File Libaries
Library: BBS - Directory: BBS - Majorbbs
am10.zip13KAutomod version 1.1 Tired of re-coding old modules over an
auditmjr.zip31KAudit Trail backup utility. < FREE > Simply place MJRAUDIT
bblist.zip17KBBS List that is on the Galacticomm Demo System, here's yo
bd11.zip32KBirthday Module version 1.1 Displays birthday notices to u
bsigst31.zip12KBSI Guest v3.1 (for v6.25 only) This is a program for The
bsisug13.zip8,288BBSI Suggestion Box v1.3 This module for The Major BBS v6.2
bsiwp11.zip37KBSI White Pages v1.1 This module for The Major BBS v6.2x a
cf10.zip46KCredit Fix module for MajorBBS 6.xx FREE! module that simp
chrach17.zip48KCheersoft Anonymous Teleconference v1.7 Anonymous Teleconf
chrcht25.zip52KCheersoft Global Teleconference v2.5 Global Teleconference
chrcla11.zip29KCheersoft Class Switcher by Date v1.1 Class Switcher by Da
chrclr24.zip35KCheersoft Ticker Tape v1.1 Ticker Tape sends scrolling mes
chrcon1b.zip49KCheersoft's World Conquest v1.0b Strategic Military Game,
chrexp10.zip29KCheersoft Expert mode toggle v1.0 Expert mode toggle allow
chrglb15.zip54KCheersoft Ultra Globals v1.5 Release - This newest version
chrlc109.zip113KCheersoft Lost Caverns v1.09 Lost Caverns is the first gam
chrmac12.zip30KCheersoft User Macros User Macros gives your users twenty
chrmon12.zip33KCheersoft Global Monitor v1.2 Global Monitor allows anyone
chrmtm10.zip30KCheersoft's Modem to Modem Modem to Modem will allow your
chrnot20.zip37KCheersoft Not Keys v2.0 Not Keys negates keys in either cl
chrpas11.zip30KCheersoft Dual Password Security v1.1 Dual Password Securi
chrpay21.zip62KCheersoft Accounting Automation v2.1 Complete accounting s
chrpun11.zip31KCheersoft Unbusy Notifier v1.1 Unbusy Notifier is a module
chrreg10.zip28KCheersoft Registry Deleter v1.0 Registry Deleter allows yo
chrsyp25.zip34KCheersoft Super Sysop Pager v2.5 Super Sysop Pager allows
chrtck14.zip36KCheersoft Ticker Tape v1.3 [First NON-BETA release] Ticker
chrtlk22.zip35KCheersoft Chat-Now v2.2 Chat-Now allows yoru users to spli
chrtra13.zip32KCheersoft Credit Exchange v1.3 Credit Exchange allows you
chrviw16.zip35KCheersoft File Viewer v1.6 File Viewer allows you to make
chrxin15.zip47KCheersoft Executive Informer v1.5 Executive Informer allow
cterm110.zip39Km-CTERM v1.01a- GREAT OFFER +-+ | -CTERM v1.10a- -ODS- CAN
daefll.zip8,299BDaedalus Systems, Inc. - Fast Local Login Log on to consol
daeqsc.zip7,040BDaedalus Systems, Inc. - Qscan Cfiguration Full screen ANS
dbsdemo.zip177KDBSMAIL.ZIP v1.25a - Fido Style Mailer< This is new only t
dlsref10.zip38KRefuse-Baud v1.0 for The Major BBS Allows you to configure
dynafk10.zip9,535BAWAY FROM KEYBOARD v1.0 Allows your users to leave the key
ea11.zip31KExpiry Alert version 1.1 Small, compact module that alerts
editm11.zip129KEDI's AutoTerm v1.1 AutoTerm is a Sysop Terminal Program r
eweexp11.zip31KExpiry Alert module version 1.10 for MajorBBS v6.xx and up
ezebday2.zip9,503BEzSoft Birthday Announcer - lets everyone know when a user
ezebsynt.zip7,029BEzSoft Busy Notifier - this program is a great help to use
ezecralt.zip6,507BEzSoft Credit Alert - alerts users at log-on if they are r
ezedmpst.zip3,855BEzSoft Announcer - this FREE program allows you to have a
ezefbk.zip7,430BEzSoft Feedback - this module is a convenient way to let u
ezelognt.zip9,383BEzSoft Log on Notifier - tells you when someone logs on or
ezepicgm.zip68KEzSoft Picture Gram - allows users to send ANSI pictures a
fe_mmdmo.zip22KThis Utility is What We ALL Wanted! - Now you don't have t
filesbbs.zip37KGenerate Script Files for MjrCD This utility generates scr
gal_for2.zip16KCapture from the MajorBBS RIP Forum
gal_for3.zip22KRIP graphics Forum msg overview.
galcr.zip3,008BThis is a simple add-on option for Version 6.0 of The Majo
galdbar.zip5,056BInstructions For Installing The Major Database RIPscrip Su
galetlr.zip15KInstructions For Installing Entertainment Collection RIPsc
galfaxr.zip6,785BInstructions For Installing Fax/Online RIPscrip Support
galfilcl.zip5,686BGALFILCL is designed to provide 00_index.txt support for t
globals.zip54Km###[33mGlobal Activator [36mV 1.0 [35m- All commands can
gwwar14.zip58Km###[35mArchery [1;33mV1.4 [36m### [34m- Archery is a game
hording.zip38KDing! is a utility for Major BBS that alerts you when user
horoll10.zip51Km###[35mHi-Rollers [33mV1.0 [36m### [34m- An addictive dic
hvstop.zip8,908BHVSTOP is a microscopic utility that can be used to change
hwman25.zip64KAccount Number (free) Assigns an unique "account number" w
hwmca22.zip29KCredit Awards Allows CNF-key people to post credits to cal
hwmcid25.zip111KCaller-ID Validation and Security With HWMCID, you can aut
hwmse26.zip65KScreenEditor, free SE is a data entry utility for many HWM
hwmsw05.zip41KHWM "Switch" utility for sysops With HWMSW, you can automa
hwscln11.zip3,816BAudit module cleanup/shutdown routines. 1.1 HWSCLEAN is a
hwsfile.zip8,205BEnhancement for file pages of the menu tree. 1.1 All the n
hwsline.zip8,965BAdditional modem channel settings. v1.1 HWSLINE adds addit
hwsmhsfx.zip21KRebuild your GALMHS.DAT file 1.0 HWSMHSFX rebuilds your GA
hwsstat.zip3,792BUncaught status reporting tool. v1.0 HWSSTAT adds an audit
mbbsfile.zip4,739BList of all files used by the MajorBBS v6.25
mbbstd.lzh1,908KMajor BBS Test Drive Demo
mbbstd.zip2,100KMajor BBS Test Drive v6.2: This archive contains a working
mbmge32d.zip235KGlactic Empire for MBBS (14 day trial period.)
mbmnm11c.zip22KNEWSMAN - BBS News Menu Module Newsman provides an easy me
mpixit.zip71KMajor BBS logout quotes.
mut31.zip969KMutants Demo for MBBS.
pqm403.zip88KMachmaker demo for MBBS.
ralcbk2.zip31KCall Block is a utility that uses a "trashcan" file to blo
smallgc.zip3,444BSmall Globals for MajorBBS v6.2x I just want to make this
speex15.zip8,458BEnterence/Exit message editor for MBBS
spefp25.zip37KFASTPACE-Global & Macro Utility with Colors! [36;40mProvid
speuie10.zip10KLimit users ability to edit thier info - MBBS
syseazy.zip247KUtility package for MBBS. Adds globals, card
usrpst11.zip64KUserPost v1.0 Program in which users can leave messages fo
wdjbs20a.zip78KBathroom Stall module 2.0a A variation of the popular Graf
wgascii.zip15K15318 02-21-95 Report (ASCII Format) on Worldgroup (a.k.a.
wgclient.zip2,687KGalacticom Worldgroup (beta): Worldgroup is an extension o
wgroup.zip107KWorldGroup (a.k.a. "Project Victory" )Report in Word for W