File Libaries
Library: BBS - Directory: BBS - Maximus
130tunes.zip11KCollection of Tunes for Maximus
adc_010.zip14KMaximus area dat to ctl converter.
adrule10.zip41KAddRules V1.0 (for Max and Squish) reads your Squish.Cfg a
afix043.zip48KAFIX V0.43 An EchoArea Manager by Jesper Brondum, supports
algen121.zip55KALGEN v1.21; Avail List/ALlfiles GENerator for files.bbs s
alsrc121.zip8,477BALGEN v1.21 source code.
bullmk20.zip16KBulletin Maker v2.0: non-beta release.
bw300max.zip308KBlue Wave Offline Mail Door for Maximus v3.0 Compatible wi
bw301max.zip312KBlue Wave Offline Mail Door for Maximus v3.01. This versio
bwu201mx.zip78KBlueWave mail door for Maximus - this update makes BlueWav
c_hlp001.zip15KBT Chinese help files for Maximus v2.0.
caldrop2.zip53KCarrier drop counter/reporter for Max 2.0x.
calli105.zip35KCaller-ID verifier for Maximus. Flexible
chin006.zip23KCHINESE language file for Maximus v2.01wb
cidv130.zip31KCIDLOG v1.30; Caller ID Loging software with Support for m
cldrp330.zip90KMonitors callers who drop carrier, input time out, or use
cmav_140.zip3,879BCallMe Automatic callback verifer for Maximus
cntmx100.zip67KCNet v1.0 for Maximus BBS; QWK/REP importer/exporter allow
danmax10.zip106KDanMax v1.0 - canned interface for Maximus 2.01. Complete
dc_106.zip41KDisplay callers, many features. Sysop feature included, no
dlc_248.zip35KDownload Counter v2.48: max/bink d/l & attach counter.
dlcount1.zip8,899BDownload counter for Max 2. Handles /TB flags Extracts DL'
donatev1.zip9,865BDonations Encourager v1.0 for Maximus, Maximus/2 BBS Softw
dove0902.zip333KConvert UUCP mail to Maximus message base.
drtrk106.zip42KDoortrak program for max. Now with multinode usage. Bullet
dwnsrs57.zip98KDOWNSORT for Maximus BBS v5.7 source code
dwnsrt57.zip238KMAXIMUS CBCS DOWNload file SORT and List v5.7
dwnsrt60.zip236KMaximus CBCS DOWNload file SORT and List utility Version 6
easyon1a.zip18KEASYON v1.01 - REXX scripts that utilize caller-id info to
ex142.zip43KEx 1.42; CD-Rom front end for file transfers; copies files
fbbs37.zip24KFiles.Bbs download counter and stripper for the Maximus-CB
fdrpm101.zip30KFrontDoor Request Processor for Maximus v1.0; FDRPM is an
flmd124.zip26KFile List Manager for Maximus BBS Systems
flst105p.zip45KFastlist version 7 nodelist compiler v1.05 for OS/2.
fmtag10.zip11KForce message area tagging of specific area for the curren
graf4max.zip3,096BGRAFITTI Door v1.03 for MAXIMUS
how_much.zip19KGenerate max file system report as bulletin.
huntcd10.zip6,686BCD FILEAREA.CTL maker for Max, searches CD for FILES.BBS a
lanyel20.zip13KUtility to allow YELLing for the sysop across a LAN connec
lastfive.zip39KLASTFIVE v1.00 - Last Five will generate a bulletin of the
lastuser.zip21KKeeps a list of the last callers to your Maximus BBS.
lcall14.zip31KLogcall v1.4 - maximus today's caller utility
logs102.zip37KLogsave v1.02: log file archive utility. Can be run on an
lu2max35.zip11KLUL2MAX (Deluxe) v3.50; A helpful interfacefor locally `up
lu2mj317.zip7,336BUpload from any Max Directory v3.17: junior version.
lul2maxd.zip11KInterface allowing 'uploads' of files from any directory t
max200-1.zip290KMaximus BBS Program v2.00 [1/4]
max200-2.zip159KMaximus BBS DOS v2.0 [2/4]
max200-3.zip141KMaximus BBS DOS v2.0 [3/4]
max200-4.zip303KMaximus BBS DOS v2.0 [4/4]
max202c.zip436KMaximus 2.02 - Common files. A flexible BBS program includ
max202p.zip496KMaximus 2.02 - OS/2 files. A flexible BBS program includin
max202r.zip485KMaximus 2.02 - DOS files. A flexible BBS program including
max2fd_2.zip13KConverts lastuser.bbs - lastcall.fd (update).
max2md12.zip19KMAX2MD (v1.20) for (32 bit) OS/2. This program is used to
max2pb.zip52KMAX2PB v1.0b: Convert Maximus 2.01 to Proboard 2.01
max_100a.zip329KMax CBBS v1.0 Opus superclone (1of2)
max_100b.zip260KMax CBBX v1.0 Opus superclone (2of2)
maxal101.zip39KMaxAll - Maximus All Reports Generator v1.0
maxal104.zip41KMaximus Ranker: Ranks everything
maxbm110.zip5,572BMaximus bulletin manager v1.10. Controls bulletins/does au
maxbnk28.zip119KMaxBank v2.8; Included Features - Lets SysOp lockout user
maxcid03.zip72KMaxCID a0.3 - Maximus Util for OS/2 and DOS which uses Cal
maxd10.zip81KMaxDir 1.00 Makes archive list of downloadable files on BB
maxfh.zip7,475BSolve problems in Maximus when using PKZip for compressing
maxfile2.zip79KTake advantage of the Maxfiles.idx file frequest scanning
maxfiles.zip71KHow to produce MAXFILES.IDX for use with Binkley
maxfreq.zip4,349BBBS screens allowing requests from offline files. Requires
maxipc2.zip13KMultinode users see mailer activity (DOS/OS2)
maxlog20.zip120KMaxlog!: A utility to keep your MAX.LOG file trimmed down
maxmail.zip1,185BTwo scripts for doing mail runs on Maximus systems. May ne
maxpt201.zip2,195BPatch for Maximus CBBS OS/2 Version to allow it to run CD-
maxptcln.zip13KMAXPTCLN - Minor user base cleanup for Maximus [2.0/2.01].
maxs_102.zip566KSource to Maximus Bbs v1.02
maxsrt10.zip45KMaximus 2.0 user.bbs utility sort etc.
mbank214.zip76KMAXIBANK For Maximus BBS v2.14; Have your users ever compl
mccd2-1.zip31KMax Credit Card Door/2 - - Online credit card door for OS/
mec2ans.zip9,555BMecca to ANSI Converter. Companion for bulletin maker, all
mfil125.zip233KMaxFile/2 v1.25 - A text based FILES.BBS manager for OS/2.
mfm_119c.zip81KMFM is a file area manager designed to work with MAXIMUS B
mitop100.zip25KMaintTop v1.13; Show the users the upload, download, uploa
mmlg_104.zip18KMMLG v1.04; Maximus Master List Generator Creates a list o
mmlg_107.zip28KMaximus Master List Generator 1.07; minor fixes
mpm1_25.zip258KMaxFile/PM v1.25 - A FILES.BBS manager for Presentation Ma
mrtg111.zip16KTune Generator V1.11 (Bug Fix).
msgcnt20.zip42KCounts times message area was read/written to. Reports to
msgx_200.zip85KMessage Archiver for Maximus 2.X BBS System
msgxp200.zip68KMSGx v2.00 for OS/2; Extracts and archives messages from s
msq21ap.zip117KMsgedsq v2.1; FTSC + Squish Compatible Message Editor
mtd103.zip379KMaxTools v1.03:(MS-DOS version) 17 utilities for Maximus B
mufon2a.zip12KLists user phone numbers for Max 2.00.
mul100.zip117KMUL v1.0; Maximus-CBCS User Base Script Interpreter
murexx04.zip33KMaxUserREXX is a REXX callable dynamic link library for OS
mutt100.zip24KMaximus BBS user Time Tank, v1.00.
mxml_161.zip105KMAXMAIL; A message utility for Maximus-CBCS
mxms_161.zip138KExplains The Mysterious QWK-File Format
mxuti21c.lzh91KUTI drivers for Maximus for PostLink/PC-Relay
mxv_202.zip55KMax log viewer for current range of dates, paint & save fe
neatnik2.zip41KChecks FILES.BBS for lines too long. Max/Opus
newprot2.zip9,511BReplacement protocol.ctl for Maximus 2.01wb. Adds G/DSZ, H
nfa140.zip33KFile announcement Squish/*.Msg.
offtag10.zip94KOffTag v1.0; Maximus/2 2.01wb 32-bit File tagger door. Ger
opus1max.zip14KConvert Opus 1.0? user file to max.
os2ftp15.zip48KExternal file transfer protocols Ymodem/ Zmodem and Kermit
oz.zip22KAustralian language file for Maximus
pfix10.zip65KPostfix: restores lastread pointers after SqFix.
play100.zip11KPLAY v1.0; Play is simple utility which plays Maximus TUNE
popmax1.zip30KPOPMAX1C for registered {Commo} 5.41 or above, and Maximus
protocl.zip61KDiscussions on different protocols.
ranmax11.zip17KRANMAX v1.0 is a Maximus utility that simply generates a d
rap4max.zip37KRap language for Maximus.
rcv2.zip10KMaximus; Remote Control Menu for Maximus BBS Sysops. Inclu
rflow120.zip124Kv1.20 - ReFlow: Reflows your FILES.BBS from HUGE one-line
rtunep.zip26KMaximus 2.00 Random Tune Selector
rxsnoop.zip2,348BRXSNOOP.CMD Read a named pipe as provided by Binkley or Ma
sccd_100.zip144KSixxac/CHAT v1.0; BBS CHAT utility for DOS. Supports singl
scp_v110.zip129KSixxax/CHAT v.1.10.OS2 windowed chat for maximus with tons
spit2max.zip13KSPIT2MAX - Converts Spitfire [3.2/3.3] user base to a Maxi
sqaem131.zip99KSquish Automatic Echo Manager - An areafix clone that work
sqflt123.zip85KSqFilter 1.23. Sqfilter is a message base filter, statisti
sqpck141.zip100KSqPck* v1.41, a 32-bit Squish or *.MSG messagebase packer
sqrep103.zip40KSqReport: Squish log analyzer/reporter.
sqst10a.zip62KSQSTAT; SQUISH.LOG Statistics Reporter
t2bbs501.zip32KInterface for Max, RA & ACFiles, TICK, AllFix, for DOS/2
tags04.zip35KMaximus BBS and Related Utilities display users' tagged me
tcall110.zip49KTCall v1.10; Will create a bulletin listing everyone who h
tfdcl10.zip74KFREEWARE BY TREEFROG SOFT! - TFDCALL 1.0 is the MOST confi
timb6.zip87KTimed *.msg and squish message editor.
tk2fb300.zip29KMax FB - tick interface. Finds areas in areas.dat and tic.
topusers.zip13KTOPUSERS v0.94b another (RAFware) Maximus CBCS utility.
topx_111.zip88KTopicX; The Maximus-Compatible Topic Extraction Program
tuser002.zip14KProduces Top User statistics in .bbs format - Total calls,
ued201pb.zip140KUEDit Version 2.01Beta; Maximus-CBCS User Base Editor
uploname.zip39KScans Maximum UL.LOG and identifies new U/L's and the send
usage23.zip41KUsage v2.3; Create usage graphs from Maximus/bin logs.
valmsg19.zip35KCreates validation messages for questionnaire data.
virex312.zip10KScan Maximus Uploads for Viruses, For Maximus 2.01wb Under
vk_299b.zip65KVKill v2.99a; Pre-3.0 Alpha Release of the VKill Maximus U
vrxbeta2.zip9,636BRexx program for virus checking uploaded files for Maximus
want4max.zip6,198BWANT4MAX v1.04; Wanted List For Maximus BBS A bulletin boa
xl-214-1.zip11KPatch for XLIST214.LZH for Maximus and others
ztl171.zip5,226BZTL 1.71; OS/2 Archive Conversion Program. Converts any ar