File Libaries
Library: BBS - Directory: BBS - Maximus
adc_010.zip14KMaximus area dat to ctl converter.
adrule10.zip40KAddRules V1.0 (for Max and Squish) reads your Squish.Cfg and an Elarea.Dat to create .SQR or .DSC files so users are shown conference rules as they enter new message areas.
afix043.zip47KAFIX V0.43 An EchoArea Manager by Jesper Brondum, supports Squish, autocreate, autolink and maintenance by downlinks
algen121.zip55KALGEN v1.21; Avail List/ALlfiles GENerator for files.bbs systems. Supports indenting for D/L counters, Max's /tb flags, Maximus's AREA.DAT, FILES.IDX, & FILES.DAT, area summaries, and more. FreeWare. Self-Extracting with src.
alsrc121.zip8,477BALGEN v1.21 source code.
bullmk20.zip16KBulletin Maker v2.0: non-beta release.
bw300max.zip307KBlue Wave Offline Mail Door for Maximus v3.0 Compatible with Maximus v2.00 and v2.00wb. Contains massive new features, including internal protocols, new msg packing options, more limits and controls for the sysop, and internal NEWFILE list generator. There is a simple conversion process to upgrade from earlier versions of the door. Installs from scratch in MINUTES!
bw301max.zip312KBlue Wave Offline Mail Door for Maximus v3.01. This version is compatible with Maximus v2.00 and v2.01wb. Contains massive amounts of new features, including internal protocols, new message packing options, more controls for the sysop, and internal NEWFILE list generator. Installs in Minutes!
bwu201mx.zip78KBlueWave mail door for Maximus - this update makes BlueWave compatible with Max v2.01wb. There were compatibility problems with BlueWave v2.00 and Max 2.01wb. Update only.
caldrop2.zip53KCarrier drop counter/reporter for Max 2.0x.
calli105.zip35KCaller-ID verifier for Maximus. Flexible
chin006.zip23KCHINESE language file for Maximus v2.01wb
cidv130.zip31KCIDLOG v1.30; Caller ID Loging software with Support for most BBS's. additional support for MAXIMUS BBS software! works with most Caller ID interfaces! Adds user/new user verification via Caller ID, User identification prior to login, partialy automated login (the SYSTEM identifies the user upon dialup), time/date/phone # logging to screen and file. Includes instructions for modifying Caller ID boxes for use with this software.
cldrp330.zip89KMonitors callers who drop carrier, input time out, or use leech zmodem
cmav_140.zip3,879BCallMe Automatic callback verifer for Maximus
cntmx100.zip67KCNet v1.0 for Maximus BBS; QWK/REP importer/exporter allowing Maximus SysOps to participate in national QWK networks.
c_hlp001.zip15KBT Chinese help files for Maximus v2.0.
danmax10.zip106KDanMax v1.0 - canned interface for Maximus 2.01. Complete package of Danish menus, help files, MAD and quote files.
dc_106.zip41KDisplay callers, many features. Sysop feature included, no nightly maintenance.
dlcount1.zip8,899BDownload counter for Max 2. Handles /TB flags Extracts DL's to file, etc.
dlc_248.zip34KDownload Counter v2.48: max/bink d/l & attach counter.
donatev1.zip9,865BDonations Encourager v1.0 for Maximus, Maximus/2 BBS Software. Designed to assist SysOps in getting donations from their users. With it, your users will see a message highlighting their name as a non-donator and then a delay for a SysOp-specified amount of time, or if they have donated they will receive a special thank-you message.
dove0902.zip332KConvert UUCP mail to Maximus message base.
drtrk106.zip41KDoortrak program for max. Now with multinode usage. Bulletin maker. Trak doors and see which are most used, and by who. 02/27/93.
dwnsrs57.zip97KDOWNSORT for Maximus BBS v5.7 source code
dwnsrt57.zip238KMAXIMUS CBCS DOWNload file SORT and List v5.7
dwnsrt60.zip235KMaximus CBCS DOWNload file SORT and List utility Version 6.0 (OS/2+DOS)
easyon1a.zip17KEASYON v1.01 - REXX scripts that utilize caller-id info to log callers onto Maximus/2 when used with Binkley; Allows Sysop to specify "badlist" of numbers that are not allowed to call BBS. Also supports Rockwell chipsets in either SMF or MMF exchanges. Second script will reset your CPU clock to Telco time. Configurable.
ex142.zip43KEx 1.42; CD-Rom front end for file transfers; copies files located on CD-Rom to a hard drive or ramdisk before downloading. DOS and OS/2 versions, works with any BBS program that supports redirected file download lists and external file transfer protocols.
fbbs37.zip23KFiles.Bbs download counter and stripper for the Maximus-CBCS and FrontDoor Version 1.3xx
fdrpm101.zip30KFrontDoor Request Processor for Maximus v1.0; FDRPM is an external file request (FREQ) processor for FrontDoor and Maximus
flmd124.zip26KFile List Manager for Maximus BBS Systems
flst105p.zip45KFastlist version 7 nodelist compiler v1.05 for OS/2.
fmtag10.zip11KForce message area tagging of specific area for the current user.
graf4max.zip3,096BGRAFITTI Door v1.03 for MAXIMUS
how_much.zip19KGenerate max file system report as bulletin.
huntcd10.zip6,686BCD FILEAREA.CTL maker for Max, searches CD for FILES.BBS and generates FILEAREA.CTL
lanyel20.zip12KUtility to allow YELLing for the sysop across a LAN connection to Maximus. Will also work as a replacement YELL on a standalone system.
lastfive.zip39KLASTFIVE v1.00 - Last Five will generate a bulletin of the Last Five Callers who have called your Maximus-CBCS.
lastuser.zip20KKeeps a list of the last callers to your Maximus BBS.
lcall14.zip30KLogcall v1.4 - maximus today's caller utility
logs102.zip36KLogsave v1.02: log file archive utility. Can be run on an automated daily basis to add log files to a ZIP file, preserving base file name and adding a sequence number to extension. bound for DOS or OS2. Adds /backup qualifier.
lu2mj317.zip7,336BUpload from any Max Directory v3.17: junior version.
lul2maxd.zip10KInterface allowing 'uploads' of files from any directory to your file areas.
max200-1.zip289KMaximus BBS Program v2.00 [1/4]
max200-2.zip159KMaximus BBS DOS v2.0 [2/4]
max200-3.zip140KMaximus BBS DOS v2.0 [3/4]
max200-4.zip303KMaximus BBS DOS v2.0 [4/4]
max202c.zip435KMaximus 2.02 - Common files. A flexible BBS program including QWK and multilingual support, multi-node chat, internal X/Y/Zmodem and a message-area query feature.
max202p.zip495KMaximus 2.02 - OS/2 files. A flexible BBS program including QWK and multilingual support, multi-node chat, internal X/Y/Zmodem and a message-area query feature.
max202r.zip485KMaximus 2.02 - DOS files. A flexible BBS program including QWK and multilingual support, multi-node chat, internal X/Y/Zmodem and a message-area query feature.
max2fd_2.zip12KConverts lastuser.bbs - lastcall.fd (update).
max2md12.zip18KMAX2MD (v1.20) for (32 bit) OS/2. This program is used to read the LASTUSxx.BBS file generated by Maximus and write a LASTIN.* file for MainDoor. Includes full 'C' source code.
max2pb.zip51KMAX2PB v1.0b: Convert Maximus 2.01 to Proboard 2.01
maxal101.zip38KMaxAll - Maximus All Reports Generator v1.0
maxal104.zip41KMaximus Ranker: Ranks everything
maxbm110.zip5,572BMaximus bulletin manager v1.10. Controls bulletins/does automessages.
maxbnk28.zip118KMaxBank v2.8; Included Features - Lets SysOp lockout user from Timebank; Full SysOp control of all limitations/restrictions; Transfer time from user to user; User Friendly; SysOp Chat mode with word wrap and time credit; function key to force off user; Shell to Dos; Complete bank statistics
maxcid03.zip71KMaxCID a0.3 - Maximus Util for OS/2 and DOS which uses Caller ID to automatically log in users, secure BBS's, block out numbers, and validate new users. Support for private systems, caller number alias, and caller screening.
maxd10.zip81KMaxDir 1.00 Makes archive list of downloadable files on BBS
maxfh.zip7,475BSolve problems in Maximus when using PKZip for compressing messages in the Offline Reader.
maxfile2.zip78KTake advantage of the Maxfiles.idx file frequest scanning feature that BinkleyTerm offers.
maxfiles.zip71KHow to produce MAXFILES.IDX for use with Binkley
maxfreq.zip4,349BBBS screens allowing requests from offline files. Requires MKMSG21.ZIP
maxipc2.zip12KMultinode users see mailer activity (DOS/OS2)
maxlog20.zip119KMaxlog!: A utility to keep your MAX.LOG file trimmed down to a specific number of days for DOS and OS/2!
maxmail.zip1,185BTwo scripts for doing mail runs on Maximus systems. May need some modification for individual systems, but should serve as a good starting point for others.
maxpt201.zip2,195BPatch for Maximus CBBS OS/2 Version to allow it to run CD-ROM discs
maxptcln.zip13KMAXPTCLN - Minor user base cleanup for Maximus [2.0/2.01]. Renumbers lastread_ptr field so all users have a unique number while echoing the user phone number and name to the screen. Source Available.
maxsrt10.zip44KMaximus 2.0 user.bbs utility sort etc.
maxs_102.zip566KSource to Maximus Bbs v1.02
max_100a.zip328KMax CBBS v1.0 Opus superclone (1of2)
max_100b.zip259KMax CBBX v1.0 Opus superclone (2of2)
mbank214.zip76KMAXIBANK For Maximus BBS v2.14; Have your users ever complained that they don't have enough time? Do they ask for more time to download a massive file, or to play online games? If so, then your users will appreciate a 'time bank'.
mccd2-1.zip30K Max Credit Card Door/2 - - Online credit card door for OS/2 based Maximus 2.xx systems. - - Free for non-commercial use. Authored by Craig Morrison.
mec2ans.zip9,555BMecca to ANSI Converter. Companion for bulletin maker, all versions.
mfil125.zip232KMaxFile/2 v1.25 - A text based FILES.BBS manager for OS/2. Written specifically with the OS/2 sysop in mind. FILE_ID.DIZ import, archiver and viewer functions, all files list, nightly maintinance, and much much more!
mfm_119c.zip80KMFM is a file area manager designed to work with MAXIMUS BBS
mitop100.zip24KMaintTop v1.13; Show the users the upload, download, upload/download ratio and callers top 10 for Maximus 2.0x.
mmlg_104.zip17KMMLG v1.04; Maximus Master List Generator Creates a list of all the files on your system. It uses Max's config files so there is no need to duplicate control files for all your file areas.
mmlg_107.zip27KMaximus Master List Generator 1.07; minor fixes
mpm1_25.zip257K MaxFile/PM v1.25 - A FILES.BBS manager for Presentation Manager under OS/2. Drag and Drop, FILE_ID.DIZ import, archiver and viewer functions, and much much more! MaxFile/PM is in a class by itself for managing FILES.BBS files from your desktop. All BBS's using FILES.BBS file listings are supported.
mrtg111.zip16KTune Generator V1.11 (Bug Fix).
msgcnt20.zip42KCounts times message area was read/written to. Reports to ASCII or Maximus.Bbs.
msgxp200.zip68KMSGx v2.00 for OS/2; Extracts and archives messages from squish or *.msg areas using absolute or reactive date ranges, or specific base size.
msgx_200.zip84KMessage Archiver for Maximus 2.X BBS System
msq21ap.zip116KMsgedsq v2.1; FTSC + Squish Compatible Message Editor
mtd103.zip378KMaxTools v1.03:(MS-DOS version) 17 utilities for Maximus BBS! Send canned messages to new users or access level changes such as expired accounts or, congrats on passing the call back verifier!, Generate all files lists, Command line hurl option, shorten Max.log by # of days, Bulletin Door, Ansi welcome screen displayer, rewrite files.bbs with only files that exist, remove dates from files.bbs, add dates to files.bbs, CD support and much much more!
mufon2a.zip12KLists user phone numbers for Max 2.00.
mul100.zip117KMUL v1.0; Maximus-CBCS User Base Script Interpreter
murexx04.zip32KMaxUserREXX is a REXX callable dynamic link library for OS/2's REXX Procedures Language/2. You can write Rexx scripts to manipulate USER.BBS & LASTUSER.BBS files.
mutt100.zip24KMaximus BBS user Time Tank, v1.00.
mxml_161.zip104KMAXMAIL; A message utility for Maximus-CBCS
mxms_161.zip137KExplains The Mysterious QWK-File Format
mxuti21c.lzh90KUTI drivers for Maximus for PostLink/PC-Relay
mxv_202.zip55KMax log viewer for current range of dates, paint & save features, command line.
neatnik2.zip40KChecks FILES.BBS for lines too long. Max/Opus
newprot2.zip9,511BReplacement protocol.ctl for Maximus 2.01wb. Adds G/DSZ, HS/LINK, MPT and Hydra. Easy to follow. Documentation included.
nfa140.zip33KFile announcement Squish/*.Msg.
offtag10.zip93KOffTag v1.0; Maximus/2 2.01wb 32-bit File tagger door. German and English version.
opus1max.zip14KConvert Opus 1.0? user file to max.
os2ftp15.zip47KExternal file transfer protocols Ymodem/ Zmodem and Kermit support for Maximus (you will need CKermit 5a188 as well). 02/06/93.
oz.zip22KAustralian language file for Maximus
pfix10.zip65KPostfix: restores lastread pointers after SqFix.
play100.zip11KPLAY v1.0; Play is simple utility which plays Maximus TUNES.BBS-style tunes from the command line
popmax1.zip30KPOPMAX1C for registered {Commo} 5.41 or above, and Maximus BBS
protocl.zip60KDiscussions on different protocols.
ranmax11.zip16KRANMAX v1.0 is a Maximus utility that simply generates a designated *.bbs file that will in turn diplay a designated list of files at random selecting a random file to display each time. The sole purpose is to add mor flixibility to your superior Maximus BBS.
rap4max.zip37KRap language for Maximus.
rcv2.zip9KMaximus; Remote Control Menu for Maximus BBS Sysops. Includes Many Functions
rflow120.zip124Kv1.20 - ReFlow: Reflows your FILES.BBS from HUGE one-line descriptions to smaller, easier to read descriptions. Most useful to the Maximus(tm) SysOp tired of the 255- character description limit. Other notable features: Search and convert of ASCII 255 character bug which breaks FB(P) under Maximus v2.01wb, creation of 4DOS/4OS2(tm) compatable description files, search and fix of DownSort(tm) v6.0l header bug. Multi- functional program for one low price, FREE! OS/2 and bound DOS versions included.
rtunep.zip25KMaximus 2.00 Random Tune Selector
rxsnoop.zip2,348BRXSNOOP.CMD Read a named pipe as provided by Binkley or Maximus
sccd_100.zip143KSixxac/CHAT v1.0; BBS CHAT utility for DOS. Supports singleline and MULTILINE chats, Maximus features and much more.
scp_v110.zip129KSixxax/CHAT v.1.10.OS2 windowed chat for maximus with tons of features.
spit2max.zip13KSPIT2MAX - Converts Spitfire [3.2/3.3] user base to a Maximus [2.0/2.01] compatible user base. Source available.
sqaem131.zip99KSquish Automatic Echo Manager -------------------------------------------- An areafix clone that works with Squish's one configuration file. Features include: Security groups & levels, one-line & multi-line echo descriptions, full 4d addressing and zone-aware, rescan & area forwarding, auto-unlinking, multiligual, remote node profile managing.
sqflt123.zip85KSqFilter 1.23. Sqfilter is a message base filter, statistics generator, new files announcer and Allfix request processor. Works with JAM, Squish, *.MSG and Hudson bases. Allfix processor & file announcer require FILES.BBS compa- tible files lists. Maximus and Lora-friendly. OS/2 version.
sqpck141.zip100KSqPck* v1.41, a 32-bit Squish or *.MSG messagebase packer for OS/2 2.x.
sqrep103.zip40KSqReport: Squish log analyzer/reporter.
sqst10a.zip62KSQSTAT; SQUISH.LOG Statistics Reporter
t2bbs501.zip31KInterface for Max, RA & ACFiles, TICK, AllFix, for DOS/2
tags04.zip34KMaximus BBS and Related Utilities display users' tagged message areas
tcall110.zip48KTCall v1.10; Will create a bulletin listing everyone who has called your Maximus-CBCS v2.x BBS today and/or yesterday. TCall differs from other call listers in that it does not read the USER.BBS file, instead it looks at the LASTUS##.BBS file to build the caller list. This allows TCall to show _every_ call to your BBS.
tfdcl10.zip73K---- FREEWARE BY TREEFROG SOFT! ---- TFDCALL 1.0 is the MOST configurable today's callers utility ever for Maximus v2.xx! Easily design YOUR OWN output files using MECCA tokens and 24 TFD tokens with MANY options! Decide which styles will be shown each day in advance! Includes files to support different languages, has separate instructions for single and multi-node installations! ------------------------------------
timb6.zip86KTimed *.msg and squish message editor.
tk2fb300.zip28KMax FB - tick interface. Finds areas in areas.dat and tic.cfg and runs fb on them.
topusers.zip12KTOPUSERS v0.94b another (RAFware) Maximus CBCS utility.
topx_111.zip88KTopicX; The Maximus-Compatible Topic Extraction Program
tuser002.zip13KProduces Top User statistics in .bbs format - Total calls, uploads and downloads as stored in User.bbs
ued201pb.zip140KUEDit Version 2.01Beta; Maximus-CBCS User Base Editor
uploname.zip39KScans Maximum UL.LOG and identifies new U/L's and the sender
usage23.zip41KUsage v2.3; Create usage graphs from Maximus/bin logs.
valmsg19.zip35KCreates validation messages for questionnaire data.
virex312.zip10KScan Maximus Uploads for Viruses, For Maximus 2.01wb Under OS/2 With Mods
vk_299b.zip64KVKill v2.99a; Pre-3.0 Alpha Release of the VKill Maximus Upload Integrity Tester System. Much has changed with VKill since v2.0, and it was definitely worth the wait! For use with Scott Dudley's Maximus CBCS v2.0x.
vrxbeta2.zip9,636BRexx program for virus checking uploaded files for Maximus 2.01wb
want4max.zip6,198BWANT4MAX v1.04; Wanted List For Maximus BBS A bulletin board where callers can leave the names of files they are looking for. Callers can upload files and send messages to each other regarding the upload.
xl-214-1.zip10KPatch for XLIST214.LZH for Maximus and others
ztl171.zip5,226BZTL 1.71; OS/2 Archive Conversion Program. Converts any archive to any other archive format. Allows for scanning, filtering, and will even update FILES.BBS for max sysops.