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am10.zip12KAutomod version 1.1 Tired of re-coding old modules over and over again?? Automod will automatically generate all the necessary files to start a new module for you, including the .c, .h, .msg and .mdf files. Just make a directory, run the program and you're off to the races. Price? Bah! It's FREE! Gratis.. 100% yours for a song. Ideas, suggestions or comments always welcome. From Ewe-Nique Creations (403) 974-3200
auditmjr.zip31KAudit Trail backup utility. <<< FREE >>> Simply place MJRAUDIT.EXE in your main BBS directary. Add MJRAUDIT somewhere in your BBSCLEAN.BAT (or any batch file you use once daily). Mjraudit only knows how to work on the first of the month and will back up your audit trail to (where xxx is the first three initials of the previous month. I.E. BBSAUDIT.APR will be created on May 1.
bblist.zip16KBBS List that is on the Galacticomm Demo System, here's your chance to create the same effect on your own BBS using The Major Database. Enjoy!
bd11.zip32KBirthday Module version 1.1 Displays birthday notices to users at logon and gives users a special birth- day greeting. Sysop configurable for how many days to look ahead and how many users to include in the list. DEMO version displays only to users in SYSOP class. Registration ($15) removes this restriction. From Ewe-Nique Creations (403) 974-3200
bsigst31.zip11KBSI Guest v3.1 (for v6.25 only) This is a program for The Major BBS v6.2x V6.2x which will allow users to log on to your system via a "guest" account without the use of cumbersome passwords. With Guest, you have these additional features: ============================================= -Multiple Guest IDs -Define lines each Guest-ID is allowed on -Define times each Guest-ID is allowed on -Define class and security for each Guest-ID -Limit Guests by Guest-ID and total Guests =================
bsisug13.zip8,288BBSI Suggestion Box v1.3 This module for The Major BBS v6.2x allows a user the option of leaving a quick suggestion or comment for the System Operator, without the hassle of the E-mail editor. The suggestion messages generated can be sent to any user-ID or forum, as specified by the System Operator. ------------------------------------------------- Call BSI Technologies for a 30 day activation code to evaluate Suggestion Box on your BBS.
bsiwp11.zip36KBSI White Pages v1.1 This module for The Major BBS v6.2x allows a Sysop to place a virtual "Phone Book" online, for use by the system staff and/or users. As a System Operator, you will appreciate the functionality that White Pages has to offer: ---------------------------------------------- o - Create and Maintain Categories online o - Appoint moderators to categories o - Define security for each category o - Searching funtions within categories o - Easy to use selection lists -------
cf10.zip45KCredit Fix module for MajorBBS 6.xx FREE! module that simply makes sure all users have a minimum of 3600 credits. Can be run anytime but run at cleanup. Very fast and best of all includes FULL (all 66 lines of it) source code. Modify to your hearts delight. From Ewe-Nique Creations (403) 974-3200
chrach17.zip48KCheersoft Anonymous Teleconference v1.7 Anonymous Teleconference allows your users to enter a teleconference where nobody really knows who is who. Users may choose a unique alias each time they enter anonymous teleconference which can be used for whispering. Optional mode allows sysops to see who sent messages. Current selling price: $49.00 Contact: Cheersoft Support: 908-591-1234 Fax: 908-591-8652 BBS: 908-591-1171
chrcht25.zip51KCheersoft Global Teleconference v2.5 Global Teleconference is a full featured multi-channel globalized teleconference. Action words included. Users can participate in thirty-six channels simultaneously out of two billion! Fully configurable. Commands included for sorting channels and listing public channels. Current selling price is $49.00 Contact: Cheersoft Voice: 908-591-1234 Fax: 908-591-8652 BBS: 908-591-1171
chrcla11.zip28KCheersoft Class Switcher by Date v1.1 Class Switcher by Date is a utility to switch a user into a class until a certain date. Uses global commands and also compresses global command handlers so you may run more globals. Current price is $39.00 Contact: Cheersoft Voice: 908-591-1234 Fax: 908-591-8652 BBS: 908-591-1171
chrclr24.zip35KCheersoft Ticker Tape v1.1 Ticker Tape sends scrolling messages across the bottom of the user's screen while online. Can be configured to send a different message for different classes/keys held. Current price is $49.00 Contact: Cheersoft Voice: 908-591-1234 Fax: 908-591-8652 BBS: 908-591-1171
chrcon1b.zip48KCheersoft's World Conquest v1.0b Strategic Military Game, where all players start out with an equal number of troops and a nearly equal number of countries. The object of the game is to conquer all 42 countries. Users receive reinforcements at regular timed intervals. Users receive bonus reinforcements for hold entire continents. Current price is $139.00 Contact: Cheersoft Voice: 908-591-1234 Fax: 908-591-8652 BBS: 908-591-1171
chrexp10.zip28KCheersoft Expert mode toggle v1.0 Expert mode toggle allows you to give or delete 5 keys globally. Current price is $10.00 Contact: Cheersoft Voice: 908-591-1234 Fax: 908-591-8652 BBS: 908-591-1171
chrglb15.zip54KCheersoft Ultra Globals v1.5 Release - This newest version of our Globals package contains many updates, fixes, and additional commands! Re-logon a user, get a directory listing, change a user's time limit, either daily or online, list a user's keys held, etc. Released: 2/17/95
chrlc109.zip113KCheersoft Lost Caverns v1.09 Lost Caverns is the first game for The Major BBS that allows yoru users the freedom to build the game itself. Users are able to create rooms, monsters, spells, items, and shops! This ensures that the game is totally original to your system. The game can be restarted and recreated entirely different. We will also be releasing a starter set of data files which will contain hundreds of rooms,spells, and monsters. Current selling price is $399.00 Contact: Cheersoft
chrmac12.zip29KCheersoft User Macros User Macros gives your users twenty short, 65 character macros and 5 long, 130 character macros. Users can invoke these macros with simple three or four character commands. Current price is $15.00 Contact: Cheersoft Voice: 908-591-1234 Fax: 908-591-8652 BBS: 908-591-1171
chrmon12.zip33KCheersoft Global Monitor v1.2 Global Monitor allows anyone with a certain key to use the Monitor command from the Remote Sysop Menu and also use the BBS at the same time! Global Monitor splits the screen in half, with the top half being monitor, and the second half beingn the BBS. Also supports monitoring selected users and users in a certain class or has those that have a certain key. Current price is $79.00 Contact: Cheersoft Voice: 908-591-1234 Fax: 908-591-8652
chrmtm10.zip30KCheersoft's Modem to Modem Modem to Modem will allow your users to play over the modem games right on your bbs. It also permits file transfers with any transfer protocol, directly from one user to another. Modem to Modem is very efficient, your users will normally receive 95% or higher efficiency during file transferring! Supports Doom and many other popular games... Current price is $29.00 Contact: Cheersoft Voice: 908-591-1234 Fax: 908-591-8652 BBS: 908
chrnot20.zip36KCheersoft Not Keys v2.0 Not Keys negates keys in either class or personal keyrings. Not Keys can be set to expire after a number of days or set without an expiration date. Not Keys may be assigned to users or to classes. Current price is $49.00 Contact: Cheersoft Voice: 908-591-1234 Fax: 908-591-8652 BBS: 908-591-1171
chrpas11.zip30KCheersoft Dual Password Security v1.1 Dual Password Security allos you to give your users a set of keys only after they enter a second password. If your user happens to leave him or herself logged in and someone else tries to access your bulletin board through his account, you won't have to worry about that person seeing very sensitive information. Current price is $39.00 Contact: Cheersoft Voice: 908-591-1234 Fax: 908-591-8652 BBS: 908-591-1171
chrpay21.zip62KCheersoft Accounting Automation v2.1 Complete accounting system includes bbs bank accounts for your users. Full TABS 900 support (both $10 and $25 lines). Software is FREE without credit card validator and only $39 with (Visa, MC & Amex). Also allows you to make your own subscription IDs to sell to your users. Contact: Cheersoft Voice: 908-591-1234 Fax: 908-591-8652 BBS: 908-591-1171
chrpun11.zip30KCheersoft Unbusy Notifier v1.1 Unbusy Notifier is a module that allows any user to be notified whenever a specified user is no longer busy. Current price is $10.00 Contact: Cheersoft Voice: 908-591-1234 Fax: 908-591-8652 BBS: 908-591-1171
chrreg10.zip27KCheersoft Registry Deleter v1.0 Registry Deleter allows you to delete a users registry immediately! Current price is $10.00 Contact: Cheersoft Voice: 908-591-1234 Fax: 908-591-8652 BBS: 908-591-1171
chrsyp25.zip33KCheersoft Super Sysop Pager v2.5 Super Sysop Pager allows you to increases our availability by having your digital pager signal you whwen certain users page sysop and nobody is available on your system to help them. Supports scheduling system, allowing you to have different people paged at different times or have hours during which nobody is pages. Also allows you to restrict how often you are paged. Current price is $49.00 Contact: Cheersoft Voice: 908-591-1234 Fax: 9
chrtck14.zip35KCheersoft Ticker Tape v1.3 [First NON-BETA release] Ticker Tape sends scrolling messages across the bottom of the user's screen while online. Can be configured to send a different message for different classes/keys held. Current price is $49.00 Cheersoft Voice: 908-591-1234 Fax: 908-591-8652 Orders: 800-254-3525 BBS: 908-591-1171
chrtlk22.zip34KCheersoft Chat-Now v2.2 Chat-Now allows yoru users to split screen chat without leaving the module they where last in. It uses full screen ANSI to display three windows of text. The first two windows are you and the user you are chatting with while the third/bottom window is the BBS exactly where you left off. It also allows full use of that module with a simple tab keystroke to switch between windows. It also has special Sysop commands which includes a forced chat module. Current price is $
chrtra13.zip31KCheersoft Credit Exchange v1.3 Credit Exchange allows you to set a rate at which users may exchange days from each class into creditx. Credit Exchange also allows you to set and amount of credits required for a user in a particular class to purchase an additional day. Current price is $39.00 Contact: Cheersoft Voice: 908-591-1234 Fax: 908-591-8652 BBS: 908-591-1171
chrviw16.zip35KCheersoft File Viewer v1.6 File Viewer allows you to make text files of any length available for viewing and downloading. Users may scroll up and down a ling at a time, a page at a time or any amount of lines at a time they wish. Users may also search for keywords within the file. Command included to download file users is currently viewing. Supports command concatenation so you can make menu options that immediately bring up files you wish users to view. Current price is $79.00 Contact:
chrxin15.zip46KCheersoft Executive Informer v1.5 Executive Informer allows you to send System News, Bulk E-Mail and Logoff Messages to users based on Class, Keys Held, Sex, Minimum Age and Maximum Age. You may set an expirations date for each message and either have each user receive the message once or each call until it expires. System News supports grouping, allowing you to have multiple news areas with different topics. Current selling price is $49.00 Contact: Cheersoft Voice: 908-591-1234
cterm110.zip39K-CTERM v1.01a- GREAT OFFER +----------------------------------+ | -CTERM v1.10a- -ODS- CANADA | | Copyright 1995 | | ========================== | | Cterm is an idea who's time has | | come. The simplest way to bring | | new callers to your commercial | | site. Have modem users install | | CTERM, and with your systems | | phone number hard coded into it. | | They will forget about the other | | systems in your area. Zmodem | | support, as well
daefll.zip8,299BDaedalus Systems, Inc. - Fast Local Login Log on to console without typing password or even without typing user-id.
daeqsc.zip7,040BDaedalus Systems, Inc. - Qscan Cfiguration Full screen ANSI editing of the user quickscan preferences. Instead of 'ss' in the E-Mail module.
dbsdemo.zip177K>DBSMAIL.ZIP v1.25a - Fido Style Mailer< This is new only thing your BBS will need to connect to over 600 fido echos and talk with over 30,000 bbs's. Connections made real-time while your bbs is runing and to top it off if even processes your mail while you system is up and taking calls from users. Increase the users on your system with filled forums from all over the world. DBSMail includes everything that is needed including DBSFIX w/auto area forwarding to support HUBing, Inbound TIC p
dlsref10.zip37KRefuse-Baud v1.0 for The Major BBS Allows you to configure a minimum baud rate for each channel group. If a user calls in at a baud rate lower than the one configured, they are displayed a text block, and then disconnected from the system. For The Major BBS v6.2
dynafk10.zip9,535BAWAY FROM KEYBOARD v1.0 Allows your users to leave the keyboard and let others know that they are not there. While they are "AFK" they are shown as Away From Keyboard in the Online List. Also has the ability to extend the inactivity timeout. Just install in your BBSV6 Directory, and add a menu option (only required for demo version). RIP Included!!! Call 201-501-0105 for more information. First official release.
ea11.zip30KExpiry Alert version 1.1 Small, compact module that alerts users to how many credits and/or days they have left with a friendly email that you define. Configurable to check for low days, low credits or both. DEMO version writes only to those in the SYSOP class. Updated version to check paid credits instead of total credits. From Ewe-Nique Creations (403) 974-3200
editm11.zip129KEDI's AutoTerm v1.1 AutoTerm is a Sysop Terminal Program run from the Main BBS Console. This Term is like any normal terminal program, only it uses the BBS's free modems, and allows for logging onto multiple BBS's at once. Script Language, Full Protocal Support, Ansi Support, Macros, Captures, and Much Much more. Download this demo of AutoTerm. Now. AutoTerm will only work on Version 6.2 or above of MBBS as of right now. AutoTerm also now fully supports Remote Sysop Console by Sirius, and X.25
eweexp11.zip30KExpiry Alert module version 1.10 for MajorBBS v6.xx and up. Writes mail to users based on how many days and/or credits they have left and warns them of their upcoming expiry. Correction to version 1.0 to process users based on days only error and uses the correct credit field (paid credits) Only $25 for registration. From Ewe-Nique Creations (403) 974-3200
ezebday2.zip9,503BEzSoft Birthday Announcer - lets everyone know when a user has a birthday. Prints a birthday message and ANSI picture for everyone to see at log-on when there is a birthday. Also prints out upcoming birthdays of users. The Sysop configures how many users get birthday wishes, the number of days to look ahead for upcoming birthdays, and what the picture and text say. You can even have the program send Email birthday greetings to your users, with gift credits if you wish! This demo runs for 2 hours a
ezebsynt.zip7,029BEzSoft Busy Notifier - this program is a great help to users. If you try to page someone and you can't because they are "busy", you just type /b userid and then you will be notified as soon as you can page them. No more trying over and over again to page another user. Many options are configurable in CNF by the Sysop including who can use the busy notifier and what the text blocks say. This demo will run for 2 hours and is validated by an access code for only $10.00. For the Major BBS version 6 an
ezecralt.zip6,507BEzSoft Credit Alert - alerts users at log-on if they are running low on credits, days left in class, or both at Sysop's option. You configure who gets and doesn't get alerted, when to alert, and what the text is. Great for reminding users to send in cash. This demo will run for 2 hours and is validated by an access code for only $15.00. For the Major BBS version 6 and up.
ezedmpst.zip3,855BEzSoft Announcer - this FREE program allows you to have a message of your choice broadcast to users who do not have a key you choose at intervals you select. The perfect way to get those DEMO users to pay up. For the Major BBS version 6 and up.
ezefbk.zip7,430BEzSoft Feedback - this module is a convenient way to let users leave you their questions, comments and complaints about your BBS. Their feedback goes into the Email of the user you choose. You also decide who gets to leave feedback based on key. This demo will run for 2 hours and is validated by an access code you purchase for only $10. For the Major BBS version 6 and up.
ezelognt.zip9,383BEzSoft Log on Notifier - tells you when someone logs on or off the system, as well as the number of lines in use. When a user logs on or off, you get a message telling you the user-id logging on or off. You can globally turn the messages on and off with a command string you can change. You also configure who can get the notices by key, and what the text blocks say. The program even knows when your users are in the editor, and does not send them notices until they leave it! This demo will run for 2
ezepicgm.zip67KEzSoft Picture Gram - allows users to send ANSI pictures and messages to other people in Email. Users can select from 50 different ANSI pictures that you can change or edit in CNF. With the picture they can add a brief message, which then goes into the Email of the person they choose. You can choose who can use the program by key, whether to charge credits and how many, what all the text blocks say and more. This demo will run for 2 hours and is validated by an access code you purchase for only $2
fe_mmdmo.zip22K This Utility is What We ALL Wanted! --------------------------- Now you don't have to log on to see what module your users are using! --------------------------- This Piece of Intricate software allows you to monitor your users and the module they are in, and their line # in Hex or Numeric order. --------------------------- The Major Monitor also Monitors the users input BEFORE it gets executed to the system. --------------------------- The Major Monitor Acts as a De
filesbbs.zip36KGenerate Script Files for MjrCD This utility generates script files for the "So Much" series of CD-ROM's. Works on CD's using FILES.BBS description files.
galcr.zip3,008B This is a simple add-on option for Version 6.0 of The Major BBS. It lets you have carriage returns in your command strings for entering modules. This lets you concatenate commands that aren't necessarily supported by command concatenation. However, this won't work with interrupt-driven character handlers, such as the FSE and the FSD.
galdbar.zip5,056BInstructions For Installing The Major Database RIPscrip Support
galetlr.zip14KInstructions For Installing Entertainment Collection RIPscrip Support
galfaxr.zip6,785BInstructions For Installing Fax/Online RIPscrip Support
galfilcl.zip5,686BGALFILCL is designed to provide 00_index.txt support for the ICO FTP directories. It can also be used as a regular library listing program without modification. GALFILCL is a utility which runs during cleanup, immediately after the File Libraries' cleanup, and builds lists of files. In order to be in the list a file needs to be both logged in and approved in the individual Library.
gal_for2.zip15KCapture from the MajorBBS RIP Forum
gal_for3.zip21KRIP graphics Forum msg overview.
globals.zip53K###Global Activator V 1.0 - All commands can be sysop defined. - Contains 20 Global vars that can be named and defined by the Sysop - Extended user list with paging. - Extended user list at log on. - notified of users logging on. - notified of users logging off. - Filter key user can use global /vanish command. Works like /invis. - Credit global for all the users credit information. - Quick log off global command. - Program
gwwar14.zip58K###Archery V1.4 ### - Archery is a game of Skill! - Your users will love to get there name up for all to see. - Game can be setup for many options. - It can charge users to play. - Award Credit to the High Score. - Now with 2 modes of play! - You will collect enough credits during the DEMO period to pay for the registration. - Lot's of stuff has been added. - MUST REINSTALL FROM SCRATCH! - MAKE SURE YOU SAVE YOUR
hording.zip38K Ding! is a utility for Major BBS that alerts you when users reach specific section of the BBS. You can have Ding! alert you immediately, by beeping (hence, "Ding!"). Or, Ding! can simply make a record in the audit trail. Ding! will work at any point in the BBS where a text block is displayed.
horoll10.zip51K###Hi-Rollers V1.0 ### - An addictive dice game. - Your users will play everyday. - So simple everyone can play. - Try to roll x amount of pts first. - Get a defined amount of turns/day. - Full RIP and ANSI graphics!
hvstop.zip8,908BHVSTOP is a microscopic utility that can be used to change the load order of modules on your BBS. When run in your \BBSV6 directory, you can specify a module name to put at the top of the DLL list, which will cause that module to be loaded and initialized first. In some system configurations, it is important to have certain modules load before others. However, every time you change the menu tree, the BBS re-builds its configuration files, which makes changing them a hassle. By running HVSTOP f
hwman25.zip64KAccount Number (free) Assigns an unique "account number" whenever someone logs on, and they don't already have one. This uniquely identifies each caller even if they use the same User-ID (after deletion of the first one). Used by several HWM modules. Complete source code is included.
hwmca22.zip28KCredit Awards Allows CNF-key people to post credits to callers; callers can withdraw the credits when they are needed, up to daily limits. Also allows transfers, borrowing, more. Can be used to record internal MajorBBS credit posts to an account. Requires HWMSE and HWMAN
hwmcid25.zip110KCaller-ID Validation and Security With HWMCID, you can automatically "validate" new accounts without intervention on your part, or special actions on the part of your callers. It's all easy and automatic. You can also lock out or suspend certain callers and phone numbers. CID will auto- matically disallow "duplicate" accounts at the same number, although this is completely at your control. Requires HWMSE and HWMAN for operation. Registration is required for full functionality. HighWaterMar
hwmse26.zip64KScreenEditor, free SE is a data entry utility for many HWM products. It allows multiple pages and is set up "on the fly". There is no charge for using SE, but a program must be specifically set up to use it.
hwmsw05.zip41KHWM "Switch" utility for sysops With HWMSW, you can automatically change a callers class, give or take keys, or post credits. This is done by creating a menu page and embedding a SW command. You can also log a caller off, or move them to another menu page. Free, courtesy of Dynamic Computer. HighWaterMark Communication Systems Renasci BBS (908) 249-7139
hwscln11.zip3,816BAudit module cleanup/shutdown routines. 1.1 HWSCLEAN is a debugging tool to create an audit trail entry for every module cleanup module and shutdown routine that the BBS makes. Prepared for systems with lockups going to to dos to help pinpoint the problem. Free. If you are still running version 1.0 this should be considered a mandatory upgrade.
hwsfile.zip8,205BEnhancement for file pages of the menu tree. 1.1 All the normal functionality of the file pages is preserved, but extended to include auto file selection (.rip, .ibm, .ans, .txt, including multiple languages), multiple file output, enbedded text variables, optional goto or logoff at end of display, and online file updating. Shareware $19.95 registration. Third in a series of utilities from Humanware Systems.
hwsline.zip8,965BAdditional modem channel settings. v1.1 HWSLINE adds additional control over your modems. Create 'outgoing' only channels that will not accept incoming calls, baud rate protected channels, prevent your low speed callers from tying up your high speed lines, add control over which ring to answer on. Only busy out some lines when shutting down the system. Useful for systems that share one bbs line with a slave computer for mail runs, outdial, etc. Registration $19.95 Another in a series of utilit
hwsmhsfx.zip21KRebuild your GALMHS.DAT file 1.0 HWSMHSFX rebuilds your GALMHS.DAT file if it has become filled with orphan (unneeded) records. Another in a series of utilities from Humanware Systems.
hwsstat.zip3,792BUncaught status reporting tool. v1.0 HWSSTAT adds an audit trail entry for any uncaught status codes that modules on your bbs may be generating. Uncaught status codes reset the channel (hangup the current user) and are easily mistaken for modem problems. Free. Another in a series of debug tools from Humanware Systems.
mbbsfile.zip4,739BList of all files used by the MajorBBS v6.25
mbbstd.lzh1,908KMajor BBS Test Drive Demo
mbbstd.zip2,100KMajor BBS Test Drive v6.2: This archive contains a working version of The Major BBS that will give you a taste of how it works and what can be done with this software. We have also included an ASCII version of the Quick Start booklet that describes the Test Drive and The Major BBS in more detail.
mbmge32d.zip235KGlactic Empire for MBBS (14 day trial period.)
mbmnm11c.zip22KNEWSMAN - BBS News Menu Module Newsman provides an easy method to create and manage a front end PCBoard style bulletin menu. Full support for ANSI, TEST, IBM, and RIP formats. Automatically selects best format for user. Also provides additional Logoff menu.
mpixit.zip71KMajor BBS logout quotes.
mut31.zip968KMutants Demo for MBBS.
pqm403.zip88KMachmaker demo for MBBS.
ralcbk2.zip30K Call Block is a utility that uses a "trashcan" file to block certain handles from logging on. There is no limit to the trashcan file except for drive space.
smallgc.zip3,444BSmall Globals for MajorBBS v6.2x I just want to make this module for all MBBS Sysop who don't have a globals package. With this small globals package *FREE* you have: Command to display users online, more detailed than the normal users on of the MajorBBS (You can change the look way of the users lists in the CNF.) This package include a logon/logoff notifier.
speex15.zip8,458BEnterence/Exit message editor for MBBS
spefp25.zip36KFASTPACE-Global & Macro Utility with Colors! Provides Sysop & User defineable global & macro commands with a single key. Includes the ability to change your text color from anywhere on the board with the press of a Tab key. Send Email From anywhere on the board. Your pages forwarded to email when busy. New Longer Macro's Sysop Definable User List & Logon notices Includes Global Chat Command Much more! And you may try it FREE for 14 days. Just download
speuie10.zip10KLimit users ability to edit thier info - MBBS
syseazy.zip247KUtility package for MBBS. Adds globals, card
usrpst11.zip63KUserPost v1.0 Program in which users can leave messages for the next callers. With UserPost, there can be 4 messages, each consisting of 3 lines. Runs at log on and by placing it on a menu page, your users can post messages from the menu, as well.
wdjbs20a.zip78KBathroom Stall module 2.0a A variation of the popular Graffitti wall program that gives users 3 areas to write annonymous messages in. This version fixes the men's and unisex message deletion bug.
wgascii.zip14K15318 02-21-95 Report (ASCII Format) on Worldgroup (a.k.a. | "Project Victory") for Sysops of The MBBS
wgclient.zip2,687KGalacticom Worldgroup (beta): Worldgroup is an extension of people's voices and writing hands. Through Worldgroup online services, people can exchange messages and computer files with each other whether they are in the same office or on the far side of the planet. A Worldgroup online service can provide at least: E-mail, Forums, Teleconference, Libraries Through Worldgroup, remote callers aren't remote anymore. Check it Out!!!
wgroup.zip106KWorldGroup (a.k.a. "Project Victory" )Report in Word for Windows Format for MBBS Sysops