File Libaries
Library: BBS - Directory: BBS - Mythical Kingdom
mkmu100.zip124KMK Message Utilities; Squish, Jam, *.Msg, Hudson, and Ezy MK Message Source routines (TP OOP source to access various message base formats).
mkmu103.lzh129KMK Msg Utils - Import/Export/Convert Squish, Hudson, JAM, Ezy, and *.Msg message bases (FW)
mknet115.lzh241KQWK network mail interface for MK/RA/QuickBBS/SuperBbs - supports Hudson, Jam, Squish, Ezy, and *.Msg (FW)
mkqwk102.zip155KMK qwk door for RA/QBBS/Fido/Opus v1.02.
mkrd104.lzh201KMKRead v1.04 Online(Sysop) message reader for MK/Quick/RA1.x/RA2.0/Super and point set-ups, supports Hudson/Squish/JAM/*.Msg/Ezycom, Ansi viewing
mkuti21h.lzh117KMK/RA/QBBS/SBBS UTI drivers v2.1h for PostLink/PC-Relay - does not support MegaMail