File Libaries
Library: BBS - Directory: BBS - Offline Mail
1100tags.zip26K1100 tags for your QWK messages.
1317tags.zip23KIncredible! 1317 taglines in a *.txt filefor your stealing
14ktags.zip191KOver 14,400 tag lines. 01/19/93.
1liners3.zip69KA collection of one-liners and quotes
1st-111.zip835K1stReader v1.11; The complete reader system.A totally new
1st-b215.zip415KQMail 1stReader v1.10. Best QWK reader. BETA.
1st_0107.zip609K1stReader 2.00 BETA release. Thisrelease only works for re
1st_b215.zip398KAdd-on To 1st Reader. Must Be Registered.Allows Sound Blas
1st_grph.zip138KThe 1stReader 1.10 graphics example kit. Thisarchive conta
1st_mdm.zip4,084BContains over 200 modem initializationstrings for 1st Read
1st_mm.zip4,011BMarkMail Script file for 1ST READER. Thisscript file can b
1st_pcb.zip33KOffline help for PCBoard and 1stReader 1.10.Now you can ac
1st_qr01.zip7,073BQuick Reference Guide for 1stReader.Current as of the 94-1
1st_uue2.zip30K1ST-UUE lets 1stReader quickly andeasily "reconstitute" UU
1stkey.zip1,596BQmail's 1st Offline Mail Reader KEY
1stspell.zip142KThe 1stReader 1.10 spelling checker. Thisarchive contains
1stsysop.zip57KQmail Door setup utilities for 1stReader
3631tags.zip73KTONS" of Taglines, too many to ever use.
4500tags.zip96K4500 new tag lines to add to your probablyalready large co
addqwk15.zip22KAdd Those QWK v1.5; Simple program to merge several QWK ma
adname11.zip11KADDNAME v1.10 is a utility for use with OLX! When replying
aedit100.zip93KExcellent editor for | AEdit v1.00 | offline mail readers;
aedit94b.zip84KAEdit v0.94beta; Excellent, yet simple text editor for off
alltags.zip15KTaglines for most off-line readers.
alttags.zip57KA selection of taglines for offline mail readers. 120k unz
ame106.zip99KAMIGA Mail Elite off-line reader v1.06
amev106.lzh98K100224 11/30/91 Amiga Qwk mail reader
annex10h.zip57KAnnex 1.0h; Annex will interpret the message header inform
anonftp1.zip35KList of anonymous FTP sites available, plus information on
apex40.zip33KApex v4.0 Message Processor for SLMR, OLX and QMPro mail r
apgp22b2.zip154KOFFLINE AUTOPGP v2.2b2 - Offline e-mail encryption with PG
archiei.zip4,067BThe basics of the Internet Archie utilities for newbies.
aread100.lzh29K29962 03/16/91 AmigaRead QWK mail reader for Amiga
ato68c.zip137KATO v6.8C: communications program to automate mail process
atodoc.zip88KATO v6.8C: communications program to automate mail process
atosed14.zip36KATOSEDIT selectively picks messages out of an AUTOSIG inco
atosub23.zip32KSUBJECTS 2.3; Lists the contents of AUTOSIG incoming or sa
atp07dos.zip158KATP QWK Reader 1.42 for DOS, a full featured database styl
atpqwk.zip106KATP QWK mail reader for Linux and Unix. Includes full C so
babl10.lzh16K15872 11/30/91 Babble Qwk mail reader v1.0
babl10.zip93KBabble Qwk Reader v1.0; Designed for fast, easy everyday u
bbqwk30.lzh102K104901 03/16/91 Scan *.QWK pkts for text
bin2asc1.zip18KUtility to convert ANY binary file, (GIF, ZIP, EXE etc) to
bootbox1.zip31KBOOTBOX.ZIP, An offline mail reader util that places a box
boxit14.zip20KUtilty program for SLMR mail reader. Makes a fancy box aro
boxmsg2.zip18KPlace box quotes in replies for offline mail readers. Repl
bquote12.zip69KBoss Quote v1.2 - works with SLMR or OLX. Takes reply file
bw2qwk21.lzh31K31659 11/08/91 BlueWave to QWK/REP converter
bw2qwk55.zip42KBlueQWK 1.55: Blue Wave <=> QWK converter. Gives QWK mailr
bwansi.zip10KAllows users to add ANSI sigs to mail uploaded with the Bl
bwave200.lzh132K135465 07/19/91 BlueWave offline mail reader v2.00
bwave212.zip312KThe Blue Wave Offline Mail Reader v2.12
bws_12.zip17KBluewave packet merge/sort utility.
camstr1e.zip176KCamster Reader v1.0beta-e; Great offline reader by the mak
catqwk21.zip14KCatQWK 2.1 [13 Jan 92] - Program to combine two or more QW
catqwk22.lzh15K15109 03/23/92 Merge 2 QWK mail packets v2.2 (FW)
cdlr100.zip131KCarrier Detect local reader, v1.0. A standalone local read
cmp14218.zip1,393KCMPQwk version 1.42-18 beta. This is a PUBLIC beta. Anyone
cooltags.zip10KCollection of Cool Taglines, Funny as Heck!
courv15.zip118KTerminal Program for automated qwk mail runs.
cp200.zip93KCherry Picker Tagline Manager v2.0; Supports the standard
cqwkptch.zip257KPatch to install the update of CMPQwk
crr0110.lzh36K36797 11/30/91 CRR CPM XRS mail reader v1.10
crr0150a.zip55KCP/M offline reader for XRS & qwk mail doors.
cslav108.zip363KCompuSlave v1.08 -CompuServe Message DB CompuSlave im
cybcig10.zip29KCyBiC PRODUCTiONS AUTOMATIC SIG ADDITIONER *---* *-+ # # #
d2-112.lzh252K258224 07/19/91 Qmail Deluxe2 v1.12 QWK reader DEMO
d2-125.zip269KNew release of Qmail DeLuxe2 1.25 offline mail reading sys
d2-125dx.zip116Kspecific release of Qmail DeLuxe2. This archive contains t
d2_125up.zip166KThis archive contains everything you need to update your e
dansi.zip4,461BDANSI allows you to view ANSI graphics archived with Qmail
daveqt10.zip61KDaveQuoter is a utility to generate "Message Headers" and
daveqt11.zip66KDAVEQUOTER v1.10 Quote Enhancer for SLMR/OLX QWK mail read
dtqwk11.zip203KDT-QWK, v1.1; Program for reading QWK-compatible message p
ecat.zip71KText of one-line sayings, taglines?
eclw200.zip102KEclipse - the WOMR compatible offline mail Reader, V2.0.
edmsg.zip8,461BFreeware utility to 'jazz' up your quotes in Rosereader an
ems-7.zip69KEMS-7 Echo Message Scanner v7; To save time reading long c
exmsgfix.zip16KThis is a quick program to patch capture files from Exec-P
ez137.lzh176K179814 12/21/91 EZ-Reader for QWK packets v1.37
ez2b1_a.zip229KEZ-Reader 2.0 Wide Beta #1 [1/5]; The ULTIMATE offline mai
ez2b1_b.zip270KEZ-Reader 2.0 Wide Beta #1 [2/5]; The ULTIMATE offline mai
ez2b1_c.zip222KEZ-Reader 2.0 Wide Beta #1 [3/5]; The ULTIMATE offline mai
ez2b1_d.zip73KEZ-Reader 2.0 Wide Beta #1 [4/5]; The ULTIMATE offline mai
ez2b1_e.zip139KEZ-Reader 2.0 Wide Beta #1 [5/5]; The ULTIMATE offline mai
ezpgp100.zip17KEZ-PGP v1.00 Use PGP with offline mailreaders Integrate PG
ezquote4.zip44KEZQuote v4 Text Editor for Offline Messages For QWK, XRS,
faq00140.zip10KSoftware: History And Sources from Usenet
filt160.lzh13K13101 05/28/91 Filter QWK messages from/to certain people
fmread10.zip17KOff-Line Reader For Fido Net Mail
fol2txt1.zip14KFOL2TXT 1.0 QMail reader utility. Converts any folder to a
fr20.zip85KFRANK'S_READER_VERSION 20_2 Feb 94_ This is a new concept
fred.zip297KFreddie v1.0 - Finally, a full featured .QWK packet offlin
fredd10.cpt297K303616 12/21/91 Freddie QWK reader for MAC v1.0
geog1219.zip312KGoldED 2.42 GAMMA RELEASE. Copyright (C) Odinn Sorensen 2:
getm2_1.zip49KG.E.T.M.A.I.L v2.1 - UPDATED! UL/DL's QMAIL, MEGAMAIL, ROS
gnoms102.zip98KGNOMES v1.02- Free DOS utility: random tagline displayer.
headv112.zip33KHeadLiner; Offline bulletin and newsfeed reader. A must fo
higweird.zip39KInternet: High Weirdness 2.0 Offbeat Internet mail sites
hquote30.zip12KHody Quote Version 3.0 Message Quote Program for use with
hyteln63.zip418KHYTELNET v6.3, utility that gives IBM-PC users instant-acc
inetext.zip52KInternet; very interesting texts about security issues on
inetgd.zip4,431BInternet guide for beginners.
int-addr.zip2,314BHow to address an Internet Message
intbib93.zip5,456BIntroduction to the Internet: A Reading List Book Listing
jabr11-r.lzh116K118661 03/23/92 Jabber QWK reader v1.1 release
jabr11.zip122KJABBER QWK Offline Mail Reader v1.1 Jabber is a new memory
jabr12.zip136KQWK Reader v1.2 -- +-+ Jabber is a memory efficient, easy
jh2docs.lzh77K78403 11/08/91 John Hancock tagline stealer docs
jh3a1of4.zip175KJohn Hancock 3.0A(1/4)-+] [ # ### ## |The BEST Tagline Man
jh3a2of4.zip87KJohn Hancock 3.0A[2/4]-+] [ # ### ## |The BEST Tagline Man
jh3a3of4.zip59KJohn Hancock 3.0A[3/4]-+] [ # ### ## |The BEST Tagline Man
jh3a4of4.zip21KJohn Hancock 3.0A-+] [ # ### ## |The BEST Tagline Manager|
jh3tag1.zip32KMore taglines for the John Hancock tagfile handler. Stolen
jnq.zip148KJokes Notes Quotes v1.0; Over 700 Jokes, Notes, and Quotes
kqdup103.zip41KKill QWK Dupes v1.03; Removes duplicate messages from QWK
kqwk010b.lzh170K174361 11/09/91 KingQwk QWK reader v1.0 beta
lhl23us.zip226KLHL, a full color off-line reader 100% compatible QWK and
lstserv.zip80KList of Internet Listservers.
lwv10.zip31KLastword v1.0 Tag line generator
m-mac2.lzh2,824B2824 05/28/91 MegaMail quoting macros
m2uk10.lzh18K18936 06/01/92 Unkill Megamail messages
maketag.zip16KMake-Tag 1.10; read in a file and generate a new file call
maxim209.zip123KOffline message reader/composer for the ST. Works with all
mbase37.zip493KMessageBase version 3.7 This is an offline mail reader pro
mcomr12.zip117KMidnight Caller Offline MailReader v1.2 compatible with mo
mdor10.zip122KMDOR v1.0 - Fast and Simple mailing list database program.
megar210.lzh186K190355 06/15/91 MegaRead offline mail reader v2.10 (+) (QW
megar210.zip196KMegaReader 2.10. Offline mail reader for PCBoard 14.?. Now
mf200.zip44KMessageFilter v2.0; Preprocessor for QWK files, removes/ar
mmcrdt22.zip17KMMCREDIT; Complement Meal Master program. MM is an excelle
mou30.zip184KMcGrath's Offline Utilities V3.0 December 1994 by Steve Mc
mr2.lzh63K64352 03/23/92 OS/2 mail reader
mread113.zip173KThe MegaMail(tm) Reader is a "database" type of offline re
msg_45.zip93KMessage reader/editor, supports Squish.
msgfax15.zip13KSend BBS messages as FAXES. AllMSG systems.
msngr11.zip324KMESSENGER v1.1 - Messenger is a DOS tagline manager which
msq22b.zip90KMsged 2.2: wide beta squish/*.msg reader for DOS. 01/05/93
mtstf10.lzh7,008B7008 06/01/92 Convert text to MegaMail taglines
musinfo2.zip14KInternet Faq (Answers To Freq. Asked Qns.) on the newsgrou
mv110evl.lzh63K64128 03/23/92 Amiga QWK/XRS reader
mxmsr112.lzh54K55069 09/13/91 Maximiser Atari ST QWK reader v1.12
mxmsr112.zip57KMaxiMiser - A QMail Compatible Program an OFF-LINE mail re
mythmai1.lzh4,346B4346 03/16/91 Telemate script for MegaMail runs
mythmail.lzh3,170B3170 10/23/90 Script file to pick up mail here
nanmail0.zip97KNanet Mail allows you to prepare and upload Nanet Conferen
netpriv2.zip23KInternet Faq (Answers To Freq. Asked Qns.) on issues of pr
newdocs.lzh44K45482 09/13/91 New docs for MegaMail reader
nfile13a.zip12KNewfiles version 1.3A: For your QWK mail packet. This util
nfsm22.zip20KNFS Mail v2.10 - 2 programs, MAILRD and MX which allow you
nfx130.zip64KNFX v1.3; Easy to use graphic offline mail reader for QWK
nfx130a.zip78KNFX v1.3a:Easy to use graphic offline mail reader for QWK
notag_22.zip10KNOTAG v2.20 - Remove Qmail DeLuxe Taglines - PURPOSE: Ther
nv_100.zip30KNEWSVIEW - Offline News Reader. Download USA TODAY Decisio
nvnqwk01.zip48KNVNQWK: National VideoText Network QWK interface communica
offli134.lzh108K110085 01/05/92 Offline v1.34 QWK mail reader (FW) (+) - e
offli156.zip182KOFFLINE; QWK compatible reader that allows you to read mai
offli158.zip206KOFFLINE is a QWK compatible reader that allows you to read
olly07.zip137KOLLy v0.7; Large-font offline reader for QWK packets.
olx21.zip216KOFF-LINE XPRESS 2.1 TEST-DRIVE release of OLX from Mustang
olx301.zip98KPatch For OLX QWK reader To Upgrade To v3.01 Only Works wi
olxsig10.zip42KSignature version 1.0 for Offline Xpress Desc: Add a messa
omkrd201.lzh63K64699 01/05/92 Opus Mail Kit and QWK reader v2.01 (FW)
pgpwv105.zip30KPGPWave v1.05a by John Stephenson PGPWave is an interface
pmdbm17a.zip332KPMDBM Version 1.7b Jan. 17, 91. PMD17A.ZIP / PMD17B.ZIP bo
pmdbm17b.zip356KPMDBM Version 1.7b Jan. 17, 91. PMD17A.ZIP / PMD17B.ZIP bo
power201.zip195KPOWER-QWK v2.0; Offline QWK Mail Reader
pq215.lzh261K267339 11/30/91 PowerQwk Qwk mail reader v2.15 - very powe
prsv106.zip118KMulti-user message base program 'P.R.S. Messages'.
qbase12a.zip32KQWKBase v1.2a:Is an-add on program that turnsyour "one pac
qeqtutil.zip1,502BQWK quoting macro for QEDIT
qname.lzh9,670B9670 05/28/91 Rename QWK packets
qname2.lzh21K21345 05/28/91 Additional rename QWK packets
qpack11.lzh18K18141 08/11/90 Convert .QWK to/from archive formats
qread30.zip142KQReader v3.0; Powerful on-line text reader for publication
qslav105.zip401KQwkSlave v1.05 QWK Message Database! QwkSlave import
quote10a.zip14KQuote It! is a utility for SLMR or OLX. When replying to m
quote523.zip9,071BQUOTE.EXE is a small, fast little program that will read i
quotebox.zip6,760BFor use with off-line mail readers. Draws boxes around quo
quotem12.zip29KE-Mail Quote: investment advice from Internet
qwix220.taz8,549B8549 06/01/92 Unix QWK mail reader
qwix220.zip8,531BQWIX v2.0; C Source code for QWK mail packet reader
qwk_v38.zip21KTiny QWK off-line reader. From Belgium.
qwkdocs.zip20KDocumentation explains internal format of a qwk mail packe
qwkit10.zip59KQwkit 1.0 will enhance your offline mail reader with a Tag
qwklay11.lzh13K13796 06/01/92 Info on the layout of the QWK format
qwkm005b.lzh123K126446 05/28/91 Merge QWK packets
qwkname.zip3,040BQWKNAME; A QWK Mail Reader Utility
qwkndt1a.zip119KQWK'n'Dirty 1.1. Terminal program and QWK reader.
qwkp0315.lzh9,738B9738 06/01/92 QWK products listing
qwkp9307.zip28KQWK-format Products listing; This file contains lists of Q
qwkquote.zip40KOLX compatible Reply Quote-making program.
qwksl103.zip12KQWKSLICE is a QWK packet slicer, it will split QWK packets
qwkspc12.lzh8,021B8021 01/05/92 Specifications for the QWK format v1.2
qwktalk5.zip565KQWKTALK v5.0: World's Only talking E-Mail reader. Unlimite
qwktxt41.zip26KConvert QWK files to text files.
readpm1.lzh53K54696 03/23/92 OS/2 PM mail reader (1of2)
readpm2.lzh576K589617 03/23/92 OS/2 PM mail reader (2of2)
reputil6.zip73KREPLY UTILITIES, Version 6 . 19 DEC 93 Utility programs to
rfc822.lzh33K34005 12/15/91 Specs to Unix message format
rimeman.zip20KRelayNet/RIME users guide
riptag.lzh13K13385 08/11/90 Large collection of message taglines
rm11to12.zip116KRoboMail v1.1 to v1.2 Upgrade Kit [1/1]; Use this file to
rmservic.zip29KUpdate to SERVICES.ZIP (in conf 0). Creates a SERVICES.DAT
robom12a.zip225KRoboMail QWK Reader v1.2 [1/3]; New database oriented offl
robom12b.zip261KRoboMail QWK Reader v1.2 [2/3]; New database oriented offl
robom12c.zip250KRoboMail QWK Reader v1.2 [3/3]; New database oriented offl
robom12u.zip255KRoboMail v1.0 to v1.2 Upgrade Kit [1/1]; Use this file to
robom13a.zip464KROBOMAIL QWK Reader ver. 1.3 - (1 of 2) New database orien
robom13b.zip357KROBOMAIL QWK Reader ver. 1.3 - (2 of 2) Download RoboMail
robom13u.zip509KROBOMAIL QWK Reader version 1.3 Upgrade Kit Use this file
rosecmds.lzh1,866B1866 03/23/92 Commands to use with RoseMail
rpost100.lzh31K32041 05/28/91 Check REP packets for duplicates
rr-150a.lzh161K164481 08/05/91 Rose Reader (QWK) v1.5 DEMO (1of4)
rr-150b.lzh27K27800 08/05/91 Rose Reader (QWK) v1.5 DEMO (2of4)
rr-150c.lzh201K206247 08/05/91 Rose Reader (QWK) v1.5 DEMO (3of4)
rr-150d.lzh340B340 08/05/91 Rose Reader (QWK) v1.5 DEMO (4of4)
scribe31.ar63K64512 06/01/92 QWK mail reader
sig11.zip13KSIG V1.1 - OLX signature file appender. SIG is an extensio
sig200.zip74KSignature v2.0; Adds your signature to Messages. Supports
sig300.zip161KSig 3.0, a Tagline and Signature manager. New features inc
sihd100.zip15KQWK Reply neatener. Removes all of the quote initials from
slhea201.zip30KCreate an header for a reply to mail in Silly Little Mail
slhead20.zip30KAdd custom headers/footers to your Silly Little Mail Reade
slmq100.zip34KStupid Little Message Quoter v1.0 for users of the Silly L
slmr21.lzh161K164759 01/05/92 Silly Little Mail Reader v2.1 QWK reader -
slmr21a.zip173KSilly Little Mail Reader v2.1a For QWK-compatible Mail Sys
slmrfix.zip986BPatch for slmr to eliminate random function keypress in th
slmt.zip9,354BSLMT; Offline reader ASCII tagline file creator v1.00; Spl
slrenam5.zip48KSLRENAME 1.5 - Turn handles into real names for SL export
sm106_n.lzh227K232778 04/14/91 Session Manager QWK reader v1.06 non-overl
sm106_o.lzh32K32256 05/28/91 Session Manager QWK reader v1.06 overlay ve
smqi106.lzh142K145530 04/14/91 Set up files for Session Manager v1.06
snagtag2.zip20KSnagTag v2.0; The tagline snagger for the 1st Reader offli
snagtag3.zip25KSnagTag Plus V3.00 - The premium tagline snagger for the 1
soup12.lzh14K14334 01/25/95 Soup offline message packet specifications.
speed110.lzh148K151692 03/23/92 Speed Reader QWK Reader v1.1
speed130.zip187KSpeedRead v1.30; QWK reader/message database. You define h
speed140.zip245KSPEED READ 1.40 QWK reader/message database. Features incl
squotes.zip12KThis quote file was completely made from scratch from vari
srttag11.zip14KSORT_TAG version 1.0 This is a FREEWARE package designed t
sspell23.lzh250K255668 07/19/91 ShareSpell spell checker for offline reade
surf10.zip27KSurfing the INTERNET Ver 2.0.2 December 15, 1992
swapo11.zip15KSwapOrig; will read from a standard ASCII text file, creat
sx400doc.zip44KSilver Xpress Mail Door Documentation v4.00.
sx400h1.zip1,169KSilver Xpress Offline Mail/Reader System v4.0 New GroupWar
sxclr202.zip51KA Color Customization Utility for the Silver Xpress Off-li
sxcolor.zip51KInterface to easily setup colors for silver xpress reader
sxinfo.zip19KSilver Xpress Mail System Information Packet. Contains Int
sxpr228.lzh152K155924 08/11/90 Silver Express offline reader v2.28
sxr302.zip390KSilver Xpress Off-line Mail Reader 3.02 from Santronics So
sxr401.zip396KSilver Xpress Off-Line Mail Reader 4.01, The most powerful
sxr401p.zip445KProtected Mode Version of the Silver Xpress Off-Line Mail
sxr401pu.zip299KProtected Mode Upgrade of Silver Xpress for DOS, Windows o
tag001.zip169KOver 5,000 taglines ready to use. Can also be used with Sa
tag102.lzh15K15642 10/05/91 Tagline manager/stealer
tag109.lzh64K65960 10/05/91 Extract all taglines from a QWK packet
tag3.zip77KTagline utilities (3) to sort taglines, kill dupes, and se
taga0601.zip79KFile 1 of 2: 9500+ tags total this file is part 1 (A-Z) ta
tagcnv15.zip2,428BTAGCNVRT v1.5; NFX <=> ASCII Tagline convertor. Allows Tra
tagfun3.lzh53K54479 06/15/91 Collection of funny taglines
tagj0601.zip93KFile 2 of 2: 9500+ tags total. This file is part 2 (J-Z) p
tagl0193.zip69KASCII and Color listing of the TAG BBS's in the world.
taglin.zip118KTaglines to use with most off-line mail readers.
tagline.lzh11K10899 12/12/90 Tagline stealer
tagline2.lzh11K11048 10/05/91 Tagline stealer
taglines.zip5,477BA collection of about 800 of the most fun taglines for off
taglx310.zip211KTagLine Xpress v3.10; Tagline Manager for offline mail rea
taglx410.zip250KTAG LINE XPRESS v4.10 Enhanced Tagline Manager for o
tagrb130.zip31KTagGrab v1.3; Excellent utility for the avid tagline colle
tags492a.zip72KK of Taglines for Mail Reader
tags492j.zip74Kk of Taglines [alphabetical J-Z [Part 2].
tags_v01.zip36KTaglines! Volume #1. Over 1500 funny and strange taglines.
tagtool3.zip60KIntegrate SilverXpress HMS with TAG bbs systems using the
tagx095.zip68KWide area Beta v0.95b of Tag-X Pro, a new Tagline manager
tdemo300.zip37KTag Line Xpress v3.00 Slide Show Demo! A demonstration and
tgban103.zip38KTagBandit v1.03 - steal tags from QWK and Blue Wave packet
tlx320up.zip56KTAG LINE XPRESS v3.20 Tagline Manager for offline ma
tmail151.zip119KTermail 1.51 terminate mail editor - freeware
toms_tag.zip4,352BTaglines for OLX Mail Reader
totdv106.zip60KTag O' The Day v1.06: taglines online. No need for offline
tqwk100.zip201KTQwk 1.00 Offline Mail Reader for Windows(tm) Slick 3-D in
u_style.zip2,815BHints on Writing Style for Usenet. Useful for other Confer
unwintag.zip1,852BTons Of Taglines With A MicroSoft Windows Theme - Humorous
usenett.zip75KList of all newsgroups on Internet. Contains descriptions
uupcbpst.zip1,943BHow to enter Usenet messages in public newsgroups.
vbrdr14.zip91KVBReader, .QWK format offline mail reader. 01/27/93.
vbrkit14.zip378KVbreader version 1.4 offline reader. Full.
vbrsml14.zip91KVbreader version 1.4 offline reader. Minimum.
viper20.zip687KVIPER v2.0 - The most powerful and easy to use offline mai
vumsgs22.zip13KVuMsgs 2.2: fast, colorful message base reader for use wit
whatis_u.zip7,506BWhat is Usenet? Explains UseNet and what you can expect.
winq130.lzh100K102332 09/13/91 WinQwk Qwk reader for WIN3 v1.30 - well su
womr_120.zip56KOffline mail reader program for WWIV.
wsomr23.lzh137K140489 01/21/95 Wang's offline mail reader v.23 for SOUP,
wwread30.zip53KWWIVread v3.0 - Offline Reader for WWIV
x499core.lzh156K160047 12/15/91 XRS reader common (required) files v4.99
xcs104p.lzh168K172268 11/09/91 XRS conversion Pro upgrade files v1.04
xcs104s.lzh217K222448 11/09/91 XRS conversion system v1.04 standard
xpr2206b.lzh81K83013 02/21/90 Update to Silver express
xr301os2.zip33KXRobot 3.01 for OS/2 2.x (32-bit)
xrcfg104.zip178KXRS v5.10 stand alone config program.
xrs499at.lzh83K85155 12/15/91 XRS mail reader for 286/386 machines v4.99
xrs499xt.lzh84K86310 12/15/91 XRS mail reader for XT machines v4.99
xrs50doc.lzh93K95695 12/15/91 XRS mail reader documentation v5.00 - very
xrs510.zip370KeXpress Response System ("XRS") version 5.10 Offline reade
xrs510xt.zip112KXRS 5.10 'generic' exectuable.
xrs5inst.lzh133K135959 12/15/91 XRS mail reader install program v5.00
xrsrt102.zip11KXRS-sort message re-organizer for XRS offline reader/edito
xrsrt286.lzh73K74243 12/15/91 XRS message sorter for 286
xrsrt386.lzh18K18391 12/15/91 XRS message sorter for 386
xuc43.zip55KExpress userlist compiler utility for XRS.
yanoff.zip11KInterNet FTP site listing.
z_tags_1.zip22KCollection of taglines for offline mail readers, all good
zen_rev.zip66KThe February 1992 Revision of Zen & The World of Internet.
ztag30.zip62KZIPtag 3.0 = A small TSR program that works along with you