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0893list.zip2,319BAugust 1993 BBS List for Georgina, Newmarketand Aurora Ont
144bbsb5.zip44K02/01/95 - 14.4k bps BBS List - ASCIIFormerly 96LIST, A BB
144db_l4.zip36K12/01/94 - 144BBS List - .db formatFormerly 96LIST.DB - A
1993lst.zip18K1993 Salt Lake City BBS listing, vers 2.20.Here is the lis
24kbbs.zip3,674BListing of those bbs's that will be usingZoom 24,000bd V.F
401jan95.zip16KJanuary 1995, Rhode Island BBS List | | --+ --- --+ --+ +-
401oct93.zip9,844BRIBBS: Rhode Island (401) Electronic BBS List
414bbs.zip2,310BBBS's In The 414 Area Code
419bbs44.zip30KBBSList: Toledo Area On-Line ServicesDirectory. August 199
608b9503.zip21K608 Areacode BBS List from JW-PC for month.Filename includ
609dec94.zip13KA/C 609 AREA ONLINE LIST by Dave SchubertVerified on 12/01
609oct93.zip10K609 AREA BBS LIST; The only VERIFIED listavailable for Sou
617bbs.zip3,555BBBS list for 617 area code.
714-list.zip6,294BBBS list for the 714 area code. Current as of02/93.
800_bbs.zip4,328BJune 1994 list of 800 number accessible BBS's
800h31.zip9,751BBBSLIST800: National Toll-Free BBS Listing
805bbs11.zip11K805 area code BBS list for November 1994 -List of BBS's in
915_0195.zip3,079B915 Online BBS List/# /# /# /# 01/95 [Revision 1.5] /# /#
96cdahc1.zip34K96CDAhc1 list of 1866 BBS's in Canada thatare 9600+ bps or
96listj3.zip76K10/01/93 - 9600+ bps BBS List - ASCIIBBS list of over 3,00
abbl-50.zip43KThe Atlanta Bulletin Board List, Revision 50 The LONG and
abbl-62d.zip119KAtlanta BBS List (ABBL) #62 for Feb. '95 in dialing direct
abbl-62h.zip119KAtlanta BBS List (ABBL) #62 for Feb. '95 in dialing direct
abbsa004.zip10KAmerican BBS Association; Background on and Application fo
acl0295.zip34KAC BBS List - February, 1995 DC/MD/VA METRO Area. A menu d
aep-0594.zip136KBBSList: AMERIBOARDS The Nationwide Bulletin Board System
africabb.zip105KFile collection from African studies BBS in Madison.
air800_.zip2,199BAirline 800 phone # telephone directory.
akbb0994.zip34KAlaska BBS listing for September 1994. Comprehensive listi
amllist.zip102KBBS list, detailed. 01/28/93.
amlst018.zip155KAmeriBoard "The Nationwide Bulletin Board System Listing."
areabbs6.zip3,868BArea bbs list for Newmarket, Aurora, Bradford, Georgina, M
arkbbs09.zip4,104BBBSList: The ARKANSAS BBS LIST (September 1994) [501 AREA
aspbb4.zip14KA.S.P. Approved BBS listing for November
aspbbs26.zip56Klisting of all ASP approved BBS as of 31 Jan. 1992. There
aspbbs52.zip88KASP BBS MEMBERSHIP LISTING - Edition #52 - 02/20/95. This
astrobbs.zip14KBBSList: International List of BBS system specializing in
athga_13.zip2,574BAthens Georgia Bulletin Board System Listing
author20.zip21Klist of MsDos shareware and PD authors with email addresse
autovon.zip7,577BInformation about AUTOVON, the U.S. military phone network
bankhoax.zip1,008BUsenet CUD bulletin: PKWare bankruptcy a hoax Short announ
baylist.zip16KSan Francisco Bay Area BBS Listing
bbbl0694.zip49KOver 250 VERIFIED Baltimore BBS phone numbers! Now include
bbrdr63.zip73KBig Boy's BBS List Easy-Reader v6.3 For easy reading of an
bbs-0393.zip5,546BBBS list for Charlottesville, VA.
bbs0228.zip11KLatest (Feb 28,1993) list of Montreal PQ (514) bbss you ca
bbs1114.zip4,574BLatest Tallahassee BBS Listing (November, 1992)
bbs1223.zip30KTHE San Diego County BBS List (with NEWS & NOTES).
bbs_-feb.zip59KListing of BBS systems - February 1993.
bbs_0793.zip5,813BCharlottesville, Virginia BBS list for July
bbs_9308.zip19KList of computer companies and their technical support BBS
bbsdirec.zip2,616BBBS DIRECT ][ the P O P list - The 100 Local Access Number
bbsform.zip1,772BFor Cleveland-area bbs sysops only - info and application
bbsl10g.zip165KBBSList Plus 1.0g NEW VERSION The first program that finds
bbslist1.zip23KBBS List compiled and distributed courtesy of the RGV Comp
bbslst93.zip41KLatest Belgian Bbs List 1st October 1993 Fido Addresses In
bbsmag12.zip39KBBSList: THE HOUSTON AREA (713) BBS LIST(c) Dec. 1994 Incl
bbsmax01.zip12KBBS's To The Max; If you want to know where to find the BB
bbsmay93.zip14KFire Escape's St. Louis BBS Directory: This is the complet
bbsnumbs.zip6,783BList of bbs numbers from various metworks that carry Geowo
bbsrelst.zip1,331BListing of real estate boards nationwide.
bbsrev.zip58KJeff Hunter's BBS list June '92. Updated weekly.
belbbs93.zip27KBelgium BBS Listing
big0395b.zip77KBig Boy's Colo. Area BBS List - 03/95b ed. The best BBS li
blist400.zip42KInteractive BBS List V4.0
blist500.zip48KInteractive BBS List V5.0 Works with almost any BBS system
bop_0295.zip35KPhoenix BBSes contacted in late January 1995. Check Valley
brampton.zip3,522BList of 455 phone prefixs in the Toronto area that can be
bull1291.zip186KInternational WildCat! bulletin board listing
bus_prof.zip18KBBSLIST: The National Business/Professional BBS list Augus
bwtop100.zip7,669BThe BoardWatch 1993 List Of The Top 100 BBS
callhelp.zip2,853BList Of Computer Vendors BBS Phone Numbers
callven.zip1,871BFile of many major hardware/software vendor phone numbers.
canassoc.zip2,287BAssociation directories: list of directories where Canadia
capebbs7.zip7,715BCape Cod BBS listing complete with CAPEBBS.FON used for di
cbbs0993.zip21KThe CBBSList - September 1993 Release As featured in Board
cbbs1194.zip24KThe CBBSList - November 1994 Release. Chicagoland's Oldest
ccbbs09.zip2,941BBBSList: CORPUS CHRISTI AREA BBS LIST June 1994 (512) area
chas1201.zip18KThis is the monthly release of the # # dialing directories
class4.zip191KBBS Numbers for the entire USA (Sysops get listed for Free
class6s.zip37KCLASS; Features BBS NUMBERS for the entire USA (Sysops get
classb_3.zip21KCLASS BULLETIN ! The BBS Phone Number Mag. Vol 1 NOVEMBER
clout.zip131KMass mailer with senator addresses in database.
clpbbs04.zip26KClipper/Xbase oriented BBSs List v004; Listing of CA-Clipp
commerce.zip32KListing of US Dept of Commerce materials. (facts,etc.) som
congfax.zip10KVoice telephone & fax numbers for members of both the Hous
cs14400.zip649BCompuServe 14.4K access numbers
csabbs53.zip15KStillwaters latest bbs list for Chicago
ct-bbs.zip17KThe Connecticut Bulletin Board List (203)
ctexchge.zip8,002BConnecticut telephone exchanges by Saugatuck Software Inc.
dcbb1093.zip115KWashington, DC area BBS list, 558 - BBS numbers verified m
dcbb1294.zip26KWash. DC and area BBS list.
dirs0694.zip23KArea Code 517 BBS list & phone dirs. Updated 06/94, includ
dtpbbs07.zip11KJuly 1993 update of International List of BBSs dedicated t
ecbl0810.zip13KECBL: The Erie County Pennsylvania BBS List!
edunet.zip38KUsenet sites of interest to educators.
elist41.zip71KElist BBS List Contains Over 2500 Numbers.
emergbbs.zip10KA list of medical, fire/EMS, science, alcohol, AIDS and di
empbbs03.zip16KEmployment BBS List as of 10-1-94. Online Job Search Assis
en0293.zip34KList of engineering related bbs's
engr1094.zip37KEngineering BBS List; 10-94; 182 listings Full name; ENGR1
engrgbbs.zip8,351BList of science & engineering BBS's.
evvin309.zip3,345BEvansville Indiana BBS List
evvin502.zip5,936BEvansville, IN BBS List for February 95 Lists BBS's in Eva
ewis0893.zip12KEastern Wisconsin Bulletin Board Directory (414) area code
excalbbs.zip4,042BBBSList: Partial (confirmed) List of Excalibur BBS Systems
exch0492.zip52KRecent list of PC-Pursuit cities and exchanges.
fax0293.zip28KThis is a continuously updated directory that now contains
fbbs9301.zip4,226BFederal Government BBSs 1993 January. 03/20/93.
fd-9307.zip7,178BFriends Network Mail Packet, July, 1993"Come Join The Frie
fedw0893.zip11KList of US govt online systems accessible via Fedworld & d
finbbs1.zip4,017BCombination of 3 lists of Financial BBS's
fj022693.zip261KAnother Federal job listing for Washington DC area and nat
flintbbs.zip3,992BList of Flint Michigan Area BBSs
fmbbs001.zip3,242BFt Myers/Cape Coral FL bbs list.
frednet.zip3,212BFredNet Information; About the fastest growing net in the
freeupld.zip1,724BSysops: If you desire to have the latest and best versions
ftp_cica.zip46KInformation about internet archive site FTP.CICA.IND.
gbbs9310.zip40KDick Pence's Consolidated list of Genealogy Bulletin Board
gbbs9503.zip35KGBBS 2/95 - List of genealogy BBSes Dick Pence's consolida
gen_info.zip6,060BInformation vital to Genealogy oriented individuals and bu
giant-2.zip13KGiant bbs list for Toronto. 492 numbers. February 3/93.
govbbs93.zip4,273BGovernment related BBS dial-ups.
gpobbs.zip14KUsers guide for public access to The Federal Bulletin Boar
greenbbs.zip7,043BGreennet's Green bbs list.
gsbbs027.zip248KThe Garden State BBS List, NJ's Best Listing +-+ |The ++++
hcapbbs.zip23KList of BBS's carrying conferences and programs for the ha
hibb1216.zip5,114BBBS listing for city & county of Honolulu (OAHU).
hm931004.zip7,879BHartford/Manchester Call Areas BBS List: Contains the BBSs
hm950312.zip8,782BHartford/Manchester Area BBS List 03-12-95 from Spacedock,
houbbs05.zip21KHouston BBS List
houdir03.zip295KTHE HOUSTON DIRECTORIES, March. 1995 Houston Area 713 BBS
hrbbs393.zip2,021BCroatian and Slovenian BBS List as of March 5, 1993.
hvfcbb04.zip31KHayes VFC BBS List volume 4 - this is a list of BBSs runni
iamu.zip12KInternational Association of Modem Users' (IAMU) invites y
ibmphone.zip1,481BListing of IBM Corp phone numbers, including their BBS in
in_9310.zip51KThe Intelec Network Information File Oct 93 Friendly, Prof
intp0793.zip443KThe Global-Link Network; Electronic Bulletin Board Service
invstbbs.zip1,697BStock market & business related bbs numbers compiled by th
irp_bbs.zip12KI.R.S. BBS; The Internal Revenue Service BBS in Martinsbur
isdn1194.zip1,564BFirst release of The National ISDN BBS list.
jan93bbs.zip8,794BJanuary'93 bbs list from Allan Joffe. 12/31/92.
jaxdec92.zip5,628BThe Jax area BBS list for Dec of `92Compiled by Tangee Bru
jesusbbs.zip19KInternational list of Christian BBS
jjsb0393.zip49KJ & j's International bbs list. March 1993. 02/28/93.
jobinfo.zip4,282BHarry's Job Serach BBS Hot List
k913bb02.zip4,019BBBSList: Kansas 913 Area Code BBS List. BBS systems in Kan
kbbs0893.zip1,417BKnoxville Tennessee BBS Listing
kbl1094a.zip5,820BOctober 1994 Knoxville Area BBS list. by Doug Hanson aka B
knox0694.zip1,840BKnoxville BBS Listing for June 1994
labbs-c5.zip49KLos Angeles Area BBS List - March, 1995. A menu driven, ve
labbs_j3.zip44KLos Angeles Area BBS List - October, 1993 Menu driven, ver
lbl_0992.zip6,984BLansing Michigan BBS list.
lcbbs492.zip4,056BComputer Bulletin Boards in the Las Cruces, Elpaso and Ala
lclbbs14.zip111KLOCALBBS v1.4: Finds and extracts local BBS phone numbers.
libbslst.zip31KOver 300+ 516 area BBS's! This list was compiled & is dist
lielst11.zip3,895BThe Long Island Exchange BBS list for 3/93. This is a 516
lielst21.zip19KThe L.I. Exchange BBS list for 11&12/94. This is a 516 are
list0893.zip6,431BWaterloo Regional BBS Listing; Includes the Cities of Kitc
list10.zip6,548BBBS Listing for Milwaukee/Waukesha County
local12.zip1,157BBellingham/Milford/Blackstone BBS list
london03.zip1,693BLondon, Sarnia and St. Thomas bbs list.
majrnode.zip11KMajor BBS MajorNet Node List List of public access numbers
march93.zip11KThe List * +-+ | (215) Area Code BBS Listing! | | Featurin
maxbbs38.zip11KList of 514 Area Code Bulletin Boards
mbbs0295.zip50KMetroDetroit BBS List for February 1995. Contains all part
mbl1194.zip3,634BBig Boy's List of Motherboards 11/94 Free list of the home
mcbl0894.zip6,687BBBSList: Directory of BBS systems that carryt
me920921.zip3,126BMaine BBS Directory - Area Code 207
med0393.zip12KLatest black bag medical/science bbs list. March 1993.
medlist1.zip9,234BList of mailing lists you can subscribe to on the Internet
mfrbbs.zip17KPC Technical Support BBS List
midi1092.zip3,962BNational and International listing of MIDI and SoundBlaste
mlist12.zip76KList of Internet mailing lists (special-interest mailings
mlol.zip11KThe Musical Lists of Lists - Internet and Bitnet mailing l
mm941201.zip5,714BBBSList: Middletown/Meriden Connecticut USA calling areas
moo9409l.zip9,859BBBSList: Charlotte North Carolina USA Bulletin Board Syste
mv030495.zip18KMohawk Valley Bulletin Board List - MVBB includes ANSI, AS
mvbbsl.zip77KA list of BBS around the Miami Vally Area in Ohio.
nabbs620.zip4,157BNative American BBS LIST; All NABBS's in the Americans
nac1292.zip18KBrazil National BBS listing
nebg0393.zip7,351BNew England BBS Guide; Listing of New England area bbs's i
nistbbs.zip8,950BU.S. Department of Commerce National Institute of Standard
njbbs132.zip29KNJBBS FOR JULY 1993 E New Jersey's Largest Most Comprehens
njbbs150.zip44KNJBBS FOR JANUARY 1995 E New Jersey's LARGEST Most Compreh
nobbs035.zip28KNOBBS035* New Orleans BBS List 3/95 The Best, Most Compreh
nynx0293.zip4,516BTh NY Calling area bbs list - MONTHLY listing
oahu0293.zip36KComplete dialing directory of all the Hawaii's bbs already
oahu0994.zip47KOahu BBS list and dialers for popular IBM communications p
oc_bbs.zip6,166BOrange County BBS listing 4 pages of 714 numbers.
oc_local.zip1,959BOrange County BBS listing of BBS's which are local calls t
occult19.zip7,873BList of all known public computer bulletin boards in North
oct216cl.zip7,273BOct 93, Cleveland 216 BBS List and Now Akron Canton 216 BB
octlist.zip7,764BK-W AREA BBS Listing's * * OCTOBER 1994 * Kitchener, Water
offhk30.zip20KOFFHOOK Sends OFFHOOK to Comm port for DOS DESQ WIN3. This
onebbs.zip56KAnnouncing the Online Networking Exposition and BBS Conven
ottbbs.zip12KThe OTTAWA Canada BBS List
pbbs0794.zip13KThe national Police BBS listing for July 1994
pcb_0893.zip201KOfficial WorldWide PCBoard BBS Listing
pcb_inet.zip11KPCBoard Systems Active on the Usenet
pcbb0694.zip208KWorld Wide PCBoard BBS List for June 1994
pcblist.zip10KA complete list of telnetable PCBoards
pcblst93.zip20KList of Utah BBSes * 1 9 9 3 .EXE | | file listing local a
pco-menu.zip32KMenu Reader For PC-OHIO Filelist. Will Read Master Filelis
pcp1310.zip23KCheck area/exchange for PC Pursuit(abaility).
pcp_exch.zip35KList of PCPursuit exchanges for each area code.
pdial005.zip9,359BThe Public Dialup Internet Access List (PDIAL) dated Septe
pguild.zip60KThe International Programmers Guild BBS Listing
pisces.zip138KPisces software financial bbs file listing bbs specializin
polbbs.zip3,131BPolice Bulletin Boards
prodir.zip11KThe Best BBSs In The US-In Procomm+ Format
qbbsl002.zip37KThe QuickBBS BBS List * World Wide Listing! +-+ | The +-+
qmfon293.zip2,742BQmodem 1 FON file. Contains up to date Worcester area bbs
qsblt1_a.zip10KQuickSearch BLT1; Extremely fast searches on the Worldwide
rabbs303.zip11KLists 100's of verified bbs's & tells what they offer.
rabbs502.zip11KRemoteAccess BBS List for February 1995 Lists 100's of BBS
reg0993.zip27KList of RBBS-PC BBS's with extended info.
rets0311.zip81KRetsof's AC512 BBSlist March 1995 Austin, Corpus Christi,
rf9305.zip69KROBLIST vV3.2; South Africas comprehensive BBS List ! Plus
ribb0892.zip7,798BThe 401/Rhode Island BBS list for August 1992 08/01/92.
ripbb003.zip1,535BRIPBB; listing of BBSs that offer the RIP (WYSIWYG, GUI) g
rlist006.zip5,179BTHE RIPBBSLIST: The Bulletin Board Listing of Systems that
russia.zip9,055BBBS Listing Of Soviet Bulletin Boards
russlst.zip15KThe official Russian BBS list.
sbaxport.zip38KSBA's exporter guide summaries and contacts for internatio
sbbslist.zip66KSynchronet BBS List (ASCII Text) List of Synchronet BBSs s
sdn_kit8.zip15KAuthor Kit #8 for SDN International(sm) February 1993. SDN
seatlbbs.zip11KArea Western Washington BBS Numbers
sect0694.zip6,342BSoutheastern Connecticut BBS List for 6/94
sfbbs-30.zip16KBBSList: South Flordia Local Bulletin Board System List Ja
sfbbslst.zip31KComplete listing of all registered SpitFire BBS systems -
sites.zip23KList of sites in the United States that allow access to th
slcnov94.zip2,878BX0F@X07@X0FThe @X0F@X0E@X0FSLCNOV94.ZIP BBSLIST is here! @
socal089.zip23KList of computer bulletin boards, now numbering more than
socal102.zip19KBBSList: Southern California BBS List Feb 1995, BBS teleph
southern.zip2,180BThe Southern Oregon BBS list
specbbs.zip3,721BList of BBS's t That Specialize in Special Interest Groups
statebbs.zip3,063BTX State bbs list with some 800 #'s. Comptroller bbs has l
suprt309.zip12KListing of support BBS numbers from over 300 hardware and
suprt502.zip20KTech Support BBS List for February 95 Lists over 550 BBS's
t_market.zip89KFile Listing for 'The Market' investment BBS in New Jersey
tabbsmar.zip25KBBSList: The Tacoma Washington USA Area BBS List and Newsl
tagl1294.zip35KT.A.G. International BBS List (12/94)
tap_0893.zip7,516BTAP-Net E-Mail; The next generation E-Mail network for the
tb09_94.zip4,825BBBSList: Toll Free Bulletin Board Listing September 1994.
tbbbses.zip10KList of Tribbs BBSs. Includes Texas area 903.
tbbs0593.zip60KTBBS List for May 1993; Many New BBS's! Includes Dialing D
tc092594.zip5,461BThe TC BBS list for Saginaw, MI 9/18/94 release over 45 sy
tekfones.zip4,572BOver 200 technical support phone numbers. 03/02/93.
tfbv23s.zip137KTOLL FREE BBS LIST VERSION 23S There are over 100+ 800 Boa
thephonz.zip1,985BThe access codes of the LD carriers. If you have telco "Ea
tl0293.zip10KDRC directory of Telecommunications companies
top100bw.zip11KWinners in the BoardWatch 100 Readers' Choice BBS Contest
trbbsreg.zip1,289BSysop form to be listed on Tri-State BBS list. For BBS's i
tris0317.zip32KList of registered TriBBS boards as of 03/17/95. Now with
txgovbbs.zip3,091BList of TX State government bbs, some 800 #'s Comptroller'
u_pcblst.zip4,475BList Of PCBoard Systems Active on the Usenet
ucsb.zip99KPhone Directory for the University of California at Santa
univintr.zip56KVarious college/university/academy Internet addresses.
usb104.zip84KUS BBS list for January, 1993 by Meade Frierson.
usbbs113.zip103KUSBBS National BBS Listing for October, 1993. Listing of I
usbbs130.zip140KUSBBS National BBS Listing for March, 1995. Listing of IBM
usbup100.zip71KUSBBSUP: The USBBS National BBS list remote update program
usgbbs.zip5,097BU.S. Department of Commerce Economics and Statistics Admin
usn0292a.zip3,922BList of US Navy and other military BBS's worldwide. 1 FEB
vl930210.zip191KVendor List. 02/12/93.
vtbbs71.zip7,476BBBSList: VERMONT BULLETIN BOARD LIST July 1994 (area code
washcall.zip1,079BList of 1-800 #'s to call in WashingtonpPlus address to wr
wbbs0393.zip6,488BWorcester, MA area bbs list: March 1993.
wbs1192.zip36KWBS BBS List from Middle Earth BBS
wcfiles.zip13KFiles available on Quarterdeck BBS as of 2-18 Text file in
wclist.zip39KBBSList: Wildcat BBS list Dec 1994. International list of
where516.zip11KWhat town are you calling in 516, tells you by entering th
windir03.zip122KTHE *WINDOWS* DIRECTORIES, March. 1995 Houston Area 713 BB
wis92.zip40KWisconsin december 92 bbs list.
worc0195.zip13KWorcester Area BBS's. January, 1995 Please Contact the Inf
zbbslist.zip271KFINAL AND SUPER BBS LIST * 1993 | | 1. Animations 2. Sound
zennet.zip81KThis file describes the use of the Internet system and its