File Libaries
Library: BBS - Directory: BBS - PCBoard
150tips.zip24K150TIPS: Tips and information about PCBoardv15.0. This fil
187nmsg1.zip4,512B187NMSG.PPE v1.0Online Message Broadcast to OtherNodes! To
187page1.zip5,766B187PAGE.PPE v1.0 Very Configurable Operator Page Commandfo
187sec11.zip3,236B187 Message Security PPE v1.1! - Replace That Ugly Securit
1lppl110.zip7,899BOneliners v1.10; PPL Version Displaysoneliners to user, as
1madv096.zip9,048B1Message-a-Day v.0.96 for PCB 15.0 or 14.x;Insert messages
286fre26.zip72KPCBFRE v2.6 .EXEs compiled for 286+ CPUs.
2act30.zip140KSecond Account ver.3.0 - the SAFEST, fastestmethod to allo
3001cm11.zip3,047BUltra Staff Comment v 1.1 ]+| | The Ultimate Replacement |
3001entr.zip4,853BZoom Light Enter Prompt v1]-+ | | | PCBz Finest Floating L
3001lbms.zip17KLight Bar Message Prompts ]+| | 3oo1's Complete Lite Bar |
3001mend.zip2,588BMessage End Light Bar! v1 ]+| | Scrap The Ugly Internal |
662-ppe.zip1,797B662.PPE by Alif Ambler will change thedefault answer at th
abtdl_10.zip1,985BDOWNLOAD ABORT 1.0 PPE #### Do you have GIF files on your
acd-cui1.zip8,248BAcidic Presents - CUIE v1.0 - A [PCB] PPE By Far The BEST
acd-log1.zip12KACiDic Logon v1.0 - [PCB]
acd_ag20.zip12KAcidic Presents - Art Gallery v2.00 - [PCB] +-+ | Fully Fu
acdgms.zip8,665BACDGMS v1.00 - Defcon 4 ] - [PCB] -+ | GMS is a graphical
ace-nav1.zip2,771BNode Activity Viewer PPE v1.0
acemat26.zip31KLightbar Matrix/NUV PPE v2.6
aceprmt2.zip9,874BConfigurable Prompts PPE v2.0
acnfn20.zip79KAutomated Network/Conference Listing v2.0; Create a confer
acronym.zip4,183BACRONYMS bulletin in @X colour A list of over 70 acronyms
actvp240.zip83KACTVIEW PCB v2.4; PCBoard Activity Log Viewer/Analyzer
adboard1.zip7,820BAdBoard.PPE v 1.0 by Windmill Computer Services. Displays
addcnf11.zip23KADDCONFS 1.01 - easily add conferences for PCBoard 15.2. W
addmk101.zip41KADDRESS MAKER 1.00 - By RifWare. A Utility Door for PCBoar
addnt111.zip55KDWF Productions Ltd. Presents: :AddNet v1.11: A PCBoard 15
addpcb21.zip30KADDPCB v2.1; Aids the PCBoard Sysop by importing files and
addty1b5.zip34KADDTODAY v1.00b5 - bbs file list assistant! Add new file d
addupd.zip4,109BPPL Code will check the Users file for the callers Address
adj-time.zip1,909BADJ-TIME.PPE This is a simple PPE that will allow the syso
adlg225.zip126KAdLogo v2.25 Great for Multi-Node/CD-Changer Sys! Move fil
adprmt16.zip4,137BPPE] ADPROMPT.PPE * v1.6 This PPE will allow you to show a
aenuz1.zip35KMenus for PCBoard ####-* 20 Main Menus for PCBoard & 24 We
af_enter.zip5,151BENTER.PPE v1.0 Beta- Compiled on 08-10-1994 PCBoard 15.0
afl_pw2.zip5,363BA Disclaimer/NUP PPE Coded by Mr.Mox Can leave a messy if
agsjn10.zip3,178BJ" Replacement for PCBoard Provide a fullscreen conference
agslc20.zip4,708BAEGiS LaSTCaLLeRZ v2.o VeRY KeWL LaSTCaLLs FoR PCB FeaTuRi
agsskw13.zip7,500BSkullWho Version 1.32 Simple 'WHO' replacement for PCBoard
ah_111.zip37KAntihack is a utility designed to be used with PCBoard to
ahostage.zip3,735BHOSTAGE PPE for PCBoard; Inspired by Rush Limbaugh's TV an
ahostg14.zip5,129BHOSTAGE.PPE v1.40 - Nice way to spread a warm Conservative
aicnf111.zip79KAICONFIG v1.11; Smart Conference Setup Util for PCB. FLEXI
alf-cont.zip2,761BPress Enter to Continue PPE v1.0 One of the most configura
alf-dos1.zip8,220BDOSS Logon v1.0 Fully configurable! Allows Quick Logon Of
alf-lc10.zip3,822BLAST CALLERS V1.OO
alf-logg.zip1,277BGreat User Logger Off PPE
alf-logn.zip3,080BNEATO LOGiN PPE v1.O - PHYSiCAL SOLUTiON By far the nicest
alf-mail.zip1,917BNew Mail 1.o PPE Lightbar New Mail PPE Some What Configura
alf-mess.zip1,829BEnhanced Enter Message To PPE For PCB 15.1+
alf-mode.zip1,398BReplace the `M' command in PCB With A cool Lightbar One
alf-nsc2.zip1,200BNEW SCAN v2.0! FOR PCB BY: MR. PHiLLiE This PPE Asks The C
alf-nsv1.zip1,868BNuScan v1.0 By: Mr. Phillie This PPE Lets The User Check O
alf-nup1.zip3,644BNUP v1.1 ] New User Password For PCB No More Matrix, No Mo
alf-pge2.zip2,721BALF PAGE v2.0 PPE
alf-pht2.zip2,801BPhat Logon v2.0 For PCBoard! Now A PPE! Display Full ANSi
alf-plen.zip1,395BALF-PLEN.PPE is an AMi-X Style PPE that replaces the (P)ag
alf-read.zip3,743BALF-READ.PPE is the best replacement for the (R)ead Mail C
alf-rev.zip2,057BREVOLVE.PPE v1.0 - PPE Rotator
alf-tl20.zip3,679BTurbo Login 2.o PPE Fully configurable run ppes Before and
alf-wom.zip3,192BWheel Of Morality PPE Fully configurable! Includes Cool Ha
alf-writ.zip1,830BLightbar (E)nter Message PPE
alf_nfs1.zip2,756BLightbar New File Scan PPE BY DATE! 100% Configurable
alfbbs3.zip4,387BBBS Lister 3.o A Great BBS Lister For PCB New Version Incl
allcall.zip6,793BALLCALL [PPE] v1.0 |-+ # ALL Caller Bulletin Generator for
alllist.zip2,685BALLLIST.PPE v1.0-+ | Add Alllist.PPE to your | | main menu
allmacro.zip2,343Blist of all of the available @-macros that are available f
alltime_.zip7,313BAMi/X ALLTiME! v.3.0b Ami-Express Style AllTime PPE N0TE!
amarq10i.zip23KAqmarqee is a Pcboard PPE that will display predefined rol
amputate.zip34KAMPUTATE 1.0 - For PCBoard Sysops This utility will quickl
ansi_d.zip3,729BANSI-D v1.00; (PCBoard Programming Executable) that you ca
ansr.zip10KUser Disclaimer or Answer PPE - PCBoard 15 Presents user w
aolmenus.zip4,256BSample PCBoard menus from Altoona-On-Line
apage.zip2,143BThis is a DIFFERENT way to have your USERS page you. It ma
apcbhelp.zip19KTotal Help For PCBoard callers. Now they can get around be
apdz30.zip74KApply-Diz v3.0; Scan for any file spec in any directory an
apup240.zip130KUpgrades AcTView PCB 2.33 Registered to Version 2.4 Regist
ar-ls10.zip2,489BLiGHTNiNG SAVE 1.OO By AReS Gets rid of the old generic PC
ar-ns10.zip1,888BLiGHTNiNG NEWSCAN 1.OO Replace the "Scanning->" prompt wit
arch11.zip1,885BAutomatic Read Command Help v1.1; PCBoard 15.0 PPE to auto
arcid100.zip19KArchive Identifier 1.00 - A drop-in replacement for PCBoar
areas99f.zip33KThe Ultimate File Area Lister PPE v0.99f| | ### ## ## ###
asfix401.zip89KASPCB 4.01 patch. This file contains the patch file that w
at_off11.zip1,966BAuto-Logoff Prompt Replacement v1.1; Replace the "Goodbye
atag.zip45KA PPE that will allow you to insert a tagline into any PCB
atopck13.zip41KAutoPack version 1.13 | |-| | PCBoard Command Line AutoPCB
ausure30.zip7,536BAREUSURE Version 3.00 [PPE] - Prompts user if he/she is su
authors.zip931BTDS Network Door Authors Support TOLL FREE bbs for all PCB
auto_off.zip17KAuto-Logoff Prompt Replacement v1.0: Replacesthe "Goodbye
automsg1.zip1,435BJerusalem Pcboard AutoMsg [PPE]; Let users leave automatic
autop2_0.zip16KAUTOPLUS 2.0 - Automessage Utility by Kyle Eli. Great litt
autsgpwa.zip5,404BAutoSig V1.1 [ By Dark Creation ]-+ | PCBOARD 15.1 PPE Tha
av_msc10.zip1,831BSYS-COMMENT v1.0 for PCB 15.2
av_xcl11.zip8,447BLAST 10 /X STYLE v1.1 PPE
award105.zip40KAward Door - 1.05 Simple little door to run as a PCB login
bank_ppe.zip3,017BA simple little [PPE] Time Bank with code. Freeware - you
bbank2.zip18KBBANK v2. All-in-One Logoff Update [PPE] | | Non-expiring
bbs14a.zip13KBBS.PPE v1.3d; Unique BBS Listing PPE Program. Nice, Compa
bbs200.zip19KPepster's Place BBS Present's-+ |Pepster's Utilities May 7
bbs2pcb.zip7,260BConverts Maximus/Opus style FILES.BBS formats into PCBoard
bbs_ads.zip37KBBS-ADS v. 1.0 - Automatically insert your BBS advertiseme
bbsfind1.zip63KBBSFIND, The file finder PCBoard forgot to include!. Now S
bbsl12.zip6,966BAdd BBS |+| |+| Search List |+| |+| List BBSs |+| |+| Down
bbsl_10.zip18KPPE] Bulletin Board Lister 1.0 -+ | Powerful bbs listing u
bcbk121.zip13KFREEWARE] PCB 15.1+ TimeBank PPE v1.21 - Lightbar menu dri
bccm100.zip43KPCB 15.0+ ConfMenu v1.00 - Conference menu creator. Uses '
bccom100.zip6,091BFREEWARE] PCB 15.1+ Command PPE v1.1 - Spinning/moving com
bcen21.zip17KPCB 15.1+ Enter PPE v2.1 - Press Enter replacement that al
bcfal12.zip39KPCB 15.1+ File Area Lister PPE v1.2 - Lightbar driven File
bclc110.zip17KPCB 15.1+ LastCallers PPE v1.10 (06/06/94) - Configurable,
bcmx120.zip118KPCB 15.1+ Matrix PPE v1.20 - Configurable, lightbar or dos
bcnuk080.zip152KPCB 15.2+ Nuker PPE v0.80b A full featured, lightbar drive
bcon110.zip54KFREEWARE] PCB 15.1+ Logon PPE v1.10 - Configurable logon/l
bcpr100.zip14KPCB 15.1+ Message/Comment/reply PPE v1.00 - Replacement fo
bcqt03.zip6,802BPCB 15.2+ Quoter PPE v0.2b - Pcboard quoter, uses pplc 3.
bctb110.zip10KFREEWARE] PCB 15.1+ ByteBank PPE v1.10 - Lightbar menu dri
bctop110.zip11KPCB 15.1+ Top PPE v1.10 - Creates top uploaders (files/byt
bday_11.zip5,912BBirthday Greetings PPE - Ver. 1.0. Gives your users a birt
bdb100.zip153KBulletin Board Database v1.00 - [PPE/EXE] > # ## ## ## # #
bgpcbv26.zip134KLazy PCBOARDS Sysops - Good News! Here's version 2.6 of a
bilbord1.zip10KBilBord v1.0 - PPE To Display Ads To Callers. Displays Can
binkg101.zip113KBinkley Gate v1.01 - This is an InterNet E-Mail addon for
birth120.zip11KThe Birth Date Utility v1.20 - PPE v2.00 | +-+ +-+ | Now y
bl12.zip12KKnow when your BBS booted from Power Failures buy using th
bla-1lin.zip3,569BAnonymous Lastcaller 1.00 PPE
blab_056.zip187KBOOMLAB v0.56 E ]###### # * # COMPLETE Upload Processor fo
blaspag.zip70KBlaster PAGE PPE! FOR PCBoard 15.X Dox,MOD,and PLAYER incl
blt-ppe1.zip4,226BPcboard Nested Bulletins-+ |* *| | A .PPE allowing PCboard
blt202.zip8,004BX0CBLT.PPE Version 2.00 (BETA). BLT.PPE is a SUB-BULLETIN
bltend1.zip3,347BBLTEND.PPE v1.0 - A new bulletin prompt replacement in PCB
bm_v11.zip20KBulletMaster v 1.1: bulletin generation utility.
bms100.zip94KBulletin Menu System v1.00 ver1.00/PCB 15.2 Enhance your P
boglogor.zip7,089BLoGoN RuNNeR] PPE Logon runner for ppe's/ansi/pcb Special
bornday1.zip4,250BBORNDAY1.PPE. Checks users age during New User log-on. If
both-203.zip13KAll Caller Bulletin Generator [PPE] PPLCv2- Generates two
br2u.zip3,302BBR [PPE] v.2; Command replacement for use by users to send
brd_fnv1.zip3,558BFAKE NODESTATUS VIEWER v1.0b -* | [PPE] Great utility for
brdm150.zip846BPCBoard v15+ Menu
brg-cht1.zip3,315BCooL oNeLiNeR BeST oNeLiNeR aRouND! MaKeS LoG, CoLoRS, MaC
brg-uldr.zip1,721BBoRG uPLoaDeR FuLL SCReeN u/L WiTH CoNFiGuRaBLe aNSi'S PoS
brlu.zip2,535BBRLOGON/OFF [PPE] v1.0; Used in the Logon- Logoff Script Q
brnew.zip9,238BAn update to the BR.PPE file. This fixes apro
bsled109.zip669KBob's Language Editor (BOBSLED) version 1.09 An integrated
bulchk21.zip11KBulletin Read Counter/Monitor. Utility (PPE) for PCBoard 1
bull_110.zip12KUSER BULLETIN MAKER - Ver. 1.10 From Galahad Software. Thi
bullwide.zip6,405BX1E+-+@X07 @X1E|BULLWIDE.PPE 4 PCBOARD 15.1|@X07 @X1E|-|@X
bwloc10.zip1,616BBWLOC.PPE v1.0; Bad Weather Log Off Command. Displays a me
byebye17.zip5,319BByeBye PPE v1.7 - Automatic Logoff ### +-+ | BYEBYE is an
c_detect.zip1,542BDETECT [PPE] 07/Jun/1994 * - And Now An Intelligent Auto A
c_devcha.zip2,964BDevil's Chatter 31/May/1994 * - A New ColorFull-Funny Chat
c_upload.zip2,128BCHRONOS UPLOADER V1.0 13/Jun/1994*- | | This New PCBoard P
c_wall21.zip4,164BWallez V2.1 PPE * - The BEST wall never seen for PCBoard N
call_33.zip48KCALLERS V3.3 Maintance Release. A PCBoard Recent Callers B
call_in.zip34KThis Device will allow you to REMOTELY turn your computer
callb_28.zip28KCALLBLOC [PPE] v2.8 - p/o BBS SecurityPak Unwanted Caller
callerup.zip22KUpdate the CALLER(NODE) log from a batch file or DOS promp
callid11.zip20KCallerID.PPE 1.10; Creates CALLERID file containing AAA-EE
callid22.zip17KCALLERID [PPE] v2.2 - p/o BBS SecurityPAK Caller-ID utilit
callkill.zip31KFor PCB Sysops. This utility deletes the caller log after
callsec.zip5,150BA .PPE that allows you to set up specific times that users
callup-1.zip15KX0A#### CallUp v1.0 #### @X0BCallUp is a very simple callb
caltqp10.zip5,309BCALIFORNIA LOTTO QUIK PIK v1.0 for PCB v15.0 This is a PPE
cam-u146.zip80KUpgrade for Cam-Mail v1.46. For PCBoard v15.x. The best QW
cam_m110.zip415KCam-Mail v1.10 Multi-Lingual, Multi-Node. The best ShareWa
cam_us11.zip16KCam-Mail v1.10 Users Documentation. Gives detailed inforam
cams_uds.zip27KCam's Upload/Download Event Manger Program! This is the Wo
camsudr3.zip35KCams Upload/Download Ratio program. Very FAST! If you run
casinodv.zip3,763BDESQview 386 setup information by Dave Schubert, Sysop, Th
cat2d200.zip11KCAT2DIR v2.0 Make ASCII file of CATDISK.DTA file, and opti
cbox24.zip107KChatBox v2.4;SPLIT SCREEN Sysop\caller chat door. Sysop ma
cbox30.zip146KChatBox 3.0, The original PCB "SPLIT SCREEN" chat. Sysop m
cbtxtger.zip4,193BGerman language files for ChatBox v.3.0, the PCBoard split
cbtxtnl.zip3,899BDutch language files for ChatBox v.3.0, the PCBoard split-
cbv107.zip18KCBV.PPE 1.07 7/24/94 - A PCBoard 15.1 PPE that allows you
cd2pcb.zip75KCD-ROM PCBoard SYSOPS: You can use ANY CD-rom, foreign or
cdavail4.zip5,242BCD-Rom Availability Inquiry PPE - V4.0 * Use multiple cd-r
cdcheck.zip100KCD-Checker; For bulletin board systems with a CD-ROM drive
cds4pcb.zip1,721BHow to put more than 20 CDROM disks on line when you only
cdsel_53.zip34KCdSelect v5.3 PPE for PCboard V15.2 Search up 26 Cdroms; S
centppe.zip8,109BPCBoard [PPE]; This program for PCBoard 15.0 Sysops: ONLY,
ceom_301.zip16KMS] CEOM v3.01: A Custom End Of Message PPE - ]| [CEOM.PPE
cfdl_110.zip27KMS] CFDL v1.10:Custom File Directory Lister - ]| [CFDL.PPE
cfds_201.zip37KMS] CFDS v2.01: Custom F_Directory Scanners - ]| [CFDS-?.P
cflist20.zip245KCustom File List Builder PPE v2.0 (CL) for PCBoard v15.1 i
ch145v2.zip41KSec level Conf change, add, lockout util. Can config indiv
changpcb.zip16KCHANGE for PCBoard; Lets you globally modify any or all of
chat1.zip2,358BPPE file will check to see if the user specifed either the
chatm.zip1,143BGCTOPIC menu and HLPCMENU for beta version of PCBoard 15.0
chatpage.zip2,991BCHATPAGE.PPE - Best looking/sounding Chat Page PPE you can
checking.zip1,429BSimple PPE to replace line #153 in | | PCBTEXT to correct
chk4d1b7.zip24KCHK4DES v1.00b7 - insures file descriptions! Checks your P
chknode1.zip20KCheck Nodes V1.0 PCBoard V14.x. A Sysop can check to see i
chktm96.zip7,752BTimeCheck V .96b - December 30, 1994. | | Do you need to a
chng1_6.zip40KCHANGE v1.6 Requires PCBOARD's USERS.SYS file.
ciafsu4b.zip6,153BCiAFSUE 4.0b [by DEFCON 4, CiA PPLE]-+ | PCBOARD 15.1 PPE
cialog.zip1,618BCiALOG is a PCBoard PPE that will Enhance your User Logon.
ciapmt1b.zip10KPrompts V1.0 [By Corruptions CiA PPLE]-+ | PCBOARD 15.1 PP
cidppe15.zip11KCID.PPE 1.50 - Creates CALLERID file with the phone numbe
cimrg100.zip37KCIMERGE v1.00 - PCBoard utility to merge a list of alias n
cis_hm10.zip18KHot Key Menu PPE v1.0 # # Hot key menu ppe! Replaces your
cjoin10.zip7,292BCJoin v1.0 A Freeware PCBoard 15.0 PPE Util! Enhance the P
ckbusy14.zip10KCKBUSY PCBoard 14.X Multinode Utility +-+ |CKBusy allows y
cklevl11.zip9,761BPCBoard Security Level Report Generator - utility which ge
ckwho11.zip11KCKWHO v1.10 - Utility for viewing your BBS's activity whil
cl14s24b.zip77KCALLS 14S24B Statistic Bulletin generator. Modified versio
cl15s1a.zip96KCALLS 15S1A Statistic Bulletin generator. Support of PCBoa
cl15s1g.zip102KCALLS Ver 15s1g Statistic Bulletin generator Supports PCBo
clast13.zip3,223BLAST CALLERS v1.3 Multi Node Fix
clcb_160.zip26KMS] CLCB v1.60: Custom Last Caller Bulletin - ]| [CLCB.PPE
clint200.zip2,619BCLINTON v2.00; PCBoard 15.0 PPL application (includes sour
clintboz.zip846BReplacement graphics screen for use with the CLINTON.PPE p
clintegl.zip1,003BReplacement graphics screen for use with the CLINTON.PPE p
clmebk32.zip15KX0A#### CallMeBk 3.2 [PPE] #### Callmebk Is A Very Simple
clnp_110.zip17KMS] CLNP v1.10: A Custom Login Note Pad PPE - ]| [CLNP.PPE
clong10.zip30KCLONG Version 1.0 | |-| | PCBoard 15.2/PCBUUCP 2.0 utility
clpcbtxt.zip18KCLPCBTXT v1.00 - Companion to MKPCBTXT.EXE Allows changing
clprnt23.zip21KCL-Print v2.30 Send comments to CALLER.LOG Small 2K progra
clr_node.zip2,731BCLR_NODE.PPE, v1.0, a replacement for PCBoard's Access Den
cm_104.zip33KSuper Simple Conference Menu Creator v1.04 Create a really
cmdrf_tx.zip11KQUICK COMMAND REFERENCE for sysops of PCBoard 15.0. Hate d
cmfl_200.zip22KMS] CMFL v2.00: Custom Master File List PPE - ]| [CMFL.PPE
cml_inst.zip5,816BCam-Mail v1.00 Installation Docs Information on how to FOR
cmntppe1.zip3,811BPPE] for PCBOARD 15.0 or higher. This PPE compiled Aug. 28
cnav_401.zip51KMS] CNAV v4.01: Custom Node Activity Viewer - ]| [CNAV.PPE
cnflst12.zip11KCONFLIST v1.2, makes complete conference listings from you
cnfnnew.zip9,476BNEW UPDATE* CNFN.PPE - this is basically the same PPE that
cnfnr.zip7,651BCNFNR.PPE SAME AS CNFN.PPE. Source file included. Edited s
cnfusers.zip17KCNFUSERS V1.06; program uses PCBOARD.DAT to determine the
cntm092b.zip37KCountEm, v0.92b. PCBoard 14.5a DIR file summary generator.
cnul10c3.zip9,227BPPE] CNUL v1.0 Candidate Release 3 - CNUL is a 100% config
cobs_110.zip32KMS] COBS v1.10:Custom Online Banking System - ]| [COBS.PPE
code10.zip4,034BThe CODE PPE- - - Wiz-Ware Software - -(c) 1994, Brett Luc
colpcbhp.zip35KColor PCB Help Files
command.zip2,647BWirly-gig conference prompt with full source
comment.zip4,978BMultipel Sysop commenting system PPE. Up to 10 sysops, Pri
condup10.zip33KCONDUP v1.0; PCBoard duplicate file removal utility. Fully
conflst.zip9,159BUtility to list conference names & numbers as well as the
convdirs.zip33KConvert PCBoard format file directories to other BBS softw
convpcb.zip56KConvert RYBBS and EXEC-PC Directories to PCBoard 14.5 Form
cookppe.zip16KPPE] Cookies is a seemless PCBoard Programming Language Pr
copydesc.zip16KCopy PCBoard description files, converting short lines to
cor-jcnf.zip9,373BJconf,PCB Ver of the Famous AMi/X jConf Util
cork10b1.zip11KCORKBOARD v1.0 - An Online Advertisement PPE utility for P
coroff12.zip5,340BCorosion LogOff PPE
cppe9309.zip9,952BPCBoard [PPE] v3.0; Centipede Network Program to install a
cpprt.zip8,151BThe CPRT.PPE picks up where PCB left off when it comes to
cpyusr11.zip33KCopy User v1.1 - Copy your user files in a nightly event w
craps121.zip20KCrap Shoot! Ver 1.21 - by Galahad Software. A PCBoard 15.2
crdfsh40.zip68KCardfish v4.0 - This is a cardsharks type game door for PC
creatr10.zip10KPCBNewsCreator By DynaSOFT -+ | PCBNewsCreator is a very f
cred330.zip51KDMSoft #### Credits.ppe v3.30 - users can purchase online
crewrd10.zip20KWEEKLY REWARD | | +- VERSiON 1.0 -+ | |-| | Weekly top upl
crz-ftp.zip3,625BCRaZy World - FTP List PPE Nice little PPE to maintain an
crz_lam.zip2,418BCRaZY WoRLD '95 LAME LIST PPE. Let users view a lame list,
cscls120.zip43KCSCALLS is a simple program that will generate a PCBoard 1
cscls121.zip45KCSCALLS is a simple program that will generate a PCBoard 1
csdlc202.zip66KCDSLC PCBoard utility that will read your Download.txt fil
cshot101.zip14KCS-HOT v1.01: parses Buerg's PCBCS143 report into a smalle
csp117.zip70KCSProfile is a PCBoard 14.5x utility that allows your user
cssc_301.zip22KMS] CSSC v3.01 Custom Split Screen Chat PPE - ]| [CSSC.PPE
csver112.zip67KCSVerify Callback verification program for PCBoard. Many S
ctltqp10.zip10KCONNECTICUT LOTTO QUIK PIK v1.0 for PCBoard versions 15.x.
ctub_100.zip10KMS] CTUB v1.00 : Custom Top Users Bulletin! ----- ]| [CTUB
cu-12.zip18KX0A#### CallUp v1.2 #### @X0BCallback Verification PPE For
cufe_211.zip51KMS] CUFE v2.11: Custom User File Editor PPE - ]| [CUFE.PPE
cvt2152.zip65KCVT2152 - Updates CNAMES Long Conf Names from uuPCB's UUPC
cvtmix12.zip8,425BThis utility takes a PCBoard file directory listing and co
cw_ap_39.zip12KAutoPost v3.9 PCB v15.2 PPE to send BBS Ads, ForSale Ads e
cw_bd_15.zip18KBirthday v1.5 Ask users for their D.O.B. and when the user
cw_bl_12.zip12KBBS Lister v1.2; PCBoard 15.0 PPE to View, Add, and Search
cw_bl_37.zip29KBBSListr v3.7 The *ultimate* BBS Listing PPE for PCBoard 1
cw_cj_12.zip9,369BConfJoin v1.2 Freeware PCBoard 15.0 PPE Util Enhance the P
cw_cj_40.zip22KConfJoin v4.0! The best J Cmd Replacement| |PPE for PCB v1
cw_cm_57.zip42KConfMenu v5.7 The best J Cmd Replacement PPE for PCB v15.2
cw_dm_18.zip17KDoorMenu 1.8 PCB v15.2 PPE (v3.0) to replace the DOOR comm
cw_fm_17.zip10KFileMenu v1.7 The best F Cmd Replacement PPE for PCB v15.2
cw_fv_14.zip42KFone-Ver v1.4! Callback Verification for PCB v15.2! Fully
cw_hh_13.zip6,910BHowHeard v1.3 Freeware PCBoard 15.0 PPE Util allows you to
cw_hh_37.zip15KHowHeard v3.7 New Caller Upgrade PPE for PCB 15.2! Upgrade
cw_ia_20.zip15KIntApp/Intelec Network Application Generator v2.0 - Comple
cw_in_46.zip55KIntelApp! v4.6 Intelec Network "Database and Application"
cw_mm_40.zip25KMainMenu v4.0 A PCBoard 15.2 PPE v3.0. Great PPE replaceme
cw_mq_14.zip10KMsgQuest v1.4; PCBoard 15.0 PPE to place script questionna
cw_mq_36.zip11KMsgQuest v3.6 PCB 15.2 Shareware PPE! Script to Message Ba
cw_pe_09.zip16KPlanet Earth Network Online Application PPE! Now PEN-App o
cw_ppp20.zip96KThe PCBoard PPE PowerPack! v2.0 Twelve great PCB 15.0 PPE
cw_pv_10.zip11KPro-Vote v1.0 A PCBoard 15.0 "PPE" shareware utility givin
cw_pv_41.zip46KPro-Vote v4.1! The best PCBoard Vote Utility now supports
cw_rm_16.zip19KRemindMe v1.6 PCB 15.2 Users enter their own personal remi
cw_sl_12.zip5,736BSpeedLim v1.2 Freeware PCBoard 15.0 PPE Util Did you ever
cw_sl_37.zip14KSpeedLim v3.7! Limit callers access based on connection sp
cw_sp_45.zip65KSubscriP 4.5 Complete Online Shopping Center supporting cr
cw_tz_20.zip8,896BTimeZone v2.0 A PCBoard 15.0 "PPE" shareware utility to as
cw_tz_36.zip15KTimeZone! v3.6! "Time slot" assignments PPE! Recompiled wi
cw_un_36.zip15KUserNews v3.6 Let users enter their own news items! Sharew
cw_wm_14.zip6,703BWelcome Mat v1.4; PCBoard 15.0 PPE that selectively upgrad
cw_wm_36.zip11KWelcoMat v3.6! For PCBoard v15.2 (PPLC v3.0) WM is for tho
cyb02pdc.zip53KCYBERPDC 2.00112b PCBoard (File) Description compressor. P
czippy10.zip3,126BZiPPY SCAN UTiL V1.0 This PPE will show a lightbar to the
d_text.zip2,076BPPE] Enables you to display text files before a user begin
datekill.zip9,341BFor PCB Sysops. Deletes the caller log, or any file, after
daystats.zip42KDAYSTATS 1.0 ########## # # DayStats is a simple to use an
db_pcb.zip13KConfiguring D'Bridge and PCBoard |-+ |How to set-up the D'
dbm18.zip24KDeluxe Bulletin Menu v1.8. The next add on to 4D's Confere
dbrow110.zip69KDbrow Ver 1.10 - PCB14.5a F9/Filter Util.
dcall24.zip26KDELUXE CALLERS v2.4; The Best 'last callers' Utility. For
dccdv10b.zip205KDeluxe Credit Card Processor V1.0bbeta; one of the BEST cr
dcm35.zip37KDeluxe Conference Menu v3.5. Now supporting the new 60 cha
ddescr10.zip2,760BDoorDescribe! PPE v1.0* Not enough room on your door menu
ddm12.zip25KDeluxe Door Menu v1.2. The next add on to 4D's Conference
ddoor20.zip25KDDoor 2.0 PPE; PCBoard 15.0. A complete replacement for th
dds-page.zip5,264BSysop Pager which has the possibility to send a short line
depos103.zip66KThe Depository Bank v1.03; This PPE is written exclusively
desqpcb3.zip4,482BExample of PCBoard 3-node setup on a DESQview 386 system.
dev152.zip60KPCBoard Developer Information: Contains file structures an
dextract.zip41KPCBoard File Dir Creator -+ | This program will take a fil
dircnt16.zip26KDirCount; PCB/ProDoor File DIR Header Util. A quick and si
dircom11.zip7,851BDirComment is a Fast program that reads PCBoard's DIRx fil
dirlist2.zip6,735BX1E+-+@X07 @X1E|DIRLIST.PPE 4 PCBOARD 15.1 |@X07 @X1E|-|@X
dirlwr.zip23KConverts PCBoard DIRx file descriptions to lowercase excep
dirmch31.zip16KTo display two scrollable, alphabetized, directory listing
dirmgr02.zip76KDIRMGR v1b02; Creates colour header on PCBoard DIRx files
disp100.zip35KDISPLAY v1.0; Utility you can use with PCBoard to display
displayp.zip3,279BExamples of PCBoard 15.0 custom prompts, edit to use.
dispwh11.zip2,924BGary Meaker's Original Dispwhen.PPE modified to select wha
diz2p110.zip33KDIZ/2-PCB v1.10; PCBoard utility to extract FILE_ID.DIZ in
diz2p124.zip40KDIZ/2-PCB v1.24 of 07.18.94 - PCBoard utility to extract F
dizit20.zip54KDizIt v2.0; Stop wasting time uploading files into PCBoard
dizpro11.zip99KDizIt PRO v1.1 - FILE_ID.DIZ Importer Sysops-Stop spending
dj-cpc10.zip5,265BDJP Command Password Checker v1.0. Put a password on any c
dj-slr10.zip5,016BDJP Security Level Raiser v1.0. Let your users automatical
djblt110.zip3,259BDJBLT 1.10 ]*=- Tired of making bulletin menus everytime y
dl-blist.zip3,448BBLaCK LiSTeR VeRSioN 1.0 is a .PPE for PCBOARD 15.+ to let
dlchk11.zip12KDownload Checker PPE v1.1
dlcnt10.zip21KProDoor/PCBoard File Download Counter v1.0; Analyze the PC
dlcnt14.zip22KFAST PCBoard/ProDoor File Download Counter 1.4 - Analyze t
dldcon21.zip47KDLDCOUNT ver 2.1 * IMPROVED! | | This release allows you t
dldcou1a.zip43KDLDCOUNT v1.1a; Download Counter updates you PCB DIRs with
dlfilter.zip25KDownload Filter v1.0; Fast, Flexible download log trimmer
dlinfo11.zip4,975BDLINFO.PPE v1.01; PCBoard v15.0 [PPE] program to replace y
dlock1a.zip10KUtility for PCBoard Sysops to stop callers from using cert
dlog2lst.zip5,129BThis filter program scans a DSZLOG file and returns select
dlogon30.zip6,459BDLogon.PPE by Mauricio Pineda v3.0 | +-+ Allow your users
dlprm101.zip12KPPE] DLPROMPT v1.01 - Replacement forthe "Filename to down
dltrim9e.zip37KDLTrim v.9Eb - for PCBoard v14.5 & v15 Trims filenames fro
dltxt11.zip20KDLTxt v1.1; Generic DownLoad.TXT analyser to assist you in
dmm120.zip28KPCBoard Door Menu Maker. Makes PCBoard Door menus with sta
dmn_wb10.zip6,032BWHO'S BEST 1.0 PPE
dms35a.zip62KWGM-DMS v.3.5a - PCBoard 14.x Utility This utility does th
dmsppe1b.zip27KDMSPPE1B - v.1.0b update to DMSPPE1. Collection #1 of cus
dn-blist.zip7,391BSHADOWY DESCENT BBS LiSTER v1.0]+ *.Drop In ANSi's.* *.One
dn-email.zip2,081BThis Is A Graphic Message & EMail PPE This PPE Makes Enter
dnloadpr.zip2,323BDownload Pro v1.01; An easy way to download files and log
doa_entr.zip1,396BPRESS ENTER PROMPT]
dod-af20.zip17KADD FOFT v2.0 - This program will help you to save ur HDD
dod-ao10.zip3,400BiMPERiAL ANSi ONLY v1.o: Ami/X and PC/X | | stylish Ansi o
dod-asfp.zip5,312BAdvanced Stats for PCBoard - This program uses a very cool
dod-bl20.zip9,124BBBS-LIST v2.0 for PCBoard
dod-dl10.zip13KDEAD LOGiN v1.o - Very nice pack which | | contains a LOGI
dod-drf.zip4,088BDOS Command [PPE] A small PPE to replace sysop's function
dod-ff11.zip3,157BFILE FAKER/NUKER v1.1
dod-go99.zip1,036BP/O GRAFX ONLY [PPE] Version 0.99
dod-ld20.zip2,843BLOADER v2.0 - This program is designed to load dif- ferent
dod-lg10.zip3,620BLOG-IN v1.0 [PPE]
dod-ls10.zip8,128BANSI / RiP Login System v1.0 Beta Pretty login matrix feat
dod-lt10.zip4,943BLAST TRANSFERS v1.o: Nice Ul/Dl list of | | few last calle
dod-mr10.zip2,364BMAIL READER v1.0 - Simple mail reader w/ | | nice ansi sup
dod-nup.zip5,603BNUP v1.o: This is very cool NUP PPE. | | It will give vari
dod-pc1a.zip6,216BPPE COMMANDER v1.0a Best PPE Loader for PCB!
dod-pg10.zip41KPAGE/CHAT v1.0 [PPE]
dod-pl10.zip3,201BPPE LOADER v1.0. Best one ever for PCB!
dod-pm10.zip28KPAGEMOD v1.0. VOC Pager for SysOps
dod-q20b.zip4,479BQUESTION v2.0 Beta Version Pretty external questionaire wi
dod-rand.zip2,194BPPERandomizer - Useful ppe. The best one among the other r
dod-rd11.zip3,352BResume Download v1.1 PPE
dod-rr10.zip2,255BRUSSIAN ROULETTE v1.0
dod-ru10.zip2,577BRESUME UPLOAD [PPE] v1.0
dod-slan.zip5,899BSTATLAND v1.o - Configurable statistics | | door with a ni
dod-ui10.zip2,713BIMPROVED USER INFO 1.0
dod-up20.zip9,556BLars Upload Processor 2.0 -+ | Small and fast. Able to tes
dod-us10.zip3,662BUPLOAD SYSTEM v1.0 - Very nice 100% con- | | figurable PPE
dod-zv10.zip5,945BZipView (tm) 1.0 for PCBoard This PPE offers easy-to-use l
dodmmp32.zip92KMEGAMATRiXPRO v3.2 - New improved version| | of the powerf
doorhelp.zip4,304BDOORHELP - A text file describing the setup of standard DO
dorman21.zip42KThe Doorman Doormanager <=- Ver 2.0 Ultimate door manageme
downppe.zip1,588BDownload Stats - PCBoard 15.0 PPE File to show the user th
dpa-di11.zip4,677BDiOXiNE iNFO V 1.10 PPE -+ | - (W) COMMAND REPLACEMENT | |
dpacwall.zip2,245BGrafitti Wall v1.0b [PPE] | | dPAC Grafitti Wall can be us
drs091b.zip46KThe Duplicate Removal System DRS v0.91; Allows PCBoard sys
drupr102.zip47KDirUpper v1.02 - Utility To Map The First Letter Of Each W
dscribe1.zip28KFiles that fail testing in the PCBTEST.BAT file are noted
dslot121.zip22KDOLLAR SLOTS! Ver. 1.21 From Galahad Software. A PPE for P
dspwhn11.zip3,332BDispWhen.PPE - v1.10 - Display any text file based on Call
dt_b-w10.zip15KBiG-WHO v1.0 - PPE FOR PCBOARD 15.1+ REALTiME UPDATiNG ! U
dup-bloc.zip12KDUPBLOC [PPE] v1.0 - p/o BBS SecurityPak Duplicate Caller
duper141.zip27KSybilware's Duper Utility v. 1.41 Finds SOURCE of dupes
dustat11.zip35KDUSTATS.EXE v1.1 - PCBoard TOP xx Down- loads Statistics B
dvs10b4.zip94KDynamic Verification System v1.0b4- Compiled 01/12/92 - Th
dwnld303.zip28KDWNLD.PPE Version 3.0b3 ### +---+ | A PPE for PCB 15.2 tha
dwt102.zip123KDW_Tic v1.02 - A PCBoard FIDO .TIC processor - A complete
e-blt.zip6,142BX0A# @X0F E-BLT.PPE Ver 1.0 @X0A# @X0FE-BLT.PPE Will Show
easytext.zip21KEASYTEXT v1 - Customized prompts for PCBoard 15.0. Makes s
ecnfn11.zip11KEnhanced Conf Join 1.1* CNFN.PPE - this is a modified vers
edsb121c.zip178KEDSBack v1.21c [PPE] Call-Back verifier for PCBoard v15.1.
edsqt101.zip23KPPE] EDSQuote & AddQuote v1.0. EDSQuote will display an at
em103.zip34KEvent Manager v1.03; SUPER FAST, SUPER EASY multiple event
email_10.zip2,157BEMAIL; This ppe will allow you to show your users thier EM
empage10.zip5,382BEMERGENCY PAGE PPE 1.o -+ | The ultimate replacement for t
ename101.zip5,684BeName v1.01 is a PCBoard PPE (includes the PPS source) whi
entcom1a.zip10KENTCOM1A.PPE v1.a-+ | Replace the [C]omment to SysOp(s) |
entr_msg.zip4,783BEnter Message v1.0; Written in PPL for PCBoard. Will test
eppe10.zip2,035BE.PPE - Replacement for PCBoard prompt #199 Displays a gen
eu_11.zip2,925BPPE] ExUser v1.1. Exempts certain users from forced passwo
eunion41.zip18KEastern Union Time Transfer: Designed to allow your users
evd41.zip274KEVDoor v4.1 - New User Verification System The *fully func
eventdrv.zip94Kallows you to set many events on your BBS very easily.
evtmgr23.zip10KEvent Manager version 2.3 of 02/07/92. This program will a
ex-lpas1.zip2,300BAUToSEND v1.0beta PPE Send Files Once Automaticly To Users
ex-lpdir.zip8,467BDiR PRo v1.0beta PPE ONLiNE Dos DIR command
expir101.zip2,737BEXPIRE! v1.01; A PCBOARD 15.0 .PPE utility that will allow
expire10.zip16KPCExpire v1.0; Sysops! save time using this PCBoard add-on
expmsg10.zip2,202BExpire Message 1.0 - PPE w/Source that will write a messag
extnet10.zip48KEXTnet - PCBoard 14.x utility. Replaces the WHO command. I
ez_diz12.zip44KEZ-DIZ v1.2 - Process archived FILE_ID.DIZ or DESC.SDI des
f_lock11.zip2,685BFUSION LOCK 1.1 bETA] | | Why Do You Need This? Because It
f_rules1.zip2,705BFido Rules Poster v1.0 - This is a PPE to post rules in Ec
f_text.zip22KPCB14: text display dr w/sample from Lampoon.
fakepcb.zip1,083BFakeinput; Simple PPE to remove a certain prompt, it just
fakewho3.zip1,179BAMi-X Fake WHO command 3 Nodes
farmcat.zip1,327KAttention PCBoard Sysops; Increase cash flow by offering a
fax-101.zip68KPCB/FaxMail 1.01 from Sparkware. Lets callers easily send
fbbspc12.zip15KFILES.BBS to PCBoard DIR v1.2 Converts CD-ROM files.bbs to
fd_168.zip3,126BHow to set up Front Door to pass 16,800 callers to PCB. Wo
fd_pcb.zip2,153BHow To: Running PCBoard With Frontdoor.
fdc-460.zip86KFile Download Counter 4.6 - # #### ## - This is a great ut
fdc_320.zip71KFile Download Counter For Pcboard.
fdh70.zip81KFDH v7.0; Create A Colorful Header for your File Directori
fidohlp2.zip17KFIDOHELP r2; A very extensive document to help PCBoard Sys
fidopcb2.zip4,443BText file, explains the programs and batch files needed to
fidoq105.zip73KFidoQWK 1.05: FidoNet *.MSG <=> QWK echomail processor. Al
filelist.zip2,925BFILELIST.PPE v1.0-+ | Add FILELIST.PPE to your | | main me
filemenu.zip12KUpdate/code change to the FLYDIR.PPE - it still creates th
filesy01.zip8,612BBOOMLAB FILE SYSOP PPE v.01 BETA - Fully automate the hand
finfo12.zip177KFInfo v1.2 for PCBoard 14.5 or 14.5a - allows users to get
firstpcb.zip33KOffline help for PCBoard and 1stReader; Access the complet
fixstat1.zip8,248BFIXSTATS.EXE, Version 1.0. Use it to adjust your PCBSTATS.
fixtext.zip8,820BFIX_TEXT v1.1; Simple little utility to correct the ? that
flag22.zip20KFLAG.PPE, v2.2, a replacement for PCBoard'sinternal "more?
flotqp22.zip6,274BFLORIDA LOTTO QUIK PIK v2.2 for PCB v15.0 This is a PPE pr
flydir.zip6,197BThis is a PPE designed for creating DIR files on the fly.
fn110.zip4,670BFLAGNEW.PPE v1.10; PCBoard v15.0 [PPE] program that flags
fnpcb_10.zip13KPCB@ v1.0; PCBoard v14.x & v15.0 @-MACRO developers TSR ut
fof_tlog.zip2,466BSCaRFaCE Turbo Login PPE
forgetpw.zip4,258BFORGETPW; Sample PPL program that replaces the default PCB
fp067.zip39KF-Probe 0.67b > FREEWARE Version < Automated Upload File T
fp13s.zip200KFidoPCB v1.3; Fido interface for PCBoard. Allows multiple
fpcb210.zip8,521BFPCBNM v2.10; PCBoard 15.0 [PPE] program to replace the (E
fpchk101.zip35KFPCHECK v1.01; Tips and Techniques on using a SupraFAXmode
freefl10.zip23KFreeFile v1.00 PPE - Gorgon Enterprises, Inc. Are there ce
fret_100.zip30KFERRET V1.00 s/w released 04/20/92. Utility for SysOps usi
frumor12.zip6,819BFLiGHT*Rumors Ver 1.2 Finally the rumors from forum hacks
fsearch.zip18KFSEARCH 1.0 scans file lists found on PCBoard BBSs. This h
fsjoin10.zip14KThe BEST Full-Screen Conference Join System Easy to Config
fsr.zip28KFSR.PPE is a logon screen rotator that will display a RIP
ft-logor.zip4,299BTuRBo-LoGoN-RuNNeR] PPe v2.0 + BuGFiX Logon runner for ppe
ft-rentr.zip7,971BPWA RANDoMiZER] PPe v2.0 + BuGFiX randomized press enter f
ft_rempp.zip40KRemover+! a great remover that kicks out randomized files!
ftpmail1.zip29KFTPMAIL PPE v1.0: FTPMAIL for PCBoard 15.21 - ]| [FTPMAIL.
ftt108b.zip60KFile Transfer Test V1.08 BETA 10/30/94] FTT is a PCBoard P
fulogn13.zip7,045BLOGON.PPE V1.3 PPE for PCB 15.1 that give PCB a FULL SCREE
fwho_110.zip3,323BFindWho; PCBoard PPE allows you to zippy scan your downloa
ga_bl_20.zip17KBBSLST.PPE, Version 2.0. <-+ | Super configurable and VERY
gamble31.zip34KUltimate Time Gambler v3.1 = A PPE for PCBoard 15.2+ which
gap2pcb.zip10KA conversion utility to convert GAP to PCBoard
gbyeppe.zip1,299BCPCB Text replacement for #605. Small PPE to verify user r
germtxt1.zip110KHere are the PCBTEXT.GER and HLP*.GER files for PCBoard Ve
getit02b.zip4,590BGetIt.PPE v.2.1; PCBoard 15.0 PPE program that will check
ghost12.zip25KGHOST LOADER Version 1.2. This PCBoard util changes the da
giftest4.zip203KGIFtest 4.0b16d; Command line GIF util for PCBoard 14.5a a
givetime.zip3,123BThe Give Time PPE- = TechnoDork Software = - Copyright (C)
gl-bet.zip1,717BLet's Bet For Some Mins! You Can Lose 5 Mins Or Win 10!
gl-dchat.zip2,440BDevil Man's Chatter! Great Chatter! Just Try This Cool One
gl-gb002.zip1,921BGoodBye v0.02 PPE Colours And Ansi Logoff Display! Also Ad
gl-nuke6.zip5,761BUNREAL NUKER v0.06b PPE Added support for ULBY.DAT
gl-stats.zip3,359BPerfect Stats! Kewl PPE, Configurable!
gl-sysop.zip1,433BIllusion PPE Version 1.1 -> TeMpMaN! Page Sysop PPE Best O
gl-top01.zip9,997BTOP 10 Ul/Dlers PPE, fully configurable
gl-top02.zip3,478BTOP 5 Ul/Dlers PPE, fully configurable!
gl-who01.zip3,281BWHO is OnLine PPE, fully configurable!
gl-winfo.zip1,973BMAD WIZARD'S CHANGE iNFO 'W' [PPE]
gl_dchat.zip2,442BDevil Man's Chatter! Great Chatter! Just Try This Cool One
glotqp11.zip4,861BGEORGIA LOTTO QUIK PIK v1.1 for PCB v15.0 This is a PPE pr
gns-bat.zip2,812BBatch Protocol Enhancer | | + 100% Configurable Prompts/Co
gns-bbs3.zip9,549BBBS Lister v3.0 + One Push HotKey Support! + Color Configu
gns-ent2.zip15KGENESiS Enter a Message Enhancer v2.o ---------------- Thi
gns-eom.zip3,503BGENESiS End Of MSG Litebar PPE ]-+ | Features: | | + 100%
gns-fil2.zip6,077BGENESiS File Directory Lister! v1.2 + ANSi Configurability
gns-join.zip6,577BGNS-JOIN v1.O (PPE)]-+ | Best JOIN Replacement yet, Allows
gns-logf.zip8,006BGENESiS Logoff Matrix ]-+ | + 100% Configurable Prompts/Co
gns-logn.zip9,261BGENESiS Logon v1.1 + Configurable YES/no litebar + Turbo L
gns-onel.zip5,020BGenesis One-Liners V1.0 PPE for PCB 15.1
gns-prot.zip3,341BGENESiS Protocol Selector PPE v1.o This PPE allows you to
gns-rumr.zip11KFLiGHT*Rumors v1.5 + 100% configurable ANSis/Colors + New
gns-show.zip2,038KGENESiS ANSi Viewer v1.o [PPE] | | New Concept PPE. Never
gnschat.zip9,205BGENESiS Chat v1.0b +--[ GENESiS . Back With a Vengeance ]-
gnstst11.zip7,063BPPe Tester v1.1 BUG FIX! + Simply Put. The Best Tester Eve
gnx-ghet.zip12KGHeTTo eNTeR PRoMPT
gnx-qul3.zip6,100BQuick Uploader v3.0
gnx-sup.zip4,155BSuperView(c) Grabba!
gnx-za17.zip6,585BZipAdd v1.7
gnx_ll27.zip5,561BLightning Logon! v2.7 By AReS & Strider
gnx_nu10.zip23KAMi/X NeW! v.1.0b By BitStream/CK
go4news2.zip7,031BGO/4 Software News Creator! V1.1 A simple to install, and
govtext.zip11KPCBoard version 14.5 PCBTEXT file
gppe.zip2,006BGoodbye [PPE] v.1; Replacement for your (G)oodbye command
grafd220.zip11KGRAF-D PPE v2.20; Use this PPE to auto-detect ANSI and RIP
grafd231.zip10KPPE] GRAF-D v2.31: You can use this PPE to auto-detect ANS
graph10.zip1,343BPCBGraphics by DynaSOFT -+ | PCBGraphics helps 'new users'
guess10.zip4,608BGUESS.PPE 1.0 by Tom Grandgent| | WizWare '94 | |-| |This
guestppe.zip2,372BGUEST; PPE to allow sysops with guest user accounts to kee
gw_olm11.zip5,169BGW-OLM 1.1 [PPE] tHE DEP '94 | +-+ On-Line Message PPE for
h-ruckgr.zip40KHack Report Upload Checker < *Gamma Release* For PCBoard 1
hamppe10.zip10KHAMCALL PPE CDROM DOOR v1.0 * Buckmaster Ham Call CDROM re
haz-st10.zip2,676BMaTRiX STaTS PPe SHoW RePLaCeS THe "V" CMD
hideuser.zip3,394BHIDEUSER.ppe- Ver 1- Simple way to change Alias name. I us
hillbill.zip72KHILLBILL; Help files for PCB v15.0 converted to HillBilly
hlp145an.zip129KPCBoard Helpfiles for new V14.5a Englisch and German Versi
hlp_qwk.zip1,139BAdd-on for PCBoard 15.0, extra Help menu for the QWK packe
hndchg1.zip12KHANDLE CHANGE PPE v1.0: This simple PPE lets your users ch
hoho203.zip88KHo' House (HoHo) . . V2.03.GO/4 Software . . GO/4's First
horses12.zip19KHORSES! v1.2 PCBoard 15.21+ [PPE]. A day at the races for
hotch31b.zip18KHOTCHAT PPE V3.1b ]- Multi line chat PPE replacement for P
hotdog31.zip48KUltimate PCB USER maintenance utility. Adjust security, sp
hp-lo100.zip2,436BLoader PPE v1.0 This programm is designed for load PPE pro
hp-ns100.zip5,087BNew Files Scan v1.0 for PCB 15.1 This programm is very eas
hstreset.zip15KThis is a small program that will reset your HST modem. It
hyp_flag.zip3,309BFRESUME v1.0 The FRESUME PPE set is to add all flagged fil
i-net101.zip5,547BEasily send Internet mail using your standard PCB Netmail
iab121.zip45KIAB: Internet Address Book v1.21 - A PCBoard PPE program t
iamhere1.zip13KIAMHERE1.ppe- A COMPLETE New User Register replacement. As
id_chk12.zip8,028BID_CHECK Ver 1.20 - Checks Caller ID file against a list
idxdup10.zip6,311BIDXDUPES v1.0: Scans a PCBoard .IDX file for duplicate fil
idxutil4.zip93KIDX-Util v4.0; PCB 15.0 Utilities List files using wildcar
idxutil6.zip108KIDX-Util v6.0 (11-01-94) PCB 15.0 Utilities List files in
ihang230.zip26KIMAGinE HangUp PPE v2.30 by Jose De Almeida This PPE progr
im-pp12.zip7,286BProPager 1.2 | +- [PPE] -+ | Full Feature pager with | | A
imr-sx01.zip4,044BSel-Xfer v0.01b [PPE] - Pulldown Protocol Selection PPE -
info1_1.zip10KInformation PPE Info 1.1 - If you've been looking for a ni
infonode.zip1,980BINFONODE [PPE] - Who PPE like on AmiExpress
inltqp20.zip7,831BINDIANA LOTTO QUIK PIK v2.0 for PCBoard v15.x This is a PP
insta310.zip264KInstaReg v3.04 - SysOp-configurable Answer evaluation door
inter102.zip14KInter-Node Chat PPE v1.2; PCBoard 15.0 [PPE] program to al
intercom.zip319KThe INTERCOM Frontend Mail and file transfer program for U
iplab9.zip207KZipLab IX; ZipLab IX is a alternative or replacement for t
ipnet111.zip12KIPNET.PPE v1.11 - PPL program for PCBoard. Makes it easy a
ipstuff.zip1,836BIPStuff gathers information needed to enter a message in y
isnodeup.zip7,174BIsNodeUp tests for active/inactive PCBoard 15.0 nodes from
isysop.zip2,775BISYSOP.COM: "Is The Current User the SysOp?" A PCBoard uti
iz_fl_10.zip8,236BFLIST.PPE v1.00: Allfiles List Creator - FList will create
iz_fs_21.zip30KFScan v2.10: User Log-on New File Scanner! - FScan will al
iz_qk_10.zip5,119BQWK.PPE v1.0: Allows your users to set their QWK command s
j_confx.zip19KThree PCBoard v15.2 replacement PPE's for the JOIN command
jag-mscn.zip1,374BMessage 296 PPE Version 1.0 - This is a PPE that replaces
jasptnt.zip3,360BJASP V1.0 - Just Another Stats PPE w/ animated bar and all
jbbs_br2.zip2,124BThe Jerusalem Brodcaster v2.0 [PPE] Let users Brodcast mes
jcmdv10.zip11KJCMDV10; Replacement For the (J) oin Command. Unlike other
jcon117a.zip28KX4F] JCONF [PPE] Automated Conference [@X0F @X4F] Security
jdoit111.zip4,589BJUST-DO-IT v1.11b] <- [PPE] FOR PCBoard 15.1 WHY ENTER DES
jk-bomb.zip3,435BPCB] BOMB/X PAGER, SYSOP PAGE UTILITY - Now put a stop to
jk-xedit.zip6,845BAMI/X EDITOR, FOR PCBOARD 15.2 ]- The name is AMI-EDIT it
jm_ac_12.zip9,794BAlias Changer v1.2 - A program which will allow you to get
jm_ad_12.zip90KAdvertisement Command Prompt Displayer v1.2 This is a comp
jm_co_10.zip17KSystem Operator Comment v1.0 - This program is a menu driv
jm_ex_11.zip16KX07- @X0F Execute PPE v1.1 @X07----- @X07]| Have you ever
jm_fm_17.zip92KFile Menu v1.7. The most complete file directory displayin
jm_fn_16.zip19KX07- @X0F Clear Frozen Node v1.6 @X07----- @X07]| This pro
jm_fu_17.zip20KPCBoard Automated File Uploader v1.6 - This program will m
jm_gm_16.zip18KX07- @X0F Graphics Mode v1.6 @X07----- @X07]| This program
jm_ic_12.zip64KInteractive Chat v1.2b - A complete PCBoard Multiline chat
jm_mc_10.zip17KMessage Count v1.0 - This program will create a bulletin f
jm_mf_10.zip12KMessage Footer v1.0: PCBoard PPE will change the way your
jm_ni_13.zip15KName Inputter v1.2 - This program will allow you to provid
jm_pd_12.zip25KPullDown Menu System v1.2b - This is a complete PullDown M
jm_pi_12.zip14KPhone Inputter v1.2 - This handy little utility will allow
jm_pl_17.zip18KX07- @X0F Page Length Changer v1.7 @X07----- @X07]| This P
jm_qs_16.zip18KX07- @X0F Quick Scan v1.6 @X07----- @X07]| This program al
jm_wc_12.zip26KWhoCall v1.2 - This is one of the many PCB PPE's produced
jm_xm_15.zip18KX07- @X0F eXpert Mode Changer v1.4 @X07----- @X07]| This p
join300.zip12KJOIN v3.00; [PPE] for PCBoard 15.0 systems that allows use
joinconf.zip3,226BJOINCONF: A small PCBoard utility that can be used to forc
jr-show1.zip1,988BSHOW.PPE by: JoLLY RoGeR -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- With
jsfdiz12.zip38KJSF-DIZ v1.20; FILE_ID.DIZ/DESC.SDI import tool for PCBoar
jsfdsc10.zip51KJSF-DESC v1.0; The File Description Finder For PCBoard. Ad
jsffdc15.zip36KJSF-FDC; File Directory Cleaner for PCBoard The ULTIMATE c
jsfres10.zip39KJSF-RES v1.00 - The Gif RESolution Processor For PCBoard f
jsfres40.zip47KJSF-RES v4.0; Image RES Processor for PCBoard. Verify/Add/
jtfox36.zip130KJTFOX v:3.60; Configurable directory colorizer for PCBoard
kalbk16a.zip5,150BKallback v1.6A: PCB PPE designed to assist you in calling
kalbk512.zip29KX0BKallback.ppe @X0Fv5.12@X07 ####@X0F +-+ | Allow your BB
klt-lgt2.zip3,946BThe dopest save, abort, quote and other crap PPE ever made
kmailppf.zip1,005BRoboComm 4.01 prompt file to add kmail. For PCBoard 14.5 s
ksrch100.zip16KKEYSearch v1.0a Online Database Browser For KeyBook Shoppi
kstein.zip794BGood example of a PCBoard Menu
label10.zip11KLABEL10.PPE =-=-=-=-=-=-=- PCBoard ver 15.x PPE that will
lastc12a.zip51KPEGASUS LAST CALLER ANALYZER 1.2a FOR PCBOARD 14.x & 15.x
lastones.zip10KLastOnes v1.10 One of the best lastcallers for PCB 15.1
lb_msg_4.zip15KPPE] Version 4.21 of Message Read @X07command. This is mor
lbcs100.zip9,741BLight Bar Construction Set 1.0 - LBCS allows you to create
lbd200.zip5,616BLogon Bulletin Displayer | | Version 1.00 | +-+ [ PPE for
lbpk11.zip22KPPE] Lightbar Production Kit 1.1 - (_) -+ | Create custom
lc082.zip20KLastCallers ver 0.82 BETA. This is a PPE written for PcBoa
lc101.zip25KLASTCALL v1.01; Prevents sysop's name and city from replac
lcd-on10.zip4,657BONEliner 1.O Here's a nice oneliner, cool input functions
lchat.zip1,996BSimple chat PPE to override all prompts and drop the user
lclup440.zip29KLOCALUP v4.40; Easy way to perform *local* (or external) u
ldude-15.zip7,110BLastDudes 1.5 [PPE] Lastcaller for PCB
leech10.zip1,716BFile Leech Chop Buster - PCBoard 15.0 PPE; Let your file l
length10.zip2,668BPCBLength By DynaSOFT -+ | PCBLength is a simple utility t
lenolm33.zip12KOnLine Message PPE v3.33 . Supports up to 200 Line Message
lf_on130.zip13KOneLiners and More PPE v1.30: Stat Screens; One Liners; La
lfc20.zip23KLFC 2.0 - Last Few Callers bulletin maker for PCBoard 14.5
lfgtpwd.zip3,848BFull update of the forgetpw.ppe file. This one is generic
lgfmat02.zip5,172BLogoff Matrix v.02 by Balrog | *-* | Great Lightbar Logoff
lgn-more.zip2,828BA replacement for More (Y/n) PCBoard prompt
lgnp9c.zip95KLogger generic; Database utility for PCBoard.
lightmnu.zip3,340BX0FThe Lightbar Menu v1.0@X07 You can use this PPE for alm
listr211.zip8,858BBBS LISTER V2.11 [PPE] #### BBS Lister is a PPE that allow
litebar.zip3,919BLiteBar v1.00 by Tom Grandgent A WizWare '94 PPE Productio
litepak1.zip8,777BLitebar PPE PAK#1 fIleAxYs Software +-+ | QWK - Replacemen
llotqp11.zip4,867BLOUISIANA LOTTO QUIK PIK v1.1 for PCB v15.0 This is a PPE
lnz202.zip6,887BEver wanted to use the L, N or Z to search across all conf
localcam.zip17KDownload/Upload your QWK/REP files from your nightly event
locupl15.zip81KLocal Upload for PCBoard v1.5; Utility to locally upload f
log202.zip21KPepster's Place BBS Present's-+ |Pepster's Utilities May 7
logger14.zip45KLogger v1.4 last callers bulletin generator. Sysop configu
login10.zip2,712BLOGIN.PPE; Allows UUCP systems to log into your PCBoard sy
login101.zip6,068BNewLogin Version 1.01 [PPE] For PCBoard 15.2 and Higher Ex
logoff11.zip4,541BLogOff v1.1 - Automatic Logoff ### +-+ | LogOff is a PPE t
logoff7.zip6,403BLOGOFF TESTING Ver 7.0 By John Kleinbauer This is a Workin
logonof3.zip5,980BLOGONOFF PPE V1.2 Broadcasts to all other nodes that a per
logwhof.zip1,281BLOGONWHO [PPE] * FIXED VERSION * LogonWho like on AmiExpre
lokot.zip6,120BLock a user from a single door and or several doors.
lostmu22.zip11KLOSTMENU VERSION 2.20 By John C Kleinbauer Now you can add
lotqp20.zip5,000BLotto Quik PIK v2.0 for PCBoard v15.0 PPE that will allow
lotto10.zip4,736BLOTTO.PPE Turbo Lottery version 1.0; PCBoard 15.0 [PPE] pr
ls_d_lco.zip1,141BReplace U'r D/L prompt [PPE]
ls_ecom.zip3,903BReplace U'r Comment Prompt [PPE]
lsconf10.zip17KUpdate from Source files for STARCON1.PPE Original source
lstpcb16.zip102KLSTPCB16.ZIP (BETA .16) Creates ALLFILES.LST for PCBOARD 1
lt504.zip225KLASTRANS v5.04 * Creates 52 different Wildcat & PCBoard lo
ltag10.zip1,398BLocal Tagline v1.0; PCBoard .PPE that lets you use your ta
lucky141.zip11KTHE LUCKY USER PROFILE SURVEY [PPE] v1.41b; which shall by
lucky_31.zip14KTHE LUCKY USER PROFILE SURVEY V3.1 [PPE] This program, by
m2011pwa.zip111KMATRIX 2000 v1.1 by CALCULUS Productions | | PCBOARD 15.1
m2_10sec.zip1,021BM_10SEC v1.2 [PPE] - PCBText Prompt #493 Replace the ugly
m2_liner.zip2,589BM_LINER v1.2 [PPE] - OneLiner
ma_1l20.zip13KMA-1L 2.0 [PPE] for PCBOARD 15.0. Oneliners like none othe
ma_bat20.zip5,703BMA-BAT 2.0 [PPE] for PCBOARD 15.0 Simplify BLIND uploads t
ma_fr10.zip3,879BMA-FR 1.0 [PPE] for PCBoard v15.0; Force Caller's To Read
ma_gb10.zip5,904BMA-GB 1.0 [PPE] for PCBOARD 15.0. Add a Celerity-like Logo
mabr00a.zip3,464BMoon Angel Simple Broadcaster 0.0 Free, Uncrippled, Its ne
macorg32.zip69KMACORG DOOR V3.2 for PCBoard 14.x File history tracing. A
macrm1.zip28KMACRM V1.0 Removes unwanted files from PCBoard dir listing
macrm11.zip23KMACRM V1.1 for PCBoard 14.x - 15.x Removes files & descrip
macsec11.zip77KMAC SEC V1.1 for PCBoard 14.x is an ON-LINE Security Upgra
mafpcb15.zip6,924BPCB 15.1+ NewScan PPE v1.03 N and Z replacement with the a
mail2fax.zip82KMail2Fax; Send out PcBoard messages via Fax. Messages are
mailtime.zip31KMailTime is a simple program to put what time your last ma
mailuu11.zip3,479BMAILUUCP v1.1 | |-| | NEW: For PCB V15.21 | | Allows your
mailuucp.zip15KMAILUUCP v1.0 | |-| | | | Allows your users to (E)nter | |
make1.zip8,090BMAKE1-Text line joiner v1.0; Transforms a PCBoard type fil
makebn14.zip39KPCBoard TOP Caller Bulletins Generator - very Sysop config
makmwait.zip2,607BMake-m-wait PPE version 0.1 Put in your event batch file s
mall14.zip16KMall.PPE - version 1.4 - Written using version 2.00 of the
mapinfo.zip3,241BA PC Board Sysops Guide To How To Utilize the UUCP Maps
matrx069.zip7,431BDOS Emulated Logon Matrix v0.69a (08.18.93) This is a PPE
mavo15za.zip7,508BMAVOTE Version 1.5Zb - Free, Compact, Fast Super Voting PP
max2pcb.zip27KMAX2PCB v1.0 Maximus > PCBoard.sys. Fast utility to conver
maxdvwin.zip4,685BCDC technical note which explains what you can do to get l
mba320.zip101KMessage Base Accountant Version 3.20 Freeware utility for
mba321.zip98KMessage Base Accountant Version 3.21 Freeware utility for
mc0295.zip6,494BMAIL CENTRAL PPE. MC.PPE is a menu that controls most all
mc_at100.zip3,829BAllTime Top Uploaders & Downloaders v1.0b| |-| |Author : M
mdcscan3.zip6,283BMDCScan v1.3 --. .-. The BEST New File Scanner for PCBoard
mdel100.zip39KMDEL v1.0; Ever need to delete hundreds of messages that g
mdfile21.zip10KMighty Duck's FileViewer v2.1 * FileViewing PPE for
mdnode11.zip8,993BMighty Duck's QNode v1.1 * QNode is a nodelist brows
mdpcb11.zip16KModify PCBTEXT Utilities v1.1. PCBoard Utilities. Two prog
mdread14.zip19KMighty Duck's Mail Reader v1.2 * Uses menus to help
mdy_ntr1.zip3,448BEnhanced ENTER Prompt for PCB 15.x
mdy_topu.zip5,076BTop Uploaders 1.0! [PPE]
mdy_vpb.zip8,397BPrompt Selector 1.0b For PCB 15.2
megalist.zip5,538BFinally! MegaLister 2.04 * * Tired of your old lame * * PC
men-jn11.zip15KNorton Commander Conference Join v1.1b - The Join Conferen
menudef1.zip40KSysops Definable Menu Editor Utility for PCBWatch v4.0. Fo
menudoc.zip1,790BDocs on how to make PCBoard 15.0 MNU files
menuz1.zip36KMenus for PCBoard: 20 Main Menus for PCBoard & 24 Welcome
mergeusr.zip9,214BMERGEUSR: Can be used to merge two PCBoard users files tog
message.zip4,470BThis is a PPE designed for the Demo version. It contains a
metalv20.zip233KDisplay metals futures quotes on your PCBoard BBS system.
mflag11.zip15KPPE] Major Upgrade to FLAG.PPE! Enhanced status/prompt lin
mflag201.zip64KX1EMultiflagsystem 2.01 for PCBoard 15.x@X0F @X1E-@X0F @X1
mid5ppe.zip24KThis File Contain 5 PPE Files For Pcboard 15.1+ By PPLC v2
mkdir.zip4,892BMKDIR.PPE is a PPE designed to create DIR files from the f
mkpcbd11.zip9,918BMKPCBDIR.EXE V1.1 will convert a regular DOS directory lis
ml124.zip37KMakeList v1.24 for PCBoard v14.x/15.0. Local upload list m
mm20b28.zip133KMarkMail for PCBoard * Beta ver.28 02/16/92 Some bug fixes
mon_off.zip16KMON-OFF; Turns off PC Board BBS Computer Monitor Screens
moni13.zip26KUltraMoni - v1.3 - PCBMONI .PPE replacement for the busy P
moni2act.zip3,213BUse ActView in place of PCBMoni.
monilog.zip8,616BReplacement PCBMONI.EXE program to view your caller log of
moon.zip5,213BDisplays the number of days since man last set foot upon t
moonch11.zip3,490BMoon Chat v1.1 PPE 10 node systems on PCBoard
movie200.zip43KPepster's Movie Time Trivia 2.00 (including Time Bank 1.00
mp-13.zip8,848BX0A#### Msg-Pack v1.3 #### @X0BMsg-Pack v1.3 QWK Interface
mpgs204b.zip69KMPGS.PPE v2.04b for PCBoard v15.2+ *-* DooM - DooM - DooM
mphread.zip5,139BNiceRead.CTL> - By Mark Hennessy Powerboard 1.2 Control Sc
mscan03b.zip8,462BZIPPY Scan Across Multiple Conferences | | ### ### ### ###
msg-sync.zip9,345BMsg-Sync v1.00 - Overcomes the problems of sharing a mess
msg2n300.zip53KWith MSG2Next 3.0 users can check out | |previous callers
msg4u10.zip1,597BMessage For You v1.0; PCBoard .PPE that will beep you or y
msg_200.zip27KPCB-MSG v2.0; To count the number of messages on any PCBOA
msgque11.zip5,630BMsgQuest v1.1 A Freeware PCBoard 15.0 PPE to place script
mshblt02.zip3,641BBulletin v.02 by Balrog | *-* | Great lightbars replacemen
mshcmt10.zip2,600BComment PPE v1.0 by Zaskar | *-* | MuSH strikes back with
mshop121.zip57KMultimedia Shopping Mall v1.21 M-SHOP for PCBoard is the b
mshyesno.zip2,141BYes/No Prompt Replacement by Zaskar | *-* | Great Lightbar
mt-300.zip38KMail Time (tm) v3.00 - Sysops utility that creates/updates
mt_bbs11.zip60KModern Technology - BBSList v1.10/Std [PPE] PCBoard v15.0
mt_grf11.zip2,776BModern Technology - Graf-Y and Graf-N - [PPE] Replacement
mt_mnu10.zip41KModern Technology - PPE_MENU v1.0; Mini interface to allow
mt_mtx12.zip118KModern Technology - Matrix v1.20 /Std PPE. Distributed as
mt_scn11.zip10KModern Technology Generic Text Scan (v1.1) [PPE] / Door fo
mthlast3.zip3,033BLAST CALLERS V3.00 FOR PCB 15 BY [EDDIE/BB] This is the ul
mtlot10.zip4,962BModern Technology-Lottery v1.0 - [PPE] Allows callers to G
mtntacro.zip42KThe Hackers Acronym Translator v1.0 A nice fast ppe made f
mur_pin1.zip5,737BPersonal Identification Number PPE (MURPHY) Mod version: C
murp_col.zip32KMurphy's PCBoard's sample color menus.
mushcs10.zip4,424BCONFERENCE SCROLLER v1.0 This PCBoard's PPE let's you join
mushfb11.zip4,385BDsfeedback v.1.1 by Daemon Summoner | *-* | This is a simp
mv2call.zip37KThis little sysop *Toolkit Utility* will copy a file into
mvcnf5.zip58KConference mover utility v1.5. Public Domain utility for P
na-post.zip2,500BTo/Subject/Security * | +-+ | Three Little PPE to custumiz
nametd10.zip75KNAME THAT DOOR V1.0. We give you the motor and you supply
ndaddr12.zip16KNICE DAY ADDRESS UPDATE V1.20 [PPE] This PPE is for every
ndcom110.zip6,383BNICE DAY SYSOP COMMENT v1.10 [PPE] Cursor-driven Comment-t
ndfile20.zip55KNICE DAY FILES V2.00 [PPE] 8x FASTER! This is a must-have
ndmoney4.zip20KNICE DAY MONEY MANAGER [PPE] v4.00 This PPE accepts credit
ndoffl10.zip6,336BNICE DAY OFFLINE FILES v1.0 [PPE] ####### For all sysops w
ndread62.zip26KNICE DAY EASY READER v6.2 [PPE]: A must-have for every PCB
ndtext10.zip15KNICE DAY TEXTER [PPE] v1.00 This is a new way of displayin
ne-fro10.zip1,603BFront-Stat-PPE 1.0 by Elvin Nox A Front-Status-PPE for PC-
ne-nsu10.zip1,355BNSU 1.0 NewFileScan-PPE by Elvin Nox A New File-Scan-PPE f
net_cmds.zip19KNET-CMDS.PPE: By Daryl Stogner : : This PPE is a menu that
netevent.zip32KNetEvent allows you the sysop to run a particular function
netme100.zip9,672BNETM-E v1.00 - Initial release, for PCBoard 15.21 only! wo
netst22.zip43KNetSTATi Version 2.2 will edit your NET file from UUPCB an
netstat1.zip8,134BPCBoard USERNET.DAT utility. Add certain info to nodes doi
newalias.zip1,943BNewAlias.PPE; Ask users if they wish an Alias change after
newask.zip2,091BSample PPL source code to the NEWASK questionnaire used on
newe.zip2,945BPPE replacement for the [E] Command. Displays a file to th
newmenus.zip118KMenus for PCBoard 14.5.
news100.zip5,211BNEWS.PPE; Lets conference sysops change the NEWS file in t
news11b6.zip14KNEWSPAPER v1.1 - A News File Display Utility for PCBoard v
news13.zip4,205BNEWS.PPE, Ver. 1.3, by Galahad Software. A PCBoard 15.2+ P
news320a.zip73KMews Manager v3.20 RE-RELEASE. Supports PCBoard 14, GAP, o
newus101.zip2,074BPPE] PCBNewUsr By DynaSOFT [PPE]-+ | This wonderful PPE fr
newuser1.zip40KNEWUSER 1.0 ########## # # A PCBoard automessage facility
ng_pcb.zip6,055BNorton Guide for PCBoard 14.x @-codes. Also includes ASCII
njltqp10.zip10KNEW JERSEY LOTTO QUIK PIK v1.0 for PCBoard versions 15.x.
njoin101.zip8,430BNJOIN v1.01 - This ppe will allow your users to select whi
nlstvt11.zip3,018BNeW LiST V1.1 | | - | | PPE for PCB written by Thomas De Q
nmrep106.zip52KNetMail/Reply v1.6 | |-| | This combination of PPEs replac
nn01.zip61KNode/News v1.0 * This is a fully functional Nodelist/Diff
nodelk10.zip13KNODELOCK v1.0: A pair of utilities that allow a PCBoard v1
nodesc16.zip14KNodeScan v1.6b - PCBoard 15.2+ [PPE] The most powerful WHO
nohand11.zip2,635BPPE] No Handle v1.1; If you want to disable the ability fo
nokill.zip3,121BNoKill [PPE] PCBoard PCBtext Replacement to Warn Users tha
nonmulti.zip84KHOW TO guarantee no two nodes open the same NON-Multi-Node
notime10.zip4,379BNOTIME v1.0: Run in the $LOGOFF.BAT file this program will
nr306.zip145KNewsRoom v3.06; BBS News generating software. Create news
nsc123f.zip41KNode Speed Checker v1.23; PCBoard application that verify
nstat060.zip50KNodeStat Door - Version .60 Simple little door to run as a
ntmgr95.zip43KNetMgr - copy, move, delete, change and bounce netmail.
nu-601.zip8,020BNUSCAN 6.01b | +-+ NUSCAN - PCBoard PPE - FREEWARE! Will a
nu_16a.zip16KNEWUSER.PPE v1.60a; PCBoard 15.0 [PPE] program that can be
nuc102b.zip5,810BTHP] New User Config v1.o2 beta * (6.o4.94) New User Passw
nufilz11.zip3,639BNewFiles v1.1; PPE that will scan directories for files by
nufilz26.zip8,726BNewFileScan PPE v2.6
nuflag11.zip16KX0E[PPE] @X0FMajor Upgrade to FLAG.PPE! Enhanced status/pr
nuscan4a.zip8,490BNEWSCAN 4.0a |# |-|# |Will ask your callers if they would|
nuv13.zip3,219BNUV v1.3 - New User Verification PCBoard .PPE. A simple bu
nwbth100.zip51KNewBooth 1.00 - Companion Program For Use With Registered
nwsf121.zip16KNEWSFLASH 1.21* NewsFlash is a PPE to enhance your NEWS di
nwsmkr30.zip34KNewsmaker v3.0 - PCBoard 14.x NEWS maker. Simply create a
nyltqp10.zip10KNEW YORK LOTTO QUIK PIK v1.0 for PCBoard versions 15.x. Th
occps12.zip5,799BOnline Credit Card Processing System v1.2! PCBoard PPE to
of-top15.zip2,104BOver Flow Top U/L D/L Version 1.5b
ofp10.zip87KOnline Funds Processor 1.0 - PPE for PCB 15.2 The Online F
oldb.zip13KOLDB.PPE - On-Line DataBase version 1.0 - Written using ve
olrpvw10.zip7,484BProView v1.0 by Lord of Road [OLR] One of the best 'V' com
olrpwt10.zip4,627BProWrite v1.0 by Lord of Road [OLR] One of the best 'W' co
olrref10.zip5,481BPCB Refer 1.0 by Lord of Road [OLR] Now your users can ref
onearm11.zip8,380BOne Armed Bandit v1.1 PCBoard PPE game that simulates a sl
onearm15.zip16KOne Armed Bandit * v1.5 * PCBoard .PPE game that simulates
oneline1.zip3,123BOneLiner.PPE v 1.0 by Windmill Computer Services. A PCBoar
openwid2.zip5,869BX1E+-+@X07 @X1E|OPENWIDE.PPE 4 PCBOARD 15.1|@X07 @X1E|-|@X
organ103.zip45KPCBoard Organizer v1.03 for PCBoard 15.2 - ]| ORGANIZE.PPE
orwait11.zip7,133BOR WAIT.PPE 1.1 - Revision 01/08/94 | |---| | This [PPE3]
outcomm2.zip37KOutComm 2. Tell your users why they can't open a particula
ov10.zip84KPCB OverView v0.10; Now you can monitor PCBoard nodes in d
ovl-ftr.zip3,956BAMi/X F00TeR! v.1.0b for PCBoard 15.2+
ovl-lmr.zip4,402BAMi/X LAMeRS! PPE for PCBoard 15.2+ Great PPE to show who
ovl-mpmt.zip6,343BAMi/X MeSSAGe PR0MPTS! v.1.0b Great prompts for PCBoard to
ovl-page.zip4,800BAMi/X PAGe! PPE for PCBoard 15.2+
ovl-pmt.zip3,521BAMi/X PR0MPT! PPE for PCBoard 15.2+
ovl-srch.zip1,240BOverKill Ami/X Zippy Scan Completly Like The Ami Express V
ovl-usrl.zip2,361BX/UserList v1.1b By Black Viper Ami/Xpress style for
ozitext.zip10KHere it is cobbers, you've had Southern Drawl, now you can
p2f100.zip18KP2F V1.00 s/w released 08/02/92. =FAST= Utility for PCBoar
p2fdc13.zip42KPCB2FDC v1.3; PCBoard 2 FrontDoor Console (and InterMail)
p_bank.zip4,539BPCBoard Time Bank v2.0b [PPE]; Menu driven Bank PPE that w
pack_13.zip13KPack@ v1.3; Remove redundant PCBoard color codes from a te
packer5.zip79KPacker version 5.0 PACKER v1.0 for PCBOARD ( uses USER.SYS
pad_11.zip31KPADLOADS.EXE - PCBoard BBS uploads padder. Pads the upload
page3.zip3,483BO.PPE - Is a PPE program I wrote after see one I thought w
pageppe.zip3,246BPAGE.PPE; Will scare users who page during your "off" hour
panic.zip6,441BPPE (The panic button) This cute little ppe will tease & s
pbank22b.zip16KPCBoard Time Bank v2.2B [PPE] Menu and/or command line dri
pbcll096.zip17KPCBCALL 0.96b; Cut your CALLER log file(s) down to size. S
pbpm_10a.zip15KPCBBLTPM v1.00a; Will create a Multi-Page BLTx MENU for an
pbu_112.zip110KPBBSuucp V1.12 Allows your user to enter or reply to Inter
pcb-atch.zip28KPCB-Attach v1.00 - IMPORT attached files from QMAIL4 .QWK
pcb-sb.zip69KSoundBlaster | |CHAT PAGE PPE! | |FOR PCBoard 15.X | |Dox,
pcb151.zip1,401KPCBoard v15.1 DEMO - Fully functional demonstration copy o
pcb152po.zip16KPortuguese PCBTEXT 2.0b for PCBoard v15.2 * * By Vitor sim
pcb152qb.zip27KTypes & code segments for accessing PCBoard 15.2 files in
pcb15d_1.zip47KPCBoard v15.0 DEMO [1/3]; Installation Disk Fully function
pcb15d_2.zip945KPCBoard v15.0 DEMO [2/3]; Program Disk Fully functional de
pcb15d_3.zip370KPCBoard v15.0 DEMO [3/3]; Documentation Fully functional d
pcb15ppl.zip1,804BBOXER Color Syntax Config for PCBoard v15 PPL This file co
pcb15qb.zip24KTypes & code segments for accessing PCBoard 15.0 files in
pcb15qw1.zip1,340BPCBoard 15.0 (RS) internal QWK/REP mail run
pcb15swe.zip72KSwedish PCBTEXT file for PCB 15.0. With matching help file
pcb2ansi.zip9,219BPCB2ANSI v1.0 (12/20/91) Utility to convert PCBoard @X gra
pcb90091.zip25KPCB900.PPE --| +-+ | Accept subscriptions via an easy to c
pcb_bet2.zip59KPCB-Beta door. Simplies the task of your BETA/ALPHA users
pcb_dv.zip12KHow; Setting Up DESQView and PCBoard V14.5a
pcb_ice.zip720BInstallbatches for IcE_Zmodem in PCBoard15.xx
pcb_inet.zip11KPCBoard Systems Active on the Usenet
pcb_kdir.zip2,537BKEDIT 4.0 KEX macros to convert DOS 5.0 DIR list into PCBo
pcb_ng.zip22KNorton Guides for PcBoard 14.5a All texts removed from ori
pcb_time.zip2,258BTime.ppe for PCBoard v15.x Conference command prompt with
pcb_vio1.zip2,533BAdd-Ons; Some additions to the Violator PCBTEXT! Modificat
pcb_wel.zip976BA welcome screen drawn using PCBDraw. Looks like the PCBoa
pcbarnld.zip11KPCBoard version 14.5 PCBTEXT file Party Pooper!
pcbarno2.zip54KPCBoard/M + ARNET SmartPort Plus + OS/2 < = By combining A
pcbati6.zip27KPCBATI6 v1.1: For PCBoard v14.5a and v15.0 systems which,
pcbbbl16.zip19KPCBBBL v1.6 - Bulletin Board Lister ### +-+ | PCBBBL is a
pcbbe110.zip9,216BThe PCB Bulletin Executive v1.10 | |-| |Automatically Crea
pcbbet30.zip54KPCB-Beta door v3.0. Simplies the task of distributing file
pcbblt10.zip153KPCBLIST Version 1.0 BETA RELEASE - BETA RELEASE Complete r
pcbbrger.zip963BPcBoard Bulletins In German
pcbcan2.zip13KLike welcome to the Canadian Language, eh, for PCBOARD 15.
pcbcd100.zip39KPCBoard CD-ROM Door - PCBCD v1.00 +-- Oriental Royal Prese
pcbcht10.zip8,734BPCBCHAT Utility Version 1.0 of 10/22/91. A utility for PCB
pcbcid10.zip3,816BPCBCID; PCBoard utility detects Caller ID and compares it
pcbck221.zip108KPCBCheck 2.21 <- This release of the easiest to use and se
pcbcl100.zip15KPCBColor v1.00 - DOS Utility: PCBoard file list colorizer
pcbcll11.zip40KPCBCalls Version 1.0 A PCBoard 14.x Door Program PCBCalls
pcbclm10.zip30KPCB-CLM v1.00b [PPE]: The VERY FIRST PCBoard v15.2 and PPL
pcbcm20.zip191KPCBConferenceMenu Utility v2.0b 06/25/94 This is a PCBoard
pcbcnu10.zip13KPCB-CNU v1.00b [PPE]: One of the FIRST PCBoard v15.2 and P
pcbcodes.zip4,144BYou may have seen messages where your name, address, or ot
pcbcomp.zip3,217BPCBoard Comparison Guide; to help you compare the features
pcbcv917.zip25KPCBoard colour file viewer - a utility to allow the PCBoar
pcbdbas1.zip59KPCBoard vrs 14.5 User DataBase program. This will create a
pcbdbc10.zip9,841BPCBDBC 1.0 Creates a database (DBF) and imports new users
pcbddinf.zip11KBBS Dollars Direct for PCBoard v15.2! Information on a pow
pcbde401.zip88KThe PCB Door Executive ver. 4.01b Creates *1* Menu for all
pcbdemo.lzh1,363KPCBoard v15.0 DEMO - Fully functional demonstration copy o
pcbdepnl.zip3,689BDutch (no, not Double Dutch.) language & menu files for PC
pcbdesc5.zip14KPCBDescribe v5.01 01/22/93 release. A utility for PCBoard
pcbdir11.zip11KPCBDIR v1.1: A PCB utility to create custom DIR files. Com
pcbdir15.zip36KDISPLAY PCBoard's DIRectories Statistics This will create
pcbdiz12.zip33KPCBDIZ 1.2, PCBoard 14.5a utility to scan ZIP, LZH, and AR
pcbdlcnt.zip21KProDoor/PCBoard File Download Counter v1.0; Analyze the PC
pcbdp19b.zip44KPCB-Deposit v1.99b; Minor change to support PCBoard 15.0 c
pcbdr1_3.zip39KPCBoard Utility to DISPLAY DOOR Statistics This will creat
pcbdrc14.zip57KPCBoard Download Ratio Controller v1.4; PCBoard Controller
pcbed12b.zip61KPCBEdit 1.20 Beta for PCBoard 15.2 (28.12.94)
pcbedit.zip49KPCBedit: Edit PCboard screen files in PCB format.
pcbem12u.zip53KPCBEM II Event Manager 1.12 09/27/91 A complete event mana
pcbemail.zip64KPCBoard PostOffice Version 1.0 | | | | The ONLY FULL FEATU
pcbevn25.zip170KPCBEvent v2.5 (For PCB14.5x); The Ultimate In PCBoard Even
pcbfconv.zip47KPCBoard to TBBS file listing conversion utility.
pcbfd210.zip17KEXEBBS.BAT file for FrontDoor 2.10 and PCB.
pcbform.zip27KPCBFormFiller v1.1 --------+ | Replace PCBoard scripts wit
pcbfre25.zip92KPCBoard 14.5x File Ratio Enforcer DOOR. Provides dynamic F
pcbfv35.zip136KPCBFV 3.5: PCBoard F V Compressed File View. On-line/local
pcbfv38.zip141KPCBFV 3.8 - PCBoard Compressed File Viewer. Views ZIP, ARJ
pcbfv94b.zip24KNine One One PCBForum v0.94b PPE Replaces regular menu pro
pcbfx12.zip59KPCBFX 1.2 - PCBoard File XFer Profile. Scan DOWNLOAD.TXT f
pcbfx22.zip125KPCBFX 2.2 PCBoard File History/Profile Door. Reports times
pcbhill.zip11KPCBHILL * PCBTEXT language file for v15.0using "HillBilly"
pcbhlp_c.zip35KPCBhelp Files In Color
pcbicons.zip1,846BThis File contains a collection of PcBoard icons that can
pcbidx11.zip23KUtilities to enable you to view, find or delete files from
pcbimp12.zip246KPCB'MPORT v1.2 for PCBoard; Find file descriptions from ei
pcbinstr.zip25KPCBoard 14.5 help files in WP51 format. Useful for navigat
pcblang.zip21KPCBoard Language file (PCBTEXT.XXX) file utility. Allows y
pcblim20.zip77KPCBLimit Version 2.0 * PCBLimit is a DOOR that will allow
pcbll097.zip31KPCBCALL 0.97b - dated 08/01/92 Cut your CALLER log file(s)
pcblof-2.zip16KPCBLOF.EXE will create a list-of-files for your users to d
pcblogo2.zip44KPCBLOGO v2.0; Not only lets you add ZIP Comments to your f
pcbmac10.zip24KPCB Macro's Version 1.0.0 b Released 05-21-92 PCB Macro's
pcbmail1.zip17KPCBMail v1.01; Create new CONTROL.DAT with conferences the
pcbml101.zip71KPCBmail 1.0b; PCBoard 15.0 [PPE] program for Newuser Verfi
pcbmm12.zip89KPCBMM 1.2 - PCBoard Multi-Menu System. Adds over 100 funct
pcbmode2.zip18KPcbMode Version 2.0 released Nov 11th 1991. SysOp utility
pcbmodem.zip85KPCBModem: Now includes support for 7 new modems. Also adde
pcbmove.zip78KPCBMove - Remote PCBoard file moving utility. PCBoard door
pcbmsg2.zip41KUpdate the message base from door (DOS text file). Support
pcbmsg25.zip395KPCBmsg v2.5 PC-Board format message manager
pcbmult.zip44KPCBoard And Multiple Nodes; Text describes how to setup PC
pcbnet54.zip29KPCB-Net v5.4. Support for PCBoard 15.0. Very Fast. 500%-10
pcbnet71.zip120KPCB-Net v7.1 Supports PCBoard 15.0-15.2. Very Fast. This w
pcbnew14.zip8,816BPCBNEWS v1.14 - PCB News Editor [PPE] - A useful Sysop's A
pcbnewf.zip29KMake a second Filelist only with Files since the last xx D
pcbnfy10.zip34KPCBoard Notify - NetWare Version Notifies NetWare users of
pcbnorwa.zip44KNorwegian PCBTEXT and HLP files for PCB 14.5 / 15.1 / 15.2
pcboc110.zip282KOnline Checks Direct! For PCB (v1.10) PCBOCD (as it i
pcbrat15.zip14KPCBoard 14.5a File Ratio Enforcer DOOR. Provides real-time
pcbre200.zip9,533BPCBReset v2.00, This runs in batch to test PCBOARD.SYS to
pcbscm3.zip24KSets environment with selected data from PCBOARD.SYS file.
pcbsec44.zip12KPCBSEC v4.03 - Encrypted E-Mail For PCBoard. - Compiled wi
pcbsiz10.zip6,270BPCBSize will adjust your DIR file sizes to match the actua
pcbspy10.zip78KPCBSpy v1.0; Monitor-Program for PCBoard V14.5a and V15.0,
pcbss30.zip274KPCBSuperScript v3.0. Powerful script language for PCBoard
pcbstamp.zip24KPCBStamp is useful in batch files to send a string to the
pcbsws-1.zip413KPCBoard Shareware Special. Fully functional release of an
pcbsws-2.zip606KPCBoard Shareware Special. Fully functional release of an
pcbt0982.zip59KPCBTIC v0.982; Process TIC files without trashing PCBoard'
pcbt0991.zip59KPCBTIC v0.991. A must for Fido PCBoard SysOps. Faster exec
pcbt_abu.zip14KABUSIVE PCBText File; I guess this just goes to show there
pcbtbat1.zip4,626BBatch Files For PCBoard File Testing
pcbtecat.zip8,606BPCBtext in Catalan.
pcbtext.zip10KThis is a translation of text and questions
pcbtkinf.zip2,484BInfo about PCBoard ToolKit which has now been updated for
pcbtxpor.zip46KPortuguese PCBTEXT, Menus, Blts, and help for PCBoard 14.5
pcbtxspa.zip12KSpanish PCBTEXT and menus for PCB 14.5.
pcbtxtit.zip34KItalian PCBtext for PCBoard 15.2. Includes all HELP files
pcbtxtp2.zip15KPortuguese PCBTEXT 2.1b for PCBoard v15.2
pcbudc11.zip29KPCBoard Upload Date Checker (PCBUPDC) v1.1 A program for c
pcbude11.zip79KPCBUDE v1.1 - (For PCB14.5a) - 5-13-92 -+ |PCB User Downlo
pcbupld.zip18KPCBTest utility to post the individuals name (as PCBoard d
pcburm16.zip123KPCBoard User Ratio Monitor v1.6; SIMPLE to setup. Will mon
pcbusu20.zip51KPCB User Search Utility v2.0; Small utility for PCBoard Sy
pcbutil.zip49KTwo useful utilities for PCBoard sysops. One trims CR from
pcbuucp8.zip71KPCB-UUCP; Information Package on the full-featured PCBoard
pcbv421.zip121KPCBVerify 4.21 - the *original* callback verify door. This
pcbvio3.zip32KPCBoard PCBTEXT that will blow you away! 250 Modification
pcbvpack.zip38KPCBVPack v1.0 - A utility for PCBoard 14.5+ sysops who use
pcbwat40.zip208KPCBwatch v4.0 - Excellent Sysops Control Center. Monitors
pcbxmas.zip2,906BXmas Message Screen for PCBoard BBS A nice festive screen,
pcf_4_0.zip35KP*C*F 4*0 ]-- The ultimate filer for PCBOARD,PROBOARD PcEx
pcfae095.zip169KPC-Board File Area Editor 0.95 Beta | |-| | This program i
pchat3b2.zip77KProchat v3.0 beta 2, April 92. Some bug fixes as well as s
pcls0100.zip18KProCalls 1.00 Previous Caller Bulletin Maker for PCBoard c
pcls20r.zip21KProCalls 2.0R - PCBoard 14.5 previous caller bulletin gene
pcmat.zip2,861BPPE - PCMAT: This PPE allow the SysOp to Know which Users
pcr_155.zip12KPcRemove v1.55; Caller Log Editor. PcRemove will remove un
pcrl_701.zip74KPCRelay List Door For PCBoard BBS
pcrlg111.zip33KPCRLOG v1.11 - The ultimate utility for the PCRelay HUB Sy
pddfx100.zip18KPDDFIX V1.00 s/w released 08/03/92. TICK utility to "fix"
pdfm092b.zip161KPDFM v0.92Abeta; PCBoard Deluxe File Manager Super alterna
pdpm_20a.zip26KPCBDIRPM v2.00a - Compiled on this 08-04-93 This program
ped100b1.zip39KPCBedit v1.00: wide area beta 'display file designer' for
pegand2x.zip48KPEGANODE v2.1a* WHO REPLACEMENT PPE | |=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
pepster.zip13KPepster's Place BBS Present's-+ |Pepster's Utilities April
petc12.zip3,844BPress Enter To Continue V1.02 Totally Configurable PPE! -
pexlu12.zip4,378BPark in the Alley Last User Msg Program for ProBoard PEX F
pexqt10.zip19KQuick Random Quote Generator for ProBoard!
pgscan04.zip38KPGSCAN v0.4 - Aid for PCBoard 14.5a SCANS EMBEDDED ZIP FIL
phcd.zip8,758BPPE that tells you what CD-ROM is in the drive! Handles up
phone120.zip6,130BThe Phone Number Utility v1.20 * | +-+ +-+ | Prompt replac
phone400.zip25KVersion 4.00 compiled 04/02/92 - 5:32p using the DOORPCH38
phrk2-2.zip144KPhripk2-2 ZIP Error fixed ! +-{ Phantom rip kit V 2.0 )-+
phun-meb.zip2,681BPPE] LOGIN MESSAGE SCARER V.1.0 [PHUN] +-+ | Broadcasts a
phun-tc1.zip1,117BPPE] THIS-CALL-STATISTICS V.1.0 [PHUN] +-+ | A cool PPe to
phun_alt.zip3,744BPHUN Anti Lamer Test PPE for PCB 15.1
phun_ed1.zip8,793BUser Editor v1.0 [PPE]
phun_fm1.zip2,849BFlash Mail 1.0 [PPE]
phun_hh1.zip1,973BThe Happy Hour PPE 1.0! Let Your Users Slobber!
phun_lv2.zip6,302BLast Visitors 1.3 [PPE]
phun_mf2.zip1,081BMail Flasher 2.0
phun_mz2.zip2,767BMulti ZyZop Comment 2.0 LiGHTBAR VERSiON!
phun_rt1.zip5,759BRUMour Thing 1.OO [PPE]
pi_100p.zip67KPostIt v1.00PR - PostIt takes text files and posts them to
pic-lt5.zip13KLast Transfers v1.04 PPE
pin.zip4,786BPersonal Identification Number PPE Uses Verification field
pkins710.zip107KPKinsert Version 7.10 released Jan 1st 1992 Check archive
pla-menu.zip1,143BMENU [PPE] for PCB Replaces the "?"-command and removes "M
pllog10.zip33KPLLog1.0 Bulletin creator for Postlink(tm) Mailruns. Creat
pmttv16.zip32KPepster's Movie Time Trivia 1.60 FREEWARE! Simple, but yet
pnews200.zip46KPCB News Editor v2.00 ####| |-| | This program will allow
pnode-13.zip11KPrivate Node v1.3 by: Code 3 Set-up a private node. This v
pnodebbs.zip72KProNode Monitor BBS; A command replacement for PCBoard's W
pob396_3.zip11KPOB396LS [PPE3] / PCB 15.2 - 2.00 [1/1]+ |-| | PCBoard <*-
pob605_4.zip6,808BPOB605 [PPE3] / PCB 15.2 - 2.11 [1/1]+ |-| | PCBoard <*-PO
pob_sc2.zip9,269BPOB_SC2 [PPE3] / PCB 15.2 - 1.00 [1/1]+ |-| |POB_SC2.PPE i
pobbull2.zip9,732BPOBBULL.PPE3 for PCB 15.2 v0.02b [1/1] - +---+ +---+ +---+
pobdlp02.zip24KPOB DLPROMPT PPE3 / PCB 15.2 0.02b [1/1]+ |-| | PCBoard <*
pobjoina.zip33KPOBJOIN [PPE3] / PCB 15.21 - 2.51 [1/1]+ |-| |POBJOIN.PPE
pobmor14.zip10KPOBMORE.PPE3 for PCB 15.2 v0.14b [1/1] - +---+ +---+ +---+
pobnls03.zip6,668BPOBNLS [PPE3] / PCB 15.2 - 0.03b [1/1]+ |-| |POBNLS.PPE is
pobspy01.zip15KSPY [PPE3] Ver. 0.01b by POB for PCB 15.2+ WHO replacement
pobt15_2.zip13KPCBTEXT.GER German PCBoard 15.2 TXT File + |-| | PCBoard <
pog14.zip17KPot Of Gold . v 1.4 . PCBoard .PPE game of chance. Try you
post32.zip55KNEWS POST Version 3.2 for WildCat and PCboard news bulleti
postblt1.zip11KPOSTLINK Mail run report Utility! Postblt will create an i
ppagemod.zip10KPPE-PAGE.PPE v1.00b; PCBoard 15.0 [PPE] program to use in
ppe-menu.zip21KPPE-MENU.ZIP: Generic Menus in PPE format for PCBoard v15.
ppe_menu.zip21KPPE-MENU.ZIP: Generic Menus in - - PPE format for PCBoard
ppe_upgr.zip4,143BThis is an example PPE for the Demo version of PCBoard/PPL
ppebv_2.zip13KPPEBack V. 2.0 |-+ | So many added functions, we just HAD
ppednews.zip2,236BX09+- @X0APPE Developer News Letter@X09 -@X01+ @X09| @X0EI
ppemnu10.zip2,713BPPE MENU v1.00. PPEMNU is a PPE program to allow Sysops th
ppepakts.zip24KPPE games - Blackjack, Card Sharks & Slots
ppescr17.zip37KPPE-Script v1.70 (11-01-94) - Newask/Logon/ Logoff/Script
pplasc.zip86KPCBoard PPL rough draft documentation in ASCII text file f
ppldoc.zip12KInformation about the PCBoard Programming Language (PPL).
ppppro31.zip221KPCBoard Power Pak Pro Version 3.1! | |-| | The Best PCBoar
pr100.zip3,167BPPERUN.PPE - v1.00 - PPE Menu PPE. Checks security levels
prelog10.zip5,119BPrelog V1.0 PPE that allows users to upload a file or down
prfl200.zip21KUser Profile Version 2.0 for PCB15.1 This PPE will allow f
primexpt.zip2,210BXpert Toggle PPE Asks if the user is sure they wamt to tur
prlst120.zip46KProLast 1.20 - Door That Will Allow Your Users To Leave A
pro-qwk.zip5,026BPRO-QKW.PPE for PcBoard v15.1 Adds All NEW FILES LIST to Q
prod352.zip243KProdoor and Prologon v3.52 for PCBoard. Needs
prod352o.zip250KProdoor overlay beta v3.52.
prodiz1a.zip66KPRODIZ v1.1a. The Bug-Fix BETA release. PRODIZ is a FILE_I
proed1b.zip41KProEdit V1.0b for PCB 05/05/94 This archive contains a new
proedt34.zip78KProedit for PCBoard 14.x. Allows Sysop to use features fro
profnd20.zip22KThe PCBFIND program consist of three programs: PCBFINST.CO
prok345.zip282KProkit beta v3.45
prol12b1.zip105Kprologon version 1.2 upgrade disk
prompt.zip1,521BA nice animated main prompt replacement, anad
promptu.zip5,984BSelectable Prompts PPE for PCBoard This efficient PPE work
prowho18.zip45KProWho; The "WHO UPLOADED THAT FILE?" door for PCBoard! Th
prscan12.zip71KAllow your users to select when their prescanned mail pack
psn_user.zip3,017BUSER PPE v.1.0 FoR PCBOARD
psnlog10.zip4,104BLoGiN PPE v1.0 - for PCB 15.2
psprt.zip8,032BThis ppe will alow you to pasword protect any door on your
ptahang.zip2,122BHaNGUp PPE v1.0
ptaprot.zip2,737BPRoToCoL PPe v2.o | |-| | Replace the T Commd| | (Trasfer
pubread2.zip8,811BPUB-READ v2.0 Online reading PPE for PCB; Display any publ
pull12.zip13KPull Down Menu PPE 1.2 - Scott Eby | |-| | Best and ONLY P
pulld2_2.zip45KFinally a full PULL DOWN Menu> < VERSION 2.2 MAJOR REVISIO
pulldown.zip5,281BPullDown is the source code to a pulldown menu system for
pullsh3.zip24KFinally a full PULL DOWN Menu> < VERSION 3.6 MAJOR REVISIO
purge1g.zip48KPCBoard Outdated File Handler ]-+ |Purge allows a PCBoard
purge21.zip61KPCBoard Outdated File Handler v2.1; Purge allows a PCBoard
purge30.zip63KPURGE old and outdated files. NOW A FREE UTILITY FOR ALL P
pw_menu.zip9,687BPPE]* This is a self-maintaining menu system. It will run
pwa-nsp1.zip4,327BPWA New-Scan Pro-PC v1.0 -+ | Ami/X styled new file scan P
pwaa1l10.zip2,978BAMI-X ONELINERS v1.00 by Timecop ]-+ | A great looking, AM
pwaac125.zip6,060BAMI-X Digiclock v1.25 by Timecop -+ | Show the system time
pwaafsue.zip3,593BAMI-X Full Screen User Editor PPE -+ | This is a great loo
pwaalt10.zip2,892BAMI-X Last Transfers v1.00 by Timecop -+ | Another PCBoard
pwaam11r.zip4,211BPWA AutoMessage v1.1 By AReS [PWA] -+ | The best AutoMessa
pwaamxch.zip2,610BAMI-X Chat PPE by Timecop -+ | A small, quick, and simple
pwaap10.zip4,615BAny-Password v1.0 by Drew [PWA] -+ | Use this for your new
pwaatb10.zip7,371BAMI-X Alltime Top DL/UL v1.00 by Timecop + | [AMI-UPLD.PPE
pwaaw135.zip7,617BAMI-X Weektop v1.35 by Timecop -+ | Generates a bulletin f
pwaaxchw.zip3,289BAMI-X Chat PPE bugfix ver. 2 by Timecop + | A small, quick
pwaaxuvu.zip1,625BAMI-X User Verification Utility -+ | A small and quick PPE
pwabfv20.zip107KFileView PPE v2.0 ]-+ | This is a fantastic file viewer PP
pwabqt10.zip8,059BQuoter PPE v1.0 by BlackCat /\ PWA ]-+ | PCBoard message q
pwabwm10.zip26KWMTop PPE v1.00 by BlackCat /\ PWA ]-+ | A PCB 15.2+ PPE :
pwacj12.zip8,943BConference Join v1.2 by Drew [PWA] -+ | A conference join
pwacs11.zip18KDEF Comment to Sysop v1.1 by Drew [PWA] + | Replace your "
pwadtc02.zip32KDownload.TXT Cleaner v0.2 - Drew / PWA ]+ | PCBoard 15.x u
pwaeem12.zip13KEnhanced End of Message v1.2 by Drew -+ | Replace your End
pwaef211.zip24KEnhanced Flag v2.11 by Drew /\ PWA ]-+ | Get rid of that a
pwaemc13.zip13KEnhanced Mesg Edit Cmds v1.3 by Drew -+ | A crisp & clean
pwaequ10.zip14KEnhanced Quick Uploader v1.0 by Drew -+ | Do your blind up
pwafsm13.zip3,198BPWA Editor v1.3 - [ By Nemesis ]-+ | PCBOARD 15.1 PPE - Al
pwafv25r.zip32KPWA File Viewer v2.5 - [ By Defcon 4 ]-+ | Zip File Viewer
pwajit10.zip4,647BJOIN-IT V1.00 PPE
pwalc20r.zip2,879BLightning Config 2.0]-[By AReS/PWA]-+ | [PPE] Replacement
pwamr10s.zip10KPWA Menu Rotator v1.0 -[ By Drew ]-+ | Rotate any number o
pwanfs10.zip22KPWA DEF New File Scan v1.0 by Drew -+ | Finally, a user co
pwanws1r.zip4,358BPWA News v1.0 - [ By Defcon 4] -+ | PWA News is a graphica
pwapg21.zip40KPrompts Galore! v2.1 by Drew [PWA] -+ | Replace 44(!) of t
pwapmt13.zip9,728BPrompts V1.3 [ By CorruptioN ]-+ | PCBOARD 15.1 PPE That p
pwasig11.zip6,049BAutoSig V1.1 PPE for PCBoard 15.1 That provides the users
pwass02.zip16KDEF System Statistics v0.2 by Drew [PWA] + | A beta versio
pwateat.zip8,284BPWA T.E.A.T. v1.2 - [ By Candy Man ] -+ | TEAT is a PPE wh
pwatl11.zip5,171BTurbo Logon v1.1 by Drew [PWA] -+ | A completely flexible
pwatp11.zip16KTransfer Protocol v1.1 by Drew [PWA] -+ | Replace your bor
pwatx10.zip3,288BPWA Top/X v1.0 -[ By Mad Wizard ]-+ | Finally a quick and
pwaul10r.zip3,606BPWA UserList v1.0 By AReS [PWA] ] -+ |Color Configurable,
pwaus12.zip25KDEF User Lister 1.2 by Drew [PWA] -+ | Get rid of that bor
pwausref.zip7,234BUser Refer PPE by Cyber Demon -+ | Use this to let your va
pwavr10.zip8,847BVROTATE v1.0 by Drew [PWA] -+ | For users of PROMPTS by Vi
pwc_ansi.zip2,092BQUiCK ANSi QUeRY v1.0 . By MeNTaL Asks Users If They Want
pwc_auto.zip2,813BQUiCK aUTo MeSSaGe v1.0 . By MeNTaL 5 Line Auto Message PP
pwc_file.zip2,441BQUiCK FiLe PRoMPT v1.0 . By MeNTaL Tired Of That Shitty De
pwc_mtrx.zip6,520BQUiCK DoS MaTRiX v1.0 . QUiCK PPE (C) 1994 By MeNTaL KaSe
pwfail11.zip2,874BPW-FAIL.PPE v1.1; This is the forgetpw.ppe taken a little
pword1a.zip50KP_Words v1.0a Compiles words from phone numbers. This hand
pwrap102.zip19KPCBWrap v1.02; PCBoard filelist reformatter Reformats down
pwrap106.zip18KPCBWrap v1.06, DOS utility: PCBoard filelist offline refor
pwrdwarn.zip2,859BPWRDWARN is a PPL written to warn callers that their passw
pyrmid34.zip131KA | Pyramid v3.4 |A | | A| Computer Profiles | A| +-----+
q-clr11.zip8,451BCARRIER LOST REPLACER V1.1 - | Changes PCBoards 'Carrier L
q-dup232.zip13KDAYUP v2.32 of (07.10.94) [Q-TiP!] A PCBoard Utility that
q-ld200.zip9,574BLOCALDEL v2.00 of (06/12/94) - [Q-TiP!] * | LOCALDEL is TH
q-log10.zip9,111BQ-LOG PCBOARD LOGFILE ADJUSTER v1.0 - | Cuts PCBoards logf
q-nd062.zip130KNUKEDUKE v0.62b of (11/14/94) - (Q-TIP!) * NUKEDUKE: the b
q-sd100.zip1,064BSysopDownload [PPE] v1.00 - (Q-TIP 1994) * Sys-Download is
q-ubp102.zip8,323BUBPLUS v1.02 of (06/11/94) (Q-TIP) * An ULBY.PPE Applicati
q-who210.zip3,091BQWHO v2.10 PPE of (07/17/94) - (Q-TiP!) * QWho v2.10 is th
q-xjv210.zip15KXTRA JOiN/2 v2.10 for PCBoard 15.1 | |-| |.lightning.confe
q-zz146.zip58KZIPZAP v1.46 of (07.11.94) - (Q-TIP 1994) * -/ The Ultimat
qeditv13.zip34KThe Quote Generator v1.03; Personalized maintenance progra
qenforce.zip56KQEnforce v1.15 is a utility for use with PCBoard 14.5 syst
qf-1141.zip104KVersion 1.141b of QScan to fix problems with it truncating
qf_1131.zip101KQScan 1.131b fixes a bug in QScan 1.13b that caused high m
qflag1.zip2,265BA replacement to allow users to flag a message when using
qflog20.zip16KQFRONT Log file Call Analyzer by Santronics Software. Catc
qfmail1a.zip8,770BQF-MAIL v1.0b PPE For PCBoard 15.0; Replace the (E)nter a
qfp-115.zip888KWide beta version 1.15b of QFront/PCB, a full-featured Fid
qm4_nor.zip29KQMail4 Norwegian Translation Text Files from EuroNet Infor
qmaster2.zip6,080BX0DQuote Master - Displays a random quote for each user. P
qotd191.zip241KQuote Of The Day - Version 1.9 Over 5500 quotes, quips and
quote-me.zip20KQuote-Me PPE v2.0, Quote of the day ### +-+ | This PPE pro
quote.zip28KFMAIN MENU QUOTE v1.0: PPE FOR PCBOARD 15.2 Fix your main
quote1.zip34KQUOTE OF THE DAY Version 1.0 A PPE FOR PCBOARD 15.x Fully
quote_10.zip31KTREK QUOTES, vers 1.0. A PCBoard 15.2 PPE that displays a
qv11.zip6,423BQuick View v1.1 + PCBoard PPE utility to quickly pull up a
qwk_axy2.zip3,862BQWK_AXY!.PPE QWK Cmd Litebar +-+ | - QWK command replaceme
qwk_nl.zip1,352BQWK help file for PCBoard 15.0 in the DUTCH language, usin
qwkp095.zip15KQWK Packer 0.95b by Rob Borek A complete lightbar replacem
qwktlk_4.zip559KQWKTALK v4.0: World's Only Talking E-Mail Reader! Supports
r1742pcb.zip12KConvert RBBS v17.4 MASTER.DIR file to PCBoard v14.x DIRxxx
r2lodoup.zip3,442BPCB Logon Door for v15.x
ra-sysop.zip5,117BRA!] Multiple Sysop Selection v0.50b -+ |- - - -----------
rabperf.zip577KSteve Dossick's #### #### RabbitHelp (TM) #### +-+ | "Add-
rchlp110.zip68KR/C Helper # R/C Helper v1.10! Released Sep. 15,1994 For R
rdswal25.zip46KRDSWall.PPE v2.5 |-- --+-+-- -------------------------- --
read1_0.zip4,109BV1.0| |-| |--+ |--+ |- |-| | | | | |--+ - - - - - - --+ -
readydl_.zip8,839BReadyD/L v1.0 [ By: Visionary ]-+ | PPE With Lightbars for
receipt2.zip4,186BRECEIPT.PPE PCBoard 15.1 PPE that generates a receipt for
recompr.zip49KPegasus Software's Recompress v1.1: Tiny Little Utility Th
refer12.zip7,862BREFER v1.2: User Referral System PPE - FREEWARE! A very co
reg_at10.zip21KEasy Auto Message v1.0 Easy auto message editor and displa
reg_er10.zip33KEasy Run v1.0 *BETA* This is a PPE Witch will run other .P
reg_lech.zip2,691BAnti-Leech PPE Lockout users by time defined periods
regreq.zip9,111BRegistration Request PPE* A PPE for use in a security spec
remind01.zip10KRemind.PPE v1.0-+ | Counts the number of days remains | |
remind1b.zip8,787BREMIND1B.PPE v1.0b-+ | This PPE will countdown the days |
report18.zip38KSysop's USERS record Report Generator - Generates reports
req301.zip21KFor PCBoard 15.2 Conference Request.PPE v3.01 - Major new
request.zip3,995BConference Request .PPE For PCB 15.0; PPE to allow your us
reset120.zip6,806BReset.PPE version 1.20 - Reset subscribers that have expir
retail.zip9,208BRetail Hell v1.0 Text adventure PPE
reward17.zip45KPCB-REWARD v 1.7 - for PCBoard 14.5x rewards top uploaders
rfg_logf.zip2,005BauTo LoGoFF v1.0 - FuLLY CoNFiGuRaBLe
rgd-bfdl.zip814BStats before D/L v1.0
rgd-page.zip2,237BPage PPE. Quick, Simple, and Source Included
rgd-st2.zip1,341BUser Stats v2.0
rgd-ulog.zip3,312BLogin PPE (Newuser, handle, pass, etc.)
rgd-us.zip2,820BUser List v1.0
rh_ansi1.zip2,230BANSI Login v1.0 [PPE] "Do you want ANSI?" replacement for
rh_conf1.zip11KThe Protected Conference v1.0 [PPE]
rh_doss1.zip3,870BProtected DOS Functions v1.0 [PPE]
rh_entr1.zip6,238BEnter Prompt Replacement v1.0 [PPE]
rh_logn1.zip6,657BFull Screen Login Replacement v1.0 [PPE]
rh_tops1.zip42KToTaL ToP CReaToR v1.0 = | | * Totally Configurable | | *
rh_who1.zip5,656BThe WhooZ Online Replacement v1.0 [PPE]
ripit11.zip2,416BRIPiT version 1.1 ### +-+ | RIPiT [PPE] allows your users
ripkt111.zip152KRIPKit v1.11 - A RIPScrip starter kit for experienced PCBo
rlogoff.zip33KRandom logoff ansi displayer with full source
rmad30.zip19KThis program, quite simply, removes bulletin board adverti
rmail11.zip4,447BRMAIL V1.1 - The PPE scans all conferences for the MAIL WA
rmbbshlp.zip14KThis is a straight TXT file when unzipped to help people w
rnet108u.zip167KPCBoard 14.x EchoConference driver for "QWK" packet based
rockytxt.zip18KGerman Version of PCBTEXT (Swiss Made.!) A very comprehens
rquest01.zip15KREQUEST v0.10 Beta - Preliminary release of a Door to allo
rtwho11.zip3,818BReal Time WHO version 1.1 | | coded by Gandalf/Infiny | |-
ru100.zip3,294BREGUSER.PPE - v1.00 - Keeps unregistered users or keep a p
rwcnf20.zip288KPCB 14.5 Automatic CNFN Menu Generation Sys. Any/all of 9
rwcsx11.zip18KFree Add-On utility for use with the RWCnf Conferences Men
rwdir21.zip243KPCB 14.5a DIR Menu & Header Utility. Displays Nbr of Files
rwdir22.zip275KPCB 14.5a DIR Menu & Header Utility. Displays Nbr of Files
rwdlst1c.zip31KRWDList 1.0C. Freebie add-on utility to RWDir for making F
rwwarn11.zip20KWARNING: NEW UPLOAD HAS NOT BEEN SCANNED E Warn your calle
s_stats.zip155KPCB Call Statistics v1.0; Write the information on the Cal
sat115.zip122KSAT 1.15, a PCBoard Professional Sysop Series program, han
sau.zip2,126BSysOp Alert v.2 PPE; Notifies you when a user logs on your
scall121.zip20KSAMCALL.PPE v1.21 #### | |-| | SamCall v1.21 Callsign Serv
scalls12.zip49KSuperCalls 1.2 The ultimate Who Called Today Bulletin/Hell
scan050.zip1,422BSCAN.PPE - Spice Up Directory Scans! | |-| | SCAN.PPE is a
scconf12.zip8,431BBand new PPE to replace the J command from the PCBoard mai
sclist13.zip17KStarCOMM BBS List Utility v1.03 * Full BBS List PPE for PC
scopur13.zip19KScore Purge v1.3 PCBoard ONLY Purge score files (.SCO) of
scrdl_21.zip13KSCRIPTDL version 2.1 (03-06-92). A simple program that con
script10.zip12Kofware | | #####ed [ [ ### | | [ ## [ [ragon ][ | | # # ##
script2.zip32KSource code for the Script 2 (online ordering) as used on
script2s.zip32KSame Ppl Source Code for the Script 2.
scrol11e.zip3,979BSCROLL.PPE V 1.1 * Shareware scroller for PCB 15.1 * Use i
scum-ln3.zip5,649BScumLiners v3.0! Full Featured Oneliner For PCB BuxFixe Fr
scumlc20.zip6,109BLight Comment v2.O by Cloudsend The best Lightbar SysOp Co
scumnu10.zip16KNewuser Voting PPE v1.o The greatest NUV system yet made f
scumpc10.zip2,825BPrevious Callers Display v1.o A good last few callers PPE
scumpr10.zip4,545BPROTO-MATIC v1.o - PPE A State-of-the-art Lightbar Protoco
scumqt10.zip5,216BMessage Quoter PPE v1.0 Msg Quoter PPE replaces your inter
scumrq10.zip3,235BFile Request PPE v1.0 (YOMAMA|Caffine) A File Request PPE
scumst15.zip5,817BSCuM STaTS v1.5 By MiNDFRYeR '94 Finally, here is a great
scumtu13.zip47KSCuMToP v1.3 by OSiRiS SCuMToP is a Top Weekly/Alltime Dow
sec_pak.zip2,433BBBS Security PAK |-+ Announcing the Sysop's BBS Security P
sec_v200.zip3,197BSEC-JOIN.PPE v2.0; PCBoard 15.2 [PPE] program to use when
secfail.zip58KX4F SECURITY FAIL PPE v1.0 @X0FThis PPE is for "High Secur
sendfaxp.zip3,750BPPS and PPE for PCB15 to prepare msg 2b faxed This script
sendm100.zip22KSendMes v1.00 [PPE] | | For use with PCBoard 15.1 | | Send
set_user.zip13KSet-User V1.00 06-07-92 Utility to set Users Security Leve
setarc11.zip43KSetArc v1.1 - Will easily transpose the date stamps in you
setbyt35.zip43KPCBoard has (by v14.5a) no direct support for limiting dow
seted11.zip4,202BSETED v1.1; [PPE] will replace the stock W command on PCbo
setevent.zip10KSetEvent v1.00; Set any field in your EVENT.DAT file from
setqoff1.zip5,619BSETQOFF.EXE Utility ver 1.0 of 12/13/91. A utility for PCB
sexcall.zip2,453BAMi-X Pager. Costumizable
sexchat.zip28KThe Ultimate FullScreen Chat v1.21
sf11fds.zip2,500BSYSFILES.PPE v1.1 * Sysfiles is a | simple utility for rem
sf2pc100.zip12KUtility converts SPITFIRE 3.2 user and message files to PC
shaker11.zip90KJim Coleman's SHAKER! #### | |-| | The MOST POPULAR NASA M
shell_26.zip19KTHE SHELL GAME - Ver 2.6, a PPE for PCBoard 15.21, from Ga
shk-kp10.zip6,352BSHK-PPE] KewlPage! V1.o
shkcs201.zip9,897BSHK-PPE] Conference Selector 2.01
showevnt.zip11KShowEvnt v1.0; Display EVENT.DAT file for PCBoard 15.0 all
showfr10.zip12KSHOWFREE 1.0: A program that creates colorful bulletins di
sik-fl12.zip4,941BGeNeRaTe a CooL CuSToM FiLeS LiST FoR eaCH uSeR oN THe FLY
sik-pep4.zip4,866BNeW aND KeWL eNTa PRoMPT PPe'S
sik-up10.zip4,102BSiK auTo-uPLoaDeR v1.0
simplang.zip16KTHE SIMPSONS PCBOARD LANGUAGE> |Need I say more? Written f
sintax.zip2,503BDoorway Blocker v1.02 [PPE] This Is A PCB 15.1 [PPE] That
sixguess.zip2,090BSimple PPE game in which the computer has picked a 6-digit
sk-nuls.zip3,860BThis Is A New User Logon PPE for PCB 15.1+ This is A Enhan
skchat13.zip11KSy Kopath Chat v1.3 - PCBoard PPE. A fun fake chat program
sl-fb15.zip3,235BFEEDBACK.PPE 1.5b -=-Shadowlight-=- - A lightbar Multiple
sl_utl10.zip10KSurreal PPL Utilities v1.0; Oneliner file That offers a La
sla-seya.zip9,832BSEE YA! .PPE For PcBOARD 15.1 Version 1.1 Removed The Dela
smart207.zip20KSmartSec v2.07 PPE for PCBoard v15.0; Checks SecViol, PwdE
smrtconf.zip7,469BPPE Program to replace the oin command of PCBoard 15.0
smrtnppe.zip27KPPE] PCBoard Programing Language for 15.0 to display the S
sms.zip4,175BSMS PPE present the user with a DOOR menu system and check
snc.zip1,923BPesky users Beware PPE; Replace PCBtext record 296 with th
sndmsg02.zip3,879BSend A Message v.o2 by Balrog | *-* | This PPE is used to
snt_logo.zip10KSNT<- Login Util For PCB 15.2 * v1.1
soi-ent.zip1,331BAutomated Enter Enhancer for PCB 15.1
somany24.zip24KPPE] SO MANY CDs! Version 2.4 More CD-ROMs than drives? Le
source.zip3,741BSource Files For STARDIR3.PPE & STARCON1.PPE Now you can c
spatxt15.zip83KNew Spanish files for PCB; Includes PCBTEXT for PCB15 and
spell111.zip735KPCB Spell v1.11 (A PCBoard 15.2+ PPE!): Wow! Here is the c
splash.zip3,830BLogon Splash screen replacement with full source code
splitdir.zip22KSPLIT-DIR v1.0 Utility for PFED Splits large PCB dirs into
spotv200.zip233KSpotChek v2.o #### PCB v14.5+ Upload File Processor. Inclu
sqlab22.zip125KSQUILAB(tm) Version 2.2 PCB Upload-Checker, CRC-Check, Vir
sqstrip.zip38KRemoves "Uploaded by:." from PCB-dirlists. By Peter Haessi
srch200a.zip12KS E A R C H - 2.0 *=- ### [PPE] Compiled for PCBoard 15.1.
st220b.zip46KUSRSTATS V2.20 BETA 4/28/94 [PPE] PCBoard/USR sysops can n
starcon1.zip3,060BSTARCON Version 1 PPE Compiled on # # 08/12/1994 By PPLC v
stardir3.zip3,222BSTARDIR Version 3 PPE Compiled on | | 08/12/1994 By PPLC v
stat300a.zip56KUser Statistics - v3.0a - Compiled 07/05/92 * Another Grea
stats110.zip8,828BViEW STATS 1.10 PPE FOR PCBOARD 15.0+ <*> GOOD LOOKiNG (V)
stats14c.zip3,943BStats v1.4cb; [PPE] program where it will ask to show user
stats_.zip6,711BX0A# @X0FSTATS.PPE Ver 1.0 Compiled PPLC 3.0 @X0A# @X0FSTA
statsp4b.zip55KStatusP: Generate Export, Import, Last Import and Monthly
statsq1b.zip48KStatusQ: Generate Export, Import, Last Import and Monthly
statv12.zip106KDynaStat v1.2 Log Processor/Bulletin Generator will pro- c
statx60b.zip7,038BSTATiSTiX v.60b - AN AMi-X STYLE USER STATiSTiCS PPE FOR U
stfd_inf.zip30KSetfeed Info. Instructions for issuing setfeed/dynafeed/rc
stop_2.zip2,342BEdited from the original batch files to prevent Zmodem fro
stormbye.zip3,327BStormBYE v1.0 By The Ringthane +-+ | "G" COMMAND REPLACEME
stormc12.zip5,139BStormCHAT v1.2 By The Ringthane +-+ |Sysop PAGE/CHAT PPE f
stormlin.zip5,762BStormLINERS v1.1 By The Ringthane +-+ | One-Liner PPE For
stp301b.zip58KSTPCB (USRSTATS) PPE V3.01 BETA: PCBoard/USR sysops can no
strip_10.zip11KStrip@ v1.0; Remove all PCBoard color codes from a specifi
strippr.zip35KPCBoard DIR Stripper; Convert PCBoard dir files to Files.B
sub110.zip159KSUB v1.1; PPE for PCBoard v15.0 Subscription command/door.
subexp.zip2,972BPPL file reminds subscribers that their membership is abou
submenu.zip8,608BComplete Menu/Sub-Menu setup using PCBoard 15.0 MNU Files.
subscpcb.zip5,126BSubscription Door for PCBoard.
subscr12.zip5,663BSubscrib [PPE] to let your users use their Credit Card to
suggest1.zip23KThe Suggestion Box! . This isn't your run of the mill prog
suprsec.zip6,108BSuper Security PPE]* More Psycho-ware relating to security
svote410.zip103KSuper Vote v4.10 for PCBoard 15.1 and Above. * # # # # # #
swap100.zip22KSWAP 1.00. Switches PCBoard 15.x conferences including TPA
swho12.zip5,849BSuperWho [PPE] - v1.2 - A fun replacement for your PCBoard
swop145k.zip38KSWOP DOOR for PCBoard Vers 14.5a and higher This door allo
sysalert.zip2,451BSYSALERT.PPE v1.0-+ | Beeps and let the sysop| | knows whe
sysalt1a.zip2,626BSYSALT1A.PPE v1.0a-+ | Beeps and let the sysop knows| | wh
sysis255.zip32KSysOpIs(+) - Vers. 2.55 - Creates ASCII and ANSI files sho
syspg52b.zip73KTHP] SysPage v.52 Beta - (7-12-92) SysOp page/chat utility
t2pcb10.zip6,990BT2PCB v1.0; (TAPE-to-PCBoard Filer) is the missing link be
ta_user.zip7,888BUSER Listing by T.A. HQ V.2.00 [416] | +-+ User Lister Ver
tab151.zip16KTAB - The Address Book v1.51 [PPE] - Allow your users the
tabppe62.zip64KTABPPE62.ZIP v6.2 PPE written to interface PCBoard 15.21 B
tagged10.zip15KTAGGED10.PPE v1.0: Initial release of the first program th
tapecms1.zip13KX0E [PPE] for PCBOARD 15.0 or higher; OnLine file restorat
tbg-dwho.zip3,151BDevil's Who Version 2.0b for PCB
tbh-fnc.zip2,518BFlame Next Caller v1.0 PPE
tbh-fts.zip2,541BFiNiSH THe SToRY [PPE]
tbh-kc.zip2,772BKeWL CHaTTeR [PPE]
tbh-tlog.zip11KTURBO LOGON PPE File for PCB 15.1
tblt10g.zip97KTOPBLT v1.0g; Complete PCBoard User Bulletin Statistics Ge
tclc_120.zip54KTOTAL CONTROL LASTCALLERS (TCLC) V1.20 |+ | TCLC is the mo
tcmde310.zip49KThe Cat's Meow Door Executive v3.1; PCBoard PPE that will
tds0612.zip24KTDS Network; Worldwide Distributor of PCBoard Doors and Ut
tds0703.zip44KTDS Network; Worldwide Distributor of PCBoard Doors and Ut
terr-bul.zip1,915BCustom Uploader v1.0 PPE
th-m2c15.zip9,861BPre-processor that scans your incoming Internet email for
th_m2c15.zip9,860BPre-processor that scans your incoming Internet email for
th_sig11.zip5,530BTH-SIG is a small PPE to add a .sig to each outgoing piece
thewho12.zip7,351BTHEWHO v1.02b PPE of (01/01/95) Thewho v1.02b is the most
tht194v1.zip2,019BTHT MSG194 PPE +-+ |Two PCBTEXT Prompt's [194,630] for the
tht39622.zip8,665BTHT CMD396 v2.02 +-+ |Replacement for the MAIN Command pro
tht550v2.zip2,217BThis Small PPE will replace the PCBTEXT #'s 550 and 474, T
thtar140.zip4,377BTHT-AREA v1.40 This is the Ultimate LIGHTBAR File Area Lis
thtc25b1.zip64KTHT-UP-CHECK PPE v2.50b1 +-+ |PCB 15.1 THT-UP-CHECK v 2.50
thtck21.zip71KTHT-UP-CHECK v 2.10 PPE, This PPE Will check all uploads s
thtcmt10.zip2,885BComment to Sysop's v1.00 from The Master This PPE replaces
thtdup11.zip5,099BTHTDUP v1.10 PPE +-+ | Daily Upload Bulletin Generator For
thtev100.zip1,402BTwo Small PPE'S for PCBTEXT 157 & 116 | | Event Timer and
thtjn13.zip3,763BTHT-Join PPE Replaces the J command gives you more control
thtlc115.zip7,106BThe Last Caller's v1.15 PPE +-+ | THT Last Caller's AMI St
thtlg211.zip7,430BA Login PPE for PCB 15.0 & 15.1 replaces the Prompt's that
thtml100.zip1,815BTHT-Mail v1.00 PPE +-+ | Mail Waiting PPE, Very Configurab
thtmnu12.zip8,691BThis PPE will create a list of all PPE's and Door's you ha
thtmsg11.zip7,943BThis is the Ultimate PCB 15.1 Message Header Replacement,
thtmt411.zip21KThis is the Ultimate LIGHTBAR Matrix and NEWUSER Verificat
thtnk1b4.zip19KTHT-Nuke Will nuke Files update user's BYTES Also can give
thtns202.zip10KTHT NewScan v2.02 +-+ |NewScan PPE for PCB 15.1+ Replace t
thtnws15.zip3,135BOn-Line PCBoard 15.1 New's file editor can Update the exis
thtoff20.zip2,754BTHT Auto-Off v2.00 PPE +-+ | PPE to replace PCBTEXT 493 |
thtone20.zip59KTHT ONELINER v2.00 PPE OneLiner's from Configurable
thtp150.zip4,906BPROTOCOL.PPE v1.50 - Compiled on 05-28-94 PCBoard 15.1 [
thtqt1b6.zip7,165BTHTQUOTE v1.0 Beta 6 +-+ | Quoter for Replying to Messages
thtsp110.zip3,248BTHT-SpeeD v1.10 PPE +-+ | Displays a Bar Graph of all Conn
thttp2b3.zip23KTHT-Top v2.00b3 - Top Upload / Download PPE will send a Me
thtu360.zip2,236BThis PPE replaces 4 PCBTEXT Prompts for the Upload Status,
thtue100.zip10KTHTUEDIT v1.00 PPE +-+ | Full Screen User Editor for onlin
thtup118.zip10KFull Screen Upload PPE for PCB 15.0 & PCB 15.1 Many new en
thtzp100.zip1,990BTHT Zippy PPE v1.0 +-+ |Replace the "Z" Command in PCBoard
tic2dir.zip26KTIC2DIR is a utility for PCB SysOp's that are hooked into
tickle11.zip58KTICKLE FILE" Ver 1.10 - 01/21/95 - (PPL 3.0)"Tickle File"
tieab31.zip24KThe Internet E-Mail Address Book PPE! v3.1 Red Dragon Soft
timzon11.zip5,641BTimeZone v1.1; A Freeware PCBoard 15.0 "PPE" utility to as
tmb-more.zip892BNEW MORE PROMPT FOR PCBOARD 15.1
topdls1.zip9,453BTOPDLS 1.0 TOPLEECH PPE FOR PCB 15.2
topfiles.zip11KPCB Topfiles v0.98b PCB+ | Makes a great top-files | | bul
topfls21.zip13KTOP FILES for PCBoard 14.x will create a bulletin containi
topten3.zip89KTopTen Utility! TopTen V3.0 - Creates A Bulletin Showing T
topup10.zip3,871BTOPUP is a Top Ten Uploaders PPE for use with PCB v15.1+.
tpasm120.zip67KTPASM - TPA System Manager v1.20 (11-11-94) Move/Copy/Swap
tpcb0_8.zip403KTPCB: PCBoard external msg area support 4 QSO
tpmc_12.zip42KRun PCBoard doors from DORINFO1.DEF CHAIN.TXT or DOOR.SYS.
tr-sysp2.zip2,132BSYSTEMPASSWORD PPE v2.0 100% easy install dox
tr-urepl.zip2,395BYup, another fine U replacement 101 % sysop configurable,
tr-winfo.zip4,178BCHANGE USER INFO PPE v1.0 Another great "W" replacement fo
trial1.zip5,445BTrial.PPE v1.0 * Nice expired user PPE. Gives user choice
trimdl13.zip16KTRIMDL 1.3; PCBoard Download Log "Trimmer" Utility This pr
trmdl1a.zip14KSimple utility to allow PCBoard sysops to trim their DOWNL
trs23b.zip39KTransfer Stats 2.3, Public Beta 11/14/91. Creates a bullet
truelock.zip10KTRUELOCK [PPE] v.98beta 03/31 > Wide-beta release. A PPE d
tschat20.zip198KTSCNET CHAT v2.00: The ultimate chat replacement for PCBoa
tssqf20.zip18KCW-QF v1.0: QuickFiles PPE Ami/X Style
tstat17.zip39KTechnoSTAT v1.7; Supports PCB v14.5a & 15.0. Creates a bul
ttp22.zip73KTic-2-PCB v2.2 * This is a fully functional .TIC file proc
ttp24a.zip162KTic-2-PCB v2.4a; FIDO .TIC file processor for PCBoard BBS
tuam151.zip271KUltimate Account Manager V1.5 for PCBoard V15.0 TUAM has b
turbo10.zip159KTURBO-LIST v1.0: New BBS listing utility will allow your u
tvbbye.zip2,142BTVBBYE.PPE - BYE command replacement for PCBoard 15.1. Giv
tvd124.zip222KThe Verify Door v1.24 for PCBoard v14.x & v14.5a. is a cal
tvd127.zip217KThe Verify Door v1.27 for PCBoard v14.x, v14.5a & v15.x. i
tview35.zip32KTextView PPE 3.5 by Joseph Sheppard. For PCBoard BBS V15.x
twgw200.zip54KThe Wall Graffiti Wall Version 2.00 A new type of Graffiti
tx2mb220.zip59KSend Any Text File Directly to PCBoard
u_text.zip2,992BPCB PPE file; Will enable you to display a text file befor
uai_33a.zip11KUAI v3.30a; PCBoard 15.0 - [PPE] program will check the us
udbsv541.zip238KThe User Database System (UDBS) Version 5.41 Uses Callers
uedit.zip38KUser Editor v1.0E =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= At Last!
ufb2pcb2.zip24KUFB2PCB version 2.0 - Converts UltraBBS file database file
ufdc17b.zip29KUltimate File Download Counter v1.70b; Beta of UFDC for PC
ufo-lott.zip3,630BLotto PPE for PCB 1.15+
ufo_11.zip35KUsernet Fake Out - UFO - v1.1; One-Of-A-Kind PCBoard utili
uft-ben1.zip3,070BBouncing Enter Prompt V1.0
ugrade10.zip4,559BUpgrade 1.0 for PCBoard 15.1 [PPE] # # A simple to configu
ul_dl11.zip61KUL/DL Files list v1.1 - BUG FIXED! For use with PCBoard 14
ulp096b.zip152KUpLoadProcessor 0.96b - A complete PCBoard upload processo
ulp101.zip201KUpLoadProcessor v1.01 for PCBoard; Detects file formats by
ulp286.zip90KUpLoadProcessor/286 0.93b - This archive contains the 286+
ulp386.zip157KUpLoadProcessor/386 1.00; the 80386+ executables ONLY; als
ulp3_110.zip112KUpLoadProcessor/386 1.10 - This archive contains the 80386
ulpcrc.zip8,811BULPCRC, a utility to help the UpLoadProcessor developer ge
ulpcrc2.zip9,115BUpLoadProcessor CRC calculator, release 2. Please help com
ulpdbfix.zip29KA bug fix for the UpLoadProcessor 0.94b database processor
ulpppe15.zip13KULP PPE Version 1.5 Beta -Inform your users why their uplo
unidz200.zip8,096BUNIVERSAL DIZ EXTRACTOR V2.00 FOR PCBOARD<+ |+- (PPE) Writ
unote101.zip3,880BUSERNOTE.PPE v1.01; Adds up to 5 more questions to the new
up_date.zip4,266BThis PPL Code will check the Users file for the callers Ad
upadr.zip5,289BUPADR.PPE for PCBoard 15.0; [PPE] Code that will check the
update1.zip4,655BUPDATE.PPL; This is a little variation on Ralph LoBianco's
update30.zip9,707BUpdate Info PPE v3.0 - A PCBoard v15.1 PPE to make your ca
updtwho.zip87KWhoCalled v5.8; Update for growing files
ur-nuke4.zip5,366BUNREAL NUKER v0.04b PPE
urt_cfs1.zip1,779BPCB15.2 CONF JOIN FILE STATS PPE V1.0
urt_ul11.zip2,539BUSER LISTER V1.o1
usav12.zip12KUSAV12.PPE -*> PCBoard 15.2 (PPE) This is an online viewin
usbbs10.zip6,031BUSA BBS v1.0; PPE exclusively for PCBoard v15.0. Allows a
user2as6.zip24KUser2Asc v0.95b - Creates a Comma Delimited ASCII file fr
user_2.zip1,854BGREAT USER STATS .PPE (07/20/94) Add a Touch of Class to P
userinfo.zip25KUser Information Bulletin - This bulletin utilizes PCBoard
userref.zip2,904BUser Reference v1.0-> Let you users know that a new user h
users100.zip19KThis is a simple little program that will show you just ab
users15.zip3,496BAdditions and Changes for PCBoard 15.0 that effect callers
usersec.zip6,153BUSERSEC v1.01 - batch file utility for PCBoard v14.x that
usrcsv22.zip5,004BUSERCSV v2.2 Creates a comma seperated file with use
usrnet10.zip3,626BUSRNET.ppe v1.00 - a little ppe designed to allow the syso
usrprf19.zip67KUser Profiler (the MatchMaker PPE) Ver 1.9 Now attach Pict
usv028p.zip2,760BScroller For PCB 15.1 Replace That Old Boring P
ut_sec_1.zip2,892BPPE] SECURE.PPE v1.1 This is a nice PPE to add security to
utcan13.zip12KX00 @X8CNew and Improved!@X0E = @X0AUTCAN13 - UUCP Trashca
uulog100.zip32KUULog1.0 Bulletin creator for PCB-UUCP Mailruns. Creates P
uuname10.zip4,305BUUNAME; PPE for PCBoard 15.0 that formats your callers nam
uupcb2.zip18KAn update on uuPCB - An AFFORDABLE USENET GATEWAY for PC B
uupin124.zip98KUUPCBIN v1.24 - This version fixes a problem with VERY LAR
uzi-syco.zip1,811BSyCo-PPL v1.0B Cool Comment Door for PCBoard
v_ins100.zip6,982BInstall-PPE v1.00 ]-+ | | | * PPE DEVELOPERS DOWNLOAD THIS
v_nfs240.zip6,886BNFSCAN [PPE] v2.40 FOR PCB 15.1+! | | "N"ew file scan repl
v_ssc100.zip17KSplit-Screen Chat PPE v1.00 ]-+ | | | Over 6 months in dev
vault.zip6,329BX5E+-+@X07 @X5E|VAULT.PPE FOR PCBOARD 15.1 |@X07 @X5E|-|@X
vbbs-pcb.zip93KVBBS to PCBoard Conversion tools: Convert the VBBS user da
vbbs2pcb.zip13KConvert VBBS Master file listings to PCBoard DIR format. F
ven_view.zip1,380BV) Command Replacement for PCB 15.1+
verif221.zip48KVERIFY 2.21 [PPE] #### Verify is a callback verification P
verif33.zip242KUser Verifier Door & Mailing Utility, Ver. 3.3 of 06/14/92
vig-ac10.zip5,862BApplication Center v1.0 for PCBoard -+ | Have people fill
vig-fd10.zip36KPWA Presents: FixDiz v1.0 -+ | Ever try to import LZH or L
vig-lt10.zip40KLogTame v1.0 for PCBoard 15.x -+ | Utility to keep the siz
vig-pc10.zip59KProVote Colors - InfoForms for ProVote -+ | Here are the s
vig-pm10.zip12KProMatrix v1.0 PPE for PCBoard v15.1 -+ | The ultimate Lig
vig-pr10.zip11KPrompts v1.0 PPE for PCBoard v15.1 -+ | Replaces *52* prom
vig-pv12.zip108KProVote v1.2 PPE for PCBoard v15.1 -+ | NEW UPDATE to the
vig-sl20.zip41KSuperLogon & SuperLogoff v2.0 -+ | PCBoard v15.1 PPE that
vig-wp10.zip3,692BWacko Prompt v1.0 for PCBoard v15.1 -+ | Finally, the much
vlog10.zip9,801BVLOG Version 1.0. A simple PCboard Callers log. Gives Name
vote291.zip30KVoter+ v2.91 - User Voting [PPE] | | *New Unlimited Voting
vpi-disc.zip3,800BDisclaimer Viewer and System Password for PCB
vpi-flag.zip2,782BElite File Flag Utiltag FiLe W/ Spacebar
vpipause.zip1,526BAnimated Pause Prompt. Jumping 'Hit Space'
vrs106.zip211KVirtual Reality Soldiers (VRS). .V1.06.GO/4 Software. A br
vscandir.zip2,034BScanDirectories By: Visionary ]-+ | PCBOARD 15.1 PPE That
vscho2.zip144KVSCHO2.PPE file will add a Simulated sysop chat to callers
vscho3.zip2,910BVSCHO7.PPE file will add a log on menu option so callers C
vscho4.zip1,822BVSCHO4.PPE file will add a callers address to PSA by using
vscho5.zip3,546Bvscho5.PPE - Is a PPE program I wrote after see one I thou
vscho6.zip5,918BVSCHO6.PPE file will add a log off menu option so callers
vscho7.zip2,030BVSCHO7.PPE file will add a display of your choice to your
vsl_phun.zip9,218BVery Strange Lines 1.OO [PPE] A STRANGE ONELINER!
vstat10.zip2,231BVSTAT10.PPE - Another 'V' replacement for PCBoard 15.2+. U
vt-rat1.zip5,052BA Day at the Rat Races | | - | | written by THoMaS De QuiN
vtlt01b.zip2,645BViRTUAL TEAM PRESENT | . * LAST TRANSFERS PPE v0.1b * . --
vtps21b.zip1,398BViRTUAL TEAM PRESENT | . * PROTOCOL SELECTION v2.1b * . --
vtrblt10.zip24KVoterBlt 1.00 - Companion Program To The Voter Plus Door.
vtstatus.zip7,484BNODE STATUS 1.0 by SoRaTHiS +-+ This Small PPE shows what
vtul01bs.zip2,590BViRTUAL TEAM PRESENT | . * USER LiSTER 0.1b [PPE] * . ---
vtxue01b.zip1,869BViRTUAL TEAM PRESENT | . * X-USER EDITOR 0.1b * . --- . Co
vucals22.zip13KVuCalls v2.2. View/search PCBoard caller logs outside of P
vulgid21.zip6,057BVulgar name/city language blocker - Utility (PPE) for PCBo
vwnewfi1.zip33KView NewFiles.DAT with one line description, zoom to full
wait25.zip11Ked # #ragon ###oftware | | # ## ## ##### | |---| | WAIT.PP
waitv30.zip12KThis is the ORIGINAL WAIT.PPE! Looking to add some color a
watch111.zip42KNode Watch V1.11. Times each node. For Pcb Systems up to /
wc110.zip10KThe Weather Center PPE - v1.10 ]- The Weather Center PPE a
wcpcb102.zip21KUtility to convert Wildcat! 3.5 user and message files to
wdt_phun.zip3,246BWhaTS Da TiME 1.OO [PPE] GRAPHICAL TIME PPE
weeklogs.zip11KWEEKLOGS v1.5 - for PCBv15.x SINGLE NODE Sysops. Logical s
welmat11.zip4,577BWelcome Mat v1.1; Freeware PCBoard 15.0 PPE that selective
welrot.zip2,910BWELROT; A PCBoard utility to rotate welcome screens. Simpl
wgmcnf16.zip30KWGM-CNFN v.1.6 - PCBoard 14.5x CNFN Builder This utility w
wgmmak12.zip18KWGM-MAKE v.1.2 - PCBoard utility that will scan a DOS dire
wgmsrt10.zip13KWGM-Sort v.1.0 for PCBoard(tm) v.14.x This utility will al
wh30.zip8,955BWHoZ'HERE PPe v3.o | +-+ The COOLEST Pre-Logon Who you hav
who6.zip177KWhoCalled! v6.0; Bulletin Of Statistics Of How Many Calls
who7info.zip4,323BWhoCalled v7; Messages Posted, Bytes Downloaded, And Minut
whoca117.zip13KWHOCALL PPE v1.17 for PCBoard 15.2 - ]| WHOCALL.PPE: This
whocapps.zip63KIf You Run WhoCalled Version 7.1 - Read The "Read Me" File
whou05.zip86KWhoUsers V0.5 - A Utility That Creates A DataBase From PCB
winpcb.zip401BWindows PIF files for PCBoard 14.5.
wkly1092.zip163KWeekly Limits; PCBoard SYSOPs can now give their callers W
wow110.zip98KWORDS-OF-WIT Version 1.1 * | |-| | A PPE for PCBoard 15.x
wpcbflr8.zip21KPaul Beda's Windows PCB File Manager 0.8 Beta release of a
write.zip6,175BWRITE.PPE PCBOARD 15.1 PPE Users can use this beautiful AN
wrtpcb11.zip17KWritePCB Version 1.1. This is a PCBoard text to message ba
wtu_newc.zip2,486BNewcount PPE v1.0b From WizWare Software PCB 15.1 PPE will
wui_41a.zip23KWUI.PPE v4.10a; PCBoard 15.0 [PPE] program to replace your
wwiv2pcb.zip13KConvert WWIV Master file listings to PCBoard DIR format. F
wxpcb.zip3,521BWXPCB.PPE, Places reports generated by WXMAN{XX} in a simp
x-pert.zip1,799BX-Pert [PPE] v1.0; A CMD.LST replacement for PCBoard (X)pe
x2t11.zip22KAtX2Txt v1.1 * Convert files containing PCBoard's color co
x_lite30.zip3,838BX_LITE20.PPE eXpert Cmd Litebar +-+ | - X command replacem
xdesc102.zip12KXDESC; PCBoard filelist multi-line description extractor v
xname110.zip5,494BX-name v1.10 for PCBoard 15.1 and above E | ## ## ### ###
xpcbpth1.zip9,135BXPCBPATH Version 1.1 (FREEWARE) Works around PCBoard's 30
xusers.zip1,885BXUSERS PPE 1.0 RELEASE Nice Forum Hack looking USER cmd fo
zep-32.zip11KZephyr-Version-3.2-PPE-+ | This program is customed made t
zl2b0213.zip301KZipLab PLUS - 2.b.13 Upload Tester PCBoard /ProDoor Specif
zlink110.zip35KZ Word Link, Ver. 1.1, by Galahad Software, a PPE for PCBo
zlist-20.zip71KZippyList v2.0 PCBoard [PPE] - Allows a Sysop to provide t
zscan.zip12KOffline program to scan your PCBoard directories for text.
zurs1.zip221KZDCS/ULP REMOTE SHELL v1.0Beta - Automatical ly create zdc