File Libaries
Library: BBS - Directory: BBS - GT Power
aaarip7g.zip39KAAARIP release for GT 17.00; Introducing command line arguments. You may now control a little of what the ripper does.
bgqwkb31.zip60KB.J. Guillot's qwkmail door for GT Power b31.
bgtop22.zip15KBGTOP 2.2 - Top user reporter program New version includes total number of users, calls, uploads, and downloads in the bulletin generated.
bgutib04.zip23KB.J. Guillot's GT<=>UTI mail interface.
bgwho20.zip10KWho called today? for GT Power 15+.
crash100.zip3,968BRK-Ware's Crasher 1.00. Updates GT's UPSINCE.BBS file with node which crashed last Runs in the GTCRASH.BAT file. Works only with GT Power systems.
delshl11.zip38KDelShell v1.1; Designed to run DELREN on multiple messages areas. Read GTMDIR.BBS, or an alternate GTMDIR.BBS and operate one each message area. Optionally Export/Import MMR's pointers via MM_PTCNV prior to executing Delren. You must have DELREN.EXE in order to use this utility.
dlc30.zip51KDownload Counter - updates files.bbs with download count - Dutch GT utility. 02/06/93.
doorc100.zip9,653BDOORC v1.0: GT Power -> DOOR.SYS converter. Bring those doors back online! This program has NO expiration date! DOORC will create a DOOR.SYS file for use with games and other similar things. REQUIRES GT POWER 19.00
dproc102.zip20KDIZProcessor v1.02; Scans a directory and builds a GT Power FILES.BBS entry from an enclosed FILE_ID.DIZ or SmartFA format DIZ file. Supports ARC, ARJ, LHZ, PAK and ZIP format files. Now has optional configuration file.
dwork210.zip73KDoorWorks v2.10; The Ultimate in door management for GT Power v15 through v16! Converts to PCBoard 12.X and 14.X, Doorway, GAP, C Kit, Operation Overkill II, RBBS, QuickBBS, Wildcat, Milton Gameworks USERINFO.TXT, plus batch files to run QuickBBS and WWIV in a door!
fido0906.zip31KRichard Walker's GT<>FIDO mail tosser.
fido1160.zip97KFidoGate for GT Power BBS
filmg021.zip36KFile Manager v0.21b for GT Power version 17.06 and higher. File Manager is intended to be the ultimate upload processor and files.bbs manager for GT Power. This release adds support for FILES.CBS and header creation.
fmail355.zip29KFastmail offline mail door for gt bbs. 01/14/93.
getecho.zip8,723BFor GT Powercomm systems v15 up. Get echos automatically from uplinks and or setup echos for transit. Small, easy to setup.
gl201b11.zip65KGL conference list enhancer for GT network. 01/04/93.
gt1403_1.lzh107K- Part 1 of 5 - Main packet
gt1403_2.lzh112K- Part 2 of 5 - Main program
gt1403_3.lzh63K- Part 3 of 5 - External protocols
gt1403_4.lzh83K- Part 4 of 5 - Terminal version
gt1403_5.lzh36K- Part 5 of 5 - BBS files/examples
gt16an10.zip13KGT16ANS v1.0; Written to work with GT15.50, GT16 and GT17 message bases. This utility will build a file containing MESSAGE #, FROM, and SUBJECT information for each message, in the selected message area that contains the ANSI code " ESC[ ".
gt1706_1.zip198KGT Powercomm v17.06 - 1 of 5.
gt1706_2.zip195KGT Powercomm v17.06 - 2 of 5.
gt1706_3.zip68KGT Powercomm v17.06 - 3 of 5.
gt1706_4.zip130KGT Powercomm v17.06 - 4 of 5.
gt1706_5.zip100KGT Powercomm v17.06 - 5 of 5.
gt1800s.zip90KGT Power 18.00 utility source code - PD.
gt1800_1.zip150KGT Power v18.00 [1/6]; "The Rolls Royce of Communications" Complete host and terminal operations. Features such as fax handling, CallerID, OS2/ MSWindows/ DESQview aware, QWKMail, DIZ support, archive viewing, powerful script and questionaire processing, CDROM support, subscription and user account management, onscreen file tagging, plus much more...all rolled into one shareware program!
gt1800_2.zip216KGT Power v18.00 [2/6]; "The Rolls Royce of Communications" Main program executable and overlay files.
gt1800_3.zip65KGT Power v18.00 [3/6]; "The Rolls Royce of Communications" Support files and assorted external protocol drivers (CISB, GTZ, PCKERMIT)
gt1800_4.zip127KGT Power v18.00 [4/6]; "The Rolls Royce of Communications" Terminal Mode Only version. For use when disk space is limited. GTO is the nickname.
gt1800_5.zip132KGT Power v18.00 [5/6]; "The Rolls Royce of Communications" HOST/BBS Mode support files and documentation.
gt1800_6.zip95KGT Power v18.00 [6/6]; "The Rolls Royce of Communications" Miscellaneous documentation for external protocols and Host Mode management utilities.
gt1900a.zip301KGT Power v19.00 [10-01-94] Part [2/8] Main program executable and misc utils. 286/386 Version.
gt1900_1.zip156KGT Power v19.00 [10-01-94] Disk [1/8] Complete host and terminal operations. Features such as RIPscrip support (viewable both remote and local!), fax handling, CallerID, OS2/MS-Windows/ DESQview aware, QWKMail, DIZ support, archive viewing, powerful script and questionaire processing, CDROM support, subscription and user account management, onscreen file tagging, plus much more... all rolled into one shareware program! Actively produced/supported by P&M Software.
gt1900_2.zip303KGT Power v19.00 [10-01-94] Part [2/8] Main program executable and misc utils.
gt1900_3.zip43KGT Power v19.00 [10-01-94] Disk [3/8] External protocol drivers (CISB, GTZ)
gt1900_4.zip178KGT Power v19.00 [10-01-94] Part [4/8] Terminal Mode Only version. For use when disk space is limited. Nickname is GTO!
gt1900_5.zip116KGT Power v19.00 [10-01-94] Disk [5/8] HOST/BBS Mode documentation.
gt1900_6.zip108KGT Power v19.00 [10-01-94] Disk [6/8] Host Mode utilities and Windows PIF and ICO files.
gt1900_7.zip108KGT Power v19.00 [10-01-94] Disk [7/8] BGI Graphics fonts and video drivers, and misc utilities.
gt1900_8.zip73KGT Power v19.00 [10-01-94] Disk [8/8] Example files/screens for Host Mode: .BBS, .CBS, .RIP and .ICN.
gtdce11.zip9,053BGTdce v1.1; grabs caller's DCE baud rate from GTUSER.BBS on GT Power BBSs and returns Errorlevel.
gtdm210.zip96KGTDM v2.10; GT PowerComm phone directory manager. Merge phone directories; Convert Qmodem, Telix, PCP+ to GT PowerComm.
gtel0515.zip53KGT Network International Echomail
gtlog411.zip21KGT log analyser for GT Power log file. 12/28/92.
gtmaint3.zip27KGT Host scheduler/maintainence utility.
gtmore32.zip32KUtility for browsing ANSI or ASCII text files depending on the settings in the GTUSER.BBS file. Version 3.2 corrects a problem in finding the ANSI setting from the GTUSER.BBS. Problems were also corrected with occasional LockUp problems when the user was not located correctly in the USER.CTL file.
gtnl0528.zip25KNodelist for GT Network International Echomail
gto1706a.zip128KGT Power 17.06: AT/286+ terminal only GTO.
gtpl_411.zip51KGT Power List Door. View worldwide GT Power BBS nodes. Supports several BBS formats and baud rates up to 115,200.
gtpl_510.zip52KGT Power List Door. View worldwide GT Power BBS network. Supports several BBS formats and baud rates up to 115,200. v5.10
gtqwk17.zip29KGTqwk version 1.70. Allows you to import or export qwk packets to GT Power 16 & 17.
gtt112.zip103KGT Tools Beta version for GT. Once you try this you'll nevr go back to sysop tools.
gtusrd11.zip10KGT User Dump V1.1 - exports GT Power v17.00 USER.Ctl to a Basic format, comma-delimited ASCII file for database importation.
gt_pcp03.zip16KDialing Directory Script for PCP calls. Scripts were written for GT Power 16/17.xx but should work with some earlier versions of GT with little or no modifications.
hcrash13.zip50KHotcrash V1.3 GT Power Crash. Mail front end by Rob Roesch.
head314b.zip94KHeader - GT files.bbs maintenance tool - b.
htgtcd11.zip8,175BHOT GT Change Directory v1.1; Utility that will automatically change to the Drive and Directory as specified in the GTPATH Environment Variable, or any Environment Variable thats specified on the command line.
jdlog63.zip94KJD LOG . Utility to keep your GT log file in order.
jklib23.zip56KJK LIB v2.3. This well make a very nice logon bulletin for all you GT sysops. You may add colour and all the text you want in one bulletin file. Works with GT 1550/1700.
jlba500.zip166KJlbank: utilities to enhance GT Pay $y$tem.
jlpl500.zip203KJlplot: plots GT BBS usage. From Germany.
jlut500.zip291KJurgen Lorenz' GT Power sysop utility package
jpatlu10.zip10KJim Porter's ADD-TO-LU ("Add to Latest Uploads") program for GT 18. Adds any specified filename's FILES.BBS entry to the UPLOADS.BBS file, or to another FILES.BBS file, or both. Very handy for moving uploaded file descriptions around and updating the UPLOADS.BBS file at the same time.
jvdnld02.zip90KJVDNLD02.ARJ 92428 07-13-93 07-13-93 from: Jim Velguth | Companion program for GT Power 1800 and above. Run in | GT_PIGGY.BAT to count downloads in download database. | Run in GTLOGOFF.BAT or nightly maintenance to make | bulletin of 20 most wanted downloads in color and | mono. Can handle multi node bbs's. Complete with | download database editor and alpha sort.
last11.zip33KLast.EXE v1.1, Edit's SYSOP.BBS to show who the last caller was "Last user on was [Russell Forrest] at [2400] baud.\r$Your FIRST name: " Along with creating bulletins by name provided in config file.
maxlst12.zip27K MAXLIST VERSION 1.2 - (03/94) An OS/2 program to create an AllFiles.Lst for Simplex/2. Added File date to output and dramatic increase in processing speed
mfile107.zip103KMaxFile/2 v1.07 - A text based FILES.BBS manager for OS/2. Written specifically with the OS/2 sysop in mind. FILE_ID.DIZ import, archiver and viewer functions, all files list, nightly maintinance, and much much more!
mmr-246.zip101KMessage Mate Reader: sysop reader for GT bbs.
msgtrm12.zip74KMessage Trim v1.2; Utility to remove unwanted Tag Lines, Quotes, Reader Signitures, and Bridging Tags from the text of GT messages. v1.2 adds over 30 items to the search list, and adds the ability to specify trailing spaces to each entry in the search list.
nub171.zip43K*-> DISTRIBUTION CONTENTS: NUB171.ARJ <-* New User Bulletin Version 1.71 This is a little utility that will list the new users on your system in an ANSI and ASCII bulletin. You may configure the number of days to consider a new user, minimum access levels to include, and fully configure the colorization of your bulletins. Version 1.71 corrects a problem with the REGISTER feature of NUB.
qwkb19at.zip101KB.J. Guillot's qwk message door for GT.
sfa3b14.zip58KSmartFA Beta 14, bug fixes for the sort and diz processing functions.
sfa3b18.zip60KSmartFA 3 Beta 18. The autoemated file distribution program for GT Power BBS systems from Bob Butcher GTPN 050/059. Bug fixes for FILE_ID.DIZ handling. and FILES.BBS entries.
skill20.zip36KSpot Kill GT netmail maintenance utility. 12/27/92.
syutlb36.zip134KSYSUTIL v1.0b36; A sysop utility for GT Power bulletin boards. This program is designed to make a sysop's life easier. Try it!
syutlb40.zip135KSYSUTIL 1.0; A multifunction sysop utility for GT Power sysops. Includes many options for maintaining screens, editing the user file, and more. Adds a built-in config editor, editing of the netmail consolidation file, revised documentation and more.
trac192b.zip125KTracker logon program for GT Power.
trac202b.zip119KTRACKER v2.02b - Logon utility and more for GT Power BBS v15-18. Statistical usage info on users; sends messages to sysop with info on board usage. Creates "who called" bulletins for today and yesterday, tells users if they have mail waiting, and has completely sysop- definable output. Create entire screens (ANSI and ASCII) with personalized output beyond that which GT can give! (Beta Code, but open to public) NEW DOCUMENTATION AND EASIER INSTALLATION!
txt2msg3.zip36KImport text file into GT BBS message base
txtmsg36.zip38KTEXT2MSG V 3.6 - Sends messages to GT message bases from DOS. Useful in LOGOFF BATs and other places. In this version, the OPT file is searched for in LAN path then the GTPATH. GTMDIR.BBS is searched for in BBS/CBS path, then LAN path, then GTPATH.
wafgtb06.zip68KWAFTOGT v1.0beta6; GT Sysops: Bring USENET to your BBS! WAFTOGT brings the multitude of groups that make up Usenet to your GT Power BBS! It will also import E-mail for your users, and can bounce back mail sent to unknown users. Try it today!
wafgtb07.zip74KWAFTOGT 1.0 BETA 7 [01-11-93] *GT Sysops: Bring USENET to your BBS!* WAFTOGT brings the multitude of groups that make up Usenet to your GT Power BBS! It will also import E-mail for your users, and can bounce back mail sent to unknown users. Try it today! ** SHAREWARE - Registration is $15 ** Author --