File Libaries
Library: BBS - Directory: BBS - GT Power
aaarip7g.zip40KAAARIP release for GT 17.00; Introducing command line argu
bgqwkb31.zip61KB.J. Guillot's qwkmail door for GT Power b31.
bgtop22.zip15KBGTOP 2.2 - Top user reporter program New version includes
bgutib04.zip23KB.J. Guillot's GT<=>UTI mail interface.
bgwho20.zip10KWho called today? for GT Power 15+.
crash100.zip3,968BRK-Ware's Crasher 1.00. Updates GT's UPSINCE.BBS file with
delshl11.zip39KDelShell v1.1; Designed to run DELREN on multiple messages
dlc30.zip51KDownload Counter - updates files.bbs with download count -
doorc100.zip9,653BDOORC v1.0: GT Power -> DOOR.SYS converter. Bring those do
dproc102.zip20KDIZProcessor v1.02; Scans a directory and builds a GT Powe
dwork210.zip73KDoorWorks v2.10; The Ultimate in door management for GT Po
fido0906.zip32KRichard Walker's GT<>FIDO mail tosser.
fido1160.zip97KFidoGate for GT Power BBS
filmg021.zip37KFile Manager v0.21b for GT Power version 17.06 and higher.
fmail355.zip30KFastmail offline mail door for gt bbs. 01/14/93.
getecho.zip8,723BFor GT Powercomm systems v15 up. Get echos automatically f
gl201b11.zip65KGL conference list enhancer for GT network. 01/04/93.
gt1403_1.lzh107K- Part 1 of 5 - Main packet
gt1403_2.lzh113K- Part 2 of 5 - Main program
gt1403_3.lzh63K- Part 3 of 5 - External protocols
gt1403_4.lzh83K- Part 4 of 5 - Terminal version
gt1403_5.lzh37K- Part 5 of 5 - BBS files/examples
gt16an10.zip14KGT16ANS v1.0; Written to work with GT15.50, GT16 and GT17
gt1706_1.zip198KGT Powercomm v17.06 - 1 of 5.
gt1706_2.zip196KGT Powercomm v17.06 - 2 of 5.
gt1706_3.zip69KGT Powercomm v17.06 - 3 of 5.
gt1706_4.zip131KGT Powercomm v17.06 - 4 of 5.
gt1706_5.zip101KGT Powercomm v17.06 - 5 of 5.
gt1800_1.zip150KGT Power v18.00 [1/6]; "The Rolls Royce of Communications"
gt1800_2.zip216KGT Power v18.00 [2/6]; "The Rolls Royce of Communications"
gt1800_3.zip66KGT Power v18.00 [3/6]; "The Rolls Royce of Communications"
gt1800_4.zip128KGT Power v18.00 [4/6]; "The Rolls Royce of Communications"
gt1800_5.zip132KGT Power v18.00 [5/6]; "The Rolls Royce of Communications"
gt1800_6.zip95KGT Power v18.00 [6/6]; "The Rolls Royce of Communications"
gt1800a.zip215KGT Power v18.00 [08-01-93] Disk [2/6] - "TheRolls Royce of
gt1800s.zip91KGT Power 18.00 utility source code - PD.
gt1900_1.zip157KGT Power v19.00 [10-01-94] Disk [1/8] Complete host and te
gt1900_2.zip304KGT Power v19.00 [10-01-94] Part [2/8] Main program executa
gt1900_3.zip43KGT Power v19.00 [10-01-94] Disk [3/8] External protocol dr
gt1900_4.zip178KGT Power v19.00 [10-01-94] Part [4/8] Terminal Mode Only v
gt1900_5.zip117KGT Power v19.00 [10-01-94] Disk [5/8] HOST/BBS Mode docume
gt1900_6.zip109KGT Power v19.00 [10-01-94] Disk [6/8] Host Mode utilities
gt1900_7.zip108KGT Power v19.00 [10-01-94] Disk [7/8] BGI Graphics fonts a
gt1900_8.zip74KGT Power v19.00 [10-01-94] Disk [8/8] Example files/screen
gt1900a.zip302KGT Power v19.00 [10-01-94] Part [2/8] Main program executa
gt_pcp03.zip17KDialing Directory Script for PCP calls. Scripts were writt
gtdce11.zip9,053BGTdce v1.1; grabs caller's DCE baud rate from GTUSER.BBS o
gtdm210.zip96KGTDM v2.10; GT PowerComm phone directory manager. Merge ph
gtel0515.zip54KGT Network International Echomail
gtlog411.zip22KGT log analyser for GT Power log file. 12/28/92.
gtmaint3.zip27KGT Host scheduler/maintainence utility.
gtmore32.zip32KUtility for browsing ANSI or ASCII text files depending on
gtnl0528.zip26KNodelist for GT Network International Echomail
gto1706a.zip129KGT Power 17.06: AT/286+ terminal only GTO.
gtpl_411.zip52KGT Power List Door. View worldwide GT Power BBS nodes. Sup
gtpl_510.zip53KGT Power List Door. View worldwide GT Power BBS network. S
gtqwk17.zip29KGTqwk version 1.70. Allows you to import or export qwk pac
gtt112.zip104KGT Tools Beta version for GT. Once you try this you'll nev
gtusrd11.zip10KGT User Dump V1.1 - exports GT Power v17.00 USER.Ctl to a
hcrash13.zip50KHotcrash V1.3 GT Power Crash. Mail front end by Rob Roesch
head314b.zip94KHeader - GT files.bbs maintenance tool - b.
htgtcd11.zip8,175BHOT GT Change Directory v1.1; Utility that will automatica
jdlog63.zip94KJD LOG . Utility to keep your GT log file in order.
jklib23.zip56KJK LIB v2.3. This well make a very nice logon bulletin for
jlba500.zip167KJlbank: utilities to enhance GT Pay $y$tem.
jlpl500.zip203KJlplot: plots GT BBS usage. From Germany.
jlut500.zip291KJurgen Lorenz' GT Power sysop utility package
jpatlu10.zip10KJim Porter's ADD-TO-LU ("Add to Latest Uploads") program f
jvdnld02.zip91KJVDNLD02.ARJ 92428 07-13-93 07-13-93 from: Jim Velguth | C
kprot19.zip36KKill Protect V1.9. Utility to mark allmessages as "Kill Pr
last11.zip33KLast.EXE v1.1, Edit's SYSOP.BBS to show who the last calle
maxlst12.zip28KMAXLIST VERSION 1.2 - (03/94) An OS/2 program to create an
mfile107.zip103KMaxFile/2 v1.07 - A text based FILES.BBS manager for OS/2.
mmr-246.zip101KMessage Mate Reader: sysop reader for GT bbs.
msgtrm12.zip75KMessage Trim v1.2; Utility to remove unwanted Tag Lines, Q
nub171.zip44KDISTRIBUTION CONTENTS: NUB171.ARJ <-* New User Bulletin Ve
qwkb19at.zip102KB.J. Guillot's qwk message door for GT.
sfa3b14.zip59KSmartFA Beta 14, bug fixes for the sort and diz processing
sfa3b18.zip61KSmartFA 3 Beta 18. The autoemated file distribution progra
skill20.zip36KSpot Kill GT netmail maintenance utility. 12/27/92.
syutlb36.zip134KSYSUTIL v1.0b36; A sysop utility for GT Power bulletin boa
syutlb40.zip136KSYSUTIL 1.0; A multifunction sysop utility for GT Power sy
trac192b.zip126KTracker logon program for GT Power.
trac202b.zip120KTRACKER v2.02b - Logon utility and more for GT Power BBS v
txt2msg3.zip36KImport text file into GT BBS message base
txtmsg36.zip39KTEXT2MSG V 3.6 - Sends messages to GT message bases from D
wafgtb06.zip69KWAFTOGT v1.0beta6; GT Sysops: Bring USENET to your BBS! WA
wafgtb07.zip74KWAFTOGT 1.0 BETA 7 [01-11-93] *GT Sysops: Bring USENET to