | - Features Litebar Menu with - | | - Cursor key movement. Configurable - | | - Display screens and color. - | | - Sample Screens Included! - | | | | EASY SETUP! Written by Robert Ball | +---------------------------
zep-32.zip11K+---Zephyr-Version-3.2---------PPE--------+ | This program is customed made to display| | various client rotations, and their own | | sub-rotating advertisements. There is | | no limitation on client folders or their| | ads. This version fixes the program | | handling for the BGN and END messages. | | Version 4.0 will have the literature as | | well as the beta sysops online module. | | *SHAREWARE* Compiled for PCB15.1/PPLC2.0| | Support @ RESY (266/56) +---------------+ +----------------
zl2b0213.zip301KZipLab PLUS - 2.b.13 Upload Tester PCBoard /ProDoor Specific Wide-area BETA of version 2.0 Upload testing for PCBoard/ProDoor Now supports PCBoard /M (Fossil) Seamless integration with ZDCS
zlink110.zip34KZ Word Link, Ver. 1.1, by Galahad Software, a PPE for PCBoard 15.2+. Z Word Link is a word game that involves skill, strategy, and more than a little luck! You create three 4-letter words in a Z chain, and the letters used determine your score! Only $5 to register!
zlist-20.zip70KZippyList v2.0 PCBoard [PPE] - Allows a Sysop to provide their users with another (Z)ippy Text Search Interface! Regardless of how much PCBoard knowledge the user has, ZippyList is perfect for them! ZippyList is *FULLY* Sysop configurable and has *total* flexibility! All searches may also be captured into a compressed file for the user to download! Full logging, multi-lingual support, and more! The ORIGINAL custom file list maker. THE DAVASOFT BBS (718) 967-6827 TELNET: or
zscan.zip11KOffline program to scan your PCBoard directories for text. Just like a Z scan online. Fast, easy. 12/02/92.
zurs1.zip220KZDCS/ULP REMOTE SHELL v1.0Beta - Automatical ly create zdcstest.chk and verify.ulp files that allow you to pre-test your uploads. Quick and easy to use, will run from inside your terminal program. req VGA. By: Don Pellegrino reg $10.00